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  • October 2009 Archive

      1. Over 2.5 million copies of Tekken 6 shipped worldwide
      2. EA: "We need to realize that we tell traditional stories very badly"
      3. Book: Read excerpt from Elder Scrolls book The Infernal City
      4. L4D2: "Miracle Pack" and "Apocalyptic Pack" are spaceholder names only
      5. Team Fortress 2 on sale for $2.49 for the next 30 minutes
      6. Dragon Age: Hungary team wins Warden's Quest tournament
      7. AO version of Manhunt 2 hits Direct2Drive next week
      8. Modern Warfare 2 video blows up Cole Hamels with grenades, sponsored by F.A.G.S.
      9. Have an MMO Halloween: List of games with spooky or fun events
      10. The Saboteur developer diary talks seeing Paris, France, Nazi underpants
      11. Halloween: Game inspired pumpkins are awesome
      12. Star Trek D-A-C arrives on Steam November 17
      13. Grow a mustache, become a character in Red Dead Redemption
      14. Video for LEGO Indiana Jones 2 shows bar scene from first film
      15. Liveblog: Chet Faliszek presenting Left 4 Dead 2 at EG Expo
      16. Full transcript of Heavy Rain presentation at Eurogamer Expo
      17. Video: London presser for Epic Mickey featuring Warren Spector
      18. Megaload of Dragon Age shots land on the net
      19. New Mass Effect 2 footage shows Shepard vs. zombie apocalypse
      20. Nokia disengages N-Gage service
      1. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles official website updated with South America stage
      2. DDO Unlimited launches first major update
      3. God of War III demo is GO
      4. Direct2Drive sale has horror titles as low as $4.95
      5. Warhammer Online now available for Mac users
      6. Namco wants Tekken 6 "to be available to everybody"
      7. Sony says Home is "still a top priority", Edwards was "misquoted"
      8. Court battle between Interplay and Bethesda still ongoing
      9. Tekken 6 out now, worth your money according to reviews
      10. Dashboard preview program users can check out Halo Waypoint
      11. Just Cause 2 screens, trailer show flying machines
      12. Gearbox releases console patch for Borderlands
      13. Jedi Knight class revealed for The Old Republic
      14. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box moves 1.26 million units outside of Japan
      15. [Update] Uncharted 2 content and mandatory update hit
      16. Resident Evil Zero dated for December 1 on Wii
      17. Capcom releases Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Mega Man Maverick on PSN
      18. Square revises its profit forecast amidst layoffs
      19. Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Joan Jett tracks land on Rock Band next week
      20. Demon's Souls gets online Halloween challenge
      21. Salem and Rios go trick-or-treating in new live-action Army of Two video
      22. More BioShock 2 screens surface on the net
      23. US PS movie store update, Oct. 29 - Horror galore
      24. Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC dated, detailed, priced
      25. Guitar Hero 5 tracks revealed for November - KISS, Kravitz, Metallica
      26. Ubisoft: Splinter Cell franchise a 360 exclusive "until further notice"
      27. Fallout 3 takes top honours at Golden Joysticks
      28. US PSN update, Oct. 29 - Loads of demos, PSP sale
      29. God of War III Ultimate Edition to cost $100
      30. SCEE sending out God of War III demo invites, CE confirmed for Europe
      31. Painkiller: Resurrection demo now available for download
      32. Molyneux: Milo explores "whole new area of interaction"
      33. CoD4: Modern Warfare is 40% off this weekend on Steam
      34. EG Expo - MAG movie shows sniping, dying
      35. Golden Joysticks about to kick off - live blog details
      36. Sony PS division has lost $4.7 billion since launching PS3
      37. Q2 PS3 and PSP software up, PS2 in inverted 15-G powerdive
      38. Q2 PS3 hardware sales well up, PSP static, PS2 in flat-spin out to sea
      39. PlayStation division sales down, losses deepen [Updates]
      40. Euro Trine demo out now
      41. DJ Hero hits Europe
      42. Rumour: Left 4 Dead 2 expansions outed by demo errors
      43. Nintendo shows DS and Wii line-up for Europe, Japan, US [Update]
      44. Reuters - Dead Space 2 out "next year"
      45. Modern Warfare 2 Walmart ad shows idiots and a car [Update]
      46. Ratchet & Clank dev proves - with science! - that graphics are more important than high framerates
      47. Australian lobbyist group petitions to re-rate Modern Warfare 2
      1. AC/DC Rock Band disc heading to GameStop in November
      2. Rumor: Netflix currently in "testing stages" and coming "very shortly" to Wii
      3. Left 4 Dead 2 walkthrough shows Realism Mode
      4. Team Fortress 2 gets exploding pumpkins for Halloween
      5. Team 17 talks Alien Breed Evolution, free prologues
      6. DSi XL launching in US during Q1 2010
      7. Xbox 360 "has the best games out there" says head of XBL Europe
      8. University clothing now available for your XBL Avatar
      9. Bayonetta dates announced for US and UK
      10. Metro 2033 game based on novel detailed at London event
      11. Iwata: Wii has stalled, unable to continually release strong software
      12. Champions Online has one million superheroes running around
      13. Euro PSN update, Oct. 29 - Abbey Road, LocoRoco Midnight Carnival
      14. Rumor: Hugh Jackman front-runner for Drake in Uncharted film
      15. First bit of DLC for DJ Hero releases today
      16. All Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures episodes available on Xbox Live November 4
      17. Pics: Siege of Mirkwood shots show danger in the Scuttledells
      18. Spector wants franchise, film, and comics for Epic Mickey
      19. Analysts predict PSP-4000 will support UMD
      20. GTA IV episodes were planned "from the beginning", says Rockstar
      21. New season of 1 vs. 100 in the works, The One getting tweaked
      22. PlayStation Home Update: Halloween for everybody
      23. Zombie Tycoon invades PSP minis today
      24. Sony will announce a UK God of War 3 demo "in due course"
      25. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 getting a limited edititon [UPDATE]
      26. Epic Mickey PS3/360 down to Disney, says Spector
      27. 2DBoy details Goo "donations" over time
      28. MCV interviews... me
      29. DSiLL is the heaviest handheld of this generation
      30. Insomniac - Sony Japan now paying more attention to Western feedback
      31. 360 Sky service screwed by "demand"
