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  • April 2013 Archive

      1. Aliens: Colonial Marines targeted by class action suit
      2. Remember Me: score made of memories, "every cue is a part of Nilin"
      3. EVE Online Oculus Rift shooter sparks petition for full release
      4. Dragon's Dogma patch may corrupt save data
      5. The LeBrons season two to be an Xbox Live exclusive
      6. Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost guide released
      7. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon video: the worst tutorial in the world
      8. Guns of Icarus Online update adds new King of the Hill map, tutorials, and more
      9. Retro Studios reveal in "the not so distant future"
      10. Mobile to be the primary gaming platform by 2016 - analyst
      11. Dreamfall Chapters now in full production
      12. Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 release delayed by "a couple weeks"
      13. Iwata touts Nintendo's digital, free-to-play, and subscription-based plans
      14. Games for Change 10th annual festival dated, tickets on sale
      15. Mother 4 would be "impossible," says Itoi
      16. Nintendo aware of hackers' claim to have "reversed the Wii U drive authentication"
      17. Guardian analysis of top 50 games sold in 2012 found "more than half contain violent content labels"
      18. Alan Wake has sold over 2 million copies
      19. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sneak peek video and pre-order information available
      20. Call of Duty: Ghosts promotional poster seems to confirm November release date
      21. Star Wars Pinball goes on sale in time for Star Wars Day
      22. Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments tech demo highlights engine change
      23. League of Legends Lissandra and Freljord skins available, new videos
      24. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reviews round-up: it shoots and it scores
      25. Neverwinter enters open beta stage
      26. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon launch trailer is awesome
      27. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – blinded by your cyber-love
      28. Space Hulk receives first developer Q&A: discusses rules, multiplayer and more
      29. Wii U first-party releases delayed due to requiring "more development resources than expected"
      30. Torment: Tides of Numenera completes final stretch goal
      31. GTA 5 trailers for Franklin, Michael and Trevor released
      32. Gears of War: Judgment – Call to Arms Map Pack available right now
      33. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Blade Wolf DLC dated
      34. Former People Can Fly dev: Bioshock Infinite design "proof that the old territory is on fire and we need to go"
      35. Guild Wars 2's final chapter in Flame & Frost series starts today
      36. Diggs Nightcrawler video delves into the death of Humpty
      37. Quantic Dream CEO: The PS4 is "like the PC of next year or two years"
      38. Soul Sacrifice live action launch trailer released, early buyers through PSN get bonus
      39. Marvel Heroes open beta takes place this weekend
      40. Xbox Live Gold to be free in UK this weekend
      41. Microsoft to host its pre-E3 press conference June 10
      42. Lost Planet 3 gameplay video reveals the opening moments
      43. Monster Hunter Tri servers on Wii shut down today
      44. Terraria will finally arrive on the European PS Store in May
      45. Black Ops 2 console update adds new multiplayer game mode, fixes minor problems
      46. New Memoria screens flaunt the game's locations
      47. Jagged Alliance Kickstarter backers will also receive Classic collection
      48. EVE Online trailer chronicles universe origins, links to franchise's future
      49. New Killer is Dead trailer turns on the jazz
      50. Wii U Virtual Console: New releases confirmed in handy breakdown trailer
      51. Three GRID 2 gameplay videos:Brands Hatch, Cote d'Azur and Paris tracks
      52. Ubisoft confirm Watch Dogs' exclusive PS3 content will also be available on PS4
      53. Soul Sacrifice: can it help Sony sell Vita?
      54. The Wonderful 101 probably isn't very long
      55. Killzone: Shadow Fall - "it doesn't get much more real" than PS4 reveal
      56. Kaio: King of Pirates eschews Chinese theme to attract western fans
      57. Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2 due next month, pre-orders net two copies
      58. Quantic Dream doesn't make sequels, but it does have a franchise
      59. Game Dev Tycoon pirates express frustration with piracy
      60. EVO founders Kickstart first game, Stonehearth
      61. Gears of War movie nets Battleship producer
      62. Kim Swift's latest is an Ouya exclusive rhythm action dungeon crawler
      1. Call of Duty website tease is certainly very ghostly
      2. Star Citizen has now attracted $9 million in crowd funding
      3. Unreal Indie Bundle offers seven games for $20
      4. Respawn debut exclusive to Xbox, always-online - rumour
      5. Grand Theft Auto 5 casting call offers the chance to appear in-game
      6. Diablo 3 PS3 pre-orders open, bonuses available
      7. Bioshock Infinite DLC could feature "a new AI companion character"
      8. Watch_Dogs - Yannis Mallat on the reveal and tech
      9. Company of Heroes 2: Theater of War mode announced
      10. Watch Dogs November 22 release date revealed, four editions available at launch
      11. Dead Island dev reveals new Hellraid hack-and-slash project
      12. Ecco The Dolphin spiritual successor fails Kickstarter funding process, smaller project in the works
      13. GRID 2 trailer uncovers more modes and features
      14. Square Enix confirm lay-offs at European and UK offices
      15. Metro Last Light gets another trailer - entitled Redemption
      16. Deadpool release date confirmed, pre-order incentives announced
      17. Microsoft's IllumiRoom: Full 5 minute demo showcases the tech's capabilities
      18. Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition detailed, new screens revealed
      19. Microsoft's IllumiRoom concept "sits on a coffee table" and could be used alongside next Xbox
      20. Quantic Dream "worked very hard to implement" PS4 engine ideas into Beyond: Two Souls
      21. Left 4 Dead 2 for Linux public beta coming this week
      22. FPS titles linked with better short-term memory
      23. Ys Seven readying itself for PC release in the West
      24. UK Charts – Dead Island: Riptide stumbles to number one spot
      25. Batman: Arkham Origins screens highlight Christmas panic in Gotham
      26. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: a blast from the future's past
      27. Shin Megami Tensei 4 is over 50 hours long
      28. DayZ base building to be like capital ships in EVE Online
      29. Monaco Xbox Live Arcade release delayed further
      30. Beyond: Two Souls is ten hours long
      31. Epic marketing boss exits for Microsoft
      32. Thomas Was Alone developer's next game may have UGC
      33. Duke Nukem creator's Ludum Dare entry is The Road
      34. Xbox SmartGlass now available on Kindle Fire
      35. Oculus Rift Virtual Boy emulator released
      36. Defiance PS3 patch expected early this week
      37. Nintendo offering refurbished portables with warranty
      38. Minecraft creator's latest is Drop
      39. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 cancelled - rumour
      40. Skullgirls: Eliza chosen as third DLC character
      41. Watch Dogs tease suggests new trailer inbound
      42. Call of Duty: Ghosts uses new engine, reveal this week - rumour
      1. The Old Republic to introduce character customisation kiosks
      2. Thief development stymied by departures, setbacks, changes - rumour
      3. Dead or Alive 5 related game in the works at Team Ninja
      4. Beyond: Two Souls trailer, gameplay escapes Tribeca
      1. DUST 514 video gives you a look at gameplay mechanics, battles
      2. Soul Sacrifice video features producer walking you through the game's finer points
      3. Injustice: Gods Among Us players can grab Lobo on May 7
      4. EVE Online TV series to be developed in partnership with director Baltasar Kormákur
      5. God Eater 2 video shows over nine minutes of footage
      6. EVE Online: Second Decade Collector's Edition contains board game H?ttuspil
      7. DUST 514 will launch on May 14
      8. Metro: Last Light owners on Steam will be given a digital copy of Metro 2033 novel
      9. SimCity to receive "additional fixes" post Update 2.0
      10. River City Ransom 2 in development for PC, crowd-funding goes live this summer
      11. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 trademark alludes to remake in the works - rumor
      12. Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl trailer focuses on story
      13. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is "an evolution," not a revamp
      14. Soul Sacrifice US DLC schedule purportedly leaked
      15. Activision's Kotick signed incentive-based deal in 2012, spreads out compensation over five years
      16. Monster Hunter -"no plans" for a Vita version, says Capcom
      1. Resident Evil: Revelations dev diary touts "Heritage and Horror"
      2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist puzzle revealed at look at Spies vs Mercs next week
      3. 2K Games won't have a booth at E3 2013
      4. Divinity: Original Sin behind-the-scenes Kickstarter video released
      5. Square Enix discounts select games through online store sale
      6. CCP demos 6v6 space dogfighting Oculus Rift game EVR at Fanfest
      7. Soul Sacrifice free DLC hits Japan next week
      8. Assassin's Creed 3's technical director joins 22Cans to work on Godus
      9. Bioware hires former Big Huge Games devs to work on new Mass Effect
      10. Indie Royale's Lunar Bundle is live
      11. Katamari Damacy lands on PSN as a PS2 Classic next week
      12. SWTOR Update 2.1 to contain playable Cathar race
      13. Next Xbox: report notes DRM, sharing, Achievements revamp
      14. Company of Heroes 2 - The Dev Showdown
      15. Wildstar update details the Nexus region of Crimson Isle
      16. THQ owes claimants a reported $200 million in royalties, debt
      17. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery announced for Vita
      18. Deadpool to include Mister Sinister and Psylocke
      19. Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut for PS3 most pre-ordered game for Rising Star
      20. Rockstar Steam sale has various titles for 50-75% off
      21. Dragon’s Prophet Guild Registration Program is live
      22. Infinite Crisis champion profile videos feature Gaslight Batman, Doomsday
      23. Dead Island: Riptide codes redeeming Dark Souls on Steam in UK
      24. World of Darkness given state-of-the game update
      25. Total War Rome 2: free Pontus DLC faction revealed, detailed
      26. Beyond: Two Souls one-hour scene to be shown at Tribeca Film Festival
      27. LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes out now on iOS
      28. Divinty: Original Sin Kickstarter to end with 4-hour gameplay livestream
      29. Wii U Virtual Console hits the UK tomorrow, line-up inside
      30. Dragon's Crown: new trailer focuses on the Elf class
      31. Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC out May 9, gameplay screens inside
      32. Mars: War Logs out now on Steam, minimum specs released
      33. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag's "The Watch" pre-order hub gets trailered
      34. Zynga reflects on game closures, to "be more disciplined" moving forward
      35. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches "Operation Payback" paid pass
      36. Witcher 3 has "no place for multiplayer", developer confirms
      37. Mount Unplayable: the horrific pile of shame
      38. Respawn Entertainment: "Business as usual" following EA lay-offs
      39. Nvidia posts two more PhysX water tech demos, watch them here
      40. Resident Evil: Revelations demo heading west soon
      41. Metro: Last Light - Deep Silver clarifies PS4 port, SDK report
      42. Final Fantasy 14 beta weekend spawns a barrage of new gameplay images
      43. EscapeVektor studio Nnooo now developing for PS4 & PS Vita
      44. Star Trek: The Video Game reviews arrive, scores inside
      45. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified announced for August 20
      46. Warcraft movie: Life of Pi Oscar winner signs as VFX director
      47. Amano, Uematsu and Compile Heart to collaborate on new RPG
