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  • March 2008 Archive

      1. Jim Wilson takes Atari CEO job
      2. Ubisoft shows Emergency Heroes for Wii
      3. Guinness Book of World Records: The Game
      4. "Still Alive" coming to US Rock Band tomorrow
      5. PS Store update confirmed for mid-April in US
      6. PS Store revamp will dump the PS3 browser, require PS3 firmware 2.30
      7. EVE boss moves to World of Darkness studio in Atlanta
      8. Driller Online for XBLA on Wednesday
      9. Ubisoft raises guidance for fiscal 2007, Vegas 2 sells 2 million
      10. SOCOM: Confrontation will include seven maps, clan support
      11. Gamestop takes 49 stores in Norway
      12. Football Manager 2008 demo now on Live
      13. GTA IV gets BBFC certificate
      14. Infinity Ward: 1.3 million play CoD4 on Live "every day"
      15. SCEE announces "mid-April" revamp for PS Store
      16. First GTA IV HUD shots shown
      17. IGN posts megaton Dan Houser interview, wins GTA World Word War record by distance
      18. More "gamer-ness" in Sims 3, says Humble
      19. Sega Sammy hurts further, closes Sega Korea
      20. UK paper looks for "games turned me to crime" stories
      21. That was the news – Week 13, 2008: Commendable Byron talks common sense, becomes tomorrow's chip paper
      22. Rumour: GTA IV for DS
      23. Crackdown dev raises $50 million
      24. Capcom gets full MotoGP rights, new game for this year
      25. Japanese console sales comparisons show Wii screaming off into the distance
      26. New CoD4 multiplayer map action vid
      27. Hollywood producer to make Xbox Live-exclusive videos
      28. Army of Two DLC on the way
      29. Hulk promo trailer and two Iron Man gameplay vids
      30. Age of Conan PvP modes revealed
      31. Complete NES game collection up on eBay
      32. DS back on top of Japan's hardware race
      1. Capcom buys Tenchu developer K2 Studios
      2. Kotaku calls Sega America's bluff on Sonic Unleashed media
      3. PS3 Portable Copy "later this year"
      4. Gears of War movie for 2010
      5. New Spore screens released
      6. Complete GTA IV Acheivements leaked
      7. Nintendo makes legal moves on fansite
      1. GTA IV to get Home space, says PSW
      2. Ubisoft teases on next-gen GRAW
      3. Crisis Core PSP theme on US PSN
      4. "Huge" exclusives and Star Wars: Force Unleashed in next GTTV ep
      5. Pachter: Weak dollar to blame for US Wii shortage
      6. New Too Human dev diary on XBL
      7. PSN GT5: Prologue is online-only, says site
      8. Multiplayer cut from Prototype
      9. Gearbox shows WWII in-game ads, shuts us up
      10. New PSN release dates look sensible
      11. Next-gen Mortal Kombat teaser site goes off-air
      12. SCEA belittles Xbox 360 GTA IV DLC
      13. Live Army of Two demo for April 1
      14. Live down on April 1
      15. PSP only just coming into own, says Koller
      1. Microsoft rejects Cave shooters for XBLA
      2. Amazon worldwide sales charts - week ending March 27
      3. May 2 release date rumoured for DualShock 3 in Europe
      4. Capcom cans Gamers Day, announces CAPTIVATE08
      5. Byron urges gaming detractors to "get a grip"
      6. Monster Friday DLC round-up
      7. SmackDown vs Raw 2009 - first details and video
      8. GT5: Prologue now live on PSN
      9. EA extends time limit on Take-Two offer
      10. UK console sales well up on Easter
      11. Rumour: GT5: Prologue to hit PSN between 3pm and 6pm GMT
      12. Etrian Odyssey sequel for June 17 release
      13. Ton of Dawn of War 2 info hits, game will use CoH engine
      14. SCEE blames "technical difficulties" for GT5 PSN no-show
      15. Traveller's Tales boss to keynote Nordic Game
      16. XBLA Mr Driller Online dated for Japan
      17. SCEE stays quiet as rumour pins GT5 PSN for Saturday
      18. Byron Report won't stop adults getting the content they want, says author
      19. Dawn of War 2 teaser video goes without comment from THQ
      20. Rockstar and Amazon to allow MP3 downloads in GTA IV
      21. GT5: Prologue misses Euro PSN launch date
      22. Destructoid and Exophase pull Sonic Unleashed material after Sega pressure
      23. Ikaruga for XBLA on April 9
      24. New Mythos footage - looking good
      25. Penny Arcade game to cost $20
      26. Shiny and Collective form Double Helix
      27. Disgaea DS dated for Japan
      28. Jade Raymond working on "new project"
      29. Eric Brown is new EA CFO
      30. Console industry dead in five to ten years, says Duncan
      31. First Dawn of War 2 details come out
      32. Rock Band for May in Europe?
      33. DS leads Japanese hardware charts
      34. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith trailer released
      1. Final GTA IV trailer now live
      2. New Infinite Undiscovery scans and info
      3. Rare confirms Banjo for 2008 release
      4. Rockstar announces new Social Club website
      5. Madden 09 dated in the US
      6. Byron fiasco: Don't give us cost of awareness campaign, says TIGA
      7. New BBFC ratings won't hit UK for two years
      8. UTIII three-map pack released
      9. Alan Wake not out in September, says dev
      10. Def Leppard in Guitar Hero 4
      11. More WipEout HD footage - all good
      12. UEFA 2008 360 demo available now
      13. GT5: Prologue launches in India on same day as Europe
      14. Last GTA IV trailer at 10pm GMT tonight
      15. Apple shipping 10 million 'version 2' iPhones to Europe
      16. Byron's awareness campaign cost could be foisted onto games industry
