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  • November 2009 Archive

      1. Report - Call of Duty: Classic to re-release on PSN this week
      2. New Mass Effect 2 video shows new squadmate
      3. Quantic Dream: "Games can be meaningful"
      4. Call of Duty: Classic gets XBLA release this week
      5. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter announced for 2010 release
      6. Ubi shows €78 million loss for first-half 2009
      7. Confirmed - Brink gets delayed until fall 2010, first in-game footage rocks house
      8. Mark Ecko wanted to make a Macbeth game
      9. Ubisoft working on 10 Natal titles, 4-5 PS Motion Controller games
      10. New shots and footage of Star Ocean PS3 are GO!
      11. Pavement, Nada Surf, Taylor Swift part of December's Guitar Hero and Band Hero DLC
      12. The Saboteur's Sean to enjoy "great character growth, great story arc"
      13. Mass Effect 2 shots are serious s**t
      14. 5th Cell keen on Scribblenauts Wii
      15. Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed for 360 and DS next spring
      16. Unnamed game gets a VGA teaser
      17. Mirror's Edge leads latest Steam sale
      18. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands announced for May 2010 launch
      19. Watch the bats**t insane reveal of Zelda: Twilight Princess from E3 2004
      20. Aonuma refuses to rule out using "other forms" of technology in future Zelda games
      21. ModNation Racers shots are looking good
      22. Rumour - Screenshot shows new Duke Nukem in the works
      23. Sega on Western Yakuza 3 release: "No comment"
      24. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is this week's Live Deal of the Week