      32. Painkiller: Ressurection out now
      33. Gay Tony comes out
      34. Euro DSiLL confirmed for Q1 2010 at "higher" price of DSi
      35. Wii hardware crests 56 million worldwide
      36. DS hits 113 million units worldwide, software at 638 million sold
      37. Nintendo half-year revenue drops 35%, profit down 59%
      38. DSiLL, DSi and DS Lite dimensions compared
      39. DSiLL styli pictured: one's fat, one's thin
      40. DSiLL home site launched, old and new screens compared
      41. Big-screen DSi confirmed, detailed, pictured [Updates]
      42. Gravity Crash out in November [Update]
      43. Sony - Home is not a "priority"
      44. Final Fantasy XIII NA release date reveal nearly upon us?
      45. SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 suffers delay, marketing to blame
      46. Left 4 Dead 2 PC demo off to a shambling start
      1. Epic Mickey was originally for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
      2. Rumor: Rockstar teases possible location of next GTA game
      3. Netflix promises no disc shortages for PS3 streaming service
      4. East India Company 60% off on Steam, expansion pack released
      5. Bayonetta dev diary discusses backstory, fighting angels
      6. God of War 3 demo to be included with District 9 on Blu-ray
      7. Xbox Live activity for week of October 19: Halo 3, CoD, Gears 2
      8. Kojima surprised with reaction to Zone of the Enders blog post
      9. World at War Map Packs for PS3 50% off until November 1
      10. Xbox Live mandatory update is for wireless adapter WPA2 support
      11. BioShock 2 multiplayer video shows Capture the Sister mode
      12. GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony reviews round-up
      13. Epic Mickey: Gameplay details from London Event
      14. Epic Mickey: Players delve into Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's world
      15. Final Gay Tony video for GTA IV, releases tomorrow
      16. Epic Mickey event happening in London this evening
      17. New Peace Walker demo hitting PSN on November 1
      18. Tales of Monkey Island: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood out Friday
      19. Rebellion mum on dedicated servers for Aliens vs. Predator
      20. Sony: 140 million people worldwide own a PS2, turns nine today
      21. Play GTA IV multiplayer this weekend on Xbox Live for free
      22. Avatar: The Game dev diary shows a Beautiful But Deadly world
      23. Champions Online Blood Moon movie and screens are sh-sh-sh-shpooky
      24. Inferno Pool and Rainbow Islands available now on Xbox Live
      25. Confirmed: Leaked MW2 civilians vid is real, scene skippable through "checkpoints"
      26. Aussie Borderlands players will have to redownload the game
      27. World of Warcraft character race change feature now live
      28. Brink boss - PC-only sales cannot "justify" triple-A budgets
      29. WWE-THQ partnership renewal deadline extended
      30. Shattered Union gets Bruckheimer movie adaptation
      31. Alpha Protocol boss - Sex for sex's sake is "pretty ridiculous"
      32. Exclusive - Obsidian on Alpha Protocol, RPGs, staying indie and much, much more
      33. PC download chart coming next year
      34. Watch a man play Guitar Hero using only muscle sensors
      35. Excitebike: World Rally gets playtested, shotalised
      36. PS3 Bayonetta's in English, Mr Importer
      37. Jay-Z got in on DJ Hero to "expand" hip hop
      38. ASDA admits to selling games below cost
      39. Left 4 Dead 2 360 demo available now
      40. Xbox Live boss: Cloud gaming won't overtake consoles any time soon
      41. First EA MMA screen looks impressive, painful
      1. TIGA says UK game industry will decline 5% YoY without tax incentives
      2. Miyamoto disappointed Star Fox isn't very popular in Japan
      3. Steam: Get S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for $5, The Witcher for $19.99
      4. Sky Player pulled from Xbox 360 until technical issues fixed
      5. Borderlands multiplayer glitch being addressed, says Gearbox
      6. Saves from previous Ratchet & Clank games net rewards
      7. Trophies for God of War Collection listed, game's golden
      8. Castlevania: The Adventure – ReBirth videos show first stage
      9. Reminder: DJ Hero out today in North America
      10. Star Trek Online screens leave us feeling a bit giddy
      11. Spirit Tracks stars a new Link driving an upgradable train
      12. Disc-free integrated Netflix coming to PS3 next year
      13. The Stronghold Collection now available on PC
      14. EG Expo - Split/Second video does the proper awesome
      15. Modern Warfare 2 video shows innocent casualties
      16. Assassin's Creed III could be set in feudal Japan, medieval Europe
      17. Black Wii Sports Resort up for preorder on Amazon UK
      18. Orson Scott Card: There aren't enough turn-based strategy games
      19. EG Expo - God of War III, eight minutes of gameplay video
      20. Aussie version of Borderlands on Steam being fixed with more blood
      21. Brink single-player to "compete" with "Halo, Call of Duty, Gears"
      22. Brutal Legend DLC hitting in November, free on PSN through the 19th
      23. Rumor: Roger Daltrey outs possible The Who: Rock Band
      24. Brink to have dedicated servers
      25. DICE reiterates Bad Company 2 will have dedicated servers
      26. Chart shows September console sales for 2007-2009, Wii tops
      27. Ubisoft: Platforms not as important as content; Lineage video released
      28. Insomniac: PS3 won't be "maxed out" for another two to three years
      29. Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered about to hit 20K sold for iPhone