      48. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers headed to Europe
      49. FIFA 14 headed to Vita, Amazon listing suggests
      50. Wii U system software update out now, may take an hour
      51. Madden fraud claim to go to court
      52. Defense Grid 2 privately funded, Kickstarter backers to be rewarded
      53. Dota 2: The International returns in August
      1. Zack Zero coming to Steam next week
      2. PlayStation web storefront now supports download queueing
      3. Happy Wars update adds new mode, Castle Crashers costumes
      4. Europa Universalis 4 offers a chance to appear in the credits
      5. Shin Megami Tensei 4 trailer now in gloriously comprehensible English
      6. Nintendo eShop sales more than doubled year-on-year
      7. Scribblenauts Unmasked adds DC to the mix - rumour
      8. EA confirms lay-offs; PopCap Vancouver, Quicklime closed
      9. Black Ops 2: Uprising releasing on PC and PS3 next month
      10. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online patch 0.11.0 released
      11. Ride to Hell: Route 666 gives you control of your very own biker gang
      12. Stealth Bastard will be called Stealth Inc.- A Clone in the Dark on Vita
      13. Madden 25 will feature Barry Sanders on the cover
      14. Valve adds Subscription Plans service for subscription-based games on Steam
      15. Hell Invaders is collectible card game/RTS set in the Underworld from Spicy Horse
      16. For the want of a couch, the battle was lost
      17. Ambient Studios closed, Death Inc. refunds to be issued
      18. Skyrim Legendary Edition is real, out in June
      19. Latest Arma 3 video guide focuses on multiplayer teamwork
      20. Pokémon Black & White 2 players can pick up Deoxys next month
      21. Mega Man 4, Rayman Legends Challenges Mode hit North American eShop
      22. Zeno Clash 2 gameplay demo shows off the first few minutes
      23. DualShock 4 video released featuring developers discussing the controller
      24. GTA 5 trailers featuring the main characters coming April 30
      25. Metal Gear Legacy Collection Japanese site open: shows bundle contents & screens
      26. Game: UK store launches country's first free-to-play platform
      27. Zelda 3DS has a '2' in the title, has been in development since 2011
      28. Dota 2: new patch re-balances Dragonus, tweaks Slark
      29. Nvidia PhysX trailer shows off real-time water physics
      30. Labour MP calls on parliament to address lack of females working in UK games industry
      31. Iwata: things "not looking good" for Nintendo, but hints at big things to come this year
      32. Rayman Legends dated: online challenges app on Wii U now
      33. Soul Sacrifice 2: Inafune in active talks with Sony over PS Vita sequel
      34. Star Wars: The Old Republic's Cathar to become playable - rumour
      35. Lulzsec: self-proclaimed leader arrested in Australia, facing 10 years in jail
      36. Sony doubles profit forecast for FY'13, full report expected May 9
      37. Destiny: new concept art shows locations, outfits and characters
      38. Camelot Unchained: surviving the freemium apocalypse
      39. Beyond: Two Souls will change people's perception of game characters, says dev
      40. Battlefield 4 dated, Drone Strike DLC outed by retailer
      41. Lost Planet 3 'Akrid Survival' and 'Scenario' multiplayer modes detailed
      42. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara's cleric class gets trailered
      43. Animal Crossing: New Leaf trailer shows new shops
      44. EA Partners label to close
      45. Browser access to Miiverse now available
      46. Nintendo will not hold large E3 presentation this year
      47. Age of Wushu special retail edition features Jet Li
      48. First round of BlizzCon tickets on sale now
      49. Unity won't continue selling Flash licenses
      50. House of the Dead: Overkill heading for an iOS release
      51. Divinity: Original Sin will include symphony orchestra music
      52. Warhammer Online lead developer leaves Mythic Entertainment
      53. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 launches
      54. Draw Something 2 releases in US today
      55. Beyond: Two Souls bootleg footage for upcoming Tribeca Film Festival appearance
      56. Poker Night 2 launch trailer
      57. Spec Ops: The Line, from Commodore 64 to consoles
      58. InXile head talks crowdfunding and audience focus
      1. GRID 2 multiplayer gameplay shows streets and track
      2. Zynga Q1 net income up, but monthly active users decline to 253 million
      3. THQ Section 363 auction results noted in SEC filing
      4. Don't Starve has arrived on Steam and is 10% off
      5. The Realm - this lovely point & click adventure game needs your help on Kickstarter
      6. Batman: Arkahm Origins team discusses what it hopes to bring to the series in latest video
      7. Disney Infinity could one day sport Star Wars and Marvel themes, toys
      8. DualShock 3 wireless controller in metallic gray heading to North America
      9. Soul Sacrifice pre-order trailer shows all sorts of goodies
      10. Next-Xbox reveal set for May 21 in Redmond, Washington
      11. Machinarium will release for Vita in Europe next month
      12. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's creative director walks you through this gameplay video
      13. Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS3 listed by Tesco
      14. PS4's PlayGo system explained by Sony's Mark Cerny
      15. Marvel Heroes closed beta weekend to test cash shop, more
      16. Neverwinter Helm’s Hold assets are full of devils and fiendish creatures
      17. EU PS Store update, April 24: Thomas Was Alone, Zone of the Enders HD, Draw Slasher
      18. The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep expansion set for fall
      19. Tomodachi Collection: New Life sparks 3DS surge on Japanese charts
      20. Payday 2 - take a walk on the wild side
      21. Total War: Rome 2 video walks you through the Battle of Teutoburg Forest
      22. The Order: 1886 trademark filed by Sony, might be new Guerrilla Games IP
      23. Lost Planet 3 multiplayer trailer is go, see the action here
      24. Okami: Capcom teases announcement for next week
      25. Shantae releasing on 3DS Virtual Console this summer
      26. World of Tanks 8.5 update is live this week, adding new maps, tanks & more
      27. Team Fortress 2 Linux update improves client stability, patch notes inside
      28. Forgotten Memories dev bringing survival horror title to Wii U
      29. PSN Europe 'Lost Treasures' sale starts today, see the savings inside
      30. XCOM shooter reveal confirmed by 2K, will happen in "a matter of days"
      31. Microsoft definitely heading in the right direction with indies, says Press Play
      32. GRID 2 trailer shows off the BMW 'M' series in action
      33. Nintendo appoints Satoru Iwata as American CEO
      34. Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut gets story trailer ahead of this week's launch
      35. Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead gets sentimental trailer
      36. Nintendo financials fall 50% short of target, ?7 billion profit in 2012
      37. Call of Duty devs researching tablet and mobile play
      38. Guild Wars 2 gets free, retro-themed 2D platformer
      39. PES 14 creative producer talks new features, FOX Engine & physics
      40. Apple patent shows moral choices turned into comic books, uses Mass Effect as example
      41. Cardboard museum: the nostalgia of moving home
      42. The CW app, Big Sports Weekend hit Xbox Live
      43. NCAA 14 cover to feature Denard Robinson
      44. Strike Suit Infinity due this month
      45. Pokémon Rumble U footage escapes Japan
      46. No "s***ty" sequel for Darksiders, says Nordic boss
      47. Monaco Xbox Live Arcade release delayed
      48. Steve Jackson's Sorcery headed to iOS as "a whole new genre of interactive fiction"
      1. Anno Online now in closed beta
      2. Spector: not all games have to be "intellectual", but some should be
      3. Beyond: Two Souls script is 2,000 pages long
      4. Guild Wars 2 introduces custom PvP arenas, spectator mode
      5. Wii U Virtual Console US launch line-up confirmed
      6. US PS Store update, April 23 - Thomas Was Alone, God Mode, Resident Evil sale
      7. Apple Q2: iPad, iPhone sales up, Mac sales down
      8. Batman: Arkham Origins to contain multiplayer - report
      9. Roberts "would definitely consider," putting Star Citizen on PS4
      10. MLG Spring Season for Black Ops 2 competitor and spectator passes go on sale
      11. CryEngine 3 - Enodo's real-time tech demo isn't a game, but it's still impressive
      12. SimCity users reporting overflowing sewers, and other bugs since 2.0 patch
      13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows trailer stars Michelangelo
      14. Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost screens and information released
      15. XCOM relaunch may be revealed on April 26
      16. Dragon's Crown scheduled for August release in North America
      17. Nordic looking for "the best creative team" to work on Darksiders 3
      18. Analysts expect Nintendo to report second annual loss tomorrow
      19. IGF-nominated Gunpoint heading to Steam
      20. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen launch trailer and character renders released
      21. Metro: Last Light's latest video spotlights weapons, inventory mechanic
      22. The Evil Within announcement screenshots arrive
      23. People Can Fly had ideas in place for Bulletstorm 2
      24. Jagged Alliance: Flashback lands on Kickstarter
      25. Cloud Imperium Games opens new studio in Santa Monica
      26. Pizza Hut app launching today for Xbox Live
      27. Dead Island: Riptide launch trailer hails US release
      28. Solitaire Blitz: fishing for chump change, catching chumps
      29. Ratchet & Clank hits the big screen in 2015, Heavenly Sword CG film coming as well
      30. Poker Night at the Inventory 2, Kinect Party and Arcade sales kick off XBL Marketplace content
      31. World of Warcraft Update 5.3 now available on Public Test Realms
      32. StarCraft 2 WCS Europe and US sessions to air tonight
      33. Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U trailer shows GamePad features
      34. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes dated, specs revealed
      35. Project CARS dev assures that Wii U version won't be "crappy"
      36. Splinter Cell's complexity is holding back its popularity, says Raymond
      37. Company of Heroes getting Steamworks support, new version from May 7
      38. GRID 2 pre-purchase bonuses open on Steam
      39. TellTale's Poker Night 2 dated on all formats
      40. Warhammer Dawn of War: "strong possibility" of new game, says Relic
      41. EA's E3 2013 conference dated & timed
      42. XCOM creator Gollop voices concern over "paper-thin illusion" of weak AI
      43. Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert returns this summer
      44. Gran Turismo 6 appears in another retail listing with dummy pack art
      45. Star Trek: The Video Game launch trailer is go
      46. Assassin's Creed 3: The Redemption DLC out today, new screens inside
      47. Final Fantasy XIV dev diary shows Magitek armour gameplay, more
      48. Lionhead Studios appoints John Needham as new boss
      49. NHL 14 cover voting now open
      50. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded dated & priced, Journey composer pens music
      51. BioShock 2 lead designer now at Harmonix as small number of layoffs hit the studio
      52. PS Plus: Instant Game Collection poll results are in, RPG and action genres top ballot
      53. Divinity: Original Sin gets hour long pre-alpha gameplay video
      54. Corpse Party: Blood Drive heading to PS Vita
      55. Lords of the Fallen: Witcher producer making new RPG for next-gen formats
      56. The art of Metal Gear: Yoji Shinkawa's visual legacy
      57. Xbox 720 specs echoed by Microsoft job ad
      58. Metroid Prime games "suck", says Blackgate director
      59. Idolm@sater Shiny Festa games available on the App Store
      60. Skullgirls crowdfunding stymied by PayPal
      61. Saints Row 4: Commander in Chief Edition free with pre-orders
      62. PES: future games to feature AFC Champions League
      63. US PS Plus Update - Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny free
      64. The Evil Within to bring true survival horror back, says Mikami
      65. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection announced for the Americas
