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  • July 2009 Archive

      1. Wii Sports sells 1.91 million copies Q1 09, LTD 47.62 million
      2. Valve: Fight used game sales and piracy by producing good titles
      3. Fallout 3 video shows off Mothership Zeta
      4. Resonance of Fate confirmed for Q3 2010
      5. SEGA Q1 financials: The Conduit moves 150k units in launch week
      6. German ratings board lists Braid for PS3
      7. SEGA releases Q1 09 figures: sales down 19% YoY
      8. Images from Square teaser countdown show dog and angel thingies
      9. Silver members can play Gear of War 2 free on XBL this weekend
      10. Boolat Games announces topatoi: The Great Tree Story for US PSN
      11. Estimates reveal 11 million PS3 owners use PSN
      12. Warner promotes Jeff Junge to senior VP of business management
      13. Spore Galactic Adventures spawns over 100K user creations
      14. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra costumes now on PlayStation Home
      15. Chris Deering says AAA titles need to cost ?70 to support industry
      16. CoD: World at War Map Pack 3 screens have arrived
      17. Sony Motion Controller: Handheld controls greatly increase precision
      18. WET gets a firm September release date
      19. Call of Duty Classic to be released on XBL and PSN - eventually
      20. This is Spinal Tap hitting Rock Band in August
      21. Easy Piano for DS comes with 13-key peripheral
      22. Sign up for Champions Online newletter, get an in-game action figure
      23. Dawn of War II leads 50% discount sale on Steam
      24. 360 Avatars playable in Guitar Hero 5
      25. The Matrix Online shuts down today
      26. Senior staff quit Agency dev team
      27. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer vid pulled apart, analysed
      28. Oneda - PS3 manufacturing costs now down 70%
      29. NfS: Shift Driver's Experience series teased
      30. VG247 podcast #3 - Sony and Nintendo figures of death and the Q1 2010 conundrum
      31. US retailers list DJ Hero Renegade Edition at $200
      32. UFC Undisputed anti-cheat patch released, detailed
      33. Report - GT PSP box art revealed
      34. Square Enix launches another timer teaser
      35. Halo Wars stats wipe was "human error," Microsoft admits
      36. Rage runs faster on 360 than PS3 [Update]
      37. LBP PSP menu shows "purchased levels"
      38. Bionic Commando ships 550,000 worldwide
      39. Japanese hardware sales - The "slowing down again" edition
      40. Mass Effect 2 box art revealed
      41. Epic Mickey - sketchy details
      42. Kotaku launches in Japan
      1. NetDevil feels LEGO Universe will bridge the generation gap
      2. Assassin's Creed II will be more hardcore than last outing
      3. US PSN update, July 30 - Fat Princess, Watchmen, Rag doll Kung Fu
      4. Halo 3: ODST trailer gives you a bit of background
      5. Judge delays ruling on Brutal Legend release
      6. Capcom revenue up 19% YoY for Q1 09
      7. Valve: Games contain strategic choices, not moral choices
      8. THQ promises better marketing support for Red Faction: Guerrilla
      9. Bizzare Creations talks Blur, damage, pretty cars
      10. Stardock and Gas Powered Games release Demigod demo
      11. Capcom moves Dark Void into Q1 2010
      12. Wolfenstein multiplayer details revealed by Endrant Studios
      13. Gearbox confirms it's not working on a Halo title
      14. Metroid Prime Trilogy screens show Omega Pirate
      15. Facebook photo application released for DSi
      16. Sony confirms MAG Beta, but it's internal only
      17. Darkest of Days trailer provides a bit of weapons training
      18. Trine patch adds Cloud support on Steam
      19. Telltale: "iPhone is much more powerful than Wii"
      20. The Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote gets Japanese date
      21. Assassin's Creed 2 Comic-Con panel video is a cool show and tell
      22. Gameloft reports 20% sales increase for first half of the year
      23. Sony Q1 2009 software figures down significantly compared to 2008
      24. doublesix calls for transparency of sales figures on digital platforms
      25. Amazon lists Gran Turismo 5 for December
      26. Star Trek Online screen overload hits VG247
      27. Apple prepares for WAR with Mac version and Beta arriving soon
      28. Nintendo Q1 2009 software figures down YoY
      29. Nintendo: Lifetime Wii and DSi figures
      30. US Home update launches Movie Theater, Fat Princess
      31. CoD: World at War Map Pack 3 video is infected with zombies
      32. R-Type Command sequel Tactics II announced
      33. Tales of Monkey Island is Telltale's "strongest performing franchise to date”
      34. Epic 85 song Guitar Hero 5 set list released
      35. LBP PSP getting PS3 connectivity through Cross-Talk
      36. Naughty Dog reveals June Beta numbers for Uncharted 2
      37. Hello, LittleBigPlanet bosses: are you working on a sequel?
      38. Sega Europe: "No plans" for local Yakuza 3
      39. Nintendo profits plummet in Q1 as Wii comes off boil
      40. FFXIII - 45 screens and two videos
      41. PS3 and PSP hardware sales crash in Q1
      42. PlayStation business sales drop 18% in Q1
      43. Revolution Pocket formed, Beneath a Steel Sky first up
      44. Monster Hunter Tri ships 1 million units
      45. Movie shows Next Big Thing, canned Pandemic game
      46. Sega: Sonic quality will "be fixed over time"
      47. FFXIII - yet more shots
      48. Splinter Cell: Conviction going into alpha "this week"
      49. EA confirms first three MMA fighters
      50. Modern Warfare 2 - no special editions for PC gamers
      51. THQ Q1 earnings call - the full transcript
      52. Ashes demo up on Live
      53. Is Yakuza 3 coming west? In a word, "no"
      54. Kim: 360 "not anywhere near" day-and-date full-game digi releases
      1. WipEout HD Fury videos show loads of speed, color, sound
      2. Single-player F.E.A.R. 2 DLC landing next month
      3. Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on 360 with HDMI-out
      4. Dawn of War 2 patch There is Only War goes live tomorrow
      5. Risen video features gameplay footage with Nightwish music
      6. Shirley Manson adding likeness and vocals to Guitar Hero 5 [Update]
      7. UK preorder details for Champions Online
      8. Sony details upcoming Euro Home plans
      9. Analyst predicts StarCraft II will sell 4 million units
      10. Euro PSN update, July 30 - Fat Princess, Watchmen, BUZZ add-on
      11. Atlus details US preorder bonus for Demon's Souls
      12. World of Warcraft has sold 8.6 million US copies to date
      13. Halo Wars leaderboards erased due to technical glitch
      14. Mass Effect 2: Shepard begins game with abilities wiped
      15. Gears of War 2 Double XP week celebrates Dark Corners release
      16. London psychiatrist wants to offer online counseling through WoW
      17. DreamWorks negotiating new videogame licensing deal
      18. Microsoft releases partial track list for Lips: Number One Hits
      19. Final chapter in Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures arrives on PC
      20. Aliens Vs Predator marine reveal trailer kicks ass
      21. ACE Team releases SDK for Zeno Clash
      22. Champions Online vid shows of mental character creation tools
      23. Foundation 9 cuts back on staff, closes Fizz Factor Studio
      24. Trine not hitting PSN this week, bug fix in the works
      25. 360 to get Twitter and Facebook "before Christmas"
      26. Digital sales surge during retail downturn
      27. Acti - DJ Hero Renegade pricing "not yet confirmed"
      28. Blizzard confirms Gamescom presence
      29. NOA's Kaigler unsure why core titles are not doing well on Wii
      30. DJ Hero gets Renegade edition, no price confirmed
      31. Overlord II DLC lands on PSN and XBL
      32. Irish Battlefield 1943 players upset over exclusion of Ireland
      33. Forza 3 gets more pretty pictures, Euro date confirmed
      34. Xbox Live activity for week of July 20 - 1 vs. 100 enters the charts
      35. Rumour - Junction Point working on Epic Mickey
      36. Sheldon Turner to pen inFamous movie
      37. Splinter Cell: Conviction delayed to achieve "ambitions"
      38. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 goes Live
      39. DICE heads to Singapore, Taylor and Matsuura confirmed
      40. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - three new vids
      41. Beautiful FFXIII CG stills released
      42. US getting red and blue PS3 controllers in October
      43. Pre-order Halo: ODST from Amazon, get $10 free
      44. MS: Jackson Halo project "on hold"
      45. New Prince of Persia movie images released
      46. Borderlands seen with over 3 million weapon combinations
      1. THQ plans to bring future UFC titles to Wii and handhelds
      2. EA refuses to comment on Dead Space 2 and 3 rumors
      3. Steam and Direct2Drive top ten PC sales July 19-25
      4. Perry says extra Gaikai servers will be "ready to go" as needed
      5. THQ expects a price cut on two of three consoles this year
      6. Farrell: Natal coming "late next year"
