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  • April 2011 Archive

      1. Portal 2 gets second PC patch
      2. New Call of Duty Black Ops zombie level gets grindhouse movie poster
      3. Don't expect Master Chief to make a cameo in Gears of War 3
      4. SSX developer video shows off Elise's character evolution
      5. Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360 patch fixed
      6. Digital Foundry: iPad 2 could "herald the arrival of a new home games console"
      7. Capcom's PC support becoming "increasingly important," says exec
      8. Hirai to hold PSN breach press conference tomorrow
      9. Survival instinct: Mass of new Tomb Raider details revealed
      10. The Weekly Wrap – ApocalyPSN, Project Café and more
      1. Japanese charts – Pokemon Typing and PSP on top
      2. Beyond the Labyrinth is very lovely to look upon
      3. Friday Shorts: L.A. Noire, EQII, Mario Chucks, Disciples III, Civ V, D&D, sales
      4. Gazillion details Marvel Universe at press event; confirms free-to-play and Brian Michael Bendis as writer
      5. FX Plano to host an exclusive demo of RAGE on May 7
      6. Cave Story 3D screens are cute, release date moved to August in US
      7. PSA: Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions is out
      8. Red Faction: Armageddon trailers show off pre-order bonuses
      9. Homeland Security lends a hand in PSN data breach investigation; Sony changes FAQ
      10. Video - How Telltale's bringing dinosaurs to life in Jurassic Park
      11. Brink to use Standalone Dedicated Servers, pre-load early on Steam
      12. Portal 2 DLC #1 has more test chambers, leaderboards
      13. Rumor - Assassin's Creed: Revelations leaked by mistake
      14. SWTOR - Take a look at the Sith Warrior's character progression
      15. Today only - EA Store has 40% off on different titles, and free US shipping
      16. New Vegas patch getting patched on Xbox 360, hold off on update for now
      17. CryEngine 3 Educational License used by over 250 universities, says Crytek
      18. Splash Damage details some of the environmental highlights in Brink
      19. Space Marine developer diary discusses the game, Warhammer universe
      20. Mass Effect 3 and Slant Six talks added to GDC Europe
      21. Rumor - Starhawk to get official reveal next month
      22. Shadows of the Damned developer diary is a bit wacky
      23. Oddworld: Hand of Odd announced for tablets; Munche's Oddysee HD revamp hitting PSN
      24. Mount&Blade Steam promo this weekend
      25. Direct2Drive weekend sales slash Two Worlds II, Rift and Acti triad
      26. Rumour: PSN member credit card numbers on sale in hacker underground
      27. Hydrophobia Prophecy trailer predicts water, being wet
      28. ACT may introduce R18+ ratings category independent of federal decision
      29. Trophies, cloud saves, and data unaffected by PSNgate
      30. Dungeon Siege III comic debut issue out now
      31. Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer is about fun
      32. Madden NFL 12 trailer previews gameplay
      33. Monster Hunter Tri stats reveal growing player base, massive numbers
      34. Fruit Ninja Kinect listed by Korean Games Rating Board
      35. Bit.Trip Saga collects series for 3DS
      36. Mortal Kombat multiplayer to be patched to meet "unanticipated" demand
      37. Harmonix "looking hard" NGP and 3DS, thinking about Facebook and smartphones
      38. Project Cafe unlikely to forsake traditional controls
      1. Unpleasant Horse spreading evil equine wings on the App Store
      2. Third Brink training trailer talks general gameplay
      3. L.A. Noire's Social Club features detailed
      4. Tales of the Abyss Japanese trailer shows off in-game footage
      5. Thursday Shorts II: Sales, AOEO, EQII, Harry Potter, Gods and Heroes,THQ
      6. Microsoft Q3 FY11 results: 360 revenue up 69% to $712M
      7. PSN outage responsible for not being able to comment on the PS Blogs
      8. Need for Speed: The Run - first trailer, details
      9. Blizzard talks a bit about patch 4.2 and the Encounter Journal for WoW
      10. The Imperial Agent from SWTOR gets the hands-on treatment
      11. Ubisoft E3 press conference dated for June 6
      12. Hulu Plus is free for a week on Xbox 360 thanks to Sasquatch
      13. Red Faction: Armageddon delayed into June
      14. Rift patch 1.2 to see a slight release delay
      15. Sony's London studio developing unannounced PS3 title
      16. Video - Spend four minutes with Phantasy Star Online 2
      17. Driver: San Francisco dated for September 2 in UK
      18. Reflections readies return of "iconic" Driver
      19. Jurassic Park to be released on disc for Xbox 360 this fall
      20. Knights Templar Bundestag call for ban of "negative computer games"
      21. Sega confirms 2012 launch for Binary Domain, new trailer released
      22. Volition's founder and president Mike Kulas leaving the firm next week
      23. Geohot denies responsibility in PSN hacking
      24. Lucy Lawless discusses Seraphine in new "making of" trailer for Hunted: The Demon's Forge
      25. Tales of Xillia screenshots shine the spotlight on Rowan the butler
      26. Diablo III "on the home stretch," says Blizzard
      27. Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition releases on May 16
      28. Off-Screen inFamous 2 video shows Cole fighting a huge monster
      29. NCSoft celebrates Lineage, City of Heroes and Guild Wars anniversaries
      30. Role reversal: Becoming the hunter in Prey 2
      31. Team Ninja boss Hayashi teases Dead or Alive 5
      32. Black Ops video gives "Taste of Escalation"
      33. Report - Sony delivering new SDK kits to developers
      34. Thursday shorts: Section 8: Predjudice, Logitech, Allied Star Police
      35. Ubisoft gains publishing rights to WRC, SBK
      36. The Gunstringer to be demoed in Austin this weekend
      37. Team Ninja: Dead or Alive: Dimensions on 3DS for a "different perspective"
      38. BULLETCAST, April 28 – What you need to know now
      39. Catherine to offer alternate cover option in the US
      40. Sony sees 5 percent share-drop following PSN-gate
      41. MA15+ games to be reclassified as R18+ in South Australia
      42. Square Enix announces Chaos Rings prequel, sequel for iOS
      43. QUEEN'S RUBBER DUCK - Moving past PSN melodrama
      44. Driver: San Francisco hits the US August 30
      45. Dragon Age 2 DLC adds class-specific items
      46. World of Warcraft 4.2 Firelands content previews
      47. PSN reboot will require password change, credit card data was encrypted
      48. First Portal 2 DLC due this summer, says Valve
      49. Report: Tales of the Abyss 3D to see for US release
      1. Games industry pay up, conditions down
      2. Thief 4 development begins winding up
      3. Wednesday Shorts: Dog fighting, DDO, Madden, God Hand, Angry Birds, Romero, sales
      4. A new entry in SEGA's Shining series to be announced in the near future
      5. Quick Quotes: SEGA Japan's Yukio Sugino on the company's gaming future
      6. Sniper: Ghost Warrior to land on PS3 June 28
      7. Telltale to publish Xbox 360 titles
      8. California firm and Alabama man file class action suit against Sony over PSN breach
      9. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Tournament heads to China's QQ Game Center
      10. Namco Bandai launches teaser site with book
      11. Duke Nukem sits for "officially commissioned portrait" to be auctioned for charity
      12. Call of Juarez trailer explains what's going on south of the border
      13. Viking Scenario Pack and Explorers Map Pack hitting Civ V next week
      14. Closed beta for TrackMania 2 Canyon coming in July
      15. Sony's T&C state it excludes "all liability or loss of data or unauthorised access" to consumer accounts
      16. Data-security research firm suggests PSN breach could cost Sony over $24 billion
      17. SOE: "To the best of our knowledge," no consumer information "got out"
      18. Hulu to offer free credit on PS3 subs
      19. No extra characters to be released for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
      20. Second Brink SMART video showcases objectives
      21. Former Sony president and chairman Norio Ohga passes away at age 81
      22. "Serious" ICO to quiz Sony over PSN data theft
      23. Xbox Live sees service alert come into effect
      24. Report - F.E.A.R 3 delayed until June
      25. New Binary Domain info introduces us to main characters
      26. Red Faction: Armageddon demo coming next week
      27. OXM US: Hulu Plus hitting Xbox 360 this week
      28. Tomb Raider appears on Spanish mag cover, more news promised for today and tomorrow
      29. BULLETCAST, April 27 – What you need to know now
