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  • August 2010 Archive

      1. Konami confirms TGS line-up, MGS: Rising included
      2. Team 17 shifts focus to digital instead of boxed products
      3. Pachter: Xbox Live likely to get $100 Platinum service in the future
      4. PPC Mac support dropped in upcoming World of Warcraft patch
      5. Extra MAG character slots now available
      6. Kawazu: Japanese game market lacks "passion" due to overwhelming market trends
      7. Mortal Kombat: Shadows trailer released as game heads to PAX
      8. Bangai-O hitting XBLA in HD this autumn
      9. Bond: Blood Stone gets extended Istanbul trailer in HD
      10. HD Aion footage shows Gelkmaros zone as Balaurea precursor
      11. Kane & Lynch 2 multiplayer packs priced, released, trailered
      12. Split/Second getting two new DLC packs, first out now
      13. Crackdown 2 Toy Box DLC, Sonic Adventure and more dated for XBLM
      14. BFBC2 Ultimate Edition trailered in HD
      15. Edge gives RUSE 8/10
      16. Vanquish demo now available on Xbox Live
      17. Fourth Brink diary describes "ultra-realistic toon-style" graphics
      18. Transforming 360 d-pad update confirmed, new controller out November 9
      19. Moore: Online Pass will cover costs and provide better services
      20. Enslaved pre-order incentives detailed, include books
      21. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening released for Mac
      22. Dead Rising 2 dev diary confirms need for "all American" hero
      23. FFXIV open beta delayed due to "critical bugs"
      24. Kinect beta: Camera spotted in the wild
      25. PSA: Minerva's Den and Dead Rising 2's Case Zero up on XBLM
      26. Mafia II dates Jimmy's Vendetta DLC
      27. Daigo Umehara given Guinness record for tournament wins
      28. GAME now offering full games via "Downloader"
      29. Mafia II goes top in UK with "biggest game launch" since RDR
      30. Gama takes Parkin as European editor
      31. Levine: BioShock movie still "an active thing"
      32. Vanquish leads Sega TGS line-up
      33. Hunted: The Demon's Forge: "We've been thinking about making this game for over 20 years"
      34. AMD to drop ATI brand
      35. Atlus "dissolved" by parent company
      36. Activision's Apache: Air Assault confirmed for November 9
      37. Tron Evolution CE shown, December 7 date confirmed
      38. God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP bundle paraded
      39. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn out November 29 in US
      40. Pachter: Mafia II "well below expectations," profit unlikely
      41. PSP Yakuza demo out now
      42. Blizzard wants "right partners" for a StarCraft movie, says James Cameron would fit the bill
      43. Rumor: Microsoft finally revamping Xbox controller's d-pad
      1. Borderlands gets GOTY Edition, DLC included
      2. Ubisoft shows PAX line-up, confirms Outland reveal
      3. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero delayed in Japan only, Capcom confirms
