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  • August 2009 Archive

      1. Tim Langdell left IGDA to avoid damaging it, believes all accusations "unfounded"
      2. New Uncharted 2 video details "green screen mode"
      3. Eve Online: Dominion announced, coming this winter
      4. Platinum Games "hard at work" on Bayonetta demo
      5. Rumor: DSi-only games coming to stores this fall
      6. Shadow Complex breaks first-week XBLA sales record
      7. Cage: Playing Heavy Rain multiple times will "kill the magic of it"
      8. IGDA boss: Tim Langdell stepped down for "personal reasons"
      9. Jade Raymond takes charge of Ubi Toronto
      10. Tim Langdell resigns from IGDA board of directors
      11. Penny Arcade Adventures Ep. 2 is your XBLA deal of the week
      12. MTV: Beatles: Rock Band royalty rates "not even comparable" to previous ventures
      13. Get 'em while they're hot: $255 PS3 Slims
      14. David Cage: Story in Heavy Rain ends if all the characters die
      15. Weekly Nintendo releases - Monkey Island: Chapter 2, Phantasy Star, Puzzle League Express
      16. Chinatown Wars for iPhone, Beaterator this fall [Update]
      17. Confirmed - God of War I and II coming to PS3 this Christmas, supports trophies
      18. Rockstar: LA Noire still in development
      19. Kingdom Hearts III? Play Birth by Sleep to the end, says Nomura
      20. Yamauchi: GT5 will "very probably" recieve simultaneous worldwide launch, game to run at 1080P
      21. Square Enix looking at PSN and XBL for possible DLC for FFXIII
      22. FFXIV non-level system will "make sense," assures Tanaka
      23. Disney acquires Marvel in $4 billion deal
      24. Surnames may help FFXI-FFXIV character name transfer, says Tanaka
      25. FFXIV: "Unique" setting to have own religion
      26. Tanaka "very pleased" Uematsu agreed to score FFXIV
      27. Monster Hunter 3 cheater gets banned until 9999
      28. Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain QTE criticisms are "unfair"
      29. Rumour - PSP Firmware 6.00 in developers hands
      30. PS3 Firmware 3.0 now in devs hands, launch tomorrow
      31. Brutal Legend rated by the ESRB
      32. New Eight Days screens and videos surface
      33. Natal is about "winning" this generation, says Kim
      34. More on Milo & Kate "soon" says Molyneux
      35. EA Sports: "Average" player drops up to 300 hours on one game per year
      36. FFXIV to have monthly subs model, says Tanaka
      37. New FFXIII screens show up
      38. Bank Holiday in the UK today - we're still updating
      39. Report - Japanese FFXIII date to be confirmed next week
      40. Jaffe to "shut the f**k up" for six months
      41. Nomura: Final Fantasy Versus XIII won't be at TGS
      42. Rockstar release first Ballad of Gay Tony screenshots, skydiving spotted
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up, August 29: Turbine suing Atari, The Green Lantern, LEGO subscription model
      1. LostWinds sequel titled Winter of the Melodias
      2. Tale of Tales releasing Fatale on October 5
      3. EyePet landing in stores November 17
      4. Nintendo plans staying the same despite PS3 and 360 price cuts
      5. FCC researching possible universal ratings, would include games
      6. Star Trek Online to be playable at PAX 2009
      7. The Beatles: Rock Band commercial is a bit strange
      8. Sonic & Knuckles out on XBL September 9
      9. GOG running nice Unreal sale until Monday
      10. Tales of Monkey Island: The Siege of Spinner Cay hitting WiiWare Monday
      11. Record of Agarest War coming to PSN this fall
      1. 2K to release two independent games exclusively on XBL
      2. Fantasy Life is next RPG from Level 5 and Brownie Brown
      3. Namco Bandai announces Majin: The Fallen Realm for PS3 and 360
      4. Gameloft announces PSPgo line-up for the holidays
      5. FCC dissects DJ Hero turntable, full inspection released
      6. Sony's R&D Team talks about its new motion controller
      7. Resident Evil 5 producer talks PC tech, MT Framework engine
      8. Star Wars: The Old Republic unveils the Sith Warrior class
      9. Demon's Souls screens show off a fiery bee creature
      10. Localizing Professor Layton games takes time, says Level 5 CEO
      11. Retro doesn't rule out possible return to Metroid franchise someday
      12. Dawn of War II: The Last Stand detailed, to be shown at PAX
      13. Insomniac talks Ratchet & Clank Future, space travel
      14. Hans Zimmer confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 score
      15. US PSN update, August 28 - Invincible Tiger, Tomb Raider 2, SimCity 2000
      16. US PS movie store update, August 28 - I Love You Man, 300
      17. Some retailers already sold out of PS3 Slim
      18. Guild Wars 2 art to be put into lovely book form
      19. Batman: Arkham Asylum awarded Guinness record for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’
      20. Kurt Cobain a playable character in Guitar Hero 5
      21. Blizzard's Paul Sams talks licensing, marketing
      22. Talking Heads, RATM coming to Rock Band next week
      23. Bethesda to show off Brink at PAX 2009
      24. Early ODST players won't be banned as long as they bought a copy
      25. Realtime Worlds gets new Dundee office
      26. King of Fighter XII slips to September 25 in UK
      27. Rumour: Square Enix to publish Modern Warfare 2 in Japan
      28. MS foot-dragging on 360 MMOs is "baffling," says Cryptic boss
      29. America's PSPgo early adoption deal is Rock Band Unplugged demo
      30. Champions Online: Four content updates a year, DLC plans revealed "launch day"
      31. Watch Tim Curry and Kate Mulgrew voice Dragon Age
      32. Pachter: 360 price cut "shouldn't do much for sales"
      33. Fight Night Round 4 demo on Live
      34. Modern Warfare 2 shaky cam footage shows Spec Ops play, more
      35. Confirmed: Facebook and Twitter "free trial period" for 360 Silver members
      36. Amazon.de pulls 250Gb 360 Forza 3 bundle listing
      37. FFXIII gets new shots and characters
      38. Japanese hardware sales - The "wtfps3omg" edition
      39. Dragon Quest IX sales drop below 100,000 in Japan
      40. PS3 Slim uses half the power of old SKU
      41. VG247 podcast #6 - Cryptic boss on Champions Online, Ellie Gibson on GamesCom
      42. EA creative boss expects PS3.5 before PS4
      43. First Gay Tony trailer due next Tuesday
      1. Steam puts THQ Collector Pack on sale for $74.99
      2. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge PSP heading to retail September 29
      3. Avatar: The Game on PSP can communicate with PS3 version
      4. Fate/Unlimited Codes coming to PSN next week for PSPgo
      5. EA's Gibeau says Hell is familiar, will resonate well in Dante's Inferno
      6. Covenant Engineers to appear in Halo 3: ODST
      7. Ubisoft announces Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer for Wii
      8. EA and Sony deny PS3 cross-game voice chat feud
      9. Preorder Tony Hawk: RIDE at GameStop, get 80's level
      10. Rumor: Hans Zimmer to compose Modern Warfare 2 score
      11. Battlefield 2 patch 1.50 arrives on September 1
      12. 7-Eleven confirms Okamiden in next Famitsu
      13. Halo 3: ODST video highlights Sgt. Johnson, Firefight