      30. Sony: Delay in info leak warning due to "forensic analysis"
      31. CD Projekt "not in full-scale development on The Witcher 2 consoles"
      32. Supposed hacker chat-logs reveal PSN security lapses
      33. Sucker Punch working on unannounced new title
      34. Rumor: Magazine scans reveal Gamecube Pokemon remake en route to 3DS
      35. Star Ocean developer announces two new RPGs [Update]
      36. Activision on its reputation: "Some people are going to hate because hating is more fun"
      37. Firaxis working on unannounced strategy title, Civilization Revolution II canned
      38. Rumour: Warner Bros restaffing once-defunct studio Surreal
      39. Thursday Shorts, Overnight Edition - New Magicka maps, Beyonce game cancelled, Borderlands proposal
      40. Sony Santa Monica seeking shooter staff for next proect
      41. Gibeau: Battlefield 3 versus Call of Duty will be "fun"
      42. Coming soon to XBL: Black Ops Escalation, Castlevania sale, Outland
      43. Nintendo publishes international release schedule
      44. Jaffe: Nintendo's anti-app stance is 'ironic'
      1. Telltale delays PC and Mac versions of Jurassic Park into fall
      2. Sony addresses PSN user concerns with official Q&A
      3. US Senator upset it took Sony "nearly a week" to inform customers over possible information breach
      4. Paradox releases a new trailer for Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
      5. PSN: Sony "could well have been negligent," faces big fine
      6. Lucasarts signs multi-year licensing deal with Epic for Unreal Engine 3
      7. Black Ops: Escalation Zombie Mode stars Romero
      8. No More Heroes: Red Zone video has cursing and loads of blood
      9. Ubisoft releases TrackMania 2 announcement trailer
      10. L.A. Noire allows gamers to skip portions if they fail so many times
      11. RidgeRacer Unbounded teaser trailer released
      12. Sony offering extra promotional support to at least one developer over PSN outage
      13. Iwata wishes Nintendo had marketed Wii better
      14. Report - Obsidian hit with redundancies
      15. "PSN being out definitely affects our bottom line," says PixelJunk developer
      16. Tekken 6 now available on Games on Demand
      17. Nintendogs + Cats moves 1.71 million units worldwide
      18. Final Fantasy Type-0 gets new shots
      19. James Cameron believes games will "help propel," glasses-free 3D in the market
      20. New Dark Souls details emerge from Japan mag
      21. Dead Rising 2 content is Live's deal o' the week
      22. First Brink tutorial video shows the basics
      23. Analysts predict a 60% drop in profits for GAME
      24. EA COO Schappert leaves for Zynga
      25. Fallout: New Vegas PC patch released in preparation for Honest Hearts DLC
      26. Avalanche wants "new console hardware," "would love" Just Cause return
      27. GameStop will no longer stock DS Lite to concentrate on "unique" 3DS
      28. Nintendo still developing Vitality Sensor, Kid Icarus 3DS hitting this summer
      29. Large, naked man begs for PSN to be "unhacked"
      30. Minecraft passes 2 million sales
      31. Hydrophobia Prophecy confirmed as "comprehensive reinvention"
      32. Turbine to assume LotRO control from Codemasters in Europe
      33. Witcher 2 video shows opening sequences, combat
      34. First news on Soul Calibur reboot teased for next month
      35. THQ secures "multi-year extension" to Warhammer 40,000 license agreement
      36. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D opening posted online
      37. LA Times explains how LA Noire was made, new screens and video released
      38. Quick shots: Catherine shots now creepy in English
      39. PSN: Sony issues "emergency maintenance" warning to developers
      40. Star Ocean devs show off new engine with tech video
      41. UK charts: Portal 2 takes top spot from Zumba
      42. Report - Miyamoto mentions 2011 launch for Mario Kart 3DS
      43. BULLETCAST, April 26 – What you need to know now
      44. Nintendo full-year profits hit seven-year low, 3DS misses targets
      45. Nintendo's Project Café: what we know, what we want
      46. inFamous 2 beta gets extension due to PSN outage
      47. Iwata: No Wii successor until after FY2012
      48. Talk points to piracy as PSN downtime reason
      49. Video: Sony unveils two PS-ready tablets for fall release
      1. PSN down for six days, Sony warns of "time intensive" fix
      2. Nintendo confirms new console will be playable at E3
      1. Anonymous issues new PSN video, denies action
      1. Japanese charts - Super Robot Taisen Z and 3DS win
      2. Hacked to death: Sony faces crunch-time over PSN failures
      3. Saturday Shorts: Humble Bundle, ARG thanks, EVE, Kinect, Xbox 360
      4. More information on Tokyo Jungle pops up through Famitsu
      5. Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version footage shows up in a couple videos
      6. Dungeon Siege III trailer introduces you to Anjali
      7. F.E.A.R. 3 story arch trailer gets you caught up on the series
      8. Pre-order Section 8: Prejudice, watch an overview of the game's stats portal
      9. Miyamoto says to expect more “remakes of games on 3DS"
      10. Combining content from Origins and Awakening into Dragon Age II was "harder than one might think," says Gaider
      11. ESRB lists Chrono Trigger for PSP and PS3, rates FFVI
      12. Gatling Gears gets a date with XBLA and PSN
      13. Weekend Deals: EA, Metro 2033, The Witcher 2, Ubisoft
      14. Rumor - Dengeki Nintendo magazine to reveal new Pokemon title in May issue
      15. Report - EA Sports' Persistent ID to be a new paid subscription service
      16. Audio of Shigeru Miyamoto's press conference in Paris released
      17. Microsoft issues statement regarding PSN outage
      18. Rumor - NGP to launch outside of Japan first, four launch titles revealed
      19. The Weekly Wrap – Skyrim, Portal 2 backlash, PSN Outage
      20. Red-faced Sony confirms PSN shut down over hacking
      1. BF3: Fault Line video with director commentary released
      2. Friday Shorts: Gamocracy, KOTOR's Revan, science, Sheen, sales, Suda, more
      3. Mega Man Legends 3 fate to be determined by popularity of Prototype Version
      4. Guild Wars 2: Charr week ends with a nice backstory on the ferocious cat warriors
      5. Matter between SouthPeak Interactive and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission settled
      6. Square files trademark for Hitman: Absolution
      7. SEGA games sale on XBLA starts today
      8. More goodies added to Humble Bundle
      9. New shots: Max has a many different looks in Max Payne 3
      10. Synesthesia trailer released for Child of Eden
      11. Hydrophobia Prophecy listing pops up on Australian Games classification site
      12. Fable III dev diary discusses changes made in order for it to work on PC
      13. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video and screens show a dead man's chest
      14. Conduit 2 launch trailer released
      15. Back to the Future: Episode 4 - Double Visions landing on PC and Mac next week
      16. FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final to be hosted in Los Angeles
      17. Brink, Oregon Trail, and Crysis 2 talks announced for GDC Europe
      18. Western release date announced for White Knight Chronicles 2
      19. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to ship in 11 languages
      20. Microsoft hiring official Xbox representatives for Ibiza Rocks Hotel in Spain
      21. Super SFIV: Arcade Edition - Yoshi Ono on Ryu's next bout
      22. Resident Evil 5 ?10 on Games for Windows this weekend
      23. Keighley launches premium Portal 2 iPad feature
      24. Rumour: DS Lite discontinued
      25. Shadows of the Damned suffers slight delay
      26. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm to be shown next month
      27. Rumor: Kinect Star Wars to include pod racing, playable Rancor
      28. PS3 Child of Eden pushed to September
      29. New DNF trailer isn't safe for work, is absolutely ridiculous
      1. Thursday Shorts evening edition: Deus Ex music, Crytek SDK, Donations, Sims Royal Wedding fun, more
      2. Ed Boon agrees with censorship of original Mortal Kombat on SNES
      3. More Project Cafe rumors surface, "Stream" being considered as a name
      4. Rumor - Restructuring plans at JoWood have failed
      5. Super Mario 3DS a cross between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64
      6. GAME runs out of Gears of War 3 beta keys
      7. SCEA: Production on PSPgo continuing in North America
      8. Free Gold Weekend for Xbox Live members, take part in record breaking attempt
      9. Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version coming to eShop on 3DS
