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  • June 2013 Archive

      1. Amazon discounts 3DS, Mac and PC games
      2. Guncraft, Cognition among latest Steam Greenlight approvals
      3. Mew-genics to make playable debut at PAX Prime
      4. PS4, Xbox One inflation-adjusted prices cheaper or on-par with last-gen
      5. Mario Kart 8 Wii U release set for April 2014 - rumour
      1. The Last of Us patch 1.02 removes sexy fun time phone number, multiplayer fixes deployed
      2. Cave producer and development head Makoto Asada announces departure
      3. SWTOR update 2.3 will include an optional Ewok combat companion
      4. Soul Sacrifice is getting more DLC on July 18
      5. NHL 14 cover will feature New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur
      6. 2013 Pokémon US National Championships take place next weekend
      7. Nintendo has unannounced Wii U titles set for release before 2014, says Iwata
      8. Dust 514 getting "near-monthly" updates due to evolving "submission process"
      9. Firefall boss feels MMO developers have "killed a genre" by catering to accessibility over achievement
      10. Nintendo pulls plug on select Wii online channels, services as planned
      11. Dynasty Warriors 8 shots show off loads of characters and events
      12. Soul Saga surpasses PS4, Vita and Wii U stretch goal
      13. In Monster Hunter, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child...
      14. MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim this weekend could shatter MLG records
      15. FIFA 14's cover in Mexico and in US will feature Javier "Chicharito" Hernández Balcázar
      16. Bioshock Infinite DLC news to hit next month
      17. Precursor dev charged with child pornography possession
      18. Merely Wires and Lights in a Box
      1. Total Recoil, the shoot 'em up action game from Eiconic Games, hits Vita next week
      2. PES 2014 trailer shows off over 6 minutes game features
      3. MSX: The Little Hybrid That Could
      4. Battle Princess of Arcadias Japanese box art is pretty, busy, adorable
      5. Saints Row 4 Achievements turn up online
      6. Obsidian helping Allods Team assemble American team for westernized version of Skyforge MMO
      7. Metal Gear Solid newbies should start with MGS3 due to modern controls, says Kojima
      8. World of Tanks Xbox 360 phase one beta starts this weekend
      9. Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-orders net Imperial Edition immediate beta access
