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  • February 2011 Archive

      1. Kairosoft's Hot Springs Story now available
      2. Australian Homefront servers are go
      3. Paul Cuisset's new project is the PSN exclusive Amy
      4. Riot: Beta's no longer useful, daily in-house play tests an option
      5. Rockstar to release LA Noire pre-order DLC after launch
      6. 2K denies changes to XCOM development
      7. Vagrant Story to arrive on the US PSN this week
      8. Milo & Kate director posts in-depth look at fated development
      9. Quick shots: Portal 2 kicks GDC into gear
      10. Report - F1 2011 being developed for 3DS, NGP
      11. Dead Space: Severed gets new mad baby shots, out this week
      12. All PS3's blocked from entering Europe "for at least 10 days"
      13. Rumour: Catherine localisation to be announced tomorrow
      14. Ninja Gaiden 3 confirmed for 2012, first teaser video hits
      15. Steam coming to a TV near you via Big Picture mode
      16. We Dare won't make US release
      17. Anarchy Reigns gets new screens, videos, details
      18. Sonic 4: Episode 2 in "early development," says Sega
      19. Final Fantasy IV Collection dated for April 22
      20. Grasshopper to announce new game next month
      21. Serious Sam 3 releasing this summer for PC, consoles
      22. inXile gives Hunted play-time, confirms map generator
      23. Stern on the Brink: "In an FPS, effectively the gun is you"
      24. Core Halo experiences will be kept "close to home," says 343
      25. Lewie's Weekly Deals: Crysis 2 Limited Edition, Pac Man: Champion Edition DX
      26. New Civilization V DLC announced, releases this week
      27. Slightly Mad: We want to turn sim genre on its head with Shift 2
      28. GAME holding midnight launches for 3DS in UK
      29. GDC organisers "happy to have announcements around the show"
      30. UK charts: Killzone 3 beats Bulletstorm to be number one
      31. Nikkei: Japan's initial 400,000 3DS shipment sold out
      32. Monday Shorts: Fallout Online, Jaffe, Daily Mail and We Dare, Killzone
      33. Euro morning news bulletin – February 28, 2011
      34. VG247's GDC 2011 - What's happening and what to expect
      35. Capcom "preparing" Street Fighter x Tekken announcement
      36. 3DS boycott planned by Facebook group
      37. Shogun 2 dev diaries talk about series' past
      38. THQ Australia axes 14 jobs
      39. AFL Live trailer features burly men kicking each other
      40. Pachter: All games cloud-based by 2030, Japanese developers losing relevancy
      41. GTA V hints in domain registrations, stuntman resume
      42. Interstellar Marines developer offering shares to supporters
      43. Guitar Hero and DJ Hero to receive new DLC
      44. The 3rd Birthday launch trailer - in English
      45. Quick Shots - Dynasty Warriors 7 stages revealed
      46. God of War III, Uncharted 2 and more added to PS3 Greatest Hits catalogue
      47. Conduit 2 multiplayer trailer shows off four-player splitscreen
      48. Gaikai now live in across 12 countries, ME2 playable
      49. Modern Warfare 3 "hoax" teasing an upcoming art project
      1. Magicka developer: Cloud-based gaming "inherently flawed"
      2. King Arthur II to feature more maps, flying units
      3. Classification Board outs Mega Minis bundles
      4. Dungeon Siege III will award multiplayer XP
      5. First Serious Sam 3 screen, free DLC for The Second Encounter owners
      6. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow scores Film Music Critics award
      1. Saturday Shorts: Analysts, Magicka, Mythos, Severed shots, Pink emails, 3DS barfing, Portal 2 Achievements
      2. Quick Shots - 10 new screens released for Silent Hill: Downpour
      3. YouTube video shows R4 use on 3DS
      4. Miyamoto wants Mii to set a "world standard for avatars"
      5. Minecraft creator is considering adding Achievements to the game
      6. Battlefield Play4Free's Training Point customization options explained
      7. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution gets a launch trailer
      8. Obsidian has an XBLA game in the works and one it "can't talk about at all," says studio head
      9. Watch the Level-5 completion ceremony for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
      10. German PS3 hacker lashes out at Sony over being sued for €1 million
      11. Yoshinori Ono admits Street Fighter III kept newcomers out a bit
      12. TIGA says it has no plans to merge with UKIE
      13. Pre-order Homefront through OnLive, get a free OnLive Game System
      14. Watch a 15 minute video for The Gunstringer
      15. The Weekly Wrap: February 20-26 – Gears 3, MW3, more
      16. 3DS launches in Japan with long queues and small stocks
      1. Valve explains why Portal 2 doesn't include Move support on PS3
      2. Heroes of Newerth gets an update and a new hero in Paula Garces
      3. Kinect-powered robot helps locate survivors in collapsed buildings
      4. Trion says RIFT doesn't need 10 million subs to be successful
      5. Crysis 2 video shows you how to be invisible
      6. Kaos: Developers need to take more risks with the shooter genre
      7. MotorStorm Apocalypse “Wreckreation” dev diary released, demo date coming soon
      8. SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs bundle announced, includes Eye, Move, more
      9. ESRB lists Parasite Eve for PS3
      10. Quick Shots - Microsoft February Games Showcase
      11. Activision: Modern Warfare 3 reveal countdown is a "hoax"
      12. New Crysis 2 multiplayer demo hitting PC and 360 March 1
      13. United Front Games sees layoffs following True Crime cancellation
      14. Report - Sony pulls Motorstorm Apocalypse release in New Zealand after Christchurch earthquake
      15. Sony cuts North American price of PSP to $129.99
      16. Rumour - First Thief 4 screen appears
      17. Bethesda dates Brink for Japan
      18. 3DS gets unboxed ahead of tomorrow’s Japanese launch
      19. Friday Shorts: We Dare, Team Fortress 2, FFXIV, King's Quest III Redux
      20. Guerrilla announces Steel Rain map pack for Killzone 3
      21. Sony releases new inFamous 2 trailer
      22. Virtua Tennis 4 dated for April 29 in Europe
      23. Euro morning news bulletin - February 25, 2011
      24. Lucid Games formed by ex-Bizarre devs
      25. Dragon Age II soundtrack to feature Florence + The Machine
      26. Microsoft on 2011 360 line-up: "This is absolutely just the beginning"
      27. Ono: Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition "could be" coming to consoles after all
      28. Report: Warriors: Legends of Troy Xbox 360 cancelled in US
      29. Battlefield 3's "Back to Karkand" map pack detailed
      30. Microsoft showcase – full report on Gears of War 3, Crysis 2 and more
      31. Child of Eden videosplosion
      32. Mortal Kombat banned in Australia, fatalities to blame [Update]
      33. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime never crosses the streams
      34. Gas Powered Games shoulders Age of Empires Online development
      35. Namco: "Retail is never going to go away"
      36. Report: Sony US hiring anti-piracy legal experts
      37. Quick Shots - Devil Survivor: Overlocked looking fine on 3DS
      1. Braben: Hacks and custom firmware "damaging to everyone with a PS3"
      2. Epic: NGP is a "true game-changer", "raises the bar"
      3. Laidlaw: Dragon Age 2 lowers the entry barriers to RPGs
      4. New Command & Conquer, Victory Games confirmed
      5. Quick Shots - L.A. Noire's Marlon Hopgood profiled
      6. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime characters profiled
      7. NetEase posts major growth, blames World of Warcraft
      8. Euro PS Video Store update, February 24: Social Network, The Illusionist, 3D bikinis
      9. EVE Online developer expanding US operations
      10. Patapon 3 landing in stores and on PSN April 12 for $19.99
      11. Study suggests there are no long term desensitizing effects from violent games
      12. Microsoft showcase – Gears 3 beta out mid-April, Fable III PC and second Reach map pack dated
      13. War's new face - Epic explains Gears 3's cover art
      14. Report: "No plans" for Atlus to bring Catherine west
      15. More Resident Evil:Raccoon City rumors surface
      16. Gameloft sale has loads of titles for 59p
      17. Ubisoft on Beyond Good and Evil 2: "Keep the faith"
      18. Robot Entertainment announces Orcs Must Die with screens, video
      19. Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game releasing on March 29
      20. No plans to bring Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to consoles, says Ono
      21. Deus Ex: Human Revolution screens come in as hands-on previews go out
      22. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time F2P MMO set for release later this year
      23. RIFT head start kicks off today with one million registered accounts
