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  • September 2008 Archive

      1. SingStar ABBA track list announced, raises eyebrows
      2. Rumour: Max Payne 3 in dev at Rockstar Toronto
      3. Tiberium canned for "not meeting standards"
      4. Gears 2 enemies shown in video, cause sperm eruption
      5. Far Cry 2 map editor provides almost the same tools as actual dev kit
      6. Core gamers being "nudged aside," says Forbes
      7. Xbox.com shifts Friends list back to single page
      8. Games potential in India is "immense," says analyst
      9. Rumour: Nintendo to show "old franchise" revival this week
      10. Rebellion fastest growing developer in 2008, says Times
      11. Rise of the Argonauts promoted with Alex Sim-Wise's tits
      12. Professor Layton 3 trailer is really real
      13. 360 sales up 214%, outselling PS3 2:1
      14. Molyneux: Fable II co-op was only possible thanks to Live's structure
      15. Fable II was supposed to look as though it was "done by Ridley Scott"
      16. New campaign and characters coming to Force Unleashed
      17. Blizzard outlines Diablo III death mechanic
      18. Wii explodes in UK, PS3 and 360 sell 1 million units in past year
      19. Shellshock 2 hitting this year, new media released
      20. Activision and IGA sign for PS3 in-game ads
      21. Valkyria Chronicles site live, date confirmed for October 9
      22. Sony dev boss: "We always strive to be the risk-taker"
      23. Sony Japan to announce 14 games at TGS
      24. Live back online
      25. Molyneux: "Ambition" is for day one Fable II co-op patch, better than game delay
      26. Age of Conan heading for server-merge
      27. Game reports record profits for first-half '08
      28. Gears 1 maps given for Gears 2 as DLC?
      29. Live still down, maintenance taking longer than expected
      30. AC/DC Rock Band version is Wal-Mart exclusive
      31. Media Molecule: "We don't see 2D as a copout"
      32. Publisher shares battered by general financial panic
      33. Sony looking at MAG pricing structure - images
      34. Valkyria Chronicles DLC lets you be the baddies
      35. Win a Gears 2 COG tag and signed book
      36. Rare ditched straight Banjo remake in favour of Nuts & Bolts
      37. Quantum of Solace movie shows environments
      38. Force Unleashed stays top in the UK
      39. LBP beta key giveaway spreads web-wide
      1. Sacred 2 demo released
      2. Gears 2 Horde mode to be playable at E for All
      3. BioShock PS3 gold, demo this week
      4. SOE considering MMOs on PSP
      5. SCEE: "No plans" for Afrika in Europe
      6. Job ad hints at LOTRO for consoles
      7. First Silent Hill: Homecoming reviews sets off alarm bells
      8. Britain sets up online child safety watchdog, UKCISS
      9. Google Lively to become online games platform
      10. BLITZINSKI! Gears 2 dev boss spills guts at London press event
      11. Gears 2: "It's a perfect example of playing through an interactive movie," says Bleszinski
      12. Bleszinski on Gears 2's vehicles: "If people want a tank, just give them a tank"
      13. Bleszinski on PS3: "I hate the f**king controller, I love the Blu-ray player"
      14. Bleszinski: 360 graphics limit quote was "taken out of context"
      15. Gears 2: Server host advantage is "reduced," not eradicated, says Bleszinski
      16. Gears 2: Marketing campaign to include COG tag gimmick
      17. Gears 2: "Predator" locust has dual chainsaws, is "bad motherf**ker"
      18. Bleszinski on Unreal Engine 3: "Every single thing we have we share with our licensees"
      19. Gears 2: Colour palette restriction claim isn't valid, says Bleszinski
      20. Gears 2: "There's plenty more to be seen," says Bleszinski
      21. Gears 2: Josh Ortega is a "force of nature," says Bleszinski
      22. Gears 2: "Risks" in narrative are first for videogames, says Bleszinski
      23. Gears 2: Campaign and story were primary focus for improvement, says Bleszinski
      24. Bleszinski: Gears of War "is no longer a game: it's a platform"
      25. Gears 2: 'Bigger, better, more badass' thing: it was marketing speak, says Bleszinski
      26. Gears 2: Extra colour doesn't mean game looks like "Care Bears and rainbows and unicorns," says Bleszinski
      27. Gears 2: Much of Gears 1 setting inspired by London architecture, says Bleszinski
      28. Gears 2: 16 amazing new screens released
      29. Gears of War 2: Playtest of the first two chapters in co-op
      30. Xbox Live Arcade revenues up 67 per cent in August
      31. Eternal Sonata demo on Japanese PSN
      32. Huge Gears of War 2 blow-out at 5pm BST today
      33. PES 09 demo for October 2
      34. 16,000 copies of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway stolen twice
