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  • September 2009 Archive

      1. Infinity Ward explains international matchmaking in Modern Warfare 2
      2. Home v1.3 update includes Central Plaza, Neptune Suite and more
      3. Heroes of the Fall content for Battlefield Heroes is live
      4. Australian attorney-general refuses to side with 18+ game rating
      5. BioWare's Greg Zeschuk says Dragon Age is "a very personalized experience"
      6. NIS re-releasing PSP titles for PSPgo launch at 50% off
      7. Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta signups back on
      8. Pics - Konami sends over player headshots for Pro Evo 10
      9. Pics - Monster Energy drinks to get Modern Warfare 2 branding
      10. LostWinds creator says most games for iPhone are a "pile of rubbish"
      11. New drum and guitar controller kit to ship with Band Hero in Europe
      12. Battlefield Bad Company 2: Battlefield Moments Episode One video released
      13. Order of War multiplayer demo now available
      14. Microsoft has "nothing to share at this time" regarding UK Holiday Bundles
      15. Report: Activision looking at talent for DJ Hero 2
      16. New Mass Effect Avatar items land on XBL Marketplace
      17. Visceral help wanted posting says Dead Space 2 is in pre-production
      18. DSiWare purchases cannot be transferred to a new DSi
      19. Online system for White Knight Chronicles explained a bit
      20. Sex confirmed for Assassin's Creed II
      21. Rumor: Michael Einer's new studio developing MechWarrior film
      22. Assassin's Creed II TGS detail explosion - round-up
      23. Resident Evil: Afterlife confirmed for fall 2010 theatrical release
      24. Assassin's Creed II - your questions answered by director Benoit Lambert
      25. Wii Fit Plus gets a date wth Europe
      26. Sony: Gran Turismo "only possible" on PSP and PSPgo
      27. Sony expected more retailers to be negative about PSPgo
      28. Sony WWS gets its own website
      29. Brooker may pull games coverage into Screenwipe
      30. Uncharted 2 likely to beat LBP to highest PS3 MC score ever
      31. WAR hitting Mac on October 28
      32. Super Street Fighter IV - first gameplay videos
      33. FFXIII TGS trailer released in English
      34. Konami shows PES 2010's take on England team
      35. Pre-order Tekken 6 in the UK, get hats, lapel pins
      36. Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut content confirmed for 360
      37. DJ Hero controller doesn't work with other games
      38. Red Steel 2 dev - "We've beaten the waggle"
      39. Chilean PS3 ads feature Rommel, nurses
      40. OnLive pushes towards "winter" launch with massive investment round
      41. Uncharted 2 playable on US cinema screens in Sony promo
      42. Inafune: "It's my desire" for Dead Rising 2 to have multiple endings
      43. Kojima wouldn't mind if a "foreign developer" remade the original Metal Gear
      1. Tim Schafer admits he once pirated a game
      2. Britain has more online and console gamers than rest of Europe
      3. "Demos are the death knell of experiences," says Molyneux
      4. Activision announces upcoming DLC for Guitar Hero 5
      5. Uncharted 2 video overload shows tons of gameplay
      6. Weekly D2D and Steam PC charts: Aion tops again
      7. Turbine offers up LOTRO Lifetime Memberships for $199
      8. Microsoft announces Elite and Controller bundles
      9. Tonight on BBC4: Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe
      10. Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan now available
      11. Jay Leno says lending voice to GT PSP was "an honor"
      12. Left 4 Dead's Crash Course now available on PC
      13. Game Crazy to close 200 stores by October's end
      14. Uncharted 2 review embargo lifts: It's Eurogamer's first PS3 10
      15. Uncharted 2 multiplayer Beta now available on PSN
      16. Limited Edition Cities XL now up for preorder on Steam
      17. Screens for Enslaved show off post-apocalyptic world
      18. Namco announces Enslaved for Xbox 360 and PS3
      19. Rumor: BioWare accepting closed Beta applications for The Old Republic
      20. Square plans to double its profit to $561 million in three to five years
      21. XBL update includes Military Madness: Nectaris, Football Genius
      22. LucasArts gives Lucidity a price for PC and XBL
      23. GT PSP free with PSPgo for 10 days only
      24. Mortal Online Beta snaps show Mommy and Daddy bits
      25. DJ Shadow talks controls, music for DJ Hero
      26. GameFly and Shacknews snag 1UP editor Garnett Lee
      27. And now we are 20,000
      28. Square boss confirms 2-3 new mega-franchises in dev
      29. Tattooed Mass Effect 2 sex woman gets screens
      30. Secret World gets "significant delay" as Funcom drops 20% of staff
      31. Left 4 Dead Crash Course DLC hits Live [Update]
      32. FFXIII will sell more than 6 million units, says Square
      33. Super Street Fighter IV to be disc-only release
      34. EA makes legal move to stop Langdell trademark squatting
      35. Fable II Episode I available for free now
      36. Need for Speed: Shift console demo hits Thursday
      37. Front Mission: Evolved gets spring release date
      38. Forza 3's maxing out 360? "Of course not," says Turn 10
      39. Realtime Worlds - Relocation to Ireland could be "serious consideration"
      40. LA Noire details coming "very soon"
      41. Counter-strike creator announces Tactical Intervention
      42. Wii Fit Plus gets "flapping" videos
      43. Uncharted 2 chapter completion Twitter updates canned
      44. Super Street Fighter IV officially confirmed, coming spring 2010 [Update]
      45. Crysis: LIVE! lets you run around in the jungle and TURN INVISIBLE
      46. Resident Evil 5 motion control version might be coming to Xbox 360 - sans motion controls
      1. Dragon Age, music, a video about it
      2. Aion gets two new Euro servers
      3. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe out this Thursday
      4. Halo 3: ODST disc error "not widespread"
      5. Resi Evil 5 Director's Cut - sketchy video from Tokyo
      6. Final Fantasy XIII - 15 minutes of demo footage from TGS
      7. Rumour - Square Enix to cut 200-300 jobs
      8. Polyphony Digital + camera = this gallery
      9. Bungie: ODST has "connections" to Halo: Reach
      10. First DoWII: Chaos Rising teaser released
      11. Fieldrunners confirmed as Mini launch game for PSPgo
      12. Yamauchi - Gran Turismo 6 will be "faster" to market than GT5
      13. Love open alpha goes live
      14. Ueda: ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection meeting due this week
      15. Sega refuses to confirm PS3 future of Valkyria Chronicles
      16. EA to release Rock Band 2 Wii in October
      17. Final Fantasy XIII - watch summon gameplay montage
      18. Nomura: FFXIII tattooed girl to be detailed in more next month
      19. Nomura: Tests on Versus XIII gameplay ongoing since March
      20. Latest GT5 shots are some serious business
      21. Ueda: E.T. an inspiration for The Last Guardian
      22. Super Street Fighter IV - first shots! [Update]
      23. Infinity Ward: No Modern Warfare 2 demo before launch
      24. Nighty-Nine Nights II TGS trailer is now live
      25. New GT5 shots released, obviously nice looking
      26. Dragon Quest IX in top 15 best selling games of all time in Japan
      27. First footage from God of War Collection leaked
      28. Rumour - New Sega racing game suggests Daytona involvement
      29. Desilets: In Assassin's Creed II, "Ezio has a life"
      30. Machinarium gets release date
      31. Watchmen DLC coming to LittleBigPlanet
      32. Tekken 6 PSP screens kick, punch
      33. NFS: Shift tries to access PS Store from 360 version
      34. Microsoft confirms October date for 360 Sky TV
      35. Ueda hopes to see Last Guardian EU/JP sim-ship, Trico leak was "slightly disappointing"
      36. UK charts - ODST debuts in top slot
      37. Alpha Protocol slip looking likely
      38. The Last Guardian - yet more screens
      39. Report - Sky 360 player coming next month [Update]
      40. TGS attendance down from 2008, 2010 show date set
      41. Borderlands coming to Steam with exclusive features
      42. Gran Turismo 5 damage model in video action
      43. Blizzard COO now partial owner of Pittsburgh Stealers
      44. Square publicly releases stunning TGS FFXIII trailer
      45. New Mass Effect 2 trailer introduces girl Kratos
      46. "New warrior" coming soon to Street Fighter IV
      1. PSPgo will launch with 16K bits of DLC in the US
      2. Weekly MMO news round-up: Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth
      3. The Iron Tower and veteran rewards program annouced for Age of Conan
      4. Capcom: No plans for RE5 Wii port, no producer for RE6 yet
      5. Day two of TGS saw over 24K people walk through the door
      6. Screens for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are new
      7. Forza 3 reviews to go live October 8
      8. Ueda would like to see a ICO and Shadow of the Colossus bundle for PS3
      9. Koei Tecmo teases new Fist of the North Star game
      10. Sony handing out Norse Mythology vouchers for LBP
      11. Sony: There are several candidates for Motion Controller name
      12. Details regarding online mode for Splinter Cell coming soon
      13. Rumor: Alpha Protocol delayed until June 2010
      14. SOE to "expand the PlanetSide universe"
      1. Imaizmu reveals that Kojima tried his hand at creating a controller
      2. Splinter Cell: Conviction was "meant for the Xbox 360" says producer
      3. Rock Band 2 patched on 360, PS3 update coming soon
      4. Inafune: Japan's "game industry is finished"
      5. The Last Guardian: Ueda explains reasoning behind Torico's appearance
      6. Red Faction: Guerrilla's third bit of DLC is “Smasher Pack”
      7. Ubisoft releases another Assassin's Creed II video
      8. Japanese hardware and software sales, week ending Sept. 21
      9. Nintendo Wii and DSi releases feature Monkey Island, Strip Poker
      10. Phil Spencer wouldn't be "surprised" if Fable 3 used Natal
      11. Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery screens arrive
      12. Older 360 games cannot be patched to work with Natal
      13. Microsoft hands out screens for South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play
      14. Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin coming to Rock Band next week