      24. Just Add Water releasing four Oddworld titles this year
      25. Supremacy MMA to feature first female fighters in an MMA game
      26. Quick Shots - The Witcher 2 is looking mighty good
      27. First in-game Skyrim footage released by Bethesda
      28. Lego Group accquires Lego Universe MMO and its developers
      29. F.E.A.R. 3 dev diary explains its signature components
      30. Rockstar releases LA Noire boxart, US pre-order info
      31. First Crysis 2 PS3 video appears, multiplayer beta coming soon
      32. Sony: "Have another look" at PlayStation Home
      33. The 3rd Birthday confirmed for April 1 launch in UK
      34. GAME holding midnight openings for Killzone 3
      35. Ubisoft confirms Child of Eden for Q2
      36. BlazBlue, Guilty Gear creators having UK meet-and-greet next week
      37. Freestyle Games still chatting with Activision about future
      38. Thursday Shorts: 600 PSOne Classics in Japan, Bulletstorm rips into RROD, Spy Party, Space Shuttle HOME details
      39. Minecraft coming to Android
      40. Euro morning news bulletin - February 24, 2011
      41. Bizarre closed due to "a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances"
      42. Smurfs Village hits 10 million download mark
      43. Stardock to update Gamers' Bill of Rights this year
      44. Viper gets introduced for Darkspore
      45. Epic to show off "next-gen" Unreal Engine 3 at GDC
      46. Beyond Good & Evil HD "I'm a traitor" trailer is very green
      47. Nintendo: 3DS originally lacked 3D, gyroscope
      48. First Shift 2 dev diary details "real racing"
      49. Dark Souls world to be one and a half times that of Demon's Souls
      50. Ninja Gaiden 3DS to be "different" from console games, "appropriate" for handhelds
      51. First Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster trailer is cute
      52. Levine: First-person is the most immersive, child-like perspective
      53. Dead Island trailer tots up 3 million views, multiple directors interested
      54. Joe Danger developer hiring
      55. Dungeon Siege III doesn't need a respec option
      56. Conduit 2 turns everything up to eleven
      57. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection's "Interlude" detailed
      58. Sony asks in-house developers to use 3D, PS Move
      59. ArenaNet teases "happy" answer for Mesmer and Assassin fans
      60. Dragon Age 2's Ring of Whispers with Epic Weapons purchase
      1. Play.com lists Xperia Play preorder at ?519.99
      2. Gearbox seeks to credit Duke Nukem Forever staffers, Pitchford dismisses reviews
      3. Top Spin 4 trailer hurtles in
      4. Sony: We’re not done with Killzone
      5. Half an hour of Dissidia 012 [duodecim] gameplay footage
      6. Double Fine explains how it came up with Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
      7. Ravenwood Fair hits 10 million users, plans expansion; LOLapps sheds staff [Update]
      8. Homefront viral video shows the bombing of Salt Lake City
      9. Watch this 19-second teaser for Prototype 2
      10. "Prophet’s Journey" video released for Crysis 2
      11. Killzone 3 post release patch released, detailed
      12. Gemini Rue demo available for download
      13. Media Create charts, February 14-20: Catherine moves over 163,000 units
      14. First, in-game look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming tomorrow
      15. Apple event pretty much confirms iPad 2 reveal for next week
      16. Crytek: Competition keeps the firm "in check", makes sure its always on the "cutting edge"
      17. Guerrilla to monitor Killzone 3 for cheaters, hacks
      18. Turbine releases screens for LOTRO Book 3: Echoes of the Dead, chats about upcoming changes
      19. 3DS: Nintendo recommends a break every 30-minutes when playing games on the handheld
      20. Amazon puts select gaming titles on sale with Gold Box Deals
      21. EU PS Store update, February 23: The Undergarden, Dragon Age 2 and Yakuza 4 demos
      22. Dead Space 2: Severed releasing March 1, video released
      23. Battlefield 3: First gameplay video, pre-order details
      24. Pokemon Black and White hardware bundles confirmed for US
      25. IO Interactive hiring for "one of the most exciting projects" in its history
      26. Starbreeze not using Unreal Engine 3 for Project Redlime
      27. Anarchy Reigns Famitsu details get out
      28. First Battlefield 3 screens appear online
      29. Guerrilla "looking at" PSP development again
      30. First premium TDU2 DLC to be made free after issues
      31. Two Worlds II now Amazon exclusive, gets pushed back a week
      32. Euro morning news bulletin - February 23, 2011
      33. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 gets demo release from March 8
      34. Wednesday Shorts: Minecraft gets beds update and 360 clone, Joymax and Wermade merge, more
      35. Oddboxx to get non-Steam release next month
      36. 3DS Australian launch line-up confirmed
      37. First 3DS reviews roll in ahead of Japanese launch
      38. New Dreamcast Collection trailer is a blast from the not-so-distant past
      39. Nintendo: Sakamoto is the only one who knows who Samus Aran is
      40. Report: 3DS launch AR cards detailed
      41. Gears 3 out on September 20 worldwide - info embargo lifts 8pm GMT tonight
      42. Guerrilla: PS3 not "maxed out" by Killzone 3
      43. Epic raises Unreal Developer Kit royalty threshold
      44. Sting reveals Gungnir: The War Hero and the War God's Demon Lance
      45. Avatar Kinect demoed in new video
      46. 5th Cell: XBLA bar has been raised, but any success "is just gravy"
      47. Ridge Racer 3D Street Pass detailed, 3D effects had to be reduced
      48. Skyrim release day babies eligible for Bethesda's reward [Update]
      49. Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever is "satirical", but feminist backlash would be "awesome"
      50. Darth Sidious to appear in Lego Star Wars III [Update]
      51. Quick Shots - Road Rash Revisitation concept art
      52. Stardock teases major reveals this year
      53. US PS Store update, February 22 - Dragon Age 2 and Yakuza 4 demos, Xenogears, GTA DLC bundle
      1. Laidlaw: Dragon Age 2 is "more tactical", watch him prove it
      2. New US Starcraft II league offers $400k prize pool
      3. iD exec jumps ship for GameStop
      4. Codemasters and Turbine handing out 250 points to sign up with LOTRO
      5. Valve wanted to make a submarine game
      6. Supernova expansion for Armada 2526 expected this spring
      7. Two Worlds II UK and AU releases in peril [Update]
      8. Petroglyph announces closed beta for Rise of Immortals
      9. Dino D-Day hitting Steam March 29, beta starts next week
      10. 1C website lists Battle: Los Angeles
      11. Analyst expects 8 million 3DS to ship during its first year at retail
      12. Red Faction:Armageddon hitting US May 31, UK June 3
      13. Latest PSM3 issue gets hands on with The Last Guardian
      14. Quick shots - Catwoman stars in new DCUO screens
      15. Killzone 3 releases in the US, launch trailer out now
      16. Ubi drops always-on DRM on AC: Brotherhood PC
      17. Bulletstorm reviews round-up: crass, fun, over-the-top
      18. PSA: Ubisoft to offer four editions of AC Brotherhood PC
      19. Gun Sonata DLC pack announced for Bulletstorm
      20. Eutechnyx looking into region-free release of NASCAR 2011 in the UK
      21. Playable character Leia Roland detailed for Tales of Xillia
      22. Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money hits Steam, PS3 today
      23. Super Meat Boy DLC now available on XBLA
      24. PSA: Here's a convenient list of launch day titles for 3DS
      25. Tuesday Shorts: 8-bit Fable, Oddworld, Smell-o-Vision, L4D2
      26. Half-Life 2 hacker "very sorry" for stealing source code
      27. ArenaNet introduces Norn for Guild Wars 2
      28. Bard soul class announced for RIFT
      29. Dragon Age II demo available now - video, screens
      30. Deus Ex: Human Revolution's first ten minutes gets previewed
      31. Nomura: No more Dissidia in its current form
      32. Euro morning news bulletin – February 22, 2011
      33. Lewie's Weekly Deals - The Beatles: Rock Band for a fiver
      34. Report: Vietnam to block access to online gaming after 10pm
      35. Scott Pilgrim game could have been Telltale-made adventure game
      36. Xenogears releasing as PSOne Classic today in US
      37. Cave bringing Deathsmiles to iPhone
      38. Final Fantasy III coming to iPhone in March
      39. First line-up of publishers confirm support for gamescom 2011
      40. Quick Shots - Warriors: Legends of Troy shows off bosses
      41. Sony: Profitability more important than beating MS
      42. Everquest II Destiny of Velious expansion launches today
      43. Camarillo: Leaked Crysis 2 build over a month old
