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  • October 2008 Archive

      1. New Gears of War 2 shots show dead cars
      2. 45 Beatles tracks will be included in Harmonix game
      3. Ted Price attending US Resistance 2 launch event in San Francisco
      4. Fans batter Bethesda over issues with Fallout 3 on PS3
      5. New Splatterhouse images posted
      6. Beatles game has already been 17 months in the making
      7. NXE - Avatars in games shown in video
      8. Tomb Raider: Underworld gets PC demo
      9. Battleforge beta registration now open
      10. Beatles' power led to "very rich" MTV deal
      11. Volition: We struggled with PS3 Red Faction
      12. Golden Joystick live-blogged, Activision takes clean sweep with CoD4
      13. EA: Spielberg's LMNO still in production
      14. US PS movie store update is completely ridiculous
      15. Mirror's Edge is public's favourite Eurogamer Expo game
      16. Pachter slashes price target on EA following Q2 financials
      17. Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box for February release
      18. Ubi: Endwar's not about being a blockbuster on day one
      19. Overseas launch for DSi next summer, says Iwata
      20. Golden Joysticks at 2.00pm GMT today, streaming video confirmed
      21. Nintendo outlines Wii and DS mega-sellers
      22. GDC 09 registration now open
      23. Games rentals banned in Belgium
      24. Mirror's Edge demo now on Live
      25. The Witcher sells 1 million in a year, hints at console future
      26. New Conduit shots released in duplicate
      27. Nintendo issues giant 2009 release schedule
      28. NXE user preview now available for download
      29. Rumour: Spielberg team laid off at EALA (update)
      30. Variety: EA developing Dante's Inferno game
      31. Obama and Palin to appear in Mercenaries 2 as DLC
      32. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 drops to eye-watering low
      33. David Jaffe tells Game City to "f**k off"
      34. US PSN update, October 30
      35. EA: Mercenaries 3 a no-brainer, Mercs 10 a good possibility
      36. First LittleBigPlanet DLC detailed, dated, priced
      37. Rumour: GT5 coming "sooner than expected," says Yamauchi
      38. Guitar Hero World Tour dated for Europe
      39. EA to invest $150 million in digital distribution this year
      40. Reggie Fils-Aime skeptical of Disaster: Day of Crisis
      1. EA cuts 6% of workforce, posts quarterly loss
      2. GTA IV PC suffers slight delay, min specs released, more hands-ons posted
      3. Mirror's Edge gets 9/10 in OPM
      4. Mirror's Edge gets demo release trailer
      5. Euro PSN update, October 30: Mirror's Edge demo released
      6. Booty takes CEO role at Midway
      7. Sony patents weird sound-light controller thing
      8. City of Heroes for Mac this year
      9. EA details fixes for broken Red Alert 3 serial keys
      10. Blizzard announces Lich King midnight openings
      11. Sony unlikely to ever break even on PS3, says DFC
      12. Pre-owned market is "defrauding the industry"
      13. MTV making brand new Beatles game
      14. Beatles-MTV press phone-in starting now
      15. New Last Remnant shots released
      16. LittleBigPlanet's servers are back online
      17. Lord of the Rings: Conquest to release to 2009
      18. Confirmed: Resistance 2 will launch on November 28
      19. Resistance 2 out on November 28, says ThreeSpeech
      20. LittleBigPlanet patched to 1.03 to lighten server load
      21. Sony: LBP delay was about "respect"
      22. Activision "blocking" Brutal Legend's future, say sources
      23. StarCraft on console would look more like EndWar, says Ubi
      24. BioWare MMO: Star Wars universe has "tens of millions of fans," says EA
      25. Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena confirmed for spring 2009
      26. Nintendo maintains forecast despite strong yen, Wii Fit closes on 9 million (update)
      27. Japanese software sales, October 20-26
      28. MS to refuse access to Live for NXE preview cheaters, update delivered before November 1
      29. Gears of War movie will be "gritty," "real"
      30. US Home beta only available to annual Qore subs
      31. Atkinson blocks public 18+ ratings discussion in Australia
      32. Beatles have signed to Rock Band, says WSJ
      33. "Something missing" from Twilight Princess, says Miyamoto
      34. NXE preview confirmation emails sent out
      35. Saints Row 2 PC delayed till 2009
      36. New Empire: Total War shots released
      37. Atari officially announced as publisher of Ghostbusters and Riddick, release windows revealed
      1. BBFC may sue over ELSPA traffic light symbols
      2. Beatles announcement for tomorrow points to Rock Band
      3. Killzone 2 single-player - 16 minutes of off-screen video
      4. LBP servers back "very shortly" (update)
      5. Need for Speed: Undercover to debut Nissan 370Z
      6. Obama drops $44k on in-game election ads
      7. Ranyard to head SingStar franchise
      8. HD Netflix streaming comes to Xbox 360 first
      9. Resident Evil 5 gets five minutes of gameplay video
      10. Prince of Persia - The first 10 minutes in video
      11. Maguire gets claws out on DLC: "Nothing is ever exclusive"
      12. Nintendo UK boss: "We have never neglected core gamers"
      13. Quantum of Solace on Wii - 10 minutes of video
      14. EA to release three games for Android
      15. Mirror's Edge demo to release for PSN tomorrow, Live the day after
      16. EA expected top post loss for second quarter
      17. Confirmed: Sega takes The Conduit
      18. Bethesda pencils in new Elder Scrolls title for 2010
      19. More NXE impressions published
      20. Pre-order Empire: Total War, get Rome free today
      21. Rock Band 2 releases in Europe on November 21
      22. Guitar Hero World Tour launch trailer is amazing
      23. Dengeki poll: Only 3.6 percent will buy DSi "soon"
      24. Eurogamer Expo - Entire Mirror's Edge demo in video
      25. BioWare MMO has been in planning for over 10 years
      26. Sony shares at lowest point for 16 years
      27. YoY PS3 sales nearly double in Q2, software rockets
      28. Banjo demo on Live now
      29. Penny Arcade Ep 2 hits 360
      30. MS announces $99 Arcade upgrade pack
      31. It’s over: Jack Thompson officially disbarred
      32. NXE pulled apart in words and video
      33. High Voltage decides on Conduit publisher, likely Sega
      34. SCEE makes PS2 open platform in Europe
      35. Call of Duty: World at War PC and 360 betas go live
      36. Gamespot: PS3 Fallout 3 is "shockingly inferior" to 360 and PC versions
