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  • December 2008 Archive

      1. And it's goodnight from us...
      1. Criterion working on Black sequel? [Update]
      2. Xbox 360 gets a fireplace
      3. Burnout Back to the Future car does hover stuff
      4. Banking troubles may force CCP from Iceland
      5. US PC charts - Lich King solid at top, GTA vanishes
      6. Braid PC for "February-March 2009"
      7. Spector working on Epic Mickey?
      8. Halo is Live deal of the week
      1. Research note points to new Zelda title in 2009 and GTA V in 2010
      2. Tabula Rasa now free to play
      3. FIFA 09 is UK Christmas number one
      4. Atari shows new Riddick shots
      5. Prototype countdown counts down to something
      6. DSi sells over 1 million in Japan
      7. Batman: Arkham Asylum gets new shots
      8. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 delayed
      9. Gizmondo relaunch delayed
      10. Musicians making more profit from rhythm action games than their albums
      11. FIFA Manager 09 patch now live
      12. Large text Banjo patch now live
      13. New Final Fantasy Agito XIII trailer looking sharp
      14. Rumour: Factor 5 studios to be shut?
      15. Rise of Nations makes old brains work better, says study
      16. Telegraph: "Doctors fear a Wii knee epidemic"
      17. NYT names Spore as 2008's "best disappointment"
      18. Voice chat re-added to Home today
      1. New SKATE 2 screens feature men in compromising positions, grinding
      2. PS3 Trophy error pops up, Sony to hammer it down – eventually
      3. Double Fine launches the Psychopedia
      4. Masses of new inFAMOUS footage released
      5. Reeves: "You don’t grow the market by putting out shoddy machines"
      6. PAIN is PSNs most downloaded of 2008
      1. Top-line EA roster hits Steam
      2. Exclusive: Realtime Worlds confirms "ongoing" Crackdown 2 discussions with Microsoft
      3. Still no Super Street Fighter HD II remix PS3 release date
      4. EA to close Black Box
      5. Lumines Supernova on PSN next week
      6. Dawn of War II trailer shows enemies of the Imperium
      7. TimeSplitters 4 concept art released
      8. Blizzard posts first StarCraft II Battle Report
      9. Metal Gear LBP packs get date and prices confirmed for Europe
      10. "Significant interest" shown in buying Free Radical
      11. OutRun Online Arcade trailer posted
      12. Frontier Developments hits 200 staff
      13. Rose in Street Fighter IV - shots to prove it
      14. LittleBigPlanet patched to 1.07, store added
      15. EA to lay off an extra 400 staff, nine studios under threat
      16. MGS packs for LBP on December 23
      17. 800 Microsoft point cards now helping keep retail relevant
      18. Wireless SingStar microphones out next year
      19. WipEout HD demo announced for Christmas Eve
      20. TIGA "expresses condolences" at Free Radical "fate"
      21. Source: Microsoft is funding Crackdown 2 development and Ruffian start-up
      22. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut confirmed for Wii and DS
      23. Sharp fined for DS screen price-fixing
      24. 3D Realms makes DNF Christmas art, doesn't release game
      25. Core gamers have "no clue" we're in recession, says Pachter
      26. Rumour: ABIT closing down this month
      27. Japanese hardware sales - DSi goes mental
      28. US PSN update, December 19
      29. Real Time Worlds staff form Ruffian
      1. Quakecon 2009 dates announced
      2. Euro PSN update, December 18
      3. Street Fighter II HD Remix sells over 250,000
      4. Two new Resident Evil 5 movies released, new levels playtested
      5. OutRun Online Arcade confirmed for "early 2009"
      6. Confirmed - Free Radical is in administration
      7. Doak left Free Rad earlier this month, company closed
      8. UK software market to be worth ?1.9 billion in 2008
      9. Yahtzee pilots "GameDamage" TV show
      10. Football Manager Live to release on January 23
      11. Rumour: Free Radical shutting up shop? [Update]
      12. Bionic Commando multiplayer gets new screens
      13. PSP2 in development? "No plans," reiterates Sony
