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  • April 2008 Archive

      1. SFIV boss action - Bison, Balrog, Sagat, and Vega get hot shots
      2. GTA IV: 360 outsells PS3 on day one in the UK
      3. SCEA cuts Canadian prices on PS Store
      4. GTA IV breaks UK launch record
      5. Okami Wii gets Euro date
      6. "A lot of R&D" going into Portal 2, says Valve
      7. Nick Roberts gets biz dev job at Imagine
      8. New Alone in the Dark shots, dev diary
      9. Prince of Persia article better translated, sounds promising
      10. First details of PixelJunk Monsters Encore released
      11. PS3 Burnout Paradise players get tp analyse game data
      12. DICE "surprised" by "very strong reaction" to Battlefield: Bad Company cash for weapons scandal
      13. US gets Koch office
      14. Watch Tanja.de doing Wii Fit stuff
      15. New Champions Online screens released
      16. Silent Hill chap to speak at Nordic Game
      17. No DS PKE meter in Wii Ghostbusters, says Randel
      18. New map and medic Achievements released for TF2
      19. Capps to give Gears 2 keynote at GCDC
      20. Microsoft and Yahoo! rejected Steam, says Valve
      21. Confirmed: EA-Land nuked
      22. Rein says story-driven Unreal will return
      23. Moore "p**sed a lot of people off" with Madden PC canning
      24. THQ lays-off at Rainbow, Sandblast
      25. New Official Olympics game shots released
      26. First Madden 09 gameplay movie released
      27. God of War team looking for "Online Gameplay Programmer"
      28. Bay makes hilarious error by "responding" to Boll
      29. New Far Cry 2 shots released
      1. Fatal Inertia EX to launch on PSN in May
      2. Spyro animated movie on the slate
      3. First details of SCEE PlayStation Day emerge
      4. GTA IV launch pictures from Canada
      5. French Prince of Persia article gets roughly tanslated
      6. No more PC exclusives, says Crytek CEO
      7. Gamespot gives GTA IV the fifth 10 in its history
      8. EA announces card-based RTS, BattleForge
      9. Kiev home to Ubi's next studio
      10. New 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand trailer is actual genius
      11. New Bourne trailer and screens released
      12. Erasing GTA IV game data fixes freeze (maybe)
      13. GTA IV launch photo from Tulsa, Oklahoma
      14. "Violence flares" after GTA IV launch, says Telegraph
      15. GTA IV launch photos from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan
      16. Pre-order Mass Effect on PC and get Dead Space stuff (if you're American)
      17. Aerosmith locked into Guitar Hero exclusivity
      18. New Rise of the Argonaut shots
      19. 360 price dropped in four Asian markets
      20. Man stabbed at GTA IV midnight opening in Croydon, UK (sort of)
      21. Play.com taking "80 orders a minute" for GTA IV"
      22. GTA IV locks up on both formats, says internet
      23. GTA IV retail reservation codes being sold on eBay
      24. GTA IV sales have been underestimated, says Take-Two boss
      25. Sierra Spring Break 08: Ghostbusters allows you to connect DS to Wii as PKE meter
      26. First new Prince of Persia scans hit web
      27. Autumn GTA IV DLC will provide "hours of additional gameplay," says Microsoft
      28. Fourth FIFA Interactive World Cup finals detailed
      29. First GTA IV launch report from London: NO PHOTOS
      30. GTA IV launch pictures and words from Oklahoma
      31. No XBLA update this week... thanks to GTA IV
      32. GTA IV launch photos from Brighton, UK
      33. GTA IV launch photos from Las Vegas, Georgia and Massachusetts
      34. GAME reports ?75.5 million profit for fiscal '07
      35. Shacknews shown Duke Nukem Forever
      36. GTA IV launches worldwide - reports, pictures, men buying games
      37. GTA IV launch covered by BBC News - video
      38. GTA IV: complete walkthrough posted
      39. GTA IV postmen caught stealing launch copies
      40. CCO William Gordon leaves EA
      41. City of Heroes celebrates fourth birthday
      42. Paris Hilton turns up to SingStar party at Coachella
      43. Age of Conan chap shows mounted combat in video
      1. Grand Theft Auto IV launches in the UK - photos
      2. Sierra clarifies Bourne demo dates
      3. Infogrames made bid for SCi
      4. Sierra Spring Break 08: Bill Murray recording his Ghostbusters game lines this week
      5. Sierra Spring Break 08: Not all of Ghostbusters game set in NYC - players to enter spirit world
      6. Wii Fit debuts at number one in the UK
      7. GTA IV runs at lower resolution on PS3 than on 360
      8. Ubi announces new Prince of Persia title
      9. Sierra Spring Break 08: First Prototype gameplay footage released
      10. Sierra Spring Break 08: New Ghostbusters shots
      11. Capcom shows ton of Euro dates
      12. GTA IV will have "major cultural impact", says neuroscientist
      13. Sierra Spring Break 08: All the games, all the info, all the news
      14. Sierra Spring Break 08: Damon not in Bourne game due to refusal to make more films, but he may return
      15. Sierra Spring Break 08: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand isn’t set in desert, moniker was “chosen by the marketing team”
      16. Sierra Spring Break 08: Stay Puff't confirmed for Ghostbusters, Infernal Engine looks amazing
      17. Sierra Spring Break 08: New Spyro: Ricci to voice Cinder, Hamill the Dark Master, Oldman and Wood return
      18. Sierra Spring Break 08: Two new World in Conflict maps in console versions - PC users have to pay
      19. Sierra Spring Break 08: Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon impressions
      20. Sierra Spring Break 08: No online co-op for main Ghostbusters campaign
      21. Sierra Spring Break 08: Bourne 360 demo on May 22
      22. Sierra Spring Break 08: Long lasting injuries to Bourne removed from game due to "design decision"
      23. Sierra Spring Break 08: Moby track replaced in Bourne due to Universal ties
      24. Sierra Spring Break 08: Wii lead SKU on new Crash title
      25. Sierra Spring Break 08: Fiddy locked at 30 frames a second, online co-op confirmed
      26. Sierra Spring Break 08: 50 Cent team took out “n-word,” although it may still be added
      27. Sierra Spring Break 08: Exclusive Ghostbusters DLC for both PS3 and 360
      28. Sierra Spring Break 08: Venkmann will have love interest in Ghostbusters, huge input from Akroyd and Ramis
      29. Sierra Spring Break 08: PS3 exclusivity would have allowed double the amount of objects on-screen, says Ghostbusters dev
