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  • October 2011 Archive

      1. Uncharted 3 hits US, team admits to "brutal" crunch
      2. InMomentum launch trailer celebrates Steam release
      3. Voxatron Alpha offered in latest Humble Indie Bundle
      4. Rumour - Silicon Knights staff cut by 75%
      5. Kevin Butler honours gamer with Hall of Play induction - and more
      6. MechWarrior Online announced, due 2012
      7. Sega Sammy Q2 - Captain America, Rise of Nightmares fail to perform
      8. Battlefield 3 is biggest EA launch, sells 5 million
      9. Get Jurassic Park: The Game for free with one year PS Plus subs
      10. Sonic Generations launch trailer is go
      11. Capcom unleashes new assets for 2012 line-up
      12. Ken Levine and Guillermo del Toro talk creativity and nerd culture
      13. Racing chocobos in Final Fantasy XIII-2
      14. New Asura's Wrath trailer shows armless hero in action
      15. Robin Williams teaches Zelda how to be a master in new Skyward Sword ad
      16. EA: BF3 360 servers at "95 percent and climbing"
      17. Halo: CE Anniversary launch trailer is heavy on story
      18. Counter-strike: GO to miss planned October open beta
      19. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection achievement list
      20. Job listing says Sony Santa Monica working on "God Of War"
      21. Quick shots - Skyrim concept art depicts people and places
      22. Dungeon Defenders free Halloween DLC on Steam
      23. Serious Sam 3: BFE weapons trailer, "No cover. All man"
      24. UK charts: Battlefield 3 storms to number 1
      25. Kinect to be utilised by real-world business
      26. Can to can't - The story of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
      27. Spielberg, Jackson talk Adventures of Tintin: the game
      28. 20 minutes of Skyrim's opening leaked online
      29. Biohazard Chronicles HD Collection for Japan
      30. Little King's Story Vita has a giant chicken boss
      31. Quick shots - Once Upon A Monster shows original muppets
      32. Frobisher Says inspired by Vita's "bewildering" control schemes
      33. Meet Juliet's mentor in new Lollipop Chainsaw trailer
      34. Quest choices affect progression in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      35. 90 minutes of Soul Calibur V footage
      36. Rumour - Battlefield 3 to release on Steam
      37. IndieRoyale Launch Bundle passes 35,000 sales
      38. Obsidian working on "leading animation franchise"
      1. Bastion dev: "A lot of worry" in going indie
      2. Jurassic Park Xbox 360 release delayed in Europe
      3. London - Play UMvC early by going to the pub
      4. Study - 81% of kids aged five to eight have gamed
      5. ESRB suggests Darkstalkers coming to PSN
      6. Devil May Launch Soon: Blizzard's Bender on Diablo III
      1. Saturday Shorts: Rockstar, Bioware, MineCon, Batman corrupted, Hall of Play
      2. Playdead's "next project is more crazy than Limbo"
      3. DUST 514 to have "very scalable" battles hosted on a dedicated multi-core server machine
      4. PS Plus members get Hydrophobia Prophecy for free next week
      5. Quick Quotes: Battlefield 3 multiplayer benefited from 100% in-house development
      6. Go behind-the-scenes of Jurassic Park: The Game with Telltale
      7. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "origins" trailer released
      8. Killing Floor Sideshow Event dresses up for Halloween, full game is $6.79 on Steam
      9. Quick Shots: Dragon's Dogma screens feature an enraged cyclops
      10. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City dated for March 20 in US
      11. Asura's Wrath dated for February 21 in the US
      12. Terran Republic character video released for PlanetSide 2
      13. Warzone overview for Star Wars: The Old Republic details objective-based PvP
      14. Rainbow Six: Patriots domain registrations unearthed, XWM reveal rumored for next issue
      15. CCP felt initial backlash over EVE Online changes was "just some noise in the channel"
      16. SEGA has "no plans" to bring back classic Sonic, but "never say never"
      17. Not just a trend: Why queer visibility matters in games
      1. SEGA partners with Arkedo Studio for Project Hell Yeah!
      2. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded launch trailer shows a refined, recharged experience
      3. Friday Shorts: Halloween sales, Apples, No Room in Hell, Hydrophobia Prophecy
      4. SWTOR's "PC-only configuration" won't suffer same server issues as BF3 launch
      5. How Skyrim's concept was brought to life explained in podcast and video
      6. Darkness II screens and video are filled with artful executions
      7. BF3 Back to Karkand shots arrive, tout December release
      8. OPM UK teasing Metal Gear Solid related reveal for next month
      9. Pirated Modern Warfare 3 discs circulating, investigators on the case
      10. Sony increased Vita production "materially since E3" for US and European launches
      11. Blizzard releases SCII: Heart of the Swarm fact sheet
      12. Square and DeNA developing social Final Fantasy game for Mobage platform
      13. Samsung bests Apple in Q3 as global smartphone manufacturer
      14. PS3 leading 2011 EU console sales, 360 maintains US hold
      15. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North's launch trailer features giant bird
