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August 2011 Archive

    1. PSN to be incorporated into new brand, Sony Entertainment Network
    2. Twisted Metal has "so much depth", leans on strategy and teamwork
    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition contents detailed
    4. US News Wrap, August 31 - What Happened Today
    5. Ubisoft releases "making of" video for Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia
    6. Howard: Not much of an "MMO guy," Skyrim bugs with "entertainment value" will stay
    7. Video: Part 2 of Cargo Plane gameplay in Uncharted 3 released
    8. Quick Quotes: Guillermo del Toro is a huge CoD fan
    9. Take-Two being sued for allegedly withholding overtime pay, not allowing breaks
    10. Vivendi reports increased revenues for second-half of FY 2011 thanks to ActiBlizz
    11. Rise of the Samurai trailer released for Total War: Shogun 2
    12. Wednesday Shorts II: Deus Ex, OnLive, 999, Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil ARG
    13. Resistance 3 dev dairy provides a look at Chimeran weapons
    14. Robert Bowling provides a walkthrough for Call of Duty XP event
    15. Uncharted Greatest Hits Dual Pack hits the US on September 6
    16. Fatal Frame spin-off in development for 3DS
    17. Quick Shots: Persona 4: Fighting Edition and The Golden screens
    18. Halo mini-book available exclusively through pre-order at GAME
    19. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall turns 15
    20. European News Wrap, August 31 - What happened today
    21. Quick Quotes: SWTOR release date "definitely tied to the beta"
    22. DICE details co-op a bit for Battlefield 3
    23. XBL Update - Ugly Americans, The Baconing, Rock of Ages, MK Arcade Kollection
    24. Dead Island launch trailer released
    25. Report - Deus Ex second biggest-selling game in UK during August
    26. The Avengers: The Video Game among canned games at THQ Australia
    27. Euro PS Store Update - Resistance 3 beta opens, Bodycount demo, Homefront
    28. Ni No Kuni to get special PS3 hardware bundle in Japan
    29. Crimson Alliance trailer introduces assassin class
    30. Video: NBA Jam: On Fire to cost 1200 MS points/$14.99
    31. Battlefield 3: David Goldfarb spells out single-player
    32. Square Enix drops TGS line-up, Capcom opens show site
    33. Irrational's Levine interviews Drs Ray and Greg for new studio podcast
    34. Spike introducing Uncharted 3-based reality TV special
    35. Clarkson details Halo 4's Warthog in Forza 4's Autovista
    36. Wednesday Shorts - Deus Ex, EVO, Fallout, Pokémon video edition
    37. BULLETCAST, August 31 - What you need to know now
    38. AU News Wrap, August 31 - What happened today
    39. Source - Deus Ex: Human Revolution puzzle outs DLC
    40. Full Jaffe PAX keynote posted online with added swearing
    41. November Studios puts Inemeri: A Familiar World on hold
    42. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Your Guide to Guides
    43. Hard Reset developer: Mainstream games are boring
    44. Deus Ex: Human Revolution code broken - but puzzle continues
    45. Bayonetta producer denies sequel news
    46. No civilian casualties in Battlefield 3
    47. Newell: Steam will "seem very primitive" in a few years
    48. Dragon's Dogma AI learns from players
    49. Yakuza 5 and new portable title announced
    50. Atlus confirms Persona 5 development ramping up
    51. Gibeau: 'Hard to conceive' of what next-gen hardware might do
    1. Persona 4 Vita confirmed in new Famitsu for spring 2012 JP launch
    2. Star Wars Galaxies fansite hacked - 23,000 logins posted
    3. US: 3DS Ambassador Program detailed
    4. New Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster short
    5. US News Wrap, August 30 - What Happened Today
    6. Tuesday Shorts II: Gears 3 controller, Left 4 Dead, Gunstringer demo, The Kore Gang
    7. US PS Store and Plus Update - Revelations MP beta date, The Baconing, GoW:Origins demo, CoD sale
    8. Resistance: Burning Skies has a Norman Rockwell vibe just before it's smashed by Chimera
    9. 343 sometimes had to do more than just tweak Halo: Anniversary's visuals
    10. Quick Quotes: Bioware on the action moments in Mass Effect 3
    11. Valve concerned with getting DotA 2 right, will worry about monetization later
    12. Kamiya tweets that Bayonetta 2 will be showing up in a magazine
    13. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure announced for 3DS
    14. Kinect bundle comes with Child of Eden download code
    15. Iwata: "I certainly do not think that Wii was able to cater to every gamer's needs"
    16. DICE: Don't worry about Battlefield 3 on console
    17. Dead Island comic prequel now available on the Marvel website
    18. Madden NFL 12: Touch down in US, reviews rounded-up
    19. Gearbox: "Soon, we'll talk about," the next Duke Nukem game, "but not today"
    20. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection gets a video
    21. DICE's Bach: Game's next big thing "is not 3D, for sure"
    22. EA games returning to Steam: "Never say never," says Intat
    23. European News Wrap, August 30 - What happened today
    24. House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut contains Creeping Flesh
    25. The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles contains new story, treasure hunting, birds
    26. DICE: The Mirror's Edge "dream is definitely still there"
    27. SOE wants Star Wars: Galaxies to go out with a bang
    28. Kevin Butler returns to PlayStation in new ad campaign
    29. THQ to publish Make Something Unreal winner The Haunted: Hell's Reach
    30. Hirshberg: Not all studio analysis periods are "a fait accompli"
    31. GameStop selling Driver: San Francisco for just over ?20
    32. Gaikai teams with CDP for Witcher II demo, PC version nearly hits 1 million sales
    33. We're seeing Battlefield 3 at DICE - content incoming
    34. Report - Guild Wars 2 to allow player-made PvP servers
    35. Driver: San Francisco gets movie director trailer ahead of Friday's release
    36. THQ announces WWE All Stars 3DS for fall release
    37. BioWare: Dragon Age III's story all about "saving the world from itself"
    38. Professor Layton and the Last Specter gets trailered
    39. Blizzard can still "build and sustain" WoW subs base despite decrease
    40. UK charts: Beast defeated - Deus Ex takes down Zumba
    41. Batman: Arkham City PC still releasing under Games for Windows Live
    42. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade to launch in Japan next month
    43. BULLETCAST, August 30 - What you need to know now
    44. AU News Wrap, August 30 - What happened today
    45. Violent, Fast & Kick-Ass: Hands On with Anarchy Reigns
    46. Walmart to honour $249 Xbox 360 deal until next week despite error
    47. Tuesday Shorts - Deus Ex giggles, board games, and music
    48. Portal 2 PC sold better than console SKU, says Valve
    49. Sega's Nagoshi planning big pre-TGS announcement tomorrow
    50. Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers coded puzzle
    51. Four slots left in $1 million Call of Duty XP tournament
    52. Dishonored allows pure stealth, no-kill approach
    53. Moore: NBA Elite "not walking off the court crying"
    54. Australia: Last chance entry to 3DS Ambassador Program
    55. Mass Effect 3 will be the end of Commander Shepard
    56. Quick Quotes - Dark Souls as a 'super mean sensei'
    57. Counter-strike: Global Offensive to feature ranked matchmaking
    58. Metro: Last Light won't be a "flawed masterpiece"
    59. Fake - Modern Warfare 3 to sport 32 player deathmatch, "Bomb Mode"
    60. Battlefield 3: Troedsson talks frame rate, Origin, and mod tools
    1. Minecraft not on Steam due to restrictive ToS
    2. The Secret World beta registrations open up - details
    3. Pre-order Sony 3D TV bundle before Sep 30, get Resistance 3 for free
    4. Off-screen Uncharted 3 gameplay video features sandstorms
    5. God of War: Origins demo releasing on PSN tomorrow for PS Plus subs
    6. Professor Layton and the Last Specter, Tetris: Axis dated for US
    7. Special Skyward Sword bundle to ship with Gold Wiimote Plus
    8. European News Wrap, August 29 - What happened today
    9. Steamworks support confirmed for Modern Warfare 3
    10. Rockstar drops new Max Payne 3 screenshots
    11. Microsoft announces $30 Gears of War 3 "Season Pass"
    12. Namco Bandai teasing new game announcement with Tecmo Koei
    13. Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition listed by Japanese Retailer
    14. Hawken gets new teaser trailer
    15. BioWare to begin SWTOR beta weekends this Friday
    16. BULLETCAST, August 29 - What you need to know now
    17. AU News Wrap, August 29 - What Happened Today
    18. THQ opens public poll for UFC Undisputed 3 cover athlete
    19. Monday Shorts - Farewell PAX edition, socks, David Jaffe swears
    20. New Monster Hunter announcements expected for TGS, says analyst firm
    21. "What the hell is MLG?": The Wide World of eSports
    22. Skyrim 360 to come in one disc, says Bethesda
    23. Borderlands 2 to be one third bigger than first game
    24. Lollipop Chainsaw gets five minute off-screen video from PAX
    25. FIFA 12 TV ad gets airing during Man Utd-Arsenal match
    26. Baker-led Brothers in Arms title being made at Gearbox
    27. Deus Ex: Human Revolution message teased
    28. Assassin's Creed: Revelations to answer seven of ten questions
    29. Starhawk gameplay footage out of Comic-Con
    30. Persona 4 announce teased
    31. Deus Ex: Human Revolution storming Steam charts
    32. 2K: "F**k it, we're gonna go all out" with The Darkness II
    33. Mojang sketches outline of Scrolls economy
    34. Dead Island's items and crafting to appeal to RPG fans
    35. Amazon posts Silent Hill: Downpour release date, cover art
    36. Gearbox gives out free Borderlands 2 codes, demands oath of loyalty
    37. Guild Wars 2 to let noobs and veterans play together
    1. Borderlands PC patch to bring Steamworks and metric collection
    2. Team Ninja considering Vita Ninja Gaiden release