      15. US PS Movie Store update, Sept. 24 - Crank 2, Adventureland
      16. Army of Two: The 40th Day screens surface
      17. Video: Heavy Rain's striptease scene shows Madison topless
      18. ND Games bringing Ninja Blade to PC in October
      19. Battlefield Heroes hits 2 million registered players, new content planned
      20. Wii Sports Resort moves through 1.25 million units in North America
      21. Capcom releases a lovely fact sheet for Dead Rising 2
      22. Multiplayer details emerge for Dead Rising 2
      23. Video of RE5 working with PS3 motion controller
      24. Dead Rising 2 screens show swords, guns, wheelchair
      25. White Knight Chronicles 2 - first trailer
      26. Europe gets €50 Wii price cut
      27. Watch the Mercedes SLS AMG in Gran Turismo 5 action
      28. Video - Dead Rising 2 has double chainsaws and a moose head [Update]
      29. Dead Rising 2 event kicking off at TGS now
      30. Video - Natal demoed with Katamari and Space Invaders at TGS
      31. FFXIII - new gameplay videos
      32. Front Mission Evolved - three off-screen gameplay vids
      33. Aion launches in Europe
      34. LittleBigPlanet working with PS3 motion tech - video
      35. FIFA 10 looking hot as reviews go for top scores
      36. Crackdown 2 - first videos! [Update]
      37. TGS 09 has record first day
      38. Gears 3 for "the next console generation" [Update]
      39. New Wii Sports Resort bundle heading to US
      40. Second Borderlands "funny" isn't as "funny" as the first one
      41. PSPgo - UMD conversion program not possible for "legal reasons"
      42. Lost Planet 2 PSN demo now live
      43. SCEA - No PSPgo Rewards program for US
      44. Epic opens new studio in Tokyo
      45. Assassin's Creed II: Discovery finally confirmed for Nintendo DS
      46. 2GB is size limit for XBLA, says Microsoft
      1. US PSN update, Sept 24 - Fallout 3, C&C Red Alert 3, Power Stone, etc.
      2. Kaigler says timing of Wii price drop "made sense"
      3. Warriors: Legends of Troy media released by Koei at TGS
      4. Keiji Inafune feels Natal will "expand the possibilities of gaming"
      5. THQ announces Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC Pack 3 announcement
      6. GDC Austin 2009 declared a success, 2010 event confirmed
      7. More Halo 3: ODST users are reporting disc read errors
      8. Valve to appeal Left 4 Dead 2 rating refusal in Australia
      9. Koei announces Dynasty Warriors Online for PS3
      10. Nihilistic to release Zombie Apocalypse on PSN today
      11. Possible boxart for FFXIII shows up at TGS
      12. Square and PopCap to release puzzle RPG for XBLA and PC
      13. Source: PS3 getting cross-title voice chat in October
      14. Square releases video of downloadable titles for multiple platforms
      15. TGS Resonance of Fate video is rather pretty
      16. Konami releases a couple screens for Lords of Shadow
      17. More Yakuza 4 screens released at TGS
      18. Sony to cut price of PSP-3000 by 15% in Japan
      19. Forza 3 getting some Ferrari loving with some DLC
      20. Square releases a few screens for Front Mission Evolved
      21. Home for PSP is called PlayStation Room
      22. SEGA drops quite a few screens for Valkyria Chronicles 2
      23. New GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony video introduces Yusuf Amir
      24. Dizzee Rascal Home Party goes off tonight for European PS3 users
      25. Euro PSN update, Sept 24 - Fallout 3's Broken Steel hits PS3
      26. Square head wants Japanese devs to create more "adult" oriented games
      27. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is golden, folks
      28. PSP Comic Service to support major Japanese manga publishers
      29. Sony: Home coming to PSP with blogs, chat, and more
      30. Voice chat confirmed for White Knight Chronicles
      31. SCEE lists 17 PSP go Rewards titles
      32. Awesome-looking Crackdown 2 gets yet more shots
      33. Japan getting GT and Pro Evo 10 PSP bundles come December
      34. Yamauchi reveals mode details for Gran Turismo 5
      35. IGN buys WhatTheyPlay.com
      36. Monster Hunter Tri: TGS screens and video show monsters
      37. Final Fantasy Versus XIII gets new screens
      38. RE: The Darkside Chronicles TGS and gameplay videos posted
      39. Sony: GT5 US and Europe dates to be announced "soon"
      40. Brütal Legend demo goes live for all!
      41. LittleBigPlanet PSP confirmed for December launch, new shots
      42. BioShock hitting Mac next month
      43. Five in-game movies of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker posted
      44. Assassin's Creed II PC slips into Q1 2010
      45. Gravity Crash - TGS screens [Update]
      46. Avatars get Forza 3 clothing alongside demo
      47. 250Gb PS3 bundles confirmed, detailed, priced
      48. New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets November 20 date for Europe
      49. PSP go Rewards promo to give away free games for all (ish)
      50. White Knight Chronicles II to have online and offline play
      51. The Last Guardian's TGS screens released
      52. GT5 gets TGS shots
      53. God of War III - new shots
      54. GT5 - high quality, off-screen Ferrari gameplay
      55. Nintendo drops Wii trade price in UK, announces new bundle
      56. White Knight Chronicles 2 announced
      57. Forza 3 demo goes live
      58. Sony shows PSP go peripherals at TGS
      59. New Bayonetta trailer is completely f**king crackers
      60. Yakuza 4 - first movie!
      61. Assassin's Creed 2 shots shine for TGS
      62. Bayonetta screens go screen-crazy
      63. Yakuza 4 - first shots
      64. New Splinter Cell walkthrough movie show Sam in Washington
      65. Kojima: Natal is the next "2D to 3D shift"
      66. Extended Okamiden cutes way out of TGS
      67. PSP go converter cable allows PSP-3000 peripheral use, looks stupid
      68. GT5 gameplay - off-screen video from the TGS showfloor
      69. Crackdown 2 - new shots
      70. Final Fantasy XIV is trailered, lovely
      71. New Heavy Rain shots feature TERROR CLOWN
      72. Nippon Ichi announces Atelier Rorona and Badman 2 for US, Disgaea 2 for Europe
      73. Tecmo releases new Quantum Theory trailer [Update]
      74. MGS: Peace Walker - play the demo now!
      75. Alan Wake gets helicoptering in TGS screens
      76. Lost Planet 2 - New screens, movie, art
      77. Microsoft: "We have no plans to acquire EA"
      78. Sony unveils 250Gb Final Fantasy XIII bundle [Update]
      79. RE5 Director's Cut, LBP and others to support PS3 motion tech
      80. The Last Guardian - new trailer!
      81. GT5 hitting Japan next March
      82. Splinter Cell: Conviction dated for February
      83. Sony: PS3 moves 1 million units in three weeks
      84. New Super Mario Bros. Wii releasing November 15
      85. Microsoft releases first list of Natal publishers
      86. TGS 09: Sony to launch video service across Europe by end of 2010
      87. Nintendo confirms Wii price cut effective September 27
      88. TGS 09: Kaz whips out Sony motion controller at keynote
      89. TGS - PSP hits 52.9 million sales
      90. TGS 09: Kaz says that network communities are important for business, games
      91. TGS - LBP now has 2 million user-generated stages
      92. TGS: Details for today's Kaz Hirai keynote
      93. OMG ODST: Nearly one million served in one day