      16. Latest Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer details den defense
      17. PAYDAY: The Heist releasing in the UK and Europe November 2
      18. EA advice on Battlefield 3 360 code issue: get a new one
      19. Mass Effect 3: "Multiplayer is very optional," says BioWare
      20. Battlefield 3's UK launch involves driving tanks through London - video
      21. Skullgirls: Editable team sizes and blocking unblockables detailed
      22. Richmond: More Uncharted coming "as long as fans want the games"
      23. Men of War: Vietnam gets full-scale game editor
      24. Report: Apple building Siri-powered TV for 2012-2013 release
      25. Team Fortress 2 Hallowe'en update gifts comic, more
      26. Two new Planetside 2 screens show Terrans
      27. Team Meat "patches up" Microsoft spat, Meat Boy sale incoming
      28. Rayman Origins trailer gives travel advice
      29. WWE '12 getting Diva DLC pack in December
      30. Battlefield 3 launches in Europe - where's best to buy?
      31. New Saints Row: The Third trailers feature missiles, cannibals
      32. Man gets retail Modern Warfare 3 PS3 copy, makes video
      33. Assassin's Creed: Recollections announced
      34. DC Universe Online goes free-to-play on November 1
      35. BioShock: Infinite's world is its "biggest character"
      36. Australian R18+ rating not expected for "another couple of years"
      37. Nintendo investor briefing: Final Wii U at next E3
      38. Blizzard chief apologises for Blizzcon "error of judgement"
      39. Need for Speed: The Run trailer introduces The Lonely Boy
      40. The Longest Journey coming to iOS
      41. Dynasty Warriors Next to feature a photo mode
      42. Otherland developer RealU reunites a star team
      43. The Witch-king of Angmar haunts LotR: War in the North
      44. I Am Alive is all about old school choices
      1. Japanese Charts - Macross tops, Western shooters respectable
      2. League of Legends turns two with festive Fiddlesticks
      3. Final Fantasy x Mobage announced
      4. Kevin Butler teases Hall of Play in new video
      5. Marvelous switches financial forecast from showers to sunshine
      6. Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station shown off in video walkthroughs
      7. EA Q2 - Battlefield 3 ships over 10 million units
      8. Thursday Shorts II: FFXIII-2, Disney Universe, Nintendownloads, iPhone app with a heart
      9. Deluxe Edition announced for Jurassic Park: The Game
      10. Army Corps of Hell video is heavy on the metal
      11. Quick Quotes: Rockstar "deliberately avoiding" developing a FPS, says Houser
      12. Ubisoft announces Techland ATV racer in the works, Babel Rising for XBLA and PSN
      13. Sonic Generations amasses more pre-orders than previous franchise entries
      14. Epic: Consoles need to adapt to the way consumers "are willing to spend their money"
      15. MW3 video details weapon progression and proficiencies
      16. Volition: Consistency in Red Faction: Armageddon "was lost" during development
      17. Pre-purchase the PS Vita First Edition bundle in North America, get it a week before release
      18. Intergalactic planetary: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer hands-on
      19. Origin to offer third-party titles starting in November
      20. Blizzard "not sure" if free-to-play is "the best model," for WoW right now
      21. Just Cause 3 "just a rumor," Avalanche "not releasing any game in 2012"
      22. Magicka: The Stars are Left - Lovecraftian expansion set to launch this winter
      23. Andy McNab: "arguments about games inducing violence are a load of nonsense"
      24. Rumor - New Xbox Live dashboard to launch next week
      25. The Colin Campbell GMA 11 Legend award speech
      26. Pre-order Trine 2, access co-op multiplayer beta
      27. Trailer and screens released for Keiji Inafune's Mugen Souls
      28. New Mario Kart 7 trailer shows tracks and tricks
      29. Thursday shorts: XIII, PS Home, Uwe Boll, WoW, Kojima
      30. iOS Temple of the Spider God penned by Fighting Fantasy author, out Friday
      31. Uncharted 3 beaten in 3hrs 8mins
      32. Ericsson snapped up by Sony for €1.05 billion
      33. Nintendo posts huge operating loss for first half of 2011
      34. Video: 17-minute tutorial for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3's Phoenix Wright
      35. Dead Rising 2: OTR adds killer Cyborg Skills DLC
      36. Sega outlines StreetPass features for Sonic Generations 3DS
      37. Planetside 2's continents are eight kilometres square
      38. Quick Quotes - Tempers fraying at DICE
      39. WoW players outraged by anti-Alliance Blizzcon presentation
      40. Skyrim enemy scaling, conversations more like Fallout 3 than Oblivion
      41. Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 tie for Paris Games Week award
      42. Kojima reveals the origins of Metal Gear Solid's Cyborg Ninja
      43. Levine: BioShock: Infinite is "my game"
      1. DICE: 64 players is the "maximum where it’s still fun"
      2. Yakuza 5 to visit a second city
      3. Quick Quotes - Goldeneye as the "godfather" of shooters
      4. Bethesda's Fallout MMO injunction appeal rejected
      5. Buy IndieRoyale bundles before the price goes up
      6. Zumba Fitness Rush releasing exclusively for Kinect in February
      7. Nintendo: Three Kirby games were cancelled during an 11-year period
      8. Game release lull is "pretty much over now," says OnLive VP
      9. Report: Vita won't support Flash or Game Archives titles at Launch
      10. Capcom reports 49% decrease in profits despite 89% increase in mobile and social sectors
      11. Rumour: Just Cause 3 in development, 2012 release planned
      12. Epic wants Unreal Engine 4 to release close to next-gen launch
      13. Final Fantasy Type-0: First ten minutes
      14. Saints Row: The Third video shows proper use of an aerial reaper drone
      15. Nightwing beats up thugs in latest Arkham City video
      16. Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen gets US and UK Vita launch
      17. LittleBigPlanet 2: Special Edition and Move bundle announced for US
      18. LOTR: War in the North dev diary is mostly a celeb diary
      19. SSX: gameplay features and possible Vita version discussed
      20. Rocksteady not "put off" from future open-world games following Arkham City
      21. Namco tops Japanese publisher list for first half of fiscal 2012
      22. Harada talks Tekken's humble beginnings
      23. HMV: GTA V will “inject huge excitement” into market
      24. Rockstar's future will be to "continue doing new things," says Houser
      25. Euro PS Store and Plus update - Festival of Blood, PixelJunk Sidescroller, BF3 Online Pass
      26. 25 million sales estimated for GTA V, says analyst
      27. Bloodforge - First Cut trailer is messy
      28. MGS HD Collection locked for February 3 in Europe
      29. Quick shots - Shank 2 is violently pretty
      30. EU PSN down for scheduled maintenance Thursday morning
      31. Dust 514 dev: “Console is about to leap forward and it won’t look back.”
      32. Report - Nintendo to post huge first-half losses
      33. GTA V trailer countdown appears before next Wednesday
      34. Wednesday shorts: StarCraft II, BF3, Snoop and RAGE
      35. Ono: Capcom and Namco working separately on collaborative projects
      36. New Steel Battalion trailer shows off desert level
      37. Dungeon Siege 3 DLC incoming
      38. SoulCalibur V gets official Mad Catz Arcade FightStick
      39. Nathan Drake clambers into LittleBigPlanet 2
      40. Warp trailer demonstrates Echo and Swap
      41. Namco Bandai considering future US releases of "Tales" titles
      42. Up, up, and away: Bungie's Yee on embracing indies
      43. Kurushi, Kula World and more added to Japanese Xperia Play market
      44. Battlefield 3 Aussie street date broken
      45. Blizzard can't make Street Fighter, so it made Blizzard DOTA
      46. Anno 2070 offers "fascinating global scenarios"
      47. Battlefield 1943 not included in Battlefield 3 PS3
      48. Rod Fergusson offers advice on Gears of War 3's Beast Mode
      49. Check your Xbox Live dashboard update application status
      50. Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 multiplayer servers restored
      51. Kinect voice control to hit Australia in December
      52. Space Marine co-op mode DLC available now
      53. Jaffe values gameplay over cinematic experiences
      1. GTA V announce drives Take Two shares up
      2. New Skyrim gameplay footage in sneak preview
      3. Dark Souls trailer looks at the Beasts of Lordran
      4. Nintendo trademarks Circle Pad Pro
      5. Get your Saints Row: The Third character ready with the Initiation Station
      6. US PS Store Update - InFamous 2 DLC, Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5 extras
      7. Rumour - GTA V to feature multiple protagonists, set in LA
      8. Garriott successful in $32 million NCSoft appeal case
      9. "We don’t want Diablo III to be moddable," says Blizzard
      10. Ubisoft: "Greatest strength," of the Assassin's Creed series is "the freedom it gives to the player"
      11. Battlefield 3 PS3 and Xbox 360 reviews go live for US launch
      12. SCEA appoints Guy Longworth as new senior VP of marketing and PSN
      13. Harmonix: Future Rock Band titles to be "a pretty dramatic departure," from previous releases
      14. Risen 2: Trying to achieve same quality across all platforms "doesn't make any sense", says Oberlerchner
      15. GMAs 2011: Donlan, RPS, Gaston, Keza, EG big winners
      16. Black Ops Double XP coming this weekend, earn yourself a Prestige Token
      17. PSA: inFamous: Festival of Blood hits PSN today in the US
      18. Bethesda lists minimum and recommend PC specs for Skyrim
      19. Ubisoft to open new Abu Dhabi studio in December
      20. Watch the first 15 minutes of Battlefield 3