      37. New Left 4 Dead screens show airport horrors
      38. Sony asks for feedback on delivery of future Siren games
      39. Left 4 Dead pre-orders top Orange Box by 95%, demo comes early for faithful
      1. Average gamer leaves 11% of games collection unopened
      2. Jimi Hendrix and The Raconteurs to feature in Guitar Hero: World Tour
      3. NXE will "help 360 on journey" towards the mass market
      4. Sony: No PS3 price cut - we've got a business to run
      5. New media manager launched for PSP
      6. GTi Club+ gets UK price and date
      7. New F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin video released
      8. Fable II Abbott glitch fixed, missing DLC codes resolved tomorrow
      9. BBC working on PS3-specific version of iPlayer
      10. Euro Rock Band 2 released "this side of Christmas," says EA
      11. Sony celebrates Plainum Range success
      12. Home "will continue to develop and change over time," says Sony boss
      13. WoW passes 11 million subscribers world-wide
      14. Online glitches force LittleBigPlanet servers offline
      15. Eurogamer Expo: Killzone 2 playtest
      16. Eurogamer Expo: Mirror's Edge playtest
      17. Lionhead's secret game to be announced "early next year," says rep
      18. Eurogamer Expo: Resident Evil 5 playtest
      19. CrispyGamer.com launches
      20. Avalanche Studios to sack 77 staff
      21. Eurogamer Expo: Photos from the showfloor
      22. Eurogamer Expo completely sold out
      23. Sony: LBP is landmark title, user created content to "balloon"
      24. In-game child-killing "gratuitous, unnecessary and cruel", says Fallout 3 dev
      25. Avatar Store coming next spring, says MS
      26. Rock Band 2 Wii coming "late December" in US
      27. Call of Duty World at War PC Beta starts
      28. Tomb Underworld 360 playable demo released
      29. IGN posts first Resistance 2 review
      30. Fresh date for Cooking Mama second helping
      31. Bleszinski looks like "small-town weed dealer," says New Yorker
      32. Sony: PS3 web browsing faster than IE7
      33. US PC charts - week ending October 18
      34. Bethesda pulls "all Fallout 3 trailers" at ESRB request
      35. New Killzone 2 trailer does the do
      36. Fallout 3 reviews go live, people seem to like it
      1. Star Wars: The Old Republic - The entire reveal presentation in video
      2. Motorstorm 2 DLC promised weekly, "a lot of it is free"
      3. Sony "madly working" to hit Home open beta date
      4. Guitar Hero: World Tour drums not recognized by PS3 Rock Band 2
      5. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard - First look, movie, screens
      6. THQ sues Activision over Baja box art
      7. Xbox 360 moving into Leicester Square this weekend
      8. Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris to voice The Return of Matt Hazard
      9. Epic talks creating a mega-franchise in Gears of War - video
      10. How to unlock every track in Guitar Hero World Tour
      11. Hell's Highway demo hits German Live
      12. DJ Hero confirmed for Activision release
      13. Fable II straight in at top of UK chart
      14. Official: LittleBigPlanet live servers up and running
      15. FM2009 gold, system specs released
      16. Games Convention and gamescom go mano-a-mano
      17. Gears 2 soundtrack announced
      18. Eurogamer Expo 2008 is tomorrow - everything you need to know
      19. Pachter drops Nintendo price target ahead of Q2 results
      20. UK OXM Gears of War 2 review scanned in entirety
      21. Mirror's Edge gets direct-feed gameplay footage
      22. LittleBigPlanet team "already at work on a sequel"
      23. Strategy boss: Listening to hardcore audience has killed RTS sales
      24. "Online is a massive and significant opportunity" - EA
      25. Wii production now at 2.4 million units a month, says Fils-Aime
      26. UK Qore clone named Official PlayStation Magazine HD
      27. English Bayonetta trailer released, is silly sexy
      28. Home version 1.0 to hit beta in "coming weeks"
      29. November Qore to contain Home beta invites
      30. GTA IV Trophy patch now live
      31. Pre-order Left 4 Dead, get demo early
      1. UK cosplayers take new world record
      2. Saints Row 3 confirmed, "new direction" touted
      3. LittleBigPlanet already hitting US retail
      4. Prince of Persia: Tons of new footage and interviews
      5. Nazi zombies confirmed for Call of Duty: World at War
      6. Fable II abbott glitch being fixed as "priority," says Lionhead
      7. EA looking at Dead Space as future development model
      8. Mercenaries 2 content update pushed back into November
      9. Far Cry 2 graphics settings compared, contrasted
      10. Multiwinia gets new demo, Steam special offer
      11. Metacritic faces credibility blow as thousands rig user scores (update)
      1. First Splatterhouse trailer released
      2. Live provides alternative way to market for smaller games, says Schappert
      3. New FFXIII screens released
      4. MS opens applications for early NXE testing (update)
      5. Four more Burnout Paradise content packs announced over coming month
      6. Wii couldn't draw RE5's loading screen, says Capcom
      7. US PS movie store update, October 24
      8. SCEA details US Resistance 2 beta dates
      1. Hellgate: London servers shutting down in February
      2. Fallout 3 for pre-order on Steam now
      3. MS shows NXE's Netflix functionality and Video Store
      4. E3 in LA for next three years
      5. Best Buy goes Fallout 3 nuts with US launch events
      6. MGS4 PS3 now up for pre-order in the US
      7. Epic on buyout story: No comment
      8. Tomb Raider Underworld gets Mexican bike trailer
      9. OPM gives Resistance 2 9/10
      10. Pre-order Resistance 2 from GameStation, has beta
      11. Fable II players report game breaking bug
      12. Jaffe, Molyneux, Zeschuk and Bleszinski on sex, violence, ratings and game design
      13. Halo Wars and voice comms wouldn't be a good mix, says EndWar boss
      14. Far Cry 2 PS3 mod is ridiculous
      15. E for All gets analised to death
      16. EA announces Army of Two movie
      17. CoD: WaW 360 bundle announced for Europe
      18. OXM gives Gears of War 2 9/10
      19. Championship Manager 2009 confirmed for April release
      20. Bleszinski wants "Clive Owen type" as Marcus in Gears movie
      21. Microsoft sells 2.2 million 360s in last quarter
      22. New study shows gamers aren't fat, sex-starved, reptilious little nerds after all
      23. WoW is the target for The Old Republic, says LucasArts and EA