      44. Half of upcoming Marvelous titles to be 3DS games
      45. Anti-Activision feelings "a little bit strong", says co-founder
      46. Platinum: East versus West development division "not very meaningful"
      47. Uncharted film director: Fans have to “trust and let go”
      48. Report: New PC C&C revealed, EA opens new studio
      49. Southpeak Q2 Financials - revenue and losses both down
      50. Rumour: Sony prepping new PS3 SKU to combat hackers
      51. Bulletstorm not required for Gears of War 3 beta
      52. Dissidia 012 [duodecim] demo may be inbound
      1. Killzone 3 trailer details engineer class
      2. Europe Sega's top territory thanks to Football Manager 2011
      3. Valve won’t yet confirm Half-life 2: Episode 3 will see release
      4. White Xperia Play is an O2 exclusive in the UK
      5. Quick Shots - Dragon Age 2 warrior skill trees detailed
      6. Mass Effect 2 DLC revealed as "The Arrival" in PS3 patch
      7. Microsoft confirms Kinect PC SDK release for next month
      8. 2-Player Minecraft documentary goes live
      9. DICE working on "other secret projects" besides Battlefield 3
      10. Risen 2 formally announced for PC and console
      11. Minecraft to get iOS edition this year
      12. Eurogamer makes US move, buys IndustryGamers
      13. Ex-senior Bizarre chap joins Sumo Digital
      14. Monday Shorts: Angry Birds cake, Minecraft takes on Dead Island, DOOM on calculator
      15. GT5 moves 6.3 million units, "ship" or "sold" in question
      16. Vive la Revolution - JF Dugas on rebooting Deus Ex
      17. Notch: Minecraft release was "at the right time"
      18. Report - UK government set to reintroduce games tax breaks
      19. Ace Combat Assault Horizon: story movie shows nightmare's face
      20. UK charts: Black Ops charts re-enters top spot, MvC3 just behind
      21. Blizzard "struggling" but "working very hard" on Battle.net Marketplace
      22. Euro morning news bulletin – February 21, 2011
      23. Peter Molyneux to receive BAFTA Fellowship
      24. Deep Silver to announce new title today
      25. Nelson confirms Microsoft SF press event for this week
      26. The Legend of Zelda celebrates 25th anniversary
      27. Atlus to fix Catherine's difficulty
      28. Two new maps for Company of Heroes Online
      29. Street Pass Quest and Street Pass Puzzle revealed
      30. Report: TopWare interactive accused of PR manipulation
      31. Shift 2 Pagani Huayra trailer roars in
      32. Report: BioWare blames DC Direct for Mass Effect figure delays
      33. Donkey Kong champion opens King of Kong Arcade
      34. Creator: The Cat and the Coup is a success
      35. Eve Online event at PAX East
      1. Heroes of Newerth adds premium Duke Nukem voice
      2. Battle: Los Angeles adaptation uncovered by AU ratings board
      3. Karoshi comes to iDevice, Android
      4. Quick Shots - Metroid Prime concept art does the rounds
      5. Marvel vs Capcom 3: unofficial video of Jill Valentine
      6. Quick Shots - Ocarina of Time screens show lonely Hyrule
      7. Prominent ophthalmologist comments on 3DS usage, felt "queasy"
      1. Saturday shorts - Presidents Day promos, Fruit Ninja sales, Civ V patch, Zelda is 25
      2. LG Optimus 3D Andorid phone to come with pre-installed Gameloft titles
      3. CryEngine among others listed as compatible engines for NGP
      4. PlayStation Move Heroes dev diary focuses on how the game was built
      5. Australian Federal Minister for Home Affairs wants to introduce R18+ for games by mid-2011
      6. Back to the Future is "our most successful franchise to date," says Telltale
      7. Protector Trials released by mistake, doesn't work just yet
      8. Homefront pre-order bonuses at Best Buy, Game, more
      9. Devolver Digital to announce "secret indie titles" at PAX East next month
      10. Founding members Microsoft and Nvidia depart PC Gaming Alliance
      11. PSP's Marcus campaign "showed positive sales effects," says McCarthy
      12. Pokémon Black and White video is full of Pokéstuff
      13. Infinity Blade, Plants vs Zombies among winners at Mobile Gaming Awards
      14. Analysts report Black Ops moved 750,000 units in January
      15. Bulletstorm PC demo to be released after game's launch
      16. Rumor - First Saints Row 3 images show up
      17. Risen 2: Dark Waters official website up, first screenshots
      18. The Weekly Wrap: February 13-19 – Dead Island, Bungie's new game, Take-Two buyout rumors, more
      19. Valve’s Newell spends 40 minutes with a school marketing class
      20. Telltale announces Walking Dead, Fables, King’s Quest
      21. Topware: Next Two Worlds game "coming out in 2012"
      1. Telltale to develop King's Quest franchise reboot
      2. DICE: Gustavsson reminisces about Code Name Eagle and how it became Battlefield
      3. Latest PSN hack lets you unban yourself, someone else
      4. LBP2 updates: Hansel and Gretelbot, Marvel and Street Fighter costumes are back
      5. StreetPass mode detailed for Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
      6. Latest MotorStorm Apocalypse screens are a bit mad
      7. Two Black Ops levels getting unlocked for the weekend
      8. Relentless staffers form New Moon studios
      9. Danger Close now "working on the next Medal of Honor"
      10. Rock Band 3 gets a dose of Pat Benatar next week
      11. Warren Spector to pen new DuckTales comics
      12. Next week's Minecraft update allows you to make beds
      13. Sony wants ideas for minis game via the Gamocracy project
      14. Nielsen: Gaming budgets shifted to mobile, leisure activities in 2010
      15. New TERA trailer shows off Mount "Tyrannas"
      16. Black Jacket relaunches Metal Drift on D2D and GamersGate
      17. inFamous 2 confirmed for June 7 US launch, special editions detailed
      18. Sony asked for developer input on NGP
      19. Cliff Bleszinki explains why Bulletstorm's main campaign is single-player only
      20. Team17 tells you everything you need to know about Alien Breed 3: Descent
      21. Activision "abused" Guitar Hero, there's "no reason why" it can't continue, says Summer
      22. Shift 2: Unleashed delayed, now releasing April 1 in the UK
      23. Clean up on aisle boom for Butler Killzone 3 ads
      24. US PS Video Store update: Free movies, 3D bikinis, more
      25. Mortal Kombat suffers small UK delay
      26. Bionic Commando producer leaves Capcom to go to game talent agency
      27. Visceral: Dead Space's Issac an "everyday guy"
      28. GT5 gets mega update 1.06, B-Spec online racing enabled
      29. Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition announced
      30. Bizarre Creations RIP - 1994-2011
      31. Pagani Huayra exclusive to Shift 2 this year
      32. Civilization IV, V on sale this weekend on Steam
      33. Unreal Engine 3 licensed by Starbreeze
      34. Report - Forza 4 to feature Kinect head-tracking
      35. Euro morning news bulletin – February 18, 2011
      36. Male demon hunter for Diablo III confirmed
      37. Telltale's Jurassic Park to launch in April, gets first trailer
      38. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 media gets out AOU
      39. Crytek: PS3 owners "can probably hope" for Crysis 2 demo, "you can imagine we're doing some" DLC
      40. FrontierVille creator: Hardcore games aren't going away, but new opportunities elsewhere
      41. Enomoto: Pro Evolution Soccer will never be perfect
      42. EA calls Mirror's Edge "an important franchise," refuses to clarify Mirror's Edge 2 dev status
      43. The Sims 3 console bug causing widespread crashing, EA baffled
      44. YouTube hiring for new console applications
      45. Spector: "negative interest" in linear games
      46. Quick Shots - Dynasty Warriors 7 reveals Guan Suo, Sun Jian, and more
      47. Gears of War free with Games for Windows version of Bulletstorm
      48. Madden NFL Football for US 3DS launch
      49. MLB 11 The Show trailer demonstrates perfect pitching
      50. Sony: platform exclusives are limiting
      51. Valkyria Chronicles III DLC to come in two flavours
      52. Capcom Store apologises for Marvel vs Capcom 3 delays
      53. Final Fantasy XIV Online to focus on large-party play
      54. NPD January 2011 – Hardware down 8%, Black Ops still tops
      55. Disney Interactive promises profitability by 2013
      1. Four new PvP-oriented souls revealed for Rift
      2. Shoot Many Robots trailer is self-explanatory
      3. The Walking Dead in production at Telltale
      4. Crysis 2 uses destruction as a "visual language"
      5. Bulletstorm will make your PC "weep if you play it in 3D, full screen, full resolution," says Capps
      6. Champions Online numbers surge with free-to-play revolution
      7. Download Dragon Age 2 demo a million times, stuff gets unlocked
      8. Bungie denies layoff rumors, stays quiet regarding rumored game setting