      17. BBFC to rate all games over the age of 12 in the UK
      18. BBFC warns off PEGI choice after Byron Report release
      19. PSP is a ten-year product, says Koller
      20. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - fresh details
      21. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky for August 29
      22. ELSPA "fully supports" Byron Report, but warns on online gaming
      23. Microsoft's Thompson: Byron Report is "timely and valuable"
      24. Byron Report released - view it here
      25. Platform holders refuse to comment on Byron Report
      26. Glider Bot earned creator $2.8m, Blizzard claims
      27. Ubisoft retracts May 22 date for Haze
      28. Byron Report - more pre-release detail
      29. Generational gap biggest ratings problem, says Byron
      30. Byron Report published
      31. Battlefield Bad Company gameplay video from the beta
      32. CoD4 top of Live rankings yet again
      33. Byron Report to talk "pin codes and locks" for console games
      34. Byron report will recommend film-style ratings, cigarette-like warnings and minimum 12 age for UK
      35. Ninja Gaiden II demo coming in May
      36. Bioshock and Civ MMOs mentioned, internets have kittens
      37. New TF2 content next month, says Valve
      38. Turok PC dated, DLC for Live and PSN today
      39. Flagship gets more funding
      40. SOCOM Confrontation dated, community site launched
      1. Yet another 80GB PS3 rumour
      2. WoW to launch in Latin America
      3. Square Enix announces Sigma Harmonics for DS
      4. New 50 Cent game is "Blood on the Sand"
      5. GTA IV map leaked
      6. Sony warns of PlayStation Store account breach
      7. Guerrilla blanks SCEE's 2008 release date for Killzone 2
      8. Win Battlefield: Bad Company beta code
      9. Haze confirmed for May 22
      10. Yamauchi: Expect GT deformation "very, very soon"
      11. Blu-ray sales start to spike following HD-DVD bow-out
      12. Blizzard Worldwide Invitational sells out
      13. Battlefield: Bad Company beta code leaked
      14. PSP sales up 85% in US since last year
      15. LBP, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 dated for Europe
      16. Pachter: "Take-Two's Board has made a mistake"
      17. Dead Space producer would "love" to continue series
      18. GOA confirms Warhammer Online slip to autumn
      19. Ubisoft confirms Far Cry 2 slip to autumn
      20. Take-Two board rejects EA $26 per share offer
      21. Famitsu Resident Evil 5 DVD movie right here, shows playable footage
      22. Nintendo Korea to hold press conference on April 14
      23. iPhone specs compare favourably to DS and PSP
      24. Warhammer Online slips to autumn, says report
      25. Two shots from Famitsu Resi 5 DVD
      26. Gears of War tech demo videos, direct feed from GDC
      27. Gran Turismo 5 "is still about a year away", says dev
      28. Ubisoft shares jump 12% on Clancy purchase
      29. Netflix surveys Americans on streaming movies to 360
      30. SSF2T HD Remix Cammy, Ryu and Ken art
      31. Burnout Paradise featured in Wyclef video
      32. Requiem: Bloodymare beta extended
      33. Darwinia confirmed for XBLA release
      34. UEFA 2008 PC demo available now
      35. Amazon.com PS3 80GB sales skyrocket
      1. Sony releases GT5: Prologue soundtrack details
      2. More Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bands announced
      3. Vegas 2 goes top of UK all-formats for week ending March 22
      4. First GTA multiplayer shots released
      5. Worldwide releases: Friday, March 28
      6. No new game footage in Famitsu Resi 5 update
      7. Final Halo 3 Legendary map announced
      8. Gears of War 2 reveal videos on Live Marketplace
      9. WiiWare Final Fantasy charges for extra in-game content
      10. The Sunwell Isle WoW update goes live
      11. Gearbox does in-game ad deal with Double Fusion
      12. NCSoft licenses Unreal Engine 3
      13. Klonoa for PSN, says PEGI
      14. Yakuza 2 for European release
      15. New Warhawk expansion pack for April release
      16. Gamerscore and Achievement cheats dealt with by MS
      17. Play.com sells out of GT5: Prologue
      18. That was the news – Week 12, 2008: Ubisoft's Clancy MMO could challenge WoW for online gaming supremacy
      19. Ubisoft Clancy deal estimated at €60 million
      20. Condemned 2 and Superstars Tennis demos in Europe "soon"
      21. Driving Theory Training out in early August for DS
      22. WiiWare launches with nine titles in Japan
      23. Sega Europe on Sonic Unleashed: "No comment"
      24. CoD4 Variety Pack DLC goes into certification
      25. PS3 firmware 2.20 released
      26. PSP celebrates third birthday
      27. Wii Fit to cost $90 at Gamestop
      28. Vegas 2 360 bugs follow PS3 debacle
      29. Darwinia rated for Xbox 360 release
      30. 50 Cent II confirmed
      31. Speaker submission open for Austin GDC
      32. Supreme Commander 360 delayed to "early summer"
      1. "Portable Copy" firmware 2.20 addition's bollocks, says SCEA
      2. EA confirms Battlefield: Bad Company beta cash for weapons
      3. Vegas 2 ships 1 million in the US
      4. Bioware Sonic DS RPG: new shots
      5. Wii Rock Band for June in the US
      6. PS3 GTA IV more expensive at WHSmiths, Game and GameStation expect similar
      7. Confusion reigns on PS3 firmware 2.20 release date
      8. Paul Oakenfold to soundtrack The Bourne Conspiracy
      9. Rumour: EA buys GTAForums.com
      10. Team Ninja offers branded iPods for DS high scores
      11. Ace Combat team to release Wii flight game this summer
