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  • January 2010 Archive

      1. Kitase: FFXIII PS2 development cost us "a-year-and-a-half"
      2. Q&A - PlayStation 3
      1. GOW2 "Valentine Event" hands out chocolate in the form of XP
      2. New AvP video focuses on co-op in Survivor Mode
      3. Borderlands getting box release for DLC on PC and 360
      4. Game titles in XBLA Game Room will be rated E10+, says MS
      5. Sony says iPad will only cause gamers to flock to PSP
      6. DAO: Return to Ostagar now available for PC
      7. Werewolves and Vampires event added to Battlefield Heroes
      8. Square Enix to lecture on Final Fantasy XIII at GDC
      9. Report: Resale value of Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition increased 66%
      10. AoC: Rise of the Godslayer takes us to the grasslands
      11. Love says Cobain would have found GH5 "really funny", still suing
      12. FFXIII producer explains choice of Leona Lewis for theme song
      13. FireSky announces Stargate: Resistance for PC
      14. Star Trek Online head start is a go
      15. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise moved to April in Japan
      16. Capcom announces demo and DLC plans for MotoGP 09/10
      17. 3D Realms' Scott Miller: EA should try to buy Take-Two again
      18. BioWare: Dragon Age 2's graphics to be "super hot"
      1. Crysis 2 scans from German magazine hit the net
      2. "New Zelda to be shown at E3", Iwata tells investors
      3. Guitar Hero 5 gets Black Sabbath, more in February
      4. R.U.S.E dev diary chats about deception and misdirection
      5. 2K Marin hiring for multiplayer based title
      6. LEGO Harry Potter images and video are cute
      7. EA Sports announces FIFA Online, Beta for February 3
      8. Video - Montage of moves from Dante's Inferno
      9. Rebellion patches multiplayer into AvP classic on Steam
      10. Blur dev diary focuses on story progression
      11. PC spec requirements revealed for StarCraft II [UPDATE]
      12. Valve: Steam has over 25 million accounts, unit sales up 205%
      13. Mass Effect 2 sells 2 million in launch week
      14. BFBC2 PC Beta stats and bug workaround revealed
      15. DAO: Return to Ostagar back on Live again, PS3 and PC "still "in testing"
      16. MS taking a "wait and see" approach to Alan Wake 2
      17. BBC Worldwide in development talks over new Doctor Who games
      18. Japanese hardware charts - PSP gets 3rd week at number one thanks to VC2
      19. 7-Eleven to give away God of War III goodies with Slurpees
      20. Iwata: iPad is just "a bigger iPod Touch"
      21. Studio Liverpool to see possible lay-offs, production to cease on some games
      22. Dead to Rights: Retribution gets concrete release date, pre-order incentives
      23. New Heavy Rain footage shows Mall scene
      24. Fallout: New Vegas to be distributed by Namco Bandai in Europe
      25. Nintendo announces Mistwalker-developed The Last Story
      26. FIFA 10 sells 2 million units in UK
      27. Halo: Reach - kick ass new shots
      28. Rumour - SOCOM: Confrontation devs working on Battlefront Online
      29. New Pokemon in development for DS, release this year in Japan
      30. MGS: Peace Walker delayed in Japan
      31. Sega to reveal Project Needlemouse's actual name on Monday
      32. New BFBC2 video shows Squad Rush
      33. Say "Halo" to the first trailer of Vanquish, from Platinum Games
      34. It's official - GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City coming to PS3 and PC
      35. Gearbox officially takes the wraps off Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC
      36. Nintendo pegs Metroid: The Other M for for "summer 2010" release in Japan
      1. US PSN update, Jan 28 - ACII, UC2 PS Heroes Pack, LBP costume
      2. Rebellion says there's "no justification" for paying for DLC already on game discs
      3. Capcom announces Mega Man Zero Collection for DS
      4. Champions Online: First paid expansion called Vibora Bay
      5. Sony reveals White Knight Chronicles stuff for LBP, Home, more
      6. Resonance of Fate opener is four-minutes long, have a watch
      7. Watch an opening cinematic sequence from Mass Effect 2
      8. Heavy Rain goes Gold, US gets demo on February 11
      9. Star Trek Online day-one patch will be massive
      10. GOG adds classic Activision titles to catalog
      11. Dragon Age: Origins Queen of the Black Marsh video
      12. CD Projekt puts FPS "They" on hold to work on Witcher 2
      13. Codemasters cans development on HEI$T
      14. BioWare to announce new games at E3, says Muzyka
      15. RE5 Gold: Mercenaries videos highlight Josh and Excella
      16. New Red Dead Redemption video reveals weaponry
      17. A few PS3 titles in the works at BioWare, confirms Muzyka
      18. PSP Digital Comics store update, January 28: Origin 1-6
      19. God of War III dated for March 16 in US [Update]
      20. ESRB outs After Burner Climax for US, SEGA finally announces it
      21. Euro PSN update, Jan 28 - ACII and UC2 DLC
      22. 2K Sports: $1M to first person to throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10
      23. Report: Sony responsible for Bayonetta PS3 title update
      24. PS3 gets Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo next week
      25. Namco has "no plans" for Tales of Vesperia PS3 in the US
      26. Epic's Mark Rein "very impressed" with iPad's game demos
      27. StarCraft II release to have both Mac and PC version on disc
      28. Metro 2033 confirmed for March
      29. Report - Sony to report ?100 billion profit between October - December
      30. 2K: BioShock 2 won't have LAN or dedicated servers
      31. Assassin's Creed II: 'Battle of Forli' live on Marketplace [Update]
      32. New Alpha Protocol footage to be shown on GTTV tonight
      33. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 MP demo on Marketplace now [Update]
      34. New Heavy Rain trailer is literally screaming of win
      35. PSA: ACII Battle of Forli out today, trailer released
      36. 125 million DS units, 65 million Wiis sold LtD, confirms Nintendo
      37. NSMBW, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort all pass 10 million units
      38. Command & Conquer 4 beta kicks off today
      39. Bayonetta PS3 install patch now live in Europe
      40. Rumour - There is DLC coming for FFXIII, says Kitase
      41. Peter Moore: Sports games will lead the way for 3D gaming
      42. Analysts not too thrilled about iPad's gaming prospects
      43. Red 5 confirms lay-offs, but all may not be as it seems
      1. Cities XL MMO shut down, Cities XL 2011 announced
      2. Rumor: It's possible, but for now, no DLC for Final Fantasy XIII
      3. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising patch is rather large, has Overwatch DLC
      4. BioWare: Return to Ostagar coming next week
      5. Report: Sony Motion Controller to get 10 titles this year
      6. Lost Planet 2 video shows loads of action
      7. Command & Conquer 4 public Beta to begin "soon"
      8. Gravity Crash: Over 1400 user levels created, patch coming soon
      9. Harmonix not developing Green Day: Rock Band [Update]
      10. BFBC2 PC Beta starts tomorrow - details