      25. Sony hails "fantastic" BAFTA win for LittleBigPlanet
      26. Amazon Germany lists Yakuza 3
      27. Puzzle Quest 2 - first shots
      28. PAL Tekken 6 championships - chance for you to see London finals
      29. "No truth" in rumours of Spotify coming to consoles
      30. Winter Wonderland coming to PlayStation Home
      31. Microsoft: "No plans" to move Rare from Twycross
      32. HMV cuts DJ Hero price to ?70
      33. HMV cuts PSPgo price to ?149
      34. LittleBigPlanet wins kids' BAFTA
      35. Report - Rare set to move to Birmingham [Update]
      36. MW2 gets diamond sales award from ELSPA
      37. UK charts: Modern Warfare 2 keeps No. 1 despite 32% sales drop
      38. BioShock 2 gets Japanese publisher
      39. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - new screens
      40. Internal Square magazine hints at final cancellation of Last Remnant PS3
      41. CV reveals Silicon Knights next game as The Box
      42. EVE, Lucidity, PoP get the Steam price-cut treatment
      43. Rumour - Spotify coming to consoles
      44. Watch grown men say "boom" in new PS3 ad
      45. BlazBlue getting PC release in France
      46. "Leerdammer" update for LittleBigPlanet now available
      47. Avatar multiplayer trailer is colorful, highly volatile
      48. Rumour - Survey outs possibillty of attending E3 from Live
      49. Infinity Ward brings down the banhammer on PC Modern Warfare 2 cheaters
      50. FFXIII Japanese TV ads shows teacher skipping school
      51. ESRB leak reveals details of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle's well-earned M-rating
      52. Fight Night Round 4 to get Rivalries DLC this week
      53. New FFXIII shots are serious business
      1. Robin Williams talks about playing online, naming his daughter Zelda
      2. Unity game engine being used to recreate crime scenes
      3. BBC iPlayer postponed on Xbox 360 indefinitely
      4. XBL: 1 million profiles created for Last.fm
      5. Street Fighter champ Daigo Umehara is not "threatened" by anyone
      6. Reminder: Rogue Warrior now available for PC, 360, PS3
      7. Check out the trailer for the King of Fighters movie
      8. 360 Live app for iPhone lets you play around with your XBL account
      9. Alone in the Dark 2 goes straight to DVD in US, thankfully
      10. Tor releases Halo: Evolutions in bookstores
      11. Steam 24-hour sale: Left 4 Dead GOTY edition dirt cheap
      12. EA: Command & Conquer may become online only in the future
      13. R.U.S.E. video walkthrough talks strategy, infantry, stuff
      14. Brink will "teach people to be good at multiplayer shooters"
      15. Australian ratings board outs Nintendo-published "Reflect Missile" from Q-Games
      1. Violence in Dead to Rights: Retribution had to be toned down a bit
      2. Ubisoft's counting on the future of 3D gaming
      3. Co-op reveal for Splinter Cell: Conviction included in PC Zone
      4. OP Flashpoint: Dragon Rising DLC in the works for PS3 and 360
      5. ONM gives Wheelspin an 11/100 - ouch
      6. Dyack says layoff numbers are "staggering", but there's growth in Canada
      7. Shanghai: Q3 revenue drops 94% for The9 after losing WoW
      8. Kingdom Under Fire II video shows war on a massive scale
      9. Eidos: Thief 4 coming along in "leaps and bounds"
      10. PSP comic store to host 500 comics upon launch
      11. Link may fly in new Zelda for Wii
      12. Left 4 Dead 2 on 360 cracks top 10 on Japanese software charts
      13. PS3 development to occur in-house from now on, says BioWare
      14. Steam 24-hour sale has Dead Space, Left 4 Dead 2
      15. Capcom bombards internet with loads of Lost Planet 2 screens
      16. Alderaan announced as a playable planet in SWTOR
      17. Activison: Call of Duty franchise has surpassed more than $3 billion
      18. Bioware's learned from past mistakes, DLC for ME2 will "kick ass"
      19. US PSN Update Nov. 24: Comic, Dino Crisis, LBP PSP
      20. LBP getting Online Create mode next week
      21. Future "experimenting" with charged online games content
      22. Rumour - Back of FFXIII box says no install required for PS3
      23. Natal could replace remote control, says MS
      24. No More Heroes PS360 site gets update
      25. EU PS3 movie stores updated for the first time
      26. DSiLL breaks 100,000 in first Japanese week
      27. SSFIV: Cody, Adon and Guy asset blowout
      28. Brink boss: PS3 tech is "alien"
      29. New Mass Effect 2 media shows Tali, Adept class
      30. Rebellion shows off AvP Predator Hunt
      31. Transformers Avatar clothing now available on Xbox Live
      32. Valve: "It pays" to listen to customers and developers
      1. "Nerves" kept Castlevania brand from GC Lords of Shadow reveal
      2. New Okamiden trailer features dog, some fighting
      3. Future profit drops 61% in 2009
      4. New Puzzle Quest in next GamePro
      5. Developer says Sony and Microsoft are interested in console MMOs
      6. Euro PSN update - November 26: Fallout 3, Zombie Island, others
      7. Bad Company 2 PC Beta pushed into 2010 to increase capacity
      8. Games Industry must be prepared for digital future, says Wada
      9. Codemasters: Online multiplayer is "absolutely why" people buy 360 and PS3
      10. Valve says online retailers miss out by boycotting Steamworks
      11. Sony E3 2003/4 vids show how insane it really was
      12. Red Dead Redemption trailer hits early, date confirmed for April 27 [Update]
      13. Splinter Cell site updated with Russian stuff
      14. Steam offering 18 THQ Games For ?26/$50
      15. PixelJunk Shooter - The entire first level in video
      16. Valve upgrades L4D2 360 servers
      17. Super Street Fighter IV movie shows off Cody, Guy, Adon, mad attacks
      18. Champ Man dev to lose 80% of staff
      19. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe demo out now
      20. Bowling: Modern Warfare 2 DLC scheduled for "spring"
      21. Americans get massive EA Thanksgiving sale, Europeans don't
      22. Free Tekken DLC coming November 26
      23. Rock Band Network to be fully rolled out by early 2010, says MTV
      24. Nintendo: 80% of female "primary players" own a Wii
      25. Guitar Hero team working with Project Natal for Guitar Hero 6
      1. Steam "One Day Only Sale" has games 25-75% off
      2. Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition announced
      3. Modern Warfare 2 playlist update coming today
      4. Uncharted 2 multiplayer map "The Fort" hits Friday for free
      5. Scivelation hitting 360 along with PC during Q3 2010
      6. Two Worlds II hits Xbox 360 in the spring
      7. Analyst: Reviews are the "least important factor" to gamers
      8. Darksiders has gone Gold, time to hone your sword
      9. Analyst: Call of Duty DLC could generate up to $140 million in 2010
      10. Level 5 reveals fifth Professor Layton game in the works
      11. Nolan North says Uncharted 3 is "assured" to happen
      12. Rock Band hosts over 1,000 songs; Adding Night Ranger and more Nirvana
      13. Xbox 360 promo for FFXIII is a Chocobo for your Avatar
      14. Xbox World and OPM to feature Dead Space 2 in next issue
      15. Gearbox is aware of players being "disappointed" with Borderlands' ending.
      16. Watch Bayonetta shapeshift into a bird, other animals
      17. Next Star Wars game to be announced at VGAs
      18. Activison UK hosting charity event through MW2 on Xbox Live
      19. Dante's Inferno team says the game has gone into Beta
      20. Guy suing WoW over "alienation", subpoenas Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode
      21. House: Packaged games "not going away any time soon"