      7. China bans websites from featuring online mafia-styled games
      8. THQ plans to launch 1-2 core games each year
      9. Red Faction: Guerrilla passes 1 million units sold
      10. THQ swings to Q2 profit on UFC success
      11. Sony confirms US holiday release for EyePet
      12. Halo 3: ODST will appeal to fans, but is told from a different perspective
      13. ActiBlizz: Shareholders, analysts concerned over possible StarCraft 2 delay
      14. Square Enix announces GamesCom line-up
      15. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 will not require an install
      16. Gearbox silent as the grave on Halo 4 talk
      17. Bionic Commando gets the Steam treatment
      18. Red Faction: Guerrilla PC has additional graphics but lacks DirectX 11 support
      19. My Life as a Dark Lord gets some DLC loving in Japan
      20. Gearbox's Randy Pitchford is nervous over Borderlands release
      21. Record of Agarest War arriving in US through PSN
      22. id's Wolfenstein to co-sponsor the Inglourious Basterds premiere
      23. Tecmo releases some lovely assets for Quantum
      24. Heavy Rain's David Cage confirmed for GDC Europe keynote
      25. ShopTo worried publishers are following Modern Warfare 2 price trend
      26. Frontier's David Braben defends Lionhead's Milo & Kate
      27. Atlus release teaser videos for Strange Journey
      28. Midway's Mark Cook joins THQ as marketing manager for UK and Europe
      29. Develop: One-day event to be held in Liverpool this November
      30. Viacom revenues down due to decline in Rock Band sales
      31. Rumor: Lionhead to announce "something" at GamesCom
      32. Non-PS Ghostbusters and Champions Online dated in Europe
      33. Rumour: MAG beta about to get underway
      34. Team 17: Microsoft bribery claims are "bollocks"
      35. Silicon Knights keep mum on Siren in the Maelstrom title
      36. Ubisoft: Sales of DS titles drop 67%
      37. 38 Studios sets a tentative release date for its Copernicus MMO
      38. Forza 3 Limited Edition Cars revealed
      39. Gears of War 2: Dark Corners, All Fronts now available on XBL
      40. Depeche Mode licensing shows up in Left 4 Dead 2
      41. Wii Sports Resort tops UK chart at debut
      42. LittleBigPlanet will expand as "creation tool" with DLC, says MM boss
      43. IL-2 Sturmovik Live demo releasing tomorrow
      44. Tell Obama how worthy games are, says ECA
      45. Halo Legends posters are simply spiffing
      46. One Life Left features Capcom man on Monster Hunter
      47. Report - Violent game petition forces German government hearing
      48. The Matrix Online unplugged this week
      49. Guillemot: Splinter Cell and Red Steel delayed for "additional polishing time"
      1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II brutalizes North American PS3s this September
      2. Scott Pilgrim videogame in the works at Ubisoft Montreal
      3. EMA report: Gaming is a life-long hobby
      4. Mortal Kombat team becomes WB Games Chicago
      5. Rumor: PSN cards coming to Europe, launching with PSP Go
      6. First Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer trailer is beautiful, explodey
      7. Ghostbusters briskly moves one million units in North America
      8. Ubisoft hit hard by piracy, working on solution
      9. inFamous Sackboy costumes coming to LittleBigPlanet
      10. Dragon Quest IX sales climb to 3.2 million
      11. Starbreeze not developing The Darkness sequel
      12. Atari first quarter revenues rise, but future success still uncertain
      13. Top Cow: The Darkness sequel in development
      14. THQ wins WWE royalty dispute
      15. iPhone Resident Evil 4 now available
      16. Nintendo weekly releases - Tales of Monkey Island, Three Musketeers, Sudoku
      17. SCEA confirm worldwide Fat Princess release for Thursday
      18. Forza 3 gets North American release date
      19. Ubisoft delays Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2 until 2010
      20. BioWare working on a secret technology feature for Mass Effect 2
      21. Gordon Brown confesses he is a gamer
      22. MySpace to become online videogame destination
      23. O'Connor: Halo Waypoint will "aggregate everything" from the Halo universe
      24. Command & Conquer 4 confirmed for Cologne
      25. Hideo Kojima confirmed for GAMESCom
      26. Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal coming to WiiWare today
      27. Final Fantasy XIII gets 10 new shots
      28. New Dante's Inferno gameplay looks devilish
      29. Bethesda: New Bungie game could only be published by top tier
      30. New Alan Wake gameplay footage from ComicCon
      31. Report - Third Dead Space game planned
      32. DCUO producer: PS3 gives us "an entirely new player base"
      33. Gears of War clothing for Avatars coming soon
      34. Amazon pins slack results on games "slowdown"
      35. Left 4 Dead 2 - four new movies
      36. Dead Space: Extraction gets a BBFC 18
      37. APB video podcast shows of clothing creation tools
      38. EA apologises over "lust" Dante comp
      39. Avatar clothing colour selection included in 360 dash update
      40. Dead Space fifth EA franchise to get movie treatment
      41. Army of Two sequel to feature expanded multiplayer
      42. Marvel sackboys coming to LBP
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Trouble Edition
      2. Rockstar: No plans to make movies based on Grand Theft Auto
      3. Halo Waypoint gets a bit more detailed
      4. Shadow Complex has a multipurpose foam-gun, decent price
      5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Sith and Tatooine assets arrive
      6. Halo Chronicles project "no longer happening", says Jackson
      7. Tales of Monkey Island gets a date with WiiWare
      8. Platinum Games: No DLC for Bayonetta
      9. Wesker will not appear in future Resident Evil games, says producer
      10. Silicon Knights project revealed through Canadian cultural agency
      11. Lionsgate believes Wii movie store will go worldwide soon
      12. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes
      13. Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition coming this holiday
      14. Mount & Blade accepting applications for Warband expansion Beta
      15. Champions Online open Beta gets a date with preorder goodies
      16. ESRB outs the sexual details for Dragon Age: Origins
      17. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gets DLC love this fall
      1. Epic doesn't plan to release major retail versions of UT for a few years
      2. Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez lend voices to Avatar
      3. Mark Rein never said making games for Wii was a "waste"
      4. Some zombies will be sporting kevlar in Left 4 Dead 2
      5. Scribblenauts trailer shows loads of crazy stuff
      6. Halo: Reach and ODST are the last in the series from Bungie
      7. Halo: ODST screens look Halo-y
      8. Free Realms hits close to the 5 million registered mark
      9. Bungie: No Reach reveal this year
      10. Harass booth babes at Comic-Con, win prizes from EA
      11. Asteroids movie has a plotline filled with brotherly love
      12. Bungie's secret non-Halo game still needs a publisher
      13. Global Agenda enters closed Beta
      14. Fallout was almost Dogmeat free, says developer
      15. DiRT 2 asset overload: Four videos and loads of screens
      16. Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend starts today
      17. Preview of new XBL Dashboard is live [Upate] [Update 2]
      18. KISS, Weezer, Blink 182 landing on Rock Band next week
      19. LEGO Rock Band getting the hair-band treatment
      20. Epic's Mark Rein says making games for Wii would spread recourses too thin [Update]
      21. US PS movie store update, July 24 - Conan, The Meaning of Life, Cheech and Chong
      22. Microsoft launches new pricing for XBL Community Games
      23. 360 Avatars leaked footage shows virtual egos playing golf
      24. Avatar: First look from IGN sounds very interesting
      25. Nordic Game for Gamescom 09 gets 24 new entries
      26. BioWare explains how Mass Effect saves play into the sequel
      27. Capcom confirms Monster Hunter 3 online plans
      28. US PSN update July 23 - Shatter, Tomb Raider
      29. Trailer - Command & Conquer 4 is set in... Manchester
      30. Kaz Hirai confirmed for TGS keynote
      31. Crackdown 2 wishes you were here
      32. Singularity screens start to shine
      33. Army of Two 40th Day trailer gets moral
      34. Call of Duty: World at War MP3 - screens
      35. Dress up, win a Bayonetta 360
      36. First Avatar trailer on August 21
      37. Yakuza 4 named Heir to the Legend
      38. Japanese hardware charts - Dragon Quest keeps the DS dream alive
      39. GT PSP in-game trailer shows eye-bleed quality
      40. Anderson to direct new RE film
      41. id launches RAGE site, features talking man
      42. RE Darkside Chronicles - new shots, movies
      43. Halo Legends to be a Spartan affair
      44. Halo Legends gets first trailer
      45. Behemoth's Game #3 - five new movies
      46. Borderlands - first gameplay trailer
      1. Assassin's Creed Discovery headed to DS November 20