      14. Xbox 360 price cut timing "completely coincidental"
      15. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 uses 100% of PS3's power, won't work on 360
      16. Report: UK publishers have slowed or stopped original IP development
      17. Dille: Sony to reposition PS3 as "a total entertainment solution"
      18. F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn demo up on PS3 and XBL
      19. Infinity Ward will not be "taking pages out" of World at War's book
      20. Analyst: No significant sales boost this year despite 360 price cut
      21. Sony unveils its "It Only Does Everything" campaign for PS3
      22. Microsoft: Facebook and Twitter plans "not finalized" yet
      23. Gay Tony gets two new wallpapers
      24. David Cage defends Heavy Rain's striptease scene
      25. Dates announced for Aion's Open Beta, Pre-Select and Headstart programs
      26. GTA: Chinatown Wars gets first PSP screens
      27. EA prez admits to "unclear" future for music peripherals
      28. Facebook and Twitter on 360 is for Gold Members only
      29. Rockstar - "Lots of announcements coming today"
      30. Dragon Age: Origins cast announced, has Captain Janeway and Tim Curry
      31. Check out the insides of the PSPgo, poor thing
      32. CDV to debut Serious Sam, new RPG, and hobnob with Marc Ecko at PAX 2009
      33. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story gets a date with retail
      34. PS3 Slim ads go live in UK - watch both now
      35. "No plans" for a 360 slim, says Greenberg
      36. Sony to distribute DiRT 2 PS3 version in Europe
      37. Euro 360 boss: "Time is right" to drop Pro
      38. Rock Band Network store coming to PS3
      39. Batman: Arkham Asylum completely spoiled in 90 seconds
      40. Euro PSN update - August 27
      41. Lewis - 360 Arcade hike down to "currency fluctuations"
      42. "Big plans" for Brink 2 and 3 already on table, says Ham
      43. MS: Dropping Elite HDMI cable gives punters "flexibility" of choice
      44. Champions Online life-subs restriction "passed down from on high," says Emmert, offers reinstated
      45. Confirmed: 360 US Elite dropped to $299.99
      46. MS confirms Elite price drop to ?199
      47. NCsoft takes MMO trio to PAX
      48. Sony goes for comedy in US PS3 Slim ads
      49. C&C4 named Tiberian Twilight
      50. Ghostbusters PS3 patch increases res "to match that of Xbox 360" [Update]
      51. Greenberg - Hardware issues "well behind us"
      52. Pinnacle Station balls-up blights Mass Effect
      1. Pete Hines talks WET in video interview
      2. EGM may be resurrected by December
      3. Dark Void developer diary discusses "hover up" feature
      4. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time gets October release
      5. Heavy Rain may get some DLC and online content
      6. EA confirms round of layoffs at Maxis
      7. Over 100 bits of content coming to Home tomorrow
      8. Mad Catz reveals Modern Warfare 2 peripherals via video
      9. Report: Wolfenstein developer reduces staff by 30-35 people
      10. Think GoldenEye when console RTS gets tough, says GPG's Taylor
      11. Left 4 Dead 2 to be playable at PAX, Dark Carnival to be shown
      12. Namco Bandai confirms Clash of the Titans for 2010
      13. Source blows all 360 price drop details, Elite at ?199 on Friday
      14. FASA founder says Microsoft "destroyed" its development culture after acquisition
      15. Cryptic sold-out of Lifetime Subs for Champions Online
      16. BioWare still mum on Mass Effect for PS3
      17. Microsoft to reveal Xbox 360 price drop tomorrow
      18. Report: Beyond Good and Evil 2 "on hold for now"
      19. Game with Fame: Play Transformers with Megan Fox on 360
      20. David Cage says PS3 could support better visuals than Heavy Rain
      21. New Red Faction DLC gets trailered, shot
      22. Gears of War 2: GoTY edition coming to stores [UPDATE]
      23. Vehicles will not be part of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer
      24. IL-2 Sturmovik demo on PSN now
      25. Smash Cars gets August 27 PSN date
      26. PS3 Slim unscrewed, exploded, imageised, put on the internet
      27. MS on price cut talk - "We have nothing to share at this time"
      28. 360 price cut imminent - UK retail orders stemmed
      29. Forza 3 gets Puma branding
      30. Section 8 delayed a week
      31. Aliens and Predators still relevant, say Sega and Rebellion
      32. Sega - Statement on Bayonetta region-locking expected near Jap launch
      33. Bayonetta to be region-locked
      34. FF bosses: No FFVII remake project "yet," play PSN release "for the time being"
      35. Gran Turismo 5 Vs real-life Japan - images
      36. 360 to hit 1 million in Oz this year, says MS
      37. Modern Warfare 2 - first lobby screen
      1. Rumor: Okamiden trademark might be Okami 2
      2. Crash Commando getting new add-on content this week
      3. GTA: Chinatown Wars landing on PSP in October
      4. Cursed Mountain lands in stores today for Wii
      5. Defense Grid: The Awakening coming to XBL September 2
      6. GoG adds Heroes of Might and Magic III to the service
      7. Natal allows Microsoft and Rare to be on the same page
      8. WET demo lands on Xbox Live
      9. NCsoft promotes Aion through Guild Wars emote
      10. Theatre of War 2: Centauro video shows off new expansion
      11. Mad Catz details its peripherals for Modern Warfare 2
      12. Capcom's Chris Kramer talks Lost Planet 2
      13. Watch twenty minutes of The Old Republic developer walkthroughs
      14. Muse's Matt Bellamy to lend likeness, talents to Guitar Hero 5
      15. The Saboteur screens are what you would expect - good
      16. Xbox Live activity for the week of August 17 - CoD: WaW still tops
      17. No More Heroes 2 getting January release, contest
      18. Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute to have bonus game from Brownie Brown
      19. Steam and Direct2Drive PC charts, WE August 22
      20. Darkest of Days gets updated PC demo
      21. Halo 2 matchmaking was "a big risk" for Bungie
      22. Games on Demand: Burnout Revenge, NFS ProStreet and FIFA 09 manual
      23. Mass Effect Avatar clothing now on XBL Marketplace
      24. Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC pack 2 detailed, coming Sept 17
      25. Diablo III will have content edited for certain regions
      26. Dual wielding implemented in Modern Warfare 2
      27. Motion games on PS3 only need one wand, says Sony
      28. Sins of a Solar Empire expansion coming winter, getting Beta
      29. FFXIII's Kitase: PS3 price cut is "really good timing for us"
      30. Final Fantasy XIII may be playable at TGS 09
      31. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles gets dated and bundled
      32. Classification loophole allows under-age game sales in UK [Update]
      33. New Mass Effect DLC properly Live
      34. Bayonetta has one-hand play mode - video
      35. Standalone Wii MotionPlus sales near 1 million in Europe
      36. Wii Sports Resort passes 1 million in Europe
      37. Italian setting will help Ass Creed II pass original's 9 million sales
      38. Dragon Age contains over 120 hours of play, says Muzyka