      10. King Arthur Collection announced with trailer
      11. US and EU PSN outage could last "a day or two", says Sony
      12. Miyamoto addresses Project Cafe rumors
      13. Rise Through the Ranks trailer released for L.A Noire
      14. Hector: Telltale's next episodic adventure lands April 27
      15. New Hunted trailer explains Call of the Forge
      16. SOCOM: Special Forces gets launch trailer with UK release
      17. Hollywood actors approaching game devs for voiceover work, says Bethesda
      18. Dundee developer Cohort Studios closing down at end of next project
      19. EU Persona 3 Portable to launch on PSP April 29
      20. Brink playable at UK insomnia42 festival this weekend
      21. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games announced
      22. Fable III PC to sim-ship on GfWM and Steam
      23. Charr: Familiarize yourself with the "fire worshipping race of hell cats" in Guild Wars 2
      24. Steam data for digital sales charts not beneficial, insists Valve
      25. Puyo Puyo!! to mark puzzler's 20th birthday
      26. More Sonic Generations gameplay released
      27. American McGee to focus on free-to-play PC titles and mobile platforms
      28. Thursday Shorts: glasses-less 3DS gets glasses, Deathsmiles pub Catherine video and World Ends With You 2 too?
      29. Prototype 2 dev diary explains plot, shows gameplay
      30. Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition to get EU release
      31. Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 trailer is heavy on the headshots
      32. Dream Trigger 3DS lands May 10 in US
      33. Interview: FFIV's Hiroyuki Miura talks narrative and endurance
      34. Video: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 gets first trailer
      35. PS Plus gets new subs offer
      36. 3DS edges over PSP in Japanese hardware charts
      37. Quick shots: Shadows of the Damned gets freaky nasty
      38. Video: Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane working on 2D fighter Skullgirls
      39. Video: Fifth Witcher 2 dev diary talk character development
      40. Might & Magic Heroes VI delayed into September
      41. Gorgeous new Epic Mickey concept art released
      42. BULLETCAST, April 21 – What you need to know now
      43. Star Wars Galaxies implementing free server transfers
      44. Video: New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage is silent, probably deadly
      45. Video: Darkspore hero spotlight - Skar the assassin
      46. CCP: "EVE is Forever", but new players need a better introduction
      47. Xbox and GFW Live activity for the week of April 11 - Black Ops still on top
      48. Ghost Recon to lead Ubisoft's assault on FY2012
      49. Project Cafe round-up: First mock-up, analyst price predictions, tracking tech
      50. Just Dance 2 Rabbid DLC free for a limited time
      51. Shift 2 Unleashed Legends Contents Pack trailer shows classic cars, tracks
      52. Howard: No avenue for Skyrim mod tools on consoles - yet
      53. Games industry best at enforcing age ratings, says FTC
      54. Borderlands 2 hinted at by freelancer's resumé
      55. Miyamoto will "do everything" to release Super Mario 3DS this year
      56. Bungie re-opens beta sign ups
      1. Duke Nukem Forever dev time up to 7,000 man-months
      2. Portal 2 AR game designed by indie devs
      3. Rawlinson resigns from UKIE helm
      4. Relic: Steam exclusivity important for Dawn of War II Retribution
      5. Anarchy Reigns introduces Nikolai with trailer and screens
      6. New Pandora's Tower trailer shows off more graphics, combat, story
      7. Wednesday Shorts Late Edition: DiRT 3, Kotick, Earthrise, D&D, iOS, sales
      8. Two Mass Effect 3 screens released, robots included
      9. Ubisoft delays Might and Magic Heroes VI to September 8
      10. Two new Magicka challenge maps hitting April 26, you decide which one will be free
      11. Internal Activision memo asks: "Isn't Call of Duty today just like Guitar Hero was a few years back?"
      12. Vatra finds Downpour comparisons to Alan Wake "a bit odd"
      13. Sony explains how to get the most out of Kratos in Mortal Kombat
      14. Moon Diver landing on XBL May 4
      15. Next Xbox and PlayStation not expected until 2014, say insiders
      16. Egosoft announces X Rebirth for Q4 2011
      17. Eufloria on PSN is more of a "re-boot," contains new and updated features
      18. EA confirms PSN and XBL details on original Alice title
      19. Relic - Trying to please various factions with Space Marine
      20. Tales of Xillia to have real-time swapping parties, three forms of chat
      21. Star Wars: The Old Republic dev discusses flashpoints, testing and launch
      22. New L.A. Noire video: 'Rising through the ranks' lands April 21
      23. Spanish mag reveals new Mass Effect 3 details
      24. Portal has sold nearly 4m, Steam sales not included
      25. Portal 2 fan backlash on Metacritic
      26. Prey 2 takes around 15 hours to play through, says Human Head
      27. God of War 4 out 2012, rumours PSM3
      28. Dungeon Siege III dev sets co-op party limits and more
      29. EU PSN update, April 20: Fancy Pants Adventures, Pac-Man discounted
      30. GAME and GameStation selling PC Portal 2 early in-store
      31. Wednesday Shorts: Portal 2 Easter egg, Rift in Korea, Gears 3 executions
      32. Video: New Inversion trailer defies gravity, shoot things
      33. Rumour: Retro Studios "working on Project Café game"
      34. Minecraft demo released
      35. Anger management: id unveils RAGE's multiplayer in Utah
      36. BULLETCAST, April 20 – What you need to know now
      37. PSPgone: Sony Japan confirms slide-console as canned
      38. Confirmed: The Last Guardian and ICO HD remixes all slip
      39. Child's Play charity running pre-E3 golf tournament
      40. MDK2 landing May 9 on WiiWare
      41. City of Heroes developer happy with Incarnates reception
      42. PlayStation Home patched to 1.5
      43. PlayFish games to use Facebook credits from July
      44. Skyrim may implement full DirectX 11 feature set
      45. Sega Xbox Live catalogue on sale
      46. Epic's Sweeney: Better characters and environments are the next step to engagement
      47. Pokémon Black and White Championship Series tourney begin in May
      48. Square Enix's Dungeon Siege acquisition was "opportunistic"
      49. Capps: Dollar apps are "killing" traditional game pricing
      50. Kawata: Resident Evil 6 to be "totally different"
      1. Harmonix has a "significant" announcement for E3
      2. Capcom: Captivate 2011 "strongest showing to date"
      3. US PS Store Update, April 19 - Red Johnson Chronicles, FFIV Complete Collection, Prince of Persia Bundle
      4. Tuesday Shorts Late Edition: Lots of Sonic, LOTRO, Minecraft 1.5, Humble Bundle, sales