      2. Dragon Age: Origins videos show race distinction versus storyline
      3. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom video, screens, Fight Stick come out of Comic-Con
      4. Xbox division revenue down in Q4, 360 sales up to 11.2 million for FY
      5. Loads of screens for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 surface
      6. Pre-order Arkham Asylum through GameStop, get a challenge map
      7. Naughty Dog shows off Gold Rush for Uncharted 2 at Comic-Con
      8. Carrier Battles Map Pack arrives on XBL for Battlestations: Pacific
      9. Plants vs Zombies confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade
      10. Rumor: Screen from upcoming Lucasarts game surfaces
      11. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 DLC, Banff Springs, now available
      12. Cursed Mountain commercials show frightened people
      13. Hidden Path bringing Defense Grid: The Awakening to XBL this summer
      14. Konami announces Pro Evo 2010 for Wii
      15. UK Government to create videogames committee
      16. Fate/Unlimited Codes hitting PSN in September
      17. Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth hitting the US in February
      18. Check out Square's limited edition Saga 2 DSi bundle
      19. Splinter Cell: Conviction video shows a vengeful Sam
      20. Former Eidos execs to lead Square Enix Europe
      21. Xbox Live activity for the week of July 13 - Halo 3 tops, of course
      22. Ubisoft working on Beyond Good and Evil "stuff", but its future is uncertain
      23. DiRT 2 to include ESPN X Games
      24. Best selling PSN titles for the month of June
      25. Alpha Protocol to contain "tasteful" but "satisfying" sex-scenes
      26. Hybrid engine used for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, says Hayashi
      27. Euro PSN update, July 23
      28. PixelJunk Shooter, Comic Con, a gameplay video
      29. Halo Waypoint to be a new destination for fans on XBL
      30. New Trophy features added to European PlayStation site
      31. Namco announces Comic-Con line-up
      32. Star Trek: D-A-C to hit PSN later this summer
      33. SAW director takes on Castlevania movie
      34. Assassin's Creed II movie shorts get first images
      35. Free Realms getting the comic treatment from DC
      36. BF1943 breaks Live and PSN speed-sell records
      37. Guerrilla to "step back" from Killzone 2
      38. Band Hero DS drum peripheral snapped, detailed
      39. Japanese charts: Dragon Quest IX in top spot shock
      40. Behemoth's Game #3 - first gameplay movie and details
      41. Disney doing Alice Burton adaptations
      42. EndWar sequel in the works
      43. Universal tracks heading to SingStar
      44. Borderlands gets solid October dates
      45. Castle Crashers coming to PS3
      46. Left 4 Dead 2 Swamp Fever shots posted
      47. Madden 10 demo on Live now
      48. Combined Killzone 2 map pack to release today
      49. Lost Planet 2 - Comic Con screens
      50. Gay Tony gets October 29 release date
      51. 343 Industries takes control of Halo brand
      52. Ratchet and Clank Future grabs new screens
      53. Report - APB releasing in March
      54. Halo anime - first images
      55. Updates this week - normality resumed
      1. PSP movie rental service launches in Japan
      2. Band Hero bundle will contain a drum skin with DS
      3. God of War inspired cutlery arriving in October
      4. Dragon Quest IX music composer gets angry when games are pirated
      5. Nintendo: "Fitness games are now an accepted part of the video game landscape"
      6. Bayonetta Re-Envisioned contest could net you nice stuff
      7. EA to create new version of Ultima Online for Chinese market
      8. Alpha Protocol video demonstrates customization
      9. Charts and data show the rise in XBLA prices since system launch
      10. Report: Media Molecule to release History Pack August 13
      11. Video and details surface for Iron Man 2
      12. Uncharted 2's UK release still not nailed down [Update] [Update 2]
      13. Little King's Story sequel could have multiplayer if it does well
      14. Double Fine countersues Activison over Brutal Legend
      15. Rumor: Artwork for Wii prototype of Mirror's Edge surfaces
      16. EA confirms departure of Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey [UPDATE]
      17. Valve admits TF2 drop system didn't work as well as planned
      18. Adding CoD to Modern Warfare 2 boosts public interest
      19. Mark Rein says a lower price on PS3 would have made Sony's year worse
      20. LittleBigPlanet hits one million levels
      21. Rumor: New Xbox 360 SKU coming in 2010 with Natal
      22. Reports claim Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey have left EA for Activision [Update]
      23. ESA suing Chicago Transit Authority over avert bans
      24. Megami Tensei: Strange Journey scans show up in Famitsu
      25. WipEout HD Fury dev diary talks Zone Tracks
      26. Stan Lee starring in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      27. Rage controls designed more for console due to market, says id
      28. June NPDs: The Sims takes top three spots, knocks WoW to number four
      29. Need for Speed NITRO arriving in stores November 17 and 20
      30. Ubisoft releases a new developer diary for Red Steel 2
      31. Microsoft doesn't try to "undermine" rival SKUs
      32. Hawk games were becoming like "Mortal Kombat," says Tony
      33. EA Gamescom conference right before Sony epic
      34. Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 pricing has nothing to do with weak pound
      35. Sony considered twin analog sticks for PSP Go
      36. Gearbox: "Great things afoot" for Aliens: Colonial Marines
      37. Take-Two's Zelnick is either lying or "incredibly incompetent"
      38. EA offers fans Madden Hall of Fame slots
      39. WoW bosses to keynote GDC Austin
      40. Wolfenstein gets origins featurette
      41. PES 2010's Master League splits into three
      42. Sam Raimi to direct upcoming Warcraft movie
      1. Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones during Q2 2009
      2. Market size could grow by 50%, says Nintendo
      3. GameStop says Hispanics are key to industry growth
      4. Raiden IV limited edition contains some goodies
      5. Microsoft doing what it can to make XBL safe and educate parents on social gaming
      6. South Park XBL game called Let's Go Tower Defence Play
      7. Singularity getting the graphic novel treatment
      8. Guitar Hero and Rock Band sales down 49% YoY
      9. APB will last five to ten years, according to Dave Jones
      10. EA and Dark Horse team up for Mass Effect: Redemption comic
      11. Killing Floor to get paid and free DLC
      12. Xbox Live Dashboard update arriving August 11
      13. Final Fantasy IV getting the Virtual Console treatment in Japan
      14. Sega announces Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll for Wii
      15. Disney to publish graphic novel based on Prince of Persia
      16. PS3 can handle Splinter Cell, 360 exclusivity is "purely a business decision"
      17. Uncharted 2 gets a solid release date
      18. Fallen Earth MMOFPS gets dated for September
      19. 250K sign up for Jumpgate: Evolution Beta
      20. Serious Sam 3 will "drop cartoony look," says Croteam boss
      21. Where the Wild Things Are gets a release window
      22. Ex-Blizzard North exec to lead Gargantuan's Marvel MMO
      23. Best-selling XBL titles for June 15 - July 5
      24. Carmack: RAGE won't work too well on 3 DVD's, Doom 4 will
      25. New Mothership Zeta shots for Fallout 3 arrive
      26. Champions Online gets 10 new super screens
      27. Prince of Persia movie posters released to the public
      28. Guitar Hero 5 video shows Santana in action
      29. THQ releases new video for Darksiders: Wrath of War
      30. The Saboteur gets dated
      31. 15 new Beatles Rock Band songs revealed
      32. Infinity Ward consulting on a Modern Warfare 2 controller
      33. Mark Rein: New Unreal Engine features "will blow people away"
      34. Watch as Tim Schafer talks you through Brütal Legend for 22 minutes
      35. Red Faction: Guerilla DLC gets videoed
      36. Halo Wars Battle Map Pack now out [Update]
      37. PS3 motion control is "a couple of generations" forward, says Sony
      38. First World at War Map Pack screens surface
      39. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Co-Op shots look stunning
      40. Publishers remain quiet on UK game price increase
      41. Battlefield 1943 weapons can be used in Bad Company 2
      42. PC exclusive Resi 5 clothes show Redfield in ridiculous studded leather
      43. Sacred 2 PC gets patched to 2.43.0
      44. Ghostbusters budget between $15 and $20 million
      45. Splosion Man on Live tomorrow
      46. Latest L4D 2 vid shows new zombies
      47. Beatles Rock Band bundle gets Aussie price
      48. 2D Boy to make WiiWare title
      49. Insomniac intends to stay with Sony "for the forseeable future"
      50. Acti announces 4 million World at War map DLC downloads
      51. 343 Industries new Microsoft internal Halo label?
