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  • February 2009 Archive

      1. MMOs biggest cash draw for Acti Blizz last year
      2. Sweden's Youth Care Foundation: WoW's the most dangerous game on the market
      3. Guitar Hero Metallica trailers: Lemmy, King Diamond in action
      4. Dead Space: Extraction will not use Wii MotionPlus
      5. Brand new Dante's Inferno in-game shots released
      6. Rumor: Kratos returning to PSP via Ready at Dawn
      7. Acti Blizz annual report shows which side made more money
      8. Disgaea 2 titled for PSP
      9. Iwata: DSi music playlists are easier to create than those on a PC
      10. Sony talking to Rockstar about more PSP GTA
      11. Godfather II trailer is full of criminal intent
      12. Co-op 5 goes heavy on SFIV and TLAD
      13. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years heading to WII
      14. Xbox support to end on March 2
      15. Sony pushes games division into larger group, Hirai to head
      16. EA: Music games are "robust", more in store for the future
      17. Watch Street Fighter IV tutorial from Capcom
      18. The Apocalypse is nigh for Tabula Rasa
      19. BattleForge beta opens the doors
      20. EA Sports will release WMP supported games despite possible delay
      21. Sony says UMD is "critical to us this year and beyond"
      22. MSNBC writer wants more sexuality in games
      23. Tomb Raider: Underworld sales are picking up
      1. ArmA II - shots of dogs and women
      2. Bohemia upset over Codemasters calling Op Flash: Dragon Rising a sequel
      3. Two Tiger Woods games coming this year, one online-only
      4. UK 360 Elite drops below ?200
      5. Official PlayStation Mag getting its very own site
      6. Watchmen: The End is Nigh to cost $20
      7. Lost Planet $5, ?3.50 on Steam this weekend
      8. Rock Band gets SRV and No Doubt
      9. HAWX PC demo to arrive next week
      10. Sony announces upcoming Home updates
      11. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf - new shots
      12. Capcom US says Street Fighter IV PC for summer, Capcom UK not so sure
      13. Xbox Live Arcade Awards announced
      14. Worms PSN - Holy Hand Grenade confirmed
      15. TGS 09's slogan is "healthy"
      16. Eidos six-month financials show dramatic cut in losses
      17. No GHWT patch for Lips mics, says Activision
      18. First The Old Republic web comic released
      19. VOOT 360 - first video is beyond awesome
      20. Sony gets cabinet reshuffle, Stringer new president
      21. UK Rock Band 2 dated for PS3, PS2 and Wii
      22. First day Lost and Damned revenue sets new Live record
      23. 360 VOOT - first screens
      24. EA: We didn't bring the "hits" last year
      25. Japan blocks sale of R4 carts
      26. Warhawk Command Center goes live in Home
      27. Killzone 2 launch - Gamespot puts 9/10 review live
      28. Gay rights group on Live bannings: We won't hide in a virtual closet
      29. Sony: LBP isn’t our biggest PSP title for 2009
      30. Dead Space Extraction is a "guided first-person experience"
      31. Super Mario Kart gets top spot in Guinness Gamer's Edition 2009
      32. NCsoft releases 16 new Aion shots
      33. Celebrate Killzone 2 launch by playing online against OPM
      34. Casual sector to top $1bn by 2013
      35. THQ drops Zurich office
      36. GameTap Thursday lets you play Sacred Gold and Grimm for free
      37. F.E.A.R. 2 getting a PC patch soon, says Monolith
      38. Call of Duty: World at War 'Makin' map on XBL
      1. Report: XBL has earned 500% more revenue than PSN
      2. Diablo III: Beastiary updated with 'The Unburied'
      3. iPhone app lets you check out PS3 Trophies on the go
      4. Stormrise trailer gives you a taste of the action
      5. de Blob moves over 700,000 for THQ
      6. Watch Halo Wars: Expanded Universe trailer right now
      7. Empire: Total War vid shows how to kill horses
      8. EA dev boss: Make quality games, keep your job
      9. GTA: Chinatown Wars trailer is stupidly high quality
      10. Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion gets details and trailer