      1. Rage of the Gladiator's the first WiiWare title to use Wii MotionPlus
      2. Tretton says PS3 shortages are "conceivable" thanks to price cut
      3. Analyst says rumors of an EA takeover by Microsoft are "silly"
      4. Voice actress Patricia Ja Lee outs Resident Evil 5 "Director's Cut"
      5. First gameplay footage of Dead Rising 2 debuts tomorrow on Spike
      6. God of War III E3 2009 demo included in God of War Collection
      7. EA stock climbs thanks to Microsoft buyout rumors
      8. Xbox 360 peripheral bundle spotted, is devoid of popcorn
      9. Left 4 Dead 2 demo on Oct. 27 is for preorders only
      10. Witcher 2: Geralt's voice in leaked video is not the final product
      11. TGS 09: Capcom teases us with lone Dead Rising 2 screen
      12. Rumor: UK Wii bundle includes WMP, Sports Resort, Wii Sports
      13. PopCap released flash version of Plants vs Zombies
      14. Famitsu: White Knight Chronicles sequel slated for reveal at TGS 09
      15. Gearbox: Borderlands will last around 100 hours the first time through
      16. Prey in the Darkness Map Pack for Arkham Asylum hits tomorrow
      17. Metroid Prime producer hints at future titles for Prime series
      18. Silent Hill Haunted Maze debuts in California just in time for Halloween
      19. TGS 09: Microsoft demos Natal for Japanese news station
      20. DK dates Halo Encyclopedia for November 2
      21. New Brutal Legend screens show a metal tinged world
      22. Audi to release its own space on PlayStation Home this year
      23. RedLynx "proud" that Trials HD reaches 300,000 sales
      24. Left 4 Dead 2 screens show zombies, artwork, graveyard
      25. Cast revealed for Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker
      26. Salt-n-Pepa, Whodini added to Ultimate DJ soundtrack
      27. Rumor: Picture of Xbox 360 Elite holiday bundle leaked
      28. Warriors, zombies and ION things hit Live
      29. Witcher 2 coming to consoles, says CD Projekt
      30. Aion server queues unlikely to be "repeated regularly"
      31. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat goes to Q1 2010, system specs released
      32. 360 firmware update goes live
      33. Wii price cut on Friday - more evidence
      34. Analyst: "Major media company" preparing THQ bid
      35. 360 system update today in prep for Twitter and Facebook [Update]
      36. Germany and Italy get PS Blogs
      37. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 reviews go live - thumbs are up
      38. Alienware "foundation" announcement is a revamped M15x
      39. TGS - EA presser brings Dante Lust shots, Bad Company 2, L4D2, more [Update]
      40. Borderlands PC takes a slight slip
      41. L4D Crash Course hitting September 29
      42. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets TGS screens
      43. 360 Elite gets AU$100 price cut
      44. Report: EB Australia not stocking PSP go
      45. Left 4 Dead 2 demo coming October 27
      46. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 isn't the end of Nathan Drake's story
      47. Obsidian shoots down Sony tester's Alpha Protocol criticisms
      48. Netflix: Xbox-exclusive today, "on all consoles" tomorrow
      1. First video for Empire: Total War - Warpath released
      2. Looks like SEGA's superhero game Thor is still in the works
      3. Rebellion thinks it's "great" that more than one Alien game is coming
      4. Ubisoft announces The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
      5. DICE founder forms Antic Entertainment, browser-based RTS
      6. Weekly D2D and Steam PC charts: Aion tops both
      7. Sony posts Naughty Dog interview, featuring Twitter questions
      8. Joy Ride is free to download, uses Avatars, has micro-transactions
      9. The Beatles: Rock Band microphone pack released
      10. Rumor: German versions of Wolfenstein are being recalled for swastika use
      11. Left 4 Dead patch lands on Xbox Live
      12. LucasArts explains art-style influences for Lucidity
      13. Prison Break: The Conspiracy coming to light March 26
      14. Halo 3: ODST buyers polled over next purchase
      15. Second Life: Users log over one billion hours, spend over $1 billion in-game
      16. Itagaki calls Japanese game market a "modern form of sakoku"
      17. Fistful of Cake screens show Fat Princess, preview chats about it
      18. Mad Catz announces more Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads
      19. PopCap and EA announce upcoming DSi and DS titles
      20. Video: Part 3 of the Behind-the-Scenes series for MotorStorm Arctic Edge
      21. Bethesda's second Wii title is Medieval Games
      22. TIGA calls for a national Games Tax Relief in UK
      23. Xbox Live activity for week of Sept 14 - Not much changed, really
      24. Cursed Forest spotlighted in new Sacred 2: Ice and Blood video
      25. Demigod Patch 1.19 goes live today
      26. Bethesda's Cheng says MS marketing is to blame for ODST backlash
      27. Get $50 off Xbox 360 Elite through mail-in rebate - US only
      28. No More Heroes finished with Wii until next version of the console
      29. MS: Summer of Arcade sales explode 200%
      30. Metal standalone disc for Rock Band hits stores
      31. Upcoming changes to the Gunner in Battlefield Heroes detailed a bit
      32. Far Cry 2 Map Pack 10 has 20 maps in it for PC
      33. Hut Group hits number one in Sunday Times Tech Track 100
      34. Uncharted 2 releasing October 16 in Europe
      35. Shaun White and C&C3 added to Live GoD
      36. Operation Flashpoint gets fog of war trailer
      37. Sony confirms EG Expo line-up
      38. Rumour - SCEA-Sega meeting notes confirm PS2 games for PS3, DC games for PSN, more
      39. Europe gets new DSi colours in October
      40. 1 vs. 100 downloaded 3 million times in pilot season
      41. LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias gets new gameplay trailer
      42. Forza's Ferraris in video - they're pretty
      43. Dead Space Extraction - the first 15 minutes
      44. Direct2Drive turns discount eye to MMOs
      45. Alienware TGS announce to "shake gaming world to its foundation"
      46. Xbox 360 802.11n wireless adapter confirmed by Microsoft
      47. Infinity Ward: We'll do something different when we run out of ideas for Call of Duty
      1. Next GTA in "calendar 2010," expects Pachter
      2. Infinity Ward gets muddled on Modern Warfare 2 name fiasco
      3. Suda adds Alex Ward to favourite designer list
      4. Natal-controlled Guitar Hero? "Likely," says Red Octane
      5. PixelJunk Shooter for December release in Japan
      6. Turbine's console MMO has cost $20 million so far
      7. Games stop Buddhist Lama hitting people "over the head"
      8. Guitar Hero boss: Music hasn't peaked, 80% of console owners still don't have a rhythm game
      9. Batman ships 2.5 million units
      10. Empire gets Warpath expansion
      11. WoW goes back online in China
      12. Halo Legends - soup action video released
      13. Greenberg: MS "shapes up really well versus Sony" for winter
      14. Mad Catz gets Sonic license for amazing Sega peripherals
      15. Report: GRIN's FF spin-off "still in development"
      16. Acti pushes Blur into 2010
      17. Aion: NCsoft promises "at least one major update a year"
      18. Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising announced, detailed [Update]