      12. CFO Warren Jensen quits EA
      13. BBC Micro gets exhibition at Science Museum
      14. "Portable Copy" PS3 firmware functionality appears from nowhere
      15. Vegas 2 PS3 net-play borked
      1. Wii Freeloader blocked already?
      2. New Crisis Core trailer released
      3. Zucker "resignation" mired by stark reality of horror losses
      4. SCEE to cut PS3 game prices in the autumn
      5. First Sonic Unleashed footage (definitely)
      1. New Operation Flashpoint 2 shots emerge
      2. First decent King of Fighters XII shots
      3. First Sonic Unleashed shots leaked (maybe)
      4. Rainbow Six 360 gets free gun from Best Buy
      5. Give us an official PS3 Euro blog, say gamers
      6. MS to release GTA IV Elite 360 special edition
      7. Dear Gibson: Stick your lawsuit where the sun don't shine, says Harmonix
      8. New StarCraft II art released
      9. Boston Pack for Rock Band next week
      1. Amazon worldwide sales charts – week ending March 20
      2. Gibson sues EA over Rock Band
      3. New Resi 5 footage and interview in next Famitsu
      4. SOCOM Confrontation forces detailed
      5. New EndWar trailer released
      6. Okami for June in Europe
      7. Stardock boss issues rallying cry: ignore the pirates
      8. EA charging for weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company beta
      9. Dead Space animated movie in the works
      10. Motorstorm 2 name rumoured
      11. Freeloader still working after Wii update
      12. Nyko’s Wii Guitar Hero Peripheral available Stateside
      13. The game's not over for Midway, says Zucker
      14. PS3 Orange Box patch detailed
      15. Stop-frame Lego Portal movie
      16. Big pictures of bald god
      17. Easter on videogaming247.com
      18. PSP back on top in Japanese hardware sales
      19. Nintendo planning biggest ever marketing campaign for Wii Fit
      20. Guitar Hero: On Tour is $50, says Amazon
      21. Nintendo stock downgraded at fears that Wii's peak has passed
      22. PAL WiiWare in May?
      23. Bully Scholarship Edition patched
      24. Lost Planet: Colonies has first-person mode
      25. Nintendo launches Pro Evo 2008 site
      26. GTA IV site updated with shots and wallpapers
      1. Two Worlds sequel announced for autumn 2008
      2. Thompson sanctioned by Florida Supreme Court
      3. End of partnership sparked Gibson suit, says Activision
      4. Ubisoft to make Clancy MMO
      5. Ubisoft buys Clancy IP
      6. PAL PlayStation Store upate
      7. Acer not making console: "James Wong was wrongly interpreted"
      8. First online Mario Kart Wii review published
      9. Codemasters in talks to publish two console MMOs
      10. Iron Man dated for May 2
      11. Battlefield: Bad Company beta starts March 25, says DICE
      12. Big Easter SingStore update tomorrow
      13. Giant Persona 4 trailer released
      14. Zucker quits Midway following shock losses
      15. Rock Band downloads hit 6 million
      16. In-game Rock Band music store revealed
      17. Byron Report to be published on March 27
      18. Private races and in-game chat for GT5: Prologue, says SCEA
      19. Gosen joins Microsoft as marketing head
      20. Mass market "isn't just about gameplay", says Microsoft boss
      21. PAL releases for Friday, March 21
      22. Media Molecule "pushing LittleBigPlanet toward Alpha stage"
      23. No in-game messaging in 2.20 PS3 firmware, says SCEE
      24. BD-LIVE added to PS3 with 2.20 firmware in late March
      25. Rare launches Banjo site
      26. Demos planned for console Quake Wars
      27. PC gamers shifting to consoles - id
      28. Riccitiello and Bioware have monitored Warhammer Online metrics, says Mythic
      29. New GRID shots - we want this, please
      30. New Bionic Commando screens and movie
      31. Best Buy gives $10 million to HD-DVD adopters
      32. "Quit playing video games and get laid", says rapper
      33. Scans of KoF XII location test
      34. PS3 Orange Box patched
      35. City of Heroes to start selling character slots
      36. SCEA: "Resistance 2 is about a 50Gb game"
      37. ESA offers $45,000 in games scholarships
      1. Bully Patch update tomorrow
      2. HEI$T for "late June", says Codemasters
      3. GRID video - bloody hell fire
      4. Absolutely the best games data graphs yet
      5. China's online gaming market grew by 60% in 2007
      6. Travel discounts announced for Games Convention
      7. Guitar Hero DS revealed - shots, details, video
      8. Pachter: iPhone not "viable gaming platform"
      9. Wii shortage for six months, price drops for 360 and PS3 in the US, says Gamestop
      10. Huge UT3 patch releasing March 27
      11. Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for "winter" release
      12. No Heavenly Sword sequel from Ninja Theory
      13. Valve confirms UK and EU release of Orange Box separates
      14. Red Alert 3 this year
      15. Beau Bridges cast as Max Payne's movie mentor
      16. EVE Online appoints player-elected council
      17. Haze on PS3 "for now"
      18. Hi-res, direct feed WipEout HD movies
      19. Sierra titles beyond 2008 all "TBD", says report
      20. First Sims 3 shots and details published
      21. Players will have a "rough ride" with Fable 2 Achievements, says Molyneux
      22. dtp receives Xbox 360 publisher status
      23. Street Fighter movie for 2009
      24. Bizarre Creations calls for UK tax credits
      25. Molyneux confirms two more "Fable-compatible" XBLA games
      26. Battlefield: Bad Company for "summer" release, says DICE
      27. THQ releases Wii de Blob video