      21. Blizzard: Offering Diablo III for free is a show of "gratitude," to WoW player base
      22. NOA announces Metallic Rose and Midnight Blue DSi XL bundles
      23. Battlefield 3 pre-orders hit close to 3 million
      24. Quick Quotes: Activision on how MW3 compares to a Michael Bay movie
      25. DICE releases LAN 6 video presentation on "Shiny PC Graphics" in Battlefield 3
      26. 500,000 sign up for The Secret World beta
      27. WoW's enemy UI to ascertain whether Pandarens are Horde or Alliance in PvP
      28. Batman: Arkham City ships 4 million units in first week
      29. GTA V announced, first trailer on November 2
      30. Report - Zynga to commence IPO before Thanksgiving
      31. Blizzard snaps Blizzcon to death
      32. MGS: Peace Walker HD gets four minutes of footage
      33. White, pink 3DS SKUs comes to Europe next month
      34. GAME, GameStation to hold midnight launches for Battlefield 3
      35. Mario Kart 7 to get steering wheel peripheral
      36. Tuesday shorts: MGS Vita, Netflix, BioShock Infinite, more
      37. FF Type-0 JP launch: New media, disc swap detailed, moving onto VXIII
      38. Grand Slam Tennis 2 gets roster unveil trailer
      39. Inversion trailer proves gravity is very dramatic
      40. Plain sailing? – Risen 2: Dark Waters eyes-on impressions
      41. Australian LA Noire Steam price almost doubled
      42. Netherrealm "absolutely" keen on Mortal Kombat crossovers
      43. Korean ratings board outs Joe Danger XBLA
      44. Quick shots - EA shows off FIFA Street
      45. BioWare Mythic sees a future for free to play and subscription MMOs
      46. PSA: Origin update required for Battlefield 3
      47. All Dance Central DLC on sale
      48. DICE: Players want games to be "the same, but different"
      49. Blizzard: Mists of Pandaria is "no joke"
      50. New PSP bundle includes FIFA 2012 and Cars 2
      51. Lavender Pink 3DS coming to Australia
      52. First Super Mario 3D Land review pulls an eight from EDGE
      1. Quick shots - FIFA Football brings the beautiful game to Vita
      2. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cinematics built with mo-cap
      3. Uncharted 3 multiplayer video shows wince-worth melee
      4. Pachter predicts Modern Warfare 3 sales to double Battlefield 3
      5. Minecraft console port to debut at MineCon, is an Xbox 360 exclusive
      6. Valve: Piracy is not related to price
      7. Battlefield 3 comparison vid shows 360 version with and without high-res texture pack
      8. Two new Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena characters revealed
      9. New Graphic drivers launched by nVidia which will boost Battlefield 3 performance
      10. Insomniac trademarks two new titles revolving around "Beasts"
      11. Scrolls will contain free to play "aspects," says Notch
      12. Drake strikes gold: Uncharted 3 reviews go live
      13. The Battlefield 3 community interview – 40 minutes with producer Patrick Bach
      14. Bethesda launches sensational live-action Skyrim video
      15. HMV: Trade Arkham City or Forza 4, get BF3 for ?2.99
      16. LBP2, NFS: Hot Pursuit, Angry Birds among Kids BAFTA nominations
      17. Dance Central 2 public dance features Kelly Brook, Little Boots
      18. Live-action BF3 trailer goes big on set-pieces
      19. "There is scope to remake" strategic Syndicate, says EAP producer
      20. Hush, hush: The Secret World revealed in eyes-on
      21. UK charts: Arkham City becomes 4th biggest launch in 2011
      22. Netflix to launch in UK and Ireland "early 2012"
      23. Battlefield 3 PC reviews go live ahead of launch: all the scores
      24. BioWare Mythic creative boss to keynote GDC China
      25. Dungeon Defenders shoots up Steam charts following release
      26. IMMvp vs Nestea in $50k in Blizzcon Invitational
      27. New Medal of Honor teased in copies of Battlefield 3 - info
      28. BioShock: Infinite's politics have real world equivalents
      29. Blizzard Arcade to replace Marketplace, monetise mods
      30. Blizzard believes players will "come around" to Pandaria
      31. Sony Pictures domains point to Assassin's Creed film deal
      32. Microsoft Research creates HoloDesk with Kinect
      33. Sonic Generations to include unlockable Sonic 1
      34. Artifacts of Power DLC confirms that Orcs Must Die
      1. Deep Silver promises Dead Island console patch "as soon as we can"
      2. Lord of the Rings: War in the North delayed in Australia
      3. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sidesteps scaling enemy levels
      4. CCP to continue work on World of Darkness at a "much slower pace"
      5. PixelJunk Sidescroller to release this week
      6. GOG.com views piracy, not Steam, as its competitor
      7. Dishonored dev: Gamers aren't stupid
      8. The Weekly Wrap – WoW pandas, next-gen rumor mill
      9. Eurogamer goes live with full relaunch
      1. BlizzCon 2011: SCII: Heart of the Swarm panels reveal new and existing unit changes
      2. Saturday Shorts: Uncharted 3, Inafune, Bloodforge, Batman, Postal 3, Transformers, The Office
      3. BlizzCon 2011: Diablo III panels touch upon consoles, Book of Cain, gameplay, random dungeons
      4. Dampierre's ever the showman in Soul Calibur V video and screens
      5. Houser: GTA III "wasn't about violence; it was about freedom"
      6. BlizzCon 2011: More details on Blizzard DOTA gameplay and mod tools finally come to light
      7. MW3 launch trailer immerses you in global conflict
      8. Edge hands Skyward Sword a 10, more videos released
      9. Quick Shots: Touch My Katamari - go on, you know you want to
      10. BlizzCon: GSL Finals - SlayerS_MMA bests IMMvp 4 to 1
      11. Report - Monster Hunter 3G to release fall 2012 in Europe
      12. NOA's Reggie Fils-Aime highlights Nintendo updates in new video
      13. Watch enemies get frozen, hacked to death in Skyrim combat videos
      1. In-game map editor releasing for Portal 2 in 2012
      2. BlizzCon WoW panel: Pokemon-like pet battles, revamped talent system, big class changes
      3. WoW: Mists of Pandaria announced, Annual Pass introduced
      4. Diablo III Collector's Edition announced, full game free for WoW subs
      5. Call of Duty: Elite video walks you through the competitive section of the service
      6. Infinity Ward "put a ton of emphasis" on the Modern Warfare 3 PC experience
      7. All SWTOR pre-orders will receive extra goodies, Collector's Edition unboxed
      8. BlizzCon 2011: Diablo III CE, Mists of Pandaria announced
      9. Starhawk private beta starting in November
      10. 29th Annual Golden Joystick Awards: Portal 2 wins Ultimate Game of the Year
      11. Digitally pre-purchase Battlefield 3 through Best Buy, pre-load the game today
      12. Warner to distribute The Witcher II 360 in US
      13. Uncharted 3 documentary: What does it mean to be a hero?
      14. Knock-out Battlefield 3 launch trailer goes heavy on plot
      15. GOTY contender - Batman: Arkham City hits Europe
      16. Kingdom Hearts 3DS gets new video
      17. 3DS: Nintendo confirms 10 minute 3D filming, Hulu Plus
      18. CCP: Designing sub-based games "a flawed strategy" against F2P
      19. Report - Specific Vita games to require memory card for saving
      20. Analyst: Sony to get PS4 out ahead of next Xbox
      21. FIFA 12 gets playable Gaikai demo from YouTube
      22. Super Mario Land 3D video unveils boomerang suit
      23. Cutting Edge: Soul Calibur V guest unveiling and hands-on
      24. Microsoft Q1 FY12 results: LIVE revenue up 7%, costs up 19%
      25. Assassin's Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed arrives on iOS
      26. Guild Wars 2 sound effects captured in nuclear plant
      27. US OnLive members get next PlayPass game for $1
      28. Bethesda: Doom 4 shelving report is "complete bollocks"
      29. Sony in "discussions" to expand PlayStation Suite platforms
      30. Quick quotes - Kim Swift's design manifesto
      31. Ezio Auditore confirmed for Soul Calibur V - first footage
      32. CCP: "We're going back to spaceships" with EVE Online
      33. Mass Effect 3 demo and beta confirmed for January
      1. We Sing publisher: Karaoke games are "evergreen"
      2. Warner Bros. to resolve Batman: Arkham City Catwoman code issues
      3. SSX release date delayed to February 2012
      4. The Secret World's Dragon Week - learn the secret of the milkshake
      5. DICE: No point to straight ports to Wii U
      6. Saints Row: The Third trailer takes us out to the ball game
      7. NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase to be premium DLC
      8. Quick shots - Max Payne 3 brings the drama
      9. Quick Shots: Mario Kart 7 renders are rather adorable
      10. Thursday Shorts: Origin, MW3, GE Show does Minecraft, Lots of Tales stuff
      11. Video: Vita was "never designed to be PSP2"
      12. Rockstar tinkered with the idea of physical interrogations in L.A. Noire
      13. Touch My Katamari, Ridge Racer, and Shinobido 2 releasing as US and European Vita launch titles
      14. Free Realms hits 20 million registered users
      15. DICE lists four ways PS3 beta testers helped shape Battlefield 3’s multiplayer
      16. Sonic Generations 3DS dated for North America and Europe
      17. MLG Orlando event smashes online viewer records
      18. Modern Warfare 3 video details the Strike Package classes
      19. Soul Calibur V screens show Leixia, Nightmare, and Raphael in action
      20. Uncharted 3 multiplayer lets you create highlight videos to share with friends
      21. Three Dawn of War II: Retribution DLC packs hit Steam
      22. The Adventures of TinTin video shows first 18-minutes of gameplay
      23. Rumour: Next Xbox to get E3 2013 unveil, PS4 games already in works
      24. Pre-purchase Sonic Generations on Steam - get Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 3 and Knuckles free