      35. New Duke Nukem Forever shots posted in hi-res
      36. LittleBigPlanet Blu-ray only, reconfirms SCEE
      37. CoD5 confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
      38. Zack Snyder to develop three games for EA
      39. Sony's Afrika Europe bound?
      40. News of the World takes Maddie Bungie story
      41. Nintendo "no comments" new DS chatter
      42. 30 minutes of Far Cry 2 video posted from Paris
      43. Reuters: LittleBigPlanet will be available for download
      44. Porter quits PC Zone?
      45. Steam plays host to mods, beginning this week
      1. Sharing created covers of pre-existing songs completely disallowed in Guitar Hero: World Tour
      2. PC Mercenaries 2 demo goes live
      3. 85,000 PlayTV units ship in the UK
      4. Reminder: Xbox Live is down tomorrow
      5. Nikkei - New DS to release this year with larger screens, music play-back, more
      6. 1UP giving away 2,000 LBP beta keys next week
      7. US PS movie store update, September 27
      8. Interactive NXE info thing launched on Xbox.com
      9. Activision trademarks Dance Hero
      1. Lowenstein: The press made Jack Thompson, covering him was a "cop out"
      2. Mythic: Warhammer = Led Zeppelin, WoW = The Beatles, Monkees = Fail
      3. New NXE shots - Friends Channel and themes
      4. Rockstar games get 50% off on Steam this weekend
      5. Two new EndWar trailers talk voice comms and combat
      6. Sketchy shots from the Killzone 2 beta posted
      7. New Resident Evil 5 shots show motorbikes
      8. WipEout HD freeze is "definitely a friends list issue"
      9. Fable II to ship without online co-op
      10. New SKATE 2 trailer released
      11. Sony admits locking problems with WipEout HD
      12. IGN hands out LBP beta codes
      1. PSN cards to spread to more retailers in October and November
      2. New DNF shots spotted in Duke Nukem 3D XBLA
      3. Lich King CE goes on sale at GameStation
      4. Molyneux: "I'm not a PR man"
      5. GTA IV Live weekend begins today
      6. Mario 1-1 made in LittleBigPlanet
      7. Blockbusters dropped 40Gb PS3 price in US this weekend
      8. Play on Home: "Prepare to be bored"
      9. Reports: Sony sends out European Killzone 2 beta keys
      10. New Mirror's Edge story trailer released
      11. Pre-owned market had "big" effect on Halo, says Bungie man
      12. LBP "Play Time" trailer stops traffic
      13. Gamespot hit by 10,000 for LBP beta keys, PS Blog promises more on the way
      14. Half a million players sign up for WAR
      15. UK OPM gives LittleBigPlanet 10/10
      16. VO virgin Rob Purchese is "magnificent talent," says Sacred 2 dev
      17. Blizzard co-founder: Activision merger is "cool," unimposing
      18. Resident Evil 5 - The fact sheet
      19. Spencer: No plans to cut off Lionhead, Rare "incredibly important" to MGS
      20. GDC Canada confirmed for May 2009
      21. Bungie claims "Maddie" teaser reference is "pure coincidence" to McCann disappearance
      22. $130 Mirror's Edge special edition announced
      23. Shots of Resi Evil Wii-make posted
      24. SFIV producer: I'd like to do another Marvel Vs Capcom game
      25. Xbox 360 beats PS3 in Japan for second week
      26. Kojima has three “concepts” for MGS5, doesn’t want them to see light of day
      27. OXM gives FIFA 09 9/10, full thing scanned and posted
      28. Resistance 2 will be "tuned" right up to launch, says Insomniac
      29. IGN makes Dead Space grindhouse trailer, is violent
      30. Banjo Kazooie XBLA images released
      31. Rumour: WipEout HD causing lock-ups with large friends lists
      32. Sony promises 25,000 more LBP beta keys
      33. US PSN content update for September 25
      1. Nintendo announces Q4 line-up, confirms Wii Music date
      2. Mythic to create credit database for WAR and past games
      3. Proper NFS Undercover gameplay trailer released
      4. Sun reports "fury" over GTA DS drug dealing
      5. New DC Online trailer doesn't show anything moving
      6. MM makes Tetris level in LittleBigPlanet
      7. Rare outlines Banjo XBLA pre-order details
      8. Silent Hill: Homecoming refused classification in Australia
      9. Jack Thompson to be disbarred in 30 days
      10. New Damnation trailer shows "verticality"
      11. Bungie teaser trailer pulled apart, Maddie reference and date seen
      12. Euro PSN update, September 25
      13. No Mirror's Edge demo today, says EA
      14. WipEout HD released in Europe!
      15. Rare shrugs off Moore comments, says focus is key
      16. Mega Man 9 releasing on PSN today
      17. FIFA 09 PC vid focuses on graphics, control and connectivity
      18. The making of Mirror's Edge, pics included
      19. Bungie shows "Keep it Clean" teaser trailer to new project
      20. Yoshida: PS3's lack of fortunes in Japan is "mainly a software thing"
      21. Mirror's Edge demo rumoured for this week
      22. Frankie Boyle to host Golden Joysticks
      23. Fable II will "define my position in the industry," says Molyneux
      24. Animal Crossing Wii for December
      25. OXM Saints Row 2 review scanned and posted
      26. Burnout Paradise Trophy patch is go go go
      27. Sony promises "significant" increase in PSP game numbers next year
      28. Competing against PS3? Scott Steinberg's first-party army has "bad news for you"
      29. Houser: “Nintendo didn’t want us to make GTA for kids”
      30. Far Cry 2 - All nine playable characters' full details, images included
      31. LittleBigPlanet beta hands-on
      32. Japanese software sales, September 15-21
      33. New countdown timer revealed on Bungie.net
      34. Games entering "fertile," expression-driven phase, says Media Molecule
      35. Banjo XBLA movie posted
      36. Dead Space gets $150 special edition
      37. More Halo MMO concepts released
      38. Treyarch outlines access to CoD5 beta
      39. Spore DRM ban comments made by "over-zealous community volunteer"
      40. First Saints Row 2 review is an 8/10
      41. Console-makers to his $9 billion in online revenue by 2013
      42. Price: "Video game legislation has no place in America"
      1. Spore breaks 1 million sales
      2. Medal of Honor gets 10th annversary edition
      3. Famitsu grabs new RE5 character details
      4. EA sued over Spore DRM
      5. PCG: Showdown - three days to go
      6. Disaster: Day of Crisis - first 9 minutes
      7. Rumour: Brash grabs Where the Wild Things Are license
      8. Molyneux: My next game is "very, very different"
      9. New Tomb Raider Underworld movie screams quality
      10. Thousands of LBP beta invites mailing out now
      11. New Xbox Experience tagged for November
      12. Level-5 shows another four new handheld titles
      13. Metaboli buys GameTap
      14. Far Cry 2 DLC "already playable"
      15. Banjo XBLA coming November 26
      16. EA releases monster FIFA 09 ad
      17. Latest Edge teases new Elite for next issue?
      18. 70 new Last Remnant screens released
      19. Yoshida: Games tech power "has shifted from Japan to the US and Europe"
      20. SingStar Vol. 2 released
      21. DICE targetting 3 million for Mirror's Edge
      22. LBP beta is "quite an old build," more keys coming soon
      23. Microsoft announces massive “Live your Moment” casual campaign
      24. Buzz!: Quiz TV special edition announced
