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  • September 2012 Archive

      1. 38 Studios will escape federal charges
      2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II achievements listed
      3. Koller talks about PS3 closing the gap
      4. '22 Cans is only going to make one game' - Molyneux
      5. Unreal Engine 4: 'we don't feel beaten by other engines' - Epic
      6. Faliszek, '60% of Kickstarter games will launch'
      1. Gears of War: Judgment impressions - life, interrupted
      1. Valve interview: 'I just told Gabe he was full of s**t'
      2. 'Valve and others are definitely looking at VR tech' - Faliszek
      3. Black Ops 2 prestige "is not a start over system"
      4. Valve: "We're pretty happy", not selling to Nexon
      5. Japanese PS3 Super Slim advert knows where you live
      6. War of the Roses launch stream announced for October 2
      7. Hitman: Absolution's Contracts Mode sneaks in with 18-minute gameplay video
      8. Sega announce Total War Weekend, major Steam discounts for all
      9. Ubisoft to spend ?4 million on Assassin's Creed 3 marketing campaign
      10. Splinter Cell: Blacklist response has been "uninformed" and a "kneejerk reaction"
      11. FIFA 13: Club-specific cover sleeves head onto the pitch
      12. Hitman dev: standard "multiplayer will always be tempting"
      13. Metal Gear Rising and ZOE HD collector's editions announced
      14. Ubisoft's Hip Hop Dance Experience is tricky
      15. Football Manager 2013 release date confirmed
      16. Macross 30 debut trailer is suitably strange
      17. Phantasy Star Universe says its final goodbye
      18. Blizzard honour sightless WoW player and his guild-mate
      19. UT3 bots score higher on Turing test than human players
      20. Pokémon Black and White 2 foregrounds hidden stats as fan service
      21. Miyamoto working on a "fantastic project" for Wii U
      22. Google Play sale offers 75% off top apps
      23. City of Heroes petition gathers 20,000 signatures
      24. Rainbow Moon headed to Vita in 2013 following "hundreds" of requests
      25. E.X. Troopers screens tantalise with unattainability
      26. Nintendo Direct promotes New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC
      27. GRID 2: "every opportunity" racer could come to Wii U
      28. Darksiders 2 Wii U bonus content revealed
      29. Australia - Resident Evil 6 street date broken
      30. Blizzard's Project Titan team is now over 100 strong
      31. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord announced
      32. Mists of Pandaria sales below expectations, says analyst firm
      33. Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable headed to the US
      34. The Sims developer expands with new studio in Finland
      35. Awesomenauts to add tenth character
      1. The Walking Dead: Episode 4 generates a single screenshot
      2. PAX Australia to be held in Melbourne - rumour
      3. Dead or Alive 5 fans demanded ridiculous breasts
      4. Zynga games bleed fans as Facebook purges fake accounts
      5. Persona 4: Golden screenshots are mysteriously boring
      6. Lost Planet 3 may "p**s some people off" by ramping up shooter side
      7. City of Heroes end game events scheduled
      8. Oculus Rift pre-orders now available
      9. NBA LIVE 13 cancelled by EA Sports
      10. Free-to-play model will influence all future Ubisoft games, says CFO
      11. 38 Studios assets set for auction, 360 dev kits cannot be included says Microsoft
      12. Mists of Pandaria - free realm transfers available in US for a limited time
      13. Syfy launches exclusive television series on Xbox 360
      14. Media Molecule: Secret project is 'scary but exhilarating'
      15. FIFA 13 sales up 42% yoy, sells 353,000 day one in the US
      16. Killzone HD developers had to perform "software archeology" on original game
      17. Conan O'Brien and Alex Morgan review Just Dance 4
      18. Hitman: Absolution Eurogamer Expo session – full video here
      19. GamesAid announces successful charities for 2012
      20. Metal Gear 25th anniversary interview: Kojima answers big questions
      21. OnLive: 'If we don't improve we will die'
      22. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - title previously known as P13 detailed by Starbreeze
      23. Derrick the Deathfin splashes towards PSN on October 9
      24. Hitman: Absolution shots show Agent 47 in various job positions
      25. World of Tanks dolls itself up with update 8.0
      26. DayZ Standalone Eurogamer Expo session - full video here
      27. Mists of Pandaria - Blizzard goes screenshots mental with latest expansion
      28. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth demo now available for Xbox Live Gold members
      29. DayZ creator on arrested ArmA devs: 'I just want to see them home'
      30. Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer revisits the Boston Tea Party
      31. MGS: Ground Zeroes - Kojima discusses his open world
      32. Madden 14 may contain referee likenesses - rumor
      33. Eurogamer Expo: Watch all the livestream videos here
      34. Call of Duty Elite makeover in progress for launch of Black Ops 2
      35. Dishonored - The Tales from Dunwall Episode 3: In the Mind of Madness
      36. Metal Gear Solid movie stars Solid Snake, Kojima on board in supervisory role
      37. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has base building, smartphone features
      38. Quarth, Hitori, Kart Krashers, others make up Nintendo weekly downloads
      39. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes or Metal Gear Solid 5's online to be handled by Kojima Productions LA
      40. Smite video shows gods battling each other to MANOWAR metal
      41. Carmageddon and its Splat Pack add-on are now available on GOG.com
      42. Eurogamer Expo: Far Cry 3 session, full video here
      43. Slender: The Arrival set for commercial release
      44. Steam Linux - internal beta to start next week
      45. Eurogamer Expo: Halo 4 session, full video here
      46. GRID 2: First look at California Coast and Chicago Street gameplay
      47. Notch refuses to certify Minecraft for Windows 8, would rather it "not run on W8 at all"
      48. Eurogamer Expo: David Footman session, Sept. 29 at 1.30pm
      49. Lexis Numerique: "It is really hard to work on a Nintendo platform"
      50. Halo Wars: Bungie saw project as 'whoring out the franchise'
      51. .hack inspired Guilty Dragon is coming to iOS in the West
      52. Valhalla Knights 3 to feature 7 vs 7 battles
      53. Phantasy Star Online 2 free-to-play for Japanese Vita users
      54. OnLive functionality is still coming to Wikipad
      55. Blade Guardian is Mistwalker's new game, due this week
      56. Tokyo Jungle pitch elicited "bad" reaction from Sony executives
      1. Capcom would 'consider' a Resident Evil 2 remake with fan support
      2. Mass Effect Trilogy won't have a FemShep cover, but "something special" inbound
      3. Torchlight 2 OS-X still "a couple months" away
      4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a kitchen sink sandbox
      5. Ex-Rare employees want to develop a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie
      6. Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition releasing on PSN next month
      7. Tryst demo now available on Steam
      8. Halo 4 terminals will 'blow your mind' - 343
      9. Halo 4 Interview: I, Promethean
      10. Castle Crashers is now available on Steam
      11. Project Eternity Kickstarter surpasses $2 million, three new modes planned
      12. The Walking Dead: Telltale's Episode 6 of Playing Dead features live PAX panel
      13. Halo 4 straps on its Spartan helmet, goes gold
      14. Black Ops 2 - Zombies mode revealed after much teasing
      15. SWTOR Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond is live
      16. GoG teases a new game release tomorrow
      17. EA purchases Battlefield web and mobile app developer
      18. The Secret World Issue #3: The Cat God is now available
      19. Halo 4 impressions: "Ready to get back to work?"
      20. Introversion launches paid alpha version of Prison Architect
      21. Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy to Launch on PS3
      22. Far Cry 3 trailer introduces you to The Savages Vaas and Buck
      23. Guardians of Middle-Earth implements MOBA pros feedback
      24. Black Ops Declassified Vita bundle contains download code for the shooter
      25. Mass Effect Trilogy to release on PC, PS3 and 360
      26. Joe Danger 2: The Movie will arrive on PS3 soon, contains 10 hours of extra content
      27. Final Fantasy 3 and 3DS top Japanese charts
      28. Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector's Edition revealed
      29. Total War: Rome 2 video shows first in-game footage
      30. Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour kicks into action
      31. LOTRO: Riders of Rohan developer video delves into the Epic Storyline
      32. Dishonored - The Tales from Dunwall Episode 2: The Hand that Feeds
      33. Pre-order Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 at Eurogamer Expo for exclusive bonus
      34. F1 2012 fourth developer diary details Season Challenge and Champions Mode
      35. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky HD releasing on PS3 in Japan
      36. Halo 4 screenshots mech an impact
      37. HELL YEAH! and MvC: Origins now available on Xbox Live
      38. Darksiders 2: Argul's Tomb and Death Rides DLC available worldwide
      39. EU PS Store update, Sept. 26 - GTA 3, PS3 Essentials, GT5: Academy Edition, Darksiders DLC
      40. Nintendo announce full list of Wii U launch titles
      41. New Halo 4 details unleash the Flood
      42. UK video games market is worth ?3.266 billion
      43. Dance Central discounts want you to get jiggy
      44. LittleBigPlanet Karting interview: catch a ride
      45. Wizardry Online taking western beta applications
      46. Project X Zone combat system supports 100-hit combos
      47. Tokyo Jungle to be patched with Remote Play support
      48. Assassin's Creed 3 PC specs detailed
      49. Steam Greenlight's first release drops
      50. RIFT: Storm Legion pre-orders will help save pandas
      51. The Walking Dead Episode 4 release date narrowed down
      52. Study - co-op play linked to less aggressive real world behaviour
      1. Major League Gaming broadcast schedule unveiled
      2. Oboro Muramasa not just a port of The Demon Blade
      3. US PS Store update, September 25 - Tokyo Jungle, digital pre-orders, FIFA 13
      4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online play between Wii U and 3DS explained
      5. Humble Indie Bundle 6 adds four more titles with soundtracks
      6. FOX Broadcast app launches on Xbox 360 for Gold members
      7. Resident Evil games are 50% off on Steam
      8. FIFA 13 pre-orders hit over one million, demo downloaded 4.6 million times
      9. Dead Space 3 gameplay video walks you through Eudora
      10. Spark Unlimited pegged for Onimusha 4 according to PSM3 rumor
      11. Starhawk update 1.04 is live, single and multiplayer options arrive tomorrow
      12. Forza Horizon's Season Pass will run you $49.99
      13. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron DLC Massive Fury Pack now available
      14. Bravely Default awakening TGS 2012 trailer released
      15. Steam maintenance took longer than usual - it's back up
      16. PlanetSide 2's latest Command Center episode shows the Engineer class
      17. Far Cry 3 PC minimum, recommended, and high-performance PC specs released
      18. PSN Day 1 Digital announced by Sony, offers digital versions of games at launch
      19. Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer shows Sam doing all sorts of escaping, bashing baddies