      25. Nintendo Downloads: Double Dragon, Castle Conqueror - Revolution, more
      26. Goblin classes highlighted in Army Corps of Hell videos
      27. Sonic the Hedgehog wins for Outstanding Contribution at 2011 Golden Joystick Awards
      28. Rayman Origins trailer goes all out on Ancel action
      29. FFXIV: Square considering Vita and smartphone support, "continuing talks" with MS over 360 version
      30. Second batch of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon DLC hits next week
      31. Gears of War 3 DLC, RAAM's Shadow, out December 13
      32. Report - Sony Pictures close to signing Assassin's Creed deal with Ubisoft
      33. L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition announced for consoles
      34. Left 4 Dead's Turtle Rock seeks CryENGINE experience for THQ multiplay shooter
      35. Persona series hits 1.65 million sales in Japan
      36. Chart-Track: The Old Republic disqualified from Christmas number one
      37. Yahoo gives Arkham City 6/5, MC averages rise to 95%, 96%
      38. Rayman Origins gets European-exclusive Collector's Edition
      39. Zombie Apocalypse 2 trailer asks: "Why can't we be friends?"
      40. DICE: BF3 360 looks "standard-def" without installed texture pack
      41. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets hour-long gameplay footage
      42. Buried Treasure: The heartbeat of Metro: Last Light
      43. Rumour - Unannounced Final Fantasy localisation in the works
      44. Rumour - 2K Marin struck by layoffs
      45. The Indie Stone to issue partial Project Zomboid update
      46. Rumour - Pokémon Gray announcement soon
      47. PSN content pulled from Amazon
      48. Payday: The Heist PC gets October 20 release date
      49. PSA: Bungie Mobile app now available for Android
      50. Quick shots - Shiny pectorals abound in UFC Undisputed 3 screens
      51. NBA 2K12 Legends DLC hinted at in patch trophies
      52. HotD: Overkill Extended Edition trailer visits the carnival
      53. PlayStation 3 New Owners Kit due October 25
      54. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns gets US release date
      1. Battlelog inspired by Facebook, Halo Waypoint, others
      2. Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer gets its hands dirty
      3. Report - Games industry investments have doubled year on year
      4. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tutorial covers Doctor Strange, Nemesis
      5. NFL Blitz back in action in January
      6. November 3DS update to add 3D video capture, more
      7. SSX dev diary takes in the Himalayas, Alaska, and Siberia
      8. Xbox father: Halo's success "almost a curse"
      9. The Secret World's Dragon Week outlines recruitment and ranking missions
      10. Goldeneye: Reloaded dev walkthrough gets violent
      11. Frogster to shutter Mythos, EU servers going offline next week
      12. Wednesday Shorts: OmniTouch, Blindside, THQ.com relaunch, Guillermo del Toro
      13. Sony releasing 3D headset and 3DTV in time for the holidays
      14. Japanese charts - Assault Horizon and 3DS tops, PSPgo delisted by Media Create
      15. Sonic CD trailer shows an "adventure from the past, rebuilt for the future"
      16. Mojang video documentary discusses Scrolls, Minecraft's "Cinderella story"
      17. PS Store now available on Sony Tablet S
      18. EEDAR: 51% of NA PS3 and 360 owners purchased DLC over the last 12 months
      19. StarCraft Universe MMO mod playable through October 30
      20. Harrison Ford stars in Japanese Uncharted 3 commercials
      21. Rockstar releases nostalgic tenth anniversary GTA III video
      22. Toki Tori 2 announced with open development model
      23. CCP to reduce its workforce by 20%, refocusing on EVE and Dust 514 development
      24. Frostbite 2 used in NFS: The Run because of cinematic requirements, says Black Box
      25. Possibility of Portal 2 in-game level browser discussed in The Final Hours of Portal 2 app
      26. Raymond: Existing IPs allow for innovation testing, Splinter Cell info "in coming months"
      27. EA: FIFA 12 outselling PES 2012 25-1
      28. Ubisoft Montreal hiring project manager for "major project"
      29. US PS Store and Plus Update - Okabu, Dungeon Defenders, Catwoman, lots of demos
      30. GT5 DLC hitting US on October 25
      31. BF3 trailer blows out multiplay ahead of next week's launch
      32. Euro PS Store and Plus update - Okabu, Rocketbirds, GT5, Deus Ex, Catwoman
      33. Itagaki among first confirmed D.I.C.E 2012 speakers
      34. Atlus' yearly earnings supported by Catherine sales and Persona series
      35. Square announces two European CEs for FFXIII-2
      36. Nintendo to hold internet-only 3DS presentation on Friday
      37. "We'll probably cancel" third-person CoD effort, admits Sledgehammer
      38. FF Type-0 ends up with 39/40 in Famitsu
      39. GTA III initially not set in New York-themed city, says Rockstar's Houser
      40. New Shining game coming from Sega
      41. Angry Birds hits 30 million DAU, 300 million minutes played every day
      42. Okabu gets launch trailer ahead of today's EU release
      43. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception gets launch trailer
      44. Norweigan press accuses EA of Battlefield 3 review diddling
      45. Batman: Arkham City plagued by DLC code SNAFU
      46. Rift trailer shows post-launch evolution
      47. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy teased with video, concept art
      48. Indie city heist sim Subversion shelved
      49. Sony UK spends unprecedented ?5 million on Uncharted 3 marketing
      50. Korean Unreal Engine-based MMORPG announced
      51. SOCOM 4 DLC adds Evac, brings back Demolition mode
      52. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record DLC turns Frank West into a cyborg
      53. Hines: Skyrim "is not How to Train Your Dragon"
      1. PS Vita given western Feb 22 launch, UK pricing confirmed
      2. UK - Batman: Arkham City for 99p at HMV with trade in
      3. Sheridans: Zenimax unlikely to win Scrolls case
      4. Lord of the Rings: War in the North trailer celebrates Humanity
      5. EA's Peter Moore claims 5 million daily Origin users
      6. Fruit Ninja developer expands to second studio
      7. Double Fine Happy Action Theater announced
      8. Firefall trailer introduces the Dreadnaught
      9. Tuesday Shorts II: Uncharted PS4, 360 bundles, Turbine issues, Capcom PSP packs, Minecraft craziness
      10. Coming soon to XBLM: Zombie Apocalypse, A World of Keflings, sales, more
      11. Infinite's boss battles to have more context and resolution for players
      12. Heat Street video released for PAYDAY: The Heist
      13. CoD: ELITE beta ends today, access to Black Ops stats coming this week
      14. Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris lend voices, likeness to NFS: The Run
      15. Torchlight 2 out this winter unless "someone on the team dies," jokes Runic
      16. Valve reiterates preference to updating Source Engine, instead of creating Source Engine 2
      17. Uncharted 3's Fortune Hunters Club pass available for purchase on PSN
      18. Report: Lego Batman 2, The Hobbit, and DC Comic games releasing in 2012
      19. Report - Level cap of 50 removed from PSN
      20. Need for Speed: The Run demo gets videoed
      21. SWTOR flashpoints detailed by Bioware during NYCC panel
      22. Monster Hunter 3G skipping online co-op for ad hoc
      23. Quick quotes: Naughty Dog talks about doing Uncharted with Nolan North
      24. PSA: Deus Ex DLC The Missing Link out today, launch trailer released
      25. Dance Central 2 demo launches on XBLMP
      26. Batman: Arkham City hitting PC on November 18 in the UK
      27. Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary gets off-screen video from NYCC
      28. More story information and video released for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
      29. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One screens and videos released for US launch
      30. Gingerfication - South Park boys face an army of robots in Temorman's Revenge teaser
      31. Dark Knight rises today - Batman: Arkham City hands-on
      32. Rocksteady on post-Arkham City: "What happens next depends on how this game is received"
