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  • May 2011 Archive

      1. Quick Shots - Tales of Xillia screens are mysterious
      2. Order & Chaos rakes in $1 million in first three weeks
      3. Ex-Black Rock staff form Roundcube Entertainment
      4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 trailer goes all in on story
      5. Tuesday Shorts II: Worms, WoW pets, divorce, MMOs at E3, Xenonauts
      6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River has some Unfinished Business
      7. PSA: Today's PSN maintenance has been postponed
      8. Super Meat World update hits Steam, enters into The Unknown
      9. London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games announced by SEGA
      10. Dedicated staff working to make sure CoD: Elite is exploit-free
      11. PSA: Plants Vs. Zombies free on Android today only through Amazon
      12. Report- SE Masterpieces to run €9.99 each, include Eidos titles
      13. LOTRO: European account and server migrations start today
      14. WWE 12 gets teaser, claims to be "Bigger, Badder , Better"
      15. Hillis cover for Madden NFL 12 revealed along with Hall of Fame Edition
      16. Q-Games to showcase three titles at E3
      17. Video - Alice does a bit of platforming in Madness Returns
      18. Quick Shots: Dark Souls screens pulled from the game's Facebook page
      19. F.E.A.R. 3 trailer takes a looks at the multiplayer mode Soul Survivor
      20. Check out Yang's moves in this SSFIV: Arcade Edition video
      21. Skarlet gets really bloody in latest Mortal Kombat video
      22. Going underground - Metro: Last Light revealed in London
      23. Nintendo drops price of DS Lite to $99.99 in the US while Mario goes red
      24. Naughty Dog provides more details on Uncharted 3's multiplayer
      25. Activison accepting beta applications for Call of Duty: Elite
      26. E3 Rumour Watch: Alan Wake website images uncovered
      27. Devil May Cry PS3 collection possibly set for E3 reveal
      28. PSA: Dungeon Siege III demo out on XBL for Gold Members
      29. Call of Duty: Elite officially revealed - all the details
      30. Apple to hold WWDC keynote during MS E3 presser
      31. Freestyle Games confirms new project, 35 jobs affected
      32. Square Enix announces Heroes of Ruin for 3DS
      33. Rockstar Pass goes live, future LA Noire DLC detailed
      34. UK charts: LA Noire holds off DiRT 3 for top spot
      35. Blizzard DotA aiming for Heart of the Swarm launch, says StarCraft boss
      36. First pre-E3 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations video is secretive
      37. E3 rumour watch: Sony briefly reveals Syphon Filter 4, domains registered
      38. BULLETCAST, May 31 – What you need to know now
      39. First SCII: Heart of the Swarm previews go live
      40. Heroes of Newerth recovering from ongoing hacker activity
      41. Rumour - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair coming to PS3
      42. Samurai Warriors 3 Empires outed by retail poster
      43. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures inspired by the love of toys
      44. Non-competitive MP in RF: Armageddon explained, UGC tools hinted for future titles
      45. Atari's Cryptic Studios picked up by Perfect World
      46. Rumour – 360 Kinect 250Gb bundle to get $100 price-cut
      47. Report - Sakaguchi says Last Story western localisation is inbound
      48. First Heart of the Swarm shots show Kerrigan, Zerg stuff
      49. Tuesday Shorts, overnight edition - E3 billboard, Minecraft docco, Liberty City street view
      50. Laidlaw: Dragon Age II's weaknesses "must be improved"
      51. Sony confirms full PSN restoration by end of this week
      52. Sengoku developer diary talks factions
      53. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team listed by ratings board
      54. Hackers: "This is the beginning of the end for Sony"
      55. Rumour - Sony unimpressed by David O. Russell's Uncharted ideas, Wahlberg out
      56. Report - Call of Duty Elite is both free and subs-based
      57. Gamestop to fulfil elderly Duke Nukem Forever pre-orders
      58. Microsoft Fusion trademarks turn up
      59. The Secret World dev diary ties together story and missions
      1. Interplay on the rocks, Fallout Online in jeopardy
      2. Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta dated, detailed
      3. E3 rumour watch: Gears of War Exile, Halo HD featured in Xbox World Magazine
      4. Sony dev site going by “Vita” name uncovered
      5. E3 rumour watch: SEGA sends OPM Aliens pulse rifle
      6. Monday Shorts: Obama gets Witcher 2, Amnesia fundraiser, RE Anniversary
      7. Hideo Kojima won't be attending E3
      8. Quick Shots - Dragon's Dogma shows off lighting effects
      9. Kojima starts recording for new title, posts image
      10. F.E.A.R. 3 has a multiplayer experience unlike 'any other game'
      11. Rumour: The Last Story to see Western release
      12. Tales of Xillia gameplay footage tantalises
      13. Danny Bilson teasing Darksiders 2 reveal
      14. From Dust trailers give a peek at gameplay
      15. Report: NGP is Sony's "future platform"
      16. EVE Online's Captain's Quarters trailered
      17. Android Marketplace shuts down more emulators
      18. Duke Nukem Forever's Fully Loaded package includes a GTX 560
      19. Rumour - NGP to be called PS Vita
      1. Bungie teasing July 7 announcement
      2. Sony to livestream E3 conference via PS Blog
      1. Elise detailed in new SSX comic trailer
      2. First Gears of War 3 campaign trailer goes big on setpieces
      3. Saturday Shorts: Sales, L.A Noire, Mario concepts, SOE triple cash
      4. Watch 20-minutes of Dead Island gameplay footage
      5. Final Fantasy V listed by ESRB for North American release
      6. Driver: San Francisco Collector's Edition shown off in new video
      7. GRIN founders blame Square Enix for the studio's demise
      8. Avalanche confident in PSN despite the breach causing halt to Renegade Ops development on PS3
      9. Character video released for Dungeon Siege III
      10. Dyack: Multiplayer surge due to used game sales "hurting the single-player experience"
      11. Trion and Petroglyph show off End of Nations a bit more
      12. Kalypso introduces us to Heshthot from The Dark Eye - Demonicon
      13. Brink statistics site hitting on Tuesday, Agents of Change DLC detailed
      14. Just Cause 2 video maps 11.3 million player deaths
      15. Certain Affinity officially announces Crimson Alliance
      16. Hitman: Absolution to be "more accessible" to the masses, still for the core
      17. Sony brings PSN back online in Japan
      18. Tales of Festival 2011 shows off Tales of Xillia PS3-bundle
      19. GTTV pre-E3 episode talks military shooters, what to expect at the show
      20. Some InFamous 1 Trophy data will net you rewards with InFamous 2
      21. ArenaNet's summer convention appearances scheduled
      22. The Weekly Wrap – Modern Warfare 3, PS3's successor
      23. Devil's Third development diary is mental, more info promised for TGS
      1. First SCII: Heart of the Swarm teaser hunts for Kerrigan
      2. More Friday Shorts: Baconing, sales, Okabu, Heroes of Ruin, Hulk Hogan Kinect
      3. Sony to testify before US subcommittee on Commerce next week
      4. US Army spending $57 million on military simulator using CryEngine 3
      5. Video - Step inside Battlefield 3 and Back to Karkland
      6. Respawn hires Star Wars artist for its new title
      7. Loads of Resident Evil: Mercenaries screenshots in one place
      8. L.A. Noire DLC and Rockstar Pass details coming next week
      9. Splinter Cell Trilogy HD due "sometime this summer"
      10. CD Projekt RED to live-stream "incredible news" June 2
      11. Ozzy 8-pack hitting Rock Band 3 next week
      12. PSA: Black Ops patched for PC on Steam
      13. Sony announces PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset
      14. Overdrive Map Pack for Section 8: Prejudice hitting next week
      15. Resistance dual pack hitting retail in July
      16. Survival mode detailed for Modern Warfare 3
      17. The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut hitting PS3 with 3D and Move support
      18. SWTOR Trooper progression video released
      19. Mortal Kombat "Klassic Character Skin" DLC gets videoed
      20. First Soul Calibur V gameplay to air during GTTV special next week
      21. Quick Shots: Shadows of the Damned screens are interesting
      22. Square confirms first Tomb Raider trailer for next week
      23. SouthPeak reports revenue and profit increase for Q3 FY 11
      24. Latest Alice trailer shows of her combat moves
      25. Sony teasing new game in Japan, is probably Uncharted 3
      26. Trials HD sells over 2 million units on XBLA
      27. Kojima: No MGS5 at E3, NGP project isn't MGS4 port
      28. Volition working on new IPs, doesn't rule out shooter return
      29. PSN to go down for maintenance on Tuesday
      30. Inafune aiming to have TGS announcement
      31. First FIFA 12 trailer shows Impact Engine gameplay
      32. Sega details Binary Domain backstory, new screens launched
      33. BULLETCAST, May 27 - What you need to know now
