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Today’s Wordle Answer (September 27th, 2022): Puzzle 465 Hints, Clues, and Solution

Not quite dripping, but definitely moist

With summer transitioning into fall, it’s more than likely the weather where you are is a lot like the Wordle answer today for September 27th, 2022.

But as well as being apt for the changing seasons, Puzzle 465 is a good challenge as well.

As well as having very few vowels to build around and a starting letter that has only appeared twice in that position over the last month, today’s task has a tricky feature that’s always tough to work out in Wordle: a double consonant.

What’s more, that double consonant isn’t one that you see very often and definitely isn’t the first one you would guess even if you knew beforehand.

So you’re not left feeling like you’re out in the pouring rain without any shelter, we’ve come up with some Wordle hints for September 27th, 2022 to point you in the right direction. We’ve also left a list of recent solutions from over the last month to help out if you’re stuck.

Clues and hints for Today's Wordle Answer

Whether it’s biscuits, socks, or a day out at a theme park, some things just aren’t very good when they’re wet. If you’ll forgive the forced analogy, it pays to keep your powder dry in Wordle as well, where each guess is vital if you’re going to figure out the target word in time.

Here are some hopefully helpful Wordle hints to help you on your way to victory.

Your clues for Puzzle 465 are:

  • The answer contains just one vowel in the second position
  • The word has a repeated consonant in the third and fourth position - the same two letters you would use to wish someone a “good game” online
  • The first two letters can be used as an acronym for your partner or significant other

Previous Wordle Answers

If you need a few fresh ideas for letters to guess, here’s a list of the recent solutions from over the last month. You would be surprised how often similar letters come up over and over again. While none of these full words will be used again, they can still help you make good guesses.

  • #434 - Ruder - August 27
  • #435 - Gauze - August 28
  • #436 - Chief - August 29
  • #437 - Onset - August 30
  • #438 - Prize - August 31
  • #439 - Fungi - September 1
  • #440 - Charm - September 2
  • #441 - Gully - September 3
  • #442 - Inter - September 4
  • #443 - Whoop - September 5
  • #444 - Taunt - September 6
  • #445 - Leery - September 7
  • #446 - Class - September 8
  • #447 - Theme - September 9
  • #448 - Lofty - September 10
  • #449 - Tibia - September 11
  • #450 - Booze - September 12
  • #451 - Alpha - September 13
  • #452 - Thyme - September 14
  • #453 - Doubt - September 15
  • #454 - Parer - September 16
  • #455 - Chute - September 17
  • #456 - Stick - September 18
  • #457 - Trice - September 19
  • #458 - Alike - September 20
  • #459 - Recap - September 21
  • #460 - Saint - September 22
  • #461 - Glory - September 23
  • #462 - Grate - September 24
  • #463 - Admit - September 25
  • #464 - Brisk - September 26

Today’s Wordle Answer September 27th

The Wordle answer today is soggy.

It’s a fun word already, but soggy has a really great origin that you might not be aware of.

First recorded in the 1700s, there was an archaic word, “sog”, which referred to a swamp or bog. That means that soggy is basically that old word plus the suffix “-y”.

Adding a “-y” to the end of a word to mean “full of or characterised by” has been a language feature of English since the times of Old English, where the suffix was pronounced more like “-ig”. So while it feels like quite a modern way to make up new words, it’s actually very old.

For your next challenge, take a look at these seven Wordle alternatives!

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