    3. MLG: Raleigh Pro Circuit live streaming now
    4. New art-based Halo 4 trailer airs at PAX panel – watch
    1. US News Wrap, August 27 - What Happened Today
    2. Weapons and armor won't suffer degradation in Skryim
    3. SWTOR walkthrough video takes you through the Eternity Vault
    4. Crimson Alliance to cost $15 for full class access, $10 for one character
    5. Mass Effect 3 - Default Female Shepard is a redhead
    6. Saturday Shorts: Castle Crashers, Warlock, Bit.Trip Saga, Homefront, StarCraft 2
    7. Marketing survey suggests Disney's assessing interest in Epic Mickey 2
    8. Quick Quotes: Gearbox on deathmatchs in Borderlands 2
    9. Turbine releases new Isengard shots and developer diary
    10. Minecraft update to include NPCs, more lethal spiders, silverfish
    11. First look at PSN Pass voucher shows up online
    12. Watch an hour of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 live gameplay
    13. id's Willits on why "DLC’s important" for RAGE
    14. Video for Jurassic Park: The Game stars velociraptors and a determined T-Rex
    15. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes video introduces you to Felicia
    16. Newell discusses whether Steam will ever allow used game trade-ins
    17. Skyrim developer discusses Xbox 360 graphics, scale
    18. Mass Effect 3: PAX hands-on video, Mass Effect Universe art book announced
    19. Funcom releases beta recruitment video for The Secret World
    20. Valve releases six CS:GO screenshots from PAX - look
    1. US News Wrap, August 26 - What Happened Today
    2. Friday Shorts II: Mortal Kombat retrospective, Kevin Butler, Penny Arcade, Ultima
    3. Origin EULA revised with data collection for marketing purposes nixed
    4. Mass Effect 3 screens get out of PAX
    5. GameStop offers olive branch to customers affected by Deus Ex coupon bungle
    6. Grand Slam Tennis 2 shots show Djokovic, Federer and Sharapova
    7. Square reveals new gaming engine, Luminous
    8. Quick Quotes: Zeschuk on launching SWTOR
    9. Razer announces its gaming laptop, The Blade
    10. Square officially announces Quantum Conundrum
    11. Quick Shots: Trine 2 screenshots are rather lovely
    12. Halo Fest details 3D, maps for Halo: Anniversary, updates to Reach
    13. Human Evolution: Eyeborg talks Deus Ex documentary
    14. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Sandbox Mode screened, detailed
    15. PS3 passes 22 million units sold in Europe as price drop campaign gets into high gear
    16. Joker’s Carnival Challenge DLC for Arkham City is a Tesco-exclusive in the UK
    17. Driver: San Francisco reviews get rounded up
    18. European News Wrap, August 26 - What happened today
    19. Microsoft nabs timed exclusivity deal for Skyrim DLC
    20. Business model revealed for The Secret World, beta sign-ups start today
    21. Torchlight 2 priced, final class announced
    22. Gridlock: Final Gears of War 3 map revealed with screens, b-roll footage
    23. Schafer credits Amnesia Fortnights sessions with saving Double Fine
    24. PES 2012 demo - Me versus Man Utd in HD
    25. Animus Edition of Assassin’s Creed Revelations gets trailered
    26. Halo 4 Warthog to feature in Forza 4
    27. Weekend tickets for PlayStation Access still available
    28. GameStation website reboots with ?99 360 offer
    29. Deus Ex launch: Square releases real-life augmentation doc
    30. Asura's Wrath gets half-hour gameplay video from gamescom
    31. Ratchet & Clank: All4One gets new weapons trailer
    32. BULLETCAST, August 25 – What you need to know now
    33. Pre-TGS Valkyria Chronicles news coming soon
    34. AU News Wrap, August 26 - What happened today
    35. New RAGE video focuses on Gearheads
    36. Friday Shorts - CoD Elite stuff up, Decide-o-tron lives, Escape From City 17
    37. Final Fantasy Type-0 delayed by two weeks in Japan
    38. Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC patch to reduce load times
    39. CS: GO’s first trailer is live, details drops from playtest
    40. Pushing boundaries: Gearbox on Borderlands 2
    41. XCOM E3 demo walkthrough shows off RPG elements
    42. Vampires return in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    43. Playdead's new game over three years away, to use Unity
    44. Twisted Metal trailer introduces Dollface
    45. DmC a true, "intense" collaboration with Capcom
    46. Deus Ex: Human Revolution brings "flood" of new users to OnLive
    47. More PSOne Classics and console-like games coming to Xperia Play
    48. Zelda producer excited by Wii U features
    49. Peggle passes 30 million milestone
    50. Battlefield 3 to sport "thousands" of custom weapons
    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution aims for shades of grey
    2. Research firm finds "plenty of life" in consoles
    3. EA Labels backs Vita over 3DS
    4. US News Wrap, August 25 - What Happened Today
    5. Blacklight Retribution trailer shows a mech having a bad day
    6. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Ultimate Bundle listed by GameStop
    7. Closure trailer shows how to manipulate light in the puzzle-platformer
    8. Thursday Shorts II: Borderlands 75% off, Beyond the Labyrinth, Wing Commander
    9. Crimson Alliance video introduces you to Direwolf the mage
    10. SOE releases EQII game update 61, a revamped free trial
    11. PSA: Beta sign-ups for The Secret World start tomorrow
    12. Original Portal creator Kim Swift's Quantum Conundrum revealed
    13. RIFT is 6 months old, celebrate by playing for free and getting it for $4.99
    14. Dark Souls prologue vid starts at the beginning
    15. OnLive handing out its game system for free at PAX this weekend
    16. HP TouchPad: It’s cheap, but is there a point for gamers?
    17. Watch Nolan North unbox the Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition
    18. Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets new cinematic PAX trailer - watch
    19. PS Home director believes the future is the free-to-play market
    20. BloodRayne: Betrayal hitting XBLA on September 7
    21. Twisted Metal given February 14 US release date
    22. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will make use of Kinect and standard 360 controller
    23. European News Wrap, August 25 - What happened today
    24. Gearbox's Martel on making Aliens: Colonial Marines a bit of a fright
    25. Rumour: 360 4Gb dropping to $249 from next week
    26. Pre-order Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns get an Alpaca
    27. Global Agenda's largest expansion yet given fall release date, free for all players
    28. Dropkick Murphys to open Call of Duty XP event with performance
    29. WRC 2 in-game footage trailer and screens released
    30. Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road, Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal given release dates
    31. Sonic CD announced for winter release on consoles, PC, iOS and Android
    32. PSA: Brink pre-order goodies now DLC through Steam, XBL
    33. Job listing for next Treyarch game calls for "an expert understanding of the Call of Duty universe"
    34. Gameloft provides details, video for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
    35. Serious Sam 3: BFE trailer shows different ways to dispatch of monsters
    36. Bethesda confirms same-sex marriages for Skyrim
    37. Euro Trine 2 PC set to launch in Q4
    38. Neverdead gets TGS trailer, new screens
    39. New Atlus teaser site hints at something Persona related
    40. Konami bringing four Vita titles to TGS, details line-up
    41. BULLETCAST, August 24 – What you need to know now
    42. Weak PS3 UK performance "something we want to address," says new SCEE boss
    43. Battlefield 3 playable at Insomnia43 this weekend
    44. With or without Jobs, Apple is the next major games firm
    45. Valve: MS needs to be "comfortable" in opening up Xbox Live
    46. Porsche blocked from Forza Motorsport 4 by EA deal
    47. Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits Europe - all the scores
    48. PixelJunk Sidescroller gets new trailer
    49. Warner to give away custom Arkham City 360 at PAX this weekend
    50. Crash, Bang, Wallop: Hands-On with Burnout Crash
    51. Peggle HD hits iPad, immediately goes on sale
    52. Capcom unleashes half-hour Dragon's Dogma video from gamescom
    53. AU News Wrap, August 25 - What happened today
    54. OnLive update adds parental controls, group chat
    55. Japanese Charts - PS3 up, 3DS down but still on top
    56. Thursday Shorts - Skyrim's "stuff", name that Spicy Horse game, Kojima Tweets
    57. Wolfenstein Classic dropped from Austrian, Swiss App Stores
    58. Mass Effect 3 features a terribad ending option
    59. Third Prey 2 developer commentary trailer released
    60. The Sims Social passes 7 million MAUs
    61. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine demo trailers ramp up the hype
    62. Team Fortress gets 15th birthday celebrations
    63. Canada: $299 Xbox 360 bundle out tomorrow
    1. Core shaken - Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO
    2. US News Wrap, August 24 - What Happened Today
    3. Wednesday Shorts II: Mtn. Dew, Barcraft, games as literature, Deus Ex patch, Home
    4. The Space Marine demo on PS3 - HD video and narration
    5. New Diablo III community site launched
    6. Frostbite gives Need for Speed: The Run a more detailed, cinematic environment
    7. Bioware discusses temptation, and art direction in SWTOR
    8. Filia and Cerebella showcased in latest Skullgirls videos
    9. Microsoft's "not keen," on formerly exclusive-PSN titles hitting XBL
    10. GameStop pulls Deus Ex PC from retail over OnLive code
    11. August UDK beta released, kit has been installed 900,000 times
    12. Skyrim face creator hitting PAX, game contains the possibility of avengement
    13. Telltale expands into PS3 and Wii publishing
    14. DICE: No home servers for Battlefield 3 on PC
    15. Kinect Star Wars and R2D2 Xbox 360 bundle delayed
    16. European News Wrap, August 24 - What happened today
    17. Steam officially offering refunds for From Dust over DRM troubles