      11. Sam and Max Season One and Two coming to XBLA
      12. EA’s NASCAR sim series “on hold,” kid-friendly kart racer in its place
      13. Creative Assembly: Fighting piracy with staggered releases is "pointless"
      14. Play 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand with 50 Cent
      15. Euro PSN update, February 26
      16. Japanese hardware sales, February 16-22: 360 outsells Wii and PS3
      17. [Update] Bob Seger lands on Guitar Hero: World Tour
      18. Atari changes Champions Online date from June to "spring"
      19. Damnation shots have guns, acrobatics
      20. MCV Awards finalists announced
      21. Concept art shows the Sonic: Unleashed that could have been
      22. Microsoft announces Halo Wars vid series
      23. Ninja Blade for April 7 launch in UK, demo March 9
      24. Nintendo goes release date mental, Punch-Out!! confirmed for May 18
      25. Microsoft signs NBC Universal movies for XBLM
      26. Media Molecule: LittleBigPlanet to get YouTube uploads
      27. "No plans right now" for new Wii controller in Europe
      28. Team17 confirms Worms Armageddon Decade as timed, first-half '09 XBLA exclusive
      29. Rumour: Climax working on Silent Hill remake for Wii
      30. Codemasters - There is no unannounced Climax game in the works
      31. Star Ocean tops Japanese chart
      32. Nintendo unveils new Wii controller
      33. Microsoft finally looking to stop gay bannings on Live
      34. PC Braid going to Steam
      35. ESA to revisit membership charges
      36. Dead Rising Wii isn't the best thing ever, says first review
      37. Resistance Retribution: multiplayer in video
      38. The Last Remnant demo available now
      1. We need to spread out big releases, says EA
      2. Lord of the Rings: Conquest gets DLC this week
      3. Just in case you weren't convinced, the Obsidian Aliens RPG is dead
      4. Sega and Pyro partner on Planet 51 title
      5. Lesbian banned from Live after admitting sexual preference
      6. Perry "certain" there's no UMD in PSP revamp [Update]
      7. Ubi and Gold's Gym team for Wii fitness thing
      8. PoP Epilogue DLC delayed to March 5
      9. WoW patch 3.1 goes live on test realms
      10. Worms Armageddon Decade rated for XBLA
      11. Carmack: Quake Live is about beating consoles, Mac and Linux clients on the way
      12. Midnight Club LA South Central DLC dated
      13. Quake Live gets hammered, 113,000 people sign up
      14. Famistu gives Resident Evil 5 38/40
      15. Project Ringo teases 247, no one knows why
      16. FFXIII dev "going favourably" for 2009 launch, says Square
      17. "Christmas" 360 sales up 120%, 8 million machines sold in Europe
      18. New Dead to Rights confirmed for Europe via Atari
      19. Confirmed: Lost Planet 2 is 360-only
      20. Sony issues "no comment" as PSP-4000 rumours gather pace
      21. Dave Perry's twitter says no UMD in "PSP2"
      22. Ruffian project: "Crackdown 1.5? That's generous. It's more like 1.25"
      23. World at War still rules Live play charts
      24. Hickey - PS3 price cut to be announced within "days"
      25. Red Steel 2 revealed in next NGamer
      26. Three new DSi colours confirmed for Japan
      27. ESA fees rose 1,700% from '06-'08
      28. XBLA Quake III Arena "very close" to being finished
      29. Quake Live beta goes open
      30. Virtual On Oratorio Tangram confirmed for XBLA
      31. PSN hits 20 million users, Home hits 4 million
      32. Cryptic to host Meet and Greet at WonderCon 2009
      33. Home gets Warhawk Command Center this week
      34. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix lands on DS and PC
      35. Dawn of War II patched on Steam
      36. Drakensang:The Dark Eye ships in the US
      1. British youth sets world record for consecutive Street Fighter wins
      2. TF2 update gives Scout a shotgun to go with his bat
      3. Killzone 2 multiplayer servers will be up and running tomorrow
      4. John Carmack “in talks” to create exclusive game for Wii
      5. Flock! dated
      6. Underworld: Beneath the Ashes DLC now on XBL
      7. Bejeweled publisher acquires Gastonaut Studios
      8. 50 Cent to option Saints Row movie rights
      9. Rumour: Meaty Assassin's Creed details leaked
      10. Persona remake to launch in US this year
      11. Don Mattrick to keynote first GDC Canada
      12. Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 update released
      13. Amsterdam power supply weakened by Killzone 2
      14. Square Enix purchases more stock in Eidos
      15. Hannah Montana lilac PSP shown
      16. Major League Baseball 2K9 demo now on XBL
      17. Rock Band Unplugged confirmed for PSP [Update]
      18. New Buzz! for PSP this year
      19. MotorStorm Arctic Edge gets video, first play details
      20. LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm and more confirmed for PSP
      21. More Lost Planet 2 details tomorrow
      22. Square signs Steam deal, Last Remnant first up
      23. EVE Online boxed contents confirmed
      24. Wii Rock Band gets more Cars
      25. Dragon Age: Origins trailer shows epic battles
      26. Atlus goes steampunk with new MMO Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent
      27. Crackdown dev adds two new designers
      28. Cage: "Many plans" for Heavy Rain DLC
      29. DC Universe Online characters shown in movie
      30. Ubi to publish other Midway games? Doesn't sound like it
      31. Star Ocean 4 does proper sales on Japanese debut [Update]
      32. Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram rated in Australia
      33. Halo: Recon's name changed to give "more accurate reflection of the game experience"
      34. Red Resident Evil 360 coming to Europe
      35. New Empire video talks superior tactics
      36. Sony, Nintendo, Nokia sued over handheld wireless distribution
      37. Red 360 bundle officially announced
      38. Four new Star Trek Online screens bring the awesome
      39. Resident Evil 5 demo downloaded over 4 million times
      40. 56% of Live subs paid for Gold in 2008
      41. Resident Evil 6 to see full franchise reboot
      1. King Diamond to appear in Guitar Hero: Metallica
      2. FEAR 2 takes second in US PC chart
      3. Raven's Singularity - first trailer
      4. Blu-ray disc sales to crest 100 million this year
      5. MadWorld in 480i, not 480p
      6. Remedy publishes two more Alan Wake excerpts
      7. Street Fighter IV takes UK chart
      8. Nippon Ichi shows Witch's Tale for DS
      9. Killzone 2 training centres detailed
      10. Killzone 2 making of video - part two posted
      11. Climax working on "stunning and refreshing take on the horror genre"
      12. Flight Sim studio death is "massive opportunity," says Just Flight
      13. Age of Conan subs hit 100,000, Funcom CFO resigns following $23.3 million loss
      14. Sony whacks Go!Messenger service for PSP
      15. Riddick: Dark Athena gets US and Euro dates
      16. Lewis: Second-hand games are part of the ecosystem
      17. Lost Planet 2 - first trailer and screens
      18. Dante's Inferno gets trailered, looks devilish
      19. Capcom announces Lost Planet 2 [Update]
      20. StarCraft II playable at CeBit in March
      21. Alan Wake for GDC? Remedy isn't saying
      22. UK mag: Resident Evil 5 is less than 8 hours long
      23. 45 games approved for French tax breaks
      24. Lewis: "Windows 7 will be great for games"
      25. Source: PSP-4000 has sliding screen, is "complete aesthetic overhaul"
      26. Street Fighter IV ships 2 million units
      27. Rockstar: DLC is the "future of gaming"
      28. Rockstar: The Lost and Damned plot "exceeds what's out there is all other mainstream media"
      29. Full E3 exhibitor list published
      30. Braid reduced to 800 MS Points
      1. Valve shows company PC system specs
      2. World of Goo bringing physics-based fun to Japan
      3. Aion's Altgard region is pretty, video proves it
      4. Excavated DS screens for Staff of Kings surface
      5. Koei releases character roster for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
      6. Updated World of Goo Linux and Mac demos released
      7. Achievements listed for X-Men Origins: Wolverine
      8. D3 threw a Galatrix launch party and forgot to invite us