      4. Microsoft hikes Gold Live sub price in Canada, Mexico, UK and US
      5. DSi and DSi XL getting US price cut on September 12
      6. Fallout: New Vegas Achievements spilt
      7. Microsoft PC chief: Unannounced game aimed at GPU, CPU upgraders
      8. Epic Mickey gets $70 CE
      9. Sony shows Move RTS unit selection
      10. DC Universe Online screens feature weirdos fighting
      11. Reminder: PSN down for maintenance today
      12. Dead Rising Case Zero gameplay in wild
      13. Criterion proposed NFS to EA in past
      14. EA registers The Sims 4 domain [Update]
      15. Metroid Other M gets new action trailer
      1. Next L4D 2 Mutations: GibFest on PC, Chainsaw Massacre on 360
      2. Swedish GAME, Webhallen list Far Cry 3
      3. GT5 Jaguar gameplay footage lives Kaz fantasy
      4. Dragon Age 2: "A lot of other choices" make up for single player race, says Dr Ray
      1. Bethesda podcast is a go, features Howard, Willits and Bergman
      2. Sam & Max finale The City that Dares Not Sleep hitting August 30
      3. EA cancels MMA release in Denmark due to energy drink law
      4. Neverwinter Nights: Cryptic still mulling over pricing plan for online co-op
      5. Doctor Who: Episode 3 now available through D2D and BBC
      6. Square: No plans to release Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on PSN
      7. Company of Heroes Online beta goes live next week
      8. UFC Undisputed 2010 PSP video shows handheld fighting galore
      9. Newell: No dice on Half-Life film unless made by Valve
      10. Yamauchi recommends 10GB HD space for a "smooth" GT5 experience
      11. Plug pulled on Acclaim post Playdom acquisition
      12. Sony releases new PlayStation Move tech demo video
      13. Medal of Honor: Fallen Angel Part One multiplayer video released
      14. Dead Rising 2 video shows a wedding made in hell
      15. Civ V demo to be released same day as the retail version
      16. Huxley: The Dystopia still alive and kicking
      17. Report - L.A. Noire delayed into 2011, says analyst
      18. BioShock 2 Minerva's Den video shows The Thinker machine
      19. First Halo: Reach campaign gameplay footage shows new Spartans, good old-fashioned Halo action
      20. Telltale teases crossover of Sam & Max, Penny Arcade, Strongbad, and... Team Fortress?
      1. Halo: Reach armor effects will cost you plenty
      2. StarCraft II balance changes detailed and slated for September
      3. Sony mystery game shows knitting, countdown
      4. ESRB: Robot sex insinuated in Fallout: New Vegas
      5. Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition is full of gambling goodness
      6. Metroid: Other M review round-up is go
      7. Bulletstorm GC walk-through released, features shooting
      8. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - 7-minute gamescom demo released
      9. PSA: Civilization IV: The Complete Edition on sale for $10 via GFWL
      10. Rock Band goes a little bit country next week
      11. Irrational feels it could've "done better" on BioShock 1
      12. PSA: Sony to bring down PSN for maintenance on August 30
      13. Investment banker says global games market's worth $105 billion
      14. New Secret World vid shows Templar gameplay, new shots and art
      15. Rockstar details Red Dead Redemption's Liars and Cheats Pack
      16. Company of Heroes Online gameplay movie shows tactical options in HD
      17. Survey: Only 2% of Britons thinking of 3D TV purchase
      18. Japanese hardware charts - PS3 closes on Wii's year-to-date total
      19. MS: Xbox Live still aimed at the core despite Kinect reboot
      20. Ray BioWare: "Games are art, art requires risk to innovate"
      21. Halo 2 switch-off: Bungie's Jarrard got his "ass kicked"
      22. FFXIV TGS trailer releases in HD, open beta to start September 1
      23. Tsunoda: Kinect supports more then two people, limitations are developer choices
      24. Castlevania: LoS gets new screens, previews blowout
      25. Treyarch on WWII: "I don't think we would go back"
      26. Sony: Introducing new IP defines our success
      27. Arcania – Gothic 4 gives up direct-feed 360 gameplay videos
      28. Deus Ex: Black equals suffering, gold equals hope
      29. "Chaos" canned Portal 2 competitive multiplayer
      30. 360 headset chat quality to be improved this fall
      31. Shank video playback problem "is definitely not the 360’s 'fault'"
      32. Red Storm drops 38 in drive to "focus on multiplayer"
      33. New MvC3 vids show Amaterasu and Super Skrull's level 3 hypers
      34. Valve: Left 4 Dead was originally a "flying fairy game"
      35. Rumor: Kinect beta kits, dashboard update out in the wild
      1. Joe Danger update provides YouTube uploads, custom soundtracks, more
      2. Dragon Age 2 "Destiny" trailer gets extra 42 seconds with director's cut
      3. RUSE PC demo goes live on Steam
      4. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Collection outed again by OFLC
      5. Europe getting exclusive Enslaved CE
      6. Crysis 2 LE bonuses shown in multiplayer video
      7. BioShock 2 Minerva's Den DLC out August 31
      8. FF Versus XIII, Agito XIII getting brief showings at TGS
      9. Report - Brad Pitt lined up for Red Dead Redemption movie
      10. UK gaming TV channel announced for November start date
      11. FIFA 11 video shows effects of fatigue and stamina
      12. DJ Hero 2 setlist gets blown out old-school
      13. Treyarch "not shying away from the brutality of war" in Black Ops
      14. Covenant get blown apart in new Halo: Reach live-action short
      15. Ex-SAS chap writing Medal of Honor prequel novel
      16. New OPM cover teases Harley Quinn in Arkham City
      17. SCE UK boss not expecting massive day one Move success
      18. PSP "Trophies" grab was Remote Play for PS3, says SCEE
      19. Hirai: Games will "always" need a "physical medium"
      20. Bungie: "Safe to assume" Reach DLC will be "multiplayer-centric"
      21. Gaikai takes shot at OnLive, beta servers now live in Italy, Japan
      22. Kitase: Final Fantasy development time "hopefully" shorter "next time"
      23. Do-don-pachi Resurrection hits iPhone, iPad today, features "supreme weapon of utter annihilation"
      24. Guild Wars 2's necromancer detailed, glowing eyes confirmed
      25. Square: FFXIV's playtime-limiting system in place to keep certain players from having an "unfair advantage"
      26. Microsoft's Spencer, Sensui to deliver TGS keynote
      27. Criterion's Need for Speed on tour - women, dancing, tattoos
      28. New Dance Central trailer is life of the party, death of our egos
      29. Target launches used game trade-in service, to be in 850 stores by year's end
      1. Insomniac confirms 2011 launch for Resistance 3, no PAX showing
      2. James Bond: Blood Stone gets new screens, trailer
      3. gamescom Portal 2 gameplay vids show bouncy stuff
      4. PC Gamer warns people off Elemental, Wardell apologises for argument
      5. BioWare announces Dragon Age DLC - Witch Hunt
      6. Kinect, Move won't extend lifespan of PS3, 360, says Ubisoft
      7. Mac OS accounts for only 5% of Steam use
      8. Take-Two loses case over BioShock URL
      9. Moore: EA had a "policy against communicating directly with consumers"
      10. EU PS store update, August 25 - Shank, Joe Danger, PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap
      11. EA Partners is "highly, highly confident" of Respawn's first game
      12. FIFA 11 videos details how to be a goalkeeper
      13. Levine on BioShock Rapture return: "Never say never"
      14. Square on Versus XIII: "We can't commit ourselves to 2011"
      15. RUSE demo going live for PS Plus members today
      16. Yakuza PS3 concept art hints at "The End," Sega gives no comment on TGS reveal
      17. Motorstorm: Apocalypse inspired by "a number of West Coast cities," says Evolution
      18. Yamauchi replies to GT5 Siena situation
      19. BioShock: Infinite Big Daddy replacement named "Handyman"
      20. Kitase confirms winter 2010 Japanese release for 3rd Birthday, 2011 for Europe
      21. THQ asking for "patience" on Metro 2033 Achievements fix
      22. Shank out today, all reviews here
      23. Next Traviss Gears novel hitting August 31
      24. Capcom US admits lessons learned from RE5 racism claims
      25. Officially licensed Kinect accessories detailed and priced
      1. SCEA sending out Beta invites for Dead Nation
      2. Real-time wi-fi Windows Phone 7-to-console gaming being worked on by Microsoft
      3. Pre-order Vanquish through Amazon UK, get an exclusive Tri-Weapon Pack
      4. GH5 gets more Megadeth with three new tracks
      5. Portal 2 extended video features Stephen Merchant as Wheatley
      6. Sony offering PlayStation Protection Plan to PS+ subs at a discount
      7. Gearbox to show "never before seen footage" of its games at PAX Prime
      8. Live action Reach movie hits alongside Monument of Light promo
      9. "Tons" of announcements coming for MotorStorm Apocalypse, says developer
      10. Stardock releases TBS without any DRM, grants free updates to buyers
      11. id's Hollenshead: 3D TVs are "f**king expensive"