      5. ArenaNet details the Charr in Guild Wars 2
      6. PSA: Portal 2 has in-game store similar to Team Fortress
      7. Ocarina of Time to contain Boss Rush mode, a Super Guide
      8. Black Ops Escalation pack detailed with trailer, screens
      9. DoW2: Retribution- The Last Stand mode gets $10 release
      10. Quick Shots - Saints Row: The Third concept art and character renders
      11. Quick Shots - Saints Row: The Third screens now available to one and all
      12. Prey 2: Portals and gravity puzzles are out, originality is in - dev explains
      13. Garden party: Mizuguchi nurtures the Child of Eden
      14. MySpace Mafia Wars shut down by Zynga
      15. Mortal Kombat reviews round-up: Bloody, good, sadistic
      16. Report: Videogames make you eat more
      17. Enslaved nominated for an Ivor Novello award as Namco "continues to focus" on it
      18. Online pass is "necessary for games," insists Mortal Kombat creator
      19. Collector's Edition announced for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
      20. Doom 4 team "doing something Doom fans will be happy with," says RAGE's Hooper
      21. Ubisoft: Driver dated for September, Child of Eden still coming in June
      22. Capcom establishes Beeline Interactive, dedicated smartphone dev
      23. Gamescom 2011 exhibitor numbers up 20% on 2010
      24. Portal 2 comes with interactive Super 8 trailer
      25. Highlighting made optional in Deus Ex
      26. Rumour: Sony shelves PSPgo
      27. Japan favours Pokémon Black, the US prefers Pokémon White
      28. High Voltage "would love to do" DLC for Conduit 2
      29. Portal 2 review round-up - Eurogamer goes with 10
      30. Telltale creating episodic series based on Law & Order
      31. Bethesda's pre-E3 event shows Skyrim and more - all details
      32. BULLETCAST, April 19 - What you need to know now
      33. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II destined for 3DS and PSP
      34. Upcoming Duke Nukem comic promises Nazi UFOs, "French Ticklers"
      35. Xbox Live Indie Games: ratings system overhaul
      36. Mortal Kombat: Legacy hits 5.5 million views
      37. Video: Third SSX dev diary talks level design
      38. Price cuts announced for Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort
      39. Suda 51: Dead Space 2 is an example of adventurous design
      40. Portal 2 releases - Unreview, uninterview, unstudiovisit
      41. No more potatoes: Portal 2 available right now on Steam
      42. InFamous 2's editing tools trailered
      43. Tuesday Shorts, Overnight Edition: Final Fantasy, Grasshopper iPhone cases, Atlus sale
      44. BioWare episodic game listing smells pretty fishy
      45. Just Dance 2 Rabbid DLC teased
      46. Operation Flashpoint: Red River developer diary talks co-op
      47. Under Siege dated, will release with editor and PS Move support
      1. MX vs ATV: Alive to be THQ's flagship for $40 pricing model
      2. ESRB to introduce automatic digital games ratings system
      3. Wright: Gaming culture is a platform
      4. Hines: "People want to play good stuff"
      5. Killzone 3 Patch 1.08 detailed, releasing next week
      6. Japan quake cost games trade $89m, says Enterbrain
      7. Sonic Generations is 2D and 3D, 360 and PS3, 2011 and fall
      8. Microsoft's E3 press conference before Sony on June 6
      9. Nintendo Wii's price dropped to $169.99 all over US
      10. Uncharted 3 multiplay: beta dates, new movie, screens
      11. Ex-EA Tiburon staffers form Row Sham Bow
      12. Gears of War 3: multiplayer beta starts today, Epic talks about defining HD gaming
      13. Gamers' Voice unhappy with Channel 5's The Wright Stuff
      14. Human Head hints at narrative DLC for Prey 2
      15. SD's Wedgwood not worried over Brink reception despite new IP status
      16. RAGE - New trailer, Anarchy Edition, new iOS game
      17. Hunted: The Demon's Forge video shows UGC tools, new screens
      18. Brink video feature and screens from "villain base"
      19. Dragonborn again: Bethesda shows Skyrim in Utah
      20. Alice: Madness Returns to include original game
      21. Prey 2 screens get close-encountered in Utah
      22. Canadian Videogame Awards: Mass Effect 2, AC: Brotherhood each score seven nominations
      23. Anonymous Sony Centre sit-ins fail to cause a stir
      24. Fallout: New Vegas Game of the Year Edition spied on Amazon
      25. Smartphone and tablets capture 8% of US gaming market, analyst firm claims
      26. Zero Point Software raises $125,000 through fan-funding for 'AAA Indie' title
      27. inFamous 2 director on user-created content, "smashing in people's faces"
      28. UK charts: Zumba Fitness still top
      29. BULLETCAST, April 18 – What you need to know now
      30. Dragon's Dogma takes Capcom into triple-A RPG combat
      31. Wii UFC Personal Trainer adds balance board and leg strap support
      32. The Sims 3: Generations enables "bigger, richer and deeper" stories
      33. BioWare charity auction for Japan relief fund offers awesome prizes
      34. Quick Shots - Shadows of the Damned environment concepts
      35. Madden NFL creative Director farewells EA Sports
      36. DiRT 3 to support true rally cornering
      37. Demigod feedback sought by publisher
      38. Dino Crisis 2 looks set for PSN release
      39. Portal 2 ARG ongoing, Half-Life hints draw Internet's eye
      1. Quick Shots - Silent Hill: Downpour is predictably creepy
      2. Battlestar Galactica Online lets you pilot a battlestar
      3. Quick Shots - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift to receive Trinity Platinum DLC
      4. Diablo III designer: Action and RPG genres are "bleeding together"
      1. Japanese charts – PSP and Earth Defense Force 2 tops
      2. Saturday Shorts: RIFT, Star Trek, Green Lantern, The Settlers 7, sales
      3. Information on planned "spiritual follow-up" to The Warriors outed
      4. Videos - Mortal Kombat launch party, Sonya Blade in action
      5. Metro 2033 sequel may be titled Metro 2033: Last Light
      6. Quick Shots: Tecmo releases 62 DOA: Dimensions screenshots
      7. THQ feels "disappointment" over Red Faction: Battlegrounds reception
      8. Voice over man Peter Dickson tweets a September release for Xenoblade Chronicles
      9. Quick Shots: Atlus hands out visual candy for The Cursed Crusade
      10. "Duke Nukem Forever succeeds by understanding what was great" about the series, says Pitchford
      11. Best Buy puts Wii on sale for $169.99
      12. Rumor: Uncharted 3 multiplayer details leak out of Sony's E3 Sneak Peek event
      13. Battlefield 3 - Full "Fault Line" gameplay video released
      14. Crytek would like to see a minimum 8Gb of RAM in next batch of consoles
      15. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC to release on XBL and EU PSN next week