      28. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack details announced
      29. Big EndWar gameplay movie - with US Fragdolls
      30. Microsoft offers GTA IV incentives to AU$120 pre-order
      31. Kingdom Hearts DS has multiplayer mode
      32. Germany's Next Top Model for DS
      33. OXM jumps gun on Ikaruga XBLA launch
      34. Greenpeace slams "surprised" Nintendo for manufacturing methods
      35. Watch the first 30 minutes of Wii Fit
      36. Square Enix launches community site
      37. THQ used Juiced 2 photo without permission, says owner
      38. Prey 2 PC and 360 only, Human Head developing
      39. OLL - Charles Cecil has just received a Wii dev kit
      1. Summon Night: Twin Age DS unearthed by Atlus USA
      2. GeForce 9800 GX2 confirmed by Nvidia
      3. Flash games are reinventing PC, says Molyneux
      4. Penny Arcade offers $10,000 scholarship
      5. "Xbox dad" gets at least 22 years for murder
      6. CoD4 PS3 patch released
      7. Pachter: Gamestop's growth won't worry Wal-Mart or Target
      8. Digimon MMO for US
      9. Riccitiello as Rockstar's "white knight" is "total bulls**t", says Hickey
      10. Gamestop hits $7.1 billion for fiscal 2007
      11. Guinness cos-players break record
      12. Long Far Cry 2 demo - movie
      13. Pre-May 5 launch probable for Korean Wii
      14. Dead Space and Spore playable at Sci-Fi-London
      15. Eurogamer launches MMO channel
      16. Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection ships in US
      17. Original Metal Gear for PSN in Japan, no comment on Europe
      18. We'd rather cut back on food than games, say Americans
      19. StarCraft II dev: "Our goal is not to let you feel 3D too much"
      20. Steel PS3 for MGS4 bundle in Japan
      21. Edge and Next-Gen join GI as Nordic Game media sponsors
      22. amBX and Guitar Hero III - video
      23. Damnation fully playable in co-op, says Blue Omega
      24. UK Xbox 360 sales up 40% following price cut
      25. PS3 CoD4 Patch this week
      26. "No weight should be given" to leaked PSN schedule, says SCEE
      27. Ninja Gaiden II will have "Ninja Cinema" feature
      28. Euro Soul Nomad dated for June
      29. Mario & Sonic back on top of UK all-formats
      30. Soul Bubbles is next DS "phenomenon", says Eidos
      31. E for All registration details updated
      32. Kill yourself with February NPD stat analysis
      33. EA Sports a "couple of months away" from new game reveals, says Moore on blog
      34. EA extends Massive ad deal to PC
      35. New PSP firmware due tomorrow
      36. Sony/ATV would "like to pursue" Beatles Guitar Hero
      37. Federal court blocks Minnesota games fines law
      38. "Pipeline strain" to blame for sketchy online Brawl play in US
      39. Naval gameplay at "heart" of Red Alert 3
      40. Bionic Commando: Rearmed to cost $10 in US
      41. Fable 2 for "late autumn at the earliest"
      42. 3D Realms: Prey 2 will "leapfrog" Portal
      43. GTA IV to cost $120 in Australia
      44. Diablo team looking for level designer
      45. Supposed Euro PSN release schedule leaked
      1. Cooking Mama whips up $2.7m for Majesco
      2. Smash Bros. Brawl is Nintendo America's fastest selling game ever
      3. Guitar Hero: On Tour details this week
      4. THQ announces new off-roader, Baja
      5. Massachusetts to review new videogame legislation
      6. Unreal games hit Steam
      7. Euro Rock Band to have exclusive tracks
      8. And the XBLA games for the week are...
      9. Play.com Live was rubbish
      10. Puzzle Quest expansion for XBLA
      11. One piece PSP Skype headset for US release
      12. Resi Evil Zero dated for Japan
      13. Play.com dates Fable 2 for May 30
      14. No demo for PC Mass Effect
      15. Nintendo UK ready for "explosive" April
      16. CoD4 to get GotY re-release
      17. GT5 Prologue pre-orders "almost" hit 1 million across "SCEE territories"
      18. Console MMOs to have “massive advantage over PC” says SOE boss
      19. Amazon worldwide sales charts – week ending March 13
      20. Mario & Sonic headline UK's February, PC games on "downward spiral"
      21. First GT5 Prologue review published, PSN download is 1.9Gb
      22. That was the news – Week 11, 2008: Following disastrous NPD results, does Microsoft have the balls for a third hardware round?
      23. Famitsu's top 25 games of 2007 by score
      24. GT5 Prologue pre-orders hit 1 million in Europe
      25. June launch for European Crisis Core, special edition confirmed
      26. EA gets new COO
      27. GT5 Prologue net code included in 2.17 PS3 firmware
      28. Oddest story of the month: Acer to enter console market
      29. Future eyeing Australia expansion
      30. Sega giving away The Club product keys
      31. Mystery Achievements point to Kane & Lynch DLC
      1. First Mario Kart review scanned and posted on web
      2. Warhawk hits 500,000 ranked players
      3. Last GTA IV trailer on March 27
      4. 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational tickets on sale next week
      5. Prey 2 art shown, reveal site taken off air
      6. Secondhand fag smoke may damage Wii lasers
      7. New Iron Man trailer released
      8. Reggie: Second half line-up to be announced at E3
      9. Dyack continues on one console future tip
      10. IGN woman goes to Blizzard US - movie
      11. LOL announced for America, concentrates on "comedic joy"
      12. For the billionth time, Haze is PS3 exclusive
      13. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack to be announced on Tuesday.