      34. Ueda E3 non-appearance casts doubt over new Last Guardian showing
      35. Confirmed – PSN partially returning tomorrow in Asia
      36. QuakeCon pre-registration opens up
      37. GDC Europe 2011: Bulletstorm, The Settlers, Silent Hill and Zynga added to line-up
      38. Third Back to the Future episode now available for iPad
      39. Shadows of the Damned confirmed for Japanese release
      40. Friday Shorts - MLB 2K11 perfect game, FF Type-0 voices, Far Cry sale
      41. Sony head not informed of 2008 PSN hacks
      42. Red Faction: Armageddon's first 30 minutes available through OnLive
      43. Mass Effect: Genesis comic now on PC
      44. Australia: Survey calls for feedback on R18+ draft guidelines
      45. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney film official
      46. Codemasters website hacked
      47. Minecraft 1.6 live and less lost
      48. Rumour: NGP entry model tech specs slashed
      49. Shogun 2 DLC to add Ikko-Ikki faction
      1. Quick Shots - Dragon Age art could be a DLC tease, could be nothing
      2. F.E.A.R. 3 Contractions multiplayer trailer the nastiest one yet
      3. Witcher 2 patched, goes DRM free
      4. Quick Shots - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning screens bring the colour
      5. Thursday Shorts II: Simpsons, Mac store, inviZimals, analysts, MW3 outrage
      6. David O. Russell drops out of Uncharted flick
      7. Quick Shots: Green Lantern and Transformers: Dark of the Moon
      8. It's a Double XP weekend for Crysis 2 on all platforms
      9. Battlefield 3 concept art released for Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula
      10. Red Faction: Armageddon trailer wins the internet
      11. SSFIV: Arcade Edition to utilize GFWL on PC
      12. Level-5 files trademark for Professor Layton and the Last Specter in the US
      13. Report: L.A. Noire helped UK retail pull in ?24 million last week
      14. Ken Rolston chats up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      15. Street Fighter X Tekken teaser is full-on Chang-o-riffic
      16. Kojima Productions to have "some surprises" for pre-E3 Konami event next week
      17. Hysteria Mode screened for Alice: Madness Returns
      18. Sony: Work on "future platform" is "already underway"
      19. Homefront update and Ability Pack released, more DLC coming
      20. Resistance 3 dated for September 9 in UK
      21. Assassin's Creed Revelations art, details, teaser released
      22. Hunted: The Demon's Forge gets a rather bloody launch trailer
      23. Shinobi officially announced for 3DS
      24. THQ to publish Turtle Rock’s newest title in 2013
      25. Zuckerberg wants more industries to take the social initiative like gaming has
      26. Half-Minute Hero coming to Xbox Live Arcade on June 29
      27. White Knight Chronicles II and Origins releasing on June 10 in UK
      28. Japanese charts – PSP still king, Akiba's Trip takes software
      29. Forza 4 launch car pack, profile import, more detailed
      30. Insomniac: Move to multi-plat development due to reaching new audiences
      31. Sony: NGP still on track for 2011, full PSN restoration still planned for end of May
      32. Into the Pixel 2011 winners announced
      33. Sonic Generations 3DS details pulled from Nintendo Power
      34. Modern Warfare 3 shown in London – shots, impressions
      35. CD Projekt delays Witcher II patch release
      36. Jaffe to keynote PAX Prime
      37. Max Payne 3 EDGE preview now online
      38. No lead platform with MW3, says Infinity Ward
      39. Disney Universe announced for PS3, 360, PC
      40. Thursday shorts: South Park and EA Sports, TGS 2011, LA Noire
      41. Rockstar: LA Noire DLC news coming next week
      42. BULLETCAST, May 26 - What you need to know now
      43. Free-to-play is an MMO strength, not a weakness
      44. Script for EA-Starbreeze Syndicate reboot leaked
      45. PlayStation division sees ?35 billion profit, PS3 hardware at 14 million for FY
      46. Xbox and GFW Live activity for the week ending May 16
      47. Mortal Kombat retail-exclusive DLC packs to see general release
      48. Diablo III's runestones detailed
      49. Sega: Don't expect a Mario-Sonic crossover outside Olympics
      50. Rumor no more: Penguin confirmed for Arkham City
      51. Video: First Bloodrayne: Betrayal trailer rains glorious 2D blood
      52. Rumour: Ninja Gaiden 3 to have 8-player modes, PS Move support, blood
      53. Sega to publish Aliens Infestation
      54. Sony identity-theft protection invites rolling out
      55. Carmack: Cloud-based gaming is "inevitable"
      56. How White Knight Chronicles: Origins fits into the series
      57. Quick Shots - BioShock: Infinite posters are retrotastic
      58. Xbox Live Marketplace partially restored
      1. Bleszinski keen on dynamic difficulty
      2. Shadows of the Damned began with melee combat and no love story
      3. Keiji Inafune working on PS3 exclusive RPG, social game
      4. Trenched gets release date, opening cut-scene
      5. Wednesday Shorts II: Aion, Portal 2 soundtrack, Boulder Dash-XL, Tokyo Jungle
      6. Dublin teen behind last month's XBL service alert
      7. PSA: Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale out now on XBL
      8. GameFly officially announces acquisition of Direct2Drive
      9. Dragon's Dogma video shows in-game footage
      10. Miyamoto: "Generally speaking, people can and should make good games"
      11. Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath get release windows
      12. Funcom shelves Xbox 360 version of Conan MMO
      13. Valve announces 2011 Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative
      14. Skype founder believes Microsoft can grow should it "do a good job" integrating the service
      15. BioShock: "We don’t have any need to get a movie made," says Levine
      16. THQ details Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Collector's Edition and pre-order deals
      17. DeathSpank is back in The Baconing
      18. Ubisoft announces E3 line-up: Revelations and more on hand
      19. PSA: Second batch of BlizzCon tickets go on sale today
      20. Monsters take center stage with these God of War III art samplings
      21. Nintendo Power confirms Sonic Generations for 3DS in upcoming issue
      22. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare rated by ESRB
      23. PSP bundle with MLB 11 The Show and Gran Turismo hitting next month
      24. Witcher 2 patch detailed, expected later today
      25. New developer diary and screens released for WH40K: Space Marine
      26. Microsoft looking into Xbox Live Marketplace outage
      27. Dead Space 2: Screens and extra details released for Outbreak Map Pack
      28. Sony announces Limited Edition PS3 bundle for Black Ops
      29. Konami and Gaijin announce combat simulator Birds of Steel for PS3 and 360
      30. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier "better with Kinect," boxart shows
      31. Collector's Edition for Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets a video
      32. Link’s 3D adventure: Hands-on with Zelda: OoT 3DS
      33. DiRT 3 online on PS3 unusable until PS Store returns
      34. Hothead creating Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game
      35. Shinobi 3DS video gets out, more info this week
      36. BULLETCAST, May 25 - What you need to know now
      37. Levine on apps, mobile gaming: Complaining won't change anything
      38. Square Enix to announce new MMO before April 2012
      39. Age of Conan going free-to-play this summer
      40. Microsoft to hold 10,000-strong Ms. Splosion Man beta
      41. Video: New Ocarina of Time 3D trailer isn't 3D, is nostalgic bliss
      42. Ocarina of Time 3D Ocarina Edition announced for Oz
      43. ESRB lists The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360
      44. Proposed Australian R18+ ratings category detailed
      45. Mysterious Square Enix FPS found in contractor's CV
      46. Wednesday Shorts - SWTOR fanboys, FemShep trailer, five year old makes game
      47. Green Lantern 3DS trailered
      48. Mizuguchi: Games can "change the world", will become "sense-o-rama"
      49. Guilty Gear rights back in developer's hands
      50. Shinobi revival to be revealed in next Nintendo Power
      51. Quick shots - Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 due Wednesday
      52. Microsoft farewells last Xbox father
      53. Report - Old Tomb Raider script called Cryptids, starred Sarah
      54. QuakeCon registrations open Thursday
      1. Mortal Kombat fatalities from go to woe in new dev diary
      2. Capcom's latest trademark is all Greek to me
      3. Minecraft coming to Xperia Play
      4. Windows Phone 7 Mango update detailed
      5. Take-Two swings to full-year profit, retains Housers
      6. PSA: King Arthur Collection out today, launch trailer released
      7. THQ to distribute Codemasters titles in US
      8. NIS details Bleach, Atelier Totori, ClaDun x2
      9. Zombie Studios making Unreal Engine 3 shooter for Kinect
      10. World of Tanks gets closer to 3 million user mark
      11. CD Projekt showing "brand-new project," rumored Witcher game at E3
      12. Marvelous to support NGP with multiple titles this fiscal year