      66. GTA 5: viral promo begins, live-action ad inbound
      67. Endless Summer classification pops up from Bethesda
      68. Luftrausers cloned in second Vlambeer copycat incident
      69. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger due May 22
      1. Nordic, 505 Games make top bids for hot THQ properties
      2. Gearbox offers highest bid for Homeworld
      3. Splinter Cell: Blacklist - new trailer plays the silent treatment
      4. Free 3DS game via Nintendo's So Many Games promotion
      5. The Evil Within trailer created by title-sequence veteran
      6. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer is all about the money
      7. UKIE calls for dev support in face of EU investigation into UK games tax relief
      8. Rayman Legends Challenges out on Wii U this week
      9. Black Ops 2 Uprising: Mob of the Dead character bios
      10. Dead Island Riptide: is it really more of the same?
      11. UK to be treated to pink 3DS XL next month
      12. Talisman Prologue heading to iOS and Android this week
      13. UK charts - Injustice: Gods Among Us fights its way to number one
      14. Far Cry 3 grabs six at The Canadian Videogame Awards
      15. Dead Island: Riptide review round-up
      16. Splinter Cell: Blacklist pre-order details are go
      17. Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 tops 1.2 million units ship(puden)ed
      18. Retro City Rampage dev has plans for the Vita
      19. God of War: Ascension had a budget somewhere near $50 million - report
      20. "I will never work on a first-person shooter, ever again" says veteran dev
      21. Hollywood actor to have a role in MGS 5 - rumour
      22. Dyad PC release date set, delay explained
      23. THQ auction results to be revealed on Monday - rumour
      24. Mutant Mudds developer expresses frustration with Steam Greenlight
      25. GRID 2 AI will change tactics if you upset it
      26. Saints Row 4 superpowers add verticality, going virtual adds variety
      27. Mother 3 fan translation group offers its work to Nintendo for free
      1. Until Dawn may not be a Move exclusive
      2. Skullgirls DLC voting enters final round
      3. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs screens are dark as the hearts of puppy kickers
      4. Virtuix Omni treadmill demo'd with Oculus Rift, Kinect
      1. Krillbite Studio puts the lovely Among the Sleep on Kickstarter
      2. World of Warcraft engineers will be able to craft the Bad Robot pet in future patch
      3. Planetary Annihilation demonstration released for your viewing pleasure
      4. Earth Defence Force 2025 video features giant bugs
      5. Star Trek: The Video Game's story creation discussed in latest video
      6. Street Fighter x Tekken Version 1.08 hits PC on Monday
      7. The Sly Cooper Collection listed for Vita by ESRB
      8. 3DS app allows users to share screengrabs via social networks in Japan
      9. Ouya has over 10,000 registered developers on board
      10. NCAA Football 14 video shows revamped on-field presentations
      11. Surgeon Simulator 2013 lands on Steam for 30% off
      12. PlayStation Network class-action suit over 2011 outage settled in Canada
      13. NPD March: BioShock Infinite tops US retail charts with 878K - Update
      14. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen video showcases even more enemies
      15. Metro: Last Light packaged with Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 and above
      16. God of War: Ascension Elite Update is live alongside Double XP Weekend
      17. Shut up, okay? I love Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
      1. MLG WCS America Qualifying Tournament kicks off tomorrow
      2. XCOM-related package shows up on Videogamer's doorstep
      3. Bidding session for remaining THQ IP has closed
      4. The Binding of Isaac has passed the two million sales mark
      5. SimCity Update 2.0 goes live on Monday
      6. Curiosity update includes option to "re-grow" cubes
      7. Draw Slasher video preps you for next week's release on Vita
      8. World of Tanks users need to change their passwords due to security breach
      9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon screenshots show the game's love of neon
      10. Langdell's Edge trademark has been canceled by USPTO
      11. Heavy Rain cost €16.7 million, Sony made "more than €100 million" on it
      12. The Debut 2 Bundle from Indie Royale is live
      13. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is golden
      14. GAME now selling eShop codes
      15. God Mode now available on Xbox Live, lands on Steam later today
      16. GAME starts selling eShop codes online and in-stores
      17. Just Cause 2 open beta for multiplayer mod starts tomorrow
      18. Tomb Raider PC patch live on Steam
      19. Gears of War: Judgment - Call to Arms Map Pack with new multiplayer mode out next week
      20. New gameplay videos for Sir, You Are Being Hunted
      21. Jak and Daxter Collection releasing on Vita in June
      22. Project Zwei revealed as The Evil Within, out 2014
      23. EverQuest update Shadow of Fear gets a launch trailer
      24. Ubisoft wins big at the MCV awards
      25. Quantic Dream's PS4 title has been in the works since mid-2012
      26. Injustice: Gods Among Us UK Finals - re-watch here
      27. Mario & Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Animal Crossing 3DS gameplay vids
      28. Ragnarok Online 2 beta now under way
      29. Dragon's Crown trailer introduces the dwarf
      30. Company of Heroes Modern Combat mod adds marines
      31. Ex-2K Czech designer jumps to Kojipro
      32. Narco Terror listed on AU Classification database
      33. One in five games purchased online during holidays - NPD Group Australia
      34. Rovio snags former Playfish executive
      35. Papo & Yo dev's new game is Silent Enemy, coming to Ouya
      36. Worms Revolution free on Steam this weekend
      37. Xbox Live hosting free Gold weekend in several territories
      38. Homeworld backers to be refunded after IP escapes teamPixel
      39. Assassin's Creed 3 sweeps 2013 Game Marketing Awards
      1. Shin Megami Tensei 4 offers GameStop pre-order bonus
      2. NPD March: Xbox 360 on top for 27th consecutive month
      3. Godsrule: War of Mortals out now
      4. Oculus Rift goes deep sea diving in UnderCurrent
      5. Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine available for Steam pre-purchase, launch trailer released
      6. Microsoft Q3 FY13: Xbox division revenue up 56% yoy
      7. Nintendo feels 3DS will "take off" in the US this year thanks to upcoming release slate
      8. Free-to-play games have to be designed as such from the start, says Molyneux
      9. Ride to Hell: Retribution has no rules, according to trailer
      10. SEGA Pluto prototype shown off by former SEGA employee
      11. Batman: Arkham Origins villains to include Joker, Bane, others according to marketing shot
      12. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn screenshots show jobs, classes
      13. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 video shows 10-minutes of gameplay
      14. Skyrim: Legendary Edition spotted through Polish retailer
      15. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video stars Michael Biehn
      16. EVE Fanfest final schedule announced by CCP
      17. Static Sky is the first title from Unity co-founder's Framebunker studio
      18. Star Trek: The Video Game talent video is full familiar faces
      19. XBL Deal of the Week promotion discounts Gotham City Impostors, Black Knight Sword, more
      20. Bethesda to reveal Project Zwei today at 1pm BST
      21. Beyond: Two Souls box art is rather melancholy
      22. DICE producer Daniel Matros helps South African orphanage with e-sports
      23. Star Trek Online assets provide a look into the Legacy of Romulus expansion
      24. Arena.Xlsm: the least boring spreadsheet you'll ever play
      25. LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Guild01 sale head up NA Nintendo Downloads
      26. Persona 4 Arena Limited Edition detailed for May release
      27. Frontier's canceled Microsoft Zoo was an attempt to bring Zoo Tycoon to consoles
      28. Battlefield 2142: ex-producer asks if it 'has the balls' to return
      29. Saint's Row 4's silly tone doesn't get in the way of sales, says Volition
      30. RF Online 1.5 fully launched, client available now
      31. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures gameplay trailer shows off twitch platforming action
      32. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection listing appears in Korea
      33. Halo 4 update will tweak weapons, vehicle changes incoming
      34. Microsoft launching new security measure across Xbox, Windows & other services
      35. Monster Hunter Online: free-to-play MMO announced for China, trailer & screens inside
      36. Japanese Charts: Luigi's Mansion 2 stands firm, passes 500,000 sales
      37. Capcom: year-end profits to be half of what investors expected
      38. Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer shows Superman & Batman showdown