      33. Microsoft denies XBL compromise despite outside account access
      34. Tuesday shorts: Time Travelers, GTA III, Shadowrun
      35. Naughty Dog: UC3 graphics boost "a narrower jump" over UC2
      36. EA: Battlefield 3 pre-orders at "a couple million"
      37. Mojang keeps Scrolls name following interim injunction
      38. Kinect Sports: Season 2 demo appears on XBLMP
      39. Join the Covenant: The hidden meta-game of Dark Souls
      40. Schofield: Modern Warfare 3's engine is "a Porsche"
      41. DICE: Shooters are becoming services
      42. Quick quotes - Muzyka on The Old Republic's choice and consequence
      43. Quick shots - The Secret World kicks off the Week of the Dragon
      44. Iron Brigade DLC to introduce space bears
      45. Rumour - Ezio to appear in Soul Calibur V
      46. Syndicate trailer explores series beginnings
      47. DICE: Battlefield 3 beta attracted 8 million users
      48. "All hope is not lost" for Valkyria Chronicles 3
      49. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition trailer goes behind the scenes
      1. BioShock Vita won't be a port, may be partially outsourced
      2. Xbox 360 counter site teasing Korean Kinect event
      3. Dragon Age comic series inbound via Dark Horse
      4. Analysts: Shooter showdown to drive hardware sales
      5. No southpaw mode for Skyward Sword
      6. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer
      7. Quick shots - Binary Domain's multiplayer detailed
      8. New adaptation of XIII due November
      9. ModNation Racers Vita officially titled Road Trip
      10. Turn 10 looking into reports of Forza 4 players being unjustly banned
      11. DICE feels it's "Mission Accomplished" despite a challenging Beta
      12. Report: 3G model of PS Vita more popular than the Wi-Fi one
      13. New Saints Row: The Third trailer parodies Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3
      14. Second Sonic Generations demo hitting PSN and XBL on Oct 19
      15. Devil May Cry HD Collection formally announced for early 2012
      16. Assassins Creed: Revelations achievements make their way online
      17. IGN handing out 10,000 Uncharted 3 MP keys
      18. Dragonborn: Three hours hands-on with Skyrim
      19. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II PSP, 3DS to get manga edition in Europe
      20. iPhone 4S sells 4 million in 3 days
      21. Iron Brigade DLC to introduce Horde mode, new missions
      22. Final BF3 multiplay maps get detailed
      23. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets post-launch Heroes vs Heralds mode
      24. Naughty Dog: Uncharted’s online and offline would separate without PSN Pass
      25. SSFIV AE Ver. 2012 patch launching in December for Japan
      26. Time Travelers trailer gets out from Level 5 Vision
      27. UK charts: Forza 4 races to top spot
      28. EU SWTOR release brought forward in line with US launch
      29. Halo: CE Anniversary's Kinect features detailed
      30. Coldplay track pack makes it to Rock Band this week
      31. Inside the UK’s Largest Fighter Tournament – Part Two
      32. Kojima tweets gorgeous Raiden sketch
      33. Australia - Batman: Arkham City street date broken
      34. Rayman Origins trailer is slaptastic
      35. Dark Souls patch to rectify multiplayer issues
      36. Skyward Sword trailers show off two new environments
      37. Project Zomboid development devastated by theft
      38. Rocksteady: Vertical navigation is Arkham City's draw
      1. Guild01 trailer shows Crimson Shroud, Kaiho Shojo cinematics
      2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch trailer
      3. Batman: Arkham City Rogue's Gallery trailer marks tomorrow's launch
      4. Lord of the Rings: War in the North screenshots in 360 degrees
      5. DICE: Primary Battlefield 3 build doesn't contain beta bugs
      6. League of Legends Graves patch previewed
      7. Watch Dark Souls beaten in less than an hour-and-a-half
      1. TIGA says UK shouldn't ignore Irish game industry
      2. Japanese online retailers selling out Vita preorder stock
      3. Halo CE: Anniversary Edition goes gold, achievements released
      4. Galactus has playable mode in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
      5. BattleEffect 3 poster unites Mass Effect characters with Battlefield art
      6. Amazing Spider-Man game confirmed, open world
      7. Costume Quest coming to PC
      8. New Professor Layton title coming to iOS
      9. New Prototype 2 trailer takes you on a hunt for Alex Mercer
      10. Batman says video games are a tough performance
      11. New Battlefield 3 TV Spot is "Above and Beyond the Call"
      12. Carmack says patch coming to fix Rage’s blurry textures
      13. New Cave Story 3D screenshots
      14. GTA III coming to other iOS devices "in the future"
      15. Peter Moore presents EA keynote at EB Games Expo
      16. Battlefield 3 presentation at EB Games Expo 2011
      17. New Uncharted 3 TV Spot trailer is one to write home about
      18. Namco Bandai to bring Ni No Kuni to Europe, US
      1. SFxT confirmed for March, PC version announced - details
      2. House of the Dead Overkill "crossbow emporium" trailer
      3. Star Wars: The Old Republic Signs of War trailer
      4. All Dawn of War games 50% off in THQ Steam sale
      5. Assassin's Creed: Revelations to get 3D options across all platforms
      6. Uncharted 3 wont get any single-player DLC
      7. EA Bright Light reportedly in closure process
      8. Army Corps of Hell to be North American Vita launch title
      9. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron teaser trailer
      10. Eleven Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay
      11. Gameloft apes Red Dead with new iOS game Six Guns
      12. iPhone 4S launches in US today
      13. Arkham City – The press kit in six-and-a-half minutes
      14. Uncharted 3 "Buddy System" explained
      15. Sega launches Sonic Generations "Bosses" trailer
      16. "Unofficial" release trailer for Batman: Arkham City
      17. Battastic - Batman: Arkham City reviews get rounded up
      18. Bilson "not sure there's room" for Space Marine sequel beside Dark Millennium
      19. Forza 4 releases today - Greenawalt on car porn
      20. Rovio IPO "a year from now," $1.2 billion valuation "a bit north," says CEO
      21. Time Travellers gets new shots, character art ahead of L5 Vision
      22. Friday shorts: Skyrim, Planetside 2, Assassin's Creed
      23. FFXIV PS3 coming Q3 2012, v2.00 confirmed for PC
      24. Sun madness shocker: "Games ‘are giving kids dementia’"
      25. Bilson: "A lot of different models" in mind on how Dark Millennium Online "can be monetized"
      26. Amazing Spider-Man tie-in coming from Beenox
      27. FF Type-0's DLC will be free, says game director
      28. War of the Worlds hitting XBLA on October 26
      29. Lonely Soul: Tecmo's Garza on all things Ninja Gaiden 3
      30. Dark Souls trailer offers no assistance whatsoever
      31. Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens and trailer bring back Snow
      32. THQ denies Dark Millenium Online details
      33. Team Fortress 2 UGC creators tot up $2,000,000 profit
      34. Ex-Rare dev cites nostalgia, big budgets for lack of retro remakes
      35. CCP offers apologetic discounts to disgruntled EVE Online players
      36. Assassin's Creed dev champions annual release schedule
      37. The Secret World dev diary talks PvP
      38. Batman: Arkham City online pass grants access to Catwoman content
      1. Programming legend Dennis Ritchie passes away at 70
      2. NPD: Xbox and Madden on top, 3DS hardware jumps
      3. Resident Evil: Revelations to have multiplayer after all
      4. Two Double Dragon games getting downloadable rereleases
      5. Battlefield 3's Online Pass confirmed
      6. One last chance to get into the Diablo III beta
      7. BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth is the "catalyst" for conflict
      8. Epic creating huge arcade version of Infinity Blade
      9. Four Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps detailed
      10. PlayStation Move ships 8.3 million units
      11. Deus Ex: Human Revolution "Missing Link DLC due out Oct 18
      12. New War of the Worlds trailer