      9. Blizzard: "Console Diablo III" job is "not an announcement"
      10. Sony announces 4 million PS3 sales milestone in the UK
      11. PSA: Alan Wake at $2 on Amazon.com
      12. StreetPass for PES 3D will help "players who aren't good at playing against other people," says Enomoto
      13. Operation Flashpoint: Red River to release in April
      14. Shogun 2 multiplayer shown in video
      15. Fischer: Packaged and retail is what drives "the mass market," for Nintendo
      16. Coming soon to the Xbox Live Marketplace - Tom Clancy deals of the week
      17. Rumor - Hacker claims credit card information sent to Sony through PSN is unencrypted
      18. New AC: Brotherhood DLC to find Da Vinci in March
      19. Dead Island releasing in 2011, PS3 version confirmed
      20. Qriocity music service now available on PS3 in the US, AU and NZ
      21. "We don't expect new hardware any time soon from either Microsoft or Sony," says Farrell
      22. "We never intentionally make games for the Western market," says Team Ninja boss
      23. Ex-Team17 boss Martyn Brown consulting Double Eleven
      24. Professor Layton franchise moves 11.47 million units worldwide
      25. RIFT producer explains upcoming LFG changes, balancing PvP
      26. Dance Central is the headline sponsor for Kylie Minogue's 2011 European tour
      27. Ubisoft announces Dance on Broadway for Move
      28. Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang detailed in gameplay trailer
      29. Patch for Killzone 3 detailed, hitting "shortly after the game's release," says Guerrilla
      30. Criterion announces Hot Pursuit DLC triple-whammy
      31. THQ: Console makers need to "adjust their business models" for new consumer experiences
      32. Portal 2 does not support Move despite earlier reports
      33. 2K confirms Mike Patton for The Darkness II
      34. Eurogamer hits 5.2 million unique visitors
      35. First Dragon Age Redemption footage airs on Fallon
      36. Capcom denies Apple rift despite in-app purchases for Smurfs' Village
      37. Report - Osbourne backs UK games industry at private meeting
      38. Bangai-O XBLA video has explosions aplenty
      39. Ubi DRM requirement missing from AC: Brotherhood Steam page
      40. New RAGE trailer properly does the business
      41. Sony not looking at "near-future PS4 or next-generation home console"
      42. Ice-T explains how he got Gears 3 role
      43. Euro morning news bulletin – February 17, 2011
      44. Bulletstorm finally available to pre-order on Steam
      45. BioWare talks Dragon Age II tech
      46. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC delayed into March
      47. Thursday shorts: Crysis 2 dolls, Beyond Good & Evil t-shirts, UnchainBlades ReXX, Engines
      48. Rumour - Bungie's next game, Destiny, is "WoW in space"
      49. EA cancels 3DS launch title My Garden
      50. Catherine demo returns to PlayStation Network
      51. Back to the Future Episode Two now available on PC, Mac
      52. Monster Hunter Tri event schedule posted
      53. Valve announces new non-story Left 4 Dead 2 DLC for release "after Portal 2"
      54. Iranian Revolution examined in 1979: The Game
      55. Nintendogs & Cats trailer tests the limits of cute
      56. Australian development halved in the space of three years
      57. Gunstringer controls explained
      58. Your Mom's Really Bad at Dead Space 2 Multiplayer trailer appears
      59. Samurai Warriors Japanese fanbase is 40% female
      60. Atlus asks players not to spoil Catherine
      61. Quick Shots - Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights screened
      62. God of War staffers join Respawn
      1. de Blob 2: The Big Takedown trailer features rebellion - and video conferencing
      2. PixelJunk Shooter 2 commercial gets inside survivor's head
      3. Killzone developer influenced by Half-life, Uncharted
      4. EA stocks rise in the wake of Riccitiello's Goldman Sachs presentation
      5. Japanese hardware and software charts Feb. 7 - 13: PSP and Radiant Mythology 3 big winners
      6. Lord of the Rings: War in the North dev diary justifies game's existence
      7. 3DS won't utilise current version Nintendo Points
      8. Steenberg: Love is a "B-", but "kind of sad" that nobody will top it
      9. The Gunstringer listed as XBLA title before being pulled off site by Microsoft
      10. Report - Sony's SI tablet runs on Android, is PlayStation Certified
      11. Separate Porche and Lamborghini packs outed for Hot Pursuit
      12. PS Plus gets SEGA Genesis Collection free and two weeks early
      13. Blizzard ready to shake World of StarCraft maker's hand, apologize for the misunderstanding
      14. New Dead Island trailer shows off family vs zombies
      15. NGP talk to be given at GDC next month
      16. SCEJ president: NGP has "got to receive support from gamers"
      17. Reports: PS3 hackers banned from PSN after Sony warning
      18. Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells one million in seven months
      19. Ipsos: Gears of War 3 most anticipated title in UK and US
      20. GAME wants to triple its digital revenue by 2013
      21. Enter Killzone 3 competition, win chance to go to E3
      22. Quick shots – More Batman: Arkham City images arrive
      23. Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo confirmed for March 1
      24. Runic "would love to see" Torchlight II on consoles
      25. Microsoft confirms Rare staff cuts as part of reorganization
      26. Phil Harrison invests in Finnish developed RPG Gunshine
      27. Cyanide releases first shots from A Game of Thrones: Genesis
      28. Xbox Live Activity for the week of February 7 - Black Ops tops the list
      29. Euro PS Store update, February 16 - Killzone 3, Dragon's Lair, Final Fantasy
      30. Rumour: XCOM undergoing “some big changes” post-announcement
      31. BioWare Austin VP heads to Playdom, Disney dev heads to LucasArts
      32. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC requirements revealed
      33. Wednesday shorts: Slam Bolt Scrappers vid, Starhawk vagueness, Pokémon thing
      34. US PS Store update, February 15 - Killzone 3, Yakuza 4, Back to the Future
      35. Kool & the Gang, Katy Perry, Bowie all confirmed for February Lips DLC
      36. Report - Relentless lays off 20 staff following restructure
      37. Killzone 3 hardware bundle officially announced by SCEA
      38. Insomniac: "Resistance 3 is survival in all its forms"
      39. Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 2 security patch in QA
      40. Team Bondi: LA Noire "will draw all types of players with various experience levels"
      41. Euro morning news bulletin – February 16, 2011
      42. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood leads BAFTA nominations
      43. Screens from canned Diablo III 2005 emerge
      44. StarCraft II gets V1.21 update
      45. T5 claims game streaming patent, OnLive says it has "no relevance whatsoever"
      46. App Store games now allowed to use subscription fees
      47. Bit.Trip Flux dated, "not as punishing" as Beat
      48. Australian R18+ decision delayed thanks to elections
      49. Chime Super Deluxe adds three new tracks
      50. Live games-on-demand update: Modern Warfare 2, Aliens vs Predator, and Bayonetta
      51. Mortal Kombat fatalities are tough on stick men
      52. Braid creator: Social games are "evil", treat people as things
      53. Vote in the PlayStation Network Gamers' Choice Awards
      54. Duke Nukem Forever requires Steam log-in for PC play
      55. Tecmo Koei delays, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles confirmed for 3DS launch
      56. Quick Shots - Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime screens cross the beams
      57. JR: EA "dropped the ball," but has best IP in the industry
      1. Lewie’s Weekly Deals – Square Enix savings, cut-price consoles, Mass Effect 2 for ?25
      2. Some social game companies "are creating, literally, junk," says Garriott
      3. Turbine talks LOTRO character deletion, Radiance Gear
      4. ESA: 54% of illegal file swapping comes from Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain
      5. THQ to publish Amnesia: The Dark Descent in US
      6. Closed beta testing for Darkspore begins, trailer released
      7. OXM was primed to reveal "reborn" 360 title considered one of the "best games ever made"
      8. Mike Patton to reprise his role as The Darkness in sequel
      9. Sucker Punch discusses the morality system in InFamous 2 a bit more
      10. US pre-orders for Dissidia 012 detailed
      11. PSA: Aliens vs Predator hits XBL Games on Demand, Bayonetta next week
      12. Atari posts 9-month financials for FY 10/11, revenue declines 55.7%
      13. Mortal Kombat trailer shows Noob Saibot
      14. RUSE Rising Sun DLC out now for PC and 360, tomorrow for PS3
      15. Crytek: "As a company we can't just make shooters," says Yerli