      24. Bioshock 2 "destined" for PC, 360 and PS3, says 2K
      25. Army of Two movie on the cards
      26. GTA IV Trophy patch coming October 27
      27. Empire: Total War shows campaign map in movie
      28. SAW confirmed for October 2009
      29. US PSN content update, October 23
      30. Japanese hardware sales: PSP explodes, PS3 doesn't
      31. PSM3 Magazine says Fallout 3 ugliest on PS3, but still comparable to Xbox
      32. PAX organizers not afraid of new E3, say ESA approaching it from “wrong angle”
      33. Breaking: Gears of War movie financier in talks to buy Epic (update)
      1. Fallout 4 around three years away
      2. New Gears 2 ad shows large men and hard drilling
      3. THQ confirms Fiddy 2 publishing deal
      4. SFIV PC to release after console versions
      5. EndWar goes gold
      6. Star Wars: The Old Republic is "PC-only," says LucasArts boss
      7. LBP 1.02 patch blasts religion from game
      8. More Star Wars Galaxies content planned, will run alongside TOR "indefinitely"
      9. First Gears of War 2 review published tomorrow
      10. Dead Space 2 already underway
      11. Ubi sales up 32% in first half of FY 2009
      12. Euro PSN update, October 23
      13. Games industry just "one notch up from pornography," said Eidos boss
      14. Mercenaries 2 gets trophy patch
      15. No Velvet Assassin for PS3, says Gamecock [updated]
      16. EA Games president: "It is an absolute imperative for the company to go online as fast as possible"
      17. Sequels allow devs "to hit the ground running", says Insomniac CEO
      18. New Left 4 Dead system specs see graphics card requirements lowered
      19. Japanese PSN update reveals Secret Agent Clank PSP demo
      20. Sony now advertising Home to new membership sign-ups
      21. DSi demo video released
      22. Sony: 2009 "year of the PSP"
      23. PAL releases for Friday, October 24
      24. Dutch court sentences teens to community service for virtual theft
      25. Sony cuts earnings forecasts by 57%
      26. "Going from concept to production in one jump" is why concepts fail, says Harrison
      27. Warcraft characters turning into zombies, Lich King imminent
      28. Japanese software sales, October 13-19
      29. US retail refusing to stock more peripherals, cite lack of space
      30. Street Fighter IV coming to consoles "this winter"
      31. "The Hoff" to make Pain appearance
      32. New 50 Cent video shows explosions and guns, reveals Jan 09 release date
      33. Far Cry 2 on US Steam
      34. New Prince of Persia video exposes Elika
      35. Video: Dan Tudge talks you through Dragon Age: Origins
      36. Full Lips tracks list revealed, dated [Update]
      37. Penny Arcade Ep. 2 gets firm release date
      38. ESA president says not to expect E3 2009 to be open to the public
      39. Resi 5 website live
      40. Sacred 2 gets firm release dates, Atari to publish
      1. ESA announces E3 2009
      2. Resistance 2: Direct-feed footage from the beta
      3. BioWare bosses clam on Mass Effect, admit more DS plans, reveal 500-strong staff roster
      4. New XNA tech demo - The Unfinished Swan
      5. Japanese weekly hardware figures: PS3 sales hit an all time low
      6. Save the Videogame campaign launches in UK
      7. Microsoft India cancels Fallout 3 due to "cultural sensitivities"
      8. Portal: Still Alive out now
      9. New Tomb Raider Underworld video shows Lara on her bike
      10. Emotional Molyneux thanks reviewers for "patience and belief"
      11. High quality Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams teaser released
      12. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts gets firm release date
      13. GTAIV gets near perfect score from Famitsu, beats LittleBigPlanet
      14. Pre order Lips, get one free song every week for two months
      15. Confirmed: No Gears 2 for Germany or Japan
      16. New Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS screenshots
      17. "Console-isation isn’t about dumbing down features," says Deus Ex 3 dev
      18. Call of Duty: World at War PC beta details announced
      19. Midway's shares slump 12%
      20. Square Enix boss Wada wants "Japan Alliance"
      21. First Far Cry 2 reviews positive
      22. Harrison: Sony took "absolutely the right decision" in LBP recall
      23. Star Wars MMO companion characters to be "virtual friends," says BioWare
      24. Vince Farquharson new Runescape boss
      25. New Dexter game coming to iPhone, first details
      26. EA sued by composer for copyright infringement
      27. 20 free Rock Band 2 songs announced
      28. US PC charts - week ending October 11
      29. PSP 5.01 firmware update coming soon
      30. Mythic boss welcomes TOR, respect runs deep for Bioware
      31. Sony "working diligently" to bring Mortal Kombat back to PSN
      32. Sony: No plans to fix PSP-3000's screen, hardware to blame
      33. The Old Republic "under consideration" for console, says Gibeau
      1. Live audio of Star Wars: The Old Republic story presentation with lead writer, Daniel Ericson
      2. The story will make the difference if you hate MMOs, says Star Wars writer
      3. KOTOR realm vs. realm content to be completely intertwined with story
      4. KOTOR MMO has enough story content to be played like a single-player game
      5. Star Wars: The Old Republic - Story presentation live blog
      6. Star Wars: The Old Republic beta "at some point," says Rodriguez
      7. BioWare President won't be drawn on a date as Star Wars MMO movie looks stunning
      8. Star Wars: The old Republic will work on mid-range PC's and up, says dev
      9. BioWare's Dobson: Star Wars: The Old Republic "most ambitious project I've ever worked on"
      10. Star Wars: The Old Republic - official press release
      11. Star Wars: The Old Republic - First screens, art and logos
      12. Confirmed - Star Wars: The Old Republic announced, first details
      13. LIVE from LucasArts' San Francisco press conference!
      14. Get a Resistance 2 beta key from IGN right now
      15. Violence in games "concerns" Miyamoto
      16. Unique NXE Avatar URLs discovered
      17. Penny Arcade Ep One releasing on PSN this week
      18. New Alan Wake screenshots and video
      19. New Sonic Unleashed video and screens
      20. What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver trailer
      21. Broken Sword resurrected on Nintendo DS & Wii by Ubisoft?
      22. Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3 rated for PSN by ESRB
      23. 20 new Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix screenshots released