      12. Rumor: Surreal's This is Vegas canned by Warner Bros.
      13. Vigil - WH40K: Dark Millennium Online to innovate in "basic, moment-to-moment gameplay"
      14. Doctor Who announced for DS and Wii
      15. FFXIV PS3 delay down to "memory," says Square Enix
      16. 4Gb 360 Slim launches in Japan on September 9
      17. Steam stopped us going bust, says Introversion
      18. Third Brink diary predicts end of genre as we know it
      19. THQ and others feel Cloud gaming is the future
      20. THQ doesn't "really have much sympathy" for used game purchasers
      21. Lewis: 3D not mainstream in homes for "two to three years"
      22. Microsoft denies Kinect voice control launch omission
      23. Parasite Eve 1, 2 PSN releases being looked at, says Kitase and Nomura
      24. Reach to be MS's biggest marketing spend ever
      25. Microsoft: Kinect to see Live-like evolution "over the length of the entire Xbox platform"
      26. DeMartini: Game development budgets have "peaked"
      27. SAW II gets October 19 release date in US
      28. BioShock: Infinite trailer gets rewind treatment
      29. RTW: APB has 130,000 registered users
      30. Xbox 360 will continue to be offered into 2015, says Lewis
      31. R.U.S.E. getting proper PC demo tomorrow
      32. Serious Sam: The Second Encounter gets September 22 release on XBLA
      33. Taylor: "We've got a lot of interest in a sequel to Demigod"
      34. Mafia II reviews come in, Eurogamer shocks with 4/10
      35. Neverwinter: Humble Emmert admits need for Cryptic to "dramatically" improve
      36. Forza 3 Ultimate Edition outed by OFLC
      37. Sony actively "exploring" Project Ten Dollar-style solution for first-party games
      38. Wrath of the Lich King hits China on August 31
      39. 360 Slim's combined CPU-GPU chip shown, detailed
      40. EA details post-beta Medal of Honor changes, nothing is as you remember it
      41. SCEE: PSP now aiming for a "younger" crowd
      1. Western Vanqush demo coming next week
      2. Sega registers "Valkyria3.jp" URL
      3. Heart of the Swarm: "Hardcore art and programming" is go, says Pardo
      4. FFXIII 360 for Japan? No comment, says Kitase
      5. FFXIV open beta kicks off in "early September"
      6. Treyarch confirms modding for Black Ops
      7. ME2 DLC, Lair of the Shadowbroker, out on September 7
      8. Portal 2 gets gamescom screens
      9. Deathspank sequel coming next month
      10. 3D Motorstorm Pacific Rift track pack hitting Wednesday
      11. Hocking: Glasses-free 3D PS3 not "for a while," Home 3D a "possibility"
      12. Plants Vs Zombies hitting DS in January 2011
      13. D&D "co-op RPG" Neverwinter confirmed for Q4 2011
      14. Microsoft announces Crackdown 2 DLC, adds Keys to the City mode
      15. Pokemon Black and White Japanese pre-orders hit 1 million
      16. Report - New studio set up by RTW staff for MyWorld
      17. Fallout: New Vegas has too many "major" events to not have an end, says Obsidian
      18. gamescom sees 254,000 attendees, GDCE claims record figures
      19. First 10 minutes of Halo: Reach captured from gamescom
      20. Joris De Man scoring Killzone 3 soundtrack
      21. Suda51, DeMartini hint at TGS reveal for Grasshopper-Mikami horror
      22. Modern Warfare 2 becomes top selling UK game... ever
      23. Halo: Reach Campaign will feature matchmaking
      24. Kudo: Kinect works with sitting, standing and "everything in between"
      25. UK charts: Kane and Lynch 2 goes top
      26. PixelJunk Lifelike getting TGS debut next month
      27. EA in talks with Valve on Portal 2 publication
      28. Fox Medal of Honor comments are "personal view," says Government
      29. Guerrilla shows off Helghast-less Killzone prototype
      30. gamescom: Kinectimals to feature obstacle course, exploration
      31. gamescom: Video and quick impressions of new Halo: Reach multiplayer level
      32. gamescom: MM pushes limits of Play, Create, Share with LBP2
      33. gamescom: Brink is "offspring of Borderlands and Team Fortress 2," says Keza
      1. House: "A few more" PS exclusives to be announced yet
      2. Gran Turismo 5 upsets Siena
      3. TV Superstars trailer details content
      4. Amazon discontinues Xbox Live sales
      5. James Bond: Blood Stone multiplayer detailed
      6. Molyneux: Fable III auction system no more
      7. Koller: PlayStation Move number one reason to purchase PS3
      8. Splatterhouse gets gamescom trailer
      9. PS Jailbreak developer wants people to buy "original solution"
      10. THQ wants to sell Red Faction: Battlegrounds on the cheap
      1. BioWare reveals the first two ships available in SWTOR
      2. Sorcery video shows how to conjure and command powerful magic
      3. Brink delayed so more time could be spent "balancing and polishing"
      4. Tales of Graces F videos show visual improvements
      5. Levine: "We have not made any determinations about multiplayer" in BioShock Infinite
      6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 to get a demo
      7. PSA: Rock Band 3 bundle with keyboard listed on Amazon
      8. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures now in Open Beta
      9. Vanquish demo set for September 2 on PSN and XBL
      10. Splash Damage "found the transition from PC to consoles" to be "a challenge"
      11. Runic: Torchlight will "hopefully" hit XBLA and PSN "by the holidays"
      12. Weekend deal on Steam is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
      13. Master Chief is in Halo: Reach - sort of
      14. EA has "several game announcements" for its 2010 Tokyo Showcase
      15. First Portal 2 co-op trailer shows world's most extreme teamwork
      16. New Left 4 Dead DLC called "The Sacrifice," works with L4D 1 and 2
      17. Interview - Brink's Paul Wedgwood
      1. Relic's WH40K trailer talks about being a Space Marine
      2. Valve: "PS3 is incredibly important to us"
      3. Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium trailer shows first playable race
      4. Game Informer's Mafia II review is good
      5. PlayStation Move wins best hardware at gamescom
      6. Dead Rising 2 shots show Chuck in interesting clothes
      7. EA: Respawn's game is a ways off
      8. Interview - Killzone 3 multiplayer designer Dan Nanni
      9. H.A.W.X. 2 delayed on all platforms except 360
      10. Rock Band gets more Disturbed next week
      11. Ed Balls urges return of tax breaks
      12. EA: Crysis 2 will be 90 rated game
      13. Survey says: Boys and girls love online gaming