      20. Resident Evil 6 TGS 2012 booth trailer released
      21. Bayonetta's PS3 port was our "biggest failure", says Platinum's Inaba
      22. Dishonored is the subject of tonight's episode of Face Off on SyFy
      23. WWE '13 will allow players to re-live the DX era and Suck it!
      24. League of Legends suffers DDoS attacks, Riot talks legal action
      25. LEGO Lord of the Rings developer diary talks about recreating Middle-Earth
      26. Forza Horizon - Behind the Scenes episode 2 drives you through Colorado
      27. LEGO Lord of the Rings artwork shows Middle-earth adversaries
      28. Orcs Must Die! 2 booster pack, Family Ties, lands on Steam tomorrow
      29. PS3 "super slim" bundle lands in the US today, Sony unboxes one
      30. Dishonored webseries - The Tales from Dunwall, Part 1: The Awakening released
      31. CD Projekt RED and GOG.com Special Event being streamed live October 18
      32. The Hobbit strategy games heading to your browser and mobile this fall
      33. Need for Speed: Most Wanted video encourages you to "Get Wanted"
      34. NBA 2K13 demo available on Xbox Live
      35. Black Ops 2 zombies screenshots arrive ahead of reveal
      36. Amazing Spider-Man: new DLC out today in the US, later this year Europe
      37. Balloon Pop Remix, Crazy Chicken Pirates, round out UK Nintendo Downloads
      38. Dead or Alive 5 reviews begin: the wank bank starts to dry up
      39. Diablo 3 client datamined to reveal PvP reward tokens, 5 arenas & more
      40. Wonderbook: Book of Spells release date, PS3 super slim bundle confirmed
      41. FIFA 13: Game offering 99p trade-in deal
      42. Just Cause dev talks next-gen: 'we want to be the best open world studio'
      43. Duke Nukem creators 3D Realms return with FPS 'Earth No More'
      44. Valve faces potential court action over Steam user agreement
      45. Diablo 3: Blizzard president reflects on 'painful' launch
      46. Gambitious: Mushroom Men sequel is first featured crowd-fund project
      47. Gambitious: Kickstarter-style crowd-funding service opens for business
      48. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill rolls out on PC & Xbox 360 today for non-subscribers
      49. Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC plot files found on disc
      50. XCOM: Enemy Unknown interview - fear and reinvention
      51. Fable: The Journey doc asks players what they think of the game
      52. Wii U launch window: 'more games yet to be revealed', says Reggie
      53. Pokemon dev working to bring Harmo Knight to Europe
      54. Miyamoto on Mario: famed dev answers 'big' questions
      55. iPhone 5: over 5 million sold and counting
      56. Might & Magic Heroes VI: Gold Edition trailer shows off lush cutscenes
      57. Borderlands 2 Badass Rank reset bug found, fix incoming
      58. 3DS XL: Nintendo unveils new blue & black model
      59. US cable companies preparing to offer TV streamed triple-a games
      60. Platinum Games considering Kickstarter project for Steam
      61. Angry Birds Trilogy: live-action launch trailer shows human society under attack
      62. Forza 5: Microsoft and Turn 10 hiring for next game - report
      63. Assassin's Creed 3 & Liberation: new combat screens are deadly gorgeous
      64. Sony PR team reportedly laid-off, ex-staffer mourns 'titles sent out to die'
      65. "Still millions" of potential Wii customers, says NoA boss
      66. The Secret World designer named as post-launch content director
      67. Assassin's Creed 3 ending to "pay off" but "plant seeds" for future games
      68. Demon's Score content costs twice as much in the US as Japan
      69. Disney teasing sparks hope for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 localisation
      70. Mobage outage takes out Android, iOS games
      1. US PS Plus weekly bonuses include Tokyo Jungle, Starhawk
      2. The Last Express iOS release date set for this week
      3. The Amazing-Spider Man scores two PS3 exclusive DLC packs
      4. Wii U advertising hints at last minute release date change
      5. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria launch interview
      6. Medal of Honor: Warfighter 'Demolition' trailer brings out the big guns
      7. Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package release date confirmed
      8. Project Eternity 'no plans for console or tablet ports', says Obsidian
      9. Blizzard has 'no particular fear' over Windows 8
      10. Far Cry 3 'Holiday From Hell' Facebook app is live, create gruesome postcards today
      11. Assassin's Creed 3: a shipload of new gameplay footage, Ubisoft speaks
      12. Assassin's Creed 3: where the wild things are
      13. Star Trek Online dev: 'game reviews don't do MMOs justice', calls for Metacritic reform
      14. XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC demo live now on Steam
      15. Persona 4 Golden gets anime-tastic new screens
      16. Black Ops 2 PS3 texture install option confirmed by Treyarch
      17. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Japanese box art emerges
      18. WoW: Mists of Pandaria launch, watch it live here
      19. Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is happening, PC, Mac & smartphone release confirmed
      20. Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins & Hell Yeah! lead this week's XBLA update
      21. Black Ops 2 Zombies: 'Waltz' trailer gives us the fear
      22. Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask browser demo now live
      23. Over My Dead Body: PS Vita RPG gets teaser trailer
      24. PSN US: GTA 3, Dead or Alive 5, Mirror's Edge & LBP Vita lead weekly content drop
      25. GTA 3 PSN release confirmed for this week
      26. Angry Birds Trilogy achievement will take 300 hours to complete 'Rovio'
      27. Black Ops 2: 'I can nerf perks, and I will, mark my words' - Vonderhaar gets tough
      28. PS3: '3 years of incredible first-party content incoming'
      29. WWE '13: new screens of legendary Mankind Vs. Rock 'I Quit' bout
      30. PopCap Dublin closed by EA, studio issues statement
      31. Walking Dead season one releasing December 4th
      32. Borderlands 2 stars and bullets and squares
      33. Dust 514 coming out 'next month', says Sony exec
      34. Ultima Forever interview: rule Britannia
      35. Project Eternity Kickstarter nears $2 million, new gameplay details discussed
      36. Dragon Quest X Wii U is the same as the Wii version, no extras
      37. Wii U region locked, Nintendo confirms restrictions
      38. FIFA 13 iOS screens show pint-sized pitch action
      39. UK Charts: Borderlands 2 shoots its way to the top
      40. Mark of the Ninja: Steam release date & price confirmed
      41. Rocksmith was originally 'Guitar Rising', Ubisoft discusses the game's origins
      42. Assassin's Creed 3 & Liberation screens show both stars fighting back-to-back
      43. Peter Molyneux on Curiosity, 'Why didn't I just do a game?'
      44. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 gets a new heavy-hitting trailer
      45. World of Warcraft: Blizzard responds to Cataclysm's dungeon criticisms
      46. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX trailer shows off polishing efforts
      47. Unity: No current plans to support 3DS
      48. Namco Bandai surprised by success of F2P Gundam game
      49. Mists of Pandaria trailer packs in everything but the kitchen sink
      50. Broken Sword Kickstarter falls short of Beneath a Steel Sky sequel
      51. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle has manga effects
      52. Sony files patent for biometric console security
      53. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 second PC demo out now
      54. Wii U New Zealand pricing announced
      55. Guild Wars 2 trailer asks and answers basics questions
      56. Xbox Live connectivity issues hit Time Warner subs
      57. FIFA 13 dev diary talks up improved commentary
      58. Ecco the Dolphin creator pushing for new game
      1. Project X Zone: Harada pushing for localisation
      2. Tokyo Game Show 2012 boasts record breaking crowds
      3. Dust 514 vs EVE Online: when worlds collide
      1. Black Ops 2 multiplayer innovates, yet remains 'true to the core', says Treyarch
      2. L4D2 DLC based on Cabin in the Woods was planned at one time
      3. Macross 30 game to be released in 2013 Namco has announced
      4. Dishonored given the salt art treatment by artist Bashir Sultani
      5. Steam Greenlight - 3,195 games posted since launch
      6. Anna - first-person horror title out on Steam, launch trailer released
      7. Bayonetta 2 wouldn't "exist" without Nintendo, says dev
      8. The Story of Warcraft recaps events leading up to Mists of Pandaria
      9. Zynga.com is the "Steam of social" games, says VP of partner publishing
      10. Black Ops releasing on Mac next week, includes First Strike Content Pack
      11. Wii U pre-orders sold out at GameStop, waiting list started
      12. TGS 2012 - over 70% of games at show are for mobile, tablets
      13. Black Ops 2 teaser video shows Death on a grainy TV screen
      14. Lost Planet 3 has more narrative-driven gameplay, weather patterns play into it
      15. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 to include "appear offline" option
      16. War Z alpha footage surfaces, shows weapons and zombies
      17. StarCraft 2 - Blizzard "looking at free-to-play" as an option for multiplayer
      1. Nvidia: next-gen consoles are the last, cloud gaming's the future
      2. EA used athletes' real names during development of NCAA Basketball title - report
      3. Fire Pro-Wrestling now available on XBL Marketplace
      4. Guns of Icarus Online available for pre-purchase on Steam
      5. 3DS Bookstore Anywhere e-book service launching in Japan next month
      6. Mass Effect 3 - Operation Patriot N7 Bounty Weekend is underway
      7. Final Fantasy 3 arrives on PSN for PSP next week
      8. Mists of Pandaria launch events will be shown on YouTube
      9. Soul Sacrifice direct feed footage escapes TGS
      10. Earth Defence Force 4 screens show big insects, bigger weapons
      11. Ubisoft - brands and a level of trust are "important" when creating F2P titles
      12. Remember Me TGS 2012 screenshots released by Capcom
      13. Sleeping Dogs DLC trailer shows street racing, SWAT gunplay & more
      14. Steam Workshop support coming to Left 4 Dead 2
      15. Dark Souls & the art of sadism: From Software speaks
      16. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time launching February in North America, March in Europe
      17. Borderlands 2 - more character DLC planned if Mechromancer is a hit with fans
      18. Indie Games Arcade line-up announced for EG Expo
      19. Remember Me - TGS Combo Lab gameplay walkthrough video
      20. Far Cry 3: Island Survival Guide - Top of the Food Chain
      21. Sleeping Dogs October DLC revealed: first story expansion & missions confirmed
      22. GTA 5: analyst 'increasingly concerned' it will miss March 2013 release
      23. Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney TGS screens can't be objected to
      24. MoH: Warfighter's open multiplayer beta goes live in October - 360 exclusive
      25. Minecraft update 1.4 to contain passive bats, new sounds
      26. MGS Social Ops dev: 'PC format will disappear, merge with smartphone'
      27. Borderlands 2 selling ahead of expectations amid worries over T2 stock - analyst
      28. PlayStation brand enjoying 'huge interest' from Xbox 360 players, claims Sony exec
      29. Ubisoft Essentials for PS3 release next week - full list here
      30. Wii U: Reggie would 'love to see Gamecube games on Virtual Console'