      24. Microsoft on Primetime delay: November 19 is only the beginning
      25. Dragon Age: Bioware striving for same experience for PC and consoles
      26. Mythic boss claims Warcraft copied WAR PvP changes
      27. Microsoft's Xbox Live Primetime delayed until spring
      28. ESA: No comment on plans for E3 2009
      29. Molyneux: Oblivion is like a 20,000 page book, you'll never finish it
      30. PSP-3000 sells 140,000 in just four days
      31. MotoGP 08 coming this Friday in Europe
      32. Sonic UK's favourite videogame character
      33. New White Knight Chronicles info reveals flying character, magic, attacks
      34. New Motorstorm ad shows people driving out of an aeroplane
      35. New Prince of Persia vid shows acrobatics
      36. Golden Axe dissenters "suck at games", says Play Online boss
      37. Prince of Persia classic on US PSN this Thursday
      38. Lifetime Japanese console sales sees 360 grow 157% in last half year
      39. Far Cry 2 classes revealed
      40. Games to beat credit crunch, says Miyamoto
      41. Saints Row 2: Finishing moves add visual flourish
      42. Music games are now market's number 2, research shows
      43. Bleszinski: I always prefer to under-promise and over-deliver
      44. Realtime Worlds hires industry veterans for top jobs
      45. Technicolor employee charged over Gears 2 and Fable II theft
      46. E3 open to the public in 2009 (update)
      47. LittleBigPlanet roll-back videoalised on BBC
      1. ESA spends $1 million on US lobbying in Q3
      2. Play The Suffering free, thanks to the USAF
      3. Massive announcement - Embargo lifts at 2pm PST tomorrow, all news live
      4. Source: E3 going "huge" for 2009 (update)
      5. EndWar confirmed for PSP and DS
      6. Epic working on "major expansion" for UT3
      7. PES goes top in UK
      8. Microsoft gets patent to block swearing in live audio streams
      9. Gears of War 2 leaked
      10. Loman on EE2008: "Our biggest inspiration is probably the Penny Arcade Expo"
      11. Harmonix: We've only reached a "waystation"
      12. LittleBigPlanet gets November 5 UK release date
      13. Wii Music launch trailer released
      14. Call of Duty WaW to be last iteration set in WWII?
      15. WAR class to get the chop
      16. Rumour: Sony considering Trophy reward system
      17. Legendary release dates announced as Atari confirms schedule
      18. Resistance 2 beta delayed
      19. Eurogamer gives Fable II 10/10 [Update]
      20. "You could make a brilliant World of Warcraft movie," says Spider-Man director
      21. Capcom praises Sony flexibility, MS "not there yet"
      22. HMV enters pre-owned market, Re/Play launches in UK and Ireland
      23. Console versions of Sacred 2 slip to 2009
      24. Age of Conan gets major combat overhaul
      25. 2K announces BioShock Challenge Room date
      26. SCIV Vader and Yoda DLC date and price
      27. LittleBigPlanet confirmed for week commencing November 3 in UK and Europe
      28. Scene it? demo now on Live
      29. PCGA: LucasArts hasn't made a good PC game in a long time
      30. Media Molecule "shell-shocked" and "gutted" over LBP delay
      31. Bungie's new IP independent of MS, says Jarrard
      32. Major Nelson offering chance to get NXE as early as next week
      33. Rock Band 2 gets Nirvana DLC
      34. Eurogamer gives Motorstorm: Pacific Rift 7/10
      35. September NPD in graph format
      36. Full Wii Music tracklist revealed
      37. Dead Rising Wii TGS build just a tech demo, says Capcom
      38. Max Payne movie take $18m in first week
      39. IGN handing out Resistance 2 beta kets
      40. Fable II online co-op patch done
      41. Blizzard: Next MMO won't be a Warcraft sequel
      42. Far Cry 2 gets Home space
      1. LittleBigPlanet changing hands for $140 on eBay
      2. No more TF2 updates this year, says Lombardi
      3. Banjo demo "completed or is in certification"
      4. OXM gives Fallout 3 10/10
      1. We're off to California - watch this space for updates
      2. Two cut classes to re-enter WAR
      3. NPD September PC chart: Spore in number one shock
      4. Better Zune-360 integration coming "within a year"
      5. Greenberg: We'll globally outsell PS3 this Christmas
      6. Starbreeze EA game is a Syndicate remake
      7. Wii Music is a 5/10, say IGN
      8. BioShock PS3 DLC confirmed for November 20
      9. No More Heroes 2 no out till 2010
      10. US PS movie store update, October 17
      11. Fable II launch trailer posted
      12. Capcom a “prolific PSN publisher,” receives branded PS Store for effort
      1. Mythic ready to combat Wrath of the Lich King, says Blizzard in for “lengthy battle”
      2. Rumour: Man behind LittleBigPlanet Qur'an content complaint apologises for delay
      3. New Resistance trailer shows shooting, bumped graphics
      4. Sony: Digital distribution will "ignite" PSP development
      5. Gears of War 2 and Banjo Nuts & Bolts at Eurogamer Expo
      6. NXE: Community games shown in video
      7. SCE Australian promises LBP copies for all PS3 purchases
      8. Full Oasis album coming to Guitar Hero World Tour
      9. Wii Music packaging reveals licensed songs
      10. LittleBigPlanet will ship in US "in week of" October 27, says SCEA
      11. Media Molecule - We wanted to patch LBP but Sony decided to recall
      12. Sony: LittleBigPlanet to be recalled on global level because of Qur’an content
      13. Confirmed: LittleBigPlanet delayed over Qur'an "expressions", SCEE makes statement
      14. LittleBigPlanet delayed, says "speculation" (update)
      15. Edge gives LBP 10
      16. Can Sony use user-generated PSN content in any way it sees fit?
      17. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift confirmed for November 7 launch
      18. First official Vader versus Yoda SCIV fight shots released, DLC confirmed
      19. European Xbox 360 bundles start shipping today
      20. Portal: Still Alive for XBLA next week
      21. EA to release Q2 result on October 30
      22. Warner president quits SCi board
      23. Rock Band 2 dated for PS3, PS2 and Wii in the US
      24. Phantasy Star Portable confirmed for Europe
      25. PES 2009 bundle announced for Europe
      26. New Mines of Moria movies posted
      27. Newell: Gamers are smarter than publishers
      28. Japanese hardware sales: PS3 heads for the hard deck
      29. American Resistance 2 beta gets underway, game goes gold
      30. Report: MGS4 on 360 quote retracted from Japanese story
      31. September NPD - Everything in one place
      32. Far Cry 2 gets Home space
      33. US PSN update, October 16: SOCOM released
      34. Euro PSN update, October 16
      35. GMA 2008 - Edge and Eurogamer take top honours for UK
      36. September NPD - Figure-happy Nintendo points to "unique controls" for success
      37. September NPD - Microsoft points to 42% post-cut hardware surge
      38. September NPD - Sony talks "solid footing," PS3 sales up 95% YoY
      39. September NPD - Big PC releases noted against console software drop
      40. September NPD - US games sales drop 7% to $1.27 billion thanks to Halo 3 comparison
      41. September NPD - Force Unleashed lords over software sales
      42. September NPD - Wii pulls ahead, 360 takes PS3
      43. September NPD - Raw data released
      1. Greenberg: NXE is "the biggest moment in the history of the internet”
      2. Financials woes won't harm games, says Blizzard
      3. Next Mirror's Edge story trailer released
      4. Activision trademarks Guitar Hero Modern Hits
      5. HL2 says Ep 3 is a "more ambitious project," says Valve
      6. Dragon Age gets console release in Q4 2009
      7. Live-blogging the Games Media Awards!
      8. Blizzard "sure" to have a Diablo III beta
      9. Frank Sliwka takes helm at gamescom dev conference
      10. PES 2009 cut to ?27 at Asda
      11. Those who tried WAR are coming back to WoW, says Sams
      12. Eurogamer launches Spanish site
      13. Last Remnant gets 21 new shots
      14. Live from London's Games Media Awards 2008 tonight
      15. THQ has Fiddy 2 rated by the BBFC
      16. More WWII Call of Duty may be on the way
      17. BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams trailered at end of BioShock PS3 - see it now
      18. Schappert: 360 has the power to run MGS4
      19. Rare posts Killer Instinct Pi?ata Vision cards