      30. Reminder: Dead Space, DiRT hit Games on Demand today
      31. EG Expo kicks off, over 1,000 through doors in an hour
      32. EG Expo - Heavy Rain video of the Hassan's Shop section
      33. Assassin's Creed II Lineage part one live
      34. Netflix for Wii within a year, says Pachter
      35. EG Expo - Full Dante's Inferno boss battle video, Limbo level
      36. Sky 360 package releases today, costs ?15 per month
      37. EG Expo - All coverage here
      38. EG Expo - Pre-opening movies from the showfloor
      39. Large-screen DSi talk is "speculative," says Nintendo
      40. Higher percentage of Americans play games than Euro countries
      41. 30% of Guitar Hero players are women, says Rosensweig
      42. Gay Tony gets yet more shots
      43. Left 4 Dead 2 gets GameStop commercial
      44. Madden NFL Arcade played, videoed, screenalised
      45. Setting up EG Expo Leeds - pics
      46. Infinity Ward confirms third-person mode for Modern Warfare 2
      47. Jonathan Blow hiring for "full-body motion tracking" project
      48. Rumor: Nintendo to release new DSi with bigger screens
      1. Excitebike World Rally for WiiWare - first video
      2. First DJ Hero review goes live, gets a 9 from IGN UK
      3. Dev claims 80% piracy rate on iPhone title
      4. Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 could sell 14 million
      5. Insomniac gives no comment on R3 billboard, Resistance not last new IP from studio
      6. Japanese billboard posters for Bayonetta are sexy
      7. Capcom releases SSFIV character artwork
      8. Inferno Pool, Rainbow Islands are this week's Arcade games
      9. Dead Space, DiRT coming to GoD tomorrow
      10. New BioShock 2 trailer released
      11. Game releases list of stores open for MW2 midnight launch
      12. Telltale: We have something "that'll blow everybody's mind"
      13. Double XP weekend for Gears 2 this weekend
      14. Hallowe'en costume coming to LBP this week
      15. SCE WWS European head to keynote Develop Liverpool
      16. Fable II Pub Games is this week's Live Deal of the Week
      17. New Resi Evil: Darkside Chronicles shots are live
      18. New Prinny, Shadow of Memories announced for PSP
      19. EA announces Dragon Age: Warden's Quest competition
      20. Minor story details for LA Noire revealed
      21. Team Bondi to showcase art of LA Noire at GCAP '09
      22. Eurocom CV reveals next Bond game is to do with Goldeneye
      23. New Lego: Rock Band trailer released
      24. UK charts: PES 2010 topples FIFA 10 from No. 1 spot
      25. Actors tweets confirm ongoing development of LA Noire
      26. Play GT5 in the UK with PlayStation House tour [Update]
      27. Wolfmother, Rob Zombie coming to Rock Band this week
      28. Third person shooter mode in Modern Warfare 2, says leaked screen
      29. Insomniac: Resistance 2 fan feedback "was like your dog turned on you"
      30. Molyneux names his top 5 revolutionary games
      31. Monster Hunter spin-off announced for PSP, involves cats
      32. Fat Princess to get free new map in patch release
      33. Official - Netflix coming to PS3 next month [Update]
      34. Rumor: Bethesda to purchase Valve?
      35. EA job listings hint at "next-gen" Boom Blox
      1. Assassin's Creed II achievements surface online
      1. Star Trek Online beta now underway
      2. Expect DJ Hero to have "slower" initial sales, says Huang
      3. Next Elder Scrolls game set 200 years after Oblivion
      4. Maxim shows "the girls of Dragon Age"
      5. BioShock 2 gets BBFC 18
      6. Latest SCII Battle Report shows Protoss Vs Terran scrap
      7. FFXIII screens show new big thing, bad English
      8. LittleBigPlanet PSP demo "in the works"
      9. Spector - Epic Mickey went to Wii because of "congenial audience"
      10. Japanese Bayonetta ads feature "non-stop climax action"
      11. Champions Online free to play next weekend
      12. Left 4 Dead 2 demo pre-loading available now
      13. EA: Battlefield 3's in development, looking good
      14. Uncharted 2 has outsold Uncharted 1 by "many times," DLC to be available by year's end
      1. OnLive boss confirmed for February DICE
      2. New Dragon Age movie shows little man, big beard
      3. Sky 360 movie hits YouTube
      4. Dead to Rights movie shows combat, dog
      5. PS3 Dragon Age no longer delayed [Update]
      6. Want to write for Edge? Here's your chance
      7. Force Unleashed PC requires "3D Hardware Accelerator Card"
      8. Live BioWare chat on PS Blog now
      9. Modern Warfare 2 to ship with Steamworks
      10. Edge gives Uncharted 2 9/10
      11. MS Xbox division sees nearly double profits in Q1
      12. Uncharted 2 used "close to 100%" of PS3's "power"
      13. Bayonetta gets narrative shots
      14. Prinny PSP to get a sequel
      15. Henry shown playable in No More Heroes 2
      16. Modern Warfare 2 - new shots
      17. Plants Vs Zombies discounted now
      18. FFXI Ultimate Collection really is ultimate
      19. Modern Warfare 2 gets min PC specs
      20. Uncharted 2 actor: "We desperately want to do a third one"
      21. BioShock 2 single-player revealed on GTTV
      22. Forza 3 releases today - the first 14 minutes in video
      23. PES 2010 gets 3 million launch ship
      24. OpFlash man: Modern Warfare 2 is "Michael Bay of videogames"
      25. Analyst - Sony and Nintendo handheld sales have peaked
      26. Gearbox will likely go back to Brothers in Arms
      27. First Assassin's Creed II review hits the stands, is a 9/10
      28. Dragon Age: Origins dated for PS3
      29. Pachter: PSP Go is priced "too high," won't have significant impact on PSP sales
      1. MS: "We have no plans to introduce a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox 360"
      2. Microsoft releases launch trailer for Forza Motorsport 3
      3. Rumour - Left 4 Dead 2 introduction leaked
      4. ActiBlizz Q3 financials to be released on November 5
      5. Ratchet & Clank: ACiT reviews start coming in
      6. New shots of Dante's Inferno PSP are live
      7. New Star Trek Online shots released
      8. Ubisoft knows setting for Assassins Creed III
      9. Ignition to publish Arc Rise Fantasia
      10. Namco thanks Japanese 360 Tales of Vesperia owners for being beta trialists to PS3 port
      11. R.U.S.E to use Windows 7 multitouch
      12. Video shows actual demo of Milo at Molyneux BAFTA lecture
      13. Nomura: Versus XIII will be at E3 "if we're quick enough"
      14. Ubisoft releases new dev diary on Assassin's Creed II
      15. Take a picture of Forza Ferrari, win Forza 3 goodies
      16. Chat with Muzyka and Zeschuck on all things DAO tomorrow
      17. New Gay Tony video shows base jumping
      18. Army of Two: The 40th Day gets a new trailer and screens
      19. Capcom hasn't decided about Arcade version of SSFIV
      20. Assassin's Creed II rated 15 by BBFC
      21. Lost Planet 2 to get a 2010 release, says MS slide
      22. Kojima: MW2, UC2, AC2 are "incredible"
      23. DiRT 2 PC to be released on December 4
      24. Op Flash: Dragon Rising DLC due this month
      25. VGA's 09 to debut unannounced new games, says Keighley
      26. Japanese hardware sales - DSi is our winner!
      27. 60k PS3 Slims sold in Australia, outsells 360 and Wii
      28. Limited edition Forza 3 Audi TT revealed
      29. Avatar: The Game gets December 4 release
      30. Ubisoft: Conviction is "definitely worth the wait"
      31. Championship Manager 2010 gets Mac release on November 13
      32. EU PS Store update, October 22
      33. New off-screen GT5 gameplay from TMS
      34. THQ announces Metro 2033 for 360, PC
      35. Gearbox: Borderlands seeing retail shortages in US
      36. End of Eternity confirmed for January 2010 in Japan, new screens released
      37. Japanese software sales - Pokemon, Japan chooses you!
      38. Uncharted 2, Tekken, SFIV Home spaces get screened and videoed
      39. Left 4 Dead 2 refused classification again in Australia
      40. PES 2010 to recieve free DLC
      41. Ueda: "This generation is about expressing ideas"
      42. New AC2 shots released by Ubisoft
      43. Ballmer: 360 will get "Blu-ray drives as accessories"
      44. Lumines being kept off PSN by licensing issues
      45. Heavy Rain will feature cultural censorship
      46. New KH: Birth by Sleep trailer released
      47. Shadow Complex devs confirm new project
      48. Ubisoft trademarks ASSASSIN
      49. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep confirmed from January 2010 JP release
      50. Twitter/Facebook/Last.fm XBL preview invites going out Friday
      51. Fable III to have microtransaction-based storefront
      52. Gearbox issues speedy fix for PS3 Borderlands glitch
      1. Ubisoft: "There is always hope" for SC: Conviction PS3
      2. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time European release confirmed for November