      31. Halo 4 multiplayer: Dominion mode revealed, first screens
      32. Wii U: Ubisoft adds 5 more game to launch line-up
      33. FIFA 13: Rangers added to roster as 'Rest of World' team
      34. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn gets new 'Lecture' teaser clip
      35. PS3 Super Slim: new arty shots show a whole lot of nothing
      36. Bad Piggies PC boxed edition priced & dated, free DLC confirmed
      37. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen trailer & screens escape TGS
      38. Metal Gear Solid Social Ops trailer: watch it here
      39. Digimon Adventure teaser trailer is full of shouting, monster battles
      40. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies gets new 3DS screens
      41. F1 2012 launch trailer speeds into view, watch it here
      42. Halo 4 gives you 'empowerment of player choice', keeping open structure, says 343
      43. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 notes released, Trail of Cinders Rune nuked
      44. Mirror's Edge sprinting to PSN next week
      45. Rocksmith bass expansion hitting PC in October
      46. Wii U: 'CPU is less powerful than Xbox 360 & PS3, causes challenges' - Tecmo
      47. Halo 4: 21 campaign screens show Chief battling Prometheans & Covenant
      48. Monster Hunter 4: new TGS screens show mounted battles
      49. Puppeteer: TGS screens show huge bosses, cloth-cutting mechanics
      50. Dishonored: 'we want you to express your creativity while playing', says dev
      51. Guild Wars 2 security issues: ArenaNet issues account protection guide
      52. Project Eternity interview: Obsidian on making RPGs awesome again
      53. Alpha Protocol 2 'isn't up to us', Kickstarter not an option - Obsidian
      54. Awesomenauts Steam adds premium character skins
      55. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen announced
      56. Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 coming west
      57. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box unboxed in promo
      58. Relic recruiting hints at future F2P plans
      59. The Secret World offers free three-day trial
      60. Persona 4: The Golden European release window set
      61. Gravity Rush director hints at "secret" sequel
      62. Planetside 2 membership benefits outlined, "not pay-to-win"
      63. Real Racing 3 developer diary talks graphical wow factor
      64. Sonic creator 'enjoying freedom' from hedgehog franchise
      65. Take Two financial dip due to delayed games - Zelnick
      66. Castle Crashers Steam release date announced
      67. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Vita to run at 60 FPS
      68. Resident Evil 6 TGS trailer raises concerns for Deborah
      69. New Little King's Story Aussie release date secured
      70. Slender: The Arrival announced as follow up to Eight Pages
      1. Monster Hunter 4 demoed in 20 minutes of direct feed footage
      2. PS3 and Vita Cross features "quite easily" rival Wii U, says Sony executive
      3. Torchlight MMO "won’t be the next thing we do," says Runic CEO
      4. Level-5 CEO would like to team up with Studio Ghibli on Castle in the Sky adaption
      5. Phantasy Star Online 2 updates detailed at TGS 2012, new videos released
      6. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - latest screenshots are rather adorable
      7. SWTOR update 1.4 will contain moods, Group Finder teleport back, more
      8. Puddle will be released on the Wii U eShop "in the future"
      9. Sony - no formal price drop coming to older PS3 slim models at this time
      10. Torchlight 2 is out today, post launch content planned
      11. Starhawk single-player is free for Plus members, multiplayer costs $19.99
      12. Saints Row: The Third is free to play on Steam this weekend, and 66% off
      13. Rodea the Sky Soldier development complete, release remains unresolved
      14. Gran Turismo 5's getting three new cars next week
      15. Company of Heroes 2 - pre-purchase, pre-order incentives, Digital Collector’s Edition announced
      16. One Piece: Pirate Warriors releases tomorrow in Europe - here's a launch trailer
      17. Day One: Garry's Incident is an Unreal 3 game now on Steam Greenlight
      18. Tank! Tank! Tank! TGS 2012 screens show a shooty battle party game
      19. Skywind project is a Morrowind port using the Skyrim engine
      20. F1 2012 launch interview: an open invitational
      21. Forza Horizon Rivals mode video: get competitive
      22. Tokitowa story trailer proves pretty is as pretty does
      23. LOTRO: Riders of Rohan screenshots show very bad men and monsters
      24. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U shots fight their way out of TGS 2012
      25. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission trailer verses you on the Fundamentals of Warfare
      26. Tales of Xillia TGS 2012 screenshots have English subtitles
      27. Bad Piggies gameplay trailer emerges, Angry Birds get their come-uppance
      28. LA-MULANA, Pokédex 3D and others round out Nintendo US offerings this week
      29. Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Gears of War: Judgment playable at EG Expo
      30. Uncharted 3 GOTY, DUST 514 PS3 "super slim" bundle shown
      31. Abyss from EnjoyUp Games is now available in Europe
      32. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch TGS 2012 screens are pleasing to look at
      33. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit: EA issues perma-bans, service back online
      34. Microsoft's latest hire points to rise of interactive TV on Xbox - Report
      35. Half-life 3 is open world, launching after 2013 - Report
      36. World of Tanks 8.0 update delayed to allow for further polishing
      37. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee HD gets a single new screen
      38. E.X. Troopers: Lost Planet spin-off gets J-Pop crazy TGS trailer
      39. League of Legends 'Honor' system rewards players who are helpful & nice
      40. FIFA 13 dev on Metacritic: 'not listening to your fans is a dumb thing to do'
      41. PS3 Super Slim: Game reveals trade-in deals ahead of launch
      42. DmC Devil May Cry: 'Vergil isn't playable, PC version runs at 60FPS' - Capcom
      43. Rayman Jungle Run launch trailer crosses the finish line late
      44. Rez creator Miziguchi leaves game production, moves to spokesperson role
      45. DotA 2: new character Meepo goes live tonight, patch notes revealed
      46. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit causes fan backlash, economy upset
      47. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro extension gets a redesign, first image here
      48. Arma 3 sale blocked in Iran over county's portrayal as an enemy of NATO
      49. Level-5's American studio wants to make its own games
      50. PlayStation All-Stars TGS trailer shows every character in action
      51. Final Fantasy 25th anniversary booth at TGS features stunning artwork
      52. Last Guardian was announced too early, 'still coming to PS3' - Yoshida
      53. ZombiU: 'if you play it like Call of Duty, you will die' - Ubisoft
      54. Steam's Japanese 'barriers' laid bare by Half Minute Hero dev
      55. Second Life developer reveals colourful world-builder Patterns
      56. Fist of the North Star 2 gets violent new TGS screens, trailer
      57. Metal Gear Rising: bosses, gory finishers shown in new trailer & screens
      58. BlazBlue dev reveals adventure game X Blaze, watch the trailer
      59. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free DLC plans revealed
      60. God Eater 2 trailer shows huge monster battles
      61. Atelier Totori Plus trailer is full of alchemy & cosplay fodder
      62. Toki to Towa trailer escapes TGS with lovely animation
      63. Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops trailer shows sneaking & card battling
      64. Lost Planet 3: 'it's impossible to please everyone'
      65. Fantasy Life trailer escapes TGS, is Animal Crossing meets RPGs
      66. Resident Evil 6 PC details won't be released for "some time"
      67. Injustice: Gods Among Us release date, trailer explode from TGS
      68. Dishonored quests signposted due to baffled playtesters
      69. Yakuza 5 gets Japanese release date, two new trailers
      70. Mega Man Xover trailer is very light on gameplay
      71. Monster Hunter 4 dated for Japan
      72. Halo 4's Covenant weapons catalogued in new War Games trailer
      73. Demon Tribe site suggests PSP, Vita and Wii U launch
      74. Ninja Gaiden Z screens are gory but lovely
      75. Ace Attorney 5 trailer offers no objections to you loving it
      76. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS screens show off customisable menu
      77. Street Fighter x Tekken Vita is another thing on show at TGS
      78. DMC TGS trailer and screens show off Dante's Eyrx fist weapon
      79. Okami HD US release date announced, new trailer
      80. New Professor Layton title trailered at Tokyo Game Show
      81. Kingdom Hearts HD collection headed to PlayStation 3
      82. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn shows off new TGS footage
      83. Monster Hunter 4 trailer lurches out of TGS
      84. EA signs on to attend GaymerCon
      85. LittleBigPlanet Vita AR mini-game added to Playtation App
      86. R18+ laws get the nod from New South Wales
      87. Wii U and Unity join forces to encourage developers
      1. Assassin's Creed 3 dev diary talks cities, animals, weather and frontiers
      2. Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile arrives on iOS
      3. Demons' Score out now on iOS
      4. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney TGS trailer fills us with longing
      5. Borderlands 2, Contra reboot, Riot and EA are the subjects of Superannuation's latest findings
      6. Vampires! is a puzzle game in development at CBE Software and on Steam Greenlight
      7. Spy Hunter releasing for 3DS and Vita in early October
      8. Starhawk patch 1.04 includes three new modes: Arena, Assault, and Gatekeeper
      9. EscapeVektor devs next game may be an asynchronous multiplayer for Wii U
      10. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes preps for September 20 release with a launch trailer
      11. Publishers approached Obsidian to form Kickstarters, according to CEO
      12. SOE president: "People that don’t play games have no business in this business"
      13. Zone of the Enders HD Collection releases next month with Revengeance demo
      14. Black Ops 2 - Treyarch teases full zombie reveal for next week
      15. Darksiders 2 Argul’s Tomb DLC hitting later this month
      16. Project Eternity - digital tiers, DRM, and add-ons noted in update
      17. City of Heroes refunds will be doled out starting next week
      18. Neverwinter video shows off the Guardian Fighter tank class
      19. Blackspace - PixelFoundry Games takes to Kickstarter for funding
      20. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 debuts in top spot at Japanese retail
      21. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition's Artorias of the Abyss releasing on PSN, XBL in October
      22. Midway Arcade Origins announced, contains over 30 classic titles
      23. Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition release pushed to November in the UK
      24. PS Vita: red and blue models get official product screens
      25. PS3 Super Slim white & black: more photos escape TGS
      26. Jet Set Radio launch screens and trailer add music and color to your world
      27. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus announced for Vita release in early 2013