      14. Metal Gear Online open beta starting in Japan on April 14
      15. Capcom explains reason behind lack of SFII HD beta on PS3
      16. GT has sold more than 48 million units, says Sony
      1. WEBERRUPTION: Wii leads hardware sales in Japan
      2. MGS4 on 50Gb Blu-ray disc
      3. Earache hardcore for Rock Band next week
      4. No demo for Rainbow Six Vegas 2
      5. Dragon Age out before April 2009
      6. CPL: game over
      7. GTA IV's multiplayer modes revealed
      8. Gibson to "vigorously defend its rights" against Activision over GHIII
      9. Yearly expansion packs for LotRO, says Steefel
      10. Haze script is over 1,000 pages long
      11. Chat to a Canadian about Rainbow Six Vegas 2
      12. Rockstar "pleased" at Manhunt 2 decision
      13. 360 to have limited Mass Effect 2 exclusive, PC version hinted
      14. Connect LotRO announcement is Moria expansion
      15. Manhunt 2 to be released in the UK
      16. There will be a charge for some Burnout DLC, says Ward, but massive plans are afoot
      17. Riccitiello warns Take-Two investors of "scary" stock consequences of EA pulling out of bid
      18. First shots of Mr Driller online for XBLA
      19. Microsoft dismisses discs as "historic phenomenon", says downloads are the (near) future
      20. Super R-Type and Operation Wolf for PAL VC this week
      21. Get access to SFII HD beta with Commandos 3
      22. NPD figures: Everything on one place
      23. NPD figures: Cut 360 price now to curb PS3 momentum, says analyst
      24. NPD figures: Nintendo focuses on giant hardware sales
      25. NPD figures: Microsoft focuses on GTA IV and "improving" hardware stocks
      26. NPD figures: "This is the year for PS3", says Tretton
      27. NPD figures: CoD4 on 360 dominates US in February
      28. NPD figures: Xbox 360 battered as US sales hit $1.33 billion
      29. Watch Australian games journalists fighting
      30. Director possibly found for MGS movie
      31. Multiwinia testing begins
      32. Nine-minute Protoss trailer from StarCraft II
      33. Call of Duty marine found dead
      34. GTA IV multiplayer details to be revealed next week
      1. America in wanting DualShock 3 non-shock
      2. Zune for Europe in late 2009
      3. Hirai takes control of SOE
      4. StarCraft II could go into 2009, says source
      5. Criterion confirms all Burnout Paradise DLC will be free
      6. Lost Planet: Colonies - video and hands-on
      7. Internets link Cryptic to Star Trek Online: there's no escape
      8. 1942: Joint Strike fact sheet is best ever
      9. XBLA size limit raised for Capcom downloadables
      10. Sonic RPG: We want to revitalise Big the Cat, says Bioware
      11. Valve prices Orange Box separates
      12. Pachter on Take-Two buyout: "A sale is inevitable"
      13. Take-Two bid likely to succeed, says analyst
      14. Take-Two warns shareholders off EA offer
      15. New Lego Indiana Jones shots
      16. GT5 Prologue tournament announced for UK
      17. Star Wars: Force Unleashed officially moved to September
      18. Star Wars: Force Unleashed delayed?
      19. Mexican games market worth $1 billion by 2010
      20. European PSN update for the week is a cracker
      21. Latest PS3 firmware update allows PS2 installs
      22. Three expansion packs planned for N+
      23. SCEE "targetting Q2" for WipEout HD
      24. Confirmed: EA makes aggressive bid for Take-Two
      25. Lewis: Xbox 360 is at 17.7 million units worldwide
      26. Sega showing Hulk at 4.30pm GMT today
      27. Barlog working on Mad Max game
      28. Yakuza 3 tops Japanese charts
      29. PS3 firmware upgraded to 2.17
      30. Microsoft preempts NPD data: 360 lost in February
      31. Microsoft: Blu-ray won't be a part of the "Xbox experience"
      32. Toshiba to take $1 billion hit on HD-DVD
      33. THQ to buy Elephant Entertainment
      34. EA talks UEFA 2008 stadiums
      35. 1942: Joint Strike for download this summer
      36. New Bomberman game for Wii
      37. Fatal Inertia rated for PS3
      38. Dark Salvation screens and concept art
      39. Army of Two co-op region-locked because of connection speed
      40. Entire Edge GTA article scanned for the web
      41. EA to take Take-Two bid hostile, says WSJ
      1. Guitar Hero violates patent, claims Gibson, wants sales halted
      2. Atari joins Steam, will add The Witcher
      3. ESA closing down New York office
      4. UT3 ships 1 million units
      5. WipEout HD DLC being "looked into"
      6. Prostitute-loving anti-game governor quits - hilarious movie
      7. SF IV: El Fuerte art and details released
      8. Brash signs deal with Game Republic for movie game
      9. Tekken 5 updated in Japan
      10. Motorstorm 2 trailer and details released
      11. Nine minutes of Starcraft II terran footage
      12. Take-Two will approach EA before GTA's launch, says Pachter
      13. EVE Trinity Boost 1.1 goes live
      14. Valve GDC presentations available for download
      15. Eidos on Doctor Who: "We are exploring a number of potential directions for future games"
      16. Aliens: Colonial Marines has acid blood and QTE
      17. More than 20,000 people buy Play.com Live tickets
      18. iPhone SDK downloads top 100,000, PopCap and Namco on board
      19. Football Manager 2008 hits Steam
      20. Home’s "Holy Grail" is user-generated content
      21. New Sims 3 details - natural skin, "Buff" and other porn-related concepts
      22. Mario Kart Wii for US on April 27
      23. Motorstorm 2 trailer at 6pm GMT today
      24. "Richer" side quests for second Mass Effect
      25. Novastrike for PSN in Q2
      26. New SFIV character revealed: El Fuerte
      27. Belgian mentalist destroys WoW power-levelling records
      28. Take-Two financials: Full investor call transcript online now
      29. SAGA: free client now available
      30. NPD releases weekly PC sales figures, for some reason
      31. Assault Heroes 2 confirmed for XBLA
      32. Lost Planet: Colonies details hit web