      3. New scans for FFXIII, PS3 version doesn't require install
      4. Average CoD: WaW player has spent $9 on DLC
      5. Report - Transmission Games goes pop
      6. Molyneux announces Natal support for Fable 3 [Update]
      7. New Saboteur shots and video say "Christmas game"
      8. Perfect Dark XBLA - three shots
      9. Gay Tony's sex is "quite strong"
      10. What Prison Break looks like as a game - 10 screens
      11. Tickets running out for EG Expo
      12. Need for Speed series breaks 100 million units
      13. Dead Space: Extraction sold 9,000 in the US last month, Divnich blames EA
      14. Infinity Ward has no "clue" about game to follow Modern Warfare 2
      15. We're going to Russia tomorrow! Anyone know why?
      16. Modern Warfare 2 to get Leicester Square launch in London
      17. Datel unhappy about 360 third-party memory unit barring
      18. Bruce Willis to star in Kane & Lynch movie
      19. PS3 filmed crashing into LCD TV at high speed
      20. God of War III challenge room DLC "would make a lot of sense"
      21. New Sony stick controller patent emerges
      22. UK Tekken 6 tournament kicks off today
      23. Win a PS3 Slim plus a copy of Borderlands! Here! Right now!
      24. Pachter: Music decline caused flat September sales in US
      25. Wolfenstein patched to 1.11, crashes fixed
      26. Ratchet & Clank demo this Thursday, first review up
      27. Castlevania: The Adventure - ReBirth out next week
      28. Assassin's Creed just $5 on Steam this week
      29. Seth to be "even cheaper" in SSFIV
      30. Perfect Bayonetta Famitsu score reserved for 360 version
      1. FIFA 10 kicks off in NA
      2. Scribblenauts chalks up serious US sales
      3. Indian gamer takes GTA IV super-play record
      4. Inversion announced, developed by TimeShift's Saber
      5. Toyota super car included in special GT5 edition
      6. Bowling seeks to ease MW2 PC tension with IWNET explanation
      7. Miyamoto: Nintendo's next console will "likely" be "more compact"
      8. NCsoft goes Hallowe'en bonkers in its MMOs
      9. September NPD - Aion tops 20 bestselling PC games in US
      10. PAX East tickets on sale now
      11. Ghost Recon Predator rated by OFLC
      12. Confirmed: APB beta now underway
      13. Microsoft trials "pilot rewards program" for Live
      14. Aussie PSPgo sells 1,000 units in week one
      15. Army of Two, Midnight Club: LA and Sonic added to 360 GoD
      16. Flash compo - Win PES 2010, Madden 10 and OpFlash: Dragon Rising on PS3 right now!
      17. Best Buy lists Modern Warfare 2 midnight opening stores
      18. StarCraft II LAN petition breaks 213,000 signatures
      19. World of Goo sales produces 57,000 sales - see what people paid
      20. Latest One Life Left features Mark Ward
      21. Black Wii bundle hitting Europe on November 20
      22. PC Gamer editor - Why I signed the Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server petition
      23. Darksiders for January ship
      24. Epic Mickey - tons more imagery and animations
      25. Rumour: Bayonetta gets 40/40 from Famitsu [Update]
      26. All You Need is Love downloaded 100,000 times in September
      27. New Mass Effect 2 screens show guns
      28. Nelson - PS3 will soon be "off," covered in "dust"
      29. Nintendo may announce first profit warning in six years
      30. Rumour - GT5 pack contains space for three discs
      31. Modern Warfare 2 Rust map shown in video
      32. September NPD: Sony "continues to redefine entertainment"
      33. September NPD - Microsoft focusses on ODST success
      34. September NPD - Wii Play bestselling game decade-to-date
      35. September NPD - Everything in one place
      36. Q-Games Pres: PixelJunk steering clear of PSP because of piracy
      37. MTV: Beatles: Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero V "two-to-one"
      1. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exodus coming to PSN this Thursday
      2. September NPD - Slight YoY increase reported, second best September since '07
      3. September NPD - ODST wins on software front
      4. September NPD - PS3 bested only by DS in the US
      5. September NPD - Raw Data
      6. Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server petition shoots past 70k
      7. STO gets Q1 2010 release date, beta imminent
      8. Panzer, Tower Blox are this week's Arcade games
      9. 360 update to ditch non-MS memory units
      10. FIFA 10 clears 1 million UK units in three weeks
      11. Weekly US Nintendo releases - LostWinds, Shootanto, S**tloads of Domo games
      12. Batman dev rags on competition's "average content"
      13. Ruffian: Crackdown 2 takes place ten years after original
      14. Machinarium and demo out now
      15. Halo Waypoint detailed in video [Update]
      16. GTA Chinatown Wars PSP reviews kick to kill
      17. Daytona HD confirmed... for arcade
      18. Broussard: Uncharted series "on par" with Half-Life
      19. 360 Twitter, Facebook update demoed in video
      20. Rumour - Killzone 3 in developement, targeted for 2010
      21. Abbey Road releases for Beatles: Rock Band tomorrow
      22. First Borderlands reviews start rolling in
      23. Band Hero track list revealed
      24. SCEE releases new Jak and Daxter PSP shots
      25. New Gay Tony shots are released
      26. Sakaguchi confirms new project at Mistwalker, it's at the "finishing stage"
      27. Pachter: Borderlands has been "sent to die"
      28. NFS: Nitro gets November 6 release date
      29. RE5 Versus and Golf: Tee it Up are this week's Live Deal of the Week
      30. Modern Warfare 2 rated 18 by BBFC
      31. LocoRoco Home space revealed
      32. Kojima: "I can promise" Zone Of the Enders 3
      33. Assassins Creed: Lineage gets a debut trailer
      34. New GOW Collection shots are out
      35. Zelda: Spirit Tracks collectors edition revealed [Update]
      36. DICE: Dedicated servers are a "given"
      37. Gameplay demo of Heavy Rain is released
      38. Win Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition right now - all you have to do is comment!
      39. Interstellar Marines - new shots released
      40. Calling All Cars severs to be shut
      41. UK charts: Uncharted 2 beaten by FIFA 10 to No. 1
      42. Moore: Games industry "at least a decade away from saying goodbye to physical disc"
      43. Rock Band released for iPhone
      44. Wells: 85 people worked on Uncharted 2 by the end
      45. New BioShock 2 info and footage coming this Thursday
      46. Pachter: Xbox Live will be "a 100 bucks" in a couple of years
      47. NA retailers list MW2 Xbox 360 bundle for November 10
      48. PC version of Modern Warfare 2 does away with dedicated servers, upsets PC gamers
      1. New Mario in the works according to VO, not NSMB Wii or Galaxy 2
      2. Weekly MMO news round-up: Halloween comes early, free trials and welcome backs
      1. Ex-US Postal worker admits theft of 2,200 GameFly games
      2. LocoRoco Midnight Carnival hitting PSN October 29
      3. PC version of SAW to be a Steam exclusive
      4. Indie and other games of interest: Become a shark, hunt down vampires
      5. ArmA 2 patch fixes issue with server window manipulation
      6. GameStop lists SSFIV for release on March 23
      7. XBL update will bring more to dashboard than Twitter and Facebook
      8. Star Trek Online video talks about the timeline, shows space battles
      9. Namco Bandai "thinking about" making Tales of Vesperia 2
      10. Amazon gets in on the Dragon Age preorder stampede
      11. Cold Front DLC pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation on PSN
      12. NIS America taking preorders for UMD version of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman
      13. ND handing out 30 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Editions this weekend
      14. Jurassic: The Hunted video shows dinosaurs, guns, dinosaurs
      15. Need for Speed: NITRO shots show some of the licensed cars
      16. Steam has Half-Life games on sale for 55.8% off
      17. John Romero's Slipgate Ironworks facing ch-ch-ch-changes
      18. Microsoft issues XBL permabans to illegit Forza 3, Borderlands players
      1. Red Faction games 25% off on Steam this weekend
      2. BioWare: Mass Effect 2 is for PC and Xbox 360 only
      3. Aliens vs Predator video shows Alien gameplay
      4. Only the PC version of Dragon Age will have a top down perspective
      5. First trailer for God of War Collection released
      6. Psyloke revealed as DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      7. Modern Warfare 2 has a "ridiculous" amount of customization
      8. Lost Planet movie is "completely different from the game"
      9. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias hitting the US on October 19
      10. Star Wars: The Old Republic site introduces the planet Balmorra
      11. New Super Mario. Bros Wii video is jump-tastic
      12. Mass Effect 2 confirmed for January 2010 release with preorder bonus
      13. Steam and Direct2Drive offering Dragon Age goodies
      14. US PS movie store update, Oct. 16 - A kiss from a rose on the grey
      15. Japanese first day software sales, week ending Oct. 17 - Uncharted 2 FTW
      16. Japanese software sales, week ending Oct. 11 - Pokemon Gold/Silver tops
      17. SCEA: Third parties not required to release PSP games through PSN
      18. Japanese hardware sales, week ending Oct. 11 - DSi tops
      19. Bayonetta screens show off her weapons
      20. US PSN update, Oct. 15 - massive amount of stuff
      21. Fist of the North Star game Hokuto Musou gets a video
      22. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron hitting shops November 6