      39. Hawken: Nvidia PhysX trailer shows off mass destruction
      40. Dota 2: latest update adds Skywrath Mage character, patch notes inside
      41. Battlefield 4: DICE teases Battlelog 2.0 with image
      42. Firefall open beta announced, detailed
      43. Phoenix Wright 5 box art, screens & special editions revealed
      44. Injustice: does it succeed as a superhero game?
      45. LA Noire developer shuttered - rumour
      46. Path of Exile races return for a second season
      47. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn weather will only affect fishing
      48. Injustice uses free content to solve DLC compatibility issues
      49. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro now available in the US
      50. XCOM: Firaxis saved a brand "gone so badly awry", says creator
      51. Soul Calibur 5 headed to Games on Demand, PlayStation Store
      52. Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode trailer released
      53. Xbox Original hopes to bring back Heroes - rumour
      54. Android approaching 1 billion activations
      55. Batman: Arkham Origins inspired by Legends of the Dark Knight
      56. DUST 514's Uprising build upgrades the skill system
      57. Fez PC pre-orders open on April 22
      1. PAX 2013 passes totally sold out
      2. TimeGate hit with $7.35 million in damages over SouthPeak suit
      3. Pokémon X & Y's MewTwo transformation revealed
      4. Xbox Live Activity Charts for April 8 are alarmingly boring
      5. Leviathan: Warships trailer is awesome, pre-orders open now
      6. 11 million next-gen console sales by 2014, analyst predicts
      7. US PS Store Update, April 17 - Injustice, Sacred Citadel, RPG Maker 3
      8. Planescape: Torment Producer working on first-person RPG
      9. Air Conflicts: Vietnam announced for Q3 release on PS3
      10. Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl contains full remake of first game
      11. Deadpool out in June, pre-order incentives detailed for GameStop and Amazon
      12. Mars War Logs video give you an overview of the game
      13. Warface has 9 million players in Russia
      14. PAX Prime tickets on sale, 4-day passes are already gone
      15. 3DS physical and digital game sales up 55% over 2011
      16. DARK video shows off some of Eric Bane's special attacks and powers
      17. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team 3DS LL bundle announced for Japan
      18. Karaoke for Xbox 360 has 11 free songs available this week
      19. US games sales decline to continue until GTA 5, next-gen systems are released
      20. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut gets a behind-the-scenes video
      21. Guild02 assets: Bugs vs Tanks!, Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale, The Starship Damrey
      22. Steam Greenlight adds sixth set of games and software titles
      23. Pikmin 3, Mario Party, Super Luigi U, more - screenshot extravaganza
      24. EU PS Store update, April 17 - Worms sale, Soul Sacrifice demo, Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall
      25. Metro: Last Light - minimum, recommended and optimum PC specs announced
      26. Nintendo Direct: EarthBound, Pikmin 3, A Link to the Past
      27. Injustice UK Championship Finals - watch exclusively here
      28. Soul Sacrifice screenshots get you prepped for today's beefy demo
      29. EU PS Plus May update adds Catherine, Sine Mora, Malicious, Velocity Ultra
      30. UK Government launches public survey into in-app purchases
      31. Poker Night 2: TellTale's latest trailer shows off cross-game unlocks
      32. FIFA 14 Gameplay Debut - Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics Revealed
      33. FIFA 14 revealed: new features and images inside
      34. FIFA 14: first images show control, tackling & career mode
      35. PS Plus EU: May update revealed, adds free Hitman: Absolution, Catherine & more
      36. Xbox 720 not "always-on", runs Windows 8 - claims source
      37. Journey Collector's Edition hits PSN, includes flOW and Flower
      38. Platinum Games head laments studio's weak sales, wants renewed focus going forward
      39. Xbox Entertainment Awards crown Black Ops 2 as best game, full winners list inside
      40. Xbox Live sale discounts, Lara Croft, Bionic Commando, Hell Yeah! and more
      41. Black Ops 2: Uprising gets 24 new DLC map screens
      42. FIFA 14 teaser image appears ahead of today's reveal
      43. Nintendo Direct: special Luigi-focused episode confirmed for Japan
      44. Indian games market grew by 16% in 2012, new report finds
      45. Kinectimals Unleashed heading to iOS, Windows Phone this month - report
      46. Killer is Dead: new screens show a cavalcade of violence, insanity
      47. Gran Turismo 6 appears on PS3 retail listing, slated for November release
      48. Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC: is it worth buying?
      49. Final Fantasy Versus 13 reveal scheduled
      50. Xblaze set for July release
      51. League of Legends to allow paid transfers between servers
      52. US PS Store update delayed by extended maintenance
      53. EA lay-offs strike mobile teams in UK, India - report
      54. Flixster now available on Xbox Live
      55. Destiny character stories to play out across all game modes
      56. SimCity promotion offers DLC with dental products
      57. Injustice Wii U does not support iOS content unlocks - report
      58. Dustforce profitable in nine days, funded next game after one year on sale
      59. Guns of Icarus: Online - Adventure Mode meets Kickstarter goal
      60. Final Fantasy 11's Feast of Swords returns again
      61. Little Inferno now available on Mac
      1. The King of Fighters '99 listed for western re-release
      2. Kachina is the Indie Fund's next project
      3. Capcom "pushing" for "more and better single-player content"
      4. Liberation Maiden SIN brings Suda51's shooter to PS3
      5. Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness out now, launch trailer released
      6. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 headed to 3DS
      7. Hawken technician update detailed, hits Thursday
      8. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spawns terrific live action short
      9. Southend Interactive splits from Tactel Holding AB, now "100 percent indie," says CEO
      10. Sacred Citadel launch trailer shows off tons of side-scrolling, beat 'em up action
      11. Klei Entertainment founder: triple-A staff cuts produce more talent available for indie studios
      12. Suda 51 doesn't think sexuality in games should be as "big a taboo" as it is in the west
      13. Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack #5 video brings back 1984 nostalgia
      14. New Jersey SAFE Task Force seeking to regulate the sale of Mature games to kids
      15. Battlefield 4 lacks "gimmicks" which don't add value to the game
      16. FIFA 14 to be revealed tomorrow
      17. Frontier to release its iOS title Coaster Crazy Deluxe for Wii U
      18. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers available in North America
      19. Diggs Nightcrawler hitting Europe this May, lands in time for the holidays in North America
      20. GRID 2 multiplayer: giving racing lines the finger
      21. Injustice: Gods Among Us reviews - all the scores here
      22. The Walking Dead to be distributed in the UK by Avanquest Software
      23. Soul Sacrifice demo saves transfer to full game
      24. Introversion, Obsidian Entertainment, Red Thread Games sessions added to Rezzed
      25. Cut the Rope to release on 3DS through Nintendo eShop
      26. EU Commission to launch investigation into UK games tax relief, "doubts" it's necessary
      27. Beyond: Two Souls players will never do the same thing twice, says Cage
      28. Metro: Last Light second Survival video touches upon enemies in the tunnels
      29. Neverwinter Rothe Valley lore trailer and screens released
      30. Black Ops 2: Uprising now available through XBL Marketplace
      31. Tencent set to reveal new MOBA this week - report
      32. Respawn Entertainment trademarks 'Titan'
      33. Star Trek gets a trio of gameplay videos showing early missions
      34. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL console bundle listed for UK release in June
      35. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U patch is live: adds off-TV mode, cross-region play
      36. Dota 2 G-1 League tournament hit by DDOS attacks to win $20,000 bet
      37. Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension "significantly underperformed" in March, new report finds
      38. Drakengard 3 director explains origin of series' controversial aspects
      39. Ashes Cricket 2013 gets teaser trailer with burning, exploding wickets
      40. Atlus parent company hit by ?1.4 billion debt after posting poor financials
      41. Power Rangers Megaforce heading to 3DS in fall, uses card scanner
      42. GRID 2 multiplayer trailer is go, shows gameplay and social features
      43. Injustice: Gods Among Us Lobo DLC art leaks online - rumour
      44. Starbound pre-order campaign smashes through $600,000
      45. Tekken Revolution age-rated in Australia, suggests new game
      46. Guild Wars 8th anniversary event announced, detailed
      47. Tomb Raider single-player DLC outfits potentially leaked, see them here
      48. EA Sports lawsuit: court extends claim period for consumer rights settlement
      49. Kojima: "I do like Sony", but developer is going multi-format from now on
      50. Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation composer wins Game Audio Network Guild award
      51. The Secret World gets new raid, see it in action here
      52. Xbox Live outage wasn't caused by a hack, says Microsoft
      53. Project X Zone limited edition revealed, detailed
      54. Arma 3 Alpha update 0.54 drops, changelog inside
      55. Trial of the Clone out now from Tin Man, SMBC creator, Wil Wheaton
      56. World of Tanks dev could bring free-to-play games to PS4, currently experimenting
      57. Monkey Island: Gilbert has no plans to make follow-up, but discusses dream sequel anyway
      58. SimCity is cross-play enabled
      59. Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall - the same but different
      60. Bethesda VP: used game trade is "absolutely" a concern
      61. The Elder Scrolls: Arena isn't going anywhere, actually
      62. Guild01 on sale, Guild02 hints surface
      63. PS4 pricing to appeal to gamers "in the broadest sense"
      64. Club Nintendo now rewards EU members with stars
      65. Ouya tech is one generation out of date, claims benchmarking firm
      66. Call of Duty warfare would wipe out humanity in six days
      67. Guild Wars 2 free trial scheduled this weekend
      68. Remember Me dev wanted to "respect" gamers with a strong female protagonist
      69. Planetside 2 mobile app available now
      70. EVE Online executive producer moving on to another role
      71. Climax Studios working on two unannounced games
      72. Rise of the Triad multiplayer shown off in new footage
      73. Grand Theft Auto 5 artworks demonstrate cash and carry
      74. Updated: Burnout, Need for Speed dev no longer making racers
      75. Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter passes first stretch goal
      76. Shattered Haven, AI War, Tidalis and more on sale
      77. Sir, You Are Being Hunted pre-orders open
      78. Publishers treat staff like "replaceable meat puppets", says Walton
      79. US PS Plus update includes Malicious, GTA discounts
      80. Company of Heroes 2 beta open to everyone on Facebook
      81. DayZ to get radios, Dean Hall on sabbatical for two months
      82. Pachter: Next-gen consoles may be cheapest in history, Wii U doomed
      1. Jaffe: "This is business", so stop blaming publishers for lack of creative control
      2. Castle of Illusion remake due in northern summer
      3. Dark Souls 2 comp offers the chance to design an in-game item
      4. SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel live, launch trailer released
      5. Metro Last Light: Returning to the Metro - videos
      6. Injustice: Gods Among Us Wii U edition delayed
      7. Ubisoft Montreal CEO feels audience is ready for always-online consoles
      8. The Hobbit browser game hits 1 million registered users
      9. Skyrim's DLC slate has ended as Bethesda moves on to "next adventure"
      10. Battlefield 4: Commander Mode to return according to GameStop pre-order art
      11. Nintendo Direct: next 3DS web-cast drops April 17
      12. Project Unity: modder makes console that houses 15 different formats in one
      13. Shelter: Pid developer reveals new project with trailer and screens