      39. Pyro working on new Commandos game [Update]
      40. Rumour: Target ad confirms imminent 360 price cut
      41. Sony to launch ?82m pan-European PS3 marketing campaign
      42. Ray Muzyka Vs VG247 Vs GamesCom
      43. Nintendo patents ridiculous football controller
      44. Mass Effect patch 1.02 goes live for PC
      45. Wii Sports Resort hits 1 million in Japan
      46. Sony losing money on each PS3 Slim
      1. Watch these PS3 Slim "Playface" ads, if you dare
      2. Kitase: FF Versus XIII's development moving "comparatively faster" than FFXIII's
      3. Rumor: Survey reveals potential 1 vs. 100 subscription model
      4. Sony: PS3 firmware 3.0 is the "last major update for 2009"
      5. Aliens: Colonial Marines' release hinges on Aliens vs. Predator, says Sega
      6. NBA 2K10 Draft and and Watchmen Pt. 2 are this week's XBLA releases
      7. Why'd the PS3 Slim ditch the Spider-Man font? Kaz Hirai explains
      8. Batman Arkham Asylum release trailer is positively batty
      9. Sony's motion controller slated for spring release
      10. Adults-only version of Manhunt 2 in the works, says ESRB
      11. New Perfect Dark XBLA screens compare old and new
      12. "Something like" LAN to be included with StarCraft II and Diablo III
      13. House: PS3 price cut not down to slowing sales, Facebook for PS3 not ruled out
      14. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom getting four new characters
      15. Rare: Shooters do work with Natal
      16. Nintendo weekly releases - Pop + Solo, Mr. Driller W, Super Empire Strikes Back
      17. Cage: Heavy Rain script is over 2,000 pages long
      18. First Minis game for PSPgo announced, Vempire to be launch title [Update]
      19. Killzone 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and Resistance 2 added to PS3 Platinum collection
      20. FIFA 10 demo details announced, Rooney and Lampard added to global cover
      21. 2K: Borderlands is a "strong offering" for Christmas
      22. New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer revealed
      23. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo picked as the new director of the BioShock movie
      24. Hollenshead: RAGE beta doubtful, but there could be a demo
      25. Hollenshead: No DOOM 4 at QuakeCon because we "never had anything prepared to show"
      26. Batman reviews swing in, EG goes with 9
      27. Hollenshead: Microsoft in "best position" to launch next-gen hardware
      28. id boss Todd Hollenshead - the ultimate interview
      29. EA release new Dante's Inferno screens
      30. Sega release teaser for Valkyria Chronicles 2
      31. GamesCom attendence pegged at over 245,000, GC 2010 also dated
      32. ACII versus Modern Warfare 2 - 9 million original sales say we'll succeed, says Desilets
      33. Takeuchi: We're looking at Lost Planet 2 split-screen
      34. Policenauts finally playable in English... sort of
      35. Second Mass Effect DLC leaked onto Swiss and Swedish XBLMP
      36. Japanese hardware sales - DSi surges on something
      37. BlizzCon 2009 destroyed - everything in one place
      38. GT5 given "quarter four" release date in GamesCom brochure
      1. BlizzCon 09 Press Panel: No charging for WoW mods, Blizzard iPhone games, more
      1. BlizzCon 09: Blizzard uses StarCraft II map maker to create third-person RPG, shmup, Super Zerg
      2. BlizzCon 09: Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer to play Kerrigan in StarCraft II
      3. BlizzCon 09: Diablo III Q&A panel
      4. Castle Crashers getting Necromantic DLC pack [UPDATE]
      5. Analyst: Xbox 360 Slim "is a question of when, not if"
      6. Weekly MMO news round up - Aion Cleric Class, Second Life Avaline service, WAR's Wild Hunt event
      7. Race changes coming to WoW
      8. A new hero class in WoW: Cataclysm? Don't count on it
      9. Guitar Hero 5 DLC will not be compatible with World Tour
      10. BlizzCon 09: Release date for Diablo III yet to be announced, says Blizzard
      11. Way of the Samurai 3 to be released by two publishers in North America
      12. CESA release partial game and speakers list for Tokyo Games Show 2009
      13. UK: Preorder Guitar Hero 5 Bundle, get World Tour for free
      14. Professor Layton screens show the Diabolical Box
      15. Molyneux received hate mail over Fable II ending
      16. Arkham Asylum for PC free with Nvidia graphics card
      17. Borderlands DLC currently in development
      18. GamesCom: Cosplayers attempt to break Guinness record
      19. BlizzCon 09: Diablo III trailers featuring the Monk
      1. StarCraft II to support premium player-created maps
      2. StarCraft II to utilize a save game Cloud
      3. Cataclysm Panel: Guild advancement system detailed, new race/class combos, Raganaros returning
      4. BlizzCon 09: Day one all in one place
      5. BioWare: Mass Effect 2 will run at 30FPS, no weird pauses in the game
      6. New FFXIV screens show up
      7. BlizzCon 09: Cataclysm and StarCraft II only titles for 2010 [UPDATE]
      8. Rumour - OXM hint at 360 price-cut, new Walmart ad shows $299
      9. BioWare explains the interrupt system in Mass Effect 2
      10. BlizzCon 09: Diablo III "not ruled out for consoles"
      11. BlizzCon 09: Cataclysm zones revealed, detailed
      12. Mass Effect 2 will get simultaneous release for both 360 and PC
      13. BlizzCon 09: Diablo III in-game screens show off Monk class
      14. GamesCom show floor report: LittleBigPlanet PSP
      15. Bungie: Halo: Reach will be our last injection into the Halo trilogy
      16. Section 8 demo now up on Xbox Live
      17. Media Molecule accepting LittleBigPlanet water kit Beta applications
      18. Blizzcon 09: Debut WoW Cataclysm trailer is live
      19. Blizzcon 09: First screenshots of WoW: Cataclysm
      20. BlizzCon 09: And here's the WoW Catacysm logo
      21. BlizzCon 09: Goblins playable race in next WoW expansion
      22. BlizzCon O.C.: New World of Warcraft expansion announced, called Cataclysm
      23. Monk revealed as fourth Diablo III class [Update]
      24. Kojima: Peace Walker will take "hundreds of hours to complete"
      25. BlizzCon 2009: Liveblog starting soon - don't miss it
      26. Command & Conquer 4 gets a subtitle, known as Tiberium Twilight
      27. Bungie: Halo: Reach "in development right since the end of Halo 3"
      28. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories to monitor player actions
      29. New Mass Effect achievements hint at possible incoming news on DLC #2
      30. US PS movie store update, August 20 - Conan the Destroyer, Carlito's Way
      31. Bungie: ODST "has been a different product"
      32. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 will be 40% puzzle solving, 60% action
      33. House: Sony is "head to head with Microsoft"
      34. Dragon Age: Origins assets show off the City of Haven
      35. Rock Band: Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Idol coming next week
      36. Gamestop: Modern Warfare 2 has the potential to be "the best selling title ever"
      37. CoD:WaW Map Pack 3 surpasses one million downloads in first weekend
      38. PC version of Battlefield 1943 shot down over Q1 2010
      39. 2K Europe: BioShock 2 still "looking strong for early 2010"
