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  • July 2010 Archive

      1. Super Street Fighter IV 3D shots surface
      2. SWTOR: Explore the smuggler's paradise of Nar Shaddaa
      3. Datel creates PS3 add-on with extra USB ports, memory slot
      4. Bungie: Bidding farewell to Halo and looking to the future
      5. Next Operation Flashpoint to be called Red River
      6. CNN Kinect review: Looks extremely promising, still concerned about the price
      7. GTTV: New Mafia II video, MOH, Gears, Twisted Metal
      8. Check out the inFamous 2 Comic-Con panel highlight video
      9. Gearbox boss on more Borderlands DLC: "Let's talk soon"
      10. Sega posts quarterly profit, 51% sales increase in spite of weak Alpha Protocol and Iron Man 2 sales
      1. Kane & Lynch 2 screens bring the pain
      2. Jason West and Vince Zampella to speak at QuakeCon
      3. Insomniac to reveal new "PlayStation 3 project" between now and PAX Central
      4. Limited Edition of MOH comes with Battlefield 3 Beta invite
      5. Square reveals Special Edition contents of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
      6. Ranger Pack DLC for Metro 2033 dated
      7. PSP go issues are not digital-related, says Team 17 boss
      8. Bungie: "Past experiences allowed us to make Reach the best possible game"
      9. Final F1 2010 dev diary has no team orders
      10. Next week in Rock Band: Blondie, Decemberists, more
      11. EA issuing pre-order refunds for Battlefield 1943 PC, release date still unknown
      12. Report - Xbox 360 box shots shows 250GB HDD sold separately
      13. First DiRT 3 trailer to air this weekend, first shot released
      14. Next Ninja Theory title will be "another story-based game", says Antoniades
      15. Ubisoft working on offering 3D "in most of our AAA titles"
      16. Rumour - Entire Marvel vs Capcom 3 line-up leaked
      17. Tiesto confirmed for DJ Hero 2
      18. Japanese hardware charts - PSP rules with iron fist
      19. Bethesda: No plans for iPhone, Wii games
      20. Just Cause 2 half-price this weekend on Steam
      21. Watch people go mental for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
      22. Kane and Lynch 2 trailer screams holy f**k, f**k, f**k
      23. PS3 outsold 360 by 28% in last 12 months
      24. Official state proclamation declares Sept. 21 "Civilization V Day" in Maryland
      25. US retailer lists Hardened, Prestige versions of CoD: Black Ops
      26. Lord British reigns supreme in NCSoft suit, walks away with $28 million
      1. IO gives sneak peek at Kane & Lynch comic book art
      2. Executive producer for The Force Unleashed resigns from LucasArts
      3. Kinect Sports screens show Avatars doing sports, obviously
      4. DR2: More than 3K zombies on screen "ruins the experience", says Ohara
      5. The Son of Asgard arrives in this 46-second Thor teaser
      6. Star Trek Online gets Ancient Enemies, price cut
      7. 3DS: Nintendo brands this-quarter release talk "Chinese whispers"
      8. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets two new multiplayer characters
      9. Valve updates L4D2 with some much needed tweaks
      10. Report - XBLA earns over $46 million in first-half of 2010
      11. Gears 3 Carmine gear available on Live
      12. SSFIV on 3DS won't have 3D gameplay
      13. Nintendo UK hints at sub-?200 pricing for 3DS
      14. Halo: Reach gets new campaign trailer, is off the chain
      15. PoP film director: Games "cannot do" drama
      16. Studio Liverpool hiring for new project, mentions "3rd/1st person action"
      17. Shogun 2: Total War looks really hot
      18. Sony announces UK Move pricing, details Starter Pack
      19. Capcom profits crater 90% in Q1
      20. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets Map Pack 5
      21. Vanquish gets "Casual Auto" mode
      22. Nintendo Q1: Cash collapses, global software dates updated, DS hardware down 45%
      23. Sony Q1 results: PS3 hardware up 118%, software explodes to 24.8m
      24. Metalocalypse: Dethgame officially declared dead
      25. SOCOM, yet so far away: SOCOM 4 delayed into 2011
      1. Guillermo del Toro working with a "big company" on gaming titles
      2. L.A. Noire tech helped Team Bondi defeat "the uncanny valley"
      3. Realtime Worlds gives a sneak preview of Project: MyWorld
      4. Halo: Reach Blood Gulch video from Comic-Con
      5. Blizzard not ruling out console development in the future
      6. Microsoft - Kinect is competitively priced with Wii and Move
      7. More games in Tales series coming for PS3 and PSP
      8. Dragon Age DLC Golems of Amgarrak detailed with trailer
      9. Blizzard on next StarCraft II expansion: Heart of the Swarm "will be as epic as Wings of Liberty"
      10. StarCraft II has Lost Vikings mini-game, soundtrack on iTunes
      11. EA outs Dead Space 2 boxart
      12. London High Court ruling makes R4 cartridges illegal in the UK
      13. Capcom "clicked" with Blue Castle Games over western-made Dead Rising 2
      14. Zeschuk: BioWare's in a "privileged position" with EA
      15. Euro PSN update, July 28 - Earthworm Jim HD, Rayman 2
      16. US PSN update, July 27 - K&L2, Madden 11, Flower demos
      17. R.U.S.E. hitting September 7 and 9 in US and Europe
      18. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow headlines Konami line-up for Eurogamer Expo