      20. Far Cry 2 level editor will give birth to "hundreds of thousands" of maps, says Ubi - video
      21. Rhianna Pratchett to script Overlord II
      22. Master Chief is playable in Fable II - screens
      23. XBLA games have to run on a 14" TV
      24. GTA: San Andreas confirmed for Xbox Originals
      25. Japanese software sales, October 6-12
      26. New Dragon Age screens released
      27. Watch Wii Music crucify the Zelda theme tune
      28. Left 4 Dead demo in early November, new movies
      29. Brash boss - We've stopped short-cycling games
      30. Left 4 Dead available for pre-order on Steam
      31. Watch the first 10 minutes of Fable II in Polish
      32. IGN gives BioShock PS3 a cool 9.4/10 (update)
      33. Phantasy Star Portable to launch in the US
      34. WAR patched to 1.0.3
      35. SouthPeak CEO: Gamecock brand in question, but “independent mantra” isn’t
      1. Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be available via both UMD and PS Store download
      2. Jack of All Games founder sues Take-Two for $50 million
      3. Pixels, counting, Gears of War 2, video
      4. $148.5 million pumped into virtual worlds in Q3, says VWM
      5. Blizzard boss: Diablo III "still fairly early in development"
      6. EEDAR announces GamePulse
      7. EVE Online: Quantum Rise for this winter, "multiplies MMO power"
      8. NYPD union chief says Saints Row 2 encourages depravity
      9. First Love trailer released, looks bonkers
      10. Pink rabbit suits added to High Velocity Bowling
      11. Sims 3 available for pre-order now
      12. Sony - No games support PS3 2.50 screen capturing yet
      13. Next-gen lappy drives boost PS3 load times by 30-40%
      14. Riccitiello: "EA will kill a game or two a year. Forever"
      15. London mayor makes weapons-grade arse out of himself over London Games Festival
      16. 2k to patch PS3 BioShock
      17. New Gears 2 impressions and shots posted
      18. PES 09 looks destined to score lower than FIFA 09
      19. "Main thrust" of Q4 PlayStation marketing will be cinema-based
      20. EndWar's voice input inspired by Guitar Hero and Wii
      21. Tiny minority cares about DRM, says Riccitiello
      22. Far Cry 2 to use SecuROM, five installs on three PCs
      23. UK journos un-shocked by MGS4 plans for 360
      24. EndWar demo goes up on Live
      25. Bungie: Halo 3: Recon is "two games in one"
      26. Splash Damage adds Heavenly Sword duo to staff list
      27. Ghostbusters gone to Atari, is a year away
      28. FreeStyle is working on new IP, will play "big part" in Acti-Bliz Euro Guitar Hero strategy
      29. Tesco sends second customer email about Saints Row price balls-up
      30. Wii Music - How to use its instruments in video
      31. WoW patch 3.0.2 now live in Europe
      32. World of Goo demo goes live
      33. Moledina joins EA Partners
      34. Hirai - "The main premise of PS3 is video games"
      35. Move on Take-Two was "waste of ink," says Riccitiello
      36. TGS best of show winners announced
      37. UMD Legacy section renamed for UK PSP store, other differences shown in pics
      38. Sony opens up official PlayStation channel on YouTube
      39. BioShock dev details new features in PS3 version
      40. Call of Duty: World at War - three movies posted
      41. Molyneux may show "politically contentious" game at GDC 09
      42. PSP-3000 out now in US, Friday in Europe
      43. Damnation gets five new videos
      44. Bionic Commando is "not f**king Spider-Man," says GRIN
      45. PSP Firmware 5.0 is live
      46. PS3 Firmware 2.50 is now live globally
      1. Tesco sending out Saints Row 2 order cancellation emails
      2. Red Alert 3 PC goes gold, US release dates confirmed
      3. First few Wii Music tracks revealed
      4. Capcom announces full length SFIV anime film
      5. Xbox Live Friends updates come to BlackBerry
      6. Apple's Steve Jobs calls Blu-ray "a bag of hurt"
      7. BioShock PS3 gets launch trailer
      8. Activision now gunning for Fiddy, reports MCV
      9. Gears 2 pre-orders surpass original game, "Flashback" map pack confirmed
      10. StarCraft II: "We'll take as long as we need"
      11. Hirai - We're not "recession-proof"
      12. Lego Batman gets PC demo
      13. Far Cry 2 goes gold
      14. Konami "actively looking" at MGS4 on 360
      15. Analyst counts out WAR in battle against WoW
      16. SCEA shows PSP Store working in video
      17. Mirror's Edge is trilogy, says DICE
      18. New PS3 and PSP Firmware to launch tomorrow
      19. We're following BioWare's KOTOR example, says EndWar boss
      20. Valve: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 "may" be shown at the end of 2008
      21. EA's Asian revenue is "nowhere" near desired level, says exec
      22. PS3 Firmware 2.50 to include Flash 9 support
      23. SouthPeak buys Gamecock
      24. Sin City publisher acquired by SilverBirch
      25. Pre-Wrath of the Lich King patch goes live in US
      26. Dead Space team studied car crash images during dev
      27. Consolevania launches fourth series
      28. Get golden lancer with Gears 2 SE at GameStation
      29. The Ram Raider Awards 2008: vote now
      30. VG247 signs media sponsorship deal with Eurogamer Expo 2008
      31. Resi Evil 5 playable at EG Expo, SFIV to appear on 360
      32. Morhaime: Blizzard can move to consoles anytime thanks to Activision
      33. PlayStation cases to be eradicted by Cornish firm
      34. Far Cry 2 user-created levels possible on Xbox Live thanks to Instinct "experience"
      35. Saints Row 2 scores well in initial reviews
      36. Kojima "should be able to announce something" at TGS 09
      37. NXE: Euros to get 360 memory upgrades as well - all details and pricing
      38. Tesco now selling PS3 Saints Row 2 for ?39.97
      39. A Halo MMO would be "pretty challenging" - Bungie
      40. "Grl Gmr" tournament announced for LGF Fringe
      41. Tesco selling PS3 Saints Row 2 for ?15.97
      42. Blizzard: We're not milking StarCraft
      43. Fable II's site goes live
      44. MS offering cheap HDs and free memory cards for NXE
      45. "Laser-focus" lifts EA Sports Metacritic average, says Moore
      46. Champions Online beta applications opened
      47. TGS attendance hits all-time high
      48. Man proposes via LBP level - video
      49. Blizzard on Battle.Net: We'll never block "the full game experience" with charges
      50. Far Cry 2 graphics video released, is awesome
      51. Bleszinski: We don't respect game visionaries enough
      52. HMV to open multiplayer gaming centres across UK
      1. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 gets ERSB rating
      2. Win a gold-plated 360 in new Saints Row 2 compo
      3. Sony: Q4 release dates aren't set in stone
      4. Ubisoft "getting Altair to swim," says dev
      5. PSN down tomorrow
      6. NXE to launch without movie-sharing
      7. Euro Silent Hill slips into 2009
      8. THQ shares bounce up as analyst says "buy"
      9. Blizzard posts Wrath of the Lich King art
      10. Tull quits Brash board
      11. FIFA holds top spot in UK
      12. Call of Duty: World at War beta keys being given away now
      13. Kaplan "definitely involved" in next-gen Blizzard MMO
      14. Hellgate dev boss to head up new Turbine Studio
      15. EA confirms new Space phase expansion for Spore
      16. Games software sales are "highly recession-resistant," says Pachter
      17. You become a server for Far Cry 2 user-created maps if your connection is faster than Ubisoft's
      18. Sony details next Firmware for both PS3 and PSP
      19. 360 battered PS3 in the US last month, says Pachter
      20. DC Universe Online video shows behind the scenes dev
      21. Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway demo now on Live
      22. Resistance 2 dated for November 28 in Europe
      23. LBP bundle confirmed for October 31 in Europe, DS bundles stay East
      24. Games can survive economic panic by "generating excitement," says Hirai
      25. Paid character customisation heading to WoW
      26. Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets more Tokyo screens
      27. LittleBigPlanet is a 9/10, says Eurogamer [update]
      28. Garriott goes into space
      1. TGS08 public attendance up on first day
      2. Seabass: EA's FIFA engine is "really superb"