      13. Battlefield 3, ME3, SSX live demos for EA E3 presser
      14. Microsoft confirms Window 8 for next year, optimized "a variety of different form factors"
      15. Cole encounters the Beast in latest InFamous 2 video
      16. Analyst believes a Take-Two buyout is a "reasonable bet"
      17. Japanese retailer lists Hero 30 Second for August release
      18. Anarchy Reigns introduces Leo the cyborg
      19. Ghost Recon Online going F2P on PC this summer - video
      20. Shadows of the Damned Trailer stuffs an strawberry into a door’s mouth
      21. SCEA launches E3 website, not much there
      22. Sony shows off what's inside the InFamous 2: Hero Edition
      23. Age of Conan to feature content from upcoming Conan the Barbarian movie
      24. Driving digital: Charting the inevitable death of discs
      25. Halo Reach demo launches on Marketplace
      26. PSA: Select Fallout 3 and Oblivion DLC 50% off on XBLM
      27. Kojima: "The thing" I've spent a year preparing is "meaningless"
      28. Microsoft teases E3 presser details
      29. FFXIV producer's letter outlines changes and ones to come
      30. Hell freezes, pigs fly: Duke Nukem Forever goes gold
      31. Trenched gameplay shown in first dev diary
      32. Resistance 1 and 2 to double up as Greatest Hits bundle
      33. Sony: The PS Store "will not be re-opening tomorrow"
      34. DiRT 3 launches today, release trailer goes boom
      35. Persona 2 PSP English localisation confirmed, launches this fall
      36. Splash Damage drops Brink PC update
      37. Tuesday Shorts - Minecraft grass, Lady Gaga, LOTRO update, more
      38. BULLETCAST, May 24 – What you need to know now
      39. Report - Dead or Alive: Dimensions Nordic release cancelled
      40. Remedy "evaluating" NGP and 3DS development
      41. Sony: More Uncharted NGP details to drop next Thursday
      42. Magicka PVP patch to rebalance cheap spells
      43. PSP Move dock discovered in Sony patent
      44. Report - Peace Walker PS3 to be announced at E3
      45. Modern Warfare 3 engine "beyond" MW2's
      46. PSP password change firmware update due soon
      47. Ubisoft Steam week fires up with Prince of Persia
      48. Report: No trophies for PSP Remaster series
      49. Free Dead Space 2 DLC to bring multiplayer maps
      50. Gears of War 3 Gamestop editions include retro lancer
      51. MW3 trailer confirms Sledgehammer, date
      52. Levine: There's still juice in current consoles
      1. Hellgate trailer ticks all the boxes
      2. Ace Attorney film hinted at by Thirteen Assassins director
      3. F.E.A.R. 3's Soul King multiplayer mode less funky than hoped for
      4. Riccitiello: EA failed, but it failed well
      5. Nintendo website to stream E3 press conference
      6. Ass Creed Revelations' locales outlined
      7. Sky's the limit: Levine debuts new BioShock Infinite demo
      8. First Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer tonight, confirms Infinity Ward
      9. APB: Reloaded open beta launches
      10. 2K signs multi-year extension deal with NBA
      11. Rumour - Stereoscopic 3D arriving on 360, E3 announcement teased
      12. XLGames to make MMO for Asian market on 2K IP
      13. Rumour - Kinect Fun Lab set for E3 reveal
      14. Sony: PSN intrusion will cost ?106 million
      15. DiRT 3 DLC gets outed, retail selling for ?5
      16. New Carmageddon is an indie project, Square Enix not involved
      17. Dead Island gets 11-minute gameplay video
      18. Short Gears 3 campaign clip gets out ahead of new trailer
      19. UK charts: LA Noire becomes fastest-selling new IP ever
      20. Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Pack for GAME, GameStation
      21. BULLETCAST, May 23 – What you need to know now
      22. Bethesda to re-release Oblivion for fifth anniversary
      23. McNamara: Future Team Bondi projects won’t take five years to make
      24. Raiden voice-actor "completely in the dark" over returning for MGS: Rising
      25. Alice: Madness Returns - McGee on retracing Goth roots
      26. Debate over: Video games now officially art
      27. High Voltage denies Amazonbombing negative Conduit 2 reviewer
      28. Bayonetta creator wistful over possible Jeanne spin-off
      29. Dungeon Siege III demo roll out starts next week
      30. Sony debuts new SmartAR technology
      31. Delayed APB: Reloaded open beta to kick off today
      32. Bungie child company launches Halo-suggestive countdown trailer
      1. Carmageddon countdown kicks off series revival rumours
      2. Rumour: Penguin to appear in Arkham City
      3. PSP Remaster series to bring portable classics to PS3
      1. Saturday Shorts: Kain, SR3, LBP2, Zelda timeline, Vaz
      2. Some PSN developers concerned over Sony's planned store updates
      3. Elemental: Fallen Enchantress has dedicated team to ensure smooth launch
      4. Report: Android market share at 36% compared to Apple's 18.8%
      5. Quick Quotes: Nicalis on 2D sprites in Cave Story 3D
      6. Grasshopper Manufacture raises $80,000 for Japanese relief funds
      7. Enterbrain expects 3DS to be Japan's 2011 top seller despite slow start
      8. Activision memo on Modern Warfare 3 leak comes to light
      9. Title update 1.00 released for L.A. Noire
      10. First gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Type-0 hits
      11. "Leaked" internal Project Café video demo proven fake
      12. Hotfix for Mortal Kombat released ahead of upcoming patch
      13. PSN still down in Japan due to concerned credit card companies
      14. Obsidian "would make Alpha Protocol 2," and "do better" with it
      15. PSA: Fable III out on PC
      16. Rumor: Project Cafe controller has front-facing camera
      17. Sony's So-Net in Japan finds evidence of intrusion, $1,225 points stolen
      18. VidZone update welcomes users back
      19. First round of BlizzCon tickets sold out
      20. PSN: Kombat Pass not required to play Mortal Kombat this weekend
      21. The Weekly Wrap – Modern Warfare 3 leak, PSN's return
      1. Next Brink patch detailed, expected to go live on all formats next week
      2. Friday Shorts II: Ico Novel, Cthulhu, Dinosaur King, Breath of Death, Twitter quotes, sales
      3. Quick Shots: Ocarina of Time 3D art looks smashing
      4. Quick Quotes: L.A. Noire "appeals to a really broad church," says Team Bondi
      5. Sonic Generations videos show the blue fella in classic and modern form
      6. Get the mocap lowdown on Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
      7. Bizarre staffers discuss closure, why it was sold to Activision
      8. Hunted - Around Dark Corners dev diary discusses sound design
      9. Runic developer blog discusses the environments of Torchlight II
      10. Star Wars: The Old Republic event schedule released
      11. Expect to see more on Resident Evil: Revelations at E3
      12. Sony announces Double XP Weekend for Killzone 3 multiplayer
      13. Supremacy MMA dated with pre-order offers
      14. Eko Software's Storm hitting PC, PSN, XBLA this summer
      15. Mass Effect 2 named GOTY at Canadian Videogame Awards
      16. CD Projekt details workaround for Witcher 2 until patch hits next week
      17. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood getting Platinum and Classic treatment
      18. Release dates: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, Mega Man Legends 3 Prologue delay
      19. Livingstone: "Middle ground" between console and social games is "going to disappear"
      20. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One dated, pre-order offers detailed
      21. Report: IGN selling Direct2Drive to Gamefly
      22. Rockstar: LA Noire 360 lockups not due to game or console
      23. Arleen Sorkin not returning for Arkham City as Harley
      24. GameStop: Black Ops DLC "largest DLC launch of all time"; 3DS sales to slump in Q2
      25. GAME and GameStation drop Wii bundle price to ?99.99
      26. DiRT 3 reviews go live ahead of Tuesday's release
      27. Love among demons: Chatting with Goichi Suda
      28. New Gears 3 trailer to air during Champions League final, teaser released
      29. Starhawk beta confirmed, won't have Move support
      30. First FIFA 12 gameplay video leaks, Mats Hummels screens and cover released
      31. RIFT sale offers cut-price MMORPGing
      32. Dark Souls cover art revealed [Update]
      33. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise US release date announced
      34. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass dated for US
      35. Remedy "keeping a lid" on Alan Wake: Night Springs rumours
      36. Analyst: LA Noire expected to sell 3-4 million
      37. NBA player tries to get into RAGE, gets desperate
      38. Capcom: Keep E3 expectations "in check," but DMC a "maybe"
      39. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon to bring fun back to flight
      40. Friday shorts: LBP2, BlazBlue, Persona 2 PSP, Battlefield Heroes
      41. BULLETCAST, May 20 – What you need to know now
      42. Uncharted NGP to "most likely" feature Uncharted 3 interaction
      43. BioWare hiring for environment artists for "Dragon Age III"
      44. Infinity Blade update adds multiplayer