      25. US PC chart, September 7-13 - Spore goes top
      26. UK to get PSN Qore clone
      27. PSM3 snags first BioShock PS3 review at 93%
      28. GTA DS has drug dealing mini-game
      29. Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA now
      30. Famitsu scares up first details on Level-5’s PSP horror RPG, Ushiro
      31. CoD4 still dominant in Live play charts
      32. EA "interested" in PS3 Left 4 Dead
      33. Resident Evil - A potted history
      34. Edge: "Third-parties abandoning PSP"
      35. Spore DRM talk bring ban threats from EA
      36. IGN gives WipEout HD 9/10
      37. New Far Cry 2 multiplayer screens released
      38. Jacobs: WAR's the game we wanted to make
      39. Force Unleashed sells 1.5 million in five days
      40. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway does "OK" at review
      1. LBP beta movie - The intro, tutorial and first level
      2. Fallout MMO confirmed, is codenamed "Project V13"
      3. No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3 version
      4. 10 more new Resistance 2 movies posted
      5. New Resistance hands-on and media break cover
      6. Gears 2 devs talk story in new video
      7. Dragon Age: Origins gets 14 new screens
      8. Five new Far Cry 2 trailers released
      9. Wario Land: Shake It! reviewed
      10. Live down for 24 hours next Monday
      11. Gearbox: Our WWII competitors "don't have any characters"
      12. LBP Euro beta starts tomorrow, EG giving away keys right now (update)
      13. Man makes life-size Sackboy costumes, shows you how
      14. Halo MMO concept image blow-out
      15. Analyst: WAR subs to "level off" at 250-300,000
      16. Molyneux: FFVII defined the genre
      17. The Punisher: No Mercy coming exclusively to PSN
      18. DOFUS introduces perma-death
      19. Art students make LittleBigColossus in 24 hours
      20. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway review embargo at 5pm UK time tonight
      21. Ensemble Studios' cancelled project was Halo MMO, screenshots included
      22. Is God of War a rip-off? In-depth look posted
      23. Videogamer.com grows team by three
      24. EG and Gamespot launch UK LBP competitions
      25. Tenchu 4 to release in the US and Europe
      26. Halo 3 title update now live
      27. Xbox 360 sales up 32% following UK price cut
      28. Pearce: StarCraft II development is balancing act between new players and the hardcore
      29. Heavy Rain: Objects can only be weapons "if the context makes it logical"
      30. Yerli: "The next graphics breakthrough will come in 2011/12"
      31. New Bungie.net teaser, Pardon our Dust
      32. Shelley on Ensemble closure: "Everyone at our studio was shocked"
      33. New Halo 3 Achievements shown, surprises revealed
      34. Games for Windows Live is "natural fit" for GTA IV PC
      35. Obama wins Xbox Live presidential poll
      36. Spanish PS3 ad baffles internet
      37. Lego Batman launch video released
      38. Fallout 3 weapons shown in video
      39. Hydrophobia sequel set in "drowned Boston"
      1. Splinter Cell: Conviction's new "visual direction is simply much better"
      2. Burnout Paradise releasing on PSN this Thursday
      3. New LittleBigPlanet trailer shows person building level
      4. New Rise of the Argonauts screens released
      5. Spore gets first patch
      6. Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII "scenario is pretty much complete"
      7. Quantum of Solace gets date, new movie
      8. Fable II's gold, says Molyneux
      9. 360 hits 6 million in Europe
      10. WAR master Mark: We're not scared of WoW
      11. Duke Nukem 3D hits Live Arcade on Wednesday
      12. Force Unleashed tops UK 10
      13. Four Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway movies posted
      14. Middle East is emerging games market, says Livingstone
      15. ELSPA tells Labour: BBFC is not fit for purpose
      16. New Home movie shows 0.98 in action
      17. Golden Axe: Beast Rider dated for October 17
      18. Naka teases PROPE
      19. Rare has "flair and creativity," says Moore
      20. We're playing Far Cry 2 right now - tell us what you want to know
      21. New Last Remnant Screens released
      22. Suda51's The Silver Case coming to PSN
      23. CD Projekt: Publishers "scared" to go DRM-Free
      24. Heavy Rain - GC level is "not part of the main plot"
      25. Rock Band finally dated for Australia
      26. PS3 movie store may allow "one-time courtesy" download if you delete
      1. LittleBigPlanet’s online “Create” mode to be added in post-launch patch
      2. PC Gamer gives Far Cry 2 94%
      3. Spector celebrates 25 years in the games industry
      4. Yahoo! says "Sony is in serious trouble"
      5. Final Fantasy IV cell phone sequel casting its spell on Western Wiis?
      6. Far Cry 2 “too complex” for a demo
      7. Independent lists "the 50 best videogames"
      1. Wii GTA "didn't feel natural" to Rockstar
      2. Xbox Pure is a (very obvious) fake
      3. First GTA: Chinatown Wars screenshots released
      4. Bungie's Superintendent reappears
      5. Crago: LA Noire is a year away, 360 and PS3, is massive
      6. Eight Days cover system shown in video
      7. Spanish mag gives PES 09 92%
      8. Godager leaving Funcom will bring "player-centric" direction to Age of Conan
      9. Meet US PS Blog people in Orlando
      10. JeuxVideo gives away 750 LBP beta keys
      11. US PS movie store update, September 19
      1. Four new Shaun White Snowboarding videos posted
      2. New Skate 2 screens released
      3. Multiwinia goes live
      4. Home manager says Firmware 2.50, Home 1.00 set for October
      5. Four multiplayer modes for Far Cry 2
      6. Eurogamer Expo tickets now on sale
      7. Microsoft to spend "tens of millions" in Xbox promotion this Christmas
      8. More Home beta invites sent out
      9. New Xbox Experience Avatars video
      10. EA to allow multiple accounts for each Spore install
      11. Mythic releases three WAR launch day videos
      12. Fiddy II cancelled? Apparently not
      13. Baldur's Gate III rumours emerge
      14. Valve, EA and Pandemic join MIGS 08 event
      15. Austin dev team "critically important," says NCSoft
      16. LBP gold, gets confirmed release date, free spacesuit DLC
      17. Rare: No plans to revive more old franchises
      18. Xbox 360 name change rumoured to "Pure"
      19. GTA IV 360 Live weekend announced for the US
      20. Metal Gear Solid Existence trademarked
      21. CryEngine 3 readied for PS4, 720
      22. WAR: GOA's eight-point guide to getting it up and running if you live in Europe
      23. Gamers invited to design Conduit control method
      24. Race Driver: GRID to get end-year DLC
      25. Cut Warhammer Online content to return for free
      26. Casual games development "frowned on," says Molyneux
      27. Official Monster Hunter 3: tri site updates with new screens
      28. New White Knight Story shots posted
      29. Zavvi: Games may beat DVD within a year
      30. "Level-5 Vs PS3 - Full Scale RPG"
      31. Broken WAR in Europe - GOA denies launch registration issues
      32. Peter Moore: Apple's ripping you off with music downloads
      33. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to be M-rated, cell shaded