    18. Origin end-user agreement doesn't allow you to opt out of data collection
    19. PES 2012 demo hits PC, Xbox 360 version sees a delay
    20. Quick shots: Dishonored gets more honorable in new post-gamescom shots
    21. Euro PS Store update, August 24 - SFIII: Third Strike, Space Marine, PES 2012, special offers
    22. Yoshida: Sony to have "continuous supply of software" for Vita, mistakes learnt from PSP
    23. 999 team making successor for Vita and 3DS
    24. New Xbox 360 Monster Hunter bundle announced for Japan
    25. Nagoshi: Yakuza unlikely to move to 360
    26. Harmonix "doing pretty good" with music licensing despite MTV break-up
    27. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Vita to share save data with PS3 version
    28. Ingham quits CVG, returns to Intent
    29. Konami to hold Japanese press conference tomorrow
    30. Capcom drops 15 minutes of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 footage
    31. BULLETCAST, August 24 – What you need to know now
    32. Wednesday Shorts - NASA's MMO, Kirby Wii, Hirshberg on social gaming
    33. Deus Ex PC includes code for OnLive edition
    34. UK: 160 GB PlayStation 3 Slim on sale now for ?165
    35. Insomniac "can definitely see" handing off Resistance to another developer
    36. AU News Wrap, August 24 - What Happened Today
    37. POWER: Kanye West to perform at Call of Duty XP
    38. Vive la Résistance: Hands-on with Sony's Chimeric shooter
    39. Dungeon Defenders gets October 19 release date
    40. Assassin's Creed: Revelations gamescom demo - now with commentary
    41. Sony: Consumers not interested in poor quality 3D
    42. Little King's Story sequel in the works for PS Vita
    43. First Bungie Aerospace game arrives next week
    44. Battlefield 3 TDM capped at 24 players on PC
    45. Deus Ex: Human Revolution director bemoans flawed AI
    46. See 40 minutes of gamescom DOTA 2 stream
    47. Guild Wars 2 to feature over 1,500 dynamic events
    48. Final Fantasy XIII-2 leads supply trailer commentary
    49. Portal short film is amazing
    50. US PS Store Update, August 23 - Resistance 3, PSN PLAY, Parasite Eve II
    1. Deadly Premonition creator keen on sequel, prequel, and re-release
    2. Theme Park reinvented as free-to-play iOS game
    3. House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut refused classification in Australia
    4. US News Wrap, August 23 - What Happened Today
    5. Reuters: Less expensive iPhone 4 heading to China, iPhone 5 heading to Sprint
    6. 2K Sports releases a Legends trailer for NBA 2K12
    7. The Secret World to contain persistent, large-scale PvP warzones
    8. DOTA 2 beta: Press to be added in "a few weeks"
    9. Ubisoft bringing Might & Magic, Revelations, Rayman, Rocksmith, more to PAX
    10. Quick Quotes: A next-gen wish-list from John Carmack
    11. Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer is full of screaming, action
    12. First in-game multiplayer video released for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
    13. Serious Sam 3: BFE release date confirmed with pre-order discount
    14. Coming soon to XBL Marketplace: Call of Duty sales
    15. PSA: Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online hits XBLA and PSN
    16. Sonic 4: Episode 2 release date coming in 2012
    17. Insomniac's Allgiar describes Overstrike as an imaginative new IP
    18. European News Wrap, August 23 - What happened today
    19. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection release date confirmed
    20. Sega to "continue reinvention of classic IP" over next 3 to 5 years
    21. GamersFirst and IGS releasing APB at North America retail
    22. Weekly Famitsu to feature Vita announcements leading up to TGS
    23. New Supremacy MMA screens and trailer released
    24. Tuesday Shorts II: MW3 sunglasses, SingStore, Dinosaurs, Type-0
    25. Black Ops: Rezurrection pack now available from Live
    26. Epic wrote two endings for Carmine in case of another Gears of War 3 leak
    27. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine demo goes up on XBL
    28. "Rock Band's not dead," says Harmonix's Drake - details
    29. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown hitting XBL, PSN next summer
    30. Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising begins
    31. Grasshopper releases screens, video for Black Knight Sword
    32. Sword of the Stars II gets opening cinematic
    33. Nintendo pre-TGS event whispers sees stock rise
    34. LucasArts hiring for development on "open-world RPG"
    35. BULLETCAST, August 23 – What you need to know now
    36. Report: Sonic CD XBLA port to be announced at PAX
    37. PlayStation Home to reboot as social games platform
    38. Full 12 minute Metro: Last Light gameplay video does the rounds
    39. AU News Wrap, August 23 - What happened today
    40. Ubisoft picks up Shoot Many Robots
    41. Capcom bringing Street Fighter x Tekken, Dragon's Dogma, Asura, more to PAX
    42. RAGE against the machine: Tim Willits on id's latest
    43. Tuesday Shorts - Deus Ex clothes, Driver PSN, Portal 2 proposal
    44. Penny Arcade announces Decide-o-tron 8000
    45. Codemasters recruits Freddie Wong for Bodycount trailer
    46. DmC's Dante is "more of a street brawler" than his older self
    47. Free CryEngine 3 SDK downloaded over 100,000 times
    48. Gunstringer gamescom trailer is pistol poppin' fun
    49. Saints Row: Money Shot outed by AU classification
    50. Jurassic Park: The Game due November 15
    51. Lack of fan demand saw Silent Hill 4 left out of HD Collection
    52. Ex-Bullfrog dev's landscaping game is gorgeous
    53. 75 percent of Xperia Play owners buy games
    54. Rumour - Twin-stick 3DS hardware revision inbound
    55. From Dust PC DRM to be removed by patch
    56. Serious Sam Double D launch trailer is bananas
    57. RAGE PS3 requires 8GB install
    58. Dragon's Dogma all action in direct feed gameplay footage
    59. Batman: Arkham City bonus Robin skins revealed
    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution platform load times compared
    2. Dark Souls trailer rocks out to The Silent Comedy
    3. Analysts dismiss concerns of PS3 price cut impact on Vita sales
    4. Square Enix going to announce Portal co-creator's next at PAX Prime
    5. Sony: Players will have "dangerous kinds of interactivity" in ten years time
    6. New Awesomenauts trailer released
    7. European News Wrap, August 22 - What happened today
    8. Na'Vi wins inaugural Dota 2 championships
    9. PES 2012 to get two demos before launch
    10. Star Wars Kinect - Off-screen video from MS Play Day
    11. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Off-screen footage from MS Play Day
    12. Gears of War 3: Horde 2.0 shown off in Cologne at MS Play Day - video inside
    13. Skyrim to get first public hands-on in Europe at Eurogamer Expo
    14. Report - Gearbox to reboot Duke Nukem after Colonial Marines wraps
    15. F1 2011 trailer tells story of 2011 season so far, confirms safety car
    16. Report - PS3 UK sales up by 65 percent following price-cut
    17. The Great 2011 VG247 Reader Survey - do it now
    18. Virgin Gaming to give €3 million in cash, prizes next year
    19. Namco Bandai forms start-up with DeNA
    20. Ubisoft: Ghost Recon reboot due to changing shooter market
    21. Skype-Live integration not in the "near-future," says Xbox Live EU boss
    22. Gearbox given "a lot of freedom" by Fox to Aliens: Colonial Marines
    23. UK charts: Zumba gets 13th week up top
    24. BULLETCAST, August 22 – What you need to know now
    25. Blizzard: StarCraft DOTA mod "completely rebooted"
    26. Cullen vs Dance Central 2 - With added Harmonix
    27. OXM: Fable IV set for 2013 release
    28. AU News Wrap, August 22 - What happened today
    29. Parasite Eve II confirmed for PSN release
    30. The Force is Strong in This One: Talking to Greg Zeschuk
    31. UFC Undisputed 3 trailer shows new moves
    32. IO: Past Hitman games sometimes "just failed"
    33. Videogame History Museum project in jeopardy
    34. King of Fighters tutorial videos now available
    35. Owl Boy demo available now
    36. Gameloft to go universal with iOS releases
    37. Obsidian: Traditional RPG design encourages 'degenerate behaviour'
    38. DOOM 4 single player to have half frame rate of multiplayer
    39. PSP E-1000 tech specs reveal fewer features, greater mass
    40. 3DS Ambassador Program registration still open in Europe
    41. Skyrim's interface, crafting and Fallout 3 recycling explained
    1. Put your crew to work in Star Wars: The Old Republic
    2. Monolith talks Gotham City Impostors customisation
    3. Razer viral campaign teases Friday reveal
    4. Adrift unveiled at gamescom
    5. Gamescom 2011 hits 275,000 attendees
    1. US News Wrap, August 20 - What Happened Today
    2. Quick Shots: GoldenEye 007: Reloaded gamescom screens
    3. Binary Domain dated for February 14 in US, February 17 in Europe
    4. LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack detailed a bit more, landing September 14
    5. Saturday Shorts: Trophies, BF3 iPhone, Deus Ex pre-load, NBA 2K12
    6. Cross-platform play with CS: Global Offensive is "certainly our goal", says Newell
    7. Quick Quotes: No Bruce Wayne because Arkham City is a action game, not a business simulator
    8. Guild Wars 2 video shows a battle with a dragon called Tequatl the Sunless
    9. CCP explains how microtransactions will work in Dust 514
    10. Wilson: How EA Sports is evolving at "internet speed" to deliver on-demand experiences
    11. Mass Effect 3: Bioware "looking to bring back" characters you interacted with in the series
    12. Call of Duty: Elite shots show various profile aspects
    13. Nielsen research reveals most minutes spent on PC games, consoles in the US
    14. EA: Once pre-orders for SWTOR "are gone, they are gone"
    15. Koelnmesse hits capacity for gamescom, entrances closed
    16. Haunt from NanaOn-Sha shown at Sydney Opera House
    17. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine videos depict a Dark Future