      9. EA gives video tour of Fantasy Plaza DLC for Skate 2
      1. Fumito Ueda confirmed for GDC, ICO fans crap knickers
      2. Weekly MMO news round-up: Massive update for Mabinogi, Darkfall review, Star Trek collisions
      3. Sega to release eight weeks of free Yakuza 3 content
      4. New Play Control Metroid Prime videos up for grabs
      5. Codemasters picks up Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
      6. Brand new inFamous video is electrifyingly good
      7. Bill Roper: Don't count Warhammer Online out just yet
      8. Chinatown Wars promo pokes fun at bank bailout
      9. Old Republic MMO shots show off a bit of swamp
      10. Epic explains why UT3 Titan Pack won't make 360
      11. DiRT 2 DLC confirmed
      12. Metal Gear Solid Touch - first movie
      13. Mass Effect 2 dev: "Hang on to your Mass Effect 1 saves"
      14. Russell Grant brings Astrology to DS
      15. Tony Hawk peripheral will be more about tricks than balance
      16. Sony looking for "new games machine" testers
      17. Terminator: Salvation actors appear in game; sans Christian Bale
      18. Mass Effect 2 gets first two images
      19. US PSN weekly video content update: Saw V, Dead Like Me, etc.
      20. Koei-Tecmo merge will add 60 more staff to Singapore studio
      21. Rock Band gets Lucinda Williams and Jimmy Eat World next week
      22. HMV has already recieved loads of DSi pre-orders
      23. Starbreeze reports $2.84 million in sales for Q2
      24. Gamestop boss - Used game sales don't damage aren't damaging
      25. Hickey - US market will hit $20 billion this year
      26. "Day of single-player games are numbered", says Dave Perry
      1. NPD - Consumers prefer boxed games
      2. First Mass Effect 2 trailer released
      3. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop-Webisode One arrives
      4. Remedy reveals Alan Wake plot snip
      5. Prince of Persia and Shawn White heading to a Mac near you
      6. New Riddick trailer has hunting, killing, is amazing
      7. Emsemble co-founder is happy the others have moved on
      8. Relic readying Dawn of War II patch after bug complaints
      9. Pre-order EndWar, get Ghost Recon for free on Steam
      10. Jay Mohr lightens up DICE by roasting guests
      11. MadWorld creator: "Western developers are superior to those in Japan"
      12. American McGee has "blank canvas" for Alice sequel
      13. Movie - Guerrilla details the making of Killzone 2
      14. Fake email claims Steam is giving Far Cry 2 away for free
      15. Quake open beta goes live February 24
      16. Empire: Total War demo up on Steam
      17. Ground control to Major Tom: NASA MMO gets a developer
      18. Play The Lost and Damned with Rockstar this weekend
      19. Red Alert 3 Steam patch removes SecuROM
      20. Tomb Raider: Underworld -Beneath the Ashes DLC dated for Xbox 360
      21. DICE hands out 4,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys
      22. Heavy Rain director: Mainstream actors don't care about games
      23. PS3 won't pass 360 for at least two years "without a price advantage," says Pachter
      24. Europe getting Last Remnant PC in March
      25. Watch Criterion staff members debase themselves in the name of Burnout DLC
      26. DSi launch vid: "form, function, features and fun!"
      27. Aion pegged for autumn 2009
      28. PS3 hits 21 million globally, Sony pushes for South America
      29. First Halo Wars reviews go live
      30. ThreeSpeech has exclusive Killzone 2 vid for 5.00pm GMT today
      31. Metal Gear Soid Touch - new shots [Update]
      32. Use your 360 pad on your PS3, thanks to new adaptor
      33. Jumpgate Evolution - new trailer and shots
      34. Overlord Wii gets new trailer and shots
      35. New FUEL trailer shows US landmarks
      36. First proper Overlord II movie released
      37. Hackers target Live players, says BBC
      38. Activision expands UK PR operation
      39. Codemaster dates Overlord trio, DiRT 2 [Update]
      40. SCE claims 2 million PSN accounts in Japan
      41. Japanese hardware sales, February 9-15
      42. Empire: Total War demo coming later today
      43. Singularity shots start to impress
      44. New Resident Evil 5 trailer is awesome
      45. LittleBigPlanet wins big at AIAS DICE awards
      46. Microsoft working on fix for "rare" Live ID-Gamertag deletion issue
      47. SCEA to release "Killzone in 4D," a "playable version" of TV ad
      48. Bonfire Studios rises from Ensemble's ashes
      49. US PSN update, February 19
      50. Rabbids Go Home still in development
      51. Flower creator: Gaming "decisions are based on who has the better-looking character"
      52. Rock Band gives back by donating to Starlight Children's Charity
      53. XBL gets Burnout Paradise DLC details by mistake
      54. Mad Catz: "Well under 50" complaints about sticky SFIV sticks
      1. Rockstar: GTA IV censorship is an "error," will be fixed "within hours"
      2. New Guitar Hero misspells Lynyrd Skynyrd [Update]
      3. RE5 boss reveals "The 10 Commandments of Capcom Development"
      4. Fallout Pitt DLC gets first screens
      5. Riccitiello hits DICE: "We got a little too fat, and a little too reliant"
      6. Extra US DSi software to be announced “closer to launch”
      7. Four-part Sonic Retrospective up on YouTube
      8. American McGee's Alice to be reborn
      9. Prince of Persia DLC will add new trophies to PS3
      10. Professor says WoW can be used as an energy-saving tool
      11. Penny Arcade Expo 2009 gets dated, registration open
      12. Rockstar: Chinatown Wars will benefit from DSi launch
      13. New Colin McRae DiRT 2 screens surface
      14. Euro PSN update, February 19
      15. Weekend Steam sales trump Left 4 Dead launch numbers
      16. Four new dungeons added to Age of Conan
      17. Wireless SingStar microphones announced
      18. Res Evil art shows BSAA hard men
      19. Britain's "hottest female Halo fan" revealed
      20. Sacred 2 gets PS3 screens
      21. Four new Persona PSP movies appear
      22. Guitar Hero: World Tour gets Wings DLC
      23. No God of War movie in director Brett Ratner's future
      24. Mirror's Edge Time Trial Map now available for download
      25. House of the Dead: Overkill dev wants to make new Virtua Cop
      26. Darkfall to release next week, pricing confirmed
      27. Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for 360 and PS3 this summer, movie released
      28. SKATE 2 gets Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza
      29. Rumour: The Lost and Damned cuts blood pools and more from GTA IV
      30. MadWorld for March 20 release in UK
      31. Japanese software sales, February 9-15
      32. Wheelman is a "great IP" for spring's "open launch window," says Ubi
      33. Report: Rare drops 12 artists and engineers
      34. Nintendo: DSi is "a good opportunity for all of us"
      35. Euro DSi release software to be announced "closer to launch"
      36. Yakuza 3 demo on Japanese PSN now
      37. Microsoft gets opinion on non-gaming Achievements
      38. The Conduit gets "improvement" and "dev features" videos
      39. New Capcom title to be revealed on February 23
      40. EA Sports Active Wii confirmed for May 2009
      41. StarCraft II gets yet more screens
      42. Midway delisted from NYSE
      43. Rawlinson makes ELSPA director general
      44. Nintendo DSi supply will be "consistent and steady" to UK
      45. Next Tiger Woods to support Wii MotionPlus
      46. DICE releases list of Big Name attendees
      47. Newell talks entertainment as service in DICE keynote, confirms Valve comics
      48. UT3 Titan Pack releasing on March 5
      49. DSi for April 3 in Europe
      50. Terminal Reality to license Infernal Engine
      51. SouthPeak reports 76% jump in revenue
      52. MadWorld will have a sequel if the public shows interest
      53. Matt Hazard making the leap to PSN and XBLA
      54. Champions Online - 47 new-old shots
      55. ESRB reveals rating and extra details for Punch Out Wii
      56. Update for Orange Box engine released on Steam
      57. Crytek owns rights to all Free Radical properties
      58. Epic hands out $70,000 to UT3 modders
      1. Blizzard gives WoW players a peak at new dungeon