      14. New F1 video smashes things up
      15. Under Siege coming to PSN, is feature-packed
      16. Realtime Worlds re-hires 23 staff
      17. Tesco trade-in's go nationwide
      18. Japanese hardware charts, August 8-15
      19. Viewtiful Joe, Dormammu get MVC3 gameplay videos
      20. From Dust screens show nature taking over
      21. Rumour: PS3 cracked by hackers
      22. 10 new advanced classes revealed for SWTOR
      23. Gameloft announces N.O.V.A. for PSP
      24. THQ unveils Udraw GameTablet for Wii
      25. New 3rd Birthday footage shows difference between living monsters, dead monsters (hint: it's bullets)
      26. Age of Empires Online isn't a "nickel and dimey microtransaction thing"
      27. It's possible to beat MGS: Rising without killing anyone, says producer
      1. Japanese software charts, WE August 15 - Wii Party back on top
      2. Sony details Heroes on the Move, release new trailer
      3. EA: FIFA will maintain its edge over PES
      4. Castle Crashers finally dated for PSN
      5. Rumour: PSP 2 shown to publishers
      6. Beyond Good & Evil 2 still being developed; must be "perfect"
      7. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow dated, screened, awesome
      8. Rumor: Far Cry 3 in development
      9. Levine: "We never thought of Infinite as BioShock 3"
      10. PES 2011 gets new screens
      11. Interview - Irrational Games' Ken Levine
      12. EA release The Sims 3 console screens
      13. Interview - Eidos Montreal’s David Anfossi
      14. GDC Europe 2010 ends with record attendance, returns next year
      15. EA Partners predicted APB review scores
      16. SWTOR trailer show space combat
      17. Red Faction: Battleground DLC confirmed
      18. Time Crisis: Razing Storm gets 60 screens
      19. Rock Band 3 setlist appears
      20. Darksiders PC gets pre-order incentives
      21. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood single-player story is 15 hours long
      22. VIP Map Pack 6 shown in BBFC 2 trailer
      23. Dead Space 2 video shows Isaac in peril
      24. Toshiba showing Halo Reach in 3D at gamescom
      25. Enslaved gameplay videos shows Trip, Monkey
      26. Costume Quest gets first video, and it's cute
      27. Realtime Worlds announce restructure, support for APB
      28. PS Move demos coming to PSN
      29. New inFamous 2 gameplay looks explosive
      30. Pavey: LBP 2 Collectors Edition is coming to Europe
      31. Sony blog hosting live chat
      32. Evans: LBP sequel for PSP would be "very cool"
      33. Yamauchi already thinking about Gran Turismo 6
      34. gamescom – GT5 Yamauchi demo reveals Course Maker, B-Spec, Kart racing and more
      35. DanceEvolution announced for Kinect
      36. Just Dance 2 tracklist revealed
      37. 2D, 3D gamers will have "exact same gameplay experience" with KZ3 MP, says Guerrilla
      38. gamescom - Keza finds "significant changes" in Fallout: New Vegas
      39. MAG gets Move support, brand new beta program
      40. Sony 3D - get your questions answered today
      1. Eidos Montreal confirms DLC plans for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
      2. Riot Games counter-files trademark for DotA against Valve
      3. Torchlight II trailer shows off co-op mode
      4. Realtime Worlds talking to buyers amid 75% staff reduction
      5. Diablo 3: Caravan of Artisans detailed, screened, videoed
      6. Final Fantasy XIV footage appears
      7. Interview - SCEE's Andrew House
      8. Cyrax and Kitana announced for Mortal Kombat 2011
      9. House: "It would be absolutely great" to pass 360 globally
      10. Suda51 announces Sine Mora for PSN and XBLA
      11. Killzone 3 footage shows Move control
      12. Patapon 3 video shows four player co-op
      13. Molyneux and Milo at Ted footage
      14. F.E.A.R. 3 screens show a dark, dangerous world
      15. Molyneux casts doubt on Kinect features ever making Fable III
      16. FFXIV 360 paused and not cancelled, talks with MS still going, says Tanaka
      17. Three stunning GT5 videos from gamescom
      18. EA releases three new screens of Dragon Age 2
      19. Move patch dated for Resident Evil 5
      20. Bioshock Infinite gets two more screens
      21. Viewtiful Joe in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
      22. Killzone 3 gets multiplayer footage
      23. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days review round-up
      24. No More Heroes PS3 getting ready to Move
      25. Portal 2 dated, gets Stephen Merchant
      26. PES 2011 dated for October
      27. LOTRO goes free-to-play September 10
      28. gamescom DC Online trailer asks an important question
      29. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tracklist unleashed
      30. ITV player and others heading to Euro PSN
      31. US PSN Update, 17 August - Top Gun, NHL 11 demo
      32. gamescom interview: Ray BioWare confirms intro content for ME2 PS3, included DLC, more
      33. EU PSN update, 18 August - NHL 11, HAWX 2 demo
      34. Moore: No 3D, Move or Kinect support for FIFA for now
      35. Hydrophobia footage shows underwater mechanics
      36. Fighters Uncaged announced for Kinect
      37. The Fight trailer punches nets Lights Out
      38. Kazunori Yamauchi talks GT5, details A-Spec, B-Spec modes
      39. Japanese promote Move with bundle ad
      40. Gran Turismo 5 gets blue PS3
      41. Kinectimals gameplay shows love
      42. gamescom 2011 dated
      43. Heroes of Might & Magic VI announced
      44. Avatars being redesigned for Kinect
      45. New Bulletstorm screens show guns the size of monsters, monsters the size of bigger monsters
      46. Interview - RAGE's Tim Willits
      47. Rumor: New LucasArts president cancels Force Unleashed III, morale and productivity at "all time lows"
      1. Watch Ray Muzyka announce Mass Effect 2 PS3 at gamescom
      2. Irish games journalist in Dance Central shocker - video inside
      3. Bill Roper announces departure from Cryptic
      4. gamescom Day One round-up: Microsoft, EA, Sony
      5. NBA2K11 trailer debuts
      6. LBP2 gamescom trailer shows off creation tools
      7. inFamous 2 Gamescom trailer hits
      8. Resistance 3 finally announced in Cologne [update]
      9. Insomniac announces Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
      10. Virtua Tennis 4 announced, supports Move
      11. GT5 finally dated for Europe
      12. Sony announces new 320GB PS3 Move SKU
      13. gamescom 2010 - Sony press conference liveblog is go! go! go!