      3. Spore Creepy & Cute parts add-on confirmed by EA
      4. US Fallout 3 launch party is hosted by Courtney Cox
      5. Terran: Wings of Liberty shots posted out of BlizzCon
      6. Blizzard "worried" at too many players swamping Diablo III co-op
      7. Blizzard's Wilson: Some Battle.net features to be 'monetized'
      8. Man gets Gears 2 early, posts picture on internet
      9. Microsoft to hand out “storage solutions” to hard drive-less NXE users
      10. First Sonic and the Black Knight trailer is so not Legend of Sonic
      1. No Halo 3 Recon content available via DLC says Bungie
      2. Tom Clancy's End War VIP 360 demo is (finally) live
      3. First LittleBigPlanet reviews to go live tomorrow night
      4. THQ takes 50 Cent 2
      5. Nutter has 36 WoW accounts, play all simultanously, raids by himself
      6. TGS trade attendance falls again
      7. Microsoft sues DHL over Texan train crash
      8. Infogrames completes Atari acquisition
      9. New StarCraft II gameplay movies head out of BlizzCon
      10. StarCraft II trilogy release explained
      11. New StarCraft II cinematic released
      12. Rumour: Mirror's Edge demo coming November 6
      13. New Far Cry 2 trailer posted: meet the Jackal
      14. Rumour: Blizzard mentions WarCraft IV in StarCraft II BlizzCon panel
      15. US PS movie store update, October 11
      16. Brack: We thought 1 million WoW subs was the pinnacle of success
      17. BlizzCon 08: 22 Diablo III shots posted
      18. Bleszinski: Gears to Resistance is "apples to oranges"
      19. NXE: How the new Marketplace will work on your PC
      20. The Diablo III Wizard's talent tree posted
      21. StarCraft II is a trilogy, Blizzard announces
      1. Bionic Commando movie is "definite possibility"
      2. WipEout HD patched, freezing fixed
      3. Morhaime: "Good argument" that Diablo III may work well on console
      4. Blizzard details Diablo III Wizard - words, 7 images, 6 movies
      5. Blizzard shows first Diablo III Wizard class movies at BlizzCon
      6. BlizzCon 08 attendees get StarCraft II beta access
      7. BlizzCon 08: Diablo III wizard class revealed, hands-ons posted
      8. Warhammer Online claims 750,000 registered players
      9. Official Nintendo Mag UK gets new editor
      10. Yoshida: We want 360 to succeed in Japan
      11. TGS: Monster Hunter 3: tri shots bring the pretty
      12. Greenberg takes Tokyo: Japanese third-parties have shifted "from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360"
      13. Videogamer.com claims first 720p video player among UK sites
      14. PES 09 Wii movie and screens look amazing
      15. Greenberg hammers Blu-ray at TGS: "We have no plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience"
      16. Ensemble would have survived if Microsoft had confidence in PC sales, says de Plater
      17. Banjo screens make it out of Tokyo
      18. Saints Row 2 gets launch trailer
      19. Gears of War 2 goes gold
      20. TGS: New EndWar movies and screens released
      21. Latest Gears 2 dev movie talks multiplayer
      22. TGS: Molyneux explains Fable II combat system in video
      23. TGS: New FF Versus XIII trailer detailed
      24. Prince of Persia Classic confirmed for PSN
      25. TGS: Bionic Commando gets new movie and screens
      26. Left 4 Dead pre-orders now 60% ahead of Orange Box
      27. Bungie: TGS is "great" platform to announce Halo 3 Recon
      28. White Knight Chronicles' "key differentiating element" is transforming hero
      29. Bungie teases Recon surprise for Halo 3 owners
      30. Last Remnant gets TGS trailer
      31. Recon is not "full, entire game like Halo 3"
      32. Recon is last Halo trilogy project, says Bungie
      33. Diablo III playable at BlizzCon
      34. US PSN update, October 9
      35. Japan to get LBP DualShock bundles - pictures
      36. New Castlevania game teased at TGS
      37. GAME managers buy cheap console stock at Sainsbury's
      1. New Bayonetta shots posted from Tokyo
      2. Naka's Prope making a Sonic-like action game
      3. System requirements announced for Fallout 3 PC
      4. TGS: Tenchu 4 gets hands-on and screens
      5. Street Fighter IV console versions - off-screen video
      6. TGS: 360 will keep rising in Japan, says Sensui
      7. TGS: Halo Wars off-screen gameplay videoalised
      8. Mines of Moria gets release date
      9. Nintendo's value drops to new annual low
      10. TGS: XBLA de-listing deferred, says Schappert
      11. Fable II to get day one online co-op, confirms Lionhead
      12. Japanese hardware sales: Weekly PS3 figures hit all-time low
      13. PSP Store gets first images from Tokyo
      14. MCVUK.com hits 210,000 unique users for September
      15. TGS gets 16 new Far Cry 2 screens
      16. Euro PSN update, October 9
      17. Star Ocean: The Last Hope - TGS trailer and off-screen gameplay videos posted
      18. FIFA 09 sells 1.2 million in Europe in a week
      19. Bungie: Halo 3 Recon "isn't Halo Cell, Ghost Recon: Halo, Republic Commandalo or whatever"
      20. LBP beta levels will make it into retail version
      21. The TGS Day 1 NEWS BEAST - Everything so far
      22. Red Alert 3 gets European release date
      23. Avatar customization requires 256Mb of storage
      24. Sony announces Home-backers in Tokyo
      25. InFamous gets updated impressions and screens
      26. "I don't know" when GTA IV DLC is out, says Xbox Live boss
      27. Tekken 6: Watch the TGS trailer
      28. First Ninety-Nine Nights 2 image released
      29. TGS: "Riled" Schappert goes on offensive against "innovation criticism"
      30. R-Type Dimension screenshots and trailer
      31. Prince of Persia gameplay montage posted
      32. All future SCEJ UMD games to be downloadable
      33. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G confirmed for Euro release
      34. Sony clears up TGS press conference confusion: there isn't one
      35. Portal: Prelude released
      36. New Fable II shots released
      37. New Xbox Experience gets Tokyo-timed hands-on
      38. Tekken 6 console shots released
      39. TGS08 - New Prince of Persia trailer released
      40. Street Fighter IV - Three new videos, new screens
      41. First Demon's Souls gameplay footage coms out of Tokyo
      42. TGS08 - Resident Evil 5 screens released
      43. Champ Man had "no vision, no direction," admits Eidos
      44. Resident Evil 5: IGN posts lengthy direct-feed gameplay footage
      45. Microsoft raising Xbox 360 forecasts in Japan
      46. First Quantum Theory screens and art posted
      47. Sonic and the Black Knight gets first footage in Tokyo
      48. Yakuza 3 gets in-game footage from Tokyo
      49. PSP Plus will allow PS3 controllers to connect to PSP, says Sony
      50. White Knight Chronicles trailered in Tokyo
      51. New FFXIII shot released
      52. TGS08 - All the news from the Microsoft keynote
      53. MGS and FF skins confirmed for LBP
      54. First Quantum Theory trailer released
      55. PSP PlayStation Store access dated at TGS
      56. Sony confirms TGS press conference for today? [Update]
      57. Halo 3 Recon pack art shown at TGS
      58. Halo 3 Recon - first screens and movie posted
      59. Microsoft showcases Halo 3 Recon in Tokyo
      60. NXE dated for November 19
      61. Xbox Live membership hits 14 million
      62. Metal Slug 7 coming to XBLA
      63. King of Fighters '98 confirmed for XBLA
      64. R-Type XBLA announced
      65. Tekken 6 confirmed for 360
      66. Ninety-Nine Nights 2 confirmed for 360
      67. Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets date
      68. Xbox 360 is the best platform for Japanese publishers, says Schappert
      69. TGS 08 - No More Heroes 2 trailer released
      70. TGS08 - Microsoft keynote begins at 4.00am UK time
      71. Five different Lips language versions planned
      72. TGS08 - Resident Evil 5 story trailer released
      73. 360 Meteos gets hands-on, screens, movies
      1. New Fable II TV spot released
      2. Should Sony ditch all LBP beta content? You decide
      3. Premium themes now up on PS Store
      4. New Dawn of War video shows squad abilities
      5. Fallout 3 goes gold
      6. NFS Undercover Cops and Robbers online mode announced
      7. New Pitfall: The Big Adventure Wii screens released
      8. 66 new Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City screenshots posted