      30. Sierra Spring Break 08: Prototype DLC only "for the right price" says Radical's marketing boss
      31. Sierra Spring Break 08: Prototype plot inspired by Old Boy
      32. Sierra Spring Break 08: Legend of Sypro: Dawn of the Dragon "last chapter of Spyro trilogy"
      33. Sierra Spring Break 08: No World in Conflict PC-360 online cross-play due to PC version being "geekier"
      34. Sierra Spring Break 08: World in Conflict to feature voice control on 360, 90% of accents recognised
      35. Portal was offered to XBLA and rejected, says Valve
      36. 8 Days "just ramping up to full production," says paper
      37. US Sierra hands-on eruption: Prototype, Ghostbusters, more
      38. Okami Wii strategy guide has case of the IGNs in the US
      39. Man banned for a week for playing GTA IV early
      40. Assault Heroes 2 for XBLA next month
      41. Denmark selling the most expensive copies of GTA IV in the world?
      42. GTA IV: 360 and PS3 versions head-to-head
      43. GTA IV will be censored in New Zealand
      44. Alone in the Dark Wii controls shown in movie
      45. Miyamoto wants Wii Fit to make social changes in the UK
      46. US SingStar launch detailed, changes made to SingStore
      1. G4 posts "legit" GTA IV footage
      2. GTA IV reviews go live online
      3. Uwe Boll wants to physically fight Michael Bay
      4. Rockstar North boss puts anti-GTA sentiment down to "fear factor"
      5. New Sonic Unleashed shots pop up
      1. SingStar hits 12 million sales in PAL territories
      2. First Gothic 4 details emerge
      3. EA acquisition allowed Mythic to delay Warhammer Online, says Drescher
      4. BioWare aims to make secret MMO "the most compelling experience ever delivered", says boss Muzyka
      5. BioWare has seven development teams, says CEO Muzyka
      6. BioWare is "proud" of Mass Effect sex content, says boss Muzyka
      7. Mass Effect's emotional lessons will be brought forward into Dragon Age, says BioWare boss
      8. Battlefield Heroes beta sign-up begins May 6
      9. Conquest mode to be included in Battlefield: Bad Company
      10. No new Portal this year, says Valve
      11. Major layoffs rumoured at Eidos
      12. No Wii, DS price cut this year, says Iwata
      13. IGN gives GTA IV a 10
      14. MGO beta runs at 15% below 720p resolution, says tech expert
      15. Amazon worldwide sales - week ending April 25
      1. Gears 2 playable at US musical festival
      2. Singstar in US on May 20
      3. More Mafia II shots do the awesome
      4. UK retailer breaks GTA IV street date?
      5. EA Games Studio Showcase: Battlefield Heroes presentation and one-on-on interview – streaming audio, new shots
      6. EA Games Studio Showcase: Mass Effect PC presentation and one-on-one with Ray Muzyka – streaming audio and new shots
      7. EA Games Studio Showcase: Mercenaries 2 presentation – streaming audio
      8. EA Games Studio Showcase: Battlefield: Bad Company presentation and one-on-on interview – streaming audio, new shots
      9. EA Games Studio Showcase: Left 4 Dead presentation – streaming audio and new shots
      10. EA Games Studio Showcase: Warhammer Online presentation and one-on-one interview – streaming audio
      11. MGO Euro beta live
      12. GTA IV reviews to go live on Sunday
      13. SCi stock drops 17% on Warner Bros funding news
      14. Codemasters takes Sega Racing Studio
      15. GameFAQS freelance shows off GTA IV on YouTube
      16. Ton of Siren: New Translation media released
      17. Xbox 360 sales pass 19 million
      18. Warner Bros to give SCi ?15 million
      19. LotRO turns one, releases Book 13
      20. Brett Favre is Madden 09 cover star, new screens released
      21. Soul Calibur IV has rhino man!
      22. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky shots hit web
      23. New GTR Evolution shots bring the pretty
      24. New Prototype shots posted
      25. GTA IV as a system seller will favour PS3, says analysts
      26. Konami releases MGO beta patch, world bates breath
      27. Every GameStop doing a midnight opening for GTA IV
      28. Bionic Commando: Rearmed multiplayer video released
      29. Sony working with Indian devs on PS2 games
      30. Take-Two threatens Justin.tv GTA IV streamer
      31. Watch the first six minutes of Valkyria Chronicles
      32. Disgaea 3 to get DLC
      33. New Bourne trailer released
      1. US PSN content update for April 24
      2. EA to announce Q4 financials on May 13
      3. PS3 CoD4 Variety Pack is region-locked
      4. Xbox 360 sales up 68% for first quarter
      5. Nintendo will "continue to work alongside the team at Retro"
      6. Ubi to hire 900 staff in the next 12 months
      7. Germans go mental for Warhammer Online
      8. US sites get hands-on time with Bionic Commando: Rearmed
      9. Ubi sales up 36% in full-year results
      10. EA is a studio soul-eater, says Activision's Kotick
      11. Age of Conan PvP movie looks pretty cool
      12. Nintendo to increase Wii shipments to 25 million per year
      13. European PSN content for April 24
      14. Watch and laugh as people play GTA IV online
      15. Monster Hunter ships over 2 million in Japan
      16. No Echochrome demo for Europe today
      17. FFIV to release in Europe this "summer"
      18. GTA IV video - the first 20 minutes of gameplay
      19. GoView! to launch this summer in Europe
      20. WiiWare confirmed for May 20 launch in Europe
      21. Nintendo confirms Super Smash Bros. Brawl for June 27 in Europe
      22. NTSC GTA IV code torrented, on Usenet