      52. Two new Dark Corners intro vids show large men's helmets
      53. New Beatles Rock Band clip contains eight classics
      54. Microsoft patents drop-in/out co-op shooters
      55. Metalocalypse games coming to PSN/XBLA
      1. Madden NFL 10 demo coming to Xbox a week early
      2. XSeed announces Wizard of Oz JRPG
      3. Dante's Inferno says "no" to PC
      4. Brutal Legend figurine will be awesome, will not be easy to come by
      5. Limited edition Street Fighter stick available at Comic Con
      6. Reverse shooter Retro/Grade coming to PSN
      7. ASA attempts to curtail violence in UK game advertisements
      8. New weapons, perk revealed for Mothership Zeta
      9. Rabbids Go Home finds new home on the DS
      10. Assassin's Creed 2 short films coming to a holiday season near you
      11. Want to test the new Xbox update? Just fill out a survey
      12. Playcast beats OnLive and Gaikai to the punch... kinda
      13. Four new Call of Duty: World at War maps deploying this August
      14. Cliff Bleszinski: Natal won't replace traditional gaming
      15. Cliff Bleszinski details Gears of War 2 Dark Corners DLC's single-player
      16. GamesAid charity scaling mountains to raise money for good cause
      17. Nintendo weekly releases -- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Battle Poker, 5 Spots Party
      18. NPD year-to-date console sales dominated by Resident Evil, Killzone
      19. Carlos Santana confirmed for Guitar Hero 5
      20. Eleventh edition of Old Republic web comic now up
      21. Force Unleashed Jedi Temple DLC is deal of the Week
      22. Monolith reveals F.E.A.R. 2 end credits footage
      23. Sims 3 tops June NPD PC chart
      24. Hidden Mortal Kombat 'Kourt' unearthered in NBA Jam
      25. EA and DC team up for new Dante's Inferno comic
      26. Warcraft to go back online in China soon?
      27. Matt Matthews breaks June's NPD numbers down like no other
      28. Newell: Let fans fund development
      29. Paradox Interactive celebrates 10 year anniversary with 50% sale
      30. PaRappa creator interested in making music game for Natal
      31. MLG and EA team up to host EA Sports Challenge series on PS3
      32. Levine: I make no claim on BioShock 2, 2K Marin must make its mark
      33. EA not ruling out Boom Blox going multiplat
      34. PS3 players unlock Air Superiority in Battlefield 1943
      35. Off-screen LittleBigPlanet PSPgo footage emerges
      36. Capcom dates Spyborgs
      37. NHN to release MMO's in Europe
      38. Harry Potter tops UK Charts
      39. Alien Breed Evolution to debut on XBLA because of faith shown by Microsoft, says Team 17's Brown
      40. "I'll be disappointed if we can't sell a million plus," says APB's Dave Jones
      41. Steam launches Family Games!
      42. 20% of Midway staff given two month's notice
      43. Ubisoft launches Facebook gaming portal
      44. Pro Gotham Racing series has sold over 7 million units, Acti to pay $40m if Blur hits target
      45. Be the first to play Wii Sports Resort and win a holiday
      46. Cliff Bleszinski looking forward to Gears Universe panel at Comic Con
      47. Battleforge to get new card expansion
      48. Red Alert 3 patched to v1.12
      49. Perry: GaiKai isn't for the hardcore, wants new audience
      50. PS3 firmware 2.80 has landed [Update]
      51. Wada: We're expecting Dragon Quest to ship more than 5 million copies
      52. Streets of Rage on way to iPhone [Update]
      53. Sucker Punch is hiring
      1. First Prince of Persia official movie still released
      2. IGN: We have a PS3 Slim "for real"
      3. Braid creator talks a bit about his new 3D puzzle-exploration game
      4. Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW lands on App Store, Champions Online will have microtransactions
      5. Matsuura thinks Natal would be great for music games
      6. Mortal Online pre-orders start, system specs released
      7. Here's a video for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
      8. Rumor: Partial track list for Guitar Hero: Van Halen surfaces
      9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat screens show the Prometheus cinema
      10. Levine's new project is "more ambitious than anything we've ever done"
      11. Check out the Metroid Prime Trilogy debut trailer for Wii
      12. Star Wars: The Old Republic video shows off some voice acting
      13. Valkyria Chronicles 2 screens arrive, look rather nice
      14. BioShock 2 guest artist creates a creepy bit of Sister art
      15. Nude Street Fighter IV patch created by modders
      16. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition exclusive to GameStop in Ireland, HMV in UK
      17. Rumor: Dragon Quest IX bonus content coming with DLC every week
      18. Stephen Toulouse: Use of the word gay on XBL is 98% pejorative
      19. Fall of Reach scriptwriter thinks Halo series is "our generation's Star Wars"
      20. WET screens show heroine shooting at cars in the street
      1. Capcom releases Comic-Con schedule, looks like fun
      2. Aion website gets update with its own Wiki
      3. Level increase for Fallout 3 would throw it out of balance, says Bethesda
      4. Sony Online Entertainment lays-off 5% of its workforce
      5. Sony trademarks Adhoc Party in US
      6. Pachter: Industry is suffering from price fatigue
      7. ESRB warns that Muramasa: The Demon Blade is full of deep, swaying cleavage
      8. The Path gets a Patch on Steam
      9. Watch the Napalm & Cordite video for Killzone 2
      10. Arkham Asylum developer diary shows how to be like Batman
      11. PS3's Gravity Crash - exclusive screens
      12. Warhammer Online's next live event titled The Wild Hunt
      13. Braid creator developing a new 3D "puzzle-exploration game"
      14. Vaughn Gittin Jr talks drifting in Need for Speed: Shift video
      15. Bayonetta pushed into 2010
      16. VidZone to host world premiere of U2's latest music video
      17. Ken Levine: "We've never had a layoff in the history of our company"
      18. WipEout HD Fury landing on PS3 next week
      19. Gears of War 2 All Fronts DLC shows up on XBL, gets pulled
      20. MTV to launch Rock Band Network for artists to sell their own music
      21. Philadelphia Inquirer chastises Infinity Ward over night vision goggles
      22. Kings of Leon, Rancid, Rise Against hitting Rock Band next week
      23. Microsoft shutting down Popfly game development service
      24. Atlus teaser site reveals possible Shin Megami Tensei title
      25. Dyack says games are art, "gameplay is not everything"
      26. Ashes 2009 has a trailer, is cricket
      27. Virtual Console sees release of 300th game
      28. Analyst does not forsee GTA V being released in 2010
      29. Kim: Xbox Live mobile is a matter of "when"
      30. Left 4 Dead gets lobby browser
      31. SCEE confirms three-hour press conference for GamesCom
      32. Brutal Legend multiplayer is "four-versus-four skirmish"
      33. Scribblenauts out September 25
      34. PS3 motion tech is "very, very precise," says Sony
      35. Saints Row PSP hitting in March 2010, says Opeth
      36. Upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update detailed to death
      37. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets datealised
      38. Peter David named as Shadow Complex author
      39. Pay-to-play game hits Japanese PSN
      40. Microsoft confirms premium Avatar clothing
      41. Modern Warfare 2 NVG pack to cost ?120
      42. Jones: APB has cost $30 million, won't have "normal" subs model
      43. PS Eye has facial recognition right now
      44. Rare - Avatars have "changed the face of the Xbox"
      45. VG247 podcast #2 - Develop wrap-up and Rare on Avatars
      46. Japanese hardware sales - DSi goes mental on DQIX launch
      47. June NPD - Everything in one place
      48. Microsoft's take on June NPD: Paid downloads increased 73 percent YoY
      49. Sony's take on June NPD: Hardware offerings up by 132.5K compared to May
      1. Nintendo's take on June NPD: WiiMotion Plus sold 169K units without being bundled
      2. June NPD: Fourth consecutive month of year-over-year declines
      3. June NPD: Hardware show DS moving over 766K units
      4. June NPD: Prototype clear winner with over 419K units moved
      5. Warner ended up paying closer to $49 million for Midway
      6. New shots for Pro Evo 2010 show Barcelona vs Liverpool
      7. CoD: World at War patch 1.5 and Map Pack 2 land on PC tomorrow
      8. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet video looks rather good
      9. Character list for Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny emerges
      10. Gearbox says there are "millions and millions" of guns in Borderlands
      11. US PSN update, July 16 - Sales, Unbound Saga, Myst, Namco Museum
      12. Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo hitting PSN July 23
      13. Slay the Nargacuga with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite tomorrow
      14. 1 vs. 100 free for Gold and Silver members this weekend
      15. ACE wants Zeno Clash 2 to be "big enough to go retail on the consoles"
      16. ESRB Reveals Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge
      17. EA launches Club Fight Night DJ game in Home
      18. PAX 10 announces 2009 Independent Games Showcase
      19. Nintendo has no plans to release black Wii in US
      20. Red Faction: Guerrilla PC screens released
      21. Watch how Portal would look on iPhone
      22. Tour de France 2009 has arrived on Xbox Live
      23. Ys Seven video shows what it's all about
      24. UK pre-orders for Halo: ODST have Sgt. Johnson as well
      25. Kojima reveals codes behind the Metal Gear teaser, what to expect from Peace Walker
      26. Louis Castle departs EA's Westwood Studios for InstantAction
      27. Final Fantasy XIII character information featured in Jump
      28. Euro PSN update, July 16 - BUZZ HQ, Trash Panic demo
      29. Check out the Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines PSP Entertainment Pack
      30. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 to include co-op level creation
      31. LucasArts to reveal "exclusive Star Wars announcements" at Comic-Con
      32. See Ferrari Enzo in Gran Turismo PSPgo video
      33. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to be released on PSN in August