      19. Metroid: Other M trailer has things going bang
      20. Sony confirms August 17 date for gamescom presser
      21. Valve on Left 4 Dead PS3: "Who knows?"
      22. Uncharted 2 gets Title Update 1.09
      23. Metal Gear Arcade gets three day taster in Japan
      24. Street Fighter x Tekken - new shots
      25. Red Dead Redemption dropping in Japan on October 7
      26. Michael Jackson estate forces PopCap to re-design dancing zombie in PvZ
      27. Irrational opens 'WhatIsIcarus.com' teaser site
      1. Disney acquires casual developer Playdom for $563.2 million
      2. Ubisoft bringing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Driver: San Francisco, more to Cologne
      3. Call of Duty: Black Ops DS detailed, gets screened
      4. Free-to-Play option coming to EverQuest II
      5. MAG v1.07 coming in early August
      6. SOE offering lifetime memberships to Free Realms for $30
      7. Antoniades: Story is more important than gameplay
      8. Ghost Recon 30-minute live action film gets a teaser
      9. Blizzard lists known issues with StarCraft II, updates system specs
      10. Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex: Human Revolution a "reboot of the franchise"
      11. Report - BioWare only helping out with the story for Darkspore
      12. Bethesda confirms gamescom line-up
      13. Alice Cooper, Runaways, The White Stripes and more added to Warriors of Rock disc
      14. Marvel Costume Pack 3 for LBP has Venom and Wolverine
      15. Blizzard: Real ID feedback proves "the process worked"
      16. BioWare: Dragon Age 2 will have more than three dialogue choices
      17. F1 2010 developer diary gets extended cut with Anthony Davidson
      18. Rumour - 3DS tag mode called "CrossPass" mode
      19. Kane and Lynch 2 is star of CCTV
      20. First Alan Wake DLC, The Signal, now available
      21. Capcom upping output on major franchises
      22. Dragon Age II video shows early cinematics, gameplay
      23. Rockstar North posts job listings, mentions "third-person action game"
      24. Don't own the Gold edition of Resident Evil 5? Then no Move for you
      25. PS3 gets Firmware 3.41 update, includes "You May Like" section
      26. Dungeon Siege III gets debut cinematic trailer
      27. "Hell, it's about damn time" - StarCraft II launches worldwide
      28. Report: Sony strikes gold, sees profitable Q1
      29. Valve mistakenly swings banhammer at MW2 players, apologizes by giving away L4D2
      1. Demon's Souls online servers staying up until spring 2011
      2. Gears of War movie going back to drawing board
      3. Sony: Move is a "virtual reality controller"
      4. Pachter: 3DS will be $250, software will have higher game prices
      5. Kane & Lynch 2 demo now live on all platforms, will ship with SteamWorks
      6. Borderlands DLC is this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week
      7. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine announced for PC
      8. New Grid, Operation Flashpoint coming from Codemasters
      9. DC Universe Online dated for November 2, new trailer screams epic
      10. Rumour: Digital Extremes developing The Darkness 2
      11. 343 Industries: Master Chief will return in future Halo games
      12. UK charts: Modern Warfare 2 disappears from top ten, Toy Story 3 takes biscuit
      13. BioWare helping out with Maxis on DarkSpore
      14. Rumour: "GTA V is set in…"
      15. NBA Jam rated for PS3, 360 by ESRB
      1. Ono: Street Fighter x Tekken not out for two years, no more big announcements until Captivate
      2. Redesigned Cole revealed in inFamous 2 video
      3. Mass Effect 2 getting new weapons pack
      4. Fable III gets ComicCon footage
      5. Spector: Roger Ebert "doesn't get" videogames
      6. Dead Rising 2 gets Fortune City video
      7. Pachter: Online multiplayer is going subscription
      8. Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition announced
      9. New Front Mission Evolved trailer feautres MGS decals
      10. Epic Mickey footage leaked onto internet
      1. Street Fighter x Tekken announced at ComicCon
      2. MAG goes Faction Neutral, more DLC coming this summer
      3. EA Summer Weekend Sale has Mass Effect for $5
      4. Neil Patrick Harris suits up for Shattered Dimensions
      5. Burn Zombie Burn coming to Steam next month
      6. Bushnell: Atari's DNA can be used "very powerfully in today's marketplace"
      7. Fallout: New Vegas gets the GTTV treatment
      8. Kane & Lynch 2 has 1000 Achievement score, 52 Trophies
      9. Irrational Games holding August event, Project Icarus reveal likely
      10. Dead Rising 2 videos show Comic Con stage demos
      11. More artists announced for Rock Band 3
      12. LBP 2 Comic Con footage is Sacktastic
      13. Kratos smacks King Midas around in new Ghost of Sparta video
      14. First Battlestar Galactica Online shots and details are pretty frakkin' sweet
      15. Next Dragon Age: Origins DLC coming soon, dropping story to focus on combat
      16. Gears of War 3 ComicCon panel: Bernie gets included, movie will be "something awesome", more
      1. DLC planned for Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood
      2. Twisted Metal will have split-screen online, won't support Move or 3D
      3. Space combat confirmed for SWTOR
      4. Enslaved gets asset overload
      5. Dead Space gets animated and graphic this winter