      14. Outpacing market is "key measure" for 360, says Microsoft
      15. Take-Two shares plummet on Q4 loss
      16. Home down for 6 hours today for v1.04 upgrade
      17. Japanese software sales, December 8-14
      18. Wii "viable" for mature content, says Feder
      19. True Riddick sequel on the way, "a couple of years out"
      20. Fable II DLC delayed until "late January"
      21. Take-Two's full-year earnings call transcribed in full
      22. GTA takes $710 million in revenue this year
      23. Take-Two extends revenue and loss in Q4, shows record full-year
      24. Take-Two signs GTA talent up to 2012
      1. Crysis Wars free to play for 10 days
      2. Hamill and Conroy to voice Arkham Asylum
      3. Verbinski signs on for Second Life movie
      4. Stormrise gets new trailer, shots
      5. Australia games sales surge after government cash injection
      6. New Noby Noby Boy trailer is bizarre
      7. Soul Calibur and Tekken get Home lounges in Japan
      8. Club Nintendo launches in the US
      9. Harrison: I want to prove Kotick wrong over Ghostbusters
      10. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks amazing
      11. EA takes ASA heat for misleading on Tiger Wii graphics
      12. New F.E.A.R. 2 trailers will leave you startled and confused
      13. New Avatar clothing renders your current outfit completely obsolete
      14. Lionhead to reveal "experiments" at GDC 09
      15. Metal Gear Solid Touch confirmed for iPhone
      16. White Knight Chronicles gets 29/40 in Famitsu
      17. Sims 3 specs released for both desk and lap
      18. Scratched 360 discs worry less than 1% of 360 userbase
      19. Home to get connection patch on Thursday
      20. Halo 3 stays top of Live play chart
      21. New MGS game to be revealed in "a few weeks"... for iPhone
      1. Spore for Steam?
      2. DSi Ware launching on Christmas Eve in Japan
      3. Harmonix apologises for Wii Rock Band 2 delay
      4. Turbine drops jobs after Moria launch
      5. LBP Level Pack to hit PSN this week
      6. Mirror's Edge demo Time Trial mode now unlockable
      7. Silent Hill: Homecoming dated for Feb in Europe
      8. Midway cuts 25% of global staff
      9. 360 leads PS3 by 1 million consoles in EFIGS
      10. Rare parodies films with Viva 2 Christmas wallpapers
      11. Reeves: Games trade is not recession-proof
      12. Bomberman cheap on XBLA this week
      13. PSN down for maintenance today
      14. Microsoft "sitting" on next Llamasoft game
      15. Halo Wars - 46 new screens
      16. Last Remnant director: 360's easier to work with than PS3
      17. Rumour: PSP-4000 next year
      18. First Terminator Salvation movie posted
      19. Spike God of War III footage was "meh," says Jaffe
      20. Best NPD graphs ever show Wii dominance in glorious Technicolor
      21. Guitar Hero may create "entire culture of future musicians," says Metallica
      22. Suit: Microsoft knew Xbox 360 could damage discs
      23. God of War III is "epic conclusion" to series, says Sony
      24. New Demigod screens demand new graphics card
      25. Source: Factor 5 drops 37 staff
      26. EGM rumours Square MMO reveal for E3 2009
      27. PS3 "not just for games any more," says SCEA
      28. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope shots are pretty
      29. US Club Nintendo almost goes live
      30. F.E.A.R. 2 ban overturned in Australia
      1. Nintendo dates entire 2009 first quarter
      2. Fallout 3 PS3 patch available, says internet
      3. Singstar backwards compatibility launching tomorrow
      4. Phantom actually launches something: a game store
      5. GTA IV finds US PC chart tough to crack
      6. World at War unshakable at top of UK chart
      7. Uncharted 2 shots are 100% knockout
      8. GTA IV DLC - 8 new screens
      9. Last Remnant PC version confirmed for spring
      10. Free Mercenaries 2 DLC now on Live
      11. New StarCraft II shots show Zerg rush
      12. Fable II is Telegraph's game of the year
      13. LittleBigPlanet wins Edge 2008 Awards
      14. Michael Phelps games in partnership with 505
      15. November NPD graphed and plotted
      16. Children should play more games, says Cabinet minister