      23. Rumor: Mass effect 2 "may" be heading to PS3
      24. F1 2009 video shows two men acting like kids
      25. Epic Mickey - first GI scan
      26. Uncharted 2 would have been "very different game" without Blu-ray, HD, Cell
      27. Uncharted 2's Wells on PS3 over 360, motion controls, the next Drake game and more
      28. I Am Legend - What I meant to say
      29. Obsidian: Alpha Protocol delay will allow for a "good coat of polish"
      30. Nintendo will "move along in step" with HD tech, says Miyamoto
      31. Miyamoto "has a lot of interest" in a LittleBigPlanet-like Mario game
      32. First Borderlands DLC announced, features zombies and mad doctors
      1. Rockstar announces Legacy collection of PSP titles
      2. VG247 takes home three Games Media Awards
      3. September NPD releases delayed until Monday
      4. Sony announces 250Gb PS3 Slim for November
      5. Games Media Awards 2009 - liveblog at 8pm BST tonight
      6. Dante's Inferno hands out "Bad Nanny" Achievement for infantcide
      7. Miyamoto likes to measure things; Would go door-to-door for WiiFit Plus
      8. The Last Stand DLC now available for Dawn of War II
      9. Aaron Greenberg's not concerned over NPD figures for September
      10. Blur lends likeness to LEGO Rock Band
      11. Trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony reminds us of TMZ
      12. Opinion post says videogame marketing to gal gamers is stereotypical
      13. Splinter Cell: Conviction walkthrough shows Sam in action
      14. BUZZ! Space Quiz Pack hits PSN today
      15. Valve announces release dates for the Left 4 Dead 2 demo
      16. German special interest group to hold "killer game" protest
      17. Band Hero demo up on Xbox Live
      18. SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol slip into spring 2010
      19. Check out the video for Siege of Mirkwood
      20. IW dropped Modern Warfare 2 Campaign co-op as it "ruined the experience"
      21. Get your spook on with these Halloween Avatar costumes
      22. Infinity Ward Vs VG247 readers - no holds barred
      23. EA announces Flash game Dragon Age: Journeys
      24. Guitar Hero: Van Halen freebie running late for PS3
      25. Daemon Moon event for Warhammer Online celebrates Halloween
      26. EA reveals details for Need for Speed: SHIFT on iPhone
      27. Wolfmother track pack lands on Guitar Hero 5
      28. We're seeing Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling this afternoon - got any questions?
      29. Euro PSN update, October 15
      30. Gameswipe format was "weird," says Brooker
      31. PES 2010 reviews go up, EG goes with 7/10
      32. Register interest for Secret World beta, enter the underworld
      33. New CryEngine movie rocks next-gen's joint, blows current gen's mind
      34. God of War III demo releasing November 13 in Japan
      35. Bret Easton Ellis to write Golden Suicides script
      36. Modern Warfare - Wii vs 360/PS3 screens posted
      37. DJ Hero Shows Daft Punk TV slots, in-game action
      38. Gearbox throwing Borderlands release "extravasplosion"
      39. Capcom, Nintendo partner up for Piracy Fighting Adventure II: Sue Harder
      1. Dawn of War games, Civilization IV 50% off on Steam
      2. Preview Program: Microsoft taking sign-ups for Facebook, Twitter, Zune
      3. Naughty Dog outs cross game chat for next PS3 firmware update
      4. Pics: Multiplayer shots for The Ballad of Gay Tony
      5. Magic the Gathering update slated for Oct. 21 on XBL
      6. Mushroom Wars landing on PSN tomorrow
      7. Activision: DJ Hero can help the music game genre grow
      8. Kojima says Zone of the Enders is on the "top of the list"
      9. Codemasters details preorder program for Siege of Mirkwood
      10. Newest FFXIII character revealed in Shonen Jump
      11. Activision releases PC demo for Wolfenstein
      12. Braben feels digital titles take just as much effort as other titles
      13. Rumor: AMD wins GPU bid for next Xbox console
      14. Wolfenstein lands on Steam, Direct2Drive
      15. LEGO Rock Band hitting the UK November 27
      16. Loads of Tekken 6 shots for you on the net
      17. Fallout 3 saves on PS3 not transferring for GOTY edition in Canada
      18. EA announces Madden NFL Arcade for XBL and PSN
      19. Watch TV from Sky on your 360 come October 27
      20. Activison pulling Kurt Cobain videos off of YouTube
      21. Kojima says Peace Walker will make you want a PSP
      22. Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space hits XBL
      23. Nintendo releasing black controllers for Wii next month
      24. Brink, Heavy Rain, Gravity Crash and other dev sessions confirmed for EG Expo
      25. Rumour - Nvidia's Tegra to power next-gen DS
      26. Win Uncharted 2! Four copies to give away! We want your comments!
      27. Sony Ericsson launches PS-compatible Aino
      28. China bans foreign investment in online gaming
      29. Company of Heroes gets Steam discounts
      30. Left 4 Dead 2 boycott stands down
      31. First OpFlash DLC to arrive within "weeks," major stuff planned
      32. European Dreamcast is 10 today
      33. Splatterhouse given 2010 PAL release date
      34. Newell: "We really are part of this community"
      35. Dawn of War II gets Last Stand update today
      36. Ex-Flight sim bods form Cascade
      37. Ready at Dawn's new game engine will support all consoles, says company Pres
      38. Yamauchi: We could release Gran Turismo 5 any time we want
      1. First six pages of Mass Effect: Redemption comic revealed
      2. Blur video shows split screen co-op, powerups
      3. GRID patch updates the game to version 1.3
      4. Actor David Sullivan announces his audition for inFamous sequel
      5. Xbox Live activity for the week of Oct. 5 - South Park mania
      6. Win Brutal Legend on 360 and PS3 by commenting!
      7. BioWare has two years of DLC planned for Dragon Age: Origins
      8. Watch the intro to DJ Hero - it's two minutes long
      9. Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition will run you $3k on eBay
      10. Splatterhouse images show loads of blood, hooray
      11. BioWare releases character creator for Dragon Age
      12. Screens from Modern Warfare 2 show water, guns, war
      13. Assassin's Creed III could have a World War II setting
      14. Wii Play moves 11.1 million copies in the US
      15. Kojima talks to Famitsu about Peace Walker cutscenes, screaming AI
      16. Channel 4 "not actively" bringing 4oD to Wii
      17. Toys R Us running a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale this week
      18. BioWare would "love to revisit" the Jade Empire franchise
      19. Cage: Comments that Heavy Rain's nothing but a QuickTime Event are "absurd"
      20. Buy World of Goo, pay whatever you want
      21. Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth scans and info land in Famitsu
      22. Details for new Fist of the North Star game revealed
      23. Cyberbike game and peripheral for Wii revealed
      24. Bon Jovi song to be used for Crystal Bearers adverts in Japan
      25. A Boy and His Blob released for Wii in the US
      26. It's THQ week on Steam, get 50% off loads of stuff
      27. Queen guitarist playable in LEGO Rock Band, dedicated game may happen
      28. Leaked promo video shows The Saboteur's preorder bonus
      29. C&C4 video details Crawler dev, new shots released
      30. GTA IV hits 360 GoD for ?20
      31. Blizzard sets WoW-Battle.net account merge deadline
      32. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories out February
      33. Dark Void screens are new, have a jetpack
      34. Watch Epic Mickey artist draw Epic Mickey s**t
      35. Dragon Age CE goes exclusively to GAME
      36. EG gives Brutal Legend 8/10
      37. Valve "absolutely not" exploiting indies with Steam, says Tripwire
      38. Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend midnight openings - every Gamestop listed
      39. Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend launch in the US
      40. Magna Carta 2 gets two gameplay movies, deep dialogue
      41. ESRB offers cut price ratings for Minis
      42. Capcom gives away Tesla as Dark Void prize
      43. Gay Tony: straight shots
      44. Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo goes offline ahead of US launch
      45. "All games journos should be forced to make a game," says Zombie Cow's Dan Marshall