      40. Exclusive: Bungie discusses Halo 3: ODST with VG247 at GamesCom
      41. DJ Hero dated for October 27th, everywhere else gets it late October
      42. Exclusive: VG247 talks Mass Effect 2 with associate producer Jesse Houston
      43. BlizzCon 2009 Opening Ceremony liveblog
      44. Rockstar: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are still 360 exclusives
      45. Report - Batman: Arkham Asylum to receive free DLC
      46. House: PS3 Slim won't be in short demand
      47. Valkyria Chronicles 2 screens make us want the game now
      48. PSPgo to retail for ?199 at Tesco, not ?225
      49. Sony throwing worldwide launch party for PS3 Slim in Hong Kong
      50. Avatar: The Game debut trailer goes live
      51. Watch Bramwell and McDonald batter balls and race cars in Natal video
      52. NFS: Carbon and Burnout Revenge to be added to 360 Games on Demand
      53. Yamauchi: GT5 will be out shortly after GT PSP
      54. New Modern Warfare 2 screenshots released
      55. English FFXIII demo will be new, 360 development 70% finished
      56. Heavy Rain to feature thirteen voice languages, five more in subtitles
      57. Sega COO talks about company expectations for Bayonetta
      58. Gamestop: We're "excited" for PSPgo
      1. Napoleon: Total War announced by Sega
      2. GameStop to ship PS3 Slim from August 25th
      3. The Saboteur video from GamesCom is great
      4. New Persona 3 PSP screens and videos released
      5. Rumour - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned coming to PS3 [Update]
      6. Report: Harmonix working on Rock Band 3
      7. Infinity Ward reveals cast for Modern Warfare 2
      8. US PSN update, August 20 - Smash Cars and Bloody Roar
      9. Rabbids Go Home DS and Wii assests are zany
      10. Amazon UK has Zelda: Spirit Tracks down for December 4 release
      11. Mafia II video and shots surface, looks mobalicious
      12. Watch a video walk-through of the 128-player Valor map for MAG
      13. Heir to the Throne expansion announced for Europa Universalis III
      14. EA legacy franchises could make a return, eventually
      15. Midway Europe now known as Tradewest Games
      16. Pete Hines: Bethesda's "mature" Wii game is Wheelspin
      17. Blur gets release dates for November, new screens
      18. Debut trailer from James Cameron's film, Avatar
      19. Preorder Halo 3:ODST from Amazon, get monetary incentives
      20. Dead To Rights: Retribution screens released from GamesCom
      21. Dark Void delayed to add another feature to the game
      22. Kojima confirms work on new IP, several other titles in development
      23. RAGE on 360 may have separate discs for multiplayer and single-player
      24. Ubisoft and EA Games praise "awesome" price cut for PS3
      25. Capcom: It might be worthwhile for us to work on MH3 for PS3/360
      26. Assassin's Creed II preview and screens
      27. GameStop Q2 financials show sales drop of 3.7 percent
      28. Star Wars: The Old Republic GamesCom booth shots
      29. Borderlands demo not coming before launch
      30. Shatner serves Shatter IP with a cease and desist
      31. Visceral: Dead Space 2? "Play all the way to the end" of Extraction
      32. Crytek release teaser for Crysis 2, teaser website also goes live
      33. PC beta for R.U.S.E. announced
      34. FFXIV: "Discussions" with Microsoft holding up 360 version
      35. Amazon says PS3 slim shortages in the US are imminent
      36. World of Warcraft getting its own print magazine
      37. Open beta for MAG kicks off September 17
      38. Lord of the Rings Online welcomes you back for free
      39. FFXIV: Tretton didn't say "launch timing" exclusive at E3, says Tanaka
      40. BioShock 2 moves out to second half of Q1 2010
      41. Marvel finished with "crappy" movie-based games
      42. FFXIII story to last around 50 hours, new characters announced
      43. Euro PSN update, August 20 - WET and DiRT 2 demos
      44. PlayStation Home v1.3 coming this September
      45. Guild Wars 2 teased in Cologne
      46. FFXIII: Simultaneous 360 and PS3 Euro release in spring 2010, says Kitase
      47. Kitase "aiming" for FFXIII 360 to ship on 3 DVDs
      48. First ever Gran Turismo 5 gameplay gets out, damage shown off in limited capability
      49. Koller: BC on PS3 "wont be returning"
      50. Ubisoft release new Splinter Cell: Conviction shots
      51. New Rage screens for you to marvel over
      52. Watch Minkley nick a PS3 Slim and decimate a demo pod in Cologne
      53. AvP will use Steam Cloud, have 18-way multiplay, four-way co-op
      54. Riccitiello: PS3 price-cut is a "great move"
      55. Rumour - God of War games being bundled onto Blu-ray, GoW III demo added as well
      56. Namco Bandai announce project with Ninja Theory
      57. Watch Alex Rigopulos play Beatles: Rock Band at a GamesCom MS party
      58. Infinity Ward clarifies "no Modern Warfare 2" Beta talk
      59. Watch Dante's Inferno video from EA's GamesCom Press Event
      60. Modern Warfare 2's PC price shooting up to $60?
      61. Value cuts Left 4 Dead price on Steam
      1. Pirates and ninjas coming to Fat Princess?
      2. EA Sports announces interative soccer training online
      3. New Bethesda game to be announced in "the next month or so"
      4. BUZZ! Quiz World coming to PSP and PS3 for the holidays
      5. Interplay titles now available on Steam
      6. Fairytale Fights coming to PC, PS3 and 360, looks bloody
      7. Lego Rock Band coming to the DS
      8. South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play screens from GamesCom
      9. MS's GC Press Event: Watch the moment Fable III was announced
      10. ESRB listing provides first Assassin's Creed: Discovery details
      11. House: PSPgo feedback positive, initial consumers to benefit
      12. Microsoft release new Halo 3: ODST shots
      13. House: SCEE would "absolutely" make PS3 ?199 if it were "sensible"
      14. Beatles: Rock band getting three more albums in 2009, Rock Band adding Queen, Nirvana, every song ever
      15. Bethesda release new screens of Brink
      16. Activision: No multiplayer Beta planned for Modern Warfare 2
      17. New shots for MGS: Peace Walker released, co-op mode detailed by Kojima
      18. Cage: Heavy Rain's "not really a videogame anymore"
      19. Aliens vs Predator shots from Sega are nice looking
      20. David Cage: Heavy Rain demo a "possibility"
      21. Cage: Heavy Rain 2? "I'm not sure"
      22. David Cage: The PS3 is a "truly fantastic" machine
      23. Sega sends us over some sexy Bayonetta screens
      24. David Cage: Heavy Rain delayed into 2010 in order to avoid "sequels of sequels of sequels"
      25. Mythic announces goodies for Warhammer Online one-year anniversary
      26. Exclusive: VG247 talks demos, sequels, price cuts, and more with Heavy Rain's David Cage
      27. PS3 motion controller to be fully shown at TGS
      28. Xbox Live activity for the week of August 10 - CoD: WaW "for teh win"
      29. House: "You'll see something very soon" on GT5
      30. Army of Two: The 40th Day trailer is worth the watch
      31. Multiplayer cut from LittleBigPlanet PSP
      32. Preorder either WET or Rogue Warrior through GameStop, get $10 off
      33. Gravity Crash announced for PSP, coming to PSN around mid-October
      34. Exclusive: Andrew House talks to VG247 about price cuts and going digital in a retail market
      35. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat to be published by bitComposer
      36. Dark Void landing on shelves in January
      37. Acti-Blizz release first COD: Modern Warfare Wii shots
      38. Jonathan Ross confirms role on Fable III, plays an accountant [Update]
      39. New Final Fantasy XIII character named: Jill Nabato
      40. Info and screens on Heavy Rain's fourth character revealed
      41. Report - Microsoft pulled a price-cut announcement for 360
      42. Rumour - Second PS3 Slim SKU being planned
      43. First ever gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIV revealed
      44. GamesCom: MS's GC press event all in one place
      45. Bayonetta "80 percent complete," says Hashimoto, Sega "not disappointed" at slip
      46. MS's GC Press Event: Fable III teaser trailer now live
      47. New Heavy Rain screens look gorge
      48. MS's GC Press Event: Lionhead still "working" on Milo and Kate
      49. MS's GC Press Event: Fable III dated for 2010 [Update]
      50. MS's GC Press Event: Fable III teaser shown
      51. MS's GC Press Event: Fable II Episodic announced
      52. MS's GC Press Event: Fable III is all about starting a revolution
      53. MS's GC Press Event: The first pictures of Fable III
      54. MS's GC Press Event: Fable III revealed [Update]
      55. Churchill nabs an extra Lionhead update
      56. GamesCom Microsoft press conference liveblog
      1. Brutal Legend GamesCom video from EA Press Event
      2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 video and shots from GamesCom