    18. Watch the opening cinematic for Gears of War 3
    19. The Weekly Wrap - Gamescom ultra-analyzed
    1. US News Wrap, August 19 - What Happened Today
    2. Friday Shorts II: Gears 3 gold, iPad 3, W8, more post-it wars, Spyro shots
    3. Leaked teaser trailer shows I Am Alive
    4. Quick Quotes: Dragon Age 3 to be a marriage between Origins and DA2
    5. SWTOR PvP video featuring Huttball released
    6. Quick Quotes: EA's Jeff Brown responds to Eric Hirshberg's gamescom keynote
    7. Konami releases Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater gamescom walkthrough
    8. GAME to carry Modern Warfare 3 Intel Pack exclusively
    9. Quick Shots: Street Fighter x Tekken gamecom screens
    10. Gameplay trailer for PES 2012 gets out of gamescom
    11. Cross-game chat isn't possible on PS3 due to RAM restrictions
    12. The Baconing: Dated for Steam, XBL, new screens
    13. New Xbox 360 dashboard is called Twist Control, has less cluttered interface
    14. Watch Borderlands 2 livestream from gamescom
    15. Newell: Sony should be rewarded for allowing third-party PSN integration
    16. EU News Wrap, August 19 - What Happened Today
    17. Smooth Criminal Edition of Saints Row The Thirds listed at EB Games Australia
    18. Indestructible: DICE's Karl Troedsson on Battlefield 3
    19. New Thrustmaster racing wheel and gear shifter, "aggressive and complete"
    20. Battlefield 3 in-game server browser for consoles, not PC
    21. Persona 3 Portable hitting PSN in Europe September 7
    22. Watch or read Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg's gamescom keynote online
    23. Prototype 2 gets storyline catch-up video
    24. Just Dance 3 latest track list is random
    25. GameStop testing console game streaming service
    26. Asura's Wrath interview: "How am I going to fight with zero arms?"
    27. Need for Speed World gamescom trailer, shiny things
    28. BULLETCAST, August 19 – The gamescom thoughts video
    29. Deus Ex: HR in-game items for Team Fortress 2
    30. Friday Shorts - The Glorious Past Edition
    31. Borderlands 2 interview: story integration and revelling in the ridiculous
    32. Gamescom gets dates for 2012
    33. Burnout Crash trailer features exemplary driving
    34. AU News Wrap, August 19 - What happened today
    35. Drake's Success: Naughty Dog's Meyer on Uncharted 3
    36. Japanese Charts: 3DS software boosted by console price cut
    37. Sony: There's a "real strong" market for rich portable gaming
    38. Cryptic details transition to Perfect World subsidiary
    39. Resistance: Burning Skies dev finds Vita not that different to PS3
    40. Kinect titles rake in sales, Europe not as keen on Dance Central
    41. Frobisher Says "play my stupid video game"
    42. Microsoft hasn't given up on Japanese Xbox fans
    43. Moore: "We don't have to outsell Call of Duty"
    44. EA teases "a couple" of classic property revivals
    45. Analysts point to Australian games industry growth
    46. Watch nine minutes of Assassin's Creed: Revelations' gamescom demo
    47. Driver: San Francisco Shift mechanic drove coma plot
    1. Atari reshuffles to power social and mobile push
    2. US News Wrap, August 18 - What Happened Today
    3. Gamescom trailer treasures unearthed - World of Tanks, Planetside 2, more
    4. EA's The Sims Social goes live with more than 4.8 million MAUs
    5. MW3: Spec Ops Survival co-op and multiplayer detailed a bit, videoed
    6. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair hitting PSN next month
    7. Players apparently need to be online in order to experience From Dust
    8. Quick Shots: Tekken 3D Prime Edition
    9. Silent Hill: Book of Memories shots are interesting
    10. Quick Shots: Once Upon a Monster, still adorable
    11. Shots of new PSP model E-1000 emerge
    12. Black Ops: Rezurrection video shows research in the zombie labs
    13. Cobalt - Mojang's first third-party title announced
    14. Microsoft: More revenue comes from transactions "than the subscription space"
    15. GameStop sales down 3.1%, digital sales up 69%
    16. First Portal 2 DLC expected in mid-September
    17. Thursday Mega-Shorts: Payday dated, Trine 2 trailer, an awful lot more
    18. Quick Quotes: Content dumping is a disservice to gamers, says Gearbox - UPDATED
    19. Video for updated Xbox 360 dashboard released out of gamescom
    20. Battlefield 3 facts sheet lists all sorts of weapons, 9 multiplayer maps
    21. Resistance 3 developer diary discusses human weapons
    22. EU News Wrap, August 18 - What Happened Today
    23. Uncharted 3 demo: Check out 8 minutes of gamescom direct feed footage
    24. Rage HD iOS free for one week
    25. 40% off The Witcher 2 during gamescom
    26. Turning 10: Chris Lewis on Xbox's past, present, future
    27. Quick Shots - Metro: Last Light screens are gorgeously bleak
    28. Quick Shots - The Secret World, Burton-esque fantasy with guns
    29. Bodycount dev on shredding cover, lack of in-game females
    30. Quick shots - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon sports pink choppers
    31. Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC region-locked, disc size to blame
    32. Quick shots - Ridge Racer Unbounded screens race in
    33. Quick shots - Inversion art goes upside down
    34. GDC Europe 2011 attracts 2,100 attendees, returns next year
    35. Gamescom trailers show Armored Core V in action
    36. 47 returns: IO's Blystad on bringing back Hitman
    37. Sun setting on 360's retail presence in Japan
    38. Darksiders 2 announcement trailer and screens
    39. Quick shots - Soul Calibur V shines in gamescom screens
    40. US PS Plus updates bring Resistance 3 and AC: Revelations multiplayer betas
    41. Quick Shots - Prototype 2 screens are action-packed
    42. New F2P company founded by former Frogstar CEO
    43. BULLETCAST, August 18 - What you need to know now
    44. X-Men: Destiny "Powers" trailer introduces new characters, explosions
    45. New Windows Phone 7 OS to add more Xbox Live features
    46. Saints Row: The Third trailer introduces "The Walking Apocalypse"
    47. CryEngine 3 SDK: download now for free
    48. Blizzard DOTA finally dropping "near the launch" of Heart of the Swarm
    49. AU News Wrap - What happened today
    50. Fan service: Gearbox's Martel on Aliens: Colonial Marines
    51. Blizzard still in early stages of Diablo III console project, "very, very serious" about doing it
    52. Ubisoft gamescom asset mega-dump: Driver, Assassin's Creed, and Future Soldier
    53. Diablo III to feature Inferno difficulty setting
    54. No splitscreen for Battlefield 3 co-op
    55. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 expansion inbound
    56. EA cleans up at gamescom 2011 Awards
    57. Konami gamescom assets megadump - MGS, Neverdead, PES 2012, more
    58. Tekken 3D Prime Edition to ship with full-length film
    59. Quick shots - Lollipop Chainsaw is rainbows and sparkles
    60. A peek at KojiPro's new Fox Engine
    1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to use Steamworks
    2. FemShep fan feedback sought again
    3. Vita tech specs laid out
    4. US News Wrap, August 17 - What Happened Today
    5. Wednesday Shorts II: Isengard, Dead Island, DDO, Notch, Deathwing
    6. Blizzard feels it failed with StarCraft II marketplace
    7. BioShock: Infinite gamescom screens are all about Elizabeth
    8. Gamescom 2011: Namco liveblog - We're live!
    9. Ubisoft gamescom trailers: Rabbids, Tintin, Rayman
    10. Quick Shots: War in the North gamescom screens, renders
    11. Activision isn't too pleased about EA's public "mudslinging"
    12. Quick Quotes: Blizzard on Mists of Pandaria trademark
    13. SEGA gamescom screenshot and video extravaganza
    14. Blizzard: No Starcraft MMO planned right now
    15. Diablo III beta still on slate for September
    16. Quick Shots: Far Cry 3 gets Gamescom screens
    17. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded MI6 Ops Mode gets trailered
    18. Quick Shots: Batman: Arkham City screens are rather chilly
    19. Newell: "We really want to show [EA] there’s a lot of value titles on Steam"
    20. Black Knight Sword announced by Grasshopper Manufacturer
    21. Ubisoft changes Driver: San Francisco's DRM policy
    22. Witcher 2: Version 2.0 dated, included in 360, new trailer
    23. No cross-faction communication available in SWTOR planet chat channels
    24. Modern Warfare 3 PC to have dedicated servers
    25. European News Wrap, August 17 - What Happened Today
    26. Assassin's Creed Revelations gamescom trailer
    27. Project Postman revealed as War of the Roses
    28. Zelda: Four Swords free for all
    29. Quick Shots: Borderlands 2 shows off its style
    30. Silent Hill on Vita will be a top-down, multiplayer experience
    31. Guild Wars 2 gamescom assets are just gorgeous
    32. Quick Shots: Lady in Dishonored needs to look behind her
    33. Gamescom 2011: Sony's Yoshida on the PS3 cut and more
    34. Pandora's Tower, The Last Story dated in Nintendo European release schedule
    35. Silent Hill HD Collection to appear on Xbox 360, simultaneous release intended
    36. Watch the DOTA 2 championship taking place at gamescom
    37. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword landing Nov. 18 in Europe, Nov. 20 in the US
    38. Rumour: Social games giant Zynga to acquire mobile dev Astro Ape
    39. Wii re-design dumps backwards compatibility
    40. Dark Souls gamescom screens show combat, character creation
    41. Analyst: Aussies to enjoy videogame price drop "by early 2012"
    42. BULLETCAST, August 17 - What you need to know now
    43. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron reviews full of praise