      34. SEGA to show off Iron Man 2 at Comic-Con
      35. SEGA to show Bayonetta at Comic-Con with live-action model
      36. DS sales soar in Japan thanks to Dragon Quest IX
      37. PC edition for Resident Evil 5 gets September date
      38. Champions Online sequel is possible should the game be a success
      39. EA: "No immediate plans for future DLC for Mirror’s Edge"
      40. Meat and potatoes of Natal are already in PSEye, says Sony
      41. Crackdown only managed to break even, says Dave Jones
      42. Natal is one of many hardware innovations underway at Microsoft
      43. Pachter says GTA V will be released next year
      44. Retailers and publishers warn that gaming prices are on the rise
      45. FIFA 11 could use Natal or Sony controller, but not because it "should"
      46. Guitar Hero 5 gets new drums and trickling track list
      47. Robobmodo: Tony Hawk: Ride peripheral is so advanced it's worth the higher price
      48. Nitendo releases firmware update to fix Wii Sports Resort bug
      49. DiRT 2 gets final ship dates
      50. Dyack: Single platform future is "inevitable"
      51. Liveblog - Sony motion controller session, Develop 2009
      52. Tranfsformers DLC coming "later this summer"
      53. Exclusive Dave Jones vid interview - APB laid bare
      54. LittleBigPlanet scoops Develop Awards
      1. Red Faction: Guerrilla coming to PC September 15 in US
      2. Kenka Bancho 3 is now Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
      3. Nintendo to turn Times Square into a Sports Resort
      4. DC to release God of War comics this fall
      5. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is now on Steam, Direct2Drive
      6. PopCap announces Bookworm Adventures 2 for PC and Mac
      7. Rumor: New Heroes of Might and Magic in the works
      8. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles t-shirt is a cool give-away
      9. Contents of Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition exposed
      10. Delay rumor: GameFly and GameStop list MAG for 2010 [Update]
      11. Mass Effect may end up being more than a trilogy
      12. FIFA: EA says it would be "idiots" not to do more stuff online
      13. Darkest of Days lands on PC and 360 September 8
      14. Will Wright says educational games focus more on the idea instead of the fun
      15. Resident Evil 4 for iPhone will be released outside of Japan
      16. Serious Sam HD has new pictures, wants your quips
      17. EA to host Homophobia in Virtual Communities panel this Saturday
      18. Bayonetta gets October release in Japan and pre-order swag
      19. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will have online co-op
      20. Sony to start cracking down on password sharing
      21. Dave Jones was 'keen' to work on Crackdown 2
      22. PC digital download market will be worth $1 billion in 2009
      23. Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao coming to XBL in August
      24. "Games need to have more mature content", says thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen
      25. Liveblog - LittleBigPlanet art session, Develop 2009
      26. Guerrilla far from finished with PS3, promises more for Killzone 2
      27. Valkyria Chronicles sequel announced for PSP
      28. Molyneux to deliver keynote at GDC Europe
      29. Beatles: Rock Band impresses Abbey Road Studios
      30. Natal: "There's incredible value in the office connected to a Windows PC", says Gates
      31. South Park XBLA game to be revealed at Comic-Con
      32. Rumor: Alan Wake on PC is up to Microsoft
      33. TurboGrafx-16 games arrive on PSN in Japan
      34. King of Fighters XII Euro release still on for August 28
      35. FIFA 10 screens pop up, look rather nice
      36. New in-game APB video - 20 minutes from Dave Jones' Develop keynote
      37. PSP App Store confirmed
      38. Only 25-30% ever use Home more than once
      39. Natal could add "Minority Report-type feeling" to console RTS
      40. Play Arkham Asylum in London this weekend (if you're lucky)
      41. Prof Layton sequel gets Euro date
      42. APB will have 100 players per server, car customisation "better than Forza"
      43. Liveblog - Dave Jones Develop 2009 keynote
      44. Vid interview - Alien Breed to appeal to Gears and Halo fans, says Team 17's Brown
      45. Shadown Complex gets video, looks fighty
      1. Wolfenstein release date changed to "week of" August 17
      2. Battlefield 1943: Coral Sea opens up on Xbox Live
      3. Mecho Wars gets massive free update for iPhone
      4. P.U.R.E. to support GLSL Shaders in next update
      5. Former Xbox manager says digital distribution's "neither as big nor as significant" as consoles
      6. Madden NFL 10 demo goes public July 30
      7. Poor IT job market could increase instances of white-collar crime
      8. Chinese government stops Electric Shock Therapy for game addicts
      9. London Games Festival dated for October 24 - 31
      10. Patch 1.4 for Empire: Total War will be naval battle specific
      11. Command and Conquer 4 to require "always-on" Internet connection
      12. Nudie edition of The Witcher getting North American release
      13. Polyphony Digital answers questions regarding Gran Turismo PSP
      14. First video for Shatter looks lovely
      15. id will not be creating a new game for Bethesda
      16. Rebellion owns rights to several Vivendi games
      17. Warner movies available for digital rental on Wii in Japan
      18. FIFA 10 heading to consoles October 2
      19. Xbox Live activity for week of July 6 - Battlefield 1943 tops Arcade
      20. Capcom Japan reveals Resident Evil 4 for iPhone
      21. Take-Two stock falls sharply following announcement of BioShock 2 delay
      22. Rumor: ModNation Racers coming to PSP
      23. American Club Nintendo bonuses listed
      24. Midway Newcastle has closed its doors
      25. Alien Breed Evolution - 5 minutes of gameplay video
      26. Duke Begins was being developed by Gearbox
      27. New add-on coming for Halo Wars July 21
      28. Video interview - Perry on Gaikai, service for Q1 2010 launch after closed beta
      29. Battlefield Heroes recruits one million players
      30. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days trademarked by Eidos
      31. King of Fighters XII arrives in North America July 28
      32. Players have contributed over one million questions to Buzz franchise
      33. Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3 landing August 3
      34. David Perry says that gaming should be more convenient
      35. Sony's PSP strategy includes new content with cheaper, smaller downloadable games
      36. Alien Breed trilogy: PS3 version coming later
      37. Pete Hines: No Quake RPG in Bethesda's future
      38. Team 17 spent $2.5 million to make Alien Breed trilogy
      39. Peter Moore responds to p**sed off UFC president
      40. Duke Nukem Forever screens just keep on coming
      41. Pachter: GTA Gay Tony to hit 3 million units, BioShock 2 slip is "pretty big"
      42. MMO devs are "forgetting all about Asia"
      43. God of War novels announced
      44. Develop 2009 this week - what we're doing and when
      45. Relentless announces Blue Toad Murder Files
      46. Max Payne 3 joins BioShock 2 in FY2010
      47. Wolfenstein gets second web cartoon episode
      48. Rage to make QuakeCon debut
      49. Over 57,000 sign StarCraft II LAN petition
      50. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition comes with f**king night vision goggles
      51. Batman: Arkham Asylum baddy profiles look wicked
      1. Microsoft streaming music service could see Xbox functionality
      2. PS3 Fallout 3 DLC delayed, reordered
      3. Rumor: Green Lantern game in the works
      4. Take-Two doesn't expect a profitable 2009
      5. BioShock 2 delay "not caused by any specific platform"
      6. BioShock 2 delayed because of "emphasis on quality"
      7. BioShock 2 delayed to fiscal 2010
      8. Battle Fantasia coming to North American PSN this fall
      9. EEDAR: Prototype on track to outsell inFamous, except on PS3
      10. Nintendo pays biggest summer bonuses in Japan
      11. RAGE official site goes live, promises four week "journey"
      12. Capcom on SFIV: Sagat and Seth are bit overpowered
      13. New God of War III screens with added dark
      14. EA turned down deal with UFC, p**sed off UFC president
      15. Tomb Raider reboot concepts are rumor no more
      16. Undead Knights announced and dated for Japan
      17. BioWare: Activision's PS3 threat is "silly"
      18. Nintendo date Mario & Sonic: Winter Olympics for October 16th
      19. Microsoft register patents for third-person shooter game using Natal
      20. Nathan Fillion report shows new Halo 3: ODST footage
      21. New Guitar Hero V features trailer released
      22. Call of Duty: WaW Map Pack 2 coming to PC
      23. Levine - Zelda cost me my first "super-serious girlfriend"
      24. Xbox Live Deal of the Week is Ikaruga
      25. Pachter: Sony will cut PS3 price before October 1 if console sales keep crashing
      26. Watch mental Japanese people go mental for Dragon Quest IX
      27. UK charts - Woods and Fight Night do the switcheroo
      28. Tales of Vesperia PS3 demo now available on Japanese PS Store
      29. Mirror's Edge time trial DLC for free on PS3
      30. Dragon Quest IX sells 2.3 million in first two days
      31. SingStar U2 and Michael Jackson? "No plans," says SCEE
      32. Louisiana's games industry awarded tax breaks
      33. Rumour: Uncharted 2 for September, "SingStar: Michael Jackson" in November
      34. Jaffe to announce new game "soon"
      35. Uncharted 2 in a "delicate" difficulty tuning process
      36. Ubi Toronto studio to increase "tax burden" for Ontario businesses
      37. Worms released for iPhone
      38. Heavy Rain pushed into 2010 by "crowded" Christmas
      39. Japanese Amazon reviewers don't like DQIX
      40. New Uncharted 2 vid shows multiplayer camera controls
      41. Scribblenauts - new videos and shots
      42. 5 million killed in BF1943's first day
      1. Rumour - PS3 Slim spotted in video
      2. LucasArts teases Monkey Island Special Edition for iPhone
      1. Battlefield 1943 ranks reset to zero, kills still count towards Coral Sea
      2. Comic-Con will be a major place for gamers July 23-26