      28. CBS executive Nancy Tellem to head up Microsoft's Entertainment and Digital Media sector in LA
      29. Hot Shots Golf 6 - TGS trailer released
      30. War of the Roses release trailer serves as a pre-order reminder
      31. Dead or Alive 5 trailer preps you for next week's release
      32. 3DS XL - white and silver aren't popular colors in the US
      33. God of War: Ascension & more Sony games playable at Eurogamer Expo
      34. Jet Set Radio, R.A.W. now available on XBL Marketplace
      35. End of Nations beta enters final phase in October, sign-ups open again
      36. EU PS Store update, September 19 - Borderlands 2, BF3: Armored Kill, Jet Set Radio
      37. Microsoft patents wearable controller tech, powered by muscles
      38. TGS: Sony focuses on Japan, strong yen hurts PS3 pricing
      39. PS Plus support for Vita arrives in November
      40. Minecraft 'Pretty Scary Update' will add ranged witches into the mix
      41. Ninja Gaiden Z gets cel-shaded zombie trailer, watch it here
      42. March of the Eagles detailed, mashes up Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis
      43. Final Fantasy Vinyls music collection incoming, is expensive
      44. Minecraft Xbox 360 dev looking at 'tailoring' PC mods for console
      45. Ninja Gaiden Z revealed, is Inafune's 'Yaiba', Spark Unlimited developing
      46. FIFA 13 Wii U features could work on Xbox SmartGlass, team discussing options
      47. Fable The Journey interview: road trippin'
      48. Fable The Journey impressions: for every motion, a consequence
      49. Forza Horizon Mustang vs Mustang gameplay, you race a plane
      50. Rayman Jungle Run out on iOS & Android now
      51. 'Forza series was inspired by Pokémon', says dev
      52. PES 2013: free DLC packs & day-one patch detailed
      53. WWE '13: can you smell what this new Rock trailer is cooking?
      54. PS3 Essentials: full software line up priced & revealed
      55. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Australian launch detail
      56. Project X Zone trailer shows 16 minutes of Sega, Capcom & Namco cross-overs
      57. WoW: Mists of Pandaria cuts back on phasing, makes quests more fun
      58. PS3 Super Slim specs revealed: check out the official details here
      59. Street Fighter 25th anniversary collection launches, costs $149.99
      60. PS3 Super Slim: official console photos, see them here
      61. PS3 Super Slim: UK gets pricing & release date, FIFA 13 bundle
      62. Soul Sacrifice release delayed, TGS trailer looks ace
      63. 'Mythical MMORPGs are boring the Chinese market', says analyst
      64. PlayStation Store overhaul teased in PS3 Super Slim announce
      65. Puppeteer Tokyo Game Show trailer is three minutes of delight
      66. TGS 2012: PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" dated, priced
      67. Gods Eater 2 headed to Vita, PSP
      68. Saints Row: The Third free weekend preload now available
      69. MechWarrior Online makes up for email gaff with beta access
      70. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance enemies profiled in new Famitsu
      71. Steam Greenlight to approve ten more games next month
      72. Project Eternity release date narrowed down
      73. Torchlight 2 soundtrack available in full, for free
      74. Tomb Raider: "a bit too soon" to think about franchise future, says writer
      75. US PS Store Update, September 18 - Armored Kill, FIFA 13, Jet Set Radio
      1. Valve hardware division hoping to launch public beta next year
      2. Star Wars: The Old Republic consolidates servers, all characters migrated
      3. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD out now on Steam
      4. Torchlight 2 console release not "currently" planned, says Runic
      5. Inafune believes a lot talent in Japan goes unnoticed due to publisher interference
      6. Persona 4 Golden lands on US shores in November
      7. Team Ninja to announce new console title during Tokyo Game Show
      8. Diablo 3's a "significant product," but Torchlight 2 will offer more, says Schaefer
      9. Humble Indie Bundle 6 includes Torchlight, Shatter, Rochard, Vessel, more
      10. Mass Effect - new game planned, ME3 Omega DLC due in fall
      11. Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka announce BioWare departure
      12. Halo 4 pre-order bonuses at various retailers detailed for the UK
      13. Call of Duty teaser video shows a TV with a grainy picture
      14. Torchlight 2 price is "as viable and as profitable" as selling a $60 box
      15. Crysis 3 accolades trailer released
      16. The Secret World - Digging Deeper update has gone live
      17. 007 Legends - Bond travels to Ft. Knox in Goldfinger mission
      18. Dance Central 3 bonus tracks available from select retailers in the US
      19. Dead Island Riptide CGI trailer tugs at the heartstrings
      20. ZombiU hands-on: the Dark Souls of zombie games
      21. Need For Speed: Most Wanted's single-player featured in latest video
      22. Lionhead director says the studio is working on "something new and exciting"
      23. Lord of the Rings Online's Treasure Hunt is back, time for more Cave-claw hugging
      24. Wii U GamePads - replacements can be ordered through Nintendo Consumer Service
      25. Football Manager 2013: six videos showcase improvements
      26. Wii U launch games hands-on: play details from Germany
      27. Zynga lets another key member leave
      28. Dishonored Xbox 360 Avatar items are good for your stealth
      29. Dishonored developer video discusses 'End Game'
      30. Forza Horizon shots show posh and muscley racers
      31. Guild Wars 2 Mac beta client now available for download
      32. Treyarch readies itself for Black Ops 2 developer session at Eurogamer Expo
      33. Nintendo to launch 'Play As You Are' campaign alongside female celebrities
      34. Forza Horizon monthly car packs and December expansion planned
      35. Welcome to the festival: all-new Forza Horizon gameplay
      36. Borderlands 2 Season Pass, Jet Set Radio, R.A.W., more head up XBL Marketplace offerings
      37. EA adding 300 new positions to its customer service center in Ireland
      38. Wipeout: "Online play will continue to be supported" while future remains in balance
      39. New Resident Evil 6 demo shuffles onto Xbox Live and US PSN
      40. Minecraft update 1.8.2 heading towards XBLA
      41. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 4 coming to PC on October 10
      42. Borderlands 2 region locked in Russia
      43. Of Orcs and Men screenshots are no joke
      44. UK students break games jam world record
      45. PlayStation coming to colleges across America
      46. Grand Theft Auto III PSN dated again
      47. CastleMiner Z cracks 1 million sales
      48. Lone Survivor creator teases new game
      49. Conker prototype footage is notably sober
      50. PAX Australia 2013 social sites open
      51. Resident Evil 6 Facebook trailer kills off your friends and family
      52. Zynga hires Mortal Kombat co-creator, snaps up A Bit Lucky
      53. R18+ sticker scheme no longer on the cards in South Australia
      54. Final Fantasy 7 PC re-release out now in Australia
      55. Dead or Alive 5, Ken's Rage 2 headed to TGS with Tecmo Koei
      56. Joy puke: Borderlands 2 gameplay videos inside
      57. Borderlands 2: a lesson in being badass
      58. Ace Attorney 5 sales may help localise lost Miles Edgeworth title
      59. The Secret World "is now a profitable operation"
      60. Castlevania movie in the works, Star Trek's Michael Dorn on board
      1. Angry Birds tie-in Bad Piggies release date, first footage
      2. Darksiders 2 to take advantage of Wii U features
      3. Pokémon may lose a "certain feeling" if it went 3D, says producer
      4. Rock Band DLC sale offers more than 1,100 songs at 50% off
      5. Killer Instinct trademark secured by Microsoft
      6. Black Mesa Source: reviews appear, get the scores here
      7. LittleBigPlanet Vita gets a launch trailer, watch it here
      8. Shin Megami Tensei 4 gets a moody new 3DS trailer
      9. NiGHTS HD, Sonic Adventure 2 HD dated, DLC incoming
      10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown video preview: check out the first mission here
      11. Storm cloud: the future is not here yet
      12. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition confirmed, first details emerge
      13. Sony Liverpool Twitter posts cryptic 'We Are Alive' message, WipEout art
      14. Square's Wada talks digital: "20 years from now I see cloud as dominant"
      15. Guild Wars 2 expansion & 'consistent free content updates' teased
      16. Borderlands 2: shooting the breeze with Pitchford
      17. Wii U release slate won't run out of content quickly, says Reggie
      18. PS3 Super Slim advert points to TGS reveal - report
      19. British tabloid slams Wii U: 'it will be out-dated within a year'
      20. F1 2012 reviews zoom into view, all the scores here
      21. Black Ops 2: weapon levels aren't lost after you Prestige, says Treyarch
      22. Team Fortress 2's Dustbowl gets the Minecraft treatment, watch it here
      23. Hitman: Absolution 'Tools of the Trade' trailer focuses on gunplay
      24. Nintendo 3DS eShop update adds Dot Runner, Theatrhythm DLC, more
      25. Borderlands 2 launch trailer features guns, guns, guns
      26. Free-to-play games now account for 50% of European market
      27. PES 2013 reviews begin, scores a few screamers
      28. Unreal: Cliff Bleszinski's dream reboot would be like Skyrim
      29. Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps & campaign mission lists leak - report
      30. Fable: The Journey demo out now on Xbox Live
      31. Wii U GamePad 'not a tablet, its a two-screen experience' - Reggie
      32. Dust 514 playable at Eurogamer Expo
      33. Batman: Arkham City, Risen 2 up for UK writer's guild awards
      34. Borderlands 2's next mad promotion: bungee jump, win a copy
      35. Kickstarter: iControlPad 2 is the world's first open-source controller, back it here
      36. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 confirmed as Wii U launch title in Europe
      37. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS won't have online play, Capcom confirms
      38. ArmA 3: Bohemia issues new statement, arrested devs speak
      39. Double Fine: adventures into the unknown
      40. Valve: 'we thought we were at risk without our own MMO'
      41. Metal Gear 25th Anniversary book collection is super rare but lovely
      42. UK charts: Sleeping Dogs retains top spot
      43. Earth Defence Force 3 Portable gets new multiplayer modes & screens
      44. Project Eternity Kickstarter born from the industry's 'lack of opportunity'
      45. Wii Fit U: new screens will make you sweat
      46. Lost Planet 3: 'only one playable mech in single-player campaign' - Capcom
      47. FTL: Faster Than Light heralds the Kickstarter age
      48. World of Warcraft patent lawsuit going to court
      49. Dishonored Drunken Whaler available for download, remixing
      50. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to use Nintendo Network servers
      51. Black Ops 2 retail listing suggests zombie campaign
      1. Mega Man fans, "keep expectations in check", says Capcom
      2. Project Eternity announces stretch goals, upcoming digital only tiers
      3. Minecraft Pocket Edition now available on kindle
      4. LittleBigPlanet Vita on sale ahead of street date
      1. Wii U games using dual-Gamepads will launch "sometime next year," says Nintendo
      2. Verticus "free-falling superhero" iOS game announced by Stan Lee and Moonshark
      3. Guild Wars 2 - endgame and balancing discussed in latest blog posts
      4. War of the Roses to receive regular, possibly monthly content updates
      5. Tales of Xillia 2 TV spot is short and sweet
      6. Diamonds of D&D pack on GoG gives you nine games for $30
      7. Wii U Deluxe pre-order allotment already met across GameStop stores - report
      8. Nintendo Land box art shows Miis dressed as your favorite characters
      9. Banner Saga Factions to release in early November on PC and Mac
      10. Indie Royale Back to School Bundle now available
      11. Assassin's Creed 3 Achievements for Xbox 360 turn up
      12. NBA Live 13 - first trailer comes with news of a delay
      13. FTL: Faster Than Light now available on Steam, GoG.com
      14. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon gets its first trailer
      15. Shadowrun Returns PAX presentation highlight video released
      16. Zynga files countersuit against Electronic Arts over copyright infringement claims
      17. Tryst now available on Steam
      18. Far Cry 3 pre-orders at GameStop come with the Monkey Business Pack
      1. Metro 2033 film rights have been acquired by MGM
      2. Diablo 3 developer entry notes changes to defensive bonuses and monster damage
      3. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition release delayed into fall
      4. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn takes you on a "Joyride"
      5. Wii U pre-orders unavailable through Amazon US at present
      6. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U includes multiplayer modes, Extended Cut, From Ashes
      7. Minecraft Xbox 360 shots and videos show a bit of update 1.8.2
      8. Project Eternity Kickstarter funded in just over 24 hours
      9. Hitman: Absolution available for pre-purchase on Steam, get 10% off
      10. Tokyo Jungle impressions: animal attraction
      11. Medal of Honor: Warfighter "Basilan" video shows single-player gameplay
      12. WRC 3 gameplay footage tears up the Welsh Rally
      13. Black Mesa Source out now, here's how to get it
      14. Former Funcom CEO Trond Aas under investigation for possible insider trading
      15. NBA 2K13 'Dream Team' trailer sees Kobe & Jordan face-off
      16. Fist of the North Star 2 gets punch-happy Wii U screens
      17. Sleeping Dogs dev discusses game's success, responds to Gibeau's 'new IP' comment
      18. Psychonauts 2: 'definitely more stories to be told' - Double Fine
      19. Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 developer sessions announced for Eurogamer Expo