      6. Analyst: StarCraft II sales could pull in $350M this year
      7. Dragon Age 2 dialogue has three choices: Good, Nasty, or Badass
      8. Schappert: 3DS will "sell like hot cakes"
      9. Impulse and GamersGate don't agree with NPD digital sales results
      10. RAGE gets multi-cover treatment for new P:TOM
      11. MMU lets you "play as the Mega Man of your dreams," says Inafune
      12. Blizzard: WoW movie still happening despite slow process
      13. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters movie tie-in announced
      14. Crytek: Making a PS3 exclusive "is something we considered before"
      15. Rumor: Microsoft killed "secret" cross-gaming project between PC and 360
      16. WSJ corrects $100M StarCraft II budget figure
      17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer beta to kick off in September, new trailer released
      18. Nice bit of assets released for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      19. LittleBigPlanet 2 dated for November 16 in US, gets Collector's Edition
      20. Rumour - Hitman 5 out next Christmas "at the earliest"
      21. Mafia II demo gets detailed
      22. Ono announcing more then one project at ComicCon tomorrow
      23. 2K quietly sending out invites to Spec Ops: The Line beta
      24. Japanese Hardware Charts- PSP goes top again
      25. Sucker Punch reverts Cole back to old self for inFamous 2, new clip shows off comic cut-scenes
      26. Halo: Reach blowout at Comic-Con - ?250 hardware bundle confirmed, Forge 2.0 and Firefight Versus announced
      1. Medal of Honor dev team renamed "Danger Close"
      2. Microsoft financials: EDD up 30% in Q4, down 11% yoy
      3. Study: Women spend more on virtual items than men
      4. Capcom announces August release for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
      5. James Bond 007: Blood Stone intro has Joss singing
      6. Second set of Sega Genesis classics now available on PC
      7. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games hit the US
      8. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom dated for November
      9. US retailer lists Resistance 3, boxart shows New York background
      10. Kinectimals gets new video
      11. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together hitting PSP
      12. Mass Effect 2 DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker announced
      13. Ubisoft Q1 2010-11 financials: Sales up 94% at €161 million
      14. Be like Mike in NBA 2K11
      15. The Sly Collection hitting retail for $39.99
      16. New Fable III shots get moody
      17. FFXIV: Class artwork released, PC specs announced
      18. EA Sports becomes official technology partner to Premier League via FIFA
      19. New Dead Space 2 trailer makes the wait for January seem longer
      20. Capcom confirms gamescom no-show
      21. Mafia II demo dropping on August 10
      22. DC Universe Online teaser shows evil stuff going on
      23. Vanquish originally an open world title, reveals Mikami
      24. Front Mission Evolved gets delayed in US
      25. MvC3 line-up gets Thor and Amaterasu
      26. Aonuma: Zelda: Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time
      27. EA opens new Utah-based studio
      28. Interview - HAWX 2's Edward Douglas
      29. HAWX 2 dated for September 3 in Europe, new shots released
      30. Dragon Age II gets new concept art
      31. Netflix PS3 will no longer require a disc by October
      32. Child of Eden creator: Kinect technology getting better "every day"
      33. New StarCraft II cinematic trailer asks "Is it completely epic in here, or is it just me?"
      1. Rockstar to hang Red Dead Redemption cheaters
      2. Shank video gives us a look at co-op
      3. DC Universe Online gets Collector's Edition, Hamill and Conroy
      4. Report - Capcom to skip attending gamescom
      5. InFamous 2: Behind-the-scenes at Comic Con
      6. Euro PSN update, July 21 - Kane & Lynch 2 for all
      7. Mike Fischer becomes US CEO of Square Enix
      8. Capcom announces new batch of characters for MvC3
      9. PC: Mafia II includes Steamworks, pre-orders get original game
      10. US PSN update, July 20 - K&L2 demo, Marvel LBP, more
      11. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow October release is "speculation", says Konami
      12. Warriors of Rock: Quest Mode contains RUSH's 2112 suite
      13. Relic accepting Closed Beta applications for Company of Heroes
      14. Gears 3: The fate of Carmine rests in your hands
      15. Square: Hitman art "does not represent any new game"
      16. PC retail and digitally distributed sales almost equal, says NPD
      17. Interview - Mafia II's Alex Cox and Jarek Kolar
      18. Develop Awards intro features Mark Rein in a bubble bath
      19. Red Dead Redemption biggest selling US title in first-half 2010
      20. Dungeons & Dragons Online finally going free-to-play in Europe
      21. Sledgehammer's Schofield: EA "treated me like s**t"
      22. Red Faction: Armageddon Comic-Con assets set up plot, knock down everything else
      23. Next Halo novels to be written by Gears 3 head writer
      24. Square bringing Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light to Japan
      25. FFXIII for 360 in Japan? Xbox.com says yes
      26. 360 Medal of Honor beta out now
      1. StarCraft II: Midnight store openings listed for Europe and US