      3. Undead Knights to hit PSP in October
      4. Deus Ex 3 development is going well, says Eidos Montreal
      5. Weekly MMO news round-up: Runes of Magic gets elves, FFXI adjustments, no Anarchy Online 2 just yet
      6. EA forms mobile games studio 8lb Gorilla
      7. CoD: World at War Map Pack 2 heading to PC
      8. Console gaming fell 23% while online gaming rose 22% in May
      9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is for veteran and newcomers alike, says Miyamoto
      10. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will not be released on PSN or XBL
      11. Rumor: Photos of Tomb Raider revamp surface
      12. Tales of Vesperia for PS3 will include swimwear
      13. PC digital download charts for week ending July 5
      14. Ju-On: The Grudge says you're a wuss, go write some poetry
      15. UK residents and visitors can hop on Sony's PSP Bus this summer
      16. Prestige Edition for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to be "unboxed" this weekend
      17. Midway label still up in the air with Warner acquisition
      18. GoGamer's 48 Hour Madness deals are nothing to sneeze at
      19. Fairly large update coming to Quake Live next week
      20. Need For Speed: Shift previews the Honda S2000
      21. Report: Ending in God of War movie differs from the game
      22. Myst arriving on PSP in US July 16
      23. New Michael Jackson game appears to be real
      24. Rage is Game Informer's August cover story
      1. New screens surface for Forza MotorSport 3
      2. Bethesda promises status update on Fallout 3 DLC for PS3 "next week"
      3. Rock Band Unplugged getting Radiohead and Killswitch Engage
      4. Valve to reveal second campaign for L4D2 at Comic-Con
      5. God of War III developers worrried it might get banned in Australia
      6. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite DLC quest is live
      7. Coral Sea map for Battlefield 1943 to be unlocked soon
      8. Analyst expects a 20% drop in game sales for June
      9. Play Street Fighter II Champion Edition in your browser
      10. Activision will delay StarCraft 2 into 2010, says analyst
      11. The Old Republic script contains over 40 novels worth of content
      12. Batman: Arkham Asylum video shows a bit of villainy
      13. Yoga for Wii features model Anja Rubik
      14. Killzone 2 getting patched, more info on DLC 3 next week
      15. Get GRID 50% off on Steam this weekend
      16. ModNation Racers debut video shows creation process
      17. Game & Watch titles headed to DSiWare in Japan
      18. Sony says PS3 games are too big to be offered through PSN
      19. Plants vs Zombies may make its way to other platforms
      20. DICE says Battlefield franchise isn't going "kiddy"
      21. Halo Wars: Details released for Title Update 3
      22. Dante's Inferno dev diary focuses on Lust
      23. Funcom has turned Age of Conan around, says CEO
      24. Konami officially announces Calling, Hudson's Wii horror title
      25. Despite high production value, Afrika will be affordable
      26. DC Universe Online teases Catwoman with poster giveaway
      27. Three Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 videos surface, show loads of fighting
      28. Killzone 2 DLC revealed through Trophy listing
      29. Reggie says that people will "get" Nintendo's Vitality Sensor
      30. LittleBigPlanet re-release to include DLC
      31. US PS movie store update, July 10 - The Matador, Knowing
      32. Ghostbusters arrive for LittleBigPlanet July 16
      33. First UK 1 vs 100 game take place tonight
      34. German anti-censorship games petition gathers pace
      35. VG247 podcast #1 - The Develop 2009 special
      36. 5th Cell - Scribblenauts would "definitely work on other platforms"
      37. Splinter Cell: Conviction to be "seamless experience"
      38. Uncharted 2 Ice Cave level revealed, puzzles agogo
      39. First Uncharted 2 cinematic is heavy on story
      40. New Mass Effect 2 dev diary makes our hair stand on end
      41. Arkane named as fourth BioShock 2 developer
      42. Japanese hardware sales - the "Dragon Quest IX pre-ejaculate" edition
      43. Battlefield 1943 played by over 80,000 people on Live
      44. MechWarrior 4 to be released for free "soon"
      45. Scribblenauts includes "vomit" and "cabbage"
      46. Uncharted 2 - new shots
      1. Activision explains why Call of Duty is back on Modern Warfare 2
      2. BioWare: Dragon Age user content on consoles; it's a massively-single-player RPG
      3. BioWare says it has no regrets regarding Baldur's Gate
      4. Blizzard chats about mobile equality in Diablo III
      5. Warriors Orochi 2 coming to PSP August 25
      6. US PSN update, July 9 - Battlefield: 1943, Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
      7. Euro PSN update, July 9 - Ghostbusters and Fuel demos, Battlefield 1943
      8. Need for Speed: Nitro screens are vivid and racy
      9. Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black video shows battle axe footage
      10. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall now a free download
      11. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition gets a date
      12. Dragon Age: BioWare undecided on nudity during love-making scenes
      13. Modern Warfare 2 gets its Call of Duty back
      14. Liverpool councilors wish to create ?5 million National Games Academy
      15. BioWare says that George Lucas is involved with Star Wars MMO
      16. High Voltage starts promoting The Grinder
      17. Jackson's death will not affect The Beatles: Rock Band
      18. Resident Evil producer says mature games on Wii need X-Factor
      19. Champions Online reveals villain Dr. Moreau
      20. Microsoft announces dates for Summer of Arcade
      21. Tretton hopes fiscal 2009 is better for PS3 than 2008
      22. Champions Online beta dates were for press only
      23. Namco Bandai releases 150 shots of Tekken 6
      24. Forza 3 won't include dynamic weather or night racing
      25. Kingdom Hearts creator wanted to use chainsaws for weapons
      26. SRV, Dixie Chicks, R.E.M. land on Rock Band Unplugged
      27. Xbox Live lists Battlefield 1943 for 90,000 MS Points
      28. Marvel vs Capcom 2 Dated for July 29
      29. Natsume thinks digital distribution is less limiting than retail
      30. C&C4 is "PC-only," EA confirms - first shot released
      31. Koch bringing Carcassonne to Nintendo DS
      32. Platinum Games contest lets you meet the team in San Diego
      33. Sony confirms Netflix partnership... for Bravias
      34. Tales of Vesperia PS3 demo dated for Japan
      35. SC: Conviction Gamestop pre-order bonus announced
      36. WipEout HD expansion pack going through QA testing
      37. Ghostbusters demo hits US Live
      38. Command & Conquer 4 officially announced, out 2010 "for the PC" [Update]
      39. PES 2010 Wii out this year
      40. THQ to support PS3 and 360 motion tech from launch
      41. Alien Breed Evolution - first shots and details
      42. FIFA Manager 10 to feature online play
      43. MechWarrior "aiming" for four-player co-op
      44. True PES fan sought for marketing campaign
      45. FUEL demo live today [Update]
      46. Lego Rock Band lets you "battle sea-monsters" with "power of rock"
      47. Muzyka - Genres "almost a vestige of the past"
      48. Japanese Wii Fit Plus date rumoured
      49. MechWarrior is full reboot - screens, details, movie, AWESOME
      50. PS3 Battlefield 1943 on Japanese PSN in English
      51. Juice Games staffing for "ambitious new racing game"
      52. Batman features PoP-style death-save mechanic
      53. Battlefield 1943 gets hammered, double the amount of servers
      54. Japanese software sales WE July 5 - Wii Sports Resort still top
      55. PS3 and 360 motion tech will boost fitness sector, says Moore
      56. Singularity delayed to Q1 2010
      1. Apache quits VE3D to become chef
      2. New Aion shots show off classes
      3. New Mass Effect DLC will be "fun," says Muzyka
      4. APB tattoo system could help real tattoo artists, say tattoo artists
      5. Third Mortal Kombat film to shoot in September, says actor
      6. Bionic Commando PC gets US release date
      7. LucasArts oldies now on Steam
      8. Dragon Quest IX storyline had to be cut to save space
      9. Rumor: Xbox Live Dashboard update pics surface [Update]
      10. Funcom offering two free weeks of play for Age of Conan
      11. Mythic to help BioWare with The Old Republic
      12. Dragon Age: Origins screens show scary Ogre
      13. Unofficial track list for Guitar Hero 5 compiled
      14. Mass Effect 2 video to debut on Spike Thursday night
      15. Champions Online Beta gets extended hours, Open Beta goes live August 17
      16. Command & Conquer 4 announced via Twitter, sort of
      17. THQ details upcoming UFC 2009: Undisputed patch
      18. GAME selling Assassin's Creed Collector's Edition for ?9.98
      19. Famitsu confirms Hudson horror game The Calling
      20. D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited launches on August 4
      21. Disgaea 3 getting Trophy patch on July 16
      22. Dead to Rights: Retribution slips into 2010
      23. Tales of Monkey Island demo released for PC
      24. WipEout HD Fury dev diary talks concept art to production
      25. Kingdom Under Fire II screens look rather nice and crusader-like
      26. Worms 2: Armageddon eventually coming to Mac
      27. BioWare: It makes sense to have sex scenes in certain games
      28. Jagex appoints Jon Hare as head of publishing
      29. SCEE scotches Uncharted 2 October release talk
      30. Patch 1.5 for The Witcher includes five new adventures
      31. Turbine announces Welcome Back Week for LOTRO
      32. Rodney Mullen releases Ride skate footage
      33. New levels for LittleBigPlanet are a 'high priority', says Media Molecule
      34. Check out the artwork for Luc Bernard's SteamPirates
      35. Two new Last Guardian screens show up in Famitsu
      36. Sony to launch digital comics for PSP in Japan by end of the year
      37. Sony says it's no longer playing catch up with Xbox Live
      38. Free WoW-themed Peggle levels released
      39. Zeschuk on BioWare and Mythic - "We're not merged at all"
      40. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite passes 3.5 million units in Japan