      20. Nintendo doesn't feel Mario IP is overexposed, is "highly cognizant" of every release
      21. Resident Evil 6's folding chairs stump "clueless gamer" Conan O'Brien
      22. Wii U taking a tour of the UK from September 27 through January 6
      23. Joe Danger 2: The Movie arrives on XBL Marketplace
      24. Mark of the Ninja pops up on Steam content description record
      25. Borderlands 2 confirmed for PSN at launch in US
      26. Wii U preorder prices go live: who has the best UK deal?
      27. FIFA 13 demo sets series record: 1.99 million downloads so far
      28. Wii U: ?349 Zombi U bundle spotted on Game's online store
      29. Wii U launch details special: everything you need to know
      30. 'Wii U is priced too high, expect a price cut next year' - Pachter
      31. Tomb Raider dev reveals cut features, says "bows are sexy"
      32. Borderlands 2 Mount Jackmore game launches, win real prizes
      33. Gamestation no more: all stores to be rebranded as Game
      34. Wii U console package art & accessories revealed
      35. Assassin's Creed 3's naval battles 'are a big deal', says dev
      36. Bayonetta 2 dev: Wii U exclusivity 'not intended to alienate fans'
      37. Halo 7,8,9 domains registered by Microsoft
      38. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD launches on Steam, gets new screens
      39. Black Ops 2 Wii U interview, 'it's on par with other HD consoles'
      40. Wii U price: 'We think $299 is really strong value' - Fils-Aime
      41. Greenaway gives the Greenlink for Greenlight developers
      42. Wii U: release event trailers, watch them all here
      43. Assassin's Creed 3 Wii U trailer shows Connor's internal conflict
      44. Wii U playable at Eurogamer Expo
      45. Microsoft opens new London studio focusing on Windows 8 tablet games
      46. Planetary Annihilation passes $2 million in funding
      47. New Super Mario Bros. U trailer goes back to Dinosaur Land
      48. Wii U's Nintendo Land trailer shows Animal Crossing, Mario Chase, Pikmin Adventure & more
      49. Zombi U's new Wii U trailer takes you into the London Underground
      50. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Wii U trailer shows Ayane in action
      51. New Super Mario Bros. U: official Wii U boxart revealed
      52. Tekken Tag 2: bizarre Wii U trailer shows Mario & Link outfits
      53. New Inazuma Eleven for Wii
      54. Wii U: Trine 2 Director's Cut trailer is fantasy-awesome
      55. 'Nintendo isn't abandoning original Wii' - Reggie details plans
      56. Borderlands 2 out now: review scores here
      57. Delayed Fuse trailer now released
      58. Cave Story release date
      59. Borderlands 2 Golden Keys explained
      60. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS announced
      61. Gearbox expresses desire to make new Duke Nukem
      62. LEGO City: Undercover - new trailer
      63. Oddworld and The Oddboxx 30% off on Steam
      64. Ubisoft CEO discusses the future of gaming
      65. Rift "free weekend" approaches
      1. EA's focus is on Origin and the importance of change
      2. Xenoblade creator developing a Wii U title
      3. Killzone HD hits the PS Store on October 23
      4. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 3: Chaos Pack is now available on Steam and PS3
      5. Diablo 3 - Blizzard issues small sneak peek at update 1.0.5
      6. The Secret World's Digging Deeper update delayed into next week
      7. SWTOR high population server tech testing starts today
      8. XCOM: Enemy Unknown PAX panel - "A Thousand Stupid Ideas on the Road to Glory"
      9. Resident Evil 6 pre-orders through MS Store net a $10 coupon, 1600 MS Points
      10. Deus Ex series, Sam & Max are your weekend Steam deals
      11. Obsidian's mysterious teaser site updated
      12. DUST 514 - new player Corporation features being added with next update
      13. Mutant Mudds Deluxe announced for Wii U
      14. Nintendo Land attractions announced in full
      15. Dishonored developer video details depth, combat system, player choice
      16. Darksiders 2 Wii U contains five hours of additional disc content, box art revealed
      17. Wii U - first and third-party US launch titles announced, trailers galore
      18. Nintendo reveals Wii U software line-up for Japan
      19. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to US, Europe for Wii U and 3DS in March 2013
      20. Wii U: all EU, US and Japanese launch games confirmed
      21. Bayonetta 2 exclusive to Wii U, published by Nintendo
      22. Nintendo TVii announced, included in Wii U purchase for free
      23. New Super Mario Bros. U, LEGO City: Undercover to launch in November
      24. Wii U to launch on November 30 in EU
      25. Wii U to launch November 18 in North America, has expandable memory
      26. Black Ops 2 for Wii U, will have multiplayer against AI bots
      27. Fractured Soul, Mystical Ninja part of Nintendo's weekly download offerings
      28. Joe Danger 2: lights, camera, traction! Movies, impressions
      29. Dishonored dev session sneaks into EG Expo
      30. Blade & Soul - martial arts fantasy MMO to release in the west
      31. Wii U specs: Nintendo confirms official hardware details
      32. Ubisoft opens performance capture studio in Toronto
      33. Guild Wars 2 has sold more than two million units
      34. Aliens: Colonial Marines pre-order trailer shows Ripley's flamethrower
      35. EG Expo offering daily Alienware prizes
      36. Assassin's Creed 3: third behind-the-scenes trailer gets intimate with Connor
      37. Namco Bandai offers fans free Tekken tattoos
      38. The Stanley Parable: HD Remix - quirky HL2 mod hits Greenlight
      39. Ghost Recon Online - Arctic Pack out now
      40. Original Rise of the Triad 60% off on GOG
      41. PES 2013 launches stateside on September 25
      42. Wii U: Nintendo gives release details for Japan, US and EU
      43. Dishonored: Rat Assassin now available on iPad
      44. Australian R18+ Guidelines released, IGEA gives a "reserved and qualified welcome"
      45. Halo 4 video discusses the Return of the Forerunners
      46. BioShock: Infinite artbook runs 184 pages, available for pre-order
      47. Katamari ShiftyLook kicks off September 17
      48. Zynga Japan games headed to western platforms
      49. Planetside 2's third continent may be added post-launch
      1. Earth Defence Force 4 set eight years after EDF3
      2. Project Copernicus would have made resurrection a central plot point
      3. Dead or Alive 5 - Pai Chan and Gen Fu announced via Famitsu
      4. RAW - Realms of Ancient War video shows off the co-op
      5. New Little King's Story hits Vita in North America and Europe during October
      6. Tokyo Jungle launch trailer shows Pomeranians beating up a hippo
      7. Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor enters public beta
      8. iPhone 5 - out September 21, pre-orders start Friday
      9. LittleBigPlanet Vita reviews appear, all the scores here
      10. Yaiba - Keiji Inafune’s zombie-themed title gets a teaser trailer
      11. Insomniac CEO "can't imagine" developing single-player only games "from here on out"
      12. LEGO Lord of the Rings features crafting, open-world, twilight world of the Ringwraiths
      13. 3DS and New Super Mario Bros. 2 reclaim top spots at Japanese retail
      14. Fuse no longer a stealth-based co-op shooter, other changes detailed by Insomniac
      15. Match of the Day: FIFA 13 demo footage, watch three matches here
      16. Borderlands 2 competition: win one of 3 PC copies this week
      17. Tribes: Ascend released in Germany alongside Marksman content update
      18. The Secret World - Digging Deeper launch trailer and screens released
      19. Kojima Productions opens Los Angeles studio, hiring for action game
      20. Fuse previews go live, get your fix all in one place
      21. Double Dragon Neon, Red Johnson’s Chronicles now available on XBL Marketplace
      22. EU PS Store update, September 12 - FIFA 13, NHL 13, F1 2012 demos, more
      23. Konami goes social heavy with TGS line-up
      24. FIFA 13 PS3 demo: EA flip-flops on release, goes live at 4pm GMT
      25. Ubisoft may add third-party games to Uplay to rival Origin & Steam
      26. Ecolibrium: free PS Vita app gets a trailer
      27. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Street View site makes robots fight on your street
      28. Arma 3: 'arrested devs were on holiday', studio issues statement
      29. Wii U release date & price will be revealed in tomorrow's Nintendo Direct
      30. iPhone 5: Apple's event kicks off tonight - friendly reminder
      31. Team Fortress 2: Valve want you to design Halloween-themed items for next update
      32. Jet Set Radio HD reviews roll into view, all the scores here
      33. WoW design 'never influenced by Activision' - Blizzard defends Kotick
      34. Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 gameplay videos coming this week
      35. Borderlands 2 on PS Vita: 'Sony should make it happen', says Pitchford
      36. Nintendo posts GBA game on 3DS eShop site
      37. EVE Online winter update re-balances 40 ships, patch notes here
      38. Ikaruga creator's new shooter Kokuga gets manic gameplay trailer
      39. Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance Xbox 360 cancelled in Japan
      40. Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Raven Strike DLC out now, gets new trailer
      41. The Secret World 'Issue 2' update delayed
      42. WRC 3 demo hits PS3 today, Xbox 360 Friday
      43. FIFA 13 demo hits PS3 after delays, see the full team list here
      44. RuneScape security tightened, 'Account Guardian' system implemented
      45. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 review round-up: Punch-drunk happiness
      46. Dishonored: constrained freedom and the evil fish
      47. NHL 13 launch trailer hits the ice hard
      48. Rayman Legends: 'Castle Rock' Wii U gameplay footage emerges
      49. Tekken Tag 2: Harada hosting hidden fighter webcast today
      50. Fuse reveal trailer delayed, other info to release as planned
      51. Omerta: City of Gangsters screens show some fetching suits
      52. Neo Geo X portable offered as standalone alongside Gold bundle
      53. Guild01 classification suggests individual releases
      54. Splinter Cell: Blacklist builds on Conviction's story, successes and failures
      55. XCOM: Enemy Unknown alien designs inspired by X-Files, Men in Black
      1. Mass Effect 3 drone operation ends in failure
      2. Earth Defence Force 4 takes the mass multiplayer route
      3. Yaiba is Keiji Inafune's zombie-themed TGS surprise
      4. Professor vs Ace Attorney Japanese release date locked down
      5. Final Fantasy 14 subscription fees to halt during Realm Reborn transition
      6. Dead or Alive 5's Mila gets official video debut
      7. Obsidian teaser site updated with more clues
      8. Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron - Dinobot Destructor Pack out now, more DLC coming
      9. Black Mesa, others chosen for Steam Greenlight distribution
      10. SWTOR - developer dispatch video shows the Terror from Beyond in game update 1.4
      11. Insomniac has "theories" as to why Resistance wasn't Sony's Halo, says Price