      34. New Samba De Amigo trailer features crazy, maraca monkey
      35. 360 didn't outsell Wii in Japan last week, says Media Create
      36. Fallout 3 official site launches: Prepare for the Future
      37. India to be key development hub, says Sony
      38. Tecmo and Koei merger roadmap to be formed within two months
      39. Chance of finding a Christmas Wii "much, much better this year," says GameStop man
      40. GamesRadar gives WAR a 9/10
      41. HD Metal Slug in the Works?
      42. US PSN update, September 18
      43. Mass Effect movie rights optioned by Avi Arad
      44. Wii Music dated for October 20
      45. LittleBigPlanet's Trophies posted
      1. Gamers are slim, depressed, drug addicts, says survey
      2. Mythic: Why you should play WAR instead of WoW
      3. New Diablo III shots released
      4. Uwe Boll "happy" with his new videogame
      5. Activision gives away free guitars for Guitar Hero World Tour pre-order
      6. Talk to Far Cry 2's producer this Friday
      7. Prince of Persia dated for both US and Europe
      8. LotRO expansion boasts two new character classes
      9. Sackboy to appear in Pain
      10. European PSN releases for Sept 18
      11. Pure: Sequel and DLC under consideration
      12. Afrika - 7/10
      13. Mirror's Edge gets November release date
      14. Signed Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise is won by...
      15. Mythic declares WAR: Warhammer Online finally launches
      16. "Brutal" Condemned 2 ads banned in UK
      17. Spencer defends Rare after Moore said studio's skills "not applicable in today’s market"
      18. Movie - Burnout Paradise bikes: watch a complete challenge
      19. Peter Moore: My words on RROD were "twisted so that it looked like I didn't care"
      20. Peter Moore: Iwata brought out the Wii controller and we said, "What the hell is that?"
      21. Level-5: "Shocking announcements" next week
      22. Molyneux: PS3 has no "definition title"
      23. Nintendo confirms Christmas DS bundles
      24. Mercenaries 2 and Fracture demos Live, says Nelson
      25. Burnout Paradise PS3 bikes patch out now, 360 within hour (update)
      26. Hillcrest sues Nintendo over patent infringement, ITC investigates
      27. Sam & Max Season One Wii gets NA release date
      28. Crysis Warhead: Direct-feed intro movie posted
      29. Life with PlayStation really goes live
      30. Sony: No video sharing in Home beta
      31. Jacobs: "I look at Ensemble closing as being a terrible thing"
      32. AC/DC Rock Band 2 expansion seen in Wal-Mart memo
      33. Gamespot gives Crysis Warhead 9/10
      34. Rumour: Crysis Warhead carrying limited installs
      35. Kotick: Guitar Hero "outselling Rock Band 6:1"
      36. Japanese software sales, September 8-14
      37. PS3, 360, Wii or PC? You choose Timesplitters 4’s platform
      38. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway development lasted an eternity because…
      1. Call of Duty: World at War co-op trailer stinks of quality
      2. Guitar Hero: Hendrix in the works
      3. Guitar Hero subscription DLC being evaluated by Activision
      4. Movies show The Witcher Enhanced Edition's enhancement
      5. Sony and David Jaffe sued over God of War
      6. Gears of War 2 weapons described in new movie... and is that the Predator?
      7. Whopping Dragon Age: Origins gameplay movie released
      8. Valve brand Google talk "100% rumour"
      9. Pokemon Platinum sells nearly 1 million in two days in Japan
      10. Mark Jacobs: Of course EA knows about launching MMOs
      11. Ben Judd: Kojima "needs to put the clamps on himself"
      12. LittleBigPlanet beta applications open in Japan
      13. Pure boss: Colour difference between 360 and PS3 is comparable to a "good LCD from a Plasma"
      14. Epilepsy tests are "subjective," says WipEout dev
      15. LBP boss: "Creators are just as important as levels"
      16. Yoshida: Why Sony decided against Microsoft's no-hard drive policy
      17. Life with PlayStation went live by "mistake"
      18. Rumour: Google to buy Valve
      19. New Saints Row 2 movie shows acting, quality
      20. Banjo: "This is a new concept in games"
      21. Xbox 360 outsells Wii in Japan
      22. Peter Moore: Rare's "skillsets... were not applicable in today's market"
      23. Peter Moore: We dropped Xbox 1 because the hard drive "killed us"
      24. Funcom boss quits, was "dissatisfied" with Age of Conan
      25. Monster Hunter 3 playable at TGS
      26. Blizzard on Battle.Net 2.0: "We want to have a minimum feature-set available" for StarCraft II launch
      27. Rumour: Life with PlayStation now live (update)
      28. Nintendo press conference confirmed for October 2
      29. White Knight Story out on Christmas Day in Japan?
      30. Google Lively getting a boost from game developers
      31. EA shows less than 1% try to install Spore on more than three PCs
      32. Acti-Bliz working on DJ Hero, says source
      33. PS3 Firmware 2.43 released, does nothing outside Japan
      34. How MGS4 was animated, blow by blow
      35. Survey: 97% of American youth play games
      36. CoD4 PS3 promo week begins tomorrow, says Infinity Ward
      37. CoD4 still dominating Live play charts
      38. Rage held back for 360? NO, says Willits, caps lock on
      39. New Demigod movie, Q&A posted
      1. Resistance: Retribution gets developer walkthrough
      2. Rumour: PC Mirror's Edge slipping to 2009
      3. Next Diablo III class will make players "hate" Blizzard
      4. Molyneux talks choices, Han Solo
      5. Red Alert 3 movie - Watch Gemma pout
      6. New Age of Conan movie shows incredible future DX10 graphics additions
      7. How to win at Siren: Blood Curse, by Sony
      8. Mercenaries 2 demo now on Live... again
      9. Spencer: "More than two or three teams" working on Halo
      10. EndWar releasing on November 7
      11. LittleBigPlanet confirmed for October 24
      12. Rumour: Payton working on Jackson Halo game
      13. Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway gets October 3 date for PC
      14. Spore goes number two in US PC chart
      15. Moore: Microsoft was "completely fixated on Sony"
      16. Barnett: EA "know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe"
      17. EA and Microsoft earn perfect scores from gay rights group
      18. Molyneux: Pub Games glitch was intentional
      19. WoW's cost $200 million since launch, says Acti-Bliz
      20. Nintendo to generate more revenue per employee this year than Goldman Sachs in 2007
      21. Buzz! man was worried user-gen quizzes would bring "random nonsense"
      22. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will hit this year, says Capcom
      23. Spencer: "I'll line up against Sony's first party any day"
      24. Bond to go annual, says analyst
      25. Rumour: Euro 360 price cuts "brought forward because of Woolies leak"
      26. Be the first punter to play Gears 2... if you're American
      27. Peter Moore - Sony didn't deliver with the Emotion Engine and Killzone 2
      28. New Duke Nukem video looking pretty darn good
      29. Acti-Blizz Analyst Day - Everything in one place
      30. Microsoft confirms European Xbox 360 price cuts
      31. IGN gives Pure 8.6/10