      10. Gun Monkeys from Size Five Games now available through Steam
      11. Xbox One confirmed for GameStop Expo in August
      12. For the Future's Sake, I'm a Collector
      13. Monster Hunter Frontier G2 update video shows lots of monster bashing
      14. Top 10 Pride-Swallowing Moments in Gaming History
      15. Forza 5 anti-aliasing still an issue unless developing at 4k
      16. Forza 5's Xbox One tech explained by Turn 10 - video
      17. Square Enix explains Yoichi Wada's new role as Chairman for Square Enix Tokyo
      18. TGS 2013 - 181 companies confirmed for September conference
      19. Ubisoft teases Prince of Persia news for next week
      20. Contrast screenshots are rather lovely
      21. Ouya or Ou-Nah?
      22. Carmageddon for iOS and Android free for two days only
      23. Xbox product planning boss says hardware analysis between consoles is "meaningless"
      24. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team gameplay video released
      25. Doodle Jump Kinect now available through XBL Arcade
      26. Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale starts next week
      27. The Walking Dead: 400 Days discussed by Telltale, Twitch livestream announced
      28. Infamous: Second Son video shows PS4 gameplay
      29. Nintendo of America prevails against Triton in Wii MotionPlus patent case
      30. SimCity Airships Set has launched, will bring more tourists to your city
      31. Titanfall lead artist discusses how pilot skins turned into 20 foot tall mechs
      32. Saints Row 4: senior producer walks you through E3 demo, pre-order costumes announced
      33. Satellite Reign from Syndicate Wars developer 5 Lives Studios lands on Kickstarter
      34. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has sold 7 million units
      35. Wolfenstein: The New Order feels like a Starbreeze game
      36. Battlefield 4 - DICE details Levolution and Commander Mode
      37. The Serious Sam Collection heading to Xbox 360 next month
      38. Time Warner Channel TV app launching on XBL Gold later this summer
      39. The Elder Scrolls Online: Xbox One version set on one server, no cross-play
      40. Battlefield 4: DICE bringing signature multiplayer elements to campaign
      41. Next-gen tech will take Mirror's Edge reboot to the next level, says Gibeau
      42. TrackMania 2: Valley dated July 4, developer reveals 65-track campaign
      43. Civilization 5: Brave New World's launch trailer shows the birth of industry
      44. Thief dev diary discusses narrative, Garrett's backstory
      45. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds gameplay footage shows Hyrule Field in action
      46. Colin McRae Rally dev: four more mobile games in works
      47. Guild Wars 2 API opened up to community
      48. Nintendo, Sony, Kickstarter and Sega to meet with indies at September's GameHorizon Investment Summit
      49. Total War: Rome 2 specs released in full
      50. Black Ops 2: Ray Gun Mark 2 patched in early by mistake, gameplay footage inside
      51. Rogue Legacy trailer shows a world of procedural, retro RPG fun
      52. State of Decay update 2 addresses several problems, full patch notes here
      53. Halo 4: Monday update will add Hivemind & Lockdown mode, four Forge maps & more
      54. Earth Defence Force 4 Japanese recruitment video is utterly bonkers
      55. DuckTales Remastered Wii U gameplay shows Amazon level
      56. Klei humble sale offers both Shank games & Eets at 'pay what you want'
      57. Candy Box developer releases ASCII advergame Lucky Peach
      58. Half-Life 3 ARG talk rolls on after Surgeon Simulator DLC discovery
      59. Xbox One third-party headset support in the works, says Microsoft
      60. Drakengard 3's gets new plot and character details, screens inside
      61. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded releases on Steam after delay
      62. Ex-King of Fighters team take 2D brawler Yatagarasu to IndieGoGo
      63. The Evil Within: robbing you of control
      64. "I won't stop trying to make new Alice games", McGee talks series' status with EA
      65. The Settlers Online celebrates franchise's 20th anniversary
      66. League of Legends Oceanic servers open, tourney at PAX AU
      67. Sony boss: abandoning PS3 would be "maker's ego"
      68. Star Citizen ship assets cost upwards of $35,000 each
      69. Just Dance 2014 new modes detailed
      70. Xbox One Kinect won't work with PCs
      71. Atlus "unaffected by the Index Corporation proceedings"
      72. Borderlands 2 PC, PS3 patched
      73. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn weekend beta test times posted
      74. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spies vs. Mercs Classic walkthrough released
      1. Ubisoft CEO adds voice to call for digital sales transparency
      2. Conception 2 opening cinematic is very musical