      22. Alienware PCs to come pre-installed with Steam
      23. Red Dead Redemption confirmed for April
      24. Mass Effect 2 PC gets system specs, basic DRM confirmed
      25. Splatterhouse gets awesome new screens and, um, shoes
      26. New Darksiders vid shows War's "arsenal"
      27. Amazon France lists GT5 "special edition"
      28. What Tony Hawk RIDE's board used to look like
      29. Games Convention Online gets 2010 date
      30. Miyamoto: "I've always wanted to make a multiplayer Mario"
      31. Uncharted 2 should get "awesome" multiplay addition this week
      32. FFXIII gets final, whopping pre-launch trailer
      33. Analyst: Wii bubble "deflating," PS3 to dominate this holiday season
      34. Nintendo DSi LL sells more than 100,000 units in first two days
      1. Sony to compensate customers over faulty Bloodlines download
      2. Far Cry 3 development looking "pretty exciting"
      3. Sony puts Flower, PoP: Classic, others on sale
      4. Eurogamer's digital download service has Serious Sam HD for cheap
      5. DoW2: Chaos Rising dev diary chats about troop influence
      6. EA confirms Mercenaries title, Mercs Inc from Pandemic
      7. Tesla guitarist outs Guitar Hero 6 - no one is surprised
      8. Just Cause 2 screens show air time, action galore
      9. GameStop: Buy two used games, get one free
      10. D2D has Dragon Age: Origins on sale this week
      11. Namco may release free DLC for Tekken 6
      12. Saints Row 2 and LEGO Indy added to Games on Demand
      13. BBFC outs possible second level for Resident Evil 5
      14. EA Montreal shifting its focus to "action titles and HD-quality products"
      15. Square announces March release for Just Cause 2
      16. Killzone turns five, celebrates with a double XP weekend
      17. Mass Effect 2 team to move onto DLC post release
      18. BioWare community site has 5 million registered users, ME2 site relaunches
      19. Microsoft files patent for its own Super Guide on Xbox 360
      20. Reminder: Enter the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned today
      21. Crackdown 2 - 85 bits of art, renders and screens
      22. Lastest VGA announcment is a TRON teaser [UPDATE]
      23. NCsoft releases an absolutely brilliant Aion teaser video
      24. Atari relaunches Atari.com with revamped online store, free games
      25. LittleBigPlanet concept art is pretty awesome
      26. JAW giving away free Gravity Crash today
      27. New York to use Xbox 360 as part of emergency broadcast system
      28. Crackdown 2 competition - Get your graffiti in the game!
      29. Activision contemplating subscription model for Guitar Hero games
      30. Assassin's Creed II sells 1.6 million in one week
      31. Lewis: "No one can touch" Live development
      32. Zombies are the new Nazis, says Mr Guild Wars
      33. Square Enix Japan doing Deus Ex 3 cinematics
      34. Cody, Adon, Guy in SSFIV
      35. PS Blog launches in Spanish
      36. Recent "Gotham" Tesla recording session was for Crackdown 2
      37. Final Old Republic classes are Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor
      38. Rumour: Leaked video reveals multiplayer Mercenaries game [Update]
      39. Datel sues Microsoft over memory unit ban
      40. New Super Mario Bros. Wii takes 40/40 from Famitsu
      41. Demon Assassin added to Demigod
      42. What the inside of a DSiLL looks like
      43. NCsoft whacks 16,000 Aion users for botting and RMT
      44. Atkinson to attempt MW2 reclassification in Australia
      45. 2 million log into Facebook through Xbox 360
      1. Cliffy B's favourite games include Half-Life 2, BioShock
      2. Hawk: "All systems go" for RIDE sequel
      3. Sega of America picks new Bayonetta model
      4. Watch ex-Pandemic staff beat up a piece of printing equipment
      5. We've got 1,000 MAG beta keys - want one? [Update]
      6. Revenge of the Wounded Dragon officially revealed
      7. Crackdown 2 hands-on - everything in one place
      8. Fable II DLC, Peggle part of this weeks Live Deal of the Week
      9. Microsoft refuses to comment on PGR5 speculation
      10. Sony wants to increase its "brand loyalty," says Hirai
      11. Patch for IL-2 Sturmovik for PS3 on the way
      12. DSi LL vs PSP - the comparison (round 2)
      13. Aonuma: Ocarina of Time is "not that good"
      14. Western Bayonetta demo coming next week
      15. New Mass Effect 2 video shows black holes
      16. Miyamoto wouldn't get a job at Nintendo today because "competition's really become fierce"
      17. UK charts: MW2 holds off ACII, NSMB Wii despite sales drop
      18. New Red Dead Redemption trailer coming next week
      19. Games let you commit "violations of international law," says human rights groups
      20. Tesla blog possibly outs Project Gotham Racing 5
      21. Microsoft showcasing Natal at Gamefest in February
      22. Wii sales jump by 60% for Q4
      23. Gravity Crash to cost $10/€8/?6, contain 200+ level editor items
      24. Judge skips work for Modern Warfare 2
      25. Wii gets video downloads in Japan
      26. DSi LL vs PSP - the comparison
      27. Ruffian: Nine underground levels in Crackdown 2
      28. Crackdown 3 city to "alter," says Ruffian boss
      29. Ruffian: Crackdown 2 will run at 30fps
      30. Crackdown 2 - new shots
      31. Interview, part 2: Crackdown 2 design boss and producer on Pacific City's future
      32. Interview, part 1: Crackdown 2 design boss and producer on Pacific City's future
      33. Aonuma: We want to give Zelda fans a "fresh surprise"
      34. A2M working on 2D fighter according to ESRB
      35. DSi LL launches in Japan
      36. MAG beta extended by Zipper
      37. Miyamoto: "I don’t think everything needs to be 3D"
      38. CV confirms that BioWare are working on a new IP
      39. The Legend of Zelda is the best game ever according to Game Informer
      40. Keighley: 10 more games to be announced at VGAs
      41. "Final" FFXIII trailer lands on Wednesday
      42. Uwe Boll to begin filming on Bloodrayne 3 in January
      43. Noby Noby Boy: Girl finally reaches Jupiter
      44. Xbox 360 celebrates 4th birthday in US
      45. The Saboteur goes gold after Pandemic's no good, very bad week
      1. Left 4 Dead 2 update released on Steam
      1. Games for Windows Live update 3.1 released
      2. Blizzard says, once again, that there's no date for Diablo III
      3. Indie and other games of interest: LRRH's Zombie BBQ goes DSi, The Marionette finally released
      4. Darksiders will use souls instead of coin for currency
      5. Ubisoft's not the US publisher for No More Heroes on PS3 and 360
      6. No More Heroes might have censored 360 release in Japan
      7. BioWare promises Mass Effect 2 "surprise" next week
      8. Sony handing out codes for sneak peek at PSP Comic Service
      9. Famitsu has some lovely new screens for The Devil's Flute
      10. Resident Evil 5 PC to miss out on DLC for the time being
      11. Firmware 3.10 allows you to report PS3 errors directly to Sony
      12. Valve bans Modern Warfare 2 keys bought on "gray-market"
      13. PC modders create way to integrate L4D1 maps into Left 4 Dead 2
      14. Beta for Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy starts next week
      15. NASCAR: MW2 and GameStop promoted during today's race
      16. Original Super Mario Kart coming to Virtual Console next week
      17. Second Halo Legends episode, The Duel, premieres today
      18. Borderlands website gets Zombie Island of Dr. Ned makeover
      19. BBFC outs Sonic Collection, may release for PS3 or DS
      20. 2K shooter "sneak peek" is a new Special-Ops game