      32. New Wrath of the Lich King shots posted
      33. US PS3 pre-pay cards hit Blockbuster
      34. God of War III script likely to be 120 pages long
      35. Acti-Blizz Day - Infinity Ward developing CoD6, confusion over release date
      36. Acti-Blizz Day - Guitar Hero titles to triple by 2010
      37. Acti-Blizz Day - PS3 will last for eight more years, says Kotick
      38. Acti-Blizz Day - Online CoD4 play to be further "monetized"
      39. Acti-Blizz Day - Guitar Hero boosts track sales by 200-300%
      40. Acti-Blizz Day - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith brought the band more money than any of its albums
      41. Acti-Blizz Day - We're influencing future console design, says Kotick
      42. Acti-Blizz Day - 60% of CoD4 players go online
      43. Hirai: Firmware 2.40 retraction "shouldn't have happened"
      1. Quantum of Solace tech trailer shows promise
      2. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is gold
      3. Tomb Raider Underworld gets a 12 from the BBFC
      4. Mercenaries 2 stays top in UK chart
      5. DS breaks August sales record in the US
      6. Rumour: Bungie game to be announced next week
      7. How to unlock all Rock Band 2 tracks immediately
      8. Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway "brutality of war" video is brutal
      9. First Need for Speed Undercover gameplay footage released
      10. Molyneux on Too Human: "There was something slightly off about it"
      11. Molyneux: The way I've developed games in the past is wrong
      12. WAR ships tomorrow, Mythic confirms
      13. Euro WipEout HD confirmed for September 25
      14. Rumour: Euro 360 cut to be announced next week
      15. Alien Breed confirmed for next year, logo released
      16. EG gives WipEout HD 9/10
      17. First direct-feed Yakuza 3 shots posted
      18. Take-Two shares drop 30% in wake of EA pull-out
      19. Pachter drops Take-Two price target to $16.50
      20. Confirmed: Blizzard press releases Wrath of the Lich King street date, CE detailed
      21. SCi to rebrand as Eidos
      22. Take-Two takes post-EA stock-hit
      23. Euro WipEout HD release date announcement expected later today
      24. Media Molecule to keynote GameCity 3
      25. WipEout HD releasing in the US on September 25
      26. Geoff Johns to write DC Universe Online
      27. Martin named new GI editor
      28. SCi reports full-year ?99 million loss
      29. Molyneux: This is what's rubbish about Fable II
      30. Peter Moore: I pulled Sega out of the hardware market
      31. Rumour: Lich King date announced
      32. WoW bosses: Cutting edge graphics have never been a Blizzard hallmark
      33. EA on Spore DRM debacle: There's been no change in basic policy
      34. August NPD in graph format
      35. EA halts rollercoaster, ceases Take-Two takeover talks
      1. Jenny McCarthy: RA3 let me show my "warrior femininity"
      2. Rosenberg - Spore DRM features were "seriously misguided"
      3. Rock Band 2's instruments are quieter than originals - graphs
      4. WoW patch 3.0.2 now on Public Test Realms
      5. Team Ico "The Queen" teaser looks fake
      6. Spore seeing "extraordinary" levels of piracy
      7. New pictures of Alison "Lara" Carroll surface
      8. John Romero’s Severity canned “a while ago” (update)
      9. Duke Nukem 3D hitting XBLA September 24
      1. New Home movie and shots posted
      2. First Fight Night Round 4 video shakycammed
      3. Grant given to discover why US WoW players mod more heavily than Chinese
      4. New Sonic Unleashed trailer is awesome
      5. 360 and PS3 FIFA 09 would only run on "1-3% of PCs"
      6. US PS movie store update, September 12
      7. Whistleblower fired over 360 failure article
      8. GTA IV PC gets recommended specs
      9. Crysis Warhead confirmed for Steam release
      10. More WipEout HD movies and interview ramp up to release
      11. Eternal Sonata PS3 given US release date
      12. One account for Spore per household policy causes anger
      1. 16 new Arkham Asylum shots released
      2. Mercenaries 2 demo now on Live, PSN next week
      3. Burnout bike patch gets solid date
      4. IGN and EG give Crysis: Warhead a big thumbs up
      5. New Xbox Experience: What your "games played" bit's going to look like
      6. New F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin trailer
      7. Wipeout HD to cost $20 - when it finally gets here
      8. Get a Tom Clancy's EndWar 360 Multiplayer VIP Demo key
      9. Full Guitar Hero World Tour set list announced
      10. Ensemble closure won't stop Halo Wars "kicking ass," says Devine
      11. Wii is "inhospitable platform for third-party publishers"
      12. Entropay no longer an option on PSN
      13. Even more hands-on with Banjo posted
      14. Rumour: Woolworths catalogue shows UK 360 cuts
      15. Wii Fit wins Canadian August NPD
      16. Rise of the Argonauts due in November
      17. North American GC Canada-bound?
      18. MotorStorm PSP listing confirmed as bollocks
      19. Yoshida: PSP negligence is "really, really disappointing"
      20. “I hate being scared,” says Siren designer
      21. FIFA 09 Clubs explained by EA
      22. Resistance 2 is "just about finished"
      23. Heavy Rain play target is "8-12 hours," says Cage
      24. Activision buys FreeStyleGames
      25. Animal Crossing City Folk renamed for Oz release
      26. SCEE confirms late PSN update deployed
      27. Payton: MGS4 plot conclusion was "nothing short of a miracle"
      28. WoW PvE to PvP character transfers now live
      29. UK-specific CoD4 double XP weekend detailed
      30. Play The Force Unleashed on a mobile phone, on the internet
      31. August NPD: Everything in one place
      32. Bioshock PS3 demo date announced
      33. US SOCOM beta launches today
      34. EA is biggest publisher in Europe, says Capcom
      35. Capcom wants to develop global games
      36. LittleBigChallenge - submissions so far
      37. August NPD: Nintendo praises double hardware win, Wii nearly hits 12 million
      38. August NPD: Sony points to "strong month" in statement
      39. August NPD: Xbox 360 hits 10.9 million install base in the US
      40. August NPD: Microsoft noble in response to HD victory
      41. August NPD: US growth slows to single digit for first time in 27 months
      1. August NPD: Xbox 360 claims shock victory over PS3
      2. August NPD: EA's Madden takes top three
      3. August NPD: Figures released, 360 beats PS3
      4. BioShock PS3 launch website may be the coolest ever
      5. US PSN update, September 11
      6. Capcom confirms console exclusives are now in its past
      7. Capcom releases massive annual report
      8. Pearce: "We Wanted to Call it Blizzard Activision"
      9. More than 400 staff working on Resident Evil 5
      10. Game listing rumours MotorStorm PSP
      11. New Stormrise trailer released
      12. No evil mastermind in Left 4 Dead, says Faliszek
      13. Rare was working on Avatars "before Miis were part of gaming scene"
      14. "Barely a quarter" of Banjo revealed, says Rare
      15. More hands-on with Banjo, new shots posted
      16. First WAR review is an 8/10
      17. Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online confirmed for NA and European Release