      12. US PS Store update, September 11 - Anomaly Warzone Earth, Fall of Cybertron DLC, more
      13. NBA 2K13 developer video discusses MyCareer mode
      14. Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model lands in Canada in October
      15. Trine 2: Director’s Cut - gawk at the latest screenshots for the Wii U platformer
      16. World of Warcraft screenshots taken in-game reportedly include user account names, server IP
      17. Cloud Storage for PlayStation Plus members gets bumped to 1GB
      18. Red Faction Collection, Swedish Indie Pack on sale via Steam
      19. Let’s Fish! Hooked On heading west this fall for Vita
      20. Akaneiro: Demon Hunter - video shows gameplay for the free-to-play action RPG
      21. Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection - Nacmo explains Budokai 2's omission
      22. DayZ - "We'd probably be stupid not to try" an Xbox 360 release, says Bohmeia
      23. iPad mini photos leak ahead of Apple’s September 12 media event
      24. F1 2012 demo hits US PSN today, lands tomorrow in the UK
      25. Ecolibrium real-time eco-system simulator releases free for Vita tomorrow
      26. Dishonored - second developer video discusses 'Immersion'
      27. Dead or Alive 5's Mila gets the screenshots treatment
      28. Terraria - indie block-building game coming to PSN and XBL in 2013
      29. BioWare owns its "creative culture," is free to make new IPs, says Gibeau
      30. Medal of Honor interview: Greg Goodrich on controversy
      31. European Nintendo Direct conference to be held Thursday, September 13
      32. Borderlands 2's Mechromancer dated, final design shown
      33. Sony head mounted display dated: first official shots appear, playable at TGS
      34. Wii dev: 'Nintendo broadens audience, Sony & Microsoft have little incentive to follow'
      35. Modern Warfare 3 community mode 'Money in the Denk' explained in video
      36. Civil War: 1863 launches for iOS, proves that Scotland does make games
      37. Jet Set Radio HD review screens are go, get lost in colour here
      38. Xbox 720: Microsoft patents projector tech, turns rooms into game worlds
      39. Final Fantasy 7: full story recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2, minds boggled
      40. Lost Planet spin-off E.X. Troopers not launching in West - Capcom
      41. Keiji Inafune makes short play action platformer
      42. Resident Evil 6 DLC slate reveals three Xbox 360 timed-exclusive modes
      43. Valve hosting two dev sessions at Eurogamer Expo
      44. Arma 3 devs arrested for 'spying' on Greek island, face 20 years if guilty
      45. Hitman: Absolution gets clothing line, Rhianna's blessing
      46. Battlefield 3 Premium: Armored Kill live on Xbox 360 today, patch notes here
      47. Ubisoft iOS sale launches today, full game list here
      48. Sony to reveal head-mounted AR device at TGS, trailer emerges - report
      49. GameHorizon acquired by GamesIndustry International
      50. Black Ops 2 'Multiplayer Accolades' trailer shows gamescom public hands-on sessions
      51. FIFA 13 demo now live on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3
      52. New research finds that violent games can ease pain by 65%
      53. The Secret World: a conversation with Funcom
      54. Wii U: Nintendoland's Balloon Trip Breeze gets a gameplay trailer
      55. Star Wars The Old Republic: BioWare 'committed to major update every 6 weeks'
      56. Andriasang to cease updating
      57. Skyrim mods reach 10,000 on Steam Workshop
      58. Assassin's Creed 3 Join or Die Edition unboxed
      59. The Secret World lead designer let go in Funcom lay-offs
      60. Monster Hunter movie from Paul W.S. Anderson on the cards
      61. Black Ops 2 multiplayer trailer given the commentary treatment
      62. NintendoLand includes a Balloon Fight attraction
      63. PS Plus update offers Scott Pilgrim, Double Dragon Neon
      64. Sleeping Dogs sold 172K at US retail in August
      65. Zynga loses two more key executives
      66. Valve worth $1 billion to EA - rumour
      67. EA's Gibeau: "We know what gouging is"
      1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent tots up 1 million sales
      2. Obsidian countdown site offers few clues, much excitement
      3. Dead or Alive 5's Mila revealed in leaked footage
      4. Guild Wars 2 digital sales reopen, new trailer says "our time is now"
      5. F1 2012 won't have a Grand Prix mode
      6. New Resident Evil 6 trailer revolves around "hope"
      7. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill patch increases Rush Gunship spawn time
      8. Molyneux taking applications for Curiosity beta testers
      9. Keiji Inafune teases TGS "surprise" announcement
      10. Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay video shows off Lost Mayan Ruins mission
      11. Steam Big Picture: why consoles shouldn't be worried
      12. Guild Wars 2: a noob's journey - part three
      13. "We get too much crap for not being innovative", says DICE
      14. Ron Gilbert on point n' click stagnation: 'I blame Doom'
      15. Wing Commander creator reveals new game Cloud Imperium, sign ups begin
      16. Harry Potter Kinect demo hits Xbox Live
      17. Doom 3: BFG Edition 'could have hit Wii U if there was enough time' - Carmack
      18. NBA 2K13: new trailer is slick, gets close to the action
      19. Steam Big Picture mode trailer lists features, watch it here
      20. Aliens: Colonial Marines screens show the horde in full effect
      21. Pokemon Black & White 2: early US buyers get free Genesect DLC
      22. Death's Apprentice launching on Wii U in 2015
      23. Medal of Honor: Warfighter 'Hunt' DLC based on hunt for Bin Laden
      24. Halo 4 Promethean character & weapon art leaks
      25. Steam Big Picture mode beta launches today, details & screens emerge
      26. Black Mesa Source: aliens revealed in new screens
      27. Hitman: Sniper Challenge dev considering standalone version
      28. Borderlands 2 live-action TV spot brings the boom
      29. Fire Emblem Awakening: retailer posts 2013 European release date
      30. FIFA 13 demo hits Xbox 360 tomorrow, teams revealed
      31. Minecraft Xbox 360 dev considering new update ahead of 1.8.2
      32. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan - Shepard's fightin' and flirtin'
      33. Conduit follow-up teased, 'expect details before year's end'
      34. Dishonored dev sick of sequels, responds to Gibeau's 'new IP' warning
      35. Nintendo eShop: Zelda 2 & new Theatrhythm DLC on sale now
      36. Resident Evil 6 Leather Jacket edition costs ?899, pre-orders open
      37. GameStop retro game sales confirmed, CEO discusses plans
      38. F1 2012 demo live on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC from Wednesday
      39. Guild Wars 2 September patch notes revealed
      40. Valve: journalist tries studio's AR goggles
      41. New Super Mario Bros. U: 7 worlds confirmed, Boost Rush mode detailed
      42. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes first official screens released
      43. UK Charts: Sleeping Dogs back on top, Guild Wars 2 toppled
      44. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes day/night cycle will change game world
      45. Valve: 'Windows 8 will accelerate Microsoft's decline', says Newell
      46. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet issues warning after 11,000 passwords hacked
      47. Assassin's Creed 3 gets officially licensed tomahawk: don't worry, it's safe
      48. Mega Man Online cancelled, art leaks online - report
      49. Digital FTW: Ubisoft's 20-strong catalogue rocks Paris
      50. New Super Mario Bros. U screens reveal Super Mario World influence
      51. Need For Speed: Most Wanted online shots look lush
      52. Tekken Tag 2 disc datamined: secret character screens leaked
      53. Tekken Tag 2: Harada explains Snoop Dogg's involvement
      54. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Kojima reveals new Raiden screens
      55. C&C: Generals 2 will have a single-player mode
      56. Super Hexagon tots up 10,000 sales in launch window
      57. Borderlands 2: Pitchford initially wary of Zero's melee tree
      58. Dead Space 3 aiming for "quad-A" with series evolution
      59. Planetside 2 design "greatly influenced" by EVE Online
      1. NBA 2K13 shoe creator syncs with NikeID for custom kicks
      2. Shootmania Storm map editor looks simple and powerful
      3. Darksiders 2 PS3 patch remedies quest bugs
      4. Mists of Pandaria TV spots encourage you to get in the fight
      5. The War Z's purchased items can be permanently lost
      6. Steam Big Picture beta kicks off this week - report
      7. Tekken Tag Tournament disc yields hints at six hidden characters - rumour
      1. Trine Collection is 75% off on Steam, other gaming deals hit the net
      2. Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Builder is live, go plan out your character now
      3. EA's Gibeau: free-to-play and sub-based titles can coexist
      4. Middle Manager of Justice accidentally hits App Store, Double Fine turns it into a beta
      5. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm overview video shows off the new units
      6. Government issues response to report claiming Scottish games industry is literally worthless
      7. Garriott's Ultimate Collector will launch on the Zynga Platform
      8. Critter Crunch hits Steam next week for $6.99
      9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC version "is a big deal," says Firaxis
      10. Halo 4 - details on Promethean enemies and weapons hit the net
      11. Mass Effect 3 Wii U dev has "two other titles in development" for the console
      12. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Special Talk Session video outlines changes
      13. Sony doesn't want Vita overrun with console ports like with PSP
      14. To the Moon available on Steam, 20% off until September 14
      15. Gears of War 3 Season Pass is on sale today only for 50% off
      16. Silent Hill: Downpour to release in Japan on November 8 for PS3 only
      17. Study - 63% of women polled report being harassed while gaming online
      18. McPixel is the first game to be promoted by The Pirate Bay
      19. SWTOR free-to-play rewards expanded
      20. Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta - "privileged access" granted to Uplay members [update]
      21. Skyrim - Sony “working closely” with Bethesda to get DLC working
      22. Darksiders 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D move over 200,000 in August
      23. Nintendo Land attractions Metroid Blast and Balloon Fight Breeze details leaked
      1. Square Enix files four new trademarks, one is for Circle of Mana
      2. Just Cause 2 - another public beta for the multiplayer mod starts this weekend
      3. Oddworld Inhabitants would like to see Abe included in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
      4. Ratchet & Clank interest "hasn't waned" for fans, says Insomniac
      5. Sam & Max - Telltale's celebrating its' 25th Anniversary by putting the series on sale
      6. Dark Souls 'easy mode' comment a case of "mistranslation," according to Namco