      41. Rumour - Is this the first look at Halo: Reach?
      42. Imagine launches NowGamer Network
      43. Left 4 Dead 2 gets cricket bat
      44. Someone finally plays Dragon Age on consoles, writes about it
      45. Battlefield 1943 now on Live
      46. Rumour: LucasArts bringing Lucidity to XBLA
      47. Wii Sports Resort biggest June game in Japan
      48. Lego Rock Band compatible with Guitar Hero controllers
      49. M?ki - No "schedule" for Alan Wake PC updates
      50. Tretton - PS3 price fixation is "short-term thinking"
      51. LBP boss would "love there to be a sequel"
      52. Dragon Quest IX pre-orders top 2 million
      53. Uncharted 2 Ice Cave level and cinematic to be shown this week
      54. XMB battery glitch "definitely being corrected"
      55. Zenimax borrowed $105 million to buy id
      56. Stringer dismisses Kotick PS3 threat as "noise"
      1. Agetec is North American publisher for Way of the Samurai 3 on PS3
      2. Kenka Bancho 3 coming to the US, needs a new name
      3. MAG developer diary chats about command and control system
      4. Iwata Q&A on Wii Sports Resort discusses Miyamoto
      5. Watchmen: The End is Nigh episode two gets dated, priced
      6. High Voltage working on solving multiplayer issues with The Conduit
      7. DLC for Mortal Kombat vs. DC canned
      8. Design a horse for LOTRO, become immortal - sort of
      9. Techland's Warhound on hold, not ready to discuss why
      10. Fight Night Round 4 to get updates starting in August
      11. Global Agenda to go into closed beta July 24
      12. Nintendo weekly update - BIT.TRIP CORE, others
      13. Sony has no plans for NXE-like update for PSN
      14. PC version of Bionic Commando gets dated
      15. Bungie gives a peek at maps included on disc with ODST
      16. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli to give keynote at GDC Europe
      17. First dev diary for Assassin's Creed 2 arrives
      18. Cryptic announces system specs for Champions Online
      19. Section 8 multiplayer to allow user-created choke points
      20. ArmA II tops weekly Direct2Drive charts
      21. Lost Planet 2 screens look a bit buggy
      22. Rumor: Yoshihisa Hashimoto leaves Sonic Team for Square Enix
      23. Miyamoto wants fans of Kid Icarus to be patient
      24. King of Fighters XII gets July release for Japan
      25. Age of Conan expansion to be unveiled at GamesCom
      26. "Rumour" - New MechWarrior game in the works
      27. Namco Bandai Europe purchases PAL distribution from Atari
      28. Street Fighter IV PC launches in the US
      29. Xbox Live activity for week of June 29 - Some things never change
      30. Alan Wake PC news to "come at later time," all efforts on 360 version
      31. Music games' future may be console-less, says Harmonix
      32. Sacred 2 add-on Ice & Blood announced - first shots
      33. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 gets its cover boys
      34. Sony: No plans to publish Demon's Souls in Europe at present
      35. 4mm Games uses investment banks to fund multiple titles
      36. Tecmo Koei to focus on Western market, support all platforms
      37. Bleszinski: "The future of shooters is RPGs"
      38. Eidos name dropped from publishing, Square pulls rank in Europe and US
      39. Syphon Filter 5 listing was "error," says production company
      40. Demo Play coming to Nintendo handhelds
      41. Rock Band Wii gets Lamb of God, Green Day today
      42. Tales of Monkey Island - new screens
      43. JAW working on four "projects", says Gilray
      44. Visceral - 3 million played Dead Space, 1.5 million bought it
      45. App Store now home to over 13,000 games
      46. SCEA trademarks Echoshift
      47. Super-rumour - "PSP2" to have quad-core GPU
      48. Yamauchi - GT5 will set "new industry standard" for racing
      49. Jackson track confirmed for Lego Rock Band
      50. Report - PES 2010 won't need a Konami ID for online play
      51. Report - Dante's Inferno anime in the works
      52. American men talk about motion controls on internet
      53. Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank appearing at Comic Con
      54. Duke Nukem 3D iPhone - first screen
      55. Now you see Bayonetta's effects, now you don't
      56. 720p Mario Galaxy -- this time in motion!