      18. Mad World online features part of ongoing "discussions"
      19. MotorStorm Pacific Rift will release on October 28 in the US
      20. New Gizmondo seen, hitting before year-end
      21. NCsoft confirms 58 job losses from Brighton
      22. Microsoft hiring for the "next generation of gaming platforms"
      23. "General opinion" says FIFA can't match PES gameplay, says Konami's Murphy
      24. Armored Core For Answer co-op shown in video
      25. Saints Row 2 co-op trailer shows pirates and ninjas
      26. Ratchet & Clank: Future Quest for Booty Blu-ray canned in UK?
      27. Miyamoto - I want to keep striving
      28. Pre-owned market "damaging" single-player games - Braben
      29. WipEout HD to cost ?11.99
      30. FIFA 09 Wii video shows waggling and 8v8 play
      31. Diablo III will have "its own unique needs" for the new Battle.Net
      32. PES 09 Champions League video released
      33. FIFA 09 demo now on Live
      34. PES gets four-year Champions League deal
      35. Win a signed copy of Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise!
      36. Fight Night Round 4 shown in Vegas
      37. FIFA 09 PC demo released: get it now
      38. Rock Band 2 ships in the US
      39. Japanese software sales, September 1-7
      40. Newell confirms and details Left 4 Dead demo
      41. Willits: Post apocalyptic Rage setting lets us be more creative
      42. Star Ocean 4 and Last Remnant playable at TGS
      43. CoD4 gets double XP this weekend, Variety maps halved in price
      44. WipEout HD to cost ?15?
      45. Kane & Lynch boss: Gamespot review "hit like a hammer"
      46. Watch Gears 2 team talk crunchy audio
      47. NA Xbox 360 price drop does sorta OK, raises sales 100%
      48. Microsoft: Age of Empires not coming to an end
      1. The Burning Crusade delayed WAR, says Jacobs
      2. NC West: Tabula Rasa safe, 58 could go in Brighton, 12 confirmed dropped in Austin
      3. Levine: "I got some nasty f**king threats" over PC BioShock DRM
      4. Heavy Rain: If the main girl dies, you can keep playing the "big story"
      5. We'll never catch western dev, says Japanese chap
      6. Force Unleashed 360 demo hits 1 million downloads in record time
      7. NCsoft consolidates US and Euro arms into NC West
      8. Demigod beta goes live
      9. Warren Spector to keynote MIGS
      10. Morrissons' move could turn into "bloody war," says analyst
      11. PS3 to launch in Malaysia on September 20
      12. Diego Stocco to score The Conduit
      13. Fracture demo for September 18
      14. Future relaunches CVG
      15. Will Wright's favourite game series is Flight Simulator, lists top five
      16. New PS2 model launches in India
      17. Recent games won't feel as much speed benefit from HD 360-install
      18. Hocking: Amount of studios able to deliver CoD4-level linear shooters will "diminish rapidly"
      19. Ubisoft releases Handigo, says subtitles to be as standard
      20. US PC charts, August 24-30
      21. Mad World "at home" on Wii, says Platinum
      22. Motorstorm 2 demo detailed
      23. WoW will be turned into a "madhouse" by pre-WotLK content patch, says Blizzard
      24. Economic slump not hitting Xbox business, says Bach
      25. Microsoft "ramping down" games development - St John
      26. Microsoft: Closing Ensemble "is the right thing for our business"
      27. SingStar ABBA announced!
      28. Molyneux "breathed a sigh of relief" when he skipped Twilight Princess cut-scenes
      29. First Yakuza 3 images scanned
      30. Koei boss: It'll be years before HD consoles are big in Japan
      31. Kojima: "Creativity of video games is now on the verge of crisis"
      32. Resistance 2 public beta applications now open
      33. The Sun: "Sex beast copied Grand Theft Auto"
      34. Pearce: Warcraft IV is "definitely something we would consider"
      35. Phantasy Star coming to DS, says Famitsu
      36. Media Molecule: We couldn't have made LBP on Xbox 360 "as it is"
      37. Mark Hamill to voice Joker in Arkham Asylum game
      38. Madden "may" have beaten GTA in US last month, says Moore
      39. CoD4 holds on at top of Live chart
      40. Australian Fallout 3 version to ship globally to avoid "confusion"
      41. Go to Manchester, play LittleBigPlanet
      42. GameStop conference rumours: New Indy shown next week, GTA DS, more
      43. Tons of new BioShock PS3 movies posted
      44. Google could be games publisher, says man
      45. Media Molecule shows amazing LittleBigPlanet video
      46. Disney releases Pure character art
      47. Acti-Bliz to webcast analyst day
      48. Microsoft to close Ensemble after Halo Wars' completion
      1. Tecmo explains rejection to Square Enix
      2. Anti-Spore site launches, cites "attack on Christian values"
      3. BioShock PS3 has 5Gb, 10-minute mandatory install
      4. OPM UK readers to get exclusive Kratos sackboy download
      5. iPod Touch pitched by Apple as "best portable device for gaming"
      6. Rumour: NCsoft to drop 50 staff from Brighton office
      7. Dreamcast celebrates ninth American birthday
      8. GameStop: No "end in sight" for Wii shortages
      9. Velvet Assassin moves to Q1 2009
      10. SingStar Country launching on PS2 in October
      11. PC Zone gives Crysis: Warhead 92%
      12. Midway concerned at Xbox 360 Euro "lagging"
      13. Games may overtake CD music sales at HMV
      14. Frank Sliwka to leave Leipziger Messe
      15. PS3 BioShock gets new movie and play-test
      16. Dead Space engine to be offered as middleware
      17. Reeves: PSP isn't in the shadow of DS
      18. Rare decided against selling Pi?ata Cards early on in TIP dev
      19. GOA: WAR registration issues will be "completely fixed" for launch
      20. Atari sells 34 percent of Euro-Asian sales network to Namco
      21. New Left 4 Dead screens show zombie execution
      22. SOCOM devs patch beta, fix servers
      23. GOA under pressure as Jacobs lays blame for WAR beta glitches
      24. World of Warcraft is "still growing," says Blizzard
      25. Yoshida - PS3 hardware, cost and pricing "now coming together"
      26. Dead Space devs talk zero-g
      27. Potter delay to cost EA $120 million this year
      28. New Far Cry 2 movie accompanies GameStop preorder edition
      29. Max Payne producer working on Duke Nukem movie
      30. SecuROM to be used on Red Alert 3
      31. D3 resurrecting PSP “classics” on PlayStation Store
      32. Trophies now available in NovaStrike
      33. PC Games rallies German gamers against Christian Social Union
      34. New LotRO Mines of Moria trailer shown
      35. G4 squashes 360 relaunch rumor
      1. American sales: PS3 beat 360 in August, says Pachter
      2. "Next-gen" pricing not sitting well with game-buyers
      3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky hits US on September 15
      4. Xbox Live makes AdWeek's Digital Hot List
      5. Gothic 4 teaser movie posted
      6. Banjo Nuts & Bolts was originally a platformer
      7. Project Origin renamed F.E.A.R. 2
      8. Nintendo shows off new Wii wireless network adaptor
      9. Mercenaries 2 goes top in UK chart
      10. LittleBigPlanet manual published
      11. EEDAR makes August hardware estimates, puts PS3 ahead of 360
      12. Morrisons begins half price sale
      13. Spore doesn't support MacBooks made before 2007
      14. Next Banjo will "expand" Nuts & Bolts concept, "crazy ideas" planned for next game
      15. LucasArts denies PC version of Force Unleashed in the works
      16. Studio-led approach is working for Eidos, says Livingstone
      17. EyePet - First official shots released
      18. Metallica album releases on Guitar Hero this Friday
      19. Acti-Blizz stock split effective today
      20. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince officially delayed until summer '09
      21. PSP loses Japanese monthly sales for first time since March
      22. Deus Ex 3 to be revealed in the next PC Zone
      23. Two more DS RPGs confirmed for spring 09 in Japan
      24. Blizzard already planning WoW landmass expansions
      25. "Warhead PC" to be announced next week
      26. Ecto-rumour - New Xbox Experience to launch on September 25, gigaton announcements planned
      27. Guitar Hero Aerosmith demo now on Live
      28. Battle.Net 2.0 and StarCraft II will be "intertwined," says Blizzard co-founder
      29. GOA makes public apology for WAR beta failure
      30. Force Unleashed in the works for PC