      7. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial videos feature Angel and Ancient Ogre
      8. Planetside 2 will launch “on or before December 31," according Alpha Squad package offer
      9. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost gets a movie trailer
      10. New Super Mario Bros. U graces cover of next Game Informer
      11. GRID 2 team hopes players get a "holy moment of gaming" with the racer
      12. GAME and Gamestation brand separation being reviewed, says CEO
      13. Black Ops: Declassified - Treyarch's only hand in development was "to ensure accuracies within the fiction"
      14. The Secret World's getting a group finder tool with next week's update
      15. Mount and Blade: Warband update to Napoleonic Wars adds source code, community maps
      16. XCOM: Enemy Unknown's narrative is a "fairly large part of the game," will be "completely new to players"
      17. Forza Horizon takes you behind-the-scenes of night racing, the roads of Colorado
      18. Forza 4 Season Pass sale, Mark of the Ninja land on Xbox Live
      19. Guild Wars 2: character creation & first quest gameplay footage
      20. Crytek’s physics-based puzzler Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll to release on Kindle Fire HD
      21. Skylanders Cloud Patrol hitting Kindle Fire, purchase toys from in-game app
      22. Vivendi still considering sale of majority stock in Activision - report
      23. 18th Gate is close to release on DSiWare, says CIRCLE Entertainment
      24. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Firaxis walks you through the latest gameplay video
      25. Football Manager 2013: pre-orders begin at 44% off
      26. Hitman: Absolution's Blake Dexter is played by actor Keith Carradine
      27. PS Vita hack can't be used to pirate games, creator '100% against piracy'
      28. Sony reveals 'evolving' approach to indie devs, wants more 'art-house' games
      29. Trine 2: Goblin Menace DLC out now at 15% off
      30. Upwardly mobile: the Tiny Tower time-suck
      31. Borderlands 2 pre-orders smash 2K's UK records
      32. Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Kojima posts official box art
      33. Bethesda wary of Wii U: 'it doesn't support our games'
      34. Square-Enix calls its cloud gaming portal 'selfish', but 'obvious'
      35. EA Sports season pass: new subscriptions detailed
      36. Walking Dead: Episode 3 on PSN now
      37. Steam Linux beta incoming
      38. FIFA 13 reviews kick-off: 'better than FIFA 12'
      39. XBLA Summer of Arcade 2012 sales figures are disappointing
      40. FIFA 13: every league listed
      41. Rayman creator: 'Wii U is a surprising machine', discusses tech
      42. Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops dev to give TGS keynote
      43. Dragon Quest X Wii U to get live TGS dev session
      44. Yakuza 5: new character Tatsuo Shinada's fighting style revealed in screens
      45. Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Raven Strike achievements & challenges listed
      46. Football Manager 2013 interview: addiction returns
      47. Double Dragon: Neon goes gold, new screens show dragon summoning skills
      48. Bravely Default: 3DS SpotPass features include town-building
      49. Football Manager 2013 beta 'not happening', pre-order access teased
      50. Spartacus Legends going free to play on console networks
      51. Anarchy Online development slowed by Funcom lay-offs
      52. Square Enix games could come to CoreOnline if service succeeds
      53. The Walking Dead Episode 3 on the way to EU PSN
      54. Kickstarter: More dollars pledged to games than any other category in 2012
      55. G4 to rebrand, refocus for "modern male" tastes - report
      56. Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure headed to iOS
      57. Persona 4 Golden screens show bars, noodle joints, and cooking
      58. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Steam pre-orders will progressively unlock rewards
      59. Rock Band Blitz coin economy tweaked
      60. Assassin's Creed 3 TV spot is possibly amazing, hilarious
      61. Steam Greenlight expected to evolve rapidly
      1. Madden NFL 13 sales reach 1.65 million in just one week
      2. Wikipad pre-orders open this week
      3. NPD August: Darksiders 2, Xbox 360 dominate
      4. SOE's Player Studio allows you to create in-game items to sell on SOE Marketplace
      5. Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project ignores Warner's cease and desist letter for now
      6. La Mulana - video released for the WiiWare title
      7. EverQuest 2's ninth expansion Chains of Eternity will release in November
      8. GameStop interested in Ouya and other open source products, says CEO
      9. God of War: Ascension panel highlights from PAX Prime released
      10. Epic Games opens new Seattle studio, will focus on engineering efforts for Unreal Engine 4
      11. Kindle Fire HD announced by Amazon, comes with Whispersync for games
      12. Remember Me walkthrough features direct feed gamescom footage
      13. Football Manager 2013 dev planning next three games, increasing accessibility
      14. Medal of Honor: Warfighter combat training episode 2 focuses on Point Man
      15. Wii U to release on December 7 for €349, according to French retailer
      16. Super Hexagon from VVVVVV developer out now on iPad, iPhone
      17. Wonderbook: Book of Spells will be available at retail in three flavors
      18. LittleBigPlanet Karting introduces story mode's The Hoard
      19. CoreOnline is Square's way of coping with industry's "transformational period," says Wada
      20. Dead or Alive 5 interview: Hayashi on fight "entertainment"
      21. Deadpool has been fully embraced by High Moon Studios, says firm's marketing manager
      22. Thunder Wolves helicopter action game announced by Ubisoft
      23. Marvel Heroes goes into closed beta October 1, new screens and trailer released
      24. Starbreeze's P13 to be published by 505 Games, downloadable in 2013
      25. Dishonored's first developer documentary released
      26. Wasteland 2 video shows a deserted area with a giant scorpion
      27. Ghost Recon Online's Arctic Pack expansion hits next week
      28. Mass Effect 3's Operation: Vigilance bounty weekend starts tomorrow
      29. Mutant Mudds 3DS to receive extra levels included with Steam version
      30. Prince of Persia, Heyawake, Crazy Hunter, Balloon Pop Remix round out weekly Nintendo downloads
      31. Killzone Trilogy contains Killzone 1-3 and DLC, releases in October
      32. Tokitowa video focuses on Enda, Makimona, Reijyo, and Weidy
      33. Might & Magic Heroes Online customization and co-op detailed
      34. Monster Hunter 4 gets a barrage of colourful 3DS screens
      35. Football Manager 2013 reveal trailer lists 'genre defining' features
      36. Need for Speed: Most Wanted's Kinect features outlined by Criterion
      37. Football Manager 2013 to have '900 additions', Classic Mode for casual players
      38. PS Vita: free Teasure Park app out now in EU & US
      39. Ghost Recon Online Wii U 'on hold', PC is key focus - Ubisoft
      40. Modern Warfare 3: DLC Collection 4 live on Xbox 360 now
      41. Black Ops 2: Treyarch goes big on levelling details & unlocks
      42. PES 2013 release date confirmed, pre-order deals detailed
      43. Xbox 720 release delayed due poor processor quality - report
      44. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend gets PS Vita price drop
      45. PES 2013 trailer shows 3DS & Wii control methods
      46. Tomb Raider & Hitman: Absolution dev sessions confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
      47. Kickstarter: Pro Pinball funding campaign begins
      48. Mortal Kombat sequel 'needs innovation, not just new characters', says Boon
      49. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition confirmed for PC release in 2013
      50. FIFA 13 soundtrack revealed in full
      51. Gaikai: 'cloud gaming can help electronics companies profit from the industry' - Perry
      52. Rayman Jungle Run sprinting to iOS in September, watch the trailer here
      53. Assassin's Creed Utopia: Android, iOS city-building title revealed
      54. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Ubisoft unveils first free-to-play RPG game
      55. Half Minute Hero PLAYISM & Steam editions confirmed for September release
      56. Beneath a Steel Sky 2 teased, depends on Broken Sword Kickstarter success
      57. Hell on earth: id's Tim Willits on the return of Doom
      58. Trials Evolution: 'Origin of Pain' DLC drops in October, first screens here
      59. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger revealed for 2013 digital launch, live action trailer hits
      60. PS Vita hacked to allow for homebrew development - report
      61. Homestuck Kickstarter: webcomic game hits $700k funding goal in three days
      62. Ace Attorney 5 screens and art escape Famitsu
      63. Minecraft and UN team up to rehabilitate urban areas
      64. Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm footage shows off booby traps and bunkers
      65. City of Heroes may be saved from shutdown
      66. Minecraft on Steam would make it hard to control registered users
      67. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Snake pic confirms youthful beard
      1. I Am Alive celebrates PC launch with heavy-breathing trailer
      2. Ace Attorney 5: Capcom "planning" on western release
      3. Fuse shows off first footage since shedding Overstrike title
      4. Gibeau: "I still passionately believe in single-player games"
      5. Diablo 3 developer entry explains Crowd Control changes in update 1.0.5
      6. Mists of Pandaria approved for release in China
      7. NHL 13 PS3 bundle announced for September release
      8. FarmVille 2 launches on Facebook, Zynga Online
      9. Natural Selection 2 releases on Steam in October, pre-orders now being accepted
      10. Joe Danger 2: The Movie shots and video show off some neat stunts
      11. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse reaches $400,000 Kickstarter goal in 13 days
      12. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Destructor Pack DLC shots are Dinobot-tastic
      13. Far Cry 3 video shows you how to combat depraved psychopaths
      14. Doom 3 BFG Edition 'not a rehash', id not a fan HD collections
      15. PlanetSide 2 interview: resurrecting the dead
      16. Total War Battles: Shogun lead feels 70% of games on the market "aren't good enough"
      17. Forza 4 September Pennzoil Car Pack now available
      18. Tomb Raider - Lara will be "a little bit closer to somebody you could know," says Crystal D
      19. The Last of Us - PAX video shows new gameplay
      20. Number of US gamers in 2012 declined by 5% - NPD report
      21. Vita tops in Japan thanks to Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
      22. The $1 Million EA Sports Challenge Series returns with FIFA 13, Madden NFL 13 and NHL 13
      23. Riders of Rohan developer diary takes you into Fangorn forest, notes the death of Boromir
      24. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing trailer trips across the rooftops