      1. BioWare's Zeschuk: Videogames quickly growing out of dependence on violent gameplay
      2. Japanese Chinatown Wars is first DS game to receive Z rating
      3. XSEED bringing Sky Crawlers to North America
      4. LittleBigPlanet contest: pimp your pod, win a crown
      5. Nielsen study says gaming hours, used game purchases up
      6. Shadow Complex takes 10-15 hours to beat, but is beatable in two hours -- wait, what?
      7. This week on SingStar: Radiohead, Coldplay, and country
      8. LucasArts classics on the iPhone? "Wink, wink, nod, nod," says LucasArts
      9. Fumito Ueda not impressed by GTA IV and Mario Galaxy
      10. BioShock 2 record contains ode to Rapture, is creepy
      11. Japanese game sales see 24% drop in first half of 2009
      12. Star Wars: TOR trailer shows rise of Mandalorians
      13. GTA: Chinatown Wars trying its luck in Japan
      14. Premier of Ontario: 49% of Canadian gamers are women
      15. Ubi announces Toronto Studio, will create 800 jobs in next decade
      16. 10 LucastArts titles added to Steam this week
      17. Survey says: 87% of PS3 owners watch Blu-ray movies
      18. Final Fantasy Gaiden staff includes former Chrono Trigger dev, game features multiplayer
      19. Dragon Quest creator expects DQIX to outsell DQVIII
      20. Ubisoft now publishing Heroes Over Europe
      21. First LBP Ghostbusters image shown
      22. Demon's Souls set for October 6 in US
      23. Steam charts - Fallout 3 goes top
      24. ELSPA PR blunder mis-lists UK half-year sales
      25. Sony boosts PS3 dev with Taiwanese government
      26. Dragon Quest IX will be "hard"
      27. Syphon Filter 5, SOCOM 4 listed on production firm's site
      28. Konami to show PES 2010, SHSM and DDR at Gamescom
      29. DiRT 2 PC pushed to December, to have DirectX 11 elements
      30. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - Hulk, Zangief and combo strategy movies
      31. Op Flash Dragon Rising - new trailer shows shooting, darkness
      32. N+ is 360's Deal o' the Week
      33. Blood Bowl gets September launch in UK
      34. Pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, get early demo
      35. BioWare's Muzyka: Natal is "a really powerful idea"
      36. Russian Fallout 3 cosplay is properly frightening
      37. 1 vs 100 gets European dates [Update]
      38. UK charts - Fight Night still top
      39. Sega - Aliens Vs Predator spine-ripping kill is "the money shot"
      40. Football Manager Live - play it free (if you're quick)
      41. Nintendo heads first-half '09 UK sales
      42. French retailers refusing to stock PSP Go? False, says SCEE
      43. Games industry doesn't understand Twitter, says Mika
      44. All L4D user-content will work with L4D2
      45. PSP Go CPU speed confused with USB data
      46. What Mario Galaxy looks like at 720p
      47. Digital content key part of EGM relaunch, says Harris
      48. People would complain at free money, says Valve
      1. US PS movie store update, July 3: Geisha, mall cops, hauntings
      2. Techland announces DLC for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
      3. Weekly MMO news round-up: Fireworks, Copernicus, mystical powers, new servers
      4. Fallen Earth debut video looks and sounds "rockin'"
      5. Section 8 video shows jumping, shooting, big armor
      6. Techland says Dead Island is still in the works
      7. Spielberg gets ideas from games like Splinter Cell
      8. Dead Space Extraction video shows how to use Wii controls
      9. Best Buy PS3 bundle includes MGS4 and Killzone 2
      10. Valve says Steam promotes sales at physical and online retailers
      11. Social networking game Mafia Wars wacks 4 million users
      12. Ubisoft trademarks new title Just Dance
      13. LucasArts teases big retro announcement for Monday
      1. Interview - Turbine chats about LOTRO Mines of Moria Book 8 and beyond
      2. Gearbox would love a Borderlands demo, but can't promise one
      3. Sesame Street says videogames are good for kids
      4. God Eater video shows a rather large sword
      5. Left 4 Dead 2 in-game footage looks hectic
      6. Gears of War 2 title Update 4 goes live
      7. Blizzard: Micro-transactions for WoW are "possible"
      8. Konami announces Contra ReBirth for Europe
      9. Media Molecule teases Ghostbusters content for LittleBigPlanet
      10. Matsubara sees growth opportunities for Japan's game industry
      11. Rumor: Per Twitter, EA working on Skate 3
      12. First bit of DLC for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite arrives
      13. Frozenbyte says Trine project was a "big mess"
      14. Tecmo Koei: "We would welcome a price cut for PS3"
      15. Two Worlds II slated for winter release on consoles, PC, Mac
      16. Pro vs. GI Joe launches Military Online Gaming program
      17. Little Sister concept art shows what Rapture does to little girls
      18. Tecmo Koei president says Xbox 360 is doing better in Japan
      19. Xbox Live Marketplace - Themes, Maps, Add-ons
      20. Valve skips PlayStation to avoid "stepchild version", says Lombardi
      21. L4D2 boycott "didn't change our plans at all," says Valve
      22. L4D2 pre-orders doubling original
      23. Rumour - Test Drive Unlimited 2 art unearthed
      24. Left 4 Dead 2 - new screens
      25. This gen's tech leads to bald space marines, claims Bleszinski
      26. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - in-game shots
      27. FEZ confirmed for XBLA in 2010
      28. Acti refuses to confirm ?108 DJ Hero RRP
      29. Uncharted 2 has over 90 minutes of "cinematics"
      30. Valve: L4D2 backlash was unexpected
      31. Sony motion tech could allow everyday objects in-game
      32. World of Warcraft gets in-game Twitter client
      33. Japanese hardware charts - tedium sets in
      34. First Dante gameplay footage released - instawin
      35. Fourth RE movie shooting at "end of this year," says Jovovich
      36. Brutal Legend's opening sequences in video, Schafer included
      37. Schafer - No PC Brutal Legend "right now"
      38. Epic - "Near future" Gears may have different style
      39. Bleszinski's "mind blown" by id acquisition
      40. DoWII There is Only War beta goes live
      41. IGN makes comedy Milo video
      1. 2K puts Huge Game Pack on Steam
      2. Piranha Bytes to release Risen on October 2 for PC and 360
      3. US PS store update, July 2 - Add-ons galore
      4. Atari loses publishing rights to Dragon Ball Z, goes back to Namco
      5. Left 4 Dead to get more DLC by the end of summer, L4D2 getting a demo
      6. Sony always planned to release a UMD-free PSP
      7. Euro PSN update, July 2 - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
      8. Twitter coming to Champions Online through in-game feature
      9. Batman: Arkham Asylum video gives small tour of the loony bin
      10. Nintendo present at Japan Expo in Paris with playable demos
      11. Fallout 3 is 50% off this weekend on Steam
      12. Lips list of DLC lands for July, Pink, Sir Mix-a-Lot, others
      13. Alpha Protocol releasing October 6 in the US
      14. Analyst expects two more DLC packages for GTA IV during fiscal 2010
      15. U-Wars takes the shooter genre underwater
      16. Dizzee Rascal, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani added to DJ Hero tracklist
      17. Front Mission Evolved gameplay detailed, has multiplayer customization
      18. Battlestations: Pacific DLC now available, more coming July 23
      19. Tekken director says unlockables are outdated and no longer useful
      20. Warner's purchase of Midway OK'd by Judge [Update]
      21. Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Slayer land on Rock Band next week
      22. Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 goes Best Budget in Japan
      23. Japanese software sales WE June 28 - Wii Sports Resort tops
      24. Worldwide sales of NBA 2K9 pass the two million mark
      25. Criterion hints at return to 3DO Need for Speed
      26. Universal wins bidding war for Asteroids film rights
      27. GAME reports 9.1% drop in retail sales
      28. New Resident Evil film in the works for 2010
      29. Battlefield 1943 gets launch trailer, has bombs, is awesome
      30. DiRT 2 images are new, out-game
      31. Battlefield 1943 to release next week
      32. Omerta 3 to launch tomorrow
      33. Splinter Cell Conviction can be finished in 12 hours
      34. Inside Xbox launches in 8 new European countries
      35. Suda - No More Heroes needs a "new platform"
      36. Tales of Monkey Island - gameplay footage
      37. SCEE adds new playlists, 500 new tracks to Vidzone
      38. Red Steel 2 wouldn't work on other platforms, says Ubi
      39. Bleach: The 3rd Phantom confirmed for Euro launch
      40. Nintendo gets UK TV show in "Britain's Best Brain"
      41. UK has bought over 24 million consoles this gen
      42. No More Heroes and Muramasa may make PS3 and 360
      43. Tekken 6 to empty wallets with ?150 arcade stick bundle
      44. Trine out today for PC
      45. Tim Schafer answering live questions at 4.00pm BST today
      46. Grandmaster Flash "plays" DJ Hero
      47. New Battle.net is "up in the air"
      48. Grease games on the way to DS and Wii
      49. Acti Blizz "interested" in entering sports segment
      50. World of Goo hits UK retail tomorrow
      51. Microsoft sued over Xbox Live
      52. Miyamoto: New Wii Zelda won't be "radically different"
      53. Live ads will enhance, not interfere, says Microsoft
      1. Rob Halford talks Brutal Legend in video interview
      2. THQ files suit against WWE partner over contract renewal
      3. Mike Tyson talks Fight Night Round 4, loves God of War
      4. June's ten most played Wii games in America
      5. inFamous Home theme goes live tomorrow
      6. SOCOM: Confrontation getting DLC later this summer
      7. Blizzard trademarks Cataclysm, rumors state possible WoW expansion
      8. Capcom Classics start hitting PSN tomorrow, July 2
      9. Want to work on Natal? Step right up
      10. First screen for Quake Arena Arcade pops up
      11. God Eater turns out to be new PSP RPG
      12. Rumor: Capcom teaser site is for new Onimusha game [Update]
      13. Call of Duty: World at War Double XP weekend starts July 3
      14. Fitness and Workout Hero trademarked, blame Guitar Hero and Wii Fit
      15. Gold farming not banned in China after all
      16. First gameplay footage for FIFA 10 is short but sweet
      17. Gears of War 2 players get Double XP this weekend
      18. Tales of Monkey Island video is a very fun watch
      19. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3 to have less gore than 360
      20. Suda, Hino and Mizuguchi agree that E3 was all about motion control
      21. Suda51 has played Burnout Paradise for over 700 hours
      22. Livingstone: 2009 will be "roast duck or no dinner" kind of year for publishers
      23. Bruckheimer says videogame movie adaptions will eventually work
      24. Square teaser is Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden
      25. Kojima reiterates supervisory role in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
      26. Vandal Hearts XBLA/PSN - new screens and details
      27. Gaikai running WoW, Mario Kart, Spore, more in Firefox - first video
      28. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 gets Japanese date
      29. Edge gives The Conduit 4/10
      30. Wolfenstein system specs released
      31. Skate 2 Maloof DLC on the way
      32. Square Enix dragon thing gets girl
      33. Dino Crisis is 10 today
      34. Sega: Motion controllers grant "land grab" opp
      35. StarCraft II's tech trees revealed
      36. Microsoft's Kodu game creation tool goes live today [Update]
      37. DOOM: Resurrection compares to "very best PSP FPS"
      38. Three Last.fm hours per month for Silver Live members (maybe)
      39. Modern Warfare 2 preview shows much in-game footage
      40. Entire Damnation team laid off
      41. New MAG dev diary details three factions
      42. DoWII There is Only War beta starts today - details
      43. Silverlight ads on Xbox Live "within the next year"