      3. 2K Marin creative director departs for the indie life
      4. Google working on Android-based console - rumour
      5. Microsoft confirms axing of XBLA developer update fees
      6. "Nobody cares" about loss of physical media, says Désilets
      7. What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?
      8. Massive Chalice Kickstarter ends at 169% funded
      9. When Bad Isn't Bad
      10. Nintendo puts out the "right number of Mario games based on what fans are asking for"
      11. Activision did not infringe upon "Delta Force" trademark in Modern Warfare 3 - judge
      12. Unity enters deal with Microsoft for Xbox One, W8 platform support
      13. GDC Europe 2013: Blizzard, Epic, GoG talks added to schedule
      14. Diablo 3 - Blizzard issues another round of bans
      15. Toro's Friend Network - no plans for an EU release at this time, says Sony
      16. Armikrog Kickstarter campaign successful, will release on Wii U
      17. Latest Killer is Dead video now available in English
      18. Fantasy Life Link 3DS trailer shows upgraded version of original title
      19. Watch Dogs: blackouts, hacking, skills - video
      20. Zombie Studios discusses Blacklight: Retribution development for PS4 - video
      21. Steam Workshop now allows item creators to compensate toolmakers, communities, mentors
      22. Naughty Dog asked Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to write Uncharted movie - they turned it down
      23. Puppeteer demo to be made available prior to launch
      24. Kickstarter to open up to developers in Canada later this summer
      25. FIFA 14 screens show global PC, PS3, 360 packshots
      26. Battlefield 4 videos feature DICE CEO discussing the game, single and multiplayer modes
      27. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Full E3 Interview
      28. DirectX 11.2 will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One
      29. Dragon’s Prophet screens tease the new region of Wintertide
      30. Planetside 2 double XP weekend starts next week
      31. Origin to be “re-established as a service," says Wilson
      32. Monster Hunter 4 shots show fiery locations, monsters
      33. Désilets says he's "fighting" Ubisoft for control over "amazing" 1666: Amsterdam
      34. Yoshida feels the industry is in a generational decline, not a console decline
      35. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Call the Shots trailer released
      36. Arma 3's Community Guide video details new faction, vehicles, weapons, more from the beta
      37. Minecon 2013 will take place in Orlando November 2-3
      38. Epic's Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein to receive the Development Legend award
      39. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection video preps you for July release
      40. Nintendo Downloads NA: Spelunker, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Project X Zone
      41. Final Fantasy Born Again
      42. Metal Gear Solid - Just Add Water pens open letter to Kojima expressing interest in Fox remake
      43. Watch Dogs now has a hyper-connected experiential website called WeareData
      44. Second Life at ten: a decade of expression - part two
      45. The Last of Us: Naughty Dog apologises for hidden sex-chat numbers
      46. Killer is Dead 'Limited' and 'Fan' editions detailed, priced
      47. Xbox 360 UK hits 8.4M: to over-take Wii - Chart-Track
      48. Microsoft isn't bringing Xbox games to iOS as Spencer debunks rumours
      49. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room hits iOS across EU & US today
      50. Angry Birds Trilogy releasing on Wii U & Wii in August
      51. Microsoft has stopped charging developers for Xbox 360 patches - report
      52. Atlus parent company faces bankruptcy, game arm could be sold
      53. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's new screens show beasts, combat & vistas
      54. Metal Gear Solid remake quotes were mistranslated, but Kojima still keen on project
      55. Colin McRae Rally on iOS now, launch trailer & screens inside
      56. "Road to the PS4″: Watch Mark Cerny's GameLab talk here
      57. PS4 bundle with PS Eye camera and Knack leaked - report
      58. Crysis 3: new multiplayer update hits all formats, patch notes inside
      59. PS4 and Xbox One's PC tech make PC the platform of choice - Alienware
      60. Drakengard 3 dated for Japan, 10th Anniversary Commemoration edition revealed
      61. Puppeteer: Japanese demo gameplay shows platforming, scissor combat
      62. Miiverse: minor update increases character count, more
      63. Saints Row 4: strap on the silly, not the sexually violent
      64. PlayStation 3 firmware 4.46 released, fix for 4.45 detailed
      65. Pokémon Australian National Championships detailed, finals at PAX AU
      66. Source SDK 2013 adds Linux, Mac and Oculus Rift support