      46. "Leaked" Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns confirmed by Achievement list, Valve
      1. WoW movie being penned by Private Ryan writer
      2. Planetside Next is only internal name for next Planetside
      3. Dragon Age day one DLC looks like this
      4. Buy four copies of Borderlands, save ?9
      5. Dragon Age launch trailer is joke-awesome
      6. EyePet: "Intention is to build something bigger than a single game"
      7. Bayonetta - Video of PS3 vs 360 version [Update]
      8. Bernard: Premium App Store DLC is "raping" the consumer
      9. SCEE releases new Gran Turismo 5 shots
      10. Savage Moon: Hera coming to PSP
      11. Axel & Pixel, Sam & Max Season 2 coming to Arcade this week
      12. Kamiya: Tomonobu Itagaki is an "idiot"
      13. Microsoft removes November 17 date for Facebook/Twitter on XBL
      14. Gravity Crash - new shots released
      15. Hasbro Family Game Night is this weeks Live Deal of the Week
      16. Pachter: There will be a 250Gb Xbox 360 "someday", MS can cut price "whenever they feel like it"
      17. Lego: Rock Band tracklisting announced, exporting songs to Rock Band confirmed
      18. PSPgo sells 8,000 units in France in first three days
      19. Modern Warfare 2: Psychotext "dogging" comment makes The Daily Star
      20. Ubisoft releases new Red Steel 2 video
      21. Ratchet & Clank: ACiT goes Gold
      22. New Mafia II screenshots released
      23. New Interstellar Marines teaser is live
      24. EA Russia PS3 ME2/L4D2 listings an "error", says EA
      25. Uncharted 2 is out this week - watch the UK TV ad
      26. UK charts: FIFA 10 remains top of the pile
      27. Fils-Aime: PSPgo has a "fundamental concept problem"
      28. Sega: "We want to crack core gaming"
      29. First Brutal Legend reviews go live with nines from IGN
      30. New Dante's Inferno dev diary released
      31. 300, Watchmen composer to score Army of Two: The 40th Day soundtrack
      32. Forza Motorsport 3 leaks onto P2P sites
      33. Rumour - ModNation Racers beta underway
      34. Scribblenauts development time revealed
      35. EA Russia mentions Left 4 Dead 2 for PS3 [Update]
      36. Miyamoto: NSMB will "continue" to sell for many years
      37. Avatar items coming for Modern Warfare 2
      38. SOE's John Smedly drops hints about "PlanetSide Next"
      39. Rumor: Final two Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns leaked
      1. EA Russia website shows Mass Effect 2 for PS3 [Update]
      2. Resistance 3 set in New York, says ad
      3. Weekly mmo news round-up: Star Trek, LOTRO, EVE, it's all here
      1. Microsoft knocks a fiver off of some Classics range games
      2. Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Making of Coruscant dev video
      3. Facebook and Twitter go live on XBL Nov 17 in the UK
      4. Rocket Knight sequel finally announced, has video
      5. Ignition releases video for its steampunk adventure Nostalgia
      6. Get two free games with Painkiller: Resurrection preorder on Steam
      7. BioWare has a possible new "next-gen" game in development
      8. Hotfix for Nvidia issues with Risen released
      9. Indie and other games of interest: Gray Matter, Great Battles, free stuff
      10. Need for Speed: NITRO shots show customization options
      11. Play Uncharted 2 multiplayer Beta and possibly win the Fortune Hunter Edition
      12. Plotline for Resident Evil: Afterlife surfaces, needs Don LaFontaine
      13. Turn 10: It would be very difficult for another dev to replicate Forza 3 physics
      14. Hydrophobia will eventually get a retail release on disc
      15. Runic would like to see Torchlight hit Xbox Live Arcade
      16. Left 4 Dead patch allows survivors to come out of the closet
      17. Platinum distances itself a bit from PS3 version of Bayonetta
      18. Eminem and Jay-Z tracks revaled for DJ Hero Renegade Edition
      19. Forza 3 to ship with 30 extra tracks in two packs
      20. Forza 3 second disc install takes four minutes - video
      1. Just Cause 2 dev video gives a tour of Panau Island
      2. Borderlands is golden folks - hell yeah
      3. ESRB approval process adds to cost of PSP Minis
      4. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier hitting PSP and PS2 in November
      5. Command & Conquer: Red Alert coming to iPhone in October
      6. Future DLC for Beatles: Rock Band dependent on sales
      7. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver rated by ESRB for PSone Classics
      8. Namco officially announces Clash of the Titans
      9. GameStop hosting DJ Hero demo events October 11
      10. Scotland proposing tax breaks to keep game developers
      11. Europe: Get your Wolverine on in PlayStation Home
      12. Naughty Dog reiterates Uncharted 2 may not be the last of Drake
      13. White Knight Chronicles 2 detailed a bit, has pretty pictures
      14. Rumor: Possible video for Road Rash revamp hits the net
      15. Rock Band: Blink 182, Satriani and Kansas coming next week
      16. Hudson announces Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem for WiiWare
      17. Xbox Deals of the Week detailed for October
      18. Try before you buy: Guitar Hero 5 demo now on XBL
      19. Muramasa: The Demon Blade confirmed for Europe
      20. EA to launch interactive children's books for DS
      21. DS tops Japanese hardware sales with 63,954 units
      22. Wii Fit Plus dominates Japanese software chart
      23. US PS movie store update, Oct 8: Truckloads of non-HD offerings
      24. Australia finally gives World of Warcraft a rating
      25. Rumor: God of War Collection moved to March 2010 [UPDATE]
      26. Riders of Rohan expansion and Volume III confirmed for LOTRO [UPDATE]
      27. Monster's Ball writer to pen script for Dante's Inferno
      28. Carnage to be released for Ultimate Alliance 2
      29. Brutal Legend dropping the metal on Rock Band next week
      30. Star Trek Online boss admits "really sticky" business problems bringing MMOs to consoles
      31. Diablo III redline targeting system "not going anywhere"
      32. Games "unlikely to be a regular feature of BBC Four"
      33. Scribblenauts launches in Europe
      34. GTA IV and Dead Space coming to 360 GoD this month
      35. Hitman trio gets 50% off on Steam
      36. Chinatown Wars PSP gets new trailer
      37. Amazon drops Wii to ?140
      38. Bayonetta demo - PS3 vs 360 screens
      39. Shaba closed, Acti confirms
      40. Dust 514 gets first vid, looks hot
      41. Modern Warfare 2 vid special - multiple playable characters, "homefront" combat confirmed
      42. Mass Effect 2 is "darker, harder" than original
      43. US PSN update, October 8
      44. Oddworld games about to hit PC, PS3
      45. First Saw reviews don't exude promise
      46. Final Fantasy XIV screens glorify the working man
      47. Rock Band's iPhone version includes 20 songs, multiplayer
      1. Red Dead Redemption screens show horses, shootin', a stagecoach
      2. Eliza Dushku may work on movie version of WET
      3. SEGA drops video and loads of pics for Valkyria Chronicles 2
      4. Tower Bloxx Deluxe headed to XBLA October 21
      5. Rockstar releases new video for Chinatown Wars PSP
      6. Team Ninja job posting outs possible PS3 and Xbox 360 title
      7. Bayonetta screens show off her um, assets, yeah
      8. Video of BottleRocket's The Flash hits the net
      9. Epic Mickey is definitely a Wii exclusive, says GI
      10. Crytek UK working on "original FPS"
      11. Modern Warfare 2 bookie's favourite for UK Christmas chart-topper
      12. NIS America PSP games heading to Euro PSN
      13. Spencer: Forza 3 is the "only racing sim that's shipping this generation"
      14. Yamauchi: GT5 looks "better than reality"
      15. MGS Peace Walker demo openly released
      16. Level-5 has "no plans" to release Professor Layton games on Wii
      17. LittleBigPlanet music pack one hits PSN today
      18. Classic computer game Archon returning to PC
      19. EEDAR agrees PS3 will be tops in hardware sales for September
      20. Diablo III lead designer says Monk could get party-boosting skills
      21. Beyonce would consider making her own fitness game
      22. Halo 3: ODST moves 2.5 million units in two weeks
      23. Gran Turismo 5 video shows off Toyota's FT-86 concept
      24. Blue Toad Murder Files episodes to last 90 minutes each