      13. Second South Park game being revealed at New York Comic Con
      14. Mass Effect 3 may have as much dialogue as first two games combined
      15. Activision announces Men in Black movie tie-in game, releases screens
      16. Capcom shows off Nova and Phoenix Wright in Ultimate MvC3
      17. Nintendo releases awesome Kirby's Return to Dreamland art
      18. GameFly launches "social network" for gamers on Android
      19. Ratchet & Clank All 4 One co-op trailer
      20. Warhammer 40K Dark Millennium details surface online
      21. Syndicate gets ten minutes of new gameplay footage
      22. Payday: The Heist launching next week
      23. Sony: Vita games to get simultaneous launch retail & download launches, F2P supported
      24. Ex-Rare vets form Starfire Studios, announce first XBLA title
      25. GTA III 10th Anniversary Ed announced for iOS, Android
      26. Inside the UK’s Largest Fighter Tournament – Part One
      27. First public hands-on with Uncharted 3's single-player happening this weekend
      28. Thursday shorts: FFXIII-2, Resident Evil: Revelations, Bleszinski
      29. Browser-based Shadowrun Online announce
      30. Winning Eleven, 3DS come out top in Japanese charts
      31. No plans to bring back Def Jam, NBA Street, says EA Sports boss
      32. TGS 2011: All Aboard the Sony Boat
      33. SOE, Minecraft and Rift clean up at GDC Online Awards
      34. Inafune still keen on Megaman Legends 3
      35. Smedley: Sony network attack unrelated to April hack
      36. Yamaoka: Grasshopper team just "keep chugging away"
      37. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures launch trailer is toytastic
      38. New configuration Wii hits Australia this month
      39. Quick Quotes - Dave Perry on next-gen consoles
      1. Report - The Sims Social biting Zynga player base
      2. Warhammer Online not at risk of shut down
      3. Fallout creator joins Obisidian
      4. Relic producer reflects on critical reception of Space Marine
      5. Assassin's Creed: Relevations PS3 to sport 3D
      6. Square's "photo realistic" Luminous tech demoed
      7. Next PopCap iOS game revealed
      8. To the Moon arrives November 1, new trailer
      9. Sony confirms 20mb restriction on Vita 3G downloads
      10. Xbox Live dashboard preview accepting beta applicants
      11. WH40K: Dark Millennium aiming for March 2013 launch
      12. Get Battlefield 3 for $42 on Amazon
      13. EA confirms Online Pass for Mass Effect 3, detailed
      14. Goldeneye 007 Reloaded multiplayer trailer released
      15. Burnout Crash coming to iPhone later this year
      16. Duke Nukem Forever now $10 on Steam
      17. Heroes and Generals announced, persistent WW2 FPS strategy game
      18. BioWare talks Mass Effect 3 multiplayer in video interview
      19. SEGA announces rerelease of Daytona USA on XBLA, PSN
      20. Riot shows off new League of Legends champion
      21. Dead Island PC patch arrives, fixes corrupted saves bug
      22. First ever Prototype 2 hands-on to take place at NYCC
      23. Digital snowflakes: The EG Expo Indie Games Arcade
      24. EU PS Store update, October 12 - Castlevania, Dragon Age 2, CoD, Resistance 3
      25. Famitsu details Time Travelers story
      26. Twisted Pixel bought by Microsoft Studios - details
      27. Quick quotes: DICE has "massive plan" for Battlefield 3 DLC
      28. Daytona USA 360 cheevos get out
      29. HMV offering PES 2012 for 99p
      30. Zynga unveils Project Z, five new games
      31. Duke Nukem 3D heading to Android
      32. Wednesday shorts: RE Revelations, Planetside 2, Persona 4, Sesame Street
      33. Rocksmith to skip Europe until 2012
      34. 5th Cell launches Scribblenauts Remix for iOS
      35. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend to come to PS3, 360 in US at Vita launch
      36. Tales of the Abyss 3DS coming to US for Valentines Day
      37. Brock Lesnar final superstar confirmed for WWE '12
      38. Suda 51: Collaboration for Grasshopper-Kojima Productions project “all about timing”
      39. Minute-long BF3 video focusses on destruction
      40. Newell dobs in Apple for "ominous" trend of closed platforms
      41. 93,000 accounts compromised in Sony Network attack
      42. Level-5's Time Travelers jumps ship to grace Vita, PSP
      43. Suda 51, Matsuno, others on board Level-5's new title Guild01
      44. Portal 2's plot partially inspired by panic
      45. C.A.R.S. video shows off super-shiny crowd-sourced sim
      46. Less than 24 hours to grab Humble Indie Bundle
      47. Uncharted 3 goes gold, sports Starhawk beta, doc videos
      1. Next Zynga game is an MMORPG
      2. Halo dev: Players only get bored of boring games
      3. Sony details November PlayStation Suite beta
      4. Pipeworks studio head resigns over Green Beret misrepresentation
      5. US PS Store Update - Sideway: New York, Resistance 3 DLC, more
      6. Duke Nukem Hail to the Icons DLC out today
      7. AU and NZ get in on Star Wars: The Old Republic testing
      8. Valkyria Chronicles 3 unlikely to reach West
      9. Frontier's canceled game The Outsider may have been a Bourne title
      10. 3DS Circle Pad add-on up for pre-order in Japan
      11. More graphs than you'd ever want about Gears of War 3 multiplayer
      12. MDK 2 gets graphics update, releases tomorrow
      13. PSA: Dragon Age 2, Resistance 3 DLC out today
      14. 320GB HDDs coming to Xbox 360 S for $130
      15. Green Lantern Blu-Ray to include Arkham City Sinestro Corps skin
      16. Blizzard seemingly brings in WoW money-trading scheme
      17. Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack Debuted on X-Play
      18. The End: Three hours with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
      19. Felicia Day stars in Dragon Age: Redemption Ep. 1 now online
      20. First shots from Family Guy Online
      21. Arkham City Nightwing, Robin and character skin DLC get release dates, prices
      22. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster gets launch trailer
      23. FFXIII-2 will get huge amount of DLC, says Kitase
      24. Nintendo to release new Wii bundle in US
      25. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon reviews go live: all the scores
      26. PSA: Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition out now
      27. SCEJ looking into cheap downloads intuitive for PSP-Vita BC
      28. New mandatory 360 dash update to go live today
      29. Quick quotes: DICE "always" looking to grow Battlefield franchise "in different ways"
      30. Team Ninja looking to include Ninja Gaiden 3 play styles for Sigma Vita, says TK's Garza
      31. ESRB: Players will shoot "police officers" in BF3, EA responds
      32. Uncharted, more among first JP Vita games priced
      33. GT5: Spec 2.0 update goes live, first DLC detailed
      34. Volition: November releases "basically the same" as last year
      35. A Conversation Piece: Nagoshi talks Binary Domain
      36. Saints Row: The Third to be playable at EB Games Expo
      37. Keiji Inafune to head up Overwhelming Game Infinite Souls
      38. BioWare details Mass Effect 3's Galaxy at War system
      39. Corona Indie Bundle offers five games for less than a buck
      40. Skyrim's manual leaked
      41. Study finds growth in Australian gaming habits
      42. Sonic Generations PC affirmed
      43. Wadjet opens Blackwell Deception pre-orders
      1. DUST 514 to be consoles' first "proper" MMO, "deepest" shooter ever
      2. PlayStation Home the "easiest point of entry" for PSN developers
      3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer walks through Missing Link DLC - again
      4. Play as any combo of characters in Trine 2 co-op "Unlimited Mode"
      5. Analyst predicts 4% increase in September sales
      6. Full Hitman: Absolution gameplay trailer released
      7. Leisure Suit Larry in Land of the Lounge Lizards remake coming in 2012
      8. Rumour - Jak and Daxter HD Collection heading to PS3 in 2012
      9. Machinarium dev announces next project, Botanicula
      10. Modders create Waluigi playable character in Super Smash Bros.
      11. THQ holding big Steam sale this week
      12. Gears of War 3 freezing bug causing problems in 360s
      13. Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC now expected "mid-November"