      17. Time Warner buys extra 10 million shares in Eidos
      18. GTA: Chinatown Wars dated
      19. Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in the US
      20. Jaffe: Not enough to do in Home
      21. Noby Noby Boy dated, priced
      22. Ghostbusters on Wii - 10 minutes of video
      23. Space Giraffe released for PC
      24. Mercenaries 2 DLC movie shows things exploding
      25. Zavvi cuts 360 to ?100, PS3 to ?270
      26. Spike shows new Watchmen trailer
      27. Awesome Mafia 2 trailer shown at VGAs
      28. New Brutal Legend trailer aired at VGA 2008
      29. Dante's Inferno trailer released
      30. Will Wright working on new project
      31. VGA 2008 - The winners
      32. EA announces Dante's Inferno
      33. First Fight Night Round 4 trailer shows Ali versus Tyson
      34. New Uncharted 2 trailer looks bleak
      35. GTA: Lost and Damned debut trailer preaches brotherhood, togetherness
      36. First real-time God of War 3 footage punches the earth
      37. Gears of War 2 "Combustible" map pack dropping after midnight* (Update)
      1. Team Fortress 2 $10 on Steam this weekend
      2. Washington Times: Sony doing all in its power to "hinder" PS3
      3. CNN: PS3 is a "sinking ship"
      4. Big TF2 patch imminent, Valve "actively working" on 360 update
      5. LittleBigPlanet sold 141,000 units in the US last month, top 20 revealed
      1. South Central DLC confirmed for Midnight Club: LA
      2. Blizzard details Death Knight WoW nerf
      3. Final Fantasy XIII and Versus - DVD trailers webalized
      4. EA axes plans for new Vancouver dev studio
      5. Home connections horrors due to "overwhelming demand," says Sony
      6. Hol. Y. S**t: Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay footage is amazing
      7. Sega confirms multiplayer for Empire: Total War
      8. US PS Movie Store update, December 12
      9. New Diablo III shots released
      10. Dawn of War II multiplayer footage is completely awesome
      11. Home charges are "schoolboy error," says Eurogamer
      12. No more DLC for CoD4, says Infinity Ward
      13. Lich King tops US PC sales for November
      14. Rise of the Argonauts gets date, movie
      15. EA to publish Brutal Legend
      16. Japanese hardware sales - December 1-7
      17. US PSN update, December 11
      18. Fallout 3 level editor released
      19. GTA IV DLC - new shots
      20. Empire: Total War delayed to March
      21. Geoff Keighley: Spike Videogame Awards’ “goal” to be bigger than E3
      22. Famitsu RE5 ad shows Jill Valentine’s hot new character design
      23. November NPD - Everything in one place
      24. November NPD: Wrath of the Lich King sells 1.4 million
      25. November NPD: Biggest American month ever for 360, says Microsoft
      26. November NPD: Nintendo claims record sales in the US, Wii now over 15 million
      27. November NPD: Sony focuses on year-to-date growth in post-figures release
      28. November NPD: US industry nears $3 billion, up 10%
      29. November NPD: Gears of War 2 pips CoD to number one
      30. November NPD: Wii sells over 2 million consoles to blitz hardware race
      31. Home connection problems appear to have eased
      1. Sony officially announces Home launch
      2. Buser: "Something like Home has never been done before"
      3. Home suffering instant connection issues
      4. Sony launches Home
      5. Man loses loses life to Xbox 360 - disturbing footage within
      6. Turbine betas MyLotro.com
      7. Echochrome gets Trophies, 1,000 user-created levels
      8. Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay footage to air tomorrow
      9. Euro PSN update, December 11
      10. Home not released yet due to "technical problems" - TedTheDog keeps us up to date [Update]
      11. Namco: Bringing Tekken to 360 was a matter of reaching Europe and the US
      12. Pickfords switch Naked War to free-play
      13. Heavy Rain impressions, shots, photos - and the case of the missing watermark
      14. Jasper 360s - How to spot them
      15. New Heavy Rain shots released
      16. The VG247 Community Awards 2008 - the results