    44. Might and Magic Heroes VI gamescom trailer
    45. Carbine announces Wildstar, aims at MMO reinvention
    46. Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon gets US launch date
    47. AU News Wrap, August 17 - What happened today
    48. The Secret World gamescom trailer brings factions together
    49. Wednesday Shorts - Bj?rk, Laura Vandervoot, Catherine redub
    50. Microsoft looking into German Gears of War releases
    51. Catherine slated for Australian release
    52. WipEout 2048 gamescom trailer shows Vita in action
    53. Starhawk gamescom trailer goes Western
    54. Age of Empires Online Season Pass announced
    55. Quick shots - Aliens: Colonial Marines screens ooze atmosphere
    56. Sony expects true interaction, AI, and holographs in ten years
    57. US News Wrap, August 16 - What Happened Today
    58. Carmageddon dev prioritises IP retention
    59. Journey gamescom trailer is hauntingly beautiful
    60. Arkane: FPS games like Dishonored were at one time a hard sell to publishers
    61. Deus Ex: Human Revolution's colour scheme explained
    62. “There’s plenty of potential to do more” Gears, says MS
    63. Industry vet predicts death of single-player by 2014
    64. Twisted Metal and Uncharted trailers with Priest Unrated on Blu-ray
    65. Sony getting into the 99 cents movie rental business
    1. Spider-Man: The Edge of Time video features Val Kilmer
    2. Vitastic: Hands-on with first-party Vita titles at Sony event
    3. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes announced for PC
    4. Quick quotes - Chris Taylor hails F2P as PC gaming's future
    5. Analyst: PS3 price cut to spur industry
    6. Vita devkits cost much less than kits for PSP and PS3
    7. Sony gamescom asset extravaganza II: Smart As, LBP2, LBP Vita, Medieval Moves, more
    8. Warface to see Western release
    9. Driver: San Francisco demo preview video
    10. Resistance: Burning Skies screens from gamescom
    11. InFamous 2: Festival of Blood gamescom art and trailer
    12. Dota 2 beta sign-ups now available
    13. Sony gamescom asset extravaganza: Twisted Metal, WipEout 2048, Sly Cooper, more
    14. Kinect Star Wars to offer “finesse” in combat for core gamers
    15. Batch of new Dragon's Dogma screen shots
    16. Quick shots: Yves Guillemot checking out Vita
    17. Rare: Kinect Sports 2 still "a Rare game at heart”
    18. Able Gamers announcing game controllers for disabled at PAX
    19. Uncharted 3 shots and trailer sneak out of gamescom
    20. Funcom MMO, The Secret World, Beta Signup Starts Aug. 26
    21. Ninja Gaiden 3 to fully support PlayStation Move
    22. Sony announces Escape Plan for Vita
    23. PlayStation Vita Ubisoft launch lineup announced
    24. Amazon leaks 25% PS3 price cut?
    25. New trailer for Need for Speed: The Run
    26. Gamescom 2011- Sony conference sees PS3 drop to ?199
    27. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gets new trailer, coming Feb 7, 2012
    28. Forza 4 screens and making of Hockenheim video released
    29. SSX MP details 100,000 player events, trailer, pre-order perks
    30. Mass Effect 3 gamescom screens and video released
    31. Nintendo adds four games to "Nintendo Select" value collection
    32. BF3 64-multiplayer video and co-op screens
    33. EU News Wrap, August 16 - What Happened Today
    34. FIFA Street first look trailer
    35. Why Epic hasn't made Shadow Complex 2
    36. Ultimate MvC3 trailer debuts Dr. Strange, Nemesis
    37. FIFA 12 gamescom gameplay trailer
    38. Gamescom 2011 – EA press conference: BF3, ME3, SWTOR
    39. Otherland announcement trailer is out of this world
    40. Quick Shots: Gears of War 3 shots escape gamescom
    41. PSA: Age of Empires Online launches today
    42. Bodycount demo now available on XBL
    43. Dance Central 2 due October 21, gamescom trailer and art
    44. Kinectimals coming to Windows Phone 7 with cats and bears
    45. Resident Evil: Revelations stars in gamescom media blowout
    46. Halo Anniversary Maps to be exportable, available separately as DLC
    47. Batman: Arkham City to be compatible with 3D TVs and PCs
    48. Epic developing five new games, enthused about PC as a "primary platform"
    49. Gunstringer at retail "because it felt like a retail game," says Microsoft
    50. Prototype 2 - "take down the devil", plus gamescom teaser
    51. PopCap: Working on EA properties "would really make sense"
    52. MS Play Day: Trenched becomes Iron Brigade for EU release, more
    53. DmC to give Dante new backstory, make it a key game mechanic
    54. Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer flythrough
    55. Shane Kim: Console gaming will never "go away completely"
    56. Gamescom 2011: Microsoft press conference - we're live
    57. Dark Souls gamescom trailer, revel in brutality
    58. Video: Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer sneak peak
    59. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor finally debuts at gamescom
    60. Worms Crazy Golf exploding onto PSN, iOS and Steam
    61. Asura's Wrath Gamescom trailer shows Street Fighter style fighting
    62. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - gamescom trailer features Frank's Foto Facts
    63. DmC Devil May Cry gets gamescom trailer and screens
    64. Far Cry 3 video interview: Ubisoft Montreal talks narrative and game engine
    65. Report: 3DS price cut shifts 215,000 units in Japan in one week
    66. Harmonix title VidRhythm is an iOS release
    67. Minecraft Pocket Edition out now on Xperia Play
    68. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad trailer with added grandpa
    69. ArenaNet blog explains Guild Wars 2 feature changes ahead of gamescom demo
    70. BULLETCAST, August 16 - What you need to know now
    71. The Main Event: Toe-to-toe with THQ's Danny Bilson
    72. AU News Wrap, August 16 - What Happened Today
    73. Tuesday Shorts - Minecraft Xperia Play, Square Enix rebrand, Majesty iOS
    74. Borderlands 2 in first teaser trailer
    75. Soul Calibur V gamescom trailer is chockers with gameplay footage
    76. EA to acquire freemium mobile developer Bight Games
    77. Kojima tweets Zone of the Enders 3D image
    78. InSANE to be a Lovecraftian sandbox
    79. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine demo inbound
    80. Neverwinter delayed in Cryptic's Atari exit
    81. Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends to see Western release
    82. LEGO Universe celebrates F2P trial with dramatic trailer
    83. Heroes of Ruin gamescom trailer beats the rush
    84. Rumour - Ubisoft working on Project Osborn
    1. Report - Battlefield 3 Origin pre-orders score free game
    2. Tropico 4 US release windows locked down
    3. $5 million offered in next League of Legends season
    4. Gears of War 3 to have stereoscopic 3D, Microsoft upping 3D support
    5. IGF Chairman: We have a responsibility to support indie games
    6. DOTA 2 gamescom trailer is go
    7. Amnesia: The Dark Descent sells 400,000
    8. Upcoming Ikaruga model looks incredible
    9. Gamescom 2011 - The VG247 liveblog starts now
    10. Seven minutes of Hard Reset gameplay video
    11. Trials Evolution Playable at PAX Prime, GamesCom
    12. Planetside 2 details show it's still hardcore
    13. Sega announces its line-up of games for PAX Prime 2011
    14. Dance Central almost had its own hardware
    15. Bonus Content Revealed for Shadow of the Colossus and Ico HD
    16. Short new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer released
    17. Environment Artist's profile reveal first Agent screenshots
    18. Brink developer admits launch was rough
    19. New Street Fighter X Tekken trailer released
    20. Lollipop Chainsaw debut trailer is go
    21. Apple currently testing 4G LTE phones
    22. Silent Hill Downpour director says they're doing fine without composer Yamaoka
    23. Epic: Players who shared Gears of War 3 spoiler videos online might be banned from playing it
    24. European News Wrap, August 15 - What Happened Today
    25. Monday Shorts II - Gundam, Gallagher, Dragon Quest TV
    26. Image shows how far Elder Scrolls characters have come
    27. Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition details, PSN PLAY pre-order
    28. THQ shows off new WWE '12 gameplay footage
    29. Rumour: PS3 exclusive Eight Days gameplay footage leaked
    30. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HD 16-minutes of gameplay footage
    31. Football Manager 2012 announced
    32. Fenix nights: Gears of War 3 – four-player co-op hands-on
    33. CG Artist's profile mentions "Resident Evil 6"
    34. Castlevania: LoS producer working on two unannounced projects
    35. New Batman: Arkham City trailer reveals Mr.Freeze
    36. PS Vita "a car wreck" claims UFC Trainer dev
    37. Sonic Boom: Sega's Hayes on the future and more
    38. New Gotham City Impostors gameplay trailer
    39. Zavvi world-exclusive Metal Gear Solid HD Collection adds MGS1 & MGS4
    40. UK Charts: Zumba tops chart for ninth straight week
    41. Arkham City: 3D support and improved PhysX for PC
    42. GAME and Gamestation selling digital PS3 titles
    43. BULLETCAST, August 15 - What you need to know now
    44. Deus Ex: Human Revolution dev talks up the PC version
    45. Indie kings – The Pickfords win with Magnetic Billiards
    46. EA to stream tomorrow's gamescom presser
    47. AU News Wrap, August 15 - What Happened Today
    48. Monday Shorts - Vita accessories, Wii U trademarks, Carmack hearts this hardware gen
    49. Charges laid in London riots PSP mugging investigation
    50. Mass Effect 3 weapon mods to enable player choice
    51. ALRC publishes draft classifications reform policy guidelines
    52. Australia: Battle of the Clans entry now open
    53. Quick shots - Skyrim custom characters from QuakeCon
    54. The Witcher 2 PC Version 2.0 coming soon
    55. Red Orchestra 2 to continue free DLC and mod tools tradition
    56. Citizen Skywatch placeholder linked to Rockstar
    57. Sydney: NanaOn-Sha composer performing August 20
    58. Dead or Alive Dimensions SpotPass content returns today
    59. Facebook to overhaul games and reduce spam
    60. WWE 12 roster fleshed out with 60+ legends
    61. Counter-strike: Global Offensive details emerge from tester accounts
    1. Rumour: First DOTA 2 shots get out ahead of this week’s gamescom unveil
    2. Drop the flag - Hands-on with Ridge Racer Unbounded
    1. US News Wrap, August 13 - What Happened Today
    2. Saturday Shorts: Sales, RAGE, matte 360, LoL, Indies, Kratos
    3. Mortal Kombat sells close to 3 million units worldwide
    4. Interactive Champions video released for War in the North
    5. Guns of Icarus: Online cinematic trailer released
    6. Tommy to play an important role in Prey 2
    7. Borderlands 2 images hit the net
    8. Nintendo files patent for "Massively Single-Playing Online Game"
    9. Quick Quotes: Ken Levine on creating antagonists
    10. Quick Shots - The Dark Eye: Demonicon
    11. Analyst expects Vita to move 2.5 million units in Japan by end of March 2012
    12. Bethesda forums breached, passwords reset as a caution
    13. Rise of Nightmares video features a foul-mouthed granny
    14. Report - Battlefield 3 limits players to one profile per account
    15. Weekly Wrap – US sales hit 5-year low, CS:GO announced
    16. Turn away from the light - Hands-on with Dark Souls
    1. EA completes acquisition of PopCap
    2. US News Wrap, August 12 - What Happened Today
    3. Friday Shorts II: Bungie's Batman, WKCII, Fallout Boy, Your Highness, GW2
    4. Analyst says BioShock: Infinite has potential to move 4.9 million copies
    5. Details on the weapon manufacturers in Borderlands 2 revealed
    6. Saying packaged goods are dying is "a total exaggeration," according to SEGA's Hayes
    7. Check out some colorful characters in latest video for The Baconing
    8. MDK2 HD releasing via Beamdog in September
    9. Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    10. Jagged Alliance Online gamescom trailer shows gameplay and cinematics
    11. Dragon's Dogma screens show a ghoulish forest
    12. Joe Danger sequel to be shown at gamescom
    13. Nintendo: Ambassadors Program for Europe detailed
    14. European News Wrap, August 12 - What happened today
    15. Exclusive RAGE Collector's Pack available for pre-order at GAME
    16. Report - New round of funding could see Rovio worth $1.2 billion
    17. Pulled OXM reveal from February to happen next issue
    18. Wii U tablet patent shows magnetometer, IR port, built in flash
    19. New Eugen RTS Wargame: European Escalation announced
    20. 2011's superfight: How BF3's war on MW3 will play out
    21. Sony to stream gamescom press conference online
    22. Hayes: Sega to have two launch titles at Vita launch
    23. F2P F1 Online: The Game to launch next year
    24. gamescom 2011 to feature 550 exhibitors
    25. Child of Eden PS3 out September, will support 3D and Move - first movie
    26. Swing king - Hands-on with Zelda: Skyward Sword
    27. BULLETCAST, August 12 – What you need to know now
    28. PSA: Nintendo 3DS western price-cut takes hold from today
    29. DICE: Origin required to play retail copy of Battlefield 3
    30. Friday shorts: The ohmygodcologneisclose edition - F1 2011, MGS Collection, Splinter Cell
    31. AU News Wrap, August 12 - What Happened Today
    32. Rumour - Valve to release new Counter-strike game
    33. Minecon tickets on sale now
    34. Deus Ex: Human Revolution insists on tactical play
    35. Frank West talks celebrity years in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record trailer
    36. Might & Magic Heroes VI delayed into October
    37. Valve: DOTA community not "toxic", almost entirely "hardcore"
    38. Red Orchestra 2 passes classification uncut in Australia
    39. Xenoblade Chronicles Let's Play Episode 2 out now
    40. NIS America release schedule updated
    41. Zumba Fitness tops 3 million, first screens of Zumba 2
    42. Japanese Charts - 3DS takes dramatic dive, sports rule the charts
    43. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gamescom 2011 trailer unleashed