      14. Russian expo attendees get limited edition Skyrim map
      15. BioWare confirms co-op multiplayer for Mass Effect 3
      16. Pre-orders for iPhone 4S top one million in 24 hours.
      17. New batch of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshots arrives
      18. Microsoft "targeting" November 25 for XBL update
      19. Two new Modern Warfare 3 AC-130 "Iron Lady" screens released
      20. Modern Warfare 3 boss talks competition in video interview
      21. Ofcom to investigate ITV-ArmA documentary mix-up
      22. Four MS employees working on "Xbox next-gen," says LinkedIn CVs
      23. Silent Hill: Downpour pulled into Q2 2012 by Konami
      24. Netflix kills Qwikster, reverts to single strategy
      25. IO answers your Hitman Absolution questions
      26. Hitman Absolution gets first gameplay teaser - watch
      27. Team Ninja "interested in pushing" Wii U "as hard as it can," says TK localisation boss
      28. Tomb Raider, GTA, LBP to head up British Design gallery
      29. Nintendo to launch special Mario and Sonic Wii hardware bundle
      30. Report: Half of UK population playing games
      31. UK charts: FIFA fends off RAGE, Dark Souls
      32. Konami UK stays mum over possible MGS Collection delay
      33. Rumour: Australian PC mag confirms ME3 multiplay
      34. Bit.Trip gets Runner spin-off series for PSN, XBLA next year
      35. Kojima will "still make" Metal Gear Solid games if fans still want it
      36. Adventure Time: Thatgamecompany on Journey
      1. The Last Story classified for Australian release
      2. XSEED: Corpse Party is a "horror adventure", not a visual novel
      3. Dungeon Defenders pre-orders score Valve goodies
      4. Quick Shots - Shinobi's Ninja powers detailed
      5. Harmonix: Innovation driven by "gimmicks"
      6. The Binding of Isaac fleshed out with demo, update
      7. Tribes: Ascend to enter beta November 4
      8. Amazing Double Fine Extravaganza teases "multiple" reveals this week
      9. RAGE PC patch adds advanced graphics options
      1. Saturday Shorts: Serious Sam, Diablo 2, Dilithium, SFxT, Breaking Bad, Arkham City
      2. OnLive adding six more indie titles to the service this fall
      3. Mithril Edition of Lord of the Rings Online now up for grabs
      4. Rumor - Microsoft using Silverlight toolset for Xbox Live TV and dashboard TV update
      5. Big Huge Games team talks narrative design in new Inside Reckoning video series
      6. Sony and EA handing out four free games for Xperia Play
      7. Report - AT&T pre-orders for iPhone 4S hit 200K, Apple store out of stock already
      8. Assassin's Creed: Revelations theme song winner announced
      9. Hitman: Absolution has stealthy "hardcore" mode
      10. GSC - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 to have always-on DRM
      11. Latest SWTOR dev blog discusses updates to companion characters
      12. It was bound to happen: Introducing GLaDOSiri on iPhone 4S
      13. The Darkness II gameplay videos are full of death
      14. Weekly Wrap – RAGE’s PC woes, world bids adieu to Jobs
      1. Carmack: RAGE PC issues "have been a real cluster!@#$"
      2. Sonic Generations video shows Crisis City, Rooftop Run, and Planet Wisp levels
      3. Binary Domain trailer walks you through the Consequence System
      4. Modern Warfare 3 SP shown in stunning Redemption trailer
      5. Skyward Sword trailers, screenshots, and Faron Woods details released
      6. War in the North vignette introduces the Wight Lord of the Barrow-downs
      7. Assassin's Creed: Revelations video is all about bombs
      8. Toy Story writers in talks to pen FarmVille movie
      9. SWTOR: Choose your side - Jedi Knight vs Bounty Hunter
      10. Dragons are invading Minecraft
      11. RAGEFACE: Tim Willits on id's new IP and 20th anniversary
      12. UFC pay-per-view hitting XBL on December 1
      13. If Resident Evil franchise didn't branch out "people would be really sick," of it, says Kawata
      14. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection tops inaugural, monthly best-seller list for PSN
      15. Tretton: Vita data caps to "probably" be based on the 3G partner and the plan
      16. DICE: Mirror's Edge 2 can "reach a broader audience"
      17. Naughty Dog adding more MP maps to Uncharted 3 experience, show off traipse through Jordan
      18. Study: Tablet owners less keen on console gaming
      19. Konami to release first PES 2012 content update October 11
      20. Battlefield 360 to have hi-res texture pack
      21. Solo campaign shots released for Battlefield 3
      22. PSA: The Cursed Crusade out today in the UK
      23. Stronghold 3 to release on October 25
      24. RAGE releases today - watch the full first mission in HD
      25. Caspian Border opens up for BF3 PC owners ahead of closing beta
      26. Report - AU$1 million owed by Team Bondi
      27. GMG "hoping" to get EA games back on sale in EU regions "in the near future"
      28. Battlefield 3 cheevos make their way online
      29. Quick quotes: People Can Fly "blushed" with amount of swearing in Bulletstorm
      30. Gamers "misunderstanding the term 'beta test'": DICE
      31. Space Marine Exterminatus DLC launching on October 25
      32. New Modern Warfare 3 gameplay to air during England Euro 2012 game
      33. Launching Dark Souls: Do you think you're hard enough?
      34. Amazing Uncharted 3 Eurogamer demo footage released online
      35. Ghost Recon Online "won't feel like a free-to-play game"
      36. Moore: EA has a "commitment" to the Wii U
      37. Rock-hard indie VVVVVV coming to 3DS
      38. Okabu release date set for October 18
      39. Splash Damage has multiplayer 'in its heart'
      40. Super Mario 3D Land video demos special moves
      41. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning as big as Oblivion
      42. Demon's Souls World Tendency events to mark US launch anniversary
      43. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 trailer includes world's slowest duel
      44. Eufloria dev pans Microsoft indie publishing costs as "prohibitive"
      45. Quick Shots - Of Orcs and Men visits the other side
      46. Gotham City Impostors cartoon explores madness
      1. Shank 2 to have double the animation
      2. Bethesda: "Nobody here enjoys" pursuing Scrolls trademark dispute
      3. Skyward Sword intro makes its way online - now with translation
      4. Civilization V Mobile out now
      5. Gold sub required for new and existing Xbox Live video content
      6. Rumour - Sony to buy out Ericsson's half of Sony Ericsson
      7. Rumour - Microsoft to debut streaming games service in 2012
      8. Rocksteady: Nothing cut from Arkham City
      9. Sony: Not everyone's ready for a digital-only console
      10. Preliminary panel and events schedule released for BlizzCon 2011
      11. Quick Quotes: Newell on why PC games matter in a console-obsessed world
      12. US cities that spend the most on video games listed
      13. Extra details for Space Marines' Exterminatus Mode pop up online
      14. Thursday Shorts: Canada, Matsuura, Cosplay record, King's Bounty, Inafune, All 4 One
      15. Saints Row: The Third trailer shows Cherished Memories
      16. Latest DotA 2 blog post discusses new spectator system
      17. Extra Minecraft pre-1.9 update goodies released
      18. BAFTA adds four new games category awards for 2012
      19. RAGE: Tearing and texture issues can possibly be fixed with updated AMD and Nvidia drivers
      20. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron announced via November Game Informer
      21. El Presidente returning to Xbox 360 in Tropico 4
      22. Super Mario Land 3D trailer, renders and in-game shots released
      23. Hard Boiled: Rockstar shows off Max Payne 3
      24. Closed beta for Blacklight: Retribution starts November 10
      25. Firefall’s Kern wants MMOs to evolve and avoid the “Circle of Suck”
      26. FIFA 12 getting console patch within next 2-3 weeks
      27. Kojima: AR and the cloud are the way of the future
      28. Trion announces Red Door gaming platform for publishing and development
      29. 47 percent of UK devs self-publish, says TIGA
      30. NFS: The Run assets introduce you to the Million Dollar Highway
      31. Crytek has "been investigating" Flash for CryEngine
      32. Neverwinter to be released as an MMO in late 2012
      33. Royal Rumble: Johanson talks Guild Wars 2 PvP
      34. Square Enix announces Army Corps of Hell for Europe
      35. Official PlayStation Magazine UK launches website
      36. Rabbids animated series to air in 2013
      37. Report - Halo movie planned for 2012, Spielberg involved
      38. Level 5 to stream press confernece at L5 Vision
      39. Forza 4 videos go live following great scores
      40. Monster Hunter 3DS getting Japanese hardware bundle
      41. Forza Motorsport 4 reviews go live - all the scores
      42. BULLETCAST, October 6 - What you need to know now
      43. Coldplay, Stevie Wonder coming to Rock Band as DLC
      44. Nintendo announces white 3DS SKU for Japan, packing pink Wiimote for bundles
      45. Ninja Theory: Innovative indie games "can't compete" with triple A
      46. Red Dead Redemption PC looks increasingly unlikely
      47. Dead or Alive 5 gameplay looks brutal
      48. Editorial – The King is Dead: Long Live Steve Jobs
      1. Legendary Apple boss Steve Jobs passes away aged 56
      2. Analyst: Social games about to go "second generation"
      3. Quick Shots - Max Payne 3 looking super slick
      4. 343 to endure "a lot more scrutiny" for Halo 4 efforts
      5. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is finished
      6. Batman: Arkham City ad shows Robin gameplay
      7. Ubisoft: "Why would you" try to do core controls with Kinect
      8. Wii U Tekken still in pre-production
      9. Bethesda XBL sale includes Fallout, Oblivion, id goodies