      17. Fable II DLC gets firm release date
      18. Spanish EGM edition is no more
      19. Gears of War 3 talk is "total nonsense," says Rein
      20. New White Knight Chronicles movies released
      21. Live will stay up over Christmas, says Greenberg
      22. Two new Flower trailers look beautiful
      23. Ubi "mad" about Atari Cryptic deal, working on three acquisitions
      24. Bethseda details Fallout 3 DLC
      25. Game Informer Uncharted 2 scans hit the web
      26. Microsoft shows post-NXE stats, no hard figures included
      27. Japanese software sales, week ending December 7
      28. White Knight Chronicles screenshot and event photo get
      29. Greenberg: Home is "Second Life for hardcore gamers"
      1. EA stock plunges 17% on profit warning, down 70% this year
      2. CD Projekt "not just slapping together a [Witcher] port"
      3. Lich King stays top of US PC charts
      4. BioWare using HeroEngine for The Old Republic
      5. Micro-transactions introduced to EverQuest
      6. Jaffe: God of War III Spike footage not the same as before
      7. Take-Two Q4 results for December 17
      8. DS breaks UK hardware sales record
      9. EGM: Epic making Gears 3, sun sets in west
      10. Space Giraffe out for PC
      11. Pachter: No confidence in EA hitting $6 billion pledge
      12. Home will launch in the "evening," says SCEE
      13. The Dark Knight up on US PS Movie Store
      14. Prototype’s CES assets leak early, get ‘em while they’re still here
      15. Peter Molyneux hints at new projects, uses words like “familiar” and “different”
      16. Confirmed: Home launches tomorrow in all regions
      17. Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii (update)
      18. Rock Band serves more than 28 million downloaded tracks
      19. EA: More new IP coming next year
      20. EA: We've still got work to do on the Wii
      21. EA to reduce roster weight, but Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, sports are all safe
      22. KOTOR MMO to be "micro-transaction-based"
      23. Joystiq: UGO to buy 1UP.com
      1. GDC China 2009 dated
      2. EA cuts forecast on slow Q4 sales
      3. Rockstar signs entire catalogue up to Metaboli
      4. MotorStorm 2 does 1 million sales
      5. Peter Moore, Tony Hawk to celebritize VGAs
      6. Activision announces X-Men Origins: Wolverine for spring release
      7. Nelson adds Community Games to Live play charts, Word Soup wins
      8. Sony: Home '08 launch "still on track in UK"
      9. New Resident Evil 5 trailer released
      10. Atari buys Cryptic [Update]
      11. Denny: Heavy Rain is played with your head, not the pad
      12. IGN removes 2/10 WSM 09 review, apologises
      13. Mirror's Edge PC spec requirements released
      14. Gears 2 passes 3 million units
      15. Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper to voice Deadly Creatures
      16. LBP gets Street Fighter sackboys
      17. Ubi waiting for "more anticipation" for Assassin's Creed 2
      18. Rockstar details GTA IV PC patch
      19. Home's launch is "imminent," says SCEA
      20. Free Far Cry 2 missions released
      21. Burnout Paradise PC to be free... ish
      22. Sonic Unleashed demo hits live
      23. GTA IV tie ratios highest in series, says Zelnick
      1. Direct feed Killzone 2 screenshots released
      2. World at War celebrates month at top of UK charts
      3. EEDAR: Guitar Hero is "reaching its peak"
      4. NCsoft ESA departure not based on financial reasons
      5. Microsoft confirms Halo Wars release dates
      6. Sega launches official Mad World site
      7. Time does top 10 games of 2008, GTA IV is top
      8. Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer is moody
      9. Home in 10 days? "We're not commenting on that story," says SCEE
      10. Home open beta in the next 10 days, says The Times
      11. Pachter: Wii hit 1.4 million in November, 360 outsold PS3 2:1
      12. IGN Football Manager 09 review criticism best left to the terraces, say Jacobson
      13. Splash Damage takes Fable II lead designer
      14. Sebastian slashes Q3 EA estimate, says more cost cuts to come
      15. 53% of all American adults play games, says survey