      19. Report: "Retailer conference call" confirms Wii price cut
      20. Aion - NCsoft talks content updates, softening the grind, more
      21. Wada: New Wii in 2011, motion tech to have "small" impact on PS3, 360
      22. UK charts - NfS: Shift goes top
      23. Trackmania 2 announced, videoalised
      24. SCEA sends mixed messages on Minis patches and multiplayer
      25. Rare "long past" GoldenEye rehash deal
      1. Was canceled Halo game called "Halo Universe"? Maybe. Is its concept art pretty? Hell yes.
      2. New Resonance of Fate trailer shoots first, asks questions while doing so
      3. Scribblenauts team teases "very special" announcement
      4. Rumor: Yakuza 3 "currently" being localized for Western release
      5. Weekly MMO round up: WoW's Pirate Day, Aion provides a server listing, EVE is everywhere
      6. Embargoing, going, gone - Halo 3: ODST reviews, all in one place!
      1. Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain gets trailered
      2. Free apps and games on Zune HD require you to view an advert first
      3. Valve chose New Orleans as L4D2 location because it's different
      4. Blizzard says PC gaming is not dying out, BlizzCon proves it
      5. GDC Austin: Turbine boss says MMOs will "revolutionize" consoles
      6. Koei sales outside of Japan only come to around 8%
      7. Uncharted 2 review round-up, everyone says its smashing
      8. Capcom hints at possible Street Fighter IV sequel
      9. Capcom: "We'll always be experimenting with new IP"
      10. Xbox Live activity for week of September 7 - Halo 3 back on top
      11. GDC Austin: BioWare talks about the challenge of having a big team
      12. Endless Ocean 2 videos are watery, fishy, have shipwrecks
      13. First developer diary for Avatar: The Game released, watch it here
      14. Way of the Samurai 3 hitting North America in October
      15. FIFA 10 screens show balls, men running, balls being kicked
      16. Bomberman Live: Battlefest trailer is a bit Shafty
      17. New Bad Company 2 screens inspire, delight, and explode
      18. Frozenbyte: Only a matter of time before we see more Trine
      19. Best Buy flier adds fuel to Wii price drop fire
      1. Rumor: Xbox 360 wireless 802.11N adapter advert spotted in Italian Gears 2 GOTY case
      2. Fat Princess on PSP has 50% more content than PSN version
      3. Call of Duty: WaW Patch 1.6 with Map Pack 3 now available for PC
      4. The Sims 3 expansion pack has tools for underground construction
      5. All You Need is Love fastest selling Rock Band DLC to date
      6. ESRB Ratings Guide comes preloaded on PSPgo
      7. AFI Track Pack now available for Guitar Hero 5
      8. Turbine confirms console MMO in the works for PS3 and 360
      9. Risen PC goes gold, Xbox 360 version delayed
      10. Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising confirmed
      11. Sony Motion Controller video series Part 3 dissects E3 Demo
      12. Rockstar promises Agent will be "truly spectacular"
      13. David Braben: "It would be mad for us not to work on Elite IV"
      14. Gameplay video shows how Battlefront: Elite Squadron looks on DS
      15. Episode Zero storyline announced for Final Fantasy XIII
      16. Pearl Jam's Backspacer available for Rock Band on Sept 20
      17. Need for Speed: SHIFT demo now available for PC
      18. Valve "surprised" over Left 4 Dead 2 banning in Australia
      19. HMV's GameOn! London event canceled
      20. DJ Hero video shows DJs Cut Chemist and J. Period in action
      21. Nier Replicant video is a very interesting watch
      22. CD Projekt: Witcher 2 "leak" result of publisher-finding process
      23. US PS movie store update, Sept 17 - Walk the Line, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
      24. Bayonetta PS3 port was handled by SEGA
      25. WET screens show shooting, leaping, swordplay
      26. Dead Space Extraction has 500% more dialogue than original game
      27. Nintendo's Connection Ambassador Promotion is for Europe only
      28. "Ferrari exclusive to Forza 3," says MS
      29. BioShock 2 releasing February 9
      30. BBC pushes YLOD PS3 failure issue beyond Watchdog special
      31. Eurogamer to launch Get Games digi download service
      32. GAME snags Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Pack exclusive
      33. Elite turns 25, Braben does Twitter Q&A
      34. Cecil and Gibbons to host Beneath a Steel Sky BAFTA lecture
      35. We're going to play Assassin's Creed II - what do you want to know?
      36. Enslaved details ripped from GI article
      37. APB trailer shows actual, proper gameplay
      38. NCsoft to drop Dungeon Runners
      39. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 drops back 100k from Slim launch
      40. US PSN update, September 17
      41. Witcher 2 presentation hits YouTube
      42. Watchdog PS3 repair slot was pretty much ridiculous
      43. BlizzCon adds up to a "substantial loss" for us, says Blizzard
      44. Obsidian: Want to know more about Aliens RPG? Ask again in 2011
      1. GDC Austin: Mythic admits mistakes with Warhammer Online
      2. Activision has no plans for Modern Warfare 2 bundles on PS3
      3. Namco Bandai announces TGS line-up
      4. GDC Austin: Blizzard reveals its canceled squad-based sci-fi game Nomad
      5. Yosuke Hayashi video demos Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's modes
      6. Tales of Monkey Island Episode One free on Sept 19
      7. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition 50% off on Steam, D2D
      8. Rumor: Target advert lists Wii for $199
      9. GDC Austin: WoW needs 20K systems and over 4600 staffers to stay up
      10. Saboteur gameplay video is short, shows French nightclub
      11. New video - GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony
      12. Brutal Legend preorder demo offer kicks off today
      13. Sony weighs in on leaked 250Gb PS3 Slim bundled with Uncharted 2
      14. Zuma's Revenge demo for PC now available
      15. Robert Bowling discusses Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
      16. Aion preorders nearing 400K, NCsoft is very pleased
      17. Capcom's Takeuchi says Sony motion control could create Wii to PS3 ports
      18. ShopTo says PSPgo is "almost dead before it arrives", Pachter disagrees
      19. NIS America localizing Atelier Rorona for English and French
      20. Euro PSN update Sept 17 - Bomberman, Red Alert 3, Trine
      21. SCEE expresses "serious concerns" over Watchdog report accuracy
      22. Swedish GameStop database lists four 250Gb PS3 Slim bundles
      23. Last Ranker - first video
      24. New screens and art surface for Napoleon: Total War
      25. Fallout 3 PS3 DLC and cross-platform GOTY edition dated
      26. Tales of Monkey Island, Episode 3 launching September 29
      27. PES 2010 demo on Live now
      28. PSP Minis - No multiplay, DLC or patches allowed
      29. Op Flash: Dragon Rising gets new co-op vid
      30. Yakuza 3 never coming to America? Sega - "False"
      31. McGill: ODST's Halo Reach beta exclusivity will eclipse Halo 3 stunt
      32. Star Ocean PS3 hits Europe February 12
      33. Capcom assembles team of death for Last Ranker
      34. Star Ocean 4 PS3 - first screens
      35. Uncharted 2 packs Twitter integration
      36. UT3 Black gets another free Steam weekend
      37. Fallout 3 PS3 patched to 1.61
      38. The Beatles: Rock Band: SingStar is real (ish)