      23. Registration opens for GamesIndustry.biz Network
      24. Massive Nintendo release schedule issued, Euro dates for WiiWare and Brawl
      25. Million-sellers on Wii rise from five to 26
      26. Million-sellers on DS rise from 30 to 57
      27. DS crests 70 million global sales, says Nintendo
      28. Wii hits 24.45 million units to date
      29. Nintendo announces net income of 257 billion yen for FY 08
      30. Access to Universal Music is "big benefit" for Guitar Hero, says Kotick
      31. Capcom promises new Okami art after IGN gaffe
      32. Senior Retro staffers "escorted from premises", closure rumour scotched
      33. New Splatterhouse image shown
      34. Mario Kart Wii stays on top in Japan
      35. Western Lost Odyssey DLC this week
      36. DMC4 for PC this "summer"
      37. IGN goes to Polyphony Digital, makes video
      38. Echochrome demo for US PSN today
      39. Internet ding-dong emerges over NASA MMO details
      40. US gets 40% of all monthly Wii stock, says Reggie
      41. Greg Zeschuk: Wii provides "toy" experience
      42. Microsoft staffing up for Peter Jackson Halo game
      1. Dead Space: Isaac's suit
      2. Sony working on "addressing needs" for global PS blogs
      3. New Elefunk shots released
      4. Chaimowitz to head up GreenScreen Interactive
      5. Codemasters rumoured for Sega Racing Studio staff
      6. Microsoft gifting Xbox 360 kiosks to US hospitals
      7. Every Best Buy opening at midnight for GTA IV
      8. GTA IV movie leaks explode
      9. Bikes and planes confirmed for Burnout Paradise
      10. Best quality GTA IV movie yet hits YouTube
      11. New WipEout HD screens
      12. Metallica: Games are "f**king way cool"
      13. Three-minute GTA IV gameplay movie posted
      14. GTA IV code leaked
      15. GTA IV intro movie leaked, first gameplay shown, Gamercard shows achievements
      16. Gear of War back in top three Live games played last week
      17. GTA IV will release in Japan this year
      18. Age of Conan to cost €12.99 plus VAT a month
      19. Penumbra: Black Plague demo live for PC, Mac and Linux
      20. SCEE officially announces GTA IV bundle
      21. Vegas 2 PC crash takes up 1Gb of HD space
      22. GTA IV: PS3 outselling 360 3:1 at UK's Asda
      23. SCi rejects latest offer, rumour swirls around Time Warner
      24. Rossignol's This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities now available for pre-order
      25. BBFC rates MGS4 as "15"
      26. QuakeCon 2008 announced
      27. NFL Head Coach 09 to release as stand-alone game
      28. GTA IV: The two versions look different, says Houser
      29. Episode 1 of Dead Space animated series released
      30. GTA IV: PS3 outselling 360 in Australia
      31. Konami ID registration site "stabilizes"
      32. EGM scoops new Splatterhouse
      33. G4 showing first GTA IV gameplay footage this Sunday
      34. Seven MGO gameplay movies hit net
      35. GRID adds eBay Motors for car upgrades
      36. LittleBigPlanet devs to keynote Paris GDC
      37. Interplay announces Earthworm Jim 4
      1. EU tells games industry to better protect minors
      2. EA announces Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
      3. Age of Conan gold
      4. GTA IV: Microsoft and Rockstar tracking Gamertags before April 29
      5. GTA IV hits stores - pictures
      6. Rockstar has no specific retail launch plans for GTA IV in the UK
      7. Activision rubbishes Infinity Ward CoD dominance story
      8. PS3 launch was "baptism of fire", says Tretton
      9. First Gears of War 2 gameplay footage on May 9
      10. Spanish Vivendi event embargoed until May 28
      11. Epic's Capps Ortega at Comic Con on Gears 2: video
      12. Logitech "pleased" with Q4 performance
      13. Banjo embargo lifted on May 13, says poster
      14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 moves to 2009
      15. Inifinity Ward's Rob Bowling: "I can get GTA IV by Friday"
      16. Grant Morrison wants to make a game, no one listens
      17. Judas Priest album goes up on Live for Rock Band
      18. Mario Kart tops UK charts again
      19. March NPD in-depth with coloured graphs
      20. Pandemic's Lord of the Rings game is "Battlefront with orcs"
      21. Home delayed again
      22. Mechner trademarks Prince of Persia Prodigy
      23. Interplay plans oldies for VC
      24. Nintendo Europe opens Wii Fit site
      25. Ubi to open new campus in Morocco
      26. Infinity Ward takes control of Call of Duty, says site
      27. More 1942: Joint Strike screens
      28. Mario Kart Wii goes top in Japan
      29. Rumour: PS3 movie service to be announced at E3
      30. US OXM p**ses on GTA's perfect review chips
      31. PS3 price increases in Far East
      32. Sony makes statement on MGO beta comedy
      1. CoD4 PS3 DLC brought forward for Europe
      2. SCi confirms "open offer" talks
      3. Goldman Sachs: game sales have peaked
      4. Pachter: Microsoft is "foolish" to aim for number one
      5. Midnight Club: LA shots released
      6. Konami announces revised MGO beta dates for Europe
      7. Kotick admits multi-instrument aspirations for Guitar Hero
      8. Worldwide releases: Friday April 25
      9. Diablo3.com counter has nothing to do with Diablo 3
      10. Free Spore Creature Creator out in June
      11. Realtime Worlds retains APB distribution rights
      12. Silent Hill V officially titled "Homecoming"
      13. No Fallout 3 demo, says Bethesda
      14. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky movie shows amazing DX10 features