      16. Kojima posts a look at Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Art Book
      17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC to release March 17
      18. Del Toro is "completely engaged" with the game he's working on, says THQ's Bilson
      19. Shogun 2 demo to release on February 22
      20. Painkiller expansion Redemption releasing on February 25
      21. Verbinski: BioShock film deal fell apart due to R rating
      22. Ridge Racer Type-4 releasing next month as PS1 classic
      23. Sony dropped XMB from NGP for touch screens and the "social networking factor"
      24. 100,000 apply for APB Reloaded closed beta
      25. Duke Nukem Forever pre-order bonuses include "trucker hat"
      26. Lucasarts trademarks Star Wars Detours with USPTO
      27. Eternal Darkness concept art shows endings cut from the game
      28. DJ Hero 2 gets new DLC
      29. Warner announces Schafer-developed Kinect Sesame Street title
      30. GT Academy EU to kick off on March 4
      31. Tesco changes mind on ?157 3DS
      32. Crysis 2 gets infected with story trailer
      33. UK games sales sees YoY decrease in January
      34. Report - Nintendo blackmailed by Spanish citizen, gets arrested
      35. Broom slick - Witcher 2's Tomasz Gop gears for launch
      36. Square to launch Final Fantasy V in Japan this spring
      37. Marvel vs Capcom 3 launches in US, gets two new videos
      38. Lineage II gets High Five update today
      39. Euro morning news bulletin – February 15, 2011
      40. Bilson: New Relic RTS to be announced in August
      41. Dragon Age gets live-action series by Guild's Felicia Day
      42. First Cave Story 3DS trailer makes rocket launchers cute
      43. UK 3DS tour gets additional dates
      44. GameFreak shoots down Wii Pokemon RPG, says core series will "always" be portable
      45. NFL grants EA Sports continued exclusive
      46. Gameloft promises ten launch titles for Xperia Play
      47. Sony talks PS3 pricing fiasco, says it won't happen again with NGP
      48. Third Alice: Madness Returns teaser emerges
      49. SingStar adds Bon Jovi, Kings of Leon, The Saturdays, and more
      50. Lemmings celebrates 20th birthday with commemorative plaque
      51. Ensemble: Age of Empires III "just wasn't an Age game"
      52. Guitar Hero was a "fad," Acti won't "strip-mine" CoD
      53. Art of Video Games voting open
      54. Report: THQ to resurrect Voltron
      55. Riot: Tencent acquisition "opens up more doors"
      56. Dance Central DLC tomorrow - Rick James, Missy Elliot, more
      1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon announced, trailered
      2. Analysts: Xbox 360 to top US hardware charts, sales to decline through 2011
      3. Crytek's Cevat Yerli "deeply disappointed" in Crysis 2 leak
      4. Square Enix mega digital distribution sale
      5. Morhaime: StarCraft Ghost canned due to WoW insta-success
      6. Rumor: Activision looking to buy Take-Two [Updated]
      7. Insomniac: accessibility "most important", "part of the Ratchet DNA"
      8. Veteran UK developer The Code Monkeys closed down
      9. Breach gets updated, an hour-long demo
      10. THQ to make "huge announcement" in March, confirms Bilson
      11. Shadows of the Damned get screens treatment
      12. Portal 2 pre-orders open, detailed
      13. DNF campaign is "16-18 hours" long
      14. Report: Bizarre Creations will close on Friday
      15. No multiplayer for Arkham City, confirms Rocksteady
      16. Latest Bulletstorm vid goes green
      17. Ubisoft Q3: Next Assassin's Creed to be announced in May
      18. Bleszinski: "You have to be a little bit careful about joking"
      19. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy dated for March 25 in Europe
      20. F.E.A.R 3 gets new trailer and screens, playable Paxton in single-play
      21. First Reach Defiant Map Pack trailer confirms March release
      22. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets big screen update
      23. Homefront 360 bundle gets pictured
      24. Video - Geohot takes on Sony in rap video
      25. No DCUO trade-ins due to activation code, says SOE
      26. PAX East 2011 schedule now online, RAGE and Amalur demos confirmed
      27. Portal 2: Aperture offers easier way to woo on Valentine's Day
      28. Batty - SSX: Deadly Descents still has 15 months of dev time
      29. UK charts: TDU2 races to top spot
      30. Euro morning news bulletin – February 14, 2011
      31. PlayStation 2 hits 150 million shipped worldwide
      32. Report - Mirror's Edge 2 on hold, EA won't comment
      33. Civilization IV theme song wins grammy
      34. Report: Zynga valued at $9 billion
      35. Desktop Dungeons dev: indie scene gives back
      36. Dragon Quest VI hits US today, new trailer introduces characters
      37. Double Dragon for iDevice announced
      38. Quick shots - MLB 2K11 compared to last year's offering
      39. Nippon Ichi NGP title confirmed
      40. BioWare considered a kung fu RPG
      41. Fight Night: Champion tutorials explain analog offense and defense
      42. Indies Flywrench and You Found the Grappling Hook hit Mac
      1. Crusader Kings II character, war mechanics detailed
      2. Quick Shots - Resistance 3 screens are almost colourful
      3. No "Grey" edition to grace Pokémon Black and White
      4. Okamiden demo due next week
      5. Red Faction: Armageddon powered by "hackery"
      6. Steam is hugely profitable, has up to 70% of market: Forbes
      7. Xperia Play to release in March with 50 launch titles
      1. Saturday Shorts: Nokia loves Microsoft, Lieberman and Slash speak, SWTOR, Duke, She-Hulk
      2. Closed alpha and beta testing to begin this year on Guild Wars 2
      3. 2011 Indie Game Challenge winners announced
      4. AIAS president Martin Rae talks about his new position, DICE summit
      5. DiRT 3 developer diary shows Kenya, Finland, fast cars
      6. Square shows off a bit of Moon Diver for PSN and XBL - now with trailer
      7. US PSN video content update: Paranormal Activity 2, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos, more
      8. Schafer: Games should "be an expression of the people," and company that make them
      9. Watch a four-year old play Gran Turismo 5
      10. THQ announces some tracks for Dance Paradise on Kinect
      11. BioWare discuss the story direction for Star Wars: The Old Republic in video interview
      12. Play Dead Space 2 multiplayer with the developers today
      13. Rumor - Grasshopper Manufacture working new IP
      14. Nintendogs + Cats website updated with a list of breeds for each game, videos
      15. BioWare sometimes "bet the company" when making business decisions, says Zeschuk
      16. The Weekly Wrap: February 6-February 12
      1. Report - Crysis 2 build leaked onto torrent sites
      2. Dragon Age II goes gold, watch today's developer chat with Mike Laidlaw
      3. Magicka hits 200,000 sales mark, more fixes on the way
      4. Team Meat hopes to release new Super Meat Boy levels "next week"
      5. Fate of the World aims to teach while it entertains
      6. Outplay Entertainment to create 150 Jobs in Dundee
      7. D3 Publisher releases first screenshots for Dream Trigger 3D
      8. Blizzard crossing its fingers that Diablo III will hit "this year"
      9. The Sims Medieval Collector's edition announced for Europe
      10. Meet and Greet with Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori this weekend
      11. Killzone 3's MP7 MAWLR Graveyard video shows the Field Medic
      12. Kotick more intested in making CoD fun, partially blames Acti for Guitar Hero's lack of innovation
      13. United Front Games releases statement on True Crime: Hong Kong cancellation
      14. Sucker Punch details improvements made to InFamous 2's Karma System
      15. PAX Survey asks if folks would attend if brought to UK
      16. Paradox planning a Magicka "surprise" for GDC next month
      17. Bethesda puts out more Skyrim concept art
      18. Japanese hardware and software charts Jan 31 - Feb. 6- PSP and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 top charts
      19. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure announced by Activision
      20. Yu Suzuki to receive Pioneer Award at GDCAs
      21. Tecmo Koei doesn't think the Dynasty Warriors franchise gets enough credit
      22. High Voltage CG Animator leaves firm for film studio
      23. DICE: Adjusting Frostbite for consoles prevented Bad Company 1 release on PC
      24. Mortal Kombat story trailer focuses on Liu Kang
      25. Zipper feels SOCOM 4 is first "real" SOCOM for PS3, used lessons learned from MAG
      26. Final Fantasy I and II hitting PSN
      27. City of Heroes Animal Pack out on February 23
      28. Yoshida: Sony to confirm final NGP name “later this year”
      29. Lego Star Wars III gets new trailer