      16. The Weekly Wrap – Nintendo's next, Portal 2, DRM
      1. Friday Shorts: Puzzle Agent, Two Worlds II, Akai Katana, Mortal Kombat, Red Faction: Origins
      2. Batman: Warner registers Gotham Impostors domains
      3. F.E.A.R. 3 shots and video show multiplayer
      4. New SOCOM 4 owners get a voucher for SOCOM Pro
      5. Quick Shots: Atmospheric Silent Hill Downpour screens released
      6. More than 4 million LittleBigPlanet levels have been shared
      7. Latest Dungeon Siege III vignette reveals new character
      8. DICE: Using PC as BF3 lead platform is "helping us make a better console game"
      9. Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung gameplay video
      10. Over 1 million players register for Battlestar Galactica Online
      11. MotorStorm Apocalypse hitting the US on May 3
      12. Lend your CPU to GLaDOS by playing Potato Sack games
      13. Total War: Shogun 2 DX11 patch due "first week of May"
      14. Atlus: Catherine sales exceed expectations in Japan, Demon's Souls still selling in NA
      15. Rumour: E3 unveiling of HD update for "major PS franchise"
      16. Gears 3 multiplayer beta footage shows punching, gore, folks getting owned
      17. PopCap revenue hits $100m for 2010, up almost 25%
      18. New Sony commerical stars the VP of Silent but Deadly
      19. Microsoft Game Studio one-day sale: 50% off Limbo, Trials HD, Shadow Complex and others
      20. Battlefield 3 - "My Life" trailer shows base jumping
      21. Pokémon sells nearly 2.5 Million in Nintendo’s best March in US portable history
      22. OnLive adds video recording and sharing features, plus achievements
      23. Black Prophecy: Gamigo addresses the community in a 'state of play' letter
      24. FFXIV new arrival: The Grand Companies of Eorzea
      25. Gamestop lists GTA V, 2012 release mentioned
      26. New Vindictus content lands April 20
      27. DS platformer Fractured Soul lands US publisher
      28. Best Buy to add dedicated game employees, gunning for "number one" at gaming retail
      29. Amazon called out over its Android app pricing policy
      30. Games Convention Online is no more
      31. Video: Hulu Plus running on Kinect
      32. Blizzard hiring for unannounced game (that's not Titan)
      33. BULLETCAST, April 15 – What you need to know now
      34. Humble Frozenbyte Bundle sells 100,000
      35. Confirmed: 3DS sold under 400,000 units in its US launch week
      36. EA Montreal hiring for more Dead Space, Army of Two
      37. PS3 hits 50 million units sold, Move passes 8 million
      38. 1m Facebook fans needed to unlock 12-minute BF3 trailer
      39. March NPD: 3DS sells under 400k, misses top ten chart
      40. Valve explains what makes PS3 Portal 2 so good
      41. DICE is "desperate" to move on to the next console generation
      42. Team Fortress 2 tries something new with the Hatless Update
      43. F.E.A.R. 3 in development before F.E.A.R. 2 was released
      44. Could We Have Gotten A Second Jade Empire Game?
      45. Aperture Science adds mysterious new countdown clock
      1. Quick Shots: Ocarina of Time 3DS screens and character art
      2. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition hitting GoG May 10 for $4.99
      3. Moon Diver DLC heading to PSN starting today
      4. NintenGO: New console at E3, CPU boost over PS360
      5. Thursday Shorts: AMY, Backbreaker, iPad vs PC, FFVI, Moon Diver, Ono on Chun Li's thighs
      6. Red Johnson’s Chronicles given a date and a new trailer
      7. CD Projekt details Witcher 2 DRM usage on non-GoG versions
      8. Twisted Metal multiplayer and gangs detailed at Sony presser
      9. Capcom has another original title in the works slated for next year
      10. Streets of Rage 2 now available on the App Store
      11. Get behind the masks in this Twisted Metal video
      12. PSA: Kinect support for Netflix update released
      13. First cinematic trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters has pirates, muskets, Voodoo priestess
      14. Homefront dedicated server tool available on Steam
      15. Guild Wars 2: Creative fearlessness at work
      16. BioWare contemplating future of the Mass Effect universe
      17. Rolston's fantasy - inside the Kingdoms of Amalur
      18. Disgaea 4 premium and super premium editions detailed
      19. CD Projekt RED to stream its Spring Conference live through Facebook
      20. Qriocity now available on PSP
      21. Best selling UK entertainment products 2010: games hit three of the top ten spots
      22. Activision: 'We're the same guys we've always been'
      23. Oddworld dev to unveil Stranger's Wrath and a 90s revival
      24. Ultra-pretty Outland gets new trailer, April 27 date
      25. New SSX shots land on the powdery white
      26. Wooga becomes fourth biggest game developer on Facebook
      27. Free-to-play HTML5 Pac-Man is a monster
      28. Trinigy shows off real-time NGP tech demo
      29. Kinect for Windows SDK site launches
      30. Final Fantasy XIV crafting system to be modified, 'Materia System' discussed
      31. BULLETCAST, April 14 - What you need to know now
      32. The 3DS problem: why we could be looking at a failure
      33. Next Soulcalibur won't be Siegfried-centric
      34. Section 8: Prejudice trailer celebrates impending release
      35. Anno 2070 debut trailer gets divisive
      36. PlayFish to close three games
      37. Treyarch aims for Black Ops mod tools in May
      38. Anonymous not satisfied by Sony vs GeoHot settlement
      39. Humble Frozenbyte Bundle nets over $400,000 in one day
      1. Large format E3 brings in three times the revenue of reduced show
      2. Street Fighter x Tekken gets eight-minute gameplay video
      3. Yakuza 4's faithful localisation inspired by fan demand
      4. Fable III for PC is not "a half-done port" - lovely new shots
      5. Stardock CEO responds to GamersGate criticism of Impulse
      6. Video - Fictional Deus Ex commercial is a bit odd
      7. Wednesday Shorts: Ghost Warrior, teleporting snipers, Sherlock, Ocarina 3D, SNES on the go
      8. War in the North trailer is full of bloody, slow-mo combat
      9. EA Sports: Madden NFL 12 still slated for summer despite current NFL issues
      10. Digital Art for your PS3 XMB courtesy of The Studio hits today
      11. Witcher 2 gameplay videos show castle defenders, Geralt using his words
      12. Shadows of the Damned monster concept art surfaces
      13. King of the Hill mode detailed for Mortal Kombat
      14. Valve: Portal 2 to get full Steam experience on PS3
      15. ESRB - L.A. Noire contains blood spurts, racist language, pubic hair
      16. Pandora's Tower supports classic controller
      17. Way of the Samurai Online canned
      18. Portal 2 ARG draws to a close as "murderous GLaDOS" invades Toki Tori and RUSH
      19. 343 Industries adds new Halo Waypoint features and motion comic
      20. Game's current 'killer deals'
      21. Steam slows Valve development, suggests Stardock CEO
      22. Game Dev Story update introduces Game Center support
      23. Team Meat: No moderation on Super Meat Boy level editing
      24. Duke Nukem Forever was "75-80% complete" when 3D Realms closed in 2009
      25. Angry Birds PSN success revised
      26. DR2: Off the Record is "very different and very fresh and very new," says Leigh
      27. Rockstar confirms PS3-exclusive content for LA Noire
      28. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters breaks series record
      29. Chimera and Capelli run around a train yard in Resistance 3 screens, video features a boat
      30. More DLC for Marvel vs Capcom 3? Unlikely
      31. Rare: "We’ve just scratched the surface" on Kinect voice commands
      32. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One does the screenshot, art thing
      33. EU PSN update: Might and Magic full game, Bulletstorm and Motorstorm DLC
      34. Sony's NGP 2011 US launch "reconfirmed"
      35. FIFA 12: first image released
      36. Killing Leon: Resident Evil Raccoon City's "new direction"
      37. Star Fox 64 3DS landing July 14
      38. Backbreaker Vengeance for XBLA this summer
      39. Rumour: Dragon Age: Origins servers weekend outage caused by DRM issues
      40. Good Old Games: DRM's effectiveness "close-to-none," often causes piracy
      41. BULLETCAST, April 13 – what you need to know now
      42. Captivate 2011: Capcom outlines its coming year
      43. Portal 2 to release early? Potato sack ARG signs point to "yes"
      44. Sega issues statement on Streets of Rage Remake shutdown
      45. Tiger Woods PGA Tour series selling faster than ever before
      46. Mortal Kombat creator would like to see more adaptations
      47. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron demo inbound
      48. Quick Shots - NeverDead screens bring the weird
      49. Rumour: Wii to make second official drop to $150 in May
      50. 3DS takes Australian handheld launch title
      51. Dragon Age II: The Exiled Prince DLC bugs patched, Sebastian accessible again
      52. Fallout: New Vegas patch to precede DLC
      53. Garry's Mod lures pirates to the ban hammer
      54. L.A. Noire TV spot is live
      55. Ubisoft announces new Kinect title PowerUp Heroes
      1. US PS Store update, April 12 - Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC, Guitar Hero, SOCOM 4 OST
      2. Bungie composer: Leaving Master Chief behind "bittersweet"
      3. Portal levels added to The Ball, Killing Floor and Audiosurf through Valve's Potato Sack-ARG
      4. BlizzCon 2011 tickets go on sale starting May 21
      5. Magicka: Vietnam out today, launch trailer released
      6. Tuesday Shorts afternoon edition: Mythos beta, Humble Bundle, sales, Patapon 3, more
      7. Koichi Ishii heading up 3DS port for Ocarina of Time
      8. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gets its first gameplay trailer
      9. Homefront is "not a 71" because you can't "apply math to art," says Bilson
      10. Coming Soon to XBL: Gears 3 beta, sales, SEGA All-Star Racing
      11. Sony's E3 press conference to be held on June 6
      12. Brink PC system requirements announced with Steamworks
      13. SOCOM 4 reviews round-up: Scores range from high to low
      14. Bulletstorm DLC: Gun Sonata Pack is live with extra mayhem, maps
      15. Final Portal 2 video is all about the boots
      16. Witcher 2 shots are new, lovely
      17. Nintendo puts out list of game releases for the US
      18. Captain America: Super Soldier Wii trailer
      19. Oddboxx gets a price drop
      20. Score a place in a Catherine trailer; potentially ruin your relationship
      21. Capcom's Dragon's Dogma getting medieval in early 2012
      22. RE: Operation Raccoon City shots and video are mental
      23. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition shots and videos
      24. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record features Frank this fall
      25. Captivate gifts Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D shots and video
      26. Asura's Wrath shots and video show more than just a giant finger
      27. KO: Street Fighter X Tekken in Captivate super-smash
      28. Heads up: PlayStation Store Spring offers
      29. Jurassic Park: The Game: around 10 minutes of footage
      30. Gears 3 beta: Dedicated Execution bares multiplay
      31. Zelda 3DS out June 17 in Europe, June 19 in the US
      32. PSP software update incoming, plus Xperia Media Go update
      33. Rumour: iPhone 5 launch to clash with NGP release
      34. Introduction of Aussie R18+ game rating would create jobs
      35. Space Channel 5 Part 2, Sega Bass Fishing arriving on XBLA and PSN in late summer
      36. Guitar Hero not dead, just "on hiatus"
      37. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC announcement "soon"