      14. "I could not be happier": Fargo on fans as publishers
      15. EA to shutter The Sims Social and other Facebook games
      16. Thief fans petition for return of original Garrett actor: amasses 1,800 names
      17. PS All-Stars studio isn't closing, has new IP in the works
      18. Tales of Symphonia is most popular 'Tales' game in the west, producer believes
      19. NHL '14 dated: new trailer hits the ice, watch it here
      20. Nintendo Korea landed in hot water over sexist slur
      21. The Elder Scrolls: Arena classified in Australia, suggests re-release
      22. PSN EU video update adds Life of Pi, Alex Cross & more - trailers inside
      23. HMV buyer Hilco cutting 400 jobs - report
      24. Nintendo downloads EU: Fire Emblem & Dig Dug lead the week
      25. ARMA Tactics shown running on Tegra-4 Project Shield, watch it here
      26. The War Z hack: 'no evidence that account details were accessed', says dev
      27. Pokemon Rumble U: second wave of figures revealed
      28. Black Crown: book publisher Random House releases first F2P game
      29. UK charts: BioShock Infinite stands firm at the top
      30. The Elder Scrolls Online: new trailer shows Ogrim beasts
      31. Battleblock Theatre dev defends Microsoft's indie approach
      32. Need for Speed Underground: Criterion nukes reboot rumours
      33. Dead Space live action fan trailer is actually brilliant
      34. Splinter Cell Blacklist stealth gameplay trailer shows Sam being sneaky
      35. Tomb Raider gameplay shows late-stage battle
      36. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft shoutcast pits Mage against Shaman
      37. RPG Maker 3 hits US PSN this week
      38. NHL 14 produces first screen, and absolutely nothing else
      39. Injustice: Gods Among Us OST to launch alongside game
      40. Minecraft creator has "writer's block", feels "remarkable pressure"
      41. Shovel Knight pulls in almost four times its goal
      42. Mirror's Edge mod adds Oculus Rift support
      43. God Eater 2 online multiplayer on the cards
      44. Fuse developer walkthough shows off Echelon mode
      45. Q.U.B.E. dev teases Wii U, Vita releases
      46. Starbound pre-orders open, approaching $500,000 stretch goal
      1. US politician moves to ban non-existent games
      2. Fez sales top 200,000 on Xbox Live Arcade
      3. The War Z devs consider corralling cheaters and experimenting on them
      4. Forza Horizon 1000 Club pack free this week
      5. Strike Vector footage shows off flight sim shooter hybrid
      6. FIFA 14 petition calls for female players
      7. Black Ops 2 double XP event extended through Tuesday
      8. The Elder Scrolls Online footage leaked
      1. Xbox Live sign-in issues in UK and US declared resolved
      2. EA staff cuts hit customer service center in Galway
      3. Witcher 3 - eye watering screenshots appear online
      4. GTA 5 will contain a character named Casey voiced by Jeff Wincott
      5. XCOM shooter website and official videos taken offline
      6. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen combat video shows the horrors of Bitterblack Isle
      7. Twisted Pixel lead designer Dan Teasdale announces departure
      8. Road Redemption is a Road Rash-style game from DarkSeas on Kickstarter
      9. Assassin's Creed Duel concept work appears online, turns out to be fanart
      10. Tomb Raider Japanese voiceover pack will cost $30 on Steam
      11. Guild02 16-minute video shows off all three titles
      12. Dark Souls 2 box art shows our hero facing backwards
      13. State of Decay to finally release in June on Xbox Live
      1. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition retail version delayed into June
      2. Xbox SmartGlass app updated for Android devices
      3. Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs now available for PC, PS3
      4. Mad Max domain registrations point to Warner Bros. as publisher
      5. Twisted Pixel four-game bundle now available on XBLA
      6. Bioshock Infinite DLC contains 10 new achievements according to Steam page
      7. Skyward Collapse is a turn-based 4X god-sim in the works at Arcen Games
      8. Shin Megami Tensei 4 battle gameplay video combines three into one
      9. Black Ops 2 Double XP Weekend is live on all formats
      10. The Sims 3: Island Paradise expansion launches this summer
      11. Crytek: graphics "matter," are "60% of the game"
      12. Soul Sacrifice demo lands on PSN next week
      13. Movie adaptations for Saints Row and Metro still possible, says Koch
      14. World of Tanks second anniversary celebration has commenced
      15. Atari closes Eden Games studio, puts it in liquidation
      16. Injustice: Gods Among Us launch trailer is full of fists and drama
      17. PlayStation Network maintenance to occur Monday, April 15
      18. Dark Souls has sold over 2.3 million units since its 2011 release
      19. Destiny: Bungie promises it'll look "awesome" regardless of platform
      20. Tekken Card Tournament downloaded over a million times in four days
      21. World of Warcraft: Brawler's Guild to receive plenty of new content in patch 5.3
      22. Civilization 5’s Brave New World explored
      23. Minecraft creator currently world's second most-influential person in Time's 100 poll
      24. Total Annihilation: Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor wants to make a sequel
      25. Camelot Unchained dev: free-to-play headed towards an "apocalypse" in 3-5 years time
      26. The Elder Scrolls Online: new screens show bards, bugs and battles
      27. Death Inc. moves to paid alpha model, get involved now
      28. Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite help UK boxed sales jump in March
      29. Nintendo closing several Wii online features in June
      30. Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter class gets trailer & new screens
      31. Dead Island: Riptide achievements are live, see them here
      32. Fuse achievements appear online, full list inside
      33. Forza Horizon achievements suggest new DLC incoming
      34. Need for Speed: Underground reboot in works at Criterion - rumour
      35. Candy Crush Saga dev King welcomes new board member
      36. Dragon's Crown: sorceress class gets anatomically incorrect trailer
      37. Armored Core: Verdict Day gets 'Siege' trailer, fresh screens
      38. The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile dev defends Microsoft
      39. No Ni Kuni may come to the west on 3DS - rumour
      40. Grand Theft Auto soundtracks available on Spotify
      41. Planetside 2 players rolling in unearned cash due to error - report
      42. Duke Nukem Forever makes Japanese gamers' 2012 s**t list
      43. EVE Online timeline offers crash course in MMO's history
      44. Animal Crossing: New Leaf contains regional festivals
      45. Rayman Jungle Run updated with 20 new stages
      46. Harmonix servers back online
      47. Paragon buy-out fell through at the last minute
      48. Men's Room Mayhem to be published by Sony
      49. Free-to-play schemes come under Office of Fair Trading scrutiny
      50. "Technology doesn’t advance by worrying about the edge case" - Bleszinski on always-on
      1. Camelot Unchained demos show 500, 1,000 characters on-screen at once
      2. Wildstar beta registrations now open to all
      3. Jagged Alliance next from Space Hulk team
      4. Violent games are "a kind of simulator", and "enable" killers, says US senator
      5. SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel adds macrobinoculars
      6. NCAA 14 screens show burly men flying through the air
      7. Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-orders open
      8. Storm, Capsized and Vessel headed to console networks via Namco Bandai
      9. Impulse sale proceeds to benefit new gaming start-ups
      10. DirectX 10 absence from Windows XP "catastrophic" and "poisonous", says Stardock boss
      11. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition: tabletop fun for your PC
      12. Giant Squid partially owned by film production company
      13. Dark Souls 2 director promises "more care" will be put into PC version this time out
      14. Anno franchise developer now fully owned by Ubisoft
      15. Injustice: Gods Among Us video shows Killer Frost vs Ares action
      16. Ubisoft Montreal CEO feels next-gen will see fewer triple-A games "taking a bigger chunk of the market"
      17. Video games need more mass market appeal, says EA COO
      18. Valhalla Knights 3 trailer shows some gameplay
      19. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video shows plenty of gameplay
      20. Dark Souls 2 release on next-gen was discussed, new engine nixes frame rate issues
      21. Ridge Racer: Driftopia announced as F2P title for PC, PS3
      22. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition players log over one billion hours
      23. Black Ops 2 video for Mob of the Dead makes Alcatraz look creepy
      24. EA lay-offs hit mobile development team in Montreal
      25. Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition and Day One Edition announced for EU, AUS
      26. Castle of Illusion teased in retro styled movie trailer from SEGA
      27. GRID 2 single player lasts 30 hours-plus, says Codemasters
      28. GRID 2 multiplayer detailed and screened, livestream tonight
      29. Spring Sun Bundle from Indie Royale is live
      30. Infinite Crisis video is all about Green Lantern
      31. Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom screenshots and renders will make your day
      32. Kerbal Space Program updates will be free for those who own the game
      33. Resident Evil: Revelations season pass is third pre-purchase reward on Steam
      34. Llamasoft returning to Tempest roots with TxK for Vita
      35. Swapnote for 3DS in North America
      36. Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame HD iOS trailer released
      37. Disney Infinity video shows off Toy Box mode
      38. Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall has a new trailer
      39. Ryse a major launch title for next generation Xbox - report
      40. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen screenshots are rather frightening
      41. Monster Hunter 4 screenshots show two new monsters
      42. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Injustice, Kirby's Adventure head up Nintendo NA download offerings
      43. Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood added to F2P Summit speaker line up
      44. Cloudberry Kingdom being released digitally on multiple platforms this summer
      45. Channel 4 announces "Draw It!" gameshow based on Zynga's Draw Something
      46. Phoenix Wright 5 dated for summer in Japan
      47. Final Fantasy XIV trailer reveals FF6's Magitek armour
      48. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reveal trailer is like a 1980s cartoon
      49. Sniper Elite 3: Rebellion discusses North Africa setting, sandbox approach
      50. PS4 pre-orders open now at ASDA
      51. Disney's Planes: Cars spin-off flying to Wii U, Wii, 3DS & DS in August
      52. HMV will meet with UK game publishers to discuss chain's future this week
      53. Windows 8 blamed for biggest quarterly decline in PC shipments on record
      54. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon available for pre-purchase on Steam now
      55. Injustice: Gods Among Us Wii U supports GamePad-only play
      56. Real Racing 3: Chevrolet pack adds over 100 new events, gets trailer
      57. GTA Liberty City and Vice City Stories: classic maps available now
      58. Gemini Rue: adventure game out on iPhone and iPad now
      59. Flashback remake headed to PC, console networks
      60. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon captures nostalgia of "sh**ty action movies" - Ubisoft
      61. Dark Souls 2: new screens show dragons, bonfires and death
      62. "Deal with it": fear of an always-online future
      63. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 LucasArts footage emerges
      64. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer survey asks for map feedback
      65. Rockstar multiplayer event set for April 13, new Max Payne 3 modes open
      66. Darkstalkers Resurrection: Capcom boss "disappointed" in early sales
      67. Namco Bandai to open new Singapore, Vancouver offices
      68. Prey trademarks extended
      69. Rayman Legends delay resulted in 30 more levels
      70. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R arrives in the US this month
      71. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Fighter class detailed
      72. Call of Duty Championship finals replay available in full
      73. The Smurfs 2 tie-in goes multi-platform in July