      30. Report - Sony to inspect Geohot's computer HDD
      31. Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel edition confirmed
      32. Crysis 2 to feature dedicated servers, new video shows off alien mo-cap
      33. New Shogun 2 trailer is full of CG
      34. Witcher II dev diary shows off locations
      35. Namco: Enslaved sales due to going in at "busy holiday season"
      36. GameStop employees to not get Dragon Age II demo early
      37. 5th Cell reveals LtD Scribblenauts sales
      38. Ken Levine's BioShock: Rapture foreword completed
      39. World of StarCraft to continue under "StarCraft Universe" moniker
      40. Cave Story getting 3DS remake, full 3D revamp
      41. Blizzard talks new MMO, says it's "new and fresh," not like WoW
      42. 2011 IAAs: BioWare, Red Dead Redemption big winners
      43. Duke Nukem Forever hits Australia unedited
      44. Darkspore limited edition trailer and preorder bonus
      45. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 interactive levels, items detailed
      46. The Next Big Thing trailer introduces Liz Allaire
      47. Lionhead survey seeks Fable feedback
      48. Almost half of DC Universe Online players are on the PSN
      1. Everquest II: Destiny of Velious screenshots are very cool
      2. No, Randy Pitchford did not confirm Borderlands 2 is in development
      3. Nitro Games releases teaser trailer for Pirates of the Black Cove
      4. Lugaru clone pulled from App Store, free upgrades to HD version offered
      5. Buy Rift at Walmart, get an exclusive in-game pet
      6. Guild Wars 2 video for Kryta, the last Human homeland, is absolutely gorgeous
      7. Mytheon Zeus trailer gets shouty
      8. NASCAR 2011 Full Seasons Dev Diary released
      9. Dynasty Warriors 7 weapon switching and Chronicle mode detailed
      10. Last DLC pack for Guitar Hero franchise hits this month, Harmonix responds as staff cuts hit Vicarious Visions
      11. Codemasters: copying CoD doesn't work, we'll make "small and beautiful" games
      12. PixelJunk Shooter 2 confirmed for first week of March
      13. Raptr announces additional funding, 6 million registered users
      14. PES 2011 3D to release in US March 25
      15. Report - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PC includes 3D and multi-monitor support
      16. Fray announced by Brain Candy for Mac and PC
      17. Rumor: GameStop database shot shows NGP for $299.99
      18. Ubisoft Toronto working on a second game, says Raymond [Updated]
      19. Dawn of War II - Retribution beta open to all Dawn of War owners
      20. Goo-d, goo-d: World of Goo sticks to 125,000 iPads in first month - on sale for $1
      21. NCsoft reports fiscal year 2010 results, Lineage reaches greatest annual sales ever
      22. 7 Studios confirms closure by Activision
      23. Crysis 2 video and screens show off Nanosuit
      24. Hunted: The Demon's Forge video shows gameplay, flying eye
      25. Blizzard "doing an investigation," into Diablo III on consoles
      26. Enjoy these four Stacking videos
      27. FreeStyle Games "actively working with Activision" over future
      28. Pre-order Homefront on Steam, get Metro 2033 free
      29. Family in Uncharted movie has "Sopranos" feel to them
      30. BAFTA GAME Award nominations announced
      31. No open beta for Brink, confirms Splash Damage
      32. Apple TV games hinted at in iOS 4.3 beta code
      33. Nintendo details Q1 line-up for Wii and DS
      34. New Homefront trailer shows American uprising
      35. Magic: The Gathering, Castlevania, Dead Space 2 content hitting Home this week
      36. Report - Black Ops biggest-selling game in Australia in 2010
      37. Atlus holding 50 percent off PSN sale
      38. MetaCritic: Take-Two highest-scoring publisher in 2010
      39. DICE confirms dedicated servers for Battlefield 3
      40. WayForward: Sexy game characters aren't necessarily attractive
      41. DualShock 3 Controller bundle for Killzone 3 listed by Amazon France
      42. Black Swan composer to score music for Mass Effect 3
      43. Sony denied permission to issue subpoenas to Google, PayPal, others over fail0verflow fiasco
      44. Rumor: First screens of Halo: Reach "Defiant" map pack slip out
      45. Bioware: World of Warcraft established the MMO standards
      46. Capcom, Namco and Sega join in App Store sale season
      47. Kalypso secures The Dark Eye license, Demonicon back on track
      48. League of Legends players do what Riot can't with unofficial replay tool
      49. LotR: War in the North invites you to join the Council of the North
      50. PlayStation Move Heroes trailer explains converging canons
      51. Tales of Graces characters in Gods Eater Burst
      52. Rumour: NGP Holy Invasion of Privacy title in the works
      53. Smurf's Village poised to overtake Angry Birds on iOS revenue charts
      54. The Witcher 2 preorder incentives expanded
      1. GANG Award nominations in, Red Dead Redemption and Dante's Inferno score big
      2. Activision financials: Revenue at $4.8 billion, major franchise cuts include Guitar Hero and True Crime
      3. Confirmed - Activision chops Guitar Hero and True Crime, no music or Hawk games in '11
      4. Randy Pitchford: Duke's world is "like an upside down, topsy-turvy version of our world"
      5. Rock Band weekly: February Heartache Duets’ Pack hits Friday
      6. The Darkness 2 to focus more on story, action, have a cel-shaded look
      7. Players have killed over 62 million enemies in Killzone 3's open beta
      8. Duke does Vegas: hands on and chat with Randy Pitchford
      9. First LA Noire gameplay video is go
      10. Euro PSN update, February 9 - Explodemon, Stacking, ACII: GOTY Edition
      11. Amazon UK and Tesco price 3DS pre-orders at ?197
      12. DC announces six-part Arkham City comic series
      13. Torchlight II delayed into July
      14. EA responds to accusations from Fox News over Bulletstorm content
      15. Carmack: 3DS and NGP may be the last "specialized handheld game consoles ever built"
      16. BioWare's Mike Laidlaw discusses the Rivalry system in Dragon Age 2
      17. Guerrilla previously planned on-the-rails Move version of Killzone 2
      18. Entertainment Consumers Association hits 500,000 members
      19. Stacking now available from Xbox Live
      20. Heavily cut Bulletstorm given 18 rating in Germany
      21. uDraw launching on March 4 in UK
      22. GAME to sell XBL content in-store
      23. Quick Shots: Dissidia 012 shots introduces FFXI's Prishe
      24. Enter Resistance 3 competition, win chance to appear in game
      25. PS3 sells 1.1 million in Australia
      26. Metal Gear Online gets new update
      27. Test Drive Unlimited 2 launch trailer has plenty of racing
      28. InFamous 2 Hero Edition leaked by Amazon
      29. Dark Souls to last 60 hours, no demo or DLC planned
      30. Rumour: Gears of War Kinect an on-the-rails shooter
      31. MDK 2 Wii nearing release, HD PC version still in development
      32. First Torchlight XBLA trailer speaks ominously, carries a big stick
      33. LinkedIn profile turns new Bond game rumours up a notch
      34. EA Mobile App Store mega sale - Need for Speed, board games, and more
      35. Dynasty Warriors 7 screenshots introduce newest female character
      36. US PSN update, February 9 - Stacking and Plants vs Zombies
      37. Australian game sales drop 16%
      38. Latest Anarchy Reigns trailer shows the whole team in action
      39. Three Super Meat Boy tracks for RBN
      40. Guerilla: motion control is the future of FPS
      41. MLB 11: The Show trailer features Joe "Yankee Killer" Mauer
      42. Disney Interactive Q3s: Toy Story 3, Epic Mickey drive 58% revenue rise
      1. Australia: 3DS demos in-store [Update]
      2. Report: Former Street Fighter designer making "hardcore" NGP game
      3. Choose your Champion in this Dragon Age 2 video [Update]
      4. Obsidian talks Dungeon Siege III's PC-centricity, stability issues
      5. Pokémon Black and White TV spots collected
      6. Take-Two Q3s: Red Dead Redemption sells 8 million
      7. Bleszinski: Violence in Bulletstorm is "all in the name of fun"
      8. Xbox Live Arcade House Party details and dates
      9. Treyarch: "In an ideal world we would love to ship a completely bug-proof game"
      10. Yakuza 4 DLC included in new US packages
      11. Report - Hudson Entertainment shutting down at the end of the month
      12. MotorStorm Apocalypse's game director talks online components, and setting in new video
      13. Dark Souls online play to bring back the feeling of old Dragon Quest games
      14. February Mega Pack released for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
      15. "Like" Diablo III on Facebook enough times, new screenshots and art will be released
      16. HTC purchases $40 million stake in OnLive, acquires London-based Saffron Digital