      2. Killzone 2 Mobile Training Centres take to road in UK
      3. XBLA Puzzle Quest: Galactrix still not confirmed for February 24
      4. Blow drops Braid PC to $15
      5. Xbox Live accounts wiped by Hotmail snafu
      6. GameStop starts taking DSi preorders tomorrow
      7. Burnout Legendary cars shown in video
      8. Former FCC staffer appointed ESA's head of government affairs
      9. Phantom Brave on Wii - what it looks like
      10. Capcom "spice" is intact for Dead Rising 2, says Inafune
      11. Ubi confirms Wheelman capture
      12. MGO SCENE Expansion officially announced, screens released
      13. Microsoft dates E3 press conference
      14. Xbox Live Wednesday: Afro Samurai, The Maw, Death Tank
      15. HAWX trailer shows off Kulbit maneuver
      16. US PC charts, February 1-7
      17. Bankruptcy court grants Midway reprieve
      18. Atari: Champions Online in the works for "consoles"
      19. G4's X-Play and Attack of the Show get schedule and staff cut-backs
      20. Death Tank up on Live
      21. European DSi date? No comment, says Nintendo
      22. DSi to launch in US on April 5
      23. Street Fighter HD Remix for Euro PSN tomorrow
      24. Champions Online confirmed for June
      25. Street Fighter IV: We have "very high" commercial expectations, says Capcom
      26. Dead Space Wii - Video shows first-person horror
      27. Dead Space Extraction announced for Wii, to include co-op [Update]
      28. GDC 2009: Wright, Harrison and Pardo confirmed for Perry's Luminaries Lunch
      29. Drakensang prequel confimed for 2010
      30. CoD4 to get another double XP weekend
      31. Announcement imminent on new MGO expansion
      32. Brutal Legend to be shown at GDC
      33. See Star Ocean 4 being played on the internet
      34. Third Metal Gear Online expansion on the way
      35. Smash Bros. creator announces new game and company
      36. Yakuza 3 gets PSN demo tomorrow, 38/40 in Famitsu
      37. Howard: "Wii is getting stuck with quick-buck games"
      38. PC Braid releasing on March 31
      39. Infinity Ward launches Modern Warfare 2 Twitter app
      40. Men of War: WWII RTS demo out now
      41. Noby Noby Boy arriving in the UK and US on same day
      42. Rock Band gets a dose of Nirvana on Wii
      43. Mass Effect to joins Classic range in March
      44. Partial Lost and the Damned soundtrack now on iTunes
      45. Giant Realm hits third in comScore's Gaming Information category
      46. Future Noby Noby Boy updates depend on sales
      47. Global Agenda looking for beta players
      48. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume for DS coming to the UK
      1. Europe is "rife" with piracy says ESA
      2. Guild War 2 isn't delayed, says ArenaNet
      3. Midway leaves the ESA amidst bankruptcy woes
      4. Team Fortress 2 Scout update coming next week
      5. World at War back on top of Live play charts
      6. "The worst is behind us," says Greenberg on RROD issues
      7. Sin City may be indefinitely delayed
      8. Get entire set of Wargear for Dawn of War II
      9. Robot Entertainment developing extra content for Halo Wars
      10. Lego Universe MMO delayed because it will overshadow other products
      11. Tom Clancy's EndWar to be amBX-enabled on PC
      12. Lego Prince of Persia toys cause game speculation
      13. Blizzard announces dates for BlizzCon 2009
      14. Rumor: Nihilistic unleashing Zombie Apocalypse on Live and PSN
      15. Kojima to get Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC
      16. Europe getting Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4
      17. Final Fantasy's Yasumi Matsuno adds his talent to MadWorld
      18. Rockstar: Lost and Damned is "significant" enough to warrant free Live week
      19. The Lost and Damned passes Oz censors unscathed
      20. StarCraft II: "We're in the final stretch"
      21. Microsoft: We've said our piece on Rare restructuring
      22. Rare restuctures, lay-offs possible
      23. World of Goo Linux is success for 2D Boy
      24. BottleRocket's The Flash shown in screens
      25. GTA IV: The Lost and Damned goes live
      26. E3 ready to welcome back the "glamour and sizzle"
      27. Lost and Damned Avatar clothing available now
      28. The Lost and Damned goes live at 8.00am GMT
      29. Resistance Retribution vidoc has much shooting
      30. Left 4 Dead sale - time extension
      1. WWE Legends of WrestleMania vid shows ripped men with mullets
      2. EA Sports to make actual sports gear
      3. Sacred 2 - Wide-eyed men talk metal in role-playing game
      4. Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack releasing this Thursday
      5. Dragon Quest V sells over 1.2 million in Japan
      6. Death Tank goes to XBLA this week
      7. Wii Fit makes it five weeks at the top in UK
      8. The Lost and Damned reviews go live
      9. Man gets cock out in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned [Update]
      10. Grabbed by the Ghoulies on Xbox Originals now
      11. Dante's Inferno info splurged in PSM3
      12. BioWare: "Fight club" planned for Mass Effect DLC
      13. Mad Catz SFIV stick is "sticky," says hardcore
      14. MGS4 to join PS3 Platinum range
      15. Name your child Jason, win some games
      16. 13 year-old dad plays Saints Row 2 like a champ
      17. The Lost and Damned strategy guide out next Friday
      18. Fiddy: Blood in the Sand is "one of the more exciting projects I'm involved in"
      19. GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets launch trailer
      20. Virtua Tennis 2009 officially confirmed for Wii - all details
      21. Source: Forza 3 will release this Christmas
      22. Justice and Survivors aren't in Lionhead production
      23. Warner backs Square bid on Eidos
      24. Lewis: No, really - 360 leads PS3 in EMEA
      25. Rockstar: We've made a full game in The Lost and Damned
      26. Gama's NPD analysis posted
      27. Killzone 2 demo now free to North American players… sorta
      28. Rumour: Red 360 spotted on retail listing
      1. Lionhead "Justice" and "Survivor" concept art revealed
      2. Watchmen gets official date
      3. Op Flashpoint 2 gets new screens, update next Friday
      4. Smash Bros. Brawl is Nintendo Power's GotY
      5. Psychonauts soundtrack available online
      6. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure coming to the UK March 20
      7. Renegade Kid cancels Dracula game Son of the Dragon
      8. IGN: MadWord is a "Wii game of the year" contender
      9. David Jaffe: Games are not an engaging storytelling medium
      10. Katamari Damacy creator explains the persistent world of Noby Noby Boy
      11. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault trailer details RTS expansion
      12. Nintendo isn't threatened by iPhone or PSP
      13. ArmA II "Freedom" trailer resembles real propaganda footage
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: WAR's Night of Murder, Darkfall pre-orders, Spellborn's patch
      2. Street Fighter IV sells out first day; 86K copies sold
      3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 gets teaser trailer
      4. Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman forms Robot Entertainment
      5. Obsidian CEO says company is "doing just fine" despite lay-off rumors
      6. Don't panic: PSN is down for maintenance
      7. Sony shrugs off mediocre January NPD figures
      8. RE5 producer wants to make new Resident Evil for Wii
      9. MadWorld trailer: Jack takes no prisoners in Asia Town
      10. God of War III 1080p trailer... isn't
      11. New Tekken 6 screens show panda madness
      12. First Hutt shots released for The Old Republic
      13. Self-taught coder takes $660K in one month with iPhone game
      14. Official God of War III site goes live
      15. Rumour: Syphon Filter 5 PS3 in development
      16. Dead to Rights: Retribution gets first shots and details
      17. Grabbed by the Ghoulies goes to Xbox Originals on Monday
      18. Sony closing San Francisco's Metreon Shopping Center store
      19. Demo of Puzzle Quest for iPhone hitting next week; Chapter 2 is free
      20. Future calls out Imagine for not publishing circulation figures
      21. Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz reports $26.9 million loss