      16. Harrison: PSP's still "vibrant"
      17. NCsoft leaves ESA
      18. Nintendo sells 800,000 US Wiis in Thanksgiving week
      19. WET - Gameplay movie, 2009 release, platforms specified
      20. Microsoft looking to "break the bank" at E3 2009
      21. Microsoft drops major hint on Crackdown sequel
      22. Gears of War 2 "pushing 3" million units
      23. Resident Evil 5 demo - 20 minutes of video
      1. Walmart.com to offer "tens of thousands" of Wiis from Monday
      1. Square to publish Persona 4, Disgaea DS in Europe
      2. SCEA launches new PlayStation show, PULSE
      3. Stargate developer can't make payroll, issues statement
      1. Euro Killzone 2 in same "timeframe" as US release
      2. US PS Movie Store update, December 12
      3. GameStop stamps on Woolworths buyout rumour
      4. Force Unleashed gets new level and clothes as DLC
      5. Riddick's Pitch Black multiplayer mode detailed
      6. Great looking Trine coming to PSN and PC
      7. GTA IV: Lost and Damned DLC to premiere at VGAs
      8. Resident Evil 5 - Split-screen co-op in video
      9. Japan to get Live Video Marketplace
      10. Street Fighter IV: Collector's Edition shown for both console formats
      11. Harrison: Home is "brilliantly realised"
      12. LittleBigPlanet to get official Lumines game
      13. Sonic Unleashed drops to half price at GameStation
      14. Konami: "No comment" on MGS teaser
      15. Midway could face bankruptcy in 50 days
      16. Up to 50% off all Woolworths stock today
      17. Resident Evil 5 demo goes Live in Japan
      18. Konami teases green "A Next Metal Gear" message
      19. First X-Men Origins: Wolverine details now available at your local internet
      20. Kotick in running for Marketwatch CEO of the Year
      21. Japanese hardware sales - November 24-30
      22. Being second with Gears 2 on Live is "amazing," says Rein
      23. North American Killzone 2 release date officially announced
      24. Awesome Dawn of War II Blood Ravens vid says "new graphics card, please"
      25. Midway cleared in Psi-Ops copyright case
      26. US PSN update, December 11
      27. Namco heads west with new Surge label
      1. LBP Japanese design a Sackboy competition winner
      2. Fresh Brütal Legend news to come
      3. Midway stock falls 40% since sale
      4. Korea pours billions into home games industry
      5. Find other LBP users with Sackbook
      6. Free Live multiplay for SFII Turbo HD, more
      7. Euro PSN update, December 4
      8. Watch the entire Atari Live keynote, with special guest stars, Phil and David
      9. UK slips to fifth in worldwide game rankings
      10. Patch on the way for GTA IV PC
      11. Report: Square and Warner ready to move on Eidos
      12. Reeves: We're not dropping PS3 next spring, we're ahead of 360 in Europe
      13. Mirror's Edge DLC shown in movie, PC version on January 13
      14. Xbox 360 sees highest ever sales month in Europe
      15. Fallout 3 drops to ?19.57 at GameStation
      16. GameStation to discount a title every day until Christmas
      17. Race Driver GRID adds 8 Ball DLC
      18. Harrison: Next generation will never use physical media
      19. Ubisoft to add 120 to Romanian studios
      20. Atari saving Brash’s Tale of Despereaux
      21. The VG247 Community Awards 2008
      22. Ghostbusters boss "excited" by Atari plans
      23. GameStation - Fallout 3 and Sonic Unleashed half price
      24. GTA IV PC is... broken
      25. Japanese software sales, November 24-30
      26. Valve shoes retail sales figures for past 10 years
      27. First Avatar clothing pack released, is free
      28. Xbox division prepping for "tough times," says Kim
      29. Activision announces Guitar Hero 5, new Hawk, Bizarre racer and more at in-game ads conference
      1. Garry's Mod takes over $3 million in revenue
      2. Move to Atari made Ghostbusters "more creepy"
      3. 2008 PlayStation Award winners announced
      4. New Fable II DLC screens Knothole Island
      5. Paradox confirms Majesty 2 for 360
      6. Fable II patch "currently being tested and finalized"
      7. Family Ski sequel on its way