      15. Qantm game and animation degrees validated by Middlesex University
      16. GTA IV's art director chews cud
      17. Rockstar announces Midnight Club: Los Angeles date
      18. Wrath of the Lich King shots leaked
      19. That was the news – Week 16, 2008: Fallout 3 dazzles at London showing
      20. Konami Europe issues MGO beta delay statement
      21. Sins of a Solar Empire heading to European retail
      22. $50 million is "what it takes," says Realtime boss
      23. Konami delays MGO beta in the US and Europe
      24. Two brand new Fallout 3 screens released
      25. Capps explains Gears chainsaw origin at Comic Con
      26. Houser: We haven't fleeced GTA
      27. Blizzard turned down Boll on WoW movie
      28. Pre-orders open for Play TV for Europe
      29. Top Cow hints at Darkness sequel at Comic Con
      30. Gladiators UK is sponsored by Wii
      1. Okami Wii boxart carries IGN watermark in the US
      2. Wii is a "virus", says Epic boss
      3. AoC open beta starts May 1
      1. Konami to replace botched MGO US beta codes
      2. Poland and Tesco get April 25 launch for GTA IV?
      3. Konami announces three WiiWare titles for America
      4. Rein cagey on UTIII 360 mod distribution
      5. PS3 laptop auctioned for charity
      6. New Alone in the Dark tech demo movie released
      7. Activision confirms Underground Development closure
      8. Lumines to be added to Steam
      9. Microsoft Spring Showcase 2008 next month
      10. No Gears of War 2 demo, says Epic
      11. Bogart hits Burnout Paradise 360, custom PS3 music for Cagney
      12. Midway Las Vegas Gamer's Day round-up
      1. Amazon worldwide sales - week ending April 18
      2. UK retailer selling new PS3s for ?240
      3. VG247 gets on the telly!
      4. SingStar Vol. 2 harmony mode available to Vol. 1 users
      5. Quake Wars PS3 team on the ropes, says Develop
      6. Gamers to carry Olympic torch through China
      7. Mass Effect DLC free with PC version
      8. First Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe trailer released
      9. Microsoft slams GTA IV PS3 install time in PR mail
      10. No cut-scenes in Dead Space
      11. DC to publish Gears of War comic
      12. New hi-res Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screens released
      13. Zelnick laughs in EA's face over new offer
      14. First full Rock Band album announced
      15. Diablo3.com counting down to mystery something
      16. EA extends Take-Two offer, cuts price
      17. Man in UK owns GTA IV, says photo
      18. Valkyria Chronicles shots and movie show turn for the... odd
      19. Condemned 2 demo on Live now
      20. Xbox 360 system update has no new features
      21. First quarter a record for UK games industry
      22. SCEE confirms May 6 press event
      23. Fallout 3: Baseball fields and roadside diner encounters revealed
      24. ESRB rates MGS4
      25. SCEE to hold invite-only event in May
      26. Microsoft: Sony's late to the core gamer party
      27. This is Vegas - new trailer and screenshots
      28. Fatalities out of new Mortal Kombat?
      29. Call of Duty 4 sells over 9 million
      30. Giant new Soul Calibur IV shots and art gallery
      31. The Conduit announced - shots and movie
      32. PSP stays on top of Japanese hardware sales
      33. Belloq from Indiana Jones: "I will never play a game in my life"
      34. Xbox Live downtime on Monday
      35. Mortal Kombat 8 includes DC universe
      36. Banjo shown to press, says report
      37. CoD4 Variety Pack sets new Live download record
      38. Rockstar Social Club goes live
      39. GTA IV goes g-g-gold
      40. Miyamoto oversaw "uneasy" Wii conception
      41. First Siren New Translation trailer looks amazing
      42. Fallout 3 news from UK showing, just in case you missed anything
      43. March NPD data: Everything in one place
      44. March NPD data: Month was "perfect storm," says analyst
      45. March NPD data: Supply will beat PS3 going forward, says Microsoft
      46. March NPD data: Wii wins in Canada
      47. March NPD data: Sony ignores 360 in statement, focuses on growth
      48. March NPD data: Microsoft talks GTA and "#2 position" in statement
      49. March NPD data: Nintendo lords over it all with statement
      50. March NPD data: Explosive US market up 57% year-on-year
      51. March NPD date: Smash Bros. Brawl bestselling game for the month
      52. March NPD data: Xbox 360 outsells PS3
      53. March NPD data: Wii wins US hardware race
      54. Take-Two AGM: Everything in one place
      55. Take-Two AGM: Zelnick takes two questions then shuts meeting
      56. Take-Two AGM: Listen to the full meeting online
      57. Take-Two AGM: Shareholders approve ZelnickMedia incentive package, EA calls foul
      58. Take-Two AGM: Shareholders re-elect board until 2009
      59. Take-Two AGM: "Take-Two is worth more than $26 per share," says Zelnick
      1. DS sells 100 million software units in Japan
      2. First trailer of UT3 360 released, game dated as "summer"
      3. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - first video
      4. Lego Batman screens and video
      5. Take-Two sued by shareholder
      6. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway trailer and release date