      14. Dawn of War II: Retribution announced
      15. Microsoft lists what's coming to XBLA, Lara Croft DLC goes free for a bit
      16. Blizzard unveils limited-release Collector's Edition for Cataclysm
      17. Report - Realtime Worlds goes into administration
      18. Guerrilla confims it's working on non Killzone related PS3 exclusive
      19. Dead Space 2 screens show horrible space monsters
      20. 2K responds to criticism over PS3 version of Mafia II
      21. Need for Speed Limited Edition announced
      22. Crysis 2 gets Limited and Nano Editions
      23. David Beckham joins EA Sports Active 2 team
      24. Dragon Age 2 gets a date and awesome video
      25. EA announces Mass Effect 2 for PS3
      26. EA debut FIFA 11 gameplay
      27. Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Kinect compatible
      28. gamescom 2010 - EA press conference liveblog is a go! go! go!
      29. Kane & Lynch 2 DLC detailed
      30. Brian Jarrard: Reach defines Bungie's Halo
      31. Halo: Reach - New video, Firefight's "Corvette" revealed
      32. gamescom 2010 - Louise Murray: Fable III blurs lines in morality system
      33. gamescom 2010 – Microsoft Play Day shots
      34. Dance Central gets new tracks [Update]
      35. gamescom 2010 - Microsoft Play Day liveblog is go!
      36. NHL 11 demo out now
      37. Fallout: New Vegas pre-sell pack now in UK
      38. Halo Reach on patrol
      39. Sony launches new gaming headsets, free Medal of Honor *update*
      40. Gamestop lists 160gb PS3
      41. New tracks announced for Rock Band 3
      42. First Red Faction: Battlegrounds trailer arrives
      43. Age of Empires Online, Microsoft Flight join Fable III for MS gamescom PC push
      44. Kinect launches on November 10 "across Europe"
      45. F.E.A.R. 3 slips into 2011
      1. DICE promising "something great" for gamescom
      2. Ubisoft dishes details on Ghost Recon Wii and PSP for November
      3. Dead Nation trailer splats zombie guts
      4. Square announces Gun Loco for Xbox 360
      5. Howard: New Bethesda game "pretty far along", working on another
      6. Hollenshead: Doom 4 for simutaneous release, thinking about Wolfenstein
      7. Heavy Rain moves 1.5 million units
      8. Capcom announces Lost Planet 2 for PC
      9. gamescom 2010 - Press conference timings for today
      10. Black Rock Shooter anime getting the game treatment
      11. Super Scribblenauts gets Gamescom trailer
      12. Cage: Heavy Rain success shows industry is ready for new ideas
      13. EMI join Vidzone, service updated today
      14. Interview - id Software's Todd Hollenshead
      15. Bioshock Infinite impressions
      16. Front Mission 3 coming to PSN/PSP
      17. THQ announce Red Faction: Battlegrounds
      18. Popcap working on bringing Plants vs. Zombies to PSN?
      19. THQ announce Smackdown vs. Raw coverstars
      20. F1 gets first gameplay video
      21. DJ Hero 2, GoldenEye 007 dated
      22. Ruffian say Crackdown 2 DLC news "soon"
      23. UK Charts: Toy Story 3 stays top, Red Dead moves up
      24. Flight Control landing on PS3
      25. Mortal Kombat compilation listed
      26. Castle Crashers priced for PSN, coming soon
      27. id confirms DLC for RAGE at QuakeCon
      28. LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta "coming soon"
      29. Sledgehammer hiring for Call of Duty
      30. Criterion collaborating with DICE on NFS: Hot Pursuit
      31. Metroid: Other M trailer shows kick ass action
      32. Brink gets Doom and Fallout pre-order bonuses
      1. Enslaved gets first dev diary
      2. PES 11 MLO beta keys available tomorrow, Seabass explains mode
      3. GT5 footage shows driving options
      4. Keita Takahashi: Gaming is getting "dull"
      5. Techland's nail'd dated for October
      6. Medal of Honor single-player debuted, al-Qaida-hunt included
      1. Rumor: Robot Entertainment may show "Spartan" title at gamescom
      2. Wii connectivity with DS featured in Batman: The Brave and the Bold
      3. Brink devs want "you have the same great experience" no matter the format
      4. inXile puts dungeon crawling into your co-op with Hunted: The Demon's Forge
      5. H.A.W.X. 2 demo hitting PSN and Xbox 360 next week
      6. Relic talks Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, hands out screens
      7. Fable: The Balverine Order novel has a weapon download code
      8. Rumor: THQ's Red Faction arcade title may be Red Faction: Battlegrounds
      1. El Presidente returns in Tropico 4 on PC
      2. Best Buy outs then pulls zombie map info for Black Ops
      3. GSC Game World announces S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
      4. RAGE: QuakeCon presentation highlights - out September 2011
      5. Fable III Limited Edition Xbox 360 controller is interesting
      6. Marvel Costume Pack 4 hitting LBP on August 17
      7. Bethesda confirms new project in development
      8. BioWare confirms advanced Jedi classes in SWTOR
      9. Crysis 2 dated for March
      10. Respawn's Vince Zampella and Jason West at QuakeCon - not very much happened
      11. Arkane: We were more "dependent" than "independent"
      12. Realtime Worlds "fully committed" to APB, confirms redundancies
      13. Check out Yoda in this Force Unleashed II video
      14. NPD July 2010: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony respond
      15. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gamescom gameplay trailer is brutal
      16. F1 2010 dated for September 24 in Europe and UK
      17. Analyst: Kinect to sell 4 million units by end of 2010
      18. New 360 boot animation filmed off debug screen
      19. Street Fighter x Tekken gets pre-gamescom shots
      20. EA announces gamescom line-up, will live-stream press conference
      21. Japanese hardware charts, August 2-8 - DS wins as Sony formats relax
      22. Why Irrational passed up BioShock 2: "We said what we wanted to say about Rapture", says Levine