      21. StarCraft II gameplay video shows Zerg Changelings
      22. Gameloft "cutting back" on Android platform development
      23. Denise Kaigler leaves NOA to spend more time with her family
      1. New PS3 commercial talks Blu-ray, Hoop and Stick
      2. Rock Band Next Week: Tom Petty, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Go-Gos
      3. ModNation Racers video shows loads of customization
      4. Sonic costumes coming to LittleBigPlanet next month
      5. VGA teaser video shows 2K shooter in the works
      6. Worms 2 Armageddon gets a title update on XBox Live
      7. RE5: Lost in Nightmares teaser has Beethoven, cranks, Wesker
      8. Modern Warfare 2 writer chats about airport mission, taking risks
      9. UK Nintendo releases: Pokemon Rumble
      10. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce gets console date, online play
      11. UK's GCHQ to run ad campaign on Xbox Live
      12. GameStop acquires majority stake in Jolt Online Gaming
      13. US PS video store update Nov. 20: Star Trek, Transformers, Bruno
      14. Need for Speed: SHIFT gets news cars, team mode in December
      15. Dante's Inferno marketing: Heresy equals Mass We Pray
      16. Jurassic: The Hunted demo now on XBL for US
      17. PSP adhocParty launches, gets walkthrough video
      18. Darksiders video shows off War's really big sword
      19. MW2 on PC outsold PC version of CoD4 in one week, says Infinity Ward
      20. FFCC: The Crystal Bearers gets February date
      21. XBL bossman: 1 million people were not banned over modded consoles
      22. Sony expects PSN to bring in $500 million this year, up 300% YoY
      23. Wardell: Steam accounts for 70% of PC game downloads
      24. Japanese hardware charts - PlayStation rules roost
      25. Edge gives Bayonetta 10, Dragon Age 5
      26. Aliens Vs Predator to have dedicated servers
      27. Hirai "confident" of 13 million PS3s this year, online service definite for 2010
      28. Thompson: 360 Sky take-up "blowing my mind away"
      29. Bioshock 2 multiplayer - straight gameplay vid
      30. Rumour: HacKzoRz find nuke multiplay type in MW2
      31. Euro and US PSN updates - November 19
      32. Microsoft beefing up Natal team, 343 Industries; looking for lead on Gears of War, Shadow Complex
      33. First No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise screens are presented in glorious next-gen-o-vision
      1. Blue Toad Murder Files gets teaser video
      2. Open Beta dates announced for Star Trek Online
      3. Brazil finally getting PS2, costs lotes do dinheiro
      4. The Sims 3 video is much better than Twilight
      5. Blizzard updates StarCraft II site with all kinds of goodies
      6. Microsoft outlines Thanksgiving weekend Xbox 360 deals and additions
      7. Supreme Commander 2 hits retail in March
      8. KISS track pack now available for Guitar Hero 5
      9. Law firm considering class action suit over XBL bannings
      10. Kane & Lynch 2 has you playing as Lynch, supports online co-op
      11. Dark Void movie rights picked up by Brad Pitt's production company
      12. BioShock 2 Special Edition contains an actual LP
      13. Capcom announces Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
      14. Four Final Fantasy XIII shots surface to make you happy
      15. Digital Foundry does Assassin's Creed II
      16. Return to Ostagar announced as DLC for Dragon Age: Origins
      17. 1 vs. 100 Season 2 begins tonight on Xbox Live
      18. Sony: PS3 is upgradeable to 3D, company will return to profit in 2011
      19. Study shows MMOs account for 15% of play time in US and Europe
      20. GameStop reports 11% increase in Q3 earnings
      21. PC gaming hardware market to grow this year, says research firm
      22. Ninja Theory: Exclusivity can override other aspects of development
      23. Analyst: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is "off to a good start"
      24. CD Projekt says leaked video came out of Russian event IGROMIR
      25. Hirai - Current PSN service to remain free, subs for "premium content and services"
      26. Gravity Crash to release on November 24
      27. PSN to get “new revenue stream from subscription”
      28. WET boss - Female protagonists "shouldn’t be seen as a particular risk"
      29. Euro PS3 movie-watchers get two-for one deal, free Transformers
      30. Interview: A2M on WET, female characters and the future
      31. Euro PS3 video service is actually, honestly live
      32. Video - Euro PS3 movie service will "change the way you watch films forever"
      33. Midnight Riders site could hint at first L4D2 DLC
      34. Resi Evil 5 Alt Edition costumes unveiled
      35. Next Champions Online update is Nemesis Confrontation
      36. Borderlands DLC to add six hours of play
      37. Report: 8 million played $50 million MW2 online in one week
      38. Far Cry movie trailered, has exploding chopper
      39. House: PS3 Euro vid store to grow by "50 movies per week"
      40. PSP Firmware 6.20 out now, nearly adds comics [Update]
      41. Serious Sam HD gold, available for pre-order
      42. IGN gives Oz Left 4 Dead 2 version 5/10
      43. PS3 Firmware 3.10 released, Facebook integration live
      44. First Tony Hawk: RIDE reviews are... mixed
      45. Soap McTavish's voice actor hints at Call of Duty movie
      46. Phoenix Wright landing on WiiWare in January
      1. Charts: Modern Warfare 2 tops Steam while Dragon Age tops D2D
      2. US PS Blog handing out another Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition
      3. WET developer claims some publishers cheat to get lower ESRB ratings
      4. Bayonetta video focuses on torture and the magic bar
      5. Report: LA Times says Activision has third team working on CoD
      6. Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God releases December 8
      7. Army of Two: The 40th Day video shows off weapon customization
      8. Sony says LBP PSP will arrive on PSN "soon"
      9. Yamauchi says the weather system for GT5 is "done"
      10. Sony: 70% sales growth YoY for PS3; receives 17 VGA nominations
      11. PlayStation Network is three years old, folks
      12. PSN Video Delivery Service launches in Europe tomorrow
      13. Nintendo hopes to show new Zelda game at E3 2010
      14. Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition DLC gets detailed
      15. Konami announces 24-hour Metal Gear Online Survival Challenge
      16. Krome Studios to lay-off staff as part of restructuring process
      17. VGAs: Uncharted 2, AssCreed 2, Batman, MW2, and L4D2 are GOTY noms
      18. Kotick takes another $17 million from Acti shares
      19. VGAs to host the world premiere of HALO: Reach
      20. Witcher 2 gameplay video pops up on YouTube
      21. Red Alert 3 Premier owners can now get their Beta code for C&C4
      22. Funcom: Gamers have high expectations for The Secret World
      23. PAL Supreme Commander 2 gets spring release
      24. Star Trek Online dev diary talks space combat, phasers, photon torpedos
      25. Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines launch trailer Altair's it up
      26. PS3-exclusive Bad Company 2 Beta starts tomorrow
      27. Tropico 3 demo now on Live; Diner Dash & Gyromancer added to Arcade
      28. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days video bowls for Shanghai
      29. PC multiplayer demo for OP Flashpoint: Dragon Rising now available
      30. MW2: 11 million Achievements unlocked by 2.2 million 360 players on day one
      31. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days officially announced for 2010