      45. Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive includes series debut
      46. Buy a PC, score an Xbox 360
      47. Gamestop moving rapidly on cloud-based and digital content
      48. Black Ops double XP weekend for PS3
      1. More pre-order bonuses for InFamous 2
      2. Quickshots - Minecraft sky dimension confirmed
      3. Duke Nukem Forever promo video includes detailed autopsy
      4. Starbreeze reports suggests Project RedLime recently expanded, new downloadable title inbound
      5. L.A. Noire's first ten minutes captured
      6. Bungie-linked company holds Destiny trademark
      7. Sony and Rockstar issue statement on L.A. Noire and PS3 overheating issues
      8. Escalation Pack for Black Ops hitting PC on June 2
      9. BioWare feels MMO comparisons to WoW are "inevitable" with SWTOR
      10. Rumor - Alan Wake: Night Springs in development at Remedy
      11. Bulletstorm's Gun Sonata DLC released for PC
      12. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition available for pre-order on Steam
      13. Capcom needs your help naming Pawns in Dragon's Dogma
      14. F.E.A.R. 3 video gets you acquainted with the game's scoring system
      15. Indie developers Jonathan Blow, Chris Hecker and Alex Neuse to speak at UCSC this month
      16. Street Fighter X Tekken teaser is not really a tease
      17. First Witcher 2 patch to be released next week
      18. GameStop financials: Growth reported in new, used, and digital sales sectors
      19. Report: Sony plans to bring PS Store back online May 24
      20. Resistance 3 gets seven-minute gameplay video from Mississippi River
      21. ArmA III set on Mediterranean island, out 2012 for PC
      22. Enlarge your Johnson with Shadows of the Damned
      23. Hellgate to relaunch as F2P this year, closed beta starts in June
      24. Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 announced for Q4 2011, NGP version confirmed
      25. Engineer profession detailed for Guild Wars 2
      26. Program which allows Kinect to read sign-language created
      27. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries gets July 1 UK launch
      28. New 360 update introduces PayPal, auto-standby
      29. NBA 2K11 has Bulls winning the NBA finals over the Mavericks in seven
      30. Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 5 continues Kitana and Mileena's story
      31. LA Noire: Nichlson Electroplating arson case set for June 21 release
      32. RAGE Anarchy Edition confirmed for UK
      33. Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 3 post-launch support to be "major focus"
      34. New LA Noire short story out now ahead of tomorrow's full release
      35. Japanese charts: 3DS, Wii sales hit record low, PSP and Dragon Quest still on top
      36. Capcom: Resident Evil: Mercenaries originally began as tech test
      37. Sega delays Anarchy Reigns worldwide into 2012
      38. Suda51: Dante's Inferno is "mainstream," "standard"
      39. BULLETCAST, May 19 – What you need to know now
      40. Report - 33 staff laid off at Zipper Interactive
      41. Thursday shorts: Gears of War board game, Kojima and Nomura, The Old Republic
      42. A sense of power: Sucker Punch on inFamous 2
      43. Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting headed to iDevice
      44. APB: Reloaded open beta delayed by 'unacceptable' disconnect bug
      45. Asura's Wrath finger-pointing boss is one of the easy ones
      46. SOE content development continued through outage
      47. Play for Japan hits $120,000 charity milestone
      48. Angry Birds downloaded 200 million times
      49. Call of Duty website revamped
      50. RAGE pre-orders to score Anarchy Edition
      51. Sengoku closed beta taking applications
      52. Report: Older PlayStation 3 consoles struggling with L.A. Noire
      1. Report: Majority of Android devices were vulnerable to hacking
      2. Jaffe: Twisted Metal's cars are more like fighter jets
      3. Resident Evil movie franchise head watches "professional" players for inspiration
      4. Shigeru Miyamoto honoured by Japanese government
      5. The Sims 3: Generations producers walkthrough new content
      6. Quickshots - Awesomenauts looks to live up to title
      7. Activision's Hirshberg responds to Modern Warfare 3 leak
      8. Valve not showing anything at E3 this year
      9. Tim Schafer video details a very interesting career
      10. Ubisoft details some of the characters in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
      11. Survey Says: 63 million iOS users downloading over 5 million games per day
      12. Blizzard to start testing premium cross-server dungeon party feature
      13. DICE discusses returning to Wake Island in Battlefield 3
      14. The Secret World video preview shows a bit of new footage
      15. Angry Birds and other popular games coming to Windows Phone 7
      16. Mortal Komat DLC to be out "within the next month"
      17. Geralt has a bit of trouble with a troll in Witcher 2 DLC
      18. Globex Studios hires Jason Bell as its new executive vice president of products
      19. Resistance 3 boxart created by British artist Olly Moss
      20. Previous Xbox 360 firmware update causing disc read errors, not the one in beta
      21. UK Chancellor: PSN hacking highlights "need for robust security"
      22. Wednesday Shorts: Naughty Bear, TERA, Vindictus, PopCap Android, Black Ops
      23. Sony: PSN and Qriocity sites back up soon, exploit fixed
      24. Newell: Valve "late" looking at social games
      25. Gears of War 3 pre-orders break 1m, 1.29m play beta
      26. NCSoft confirms Guild Wars 2 beta for 2011, 2012 launch hinted
      27. DNF: Always bet on Duke and Randy Pitchford
      28. PAX Prime passes selling out
      29. Namco Bandai confirmed for Eurogamer Expo - Dark Souls, Tekken, Ridge Racer, more
      30. Rocksteady: Arkham City to feature 40 hours' worth of story content
      31. Soul Calbur V is ten percent done, 20+ roster aimed for
      32. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PAX East panel gets videoed
      33. Xbox E3 website opens up, events detailed
      34. LA Noire's version of Los Angeles is thanks to 1920s daredevil
      35. Howard: Unlimited number of dragons to feature in Skyrim
      36. BULLETCAST, May 18 – What you need to know now
      37. Report - Modern Warfare 3 trailer to air during NBA Playoffs next week
      38. SpongeBob SquigglePants doodles its way to 3DS
      39. Mass Effect comic Genesis now on XBLMP
      40. 99 Bullets heading towards DSiWare at a rapid pace
      41. Crysis 2 gets its Retaliation DLC
      42. EA wants your input to shape new Command & Conquer
      43. BioWare details how your choices will carry over into Mass Effect 3
      44. Guardian Heroes trailer gives an all-too-brief glimpse
      45. BioShock 2 Minerva's Den DLC finally coming to PC later this month
      46. L.A. Noire gives much-needed boost to Take-Two shares
      47. Kinect-enabled Hole In The Wall encourages contortions
      48. PlayStation Phone heads to America May 26
      49. Sony defends delay in public PSNgate announcement
      50. Behind-the-scenes book of Portal 2 now available on Steam
      51. The Witcher 2 Easter Egg takes a swipe at Assassin's Creed
      1. Turbine details LOTRO update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador
      2. Watch the first 20-minutes of The Witcher 2
      3. Infinity Blade getting a multiplayer update on Thursday
      4. THQ considers itself "one of the big" publishers, says Farrell
      5. Atari financials show improved losses as it announces the divestment of Cryptic
      6. Namco to continue "pushing" Enslaved in the marketplace
      7. Sony: Only a "very small percentage" of PSN users canceled their accounts over hack
      8. Aesthetics were just as important as gameplay when developing El Shaddai, says Ignition
      9. The Witcher 2 reviews start hitting, get rounded up
      10. Quick Shots: Barry dishes it out in Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D
      11. Deus Ex: Testimonials from satisfied customers of Sarif Industries
      12. Influx of multiplayer shooters both "a concern and a motivator," for Starhawk devs
      13. Lionhead says used sales cost it more money in the long run than PC piracy
      14. CD Projekt spent a year-and-a-half designing Geralt for The Witcher
      15. European ID protection program detailed by SCEE
      16. SEGA financial report lists Sonic Generations for 3DS
      17. MW3 pre-order poster features made-up Time cover
      18. The Creative Assembly already at work on the next Total War game
      19. Dead Island trailer features first in-game footage - see it now
      20. Lightbox: Starhawk single-player to last 5-8 hours
      21. Nintendo to offer 3DS WiFi spots in Best Buy stores starting in June
      22. Phil Harrison and Robin Kaminsky join Gaikai advisory board
      23. E3 2011 - What to expect from the major third-parties
      24. Video - Renegade Ops has you shooting and driving your way through a jungle
      25. LA Noire originally six discs on 360, says Team Bondi
      26. Alice: Madness Returns intro is properly mental
      27. Avatar Kinect to launch through Xbox Live this spring