      17. 24MAS acquires THQ 's mobile games division
      18. Behind the Scenes video for Knights Contract released
      19. "Diligence and production volume," spent on Crysis 2 "makes it so much better than Crysis," says Yerli
      20. First LA Noire gameplay video arriving tomorrow
      21. Some Volition developers would "commit murder," to create FreeSpace 3
      22. RIFT goes into open beta on February 15
      23. Test Drive Unlimited 2 dev diaries hit as the game releases in the US
      24. Get a sneak peek at the Third District in APB: Reloaded, and updated on changes
      25. Coming to US PSN today: HOARD demo, Explodemon, Reel Fishing II and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
      26. Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia HD rated by ESRB for Xbox 360
      27. thatgamecompany’s Journey is a “unique, beautiful thing”
      28. Portal 2 gives "you more to do, more complexity but not necessarily difficulty," says Faliszek
      29. Galactus boss battle video released for Marvel vs Capcom 3
      30. Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad For Xbox 360 announced
      31. Dance Central survey shows possible changes and inclusions for sequel
      32. Report - Chinese theme park World Joyland has Blizzard themed areas
      33. Iwata Asks: Nintendogs almost ended up on Wii, addition of Cats proved to be a challenge
      34. 2K announces The Darkness II for autumn 2011
      35. Naughty Dog not making Uncharted NGP because it's "a one game studio"
      36. Report - LG looking to pull PS3 from US shelves
      37. Nintendo confirms 3DS launch line-up for UK
      38. Sky Sports warned by Ofcom for EA branding
      39. Explodemon launch trailer features lot of exploding
      40. Game Informer circulation up by 33 percent in 2010
      41. Tecmo Koei swallows development subsidiaries, brands to remain in place
      42. WWE All-Stars video sees Cena, Hogan face off
      43. 3DS confirmed for March 31 Aussie launch at AU$349
      44. GI drops large BF3 update: 24 players for console, more
      45. GT Academy round two broadsided by cheaters, results discarded
      46. Disabled gamer asks for customizable controls in Dead Space 2, Visceral obliges
      47. Warhammer Online servers closing, transfers offered
      48. Dungeon Siege III trailer shows everything is flammable
      49. DA: Awakening's Anders to be a party member in Dragon Age II
      50. Warriors: Legends of Troy screensplosion of blood and hair
      51. Mortal Kombat costume DLC included with Blu-ray purchases
      52. Metroid 1.5 design documents are hopelessly lovely
      53. GamersGate: “We’re not afraid of Steam”, Valve’s service “peaking”
      54. Treyarch made Modern Warfare 2's sales its benchmark
      55. High Voltage: million unit milestone "preposterous"
      56. Pachter: Don't "underestimate Rockstar” and L.A. Noire
      57. Rumour: Meatloaf coming to Rock Band 3 this week
      58. Uncharted 3 to push the envelope with fire effects
      1. Killzone 3 contains eight swears
      2. Sony extends anti-hacker legal net, plans to subpoena sites
      3. NBA Jam iOS confirmed and trailered
      4. Three UK mobile carriers lined up for April Xperia Play launch
      5. Conan O'Brien Xbox Live show stymied by confusion
      6. AvP devs working on unnamed NGP title
      7. Skyrim dungeons and dragons detailed in latest OXM
      8. Cloud nine - Mitsunori Takahashi on Dissidia 012
      9. Flagship on Hellgate: London: "We just tried to do too much"
      10. Harmonix confirms unknown number of lay-offs
      11. Killzone 3 gets ten from P:TOM, Meta now at 86
      12. I Am Alive digital-only report was a "joke"
      13. Marvel vs Capcom 3 to get Shadow Mode DLC
      14. Call of Juarez: The Cartel announced for "summer"
      15. Square releases new Dissidia 012 trailer
      16. Lewie's Weekly Deals - PS minis, Brutal Legend, XBLA retro shooters
      17. Double Fine's Schafer: Games must "avoid self-censorship"
      18. Dark Brotherhood hinted for Skyrim by Bethesda
      19. Blizzcon 2011 dated for mid-October
      20. DICE shows off Frostbite 2 engine in video
      21. PES 2011 3D confirmed as 3DS launch title
      22. Ono on SF 3DS: "Online versus battles will be seamless"
      23. Buy Bulletstorm for PC from EA Store, get Shank free
      24. 3D not "helpful" to DiRT 3, says Codemasters
      25. BFBC2 360 getting maintenance tomorrow
      26. First Madden NFL 12 details dropped by EA
      27. Atlus pulls Catherine's PS3 demo
      28. UK charts: Dead Space 2 spends second week up top
      29. Euro morning news bulletin – February 7, 2011
      30. New Gears 3 shots do the do
      31. New multiplayer map for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with Facebook milestone
      32. Analyst: Take-Two "more than Grand Theft Auto"
      33. Test Drive Unlimited 2's handling dissed by pro driver
      34. Sony Ericsson makes Xperia Play reveal official
      35. Dead Space 2: kill Steve Papoutsis, get shiny things [Update]
      36. Ono: Nintendo x Capcom is not really a thing
      1. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gets up close and personal in new trailer
      2. BioShock: Rapture novel delayed into July
      3. People Can Fly parody downloaded 1.25 million times
      4. Quake Live back up after seven hour downtime
      5. Bit.Trip creator: indie scene "out of control", games need to "actually get finished"
      6. The Sims Medieval trailer includes the usual sadistic humour
      7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood takes home 2010 WGA crown
      8. Battlefield 3 boss: "You don't kill CoD by trying to be CoD"
      9. CV: Obsidian working on "Project Virginia"
      10. ESRB rating details Dragon Age II's scenes of violent and sexual nature
      11. Shift 2 video shows new BMW footage
      12. SOCOM: Special Forces video shows off-screen multiplayer footage
      13. Remedy co-founder leaves for Rovio
      1. Raptr report shows what other online games DCUO players prefer
      2. Capcom hopes SSFIV 3D will "open the door a little wider," for those who skipped the console version
      3. Tencent acquires majority stake in Riot Games for a rumored $400 million
      4. US PS Video Store update - The Social Network, Inception, Let Me In
      5. Lukewarm Media teams up with EVGA on Primal Carnage
      6. ESRB explains why it doesn't play the games it rates
      7. Angry Birds series heading to 3DS
      8. Sister of 1UP host goes missing in Bay Area [Update]
      9. Reggie: "One of the biggest risks today in our industry are these inexpensive games" on mobiles
      10. Motorstorm: Apocalypse PS3 bundle for UK leaked by Amazon France
      11. Inversion's zero gravity gameplay and controls detailed
      12. Rumor: Leaked Battlefield 3 advert surfaces with Limited Edition information
      13. Namco Bandai secures North American distribution rights for new Power Rangers games
      14. Dead Space 2: Severed video stills emerge
      15. Kim Jong-il and North Korea references pulled from Homefront in Japan
      16. Another patch for Magicka released as the game moves 150,000 units
      17. Saturday shorts: Dead Space 2 ad trouble, Angry Birds Super Bowl thing
      18. Taylor: Kings and Castles "on hold"
      19. The Weekly Wrap: January 30-February 5
      20. E3 organiser puts site traffic "cap" of 8,000 UU per month on badge eligibility
      21. Yoshinori Ono: "Time feels right" to bring back Onimusha
      1. Dev team aiming for a "simple yet elegant form of communication" between players in Journey
      2. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 gets a summer release in the US
      3. From Software has "no intention of decreasing the difficulty level" in Dark Souls
      4. DiRT 3 physics system revamped, undead car multiplayer mode added
      5. LBP2 reaches 3.6 million levels online, new sack pack on the way
      6. Ridge Racer 3D maintains core game mechanic, more muscle cars
      7. Episode One of Back to the Future hitting US PSN February 15
      8. Armored Core V will be a fully online game, says From Software
      9. Ridge Racer Accelerated hitting iPad
      10. Saber's Inversion dated for February 2012
      11. Ridge Racer Unbounded announced for multiplatforms
      12. Check out Andre Agassi's mullet in this Top Spin 4 "Legends" trailer
      13. Bulletstorm Skillisodes episode 4 shows off Fireworks, Letterbomb, Breakdance
      14. SOE to offer 25 percent off 3-month sub plans for DCUO on February 8
      15. Writer’s Guild of America VG Award nominees don't have to be members, says VGC chair
      16. Porting Torchlight to 360 was a "challenge," says Runic
      17. Feast your eyes on these Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution screens
      18. Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money appearing on PS3, PC on February 22, more packs soon