      67. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles may have some new elements
      68. Monster Hunter 4: Gravios, Iodrome and Teostra returning
      69. Titanfall tops E3 2013 Game Critics Awards nominations
      70. Chillingo now publishing on PlayStation Mobile
      71. Xbox One adapter for Xbox 360 headsets inbound
      72. Kingdom Hearts' original assets lost
      73. Half-life 2 updates related to Steampipe upgrade
      74. Microsoft debuts new "tiled resources" graphics tech
      1. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs won't be exploitable, will be "pretty tough"
      2. Sucker Punch didn't "cash out" with Sony acquisition, says co-founder
      3. DC Universe Online freemium transition was "really challenging"
      4. Disney Infinity trailer demos Toy Box mode world creation
      5. Deadpool PSN discrepancy to be refunded as credit
      6. Pikmin 3 video is chock-a-block with gameplay footage
      7. AbleGamers now taking grant applications
      8. Todd Hollenshead has left id Software after 17 years
      9. State of Decay tops XBL Arcade chart for week of June 17
      10. DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy shots contains all sorts of mythological monsters
      11. Mark Cerny explains Knack development, its nostalgic appeal
      12. Project Eternity work-in-progress shots leaked
      13. Microsoft opens first round of next-gen Kinect Windows development kit application
      14. Steam Trading Cards now available
      15. Skylanders SWAP Force pre-order incentive announced for Target
      16. Nintendo still making consoles so its software can be "tuned especially" for the hardware - NoA
      17. Sony declined to bundle PS4 camera in order to best Xbox One price - report
      18. Nintendo Gets Into the Game
      19. Nvidia delays Shield into July over issue with "third-party mechanical component"
      20. Sledgehammer hiring assistant dialogue specialist for "new AAA aural experience"
      21. Planetside 2 player generated missions coming in August
      22. Plants vs Zombies 2 delayed from July into "later this summer"
      23. Divinity: Dragon Commander video shows 27-minutes of dragons-with-jetpacks madness
      24. Dragon Age: Inquisition - first screenshot released
      25. Ubisoft wants to immortalize 137 of you in an Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag painting
      26. Guild Wars 2 devs plan to release game updates every two weeks
      27. Bioshock Infinite's first DLC is still a ways off, says Levine
      28. Microsoft needs to "win the value argument," over $499 Xbox One
      29. Contra: Evolution is back on the US App Store
      30. Green Man Gaming launches trade-in service in the UK, credit can go towards PS4, Xbox One pre-order
      31. Battlefield 4 will sell 14M units, can "coexist successfully" with Call of Duty: Ghosts - analyst
      32. EU PS Store update, June 26 - Hotline Miami, Tiny Tina, Soul Sacrifice, more
      33. The Last of Us debuts on top in Japan, Vita sees slight jump in unit sales
      34. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and Scribblenauts Remix now available for Android tablets
      35. Limbo is heading to iOS next week
      36. PSone Sale starts on PS Store, Plus members get an additional 10% off
      37. Square's ex-president Yoichi Wada is now the firm's Chairman of the Board
      38. Conan O'Brien chats up Miyamoto, Bayonetta, checks out next-gen at E3
      39. Castlevania: LoS2 brings Dracula to the modern age
      40. Colin McRae Rally appears on iTunes, based on classic racer
      41. Jagex sales pass $50 million as company deems 2012 as best year to date
      42. Hale to the Commander
      43. Warface: Crytek's teams not 'sitting still' on UK and US release
      44. DayZ creator looking to Eve Online for content ideas & world-growth
      45. Pre-Owned is Back on the Table - But at What Cost?
      46. A Realm Reborn, the MMO for MMO Idiots Like Me
      47. Ask Us Anything: Nintendo in NYC (June 25)
      48. The Rap Game[r]
      49. EVE Online: If You Love It, CCP Has You Covered
      50. The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex
      51. How Mega Man and Mario Inspired Skylanders: Swap Force
      52. BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground
      53. Prison Architect Dev Introversion Explains Indies' Trouble with Retail
      54. Dreamfall Chapters Dev Disagrees with George Lucas on Storytelling
      55. Zeboyd Games Talks Penny Arcade and the Future
      56. Call of Duty's House Divided
      57. Pikmin 3 Nintendo Direct: watch it live here
      58. The Complicated Legacy of Penny Arcade
      59. Making Fans of Every Man With Lost Planet 3's Everyman
      60. Dance Yourself to Death With Crypt of the Necrodancer
      61. The Witness is a classic adventure game without the terrible bits, says Blow