      11. Apple finally announces iPad
      12. ESRB listing counts swears uttered in Dead to Rights: Retribution
      13. SecuROM for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 explained
      14. ACII 'Battle of Forli' DLC won't have trophies or achievements, confirms Ubisoft
      15. SWTOR dev diary focuses on the two different Sith classes
      16. Zaeed DLC for Mass Effect 2 now available
      17. Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies "Lite" hits the App Store
      18. Alan Wake's storyline will be a "driving factor throughout the game", says MS
      19. Sid Meier to keynote GDC 2010
      20. EA sees Modern Warfare 2 as a competitive goal for BFBC2, says DICE
      21. New God of War III art released
      22. Criterion to show off new NFS for first time today
      23. CliffyB: Capcom approached Epic over Gears cameos for LP2
      24. Dara O'Briain to host BAFTAs
      25. Moore: Apple tablet has "got the ability to be a games machine"
      26. Next Blue Toad episode to be free
      27. Capcom unleashes new SSFIV trailer
      28. Job listing shows Bizarre working on unannounced title
      29. FIFA World Cup 2010 confirmed for April - first shots
      30. DICE thinking about potential sequel to Battlefield 1943
      31. Bayonetta PS3 to get installation update
      32. God of War II could have been a PS3 launch game, reveals Yoshida
      33. FIFA World Cup 2010 revealed, features full online tournament
      34. "Megaton face melting news" soon, says CliffyB
      35. Climax voices interest in developing another Silent Hill
      36. Rumor: Red 5 Studios suffers lay-offs, puts its Offset-powered MMOFPS on hold
      1. Red Steel 2 has more locales than just the desert, says director
      2. MAG released today along with sizeable patch
      3. Blizzard says Cataclysm will "shake up" WoW
      4. SSIV: Capcom announces costumes, details on Collector's Edition
      5. Nudity in Dante's Inferno part of the "fantastical" context of Hell
      6. BioWare pleased with ME2 reception; ME2 news round-up
      7. Report: Nintendo passed on Natal tech back in 2007
      8. New Mass Effect 2 character video focuses on Mordin
      9. Capcom releases a few shots of Dead Rising 2
      10. Steam has Psychonauts on sale for $2
      11. Forza 3 players can vote on cars to be included in new DLC
      12. Red Steel 2 hits Europe on March 26
      13. Ubisoft to ditch StarForce DRM for new application
      14. SEGA releases Part 3 of the Napoleon: Total War video series
      15. First Monster Hunter: Frontier trailer gets out
      16. Lawsuit filed against Microsoft over MS Points in GFWL
      17. Lionhead confirms Fable III for X10
      18. Video shows Marcus and Dom from Gears in Lost Planet 2
      19. Mass Effect 2: Zaeed DLC delayed on Xbox 360
      20. EA making World Cup game, first screenshot releases tomorrow
      21. Visceral: Dante's Inferno not affected by Schofield and Condrey departures
      22. Dante's Inferno: Dark Forest DLC will land on both systems
      23. Halo Wars, Dead Rising added to GoD on Live
      24. Supreme Commander 2 dated for Europe
      25. Capcom X Microsoft - everything in one place
      26. Assassin's Creed II PC gets March 5 release in UK
      27. God of War III Special Edition to skip UK, says SCEE
      28. Plans to release God of War Collection separately in UK, confirms SCEE
      29. Capcom "can't announce if/when" Monster Hunter: Frontier comes to Europe
      30. Darksiders to get 360 screen tearing patch tomorrow
      31. Marcus and Dom from Gears of War to appear in Lost Planet 2
      32. Monster Hunter: Frontier dated for summer in Japan
      33. Dead Rising 2 to release this year
      34. Capcom details spring line-up
      35. Super Street Fighter IV gets April release
      36. Lost Planet 2 gets worldwide release on May 18
      37. The Mass Effect 2 review round-up of "I have to go and buy this game"
      38. Capcom/Microsoft game is Monster Hunter: Frontier Online
      39. "Kick ass news" coming "very soon" from CliffyB [Update]
      40. CV shows EA BlackBox still working on third-person action game
      41. BioWare: No pre-game choices in Mass Effect 2 - even if you don't have ME1 saves
      42. Ready at Dawn: God of War: Chains of Olympus was almost a side-scroller
      43. Medal of Honor using two game engines
      1. Microsoft confirms X10 event for February in San Francisco
      2. God of War III Special Edition revealed by Swedish retailer
      3. Next Platinum title to be revealed on this week's GTTV, says Keighley
      4. First Dead or Alive: Paradise trailer shows tits and ass
      5. Ubisoft dates Assassin's Creed II PC for March 16 in US
      6. DICE refuses to comment on Mirror's Edge 2
      7. Square releases new PS3 Star Ocean: Last Hope trailer
      8. Mass Effect 2 sex scenes get out
      9. CV points at multiplayer for I Am Alive
      10. EA working on more Battlefield "in the background"
      11. March 19 UK date for GoW III is tracking date only, says SCEE
      12. New God of War III shots are just full of win
      13. Project V13 beta to kick off in 2012
      14. Cage: Heavy Rain is not meant "for tabloids"
      15. New Super Mario Bros. Wii sells 10 million units worldwide
      16. New Halo: Reach shots and art get out
      17. UK charts: Just Dance keeps MW2 from number one
      18. Lego: Batman sells 1 million units in UK
      19. Rising Star Games to continue publishing Marvelous games
      20. Bungie: "Halo: Reach for us is not Halo 4"
      21. Free Mass Effect 2 DLC leaked, available now [Update]
      22. First nine minutes of Heavy Rain gets out
      23. Sony registers PlayStationArc.com domain
      24. First online Mass Effect 2 reviews go live with 9
      1. MS sends word that Zune Marketplace will go down for maintenance
      2. Sony chats about playing White Knight Chronicles online
      3. UK games industry survey shows salaries are down 1% since 2008
      4. Game Informer lists its top 50 games of 2009
      5. Michael Pachter gets his own show on GameTrailers TV
      6. Iain Duncan Smith says games are destroying the innocence of UK's kids
      7. DJ Hero DLC and sequel to contain most "incredible musicians on the planet"
      8. Steam taking pre-orders for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
      9. Rebellion chats about similarities between its AvP titles
      10. PAX East close to selling out - get tickets now
      11. Marvelous sells 50% stake in Rising Star Games
      12. Aion: Plastic surgery, gender changes, and protecting your account
      13. Heavy Rain has "multiple plot paths to achieve", says Sony
      14. Nomura: No FFVII remake in near future; Cloud "could" appear in other titles
      15. Company of Heroes titles 75% off on Steam
      16. L4D2 update fixes auto-spawning in Versus; Infected Team gets bots
      17. BioWare says there's "a tremendous amount of interest" in a Mass Effect film
      1. OnLive blog clarifies latency issues outside the testing area
      2. Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop outted by Australian OFLC
      3. Rockstar shows off Red Dead Redemption cover mechanic