      31. SCEE sorry Bozek is leaving the Sony UK "family"
      32. Rock Band cut to ?109.99 in UK
      33. Paulina Bozek leaves Sony to join Atari
      34. Infinite Undiscovery feels the pace as EG lands a 5/10
      35. Square Enix posts entire TGS 08 line-up
      36. The complete history of Nintendo, from 1889 to present
      37. Animal Crossing Wii bundle priced for US
      38. Spore customers sabotage Amazon score over "draconian" DRM
      39. Ex-GameStop employee sticks it to the man
      1. Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise review
      2. First Aliens: Colonial Marines movies posted
      3. Tomb Raider Underworld story shown in video
      4. WAR open beta is... open
      5. Wright reponds to Spore reviews, says sales matter more than scores
      6. New Jumpgate Evolution movie shows asteroid combat
      7. The Game beats Bow Wow at Madden for $100,000
      8. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith demo live? Not in Europe
      9. Nintendo: Wii storage solution not necessarily hard drive, peripheral flood to slow
      1. Create a Sackboy, get it in LittleBigPlanet
      2. Hands-on with BioShock PS3, new movies posted
      3. Star Wars: TFU - First reviews sting, OTR indications not looking good
      4. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is gold
      5. Pure 360-PS3 comparison movie posted
      6. SOCOM beta battered by demand, Sony working on load issues
      7. VentureBeat posts exhaustive history of Xbox 360 tech problems
      8. 50% off all Steam id titles this weekend
      9. New Halo reveal "sooner rather than later," says Aaron Greenburg
      10. First Prinny: Ore ga Shujinko de Iinsuka? movie released
      11. Pre-made level 80 characters enter Lich King beta
      12. US gets Far Cry 2 on October 21
      13. Lanning: "Consoles are a problem"
      14. Xbox Live Film Club announced
      1. Far Cry 2: Dead buddies mean loss of content
      2. Six new Fable II pics show character customisation
      3. Sony questions long term effect of 360 price cut
      4. Alone in the Dark PS3 changes listed
      5. Five new Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood trailers released
      6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 gets release date
      7. Golden Axe refused classification in Germany
      8. CoD: World at War out on November 14 in UK
      9. Microsoft's Schappert to keynote TGS
      10. Wright: "Spore will change the way people look at games forever"
      11. New Dissidia Final Fantasy movie hits YouTube
      12. Mercenaries 2 cracked, pirated
      13. EA working on Madden patch after freezes reported
      14. Eurogamer issues 6,000 SOCOM beta keys in 1 hour 17 minutes
      15. Sting confirmed for Guitar Hero World Tour
      16. Spore experiencing day-one server problems
      17. Mercenaries 2 free fuel stunt branded "irresponsible" by MP
      18. New FUEL shots released
      19. Dead Space hasn't been banned in Germany, say Germans
      20. First Prinny: Ore ga Shujinko de Iinsuka? shots released
      21. Moore said "f**k you" to conceited Naka
      22. Microsoft drops price of Live DLC
      23. Far Cry confirmed for October 24 release, CE detailed
      24. EG Viva 2 review is an 8/10
      25. Random PS3 owners to get Motorstorm 2 demo invite
      26. Football Manager 2009 videos watched by 165,000 on YouTube
      27. VG247 interviews Peter Molyneux today - you ask the questions
      28. 50,000 WAR beta keys to be given out by Multiplay today
      29. Old GTA games sold 1 million units in May-July
      30. Rockstar launching new GTA IV campaign for autumn and Christmas
      31. Hines: Fallout 3 tradeshow demos can be frustrating
      32. Warhammer 40K Space Marine shown in massive movie demo
      33. Take-Two Q3 financials - everything in one place
      34. Age of Conan hits Steam
      35. Sins of a Solar Empire moves 500,000 units
      36. New Skate 2 trailer shows skipping, hopping
      37. 360 hard drive gets price drop in the US
      38. White Knight Story not dated by Famitsu
      39. SOCOM public beta starts today
      40. Take-Two Q3 earnings call transcribed in full
      41. Take-Two CEO heavily hints at GTA Wii
      42. No console FM 2009 because 08 interface "was crap"
      43. Square withdraws offer fro Tecmo, asks questions about move
      44. Dead Space banned in Germany, Japan and China
      45. New Diablo III shots released
      46. Blizzard selling music on iTunes
      47. Mattrick: "I'm not at a point where I can say we're going to beat Nintendo"
      1. O'Donnell, Sanger et al on "The state of game audio"
      2. Online revenue to reach $8 billion by 2013, researchers say
      3. US PSN content update, September 4
      4. Entire X-COM collection on Steam now
      5. GTA IV sells over 10 million
      6. BioShock 2 confirmed for Take-Two's fiscal 2009
      7. GTA: Chinatown Wars confirmed for fiscal 2009
      8. Take-Two re-confirms GTA IV 360 DLC for fiscal 2009
      9. Take-Two Q3 revenues up over 100% YoY
      10. Dead Space release moved forward again
      11. King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match coming to XBLA
      12. Rock Band disc export goes live, costs $5 for 55 tracks
      13. Viva 2 launch videos released
      14. New StarCraft II screens show lasers
      15. White Knight Story out in December in Japan
      16. CoD: World at War out November 11, multiplay betas in October
      17. More Ninja Blade shots released
      18. No Fallout 3 Trophies at launch, says Hines
      19. TT: We won't take the p**s with Lego games
      20. Sacred 2 to launch on November 7
      21. New Gears 2 shots released
      22. Gears 2's Ortega: "Like Spinal Tap, right? Let's go to 11"
      23. Molyneux to keynote GC Asia Conference on "believable game worlds"
      24. Hines: Fallout 3's gameplay is like "organised chaos"
      25. New Banjo vids posted
      26. EG source: GTA IV DLC on track for November
      27. Lich King: Death Knight class distinction shows "core WoW philosophy"
      28. Vivendi UK winds down, Activision claims few were fired
      29. Axel Springer buys Gamigo to bolster "digitization offensive"
      30. Far Cry 2 devs considering adding "predatory animals"
      31. 15 new FM2009 screenshots released
      32. Pure demo hits Live
      33. Yoshida: LittleBigPlanet "defies cultural differences"
      34. Tecmo rejects Square offer, in serious talks regarding Koei merger
      35. EG and IGN UK both give Spore a 9, scores flood in
      36. Xbox 360 US price cut is not about turning "profit today"
      37. Japanese software sales, August 25-31
      38. Guitar Hero World Tour priced and dated in Australia
      39. Euro PSN update, September 4
      40. FM09 to release on November 14
      41. US PC charts, August 17-23
      42. PS3 bluetooth headset dated and priced for the US
      43. Professor Layton gets date for Europe
      44. SCEE to sell PSP PSN games on UMD
      45. Kirby Super Star Ultra dated in Japan
      46. SCE's SN Systems opens new office in Dublin
      47. Final Fantasy series to "keep going," says Hashimoto
      48. EAP targeting "top 20 developers in the world" via mysterious "board"
      49. Samsung: "Blu-ray has 5 years left"
      50. IGN AU gives Spore 9.2
      51. Official: Xbox 360 price cut in the US
      1. Koller backtracks on PSP 3000 battery life gaff
      2. IGN and Edge knock out Facebreaker at review
      3. Tecmo announces new Team Ninja titles for TGS
      4. Spore cracked, hits the torrents
      5. Red Steel 2 rumoured for late 2009
      6. Spore review embargo is midnight PST tomorrow
      7. ESA won't comment on public E3 rumour
      8. SCEE wins three at GC
      9. Noel Gallagher: Guitar Hero better than being "f**ked by a goblin up the arse with a laser"
      10. Disgaea's prinnies getting their own game
      11. Age of Conan 360 "still very much set to happen"
      12. Killzone 2 public beta "later this year," journo invites sent out by SCEE
      13. Direct feed Heavy Rain video available for streaming
      14. Eurogamer Expo to show PoP, Mirror's Edge, LBP, Tomb Raider Underworld, Far Cry 2 and more
      15. European Xbox 360 price cut in '08: "I can't imagine why they would penalize you folks," says Pachter
      16. Football Manager 2009 and Football Manager Handheld 2009 announced tonight
      17. Spore expected to sell 2 million in US in September
      18. Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise takes 31/40 from Famitsu