      3. Splosion Man Avatar Awards revealed, coming soon
      4. Meet the new Earthworm Jim, same as the old Earthworm Jim
      5. Uncharted 2 GamesCom trailer from Sony Press Event
      6. GamesCom: Loads of Dragon Age: Origins screens
      7. GamesCom: Mass Effect 2 screens are a sight to behold
      8. GamesCom: Dragon Age: Origins video shows Darkspawn
      9. GamesCom: Videos for Digital Reader and PSP Minis
      10. Persona 3 PSP details - gender choice, new in-game events
      11. Kotick: “People are happy with exisiting franchises”
      12. New Gran Turismo 5 info and screens appear on official website
      13. Ju-On: The Grudge Euro trailer shows people playing it
      14. Sony's GC Press Event: Watch the moment the PS3 Slim is revealed
      15. New God of War III screens are family friendly
      16. Silent Hunter 5 revealed, trailer shows the inside of a sub
      17. Wolfenstein multiplayer dev sees layoffs on launch day
      18. GamesCom: PSP Go to retail in the UK for ?225
      19. Pictures and video of PS3 Slim from PlayStation: The Official Magazine offices
      20. Amazon UK has PS3 slim up for preorder
      21. Natal is "very, very exciting," says Nakamura
      22. Water coming to LBP in future downloadable addon kit
      23. Sony's GC Press Event: UK PS3 price-cut is officially ?249, also UK price for Slim
      24. Rock Band "is just part" of many major musicians' jobs, says Rigopulos
      25. Comedian Danny Wallace to appear in Assassin's Creed II
      26. LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition a no-go for Europe
      27. Sony's GC Press Event: Watch the new Heavy Rain trailer
      28. Sony’s GC Press Event: Tretton on the PS3 Slim
      29. Sony's GC Press Event: PSP 3000 painting the town pink, turquoise, and purple this November
      30. GamesCom Day One: All the EA and Sony stuff in one post
      31. Sony’s GC Press Event: Minis announced for PSP Go
      32. DiRT 2 soundtrack revealed: Queens of the Stone Age, more
      33. Sony's GC Press Event: Digital Reader announced for PSP
      34. Sony's GC Press Event: PS3/PSP video-on-demand service coming in November
      35. Sony’s GC Press Event: First official shots from PS3 Slim
      36. Sony’s GC Press Event: The first pics of the Slim
      37. Sony’s GC Press Event: PS3 finally gets official price cut
      38. Sony's GC Press Event: PS3 Slim announced!
      39. Sony's GC Press Event: Gran Turismo PSP free with registration of PSP Go in October
      40. Sony’s GC Press Event: Last two characters for Heavy Rain revealed
      41. Sony's GC Press Event: PSN cards coming to Europe
      42. Sony’s GC Press Event: BBC iPlayer coming to PS3
      43. Sony's GC Press Event: PSN's made $280 million
      44. Sony’s GC Press Event: SingStar and Audi Home spaces announced
      45. FIFA 10 demo dated for September 10
      46. GamesCom: Sony Press Event liveblog
      47. EA's GC Press Event: Everyone in Star Wars: TOR will speak three languages
      48. EA’s GC Press Event: Mass Effect 2 trailer posted online [Update]
      49. EA's GC Press Event: Dante's Inferno releasing in February
      50. EA's GC Press Event: Tim Schafer talks multiplayer in Brutal Legend
      51. EA’s GC Press Event: Brutal Legend demo for September 17th [Update]
      52. EA’s GC Press Event: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 dated for March 2010 [Update]
      53. EA's GC Press Event: Sims series sells over 100 million units
      54. EA's GC Press Event: More workouts coming in November to Sports Active
      55. EA's GC press event: EA Sports Active moves 1.8 million units
      56. EA's GC Press Conference: Bernabau stadium to release as DLC in FIFA 10
      57. EA's GC Press Event: Pictures from the floor
      58. Confirmed - Gran Turismo 5 appearing at GamesCom
      59. Catch your first look at the show floor of GamesCom
      60. GamesCom: EA press conference liveblog
      61. Saints Row and Rockstar Table Tennis added to Games on Demand
      62. APB - World's first play impressions
      63. Report - SingStar Beatles to be announced at EA GC conference
      64. KMART lists PS3 Slim for $299, August 24 launch
      65. ASDA drops PS3 80GB price to ?249
      66. CCP announce Dust 514 for consoles
      67. Persona 3 coming to PSP
      68. CSC Gameworld: Publisher announcement for Pripyat is coming soon
      69. Lionhead's sixth and final GamesCom teaser goes to Joan of Arc
      70. Kurayami revealed to be Suda-51 game, PS3 exclusive
      71. Rumour - KMart confirm PS3 price cut and PS3 slim [Update]
      72. Debut trailer for Modern Warfare: Mobilised released
      73. Eidos pull a Radiohead for Championship Manager 2010, pay what you like for it
      74. MGS2 re-release missing "The Document of MGS2"
      75. MAG beta invites go out, full partcipation needed during GC
      76. Crytek show CryEngine 3 for PS3 in Cologne
      77. GamesCom - EA and Sony press conferences liveblog details, high quality images included
      78. Rumour - Play.com list Gears of War 2 GOTY edition
      79. Massive LittleBigPlanet announcement coming today
      80. PSN to go down tonight for maintenance
      81. Non-handheld Phoenix Wright? Nah, says Ace Attorney producer
      82. LBP GOTY edition coming in September, includes ModNation Racers beta code
      1. Dreamkiller trailer shows dreams, killing
      2. New Earthworm Jim coming to PS3, Xbox, and Wii
      3. Rare: Classic IP would be "absolutely phenomenal" with Natal
      4. Guild Wars 2 blowout imminent
      5. Xbox 360's failure rate at 54.2%, Game Informer survey finds
      6. Bethesda: Of course there's going to be an Elder Scrolls V - eventually
      7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "GHOST" comic on the way
      8. Lips: Number One Hits dated for October 23
      9. Phoenix Wright vs. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - what happened?
      10. Shadow Complex is this weeks XBLA game, here is your launch trailer
      11. Spore Hero emerges from primordial ooze this October
      12. New Monster Hunter 3 shots released by Capcom
      13. Uncharted and SOCOM: Confrontation added to PS3 Greatest Hits
      14. Rumor: GamesCom document reveals new PS3 SKU
      15. Rumour - Fable II: GOTY edition spotted [Update]
      16. Crytek: Current gen will last "until 2012"
      17. Nintendo weekly releases - Revenge of Shinobi, Guitar Rock Tour, Family Slot Car Racing
      18. New Beatles: Rock Band trailer is awesome on a stick
      19. Remedy: Alan Wake "done," now in polishing stages
      20. Bethesda: There is "enough content out there" for Fallout 3
      21. Insomniac Games tease new project, still "long way off"
      22. 1 vs 100 downloaded over 2.5 million times
      23. New PES 2010 screens released
      24. Report - Dead Nation to be announced in Cologne
      25. Champions Online goes gold
      26. 360 Arcade SKU gets price increase to ?159.99
      27. Eidos confirm Mini Ninjas demo for Wednesday
      28. BlazBlue confirmed for European release next year
      29. Crytek UK working on "exciting stuff", TS4 still a possibility
      30. Germany takes over UK as largest games market in Europe
      31. Emma Goldman is fifth Lionhead GamesCom teaser
      32. New Alan Wake trailer goes online
      33. Diablo III and Starcraft II playable at GamesCom
      34. Rumour - I Am Alive canned for PS3 [Update]
      35. New PS3 boxart emerges - we wonder why?
      36. StarCraft II single-player event - everything in one place
      37. Hands-on: StarCraft II single-player Campaign
      38. Interview - VG247 Vs Blizzard's Rob Pardo
      39. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty gets new logo
      40. StarCraft II has planned trial versions, says Blizzard
      41. Pardo: A Blizzard console game could "dominate"
      42. Blizzard's Pardo: LAN will be a "great footnote in our history"
      43. Blizzard game add-on take-up "well above" 50%, says Pardo
      44. Blizzard's Pardo: Natal may struggle with "spatial recognition"
      45. StarCraft II: "There is no co-op campaign"
      46. StarCraft II has online verification, but Battle.net connection not necessary for single-play
      47. StarCraft II: First Campaign screens and movies released [Update]
      48. Rocksteady "not involved" with Hitman 5, according to Livingstone
      49. New FFXIII scan shows new character, new info on Odin
      50. LA Noire storyboards are leaked
      51. Weekly MMO news round-up: Conan at PAX, LOTRO gets new jewelry, WoW expansion leaks
      1. More than 100,000 sign StarCraft II LAN petition
      2. Aristotle is Lionhead's fourth GamesCom teaser
      1. Screens for Tales of Monkey Island Ep.2 released
      2. Randy Couture announced for EA's Mixed Martial Arts game
      3. Batman: Arkham Asylum video shows off cool gadgets
      4. Former LucasArts CEO running for US Congress
      5. New DLC released for FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord
      6. Where the Wild Things Are video is damn cute
      7. Ms. Marvel added to Ultimate Alliance 2 roster
      8. Luxor heading to App Store in August
      9. APB website reiterates no monthly subscription fees
      10. Lionhead's third GamesCom teaser is Abraham Lincoln
      11. Insomniac has a "strong, stable relationship" with Sony
      12. Sony patents a system that can detect emotions
      13. Jake Gyllenhaal would do a Prince of Persia sequel if asked
      14. Quakecon - Rage keynote liveblog now live
      15. Sega to shutdown servers for Chromehounds in January
      16. Serious Sam HD video shows great looking footage