      23. Hollenshead confirms no third-party distribution of id Tech 5
      24. July NPD 2010 - StarCraft II best-selling software with 721k
      25. July NPD 2010 - Xbox 360 is top-selling US platform for first time since Halo 3 launch
      1. Uncharted 2 multiplayer skins and dynamic theme hitting next week
      2. QuakeCon keynote liveblog is go - No DOOM 4, Arkane acquired, next-gen nowhere in sight
      3. Burn Zombie Burn now available on Steam
      4. Carmack: "I doubt we're going to do another IP" in the next decade
      5. Irrational's BioShock: Infinite revealed - all details, video, screens
      6. Fable III screens show combat and leveling
      7. Steam Sale: QuakeCon Pack has 27 games for $69.99
      8. Worms: Reloaded gets a video, 10% off Steam pre-order
      9. Namco Bandai announces gamescom line-up
      10. Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Editions now up for pre-order
      11. LOTR: War in the North trailer is full of orc slaying goodness
      12. "Big" Kojima announcement this weekend, isn't ZoE3
      13. Knights in the Nightmare hitting PSN and stores in October
      14. Kane and Lynch 2 launch trailer and TV spot go out with a bang
      15. Epic bringing "Bulletstorm-sized" announcement to gamescom, but Gears 3 will stay at home
      16. DC Universe Online confirmed playable at gamescom
      17. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition listed on ShopTo
      18. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - new screens
      19. R.U.S.E. says N.O. to Ubisoft DRM, but "most" Ubi PC games will continue to use it
      20. Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets pushed into 2011
      21. Irrational's Icarus debuting tonight - premiere event report on VG247 at 7.00pm BST
      22. Crytek: 3D is the future of Crysis
      23. Report: Sony working on PlayStation-branded Android phone
      1. SOE announces date for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
      2. DotA gets thicker legs as Valve registers trademark
      3. Costume Quest shots are rather cute
      4. Codemasters shows off DiRT 3 in new shots
      5. Report - MMO revenues to hit $8 billion worldwide in 2014
      6. Lionhead wants more than "5 million people playing" Fable III
      7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gets its first dev diary
      8. Expect DOOM 4 to take less time than RAGE, says Carmack
      9. Rising Star to release Deadly Premonition in UK
      10. Neil Young, Queensr?che, more added to Warriors of Rock
      11. F.E.A.R. 3 video shows brotherly love
      12. Bushnell "really wishes" he hadn't sold Atari
      13. Professor Layton and the Lost Future dated for October 22 in UK
      14. PC download chart deal brokered for UK
      15. Rocksteady: Arkham Asylum won't "be our best work, we still have places to go"
      16. Euro PSN update, August 11 - Mafia II demo, RDR DLC
      17. US PSN update August 10 - Scott Pilgirm, Dragon Age, RDR
      18. First gamescom show-floor shots show PlayStation booth
      19. 2K announces new Borderlands DLC: Claptrap Ninja Assassin out next month
      20. Microsoft: Kinect doesn't support sign language
      21. Football Manager 2011 announced - first footage, new features detailed
      22. Enslaved gamescom trailer is triple-A awesome
      23. Namco Bandai to publish Kane and Lynch 2 in South Korea
      24. GMA 2010 - Finalists announced, VG247 up for best blog
      25. Dead Rising 2 European release brought forward to September 24
      26. Nintendo bringing Zelda: Skyward Sword, more to Cologne next week
      27. GoldenEye shots show guns and stuff
      28. Volition working on new IP
      29. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collector's Edition outed
      30. Megaton rumor: Duke Nukem Forever resuming development at Gearbox?
      31. Oops: Modern Warfare 2 glitch grants free access to XBLA games
      1. Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition hits Steam
      2. Pre-orders of GT5 through GameStop net you two exclusive cars
      3. SWTOR space combat akin to "tunnel shooters"
      4. Harvest Moon games for DS and PSP hitting UK this year
      5. THQ announces Double Fine partnership
      6. Guild Wars 2 looks rather awesome in new trailer
      7. Rumor - Atari readying Neverwinter Nights MMO announce
      8. Nintendo: Wii hits 30 million sales milestone in US
      9. Report - US economy recipient of $5B in 2009 from game industry
      10. First Brink dev diary details story background
      11. EA founder predicts the death of console exclusives
      12. Activision "won't tamper" with Infinity Ward's culture
      13. Square Enix announces gamescom line-up
      14. Rumour - Activision working on sub model for Black Ops MP
      15. Homefront concept "so unique" it doesn't compare with other shooters
      16. Knights Contract screens are full of monsters
      17. Vanquish playable at Eurogamer Expo
      18. Rumour - First Batman: Arkham City details emerge from GI
      19. Kane and Lynch 2 gets new co-op clip
      20. Double Fine trademarks Costume Quest
      21. Report - Matthew Perry, Ron Perlman, Felicia Day signed up for Fallout: New Vegas VOs
      22. Mafia II demo now available on PSN, XBL and Steam
      23. EA was making game based on Iraq war, canned it, says THQ's Bilson
      24. Secret Arkham Asylum room shows Arkham City map, concept art
      25. Rumour - Microsoft sending out Kinect beta invites
      26. Nomura on The World Ends with You: "I definitely want to make a sequel"
      27. Ninja Theory-developed Heavenly Sword 2? "Never say never", says Antoniades
      28. Not many MGS regulars returning for Rising, says Kojima Productions
      29. Force Unleashed II PSP gets canned
      30. Devil's Third coming before April 2013, says THQ
      31. THQ reports $30.1 million Q1 loss, lower than expected UFC 2010 sales
      1. GameStop lists "Ultimate Edition" of Dragon Age: Origins
      2. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon announced for PS3, 360