      62. Dreamfall Chapters targeting PS4, Xbox One and Wii U release
      63. The Last of Us cast discuss creative process, acting & more
      64. Colin McRae remake rumoured as Codemasters drops Thursday tease
      65. Batman: Arkham Origins TV spot shows Deathstroke battle
      66. Gran Turismo 6 gameplay shown during GT Academy show, watch it here
      67. OUYA sold out at Amazon and GameStop a day after full launch
      68. Xbox One backlash was a 'useful source' for PS4 strategy, says Yoshida
      69. Super Smash Bros. 3DS developed to evolve series, says Sakurai
      70. Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC could include Caspian Border & Operation Metro - rumour
      71. Halo E3 teaser wasn't actually Halo 5, Microsoft discussing Halo 2 Anniversary, says Spencer
      72. Black Ops 2 double XP weekender kicks off Friday on all formats
      73. Routine: sci-fi horror game gets creepy alpha footage
      74. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare was a "risk", admits EA's Gibeau
      75. Cosmic Star Heroine is Zeboyd Games' new turn-based RPG
      76. Xbox One: Microsoft explains why it lacks a headset
      77. Second Life at ten: a decade of expression - part one
      78. State of Decay refused classification in Australia
      79. Gust's Chronos Materia headed to Vita
      80. Xbox Music web launch expected next week
      81. SPARX: anti-depression game to be published by LinkedWellness
      82. Avellone: Kickstarter has reignited publisher interest in RPGs
      83. Molyjam Deux theme is Peter Molyneux quotes
      84. US PS Store Update, June 25 - Hotline Miami, Spartacus Legends, Magic 2014
      85. Vita Indie Games category live on PlayStation Store
      86. MechWarrior Online pre-order promo includes rare gear
      87. Wolfenstein: The New Order not a "mindless shooter", more like Uncharted
      88. Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers out now (mostly)
      89. Tera: Rising Corsairs' Stronghold update drops July 2
      90. Acer Games to come pre-loaded on all new PCs
      91. Saints Row 4 refused classification for "alien anal probe" weapon
      1. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux headed to Steam
      2. Dynasty Warriors 8 delayed to late July
      3. Half-life 2 update excites fanbase, appears to be language pack
      4. Sniper Elite V2 headlines Spiral Groove IndieRoyale bundle
      5. Humble Bundle for Android adds three more games
      6. Project X Zone launch trailer heralds NA release
      7. Baldur's Gate lock out initiated by Atari
      8. Wright praises "responsive" Microsoft's DRM backtrack
      9. AMD doesn't expect problems meeting demand for PS4 and Xbox One components
      10. Rise of the Triad dev diary previews classic soundtrack
      11. Killzone: Shadow Fall OWL drone makes use of DualShock 4 Touch-Pad
      12. Toukiden video shows off characters, lots of fighting
      13. Ride to Hell: Retribution is out today in North America, launch trailer relased
      14. Memoria, a point and click adventure game set in Aventuria, gets a teaser trailer
      15. Retro City Rampage 75% off on Steam, update 1.11 adds mod support, more
      16. GDC Europe adds Ubisoft Child of Light, PS4 tech, and funding talks
      17. Crackdown is one of Phil Spencer's favorite games, franchise is "not dead"
      18. The Last of Us devs accused of using graphic designer's Boston transit map without permission [Update]
      19. Mamorukun Curse video shows you how to Shmup
      20. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD promo video is rather fun
      21. Firefall's final closed beta milestone goes live on Thursday
      22. Black Ops 2: Vengeance gets a new Replacers gameplay video
      23. DayZ dev would like to see a digital distribution model from Microsoft
      24. Ouya CEO apologizes for console not arriving on time for Kickstarter backers
      25. Minecraft 1.6 "Horse Update" now available as a pre-release
      26. Muramasa Rebirth now available on Vita in North America
      27. Gran Turismo 6 demo lands next week, structured as a "GT Academy-style driver training concept"
      28. Kojima would like an external studio remake the original Metal Gear Solid using the Fox engine
      29. Thief development team had hurdles to overcome when designing its combat
      30. The Order: 1886 is a 'filmic', linear, third-person action-adventure, says Ready at Dawn
      31. Rob Dyer leaves VP of publishing position at Zynga
      32. Dark Souls 2 videos show Dual Swordsman, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, Warrior gameplay
      33. Deadpool reviews land, we round them up for you
      34. Company of Heroes 2 now available at retail, through Steam
      35. Hotline Miami now available on PS3, Vita with cross-buy in US
      36. Arma 3 beta is live, various options available for participation