      38. Mortal Kombat: Legacy live action web TV episode 1 is go
      39. Super Street Fighter IV 3DS sells 1m units worldwide
      40. BULLETCAST, April 12 – now with Black Rock drum 'n' bass!
      41. Tuesday Shorts, morning edition - RIFT security app, APB beta update, Streets of Rage fan game shut down
      42. Analyst: Geohot suit will deter hackers, a "win" for Sony
      43. Google survey reveals gaming is the number one use for tablets
      44. Rumour: Nintendo working on water-based japery?
      45. Infinity and Beyond: Ken Levine on reinventing BioShock
      46. Portal 2 comic: Part two of Lab Rat goes live
      47. Video: Unreal 3-powered iOS game Dream:scape looks incredible, incredibly creepy
      48. Gran Turismo 5 logos may point to upcoming DLC
      49. Xbox 360 dashboard beta discs received by testers
      50. Arkham City's world to be load-free, open from the get-go
      51. InFamous 2 screens and video show off enormous boss creature
      52. Rumour: Xbox Live to host free-to-play games in 2012
      53. Pokémon Global Link launches April 13
      54. Analysts: 3DS shifted 500,000 units on five days, but sales have dropped
      55. Yoshinoro Ono: "There will be" Facebook fighters
      56. Remedy claims L.A. Noire-beating facial animation
      57. Quick Shots - Portal 2 art explosion found in AR game
      58. Tuesday Shorts, Overnight Edition - GeoHot as a school kid, Drakensang beta, and Civilization sale
      1. HMV launches preowned games app for iOS, Android
      2. Tony Hawk: New game in the works, maybe for 2012
      3. Kiip aims to connect ads to game achievements - video
      4. Operation Flashpoint: Red River movie shows co-op
      5. Black Ops Escalation Pack confirmed for May 3 release
      6. Sony and Hotz agree out of court - full settlement details
      7. Martian table added to Pinball FX2
      8. Brink's release moved forward a week
      9. Anonymous to stage global in-store Sony protests
      10. Cave's new game a snip at ?1,500
      11. Gadget Show Live 2011 offers first chance to play Duke Nukem Forever
      12. American McGee: “We're not trying to reinvent the wheel”
      13. Video games to grab spot at the Grammys
      14. 3DS will sell 11.6m in 2011 but won't outsell DS, predicts research company
      15. Braben: "The $50m game is not dead, but perhaps it is taking a nap"
      16. Resistance 3 multiplayer demo to be PlayStation Plus exclusive
      17. Move outselling Kinect in Japan by almost 2:1
      18. FFVII for NGP rumour looks suspiciously like complete bollocks
      19. Social gaming worth $5 billion by 2015, research firm claims
      20. New Mass Effect 3 details flood from GI cover issue
      21. UK charts: Crysis 2 knocked off top spot by Zumba Fitness
      22. BULLETCAST, April 11 – what you need to know now
      23. Cage: Developers must try harder "to help the industry to move on"
      24. Holier than thou: Portal 2's Faliszek on padding and pace
      25. Lewie's Weekly Deals - Total War: Shogun 2, pre-owned consoles, more
      26. RIFT troubled by European server woes, world event extended
      27. PSPgo Australian price cut, Qriocity due Thursday
      28. Levine: Gamers don’t need dumbed-down narratives
      29. Stardock "surprised" by negative reaction to Gamestop's Impulse acquisition
      30. White Knight Chronicles tops one million units shipped
      31. Bloodrayne: The Shroud put on the back burner
      32. SOCOM 4 trailer shows off solo campaign
      33. Stardock banking on 64-bit graphics revolution
      1. BioWare: MMO future "makes sense" for Mass Effect
      2. Uncharted 3 story and new gameplay detailed
      3. SSX developer diaries give first gameplay glimpse
      4. Rumour - Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC trailer leaked, screen grabbed
      1. Japanese charts – PSP and Dragon Quest Monsters tops
      2. Saturday Shorts: Alienware M14x, EyePet, SWTOR, SSFIV 3D, Angry Birds PSN, sales
      3. Pre-purchase Dungeon Siege III through Steam, receive Dungeon Siege I and II free
      4. Ubisoft CEO: Lack of new consoles is "part of the reason why the industry is in depression"
      5. Minecraft video shows weather effects included in update 1.5
      6. Team Fortress 2 in-game store sales raise over $430,000 for Japan earthquake relief
      7. THQ has plans to differentiate Homefront from other shooters in the future
      8. Portal 2 comic: Part One of Lab Rat released
      9. Warner ups the creepy ante with new F.E.A.R. 3 concept art
      10. RAGE video shows off weaponry
      11. More Valve ARG elements reveal themselves
      12. Red Dead Redemption DLC hitting PSN and XBL next week
      13. Red 5 Studios releases first video dev diary for Firefall
      14. New Mortal Kombat trailer tells Shang Tsung's story
      15. The Weekly Wrap – ME3, SSX, Apple worming forward
      16. Ubisoft CEO:"Our goal is to beat those guys, EA and Activision"
      17. Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition ships for PC
      18. Dirt 3 to get party modes; running over cardboard robots
      1. Tretton: 360 "running out of steam," Nintendo makes "babysitting tools"
      2. New Longest Journey game possible, says original creator
      3. Torchlight II puts the spotlight on its monsters
      4. Crysis 2 for PC to officially get DirectX 11 patch
      5. Resistance 3 multiplayer beta access inside select copies of SOCOM 4
      6. New Portal 2 shots emerge from EA Showcase
      7. Mind-blowing Battlefield 3 single-player shown in London
      8. New Duke Nukem Forever trailer shows us the "babes"
      9. New Alice: Madness Returns shots are properly bonkers
      10. Tactical Intervention closed beta begins in Europe May 6
      11. League of Legends announces $100,000 prize purse for official Season 1 Championship
      12. New trailer for The Secret World shows that everything is true
      13. Report: Nintendo 3DS only sold just over half of its shipments in Japan
      14. Friday shorts: Commodore 64, GameStop, City of Heroes
      15. First Trackmania 2 screenshot released
      16. Sony confirms PSP gets price cut in Europe, but not UK
      17. Sony bringing Music Unlimited to PSP next week
      18. Apple poaches top UK games PR from Nintendo, Activision
      19. Disgaea 4 gets September release in US
      20. First proper Mass Effect 3 info – plot details, multiplay nixed
      21. Capcom planning Resident Evil 15th anniversary swag run
      22. High V: Take-Two's reveals to mark FY2012 over slate
      23. Ubisoft wins Grand Prix award at MCV Awards
      24. BULLETCAST, April 8 – what you need to know now
      25. Kinectimals demo now on Xbox Live Marketplace
      26. October release for Twisted Metal confirmed in new trailer
      27. Final Fantasy XI ninth birthday celebration plans laid
      28. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D to feature Rebecca Chambers