      2. EA announces Alice and more at CA Showcase - first Alice trailer included
      3. 343 Industries kicking off development on new Halo project
      4. UK sales of Xbox 360 up 1,000% thanks to new SKU
      5. Big Thrills add-on hitting Trials HD this fall
      6. Sony announces PlayStation Beta event in Birmingham
      7. Pachter: New Arcade SKU gives Microsoft "room" for 2011 price-cut to 250Gb model
      8. MS: DotW, GoD announced for July/August
      9. Confirmed: Kinect priced at ?129 and $149, bundles and 4Gb Arcade announced
      10. Sony patents 3D multiplayer system without split-screen
      11. Thor: The Video Game hammers into 2011
      12. Analyst: Tiger Woods' sex scandal has impacted PGA game franchise
      13. Rein apologizes to Harris over comments made during Develop panel
      14. EA announces 38 Studios' Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      15. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero gets plot details
      16. February release for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, says Steam
      17. Rock Band 3 out October 26 in US, October 29 in UK
      18. Sakaguchi not retiring after The Last Story
      19. Warren Spector keynoting PAX Prime
      20. SOE accepting sign-ups for DC Universe Online beta
      21. Rumour - Capcom vs Namco and Namco vs Capcom in development, debuting this weekend
      22. Fight Night: Champion announced for 2011
      23. EA to announce new games tonight
      24. Interview - Red Faction: Armageddon's David Abzug
      25. ESRB de-cloaks Ghost Recon Predator for PSP
      26. Ubisoft: Multiplayer in Assassin's Creed is here to stay
      1. Infinity Ward, Treyarch debunk 'pay to play' Call of Duty rumour
      2. Kojima working on "adventure" title, says collaborator
      3. Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded gets October 7 Japanese date
      4. StarCraft II beta ends today - for good
      5. Red Faction: Origins hits TV in March 2011
      6. XBLA Plants vs Zombies confirmed for fall release
      7. BioWare details huge Dragon Age: Origins patch
      8. Confirmed: Stuart Black exits Bodycount team
      9. Blur "the start of a big franchise," says Bizarre
      10. Rumour: 3DS to launch next March in the UK
      11. 360 Slim UK release surpases PS2, PS3 Slim launches, says Chart-Track
      12. R.U.S.E. preview extended until Wednesday
      13. UK charts: Crackdown 2 still numero uno
      14. Tarsier Studios become first-party SCE developer
      15. Valkyria Chronicles II pre-order content detailed
      16. Rumour - COD subcription plan leaked in gameplay video
      17. Medal of Honor multiplayer beta extended
      18. JAW boss: Something Oddworld-related to be announced, possibly released "by end of July"
      19. Opdahl: Reach goes well beyond what anyone’s done before
      20. Interview - Just Add Water's Stewart Gilray on the Oddworld revival, Gravity Crash PSP and more
      21. Pachter: New Xbox accounted for 40 percent of US sales
      22. Wilson: Canada’s a threat to UK games industry
      1. Guerrilla: Killzone 3 load times non-existent
      2. Plants vs. Zombies gets co-op and versus modes
      3. Jaffe: Twisted Metal PS3 used to be post-apocalyptic
      4. Pachter: 3D gaming is a fad "for the next five years at least"
      5. Codemasters: No demo for F1 2010
      1. Sign up with MS to get Kinect pricing as it's announced
      2. Aion re-release coming in September with new expansion
      3. Killzone 3 to have more responsive controls, says Guerrilla
      4. EA Summer Weekend Sale has Crysis and Warhead 50% off
      5. Alien Swarm hits Steam next week for free
      6. SOE lays off 35 employees [updated]
      7. LOTRO F2P screens - Character Generation, Locked Quests
      8. Use of 1080p 3D in PS3 games being limited, says Sony
      9. Aston Martin One-77 unveiled in Test Drive Unlimited 2 video
      10. K&L2: Dog Days demo stats show loads of killing, theft
      1. Blizzard answers Real ID community questions through Q&A
      2. Japanese hardware charts - DSi LL still the rage
      3. Report - StarCraft II cost over $100 million
      4. GoldenEye 007 assets shoot out of London event
      5. Full roster for LBP's Marvel Costume Pack 2 revealed
      6. New RDR: Legends and Killers screens surface
      7. NPD: Nintendo dominates the top 20 software chart
      8. Mega Man Universe announced for XBL and PSN
      9. Kane & Lynch 2 demo hitting PSN next week for PS+
      10. 2K confirms and details Mafia II DLC for all formats
      11. Swords and Soldiers coming to PSN this fall
      12. Interview - Enslaved's Tameem Antoniades
      13. Bad Religion and The Stooges hit Rock Band next week
      14. Kinect coming to a US town near you
      15. Guerrilla's Hermen Hulst to host GDC Europe keynote
      16. Song of Ice and Fire game series called "A Game of Thrones: Genesis"
      17. Electronic Arts sells stake in Ubisoft
      18. Atomic delays Breach into 2011
      19. Activision confirms Bizarre's James Bond: Blood Stone
      20. Activision needs to start charging for Call of Duty online, says Pachter
      21. Gravity Crash PSP out next week
      22. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light a month-long XBLA exclusive
      23. 2K planning 360-exclusive Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer beta