      74. Total War: Rome 2 shown off in whopping great screenshot
      1. "Deal with it" always-on commenter departs Microsoft - rumour
      2. StarCraft 2 World Championship Series America Season 1 detailed
      3. Mass Effect writer offers advice for upcoming movie adaptation
      4. League of Legends dev challenges Dota 2 popularity claims
      5. Deep Silver "much better" than big publishers because it turns a profit
      6. Operation Racoon City dev issues temporary lay-offs
      7. 2012 was a record year for buy-outs and mergers - report
      8. Resident Evil: Revelations Steam pre-orders open
      9. DC Universe Online's next chapter is Origin Crisis
      10. Dishonored patch rolling out this week
      11. Lord of the Rings Online Sixth Anniversary celebration starts next week
      12. Bethesda livestream was "just an experiment with the hangout feature"
      13. Durango not "always online," contains XTV, new 360 SKU makes it backwards compatible
      14. Dark Souls 2 - 12 minute gameplay demo is live
      15. SWTOR game update 2.0 video is rife with Scum and Villainy
      16. Quantic Dream hiring programmer with "a strong understanding of multiplayer"
      17. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate patch adds cross-regional and off-screen play next week
      18. EA denies it planned to buy LucasArts from Disney at one point
      19. Aliens: Colonial Marines patch re-released on Steam after being pulled
      20. Rayman Legends Wii U demo includes console exclusive level
      21. Company of Heroes 2 screenshots aren't environmentally friendly
      22. QuakeCon pre-registration starts next week
      23. Sony doesn't want just FPS games developed for PS4, says Yoshida
      24. SimCity releasing for Mac in June
      25. ShootMania Storm launches with new trailer
      26. EU PS Store and Plus update, April 10 - Guacamelee, MGR: Revengeance DLC, more
      27. Injustice: Gods Among Us video delves into Green Lantern's part of the story
      28. Dragon's Prophet: dancing with draconis occidentalis
      29. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon still retail king in Japan
      30. Star Trek: Spock, Kirk take on the Gorn in this video preview
      31. Motorcross Madness now available on XBL Marketplace
      32. Splinter Cell Blacklist confirmed for Wii U release
      33. Halo film: District 9 director interested if given full control
      34. Moto GP 13 gets second gameplay trailer, see it in action here
      35. Mars: War Logs screens show hero on the run
      36. Lost Planet 3 pre-order bundles get trailered, see the goodies here
      37. Halo 3: ODST hits Xbox Live games on demand, multiplayer missing
      38. Bethesda boss responds to the 'misunderstanding' of day-one DLC critics
      39. Fantasy Life: Level-5 confirms 300,000 copies shipped in Japan since launch
      40. Awesomenauts: new map Aiguillon gets a trailer, watch it here
      41. League of Legends patch 3.5 live now, full changelog inside
      42. PS Plus EU: May update adds free Hitman: Absolution, 'Declassified' sale begins
      43. Shadowrun Returns hits Steam in June, pre-orders open April 29
      44. Batman: Arkham Origins - 15 screens, new villains revealed
      45. Dark Souls 2 gets debut gameplay screens
      46. BIT.TRIP Runner 2 hits European Wii U eShop tomorrow, Australian build delayed
      47. eJay Pure Kickstarter adds free 8-bit chiptune pack, hear it inside
      48. Thank You For Playing: new show from ex-Inside Xbox team is live, watch it all here
      49. LulzSec: fourth member pleads guilty to Sony & Nintendo attacks
      50. Star Wars: Rise of the Hutt Cartel "Scum and Villany" trailer is go, watch inside
      51. Phoenix in flight: World of Warplanes prepares to blitz
      52. Batman: Arkham Origins team has Rocksteady's confidence
      53. God Mode due next week, cheaper on PC pre-order
      54. Project Eternity footage shows off environmental effects
      55. Mortal Kombat spotted on Steam registry
      56. World of Warcraft to add in-game browser
      57. Dota 2 more popular than LoL in the west - report
      58. Regular Show game inbound from Adventure Time publisher
      59. US PS Store update, April 9 - Anarchy Reigns and Revengeance DLC, Guacamelee, more
      60. SimCity cheetah speed enabled on all servers
      61. Mass Effect's continued Geth storyline the "trade off" for missing Rachni plot
      62. Bethesda boss teases new reveals soon
      63. MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge tots up 892 successful entries
      64. MIND≒0 coming to Vita in August
      65. Lego Batman 2 Wii U May release confirmed for Australia
      66. The Elder Scrolls Online beta invites on the way
      67. Zeschuk: "I don't see how" new consoles can rescue "kind of sick" market
      68. Final Fantasy 14 Legacy player names eligible for MMO's credits reel
      69. Minimum is Timegate Studios' latest, goes into alpha next week
      1. EA "gives you enough rope to hang yourself", says BioWare founder
      2. Braid, Retro City Rampage devs praise Sony, condemn Microsoft
      3. Xbox Live matchmaking issues under investigation
      4. Monaco dev: indie scene now continuous with mainstream industry
      5. Muramasa Rebirth US release date set, Limited Edition announced
      6. Humble Weekly Sale offers four Blendo Games titles
      7. Jagged Alliance Online to be overhauled for Steam release
      8. Monster Hunter Community College invites San Franciscans to Capcom HQ
      9. Borderlands 2 update 1.40 adds Ultimate Vault Hunter difficulty, more
      10. Two new Invizimals titles headed to PS3, Vita later this year
      11. US PS Store Hole-in-One Sale discounts Hot Shots Golf titles, Sports Champions 2
      12. Thief on PC won't be "a copy of the console version"
      13. Creative Assembly director Tim Heaton appointed interim GM of Relic
      14. Vita System Software Update 2.10 now available in NA, hits Europe tomorrow
      15. UBM Tech to no longer publish Game Developer magazine
      16. PS4 title from Level-5 currently "in the planning stages"
      17. Infinite Crisis: Turbine imagines an MOBA for everyone
      18. Tearaway to release on Vita in October
      19. EA wins Worst Company in America poll for second year
      20. Cancelled Mega Man FPS reboot Maverick Hunter detailed
      21. Rainbow Six: Patriots development wrapped up by Ubisoft Toronto
      22. Lost Planet 3 has been delayed into August
      23. Batman: Arkham Origins revealed in next Game Informer
      24. Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter a success, Mac and Linux versions confirmed
      25. Rezzed - Leftfield Collection now accepting indie submissions
      26. Spring Fever PlayStation Store event returns this week
      27. uPlay hacked, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leaks onto net [Update]
      28. Draw Slasher landing releasing on Vita through PS Store this month
      29. The Witch and the Hundred Knights hitting Japan July 25
      30. GungHo - six PSOne import classics hitting PSN this spring
      31. Metro: Last Light Survival Guide video is the first in a series
      32. Prince of Persia Classic, Counterstrike GO deals, more coming soon to XBL Marketplace
      33. StarCraft 2 WCS 2013 kicks off, important dates announced
      34. TellTale's Poker Night 2 includes first game if you pre-order now
      35. Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead video goes behind the scenes
      36. Nintendo developing fast bespoke WiiMote chargers, survey suggests
      37. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 10 in testing, new changes revealed
      38. Rag Doll Kung Fu reboot heading to iOS, summer release planned
      39. Machinima expands to UK with localised video content
      40. Dead Island Riptide: new screens show crazy island antics
      41. Japanese games market grew by 1.2% in FY'12, says new report
      42. Xbox Entertainment Awards finalists include Halo 4, Walking Dead
      43. Pikmin 3's captain-switching mechanic detailed, will be more strategic says Miyamoto
      44. Portal 2: Atlas and P-Body figures break cover at toy convention
      45. GTA 5 cover mural: Rockstar publishes 'making-of' photos
      46. Star Wars: Obsidian CEO would love to pitch new game to Disney
      47. The Last of Us focus test used men only, dev forced them to include women
      48. Saints Row 4 could hit next-gen consoles "eventually"
      49. EA Canada working on "new NBA concept", survey suggests
      50. Sony Xperia phones now pair natively with Dual Shock 3, see it here
      51. Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U listed by Amazon France
      52. The Last of Us: "Wasteland Beautiful" dev diary shows new gameplay
      53. Distance: new gameplay footage smells like WipEout, TrackMania
      54. Garry's Mod updates 160 & 161 drop, changelog inside
      55. Injustice: Gods Among Us TV spot features Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, watch here
      56. Frozen Synapse iPad edition shown off in gameplay video
      57. Splinter Cell Blacklist: 5th Freedom Edition unboxing video is go, watch it here
      58. Metal Gear Rising: JetStream Sam DLC releases today
      59. Farewell Umihara Kawase heading west thanks to Code of Princess publisher
      60. Star Wars: Rise of the Hutt Cartel updated, patch notes inside
      61. Spelunky dev: mobile is "just too scary" for indie teams
      62. Fuse: no season pass or microtransactions, demo inbound
      63. Pachter: "I don’t think Nintendo is a good investment"
      64. Nnooo: Indie dev calls for change in Australian classification policy
      65. Going underground with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
      66. NIS America to publish more Atlus games in Europe after new deal
      67. Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training pushed back
      68. Ex-Microsoft dev disdains Xbox's "artificially propped up tribe residing in that cloistered warren"
      69. Planetside 2 engine to power all future SoE MMOs
      70. Club Nintendo Japan offers exclusive 3DS game, Nintendoji
      71. Thatgamecompany veteran says indie's next game will "change the industry"
      72. Activision donates $2 million to Call of Duty Endowment
      73. Square Enix blames "huge slump" in US sales for western title failures
      74. Guild Wars 2 adds PvP, WvW and Achievements leaderboards, more to come
      75. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon footage escapes Ubisoft
      76. Capcom fighter classics novelty is wearing off, says exec
      77. EA can indeed do better, says Worst Company poll organiser
      78. Valhalla Knights 3 opening cinematic released
      79. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Rage and power up systems detailed
      80. Animal Crossing: New Leaf trailer invites you to your dream life
      81. Auditorium 2: Duet delayed by Splice success
      82. PSN charts, March 2013: MLB 13, Atelier Totori score big
      83. Thief will contain "mystical" elements, but no zombies
      84. Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm headed to retail in UK, AU, Greece and South Africa
      85. Black Rock Shooter trailers introduce our trigger-happy hero
      86. Xbox Tournaments with Virgin Gaming app available this week
      1. Canadian tax break declines send developers east
      2. Rock Band: some DLC tracks removed from store as licensing agreements expire
      3. Gameloft, Gamevil and Disney hit with patent suits
      4. Xbox 720 has an x86 AMD processor, no backwards compatibility - rumour
      5. Blizzard purchases IGN Pro League assets, "no plans" to continue operation
      6. BioShock infinite alternate covers available for download
      7. US PS Plus update - Labyrinth Legends joins Instant Game Collection
      8. Rod Fergusson leaves Irrational after just eight months
      9. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures announced, Steam Greenlight voting begins
      10. Thunder Wolves trailer released
      11. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: co-op, indie love
      12. Skryim update 1.9 hits Xbox Live, Legendary features added
      13. Ouya responds to negative console reviews
      14. Fuse: Insomniac's Ted Price explains cover change
      15. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace to release in the west
      16. PSN EU charts: Tomb Raider climbs to top
      17. Microsoft sells Mediaroom, will place 100% focus on Xbox cloud TV strategy
      18. Spector: console hardware is "frozen" while mobile & tablet continue to evolve
      19. Magicka: Wizard Wars: prepare for more friendly fire
      20. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist live-action series hits Kickstarter