      7. Hickey: EA may have to go to $30 per share for Take-Two
      8. Ace Combat series sells over 10 million
      9. First video of new Mortal Kombat tomorrow
      10. Fallout 3: If Dogmeat dies, he stays dead
      11. Summer PSP games get dates
      12. New Saints Row 2 trailer released
      13. FTC requests more info from EA on Take-Two offer
      14. Microsoft is preparing Halo 3-sized marketing campaign for GTA IV
      15. No games BAFTAs in 2008
      16. Fallout 3 DLC: “It’s a given that we’ll look into it” says Bethesda
      17. UK MGO Beta ready for download
      18. Censorit to filter net content on games handhelds
      19. Bethesda on Fallout 3 PC spec: It will be “similar to what Oblivion was for its time”
      20. Fallout 3: 30 frames a second “is our goal” across PC, 360 and PS3
      21. Fallout 3: “360 is our lead dev platform,” says Bethesda
      22. GTA IV expansion will "completely redefine the idea" of DLC, says CVG
      23. Ricky Gervais in GTA IV
      24. CoD4 PS3 Variety Pack dated for US and Europe
      25. Pandemic makes first mention of Mercenaries 3
      26. Soul Calibur IV dated for Europe
      27. Euro 360 "sales have more than doubled" since price cut
      28. Enterbrain: Bloomberg got it wrong on new DS at E3
      29. PS3 GTA IV has five-minute "mandatory install", 360 version's is optional?
      30. New Gears of War 2 shots emerge
      31. Big NFL Head Coach 09 promo movie released
      32. New Starcraft II shots and art
      33. Soul Calibur for XBLA in HD with NO ONLINE PLAY
      34. Some Konami IDs are invalid for MGO beta, say US gamers
      35. First look at Dead Space animated movie
      36. NCsoft launches NCcoin for microtransactions
      37. Get head start in Age of Conan with preorder
      38. All the GTA IV NYC viral ads in one place
      39. Namco announces PowerUp Forever
      40. Namco's 2008 Editor's Day - all the screens
      1. Four new MGS4 shots
      2. Shane Kim plays Guitar Hero and Rock Band
      3. Major UK retailers already sold out of GTA IV
      4. Super hi-res Fallout 3 shots
      5. Guitar Hero: On Tour fact sheet
      6. EU approves Activision-Vivendi merger
      7. Pirate MMO sails the seven servers - then turns them off
      8. Take-Two receives no stake-holder proposals ahead of AGM
      9. Sebastian predicts 35% increase in US sales for March
      10. TrackMania Nations Forever - full game now free
      11. OPM UK GTA IV review is ultra-shocking 10/10
      12. Dille outlines PSN's 2008 in good detail
      13. Mass Effect PC system specs released
      14. GTA IV has frame-rate and pop-up issues, says 1up
      15. GTA IV UK and Ireland TV ad makes no mention of PS3
      16. Wii Fit pre-order cull "sensible" but more units are on the way, says Nintendo UK
      17. Big SingStore track update for Friday
      18. Opoona for European Wiis in July
      19. UK iPhone gets ?100 price cut
      20. Japanese Konami ID deletion email in full
      21. Konami cancels IDs for westerners trying to get on Japanese MGO beta
      22. MGO beta now available for download in the US
      23. Samuel L Jackson to star in Afro Samurai game
      24. DC to publish Prototype comic
      25. Blood countdown game is Siren for PS3
      26. Dragon Quest V dated as July 17 in Japan
      27. GTA IV could gross $400 million in first week
      28. SCEE issues statement on slow-loading Store
      29. APB for 2009, says Realtime's Jones
      30. Sims breaks 100 million mark
      31. Wii Fit sells out in the UK
      32. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith priced in the US
      33. Rockstar Social Club pre-registration starts tomorrow
      34. Soul Calibur IV dated for US
      35. Get a new 40Gb PS3 for $366
      36. New Age of Conan movie released
      37. New One Life Left for download now
      1. Dozens of Aion shots hit web
      2. Majesco gets angry over Cooking Mama 2 review
      3. Bloody counter appears on Sony Japan's website
      4. Three new game modes announced for Burnout Paradise
      5. First Yoda and Vader Soul Calibur IV footage released
      6. CoD4 still top of Live play charts
      7. First digital shot of GTA IV's HUD released
      8. SingStar Vol. 2 announced for PS3
      9. Haze demo confirmed for "early May"
      10. DualShock 3 Oz date has no bearing on Euro launch, says SCEE
      11. DualShock 3 dated and priced for Australia
      12. Battlefield: Bad Company for June 23 release
      13. GTA IV getting Indian release on April 29, will cost more on PS3
      14. New LittleBigPlanet trailer released
      15. Bionic Commando: Rearmed rated M in the US
      16. GT5 patched again in Japan
      17. Wii Fit priced at $90 in the US
      18. Alone in the Dark PS3: additional content possible
      19. Man has over 850 games
      20. Tesco to offer game downloads
      21. iPlayer on PS3 "in due course"
      22. Emergency Mayhem shots released
      23. VG247: New Playstation Store impressions
      24. Head-tracking feature pulled from Boom Blox
      25. BioWare Sonic RPG played and tested
      26. Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions
      27. Console Quake Wars for May 30
      28. More Resistance 2 details promised for Thursday
      29. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack now Live
      30. LittleBigPlanet will be "the most important game ever", says source
      31. Ton of new Metal Gear Online beta info released
      32. PSN updates back in operation: new US and Euro content listed
      33. February 2003 best review month ever
      34. Ubisoft to buy Indian Gameloft studio
      35. Non-360 Rock Band versions dated for Europe: not
      36. WoW: Wrath of the Lich King to launch in China
      37. Oz gamers must sign up for MGO beta
      38. Miyamoto in third place on Time 100
      39. New World of Goo movie released
      40. Live Arcade gets two this week
      41. New Pipemania game announced
      42. Kane & Lynch DLC movie released
      43. CoD4 PC Variety Pack news in "coming week or so"
      44. Slight delay on CoD4 PS3 Variety Pack
      45. Singapore announces two-tier ratings system
      46. US developers make $73,600 PA on average
      47. Motley Crue song to debut in Rock Band
      48. PS3 Firmware 2.30 out now, new PS Store live
      1. Vogster announces GTA-style free-to-play MMO, Crimecraft for PC and consoles
      2. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia rated by ESRB
      3. Non-360 Rock Band versions dated for Europe
      4. First shots of Were-Sonic seen in NOM scans
      5. Valkyria Chronicles has optional HD install
      6. Another 27 Sadness shots
      7. Mario Kart Wii holds pole position in UK Charts
      8. Worldwide releases: Friday, April 18
      9. PS Store now down for upgrading
      10. Pachter: March sales up 47% YoY in the US
      11. Pachter: PS3 outsold Xbox 360 in March in the US
      12. All premium content and demo stuff in the past week
      13. Take-Two announces Asian expansion
      14. Alone in the Dark demo for early May
      15. Gothic 3 add-on in the works
      16. Wii horror Sadness announced: first shot
      17. Infogrames may drop its name in favour of "Atari"
      18. Yamauchi: Gran Turismo may come to PC
      19. That was the news – Week 15, 2008: Announce the 80Gb PS3 SKU and DualShock 3 for Europe, SCEE, or risk damage later this year