      24. Something Mega Man this way comes, teases Capcom
      25. StarCraft II system specs revealed by Blizzard
      26. DICE: BFBC 2 Onslaught PC comments "not accurate"
      27. NPD June 2010: Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony talk the talk
      28. Just Add Water developing new Oddworld titles
      1. NPD June 2010: Xbox 360 second only to DS, RDR moves 963K units
      2. Madden NFL 11 demo dated for July 27
      3. Greenberg: Xbox 360 sales up 88%, lead console in June
      4. Assassin's Creed comic book mini-series slated for fall.
      5. Japanese software: Wii Party tops charts
      6. Enslaved DLC will be a "side adventure", says Ninja Theory
      7. Molyneux: Fable II felt "rushed"
      8. Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition heading to North America
      9. VSC confirms PEGI ratings delay into 2011
      10. Rare gives virtual tour of its new Digbeth studio
      11. StarCraft II client now available for digital download
      12. Hirshberg: Activison needs to regain the hardcore's trust
      13. Develop: Molyneux takes the stage to demo Fable III
      14. Microsoft pulls plug on 1 vs 100
      15. Wada: "Difficult to determine" where Final Fantasy should "go", some fans "not very happy" with FFXIII
      16. Zombie confirms development of Blacklight: Tango Down 2
      17. Schafer: Kotick "p***k" comment was an "accident"
      18. Cataclysm will help hold attention of long term WoW players, says Blizzard
      19. Interview - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's Cory Stockton
      20. Sega cancels AvP console patches
      21. 13 laid off at Ready at Dawn
      22. Tiesto, Justice, Daft Punk, more confirmed for DJ Hero 2
      23. Schafer: Double Fine working on four new, signed games
      24. Killzone 3 4-player co-op mode info "erroneous"
      25. Kinect not so great at dealing with players lying down
      26. Red Dead Redundancies: Rockstar San Diego faces lay offs
      27. Activision to Schafer: Kotick "has always been passionate about games"
      28. Rocksteady and Quantic top Develop awards
      1. Microsoft confirms Kinect, Halo: Reach, Gears 3 for ComicCon
      2. No Dragon Age for handhelds, confirms Zeschuk
      3. Ranger and pets get detailed for Guild Wars 2
      4. Hulu Plus preview available today to select PS+ members
      5. BioWare: "We need a chance to take advantage" of current hardware
      6. Video Games Live to air on PBS this summer
      7. Dragon Age II experience to be different across all platforms, says Zeschuk
      8. Atari to release new Haunted House game in September
      9. Interview - BioWare's Dr Greg on Dragon Age 2 and the triple-A trap
      10. BioWare confirms more Mass Effect 2 DLC, has "big plans"
      11. Fable III to contain 47 hours of voiced dialogue
      12. Zeschuk: BioWare working on small MMO, console is in "the past"
      13. Study - Violent games help relieve stress, depression, hostility
      14. Gilbert: PSN and XBL need games with "some real meat" on them
      15. Vanquish gets BBFC 15 rating
      16. Nintendo aiming for "early 2011" for Zelda: Skyward Sword
      17. StarCraft II character roster outed by Chinese site
      18. PlayStation minis range passes 1 million downloads
      19. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future release moved up
      20. Euro PSN Update, July 14 - DeathSpank, Armored Core, Blur demo
      21. PC Zone to close down
      22. Don't panic on Dragon Age II changes, says BioWare
      23. Schafer: Bobby Kotick is a "total p***k"
      24. Top Japanese devs go crazy for 3DS - quotes of death
      25. New Super Mario Bros. Wii top-selling Japanese game this year
      26. Nintendo Europe goes release date mental
      27. Dr Greg: AAA "opportunites are getting narrower and narrower"
      28. SCEE first to announce EG Expo 2010 line-up - KZ3, inFamous 2. GT5 3D
      29. Leaked shots show new, Kinect-compatable 360 dashboard
      30. The Last Story might be Sakaguchi's last game
      31. Official: Gears of War best played shirtless
      32. Molyneux at TED: Milo has "dark adventures," but there are no plans for release
      33. Fishlabs CEO: iPad and other "mobile devices" will surpass Xbox 360 graphics in a year
      1. Destination Arcade moved to next week, app for summer only
      2. US PSN Update, July 13 - DeathSpank, lots for NCAA Football 11
      3. Spider-Man revealed for LBP Marvel Costume Pack 2
      4. Zeschuk: 3D has gimmicky perception, 3DS "feels more natural"
      5. R.U.S.E. surprise is free preview weekend
      6. Epic Mickey videos feature Steamboat Willie, Smee, puzzles
      7. Day of Defeat now available for Mac on Steam
      8. Eric Hirshberg named CEO of Activision Publishing
      9. Molyneux demos Milo squashing snails, skipping rocks at TEDGlobal 2010
      10. Medal of Honor Limited Edition announced with trailer
      11. GameStop: "We don't like being in the used games business"
      12. BFBC2: Onslaught Mode confirmed for PC
      13. Analysts predict 8-15% industry decline in June for US
      14. Kinect: "We're not going to make Dance Dance Krogan for Mass Effect," says Zeschuk
      15. Walmart lists $200 Kinect bundle
      16. Yakuza: Black Panther trailer features mix of fighting and more fighting
      17. RTW promises "major" APB driving and combat overhaul
      18. Kane & Lynch 2 pulled forward a week, new multiplayer movie released
      19. Forza 3 gets yet more DLC with World Class Car Pack
      20. "Helghast have some humanity left in them" in Killzone 3, says Guerrilla
      21. Halo: Reach Limited CE gets big shots, looks awesome
      22. Xbox Live Arcade a "slaughterhouse" for indie devs, says Joe Danger dev
      23. Amazon Germany lists 4Gb, €150 360 Arcade model for August 20 launch
      24. SCEE wants to know what games you want for PS Plus