      33. Take-Two financials: Borderlands delayed
      34. Take-Two financials: IP sales led by 66 million for GTA
      35. Take-Two financials: "Major" Rockstar sequel for 2009
      36. Take-Two financials: Everything in one place
      37. Take-Two financials: Bosses say nothing on EA buyout
      38. Take-Two financials: Execs tight-lipped on future Max Payne game
      39. Take-Two financials: No new 2K football title in 2008
      40. Take-Two financials: GTA versions the same with small differences
      41. Take-Two financials: Levine will be involved in Bioshock 2
      42. GT5: Prologue dated and priced for Australia
      43. Star Trek Online "coming soon"
      44. Dead Space is "M-plus" says producer
      45. Midway earnings call transcribed
      46. No Spanish language support for Okami Wii
      47. Harmonix sues Activision over GHIII royalties, then doesn't
      48. NCSoft Europe launches podcast
      49. A video of gaming tattoos
      50. 50% of PS3 owners use PSN
      51. Heap of new Heavy Rain info
      1. Take-Two financials: Take-Two acquires Illusion Softworks
      2. Take-Two financials: Additional episodic GTA IV content confirmed for 2009, PS3 possible
      3. Take-Two financials: Bioshock 2 in dev at new 2K California studio
      4. Konami classics set for WiiWare
      5. Crytek trademarks Crysis Warhead
      6. Guilty Gear 2: Overture for US 360 release
      7. Buy a Game Boy Micro for ?30
      8. Army of Two has region-locked multiplayer
      9. Kojima working on "concept for a new game outside of the Metal Gear universe"
      10. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic pack hits Live
      11. Win keys for Football Manager Live beta
      12. Registration opens for Paris GDC
      13. New Facebreaker shots released
      14. Funcom: "It's hard to imagine a company being able to compete with WoW any time soon"
      15. PS2 not powerful enough for Disgaea 3, says NIC
      16. Call of Duty 4 tops Live play yet again
      17. First Eternity's Child footage revealed
      18. Interplay is "coming soon", says site
      19. Bioshock now $30 on Steam
      20. WiiWare launch videos released
      21. Closed beta likely to StarCraft II later this year
      22. New MGS4 shots released
      23. Ubisoft alters RAM and disc space spec requirements for Assassin's Creed PC
      24. European GT5: Prologue and bundle for March 26
      25. Harmonix: "We want user-generated music in Rock Band"
      26. US M-rated revenues jump 64% in 2007
      27. Sega and Obsidian confirm Alpha Protocol
      28. WiiWare to launch on March 25 in Japan
      29. Dyack talks trilogy, feels "extraordinarily good about Too Human"
      30. Anti-GTA governor caught up prostitute "ring"
      31. Iron Chef America announced
      32. Line Rider for summer
      33. Wii Fit dated and priced in Australia
      34. Analysts predict US 360 price cut
      35. Take-Two board facing investor suit and possible coup
      36. Sweeney: "PCs are good for anything, just not games."
      37. Activision has “Tony Hawk Innovation Plan”
      38. Boston wins US Brawl tournament
      39. Major Take-Two shareholders slash stakes
      40. Direct feed videos of StarCraft II's zerg forces
      41. PS3 bluetooth headset and PSP GPS unit shown off
      42. Man has "This is Living" tattoo
      1. Dreamcast.com confirmed as phishing scam – Sega taking action
      2. Alten8: "No decision has been made on" DS Holocaust game at this time
      3. RS Vegas 2 PC in April
      4. Motorstorm 2 scans beat SCEE's announcement
      5. Gore Verbinski making game
      6. Simultaneous global releases are go, says Square
      7. Army of Two straight to top of UK all-formats
      8. God of War PSP goes to Japan
      9. Minesweeper rumoured for XBLA
      10. Brain Challenge and Bliss Island for Live this week
      11. NPD data: PS3 outsold Xbox 360 in February, says Pachter
      12. Pachter on late 2008: "PS3 will likely outsell the 360 in Europe by 20-40%, and will kill 360 in Japan"
      13. 360 cut to boost sales by 20%, says Pachter
      14. European 360 price cuts announced
      15. Spore iPhone demo - video
      16. Tiberium part of "epic story", says EA
      17. Brits prefer games to shagging, says survey
      18. Xbox 360 price drop is reaction to Blu-ray victory, says analyst
      19. Holocaust DS title is "to educate", says Bernard
      20. Newton-Dunn: "It’s crazy that we don’t have more women making games"
      21. Amazon UK puts Xbox 360 prices back up after morning drop
      22. That was the news – Week 10, 2008: iPhone could be the answer to mobile gaming's prayers
      23. Nintendo Europe "scared" of DS Holocaust game, says creator, but he's hopeful of release
      24. GHIII gets Modern Metal plus free St Patrick’s Day Pack
      25. Amazon cuts Xbox 360 price across all SKUs in the UK, Arcade drops below ?150
      26. Mass Effect DLC available now
      27. "Dreamcast.com" not owned by Sega? Yes it is
      28. Nintendo Europe blocks release of Barnard DS Holocaust title
      29. Street Fighter IV - a snip at $23,000
      30. Nintendo refuses to release Holocaust DS game in US
      31. Sims 3 seamlessness and character creation detailed by EA
      32. New Mirror's Edge shots released
      33. EVE "booster" patch notes released
      34. Zerg revealed in StarCraft II - trailer
      1. Amazon worldwide sales charts – week ending March 6
      2. Dutch retailer details Euro 360 price cut
      3. Nintendo moves quickly on US Brawl disc errors
      4. New publishers for Steam in "coming weeks"
      5. New Molyneux game "will be on the front cover of Nature", Dimitri is "experimental thing"
      6. New Bourne trailer: it's good
      7. Ninja Gaiden II passes certification in Australia
      8. Killzone 2 trailer for Play.com Live (or not)
      9. First shot of Mark Walhberg as Max Payne
      10. Medal of Honor Airborne patch and two new maps
      1. Funcom confirms system specs for Age of Conan