      22. King's Bounty: The Legend in stores today for PC
      23. NCsoft profits down; Guild Wars 2 pushed into 2010-2011
      24. January NPD - Edge fires back in NPD analysis war
      25. GameTap Thursday gets Grimm Vol 3 and Serious Sam II
      1. BioShock 2 job listing requires Wii dev knowledge
      2. Asian Ninja Blade released in English, region-free
      3. Dawn of War 2 patch to be released after launch
      4. White Zombie and Turbonegro hit Rock Band next week
      5. PlayStation Official Magazine UK gives Resident Evil 5 an 8/10
      6. Report: Acti threatens to sue EA over Brutal Legend publishing rights
      7. New Singularity shots and details emerge
      8. Left 4 Dead 50% off on Steam this weekend
      9. Persona 4 releasing March 13 with special soundtrack
      10. Midway owes creditors $281,033,000 in liabilites
      11. Cryptic Studios: No Captain Kirk in upcoming Star Trek Online
      12. Upcoming World of Warcraft dual talent specs explained
      13. God of War III - All the previews and screens
      14. God of War III - first trailer and Q&A
      15. OXM has the goods on new Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt
      16. EMA names Grand Theft Auto IV game of the year
      17. Gears of War 2 lead jumps to Warner
      18. GTTV confirmed for PSN, inFamous exclusive next week
      19. Black Rock teases new racer
      20. Lemmy confirmed for Guitar Hero: Metallica
      21. Future lays off 19 staff from SF and NY offices
      22. Singularity back-story teaser vids have power, intrigue
      23. Tomb Raider: Underworld Trophy patch on the way
      24. Harmonix counter-sues Konami over Rock Revolution
      25. Red Alert 3: Uprising trailer shows graphics of justice
      26. DOOM 4 to feature mix of military and civilian fighters
      27. PCGA boss: Start-ups can benefit from "widespread piracy"
      28. Japanese hardware sales, February 2-8
      29. January NPD: Lich King PC winner in US last month
      30. Square - DQIX delay may push FFXIII back
      31. Microsoft to open its own retail stores
      32. Ex-Splatterhouse dev team to start on new game
      33. ONM delayed for Sonic and Mario Winter Olympics cover
      34. January NPD: PlayStation platforms see serious YoY decline in US
      35. Spike signs multi-year deal with Keighley
      36. January NPD: Halo Wars demo downloaded 2 million times in a week
      37. PSP has sold-in more than 50 million units worldwide, says Sony
      38. January NPD: Xbox 360 sales up 33%, Live subs over 17 million
      39. January NPD: We're saving the games industry, says Nintendo
      40. Demigod multiplayer beta opens February 19
      41. Lips update gets Avril Lavigne, Olivia Newton John and the Pussycat Dolls
      42. Atari releases Codename Panzers: Cold War demo
      43. Free Realms to launch in early April
      44. EP: Online games need a red button for parents
      45. The Lost and the Damned - seven multiplayer additions listed
      46. US PSN update, February 12
      47. Euro PSN update, February 12
      1. January NPD - Wii triple header leaves everything else for dead
      2. January NPD: US industry rises 13% to $1.33 billion
      3. January NPD: Nintendo clear hardware winner once again
      4. January NPD - All raw data, 360 beats PS3
      5. Rock Band 2 moves 2 million units, but sales are lower than expected
      6. Rumor: Midway hands Wheelman over to Ubisoft
      7. Jeffery Kaplan leaving WoW for Blizzard's new MMO
      8. Rumor: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories headed to PSN
      9. Dead Space was originally planned for Xbox - video
      10. IGN to broadcast DICE awards live
      11. Street Fighter IV's first review is 9.3 from IGN
      12. BioWare details the "origins" bit of Dragon Age: Origins
      13. Pre-order Guitar Hero: Metallica, get some swag
      14. Lumines Classic Pack lands on PSN today
      15. Soul Calibur IV wins for Namco in Q4
      16. Monster Hunter Freedom 2G ships 3 million units
      17. Rumor: Obsidian lays-off as Aliens RPG is canned [Update]
      18. American Mensa and Empire working on brain training game
      19. Beatles game to feature "psychedelic" period, say McCartney
      20. Eidos shares jump with news of Square Enix bid
      21. Report: Namco moves to buy D3
      22. Midway files for Chapter 11
      23. Guitar Hero: World Tour gets acoustic track pack
      24. Future claims 10 million game site users per month
      25. First shots of Niko in The Lost and Damned released [Update]
      26. Paul Sams: "Blizzard intends on delivering one frontline release per year"
      27. Mario and Sonic Winter Games - first trailer!
      28. Most Future mags saw circulation drops last year
      29. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games officially confirmed
      30. EA's "Cricket 9" listed by OFLC
      31. New Hawk to release at year-end
      32. Namco Museum to launch this April
      33. Sony to "reinvigorate" PSP in 2009
      34. Pokémon Platinum out in May
      35. Free Your Avatar feature launched for Live
      36. EU games report says kids benefit from play
      37. Sega teases Project Ringo
      38. Square cuts full-year income forecast by 62.5%
      39. Square delays Dragon Quest IX
      40. New Wolfenstein to release this summer
      41. Square bids ?84.3 million for Eidos
      42. Acti Blizz Q4 earnings call - everything in one place
      43. Acti Blizz - Wii to sell 16 million next year, 360 and PS3 8 million each
      44. Acti Blizz earnings call - full transcript posted
      45. Suikoden: Tierkreis gets March 17 US release date
      46. Rock Thunder Guitar for Wii works with Rock Band and Guitar Hero
      47. 505 and FilePlanet team up for Men of War multiplayer beta
      48. Blockbuster adding game rentals to Total Access service
      49. Tories thrash Brit Government for failing games trade
      50. First tracks from Scratch: The Ultimate DJ revealed
      1. Blizzard: StarCraft II beta launching in "the coming months"
      2. Bizarre racer confirmed for Q4 launch
      3. Acti Blizz Q4: Music games are huge, new Guitar Hero for DS and consoles in 2009
      4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 confirmed for Q4
      5. Racing game and "the next Bond" both in dev at Bizarre Creations
      6. Acti Blizz Q4 Financials so far
      7. Kotick: A disciplined strategy won't include "wholesale layoffs" in 2009
      8. Acti Blizz revenues up 26% for 2008, income up 21% [UPDATE]
      9. US PC Charts: January 25-31
      10. Acti delays Bond to avoid competition with new Call of Duty
      11. Xbox 360 advert banned by ASA for code of conduct breech
      12. NCsoft UK dev positions moved to North America
      13. Epic confirms GDC plans
      14. Left 4 Dead DLC is free, says Valve
      15. House of the Dead Overkill gets launch trailered
      16. Tabula Rasa gets mech suits just in time for last hurrah