      39. Last Guardian boss to Japanese studios - Go west or go bust
      40. Dizzee Rascal gets own Home home
      41. Lost Planet 2 PS3 demo gets screens
      42. Ninja Theory's Enslaved - first GI images
      43. 250Gb 360 Forza bundle priced at ?250 for UK
      44. MS releases XNA extensions for Zune HD
      45. Bon Jovi backs Love in GH5 Cobain spat
      46. Ant and Dec to front UK Nintendo ads
      47. Lost Planet 2 PS3 demo to contain new missions
      48. Left 4 Dead 2 banned in Australia
      49. Beatles: Rock Band sales have "exceeded expectations," says Viacom
      50. Square Enix officially announces Star Ocean on PS3, passes along hilarious fact sheet
      1. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer previews, hands-on
      2. Free Realms to hit PS3 during middle of 2010, likely to have Eye support
      3. Rumor: 250Gb PS3 Slim Uncharted 2 bundle leaked
      4. LucasArts releases Star Wars Dark Forces, Jedi Knight collection on Steam
      5. Free Realms officially hits the 5 million users mark
      6. LotRO Eurpoe unleashing 111 account keys for Bilbo's birthday
      7. Ubisoft to release preorder maps from Assassin's Creed 2 eventually
      8. Sony announces SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 for November 24
      9. SOE says cancellation rumors for The Agency are rubbish
      10. Valkyria Chronicles II hitting North America, Europe in summer 2010
      11. Got Game announces Wine Tycoon for PC
      12. EA announces Rock Band Mobile for your phone [Update]
      13. 2K releases new video for The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
      14. New info, videos and screens appear for LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
      15. Ubisoft releases third developer diary for Assassin's Creed 2
      16. Paltalk suing Blizzard, SOE, Turbine, others over patent infringement
      17. Pink Floyd would "consider" a music game based on the band
      18. Silent Hill movie getting a sequel
      19. Retail version of Tripwire's Killing Floor ships to US stores
      20. Nintendo launching "Connection Ambassador Promotion" in Europe
      21. WoW: Cataclysm screens show watery realm of Abyssal Maw
      22. Russia getting its own developer's conference, government-backed association
      23. Lost Planet 2 co-op demo landing on PSN September 24
      24. Microsoft expanding Natal team with more job openings
      25. Super Meat Boy and its level editor get videos
      26. Naughty Dog looked to Die Hard, Tintin for Nathan Drake
      27. RPS gets redesign
      28. Firmware update 3.01 adds Papa John's button for ordering pizza
      29. GTA V "expected in FY '11," says Piper
      30. Nintendo forms separate Quality Control group
      31. Bloodhunt is new Acti game, says Oz ratings agency
      32. Premium Fallout 3 Live theme for October 1
      33. Microsoft has another hardware bundle - Halo 3: ODST
      34. Majesco's Q3 swings to $4.2 millon loss
      35. Red Alert 3: Commander’s Challenge lands on Xbox Live
      36. PES 2010 and Brutal Legend demos releasing tomorrow [Update]
      37. EA: SSX series may be revived if the market is there
      38. Atari appoints Veneziano as new CFO
      39. Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy pre-orders open
      40. Opening Brutal Legend cinematic released
      41. Sony mum regarding its own Modern Warfare 2 hardware bundle
      42. Nintendo Europe confirms entire 2009 DSiWare and WiiWare schedule
      43. Dutch retailer refuses to stock PSP go
      44. Modern Warfare 2 250Gb 360 special edition - unveil video and hardware movie
      45. Blockbuster to close up to 960 stores by 2010 year-end
      46. Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition coming to Zune HD
      47. Clayfighter remake confirmed for "summer 2010"
      48. Crackdown 2 Zune HD revealed
      49. Modern Warfare 2 - two new multiplayer maps in video
      50. Uncharted 2 beta footage posted
      51. Modern Warfare 2 - new shots
      52. SOE closes nearly half of all Star Wars Galaxies servers
      53. Need for Speed: Shift at 85% MC for Friday release
      54. CoD4 renamed Reflex for Wii
      55. New Modern Warfare 2 multiplay impressions posted, details from LA event [Update]
      56. 250GB Xbox 360 launching with Modern Warfare 2 [Update]
      57. Major Nelson: Shadow Complex cheaters looking at Gamerscore resets, other terrors
      1. NPD report concludes 44% of console users in US are female
      2. Kotick explains how to sell a $50 game, and get $500 out of it
      3. Batman and Red Faction: Guerrilla now on Steam in US
      4. US PS Blog gets face time with Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines
      5. Nintendo announces holiday line-up, Spirit Tracks for December 7
      6. Majesty 2 demo now available
      7. Monopoly City Streets has over 1.7 million visitors, has to be reset
      8. Warner hopes Scribblenauts has same appeal as Layton games
      9. More Nier Replicant, Gestalt info pops up in latest Famitsu
      10. Ubisoft CEO: Packed Q1 2010 could see more delays happening
      11. ArmA II v1.04 Patch now available, does not work with Steam
      12. Trine hitting PSN September 17
      13. Gard: "I've probably had enough" of Lara, Crystal D split was "amicable"
      14. MMOs dominate D2D charts for week of September 12
      15. Spawn Labs HD-720 Slingbox hands-on is pretty cool
      16. IGN handing out Uncharted 2 Beta codes
      17. GT PSP review embargo lifts, less-than-pretty scores revealed
      18. Eidos implements copyright protection on Batman: Arkham Asylum
      19. Online play for Command & Conquer hits at around 40%
      20. Nintendo: No plans to cut price of Wii at this time
      21. Italy sets Guinness record with Guitar Hero 5
      22. HBO files trademark for True Blood game
      23. Tropico 3 gets a Steam demo
      24. Games on Demand: FIFA Street 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 added to XBLM
      25. FCC currently testing Xbox 360 wireless 802.11N adapter
      26. Second Dragon Age novel "The Calling" to be released in October
      27. Professor Layton and his diabolical box move 67.5K units in US
      28. TGS09: Action dominates genre break-down
      29. Darkest of Days demo now available on XBL
      30. Confirmed speakers for NY Games Conference include Take-Two, NPD, Viarious Visions
      31. ODST "vision" vidoc available on Live
      32. SKATE 3 - first video
      33. Sony opens up MAG Beta to public, only 16K spots available
      34. SKATE 3 announced for May 2010 ship [Update]
      35. Only 37 under-TV console games to be shown at TGS
      36. MS on rumoured TGS line-up: "no comment"
      37. GT PSP reviews land at 5.00pm BST today
      38. Moore - 360 and PS3 Grand Slam Tennis will be released, will use motion tech
      39. New OLL up now
      40. Lucidity "looks like a children's storybook set in motion"
      41. Rumour: MS reveals substantial TGS line-up, Halo Reach vid rumoured [Update]
      42. Latest Pokemon sells 1.5 million in two days
      43. Lara man Gard leaves Crystal D
      44. Mizuguchi: Okami and MadWorld deserved more attention
      45. First Scribblenauts reviews are fair to excellent
      46. US OPM gives Uncharted 2 top marks
      47. NPD - Gamers rely on word of mouth for games info
      48. Front Mission Evolved gets TGS teaser movie
      49. Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3 ad snapped [Update]