      28. Microsoft confirms Forza 4 showing for E3
      29. Sagat to appear in Street Fighter X Tekken
      30. inFamous 2 confirmed for June 8 EU and June 10 UK launches
      31. LinkedIn CV: WET 2 canceled by Behaviour
      32. NCsoft: "Huge" 2011 reveals, "major gamescom presence"
      33. New Vegas: Honest Hearts available from Xbox Live
      34. EA: FIFA 12 3DS doesn't feature online play
      35. Capcom: Super Street Fighter IV AE aimed for July release
      36. Spike to be exclusive TV broadcaster of Microsoft E3 briefing
      37. The Witcher II gets confirmed July release in Japan
      38. BULLETCAST, May 17 – What you need to know now
      39. Mojang looking at co-publishing other indie titles
      40. UK retailers starts taking MW3 pre-orders
      41. Still burning: Hisaharu Tago on Soul Calibur's epic return
      42. Brathwaite: Some social games developed without love
      43. Witcher II launches today: watch Namco Bandai's UK PR team unbox it
      44. VendenBerghe to return to GDC Europe 2011
      45. Plants vs Zombies to drop on Android this month
      46. Catherine trailer asks the hard questions
      47. Red Faction: Armageddon trailer gets plotty
      48. Lionhead: Fable III PC "has never looked more beautiful"
      49. Darkspore console port hinted at by level designer's CV
      50. Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 hacks, slashes, defies conventional development methods
      51. Rayman Origins Wii E3 "surprise" ruined
      52. MDK 2 reduced from 280 MB to 40 MB for WiiWare release
      53. Steam to deliver daily specials
      54. Harada: Namco "affected" by PSN downtime
      55. Civilization World gameplay detailed in walkthrough trailer
      1. Duke Nukem Forever demo drops for First Access Club June 3
      2. Assassin's Creed: Revelations one of Ubisoft's largest teams ever
      3. PSN Welcome Back package includes LBP, inFamous, more
      4. Sony: PS Store to recieve updates "multiple times per week" when returned
      5. Monolith making FPS Gotham City Imposters for download
      6. Murder is the case: LA Noire hits 90+ on MetaCritic
      7. Rockstar refuses to comment over Best Buy LA Noire DLC leak
      8. HMV: LA Noire-Brink offer non-existant
      9. Starbreeze: Darkness II dev switch not our call
      10. Amazon starts pre-orders for MW3, mentions November 8 launch
      11. Bethesda: Hunted-Gears comparisons "fine," "huge opportunity" to create UGC with Crucible
      12. Pre-order Zelda: OoT 3DS at GAME, get gold-sleeved cover and poster
      13. Gears 3's Limited and Epic editions to cost ?60 and ?100
      14. Sega: "No plans" for new Sega Rally title
      15. Mizuguchi: Games are "not yet" art, but is "close"
      16. Rumour - Microsoft to "serve the hardcore" at E3 with Kinect reveals
      17. Eurogamer hires Robinson as features editor
      18. Sony Online Entertainment returns to action following security attack
      19. Witcher II goes video mental ahead of tomorrow's launch
      20. Lionhead: No Fable II PC due to "new projects"
      21. UK developers "the bedrock of our business," says Sega
      22. UK charts: Brink pulls Zumba from number one
      23. BULLETCAST, May 16 – What you need to know now
      24. Report - Retail poster shows November 8 for MW3 launch
      25. Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII trademark allowed to expire
      26. Survey shows potential Hitman: Absolution cover art
      27. BioWare: Mass Effect 3 combat to be "quite different"
      28. First seven minutes of Shadows of the Damned captured
      29. Japanese PSN to remain off until Sony proves security has been upped
      30. L.A. Noire fiction collection and soundtrack detailed
      31. Virtua Fighter crossover provides excuse to talk up El Shaddai
      32. Hennig: Uncharted must "honour pulp adventure"
      33. Megaman Legends 3 footage brings the speed
      34. Next Resident Evil movie will include Tokyo scenes
      35. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise out this week, new trailer turns up
      36. ArenaNet prepping extra Guild Wars 2 security measures
      37. Valve headhunting pays off with three top hires
      1. Mass Effect 3 to feature a broad range of romances
      2. Soul Calibur V was almost Soul Edge 2
      3. Square Enix trademarks SE Masterpieces across Europe
      1. PS3 online play back in EU and US after mid-April hack
      2. Saturday Shorts: SWTOR, XBL, ESRB, RIFT, UC3, other capital letters
      3. Japanese charts – PSP and Dragon Quest still winning
      4. NIS America publishing Atelier Totori Adventures in the US and Europe this fall
      5. Red Faction: Armageddon motion capture video shows men running around
      6. Back to the Future: Episode 5 hitting in June
      7. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition FAQ tries to clear up any confusion
      8. Narrator in Disgaea 4 trailer needs to cut back on the caffeine
      9. Valve doesn't have any current plans for Source Engine 2
      10. DICE currently shooting motion-capture sequences for Battlefield 3 in Uppsala, Sweden
      11. Beware the Wall of Death in F.E.A.R. 3 multiplayer
      12. Footage of Radical's canceled Project Treadstone released
      13. Hitman: Absolution conceptual art hits the net
      14. Wada partially blames FFXIV, and "weak communication," for Square's financial loss
      15. GeForce GTX 560 teaser shows off Alice, RIFT and DNF in 1080p 3D
      16. Rumor: God of War Portable Collection hitting PS3 in Asia
      17. Report: Amazon cloud servers used to hack PSN
      18. Promised Brink update released, first DLC will be free
      19. MW3 teasers take you to New York, London, Berlin, Paris
      1. Vatra provides a sneak peek at its E3 demo for Silent Hill: Downpour
      2. Friday Shorts Evening Edition: Binary Domain, Wii crime, Pantera, Cthulhu Saves the World
      3. SEGA to release Vintage Collection 3 on PSN and Virtual Console
      4. Video - Step into the world of The Witcher 2
      5. THQ believes there's a "pent up" demand for open-world games like Saints Row
      6. inFamous 2 video gives you a refresher course on the story
      7. Quick Shots: Shadows the Damned pics show weapons, tattoos, bad news for a giant
      8. Spicy Horse signs PopCap deal, Alice gets new video
      9. SEGA financials show profits doubling during its last fiscal year
      10. Square reports 35% drop in sales, blames "weak consoles performance"
      11. Report: Modern Warfare 3 scooped, details outed
      12. Leaked GameStop document rumors possible release dates for MGS: Rising, Tomb Raider, more
      13. Square Enix: 25,000 email addresses taken in Deus Ex website hack
      14. First Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 trailer, info, screens is go
      15. LA Noire TV ad is not much else
      16. First Starhawk trailer goes over single-play, multiplay, Build & Battle
      17. Soul Calibur V details confirm guest appearances and more
      18. SOE details its "make good" plan for subscribers
      19. Eidos Montreal working on new IP, confirms Square chart
      20. Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2, I Am Alive not canned
      21. Friday shorts: Cave Story, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Zynga
      22. Svensson: Capcom's interest in PC market "growing"
      23. Starhawk goes big in 13 minute gameplay video
      24. New Darkness II shots shows guns, creatures in the night
      25. Indie games the big winners at Nordic Game Awards
      26. SEGA: Aliens vs Predator sequel not being considered right now
      27. Sony's final frontier: Starhawk unveiled in London
      28. Signs point to PSN services getting ready to restart
      29. Video: Star Wars TOR's Sith Inquisitor haunts our nightmares
      30. BULLETCAST, May 13 – What you need to know now
      31. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gets first gameplay video
      32. Devs speak out on PSN downtime, effects on development
      33. Xbox Live Indie developers given free reign on release dates
      34. Kinect games line-up to "triple" this year, says Microsoft
      35. Eidos, Deus Ex websites hacked, personal info stolen
      36. Video: New Diablo III trailer shows off follower system, giant hand laser
      37. L.A. Noire - First 15 minutes of gameplay posted online
      38. Dirt 3 trailer sheds some light on new gymkhana setting
      39. UK politician's data protection concerns following PSNgate
      40. LEGO Pirates uses music from axed Armada of the Damned
      41. Obsidian CEO considers return to Planescape: Torment
      42. First L.A. Noire review pops up online earlier than expected
      43. El Shaddai screens are so dreamy
      1. Thursday Shorts: Army of Darkness, Orion: Prelude, Doctor Lautrec, Duke Nukem OnLive
      2. NPD: Xbox 360 moves 297K units, PS3 sales up 13%
      3. Alice Returns on PC will include original title through EA Store, pre-orders net soundtrack
      4. War in the North dev diary explains the weaponry of Middle-earth
      5. Jeremy McGrath's Offroad for PSN and XBL announced
      6. Pre-paid 3DS eShop cards hitting US Best Buy outlets
      7. Quick Shots: Square hands out more Deus Ex: Human Revolution shots