      25. Eye expert: Watching 3D for "an hour-and-a-half" is "the maximum"
      26. Deus Ex: Human Revolution "experience" the same on all three platforms, says Eidos Montreal
      27. Interview - Deus Ex: Human Revolution's David Anfossi
      28. Kinect latest games tech to be banned in China
      29. PES 2011 has "all-new power gauge system," other stuff - shots and movie
      30. Quantic Dream working on two new projects, says Cage
      31. ModNation Racers patch adds "casual" difficulty
      32. Report: PS3-exclusive Mafia II DLC is Jimmy's Vendetta
      33. $200 Crysis 2 CE snapped at Swedish retailer
      34. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood pre-orders "20% above" ACII
      35. Kid Icarus: Uprising "could" feature online versus play
      36. First Dragon Age II screens show new visual style, medieval ass-kicking style
      1. Sony warns of potential "eye fatigue or nausea" from 3D games
      2. Rockstar: More LA Noire info "in the coming weeks"
      3. Guillemot: "Very good" 3D hardware sales "at the end of next year"
      4. Ubisoft chief refuses to confirm Assassin's Creed break
      5. Square: MS unwilling to work on FFXIV 360 problems
      6. Ubi Q1 figures - Conviction sells 1.9 million, Driver delayed into 2011
      7. KZ3 controls similar to "standard run-and-gun," says Guerrilla
      8. THQ: 3DS will "really combat piracy"
      9. Nvidia announces sub-$200 DirectX11 graphics card
      10. UK hardware sales drop 32% in first half of 2010
      11. Report: 12% of Britons unable to see 3D
      12. Pachter: Respawn creating space shooter
      13. "Franchise-changing" Sonic news coming on Thursday, Sonic Colors gets funny hat
      14. Remedy blames "very competitive window" for Wake figures, insists IP has "legs"
      15. Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 demo footage leaked
      16. Moore: 3D "not quite what you need" for team sports
      17. UK charts: Crackdown 2 jumps in at number one
      18. Ono revealing new project at Comic-Con, isn't Capcom vs SNK 3
      19. Daigo takes SSFIV EVO title
      20. 3DS to move Nintendo's digital distribution plan forward, says Iwata
      21. Insomniac: Vanquish plays like "Gears of War on crack"
      1. NHL 11 gets gameplay trailer, broken sticks
      2. New Move footage shows off The Shoot
      3. GT5 community features detailed
      4. Sony India: Move launch games for families
      5. GAME rethinks new 360 trade-in prices
      6. Get your name in GT5's credits
      1. Griptonite Games: 3DS is a way to "bring something special" back to gamers
      2. DeathSpank video is full of Epic Weapons
      3. Analyst: Black Ops outpacing Modern Warfare 2 in pre-orders
      4. Rumor - Leaked SWTOR Beta footage hits the net
      5. Lebron James feels the Heat in latest NBA 2K11 screen
      6. EA Maxis to reveal Spore RPG at Comic Con on July 24
      7. Gears, Max Payne and BioShock finally added to GFWL on Demand
      8. Deluge of Madden NFL 11 screens hit the net
      9. Kinect to be playable at select Macy's stores in US
      10. Marketing 3DS will be "very tricky", says Nintendo
      11. Zomboni mode shown for Dead Rising 2 multiplayer
      12. Report: Infinity Ward Lawsuit claims "Police State" atmosphere at Activision
      13. Dragon Age II's Hawke to be fully voice-acted, but no choosing his/her race
      14. Plants vs. Zombies vs. cryptic images: PvZ 2 details on the way?
      1. Witcher 2 gameplay videos are fantastic
      2. Dead Rising 2 Euro special edition announced, pictured [Update]
      3. SWTOR's "the dream game" for BioWare fans, says Erickson
      4. Ubisoft: Desilets talked about taking an industry break "for a long time"
      5. Sony's not "losing money" with Move, says Yoshida
      6. More game panels announced for Comic-Con 2010
      7. Blizzard U-turns on Real ID, confirms it won't be implemented
      8. Testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic is underway
      9. Fable III - Interacting with locals gameplay video
      10. Enslaved gets October 8 European release
      11. Kojima: Japanese games industry is in a "losing" battle
      12. FFXIV closed beta goes live tomorrow
      13. Mafia II system requirements announced
      14. Civilization V gets Special Edition with figurines
      15. Kane & Lynch 2 screens are full of Relentless Action
      16. Ubi Reflections already has "plan" in place for Driver: San Francisco DLC
      17. Assassin's Creed III will feature "new setting, new hero"
      18. Ubisoft - 3D TV in every home in three years
      19. Interview - Civilization V's Dennis Shirk
      20. GT5 trailer has on-boards, glowing colours, crashes
      21. Debut HAWX 2 trailer released
      22. Rare, BioWare confirmed for GDC Europe talks
      23. Video: Flying in space is Halo: Reach's order of the day
      24. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood videos have axe-throwing
      25. Atari not shutting down TDU 1 online servers
      26. RAGE gameplay vids show what all the fuss is about
      27. Japanese hardware charts - DS going less mental, 360 breaks 100,000 in 2010
      28. North America cuts in Vanquish release line, gets it on October 19
      29. First Ghost of Sparta gameplay footage lands on Internet, rips open its chest cavity
      1. Rumor - Borderlands GOTY edition coming this fall
      2. Firaxis reduces pre-Civ V release staff by 20
      3. Rumble is "a rudimentary form of haptic feedback", says Tsunoda
      4. 38 Studios to reveal Project Mercury during Comic Con panel
      5. Killzone 3 videos show air raids and jetpacks
      6. Michael Jackson: The Experience detailed at London event
      7. Guild Wars 2: Defeat is an experience, not a punishment
      8. PAX East staying in Boston for three more years
      9. Sony last to next gen, pub expects new hardware in "2-3 years"