      4. Capcom: Sony montion control delay does not affect RE5: Gold release
      5. Kojima: Peace Walker could have been Metal Gear Solid 5
      6. Kojima reveals that "not many" game ideas come from his team
      7. Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter announced
      8. Quantum Theory screens show up in latest Famitsu
      9. Introversion claims PSN has "a much weaker negotiating position" than XBL
      10. Gearbox: Borderlands' success attributed to catering to "the current gamer"
      11. SCE confirms Uncharted 2 multiplayer skin DLC, demo release
      12. Shots - Square releases assets for Nier
      13. Zavvi nabs exclusive BioShock 2 Rapture edition
      14. Rockstar promises to be "good" to PS3 users this year
      15. PlayStation 3 sells 3 million in UK, confirms SCEE
      16. Just Cause 2: Built-in video capture to ship exclusively on PS3
      17. Square announces FFXIII Collector's Edition [Update]
      18. PS3: It only does 256 players MAG commerical
      19. US PS Movie Store update - Jack Bauer is back
      20. Cereberus Network isn't only way to get Mass Effect 2 DLC, says Zeschuk
      21. Assassin's Creed II DLC to be released January 28
      22. NowGamer to publish first online UK review of Mass Effect 2 tonight
      23. EA Sports: Tiger Woods scandal had no effect on PGA 10 sales
      24. Dead or Alive: Paradise shots show more tits and ass
      25. Yakuza 3 to get "Challenge Pack" DLC in US
      26. US PS Store update, January 21
      27. Ubisoft: Splinter Cell: Conviction to last 12-16 hours
      28. Crispy Gamer writers sacked, CEO follows in protest
      29. Video - The first eight minutes of Mass Effect 2
      30. PC, PS2 online servers for Phantasy Star Universe to close
      31. Borderlands getting level cap increase in next DLC
      32. Tony Hawk and Robomodo start on "next project"
      33. Japanese hardware charts - PSP top and bottom this week
      34. Kamiya hints at Bayonetta 2, could be a spin-off
      35. No More Heroes 2 gets first review, launch trailer
      36. New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 trailer reveals single-player campaign
      37. Capcom to announce new title over Xbox Live on January 26
      38. LA Noire set for formal reveal next month
      39. Halo: Reach is 70% complete, says Bungie
      40. Epic: "No regrets" with Microsoft over Gears exclusivity deal
      1. Former Titan Quest devs working on new Diablo-style RPG
      2. BBC looking to make games out of its popular series
      3. BioShock 2 on PC has unlimited installs, but GFWL limits activations
      4. Mass Effect 3 could see a late 2011 or early 2012 release
      5. Zipper Interactive thinks XBL is more "juvenile" than PSN
      6. God of War III lasts more then ten hours, says Sony Santa Monica
      7. Konami releases MGS PSP bundle for PS Store today
      8. Shots - MGS: Peace Walker characters and multiplayer
      9. PSP Digital Comics Store update, January 21
      10. Video: Gran Turismo 5 vs Reality with side-by-side comparison
      11. OnLive Beta preview hands out lukewarm praise
      12. SCEE confirms Heavy Rain demo for February 11
      13. Budget Wii label launched in Japan by Nintendo
      14. Pachter believes Epic "regrets" exclusivity deal with Microsoft
      15. Final Fantasy coming to iPhone
      16. Capcom could reveal new Versus title this year
      17. Star Trek Online Beta gets a massive patch and Leonard Nimoy
      18. Reminder: ModNation Racers Beta starts today in Europe
      19. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '11 announced for summer
      20. Euro PSN update - Fallout 3 and SOCOM: Confrontation additions
      21. Final Fantasy VIII comes to PSN on February 4
      22. Shots - RE5 Gold: Excella Gionne announced for Mercenaries Reunion
      23. Yakuza 3 dated for March 12 in UK
      24. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets detailized
      25. Halo: Reach "is like Titanic", says Bungie
      26. Take-Two: CEO Feder to stand down from Board
      27. Capcom: 2.5D future for fighters now on
      28. NSMB Wii LtD numbers more then Mario Galaxy, says NPD
      29. Rumour: Rare working on Natal fitness game
      30. Arkedo shows off canned Natal game
      31. Supreme Commander 2 gets new CG-filled trailer
      32. Uncharted 2 getting Killzone, Resistance multiplayer skin DLC
      33. RUSE vids show nuke, lens flare, full gameplay
      34. Job listing shows Turn 10 working with Natal
      35. Green Man Gaming to sell pre-owned digital games
      36. Report - EA working with Apple on tablet launch
      37. Green Day: Rock Band "not our only game this year," says Harmonix
      38. MGS Peace Walker PSP-3000 pictured
      39. Uncharted twin pack gets Feb 18 release in Japan
      40. Wii HD is coming this year, says Pachter
      41. Heavy Rain: Chronicles DLC lets you be Origami Killer
      42. "There will be more Mass Effect" after the trilogy ends, says BioWare
      43. Total Live usage totals over 17 billion hours
      44. Mass Effect 2 launch trailer is all kinds of awesome
      45. Aliens Vs Predator gets system specs
      46. Retailers: GoW III bundle out March 17 in Europe, HMV goes for March 19
      47. Bobby Kotick to keynote DICE next month
      48. Tetris mobile passes 100 million downloads
      1. PSP-exclusive Patchwork Heroes arriving this spring on PSN
      2. Ubisoft to focus more on franchises instead of licensed product
      3. Europe possibly getting LBP GOTY edition April 14
      4. Koller: PSN expansion a "critical part" of Sony's focus this year
      5. NOA files trademark for Luigi's Mansion with US Patent Office
      6. PTOM: Crysis 2 will be set in New York City
      7. Criterion says "there will be no more" Burnout Paradise DLC
      8. Mass Effect 2 has "adult quality" - Syfy special [UPDATE]
      9. Modern Warfare 2 DLC gets 30-day head start on 360, rumored for March 1 [UPDATE]
      10. Nvidia releases tech demo for GF100 graphics chip
      11. Persona 3 Portable gets US release of July 6
      12. Square confirms spring release for Front Mission Evolved
      13. Pre-release demo for Alan Wake unlikely, says Remedy
      14. Shots for After Burner Climax remake surface
      15. Aaron Greenberg: MS "never intended to mislead people" with MS Points
      16. Remedy refuses to confirm collector's edition for Alan Wake
      17. Mythic 2 map-pack from ODST gets Live release on February 2
      18. PS3 Torne DVR has trophy support
      19. Multiplayer for Napoleon: Total War detailed, new shots
      20. BioShock 2: PC system requirements and DRM revealed
      21. Remedy: Alan Wake will get "a conclusive and satisfactory ending"
      22. BioWare: Return to Ostagar release postponed to update test plans
      23. Capcom: RE5: Gold Edition DLC was originally in the game
      24. Report: One in five women have dumped partners over gaming
      25. EEDAR: New IP up 106% since 2007
      26. Japanese Heavy Rain box art revealed
      27. Source - Bethesda's Elder Scrolls MMO missed its 2009 reveal
      28. Mass Effect 3: Shepard's male voice actor signed up
      29. Australian games trade beat $2 billion last year
      30. "Secret World of Warcraft type MMO" in development at Bethesda [Update]