      3. Itagaki: Japanese games industry is dying
      4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Limited Edition has Jack-in-the-box
      5. CoD: Black Ops gets multiplayer trailer, full reveal coming September 1
      6. Dragon Age: Origins DLC is this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week
      7. Remedy: Alan Wake 2 would be published by MGS, has "great ideas"
      8. Microsoft confirms gamescom press conference, promises "a bunch of announcements"
      9. Tony Hawk: Shred gets first shots
      10. Ubisoft Toronto aiming for five major projects, says Raymond
      11. THQ "very confident" Homefront will be "genre competitive"
      12. UK charts: Modern Warfare 2 surges to second, Toy Story 3 gets top spot
      13. Bethesda confirmed for EG Expo - Fallout: New Vegas, Brink, Hunted
      14. Yamauchi: GT5 still isn't finished, will be "shortly"
      15. Spector on Epic Mickey PS360: "No one's asked me for a port"
      16. No Versus XIII at gamescom, in process of voice casting
      1. Nail'd soundtrack trailer released
      2. Killzone 3 Beta site launched
      3. Tippl: Activision working on used market initiatives
      4. Australian box art outs 250Gb Kinect 360
      5. New NBA Jam footage appears
      6. Monday Night Combat walkthrough shows gameplay
      7. MS: Kinect gets "back to old arcade style of game’
      1. Split/Second DLC hitting later this month
      2. Madden 11 Mania: Contests, bundles, sales, Wii exclusive features
      3. Rumor - Splinter Cell and PoP Trilogies in HD hitting PS3 by year's end
      4. "The way we develop games has got to change," says Molyneux
      5. Report - Apple in talks to buy Chinese games developer
      6. Schaefer: Torchlight II was created to "give people what they're asking for"
      7. Rumor - DLC details leaked for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
      8. Left 4 Dead 2 stats reveal favorite Mutations
      9. Ubisoft's Clint Hocking joins LucasArts for "unannounced project"
      10. Kinect recognizes American Sign Language
      11. Okamiden video is great, features lovely J-pop from Kitano Kie
      12. Quake Live finishes Beta, subscription plans detailed
      13. Voice actor for Duke Nukem 3D lends chops to Defense of the Ancients
      14. SOE reveals working MMO title EverQuest Next at Fan Faire
      15. Civilization V minimum and recommended system requirements posted
      16. Fumito Ueda to show "something" at Tokyo Game Show
      1. Heavy Rain Move Edition and update to launch before Christmas
      2. More playable species announced for SWTOR
      3. DLC announced for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
      4. Japanese software charts - Sengoku Basara 3 debuts at the top
      5. Japanese Hardware Charts - PSP holds ground
      6. UK to miss out on Mafia II Collector's Edition for PC
      7. PES 11 in-game screens and footage are soccerific
      8. The Last Story: Official website updated with details and screens
      9. Voice actor: Insomniac "working on more R&C"
      10. Sonic Colors announced for November in US and Europe
      11. Square Enix Q1 FY11 financials: Net sales up 11% to $378 million
      12. Gearbox updates Borderlands PC with Achievements
      13. Legends and Killers shoot it out in RDR video
      14. Warriors of Rock gets a date with the UK
      15. BioShock 2 Protector Trials delayed for PC
      16. Secret Blizzard MMO is new IP, says Kotick
      17. New Vanquish trailer gets mental
      18. Kotick: Black Ops "the biggest investment we've ever made" for launch
      19. Thriller: First FIFA 11 video shows very little
      20. Operation Flashpoint: Red River announced, first art, dated for 2011
      21. A 3rd Birthday sequel would be in HD, says Nomura
      22. Sakurai: "It's going to be hard" to go back from 3D to 2D
      23. Street Fighter x Tekken getting European premiere at gamescom
      24. Activision: New Bungie IP "aligns well against online gaming growth"
      25. New Borderlands DLC details leak, Gearbox doesn't really mind
      26. Konami rides strong sales of Peace Walker, PES 2010 to Q1 profit jump
      1. ActiBlizz: MW2 map sales to "catch up" with WaW map sales "in a couple weeks"
      2. Tippl: Activision's received over 5K applications for Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer
      3. Activision Blizzard Q2 financials: Net revenue comes in at $967 million
      4. Activision moves True Crime: Hong Kong into 2011
      5. Rumor: Guillermo del Toro in negotiations with THQ
      6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River gets detailed
      7. Report - Annual shipment of PC hardware is twice that of consoles
      8. Rayman spent five years on UK charts
      9. Plants vs Zombies on XBLA gets a nifty trailer
      10. UFC Undisputed 10 hitting PSP next month
      11. Brotherhood multiplayer Beta is a GameStop-exclusive in US
      12. Molyneux doesn't like traditional pre-order programs
      13. Fallout: New Vegas pre-orders outdoing Fallout 3
      14. Namco Bandai cuts Q1 losses by half to $18.7 million
      15. New LBP2 trailer is just plain awesome
      16. Milo: It's "enormously contentious" to "do a game about a boy", says Molyneux
      17. Report - Channel 4 set to bring 4OD to PS3
      18. Report - OnLive worth $1.1 billion
      19. Lynch is mental in new K&L2 video
      20. Warner announces Batman: Arkham City for fall 2011
      21. 2K announces single-player BioShock 2 DLC, Minerva's Den
      22. Red Dead Redemption gets Title Update
      23. Deus Ex: Human Revolution shots show cyberpunk stuff [Update]
      24. Trailer and assets for canceled Ubisoft shooter leak, look shockingly awesome
      25. Blizzard deleting "inappropriate" user-made StarCraft II maps
      26. New DJ Hero 2 vids set up multiplayer
      27. Kaka becomes global cover star of FIFA 11
      28. Bayonetta gets Greatest Hits release in Japan