      32. Modern Warfare 2 grosses $550 million in five days
      33. BioShock 2 features the phrase, "F**king sodomites everywhere"
      34. Valve: Online punters "don't care" if prices are shifted up and down
      35. RUSE beta starts on November 30
      36. Namco trademarks Ridge Racer Accelerated
      37. Left 4 Dead 2's "realism" earned it an Oz ban
      38. SCEE shows off PS3 Facebook, new Friends list and more
      39. Modern Warfare 2, obviously, tops Live play chart
      40. Facebook coming to PS3... today
      41. LBP hits 1.3 million user-generated levels
      42. Yakuza 4 day-dusk-night comparison shots released
      43. Funcom ditches $9.6 million in Q3
      44. Uplay launches with Assassin's Creed II
      45. No More Heroes confirmed for 360 and PS3
      46. Wada: Not a lot of "newness" to FFXIII
      47. EA Sports Active now has TWO real-world stores
      48. Game Informer seriously not impressed with Tony Hawk RIDE
      49. It's "business as usual" for BioWare following EA lay-off announcement
      50. Nintendo: Next Metroid Prime might land on the DS
      51. BioShock 2 cover art shows latest in Big Daddy fashions
      1. SEGA possibly looking into a patch to fix Bayonetta load times
      2. Valve: Everyone in the UK will be playing Left 4 Dead 2 "by Friday"
      3. Activision announces Sledgehammer Games, Condrey and Schofield appointments
      4. PS Europe's James Thorpe wants cross-game chat
      5. Preorder Lost Planet 2, get a playable Wesker
      6. Check out the box art for Mass Effect 2
      7. Weekly US Nintendo releases: Demos, Indiana Jones, Street Fighter II
      8. Upcoming free weekends on Xbox Live for Silver folks
      9. Pandemic to shut down according to internal EA Memo [UPDATE]
      10. VidZone release dates for Europe announced
      11. Report: 60% of Xbox 360 consoles in the UK have failed
      12. Microsoft: Natal launch information is inaccurate
      13. Assassin's Creed II reviews round-up
      14. Star Trek Online screens show more space battles, Romulans
      15. Borderlands patch 1.0.1 released for PC
      16. Activision removed airport scene in Russian MW2 voluntarily
      17. Hyundai Genesis Coupe arrives for Forza 3 today
      18. Konami puts mobile games on sale for 99 cents in US and Canada
      19. Released: Assassin's Creed 2, God of War Collection, L4D2, others
      20. Rumor: EA to announce closure of Pandemic today
      21. Acti: Russian Modern Warfare 2 banning reports are "erroneous"
      22. The official "what Twitter looks like on Xbox 360" video released
      23. Dante story trailer screams AAA from Hell
      24. Man gets Lionhead lion heads tattooed on chest
      25. C&C4 gameplay trailer is good, does do
      26. Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm 360 go live
      27. Avatar PC demo available now
      28. Reggie: Next gen Nintendo hardware move is "far into the future"
      29. EA Sports Active retail store opens in SF, contains scooter
      30. 14% of all US homes have an online gaming sub
      31. Japan gets Kingdom Hearts PSP hardware
      32. Left 4 Dead 2 releases, zombies everywhere rejoice
      33. Left 4 Dead 2 reviews - all in one place!
      34. PS3 firmware 3.10 to introduce Facebook functionality, other tweaks
      35. MOD-ern Warfare: Hackers bring dedicated servers back to MW2
      36. Sony smashes God of War III co-op rumor
      1. Gearbox rejected chance to develop Blade Runner game
      2. Kurt Cobain does YMCA in Band Hero, universe stutters
      3. Reminder - Sgt. Pepper releases tomorrow for Beatles: Rock Band
      4. Super Mario Bros. Wii launch trailer features comic mischief
      5. Nelson: 360 soc media updates will "just appear" tomorrow
      6. Miyamoto hints at Wii Music 2
      7. Stargate Worlds shots are proof of life
      8. Picture proof that Splinter Cell: Conviction demo comes with ACII [Update]
      9. Killian details Juri, T. Hawk and Dee Jay in SSFIV vids
      10. Wada: "Too much IP use is not good"
      11. Valve details Left 4 Dead 2 unlock times
      12. Reminder - Twitter, Last FM, Facebook coming to Xbox 360 tomorrow
      13. Reggie wanted online play in New Super Mario Bros Wii
      14. Rumour - inFamous 2 to feature online multiplayer
      15. Eades: Home is "realising its potential"
      16. Video - The first 11 minutes of Assassin's Creed II
      17. Command & Conquer 4 - new shots
      18. Miyamoto: Mario Galaxy 2 is going to be a "really challenging" game
      19. First Left 4 Dead 2 review rolls in - it's a nine!
      20. Super Street Fighter IV - new shots
      21. SouthPeak gets TNA licence, Two Worlds II delayed until spring 2010
      22. SingStar patch on the way to fix problems, Paul McCartney pack incoming
      23. 3 on 3 NHL Arcade is this week's Live Deal of the Week
      24. Konami UK confirms PSN MGS release for Thursday
      25. CNET names VG247 third top gaming blog in the world
      26. Pitchford: Crytek, id not prepared for "the longest console generation"
      27. Wada: Square Enix working on "first global game" in Montreal
      28. BioWare might add co-op for future Mass Effect titles, says Muzyka
      29. Ruffian: Today's most successful games have "persistence of life"
      30. Develop Brighton dated from July 13-15 2010
      31. Metal Gear Solid releases on PSN this week, says Konami Germany [Update]
      32. Muzyka: No nudity in DAO was an "artistic choice"
      33. GRiD coming to Xbox GoD this week
      34. Mario VO: I wanted to be Link
      35. UK charts: MW2 destroys everyone to become No. 1
      36. UK Modern Warfare 2 sells 1.7 million in one week
      37. Watch Just Add Water natter on about Gravity Crash
      38. Left 4 Dead 2 - the first half hour
      39. Reviews for God of War Collection start to pour in
      40. 1 vs 100 achievements revealed
      41. Kitase: No DLC for FFXIII Japanese Launch
      42. Houser: Games are an "easy enemy"
      43. Russia recalls Modern Warfare 2 from shelves
      44. Japanese hardware charts - PS3 iz teh winner!
      45. Job listings from developer hints at Tony Hawk RIDE 2
      46. GameStop breaks release dates for ACII, L4D2
      47. Resident Evil director still working on Castlevania, eying Metal Gear movie, too
      48. OnLive live on cell phones, says OnLive boss
      49. Rumor: Modern Warfare 2's "Ghost" to get his own game?
      50. New Alan Wake footage is GO!
      51. New FFXIII screens are live
      52. Assassin's Creed II screens shows sex scenes
      53. Rockstar on GTA V: We need to think of characters and the city first
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Champions, Warhammer, Global Agenda
      1. Indie and other games of interest: Jack the Ripper, Prinny 2, more
      2. Turbine updates the UI for LOTRO, and its a welcome addition
      3. Check out this lucky knife throw in Modern Warfare 2
      4. Play a Flash demo of Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney
      5. Rumor: God of War III to feature online cooperative mode
      6. Dead Space 2: EA Redwood job listing suggests online multiplayer
      7. Star Trek Online box art revealed
      8. APB video podcast talks gangs, storyline
      9. Check out the screens for point-and-click adventure, Lost Horizon
      10. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 video shows Arc of the Covenant scene
      11. New Resonance of Fate video is over six minutes long
      12. Record of Agarest War gets simultaneous release on PS3, Xbox 360
      13. Valve Holiday cards are freaking fantastic
      14. Microsoft says Halo 3: ODST has sold over 3 million units
      15. AMD lists games that will support DX11, Bad Company 2 included
      16. Half-Life 2 mod has you battling Nazi dinosaurs
      17. adhocParty coming soon for North American PSP users
      18. RE: The Darkside Chronicles goes Tofu mental with western outfits
      19. Full version of Assassin's Creed: Lineage released
      20. Rumor: First in-game screens for V13 surface
      21. Video - Youth plays MW2 for 17 hours straight, goes mad
      1. Heavy Rain producer weighs in on MW2 controversy
      2. Steam weekend sale has Overlord 75% off, Crysis 50% off
      3. Just Cause 2 event reveals PS3 specific features
      4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii reviews round-up
      5. Rock Band gets Them Crooked Vultures next week on 360
      6. Pics: Red Dead Redemption is looking great
      7. EverQuest II: Sentinel’s Fate trailered, screened, detailed
      8. Video: E3 trailer for Seven Haunted Seas finally released
      9. Dream Theater recording instrumental track for God of War 3
      10. Madden NFL Arcade hits PSN and Live on November 24 and 25
      11. Activision plans on more Hero titles in 2010
      12. Rumor: Alan Wake to be released May 2010
      13. Star Trek Online will have 20 captain's bridges at launch
      14. AFI, The Bangles heading to Rock Band next week
      15. Avatar: See the world of Pandora through the eyes of the Na'vi
      16. Craigslist has loads of modded 360s that were banned
      17. GTTV reveals loads of goodies for Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2
      18. Square officially announces FFXIII date and details
      19. MS launches "FF XIII White Promo" Twitter compo for "exclusive gift"
      20. BioWare releases more details on Imperial Agent for SWTOR
      21. Final Fantasy XIII hits the US and Europe on March 9
      22. Sgt. Pepper’s album hits The Beatles: Rock Band next week