      17. Sports Illustrated giving Madden 10 away with subscription
      18. David Gaider explains brothel visits in Dragon Age
      19. CoD: World at War Map Pack 3 and patch currently in works for PC
      20. Bethesda has no plans for an Elder Scrolls V
      1. Stan Lee talks superhero registration in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video
      2. Earthworm Jim, others may come to XBL pending fan vote
      3. Michael Vick to be added to Madden 10 roster
      4. Analyst expects Wii price cut, July NPD numbers lowest since launch
      5. Assassin's Creed bought Splinter Cell: Conviction a little more time
      6. Crysis Wars free trial coming next weekend
      7. Former Gamecock contract employees suing SouthPeak for not paying up
      8. Endemol's Peter Cowley talks TV-to-Game branding on Xbox 360
      9. Madden 10 printing error omits Online Franchise Mode codes
      10. Aion CGI trailer tells the backstory with loads of fighting
      11. Steam's weekend deal is Half-Life at 66% off
      12. The stealth genre appeals to people in everyday life, says Ubisoft
      13. US PS movie store update, August 13 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
      14. SCEA announces MAG for January 26 in US
      15. Beatles side projects will not be included with Rock Band game
      16. Turbine chats about MMOs on consoles
      17. ArmA II Mod Tools released
      18. Analyst: Profitability hasn't grown for Western developers
      19. Rumor: PSPgo games to cost the same as iPhone games
      20. Metal Gear Solid Touch now discounted on App Store
      21. Ubisoft releases two new Rabbids Go Home videos
      22. Jenny McCarthy featured in Ubisoft's Your Shape
      23. Report shows there are over 183 World War II games
      24. Foo Fighters return to Rock Band with three-song pack
      25. The Secret World PAX showing to be "biggest thing yet"
      26. PSPGo.co.uk launches - might not be what you think
      27. July NPD: 360 "only console showing growth in US this year," says MS
      28. Championship Manager 2010 demo out now [Update]
      29. Argos claims 60Gb 360 is no more
      30. APB beta applications go live
      31. Valve not working on PS3 at all, says Newell
      32. 360 passes 9 million in Europe
      33. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 still being worked on, Valve confirms
      34. Lionhead's second GamesCom teaser is Robespierre
      35. Arma II Operation Arrowhead expansion heads to Cologne
      36. Left 4 Dead 2 fairground level video released
      37. Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo hitting August 19
      38. Japanese hardware sales - Wii drops, DSi back on top
      39. Around 1 million players use Halo 3 every day
      40. Rumour: French catalogue says new PS3 price is €299 [Update]
      41. US PSN update, August 13
      42. Watch over 12 minutes of Uncharted 2 single-player footage
      43. Beatles: Rock Band set list revealed in latest GI
      44. Pachter: Japanese PS3 retail ordering halted from August 8, price cut "more and more likely"
      45. VG247 podcast #5 - Pachter, Bramwell and Menne on GamesCom
      46. Wolfenstein Quakecon trailer - watch it now
      47. Left 4 Dead 2 theme park level shown on GTTV
      48. New Mass Effect 2 shots and wallpaper released
      1. Premium service coming to QuakeLive, Carmack confirms
      2. July NPD: PS3 is "just getting warmed up," says Sony
      3. No Doom 4 announcements at QuakeCon this year
      4. July NPD - US games trade down 29% to $848 million
      5. July NPD software sales: Wii Sports Resort bundled with WMP tops
      6. July NPD - Hardware sales crater, down 37%
      7. July NPD - all the raw data
      8. Doom 2 RPG currently in Beta
      9. Knockout new Rage trailer opens Quakecon [Update]
      10. Carmack says id will put three AAA titles into development
      11. QuakeCon: Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade playable for first time
      12. Quakecon press conference - liveblogging now
      13. Fat Princess patch headed to EU PSN later tonight
      14. Smash Cars coming to US PSN on August 20
      15. Analyst: Console price cuts may not stimulate hardware sales
      16. Peter Moore discusses how EA Sports learned to cater to women
      17. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood demo now on PSN and XBL
      18. More than 420 exhibitors from 30 countries expected at GamesCom
      19. Buy games and Avatar clothing online for your Xbox 360
      20. Rock Band Metal Track Pack hitting stores October 13
      21. Halo 3: ODST maps Citadel, Heretic, and Longshore get videos
      22. THQ wants you to win a Red Faction customized Xbox 360
      23. Army of Two goes into 2010, gets preorder bonuse
      24. Quakecon - No "major announcements" in press conf, says Willits
      25. Wolfenstein: Designer will pay for your copy should the game outsell Madden 10
      26. Screen Digest says online market will not be viable until next-gen
      27. Op Flash: Dragon Rising won't support DX11 "out of the box"
      28. Tony Hawk to make appearance at GamesCom
      29. Gas Powered Games, GameStop and six others join PC Gaming Alliance
      30. TrackMania to be released on Wii
      31. Quakecon press conference liveblog - today at 9.30pm BST
      32. Wii outsells other consoles in UK during 2009
      33. ShortList journo picked for Assassin's Creed II voice role
      34. Beaterator gets a date with PSP and PSN
      35. Trine discounted on Steam
      36. Full PAX schedule announced
      37. Bloodbowl confirmed for UK launch
      38. GamesCom: Lionhead sticks Che Guevara on its site
      39. Confirmed - Future closes PSW
      40. VG247 nominated for 3 GMAs
      41. Campaign uses gamer to stop "gay" slurs
      42. Op Flash: Dragon Rising recommended system specs say "quad core"
      43. Translate Rhiannon into Welsh, get some money
      44. 2K Marin "beyond conceptual stage" on post-Bioshock 2 title
      45. Euro PSN update, August 13
      46. Battlefield Heroes' 1.5 million players have spent "$20 each" [Update]
      47. No single-player demo for Uncharted 2
      48. DOOM, Rage and Bethesda games snapped on Quakecon stage
      1. Sega plans more hardcore games on Wii despite MadWorld sales
      2. Enhanced PSN Trophies Online coming this week to US
      3. TimeGate Studios announces Open Beta for Section 8
      4. The Scratch Perverts and DJ Yoda contribute to DJ Hero
      5. SingStore July download chart shows Kelly Clarkson the love
      6. The Behemoth Game no. 3 development video part one
      7. Sports Resort will not replace Wii Sports with Wii bundle
      8. Free Slow-Mo Deathmatch coming to FEAR 2 on September 3
      9. Batcave Outpost Apartment coming to PS Home
      10. High Voltage enters long-term agreement to use Infernal Engine
      11. GRIN confirms its demise amidst cash flow problems
      12. Razer and Blizzard announce gaming hardware for StarCraft II
      13. Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper scheduled to release for Beatles: Rock Band
      14. Next Team Fortress 2 update to be non-class specific
      15. SCEE responds to complaints over EU PSN content
      16. Public Beta enrollment begins for MAG
      17. NCsoft reports Q2 income profit increase of 451%
      18. Crytek demos CryEngine 3 at SIGGRAPH 2009
      19. Midway France and UK branches sold for 86 pence
      20. Ex-Grin staffers form Outbreak Studios
      21. Future blames cost-cutting for lack of ABCs
      22. Football Manager 2010 dated for PC, Mac and PSP
      23. Risen being refused classification in Australia is ridiculous, says GDAA president
      24. Future will not ABC mags this week
      25. Keynote speakers revealed for Montreal International Game Summit
      26. Weekly PC sales for D2D and Steam, August 8 - DoWII, Champions Online
      27. Andy Serkis and John Rhys Davies lend voices to Risen
      28. Karen Strassman lending voice to Kerrigan in StarCraft II
      29. Splash Damage boss: "Fair to assume" Brink will have DLC
      30. More speakers for GDC Austin announced
      31. Free Radical: Technical issues with PS3 hindered Haze developement
      32. No Left 4 Dead 2 for GamesCom - here's why
      33. Meijer store flier gives credence to Xbox 360 Pro phase-out rumors
      34. Dragon Age:Origins Collector’s Edition and preorder incentive program revealed
      35. Report - UK PS3 hardware stock drying ahead of price cut
      36. Operation Flashpoint deaths will be "as unpleasant as possible"
      37. Eurogamer Expo 2009 line-up announced, is bonkers
      38. Alexander moves from Joystiq to EU PS Blog
      39. Trials HD now Live
      40. Sony GamesCom conf is "just over an hour" long, new timing details
      41. Sony to make Euro PS3 Movie Store announce at GamesCom
      42. 40 new Dragon Age shots start to impress
      43. EA trademarks ancient classics, internet touches special place
      44. IGN streaming live Quakecon video tomorrow
      45. Another PS3 Slim mock-up surfaces in Chinese mag [Update]
      46. EA looking for smaller acquisitions after Take-Two failure
      47. Natal won't replace wheels for driving games, says Codies
      48. New Assassin's Creed II dev diary shows play, Mario
      49. New L4D2 campaign on GTTV this week
      50. Star Wars: The Old Republic playable at GamesCom
      51. AvP multiplayer reveal "later this year," class system dropped?
      52. Xbox live coming to mobiles "and beyond"
      1. Rumor: RockSteady working on Hitman 5
      2. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising dev diary talks Hardcore Mode