      21. StarCraft: Ghost may release after all, teases Blizzard
      22. Xbox 720 May 21st reveal: more sources back up date - rumour
      23. PS4's familiar architecture is "pleasant surprise", says Ubisoft Montreal boss
      24. Deadpool Xbox 360 achievements surface ahead of summer release
      25. NUJ panel event dated, asks 'Can videogame journalists still make money?'
      26. Doom 3 going cheap on PSN from today
      27. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer focuses on Todd McFarlane's art
      28. Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile trailer explains touch controls
      29. PSN video update adds The Hobbit, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost & more
      30. PR firm offering "Kickstarter Service" to fledgling studios
      31. Wii U: Nintendo giving away free dev-kits to spark interest - rumour
      32. Halo franchise has "potential" for micro-payment items - 343 Industries
      33. Nintendo Europe downloads: indie games get big sale this week
      34. Farming Simulator gets first console screens
      35. IGDA head: "Games are an art-form, pure and simple"
      36. UK charts: BioShock Infinite continues to soar at the top
      37. Xbox 720 announce May 21, out November claims tech blogger - rumour
      38. J-Stars Victory VS gets new teaser trailer
      39. PS4 'gets' indies: your move Microsoft
      40. Darkstalkers Resurrection patch due next week
      41. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone title due in May
      42. Gamestick delayed from April to June by high-volume demand
      43. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Wii U release date listed by retailers
      44. Black Ops 2: Uprising trailer promises to cover your shift next week
      45. Zynga investor files suit over executive exemption from stock lockup
      46. America's Army: Proving Grounds taking beta applicants
      47. World of Warcraft 5.3 update to foreground pet accuracy
      48. Make Something Unreal Live prize goes to "potential eSport" Epigenesis
      49. Sonic the Hedgehog remastered for Android, iOS release this month
      1. The Operative: No One Lives Forever rights in limbo
      2. Guacamelee, Fatal Frame headed to PSN this week
      3. Halo 4's Castle map livestreamed today
      4. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Kickstarter closes with $1.9 million
      5. FIFA 14 reveal happening this week - rumour
      6. Tales of Xillia release date set for North America
      7. GTA 5 Xbox 360 pre-orders net Microsoft Points
      8. Pokémon X & Y's new reveal looks a lot like Mewtwo
      9. Fast & Furious: Showdown also headed to Wii U
      10. Dark Souls 2 tagline is "Go Beyond Death"
      11. Call of Duty Championship: Fariko Impact takes home title
      1. Miyamoto asks consumers to be patient with Wii U
      2. Remember Me PC specs released by Capcom
      3. Toukiden screenshots and character art turn up
      4. Always-on Xbox is a bad idea, say UK retail bosses
      5. CastleMiner Z moves 1.5 million on Xbox Live Indie Games
      6. Congress could legislate violent games - US senator
      7. Hawken video: explosive action and a technician mech
      8. Black Rock Shooter: The Game hitting PSN this month
      9. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D has multiplayer, easy mode, new content
      10. Rock Band and Dance Central website servers attacked, users should change passwords
      11. Warframe has over one million registered users
      12. GoG's D&D Dynamo Stacking Promo is quite awesome
      13. Left 4 Dead 2 cast now available in Resident Evil 6
      14. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Championship has kicked off
      15. Battlefield 4 to be bundled with next wave of AMD cards
      16. Defiance patch in the works on all formats
      17. Tales producer says there are no plans to release Vita versions in the west
      1. Torment: Tides of Numenera sets Kickstarter record with three hours to go
      2. Raven's Cry releasing on PC, 360 in October to fulfill your vengeful pirate needs
      3. Project X Zone releasing in North America in June
      4. Infinite Crisis videos show Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman in action
      5. EA's Peter Moore promises the firm "can do better, and will do better"
      6. Always-on: "Deal with it," says MS creative director [Update]
      7. Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U canceled, confirms SEGA
      8. Agarest: Generations of War lands on Steam Greenlight
      9. Arc System Works wants to make a new fighting game for PS4
      10. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn beta Phase 2 has started
      11. Thief: opening the door to the next generation
      12. Dragon’s Prophet screens show off the floating continent of Laedis
      13. Camelot Unchained concept art shows the Tuatha De Danann
      14. Papo & Yo PC now available for pre-order through various digital distributors
      15. Robotoki's The Adventures of Dash Kickstarter ends well short of goal
      16. Glacier Blast trademark and domain registration for game software filed by Microsoft
      17. 0x10c won't be as moddable as Minecraft, sitting "on ice" at the moment
      18. Torment: Tides of Numenera soundtrack sampler live now
      19. Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders add bonus campaign, units & more
      20. Humans Must Answer Kickstarter adds $7 shmup bundle to reward tiers
      21. Farming Simulator 2013 hits PS3, Xbox 360 in September
      22. I am going to play the s**t out of Dead Island: Riptide
      23. Thief: behind the scenes video explains goals, respect for original games
      24. HMV saved: Hilco confirms buy-out with 141 stores, 2,500 jobs
      25. Ouya reviews begin: first impressions highlight key issues
      26. Zynga aims to retain execs with higher salaries, bonuses
      27. Nintendo rolls out 3DS system stability update
      28. Suda51 discusses next action game, due 2014
      29. Drakengard 3 producer downplays claim that Japanese market is shrinking
      30. Play Arts releasing Street Fighter's Ken and Sakura figures in August
      31. Dragon's Crown: new trailer shows the Fighter class in action
      32. Injustice: Gods Among Us image confirms Killer Frost and Ares
      33. Man slams Xbox 720 always-online policy, destroys 360 with axe
      34. Conception 2 hits Japan in summer, dev trying to whip up Western interest
      35. Publishers: withholding review code is wrong
      36. Tekken Card Tournament live on browsers, iOS & Android now
      37. WWE pay-per-view events headed to Xbox Live
      38. Red Orchestra 2 free on Steam this weekend
      39. Motocross Madness to release next week
      40. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's original boss designs rejected by Miyamoto
      41. Killer Instinct trademark dispute settled
      42. Hate Plus announced as sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story
      43. 38 Studios: Rhode Island claims "crushing evidence" of misdemeanour
      44. Australian parliament approves limited automated classification
      45. Tomb Raider video shows off late-game climbing
      46. Witcher 3 dev says cross-gen releases lead to "compromise"
      47. Minecraft sales tip over the 10 million mark
      48. LittleBigPlanet: new game headed to Vita, says French Sony exec
      49. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate selling out in Europe
      50. Little Inferno sales reach 250,000
      51. Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition out now on Steam
      1. Mortal Kombat finally arrives in Australia on May 1
      2. Fast & Furious: Showdown set for May release
      3. HMV: 140 stores saved in Hilco buyout - report
      4. Borderlands 2 OS-X updated at last, on sale
      5. Sega Studios Australia to close
      6. Gaming content is "stultifyingly narrow", says Spector
      7. Thief dev wants the challenge to be in-game, not in the controls
      8. Xbots are gaming's best sexual partners - survey
      9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon first screens appear
      10. Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Dragon Commander both headed to GoG
      11. 38 Studios website back up and running, sort of
      12. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey screenshots released
      13. Star Wars 1313 would have starred Boba Fett - report
      14. Microsoft will win next-gen war, Sony's online infrastructure is "god awful" - Bushnell
      15. World of Tanks Update 8.5 adds premium features for F2P users, more German and Soviet tanks
      16. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 lands a day early on XBLA
      17. Hitman ICA app now available for Android, iOS
      18. GameStop - mobile and online a threat, taking steps to integrate new form factors
      19. Durango requires Internet connection to run games, apps - rumor
      20. Black Ops 2 trailer takes a look at the Uprising DLC Map Pack
      21. Thief's Garrett to be played by Romano Orzari
      22. Super T.I.M.E Force gameplay video: retro shooter action
      23. God of War: Ascension update 1.04 enhances multiplayer, fixes audio
      24. Thief concept art and screenshots released
      25. Remember Me trailer shows off a number of enemies
      26. Ride to Hell: Retribution hitting PC, PS3 and 360 in June
      27. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes screenshots show an adorable Iron Man
      28. Toki Tori 2, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon head up NA Nintendo Downloads
      29. BlizzCon 2013 tickets go on sale April 24 and April 27
      30. Neverwinter open beta goes live at the end of April
      31. Fuse livestream walkthrough now available in video form
      32. Voiceless and forgotten: facing depression through play
      33. Thief will have "no competitive multiplayer," says Eidos
      34. Dragon Quest X fails to crack top five during debut week in Japan
      35. Witcher 3 is DRM-free, CD Projekt RED confirms
      36. Crysis 3 patch 1.3 hits consoles, patch notes inside
      37. Torment: Tides of Numenera gets second gameplay screen
      38. Constructor, California Games being re-mastered for tablets in 2013
      39. Play Expo tickets on sale now, grab yours here
      40. Uncharted 3 multiplayer gets animal rights DLC this month
      41. Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC's new promo material shows map art
      42. Quantic Dream's PS4 project: "You'd be amazed" by it, says Cage
      43. Survarium alpha registration now open, details inside
      44. Destiny classes and races revealed, detailed by Bungie
      45. PS4 launching October, will cost ?300 says tabloid rag
      46. New industry survey confirms immense gender wage divide
      47. Xbox 720 specs will be "aligned" to PS4, suggests Ubisoft Montreal boss
      48. The Japanese industry's doing fine? "Wishful thinking" says Inafune
      49. In bloom: InXile on Torment Tides of Numenera
      50. PS4: Sony went for "cheaper hardware" for fear of smaller install base - Cousins
      51. BattleBlock Theatre launch trailer is go, watch it inside
      52. Drakengard 3 spawns new screens, art
      53. Etrian Odyssey 4 headed to Europe
      54. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy localisation on the way - rumour
      55. Destiny inspired by episodic TV
      56. Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U mysteriously delayed
      57. Jedi Knight II source code released to mark LucasArts' passing
      58. King's Quest no longer on Telltale's to-do list, might be on Activision's
      59. Injustice: Gods Among Us brings DC action to iOS
      1. NCAA 14 due in July, new physics-based gameplay detailed
      2. Half-Life on Evil Dead director's radar
      3. Camelot Unchained engine supports 10,000 characters on screen
      4. Tomodachi Collection: New Life detailed
      5. Darkfall: Unholy Wars release date set
      6. Black Ops 2 MLG spring season detailed
      7. EVE Online Odyssey expansion to improve starbases
      8. Manic Miner creator has a new game in the works
      9. Beyond: Two Souls only "a little bit more expensive" than Heavy Rain
      10. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine landing on XBLA, Steam later this month
      11. Frozen Synapse hitting iPad in May, Android later
      12. id Software vet Tom Hall joins PlayFirst as principal designer
      13. Competitive gaming is as much a sport as chess, poker - Jet Li
      14. Call of Duty Championship qualifier videos pop up on official channel
      15. Pandora's Tower landing in North America in two weeks
      16. LucasArts closed, Star Wars 1313 and First Assault in limbo
      17. Dragon's Crown gameplay trailer shows danger awaiting you in the labyrinth
      18. Violence in narrative has always been part of the "story teller's toolkit," says Levine
      19. MLG Spring Season - Black Ops 2 registration now open, schedule outlined
      20. Torment: Tides of Numenera team welcomes Chris Avellone
      21. Project Shield: hands-on with Tegra-4 powered goodness
      22. Diablo 3 developer journal update notes multiplayer improvements
      23. Dead Island: Riptide just wants you to have fun
      24. EU PS Store and Plus Update, April 4 - Injustice demo, Voodoo Chronicles, Okami HD
      25. Doom 4 hitting next-gen consoles, Rage 2 shelved
      26. Luigi’s Mansion reigns supreme at retail in Japan
      27. EA's CEO decision will "set the tone for the next 5+ years" - analyst
      28. Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs video shows off various customizations
      29. Dynasty Warriors 8 hits PS3, 360 in July
      30. Rain screenshots and concept art released out of GDC
      31. Rovio revenue in 2012 increased 101%
      32. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wii U gets gameplay trailer
      33. Just Cause dev predicts less big budget games in next-gen
      34. Marvel Heroes: villains trailers show bad buggers at work
      35. Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers were misleading, Sega admits
      36. Thief studio explains change of Garrett voice actor
      37. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wii U enhancements not coming to other platforms