    44. Games live on Google+
    1. Report - US boxed game sales dropping sharply
    2. Human Revolution designer talks influence of Invisible War
    3. NPD: US physical sales fall 26%, 360 down 39% YOY
    4. RAGE to reward brand-new purchases with extra content
    5. US News Wrap, August 11 - What Happened Today
    6. Thursday Shorts II: Spyro, MotorStorm, Iran 1979, WoW, Total Recall, Witcher 2
    7. BF3 blog update discusses building the game "from the gun out"
    8. PowerUp members can trade-in old DS at GameStop, get a 3DS system for $99
    9. Quick Quotes: Avalanche on its downloadable games future
    10. Black Ops video goes behind the scenes of Rezurrection with Treyarch
    11. Battlefield 3 competition winners confirmed - please respond now!
    12. Freefalling gameplay video released for Saints Row: The Third
    13. Sonic 4: Episode 2 info coming “very soon,” says Sega West boss
    14. TrackMania 2: Canyon to release on September 14
    15. 2K to stream gamescom presentation live for Borderlands 2 premiere
    16. Rise of the Samurai DLC announced for Total War: Shogun 2
    17. End of Nations MMORTS to launch free-to-play
    18. European News Wrap, August 11 - What happened today
    19. Analyst firm expects SWTOR to move 3 million units in first year
    20. Dead Island: Prologue, skill trees and zombie slaughter videoed
    21. World of Tanks surpasses 5 million registered players
    22. Latest Rise of Isengard shots introduce us to Saruman
    23. Nintendo downloads August 11: Go! Go! Kokopolo, Super Adventure Island II
    24. Anderson: Most game movie directors don’t know the source material "from a hole in the head"
    25. EA announces Grand Slam Tennis 2 for 2012 launch on PS3, 360
    26. Nintendo dismisses London store talk as "speculation"
    27. The art and sound of RAGE discussed in new developer diary
    28. PSA: Register for Nintendo's Ambassador program by 11:59pm tonight
    29. Space Marine developer diary discusses making "blockbuster entertainment"
    30. Quick shots: FFXIII-2 shots show throwable Moogle
    31. Deus Hex: Arkane's Smith and Colantonio on Dishonored
    32. Modern Warfare 3 to be at GAMEFest
    33. Molyneux rules out melee combat in Fable: The Journey
    34. Feargel Sharkey to deliver address at London Games Conference
    35. Thursday shorts: Mortal Kombat, Blinding of Issac, Gabe Newell, Rovio
    36. 300,000 players join Age of Conan: Unchained in first month
    37. Sony, LG settle patent dispute
    38. Carbine's "future fantasy" MMO gets first image, real details
    39. GMA 2011 finalists confirmed - we're one of them!
    40. BULLETCAST, August 11 – What you need to know now
    41. PlayStation Home to stream Sony gamescom presser live
    42. Japanese investor pressures Nintendo on smartphone jump
    43. Tesco, Morrisons going sub-?120 3DS before tomorrow's price-cut
    44. AU News Wrap, August 11 - What Happened Today
    45. SpyParty early access beta priced
    46. Disgaea 3 Return trailer livens up Vita lineup
    47. MOBA muddle untangled: why it's time to do DOTA
    48. FortressCraft is highest-grossing XBLIG title with $1 million
    49. PEGI content warnings explained in cute videos
    50. Driver: San Francisco PC delayed
    51. Quick shots - Persona 2 screens tease Euro PSPs
    52. NoA looks to European sales before Xenoblade, The Last Story release
    53. Anarchy Reigns introduces Garuda and Oinkie
    54. APB Reloaded server-side lag eliminated
    55. Disney Q3 shows increased revenue but greater losses
    56. Fils-Aime points to lack of eShop, game drought in 3DS sales dive
    57. Alpha Centauri trademark sought by EA
    1. OnLive to launch in UK at Eurogamer Expo
    2. Rumour - Project RedLime to be unveiled at gamescom
    3. Trackmania 2 beta drops flag next week
    4. Asylum trailer puts you inside the Hanwell Institute
    5. US News Wrap, August 10 - What Happened Today
    6. Wednesday Shorts II: Hitchhiker’s, Wheatley, Splatters, MoH, Mad Catz
    7. Ridge Racer: Unbounded shows City Creator feature
    8. Might & Magic Heroes VI gamescom teaser video released
    9. Mortal Kombat: Legacy hitting Blu-ray on November 8
    10. RIFT shots show fallen Elves and Drowning in Snow
    11. Dead Island's Purna is the latest character to get details
    12. Serious Sam 3: BFE on PC to have 4-player local online
    13. Publisher Mindscape moving out of game sector, 40 jobs reported lost
    14. Lonesome Road DLC for FO: New Vegas delayed into September
    15. AC: Revelations MP beta starts Sept. 3 exclusively on PS3
    16. Injured boy mugged in riot to have PSP replaced by SCEE
    17. Resistance 3 motion capture documentary released
    18. European News Wrap, August 10 - What happened today
    19. Ridley Scott working on Call of Duty Elite content
    20. Two new QuakeCon panel videos released
    21. Report - EA Play EVP Jeff Karp leaving to join Zynga
    22. Target drops 3DS price a day early
    23. NPD to begin tracking digital, mobile games sales in Europe from Q4 2011
    24. Always-on internet connection for games "better for everybody," says id's Willits
    25. ArenaNet details design and writing behind the Sylvari race of Guild Wars 2
    26. Report - Next Resident Evil movie to feature Leon Kennedy, Barry Burton
    27. GameStop and Activision want to put you in Prototype 2
    28. Metro: Last Light gets final E3 vid, full demo on August 23
    29. Risen 2: Dark Waters - gamescom teaser video released
    30. Euro PS Store and Plus update: Resistance 3 beta, Splinter Cell, WH40K: Kill Team
    31. PSA: Sony bringing PSN down for maintenance tomorrow
    32. Capcom: Mega Man "super important to us," Legends 3 cancellation "a decision that had to be made"
    33. GameStop UK selling 3DS for ?135 ahead of Friday's price-cut
    34. Hirshberg: Call of Duty players "more engaged" than Facebook gamers
    35. God of War Origins openings get videoed
    36. ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection gets big video blowout
    37. THQ bringing Darksiders II, Saints Row, Space Marine to gamescom
    38. DOTA 2 gamescom tourney to be streamed online
    39. Irrational: 1980s BioShock Infinite scene came from "abandoned" game
    40. Amazon: BF3 pre-orders up more than 2,000 percent against BF2
    41. Perfect World completes Cryptic buyout
    42. BULLETCAST, August 10 – What you need to know now
    43. Nintendo to release Flame Red 3DS in US on September 9
    44. Pachter: Grand Theft Auto V could sell 24 million units
    45. AU News Wrap, August 10 - What Happened Today
    46. Wednesday Shorts - Diablo III classes, indie beauties, more
    47. Gamescom 2011 - The road to Cologne starts now
    48. EDF: Insect Armageddon gets weapons pack DLC
    49. Sony extends identity protection offer to Australian PSN members
    50. Resistance 3 still available in 3D TV bundle - for free
    51. Driver: San Francisco promo talks up demo
    52. Nippon Ichi keen on PSP remasters
    53. Gotham City Impostors beta signs ups open now
    54. Future Dragon Age II DLC to continue addressing core complaints
    55. Gamefly announces digital distribution service
    56. Humble Indie Bundle 3 closes down with $2.1 million earned
    57. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine co-op may be patched in post-launch
    58. Swap in-game items for new games with Steam Trading
    59. The Secret World goes globetrotting in new dev diary
    60. PlayStation 3 firmware 3.70 to introduce Automatic Update
    61. THQ shutters three dev teams, dumps MX vs ATV
    1. Official ten minute walkthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles
    2. Bethesda releases Prey 2, Skyrim screens to Facebook
    3. Sega boss: PS Vita "brilliant" and "beautiful"
    4. US News Wrap August 9 - What Happened Today
    5. Tuesday Shorts II: Tekken, Bungie, Atelier, FF Type-0, Rock of Ages
    6. Report - Walmart drops 3DS price a few days early
    7. US PS Store update: PLAY pre-orders, Far Cry 2, RDR DLC sale
    8. Rocksteady set out to create most "detailed open-world ever" with Arkham City
    9. Levine discusses BioShock Infinite on PS3, thoughts on Vita
    10. Modern Warfare 3 video details spec ops co-op
    11. Tropico 4 demo now available
    12. Hard Reset demo to be released prior to launch
    13. Strike Suit Zero announced by doublesix games
    14. PSA: Madden 12 and Driver demos out today in US
    15. Freddy Krueger character vignette released for Mortal Kombat
    16. Ultramarines DLC previewed for Dawn of War 2
    17. SWTOR won't have region or IP blocks, Australia can import
    18. European News Wrap, August 9 - What happened today
    19. Report - Team Bondi assets and IP sold to KMM
    20. Third Humble Indie Bundle surpasses $2 million in sales
    21. Splinter Cell Trilogy releasing on EU PSN tomorrow
    22. Pando Networks UK ISP study reveals slow real-world speeds and geographic variance
    23. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood big winner at BIU awards
    24. Dead Island video shows of cooperative play
    25. Sony Ericsson teases Minecraft for Xperia Play
    26. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets half-hour long gameplay video
    27. League of Legends gets three-minute Dominion video
    28. Ghostlight to bring Persona 2 PSP to Europe this year
    29. Deus Ex's Japanese release gets minor content edit
    30. Champion Jockey videos leave us speechless
    31. Perry: "Almost all publishers" signed with Gaikai
    32. n-Space bringing Modern Warfare 3 to DS
    33. EA brings MIG jet inside gamescom venue for Battlefield 3 promotion
    34. BULLETCAST, August 9 – What you need to know now
    35. AU News Wrap, August 9 - What Happened Today
    36. Tuesday Shorts - trailer highs and lows, new SingStar, bizarre AR buggy
    37. Handful of WiiWare titles get pulled from US, EU storefronts