      8. Hunted: The Demon's Forge dev diary discusses monsters
      9. Oddworld creator feels EA didn't market Stranger's Wrath very well
      10. Operation Flashpoint: Red River dev diary details changes to command menu
      11. Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D hitting UK in July
      12. Dave Jones takes an advisory position with APB: Reloaded developer
      13. Ubisoft Q4 and FY11 financials: Ghost Recon delayed to 2012
      14. Street Fighter X Tekken teaser video shows Cammy
      15. Familiarize yourself the Guild Wars 2 city of Lion's Arch
      16. Remedy: Lessons have been learnt from developing Alan Wake
      17. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection announced for summer
      18. Sony Ericsson: "No concerns" with Xperia Play PS1 Classics despite low sales
      19. Quick Shots: Risen 2 screens show off new weapons and special attacks
      20. Report: UK retail sources seeing an increase in PS3 trade-ins for Xbox 360
      21. Telltale to show The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park at E3
      22. LA Noire video details stuff to do outside main story
      23. New untitled Dragon Ball game gets teaser trailer
      24. Report: EA planning to release BF3 close to next CoD title
      25. Nintendo retailer briefing provides new Star Fox 64 3D details
      26. Witcher 2 pre-orders hit 111,842, Polish edition pre-orders maxed
      27. Passionate psychopaths: Dark Souls debuts in Dubai
      28. MGS: Peace Walker, Castlevania help Konami income push
      29. New Alien targets "Red Dead Redemption, Arkham Asylum"
      30. Multiple retail listings point towards June US launch for Call of Juarez: The Cartel
      31. New Bungie trademark mentions "Mobile Phone support"
      32. New Hitman: Absolution details reveal Agent 47′s nemesis and much more
      33. Square cancels unconfirmed digital titles to "strengthen revenue base"
      34. Inversion defies gravity in new screens and art
      35. Ridge Racer: Unbounded screens and video feature cars, roads
      36. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gets new screens, movie
      37. First Soul Calibur 5 art shows Siegfried, Patroklos
      38. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar hitting PAL market this year
      39. Pitchford: Brothers in Arms announcement “very soon”
      40. Gabe Newell: Portal 2 delay sounded really good
      41. E3 2011′s press confs – The big boys go nuclear
      42. BULLETCAST, May 12 – What you need to know now
      43. L.A. Noire preview party at Australia's Mana Bar
      44. Section 8: Prejudice Assault mode unlocked
      45. inFamous 2 in-game powers decided by pre-order locations
      46. Nintendo delays eShop 3DS Firmware into June
      47. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 formally announced
      48. Armored Core V screens are explosive
      49. Team Bondi lays out possible plans for LA Noire DLC
      50. Assassin's Creed Creative Director sets out to reveal the big answers
      51. Politician proposes tax breaks for UK game devs
      52. GPG's Chris Taylor on freemium: "Absolutely it's the future"
      53. Disney Interactive posts significant Q2 loss
      54. Angry Birds catapults into HTML5 and Google Chrome
      55. Automated ESRB system live this week
      56. Key pro-R18+ Australian politician resigns
      57. Leaked script offers insight into axed True Crime: Hong Kong
      58. EB Games EXPO brings gaming to Australia this October
      1. Splash Damage CEO feels some single-player shooters can be a bit too restrictive
      2. Wednesday Shorts Evening Edition: Yakuza, Game music, MinecraftCon 2011, Super Meat Boy
      3. North American Lineage servers permanently closing June 29
      4. Rockstar: Future will be boring if games are only about "shooting things, dying and starting over"
      5. Fable III PC demo never planned for release, listing was a misunderstanding
      6. Brink updates for 360, PSN and Steam detailed
      7. Pre-order Collector's Edition for Dark Souls at same price as standard edition
      8. Ballmer excited over gaining Skype's 170 million users
      9. eShop: Game Gear and Game Boy titles to possibly be available at launch
      10. SEGA announces CRUSH 3D for Nintendo 3DS
      11. Amazon lists Rayman: Origins for a November 15 release in the US
      12. LA Noire launch trailer shows murderous intent
      13. Another Mass Effect 3 information blowout hits the net
      14. Bethesda airs first trailer for New Vegas: Honest Hearts
      15. Rumor: Call of Duty Elite, MW3 logo and cover outed
      16. Report - TDU2 devs Eden Games go on strike
      17. CD Projekt considering expansions for Witcher 2 instead of traditional DLC
      18. Guild Wars 2: "MMOs at this point are stuck in a rut"
      19. Dragon Quest Collection formally announced by Square
      20. Konami: PES 2012 announce in "a few days"
      21. Tekken x Street Fighter development hasn't "really started," says Harada
      22. PS3 3D keynote confirmed for Develop
      23. Dead or Alive: Dimensions shows off QTEs, more
      24. Portal 2 Authoring Tools released by Valve
      25. Wednesday shorts: Love Plus 3DS, Child of Eden, Red Faction Armageddon
      26. Win a Rim Job with THQ and Saints Row The Third
      27. Natsume promises "unannounced" PS3/Wii title for E3
      28. The Madness Returns in new Alice gameplay trailers
      29. BULLETCAST, May 11 – What you need to know now
      30. Pandora's Tower gets new trailer ahead of Japanese release
      31. You are invited to the SpyParty early access beta
      32. Bootlegged DSLite a well-made, slightly sloppy forgery
      33. Armored Core 5 gets October launch in Japan, still 2012 in EU
      34. Silicon Knights' Dyack: Social gaming is going to "crash very hard"
      35. Obsidian won't make New Vegas mistakes in Dungeon Siege III
      36. Cursed Crusade calls for backup with new co-op trailer
      37. Duke Nukem Forever demo nearly upon us
      38. U.S. Senator pleased with Sony's response to PSN attack
      39. Zumba Fitness 2 dances its way to the Wii
      40. Project Cafe rumour round-up
      41. Twenty triumphant screens for Tekken Tag Tournament 2
      42. Two new Tribes Ascend screens show off wide open spaces
      43. Sam & Max bring The Devil's Playhouse to retail
      1. Tuesday Shorts: GagaVille, Soul Calibur breasts, Thor, Nolan North, Portal turret
      2. Coming soon to XBL: L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass add-on, pirate-themed sale, Bing promo
      3. Quick Shots: Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer shows two sizes of Duke
      4. Dark Souls out September in Japan, October elsewhere
      5. Local news tackles the War on Horror in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D trailer
      6. Age of Empires Online to see digital and disc release in the fall
      7. More details on Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version come to light
      8. Namco nukes Dubai: Soul Calibur 5 announced for 2012
      9. Channel 5 and the Wright Stuff respond to Gamers’ Voice letter of complaint
      10. Valve wants more games on Steam, promises not to "flood the market"
      11. A few details for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand come to light
      12. Quick Shots: Max Payne 3 screens rock the beard and a wounded expression
      13. Square Enix announces Hitman Absolution with teaser
      14. PSA: BioShock 2, Borderlands, and Mafia II DLC on sale for XBL Gold Members
      15. Bungie files business trademarks in Washington and Delaware for Bungie Aerospace Corporation
      16. Sony: PSN restoration date of May 31 is inaccurate
      17. Trion announces free 7-day trial for RIFT, Ascend-a-Friend program
      18. Rumour - Modern Warfare 3 features "a much larger, epic scale," destructable environments
      19. Guerrilla recalls the controversy surrounding Killzone 2's E3 2005 trailer
      20. Star Raiders coming to Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow
      21. EA going on offensive with Battlefield 3 marketing
      22. Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion, will support Xbox and Kinect
      23. Professor Layton series ships 12 million worldwide
      24. Warner: New Monolith title to be shown soon
      25. Pre-order on Steam, save 10% on Deus Ex: Human Revolution
      26. Leaked Tomb Raider script sheds light on the young Lara Croft
      27. Remedy: "More Wake is coming," isn't a sequel
      28. EA confirms Crysis 2 Retaliation Map Pack
      29. Pre-order Rocksmith, get $25 off a guitar
      30. Street Fighter: The New Challengers is a new, animated adaptation
      31. EA Sports announces FIFA 12 3DS
      32. Namco FY2011: Enslaved hits 730,000 units sold
      33. BULLETCAST, May 10 – What you need to know now
      34. The "Valve Manifesto" explored in new Develop Magazine
      35. Blizzard: WoW subs base decreasing, looking to deliver content updates “faster”
      36. Capcom: Dragon's Dogma expected to ship 1.5 million
      37. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online is costing Capcom plenty
      38. New James Bond title for 2011 confirmed by Activision