      23. US PS video store update Nov. 12 - Drag Me to Hell, Up!
      24. Diablo III coming in "next few years"
      25. iPlayer gets its own Wii channel
      26. Call of Duty to get "additional online monetization models"
      27. DiRT2 PC system specs bring DirectX11 to the party
      28. The Saboteur sandbox gameplay shown in dev commentary vids
      29. The Saboteur is suddenly 7-8 hours longer
      30. Pray silence for... the gold-plated, diamond-encrusted PS3 Slim
      31. Splinter Cell Conviction to have in-game ads
      32. Onion scoops Modern Warfare 3 announcement
      33. October NPD - DS to break US hardware record this year
      34. Halo Legends - Watch the full first episode here, now
      35. Steam chops Crysis pack in half
      36. US PSN update - Braid's released
      37. October NPD - Everything in one place
      38. October NPD - DJ Hero sells 122,000, Brutal Legend 216,000
      39. Kotick nets $20 million in MW2 launch week stock sale
      40. EA: It's "no coincidence" that PlayFish purchase coincided with lay-offs
      41. Dragon Age DLC loots $1 million in one week
      1. October NPD - US sales down 19% year-on-year
      2. October NPD - Uncharted 2 tops on software front
      3. October NPD - MS focuses on 360 hardware growth, software domination
      4. October NPD hardware - Wii holds first as PS3 moves down to 320k
      5. Convention Center confirms BlizzCon 2010 will be in Vegas
      6. Pics: Siege of Mirkwood Chamber Instance
      7. Xbox Live sets record with over 2 million users on at once
      8. Star Trek Online screens look positively space-tastic
      9. Microsoft: 10 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in Europe, Middle East, Africa
      10. Unreal Development Kit surpasses 50K users in one week
      11. Mulitplayer detailed for SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3
      12. Uncharted 2 has sold 1 million copies worldwide as of last week
      13. GTTV promo teases Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, more
      14. Ubisoft says PoP movie could "outperform" Pirates of the Caribbean
      15. GameStop to start selling DLC at stores next year
      16. Zune HD: Project Gotham Racing, Audiosurf Tilt added for free
      17. Screens for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories focus on the women [Release Update]
      18. Microsoft responds to XBL bans over modded 360 consoles
      19. Dragon Age: Origins tops Direct2Drive sales chart
      20. 360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM to launch next week on November 17
      21. Ubisoft reveals it's working on a variety of game genres
      22. Gladiator and Pugilist detailed a bit more for FFXIV
      23. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned: Borderlands DLC gets previewed
      24. Schaefer says Torchlight's an effort to perfect the RPG genre
      25. US PS Home: Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy XIII, Fullmetal Alchemist
      26. Time lists Project Natal as one of the 50 best inventions of 2009
      27. Digital Foundry does Modern Warfare 2
      28. Sturgess heads up new UK recruitment firm
      29. Yes, Facebook is coming to PS3 says Sony source
      30. Assassin's Creed II and DJ Hero Avatar clothing hits live
      31. C&C4 gets March 16 release date
      32. Someone compiles 50 worst bits of games VO ever
      33. Dante's Inferno animation trailered, hellish
      34. Euro PSN update - Fallout 3 DLC, Jak PSP demo, more
      35. MW2: Acti calls "biggest entertainment launch in history," $310 million day one in US and UK
      36. Chart-Track - Final MW2 UK sales data to release after this week's chart
      37. DSiLL shown being used in new Nintendo ad
      38. IW: MW2 airport scene leak was taken "out of context"
      39. Chart-Track slaps Pachter over MW2 sales doubts
      40. New Army of Two: The 40th Day vid shows off co-op
      41. Denny - PS3 motion control is a "platform," a "worldwide venture"
      42. GT5 might have motorbikes
      43. Infinity Ward moves onto MW2 DLC, doesn't know what next project is
      44. Analyst: DJ Hero sold 175,000 units in the US last month
      45. Pachter: Modern Warfare 2's first day sales are closer to four million
      46. Rumor: Survey shows potential PSPgo colors
      47. Mythic gives post-EA firings status update
      48. Analyst: Modern Warfare 2 sold 7 million copies on day one
      1. Bible Navigator X coming to Xbox Live
      2. Gyllenhaal: PoP film isn't "like your normal video game adaptation"
      3. Modern Warfare 2 PS3 and 360 comparison shots
      4. Tropico 3 will have user created content available on XBL
      5. Report: Up to 1 million XBL users have been banned
      6. FFXIV campaign code in FFXIII is not a Beta code
      7. Come back to Conan, get Beta access to The Secret World
      8. Spanish plumbing association makes Mario an honorary member
      9. EastEnders doctor says he plays Bond in the new game
      10. SEGA does not plan to release AvP in Germany
      11. Infinity Ward issuing a fix for MW2 multiplayer on PS3 Friday [Update]
      12. System requirements announced for Star Trek Online
      13. First CoD4:Modern Warfare Reflex Edition review goes up
      14. Rumor: Facebook integration, more coming to PS3 [Update]
      15. Battle.net now a requirement to continue playing WoW
      16. Modern Warfare 2 sells 1.23m copies day one in the UK [Update]
      17. Blizzard "sold out" of cosmetic Pandaren Monk for WoW
      18. WiiFit study implies that WiiSports provides a better workout
      19. GoG adds Sanitarium to its list of cheap games
      20. Dante's Inferno was greenlighted the moment it was pitched
      21. Activision plans to heavily market Tony Hawk: RIDE this season
      22. Modern Warfare 2 featured on FOX & Friends this morning
      23. Friday's FFXIII announcement to be made on EU PS Blog
      24. Sony giving away 10,000 PS3s... in Australia
      25. MCV: Natal to have "14 games, and super-low sub-?50 price"
      26. Gearbox: Pitchford's Valve remarks "got twisted and contorted"
      27. Gearbox dev says "Borderlands 2" and "no-brainer" in the same sentence
      28. Interview: Gearbox on Borderlands 2, Pitchford's Valve remarks and tons more
      29. Riccitiello expresses "frustration" at weak Wii
      30. Star Trek Online may get trading, extra officers
      31. How to get the "15 minute" fight Trophy in God of War Collection
      32. Assassin's Creed II contains the phrase, "She cries as I f**k her"
      33. Musician makes first mention of Bully 2
      34. Scottish hotel bans videogames for Christmas
      35. Lowenstein receives AIAS lifetime achievement award
      36. PS3 Netflix discs needed till late 2010
      37. Survey: Only 10% of developers say that piracy's a "significant threat"
      1. Kotick: Games give "hundreds and hundreds of hours" of entertainment value
      2. Square: US and Euro versions of FFXIII in "last stages of development"
      3. EEDAR predicts New Super Mario Bros Wii sell $15m lifetime
      4. Naughty Dog polling folks on Uncharted 2 multiplayer
      5. Dark Horse to distribute online SWTOR comic via softcover collection
      6. Rumor: EA cut backs have affected at least six publishing arms
      7. Spirit Tracks: Blow into DS to play instrument, use whirlwind weapon
      8. Over 6000 changes made to MAG, enters Beta 4
      9. Videos: Loads of gameplay footage from Modern Warfare 2
      10. Report: IO Interactive at work on game that's "unlike anything else"
      11. EEDAR predicts Uncharted 2 moved 600K units last month
      12. Possible Guild Wars 2 Beta in 2010 with full release in 2011
      13. Modern Warfare 2 set to break records according to retail predictions
      14. Ignition announces Deadly Premonition as Xbox 360 exclusive
      15. Play MW2 on PS3, win a Cpt. “Soap” MacTavish statue
      16. Left 4 Dead 2 demo now available for all
      17. Square and Eidos now known as Square Enix Europe
      18. Dante's Inferno demo to be released in December
      19. DICE: Bad Company 2 on PC is “tweaked and adjusted” to suit it
      20. NewEgg has Wireless N Adapator for Xbox 360 up for sale
      21. Rumor: The Lost and Damned heading to PC per GFWL Achievements page
      22. Bayonetta Special Edition announced for Europe, Austraila
      23. Activision ship 3 million Modern Warfare 2 discs to UK
      24. Check out Black Panther in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
      25. Dragon Age: Origins tops Steam sales chart
      26. Acti donates $1 million to help US vets
      27. Just Cause 2 has grappling, video proves it
      28. Vagrant Story out on PSP and PS3 this week [Update]
      29. Saboteur shots show Zeppelin vs rocket launcher action
      30. Left 4 Dead gets 4v4 matchmaking
      31. Modern Warfare 2 PC Steam version locked until Thursday
      32. Assassin's Creed II dev diary shows Ezio's house
      33. Netflix now available for PS3
      34. Modern Warfare 2 - What happened at the London launch event
      35. And here are the Modern Warfare 2 reviews
      36. Criterion-developed Need for Speed set to launch "next year"
      37. EA plans to "revitalize" Medal of Honor, other "core IP"
      38. EA's Q2 earnings: $391 million net loss, 1500 laid-off
      1. Report - EA makes staff cuts in some studios
      2. Resident Evil 5: Alt Edition coming to PSN and XBL in DLC form
      3. Borderlands DLC coming on November 24