      10. CCP CEO issues letter of apology, more EVE Online changes coming this winter
      11. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record gets a launch trailer
      12. Wednesday Shorts II: Amy Capsized Arkham City with Conan's Might & Magic
      13. Valve and Dark Horse team up for Steam-Powered Stories hardcover comic collection
      14. Sony outlines plans for Vita Remote Play
      15. Duke Nukem Forever update hitting next week
      16. Infinity Blade: Free update includes new enemy, rings, weapons, more
      17. WP7 Xbox Companion App lets you control your console with your phone
      18. Visceral looking to fill senior environment artist opening for Dead Space franchise
      19. Microsoft announces additional film and TV providers coming to XBL
      20. Rumor - EA and Valve trying to patch things up for Battlefield 3
      21. GT5 Functionality Update 2.0 detailed, releasing October 11
      22. Yakuza of the End announced for March release in UK and US
      23. Euro Plus and Store Update, Oct. 5 - Costume Quest, Uncharted 3, Crysis, Eufloria,
      24. UK games industry struggling in recruiting, says study
      25. NPD: Total videogame spend in US hits $4.5 billion during Q2
      26. Xbox Live Arcade still to peak, says analysts
      27. Sony's Long Live Play TV campaign features gamer pictures
      28. US PS Store and Plus Update, Oct. 4 - Rochard, RE5, Eufloria, RAGE, Elite pre-orders
      29. Liquidator appointed to help Team Bondi with studio closure
      30. RAGE announced too early? "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter," says id's Willits
      31. PSN encountering sign-in issues
      32. Original Crysis hits EU 360 Games on Demand
      33. PlayStation Access heads to Manchester, features first round of UK FIWC qualifying
      34. Wednesday shorts: Metal Gear Solid HD, BF3, Zelda
      35. New Dance Central 2 trailer is a non-shocker
      36. Ezio's End: Ubi Montreal on Assassin's Creed: Revelations
      37. Ace Combat demo gets 1.2 million downloads
      38. Inafune announces new 3DS title Kai-oh
      39. Quick Shots - Dark Souls design notes suitably monstrous
      40. Dragon Age: Redemption trailer teases series, DLC
      41. Assassin's Creed: Revelations wants you to Unlock the Animus
      42. The Darkness II demos "quad wield" combat
      43. Rumour - Xbox 720 whispers highlight Saints Row 4, Alan Wake 2
      44. Crysis launch trailer shows off CryEngine 3
      45. DICE defends Battlefield 3 beta from critics
      1. Nintendo triumphs in French anti-piracy suit
      2. Outdated GPU drivers blamed for Rage PC issues
      3. FIFA 12 nabs 3.2 million sales for best 2011 launch
      4. Future shooter: Treyarch aims Call of Duty at "new console"
      5. Bleszinski would be "terrified" if given free reign
      6. Aliens Infestation trailer marks looming US launch
      7. US News Wrap, October 4 - What Happened Today
      8. Coming soon to the XBL Marketplace: Crysis, Guardian Heroes, Real Steel, Bethesda sale, more
      9. Tuesday Shorts II: XBL error, Monster Hunter, Castle of Illusion, Arkham City
      10. SWTOR beta testing resumes this weekend
      11. Unreal Engine 3 brings 3D gaming to Flash
      12. Dual core iPhone 4S hitting October 14 in US and UK
      13. Ezio narrates in latest Assassin's Creed: Revelations story trailer
      14. Tomb Raider celebrates 15 years with Digital Art Exhibition
      15. Portal 2 Peer Review DLC out now, 100% free
      16. NPD: US game downloads up 17% in 2-14 age group
      17. PSN Imports debuts in UK with Arc The Lad, Sonic Wings Special, Cho Aniki
      18. Pre-orders for The Darkness II get upgraded to Limited Edition
      19. Resident Evil: Revelations coming to US on February 7
      20. Professor Layton and the Last Specter gets three new videos
      21. Study: UK developers conflicted over the future of console and PC games
      22. NFS: The Run demo landing on PSN and XBL October 18
      23. Ni no Kuni PS3 Japanese release to include digital version of spell book
      24. Hungry Shark mobile franchise has a 25 million user base
      25. Rumour: Rare working on "mature" next-gen Xbox game, Lionhead and Turn 10 also making titles
      26. Quick quotes: Harada saddened by Iack of Tekken trash-talking from Itagaki
      27. Battlefield 3 beta – Colin versus the PC version
      28. Horde Command Pack for Gears 3 releasing November 1
      29. IO planning "very, very interesting" online feature with Hitman Absolution
      30. PAYDAY: The Heist delayed to "later in October"
      31. Rhinehart: Prey 2 could be "enhanced" for PC
      32. Battlefield 3 beta simultaneous players up 600% over BC2
      33. Quick shots: Kingdoms of Amalur screens look purdy
      34. Quick shots: Dragon Age II DLC goes heavy on action
      35. Sega competition video suggests impending Daytona announcement
      36. Skyrim achievements list pop up online
      37. Notch offered to give up Scrolls trademark for Zenimax
      38. Remedy providing development feedback for Max Payne 3
      39. Volition "push the boundaries" with Saints Row: The Third's sex appeal
      40. BULLETCAST, October 4 – What you need to know now
      41. Street Fighter x Tekken a "carnival of both games," says Ono
      42. Still "more places we can go with PS3," says Naughty Dog's Lemarchand
      43. Ex-Mythic boss left due to future direction of company
      44. Something old, something new: Sonic Generations
      45. Tuesday Shorts - Ni No Kuni, FF Type-0, not-actually-Darkstalkers, more
      46. All the RAGE? Reviews go live for id’s post-apoc shooter
      47. Rumour - Syphon Filter Vita inbound
      48. PS Plus Content, October 2011 - Costume Quest DLC, Warhawk, indie discounts
      49. Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC, pre-order bonuses unveiled
      50. BioWare has "huge autonomy" from EA
      51. Report - Indies fleeing XBLA
      52. Id: Player freedom is "not the point" of Rage
      1. Dark Souls Collector's Edition contents switched up
      2. Dead Space 3 leak details Isaac's changed personality
      3. Sony to implement PSN Pass on all first-party releases
      4. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier drops March 6
      5. Bloody Roar 5 announcement a hoax
      6. Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival demoed on Paris map
      7. EA: Origin versus Steam not "a proper battle"
      8. Spider-Man OnLive snub comment is fake, says Activision
      9. EU News Wrap, October 3 - What happened today
      10. Diablo III gets a 15 from the BBFC
      11. Final Vita packaging shown, launch apps confirmed
      12. Assassin's Creed: Desmond's story to wrap up by December 2012, says Revelations creative boss
      13. Forza 4 demo goes live on Marketplace
      14. Video of new Xbox Dashboard leaks out
      15. Quick quotes: "It's really difficult to be successful with a new IP," says Suda51
      16. Sonic Generations Japanese release pushed up a week
      17. Square Enix has "plan for the future" with Deus Ex, says Eidos Montreal
      18. Dark Souls review flood is go, HD video shows tutorial
      19. Sony did not break Australian privacy laws in response to the PSN breach according to Privacy Commissioner
      20. BULLETCAST, October 3 – What you need to know now
      21. UK charts: FIFA 12 becomes third biggest UK launch ever
      22. Batman: Arkham City achievement and trophy lists revealed
      23. Full Uncharted 3 multiplayer to go live for EU PS Plus subs on Wednesday
      24. SCEE: Only on PSN for US, "majority of content" EU bound
      25. Indie title Cardinal Quest free today only
      26. Rumour: South African retailer advertises "online multiplayer pass" for Mass Effect 3
      27. Three new songs added in latest Groove Coaster update
      28. Duty Officer System detailed in latest Star Trek Online dev blog entry
      29. Unity Technologies' general manager defends piracy
      30. Embracing Death: Vigil's Fitzloff on Darksiders II
      31. Sony anticipating "huge impact" on earnings due to falling euro
      32. Batman Arkham series will continue after Arkham City according to Rocksteady
      33. Apple's App Review Board fails to detect unplayable five dollar copyright infringement
      34. Uncharted 3 will utilise PSN Pass program for online play
      35. Massive security risk threatens HTC Android devices
      36. Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 to give away $50,000 cash prize to one lucky gamer
      37. DICE threatens BF3 beta players with account bans
      1. Batman: Arkham City receives perfect score in world's first review
      2. TouchPad is no gaming giant, but it's not “f**king s**t”
      1. US News Wrap, October 1 - What Happened Today
      2. Saturday Shorts: Dragon Quest, Sims 3, Trauma, Home, ICO, sales
      3. Konami delays Doctor Lautrec into December
      4. Quick Quotes: Ed Fries on gaming's future in the cloud
      5. UK game sales generated ?27.7 million last week thanks to Gears 3, F1 2011
      6. Bloody Roar 5 in development at Hudson Soft
      7. Bullet Time "upgraded" with a "level of sophistication," in Max Payne 3
      8. Big Mass Effect 3 reveal teased for next issue of Xbox World
      9. Cyanide confirms development, gameplay for A Game of Thrones RPG
      10. Red 5 Studios and Webzen settle legal disputes over FireFall
      11. Jak and Daxter HD Collection listed by South African online retailer
      12. Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience is live, head on down to Subway
      13. Quick Quotes: Schofield on his Modern Warfare 3 concerns
      14. DICE lists changes coming to Battlefield 3 thanks to beta feedback
      15. RAGE ready to be pre-loaded on Steam and D2D
      16. Stop making me learn: I don't have the time or the will
      17. Gearbox walks you through the Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay demo
      18. Weekly Wrap – BF3 beta explodes, devs ogle next-gen