      50. Console-less Guitar Hero on the way, says Kotick
      51. PS3 Firmware 3.01 available now
      52. Kotick: Next Blizzard MMO to have more "broad appeal"
      53. Pfft - 22,802 words? Scribblenauts has more than that
      54. Microsoft corporate shuffle: Phil Spencer moves up while Shane Kim moves out
      1. Spawn Labs launches console games streaming box
      2. Modern Warfare 2 art book and goggle factory snapped
      3. C&C Commander’s Challenge hitting PSN and XBLA this week
      4. Rumour - Wii price cut for end of September
      5. D2D offers BioShock and Saints Row 2 for $5/?5 each
      6. Enterbrain - FFXIII will sell over 500,000 PS3s in Japan in December
      7. Inafune confesses interest in Bungie collaboration
      8. Batman Insane Night DLC contains two Challenge Maps
      9. Gamers raise $3,000 to fly Gabe Newell to Australia
      10. Aion was designed for global launch "from the beginning"
      11. PSN gets S?ldner-X 2: Final Prototype this "winter"
      12. Scribblenauts to be fully localised for UK
      13. Bohemia unveils Carrier Command, shows screens
      14. Sony puts excessive VidZone ad-serving down to "bug"
      15. Pachter: US Wii sales to decline for sixth month
      16. Serious Sam HD gets new screens
      17. Scribblenauts dev "going to console next year"
      18. Lode Runner cut to 800 MSP on Live
      19. Aion pre-sell tops latest Steam chart
      20. GT PSP running 60fps - direct-feed movie
      21. Xbox 360 GPU used in medical research
      22. Daft Punk to make games premiere in DJ Hero
      23. Valve wants to sell PC L4D2 mods on Live
      24. New Star Wars: The Old Republic shots released by BioWare
      25. Halo 3: ODST reviews go live on September 19 & 20
      26. Wipeout HD officially announced for Blu-ray release on PS3
      27. UK charts: GH5 beats Beatles: Rock Band in Battle of the Bands
      28. Zune HD to have gaming capability according to video
      29. New GT PSP shots are live
      30. Rumour - Wipeout HD to get Blu-ray release on October 16, includes Fury [Update]
      31. Yakuza 4 to be fully revealed next week
      32. New FFXIII scans from Famitsu are live [Update]
      33. Halo 3: ODST Legendary ending posted online
      34. New FFXIII video shows new character Serah
      35. Rumour - Epic Mickey to be revealed in next Game Informer
      36. Bomberman's next target: DSiWare
      37. Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 gear looks glowy, green
      1. XBL Game with Fame hints at L4D Crash Course drop date?
      2. Castlevania ReBirth is next Konami title to be Wii-incarnated
      3. Weekly MMO news round-up, September 12: Star Wars has zombies, The Secret World's not so secret anymore
      1. Titan Studios demos Fat Princess: New Pork at PAX
      2. PAX 2009 pulled in 60,750 attendees
      3. Nintendo files trademark in Japan for The Last Story
      4. Rumor: Scribblenauts has 22,802 words in it
      5. Darkside Chronicles to get uncensored version in Germany, South American scenario
      6. Just Cause 2 video shows vertical combat and gameplay
      7. Blizzard's Chris Metzen discusses writing for StarCraft II, clobbering people
      8. Borderlands video introduces the heroes, possibly scoundrels, you can play
      9. Platinum Games' Hashimoto wants to play Natal "as soon as possible"
      10. London Games Conference to "tackle biggest issues facing publishers and developers today"
      11. CoD:WaW PC Patch 1.6 to be released next week
      12. Dragon Age: Origins screens show loads of blood, some side-boob
      13. Analyst says Madden 10 didn't do well because of Madden 09
      14. Creative Assembly chats a bit about Napoleon: Total War
      15. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat video is a bit creepy
      16. Screens for Brink show gunfire, fighting, and more gunfire
      17. LucasArts has a number of unannounced Star Wars titles in development
      18. Watch the launch trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      19. NPD top-20 software sales show Nintendomination
      20. Old game, new champ: Pac-Man world record topped
      21. Uncharted 2 goes gold
      22. Iggy Pop joins Lego Rock Band, his shirt does not
      23. Persona PSP's digital release delayed in North America
      1. Rumor: Another UK retailer confirms 250Gb PS3 Slim Bundle
      2. Ratchet & Clank Future runs 720p at 60FPS, has harder difficulty
      3. GT PSP: Kazunori Yamauchi promises car transfers
      4. Microsoft's take on August NPD: "Only console to show overall growth this year"
      5. Pachter: Wii unit sales 50% below last year’s level, September sales to repeat
      6. Jobs: iPod Touch doesn't have a camera because it's "a game machine"
      7. SCEE: PSP Minis to likely "transition to UMD" and possibly PS3
      8. Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig talks Uncharted 2, maxing out PS3
      9. US PS movie store update, September 10: No Country for Old Men, 99 cent sale on TV shows,
      10. A new God of War III screen pops up, it's awesome
      11. Paradox releases Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold demo for PC
      12. Sony talks Ultimate Sith Edition with LucasArts
      13. NPD: Households with kids up to 12 years account for 45% of industry's revenue
      14. Sony announces partial TGS 2009 line-up
      15. Forza 3 goes gold, getting demo on September 24
      16. Bethesda to sue Interplay over Fallout MMO
      17. Sony pulls "Nigerian" bit from its commercials
      18. Exclusive: Depeche Mode in Left 4 Dead 2 is just a way to get their music out
      19. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Patch 1.1 for PC pulled
      20. Nintendo's take on August NPD: DS sold twice as many units as any other system
      21. Exclusive: Courtney Love's attorney responds to use of Cobain in Guitar Hero 5
      22. First Resident Evil 5 PC review is 9.3/10
      23. Western Aion activated pre-orders pass 300,000
      24. Lallier - NCsoft's PS3 MOG is no more [Update]
      25. FIFA 10 demo hits Live
      26. August NPD: Wolfenstein sells 106k on all formats combined
      27. Braid's cheap on Steam
      28. August NPD - Everything in one place
      29. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sells over 150k in Slim's first week
      30. VG247 podcast #8 - Blizzard lore-master Chris Metzen and JAW's Stewart Gilray
      31. Valkyria Chronicles 2 gameplay spotted in movies
      32. LucasArts confirms Lucidity
      33. Crackdown 2 cracked open: first info inside!
      34. MGS: Peace Walker playable at TGS
      35. Halo Waypoint dropping on November 5
      1. August NPD: Music game sales are down 46%
      2. August NPD: US game industry still in decline by 16%
      3. August NPD: Software sales - Madden NFL 10 clear winner
      4. August NPD Hardware: PS3 sales boosted by 72% over July
      5. Riccitiello says Madden NFL 10 sales are "discouraging"
      6. US PSN update, September 10 - TMNT, Blood Omen, Silent Hill
      7. Turn 10's Bill Giese demos Forza 3 at PAX
      8. New Dragon Age: Origins video shows off Leliana's sword work
      9. SCEE "looking into" changing the redesigned friend list on PS3
      10. Activision "secured the necessary licensing rights" to use Cobain in GH5
      11. Direct2Drive turns five, has games on sale for a fiver
      12. SCEA: 300% increase in hardware sales thanks to $299 120Gb PS3
      13. Old Republic timeline discusses the Mandalorian's Imperial influences
      14. First bit of Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC will be Insane Knight
      15. First screenshots from The Secret World surface
      16. Full Halo 3: ODST live-action trailer to be shown on FX tonight
      17. Euro PSN Update, September 10 - WipEout HD theme, LBP demo
      18. Microsoft will only do a Natal Halo when "it makes sense"
      19. Ghostbusters release moved to November in Europe
      20. Rumor: PS3 Slim 250Gb bundles include AssCreed2, Uncharted 2, GT5
      21. Capcom considering more Triple Pack collections in 2010
      22. Report: Arkham Asylum has sold close to 2 million units since launch
      23. Lewis: Cross-platform games work better on Xbox Live
      24. Tokyo Game Show - the floormap
      25. Courtney Love to "sue the s**t" out of Activision [Update]
      26. LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition - videos
      27. Media Molecule's co-founders on LBP DLC, working with Sony and more
      28. Media Molecule was "worried" Kojima wouldn't like LBP's Metal Gear content
      29. Star Trek: DAC for PC and PSN in November
      30. Report: Sony to build 3D tech into PS3
      31. Game Informer cover exclusive is Crackdown 2, new Ninja Theory game inside
      32. Valve flies in L4D2 haters into Seattle, wins hearts
      33. No Japanese release for Silent Hill: Homecoming
      34. LBP demo up on Japanese PSN
      35. PSP Firmware 6.00 detailed, doesn't do much [Update]
      1. Square teases Nier Replicant in latest issue of Famitsu
      2. Beatles: Rock Band studio sequences feature "dreamscapes"
      3. Warner forms DC Entertainment to "prioritize DC properties"
      4. LucasArts to announce a new game on GameTrailers TV
      5. Left 4 Dead 2 has a total of 10 melee weapons
      6. Red Faction: Guerrilla Double XP weekend includes Big Boomers playlist
      7. Alex Seropian chats about why he sold Wideload to Disney