      25. EU PS Store update, September 5 - MGS2, MGS3, still no Counter Strike: Global Offensive
      26. RIFT: Storm Legion video and screens show a lovely expansion
      27. Modern Warfare 3: last DLC suffers download issue, Microsoft responds
      28. Remote Play patch available for God of War and ICO/SotC Collections
      29. Call of Juarez: teaser image points to new game reveal
      30. Assassin's Creed 3 dev: 'big triple-a games are dying out'
      31. Joe Danger 2: The Movie release date locked in
      32. PlanetSide 2: 'expansions could feature whole new worlds', says dev
      33. Professor Layton social spin-off heading to iOS & Android
      34. Capcom financials: company wants more titles made by smaller teams
      35. Warface: Crytek's shooter playable at Eurogamer Expo
      36. The Peanut Gallery: why can't developers answer critics?
      37. Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill out now on PS3 premium
      38. PS Plus discount starts today, membership is 25% off
      39. Zelda Wii U release in 2014, gameplay details leaked - Report
      40. Monster Hunter 4 scans escape Famitsu, show new screens & art
      41. Final Fantasy 7 fan film trailer is ace, watch it here
      42. Assassin's Creed 3 Mohawk Armour concept art surfaces
      43. Ubisoft: 'DRM wasn't a mistake', acknowledges 'unfortunate comments'
      44. Eufloria Adventures heading to PlayStation Mobile & PS Vita
      45. Brutal Legend: "There was definitely a messaging problem with that game" - Schafer
      46. Zelda 2 heading to 3DS eShop next week
      47. NFS: Most Wanted 'had to be open world, people didn't get Burnout Paradise', says dev
      48. Dust 514 beta keys: 1,000 up for grabs now!
      49. Minecraft Xbox 360 creation mode is 'weeks away', says dev
      50. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes demo 'Snake isn't as old as he looks' - Kojima
      51. Ubisoft scraps DRM, discusses new anti-piracy methods
      52. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm beta now live
      53. I Am Alive PC release date brought forward
      54. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 designed for multiple playthroughs
      55. GUTS trailer embraces Internet abuse
      56. Mass Effect anime delayed into December
      57. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney drops in late November - rumour
      58. Steam Greenlight introduces $100 submission fee
      1. US PS Store Update, September 4 - BioShock, new apps, and Armored Kill
      2. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 3 trailered for PC, PS3
      3. Ace Attorney 5 coming to 3DS, says latest Famitsu
      4. TERA - NA servers are being merged on September 18
      5. SWTOR - class changes and balancing coming with Update 1.4
      6. Kinect for Windows runtime and SDK update will be available in October
      7. Assassin's Creed goes real-life with parkour specialist Ronnie Shalvis
      8. The Secret World - Lairs to receive some tweaks with patch 1.2
      9. WWE '13 trailer features Mike Tyson discussing the WWE
      10. Steam Community is live and out of beta
      11. Frank Gibeau - "I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single player experience"
      12. Half-Minute Hero - teaser image indicates the Marvelous title is heading to Steam
      13. R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War video introduces you to the rogue
      14. Apple invitations for September 12 event start rolling out
      15. Xbox 720 - Microsoft could delay launch "until spring 2014," says Pachter
      16. Jazz: Trump’s Journey announced for PS Vita, lands on PSN this winter
      17. Disney Epic Mickey 2 developer video delves into "The Power of Music"
      18. Borderlands' success allowed Gearbox to work in the Aliens space and "commit to it"
      19. GRID 2 screenshots go vroom-vroom
      20. Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies to release later this month
      21. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Dinobot Destructor Pack hits multiplayer next week
      22. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill launch trailer released
      23. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and KP's 10-year pipeline
      24. Blizzard hosting official global launch events for Mists of Pandaria
      25. Red Dead Redemption, Machinarium, Scott Pilgrim, more head up PS Plus September
      26. Hearthfire, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare sale, and SFxT kick of XBLM update
      27. The Sims 3 Supernatural magically lands on PC today
      28. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier developer to announce new project "very soon"
      29. Resident Evil 6 demo hits PSN and XBL Gold on September 18
      30. Xbox Live back up: Microsoft blames updates for the issue in statement
      31. Tony Hawk HD live on PSN now, PC launch later this month
      32. EA warns, 'releasing new IP this late in console cycle is a mistake'
      33. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD opening cinematic released
      34. Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC out now on Xbox 360, 75mb download
      35. Big budget Wii U fantasy RPG outed by job post & concept art
      36. PS Store: retro sale starts tomorrow, PSone classics slashed
      37. Gamestop predicts one console launch in 2013, Wii U this holiday
      38. Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer to get monthly story DLC
      39. Joe Danger 2 releasing this month, last game in the series
      40. Shattered Haven teaser trailer reveals a pixelated zombie apocalypse
      41. Gears of War Judgment: 'if it doesn't give you sweaty palms, we're doing it wrong' - Epic
      42. Postal 2 dev needs your help to launch the game on Steam Greenlight
      43. Wii U: Amazon distributor claims Nov 11 release, $249 price tag
      44. Harmo Knight: Pokémon dev's new screens show Pikachu, gameplay
      45. Guild Wars 2 trading post now fully operational
      46. Skies of Arcadia trademark hints at HD release
      47. Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary: thanks for the memories
      48. Sony reveals TGS line up: PS Vita gets huge offering
      49. Dead Space 3 can offer 'a hundred hours' of value
      50. Minecraft, Day Z represent the "promise" of games, say Schafer, Wolpaw
      51. Ron Gilbert's The Cave gets zany new screens
      52. Age of Conan: Unchained to expand with Secrets of Dragon’s Spine
      53. Vita headed to Thailand September 14
      54. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker withdrawn from Xbox Games on Demand
      55. New Little King's Story triumphs over cow tippers
      56. LittleBigPlanet Vita has gone gold
      57. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two visits Fort Wasteland
      58. Assassin's Creed 3 dev: easy mode can ruin games
      59. Xenosaga fans should bug Namco Bandai, says Sony rep
      60. NHL 13 trailer argues that hockey is sushi
      61. Penny Arcade Adventures 3 hits mobile in October
      62. TIGA calls for 30% tax relief on UK games industry
      1. Dragon Quest Wii U to be announced at Tokyo Game Show
      2. Tecmo Koei's Tokyo Game Show Line-up detailed
      3. Valve job post adds weight to company hardware rumours - Report
      4. Devil May Cry movie made in Ghana, no words to fully describe it
      5. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill patch notes reveal many weapon tweaks
      6. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D rolling to 3DS in October
      7. Dark Souls director considering easy mode, 'people hesitant to play it'
      8. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit screens are insane
      9. GamesAid Cycle Challenge - Cat and co in video drama
      10. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force detailed in new Sony video blog
      11. FIFA 13 dev can't see 'cross play between formats happening'
      12. Need For Speed Most Wanted: Criterion talks multiplayer - video
      13. Jet Set Radio HD, NiGHTS HD & Sonic Adventure 2 showcased in Sega Heritage trailer
      14. Guild Wars 2: a noob's journey - part two
      15. Mass Effect 3 Wii U won't support 1080p, dev confirms
      16. ICO HD heading to PS Vita via remote play patch
      17. Resident Evil 6: 'early sale copies were stolen', confirms Capcom
      18. Black Mesa: 'Xen sections will be their own expanded game', says dev
      19. Kirby fans at PAX smash world record for blowing chewing gum bubbles
      20. WarZ gameplay looks like it was grabbed from a zombie survival title
      21. MechWarrior Online: new trailer shows catapult in action
      22. Star Wars The Old Republic: Terror From Beyond update detailed, will be difficult
      23. Monster Hunter Frontier G coming April 2013
      24. Dance Central 3 trailer details insane plot
      25. DayZ creator discussing standalone game at Eurogamer Expo
      26. PS All-Star: Battle Royale PAX screens show Raiden, Nariko, Sir Daniel
      27. GaymerCon fully funded, happening next year
      28. Warface: 'Favela' screens escape PAX, show cooperative gunplay
      29. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PAX screens show slice n' dice action
      30. Halo 4 multiplayer screens emerge from PAX, show new map 'Exile'
      31. Ron Gilbert's The Cave coming to Wii U eShop
      32. Hitman: Absolution's Purist mode to be available from the off
      33. Halo 4 script segments & books leaked - Report
      34. Silent Hill: Book of Memories PS Vita screens escape PAX
      35. 3DS eShop: Fatal Fury out now, Theatrhythm DLC detailed
      36. Square-Enix reveals TGS lineup, Black Ops 2 included
      37. Halo 4: A Hero Awakens trailer shows mo-cap & acting
      38. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy - first art emerges online
      39. UK Charts: Guild Wars 2 knocks Sleeping Dogs off top spot
      40. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - Watch the extended gameplay demo here
      41. Secret World: "the revolution has just begun", says Funcom
      42. Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 will nerf Trail of Cinders rune exploit
      43. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy release date, plot detailed
      44. Guild Wars 2 China release confirmed
      45. Kojima 'sick & tired' of Project Ogre questions, confirms it's not MGS: Ground Zeroes.
      46. Final Fantasy Monsters discussed, Square to reveal series' future 'soon'
      47. Ico shown running on PSVita, Ueda seemingly baffled
      48. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is not Metal Gear Solid 5 - report
      49. Borderlands 2 DLC season pass detailed, Mechromancer dated
      50. To the Moon: Steam release date, new episode confirmed
      51. Ratchet & Clank: Gladiator getting the HD PSN treatment
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