      25. WiiWare title Last Flight is a hack-and-slash game with vampires
      26. Uncharted 2 demo racks up 1.2 million games played
      27. Free-to-play game site ijji.com registers 9 million players
      28. Left 4 Dead 2 will have a harder mode called Realsim
      29. Bayonetta demo hits Japanese Live
      30. Pachter: PS3 beat 360 and Wii in US last month, double-digit growth has returned
      31. Euro PSN update, October 8
      32. GTA Chinatown Wars PSP - more shots
      33. Square shows FFXIV beasties
      34. Superannuation is one today
      35. New Groove Armada video premiering on VidZone today
      36. Halo IP planned out for "at least six years," says O'Connor
      37. "Decapitation, dismemberment" and more removed from L4D2 for Oz release
      38. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias hits WiiWare this Friday
      39. Report: Shaba shuttered in Acti cutbacks
      40. Forza 3 reviews go live, all looking rosy
      41. Dragon Age to get day one DLC
      42. Wright's Stupid Fun Club working on three games
      43. Bayonetta demo live on Japanese PSN
      44. L4D2 Scavenge mode to make game "more frantic" [Update]
      45. Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 DLC to focus on competitive multiplayer - not co-op
      46. Left 4 Dead 2 receives MA 15+ rating in Australia, is un-banned
      47. SCEA: PSPgo tripled PSP sales at some retailers
      1. SCEA: Publishers are to blame for high cost of PSP Minis
      2. Possible Max Payne 3 teaser pops up on YouTube
      3. Assassin's Creed 2 video introduces Leonardo da Vinci
      4. PC's a "very powerful platform and it’s very flexible," says Pitchford
      5. South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play videos are rather fun
      6. Pitchford: "It would be much better if Steam was its own business"
      7. Official Forza 3 car list reveals over 400 different cars
      8. DJ Hero pre-sale spikes are good indicator for 2010 DLC
      9. Xbox Avatar retro-arcade survey "not indicative of any planning"
      10. Video demos XBL dashboard Tweeting, Facebook and Last.FM
      11. Risen tops Direct2Drive Top Ten sales list
      12. Second trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City released
      13. Microsoft survey hints at Xbox Avatar retro-arcade
      14. LEGO Rock Band video shows David Bowie in action
      15. Former Bungie staff announce Moonshot Studios
      16. Pitchford: Easy Achievements can increase sales by 40K
      17. Digital codes for PSN games now available on Amazon
      18. Multiplayer changes for Red Faction: Guerrilla now live for 360
      19. Red Steel 2 director says game will get a February or March 2010 release
      20. Curt Schilling's 38 Studios at work on PS3 game
      21. LGC: 40% of the industry's underprepared for digital distribution
      22. Activision lays off 30 staffers from newly-purchased 7-Studios
      23. Looks like Captain Price returns in Modern Warfare 2
      24. Reggie - No Nintendo hardware shortages this Holiday
      25. Because of The Beatles, U2 would love to appear in Rock Band
      26. Star Trek Online - new shots
      27. EDGE back up on App Store
      28. Yakuza 4 to have in-game ads
      29. WoW movie gets "Rise of the Lich King" sub-head
      30. Natal will start out pricey, get cheaper
      31. Forza getting free 10-pack car DLC at launch
      32. BattleForge ups to DirectX 11 support
      33. Total War: Warpath out now
      34. Game Informer removes Wii-exclusive claim from Epic Mickey teaser
      35. Tretton: Risk-loving Sony seeing "sky-rocketing" PS3 sales thanks to Slim
      36. Newell - Decision on Left 4 Dead 2 Australian release imminent
      37. Fatale releases for $7
      38. Rumour - You play Jack in Visceral's The Ripper
      39. "PSPgo will fail miserably," says major UK retailer
      40. FIFA 10 sells 1.7 million Euro copies in week one
      41. Starbreeze Bourne game is Ascendancy, says CV
      42. Nier developer wants an HD Wii, stat!
      43. Europe ups its arsenal with Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Collector's Edition
      1. Tekken 6 250Gb PS3 Slim bundle not heading to the UK
      2. Naughty Dog sees "every game" it develops in the future having online features
      3. StarCraft II has 58 voice actors, terrain sets named after planets
      4. Metal Slug XX getting a December release on PSP
      5. Microsoft: Facebook and Last.FM public Beta coming this month
      6. EEDAR: Wii game scores seem to be better due to unreviewed titles
      7. SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol delay into 2010
      8. Six more titles from EA's catalog released on Steam
      9. Crash Commando getting PSN patch, rumble support
      10. LEGO Rock Band shots reveal a non-sulking David Bowie
      11. Reggie says DSi's sold 2.2 million and Walmart is Nintendo's biggest customer
      12. Play as your Mii or a pro-skater's Mii in Tony Hawk: RIDE
      13. Xbox Live activity for the week of Sept. 28 - No surprises here
      14. Op Flash: Dragon Rising - first 10 minutes of play from the 360 version
      15. Activision reveals huge Tony Hawk: RIDE soundtrack
      16. Remedy files trademark for Death Rally title
      17. Microsoft: Avatar clothing has been changed 150 million times
      18. Reminder: Afrika out in the US today
      19. Quantum Theory pics show things glowing, stuff getting shot
      20. Warren Spector's Epic Mickey is about "thinking and artwork"
      21. NCsoft working on queue solutions for bombarded Aion
      22. IL-2 Sturmovik devs working on Battle of Britain flight-sim game
      23. Revolution's Charles Cecil designing Christmas Carol game for Disney flick
      24. Infinity Ward: Activision wanted more WWII games instead of Modern Warfare
      25. Tekken 6 PS3 Slim bundle spotted, it's a 250Gb as well
      26. Rumor: More evidence of PSP game rental service surfaces
      27. Entire DJ Hero set list announced
      28. "Six Rocksteady babies were born during the development of Batman: Arkham Asylum"
      29. Codemasters now 70 QA staff lighter [Update]
      30. Dark Void artwork shows sacking, visors
      31. Report: Visceral working on Jack the Ripper game
      32. WET dev "looking at" new original IP
      33. Venezuela moves to ban violent games
      34. Reggie: "Literally millions" were waiting for Wii price cut and Wii Fit Plus
      35. Dragon Age "living world" vid shows why BioWare rules RPG
      36. EyePet misses 2009 in the US
      37. GTA IV, Left 4 Dead, more added to US Platinum Hits
      38. Where the Wild Things Are movie shows characters
      39. Nintendo is BusinessWeek's "best company"
      40. MAG offering goodies for 7-Eleven pre-orders
      41. GameStop: Xbox 360 wireless N adapter coming Nov. 3, costs $100
      42. DLC or boxed? For RE5: Alternative Edition, it's your choice
      1. PSPgo already dropping to ?200
      2. Infinity Ward in Paris "talking game films," CoD trademarked for movies
      3. Yahtzee moves ahead with Game Damage
      4. Ubi buys Trackmania developer, Nadeo
      5. Valve drops $25 on L4D2 ad campaign, pre-sell 300% up on original
      6. Resi Evil Alt Edition to use PS3 motion control "from top to bottom"
      7. First Dragon Age review is a GI 9/10
      8. MS in-game ads seeing "double-digit year-on-year revenue growth"
      9. DJ Hero dated for October 30 in UK
      10. EA announces comic partnership with IDW for Dragon Age, Army of Two
      11. This weeks XBLA games is South Park, Lucidity
      12. Confirmed - Epic Mickey formally revealed, in next GI
      13. The Supremes, The Pretenders heading to Lips this month
      14. GTA IV 360 gets update to add Gay Tony achievements
      15. Rumour - Sphere is the codename of the PlayStation Motion Controller
      16. David Bowie playable in Lego: Rock Band
      17. Rumour - Need for Speed: Shift PS3 bundle becomes real via packaging
      18. Bethesda bringing Rogue Warrior, Medieval Games to Eurogamer Expo
      19. Trevor Williams leaves Codemasters
      20. SCEE: PSPgo has "performed in line with our expectations"
      21. SCEE: Eight Days and The Getaway 3 only "put aside"
      22. Tretton "couldn't be happier" with recent PS3 sales figures
      23. SCEE aiming for a "similar time frame" between EU-US release of LBP PSP
      24. Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC is this week's Live Deal of the Week