      4. Watch the US MW2 launch live!
      5. MW2 launch premiere - IW: We "injected heroin" into the Multiplayer
      6. Tales of Vesperia not coming to the Wii, says voice actor
      7. Modern Warfare 2 London launch tonight, liveblog now
      8. First shot of Modern Warfare 2 London launch posted
      9. Pre-order Diablo III for $60 right now
      10. Modern Warfare 2: Watson bites Vaz over Mail comments
      11. EU PS Video Store launches November 18 [Update]
      12. New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shots are go
      13. Massive EU FFXIII announcement on Friday [Update]
      14. Rumour - Killzone 3 confirmed, being aimed for 2011
      15. New shots for FF: Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers released
      16. 1 vs 100 Season 2 to kick off next week
      17. PSN down for maintenance tomorrow
      18. EA purchases Playfish for $300 million
      19. Yamauchi: Western GT5 release held up for "marketing reasons"
      20. Killzone 2 soundtrack now on iTunes
      21. IW: No multiplayer reset for anyone who has retail MW2
      22. Blizzard: No Starcraft II beta this year
      23. First review for Modern Warfare 2 goes live [Update]
      24. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker coming to Virtual Console
      25. EA Sports MMA - new screens
      26. First LBP PSP reviews come in with great scores
      27. 18 minutes of Alan Wake gameplay filmed in Russia
      28. Left 4 Dead 2 - new shots
      29. UK charts: Wii Fit Plus takes over at No. 1
      30. Daily Mail has a pop at Modern Warfare 2
      31. GAME breaks UK MW2 street date
      32. ASDA - "600,000" pre-order MW2 [Update]
      33. F1 2009 video shows Abu Dhabi
      34. Supermarkets go to war over MW2 pricing
      35. Watch the first 10 minutes of Modern Warfare 2
      36. Watch direct-feed video of airport level from Modern Warfare 2
      37. Catch the first 9 minutes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex
      38. Activision trademarks Drum Hero
      39. More Guitar Hero and Call of Duty for next year, says Activision
      40. First shots of RE: Afterlife from the set revealed
      41. GameStop breaks Modern Warfare 2 street date
      42. Square giving away FFXIV beta codes in every copy of FFXIII in Japan
      43. PC version of Modern Warfare 2 unplayable until Tuesday
      44. First EA MMA trailer shows fighting of the ultimate variety
      45. Solved anagram says Final Fantasy XIII announcement coming Friday
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Star Trek, Warhammer, Alganon, more
      2. Indie and other games of interest: XIII Century: Death or Glory, Scare Me, REO Speedwagon game
      1. Avatar: The Game video shows the start of war
      2. Assassin's Creed II: Developer Diary Six - Home Sweet Home
      3. Shattered Horizon released on Steam, requires DirectX 10
      4. Demon's Souls difficulty designed to give players "a sense of accomplishment"
      5. Win early access to Bayonetta demo on Xbox 360 with SEGA
      6. LittleBigPlanet is a year old, time to celebrate
      7. Torchlight demo and patch released, Schaefer chats about game
      8. Characters revealed for LEGO Indiana Jones 2
      9. Reggie says: "We haven't committed to Zelda in 2010"
      10. NCsoft: Aion sells over 970K copies across NA and Europe
      11. Square and PopCap announce a date for Gyromancer
      12. BioWare releases Tool Set for Dragon Age: Origins
      13. Immerse yourself in Shakespeare's world with free Cities XL pack
      14. Hiring: Microsoft for both Natal and Halo
      15. D2D and Steam charts for Oct. 25-31 show Aion still hanging around
      16. Preload Left 4 Dead 2 now on Steam
      17. God of War Collection comparison shots
      18. Rumor: Tales of Vesperia coming to Wii, per the Duke
      19. Screens for New Super Mario Bros. Wii are fantastic
      20. Assassin's Creed II developer diary talks voice acting
      1. Police arrest a Modern Warfare 2 cyber pirate in Miami
      2. Dhani Harrison claims he's at work on Rock Band 3
      3. Japanese software sales, WE Nov.1 - Bayonetta moves over 199K copies
      4. Japanese hardware sales, WE Nov. 1 - DSi maintains top spot
      5. EA: Strikeforce to be featured as a premier league in MMA
      6. Netflix on PS3 demoed in video
      7. Faliszek: 360 community is "head and shoulders above the PS3"
      8. SKY now available across UK and Ireland on 360
      9. BioShock 2: Jack Ryan could be considered a religious figure
      10. Minors can't use Twitter on Xbox 360, says the Major
      11. Star Trek D-A-C release moved up to November 12
      12. Video of leaked Modern Warfare: Reflex demos waggle controls
      13. Penguin to publish novel titled Assassin's Creed: Renaissance
      14. Namco Bandai reports $66.7 million loss for first half of fiscal year
      15. Gears of War 2 triple XP event starts today
      16. New class announced for SWTOR - the Imperial Agent
      17. US PS movie store update, Nov.5 - The Wizard of Oz, Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
      18. Reggie says: "Super Mario Bros Wii will outsell MW2 on a single platform"
      19. MAG interview talks loads about development and gameplay
      20. Mythic introduces endless free trial for Warhammer Online
      21. PC patch for Dragon Age: Origins now available
      22. BioWare: Mass Effect 2 "feels like a new genre"
      23. Tales of Monkey Island, UNO and others land on Wii
      24. The White Stripes to debut on Rock Band next week
      25. US PSN update, Nov.5 - Archer Maclean’s Mercury, Dragon Age, Dissidia
      26. Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 possibly in the works
      27. Mass Effect 2 screens are rather nice
      28. Modern Warfare 2 launch party attendees to get game
      29. Yamauchi: Forza is "different from a simulator"
      30. LBP PSP gets November 20 date for UK
      31. New Super Mario Bros Wii gets 20 minutes of new footage
      32. Reggie: "There is no Wii HD"
      33. Online retailers boycott MW2 PC thanks to Steam
      34. First Kane & Lynch 2 teaser features large, naked man
      35. Zelda: Spirit Tracks movie reveals Phantom possession gameplay
      36. Milla Jovovich goes Twitter-mental on RE: Afterlife
      37. SKATE 3 trailer shows crew-on-crew action
      38. International version of FFXIII could definitely be out by April 2010, says Square Enix
      39. John Carmack: RAGE probably won't have dedicated servers
      40. Frank O'Connor: 343 Industries trying to avoid Halo oversaturation
      41. Rumor: Halo: Reach screens, details leak
      1. Siege of Mirkwood to contain solo mode for Volume One epic storyline
      2. Blizzard says extra goodies it sells for WoW are not required
      3. StarCraft II still on track for first half of 2010
      4. ActiBlizz: World of Warcraft getting a new update in the "coming weeks"
      5. ActiBlizz expects Modern Warfare 2 to be biggest seller at Christmas
      6. ActiBlizz: Guitar Hero 5 units sold close to The Beatles: Rock Band
      7. ActiBlizz Q3 financials see slight revenue drop, loss expected for Q4
      8. Psychonauts and Advent Rising land on GoG for cheap
      9. Things don't go so well for minions in new God of War III video
      10. Reminder: Halo Waypoint launches today
      11. Iwata: Retail won't be replaced by digital distribution for another 20 years
      12. Gearbox calls Valve's refusal to work with PS3 "foolish"
      13. Modern Warfare 2 Avatar goodies land on XBL Marketplace
      14. Media Molecule says there are no plans for LBP sequel
      15. Mass Effect 2 video shows Commander Shepard getting stalked
      16. Atari and Cryptic confirm February launch for Star Trek Online
      17. Disc for Netflix on PS3 arriving by mail November 6
      18. Mass Effect is 50% off on Steam this weekend
      19. PS3 exclusive Bad Company 2 multiplayer Beta launches Nov. 19
      20. Sony: New IP is important to gaming industry's survival
      21. RE: Darkside Chronicles video features new characters Javier and Manuela
      22. Valve's Faliszek doesn't think Brits chat enough while gaming online
      23. Miyamoto: "We want to be as creative as possible for upcoming Wii Zelda"
      24. [UPDATE] IGN's Modern Warfare 2 score mistakenly released or possibly leaked online
      25. Split/Second video shows cars trying to outrun crashing obstacles
      26. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC now available on XBL and PSN
      27. Valve: Left 4 Dead 2 preorders are four times that of original
      28. Torchlight to get boxed retail version in January
      29. Riccitiello tells Fox Business that Dead Space is his favorite game
      30. Final Fantasy XIII environment shots are rather lovely
      31. David Cage wants the game industry to grow up
      32. Mass Effect 2 CE revealed, priced, box artified
      33. Unreal Development Kit released for all
      34. Euro PS Store update - Siren Blood Curse discounted
      35. PlayTV updated to 1.21
      36. Dragon Quest IX bestselling global game in Q3, top five listed
      37. Assassin's Creed: Lineage watched 1.7 million times in 24 hours
      38. Tekken 6 lag patch on the way, says Namco
      39. Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer does business, sh**s bed
      40. Splinter Cell dev diary highlights Sam's "speed and brutality"
      41. CoD4 Vs MW2 PC feature comparison chart makes grim reading
      42. "Activision has written agreement to use No Doubt in Band Hero"