    38. Square Enix bringing Kingdom Hearts 3DS, FF Type-0 more to TGS
    39. Marvel vs Capcom 3 listed for Vita by Amazon France
    40. Id's Superego: Todd Hollenshead on all things id Software
    41. Sony warehouse fire likely to impact product distribution
    42. Sega adds Durga to Anarchy Reigns roster
    43. Disgaea 3 coming to Vita, four new NIS games teased
    44. Final Fantasy Versus XIII a no show for TGS 2011
    45. Shinobido features more consequential player choice than Tenchu
    46. Quick shots - Forza 4 celebrates Le Mans license deal
    47. Rumour - Four new Nintendo Selects budget titles for Wii
    48. Moore: Nintendo's job is to "build a better mousetrap"
    49. Second Bodycount dev diary explores design decisions
    50. Warhawk fans may get early Starhawk beta access
    51. Resistance 3's fourth 16 player map is Alice Springs
    52. Hollenshead: IdTech 5 "too much" for Wii, uncertain on Wii U
    1. Civilization V trailers show off DLC - Korea, new wonders
    2. English version of Malicious confirmed
    3. Carbine Studios producer discusses unannounced MMO
    4. New gameplay footage for Virtua Tennis 4 on PS Vita revealed
    5. T2 swings to loss in Q1, LA Noire ships 4 million units
    6. Borderlands 2 weapons differentiated, more
    7. Survey: More than Half UK, French and German adults are gamers
    8. NPD and EEDAR to collaborate on complete US sales data
    9. New Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer released
    10. Inversion gamescom trailer is all about your partner
    11. European News Wrap, August 8 - What happened today
    12. Heavy Rain gets toned down edition for France
    13. Batman: Arkham City to be playable at EG Expo
    14. FIFA 12 demo date dropping in Cologne next week
    15. Levine: BioShock Infinite "looked like 'BioShock 1 in the sky" at one point
    16. London Games Festival to take a year off
    17. John Carmack: Full RAGE 360 install to weigh in at 22Gb
    18. Ex MGS boss Kim joins Zipline
    19. New BBC iPlayer launches for PS3
    20. Tagged and bagged: Hands-on with Bodycount
    21. UK charts: Zumba makes it eight straight weeks up top
    22. BULLETCAST, August 8 – What you need to know now
    23. Nintendo details 3DS Ambassador Program in scrolling text form
    24. AU News Wrap, August 8 - What Happened Today
    25. Binary Domain to feature headset conversations with NPCs
    26. Dark Souls gets delayed by a week in Japan
    27. Jaffe: "60 bucks is a s**t ton to ask" for entertainment
    28. Combat Evolved: The ten games that defined Xbox
    29. NPD Australia H1 shows shooters back on top
    30. Report - North Korean 'hacker army' targets MMOs
    31. Treyarch offers exclusive swag in charity auction
    32. Analysts call for Vita price drop in wake of 3DS cut
    33. Five minutes of Sonic Generations video
    34. Metroid celebrates 25th anniversary
    35. Bastion PC to hit Australia August 17
    36. Dead Island stars in new Facebook apps
    37. World's first police raid on PS3 jailbreak operation
    38. World's keenest achievement hound tops 600,000 gamerscore
    1. Minecraft XBLA to follow PC release pattern
    1. US News Wrap, August 6 - What Happened Today
    2. Saturday Shorts: Skyrim baby, BF vs CoD, Batman, Sony 3D TV bundle switcheroo
    3. Latest Blizzard Insider talks a bit about Diablo III’s upcoming beta
    4. Quick Quotes: Bungie on game rumors, going dark for a while
    5. Epic hiring programmers for Gears 3 and "new unannounced IP"
    6. Bloodrayne: Betrayal delayed into October on XBL
    7. Quick Quotes: Notch on EA's meeting with Mojang
    8. Battlefield 3 will not be sold on Steam due to Valve's ToS
    9. Report - Used 3DS sales have doubled in Japan
    10. BioWare's Heir wants to see more diversity in games with good writing
    11. DCUO servers merging into MegaServers starting August 8
    12. L4D2: If 60,000 earn Connecting Fights achievement, Blood Harvest beta gets unlocked early
    13. Battlefield 3 will have "years worth of unlocks and rewards"
    14. Unlock Griffin for Gears 3 multiplayer by visiting Facebook
    15. John Carmack's QuakeCon 2011 keynote videoed
    16. Borderlands 2 - Details from Game Informer issue
    17. Kotick's acting debut in Moneyball is due to being friends with the director
    18. Report - Mass Effect 3 multiplayer rumored in Xbox World 360
    1. US News Wrap, August 5 - What Happened Today
    2. Friday Shorts II: Humble Bundle, RE6, Tropico 4, King Arthur, Def Leppard
    3. SWTOR video and screens tells us more about the Jedi Consular and Mirialan
    4. NBA 2K12 video shows off the game's Greatest Mode
    5. Quick Shots: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD PS3 shots
    6. Quick Shots: Dishonored and Prey 2 screens get out of QuakeCon
    7. EA2D renamed Bioware San Francisco
    8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Edition announced
    9. Bioware discusses Dragon Age 2 reception, Legacy, and community on forums
    10. Quick Shots: Sonic Generations screens show City Escape
    11. Rumor - Team Bondi "bankrupt", staff being scooped up by KMM
    12. Sony officially announces PSN Play program
    13. Notch receives letter from Bethesda's legal department over Scrolls trademark
    14. Rumor - Walmart dropping price of 3DS early
    15. Twisted Metal delayed into early 2012
    16. Four DLC packs for Worms 2: Armageddon hitting PSN in August
    17. European News Wrap, August 5 - What happened today
    18. Quick Quotes: Torchlight MMO "still in the plan"
    19. Square Q1 - Profit decrease of 62% due to lack of major releases
    20. Bastion to launch on PC on August 16
    21. Blizzard "surprised" at reaction to online requirements for Diablo 3
    22. PopCap co-founder John Vechey to deliver GDC Online keynote
    23. Quick Quotes: Ono on why there won't be a Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat
    24. Kaka answers fan submitted questions in FIFA 12 video
    25. Report - UK game sales slump in July
    26. Minecraft hits 3 million units sold
    27. MercurySteam CEO to give GDC Europe keynote
    28. Capcom bringing SFxT, Dogma, RE: Revelations to gamescom
    29. Sony: Slow 3D uptake "not a concern for us"
    30. BULLETCAST, August 5 – What you need to know now
    31. Quick quotes: Holiday release period for games "healthy for the industry," says Pete Hines
    32. Final Fantasy XIII-2 EU release downgraded to "early 2012"
    33. Maroon 5's Levine suing Activision over Band Hero inclusion
    34. ICO novel to be published later this month
    35. AU News Wrap, August 5 - What Happened Today
    36. Oddworld: Abe gets rendered in HD
    37. Friday Shorts - The Tester casting call, Skylanders, Insanely Twisted DLC
    38. Sony to announce Vita release date at Tokyo Game Show
    39. The Xbox Story, Part 4: Launching and Beyond
    40. Final Fantasy Type-0 demo brings alt costumes August 11
    41. Square Enix producer: Crashing iOS games "really shouldn't" release
    42. Firefall beta invites begin this month
    43. Survey finds 30 percent of gamers have purchased virtual goods
    44. Square Enix to launch retitled True Crime: Hong Kong game 2012
    45. No immediate plans for XBLA release of Torchlight 2
    46. Making The Old Republic increased BioWare's respect for Blizzard
    47. Criterion hirings hint at new racer, possibly next-gen
    1. Treyarch to produce Modern Warfare 3 on Wii
    2. EA adds BioWare as full label, Moore and Gibeau in new roles
    3. US News Wrap, August 4 - What Happened Today
    4. Quick Shots: Rise of Isengard shots show Monster Play, Orthanc
    5. RAGE: Uprising video has a bit of story to it
    6. Dishonored shots and video interview released
    7. Kalypso reveals main character from The Dark Eye – Demonicon
    8. Quick Quotes: Bethesda's Todd Howard on the price of games
    9. From Dust is Ubisoft's fastest selling digital release
    10. Bungie releases documentary video as part of its 20th Anniversary celebration
    11. Catherine moves 200,000 units in first week
    12. Reef Entertainment developing Rambo game for 2012
    13. Survey: 30% of Japanese 3DS owners feel "anger or regret" over price drop
    14. European News Wrap, August 4 - What happened today
    15. Nintendo weekly downloads: Pizza Quest, Monochrome, Mario's Picross
    16. Capture-and-hold mode coming to League of Legends with Dominion
    17. First Forza 4 dev diary takes trip into the Bernese Alps
    18. Battlefield 3 pre-orders detailed for UK and US
    19. Japanese charts – Rhythm Heaven still tops, 3DS falls to fourth
    20. "Wii U needs to be very keenly priced," says Codies CEO
    21. "If we lose our way with Halo, we lose our way with Xbox," says Spencer
    22. Arrested Development duo to provide original content for Call of Duty: Elite
    23. Hirai: Vita to get 2011 JP launch, early 2012 for US/EU
    24. Latest Team Fortress 2 updates brings Bethesda goods
    25. Black Ops, From Dust tops Xbox Live activity charts
    26. NBA 2K12 to feature NBA's Greatest Mode
    27. BULLETCAST, August 4 – What you need to know now
    28. New Resistance 3 trailer shows path to New York
    29. QuakeCon 2011 – Carmack: This the "year of RAGE"
    30. AU News Wrap, August 4 - What Happened Today
    31. Transformers Universe gets new teaser trailer
    32. Thursday Shorts - funding, investment, and startups edition
    33. HAWP's Anthony Burch takes reigns on Borderlands 2's "ambitiously crafted story"
    34. The Sims Social gets new dev diary
    35. Konami reports small jump in earnings during Q1
    36. The Xbox Story, Part 3: Facing the Public
    37. Rise of Nightmares trailer turns up the kitsch
    38. Rumour - Team Bondi to join Dr D Studios
    39. Infraworld trademark reignites hope for shelved Quantic Dream project
    40. Iwata denies smartphone gaming biting Nintendo's market share
    41. Warner Bros. registers Scribblenauts Remix domain