      39. Report: Next 360 Dashboard update due on May 19, adds Paypal support
      40. Irrational Games reveals Name In The Game winner
      41. Nolan North chats about alter ego, Uncharted's Nathan Drake
      42. New Mass Effect 3 details drop in OXM
      43. Brink reviews go live - get all the scores here
      44. Darkest Hour mod gets new vehicles, maps, weapons in hefty update
      45. Dragon's Dogma screens include a variety of enemies
      46. Quick Shots: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
      47. Capcom claims PSN downtime costs it big bucks
      48. No more IP location detection for GOG.com purchases
      49. Pre-purchase Duke Nukem Forever on Steam, save 10%
      50. E3 2011 floor plan revealed
      1. Acti Q1: Diablo III beta Q3, new CoD shown in "weeks"
      2. FFXIII gets budget re-release in Japan this July
      3. MDK 2 gets WiiWare release
      4. Bethesda: Brink PS3 unaffected by PSN blackout
      5. Splinter Cell 6 gets first off-screen picture
      6. Inafune: Dead Rising and Lost Planet prototypes were rejected by Capcom
      7. Video: Witcher 2 environments create "truly rich RPG world"
      8. Diablo III beta details expected in tonight's Acti call
      9. Report: Next CoD is Project Collossus, out November 8
      10. Brink gets launch trailer, shoot fans hold breath
      11. Report - MGS3DS: Snake Eater aiming for November release
      12. Over the top: Wedgwood on tech, teams and Brink’s ship
      13. Redlime "biggest project" Starbreeze has ever developed
      14. Alan Wake 2 mentioned in LinkedIn CV
      15. Dungeon Siege III works together for new co-op trailer
      16. Anonymous press release: Sony, I am Disappoint
      17. Assassin's Creed: Revelations features Ezio as an old man
      18. UK charts: Zumba Fitness knocks Portal 2 off top spot
      19. BULLETCAST, May 9 – What you need to know now
      20. Alleged first glimpse of GTA V leaked online
      21. Command & Conquer Arena cancelled before it was announced
      22. Monday shorts: RIFT, NES, Halo Reach, Minecraft, Brink
      23. Outed: Rayman Origins for DS + Wii - Time Crisis, Sonic Generations for 3DS
      24. Two new worlds rumoured for Age of Conan
      25. Test Drive Unlimited gets free Exploration DLC
      26. Rockstar reveals a pair of soundtracks for L.A. Noire
      27. Sony considers reward in effort to catch PSN hackers
      28. 3DS Powerplus promises to double handheld battery life
      29. Minecraft mod lets you think with Portals
      1. Valve writer talks about why Chell doesn't speak in Portal or Portal 2
      2. Rumor - Heavenly Sword 2 in the works, more coming at E3
      3. Saturday Shorts: Crysis for cheap, L4D2 Midnight Riders, Brink, DMC sale
      4. Retail rumor - Black Ops PS3 bundle hitting stores May 24
      5. Video - Bighead mode shows up in Gears of War 3 beta
      6. Quick Shots: The Witcher 2 features pretty ladies in pretty lighting
      7. First LA Noire short story out now, fansites get new shots
      8. Bringing Valve services to mobile is something the firm's "starting to look at now"
      9. Video - Obsidian shows how cooperative Dungeon Siege III can be
      10. Japanese charts – PSP reigns, Dragon Quest back on top
      11. Lightbox boss hints at Starhawk announce next Friday, GTTV planning "Sony surprise"
      12. Study: Online gaming with family can improve communication
      13. Quick Shots - Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 screens show explosive action
      14. Valve's not "giving up on single-player at all," plans to add more social features to titles
      15. Rumor - Modern Warfare 3 reveal in OPM next month
      16. PSA: Monday's Shogun 2 patch contains DX11 support, free maps
      17. The Weekly Wrap – ME3 delayed, Anonymous vs PSN
      18. Bungie confirms no-show at E3
      19. Black Ops gets Double XP weekend
      1. EU PSN members to get free games with Sony's Welcome Back program
      2. Anonymous vets claim members of the group are likely behind attack on PSN
      3. Rayman Origins discussed in latest Game Informer
      4. Details on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations escape from GI
      5. Rumor - Call of Duty Online announcement coming soon
      6. Friday Shorts afternoon edition: Prototype 2, SWTOR, science, Rock Band, DiRT 3 shots
      7. Tales of Xillia opening will be different depending on character chosen
      8. Deus Ex: Human Revolution to release on Steam, pre-order deal up for grabs
      9. Win a iPad 2 and trip to QuakeCon by taking part in the RAGE graffiti contest
      10. Konami's rebuilding the PES franchise, but it's a "long process"
      11. Crytek lay-offs imminent as Codename: Kingdoms developement moves to Frankfurt
      12. EA: Next-gen Xbox rumour a "complete fabrication"
      13. Super Mario 3DS will skip out on StreetPass
      14. Hunted dev diary describes how to go about Forging a World
      15. Ubisoft to publish Ice and Fire RTS, WRC 2011 coming in October
      16. IO Interactive promising "incoming shrapnel" for next week
      17. Portal 2 70s art poster is very, very cool
      18. EVE Online turns eight, have some Quafe Zero to celebrate
      19. Dead Space 1 and 2 get 40 percent discount
      20. Suda: Shadows of the Damned will last around 10-hours, depending on difficulty selected
      21. Bethesda goes stats crazy on Brink
      22. Going rogue: Avalanche prioritizes fun with Renegade Ops
      23. ESRB: Burnout Crash features "cartoon violence"
      24. Football Manager 2011 launches on iPad
      25. Replays now enabled for Team Fortress 2
      26. THQ: CoD-level success still possible for Homefront
      27. Capcom sees FY2011 profit rise 156%
      28. BULLETCAST, May 6 – What you need to know now
      29. New From Dust dev diary talks art, spews lava
      30. Eidos Montreal confirms multi-screen, 3D and DX11 support for Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
      31. Here's some Child of Eden concept art
      32. THQ announces Saints Row: Initiation Station
      33. Friday Shorts, Overnight Edition - Call of the Dead secrets, Pulse, papercraft
      34. Canabalt clone whisked off App Store
      35. Rumour: Hackers planning another attack on Sony
      36. Spicy Horse banking on 3D as next step in online casual gaming
      37. Aion: Empyrean Calling dated for May 25
      38. Security expert claims Sony ignored reports of server vulnerability
      39. GDC Europe 2011: Mortal Kombat, Playdom and Playfish talks announced
      40. Writers chosen for Tomb Raider film reboot
      41. Sony head Stringer issues personal apology for PSNgate
      42. Sony offering free identity theft protection service to US customers
      43. Piranha Bytes and JoWood fell out over Gothic 3's premature release
      44. Rockstar reveals LA Noire-inspiring interactive crime map
      1. PSN now in final testing stages
      2. Star Wars designer to keynote Develop
      3. Australia: The Witcher 2 to be pricejacked, Fair Price package extended
      4. PSA: The First Templar releases in the UK tomorrow
      5. UGO and 1UP now officially part of IGN Entertainment
      6. Thursday Shorts II: Witcher nudes, Catherine shots, Disciples III, WoW, MMA, Make-a-Wish
      7. RAGE on PC will ship with full modding and level design tools
      8. The mountains of Gundabad become a troll's graveyard in War in the North
      9. Xbox 360 version of L.A. Noire will take up three discs
      10. Quick Quotes: Dennis Dyack hopes PSN hack doesn't "undermine people’s confidence" in digital
      11. Smithsonian announces submissions to its Art of Video Games exhibit
      12. Call of the Dead mode in Black Ops was created from community response
      13. Analyst: SWTOR could cost EA as much as $80 million to develop
      14. Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 to be playable at Eurogamer Expo
      15. Team Bondi discusses how it replicated 1940s Los Angeles in L.A. Noire
      16. AC: Revelations announced for November 2011 launch
      17. Last Brink training video takes tour of the battlefield
      18. Video - Watch the evolution of indie game Take Arms
      19. Duke Nukem Forever video is all about shrinkage
      20. Report - Sony issued subpoena by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
      21. Latest RAGE trailer takes you into The Shrouded
      22. Miyamoto: "There’s definitely space for uniqueness in a home console"
      23. SEGA Saturn classic Guardian Heroes being remastered for Xbox Live
      24. Get 48-hour "secret" access to Age of Empires Online beta
      25. Super Meat Boy Level Editor released on Steam
      26. Naughty Dog: Uncharted's story-telling is a "collaborative process"
      27. New Assassin's Creed teaser features assassin, numbers
      28. EA Vancouver: SSX to feature Autolog-like features
      29. New UFC will "blow people away," says Bilson
      30. Disney confirms lay-offs at Black Rock
      31. Russian man repeatedly shoots Xbox 360, blows it up
      32. Rockstar details Social Club features for LA Noire
      33. Anonymous denies lifting credit card details from PSN
      34. Thursday shorts: Crash Bandicoot remade, Death Rally, Metroid
      35. BULLETCAST, May 5 – What you need to know now