      25. Report - Modern Warfare 2 PC delayed until November 24
      26. Yamauchi: Pressure to release GT5 is "difficult to bear"
      27. Call of Duty 3 and RSV2 added to GOD
      28. Kojima shows his "guns" - here is the proof
      29. First shots of Blue Toad Murder Files released
      30. Nintendo release Wii Fit Plus b-roll video
      31. UK charts: FIFA 10 becomes the second biggest launch in the UK
      32. Activision defends its pricing on MW2
      33. New Ratchet & Clank: ACiT trailer tells you "how to spot a super villain"
      34. Remedy: We could have released Alan Wake "much earlier"
      35. Multiplayer and Spec Ops maps for Modern Warfare 2 revealed
      36. Dust 514 to use micro-transactions, wont require subs to play
      37. New RE5 Alt Edition shots released, extra scenario called "Lost in Nightmares"
      38. Spot the difference between Forza 2 and Forza 3
      39. The Raconteurs and Electric Six coming to Rock Band this week
      40. EA releases new Saboteur shots
      41. New Dust 514 screens released from Icelandic fanfest
      42. Konami "retro revival" to be revealed today
      43. Rumour - EA working on a "unannounced" Natal project
      44. Ueda: "I have an interest in making first-person games"
      45. LittleBigPlanet PSP dated in the US for November 17 [Update]
      46. Rumour - New Medal of Honor set in modern times
      47. Molyneux: We never said there won't be any Project Natal in Fable III
      48. Monster Hunter 3's Western release changing for the better
      49. Atlus: Demon's Souls NA servers going live on October 6
      50. New Modern Warfare 2 trailer released [Update]
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: DC Universe gets Green Arrow, LOTRO screens, CrimeCraft goes free
      1. Love SQ soundtrack features music from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger
      2. David Guetta to serve as official European spokesperson for DJ Hero
      3. God of War III: Third batch of fankit goodies land on the net
      4. Stardock’s Brad Wardell: "If GFW takes over, I'm done"
      5. Uncharted 2 character bios surface with pics
      6. Dead To Rights writer and producer is new VP of Fox's game division
      7. Ubisoft: Preorder deals at GameStop for Red Steel 2, Rabbids Go Home
      8. Indie and other games of interest: Hey look, it's all in one post
      9. Guitar Hero 5 gets some Queens of the Stone Age
      10. Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2! video is a bit of fun
      11. 5th Cell says original name for Scribblenauts was "Wordplay"
      12. Steam accepting preorders for Borderlands, gives 10% off
      13. Pro Evolution Soccer will have motion control in future installments
      14. Ubisoft releases two new game show titles
      15. PSN demo for Undead Knights was actually the full game
      16. November Game Informer cover tease is Mickey Mouse
      17. Level-5 will make another Dark Cloud if the public wants it
      18. Modern Warfare 2 achievements tell us to kill things
      1. Game Informer has exclusive preview of Max Payne 3
      2. US PS movie store update, Oct.1 - Loads of stuff edition
      3. Evan Wells: "We’d love to see Uncharted grow beyond the PS3"
      4. New PS3 commercial features Uncharted 2, lady with nice legs
      5. Ju-On: The Grudge gets solid October release date
      6. Microsoft says that motion control will "become the norm"
      7. Capcom's first Deal of the Week is Okami for $9.99
      8. New Modern Warfare 2 trailer to debut during Sunday night football
      9. Microsoft "could" be working on video capture for Xbox 360
      10. GT5 shots showing Ferrari and Lamborghini are dead sexy
      11. Character creator for Dragon Age to be released October 13
      12. US finally getting Trine on PSN October 22
      13. Nintendo says firmware 4.2 issues in UK are minimal
      14. EA starts taking Battlefield 1943 preorders for PC
      15. Valve reveals special preorder incentives on Left 4 Dead 2
      16. Square release English dub of TGS FFXIII trailer
      17. Developer diary explains why The Saboteur is not a "typical WWII game"
      18. Independent UK retailers call for legislation against superstores
      19. Black Bean: "We will be bringing the real WRC experience"
      20. Queen coming to Rock Band in October
      21. DeeJay confirmed for SSFIV - screens included!
      22. Black Bean announce WRC game for PS3, 360 and PC
      23. Developer diary for OF: Dragon Rising discusses realism
      24. EA and Fox working on Spore CG-animated film
      25. CD Projekt confirms intent of purchase from Polish tech firm
      26. Infinity Ward: Development on MW2 DLC "hasn't even begun"
      27. EA release Brutal Legend multiplayer video
      28. F1 2009 dated for November, new gameplay released
      29. FIFA 10 is out today - get it for ?25 in UK supermarkets
      30. Gameswipe pulls in 361,000 viewers
      31. Tanaka: FFXIV beta will be Windows only
      32. Rockstar release new Gay Tony screenshots
      33. Sony dev "unsuccessfully" tried to make GOWIII a FPS
      34. 20 staff let go from Transmission Games
      35. EA being sued for unauthorized likeness use in Madden, Fight Night, NCAA
      36. Sega: West wont get Bayonetta demo until near release, Japanese PSN gets it next week
      37. Street Fighter IV to become 360 Platinum Hit
      38. Report - Polish tech firm to buy CD Projekt
      39. Square Enix: Nier: Gestalt to be international version, Japanese to get two versions
      40. New FFXIII screens showcase Serah
      41. New Ballad of Gay Tony video released by Rockstar
      42. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time to recieve dual demo treatment
      43. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sales drop to 39k
      44. Naughty Dog: "We would like" to work on Jak and Daxter PS3
      45. New Super Mario Bros. 'Demo Play' doesn't play for you after all
      46. PSN 'Game Cards' coming to NA, skipping UK
      47. Matt Hazard returns (again) in "Blood Bath and Beyond"
      1. Atlus to release Zeno Clash on Xbox 360
      2. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 video released
      3. Bowie, Styx, Swift, Gaye and others join Band Hero
      4. Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition video shows Jill, cranks
      5. Wii users reporting system issues after installing new update
      6. Pics of Kristin Bell voicing Lucy in AssCreed II pop up on the net
      7. Analyst suggests EA has "largely missed this console cycle"
      8. Hydrophobia to be released episodically on XBLA
      9. Namco Bandai opens up online game division
      10. Video - The entire Brutal Legend demo
      11. Splinter Cell: Conviction Collector's Edition revealed
      12. Valve's Gabe Newell being flown to Australia by gaming community
      13. Machinarium demo released, looks rather cute
      14. Deep Silver releases Risen demo for PC
      15. Ghostbusters on PSP and PSPgo getting a November release
      16. Sony claims Blu-ray issues on PS3 are "not an issue" with firmware update 3.01
      17. Australian film critic says Aussie ratings are turning people into criminals
      18. Some Blu-ray films to allow a transfer onto PSP
      19. Tony Hawk: Ride UK date moved to December 4
      20. Dante's Inferno producer says comparisons to God of War are a compliment
      21. Bayonetta demo expected to land October 8
      22. Brutal Legend and NfS: Shift demos hit Live
      23. Pay to test Love now
      24. EyePet - 15-minute play movie and photos of final version
      25. Drive boss Raeburn leaves Codies - official statement
      26. Euro PSN update goes live, 20 full titles mark PSPgo launch
      27. APB goes into beta next week
      28. Japanese market down 10.5 percent this year
      29. Kojima considered third control system for Peace Walker
      30. Nintendo UK confirms entire year-end line-up
      31. Zelda: Spirit Tracks for December 11 in UK
      32. New 360 non-games ads kicking off tomorrow
      33. PSPgo Minis - 13 launch titles available now
      34. Dragon Age videos show dwarves, elves and mages fighting and talking
      35. PSPgo launches - review round-up
      36. Halo 3: ODST ad movie shows its making
      37. US PSN update - Over 100 games mark PSPgo release
      38. Monster outs spring 2010 date for Modern Warfare 2 DLC
      39. PSP firmware 6.10 introduces Bluetooth tethering, music stuff [Updated]