      31. Mass Effect 2 video shows how to import Shepard from ME1
      32. Dead or Alive Paradise features tits, Famitsu proves it
      33. Halo: Reach beta video gets leaked
      34. Wii Play is best-selling game of all time in US
      35. Decision to delay BioShock 2 was "impressive," says dev boss
      36. FFXIII composer leaves Square Enix
      37. Amazon.fr shows Heavy Rain bundle
      38. BioShock 2's twist: "You won't see it coming"
      39. Mass Effect trilogy will end this gen, says Hudson
      40. Levine's new game to be shown this year
      41. MGS: Peace Walker gets limited edition PSP bundles
      42. GameStop Italy details FFXIII Collector's Edition
      43. Halo: Reach shots are serious business
      44. Rumour: European GoW III box-art revealed
      45. PS3 Motion Controler delayed to "fall 2010"
      1. Peter Jackson says he's currently enjoying MW2 more than films
      2. Patch removing region lock for Fatal Frame IV surfaces
      3. Famitsu tops: Most read gaming magazine in Japan
      4. BioShock 2 pre-purchase on Steam nets you the original game for free
      5. Koch cements publishing rights for US version of Risen on 360
      6. Australia: Atkinson may change his stance should gamers start behaving
      7. Blizzard's never "pressured" to release a game before it's finished
      8. AoC: Rise of the Godslayer shots and video reveal the Khitan
      9. Mass Effect 2 dev diary reveals "N7" missions
      10. Modern Warfare 2 gets an anti-hack update for PC [UPDATE]
      11. Kotick admits that Acti's Spider-Man games have "sucked"
      12. Mass Effect 2's Thane and Collectors detailed
      13. BioWare announces Mass Effect 2 DLC launch plans
      14. Rare: "No shortage of possibilities" in bringing other IP to XBLA
      15. US Yakuza 3 box art revealed by GameFly
      16. ACE details Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360
      17. Rock Band Network enters open beta
      18. Aliens Vs Predator special editions - what they look like
      19. Crackdown 2 melee as "fluid" and "fun" as Arkham Asylum
      20. Ruffian confirms demo release for Crackdown 2
      21. Rumor: Game outs possible BFBC2 demo for February
      22. Uncharted 2 gets seven GDC nods
      23. DJ Hero biggest grossing new IP last year in US and Europe
      24. Dragon Age: Awakening given 18 by BBFC
      25. Dark Void review round-up - not so great
      26. PS3, PS2 and PSP hit Vietnam
      27. Nintendo details spring line-up
      28. Sony Santa Monica: "This is not the end for God of War"
      29. God of War III SE documentary trailered
      30. Skate 3 gets new trailer, free DLC for pre-orders
      31. STO beta demand "crushed" expectations, says Cryptic
      32. ESRB outs Lost Planet 2 PC
      33. Report - Square Enix prepping for another takeover
      34. Kotick: "I could have bought Blizzard for $7 million"
      35. US PlayStation revenues down $1.3 billion last year
      36. New Starcraft II video shows Protoss gameplay
      37. Quantum Theory releases on March 26 in UK
      38. Rumour - PS3 Motion Controller is called Arc [Update]
      39. Report - No new Half-Life this year
      1. Report - ESPN in talks to stream sports to 360
      2. OPM gives FFXIII 9/10 - whole thing scanned
      3. Cave's Deathsmiles gets US publisher
      4. E3 2010 exhibitor list goes live
      5. Heihachi voice actor is a possible suicide
      6. Some new Heavy Rain shots show, um, heavy rain
      7. God of War III impressions round-up
      8. God of War III Gaia level screens s**t the bed
      9. New Yakuza 3 shots are properly awesome
      10. Resonance of Fate - new screens
      11. Cage rules out Heavy Rain sequel
      12. "Super Elite" Mass Effect 2 bundles for Australia only, EA confirms
      13. HanbitSoft accquires global rights to Hellgate IP
      14. The Beatles: Rock Band hits 1.7 million worldwide
      15. 2K confirms BioShock 2 DLC plans
      16. PlayStation is 'poison' to children, says Chavez
      17. Mass Effect 2 gets awesome new shots
      18. OPM gives Heavy Rain 9 in world-first review
      19. BBC iPlayer console usage up 74% in December
      20. Report - New Codemasters investor set to be announced
      21. Red Steel 2 down for March 23 in US
      22. Brink mailer takes PR drops to next level
      23. GTA: Chinatown Wars released for iPhone
      24. Just Dance ends Modern Warfare 2's nine-week lead in the UK
      25. New Brink movie shows character customisation
      26. Mass Effect 2 gets "Super Elite" 360 bundle
      27. No God of War III trailer today, SCEA confirms
      28. PS3 "lead platform" for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
      29. ESRB details Heavy Rain sex scenes, "intense" violent scene described
      30. EA: Lasky "needs to try de-caf"
      31. Supposed Mercs Inc. concept art revealed
      32. Video of GRIN's Final Fantasy project leaked, was an FFXII spin-off
      1. Prince of Persia creator loves the new film, hopes gamers will too
      2. Ubisoft cuts Red Steel 2 sales predictions in half
      3. Film and game industry raked in billions thanks to MW2 and Avatar
      4. Certain Affinity files trademark for Legend of Booty
      5. Kotick says Acti's "sticking with" DJ Hero brand despite first outing
      6. Ken Levine says reverting back to Irrational was for the community
      7. PopCap, Bungie, Zynga start Haiti donation fund
      8. 3D Dot Game Heroes to get PS3 release in May
      9. DICE: There's "no profit" made from rented BFBC2 servers
      10. Valve's Gabe Newell to receive Pioneer Award at 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards
      11. SCEE extends PSPgo game voucher promotion
      12. Check out these cool screens for RISK: Factions
      13. BioWare says Dragon Age will "come of age" a year from now
      14. NCsoft promotes Chris Hager to producer of Aion
      15. Industry vet Mark Cerny to be inducted into AIAS Hall of Fame
      16. Uncharted 2, AssCreed II nominated for 2009 WGA
      17. Heavy Rain's Special Edition - a picture of it
      18. Quantum Theory gets boss shots, March date
      1. Q-games head feels the "games investment system needs investment."
      2. BioWare releases ME2 character video featuring Commander Shepard
      3. Rebellion's original Aliens vs. Predator heading to Steam [Update]
      4. Heavy Rain website goes live with its own interactive game
      5. Project Needlemouse to focus on Sonic only, concept art released
      6. Incredible GT5 RT-86 screens released by SCEA
      7. Aaron Greenberg sees Natal as helpful tool for Japanese game market