      43. PS3 was saved by Wii, says analyst
      44. Bonkers Sin and Punishment 2 multiplier vid shows multiples
      45. Play guaranteeing day one MW2 delivery for ?45
      46. Rumor: Phoenix Wright Wii-bound?
      47. Xbox 360 owners defecting to PS3 for major holiday purchases, says OTX report
      48. No Doubt files lawsuit against Activision over its use in Band Hero
      1. Ubisoft: Preorders for Assassin's Creed II up 80% over original
      2. Bowling: Infinity Ward will quit CoD franchise once it "stops being fun"
      3. Purchase your very own cosmetic Pandaren Monk or Lil' K.T. pet for WoW
      4. UFC 2009 Undisputed top-five best seller for nine months
      5. THQ Q2 2010 financials: Company reports $5.6 million loss, still looking positive
      6. THQ will "continue migrating PS2 users to PS3" this Holiday season
      7. THQ plans to continue building the WWE franchise
      8. THQ: Q3 and Q4 fiscal 2010 release schedule
      9. Braid sets its sights on North American PS3 users this month
      10. Modern Warfare 2 Avatar goodies heading to XBL, PS3 themes soon
      11. Star Trek Online video is full of Klingon fighting
      12. Infinity Ward used Twitter to help develop Modern Warfare 2
      13. Konmai to distribute Ninety-Nine Nights II outside of Japan
      14. American McGee’s Alice trailer was fan-made, not official
      15. Bayonetta video shows combos, weapons
      16. New Left 4 Dead 2 commercial features the band Clutch
      17. Ubisoft reports 52% decline in sales compared to previous year
      18. New Splinter Cell Conviction movie shows Israeli fighting, real-life gun-play
      19. Infinity Ward: MW2 dedicated server petition suspect, server capped at 9v9
      20. Nintendo to offer WiiWare demos starting this month
      21. Gran Turismo 5 shots show lovely cars
      22. Apple announces over 100K Apps now available on the App Store
      23. Rock Band sales slow, but "improving" say Viacom
      24. Valve fixes launch issues with L4D2 demo on Steam
      25. Get a free Wallace & Gromit episode for PC, full thing lands on XBL
      26. Lucasfilm, Image and MLB join PlayStation Video Store
      27. Ex-Midway producer says sometimes multiplayer's forced by execs
      28. Op Flash: Dragon Rising gets Skrimish DLC, price, video and date
      29. Modern Warfare 2 leak: MS takes "vigorous action" against pirates
      30. DICE maintains dedicated server pressure on MW2
      31. Modern Warfare 2 level fly-by video MENTALISM
      32. Punters planning to buy PS3 because of Heavy Rain, says Cage
      33. Gamestop: PSPgo's story is "far from over"
      34. Thor and Captain America for 2011
      35. Darksiders trailer has Marlboro voice, awesome
      36. UK Modern Wafare TV ad filmed
      37. Moore in FIFA Japan score "delight"
      38. New Fable III concept art shows Bowerstone
      39. Rumour - What Shadowrun: The Awakening looked like
      40. Assassin's Creed II - video of hookers in action
      41. Zimmer: Modern Warfare 2 has an "emotional darkness"
      42. Japan getting multi-coloured PSPs for Christmas
      43. SSFIV to have car-crushing stage, replay stuff
      44. Left 4 Dead 2 demo out for PC too
      45. Bowling: Wii not able to "deliver" IW's "cinematic experience"
      46. What a DS looks like after being shot through a wall
      47. Warren Spector has multiple sequels planned for Epic Mickey
      48. SCEA patents "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-like interactive TV interface
      1. Miyamoto: Next Zelda to use WMP for "a more pleasurable playing experience"
      2. Reminder: 250Gb PS3 Slim hits retail in North America
      3. Xbox Live activity for the week of Oct. 26 - GTA IV cracks top five
      4. Splinter Cell: Conviction Collector's Edition detailed
      5. 2010 Independent Games Festival receives record amount of entires
      6. BUZZ! Quiz World launches for PS3 next week
      7. Konami financial forcast predicts 82% drop in profit
      8. Free Forza 3 DLC in November features Hyundai Genesis Coupe
      9. Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition unboxed
      10. Preorder LBP for PSP get Uncharted 2, Killzone, MotorStorm costumes
      11. China orders World of Warcraft operator NetEase to shut game down
      12. Funcom gets $260K grant for free-to-play snowboarding title
      13. Dead to Rights: Retribution video shows shooting, explosions, blood
      14. Microsoft releases schedule for Halo Waypoint
      15. Iwata on Japanses sales: "Wii cannot be defined as healthy"
      16. Microsoft sends invite to its US Xbox Live Rewards Program
      17. Games on Demand: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Far Cry 2
      18. Sony: PS3 has the most video content of any console available
      19. SCEE announces movies for PS3 Video Service launch in Europe
      20. Rumor: Walmart selling 360 Arcade with $100 gift card
      21. Activison to launch ratings awareness program for parents
      22. 360 Sky player seeing "revised rollout" now
      23. Preorder L4D2, get 10% off and a beret for Team Fortress 2
      24. GameStop: Modern Warfare 2 will be "biggest entertainment launch of all time"
      25. Modern Warfare 2 even has a premium strategy guide
      26. L4D2 Realism mode: Glows dropped, one-hit-kill Witch
      27. Britain gets first games rehab clinic
      28. Left 4 Dead 2 360 demo now out for Gold subs
      29. Nintendo considering Kindle-syle console connections
      30. GAPP halts Chinese WoW business
      31. Report - Bad Company 2 getting a beta
      32. Schafer shows off Brutal Legend DLC in video
      33. 360 rewards MSP giveaway extravaganza detailed
      34. Eurogamer iPhone app costs ?2.39
      35. Modern Warfare 2 launch - Invites arrive for London shindig, only include 360 logo
      36. Miyamoto teases Nintendo cats game
      37. Kikizo rebrands as VideoGamesDaily.com, launches new sites
      38. Dragon Age reviews are go
      39. Australian version of Left 4 Dead 2 is packed with surprisingly sturdy zombies
      40. What could have been: Warren Spector tried to acquire rights to Deus Ex
      41. Prince of Persia movie trailer makes us want to see the Prince of Persia movie
      1. English MGS Peace Walker demo on the way
      2. Off-screen footage of Bad Company 2 multiplayer revealed
      3. Leaked retailer quiz lists massive DLC for Mass Effect 2
      4. Fight Night Round 4 gets DLC, price cut
      5. Iwata: Wii and PS3 are equal in Japan
      6. Dawn of War II Chaos Rising gets proper trailer, shots
      7. Analyst: Pre-Orders for AC2 better then original
      8. Heavy Rain to get playable demo
      9. Asheron's Call is 10 years old
      10. IW boss: "Two dumpsters and a piece of garbage" best part of MW2
      11. LBP celebrates first birthday, gets free suits
      12. Pachter: Modern Warfare in week 1 will "exceed $500 million"
      13. FFXIII boxart officially revealed
      14. Cage: "We need to fight a little bit" for Austrailan Heavy Rain release
      15. Weekly US Nintendo releases - Street Fighter 1, R-Type, Sparkle Snapshots
      16. Win EA comp, go hands-on with Skate 3 this Friday
      17. Wallace & Gromit eps are this week's Arcade games
      18. COD4 map pack is this week's Live Deal of the Week
      19. Valve: ?6 million being spent for L4D2 campaign
      20. Insomniac: We can now perform tricks with the PS3
      21. New Lego: Rock Band video goes live
      22. Watch Gibson and Bramwell talk about Eurogamer at EG Expo
      23. Assassin's Creed II soundtrack to be released on November 16
      24. Concept art for Fallout MMO released
      25. Square releases new shots of Star Ocean: Last Hope for PS3
      26. First day Japanese PSPgo sales come in at 28k
      27. Report - Kameo 2 was in development at Rare, now canned
      28. New Front Mission Evolved gameplay is live
      29. UK to recieve new 360 Elite bundles
      30. Rumour - GT5 to get track editor [Update]
      31. 360 party chat blocked in Modern Warfare 2
      32. UK charts: DJ Hero bombs as FM2010 hits No. 1
      33. Sky: PS3 Sky Player "may very well happen"
      34. PS3 is "the best platform" for Heavy Rain, says Cage
      35. Catch the first nine minutes of Dragon Age: Origins
      36. MW2 multiplayer leaderboards to be reset before launch
      37. American McGee's Alice gets 2011 release date, gets first teaser
      38. Lost Planet 2 to sell over 3 million, says Capcom
      39. New FFXIII scans show new Crystalium System
      40. Report - New Prince of Persia to be revealed early next year
      41. FFXIII loses level-ups, gains Crystalium System
      42. Remedy possibly looking at removing ending of Alan Wake from press copies
      43. Infinity Ward pulls controversial "F.A.G.S." Modern Warfare 2 trailer
      44. Rumour - MW2's killstreak rewards listed
      45. Japanese Bayonetta launch: PS3 version outsells 360 SKU
      46. No Assassin's Creed II demo, says Ubisoft
      1. Indie and other games of interest: Gravity Bear formally announced, Frogger Returns, Shadow of Destiny confirmed
      2. Weekly MMO news round-up: Chinese gender-bending, Aion changes, Star Trek, AoC