      20. Full OXM GTA IV review - scans and score
      21. Games development to be taught in Scottish schools
      22. Founding members leave IO to "redefine online multiplayer"
      23. SCEE waiting on news of gunmetal PS3 for Europe
      24. Hi-res Mafia 2 screens released
      25. Universe at War: Earth Assault on Live
      26. Korean Wii date and price confirmed
      27. Direct feed Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor shots
      28. GTA IV's controls in a movie
      29. EA's tender bid for Take-Two in excrutiating detail
      30. Bourne demo in "early May"
      31. NBA Live PC cancelled (maybe)
      32. Capcom trademarks Spyborgs
      1. GTA IV is gaming's Best Picture Oscar, says Riccitiello
      2. New scans of SOCOM Confrontation
      3. Germany considers limiting store game demos to combat truancy
      4. PS Store offline for most of April 14
      5. Dragon Quest V rumoured for July in Japan
      6. Age of Conan character select movie released
      7. New SFIV character is Rufus, two new movies
      8. GTA IV intro movie leaked (maybe)
      1. New Far Cry 2 scans posted
      2. First Don King Presents Prizefighter trailer - knockout
      3. New Mafia 2 scans
      4. LittleBigPlanet will be moderated
      5. Blondie and Police for Rock Band
      6. World records set for Tapper and Ms Pacman
      7. Fallout 3 Collector's Edition detailed by US retailer
      8. WoW hits 1 million concurrent users in China
      9. New Mafia 2 screens show definite promise
      10. Heap of new GTA IV media released
      11. Enterbrain: Traditional Japanese games market will peak this year, but online with continue to grow
      12. Capcom launches Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor site
      13. EndWar multiplayer video interview
      14. Hellgate gets over 1 million subs in Korea
      15. First Resistance 2 trailer released, is a bit of a let down
      1. Wipeout HD for May 29, says site
      2. Dan "Shoe" Hsu resigns from EGM
      3. Amazon worldwide sales - week ending April 10
      4. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - movie
      5. Nintendo Media Summit day two live blogged
      6. Baroque for Europe, Wii and PS2
      7. "F-Zero Z" a late April Fool
      8. New DS rumoured for E3
      9. Registration opens for WoW Arena Tournament
      10. New Def Leppard single on GHIII before retail
      11. No pre-order necessary to play MGO Euro beta, says Konami
      12. Miyamoto up for Time 100
      13. Left 4 Dead to launch in Russia
      14. Watch Frag Dolls play Rainbow Six for 24 hours
      15. PS3 mods are "inviting trouble," says Microsoft's Satchell
      16. British industry "gets down" in MCV awards video
      17. Harmonix: Euro Rock Band won't get "magically cheaper"
      18. More shots of the new PS Store
      19. Lego Indiana Jones: more than 60 playable characters
      20. Euro MGO beta to run from April 21-May 6, two maps included, DLC promised
      21. Firmware 2.30 to launch in Europe on April 15
      22. "Sponsors win big" at MCV awards
      23. Euro PS Store for April 15, MGO beta on April 17
      24. Halo 3 "transcended pop culture" by making MC a hero
      25. SCEE distribution boss moves to Codemasters
      26. More Valkyria Chronicle media hits Japan
      27. First Soul Eater shots released
      28. Croal: Resident Evil 5 trailer dovetails with "with classic racist imagery"
      29. Nintendo Media Summit - full line-up
      30. FFIV formally dated for US
      31. Telltale's new Strong Bad site launched
      32. Street Fighter movie blog now live
      33. Resident Evil 5 Famitsu interview with English subtitles
      34. Bully banned in Brazil
      35. WoW: Wrath of the Lich King goes into alpha
      36. Mario Kart Wii "launches" in Ireland - photo
      37. New Too Human screens released
      38. PSP still leads hardware sales in Japan
      39. Monster Hunter still flying in Japan
      1. Nintendo Media Summit round-up
      2. US to get gunmetal grey MGS4 PS3
      3. Call of Duty 4 is the top selling game of the last 12 months
      4. US Boom Blox dated for May 6
      5. Alone in the Dark to sell 2-3 million units, says Infogrames
      6. EA announces SimCity Box
      7. Disaster releasing on July 3 in Japan
      8. New Wii-exclusive Square Enix action RPG announced
      9. Operation Darkness trailer released
      10. Mario Super Sluggers shown on Wii
      11. US MGS4 special edition will only be available at GameStop
      12. Treasure working on two Wii titles
      13. DTS-HD MA now confirmed for PS3 Firmware 2.30
      14. Toki Tori WiiWare announced
      15. Video walkthrough of new PS Store
      16. Telltale's "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" announced for WiiWare
      17. Europe will get MGO beta
      18. Develop100 list online now
      19. Rein to speak at Nordic Game 2008
      20. Massive Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack movie
      21. Elebits 2 on the way
      22. "F-Zero Z" rumoured for Wii
      23. Lair to get analog support and rumble
      24. Euro MGS4 PS3 pack and DualShock 3 dated on Bartsmit schedule
      25. GTA IV Euro bundle looking increasingly likely - picture
      26. NCsoft ganks illegal Greek Lineage II operation
      27. Boom Blox for May 9 in Europe
      28. PS3 Firmware 2.30 for April 15 release, says SCEJ
      29. Nintendo beats EA to top of UK Develop list
      30. Future PS3 firmware to support DTS-HD MA
      31. WAR closed beta footage released
      32. Play Cooking Mama 2 while you eat at YO! Sushi
      33. Monster Hunter 2G hits 1.5 million in Japan
      34. We do have a release date for UT3 360, says Rein
      35. Sony wants to know why you hack your PSP
      36. EA scraps Battlefield: Bad Company micropayments
      37. iPlayer on Wii is "ironic", says BBC
      38. Rockstar responds to GTA IV edits for Australia
      39. Gamespot offers Conan PvP beta keys
      40. Gyllenhaal rumoured for PoP movie
      41. New Prototype shots
      42. Bay and Roth respond to Boll rant
      1. Take-Two to webcast AGM on April 17
      2. Konami to block non-Japanese residents from playing MGO Beta?
      3. White Gamecube controller for Wii out this month in Japan
      4. Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball delayed
      5. 49 million American gamers buy secondhand
      6. Motion-sensing 360 controller is codenamed "Newton"
      7. Japanese gamers get power tablets to "enhance concentration"
      8. Sonic Unleashed will be more like the Sonic of old
      9. iPhone will soon be able to interface with PS3
      10. ASA batters Kane & Lynch ads for "glorifying violence"
      11. Computec's online readership rises 20.9%
      12. Harmonix and EA cross wires on Rock Band DLC pricing
      13. BBC announces iPlayer for Wii
      14. Lack of hard drive meant no DLC for Wii Rock Band
      15. Auto Assault canning was "very difficult thing to get through," says NetDevil
      16. No Rock Band release date for Australia