      3. Fallout 3 DLC retail pack to hit stores August 25
      4. Call of Duty: World at War currently half-off on Steam
      5. John Riccitiello earned $6 million last year
      6. Obsidian: Alpha Protocol can be beaten without killing anyone
      7. New Home space from Xi creators coming this week
      8. Nolan Bushnell's Battleswarm: Field of Honor goes Beta
      9. Aragorn's Quest delayed until spring 2010
      10. Xbox Live Activity for the week of August 3
      11. Funcom to announce The Secret World details at PAX 2009
      12. Former MTV boss starts own game-centric TV show, GameFace
      13. Check out screens for Warlock of Firetop Mountain
      14. Microsoft: Halo movie officially on hold
      15. Sacred 2 video for Ice & Blood expansion shows dragons
      16. Pre-order Guitar Hero 5, get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free
      17. Demo released for time-traveling shooter Darkest of Days
      18. Rumor: Star Wars MMO to launch September 2010
      19. DiRT 2 game designer talks events, multiplayer in new video
      20. Xbox Live Deal of the Week is The Lost and Damned
      21. EA: FIFA 10 was always pinned for October 20 release in US
      22. DSi sold 1.7 million units during first three months in US
      23. Capcom announces GamesCom line-up
      24. Mad Catz to create Modern Warfare 2 game accessories
      25. Risen refused classification in Australia
      26. Nielsen says Wii has fewest percentage of active users
      27. Ozzy Osbourne confirmed for Blizzcon gig
      28. Turbine raises $6 million from investor funding
      29. FIFA 10 delayed a few weeks in North America
      30. Carmack "aborted" unknown game in favour of Rage
      31. Rage confirmed for GamesCom
      32. Report - Tekken 6 to launch on October 30 in UK
      33. Netflix confirmed as 360 exclusive [Update]
      34. Dragon Quest IX - "Definitive decision" not yet made on western launch
      35. Sega more "open" on RPGs than Square, says Suguro
      36. Nintendo patents inflatable horse-riding controller
      37. 360 summer dashboard update goes live, adds Games on Demand
      38. Capcom 360 Platinum Triple Pack is "US-only"
      39. Dino Crisis, RE2 and RE3 all rated for PSN
      40. Source - Natal forms "massive part of Microsoft's business plan"
      41. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - some screenshots
      42. GRIN clams on closure talk, staff back from holiday
      43. Capcom to release Platinum triple pack next month
      44. Report - GRIN on borrowed time, sees more lay-offs
      45. Microsoft skirts mad Australian GoD Mass Effect pricing
      46. VG247 "does" One Life Left - aural evidence here
      47. Watch Tim Schafer solve a Rubick's Cube while an Australian girl reads the Brutal Legend soundtrack
      48. New Uncharted 2 screens are absolutely stunning
      1. Classic Bullfrog remakes on the way?
      2. Square Enix posts sizeable net loss in wake of Eidos purchase
      3. 2K Boston's next game is definitely a shooter
      4. Halo 3: ODST playable for the first time at MLG Dallas
      5. LucasArts classics coming to Wii
      6. Worgen and Goblins to be new playable races in next WoW expansion?
      7. Hate Xbox Live's 100 friend limit? Blame Halo 2
      8. Just Cause: The Movie - why not?
      9. Activision details Guitar Hero 5 song importing
      10. New Mortal Kombat looking to dominate the online arena
      11. Tony Hawk: Ride dated in North America for November 17
      12. John Carmack: Gaming hardware beginning to reach "physical limits"
      13. New Command & Conquer 4 screens go live
      14. Nintendo weekly releases - Super Star Wars, Nyx Quest, Rock 'n' Roll Climber
      15. Xbox Live down for mandatory maintenance tomorrow
      16. XBLA game for this week is Trials HD
      17. Watch Burnout Paradise controlled by Project Natal
      18. This week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week is FIFA 09: Ultimate Team
      19. No More Heroes 2 shots have two swords
      20. Rumour - I Am Alive gets a 2011 release
      21. SCEE confirms Cologne reveal for new Heavy Rain character
      22. GT PSP vs Real Life - Can you tell the difference?
      23. Iwata: 3 Wii titles have the "potential" to sell 10 million this year
      24. Pachter: US hardware sales down 36 percent for July
      25. Pre-order Need For Speed: Shift, get a BMW
      26. Play - CoD Classic "equivalent" to 1,200MSP
      27. Crisis Core sells 2 million units
      28. UK charts - Ashes straight to the top
      29. Brutal Legend gets BBFC 15
      30. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 SE detailed, new co-op screens released
      31. Namco Bandai announces GamesCom line-up
      32. Play lists DJ Hero at ?90, Game and GameStation stuck at ?110
      33. Wada: FFXIII date announcement "in a few weeks"
      34. Wii Vitality Sensor to launch "not too late" in 2010, "relaxation" game in works
      35. Iwata: Wii and DS "population" could yet double, no new consoles soon
      36. Iwata claims over 200 million "play with" Wii and DS
      37. Ozzy Osbourne to appear at Blizzcon
      38. Iwata: Nintendo's E3 press conference was a bit rubbish
      39. Square "considering" DQIX release overseas
      40. Bobby Kotick earned $15 million last year
      1. BioShock 2 wine bottles already up on eBay
      2. Brutal Legend soundtrack revealed, has loads of metal
      3. Weekly MMO news round-up: CCP files a trademark, Guild Wars class updates, more
      4. GameStop BioShock 2 preorder bonus includes 2 multiplayer characters
      5. Amazon lists LBP: Game of the Year Edition
      6. Monte Cristo unveils limited edition version of Cities XL
      7. Fat Princess fix live in US, hits Europe next week
      8. Valhalla Knights: The Eldar Saga gets October release in Japan
      9. "Cutscenes are still an important tool" in gameplay narrative, say Pratchett
      10. Rumor: Spielberg in negotiations for Halo movie
      11. THQ purchases Midway San Diego, German, French studios also sold
      12. Behind-the-scenes video for Arkham Asylum talks art design
      13. Madden NFL 10 premium packs give Elite status, retirement prevention, more
      14. Tekken 6 content will include just as much as console versions
      15. QuakeCon 09 schedule of events released
      16. Forza 3 screens: Because you love looking at cars
      17. LucasArts tweets an announcement for Monday
      18. BioShock 2 goodies wash up on Bondi Beach in Australia, others
      19. Rumor: Atomic Games "pretty much dead"
      20. Fable II composer wanted "the music to convey the world of Albion"
      21. Dragon Age: Origins delayed until November
      22. Guitar Hero 5: Video of Johnny Cash in action
      23. Namco Bandai and Penny Arcade announce webcomic for Tekken 6
      24. New video from The Beatles: Rock Band shows animation sans notes
      25. 50 Cent and others lending voices to Modern Warfare 2
      1. Debut video for GH: Van Halen released
      2. Stats show number of hours sports games are played on Wii
      3. Over 100 screens released for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
      4. Persona to launch simultaneously on PSN and at retail
      5. Old Republic dev diary talks Smuggler class creation
      6. Infinity Ward says more than two Modern Warfare 2 map packs possible
      7. Gorillaz track pack coming to Rock Band next week
      8. Heavy Rain video interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere
      9. Wolfenstein preorder bonuses revealed
      10. Square teaser site was for Lord of Vermillion II
      11. Shatter demo coming soon, multiplatform release 'likely'
      12. Enclave heading to Wii early 2010
      13. Sony wants your words to be in the new MAG trailer
      14. US PS movie store update, August 6 - The Unborn, Obsessed, Honey
      15. Activsion to release just two map packs for Modern Warfare 2
      16. New shot from Disney's Alice in Wonderland released
      17. SOE prez John Smedley to keynote GDC Austin
      18. Bizzare Creations to use Blur tech in future games
      19. Final Fantasy XIV website now open for business
      20. Report: Activision to get little or no compensation in Brutal Legend case
      21. Wii Sports Resort sells 600K copies in Europe
      22. Tim Guest: UK virtual worlds writer dead at 34
      23. Trials HD videos show physics-based motorcycle racer in action
      24. Xbox 360 NXE update - over 130 pictures of Avatar clothing
      25. 360 Games on Demand - what they cost by region
      26. Konami to reissue PS2 classics
      27. Japanese 360 Games on Demand list is a bit rubbish
      28. "Remain patient" on MGS4 Trophy issue, says Konami
      29. Neo Geo Pocket Color is 10 years old
      30. Blizzcon 2009 tickets sold out in 8 minutes
      31. Natal confirmed for GamesCom
      32. US PSN update, August 6
      33. WoW returns to China (sort of) with content edits
      34. VG247 podcast #4 - Acti vs EA number showdown, Batman demo interview
      35. Japanese hardware sales - Wii rockets on Monster madness
      36. FFXIV - loads more info and images
      37. Witcher Director's Cut gets 30% off in US
      38. Batman demo now up on Live
      39. PayPal now supported on US Live accounts
      40. New Monkey Island ep out August 20
      41. id shows insane Rage shots at SIGGRAPH
      42. Batman: Arkham Asylum PC demo released
      1. Tony Hawk: Ride gets a date, price, and limited edition in UK
      2. C&C4 director's cut video disects the trailer
      3. Dragon Rising preorder nets you an extra mission
      4. Top ten games most played on Wii in the US as of August 1
      5. Brutal Legend: Activision and Double Fine settle out of court
      6. PAX organizers release full list of exhibitors
      7. Criss Angel infects PlayStation Home, giving way Coffin shaped couch
      8. Wolfenstein video is very short, gives release date as August 18
      9. Tecmo Koei president "interested" in Sony motion controls
      10. No Guitar Hero: Van Halen for Europe until 2010
      11. EA stock falls 7% after issuing financial report
      12. Atomic Games confirms staff cuts due to Six Days in Fallujah
      13. GamesCom press conferences - what's happening and when
      14. Report: Juan Benito leaves Atomic Games
      15. Sega clarifies The Conduit sales figures
      16. Get your Huxley: The Dystopia Beta key from FilePlanet
      17. Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC not available on XBL after all
      18. GameStop announces new head of Digital Media
      19. Scratch: The Ulitmate DJ has a new developer
      20. id Software to ban those with illegal multiplayer build of Wolfenstein, or worse
      21. ArmA II patch 1.03 fixes and balances loads of stuff
      22. Activision: Blur slated for store shelves in November
      23. Acti Blizz Q2 earnings call - the full transcript
      24. Kotick: I would raise game prices even further