      8. Yamauchi: GT5 is only "90%" complete
      9. US PS movie store update - The Hurt Locker, new categories
      10. Calling All Cars calls it quits as servers are shutdown
      11. PS3 firmware update 3.15 now a mandatory install
      12. Microsoft clarifies Xbox 360 figures in response to NPDs
      13. Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC to land day one with unlockable planet [Update]
      14. No loss of "freedom" after Eidos-Square Enix takeover, says IO
      15. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men sold 1.7M units, says IO
      16. Valve wants you to create items for Team Fortress 2
      17. Microsoft hiring for loads of different positions
      18. IO: Games don't have to be photo-realistic to be "real"
      19. IO gives "no comment" to Freedom Fighters 2
      20. Kane & Lynch 2 features a down-and-dead mechanic
      21. Kane & Lynch 2 - 13 new shots
      22. Kane & Lynch 2 - your questions answered
      23. New Just Cause 2 trailer features chameleon, explosions
      24. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition artwork revealed
      25. Statistics: 23.7% of 360s fail in two years, 41% of male "primary console players" are Wii gamers
      26. Halo: Reach to be biggest game of 2010 "across all platforms", says MS
      27. Star Trek Online to offer lifetime subscriptions for a limited time
      28. Call of Duty: WaW map packs top PSN earner for 2009
      29. New Mega Man 10 shots give us retro flashbacks
      30. 100 million Miis created in four years, says Iwata
      31. Xbox 360 growth under 1% in the US last year, PS3 up 22%
      32. Sony: PS3 Motion Controller to release "this year"
      33. Iwata's comments in Japanese newspaper about DS successor were "accurate"
      34. Nolan North: "I'm getting paid to do what I used to get detention for"
      35. Activision confirms DJ Hero 2 at MIDEM 2010 [Update]
      36. Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition gets new trailer
      37. Namco's Clash of the Titans coming "spring" - first shots
      38. Japanese hardware charts - insert witty PSP is winner line here
      39. Next Assassin's Creed stars Ezio, is continuation of ACII
      40. New GT5 screens, video released, still looks awesome
      41. Volition's "Secret Project X" is probably Saints Row 3
      42. Tell Visceral what you want in the Dead Space 2 CE
      43. Analyst: DS2 will be announced "within the next eight months"
      44. New God of War III screens are just amazing
      45. December '09 and year-end NPD - everything on one place
      46. US PSN update - Much ado about a bunch of nothing
      47. NPD December 2009: Nintendo finishes the year with multiple sales records
      48. NPD year-end 2009: Industry totals $20.2 billion, declines 8% YoY
      49. NPD December '09 - Uncharted 2 passes a miliion in US, says SCEA
      50. NPD December '09 - Microsoft: 2009 was a "breakthrough year" for 360
      51. December NPD '09 - Modern Warfare 2 biggest selling PS3 title in the US during 2009, says SCEA
      1. NPD December 2009: Sony says it was a "great year" for PS3
      2. December NPD '09 - Wii sells 3.8 million, PS3 edges 360
      3. NPD December 2009: Super Mario Bros. Wii tops with 2.8M copies
      4. December NPD '09 - raw data
      5. Japanese software charts - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep tops
      6. Nintendo plans to focus on its DSi brand in 2010
      7. SEGA wanted Dreamcast to be compatible with original Xbox
      8. PSP Digital Comics Store update - 46 comics added to service
      9. BBFC outs Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edtion
      10. Rare says it "makes sense" to allow publishers to use its characters
      11. Napoleon: Total War invades retail on February 23
      12. Darksiders Avatar goodies hit Xbox Live Marketplace
      13. Splinter Cell: Conviction movie hints to Sam Fisher's emotional state
      14. Martin Sheen really got into playing "The Man" in ME2, says BioWare
      15. Industry analysts claim investors are unhappy with EA management
      16. New Assassin's Creed game "not tied to AC2 DLC"
      17. Yamauchi: GT5 to use "80%" of PS3's power
      18. New Metro 2033 shots contain awesome sauce
      19. Star Trek Online video shows klingons, klingon planet
      20. Sony trademarks four new game titles
      21. Splinter Cell: Conviction delayed to "add more polish", says Ubisoft
      22. Reggie: "No HD loss for Wii customers" with Netflix movie service
      23. Ringo Starr is "crap" at Beatles: Rock Band
      24. Lasky: EA has "destroyed over $11 billion in market value"
      25. Cage: Heavy Rain sex scenes "definitely not porn"
      26. Euro PSN update - January 14
      27. First BioShock 2 reviews are in, over 90%
      28. Square releases even more FFXIII shots
      29. I Am Alive delayed due to "re-engineering", says Ubisoft
      30. Dark Void PC demo released
      31. Half Minute Hero dated for February 12
      32. Dragon Age DLC pulled from Live
      33. Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2 is "still in production"
      34. Nintendo: DSi XL to have "slight premium" in retailer cost over DSi
      35. Best December for PS3 since launch, says SCEA
      36. BioWare working on "unannounced multiplatform action title"
      37. SCEJ announces 250Gb PS3 for February release
      38. 1UP: 360 FFXIII "runs just as smoothly as it does on PS3"
      39. Toriyama: Overseas FFXIII "is finally completed"
      40. DSi XL hits Europe on March 5 [Update]
      1. Books: Mass Effect Retribution announced, and it's a prequel
      2. Japan: Knights in the Nightmare heading to PSP in April
      3. PixelJunk studio's 3D Space Tank outed by Australia's OFLC
      4. SSFIV walk-through videos feature Cody, Adon, and Guy
      5. BioWare reveals soldier class for Mass Effect 2
      6. Shots of OnLive console and controllers surface
      7. Reggie says "no Wii update or new system" in the coming months
      8. Modern Warfare 2 was best-selling 360 game last year in UK
      9. BioShock 2 to have less backtracking, Vita-Chambers options
      10. Ken Levine reveals Irrational's canned zombie shooter, Division 9
      11. New Driver given FY2011 release by Ubi
      12. Wii Sports Resort, Layton top Nintendo games of 2009 in UK
      13. 1C blames retail for PC sales decline, says digital will reign by 2011
      14. Final Fantasy XIII - new screens
      15. Rumor: Perfect Dark gets pricing, possible release by February
      16. Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 10 were biggest UK PlayStation games in 2009