      36. Reflections: Driver: San Francisco "only a reboot" in technology terms
      37. FIFA 12 new Impact Engine "solves a lot of problems," says EA
      38. Splash Damage: It was “time to put colours back in First-Person Shooters"
      39. Hawken to launch with 7 multiplay maps, four distinct environments
      40. Quick Shots - Wanted Corp announcement screens
      41. More mysterious Batman domains registered
      42. Thursday Shorts, Overnight Edition - Ocarina of Time pre-orders bonus, Guild Wars 2, Transformers screens
      43. New Mass Effect 3 screens get the old band back together
      44. First Deus Ex PC screens look extra smooth, glowy
      45. Renegade Ops teased in explosive trailer
      46. Maple Story publisher posts 59% revenue jump
      47. Warner Bros. Interactive Q1 led by Lego Star Wars
      1. Free OnLive console with Red Faction: Armageddon
      2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D gets teaser trailer
      3. Report: PlayStation 3 hackers restore OtherOS
      4. Rock Band tots up 100 million downloads
      5. Reggie says Wii price drop was a "very important move" for Nintendo
      6. EA FY11: BF3 "flat out superior" to CoD, losses trimmed
      7. Sony's efforts on PSN breach called "half-hearted, half-baked," at US Congressional hearing
      8. Mass Effect 3 delayed to first three months of 2012
      9. Konami to hold pre-E3 event to "build buzz" ahead of the trade show
      10. THQ is "not developing" Saints Row: Drive By
      11. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean dated for May 10
      12. BioWare looking for more SWTOR testers in Europe
      13. Atlus wants you to roll through the ages with a massive rock
      14. "Anonymous" file found on server, Sony tells Congress
      15. Child of Eden trailer goes viral
      16. The Behemoth: BattleBlock Theater isn't "trying to be like any other game"
      17. Darkness II dated for US and UK, Inversion dated for UK
      18. Next Brink training video details classes
      19. Pre-order SSFIV: Arcade Edition through Capcom store, net yourself a bobble bud set
      20. Unlockable mode for Section 8: Prejudice opens with 10 million online kills
      21. PSA: Moon Diver and Bangai-O HD land on Xbox Live Marketplace
      22. RIFT's Spoils of War event kicks off today
      23. Nintendo Power info on Ocarina 3D, Mario and Sonic 2012
      24. inFamous 2's Fleming on humanizing electro-power
      25. Danny's dark horse: Long game for THQ's FY12 and beyond
      26. Quick quotes: Miyamoto wants to teach after leaving Nintendo
      27. DCUO Make Good plan detailed for PSN users
      28. Wednesday shorts: Dragonball, The Old Republic, Mass Effect
      29. Canadian lawsuit demands $1 billion in damages from Sony
      30. Third-parties interested in AR 3DS titles, says Nintendo
      31. I-Ninja 2 was a real thing once, now it's not
      32. Sucker Punch: inFamous 2 demo "definitely planned"
      33. Raining down: Vatra returns to Silent Hill 2 with Downpour
      34. BULLETCAST, May 4 – What you need to know now
      35. Wii price cut goes official, becomes $150 from May 15
      36. Multiplayer Homefront demo re-confirmed by THQ, "multiple drops" of DLC inbound
      37. Sony domain registrations tease two new Wipeout titles
      38. The Witcher 2 altered to meet Australian classification requirements
      39. Wednesday Shorts, Overnight Edition - Rainbow Six, Zelda themes, Steam sales
      40. Far Cry 3 development casts long shadows
      41. Suda on Shadows, No More Heroes sequels: "It’s all about the people"
      42. Another team added to Sony's PSN investigation
      43. Shepard brings it in new Mass Effect 3 shots
      44. Rock Band DLC update is working for the weekend
      45. Stardock to expand its games business
      46. Sega makes mysterious Samurai Bloodshow trademark
      1. Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Episode 4 visits the
      2. Marvel Universe Online has "a great answer" to the superhero question
      3. PSN and SOE attacks "similar", exploited "shared architecture"
      4. Metro: Last Light title confirmed
      5. Rockstar Social Club events shuffled by PSN outage
      6. Third Assassin's Creed teaser trailer actually contains information
      7. Sucker Punch blames itself for lack of inFamous support at launch
      8. THQ FY11 losses up to $136.1 million, uDraw for PS3, 360
      9. Rockstar not trying to make "interactive movies," but "video games that are cinematic"
      10. Download Red Faction: Armageddon demo one million times, get a deadly Unicorn
      11. Square to be US distributor for Techland's Dead Island
      12. Ocarina of Time 3DS teaser sites updated, gets new US trailer
      13. Nintendo E3 conference date and time announced
      14. Report - No hard drive for Project Cafe, has 8GB of Flash Memory
      15. Australia and US Congress question Sony over PlayStation Network
      16. Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC requirements revealed
      17. TIGA Board elects five new members from Lionhead, Crytek, more
      18. EA to acquire Australian mobile development firm Firemint
      19. Microsoft holding Halo Fest at PAX Prime
      20. Brink training video four gets you acquainted with the displays
      21. Tomb Raider reboot "felt necessary," says Crystal Dynamics
      22. Mulholland Books to digitally publish L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories
      23. Duke Nukem Forever recommend and minimum PC stats released
      24. Red Faction: Armageddon demo now online on Live
      25. XBL PSA: Castlevania DLC sale, LEGO Pirates demo
      26. Paradox planning on Magicka for XBL, says new Syndicate is more like "GTA"
      27. APB: Reloaded open beta to start on May 18
      28. Fallout: New Vegas DLC detailed, dated by Bethesda
      29. Video details gaming stats in 2010
      30. Saints Row: Drive-by listed on resume as canceled for PSN and XBL
      31. Remedy boss: "The sooner we go digital, the better"
      32. EA Sports SVP Wilson to keynote Develop
      33. Rumour: Three projects coming from Jerry Bruckheimer Games
      34. Tuesday shorts: Bayonetta, WoW, X Rebirth
      35. Red Faction video details series' history
      36. Black Ops Escalation pack launches on Xbox Live
      37. New Guilty Gear "will happen eventually," says creator
      38. Nicktoons MLB - Just what America was waiting for
      39. Rumour: Nintendo to introduce US Wii budget line alongside price-cut
      40. Bulletstorm squishes PC bugs with new patch
      41. UK charts: Portal 2 maintains number one spot
      42. New screens discovered for Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale
      43. BULLETCAST, May 3 – What you need to know now
      44. Bringing back Driver wasn't a safe bet, says Edmondson
      45. Limited Edition: 8-disc Medal of Honor soundtrack
      46. Harmonix "remain committed" to Rock Band
      47. 343 Industries claims Halo growth is "organic"
      48. id teases future Wolfenstein, Quake reboots in Utah
      49. Nintendo: Vitality Sensor to hit 99 percent quality approach before release, Kinect not impacting Wii sales
      50. Aeria Games announces free-to-play browser MMORTS Golden Age
      51. Gameloft to open New Orleans studio, promises "exciting endeavors"
      52. Deus Ex: Human Revolution designs the future
      53. First Resistance 3 single-player demo to come packaged with Battle: Los Angeles
      54. New Madden NFL 12 trailer features mascots, football
      55. First Red Faction: Origins trailer goes to Mars, backfists it
      56. Internal development at Nintendo is unable to keep pace
      57. Rumor: Project Cafe to have touch screen you can feel
      58. Ubisoft create film studio focused on game adaptations
      59. Silicon Knights: We "intend to finish" the Too Human trilogy
      60. SOE: 12,700 old CC numbers, 10,700 DD records breached
      1. Sony: "No truth" in credit card list sale, passwords were hashed
      2. Catherine gets July 26 release date, "Love is Over" deluxe edition
      3. Next Assassin's Creed game gets second teaser
      4. MS Vancouver developing AAA "core" shooter for Kinect
      5. Invite your friends to play Gear of War 3 beta starts May 8
      6. US leads world with greatest number of PSN accounts
      7. SOE takes servers offline thanks to "intrusion"
      8. Monday Shorts - Kinect hack and hip hop, Mortal Kombat DLC, WoW fixes
      9. Report: IGN acquiring 1UP parent company UGO
      10. Sony stock rises in wake of outage apology press conference
      11. Report: Tales of the Abyss 3D hits Europe in 2012
      12. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron was once called Angelic
      13. Wedgwood: Go big "or go bust"
      1. Scribblenauts success inspired by Nintendogs
      2. Chaos Rings Omega debut trailer is incomprehensibly dramatic
      3. Report: Ocarina of Time 3D to be shipped in small quantities in Japan
      4. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is available, free, and adorable
      5. Akiba's Trip trailer lays the smackdown
      6. DC Universe Online to merge servers
      7. Rumour: Shelved Sonic game footage turns up
      8. J-Day: Sony confirms partial PSN return for this week