      17. Disgaea DS dated for Europe
      18. The Force Unleashed fasted selling Star Wars game ever
      19. Xbox Live Arcade: Download 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
      20. Race Pro track reveal video is realistic, has cars
      21. New Aliens Vs Predator confirmed
      22. NCsoft cuts 70 staff at Brighton office [UPDATE]
      23. New MadWorld trailer shows bloodsports
      24. Discounted GDC registration ends tomorrow
      25. GTA IV Lost and Damned 360 unwrapping "psyches" people in car
      26. EA confirms G.I. Joe game is inspired by upcoming film
      27. Free Rad buy helps us into console market, says Crytek
      28. Godfather II gets new dates
      29. 50 Cent game mechanics trailer screams "BUY ME"
      30. Life-sized Space Marine Rhino crushes cars in field
      31. Sports Illustrated swimwear calendar themes on Live now
      32. Game Informer's God of War III feature scanned to death
      33. PC Gaming Alliance launches new site
      34. 1.1 million EUK games to be sold off cheap
      35. Epic boss: There is no 10-year plan for Gears of War
      36. HAWX demo hits Live
      37. Rare releases Pinata love for Valentine's
      38. Live in LA? Go to the Street Fighter IV launch party
      39. Rumour - God of War III details leaked
      40. Nvidia posts $30 million full-year loss
      41. Lost and Damned soundtrack puts emphasis on death metal, Statik Selektah
      42. God of War III event over, 9.00am PST Friday set for reveal
      43. PSP Persona not a port, but not a remake either
      44. Formal Avatar clothing released for Live
      45. World of Warcraft gets a small patch and an arena tournament
      46. New DC Universe trailer shows villain PvP action
      47. Woolworths' ex-game boss John Stanhope signs on with Tesco
      48. Harrison pushed for God of War 2 on PS3
      49. Adopt a unique kind of virtual pet with My Lil’ Bastard
      50. Map Pack details announced for Call of Duty: World at War
      51. SCEA mum on Killzone 2 pre-order numbers for North America
      1. WWI zombie shooter NecroVisioN gets a demo
      2. Rock Band Wii gets Moving Pictures tracks
      3. Activision drops "Fusion" from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      4. Kojima at GDC: "We'll be making announcements before the show", says Konami"
      5. D3 hints at more DLC in the future for Bikini Samurai Squad
      6. OXM puts Brutal Legend cover feature live
      7. Winter Olympics man confirms Mario & Sonic for 2010
      8. ONM delays issue, promises "great exclusive content"
      9. Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion coming February 25
      10. Snoop Dogg heading to Rock Band
      11. Brutal Legend - four new old screens
      12. Battlefield Heroes beta re-starts tomorrow
      13. PlayStation Home loves ninjas, hopes you do too
      14. SOCOM.com launches, has features, ticker
      15. DICE wants to assure fans it's not "going casual"
      16. Nintendo to construct new software and hardware R&D center
      17. Capcom and THQ join forces in Australia and New Zealand
      18. Dante's Inferno is "God of War meets Dead Space" says PSM3
      19. Collecting intel from Killzone 2 will grant you unlockable rewards
      20. Overlord: Dark Legend will be a "hardcore" Wii title
      21. Sony: Killzone 2 servers aren't live, promo copies work fine online
      22. Kojima to keynote GDC, MGS fans foul trousers
      23. Win a Dawn of War II Space Marine statue from GameStation
      24. 1.25 million online games of FIFA 09 played daily
      25. Prototype to hit Europe in the "June-July timeframe," says Acti
      26. New Stormrise trailer shows "whip" controls
      27. HAWX PS3 demo for February 12
      28. The horror: Sega dropping 560 jobs, set for giant full-year loss
      29. Live goes free for Lost and Damned
      30. Serkis: Games — there's no heart in them
      31. Nintendo: DSi July date is "rumour and speculation"
      32. Dead Rising 2: No date, no detail, no nothing
      33. First FUEL movie shows spectacular environments, confirms May launch
      34. Rumour: DSi out in Australia in July
      35. Sega posts $119 million nine-month loss
      36. Infinity Ward heads up BAFTA nominations
      37. EEDAR and Nielsen get to provide games ad-tracking data
      38. DICE sells out
      39. Square financials delayed due to accounting gaffe
      40. Killzone 2 promos won't work online
      41. Crackdown dev: "We see the life of games online"
      42. Burnout Paradise gets first Cops and Robbers shots
      43. Ortega: Gears of War is a "ten-year plan"
      44. Edge posts its Killzone 2 review
      45. More Nazi zombies coming to Call of Duty: World at War
      46. Eidos drops casual studio, Gimme5games
      47. N+ coming to Europe this Spring
      48. Acti Blizz forms Fun4All Wii casual label
      49. Execs leave GamePro, GamePro isn't worried
      50. Report: Dark Athena demo out in early March, game on April 7
      1. Design darlings head up Game Developer Choice Awards
      2. HAWX 360 demo for February 11 release, has co-op for four
      3. Jaffe on God of War: I hoped to make a bigger game
      4. Microsoft: Downturn won't threaten our original IP plans
      5. UK market bigger than Japan in terms of unit sales
      6. Rumour: Just Cause 2 for third quarter, PC, PS3 and 360 [Update]
      7. BottleRocket closure confirmed
      8. EEDAR January NPD predictions: Wii at 740k
      9. US FIFA World Cup legs detailed
      10. Force Unleashed takes game writing award
      11. Wii Fit takes fourth week as UK number one
      12. New Sacred 2 vid details combat, menus, running about
      13. Capcom announces Dead Rising 2 - screenshots
      14. Ex-Vivendi staffers launch Talented-People.org
      15. Velvet Assassin out in Europe this spring
      16. European Parliament to make games regs announcement this week
      17. New Brit PSP colours - arty shots released
      18. Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 dated for US
      19. Blue Dragon Plus shots show large blue bull
      20. Tomb Raider DLC delayed thanks to "technical issue"
      21. SOCOM officially dated for UK and Europe
      22. Pachter US estimates: 275k 360, 225 PS3 in January
      23. Xleague re-launches as standalone production company
      24. 1 million PS3s sold in Germany, says SCEE
      25. Microsoft drops Xbox support for Japan
      26. Loads of companies sign up to do Home stuff
      27. ARMA II trailer shows pig, dog, exploding heads
      28. Hardcore mode on the way for Far Cry 2
      29. CCP drops Linux EVE
      30. Square alters Star Ocean design for western release
      31. Silicon Knights gets new VP
      32. Operation Flashpoint 2 pinned for "summer 2009"
      33. Killzone 2 PS3 bundle confirmed for Australia
      34. DICE dev: Battlefield 1943 will be "download-only"
      35. Rumour: New Mass Effect DLC on the way
      36. GTA: Chinatown Wars to have "replay feature," co-op