      8. Atari: Second hand sales "extremely painful" for the industry
      9. Qore issue seven to be free
      10. Levine would be "swinging from a noose" if he wasn't making games
      11. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf gets trailered
      12. The Witcher boss - We have two new games in the works
      13. New Riddick trailer is 100% wicked
      14. Funcom outlines AoC server merge details
      15. Rare patches original Banjo
      16. New Ghostbusters trailer isn't frightening, is good
      17. Banjo "does" Paris - video
      18. Imagine confirms N-Revolution closure
      19. KOTOR MMO has "potential" for action figures and comic book licensing
      20. Deadly Creatures delayed
      21. US PS Movie Store update, December 2: The dream is over
      22. CoD: World at War to get "two, maybe three" untraditional DLC packs
      23. Red Bull is first company to buy Home space
      24. "Evolved" moderation planned for LBP
      1. Halo 3 beats CoD and Gears 2 to Live top spot
      2. Three new Dragon Age screenshots show Dark Spiders
      3. Acekard announces fully functional DSi flash cart
      4. Team ICO big inspiration for new Prince of Persia
      5. Rumour: "Most DRM strategies are dumb," says Newell
      6. Lich King takes US PC charts for week ending November 22
      7. Report: 190 million console owners by 2012
      8. Army of Two's "homosexual encounters" draw ire from Christian group
      9. SCi sheds skin, changes name to Eidos
      10. Jack Black to host VGAs, blockbuster line-up confirmed
      11. Atari press releases The Witcher for consoles
      12. Atari to revive D&D RPGs Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights
      13. Confirmed: Tekken 6 to release in Europe next autumn
      14. Ghostbusters to launch in June 2009
      15. Atari to publish Ready 2 Rumble Revolution and Demigod
      16. Mizuguchi developing new Wii music game for Atari
      17. Microsoft announces "Xbox LIVE Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week"
      18. God of War III trailer to be shown on December 14
      19. Zavvi suspends game pre-orders as EUK bust bites
      20. Each Halo: ODST character to have "very distinct personality"
      21. DC Universe Online out late 2009, early 2010
      22. GAME sales up 28%
      23. DSi breaks 500,000 in Japan
      24. Dead Rising Wii Chop til you Drop movie released
      25. After three months, Castle Crashers networking patch reaching “end of the process”
      26. Microsoft claims Xbox 360 outsold PS3 three-to-one on Black Friday
      27. MoH and Rayman 2 listed for PS3 release
      28. Heavy Rain is single-player only, doesn't need buttons - new shots
      29. Flagship co-founder forms Gravity Bear
      30. PS3 Firmware 2.53 available now
      31. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves announcement trailer released [Updated]
      1. Star Trek Online - new screens
      2. CoD stays top of UK chart, Resistance 2 debuts at 10
      3. Age of Conan 360 "still in development," says Funcom
      4. GT5 to be ready by Christmas next year, says Sony boss
      5. EUK not delivering Resistance 2 to UK high street majors
      6. Michael Phelps swimming game in development
      7. Original Banjo this Wednesday
      8. Nintendo makes $6 from every Wii sold
      9. Far Cry 2 DLC trailer is shooty, drivey
      10. Lego Batman takes Children's BAFTA
      11. Project Zero 4 coming west
      12. Dungeon Keeper MMO licensed for China
      13. Criterion reveals Surf Island as premium Burnout content
      14. Vast majority of biggest hitter this year are sequels
      15. Warner on Lego Potter: No comment
      16. Midway sold for $0.0012 per share
      17. Resi 5 CEs to get console-specific extras
      18. Rumour: Ubi and EA looking at SCi buy
      19. Americans fight over gaming hardware on Black Friday
      20. GTA IV PC uncut for Australia
      21. Gears 2 ad track appears on iTunes
      22. GTA IV, Far Cry 2, BioShock PS3 and more go to ?17.99 on Play.com
      23. GDC Europe announced as gamescom event
      24. No Animal Crossing-Wii Speak bundle for Scandinavia
      25. Black Mesa trailer is cool