      10. Assassin's Creed universe "too complex" for co-op
      11. Dragon Age 2 confirmed for March 2011 release on PC, 360 and PS3
      12. Rockstar announces 4 new DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption
      13. BioWare: Dragon Age more "globally successful" than Mass Effect
      14. PSPgo users may miss out on camera-enabled games
      15. Report - Microsoft testing Project S strategy game [UPDATE]
      16. Vanquish dated for October 22 in Europe
      17. Ruffian doing GAME signing sessions for Crackdown 2 tomorrow
      18. Report - Atari to shut down TDU1 online servers next year
      19. Square: "Technical problems" delayed FFXIV on PS3
      20. Yoshida saddened by Insomniac's multi-platform move
      21. Metroid: Other M confirmed for September 3 in UK
      22. StarCraft II beta phase 2 begins
      23. No new Assassin's Creed next year, says Ubisoft
      24. Fallout: New Vegas gets the s**t screened out of it
      25. Crackdown 2, Perfect Dark mash-up gets videoed
      26. Blizzard "definitely listening to player feedback" on Real ID
      27. Vanquish to get weapons DLC
      28. Pre-order Halo: Reach, get exclusive armour, old-school MP map returns
      29. Aussie GTA: Vice City rating related to PC back catalogue business
      30. Crackdown 2 DLC to bring new armor colors, add "completely new way" to play game
      31. Mistwalker's Last Story gets first movie
      32. Dragon Age 2 confirmed, full announcement incoming
      33. Microsoft: Kinect will detect seated players when "experience is developed with sitting in mind"
      1. Dead Space: Ignition announced for PSN and XBLA, is prequel to DS2
      2. Activision studios to focus on one title at a time
      3. Realtime Worlds cut jobs post APB launch
      4. Rumor: Sony and Nintendo in 3G discussions with NTT DoCoMo
      5. USK outs possibility of NBA Jam for Xbox 360, PS3
      6. East and West can succeed at globalization with collaboration, says Wada
      7. Xbox 360: Rock Band and Guitar Hero offerings on sale
      8. Euro PSN update, July 7 - LBP, BFBC2, MW2
      9. DJ Hero moves 1.2M units despite slow start
      10. Microsoft: Crytek's Kingdoms in development "for a while"
      11. EA confirms August 17 date for gamescom press conference
      12. US PSN Update, July 6 - MW2, ModNation, Dragon Age
      13. Rossignol's "This Gaming Life" now available online for free
      14. NBA 2K11 box art featuring Michael Jordan revealed
      15. Split/Second coming to PSP this holiday
      16. Over 1 million hours logged from Monster Hunter Tri players
      17. Driver: San Francisco dated for November 26 in UK
      18. Ubisoft confirms PS Move support for R.U.S.E., no Kinect intergration planned
      19. EA takes control of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in Europe
      20. Irrational Games wants you to guess what it's making
      21. EEDAR: High review scores influence "positive word-of-mouth recommendations"
      22. TDU2 trailer features Hawaii, looks awesome
      23. Dead Space 2 image teases something
      24. Mass Effect, Forza 2 in Live Marketplace sale
      25. Xbox Live beats $1 billion in fiscal 2010, about 50% pay for Gold
      26. Kojima might work on Metal Gear Solid 5
      27. Microsoft, Burger King team up for Kinectimals deal
      28. FIFA 11 releasing September 28 in US, October 1 in Europe
      29. Vanquish dated for October 21 in Japan, EU date coming "shortly"
      30. Miyamoto: Kojima and Inafune considering "main team" 3DS dev
      31. Kinect lifestyle photography features enormous living room, jumping
      32. StarCraft II CE unboxed in video, internet has little wank
      1. Mass Effect 2 Aegis Pack lands on PC and 360
      2. Gilbert not fond of 3D glasses, was "born to make DeathSpank"
      3. Blizzard's looking for best fan fiction, again
      4. Rumor: Zombies may be coming to Fat Princess
      5. Xbox 360: Deals of the Week, Summer of Arcade titles dated
      6. Kotick would like more PCs hooked up to TV sets
      7. F.E.A.R. 3 gameplay footage shows mechs, possession, evil
      8. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair hits XBLA in August
      9. PlayStation Plus sub not required for Hulu Plus
      10. Winners announced for 2010 E3 Game Critics Awards
      11. Battle.net forum posts to require users' real names
      12. Destination Arcade app hits XBLA next week
      13. Kojima will "look" into ZOE 3 after MGS: Rising
      14. PSA: MW2 Resurgence Pack hits PC and PS3 in US
      15. The industry should not "discount" Kinect and Move, says Rein
      16. Mortal Kombat 2011 "to focus" on the "hardcore player"
      17. Killzone 3 - New uber-awesome shots
      18. Alan Wake soundtrack to get digital, retail release
      19. EA: FIFA 11 release date "in the coming weeks"
      20. Cage: "Party games" won't support motion creativity
      21. MGS: Snake Eater 3DS a "full product", "just testing the grounds"
      22. July Guitar Hero 5 tracks include Queen, Disturbed
      23. SCE working on new hardware, says Yoshida
      24. Crackdown 2 review embargo goes up - Edge and EG give 8/10
      25. Sega "won't be doing" Alpha Protocol sequel
      26. First Rayman Origins episode out this Christmas, being considered for 3DS, PC
      27. Confirmed: Sega makes "commercial decision" to miss gamescom
      28. Blacklight: Tango Down releasing on XBLA tomorrow
      29. Medal of Honor multiplayer beta keys available on Fileplanet
      30. Street Fighter IV "nothing" compared to Ono's next game
      31. BioWare hints at level cap increase as part of Old Republic's end game
      32. STO's Zinkievich leaves Cryptic, promises plenty more content
      33. RAGE screens aim for biggest ever record
      34. Enslaved pre-order extras detailed
      35. Japanese Move launch titles confirmed, bundles detailed