      37. Star Trek Online alien creation tool gets video
      1. Epic looks to serious Gears 2 multiplay alterations
      2. Champions Online gets fresh trailer at Comic Con
      3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - first trailer
      4. Overlord II - video from Comic Con
      5. Street Fighter IV's opening cinematic posted
      6. Blood Bowl PS3 dev too "risky," says Cyanide
      7. Red Alert 3 confirmed for Mac
      8. Puzo estate and Paramount settle Godfather suit out of court
      9. Rumour: Namco moves Splatterhouse to Afro Samurai team
      10. Get Velvet Assassin graphic novel when you pre-order game
      11. Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen released for Wii
      12. Namco bringing Dead to Rights back to life in Q4
      1. Go test Aliens and Borderlands at Gearbox
      2. Rockstar talks GTA IV DLC, first look at new Left 4 Dead DLC
      3. EA promises risks with new and old franchises
      4. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor heading to US DS
      5. Resistance: Retribution gets shot up
      6. Todd Howard: "Wii is a kids' toy, PS3 and Xbox 360 are for evil killfests"
      7. Killzone 2 release pushed back in South Africa
      8. Halo 3: ODST to include all 24 multiplayer maps
      9. Dead Rising Wii vids feature waggling, shooting
      10. F.E.A.R. 2 trailer is frightening
      11. 50% off Ghost Recon pack on Steam this weekend
      12. Battlestations: Pacific team talks authenticity
      13. HAWX cockpit view trailer released
      14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer shows super-war
      15. Rumour: BottleRocket goes bust
      16. Original Splatterhouse to be included in reboot
      17. New MadWorld trailer is mad
      18. Star Trek Online in production for a "full year"
      19. 80Gb PS3 launches in India
      20. New York Comic Con - All the previews
      21. New Infamous shots - shocking
      22. Edge gives KillZone 2 7/10
      23. Next Fallout 3 DLC slips a month
      24. New Splatterhouse trailer is completely ridiculous
      25. God of War III screens in next week's Game Informer
      1. Bethesda working on iPhone game
      2. Four new Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf screens posted
      3. The Warriors coming to XBLA this summer
      4. Cops and Robbers Pack announced for Burnout Paradise
      5. Chinese Democracy heading to Rock Band this spring
      6. DC Universe Online gets super-screens
      7. American McGee's Grimm: Volume 3 will be the last of the series
      8. Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena gets new screens, movie
      9. Battlefield 1943 - The first playtest
      10. Source: Leaked Dead Rising 2 trailer is the real deal
      11. Mass Effect 2: EA refuses to confirm PS3 version
      12. Rock Band gets indie with The Fratellis DLC
      13. Lips gets Alicia Keys, Coldplay and Sarah McLachlan
      14. Class changes detailed for WoW patch 3.1
      15. Nintendo teases internet with Metroid Prime content
      16. Prototype: New screens, movies, previews
      17. New knockout Star Ocean IV shots and trailer
      18. South Korea's Pres: Why can't our companies develop products like Nintendo?
      19. Dawn of War II co-op screens surface
      20. WAR's Land of the Dead detailed
      21. US PS Movie Store update, February 6
      22. Sony: PS3 "sales curve" to far outlast that of PS2
      23. Call of Duty: World at War patch hits PC today [Update]
      24. Acti shows Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
      25. Persona PSP trailer released
      26. SCEE: Killzone 2 demo "proving very popular"
      27. PES 09 to get transfer update this month
      28. Rare: User-generated content likely for Avatars
      29. NFS World Online to enter testing in Far East
      30. Left 4 Dead and GTA IV DLC on GTTV tonight
      31. US PSN update, February 5
      32. Japanese hardware sales, January 26 - February 1
      33. Square Enix shares hit five-year low
      34. Six brand new Punisher: No Mercy screenshots
      35. New RE5 shots show large crocodile
      36. THQ shares fall 18% after shock financials
      37. Blizzard: WoW in Australia is nice and legal
      38. Iwata: Wii Music "has not achieved its true potential"
      39. WAR launches in Russia
      1. Konami picks up Saw where Brash left off
      2. Sega secures new "arcade game machines" trademarks
      3. Blizzard: Ongoing games dev more important than attending E3
      4. Mythic: We're "super proud" of WAR subs
      5. Rare still working on handhelds, just not at the moment
      6. Street Fighter IV's DLC list is pretty large
      7. DS closes in on 9 million sales in the UK
      8. Ready at Dawn's next game is multi-platform
      9. Capcom finally gives Bionic Commando a release window
      10. Dark Sector PC port heading to North America
      11. Konami sees revenue and profit rise in 2008
      12. Blizzard won't attend E3
      13. Euro PSN update, February 5
      14. PC Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box out now, demo available
      15. Naka: Sega should have stayed in the hardware game
      16. New Ghostbusters trailer doesn't look at the trap
      17. Left 4 Dead Survival Pack DLC and custom campaign details emerge
      18. Texas honors videogame industry with its own special day
      19. LittleBigPlanet co-creator added to DICE line-up
      20. Infinity Ward confirms work on Modern Warfare 2 - sort of
      21. EA handed over $35 million to the NFLPA in 2007
      22. Sega confirms official 2010 Winter Olympics games
      23. Killzone 2 demo live on PSN
      24. Virtua Tennis 2009 confirmed for PC, 360, PS3
      25. First Battlefield 1943 movie released, shows bombing
      26. Saint's Row 2 has sold 2.6 million to date
      27. LittleBigPlanet Valentines Day theme pack revealed
      28. New PSP colours for UK, SCEE confirms
      29. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943 confirmed, detailed [Update]
      30. Capcom to make European Home announcements "soon"
      31. Euro Killzone 2 pre-orders top 1.1 million
      32. Pre-load Dawn of War II, get free stuff
      33. Killzone 2 demo to launch "around 5.00pm" today
      34. Watchmen: The End is Nigh gets shots
      35. PS3 nears 500,000 sales in Australia
      36. Halo Wars demo now on Live
      37. Tekken 6 - new trailer and screens
      38. Disney Interactive drops $45 million
      39. All-American Rejects, Blondie and Boston DLC arrive for Wii Rock Band 2
      40. Play Call of Duty: World at War with metal band Lamb of God
      41. Japanese software sales, January 26 - February 1
      42. Capcom reports 57% profit drop
      43. Netflix: 1 million subscribers streaming via Xbox 360
      44. Source: Battlefield 1943 real, will be shown in Europe this week
      45. Reeves: Sony has to suffer, go down in market share
      46. THQ to develop fewer "core" titles in wake of losses