      25. Batman PC moves to late September, will support PhysX
      26. Square - "Times may vary" on Batman demo release [Update]
      27. Red Faction: Guerrilla add-on hits 360
      28. World at War Map Pack 3 hits Live
      29. 360 Games on Demand priced between 1600-2400 MSP
      30. Bethesda confirms Brink and more for GamesCom
      31. Dragon Age - four new shots and pack art released
      32. Euro PSN update, August 6 - Fight Night DLC and World at War MP3
      33. SCEE - Batman: Arkham Asylum demo hits Euro PSN today
      34. Games for Windows Live 3.0 launches
      35. EA shows Eurogamer Expo line-up
      36. Dragon Quest IX ships more that 3.5 million units
      37. Acti Blizz Q2 financials - everything in one place
      38. No more MW2 Prestige packs for retail, says Infinity Ward
      39. Konami Q1 profits vanish with Solid Snake
      40. Blizzard lowers full-year guidance on SCII delay
      1. Natal: "I want to see the compelling game first", says Valve's Faliszek
      2. Activision gives Guitar Hero: Van Halen a release date
      3. Morhaime: "Correct to conclude" that two Blizzard games will hit in 2010
      4. ActiBlizz Q2 financials: Griffith gives hardware estimates for 2009
      5. Hawk: Ride will only get US, UK and German launches this year
      6. ActiBlizz Q2 financials: New Bond game in the works
      7. ActiBlizz Q2 financials: CoD4 has sold close to 14 million units
      8. Acti Blizz Q2 financials: Game kiosks and demos to be in stores this holiday
      9. Acti Blizz explains Battle.net delay, points to "premier online gaming destination"
      10. Kotick: New Battle.net will be "a service similar to Xbox Live"
      11. Acti Blizz beats $1 billion revenue in Q2
      12. StarCraft II pushed in first-half 2010 to match Battle.net relaunch
      13. Wii Sports Resort sells more than 500,000 units
      14. ESRB lists Metal Track Pack for Rock Band
      15. D2D indie sale includes Zeno Clash, Defense Grid, more
      16. COD: World at War Map Pack 3 launch video deployed
      17. Trademark rumor: Sony working a rewards program
      18. Miyamoto makes surprise appearance at Tecmo conference
      19. Plague: Perry talks about multi-million dollar cancellation
      20. Sony confirms God of War III, MAG, more for Cologne
      21. EA, Activision, and Square announce GamesCom line-up
      22. Rumor: PSPgo to launch with Rock Band Unplugged voucher
      23. Microsoft: Games-on-Demand titles announced and detailed
      24. Army of Two: The 40th Day video is interesting
      25. Activision announces Blur preorder bonuses
      26. Zoo Tycoon developer Blue Fang lets 15 staffers go
      27. Turtles in Time Re-Shelled now on XBL
      28. Assassin's Creed II Limited Edition unveiled
      29. Left 4 Dead: Chet Faliszek talks about Crash Course DLC
      30. Activision confirms Modern Warfare Wii port [Update]
      31. Champ Man 2010 out September 11, demo out August 14
      32. FIFA 10 confirmed for October 2 release
      33. Aion movies show elyos and asmodian races
      34. Serious Sam HD - new screens
      35. Champions Online - lifetime sub costs ?120 in UK
      36. Buy Op Flash: Dragon Rising SE, get a free helmet
      37. Buy Assassin's Creed II now for less than ?30 [Update]
      38. Pitchford: PC Borderlands "destroys console versions in terms of image fidelity"
      39. CCP trademarks Dust 514
      40. Steam down on Thursday night
      41. Halo 3: ODST - new off-screen footage
      42. Aliens Vs Predator confirmed for February
      43. Report - Modern Warfare releasing for Wii in November
      44. What next gen Staff of Kings might have looked like
      45. EA Q1 financials - everything in one place
      46. Acti Blizzard Q2 financials - Krazy Kotick and Mad Mike get busy tonight
      47. EA Q1 earnings call - full audio
      48. Madden 10 pre-orders up on last year
      49. EA Q1 financials - full earnings call transcript
      1. Namco Bandai to announce "a new iPhone title every week"
      2. Rumor: Apple's new tablet is a gaming system
      3. Ex-Midway Newcastle employee talks studio closure
      4. Microsoft discusses upcoming Netflix changes on XBL
      5. Nintendo releases loads of Metroid Prime Trilogy shots
      6. EA: Madden Arcade coming just in time for the holidays
      7. Riccitiello confirms ongoing Medal of Honor work
      8. Cevat Yerli: Crytek will leave Germany if action games are banned
      9. Riccitiello: EA to support both Natal and PS3 motion tech, plans coming "early- to mid-2010"
      10. EA Q1 financials: Sims 3 sells 3.7 million units
      11. EA Sports Active Wii expansion delays 360 and PS3 Grand Slam Tennis
      12. EA Q1 financials: EA Sports Active sells 1.8 million copies
      13. EA slashes Q1 costs as losses widen
      14. Drag racing in Forza 3 features American muscle cars
      15. High Voltage would like to make a sequel to The Conduit
      16. Volition details upcoming patch for Red Faction: Guerrilla
      17. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days landing October 9
      18. Shadow of Destiny outed by the ESRB for PSP
      19. Peter Moore discusses EA Sports support on PS3
      20. Nintendo's core userbase for Wii is still really small, says Wada
      21. Valve announces Left 4 Dead: Crash Course DLC
      22. Fast and the Furious writer to pen Wheel of Time game series
      23. Champions Online video shows off melee powers
      24. Media Molecule details History Kit and costume pack for LBP
      25. Obsidian: Game story is important as long as it's not paralyzing
      26. Bethesda to publish Wheelspin in Europe
      27. Sacred 2 add-on almost finished, international date up in the air
      28. UK games market up 16% thanks to Wii Sports Resort
      29. Pre-order GT PSP, get bonus super-car
      30. Sony's Greatest Hits adds Saints Row 2 and Smackdown vs Raw 09
      31. Amazon cuts price of 160Gb PS3 bundled with Drake's Fortune
      32. Watch highlights from Uncharted 2 Comic-Con panel
      33. Xbox Live activity for the week of July 27 - Marvel vs Capcom 2
      34. Order of War demo now available on Steam
      35. Treyarch to release free World at War iPhone App
      36. OPM podcast goes live, talks about videogames
      37. DSi hits 3 million in Japan
      38. Blow's new game is The Witness
      39. PS3 Slim "prices expected to start at around ?260"
      40. VidZone hits 100 million plays
      41. Play Champions Online forever for $200
      42. WipEout HD in-game ad removed after load time increase
      43. Fighting Fantasy books heading to iPhone "later this year"
      44. WoW patch 3.2 ready for deploy
      45. EGE gets AvP and Bayonetta
      46. Namco swings to loss in Q1
      47. DoWII tops Steam chart on discount weekend
      48. John and the boys deliver EA Q1 financials tonight
      49. Crap Wii sales due to lack of games, says Iwata
      50. DSi Facebook uploads now live in US
      51. Disney game sales drop 20% in Q2
      52. Xbox forums down this morning
      53. Rumour - 80Gb PS3 to be dropped in Japan
      54. Exploit-squashing COD 4 patch "in the works"
      1. Team Fortress 2 closed beta created for balancing purposes
      2. New in-game ads "double" WipEout HD load times, early reports claim [Update]
      3. Call of Duty: WaW map pack 3 dropping on August 6
      4. Confirmed: Braid a lock for PSN
      5. Ubisoft: Avatar could be the next Harry Potter
      6. DSi Facebook update also fights piracy
      7. This is Vegas not canceled after all
      8. Guitar Hero 5 Wii doing away with in-game friend codes
      9. First Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood map pack is full of Custer
      10. EU SingStar update, August 3 - Girls Aloud, Starsailor, Nirvana
      11. R-Type: Dimensions is your latest Xbox Live Deal of the Week
      12. Remedy sorta endorses Alan Wake on PC [Updated]
      13. Transformers DLC shots show Soundwave, G1 Optimus Prime
      14. Midway's This is Vegas probably canceled
      15. Nintendo weekly releases - Tecmo Bowl, Sexy Poker
      16. New GT PSP shots come flying out
      17. New Xbox update shrinks hard drive installs big-time
      18. Milla Jovovich: Resident Evil film franchise still alive because "it makes money"
      19. Batman demo out this Friday
      20. Capcom confirms early 2010 western release for Monster Hunter Tri
      21. New FFXIV info emerges - races, characters, soundtrack
      22. SCEE: Gran Turismo 5 Christmas release talk is "rumour and speculation"
      23. Batman: Arkham Asylum gets a 9 from OPM
      24. EA announce The Sims 3: World Adventures for PC
      25. Batman: Arkham Asylum demo news coming this Friday [Update]
      26. Modern Warfare: Mobilised hits DS on November 10
      27. Miis confirmed playable in Guitar Hero 5
      28. Phantasy Star Portable 2 for winter in Japan
      29. Bethesda: Mothership Zeta the last piece of Fallout 3 DLC
      30. Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta goes live
      31. Final Fantasy XIII screens show improvement
      32. Titan fixing "specific problem" with Fat Princess
      33. Games Convention Online attracts 43,000
      34. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - off-screen footage
      35. Ubisoft: Christmas is "brutal" for new IP's
      36. EndWar boss - PC and console difference is about "hit-driven" market, not design
      37. Derby could get road named after Lara Croft
      38. Four new Modern Warfare 2 renders pop up
      39. Gearbox offers up Heat IP
      40. Miyamoto - Digital distribution is not "the future of videogames"
      41. Crimson Skies could be next in FASA revival
      42. The Beatles: Rock Band - four full-track videos
      43. I Am Alive environment shots surface
      1. TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled gets pre-launch discount
      2. Fat Princess players experiencing lag, Sony looking into it
      3. Weekly MMO news round-up: Betas galore
      4. Batman: Arkham Asylum critiques start to surface
      5. A Boy and His Blob screens show off more levels
      6. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box website opens
      7. Playstation: The Official Magazine offers up The Last Guardian details
      8. YS I and II coming to Europe and Australia on separate cartridges
      9. Sony reveals lifetime sales for PS3 and PS3 titles
      10. Pandemic Australia: Footage for canceled WIi racer released
      11. Nudity has returned to The Witcher with patch release
      12. Pearl Jam's "Backspacer" to land on Rock Band day of debut
      13. Michael Pachter weighs-in on Game Exodus 2009
      14. Sony lists top ten PSN downloads for month of July
      15. NPD report claims US gamer population at 170 million
      16. Activision lists Tony Hawk: Ride skaters
      17. Blizzcon tourney streaming vids free, pay-per-view costs ?25
      18. Amazon Germany lists PS3 Slim