      9. Scene It? Box Office Smash first NXE game, out October 28
      10. USA Today giving away the last 15,000 LBP beta keys
      11. New You're in the Movies shots released
      12. Blizzard releases Wrath of the Lich King system specs
      13. OXM gives Far Cry 2 9/10, calling it "this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed"
      14. Report: Manufacting contract awarded for external 360 Blu-ray drive
      15. GameTrailers posts huge Banjo walkthrough from Tokyo
      16. White Knight Chronicles to feature online co-op
      17. Sony says again that PS3 won't get a price cut this year
      18. Molyneux lists Fable II imperfections, says he overhyped Fable I
      19. New PoP movie shows proper gameplay
      20. Ninja Blade gets shaky-cammed pre-TGS
      21. YouTube to start selling games
      22. LocoRoco 2 shots beat TGS starting gun
      23. Star Ocean: Second Evolution out in Europe next spring
      24. Resistance 2 beta to start next week?
      25. New Japanese 80Gb PS3 bundle to be announced at TGS08
      26. Dead Space animated comic gets sixth episode
      27. Dead Rising Wii dated for next February
      28. Tecmo announces new TPS, Quantum Theory
      29. Rumour: New Team ICO game won't be shown at TGS08, new Halo game a cert
      30. Tomorrow's TGS08 Microsoft keynote - timing and details
      31. Ubisoft creative director: "Piracy's basically killing PC"
      32. Far Cry 2 dev - CoD4 was the new reference for multiplayer
      33. New Resident Evil 5 trailer released tonight
      34. Microsoft and Square partner for mass TGS showing
      35. Qore entrance to Home beta? "More news in about two weeks"
      36. Spore stays top of US PC chart
      37. Mizuguchi: Yes, I'm working on a new IP
      38. Next Halo novel dated
      39. New Afro Samurai shots hack out of Japan
      40. First League of Legends trailer shown
      41. Namco releases new Tales of Symphonia video
      42. TGS Namco press conference live-blogged - not much happened
      43. Ubi spends $10 million on South Park ad push
      44. Ease of use overrated, Nintendo Points non-transferrable between Wii and DSi
      45. CliffyB: Call of Duty series’ back-and-forth dev style soulless
      1. TGS08: New Last Remnant trailer
      2. Saints Row 2 soundtrack announced, is massive, has Final Countdown
      3. Humble bumped up to head of Sims label at EA
      4. Area 51 free to download
      5. End War VIP beta demo starts...now [Update - It's been delayed again]
      6. Riot Games announces new RTS, League of Legends
      7. Lara DLC detailed, dated, will never leave 360
      8. Let's Tap explained in video
      9. Divnich: PS3 is "simply too steep" at $399
      10. New (ish) Heavy Rain shots released
      11. Molyneux pretty much confirms Fable II DLC
      12. Underworld Lara has "2,000 animations"
      13. Treyarch Bond team pumps, needs sequel badly
      14. EEDAR estimates show big bump for 360 in US
      15. New Left 4 Dead screens show goddamn zombies, maggotfarmer
      16. Mirror's Edge gets hands-ons, new movies, new interview, new everything
      17. Wii Speak Channel and mic out in Europe on December 5
      18. VG247 signs deal with Giant Realm
      19. First Fallout 3 review is 93%
      20. BlizzCon map and schedule published
      21. Microsoft shows full TGS line-up
      22. Pachter "convinced" Wii HD is on the way
      23. Funcom: AoC 360 not "high on list of priorities"
      24. "Huge" Far Cry 2 environments prevented co-op, says Ubi dev
      25. Media Molecule boss "annoyed" by LBP controls
      26. Afro Samurai confirmed for Euro release
      27. PS3 FIFA 09 cut to ?25 at Morrisons
      28. EndWar for PC? "Yeah," says de Plater
      29. New Yakuza 3 screens released
      30. Moore was not "pushed hard" on 360 failure issues, says Antonucci: full interview transcript
      31. New Blitz 2 vid shows blood and bones ripping out of sockets
      32. GameStop offers more God of War LittleBigPlanet skins
      33. Hardcore gamers are "truly insatiable," says Reggie
      34. Sega AM2 boss: Arcade market outside Japan is "practically dead"
      35. AMD spinning off manufacturing business
      36. Molyneux to Fable II reviewers: please play with non-hardcore gamers
      37. Grasshopper takes UE3 for EA horror game
      38. First Cave Story Wii shots released
      39. MotionPlus tech was too expensive for Wii launch, says Reggie
      40. New Star Ocean: First Departure shots released
      1. DSi won't expand Nintendo's handheld audience, says Sony
      2. "Zero chance" of Left 4 Dead PS3 this year
      3. Silicon Knights lays off 26
      4. Over 2,000 attend first PC Gamer Showdown
      5. Quantum of Solace demo released
      6. Gears 2 gets ton of direct-feed footage from IGN
      7. FIFA 09 debuts at top of UK chart
      8. Bleszinski: Gears 2 will be "stronger" without PC
      9. More IPs may enter Lego MMO, but not at "first launch"
      10. Gawker makes staff cuts, Kotaku unaffected
      11. BlizzCon starts Friday, in case you'd forgotten
      12. 360 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld to get exclusive DLC
      13. PSP-3000 to ship with Firmware 4.20
      14. Vegas EVO tournament crowd goes mental - video
      15. DSi software is region-locked, Nintendo confirms
      16. Fable II: All single-player games stored on MS server, 64 simultaneous "orbs" in world
      17. New Gears of War 2 shots show reaver-riding
      18. Killzone 2 confirmed playable for Eurogamer Expo 2008
      19. New MadWorld trailer released, shows Jack's bike
      20. Fils-Aime: Wii Music is a difficult game, will be top Nintendo seller
      21. GoNintendo destroys US Nintendo Media Summit with mega-impressions
      22. First Deus Ex 3 scans hit web
      23. Free Kratos LBP OPM UK issue on sale now
      24. Watch the DSi web browser in action
      25. Lego Batman set for October 10 release
      26. Far Cry 2: 720p, but no 60 frames a second
      27. "Xbox Live is going gangbusters," says Ballmer
      28. E for All attracts 15,000 visitors
      29. All SOE MMOs to appear on consoles from now on
      30. EA sells pink Madden for breast cancer charidee
      31. Eternal Sonata PS3 confirmed for Europe
      32. Japanese hardware sales: 360 takes third week over PS3
      33. Treyarch: Daniel Craig is a gamer
      34. Young man loses it in WoW competition
      1. PS3 web browser updated
      2. Play Quantum of Solace demo by drinking Coke
      3. Bungie planning video renderer for Halo 3
      4. TimeSplitters 4 concept art released
      5. Deus Ex 3 stealth is "cover-based," not in the shadows
      6. The Conduit: The entire first level in video
      7. Ensemble shows Halo Wars' back-story
      8. Platinum Games collaborating with ESRB, but MadWorld release iffy in censorship-happy territories
      9. AC/DC Rock Band add-on says “Let there be Achievements”
      1. Deus Ex 3 gets plot details from PC Zone
      2. EA buying Epic? "Rubbish," says Rein
      3. DS and DSi will "coexist" in the US, says Dunaway
      4. "Cute and Creepy" Spore expansion pack listed by US retailers
      5. TimeSplitters 4 teased on Free Rad's site
      6. FIFA team talks Be A Pro
      7. Persona 4 gets six new videos
      8. US PS movie store update, October 4
      1. Fable II CE culled even further
      2. Resident Evil 5 drops typewriter saves, gets awesome new screens
      3. New Xbox Experience: The games marketplace
      4. New Alan Wake shot released
      5. 160Gb Drake's Fortune PS3 confirmed for November in US
      6. Motorstorm 2: 93 half-empty screens
      7. Nintendo announces virtually nothing at Media Summit Part 2
      8. Full Spectrum Warrior now available for free
      9. IGN giving away 20,000 LBP beta keys
      10. D3 announces Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
      11. Manhunt 2 Wii dated for the UK
      12. Watch Richard Garriott go ballistic on October 12
      13. Fable II video interview details a day in the life of Albion
      14. Will Wright and Kotick donate funds to McCain