      19. Report - First Halo re-releasing on November 15
      20. Sony pegs NGP for "2011" in London, drops mega-details
      21. Kezcast - Can 3DS and NGP exist in a post-iPhone world?
      22. Treyarch-made near-future CoD would be "pretty fantastic," says design director
      23. Skyrim trailer hardens cartoon character's penis
      24. High Voltage making Kinect title for 2K
      25. DiRT 3 dated for May 24 worldwide, goes more-mental
      26. Martyn Brown and Team17 part ways
      27. Kojima hints at "devil project," has "another line"
      28. Killzone NGP being developed by Studio Cambridge
      29. Sega sees nine-month figures boost, Vanquish fails to beat 1 million
      30. Euro morning news bulletin – February 4, 2011
      31. Namco Bandai nine-month figures rise, Tekken breaks 1 million
      32. iOS GTA: Chinatown Wars half-price off for Chinese New Year
      33. Dark Souls' magic to let you transform into solid iron and... a vase?
      34. New Catherine trailer shows off Midnight Venus
      35. Echo Bazaar gets lovey-dovey with ten day event
      36. Captivate 2011 dated for April
      37. Astroman artist's Tiny Barbarian available now
      38. Ken Levine: I have "no desire" to see next-gen consoles come out right now
      39. SSX: Deadly Descents is "Burnout on snow" - new details
      40. 3DS layer design explained
      41. Undead Labs announces zombie-survival game for XBLA
      42. Spirit Hunters Inc dev diary shows off ghost battles
      43. JA 2 remake renamed Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, screened
      44. Lugaru cloned and sold on Mac Store alongside original
      45. Irrational Games expanding
      46. From Software to expand with 100 new hires
      47. Dark Souls difficulty to be "spicy" but "tasty"
      48. EEDAR posits $299-$349 price tag for WiFi NGP model
      49. BF3 out "fall," locale and m-play details hit, first trailer
      50. UFC Undisputed comes to Facebook
      1. Anarchy Reigns character trailer re-introduces Jack
      2. Desktop Dungeons arrives on Mac
      3. MTV Games closed down
      4. Yar's Revenge remake trailer shows off on-rails gameplay
      5. Skyrim weapon skills replaced with perk trees
      6. Pokémon and Nintendo handing out digital Pikachu at Toys R Us
      7. Flash developers anxious to publish on Android
      8. Euro PS Plus content for February and March - Stacking, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, KZ3
      9. LittleBigPlanet 2's Move DLC to include new levels
      10. Swarm heading to PSN and XBL in March
      11. Coming soon to Xbox Live Marketplace - Retro Shooter Sale, Stacking, TNT Racers
      12. Play Team Fortress 2, get spider head for RIFT
      13. New MK game is "Mortal Kombat being Mortal Kombat," says Boon
      14. Conduit in development for 3DS
      15. GAME has Yakuza 4 Steelbook Edition up for grabs
      16. Insomniac describes early gameplay in Resistance 3
      17. Killzone 3 reviews round-up - Guerrilla fails to break 90% MC
      18. Mightnight Venus and her afro introduce us to Catherine
      19. "All platforms" Dragon Age II demo for February 22
      20. DICE cancels PC versions of Battlefield 1943 and Onslaught for Bad Company 2
      21. Crysis 2 Xbox 360 demo randomly selecting players to try out Pier 17 map
      22. Dungeon Siege III to release on May 27 in Europe
      23. Google finally launches Android Market web store
      24. New Deus Ex trailer shows action scenes, first hands-ons
      25. Konami reports 9.5% net income decline as Pro Evo series sells 69 million units lifetime
      26. PlayStation Move Heroes gets new screens
      27. Xperia Play commercial slips out on YouTube
      28. Report: New Halo: Reach add-on coming "very soon," says Nelson
      29. MotorStorm Apocalypse screens show mayhem and destruction
      30. Guild Wars 2 to get new PAX East demo
      31. PS Phone demo booths shown off
      32. Dragon Age II demo is "speculation," says BioWare
      33. Enslaved sales fail to break 500,000 mark, says Namco
      34. Killzone 3 beta live in US and Europe - screens and video
      35. Homefront dated for April 14 in Japan
      36. Dark Souls gets 2011 Euro release, full-res shots here
      37. Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack detailed
      38. Quick shots - Marvel vs Capcom 3's Jill Valentine, Shuma-Gorath
      39. Square Enix earnings plummet, Kane and Lynch 2 is million-seller
      40. Euro morning news bulletin – February 3, 2011
      41. Sony Q3 results: PS3 sales rise to 47.9 million, close on 360
      42. Black Ops most-played game on Xbox Live in 2010
      43. Quick shots - F.E.A.R. 3 brings the horror
      44. Bethesda brings in new legal team in Interplay lawsuit
      45. Dead Space 2 creative director denies comparisons between Unitology and Scientology
      46. Dynasty Warriors 7 trailer features English voices, weapon switching
      47. Castle Crashers bringing the pink to PSN
      48. Star Trek Online first anniversary video revisits new features
      49. 343: Halo finished with side stories, but no new game to announce "right now"
      50. Devil May Cry 4: Refrain hits iDevices today
      51. People Can Fly "blame gamers" for Bulletstorm's skill kills
      52. Guild Wars 2 combat precludes "holy trinity"
      53. Crytek: Crysis 2 minimum tech specs "not official or final"
      54. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 requires always-on DRM
      55. Schappert: Mobile connectivity more important than 3D
      56. Dark Souls players will “be frustrated”; more screens
      1. Tale of Graces F localisation confirmed
      2. Anarchy Reigns introduces Big Bull with smashing trailer
      3. THQ Q3: Saints Row 3 coming "fall," 40K MMO FY2013
      4. JoWood announces Painkiller: Redemption for release this month
      5. Majesco re-enlists with US Stock Exchange
      6. First LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean trailer looks kind of blocky, so do the screens
      7. Kaz Hirai: Sony wants NGP to match current worldwide installed base of PSP
      8. Bulletstorm folks parody Call of Duty with downloadable game
      9. Catwoman content for DC Universe Online gets screened to death
      10. "Be Strong" multiplayer teaser trailer released for Crysis 2
      11. Michael Phelps swimming game announced for Kinect
      12. From's Dark Souls gets video, screens, details - see it now
      13. Japanese hardware and software charts Jan 24 -30: The Last Story and PSP reign supreme
      14. Hudson provides extra details on Bomberman 3DS
      15. Yakuza 4 demo landing on February 16
      16. First shots of SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked 3DS surface
      17. Ringo Starr trademarks his name for a possible game
      18. UK cargo for Two Worlds II "wrecked"
      19. Catherine's Rapunzel mini game and Jukebox detailed with preview videos
      20. Anarchy Reigns' "ice queen" gets the asset treatment
      21. BFBC2 PS3 getting maintenance tomorrow
      22. Euro PSN Update, Feburary 2 - Calamity Trigger, Killzone 3 beta, Mega minis Sale
      23. 3rd Birthday made on PSP due to "size of the game," says Tabata
      24. 3rd Birthday boss: "I don't believe survival horror is dying"
      25. Bulletstorm unlocks for Gears 3 canned by Epic
      26. Capcom sees profits rise, Monster Hunter brings in big sales
      27. 3000AD announces Line of Defense
      28. Bilson: "Big" Saints Row 3 announcement "coming soon"
      29. Quick shots - Latest Batman: Arkham City screens looking beautiful
      30. FIFA 11 to get Ultimate Team update
      31. Crysis 2 gets minimum PC specs, Intel Core 2 Duo and up
      32. Bungie: "Immersion was the main goal" in creating Master Chief
      33. Bulletstorm goes gold
      34. Euro morning news bulletin – February 2, 2011
      35. BioWare: Dragon Age II DLC to "keep the focus on Hawke"
      36. Resistance 3 gets extended gameplay video
      37. Riccitiello: EA to announce "very exciting" FPS entry "later in the year"
      38. Amazon.fr lists Killzone 3 PS3 bundle for day-date release
      39. New NGP trailer shows off first footage of Killzone, LBP, more
      40. Report - Dragon Age II demo releasing on February 23
      41. Realm of the Titans seeks closed beta testers
      42. Darkspore character spotlight introduces Andromeda
      43. Team Bondi made 140 "production bibles" for L.A. Noire
      44. GameON Conference: Freemium games, social networks aren't huge earners, "hard" times ahead for big publishers
      45. Dynasty Warriors 7 roster update - Lian Shi, Lu Bu, Pang Tong and Dian Wei
      46. Dragon Age Legends trailered, enters closed beta
      47. NBA 2K11 is 2K Sports' fastest selling game
      48. OnLive debuts $10 subscription packages with 38 launch titles
      49. US PlayStation Store Update, February 1: PS Plus update, The Undergarden, Knights in the Nightmare sale
      50. Treyarch: "negative" gamers are industry's greatest problem
      51. The 3rd Birthday hits the US March 29
      52. Rumour: Company of Heroes Online to close permanently
      53. PlayStation 2 support limiting FFXI development
      1. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles expected for EU 3DS launch
      2. Report: Journey can be completed in three hours
      3. Marvelous: "No plans to release," Arc Rise Fantasia in Europe
      4. John Carmack researching next-generation gaming graphics
      5. EA Q3 results - The Old Republic out "calendar 2011"
      6. Large list of Magicka issues fixed in latest patch
      7. David O. Russell still writing Uncharted film, looking at actresses for Elena
      8. Miyamoto says Super Mario Bros. 3DS is in the works
      9. DC Universe Online: Catwoman messes things up a bit in February expansion
      10. inFamous 2 morality shown in London - movie, screens
      11. Twisted Pixel announces The Gunstringer for Kinect
      12. SouthPeak reports US retail stock in Two Worlds II running low
      13. New Call of Duty: Black Ops infographic is heavy on numbers
      14. Sepang Malaysia Track shown off in latest MotoGP 10/11 screens and video
      15. Tropico 4 features and Xbox 360 version confirmed
      16. LOTR: War in the North video introduces the Black Númenórean
      17. Mortal Kombat: Rebirth made public last year "accidentally," by director
      18. BBFC: Yakuza 4 has 6 hours of cut-scenes
      19. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection confirmed for western release
      20. Square formally announces 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition
      21. Study - Those who play racing games are more dangerous drivers in real life
      22. New Tactics Ogre trailer shows off cinematics
      23. PixelJunk Shooter 2 gets early March release in Japan
      24. Anarchy Reigns gives Zero his chance in the spotlight with new screens and video
      25. New Resistance 3 and All 4 One trailers out now
      26. Bulletstorm: Epic Edition is GAME exclusive, says Bleszinski
      27. Video – Fight Night Champion demo launches on Live
      28. Report - I Am Alive to be released digitally in 2011
      29. Guerrilla's war - Steven ter Heide on Killzone 3
      30. Arkham City "five times bigger than Arkham Island"
      31. Fight Night Kinect being prototyped, says EA
      32. Namco Bandai to publish Armored Core 5 in west
      33. Rumour - Marvel vs Capcom 3 features Japanese voice dub as well as English
      34. Pokemon Black and White Dream World feature to miss launch
      35. Black Ops DLC First Strike launches as 360 exclusive
      36. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise gets BBFC 18 rating
      37. It's our third birthday - welcome to the new VG247
      38. Splinter Cell Collection dated for March in US
      39. Changes in UK games education recommended by Livingstone-Hope report
      40. Dead or Alive: Dimensions StreetPass trades ghost data with other players
      41. Project Dark now known as Dark Souls, not connected to Demon's Souls at all
      42. Killzone's Helghast get ModNation Racers treatment
      43. Official Move PC support hinted at in GDC panel info
      44. Sony taking an "open stance" with PS Suite expansion to other platforms
      45. New "Satin Silver" PS3 announced by Sony for March 10 JP launch
      46. Dragon Age II to use Steam DRM, retail version to require occasional online verification
      47. Rock Band 3 title update adds in smoke machine support
      48. Ico novel translation coming from Viz
      49. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance screens show dropping, distances
      50. A pair of Okamiden trailers show Shakuya, Shiranui and Isshaku
      51. Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword trailered
      52. Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland expansion detailed
      53. Splash Damage want players to feel Deus Ex-like uncertainty with Brink