      17. R.U.S.E gets delayed into FY2011
      18. Dragon Age Return to Ostagar releases on Live
      19. EA admits to "p**sing off a lot of people" with first Army of Two
      20. Alan Wake gets creepy new shots
      21. New Assassin's Creed for FY2011, ACII pushes through 6M units
      22. Splinter Cell: Conviction delayed into April
      23. EA Europe boss says it plans to "do less games and do them better"
      24. Square releases Leona Lewis, English-filled FFXIII trailer
      25. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter hits Xbox Live
      26. EA to have stuff ready for Natal/PS Motion Controller launches
      27. Nintendo re-confirms 2010 release for Metroid: Other M
      28. New tech like Natal helps extend the life of Xbox 360, says Microsoft
      29. Microsoft: Xbox 360 will be an "active participant" with cloud services
      30. Sega releases new Yakuza 4 trailer, cover-art revealed
      31. SCEE confirms January 29 UK date for MAG
      32. Rumour: The Code Monkeys suffering lay-offs [Update]
      33. Modern Warfare 2 makes $1 billion since launch, says Activision
      34. Modern Warfare 2 is best-selling UK game of 2009, says ELSPA
      35. Armored Core 5 gets early Famitsu reveal
      36. SCEA to offer alternative Heavy Rain boxart
      37. Cut FFXIII content was enough for separate game, says Square Enix
      38. BioShock 2 to last over 10 hours
      39. Nintendo trademarks Wii Relax in US
      40. SCEE: GT5 EU date "in due course," JP delay "only applicable for the Japanese market"
      41. US GoW III listed as March 16, UK date in "next few weeks"
      42. Quantic Dream "will definitely experiment" with PS Motion Controller "in the near future"
      43. Tekken 6 getting online co-op next week
      44. Capcom developing Natal game based on old franchise
      45. Pachter: PS3 and 360 hardware to get price cuts this summer
      46. Gran Turismo 5 delayed in Japan
      47. Netflix confirmed for US Wii this spring
      1. NPD: 90% of game sales during Q3 2009 happened at retail
      2. Nintendo: Iwata's comments on new handheld were "misinterpreted
      3. Staff at Monolith, Surreal and Snowblind laid-off by Warner Bros.
      4. Official trailer for Dante's Inferno animated film hits
      5. Report: Average game development budget sits between $18-$28M
      6. Heavy Rain won't get censored, confirms SCEA
      7. Square Enix confirms FFXIII bus tour
      8. Microsoft: Xbox 360's not even "at the midpoint yet"
      9. Cameron says Avatar's comparisons to Halo are unfounded
      10. Molyneux: 2010 "will be a landmark year" in games
      11. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment landing on XBLA January 20
      12. The Old Republic gets confirmed spring 2011 release target from LucasArts
      13. Army of Two: The 40th Day reviews round-up
      14. Dead Rising coming to GoD on January 26
      15. BioWare takes aim at shooter audience with Mass Effect 2
      16. Army of Two: The 40th Day launch trailer is action spectacular
      17. Capcom shows Debouse in new Lost Planet 2 shots
      18. UFC Undisputed 2010 gets May 28 release in UK
      19. Irrational website opens up
      20. Inferno to be republished with book cover bearing game image
      21. GRAW 2, Kane and Lynch added to GoD
      22. EVE Online breaks own record with 56,021 pilots online
      23. Analyst firm says Online gaming market will grow 6% in 2010
      24. New and updated BioShock 2 plasmids revealed
      25. Ace Combat: Joint Assault for PSP announced
      26. Fils-Aime: Zelda Wii needs to be "perfect"
      27. Doors flung wide for Star Trek Online open beta today
      28. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - first proper screens
      29. Forza 3 gets AutoWeek Car Show DLC
      30. GT5 Time Trial demo reaches 1 million downloads
      31. Darksiders - Strife, Fury and Death art revealed
      32. Rumour - Rogue Warrior dev Rebellion Derby closes doors [Update]
      33. Gravity Crash Anthems gets downloadable release
      34. Darksiders - Strife, Fury and Death already designed, says Joe Mad
      35. Dragon Quest IX gets classics release in Japan
      36. Metal Slug XX gets new trailer
      37. James Cameron "exploring" option to make more games
      38. Dante's Inferno animated movie to premiere on February 2
      39. RISK coming to XBLA early this year
      40. Pachter-EEDAR December hardware estimates show monster Wii sales
      41. Jack Wall named as Mass Effect 2 soundtrack composer
      42. BioShock 2 TV spot shows "act of love"
      43. Singularity pushed off, Acti claims no date set
      44. Games industry has suffered 11,500 layoffs since 2008
      45. New Fable III concept art released
      46. UK boxed product sales down 18% in 2009
      47. US Heavy Rain box-art revealed
      48. Latest Dante dev diary shows Fraud
      49. Riccitello hints at spring 2011 release for The Old Republic
      50. Riccitiello: "Innovative" Madden, Dead Space 2, Need for Speed in next FY
      51. EA lowers full-year guidance, Pachter says company ""did not have the products that people wanted"
      1. Obsidian confirms Aliens RPG footage is real [Update]
      2. Rumour - New Midnight Club was in the works, team now dismantled
      3. Bach: "70 or 80% of publishers" developing games with Natal
      4. New Mass Effect 2 character video shows Subject Zero
      5. Wii sells four million in France, says Nintendo
      6. BioShock 2 - new shots
      7. Halo: Reach GI feature internetalised, new character info revealed
      8. Sega to reveal Project Needlemouse info all this week
      9. Report - WoW Cataclysm entering Alpha this week
      10. ModNation Racers get EU beta from January 21
      11. Job listings point towards third "unannounced" Lionhead game
      12. No plans for seperate GoW III/GoW Collection bundle, confirms SCEE
      13. Platinum "would definitely be interested in" making Madworld 2
      14. SCEE confirms ?110 pricetag for GoW III Ultimate Trilogy Edition in UK
      15. Armored Core 5 revealed
      16. EA confirms NBA Jam revival, releases this year for Wii
      17. Remedy shows off new Alan Wake clip
      18. Rumour - feelplus making "large scale RPG" for 360
      19. Split-screen co-op for Splinter Cell: Conviction confirmed
      20. Modern Warfare 2 now third-biggest UK game ever
      21. 2011 Realtime Worlds game outed in CV [Update]
      22. Greenberg: Natal is "not just about playing games"
      23. WoW tells you to get credit cards in Russia
      24. UK charts: Modern Warfare 2 holds its ground
      25. Public to try English FFXIII demo soon, says Square Enix
      26. New GoW III scans show Poseidon
      27. Internal MS brochure re-confirms Xbox Live for Mobile
      28. Halo 3 is most popular Live game of 2009
      29. Greenberg: "There will be millions of Natals in consumer's homes this holiday"
      30. Rumour: Criterion NFS is Out of the Law, first concept art spotted [Update]
      1. OXM gives Mass Effect 2 9.5/10
      2. FFXIII is "biggest swindle in gaming history"
      1. Ron Jeremy says games are a worse influence on kids than porn
      2. Video: Casey Hudson talks Mass Effect 2 and trilogy conclusion
      3. Nintendo: Metroid Prime Trilogy no longer being published or shipped
      4. Rumors: GoWIII getting custom PS3, Resistance 3 announce at E3
      5. Kamiya wants Bayonetta to boost third-person action genre
      6. Aliens vs Predator demo confirmed, no date yet
      7. NetDevil releases debut trailer for LEGO Universe
      8. Netflix CEO says chances for the service on Nintendo are "excellent"
      9. Impulse puts Braid, others on sale this weekend for 50% off
      10. Madden Ultimate Team now available as a free download
      11. Sack it to Me: Sony gives LBP updates from around the net
      12. Sony rep says Heavy Rain graphics "blow Uncharted 2 away"
      13. BioWare already working on storyline for Mass Effect 3