      36. White PS3 Slim and bigger HDs confirmed for Japan, "no announcements" for Europe
      37. Team Fortress 2 Engineer update kicks-off, reveals new shotgun
      1. Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth coming to ModNation Racers
      2. Report - Sega to skip gamescom for "commercial" reasons
      3. May NPD: Alan Wake sells 145,000, beats Blur's 31,000
      4. First Crackdown 2 DLC revealed via Avatar awards
      5. Kotick bemused at existing Xbox Live business model
      6. Crytek, Rare, Sega and more confirmed for GI Career Fair
      7. Square confirms European release for The 3rd Birthday
      8. Rumour - Kinect branding outed
      9. Molyneux to demo Fable III at Develop next week
      10. GT5 has two special editions, says Sony India boss
      11. UK charts - Lego: Harry Potter holds number one for second week
      12. Console version of APB unsigned, says Jones
      13. Twisted Metal gets ComicCon panel
      14. Fallout Online starts teasing, gets concept art
      15. Sucker Punch: inFamous team thankful for Naughty Dog help
      1. Mid-year Metacritic report shows increase in top-scoring games
      2. Survey: 64% prefer discs to digital
      3. Sony steps up its game with PSP ads
      4. DFC: Kinect will not help 360 expand beyond the core
      5. New Vanquish gameplay video appears
      6. BBC: E3 was full of dross
      7. GT5 gets new replay and photo mode videos
      8. Pachter: Games industry in "persistent decline"
      9. Skate 3 DLC hits next week
      10. Interview - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II's Gavin Leung
      1. Bulletstorm devs indifferent to graphical prowess
      2. "Big surprise" coming for R.U.S.E. fans July 15
      3. Activision puts out 20 new Black Ops screens
      4. Trine celebrates first birthday with 3D patch
      5. Harmonix's Dan Teasdale jumps over to Twisted Pixel
      6. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam - BFBC2, DMC4, Goo
      7. SWTOR multiplayer video demo from E3 released
      8. StarCraft II to support 3D in post-release patch
      9. RDR Stats: 14M hours played, 12.6M folks trampled by horses
      10. Epic Mickey inspired by Mario, Zelda and Deus Ex, says Spector
      11. Fable III combat video goes to the wolves
      12. Private eye: Eye of Judgment online servers going offline in September
      13. Patapon 3 multiplayer demo coming next week
      1. inFamous 2: Leaked gameplay video is rather awesome [UPDATE]
      2. NPD Top 20: Kratos hangs on, ModNation makes appearance
      3. Kane & Lynch 2 Arcade Mode details and screens
      4. "Some people had too high expectations" for APB, says Jones
      5. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam – Saint's Row, Borderlands
      6. Cage: Quantic working on new tech, not Horizon
      7. FIFA Manager 11 announced for autumn
      8. Partial exhibitor's list released for TGS 2010
      9. Mafia II dev diary details Empire Bay
      10. Creedence Clearwater Revival hitting Rock Band next week
      11. SWTOR not being discussed for consoles, says BioWare
      12. Valkyria Chronicles II gets September 3 UK date
      13. F1 2010 dev diary shows how cars and tracks are made
      14. 343 Industries staffing new Halo project
      15. Yoshida: "About time" for Lightbox project reveal
      16. Crackdown 2 gets tunes, Perfect Dark team-up, demo year-count
      17. Japanese hardware charts - DS goes top as 360 receives Slim boost
      18. "Home has been a huge success," says Sony
      19. Sony preps Develop 3D showcase as Japan freezes on TV upgrades
      20. Dead Rising 2 to launch in Australia uncut
      21. Microsoft seeing "unprecedented demand" for Slim
      22. Insomniac would get behind Ratchet & Clank Collection
      23. Yet more GT5 Top Gear test track video posted
      24. Interview - Michael Jackson: The Game's Felicia Williams
      25. Jaffe not sold on Modern Warfare-style level-up system for Twisted Metal
      26. NPD May 2010: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in Mexican statement face-off
      1. NPD May 2010: RDR clears 1.5M, Nintendo dominates hardware
      2. Epic: "We’re very much into the PC game business"
      3. Need For Speed World Open Beta starts tomorrow
      4. Portal 2 E3 demo: final parts 6 and 7 out now
      5. Square unleashing Lord of Arcana on PSP
      6. Perils of Summer Sale on Steam - Dragon Age, BioShock, Thief
      7. Yoshida: Sony "very aware" of demand for Team ICO Collection
      8. THQ's fully confident WH40K:DMO will attract 1M players
      9. Mythic now officially known as BioWare Mythic
      10. Fallout's Howard: Console RPGs must be "easier to learn and easier to play"
      11. Metro 2034 not out for "a couple of years," might be on PS3
      12. Cage: Sony demand for Heavy Rain Move support scuppered DLC
      13. Braben: Kinectimals does not use Milo & Kate tech
      14. GameStop lists New Order DLC for Rock Band 3
      15. 3rd Birthday shots show monsters, tears, tit
      16. Square puts out new FFXIV shots, art
      17. New BioShock 2 single-player DLC releases next month
      18. Konami: Decisions on MGS: Rising, MGS 3D for Cologne "made nearer the time"
      19. Metroid: Other M dated for September in Europe
      20. Bleszinski shocks planet: "We do have plans" for Gears 3 DLC
      21. Crackdown 2 demo goes Psychotic today, Sadistic tomorrow
      22. Need for Speed: Shift 2 mentioned ex-EA chap's CV
      23. Bilson: THQ "had very serious conversations" with Respawn
      24. Miyamoto wants Pikmin out soon so he can focus on a new character
      25. Ebert battered into submission over "games as art" comments
      26. Medal of Honor team delays 360 beta
      27. Bulletstorm has "two suns" for "twice the God-beams"
      28. Gore Verbinski: Budget concerns are slowing - not sinking - BioShock movie