      8. BioWare hopes "out of place" music for Origins videos "wakes you up"
      9. BioShock composer Garry Schyman to pen soundtrack for Dante's Inferno
      10. Madden NFL 10 demoed for iPhone at Apple event [Update]
      11. Apple: App Store has over 21K games, compared to 607 for PSP
      12. PAX footage of LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood is a bit shaky
      13. Assassin’s Creed 2 walkthrough shows loads of gameplay
      14. Wallace and Gromit: The Last Resort misses release on XBL
      15. Rabbids Go Home introduces the Verminators
      16. NecroVision: Lost Company announced for 2010
      17. Final Fantasy art from Grin's canceled project
      18. Nigeria demands apology from Sony over PS3 price-cut adverts
      19. Dante's Inferno gets greedy with latest promotion
      20. Free Arkham Asylum DLC dropping September 17 for all formats
      21. Game Informer teases cover and contents for next issue
      22. PS3 Slim sells 40,000 units its first week in the UK
      23. All You Need Is Love hits Live for Beatles: Rock Band
      24. Gaikai works - video proof from Germany
      25. Leadbetter takes EG tech ed role
      26. FIFA 10 demo to launch tomorrow
      27. Splash Damage boss: Halo 2 clans "kicked my ass"
      28. FFXIII's controls - what they are and how they work
      29. FFXIII - tons of new gameplay footage from Prem Party
      30. Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay vids feature Jockey, madness
      31. Borderlands making-of clip is funny
      32. PAX swine flu cases confirmed
      33. Wedgwood - Brink signifies "critical moment just prior to catastrophe or success"
      34. Gaikai closed beta to launch in Europe "later this month"
      35. Proper Okamiden trailer released
      36. New Gay Tony trailer features gay clubbing, swearing
      37. Splash Damage boss on Brink, PS3 and "cocks"
      38. US Dreamcast is 10 today
      39. Moore: "Dreamcast had a profound and lasting impact" on games
      40. Sega to release 2D, HD Sonic in 2010
      1. BioWare's Mike Laidlaw thinks good writing in games is "essential"
      2. Bizarre Creations video deals with Blur's power-ups
      3. THQ appoints former WWE exec as new vice president of business and legal affairs
      4. Sony details preorder bonuses for MAG
      5. Iceman revealed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      6. PS3 Firmware 3.0 Q&A answers some questions you may have
      7. Today & Tomorrow Channel landing on Wii tomorrow
      8. Xbox Live activity for the week of August 31: Third week for Cod:WaW
      9. Loads of Final Fantasy XIII shots hit the net, some are new
      10. Monte Cristo releases Cities XL demo for US
      11. LittleBigPlanet's pitch name was Craft World
      12. LucasArts: Old Republic MMO could have multiple payment options
      13. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 getting Platinum treatment in Europe
      14. Capcom's Platinum Hits Triple Pack lands in retail today
      15. The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle unboxed
      16. Limited Edition Beatles: Rock Band 360 up on eBay for charity
      17. Wallace & Gromit, Episode 2 landing on XBL this week
      18. Schafer would like Brutal Legend and Psychonauts sequels
      19. BBC: PS3 now accounts for 10% of all iPlayer viewing
      20. Sony’s R&D Team talks about its new motion controller, Part 2
      21. Sony's high-resolution image enlargement technology videoed
      22. Q Games says cost for PS3 Dynamic Themes development "far exceeds" any profits
      23. Porn kingpin Steven Hirsch eager for PS3 downloadable support
      24. Dev kits for PSP may eventually be free
      25. Bethesda no-comments Prey acquisition
      26. Disney acquires Wideload Games and its head, Alex Seropian
      27. Custom killstreak details revealed for Modern Wafare 2
      28. Games on Demand adds BioShock, Civilization Revolution
      29. Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited early-access a US success
      30. Rumour - Free DLC for Batman next week [Update]
      31. DiRT 2 looking safe for Friday release with big MC averages
      32. Pachter - US to show 14% drop in August, Wii price cut before November
      33. Prey rights shift to Zenimax, new trademark filed
      34. Euro FFXIII date to be announced in the "very near future"
      35. FFXIII confirmed for December 17, ?60 launch in Japan
      36. Aion gets ridiculous custom keyboard
      37. APB beta "weeks" away
      38. Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias gets first movie
      39. Rolling Stone and Pink Floyd's Mason warn off music games
      40. The Beatles: Rock Band releases tomorrow - everything you need to know
      41. Champions Online goes straight to top of Steam charts
      42. Final Fantasy XIII mega-event kicks off at 11am BST
      43. WoW rehab now available in the US
      44. McCartney initially thought Harmonix demo looked like a "really bad band"
      45. MotorStorm PSP gets 40 million new shots
      46. One Life Left back after break
      1. Rockstar release new GTA: Chinatown Wars shots for PSP
      2. Sony UK: PS3 sales are past our "expectations"
      3. Faliszek: Valve's "thrown out entire games"
      4. Report - French PS3 Slim sales come in at 37,000
      5. Kitase: "There might be some very superficial similarities" between Cloud and Lightning
      6. Puzzle Quest is this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week
      7. Spencer: Ruffian is "the right team" for Crackdown 2
      8. Weekly Nintendo releases - Super Return of the Jedi, Contra Rebirth, ColorZ
      9. Final Fantasy XIII dated for December 17 in Japan
      10. Rumour - PS3 GT5 bundle for December 4, other packs detailed
      11. Left 4 Dead 2 is "a really big departure" for Valve, says Faliszek
      12. Buy Mirror's Edge from ?6 at Amazon
      13. United Front: We picked PSN for ModNation because it was free
      14. New Red Dead Redemption screens go live
      15. Report - PS3 Slim sells over 150K in Japan
      16. Basejumping and Omid Djalli both make Gay Tony
      17. VG247 podcast added to iTunes Store, StarCraft II's Metzen incoming
      18. NFS Shift dev: GT5 damage not "quite so realistic"
      19. Sega announces new Valkyria Chronicles DLC in shortest PR in history
      20. Wada obsessed with Dragon Quest IX
      21. Bungie: Firefight could feature in Halo: Reach
      22. "Not long" until PES 2010 demo, says EU PES team leader
      23. Knights of the Old Republic released on Steam
      24. Paul McCartney: George and John would have been "amused" of Beatles: Rock Band
      25. UK charts: Arkham Asylum maintains No. 1 spot
      26. UK PS3 sales explode over 1,000% on Slim's release
      27. Bungie: We're not talking about Reach yet, DLC for ODST unlikely
      28. New Uncharted 2 footage blows us away
      29. Here come the reviews for Beatles: Rock Band, EG goes with a 9
      30. Capcom interested in releasing remastered games for PS3
      31. Ubisoft confirm line-up for TGS
      32. Rumour - LA Noire slated for release on PS3, 360 and PC
      33. Rockstar: Agent will release in 2010
      34. Rumour - GTA IV PS3 Platinum edition listed on Amazon
      35. Japanese 360 owners furious at PS3 Tales of Vesperia release, petition made
      36. Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo confirmed for September 15
      1. Weekly MMO news round up: EQ bonus weekend, new EVE faction, Guild Wars I & II stuff
      1. Religion remains a force in Assassin's Creed 2
      2. TimeGate: No Plans for Section 8 demo on PC
      3. SingStore update includes Vampire Weekend, Coldplay, Blondie
      4. Sony conducting "technological investigation" into 3D game integration on PS3
      5. Kitase: DLC being considered for future Final Fantasy projects
      6. Developers from Halo 2's "ilovebees" working on ODST meta-game
      7. Night vision goggles are back in Splinter Cell: Conviction
      8. Kitase: Final Fantasy titles shouldn't take as long to develop in the future
      9. Sony demos pet robots and media sharing through Home
      10. Fat Princess to get more content by way of New Pork
      11. Zombie Cow announces Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican
      12. Runic Games to release Torchlight October 27
      13. ESRB outs SingStar Latino's interesting lyrics
      14. Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition has a knife
      15. Internet connection for Need for Speed: SHIFT on PC is not "mandatory"
      16. Ron Gilbrt discusses indie games, big budgets, and art during PAX keynote
      17. Artwork for The Secret World is rather smashing
      18. Rumor: Sony to launch casual browser MMO for Clone Wars
      19. Ron Gilbert's Deathspank gets its first video
      1. Halo 3: ODST live-action trailer is a must watch
      2. Slappingly good Mass Effect 2 screens come out of PAX 2009
      3. LittleBigPlanet demo and GoTY edition landing next week
      4. Big Fish Games releases Drawn: The Painted Tower
      5. Steam has Street Fighter IV for half-price this weekend
      6. Rockstar releases fix for GTA IV exploits via Title Update
      7. BioWare explains reason behind Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition
      8. Square confirmed as publisher for Modern Warfare 2 in Japan
      9. Valve details Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival
      10. Games for Windows Live Setup 3.0 QFE1 released