      2. Crysis patched to 1.2
      3. New Champions Online screens
      4. TIGA wants WTO action taken against Canada
      5. Dreamcast registration request crashes Sega's site
      6. New StarCraft II shots and art
      7. Bungie saturates wronged gamer in fan-spunk
      8. Dark Sector gold
      9. C&C3: Kane's Wrath gold, shipping with RA3 beta access
      10. EA Sports has two hidden IPs, says Sitrin
      11. Game to follow Free Rad's Haze won't be platform-exclusive, hints dev
      12. EndWar promises 40 battlefields and "1,000-unit" combat
      13. Gameloft promises 15 games for iPhone
      14. Take-Two sets up employee cash if assimilated by EA, urges calm
      15. Braid video makes us gooey
      16. SingStar Vol. 2 appears on Oz retail lists
      17. 60Gb 360 rumoured, Pachter spits in its puny face
      18. FIFA Online 2 to hit 10 Asian countries
      1. GTA MMO is "very, very doable", says Houser
      2. Ludicrous Soul Calibur IV art
      3. Bully to be fixed in the next week
      4. Criterion makes first mention of large-scale DLC for Burnout Paradise
      5. GTA IV site updated with screens and radio
      6. More KOTOR MMO rumours surface
      7. Legendary footage looking the right side of awesome
      8. UK retailer Dixons to start publishing games
      9. Condemned 2 for March 28
      10. New car shown for Burnout Paradise: the Dust Storm
      11. Carmack confirms id push towards iPhone and iTunes
      12. Team17 looks at iPhone for Worms
      13. OXM Fallout 3 preview scanned and transcribed
      14. Sony touting Getaway movie
      15. Man gets PS3 tattoo - video
      16. "Sexy" Gemma wants to design Wii-bra
      17. SingStar Summer Party revealed for PS2
      18. Ballmer: Microsoft supports Blu-ray
      19. New FarCry 2 shots released
      20. Live Marketplace plans for Games for Windows Live
      21. Infogrames wants answer on Atari buyout by March 11
      22. Record page-count for GTA IV hands-on
      23. September 9 Fallout 3 date isn't fixed, says Bethesda
      24. Play.com Live Resi 5 showing is just previous trailer
      25. Soul Calibur IV tournament at Play.com Live
      26. Kirby 64 hits PAL VC
      27. New Mafia 2 shots released
      28. Watch Resistance 2 mo-cap men debase themselves
      29. Satin Silver PS3 out in Japan now
      30. Doctor Who likely for XBLA
      31. No Counter-Strike 2 in second Orange Box, Ep 3 'as new as Portal' says Newell
      32. Midway posts $100 million loss for 2007
      33. Edge of Twilight for PS3
      34. New Lego Indiana Jones trailer looks super-cool
      35. New LineRider to include Story Mode
      36. JeuxVideo in Motorstorm 2 non-reveal explanation
      37. New Too Human shots
      38. Indian Xbox boss quits, definitely isn't arms dealer
      39. Japanese hardware sales - PSP rampant
      40. Cox explains Ziff Davis Chapter 11 move
      41. Linden Labs staffing up in UK
      42. Gerstmann and Davis launch GiantBomb
      43. Infogrames offers to buy Atari
      1. Sims 3 in "constantly changing neighborhood... a much bigger sandbox"
      2. Blizzard assures gamers over StarCraft II in-game ads
      3. Sony in discussions with Microsoft over Blu-ray
      4. Spore shown running on iPhone
      5. New Age of Conan trailer makes WoW look like Fisher Price
      6. Player dumped from ?50k PES tournament for cheating
      7. Thompson fires mad letter back at EA about Take-Two litigation
      8. ERSB raters don't play the games, says whistle blower
      9. Live announcement rumoured for Mid East next week
      10. Criterion: 50,000 people have played Burnout Paradise online in the past day
      11. Criterion shows new Burnout Paradise car livery, confirms upcoming DLC
      12. Konami and Mercury Steam project confirmed
      13. GT5 Prologue additions confirmed for Europe, no fixed date
      14. GT5 Prologue gets content boost and split-screen racing for US
      15. Sin City based on graphic novels, in dev for 360, PS3 and Wii
      16. First Damnation shots hit web
      17. Lego Indiana Jones dated as June 6 for Europe by Play.com Live
      18. The World Ends With You dated for Europe
      19. Capcom refuses to be drawn on Resi 5 date
      20. Turning Point not aimed at "core gamer" says Spark
      21. "No confirmation on UK plans" for split Orange Box, says EA
      22. SCAG to turn down 18+ rating for Australia
      23. Lost Planet Colonies to be announced next week
      24. Microsoft says nothing on Euro 360 price drop
      25. Apollo Justice for May 9 in Europe
      26. Japanese Echochrome demo out now
      27. Microsoft's Thompson bats for PEGI
      28. Sony US staff are "high-fiving in the office"
      29. Sims 3 already seen by press, content embargoed for March 19
      30. EA says working with Jack Thompson is "impossible"
      31. Chronicles of Spellborn tagged for Q2 release
      32. Bombed Game Boy goes on display in NY
      33. LIT confirmed at WiiWare exclusive
      34. Brawl knocked of top spot in Japan
      35. Resident Evil 5 rumoured for October
      36. Motorstorm 2 details today
      37. 145 million Americans played casual game in 2007
      38. Rockstar responds to Bully bugs
      39. Assassin’s Creed tops piracy chart
      40. Prince of Persia movie to shoot in Morocco
      41. Orange Box split up from April 9 in the US
      42. Phil Harrison's first speech as Infogrames president - video
      1. Ziff Davis files for bancruptcy
      2. Home to be presented on March 14
      3. God of War III pre-orders being taken for March 2009
      4. Sims 3 info promised for March 19
      5. DLC planned for Army of Two
      6. Microsoft still "committed" to Live Anywhere
      7. Rise of the Argonauts for Q4
      8. Mario & Sonic sells 5 million worldwide
      9. Fallout guy sets up new studio
      10. Multiwinia beta sign-up open now
      11. Rockstar confirms that "superior" GTA IV 360 rllmuk poster is fake
      12. DoDonPachi and Ketsui for XBLA
      13. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky dated for August