      38. Ghost of a Tale: ex-Dreamworks animator takes adventure game to IndieGoGo
      39. Microtransactions: the disease or the symptom?
      40. Double Fine testing PS4 to see how they can use it, says Schafer
      41. Final Fantasy & Skyrim themes hit Classic FM's top 5 hall of fame tracks
      42. Fortnite 'might be Epic's best work', Mark Rein suggests
      43. Primal Carnage Genesis: PS4 & PC dinosaur shooter gets new Unreal Engine 4 trailer
      44. Puppeteer gets two new gameplay clips, watch them here
      45. Amiga & CD32 music compilation "Paula Agnus Denise" out May
      46. Advance Wars could make a comeback, developer suggests
      47. Battlefield 4: DICE "very interested" in eSports support
      48. GameStick: bringing casual to the big screen
      49. Mind Zero Famitsu scans show off new characters
      50. Toukiden scans grace Famitsu: show character art, little else
      51. The Walking Dead: TellTale's adventure infects Australia, New Zealand retail in May
      52. BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia board game is a thing, looks neat
      53. Gears of War: Judgment patched, new free DLC available
      54. Next Xbox console is a "hot, compelling device", says GameStop boss
      55. Defiance makes local debut on SF Australia April 18
      56. BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers offer crossover bonuses
      57. StarCraft 2 World Championship Series returns with $1.6 million in prizes
      58. Square Enix's new president plans 'fundamental review' of publisher's business
      59. BioShock and BioShock 2 just $4 from Gamefly
      60. Million Arthur coming to Vita
      61. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace headed to PS3, Vita in Japan
      62. Resident Evil: Revelations PC screens belie 3DS origins
      63. Yoshinori Ono takes on corporate officer role at Capcom HQ
      1. PS4 like "the world's best PC", says Epic boss
      2. Zynga's first real-money gambling apps launch this week
      3. Torment: Tides of Numenera delayed by stretch goals
      4. Square Enix confirms lay-offs at Los Angeles office
      5. Stinky footboard Kickstarter open
      6. Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness pre-orders open
      7. SimCity releases free but ad-supported DLC
      8. Deadpool development team laid off
      9. Injustice Avatar items hint at more characters
      10. Fantasy Life trademark filed in the US
      11. Shin Megami Tensei 4 US release date secured
      12. EA mobile boss: "The numbers show" consumers like freemium
      13. US PS Store update - Defiance, classic Tomb Raider sale, Injustice demo
      14. Rock Band's final DLC track released
      15. Tenya Wanya Teens controls change mid-game
      16. Fire Emblem: Awakening team was divided over Casual mode inclusion
      17. Chronoblade is now Aeternoblade, will turn to Indiegogo
      18. Project Titan takes place on Earth, contains time-travel - rumor
      19. Next-Xbox controller isn't much different than the current version - report
      20. Raph Koster announces departure from Disney's Playdom
      21. OUYA to have 104 titles on offer at launch
      22. Injustice: Gods Among Us video is all about features
      23. OMGpop founder and Zynga New York head Dan Porter has left the firm
      24. Warren Spector to write a monthly column for GI International
      25. EPIX app now available on PS3 in North America
      26. Inafune feels domestic brand loyalty may have been 360's downfall in Japan
      27. LittleBigPlanet Vita's Marvel Arcade Pack now available in North America
      28. Unreal Engine 4: prepare yourselves for next-gen
      29. Camelot Unchained Kickstarter is live
      30. Puppeteer gets new trailer along with EU release date
      31. Dust: An Elysian Tail, Deadlight, Mark of the Ninja, more 50% off on Xbox Live
      32. Stealth Bastard hitting PS3 and Vita this summer
      33. Company of Heroes 2 closed beta begins for pre-order customers
      34. Torment: Tides of Numenera video shows lighting test using Unity
      35. Tomb Raider 1939 multiplayer map pack now available, Shipwrecked map pack hits in May
      36. Gaist Crusher for 3DS is Capcom's new mixed media IP for children
      37. Defiance now available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360
      38. Battlefield 4 is about the human experience, war and geo-politics are backdrops
      39. Zeno Clash 2 itching to rearrange your face later this month
      40. Sacred Citadel release date and final character announced
      41. GTA 5: full cover art revealed, check it out here
      42. Nintendo Downloads EU: Toki Tori 2 & Mega Man 3 lead the week
      43. Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack out now on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360
      44. Destiny: Bungie discusses co-op involvement, player choices
      45. The War Z servers offline following database hack, statement inside
      46. Wii U: Nintendo sees 125% sale spike in UK
      47. Walking Dead: TellTale discusses racial issues, character design
      48. Halo 4 Castle DLC: how to craft a perfect world
      49. The Last of Us gets two new trailers, watch them inside
      50. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 releasing April 5
      51. Grasshopper acquisition means "complete creative freedom", Suda51 confirms
      52. Sony restructure sees three Asian headquarters merged into single division
      53. Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC due April 16th on Xbox Live - report
      54. Klei founder calls development crunch time "poor process", warns of negative impact on staff
      55. Toukiden receives new PS Vita trailer, shows characters in combat
      56. Gas Powered Games re-branded as Wargaming Seattle
      57. MLB 2K13 Million-Dollar Challenge exploit patched out
      58. Alphabet: Katamari Damacy creator to showcase new project this week
      59. Team Chaos: former Zynga Austin VP forms new studio
      60. DuckTales Remastered has an expanded plot, devs clarify
      61. Resident Evil 6: April's online events revealed
      62. UK Charts: BioShock Infinite ascends to first
      63. Anno 2070 Complete Edition out now, contains all expansions
      64. GTA 5 box-art revealed in New York mural
      65. EA's temporary executive chairman is making $1.03 Million a year
      66. Ninja Gaiden: Inafune reflects on franchise history, rivalry with Team Ninja
      67. GRID 2 European trailer shows off new cars, locations & more
      68. Halo 4 Didact figure includes bonus DLC
      69. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons gameplay demo explains control mechanics
      70. Polarity available now on Ouya
      71. Bastion originally had co-op, was nuked pre-launch
      72. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers gets a raft of new 3DS screens
      73. Total War: Rome 2 will have 500 units, 117 factions, and 183 regions
      74. The Dark Eye: Demonicon screens show fantasy RPG action
      75. Unreal Engine 4 demo stars an infiltrator
      76. DayZ: console release "almost certain", not going to "hurt" PC gamers
      77. Slender: The Arrival wants your soul
      78. Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have some kind of "user content"
      79. Halo 4 dev wanted sci-fi weapons, but testers didn't like it
      80. Metro: Last Light achievements surface online - rumour
      81. GDC brought in 23,000 visitors
      82. Hardware: debut trailer for Homeworld spiritual successor
      83. Forza Horizon DLC adds six new vehicles including Ford Transit van
      84. GTA: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories hit PSN this week
      85. Injustice semi-finals show Superman vs The Flash, Green Lantern vs Superman
      86. Best of Playstation Network Vol. 1 outed by ESRB
      87. Torchlight 2 update adds GUTS modding system
      88. Assassin's Creed fans "happy" with annual releases
      89. Path of Exile expansions expected once a year
      90. Total War: Arena isn't a Dota clone
      91. Tomb Raider film to be co-developed by MGM
      92. Battlefield 4 release date set as October 29 - rumour
      93. PS4 announce has brought investors back to games, says Pachter
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      96. US PS Plus update - Demon's Souls free with four more games this month
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      98. Killer is Dead trailer gives some plot details, is rad
      1. Metal Gear voice actor feels "a little ill" over casting snub
      2. Deus Ex: Human Defiance not a game, trademark repurposed for April Fool's
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