      11. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 best selling PSN title for August
      12. PAX 2009: Twitter support confirmed for Blur
      13. US PSN update, September 4 - Dynamic Themes, Qore, Capcom bundles
      14. US PS movie store update, September 4 - The "not much" edition
      15. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will be a PSP exclusive
      16. Capcom looking into creating more DLC for Resident Evil 5
      17. UK to get a GT PSP bundle but it will be different than US one
      18. Splatterhouse dev, Bottlerocket, shuts its doors
      19. LOTRO expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, coming this fall
      20. Confirmed: Dead Rising 2 "stuff coming out of TGS," details in "next few days"
      21. Cryptic taking apps for Star Trek Online Beta
      22. SCEE: PS3 will "significantly outpace" PS2 life-cycle
      23. Lost Planet 2 demo beats RE5 demo downloads in first 24 hours
      24. BioShock 2 multiplayer vid looks 100% awesome
      25. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sales collapse as Slim enters
      26. Retail PSPgo GET - pics included
      27. New Splinter Cell: Conviction movie does the funnies
      28. VG247 podcast #7 - Capcom's Christian Svensson and Chris Kramer Vs Rocksteady's Paul Crocker
      29. Batman 2? "We're just waiting to see if people like the game," says Rocksteady
      30. Capcom: No more historic fighters "in development"
      31. "No plans" for MvC2 or SSFIITHDR on PC, says Capcom
      32. Need for Speed: Shift gets system specs
      33. Sega to announce Natal and PS3 MT games early next year
      34. Capcom working on unannounced "PC-lead" projects
      35. SFIV PC "promos happening very, very soon," Capcom "satisfied" with sales
      36. Lid pops off Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival
      1. Sony confirms God of War Collection for PS3 is region free
      2. Penny Arcade goodies are now on XBL for your Avatar
      3. Capcom to release bundles featuring PSN hits
      4. Capcom throwing RE5 PC party at PAX, bringing loads of goodies
      5. Microsoft says install base in Europe is one million ahead of Sony
      6. Street Fighter IV charts details plotline in an awesome manner
      7. Sony accepting applicants for PSN reality series
      8. RedLynx CEO says Natal could "be a leap to the next dimension"
      9. Sony holding a MAG meet-up at PAX tomorrow night
      10. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes demo hits XBL
      11. HMV sales up 12.5% for the past 18 weeks
      12. First gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed 2 released
      13. Part 2 of The Secret World trailer revealed, Beta chance on website
      14. Yoshida says Sony was "late to offer platform-level support" for PS3
      15. Blizzard and fans discuss Diablo III effects and colors
      16. Japanese software sales, WE August 30 - Tomodachi Collection still in top spot
      17. Brutal Legend online multiplayer video shows Eddie with demon wings
      18. Euro PSN Update, September 3 - Disgaea 3 content collection, Reborn DLC
      19. Contra Rebirth for WiiWare tomorrow
      20. "No plans" for more EA NASCAR, says Moore
      21. Harmonix started life with $100,000 funding in 1995
      22. Australian Forza 3 cars look good, Australian
      23. Halo ODST - nearly 30 minutes of HD capture
      24. Square Enix Europe is a "placeholder name"
      25. What the God of War Collection looks like
      26. Telltale announcing "new franchises" in new genres "around October"
      27. Square converted DS FFCC: Echoes of Time code for Wii version
      28. Rumour: FFXIII to cost $89 in Japan
      29. OnLive closed beta begins
      1. Order of War landing on PC September 22 in US
      2. Konami to publish Ninety-Nine Nights 2, lets loose some screens
      3. Kojima: Peace Walker and Rising teams are not "really good friends"
      4. Black Rock suggests Xbox 360 HD requirements have dropped
      5. Turn 10 chats about developing something other than a racer
      6. Namco Bandai releases classic game music through iTunes
      7. Sony announces Limited Edition Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack
      8. Codemasters uses breasts, tattoos to promote DiRT 2
      9. LittleBigPlanet PSP screens show off the cute
      10. Empire: Total War update 1.4 coming in late September
      11. GoG is one year old, celebrating with buy one get one free
      12. Scribblenauts hitting the UK October 9, not September 25
      13. Defense Grid: The Awakening and Yo-Ho-Kablammo up on XBL
      14. Heavy Rain delayed to get "its own release window", says Quantic Dream
      15. No God of War remakes for Europe in 2009
      16. Bomberman and Bonk heading to PSN, WiiWare and XBL in 2010
      17. Valve to show off Left 4 Dead 2's "The Jockey" at PAX
      18. Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! announced for Wii, PS3 this holiday
      19. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey demo soars to one million downloads
      20. EA suing John Dillinger's relative for use of the name in Godfather series
      21. Check out the Bugatti Veyron in Forza 3
      22. Beatles: Rock Band 45th song to remain a mystery until release [Update 2]
      23. Batman: Arkham Asylum Nvidia PhysX PC screens and video
      24. Toys R Us drops PS3 to ?229.99
      25. PS3 Slim GET - pictures
      26. God of War III demo "unlikely" for pre-Christmas pack
      27. PS3 Slim Vs PS3 Fat install - Slim wins
      28. IL-2 Sturmovik bagging good scores, releasing Friday
      29. Codies drops Archlord
      30. Champions Online: Blood Moon coming late October
      31. Japanese 360 price cut confirmed
      32. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias - first screens and art
      33. GT PSP - 44 new screens
      34. Report: Guitar Hero 5 users can import up to 35 World Tour tracks
      35. Funcom opens Montreal studio, The Secret World goes Canada
      36. Fable III was biggest EG GamesCom traffic driver
      37. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias announced, detailed
      38. 1UP - PS3 Bayonetta is a bit rubbish
      39. Take-Two Q3 earnings - everything in one place
      40. Take-Two Q3 earnings call - the full transcript
      41. LA Noire is "exciting" and "innovative," says Feder
      1. Take-Two reaches $20 million Hot Coffee settlement
      2. Take-Two plans to help lead the way in mobile and digital distribution
      3. All Take-Two games "need to have a download component," says Feder
      4. Take-Two on GTA V's announcement - quote of the century
      5. Take-Two: Natal dev kits "embedded in just about all of our studios"
      6. Houser - Gay Tony must hit discs to get to "more people"
      7. Take-Two Q3 financials: Big four delays are still on track for first half of 2010
      8. Take-Two Q3 2009 financials show $55.5 million loss
      9. Games on Demand adds GRAW and Splinter Cell: Double Agent to 360
      10. Typical PSN user is male, 28, educated, has a girlfriend apparently
      11. Gran Turismo 5 screens released, don't wet yourself
      12. SEGA lists TGS line-up, no word on what is playable yet
      13. EEDAR research shows Wii game scores improved 6% year-over-year
      14. Steam and Direct2Drive PC charts, WE August 29
      15. Capcom and Havok Physics deal inked for future games development
      16. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage shows capture the flag mode
      17. Sales up 43% in the UK for Xbox 360 Elite
      18. Get a gold jetpack for Dark Void when you preorder from GameStop
      19. ESRB lists ratings for some PSOne classics destined for PSN
      20. The Ballad of Gay Tony gets trailered, has dancing
      21. Harmonix was "terrified" while making The Beatles: Rock Band
      22. Gravity Crash PS3 and PSP features listed, screens and videos too
      23. DeathSpank preview looks rather interesting
      24. Official Playstation Magazine reviews in, gives FIFA 10 a solid 9
      25. Blizzard: New MMO will "create a game experience unlike anything done before"
      26. Capcom confirms Okami sequel, Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo
      27. Steam Hardware Survey: August 2009
      28. Ass Creed II boss - "Some juice left in me" for third game
      29. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising video shows off co-op mode
      30. Warner gives F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - Reborn a price
      31. Major Nelson podcast has Felicia Day, Beatles Rock Band, Stephen Toulouse
      32. Champions Online launches in US, Friday for Europe
      33. Cursed Mountain sees middling scores ahead of Friday launch
      34. Report: Japanese 360 price cut imminent
      35. Sony Aino phone will have Remote Play
      36. PAX is sold-the-hell-out
      37. Wii Internet Channel now free
      38. Massive adding ads to Acti and EA titles in 2009
      39. Batman goes top in UK charts
      40. Force Unleashed DLC out now
      41. Acti's Kotick - Near-future growth is a "concern"
      42. PS3 price cut brings "relief," says Yoshida
      43. First Okamiden scan - it's a DS game
      44. Square shows TGS line-up, FFXIII playable
      45. PS3 Firmware 3.0 available now, new Slim logo added
      46. Wii Fit Plus out October 4, new Wiimote and DSi colours shown
      47. PSP Go battery removal a no-go because of piracy