      15. Viva Pi?ata: Trouble in Paradise demo hits Live
      16. Square Enix shows layout of TGS booth
      17. Nintendo want DSi to "fit naturally into people's everyday lives"
      18. First Pikmin Wii shot released
      19. Shopto.net ordered by Sony to revise Sackboy pre-order offer
      20. APB on the verge of "closed beta," says Realtime Worlds
      21. First direct-feed Demon's Souls shots released
      22. Remedy explains why Alan Wake is taking so long and confirms new trailer for this month
      23. Sports games "don't seem to be changing," says Molyneux
      24. GT5: Prologue gets three new cars
      25. Interview: EA Sports marketing boss talks FIFA 09
      26. Second PoP dev diary released
      27. Latest Fable II dev diary is all about the music
      28. Nintendo UK confirms GC Wii-make line-up for Europe
      29. Gears of War 2 manual scanned, posted
      30. The Last Remnant bundle confirmed for Japan
      31. Rumour: Resident Evil 5 demo coming early next year
      32. 17 new Star Ocean images released
      33. Nintendo shares tumble on DSi announcement
      34. First Uncharted movie details published
      35. 18-45 year-old women account for 28% of US games revenue
      36. New Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City shots posted
      37. Mario & Luigi RPG 3 gets debut trailer
      38. Punch-Out!! Wii gets proper trailer
      39. Red Alert 3 gets Allied and Soviet co-op movies
      40. Codemasters to close RF Online in the West
      41. The Conduit: nine new videos
      42. US PSN content update for October 2
      43. Reggie: DSi "in our next fiscal: so that's after April"
      44. Namco releases 25 new Eternal Sonata PS3 screens
      45. New US Nintendo release dates rounded up
      46. Xbox 360 outsold PS3 in September in Japan
      1. Dead Space: First review is 91%
      2. First Halo Wars footage releases this Saturday
      3. Animal Crossing Wii to support USB keyboard
      4. All the DS shots from US Nintendo conference posted
      5. Burning Crusade raids prepare for heavy nerfs as Lich King nears
      6. Full Japanese Nintendo press conference posted in English
      7. Team 17 boss cautious of DSi SD feature
      8. Rhythm Heaven, Mario & Luigi RPG 3 vaguely dated for US
      9. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon dated for US
      10. New EndWar footage released, is awesome
      11. Another Code Wii shots released
      12. First Punch-Out!! Wii shots released
      13. The Conduit a first-party Wii game? Nope
      14. Cave Story on WiiWare 'this Holiday season'
      15. Brain Age titles are first downloadables for DSi
      16. PES 09 demo now on Live
      17. PC gamer market in "tatters," says Molyneux
      18. First Klonoa Wii shots released
      19. Pikmin remake to release on Christmas Day, more GameCube classics on way to Wii
      20. National Videogame Archive formed in UK
      21. Golden Joysticks 2008 gets more than 640,000 votes
      22. Sainsbury's to sell 360 for ?99 tomorrow
      23. Wii Speak Channel announced in San Francisco
      24. DSi launch in US "well into 2009"
      25. Club Nintendo confirmed for US
      26. EndWar confirmed for November 7 in Europe
      27. Nintendo: No UK Wii or DS price cut this year
      28. Take-Two to remain independent
      29. GameCube Wii re-releases coming to Europe
      30. US DSi date "not confirmed," says Nintendo
      31. Euro PSN update, October 2: BioShock and PES 09 demos released
      32. Valkyria Chronicles date moved forward in Europe
      33. First Sin and Punishment 2 screens shown
      34. New Banjo trailer shows more of Showdown Town
      35. Second Naka Prope game is Let's Catch
      36. Enterbrain publishes first-half sales figures for Japan
      37. DSi has less battery life than DS Lite
      38. Help Destructoid man debase himself and raise money for children
      39. 20 new Resi Evil 5 screens in next EGM
      40. Yuji Naka's Prope game is... Let's Tap
      41. Sony accepting sign-ups for Resistance 2 public beta
      42. DSi: Nintendo releases 10 new detail shots
      43. DSi to launch in Europe next spring
      44. DSi info pages posted (in Japanese), shots released
      45. First DSi hardware and software movie released
      46. Watch first Punch-Out!! Wii video right now
      47. Sin and Punishment 2 confirmed in Japan
      48. Punch-Out!! announced for Wii
      49. Pikmin Wii re-release confirmed
      50. Nintendo addresses Wi storage issue with SD cards
      51. Nintendo announces award scheme to encourage people to use Wii online
      52. DSi dated for November 1 in Japan
      53. DSi Shop announced, free points for all
      54. DSi specs confirmed, 12 percent thinner than Lite
      55. Nintendo announces DSi in Tokyo
      56. Pure PC demo released
      57. Nintendo Japan conference starts in 10 minutes
      58. Japanese software sales, September 22-28
      59. Koei-Tecmo merger is all about survival, says Matsubara
      60. Home open beta not coming with Firmware 2.50
      61. Enterbrain: Japanese games market is shrinking
      1. PS3 sales 30% over target for fiscal year, says Tretton
      2. Penny Arcade Episode Two goes gold
      3. Ubi pushes back EndWar's VIP multiplayer demo
      4. Direct-feed Gears 2 footage shows start of gameplay
      5. PES09 PC demo released
      6. Fable II Collector's Edition gets stuff removed, price dropped
      7. Second Metal Gear Online expansion confirmed
      8. New EndWar movie details meta-game
      9. Puzzle Quest launch on PSN this year
      10. Xbox Live is d-d-down
      11. Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets pre-TGS story detail
      12. Payton confirmed for MS Halo team
      13. WoW patch 3.0.2 gets sketchy release date
      14. Lombardi: Left 4 Dead pre-orders 40% higher than Orange Box
      15. Demon's Souls detailed ahead of TGS
      16. First GTI Club + direct feed movies posted
      17. DLC may affect Fallout 3 platform buying decisions, admits Bethesda
      18. Timing for 1.5 hour-long Nintendo Japan conference confirmed for tomorrow
      19. Media Molecule has "had talks" about PSP LBP
      20. Klonoa getting Wii remake
      21. Blizzard wins $6 million damages from Glider manufacturer
      22. Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway PC version confirmed for October 10 release
      23. First Bayonetta gameplay trailer shown
      24. Nintendo likely to go large at press conference tomorrow, say analysts
      25. Dead Space DLC suits shots released
      26. Sega shows TGS line-up
      27. GameStop buys Micromania
      28. New Animal Crossing Wii shots scanned from Famitsu
      29. Demon's Souls announced for PS3 ahead of TGS
      30. Dead Space goes gold, "platform exclusive suit" available for early buyers
      31. dtp unveils cyberpunk MMO, Otherland
      32. Queen song packs to hit SingStore tomorrow
      33. Rage could still be distributed digitally, says Willits
      34. Molyneux on BC: "We're not saying it's never going to come out"
      35. Dragon Quest IX dated for Japan
      36. Bethesda aiming for digital distribution for Fallout 3, new shots released
      37. Jaffe: God of War movie may be "s**t," probably won't be
      38. Sims 3 footage seen in behind the scenes trailer
      39. Res Evil 5's Takeuchi: "There's no doubt about the power of web advertising"
      40. Alan Wake reveal story is "100% true," expect more on Friday
      41. X-Men: The Last Stand, Rush Hour director working on God of War movie
      42. Curry lambasts 'unacceptable' Australian ratings system
      43. Special edition Gears of War 2 Zune is revolting
      44. Rumour: PSP Firmware 5.0 to include PS Store access, screen-grabbing
      45. Red Xbox 360 controller for the US on November 2
      46. Variety and Edge clash handbags over EA Redwood Shores rebranding
      47. Mercenaries DLC to includes cheats and characters
      48. Rumour: Alan Wake trailer to be shown at Max Payne premiere
      49. Halo 3 back on top of Live play charts