      14. Metro 2033 takes you to a nuclear wasteland in March [UPDATE]
      15. Capcom shows off Mega Man 10 at CES
      16. Rockstar accused of poor working conditions by spouses
      17. Survey says: Only 15% of respondents have purchased DLC
      18. Capcom releases visual goodies for RE5 Gold Edition
      19. Playboy Playmates try their hand at being Bayonetta
      20. Halo: Reach is next Game Informer cover
      21. 2K Boston reverts to Irrational Games
      22. GT5 - Five CES movies show Nurburgring, McLaren F1
      23. Spec Ops: The Line gets new screens
      1. AIC track pack heading to Rock Band next week
      2. Sony's John Koller talks 3D integration on PS3, calls it "fantastic"
      3. Forrester Research analyst calls 3D reports "mostly hype"
      4. Pachter: There's loads of "shovelware" and "crap" out there for Wii
      5. BioWare updates info on ME2's Illusive Man and enemy defenses
      6. EA hires Mark Trumell, squelches rumors over NBA Jam revamp
      7. US PS movie store update - Jennifer's Body, 9
      8. SWTOR: BioWare dishes on the Sith planet of Dromund Kaas
      9. Greenpeace lists latest rankings, still hates Nintendo
      10. First Army of Two: The 40th review goes up, gives 8.5/10
      11. UK retailers reveal pre-order deals for Star Trek Online
      12. EA: FIFA "beating the heck out of" Pro Evolution Soccer
      13. PC BFBC2 Beta to begin January 28, says DICE
      14. Mad Catz paid $300K to be let out of Guitar Hero peripheral contract
      15. EU PS Blog giving away a custom Darksiders PS3
      16. Sony "still planning" pre-release Heavy Rain demo
      17. Forza 3 getting more DLC next week with new cars
      18. Watch Goichi Suda "get down" with Just Dance
      19. Razer shows off motion-sensing PC peripheral with L4D2
      20. Heavy Rain gameplay footage touches ground
      21. Lionhead: Fable III to be shown for the first time "next month"
      22. Crackdown 2 wing suit aiming for "Mario controls"
      23. Heavy Rain out February 26 in the UK, February 23 in US [Update]
      24. You'll need loads of ammo for Akrid X boss in Lost Planet 2
      25. Ninety-Nine Nights II dated in Japan for spring 2010
      26. EA: DICE could "take on Modern Warfare" with BFBC2
      27. Sony: "God of War III is a must have"
      28. Microsoft says we're a "long ways away" from 3D in the living room
      29. Halo: Reach tipped to be biggest seller of this year, says GI survey
      30. No map modding for Supreme Commander 2, says GPG
      31. Darksiders post-Christmas release "worked to our advantage", says THQ
      32. Bayonetta gets balls-to-the-wall mental launch trailer
      33. Heavy Rain EU release date likely to be announced today
      34. Serious Sam HD ?6 on Steam this weekend
      35. Left 4 Dead 2 gets free weekend for Silver Live users
      36. Alienware's 11-inch M11x to cost under $1,000
      37. New Mass Effect 2 Assault video is go
      38. Sledgehammer's first game is "quite unique"
      39. Rockstar releases new 'hootin 'tootin Red Dead Redemption shots
      40. Rumour - Infinity Ward hiring for CoD MMO
      41. Bad Company 2 trailer screams buy, buy, buy
      42. Video: GT5 shows 3D side at CES
      43. Nvidia and Intel blitz December's Steam hardware survey
      44. Rumour - Dead or Alive 5 coming to PS3
      45. Purho offers Crayon Physics as "pay what you want"
      46. Japanese hardware charts - Wii takes the biscuit
      47. Ex-Visceral boss: Switching to Activison is "fantastic"
      48. Report - Heavy Rain dated in US for February 16
      49. Halo: Reach artwork leaked from GI
      50. Pachter: Walmart and Amazon cut into GameStop's holiday profits
      1. US PSN update, Jan 7 - Ubisoft Game Sale, Borderlands DLC
      2. Deniable Ops co-op mode detailed for Splinter Cell: Conviction
      3. More countries to get Xbox Live Video Marketplace in the fall
      4. New Metro 2033 trailer is serious business
      5. Bungie mentions "super secret" Halo: Reach multiplayer mode
      6. Awakening to raise Dragon Age level cap into the "mid-to-high 30s"
      7. Wada: Japanese retailers are prejudiced against Western games
      8. Reminder - GT Academy Time Trial competition closes January 24
      9. Palm introduces 3D games for webOS phones
      10. Darksiders: Vigil to issue a fix for tearing issues on 360
      11. New SSFIV vids show Cody vs Ryu, Adon vs Ken
      12. Halo Legends gets a date with Blu-ray, DVD
      13. Love open beta is Live, still costs €3 to test
      14. NPD reckons 2010 will "be a really exciting year" for games industry
      15. Capcom releases CES Lost Planet 2 screens
      16. EA Sports in peripherals deals
      17. GameStop reports second-highest Holiday sales figures ever
      18. Report - Treyarch's Vietnam Call of Duty out in November
      19. Pre-order Mass Effect 2 on Steam, get Inferno Armor
      20. College student beats current GTA IV record, takes only three p**ses
      21. PSP Digital Comics Store update - Civil War, The Avengers
      22. Split/Second boss confirms secret Black Rock game
      23. Microsoft details pricing, partners for 360 Game Room
      24. Darksiders gets banned in UAE
      25. Here be dragons: Divinity II – Ego Draconis launch trailer
      26. Bethesda pitched a Star Trek RPG before making Fallout 3
      27. New GT5 trailer shows off Mercedes SLS
      28. Natal consumes 10-15% of 360 CPU power
      29. New Heavy Rain trailer released, everyone goes wow
      30. Source - Infinity Ward not developing Modern Warfare 3
      31. God of War III confirmed for March 25 in Japan
      32. EU PS store update, January 7
      33. Xbox Live had a new member every second during Christmas
      34. Last.fm sees 1.6 million new users after Xbox Live inclusion
      35. 10 million Live members use Twitter, Facebook, more
      36. Report - Natal scaled back to hit financial targets [UPDATE]
      37. Capcom confirms commitment to cross-platform dev
      38. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PSN DLC is no more, confirms Acti
      39. Actor hints at potential Duke Nukem: Forever release
      40. Meier: Facebook allows approach at Civ MMO "from a new direction"
      41. CES: 20 million people now using Live, says Bach
      42. Phoenix Wright coming to WiiWare next week
      43. CES: Microsoft keynote gets the visual treatment
      44. CES: Alan Wake to recieve post-launch DLC
      45. CES: New Project Natal video released
      46. CES: Natal runs at 30 frames per second
      47. CES: First Modern Warfare 2 DLC on 360 this spring
      48. Microsoft CES Keynote audio now available
      49. Sony CES Keynote: Hirai: PS3 sold 3.8 million in December
      50. Microsoft CES Keynote: 39 million Xbox 360s sold worldwide
      51. Sony's CES keynote: PSN coming to Blu-Ray players, TVs, and PCs next month
      52. Microsoft Game Room gets trailered, boasts over 1000 games
      53. Microsoft CES keynote: Natal coming "holiday season 2010"
      1. Microsoft to announce Xbox Game Room and 2010 Natal launch tonight
      2. New Mass Effect 2 video details Miranda
      3. Dr Pepper teams up with EA to hand out gaming codes
      4. EVE Online player steals 374 billion ISK, gives it all away
      5. This month's Qore features BioShock 2, Dante's Inferno, more
      6. GameStop: Get AoT:The 40th Day for $19.99 with trade-ins
      7. Perry's Gaikai service raises $5 million VC
      8. Heavy Rain Collector's Edition will not be sold in the US
      9. 6.7 million games consoles sold in UK last year
      10. SSFIV scans and video show new combos, outfits
      11. 2009 BAFTA Games Awards to be broadcast live on internet
      12. Sega of America confirms Japanese VOs, English subs for Yakuza 3
      13. Medal of Honor will feature two single-player campaigns [UPDATE]
      14. CVG: Heavy Rain releasing February 26
      15. EU GT5 pack-shot revealed