      29. Namco Bandai re-trademarks Tales of Innocence
      30. Amy's gameplay to eschew combat for tactical viral management
      31. The Secret World won't come to consoles, Xbox 360 spin-off is an experiment
      32. Quick Quotes - Gabe Newell on the future of games development
      33. White Knight Chronicles 2 picked up for US release
      34. EA to introduce persistant player profiles
      35. November Studios founded, ex-Lucasarts and EA devs announce Inemeri
      1. Unpleasant Horse knocked back by Apple
      2. Bilson is a "genius" compared to non-gaming executives
      3. Kinect games developed in close collaboration with marketers
      4. Minecraft to launch on the same day as Skyrim
      5. Mortal Kombat Legacy live action web series offers brief teaser video
      6. Dungeon Siege III reveals more co-op details
      7. GoG.com adds Guilty Gear X2 Reload; new publisher to be revealed on April 14
      8. Duke Nukem Forever subject of new history trailer
      9. Rumor: More clues to Valve's ARG revealed?
      10. Michael Jackson games sell 3 million copies worldwide ahead of PS3 and Xbox 360 release
      11. 345 Games announced, will publish Ugly Americans and new Deadliest Warrior games
      12. First Space Marine dev diary goes hard on the gameplay
      13. New Infamous 2 trailer shows off new powers
      14. Dungeon Siege III release date changed to June 17 for Europe; June 21 for US
      15. Next Minecraft update will include rain and snow effects
      16. New Dead Island screenshots show Sam B
      17. Mass Effect 3 graces next GI cover, new Shepard art hits
      18. Dawn of War II: Retribution Dark Angels DLC released
      19. Third LA Noire trailer is go
      20. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass trailer released ahead of Friday's European launch
      21. Quick shots: Prey 2 gets first direct-feed screen, art
      22. 700,000 players take part in World of Tanks beta
      23. Rise of Nightmares becomes first "M" rated game for Kinect
      24. Mass Effect anime film to release in 2012
      25. Next Sonic game trailered, 360 and PS3 release this year
      26. Global Agenda to switch to free-to-play model this month
      27. UFC Trainer formally announced by THQ
      28. Rumour - NGP pricing and name at E3, new Polyphony title before March 2012
      29. Levine: Current game sex like "puppets with their clothes off"
      30. Cage: Quantic "in discussion" with Sony over E3 reveal
      31. Monster Hunter Diary G announced in Japan
      32. Dance Central to get Japanese release in June
      33. BULLETCAST, April 7 – what you need to know now
      34. $300 DiRT 3 LE listed by GameStop, features Ken Block RC car
      35. Thursday shorts: Don't Take It Personally, Gran Turismo clothing, Galaga Legions
      36. Straight-up darkside: Namco aims for FY2012's soul
      37. Story-free MMOs are nonsense, says The Secret World creator
      38. Mojang looking for alpha testers for Scrolls
      39. Yakuza of the End gets new June 9 Japanese release date
      40. SSX: Deadly Descents now SSX: Too hard for subtitles
      41. Report: New Xbox Dashboard beta being issued today
      42. Section 8: Prejudice goes behind the scenes again, more devs marriage hunted
      43. Portal 2: Lab Rat online comic to launch Friday
      44. Atari's Greatest Hits now available on iDevice
      45. Anonymous ceases PSN DDOS attacks, Sony admits failures
      46. Sony rep: Japanese disaster has not affected NGP release
      1. Sega trailer tease adds weight to Sonic Generations whispers
      2. Operation Flashpoint Red River delayed for US market to June 7
      3. Silent Hill: Revelation cast expands
      4. Armored Core V to sport hour-long missions
      5. Quick Shots - L.A. Noire's Candy Edwards
      6. Cloud-based gaming companies could take years to earn money back, says exec
      7. New Harvest Moon games for DS and 3DS to be revealed at E3
      8. Paradox Interactive set for massive growth in 2011
      9. Ad campaigns for BF3 and next CoD to cost "a couple hundred million dollars"
      10. Super Meat Boy sales total 600,000 units so far
      11. The Hidden announced for 3DS
      12. Quick shots: Kameo II art shows game that never was
      13. Mortal Kombat live action web series to debut on April 12
      14. Mysterious Valve concept art shown in close-up
      15. Minecraft revenues total $33 million so far
      16. PS3 to get exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 demos
      17. Famitsu to carry new Capcom game info next week
      18. Team Fortress 2 gets "restricted" auto update
      19. Bejeweled 2 and 3 game soundtracks available for download
      20. StarCraft II adds three official custom maps
      21. Beyond Good & Evil HD PSN confirmed for May
      22. Chudley: Bizarre Creations could have bought itself out
      23. Sniper Elite V2 announced for 2012
      24. Tales of Vesperia added to 360 Games on Demand for €30
      25. EU PS Store update, April 6 - New store section details, Killzone 3 DLC, more
      26. Report - RAGE single player lasts 15 hours
      27. Anonymous on Sony attacks: "We’re here for the long haul"
      28. Wednesday shorts: Mother 4, ME2 PS3 for Japan, Gabe's favourite game
      29. Stacking gets Lost Hobo King add-on today
      30. Red Faction: Battlegrounds, inFamous 2 UGC beta, Sonic 2 headline PS Plus content for April
      31. The Last Story web domain registered by Nintendo of America
      32. Sun sickness slam shocker: 3DS "is game for a barf"
      33. Third LA Noire trailer dropping tomorrow
      34. First Pandora's Tower info confirmed via Famitsu, releases on May 26 in Japan
      35. BULLETCAST, April 6 – what you need to know now
      36. Bangai-O HD trailer shows usual over the top mental gameplay
      37. Quad Damage: Skyrim leads four in Bethesda's FY2012
      38. First Layton title hits 1 million units sold in Japan
      39. Capcom opens "DD" teaser site, countdown to end next week
      40. Section 8: Prejudice dated for 360, PC
      41. Store Wars: GamersGate says GameStop struggling to "not be the next Blockbuster"
      42. Sonic Generations domain names registered
      43. Red Faction: Battlegrounds launch trailer
      44. Pachter: West and Zampella won't be awarded the rights to Call of Duty
      45. League of Legends players raise over $160,000 for Japan earthquake relief
      46. The Sims 3 Generations expansion pack announced
      47. Star Ruler developer drops Impulse after GameStop sale
      48. Quick Shots - Mortal Kombat
      49. Rumour: Silverlight to bring Windows Phone 7 apps to Xbox 360
      50. US PS Store Update, April 5 - Lara Croft sale, Red Faction, SOCOM beta
      1. Rockstar's Houser: "Movies made from games are awful"
      2. Resident Evil celebrates 15th birthday with promo trailer
      3. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, new sim inbound
      4. Ship Simulator Extremes Ferry Pack DLC released
      5. DC Universe Online gets new, free update with Penguin Vs Two-Face
      6. Mass Effect gets fourth novel in Deception
      7. Inversion features floating cars, trailer proves it
      8. Rock Band 3 price dropped to $19.99
      9. Dragon Age II hits 1 million, gives free PC Mass Effect 2
      10. Red Faction Battlegrounds now available on PSN, Live on Wednesday
      11. City of Heroes Issue 20: Incarnates available now for subscribers
      12. Epic releases UE3 features video
      13. Killzone 3 getting Steel Rain DLC tomorrow
      14. PopCap launches new experimental games label, 4th & Battery
      15. Pitchford: Multiplayer features should not be forced into games
      16. New Portal 2 video tries to sell us turrets
      17. Tretton: Sony in "growth mode, not cruise control"
      18. Battlefield 360 DLC on sale this week
      19. Nintendo UK PR boss Saunders to leave
      20. Gaikai teams up with Bigfoot Networks for better PC game streaming
      21. Latest Brink gameplay trailer is ready and able - get it now
      22. Anonymous sends video message to Sony, targets staff