      29. No Kinect support for Fable III at launch, says Molyneux
      1. Report - High Voltage lays off between 20 and 30 staffers
      2. LEGO Harry Potter moves 2.7 million copies
      3. Kinect: Lag can be attributed to software choices, says Blitz
      4. MK9 fatalities will once again be "crazy over-the-top"
      5. Schappert: EA has benefited from 40% yoy growth in PS3 software
      6. Report - Move kiosks to start popping up at US retail on September 11
      7. Midship and Ivory Tower get revamped in Halo: Reach
      8. Torchlight II announced for spring 2011, MMO put on hold
      9. Naughty Dog: Motion and 3D to be used only if it "fits into the story"
      10. Online Pass helping EA Sports combat used games sales
      11. Other than a few "dribs and drabs", Demon's Souls is sold out in UK
      12. Namco looking to put in 15 years of know how into new Tales of PS3 title
      13. Mass Effect 3 story to be shaped by "over 1,000 variables"
      14. Fable III opening cinematic shows chicken's plight
      15. Xbox Live activity, week of July 26 - MW2 takes the chicken again
      16. Enslaved coming to Eurogamer Expo
      17. EU PS store update, August 4 - LBP goes live for all, MW2 demo included
      18. EA registers three new Syndicate trademarks
      19. Alien Breed: Impact half-price on Steam
      20. Warren Spector keynote to open GDC Europe
      21. Half-Minute Hero sequel announced
      22. Capcom not expecting "dramatic" rise in development costs with 3DS
      23. €180 GT5 Collector's Edition revealed
      24. Bye-bye, Butterfree: Pokemon Black/White to only have new Pokemon until you've beaten the game
      25. Civilization V demo coming before release
      26. Riccitello: EA's "got a shot" at taking shooter crown, won't "topple" Reach or Black Ops
      27. EA financials mention "handheld, mobile" Dead Space 2
      28. Uncharted movie loses potential director, takes a tumble out of 2011
      1. Virgin announced as online tournament provider for Ghost Recon
      2. US PSN update, August 3 - ModNation, LBP Marvel, MW2
      3. Crysis 2 delayed into next year
      4. EA Q1 FY11 financials: Net revenue up 27% yoy at $815 million
      5. Need for Speed: Shift 2 confirmed in EA Q1 financials
      6. Report - Games account for 10% of online use in US
      7. EA: We don't want to disturb Battlefield 3 devs with "marketing and PR"
      8. PlayStation Plus users in US to get bi-weekly content
      9. Plants vs Zombies hitting XBLA on September 8 in UK
      10. Dead Rising 2: Check out the map for Fortune City
      11. Mass Effect 2 Firepower Pack out now
      12. New Soundgarden album to be day one DLC for Warriors of Rock
      13. PlayStation Plus content for August and September announced
      14. RDR: Legends and Killers DLC releasing on August 10
      15. Princess Zelda isn't the Skyward Sword in new Link adventure
      16. Molyneux: Motion will not cause "the death" of standard controllers
      17. Iwata: Nintendo to remain hush-hush on Wii follow-up for now
      18. No 3DS titles coming this fiscal year from Capcom
      19. The Sims go medieval in spring 2011
      20. Warhammer Online still profitable, has "tens of thousands" trying it monthly
      21. Latest Eurogamer podcast features Pat
      22. StarCraft II sells 1.5 million units in first 48 hours
      23. Move, Kinect support ruled out for Fight Night: Champion
      24. PSA: BioShock 2 single-player DLC hits today
      25. First Arkham Asylum 2 details dropping next month in new OXM, OPM
      26. Sony releases updated Firmware 3.41 for PS3
      27. ModNation Racers update see loading improvements, casual difficulty
      28. EA sued by 6,000 ex-NFL players over "unlawful" likeness use in Madden 09
      29. No Nintendo presser for gamescom, Microsoft "still finalizing" plans
      30. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is Famitsu readers' most wanted game
      31. NBA Jam PS3/360 official, included in every copy of NBA Elite 11
      32. Sakurai takes aim at 3D eye strain in Kid Icarus: Uprising
      33. PC Fable III delayed, announcement of new date coming "soon"
      1. Call of Duty LtD map pack sales hit 20 million
      2. Resistance 3 for gamescom? No comment, says Sony
      3. Irrational's Project Icarus to be trailered next Thursday
      4. Driver: San Francisco vehicle shots show off DeLorean
      5. Madden NFL 11 gets PSP bundle in US
      6. Forza 3 DLC is this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week
      7. Fable III website allows you to create your own villagers, add them to game
      8. God of War: Ghost of Sparta gets November 2 release in US
      9. Castlevania: LoS to release on two discs for 360, is a day long
      10. EA Play announces Create for holiday release
      11. DiRT 3 "is the biggest rally game ever made", says Codemasters
      12. Blizzard hints at future updates for StarCraft II
      13. Namco formally announces new Tales PS3 title
      14. Mafia II trailer is wise, guy
      15. EA registers Dead Space: Sabotage domain
      16. Europe gets Dead Rising 2 Zombrex version
      17. UK charts - StarCraft II Zerg-rushes top spot
      18. Ex GRIN devs set up Whiteout
      19. Medal of Honor trailer goes live action
      20. The 3rd Birthday gets new trailer later this month
      21. New Bayonetta "information" this week
      1. Halo: Reach is finished, confirms Bungie
      2. BlazBlue sticking to 2D, says producer
      3. Putting Mass Effect on iPhone was a "mistake", says BioWare
      4. Warner recruiting for more than one Hobbit title
      5. New Marvel vs Capcom 3 combat footage is proper bonkers
      6. Bungie to "penalise" Reach quitters
      7. Pachter: PS Plus needs 2-3 million subscribers for PSN to profit
      8. DiRT 3 gets debut trailer
      9. Guerrilla hard at work on new IP
      10. Red 5 studio ready to announce game
      11. Splatterhouse leaving out the sex
      12. Angry Birds coming to PS3 and handhelds
      13. LittleBigPlanet 2 gets new screens