      17. Interplay looking for Fallout MMO funding, announces raft of oldie sequels
      18. Karl Lagerfeld to appear in GTA IV
      19. Unreal Engine 4 "years away", says Rein
      20. Ikaruga up on XBLA now
      21. Haze dated as May 23 in Europe
      22. Wii price drop is "rumour and speculation" says Nintendo
      23. First Street Fighter movie prod images
      24. GTA IV is a PS3 system seller, says Play.com
      25. Boll responds to anti-Uwe petition
      26. Rein on Gears 2: Game Informer article was "a tidbit"
      27. Sega confirms Racing Studio closure
      28. Ziff closes US Games for Windows mag, says EGM may be next
      29. Hands-on with LOL
      30. European Wii price cuts rumoured
      31. Phoenix Wright may get side story
      32. MI6: The future of the secondhand market is online
      33. MI6: "The latest and greatest in games marketing"
      34. New One Life Left: listen now
      1. Play.com sells Rock Band Instrument Pack plus game for ?140
      2. Rock Band in Europe: "We're not trying to rip anyone off"
      3. Mass Effect PC suffers slight delay
      4. Major Burnout Paradise update for April 24
      5. EA-Unreal Engine deal "one of the biggest we've done," says Rein
      6. Sega closes Racing Studio, says report
      7. Freeloader may not work with Japanese Mario Kart
      8. EA extends Unreal Engine 3 license
      9. THQ: "Warcraft has peaked"
      10. PSP LittleBigPlanet rumoured
      11. GAME stops taking GTA IV pre-orders
      12. EA clarifies Rock Band 360 DLC Euro pricing
      13. First Warhammer 40K MMO details
      14. All Rock Band Euro tracks to cost 160 MS Points
      15. Giant MGS4 PSM3 preview scanned
      16. Play.com sells out of Wii Fit
      17. GTA IV: first multiplayer playtest
      18. First Gears of War 2 images: Game Informer article in full
      19. Euro FFIV, Crisis Core announcements "very soon"
      20. Euro Rock Band Instrument Pack: no game included
      21. GTA IV Euro PS3 bundle is "rumour and speculation", says SCEE
      22. Worldwide releases: Friday April 11
      23. PSP Firmware 3.95 out now
      24. Europe goes begging on Trauma Center 2 date
      25. Play secret Capcom game in CA tomorrow
      26. Rock Band dated for Europe, 360 timed exclusive
      27. Xbox 360 "Wiimote" before year-end
      28. Gears 2 will make "Brumak look like a baby panda bear": big detail release
      29. Assassin's Creed PC dated for Japan
      30. New Sonic Unleashed teaser movie (maybe)
      31. Orlando Bloom takes PoP movie lead? Nope
      32. Man "disgusted" with his song in Guitar Hero III
      33. Resistance 2 trailer on GTTV this Friday
      34. CoD4 Variety Pack in certification for PS3
      35. PSP Firmware 3.95 available "shortly"
      36. CryENGINE 2 will run like "high PC settings" on console
      37. First Lost Winds video released
      38. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 for July 1 release
      39. FFIV dated for America
      40. GTA IV Special Edition content shown
      41. Dawn of War II and 40K MMO in next PC Gamer
      42. Pseudo was working on Carmageddon, says site
      1. More GTA IV multiplayer shots - quick!
      2. CoD4 double XP weekend extended until Tuesday
      3. First Trauma Center 2 trailer released
      4. Wii outsells PS3 3:1 in Japan in March
      5. Atari asks you to take pictures of "bizarre scenes witnessed in parks"
      6. Chinese developer Gamestar bought by Disney
      7. Stop Boll poll created
      8. 2K Marin hiring for Bioshock 2, asking for PS3 experience
      9. Demigod moves to February 2009, Stardock to publish
      10. GT5: Prologue still topping UK charts
      11. Nintendo Korea launches site ahead of Wii launch
      12. GTA IV PS3 bundle for Europe (maybe)
      13. Warhammer 40K MMO still years away, says Farrell
      14. GameCity 3 dates announced
      15. Ikaruga on Live Arcade this week
      16. SCi "ready to talk" on new IP
      17. March NPD data to show 35% growth for March, says analyst
      18. "Rockstar is awesome", says first GTA IV reviewer
      19. That was the news – Week 14, 2008: Seven days in Liberty City news, the week GTA IV hype hit top gear
      20. Lost Odyssey DLC available on April 10 in Japan
      21. Mafia 2 PC should launch weeks or months after console, says site
      22. CVG begins Ninja Gaiden II week with promise of exclusive material
      23. EA has economic incentive to delay GTA IV, says Pachter
      24. Massive The Force Unleashed trailer looks very cool
      25. Gerstmann: Gamespot fired me
      26. Hudson aims for 400% profit increase through Wii focus
      27. New Fallout 3 shots show major promise
      28. Wait over soon for Alan Wake info
      29. Xbox 360 "dead" to Australian retailers
      1. MGS4 Euro box art is legit, says German guy
      2. World's first GTA IV review "removed at the advice of legal counsel"
      3. Pseudo Interactive bites the dust
      4. UT3 360 coming along "really nicely", says Rein
      1. Konami trademarks Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
      2. Stephen King on games violence
      3. Thief 4 on its way?
      4. Gerstmann sacker sacked from Gamespot
      5. Online Gauntlet for DS this year
      6. Nintendo America Media Summit next week
      7. THQ Gamer's Day - RF: Guerilla, Saints Row 2, Baja, more
      8. Burnout Paradise hits 1 million, series hits 15 million
      9. More Ninja Gaiden II movie footage
      10. First Dawn of War 2 shots and trailer released
      1. Rumour: Euro Rock Band 360 in May, no PS3/PS2 until autumn
      2. Sony releases new Playstation ad artwork
      3. Rockstar Games acquires Mad Doc, forms Rockstar New England
      4. April's XBLA games listed (nearly)
      5. Buyout talk boosts SCi share price
      6. New Bourne trailer from Sierra
      7. Criterion releases two new Burnout Paradise DLC teasers
      8. Eidos Montreal is developing triple A game beginning with "T"
      9. Euro MGS4 box art revealed (maybe)
      10. Amazon worldwide sales charts - Week ending April 4
      11. Exclusive: Pachter gives global 2008 hardware sales forecast
      12. SCEA shutting down PS2 and PSP online servers
      13. IGN pulls second EA story this week
      14. Yamauchi: PS3 dev was harder than anticipated, pushed PSP out
      15. Pachter: 13 million GTA IV sales this year "unlikely"
      16. Pachter: 16.3 million PS3s and 21.3 million 360s in US and Europe by year-end
      17. Few new bits of Damnation art
      18. Swordfish: There's no geo-political context to Fiddy 2
      19. Iron Lore boss: We got caught, were toast
      20. CoD4 Variety Pack goes live at 2.30pm BST
      21. Yamauchi: Gran Turismo's benchmark is Gran Turismo
      22. Byron's son still has friends thanks to mum's report
      23. 20th anniversary MGS movie released
      24. Dawn of War 2 no-show at THQ gamer day
      25. Saints Row 2 out in August
      26. New Motorstorm 2 scans
      27. DS has peaked in Japan, says analyst