      19. Part one of TGS games list confirmed
      20. PC Gamer's Spore review published
      21. KORG DS-10 confirmed for Europe
      22. Sonic Chronicles is up to 25 hours long
      23. Star Ocean: The Last Hope "only on 360"
      24. Lumines confirmed for PSN?
      25. Biggest LittleBigPlanet image so far posted by Media Molecule
      26. Infinite Undiscovery confirmed for Euro release on Friday, out in US, first review posted
      27. Hines: Global censorship rules are "frustrating"
      28. Lich King boss: Hardcore-casual "power gap" is reset with level cap increases
      29. Hines: Leipzig showing was "just as important as E3" for Fallout 3
      30. Pachter underestimates 2008 game sales, re-estimates them
      31. Conduit publisher to be announced “in the coming month”
      32. CoD4 gears up for another double XP weekend
      33. CoD4 unshakable at top of Live play chart
      34. Kingdom Hearts 3 rumoured as PS3 exclusive
      35. LittleBigPlanet gets "limited public beta" this month
      36. New Golden Axe trailer released
      37. PSP Home functionality detailed from the beta
      38. Capcom "not at all concerned" by RE5 competition
      39. Pre-order Red Alert 3, turn yourself into a bear in WAR
      40. South Korean gaming market facing "saturation"
      41. IGN destroys the PS2 version of Mercenaries 2
      42. More Home beta invites sent out in the US
      43. Pre-order PoP and get a free upgrade to the Limited Edition
      44. Tiger Woods gambles on Madden with "the guys"
      1. First shot posted of Scorpion Fatality from next MK
      2. Silver DS confirmed for North America
      3. EG has 6,000 keys for Euro SOCOM beta
      4. Dissidia Final Fantasy dated for Japan
      5. Smashing Pumpkins to release new track through Guitar Hero
      6. First proper Penny Arcade Episode 2 shots released
      7. Euro PSP 3000 slips by... two days
      8. Resistance 2 multiplayer demo reaches Europe this October
      9. Pure demos for Live and PSN this Thursday
      10. Viva Pi?ata 2 community site launches tonight, treasure hunt on Xbox.com this Friday
      11. Gears 2 is "85/90%" complete and "bats**t insane," says Bleszinski
      12. SCEE: Euro Resistance 2 date to be confirmed "fairly soon"
      13. Resistance 2 confirmed for US release on November 4
      14. Resistance 2 confirmed for November 13 in Japan
      15. Sony announces PSP networking boost for Japan
      16. New RE5 and Bionic Commando screens posted
      17. PC Games gives Spore 73%, talk of release date online embargo emerges (updated)
      18. Photos posted from yesterday's Microsoft Japan press conference
      19. Will Wright appearing in Oxford Street tomorrow for fan Q&A
      20. New Wii Music screens released
      21. PC Gamer gives S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky 6.8, fate sealed
      22. Disaster: Day of Crisis confirmed for Euro October 24 release
      23. THQ opens Shanghai office
      24. Lich King: Increasing the level cap "has to be part of the formula," says design head
      25. PS3 Mirror's Edge will get exclusive DLC
      26. PSP 3000 for October 16 launch in Japan
      27. Ryan Payton: Japanese devs feeling heat from the West
      28. Tiger Woods 09 debuts at top of UK chart
      29. Blizzard: WoW success kind of interesting, mostly “exhausting”
      30. Resident Evil 5 to show new "Gears-like" controls at TGS
      31. inFAMOUS man talks side-kicks, power-grids, more
      32. Mirror's Edge system specs should be doable
      33. EG gives S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky a 7, pattern emerges
      34. Monumental Games hits 60 staff
      35. Another sign emerges that StarCraft II's a 2009 game
      36. Beijing 2008 demo on Live now
      37. PalGN gives away 1,000 SOCOM beta codes... for Australians
      38. Publisher console exclusives are "less important," says MS Germany man
      39. PAX attendance hits 58,500
      40. Castle Crashers patch on the way, DLC planned
      41. LBP Dancer's Court level shown in video
      42. Months old Tales of Vesperia demo "exclusive to OXM"
      43. Hands-on with Wii Sam & Max posted
      44. WoW UI settings to be stored server-side after Lich King
      1. Ninja Blade 12 hours long, demo being considered
      2. FFXIII demo may be sold separately
      3. Clear Sky gets t**tting from IGN
      4. Grasshopper Manufacture producers greatest games team photo of all time
      5. Fallout 3 Achievements posted
      6. LotRO has "most likelihood" of following WoW into mega-market, says Steefel
      7. Lifestyle aspiration, Xbox 360 and a camera mixed with terrible results
      8. Gamescom's "ridiculous," says Leipzig boss
      9. Saying Fallout 4's on the way is like saying there's a FIFA next year, says Hines
      10. PC Gamer reviews Spore in latest issue
      11. Pre-order WAR, get a headstart
      12. Molyneux: Fable II's a "9 out of 10"
      13. Yoshida: " LittleBigPlanet will be the biggest title for Sony in all markets this year"
      14. Euro SOCOM price and date rumoured
      15. New location shots of PoP movie leaked
      16. Ninja Blade trailer shown in Microsoft Japan press conference
      17. Media Molecule may recruit level building gamers for LBP dev team
      18. Death Tank revealed for XBLA - video
      19. Blizzard releases talent calculators in prep for Lich King launch
      20. Actor Gary Busey does Saints Row ads
      21. Tiger Woods 09 gets 9/10 from EG
      22. Midway has "a strong commitment" to Newcastle studio, says Booty
      23. Left 4 Dead gets tweaked release date
      24. FC2 hang glider makes sequel "truly a Far Cry game"
      25. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky reviewed in PC Zone, whole thing scanned
      26. Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360 peripherals in Australia
      27. Fallout 3 to release in Japan on December 4
      28. Microsoft Japan press conference happening NOW
      29. Xbox 360 price cut by 30% in Japan