      14. GTA IV is "superior" on 360, DLC is "significant"
      15. Disgaea confirmed for DS
      16. UK retailers in dark on Euro 360 drop, but senior insider confirms truth
      17. Euro Xbox 360 price cut rumoured for March 14
      18. flOw on US PSN tomorrow, is "zen gaming"
      19. Dexter game in development
      20. Zelnick shrugs off EA talk, says Take-Two has "independent" future
      21. Saints Row 2 "won't be bug free"
      22. Konami and Mercury Steam rumoured for new console project
      23. First American champion: Why I love Street Fighter IV
      24. Left 4 Dead promo "funnies" in the works
      25. Nintendo dominating Euro charts
      26. Ninja Theory tests the water on Heavenly Sword 2
      27. Play a bit of Zack & Wiki in Flash
      28. Saints Row 2 "competitive" with GTA IV, says producer
      29. Activision boss moots Call of Duty MMO, Asian Guitar Hero
      30. Tekken 6 makes US debut in Texas
      31. Uwe Boll thinks Spielberg is "sloppy"
      32. Burnout Paradise patch detailed
      33. First Deadliest Catch movie - "His mother wears moon boots"
      34. Crysis shown to publishers on 360 at GDC
      35. Ready at Dawn finished with PSP
      36. USAF wants 300 40Gb PS3s
      37. Huxley release gets even further away
      1. GRAW2 Co-op Collection 2 on Live now
      2. Undertow expansion for Live this week
      3. Lego Indiana Jones pack art makes new cast reveals
      4. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky shots
      5. PS3 tower used to calculate black hole disaster
      6. Gary Gygax dead at 69
      7. "You just can’t stop believing", says Too Human boss
      8. "Pretty big change" to PSN in April, says Sony
      9. CoD4 still top of Live play chart
      10. Harrison gives first speech as Infogrames head, talks excitement at "future"
      11. Bully multiplayer footage - video
      12. The Little Birds Rumour Round-Up #1
      13. Eidos Doctor Who game "not too far away" for PC, PS2 and DS
      14. Take-Two announcing first-quarter results on March 11
      15. The history of Atari: 1972 - present
      16. Dark Sector moves to April
      17. Meier lists top three gaming innovations
      18. Skype heads to PSP in Japan
      19. Publishers: how they rank by score
      20. Harrison is architect of "the future", says Gardner
      21. RE Umbrella Chronicles ships a million
      22. One Life Left at 8pm tonight
      23. Ghostbusters and Gemma Atkinson to host Play.com Live
      24. Gears of War 2 clothes deal signed
      25. No plans for Wii TV guide in Europe
      26. Assassin's Creed PC slips into April, new "average specs" released
      27. No Lego Indiana Jones demo for Euro movies
      28. New WoW art, Sunwell Isle shots and info released
      29. New Assassin's Creed PC missions detailed
      30. Mario & Sonic still leads UK top 10
      31. Nintendo is biggest Japanese publisher, says Famitsu
      32. PSP cradle and remote launching in Japan
      33. Okami Wii delayed in US
      34. Harrison isn't joining a "broken down old company", says Gardner
      35. Valve hopes to keep TF2 console content free
      36. Perry launches Gameindustrymap 2.0
      37. Red Alert beta access bundled with C&C3 pack
      38. Get hot jobs at Capcom
      39. Dark Sector multiplayer features detailed
      40. Lego Indiana Jones demo to be included with movies
      41. CoD4 patch has resulted in "record numbers" on Live since launch
      42. Take-Two devs are "diamonds", says Jensen
      43. Gamespot goes on recruitment drive
      1. Phil Harrison appointed president of Infogrames
      2. New FaceBreaker shots punch out
      3. 11 WiiWare titles listed on Japanese Nintendo site
      4. Game giving MS Points for GTA IV pre-orders
      5. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for June in Europe, could include more bands
      6. Game raises forecasts on Wii's strength
      7. Rock Band earns Harmonix a $208.7 million bonus
      8. Valve considering "radical" approach to Counter-Strike 2
      9. No HD in Core 360s a "mistake", says Bourne man
      10. King of Fighters XII is completely hand drawn
      11. Online gaming will turn Atari around, says Gardner
      12. Paramount to enter games sector
      13. Collectibles planned for Lego Batman, big info update
      14. Meier thinks EA is "great company", doesn't care who he works for
      15. Wii Freeloader is firmware-proof, says Datel
      16. That was the news – Week 9, 2008: Fighter Riccitiello's move on Take-Two signals real start of epic publisher war
      17. Official: Games overtake music on UK high street
      18. Million "premium price" PS3s in UK is gratifying, says Maguire
      19. Lego MMO will "bring that dream alive"
      20. Listening to fans can get you "into trouble", says Fallout 3 designer
      21. Thompson stands up to help EA evict "Zelnick Trojan Horse"
      22. SOCOM Confrontation finally breaks cover
      23. New C&C Red Alert 3 Battlecast live
      24. Requiem Bloodymare beta goes live
      25. New Left 4 Dead video looks hilariously violent
      26. Next FF: CC game is WiiWare launch title
      27. Worms: A Space Oddity gets US release date
      28. Damnation revealed, new Recoil: Retrograde stuff
      29. Sixaxis is used "sparingly" in MGS4
      30. Lego Halo April Fool's joke, says everyone
      31. 50% of PS3 Crysis will be "new game", says mag
      32. Lego Batman trailer released
      33. 50Gb Blu-ray wasn't enough, says Kojima
      34. Kane & Lynch sells 1.4 million units
      1. Atari announcement on Monday morning: Phil-ing lucky?
      2. Valve open to discussions on Left 4 Dead PS3 port
      3. Kotick 'bluffing' on billion dollar WoW claim, says former EA man
      4. Indie games section announced for PAX
      5. Grateful Dead for Rock Band next week... in America
      6. We Ski for May in the US
      7. THQ blames Iron Lore closure on piracy
      8. EVE hits Steam
      9. Motorstorm 2 details to be released next week