      23. Epic: Gears of War universe will continue, but Fenix story will have "closure"
      24. GoG.com adds Funbox Media Games to PC library
      25. Steel Diver heading to May 6 release in Europe
      26. CDPR confirms Witcher II spec list, releases new screens
      27. Black Ops Escalation Pack outed by GAME Australia
      28. PlayStation UK boss Maguire leaves after 17 years
      29. Lewie’s Weekly Deals: Witcher 2, Deathsmiles, more
      30. Report - Sony releasing Android-based tablet this summer
      31. The Sun: 3DS seeing "record return levels"
      32. GameStop: Tablets are "next explosion in the gaming space," selling "immersive" tablet games is way forward
      33. Australian AG: R18+ reform "needs careful scrutiny and public debate"
      34. SOE shooting for 100 million Free Realms players, counting on "endless supply of children"
      35. BULLETCAST, April 5 – what you need to know now
      36. PlayStation Japan relief effort brings in $1.3 million
      37. Sony's FY12 starred by NGP, Team ICO and Naughty Dog
      38. Killzone 3 gets update 1.07 tomorrow
      39. CESA planning charity auction for before TGS
      40. Tuesday shorts: Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Dead Space charity, Peace Walker clothing line
      41. Microsoft launches cheaper Xbox Development Kit
      42. Quick Quotes - The Rock up for a Black Ops movie
      43. Quick Quotes: Ubisoft has 15 3DS titles on the go
      44. Rumour: Square Enix publishing "Project X" with external studio
      45. Rumour: FIFA 12 to release on NGP along with usual suspects
      46. Reynolds: "You can't just go write Call of Duty and add Facebook functionality"
      47. Study: Inappropriate games may give children the wrong message
      1. Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg joins Zynga's board of directors
      2. Gibeau: "You've got to stick with" new IP
      3. Tretton: Japan earthquake may delay NGP in some regions
      4. Playstation Network down for "sporadic maintenance"
      5. Bigpoint brings in second CEO; current CEO to run US business unit
      6. Machinarium developer releases free "interactive" music video Osada
      7. Bulletstorm PC demo finally released via Steam and GFWL
      8. D&D Daggerdale trailer shows skills of the Fighter
      9. DICE: Most sandbox games are "boring" and "hard to get into"
      10. Final Fantasy V downloadable re-release coming to PS3 and PSP
      11. Anno 2070 announced, takes series to the future
      12. Battlefield Play4Free officially launches with new trailer
      13. Spider-Man: Edge of Time media swings into action
      14. World of Goo for iPhone finally coming soon, priced 99 cents for first day
      15. Gamestop predicts $1.5 billion in digital game revenue by 2014
      16. Xbox 360 exec victim of hacker attack
      17. Final Fight, 1943 now available for iOS from Capcom Arcade app
      18. Moonshot warns smaller devs to focus on "three or four things"
      19. Epic aiming for 1 million players in Gears 3 multiplayer beta
      20. EA enters game-changing FY2012 - complete details
      21. THQ to co-develop new IPs with Random House Publishing Group
      22. UK charts: Crysis 2 remains number one, Motorstorm fails to break top ten
      23. BULLETCAST, April 4 – what you need to know now
      24. Alan Wake 2 "looks promising," Remedy job posting looks for "drama and storytelling" for new game
      25. Max Payne 3 features in new EDGE - multiplay confirmed
      26. ESRB rates Alice: Madness Returns, details combat and bad language
      27. Anonymous declares vengeance on Sony
      28. Monday Shorts, Overnight Edition - Hot Pursuit patched, Bit.Trip tease, Super Meat World launched
      29. CD Projekt: The Witcher 2 takes inspiration from Demon's Souls
      30. Sword of the Stars II government and three-planes combat detailed
      31. Rumour: Steam's Potato Sack bundle contains a Valve AR puzzle
      32. Star Trek Online Foundry mission editor trailered
      33. EVE Online players give $40k for Japan relief
      34. FFXIV producer: Square Enix should have stepped in earlier, subscription-free period to continue
      1. Pitchford: "I don't want to live in a world where Duke doesn't exist"
      2. Hawken developers speak on cockpit view, 'real' mech gameplay, more
      3. Planetside Next delayed, dev team possible expanded
      4. Australian Classification Board rates Burnout Crash
      1. Video - Thor: God of Thunder developer diary
      2. Saturday Shorts: Joy Division, Mario Arcade, Harvest Moon, Xperia, SingStore, FarmVille, sales
      3. Nielsen: Americans spend 13 minutes a day playing games with television sets
      4. NASCAR 2011: The Game videos show what you would expect - racing
      5. Naughty Dog wants Uncharted 3 to be the "go-to game" for multiplayer on PS3
      6. Video - Developer diary released for SSX: Deadly Descents
      7. Ninja Gaiden III stars a darker Ryu, includes "complex multiplayer mode"
      8. Quick Quotes: Treyarch in being pleased with Black Ops success shock
      9. Steam puts indie games on sale with the Potato Sack bundle
      10. Team Meat says it felt "taken advantage of" by Microsoft over Super Meat Boy
      11. Johnny Cage fights dirty in latest Mortal Kombat video
      12. US PS movie store update: Black Swan, Tangled, MST3K
      13. West and Zampella add charges of fraud to suit against Activision
      14. Microsoft confirms legitimacy of yesterday's Forza 4 video
      15. The Weekly Wrap – PS3 vs 360, Impulse sold, SOE lay-offs
      1. Quick Shots - Resident Evil: Revelations concept art
      2. Madden creator sues EA over claims of owing him "tens of millions" in unpaid royalties
      3. Friday Shorts - evening edition: STO, Oberon, Angry Birds Rio, Pranks
      4. Dungeon Siege III gameplay video is all about Lucas
      5. Lucasarts hires former Tomb Raider man Tim Longo for unannounced project
      6. Quick Shots: Fansites graced with L.A. Noire screens
      7. Video - Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: High Cliffs of Planet Magnus gameplay
      8. Back to the Future is now free on PC and Mac - no foolin'
      9. Quick Shots: Dawn of War II - Retribution DLC Dark Angels
      10. EA Download Manager lists Battlefield 3 for a November 2 release
      11. NPD Group acquires digital tracking firm In-Stat
      12. First Saints Row: The Third trailer goes live
      13. Sony led Japanese market in 2010, besting both Wii and DS
      14. Report: Videogames outselling other forms of physical and digital entertainment in the UK
      15. Cave Story 3D coming to Europe this summer
      16. Six new Skyrim screens show role, playing, game
      17. Sony Network Entertainment's Layden on Q Music, beyond
      18. Nintendo: 3DS UK launch sales beat both Wii and DS
      19. Duke Nukem Forever: Jetpack and feces-throwing videos, Capture the Babe art released
      20. Blizzard does an April Fool's thing about Kinect Starcraft II
      21. Homefront update goes live on 360, fixes freezing
      22. Keiji Inafune forms two new companies
      23. Resistance 3 multiplay footage gets out from Insomniac community event
      24. Platinum Games outlines "new course," warns of lack of "vigor" in Japan
      25. Persona 3 Portable dated for UK
      26. BULLETCAST, April 1 – what you need to know now
      27. Friday shorts: OneBigGame, Square Enix, Hideo Kojima, Steambot Chronicles 2
      28. Music Unlimited coming to PSP soon, Sony will "make it happen" on NGP
      29. Android Marketplace sporting PSOne Classics
      30. Reverie DLC on US PSN an "error", says Lords of Shadow producer
      31. Variax out now, watch the trailer and get it for free
      32. RIFT players tot up over 4,000 years' play in one month
      33. Analysts disagree on outcome of US console wars
      34. Dragon Quest X development "going well"
      35. GameStop to acquire Stardock's Impulse
      36. Back to the Future Episode 3: Citizen Brown trailer
      37. Cage: New Quantic Dream tech ahead of LA Noire's