      47. Rumor: Battlefield 1943: Pacific en route to New York Comic Con
      48. THQ Q3 earnings call - the transcript
      49. Warner Bros. acquires Snowblind Studios
      1. THQ shows major loss, will fire 600
      2. Research proves game prices are getting lower
      3. Wallace & Gromit episodic series confirmed for Live and PC
      4. EA will "succeed" when it addresses Wii audience, says Pachter
      5. Stardock expands, plans new PC title
      6. Microsoft voiding Xbox 360 warranties in Columbia
      7. Rumor: Layoffs at Mythic affect senior designers
      8. Free Radical to be rebranded Crytek UK
      9. Sacred 2 pushed into Q2
      10. GTA: Chinatown Wars playable at Comic Con
      11. Valve shrugs off yet another Left 4 Dead PS3 rumor
      12. World at War heads up Live chart for week of January 26
      13. Uncharted 2 has budget of $20 million, says Wells
      14. Capcom joins PC Gaming Alliance
      15. Faith and a .45 development grinds to a halt
      16. LEGO Battles heading to DS this summer
      17. HAWX gets solid Euro date
      18. Koei posts record earnings for '08
      19. Night of Murder approaches Warhammer Online
      20. amBX gets tools and middleware license for PS3
      21. Uncharted 2 screens look more than decent
      22. Mushroom Men coming to Europe in March
      23. Red Dead Revolver sequel confirmed [Update]
      24. Galactrix gets release date for PC, DS, maybe XBLA
      25. Pachter: The Riccitiello I heard last night is the right man to save EA
      26. Refer friends to LotRO, get Amazon vouchers
      27. MMOs to be classified in Australia
      28. R-Type Dimensions on Live now
      29. Warhammer Online subs drop to 300,000
      30. Original Persona coming to PSP
      31. Free Rad man: Crytek buy is a "really, really good thing"
      32. Crytek Free Radical purchase confirmed
      33. EA market share drops 3% in Europe
      34. FIFA 09 sales near 8 million
      35. EA Q3 financials - everything in one place
      36. EA's Q3 earnings call - the full transcript posted
      37. Riccitiello: Wii to get "half our emphasis'
      38. GameFly buys Shacknews
      39. Rumour: Free Radical bought by Crytek
      40. Dead Space, Mirror's Edge hit 1 million mark
      1. Godfather II pushed into fiscal 2010
      2. Battlefield Heroes to release before April 2009
      3. Left 4 Dead rakes in 1.8 million in retail
      4. EA: Sequels will be 2010's big hitters, says JR
      5. Dead Space confirmed for Wii
      6. New Battlefield and multi-format Mass Effect 2 for 2010 [Update]
      7. Sims 3 suffers four-month delay
      8. Dragon Age pushed back to "last half of 2009"
      9. EA posts $641 million Q3 loss, will close 12 facilities
      10. Atlus to launch Atlus Online social gaming network
      11. Warrior Epic announces closed beta sign ups
      12. Ubisoft buys Action Pants
      13. Harmonix founders to take GDC Pioneer Award
      14. Hellgate website and western servers shut down
      15. Sony launches PlayStation photo competion in Europe
      16. Paramount gets new head of games
      17. Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC shown in movie
      18. Halo Wars movie shows scarabs going mental
      19. Sega announces Iron Man 2 movie tie-in
      20. Phantasy Star Portable gets US release date
      21. New details surface for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
      22. Rock Band gets Nikko, Pat Benatar, The Pretenders, Thin Lizzy
      23. Evo 2009 confirmed for Las Vegas in July
      24. Prototype gets June release date
      25. Westwood co-founder forms Jet Set Games
      26. Amazon launches games download service
      27. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution vid shows Elvis versus Chew
      28. US PC charts, January 18-24
      29. Almost all games are responsibly advertised, says ASA
      30. Gamespot delays Killzone 2 review over multiplayer
      31. DS hits 2 million in South Korea
      32. Edinburgh Festival gets dates
      33. Dissidia: Final Fantasy Euro date to be announced "later this month"
      34. Rare: Games to give out Avatar clothing "like Achievements"
      35. Rumour: Naka in London today, Let's Tap for Europe and US [Update]
      36. No DLC planned for PC PoP
      37. Resi 5 and SFIV spaces come Home
      38. Bourne man on EA: "We're dealing with grown ups now"
      39. New Yakuza 3 shots show children and gambling
      40. Wii Fit still top of UK chart
      41. Halo MMO was to have been "new focus" for Ensemble
      42. Della Rocca quits IGDA
      43. Pachter: Game stocks may appreciate in coming months
      1. Capcom: There are no "run and gun" controls in RE5
      2. MadWorld gets US release date
      3. NXE HDMI audio bug patched
      4. Midnight Club: LA world championship kicks off
      5. Resident Evil 5 360 demo downloaded 1.8 million times
      6. Free Radical's fate to be announced this week
      7. MMO gamers are "addicts," says Pachter
      8. Flower to cost ?6.29 in Europe
      9. E3 exhibitor list revealed, Activision confirmed
      10. VG247 - Welcome to our second year and your new site!
      11. Snow cancels new DICE console game showing in UK
      12. Eurogamer Germany gives Killzone 2... an 8
      13. Starbreeze working on new Bourne game
      14. Killzone 2 demo to release this Thursday
      15. Resident Evil 5 demo now on PSN
      16. Shellshock 2 - 11 new screens
      17. Global games industry sees 11% increase in 2008, Britain biggest winner
      18. Mario Kart Wii is 2008's biggest selling game on global level
      19. First Need for Speed SHIFT, NITRO and World Online images released
      20. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails confirmed for February 13 release
      21. US smartphone game sales up 300% in November
      22. Square to publish Quantum of Solace in Japan
      23. Dissidia tops Japanese sales for January
      24. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo dominate Top Social Brands list
      25. New Deus Ex 3 details show characters, locations
      26. Job listing calls BioShock developer’s next game a “AAA multiplayer title”
      27. Microsoft targets women with US "Tupperware parties"
      28. GTA IV DLC Billy Grey video released
      29. Penny Arcade surveys 40,000 gamers on net speed and console ownership
      30. Newell to keynote DICE, speakers listed
      31. Rumour: Resident Evil 5 requires a 5Gb install on PS3
      32. OPM gives Resident Evil 5 5/5, review scanned
      33. Nomura: Dissidia sequel would be "very difficult"
      1. Warhammer Online to get official forums
      2. New Old Republic trailer shows making of Tython
      3. Mass Effect patch on the way, says BioWare
      4. 30% off all Rockstar games this weekend
      5. Rumour: Disney starting on new Tron game
      6. World of Goo publisher files for bankruptcy protection
      7. Bethesda ranks top Oblivion DLC, reveals horse armor’s shocking secret