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The Division 2 Update 1.38 Unleashes Season 9: Hidden Alliance Content

The Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 update 1.38 patch notes have been unwrapped by Ubisoft today, and this a bit of a whopper, as it brings support for Season 9: Hidden Alliance. You can read more via the latest The Division 2 patch notes below.

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  • New Manhunt
    • Hidden Alliance
  • New Game Mode
    • Countdown
  • New Progression System
    • Expertise
  • 1 New Gear Set
    • Heartbreaker
  • 1 New Brand Set
    • Uzina Getica
  • 4 New Named Items
    • Closer — Chest
    • The Setup — Backpack
    • Dare —LMG HK GR9
    • Kingbreaker — TKB-408 Assault Rifle
  • 3 New Exotics
    • Dread Edict
    • Catharsis
    • Bluescreen
  • Balancing Changes


Countdown is a new 8-player endgame mode for The Division 2. Two groups of four SHD agents are deployed to a power plant to prevent a lockdown. Racing against the clock, the agents must work together to secure the site and stabilize the power plant. Believing their mission is complete the agents prepare for extraction and are pursued by heavily armed and technologically advanced hostiles.

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Expertise is a progression feature, that allows improving the maximum performance of select weapons, gear sets, skill variants, and more. This feature is composed of two types of progression systems: the Expertise Level and the Proficiency Rank.

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New Manhunt Hidden Alliance

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The Hidden Alliance manhunt focuses on a new gallery of high-profile enemies, but this time they are not Rogues. Instead, we will see the evolution of the True Sons following the death of Anton Ridgeway. A new charismatic leader rises within the “True Sons” ranks, and they are moving their operation nationwide. Meanwhile, a new leader, known as Captain Lewis, will descend upon Washington D.C with a mission of his own.

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Gamplay Changes

New Season Tasks

In “Hidden Alliance”, the team is honing the manhunt structure like a knife’s edge to provide an episodic narrative within The Division. Instead of exploring all 12+ districts of Washington, the focus will be shifting to a much smaller area giving us the opportunity to provide more contained, concentrated stories, and to avoid repetition from season to season.

Different way to tell the Story

In order to give players a safe space to dive into our story, the main story collectibles will now be delivered to the player by meeting with Kelso at the Base of operations when a manhunt target has been eliminated. This focused delivery will help players avoid missing critical story details.

Mission Takeover

The Hidden Alliance also sees the premiere of a new kind of content. This system is our first iteration at providing a great deal more flexibility and variety to our future content.

The manhunt lieutenants will each take over a main mission from the D.C. Campaign. These mission takeovers will become more common in future sessions as we expand the capabilities of the system. For now, it gives us the opportunity to repopulate missions with the True Sons, who have taken over the location for their own purposes.

Raid Exclusive Gear Sets

Foundry Bulwark and Future Initiative Chest piece and Backpack are now in the general loot pool. The Exotics remain raid exclusive.

Shield changes

  • Modifications to shield skill behaviors
    • Shields now take significantly more damage in PvP.
    • Shields now irresistibly disorient their user when broken.
  • Excluded shields from the In-Sync Talent
    • In-Sync and Perfectly In-Sync no longer trigger from shield skills.
    • The text of these talents has been updated.