      28. Yamauchi: GT PSP will be a satellite game to GT5
      29. Surfer Girl makes us laugh, rumours Witcher sequel
      30. Criterion plans to "transform" Burnout Paradise with DLC
      31. New PS3 JRPG Valkyria Chronicle shots and movie from Sega
      32. GTA IV cut for Australia
      33. New Persona 3 FES trailer
      34. Sam & Max confirmed for Wii
      35. Stormfront: We're exploring all options
      36. Mercenaries 2 dated for US and Europe
      37. First Alpha Protocol screens
      38. Make a giant t**t of yourself playing Rock Band, US version
      39. PSP rides Monster Hunter wave in Japan
      40. GTA IV will hit 13 million units this year, says analyst
      41. Wii will outsell PS3 and 360 combined this year, says analyst
      42. New MGS4 screens
      43. Bits of BioShock audio online
      1. New Ninja Gaiden II shots
      2. Def Leppard confirms Guitar Hero IV inclusion
      3. Get into the next Guitar Hero with your "insane skills"
      4. Nokia's N-Gage mobile service up and running
      5. Levine on psychic monkeys and SS2
      6. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack trailer on Live
      7. Sonic Unleashed video re-appears
      8. Star Wars: Force Unleashed gets worldwide release date
      9. Epic details Make Something Unreal contest for UT3 mod-makers
      10. Lineage II Collector's Edition announced
      11. Ninja Gaiden DS gets European release
      12. GTR Evolution announced by Atari
      13. Sega confirms Sonic Unleashed
      14. Echochrome is PSN-exclusive in the US
      15. Online distribution is "right horse" to back, says Xbox Europe boss
      16. Two new Ninja Gaiden II movies leaked
      17. Yamauchi confirms damage and community update for GT this year
      18. Geometry Wars Evolved 2 gets Australian rating
      19. CVG destroys IGN in the GTA World Word War with 180-page special
      20. SCEA: We underestimated 80Gb PS3 demand
      21. Harmonix, Bioware, Nvidia sessions for Paris GDC
      22. THQ announces Dawn of War II, beta for Soulstorm owners
      23. Rein plays down Comic Con Gears 2 showing
      24. Alone in the Dark for June 20 in Europe and June 24 in US
      25. Epic's Sweeney says Gears of War 2 will be "improved"
      26. DS was biggest selling hardware in Japan in FY 07
      27. Wii Fit was biggest selling game in Japan in FY 2007
      28. Japanese market rises over 3% in fiscal 07
      29. Monster Hunter destroys Japanese charts
      30. Perception was biggest challenge to Lost Odyssey launch, says Kyung
      31. Microsoft denies more Blu-ray add-on rumours
      32. Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy's HAWX
      33. Journalist has finished "open-world" MGS4
      34. Capcom launches Okami art site
      35. XIII TV series coming to the US
      36. Viking uncut for German release
      37. Sins of a Solar Empire expansion confirmed
      38. Penny Arcade launches digital download service
      39. CoD4 pack not delayed after all
      40. Koei celebrates 30th birthday, announces new game
      41. GameStop sales driven by four companies
      42. Another confirmation of Pandemic's Batman game
      43. The World Ends With You footage - it's odd
      44. WAR beta will hit 1 million, says Mythic
      45. New PS Store won't be region-locked
      46. Home beta opened up "very soon", says senior Sony exec
      47. Mr Driller Online is a "laggy mess"
      1. IGN bags Kojima interview ahead of MGS4 launch
      2. Times games-hater's book gets kicking on Amazon
      3. Mario Kart Wii does "OK" in Famitsu
      4. New SOCOM Confrontation shots released
      5. WipEout HD site launched
      6. "Electric" EA LA boss replaces Ward at LucasArts
      7. Burnout Paradise custom soundtracks announcement imminent
      8. Jodie Foster can beat six year-old at Guitar Hero
      9. DualShock 3 shipping in US now, Sixaxis discontinued
      10. Racism and homophobia in online play is affecting sales, says ex-Microsoft man
      11. No Madden for PC this year, says Moore
      12. THQ will get $10 million from Elephant this year, says analyst
      13. 72% of Americans played a game last year
      14. SCEA releases DualShock 3 compatibility list
      15. Killzone: Wrath of Hakha isn't real, says SCEE
      16. "Turn off the video games," says Obama
      17. Bourne for June 27, says Sierra
      18. Spore: watch the complete un-idiots behind it
      19. EVE avatar update: "You can eat and drink and get fat"
      20. Company of Heroes heads to China as a persistent RTS
      21. Telegraph publishes most insane anti-games editorial yet
      22. Final GTA IV trailer... wasn't
      23. Mr Driller Online now on Live
      24. Plot has to be really f**king stupid, says Levine
      25. Warhawk patched today
      26. ESRB offers parental guidance widget
      27. PEGI boss in "work for the good of the people" shock
      28. Violent games relax players, says research
      29. Pachter: Wii Fit can sell up to 4 million this year in US
      30. GTA IV contains eight hours of cutscenes
      31. Truth revealed behind Blu-ray installs
      32. Times man "hates videogames"
      33. TimeFly Studios formed from ex-Rainbow staff
      34. Japanese DS game teaches parenting skills
      35. "Still Alive" free forever
      36. Alone in the Dark gets intro and movie
      37. New One Life Left out now
      1. First in-game GRID footage released
      2. THQ buys Elephant
      3. Monster Hunter 2nd G hits 1 million sales in six days
      4. Ubi bringing over 40 games to Steam
      5. Stormfront Studios closing, says report
      6. Best selling US PC games for WE March 22
      7. SOE opens applications for G.I.R.L. scholarship
      8. Gears of War 2 to appear at Comic Con
      9. Zelda movie is best April Fool's joke ever
      10. GTA IV could sell 5.8 million in its first week
      11. Rare shows veiled Banjo plot details
      12. Army of Two demo on Live now
      13. GT5: Prologue is fastest selling PS3 game in the UK
      14. UK sales up 15% in Q1, 360 sales start to slip
      15. PEGI is best for UK, says EA
      16. Xbox 360 to hit 2 million in UK "next week"
      17. Nintendo debunks "Wii Want More" DLC press release
      18. IGN readers prefer 360 GTA IV to PS3 version
      19. GT5: Prologue debuts at top of UK charts
      20. SCEE quiet on 2.30 details, how new PS Store will be "deployed"
      21. Worldwide releases: Friday April 4
      22. Heap of Disgaea DS shots and art
      23. Gamestop PS3 schedule leaked
      24. Creative reins in driver-creating fan
      25. StarCraft celebrates tenth birthday
      26. Watch plummy rich people try Wii Fit
      27. Final Fantasy IV remake heading to US
      28. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 confirmed
      29. CoD4 map pack delayed until April 10
      30. Dead Space is "Aliens meets Doom", says cartoon creator
      31. PS3 1080i support working in Burnout Paradise
      32. Microsoft owns patent on in-game soundtracks, says site
      33. New content coming for The Witcher