      16. LEGO Universe to be shown publicly for the first time at CES
      17. Inafune's 'Japan is dead' comment was "discouraging," says Wada
      18. BBFC: Heavy Rain warrants 15 rating despite heavy adult themes
      19. God Eater demo downloaded over 1 million times in Japan
      20. Xbox 360 overtakes Wii as top UK software format
      21. Immerz KOR-fx chest vibrator up for pre-order
      22. Rock Band 2 update contains US SingStar mic support
      23. Rumour - Treyarch's next Call of Duty will be more story-centric
      24. UK games revenue down 18% to ?3.311 billion in 2009
      25. Microsoft releases 2009 Xbox Live figures for Japan
      26. Capcom disappointed with Flock! sales, says zombies better than sheep
      27. Story for Mistwalker's AAA RPG nearly complete
      28. Naughty Dog "not interested" in Uncharted with PS3 motion controls
      29. Dead Space 2 will be released "when it's ready," says Visceral
      30. Dark Void demo now available on Live
      31. Hicks confirms Fallout: New Vegas for next OXM [Update]
      32. Wada: FFXIII could signal death of "this type of game" at Square
      33. Kingdom Hearts: BBS gets 37/40 in Famitsu
      34. Sony: God of War III "only possible" on PS3
      35. Heavy Rain Collector's Edition is HMV exclusive, confirms SCEE
      36. Sony: "No plans" to bring Michael Jackson PS3 bundle to UK
      37. Bigger storage capacity for Blu-rays coming soon
      38. New R.U.S.E gameplay videos released
      39. Statement - Capcom has "not announced" a Dark Void PC demo
      40. Fist of the North Star dated in Japan for March
      41. Capcom: "The future is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360"
      42. Darksiders started life with four-player, four-horseman co-op
      43. Chromehounds online servers to shut down today
      44. Iwata: Next Nintendo handheld to have "ability to read movements"
      45. No PC demo for Dark Void
      46. More on the Wii Vitality Sensor this July, says Iwata
      47. Record US Wii sales push Nintendo stock to two-month high
      48. Iwata: "Wii has recovered from slowdown"
      49. Alan Wake - new screens
      50. Iwata: New Zelda to be out by the end of the year
      51. Sony Japan to release PS3 Michael Jackson bundle
      52. Activison chats to the "big three" about digital distribution
      53. Rumor: EA to revive NBA Jam as a Wii-exclusive
      54. Vigil explains Darksiders' lack of multiplayer, DLC
      1. ME2 Vanguard class will have powers from both soldier and adept
      2. Star Trek Online video shows exploration and mega-blasting
      3. Metal Slug XX to be released on UMD in February
      4. Cinemaware founder: Movie tie-ins are "generally a piece of crap"
      5. Capcom - RE: Darkside Chronicles sales are a "disappointment"
      6. BFBC2 producer says the game is "deeper" than other shooters
      7. Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack CD in the works, says Zimmer
      8. Dragon Age gets Awakening announcement trailer
      9. EA: Games may become (sort of) cheaper in the future
      10. Spec Ops: The Line is "most provocative shooter ever" - new shots, movie
      11. OPM US confirms Indy cars, night racing for GT5
      12. Girl power: Nielsen figures 52% of US PSP owners are female
      13. NOA estimates Wii sold 3 million units in US during December
      14. Arkham Asylum: Hamill never expected to voice Joker again
      15. Hollywood interested in Darksiders, confirms Madureira
      16. Army of Two: The 40th Day videos show online shooting
      17. Wii Sports Resort sells 5 million units in five months in Europe
      18. Bayonetta reviews round-up - the scores are high
      19. Kart racing game Zero Gear lands on Steam next week
      20. Aion glitch makes players instant trillionaires
      21. Dark Void demo to release tomorrow
      22. Sony to fix MAG Beta connection issues
      23. New Super Mario Bros. Wii sells 2.5 million units in Europe
      24. Immerz's Full Sensory Immersion Gear let's you "feel" games
      25. Critical Distance lists 99 of the best free games of 2009
      26. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat gets February 5 UK release
      27. EA extends Holiday MS Points rebate incentive
      28. Heavy Rain rated 15 by the BBFC
      29. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts added to GoD
      30. Wii hits 20 million, DS 40 million, Wii Fit 9.6 million in Europe
      31. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening gets first shots [Update]
      32. EA announces Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening for March release [Update]
      33. USK listing outs online Blur demo
      34. Darksiders soundtrack handled by God of War composers
      35. Famitsu: Dragon Quest IX best selling Japanese game of '09
      36. Nintendo to handle Monster Hunter tri in Europe
      37. DS big hardware winner in Japan last year, says Famitsu
      38. Japanese gaming market shrinks YoY
      39. Decision on Chinese WoW to be made soon
      40. Jade Raymond appears in magazine, talks gadgets
      41. 39% of British parents let kids play games over age limit
      42. Star Trek Online to kick off with Borg battle
      43. Darksiders reviews say "buy me now"
      44. Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2 top GI survey
      45. Sony trademarks Cloudsurf
      46. Star Trek Online pre-purchase is go
      47. Pachter: US game sales will "rebound" in 2010
      48. White Knight Chronicles shots get International
      49. EVE breaks concurrent user record with 54,446 players
      50. New FFXIV shots released shout "hot diggity damn"
      51. BioWare delays Dragon Age Return to Ostagar DLC - by a day
      52. EA Sports to carry on with Tiger Woods relationship
      53. Platinum Games posts groovy new countdown clock
      54. Square Enix open to Western-developed Final Fantasy games
      1. Amazon - FFXIII Collector's Edition to cost €72
      2. BioShock 2 - new screens, pawn marketing
      3. Demon's Souls gets Japanese Best
      4. More Mafia II screens send a message, boss
      5. New Mass Effect 2 videos show Grunt and Thane
      6. NowGamer reviews FFXIII, gives it 7.9
      7. Sega already thinking of "some concepts" for Alpha Protocol 2
      8. Love beta going live this week
      9. Army of Two pair arrive in London, go mental
      10. Game Informer ed scotches Fallout: New Vegas cover rumour
      11. Guetta drops "DJ Hero" and "2" in the same sentence
      12. Medal of Honor to contain multiple characters, knives
      13. Japanese hardware charts - FFXIII effect wears off for PS3
      14. MAG open beta goes live
      15. New Heavy Rain videos show Ethan in action
      16. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to contain "Protoss mini-campaign"
      17. Dark Void PC gets system requirements
      18. God of War III gets new concept art
      19. Red Steel 2 "95% complete"
      20. Xbox Live really, actually coming to Windows Mobile
      21. Whitten: "Natal plus Live is going to be groundbreaking"
      22. Capcom to develop all future new IP "primarily in Japan"
      23. People Can Fly trademarks Bulletstorm
      24. Rumour - First details of Fallout: New Vegas leaked [Update]
      25. Sega: European Yakuza 3 to have Japanese voice-overs
      26. SCEE: Vidzone is world's "biggest dedicated music video streaming application"
      27. Sega finished with mature Wii titles
      28. UK charts: Modern Warfare 2 top for eighth week
      29. Rumour - Video of Half-Life 2 being played via Natal [Update]
      30. Dragon Age to Return to Ostagar with DLC tomorrow
      31. Unreal Engine 3 up and running on iPhone
      32. Square Enix "taking root" in 2010, says Wada
      33. PS3 Slim biggest news story of 2009, say Famitsu readers
      34. Cousens and Collyers receive NY honours
      35. 25 EA games to face online chop
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