    42. Prey 2 developer commentary trailer series continues
    43. Red Faction: Armageddon's Path to War DLC trailered
    44. Humble Indie Bundle 3 expanded to include previous titles
    45. Treyarch talks multiplayer map design
    46. Microsoft plans on monthly XBLA Kinect releases
    47. Origin's ToS allow for inactive account deletion
    1. US News Wrap, August 3 - What Happened Today
    2. Xbox Live goons just one percent of community
    3. Epic: PC gaming not in trouble, "just different"
    4. Activision Q2 - Record digital sales, more Black Ops DLC
    5. Wednesday Shorts: PS Home, Bomberman, Hilleman, post-it wars
    6. RIFT update 1.4 is live, watch the video
    7. Iwata concerned early 3DS price cut will cause Wii U buyers to tarry
    8. Call of Duty XP events announced, free MW3 Hardened Edition for all
    9. EA could potentially lose $1 billion to NCAA athletes if lawsuit is successful
    10. Iwata: Nintendo has always been "social"
    11. Warner: HBO Go a success, planning a launch on consoles
    12. Quick Quotes: SWTOR game director on lack of a firm release date
    13. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine multiplayer trailer shows customization
    14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution video outs classified information
    15. WoW's Cenarion Hatchling raises over $1.9 million for Japan earthquake relief
    16. Minecon taking place in Vegas November 18 and 19
    17. Microsoft files trademark with USPTO for Iron Brigade
    18. Ubisoft confirms gamecom line-up
    19. En Masse moves TERA launch into spring 2012
    20. Quick Shots: Mario Kart 7 character renders, screens
    21. Warner Q2 financials - Games revenue up thanks to Mortal Komabt, LEGO Pirates
    22. Dragon Age: Redemption shots show Day and Rayner crossing swords
    23. European News Wrap, August 3 - What happened today
    24. Crystal Dynamics looking "at the bigger picture” of where Tomb Raider "needs to go"
    25. First video for Grasshopper and Digital Reality's Sine Mora released
    26. Valve engineer explains why Steam keeps installing D3DX files with each game download
    27. DICE: Annualising Battlefield would “kill the franchise”
    28. Euro PS Store update: Red Faction, Tomb Raider classics, LBP2, Brink
    29. 2K confirms Borderlands 2 for release within FY2013
    30. EU PS Plus content for August features Assassin's Creed discounts, more
    31. NCSoft, OnLive to sponsor Eurogamer Expo party
    32. Far Cry 2 was in development for PSP, Wii, says resume
    33. 343: Players shouldn't be "hyper-excited" over Halo Anniversary Kinect support
    34. 1C announces gamescom line-up
    35. Bloodrayne: Betrayal gets new developer diary
    36. BULLETCAST, August 3 – What you need to know now
    37. Namco Bandai RPG Heroes Fantasia announced in Famitsu
    38. Storm gets puzzling new trailer
    39. God of War: Origins confirmed for October Japanese release
    40. AU News Wrap, August 03 - What Happened Today
    41. Sucker Punch: Sony buyout won't have "much of an effect on day-to-day operations"
    42. Capcom announces Snoopy for iDevice
    43. Ono keen on Vita features for Street Fighter x Tekken
    44. The Xbox Story, Part 2: Gunning for Greenlight
    45. Second Hellgate teaser features distinct lack of gameplay
    46. Final Fantasy Type-0 to get pre-launch demo
    47. Firefall to launch in December
    48. XCOM has 'evolved', not 'changed' since initial showing
    49. Halfbrick shows off Machine Gun Jetpack
    50. Tomb Raider's quick time events just a "small sweep" of dramatic toolset
    51. Meier: Games industry set to "grow and expand"
    52. Battlefield 3 beta access with Origin pre-order - details
    53. Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer demo videoed
    54. Tekken x Street Fighter to favour classic control system
    55. Blizzard files Mists of Pandaria trademark
    56. Star Fox design inspired by Thunderbirds, tech issues
    57. Indie Games Summer Uprising wants your vote
    58. Iwata apologises to early 3DS adopters
    1. Red Orchestra 2 pre-purchase open at ten percent off, with beta access
    2. US PS Store Update, Aug 02 - Minis sale, LittleBigPlanet Toy Story, Qore
    3. US News Wrap, August 2 - What Happened Today
    4. Tuesday Shorts II: Portal rumors, Minecraft, Dark Meadow, FF Type-0
    5. Quick Quotes: Harada on making Ryu's fireballs work in 2D
    6. EA Sports: Skipping out on Season Pass will not affect gamers adversely
    7. Ubisoft: "85 percent of the Assassin's Creed lore," is already mapped out
    8. Humble Indie Bundle 3 hits $1 million
    9. Port Royale 3 announced for PC and console in 2012
    10. Quick Quotes: Catherine is "largest launch in the 20-year history of Atlus"
    11. Resident Evil 5 DLC gets a PSN sale
    12. Those who play leaked game builds are "choosing to ruin their own experience," says Fergusson
    13. More shots of BF3's Battlelog service pop up
    14. BBFC listing points to GotY edition for Red Dead Redemption
    15. PSA: Limbo hitting Steam today for $10
    16. AC: Brotherhood hitting PSN with special offers for Plus members
    17. Bioware: "Polarized" opinions on Dragon Age 2 are "better than apathy"
    18. European News Wrap, August 2 - What happened today
    19. Namco Bandai Q1 - Games segment sales up 8.1% to ?35.6 billion
    20. THQ announces line-up for EG Expo
    21. Snowblind "drawing as much" inspiration from Lord of the Rings films for War in the North's scale
    22. ArenaNet: Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 will be able to coexist
    23. Feel the anger: Extensive hands-on with id's RAGE
    24. NFS: The Run Limited Edition contains three super-hot cars
    25. Hawkins suggests casual devs practice platform agnosticism because iOS is "close to peaking"
    26. Lord of the Rings: War in the North to launch in November
    27. Rumour - iPhone 5 mock-ups get pictured, published online
    28. EA Sports launches Season Ticket sub services for Xbox 360 and PS3
    29. Report - Borderlands 2 to be announced "soon"
    30. Sony: Vita could be used as PS3 controller
    31. Kudo: Kinect tech can "build stories and storytelling" that's "more user-driven"
    32. Rise of Nightmares gets new screens
    33. Namco Bandai: Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions "perma-saves" can be deleted
    34. BULLETCAST, August 2 – What you need to know now
    35. Sony acquires inFamous dev Sucker Punch - details
    36. AU News Wrap, August 02 - What Happened Today
    37. Tuesday Shorts - Just Dance 3, fringe financials, Twittah
    38. House of the Dead: Overkill: Extended Cut gets two PS3-exclusive levels
    39. The Xbox Story, Part 1: The Birth of a Console
    40. Batman: Arkham City pre-order bonus fashion parade
    41. Bodycount developer diary says check out our guns
    42. Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses - Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop
    43. Gears of War 3 Five Against All trailer shows off Horde 2.0
    44. OnLive is "built for scale", chances of downtime "mitigated"
    45. PSOne Imports coming to European PSN
    46. Two more GBA titles named for 3DS Ambassador Program
    1. Street Fighter x Tekken draws inspiration from Tekken Tag Tournament
    2. $1 million up for grabs in DotA 2 gamescom tourney
    3. New Sly Cooper Thieves in Time trailer introduces El Jefe
    4. Steel Storm: Burning Retribution added to Humble Indie Bundle 3
    5. Off-screen F1 2011 gameplay videos emerge
    6. Shelved PS3 exclusive Eight Days looked "jaw dropping", says developer
    7. Square Enix buys rights to True Crime: Hong Kong
    8. European News Wrap, August 1 - What happened today
    9. Square Enix CEO and Yoshida among TGS 2011 keynote speakers
    10. New Supremacy MMA trailer unleashed
    11. DICE: Battlefield 3 will probably feature some kind of online pass
    12. Diablo III Beta gameplay footage looks and sounds amazing
    13. EA announces Andy McNab-penned Battlefield 3 novel
    14. Grandia creator Takeshi Miyaji passes away
    15. Driver: San Francisco video details multiplayer
    16. Blizzard "still passionate" about delivering StarCraft II Mod Marketplace
    17. Magnetic Billiards to get "further content expansions" in "coming months"
    18. Capcom announces SSFIV AE Ver 2012 update
    19. Witcher 2′s 360 version pushed back to Q1 2012
    20. BULLETCAST, August 1 – What you need to know now
    21. Warner to publish Grasshopper's Lollipop Chainsaw
    22. Blizzard: Heart of the Swarm campaign all about "fury, revenge, hatred"
    23. UK charts: Zumba in chart-topper non-shocker
    24. Armored Core V gets delay into 2012
    25. D3 to have real-cash auction house, constant netcon
    26. AU News Wrap, August 01 - What Happened Today
    27. Monday Shorts - Bank games, Binding of Isaac art, Dredmor patch
    28. Metro: Last Light aims for console parity and PC swank
    29. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets an hour's worth of gameplay footage
    30. Win a 5-star trip to play BF3 at DICE in Sweden! Enter now!
    31. Soul Calibur V gets new gameplay footage from EVO
    32. More StreetPass Mii Plaza uses inbound
    33. Sony handing out free Vita dev kits to indies
    34. Fuudo wins SSFIV AE EVO championship, Daigo beasted
    35. Catherine on-disc files hint at PC port, realistic design
    36. Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition exclusive to AU, NZ
    37. Breath of Fire IV dated for PSN
    38. Metro: Last Light to support "pretty modest" PCs
    39. Batman: Arkham City Comic Con panel reveals playable Bane, more
    40. Modern Warfare 3 drops Commando perk
    41. Halo: Anniversary Edition trailer reminds us it has a plot
    42. Iwata: 3DS price drop avoids Gamecube's mistakes
    43. Xenoblade Chronicles gets September AU launch
    44. Rumour - Timesplitters news on the way