      37. Watch Dogs multiplayer: hacking, griefing, unique events
      38. Ouya launches today in North America and the UK
      39. 16-Bit Arena, the retro-style turn-based RPG, is now free to eligible players
      40. Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria launches today, here's the trailer
      41. Star Citizen becomes highest-grossing crowdfunding project of all time
      42. The Division – Xbox One, PS4 and MMO confusion
      43. Nintendo Downloads Europe: Game & Wario & Balloon Fight lead the week
      44. Dreamfall Chapters gameplay footage shows futuristic Prague
      45. Tenya Wanya Teens gameplay shows a world of mini-game insanity
      46. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows trailer focuses on Leonardo
      47. Xbox Live sale cuts Limbo, Sine Mora, Perfect Dark by 50%
      48. Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD heading to PS Vita, courtesy of Double Eleven
      49. Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep launch trailer is go
      50. World of Warcraft auction house hacks confirmed, Blizzard issues security warning
      51. WWE 2K14 cover revealed, features The Rock talking smack
      52. Apple opens site to honour settlement claims for wrongful in-app purchases
      53. Gran Turismo 6 pre-order trailer asks what you'd do with $1 million
      54. Tom Clancy's The Division: "we're not ruling out other platforms", says Ubisoft
      55. Ridiculous Fishing update will double content by year's end, says Vlambeer
      56. Borderlands 2 gets freaky Handsome Jack and Psycho Bandit masks
      57. GRID 2 'Super Modified' DLC adds four new cars, new trailer inside
      58. WWE 2K14: first trailer shows trash-talk, smackdowns, people's eyebrow
      59. Saint's Row 4 refused classification in Australia, publisher responds
      60. Watch Dogs: cryptic 'WeareData' site appears
      61. Xbox One reveal: Microsoft was like 'elephant in a china shop', says Chimielarz
      62. Path of Exile gets new "Descent League" scenario, Race Season 3 detailed
      63. “As a company, we like the Wii U": Ubisoft pledges support to 'second-screen' play
      64. PS4 & Xbox One vs indies: the studios speak - part two
      65. Dead Rising 3's psychopath bosses detailed - rumour
      66. Carmack decries "unfair" credit for early id Software titles
      67. Age of Empires going mobile, other Microsoft ports unconfirmed
      68. Dark Souls 2 director most intimately involved with balancing
      69. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot hosting Open House events
      70. Zynga has spent over $300 million on acquisitions since 2010
      71. Xbox One on show at PAX Australia
      1. Evo 2013 tournament schedule released
      2. Titanfall developer explains advantages of Microsoft's cloud
      3. Minecraft mothership sales pass 11 million
      4. Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Limited Edition spotted in GameStop ad
      5. OZombie is the latest Kickstarter from American McGee
      6. Sword of the Stars: The Pit expansion due next month
      7. Remember Me: The Pandora Archive eBook available now
      8. Deadpool launch trailer is all about bang, babes and mayhem
      9. France named the official partner country of Gamescom 2013
      10. Sony: PS4 to get 2013 release in India
      11. The Chinese Room job listings reveal "next-gen" game
      12. PSN maintenance scheduled for June 25
      13. Rumour: Microsoft to announce Xbox One self-publishing at Build
      14. Frostbite 3 feature video displays the power of the engine
      15. NBA Live 14 will be a next-gen exclusive game
      16. Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition pre-orders begin, bonuses listed
      17. EA: Mirror's Edge sold 2.5 mil copies, sequel wasn't possible on current gen consoles
      18. Surgeon Simulator Oculus gameplay: watch us butcher a man here
      19. Frozen Endzone gets new trailer, new stadium
      20. Mega Man Game Gear listed for release on 3DS
      21. Xbox One's official headset revealed
      22. "A big company can become very dumb, very quickly": CCP discusses the pitfalls of rapid expansion
      23. New Killer is Dead trailer features plenty of action
      24. Wargaming CEO: "We have to tolerate Xbox Live Gold subscriptions"
      25. PS Vita is perfect companion to PS4, presents "significant opportunity", says Sony exec
      26. Nordic Games buys Desperados and Silver IP from troubled Atari
      27. State of Decay's 'Pure Survival' sandbox mode DLC discussed by Undead Labs
      28. Destiny in pre-alpha, Bungie avoiding micro-payment talk for now
      29. Mega Man Unlimited fan project complete, releasing July 14
      30. Star Wars: Battlefront and DICE is "match made in heaven", says Soderlund
      31. Xbox One at $499: "the price is too high", says economist
      32. Centuries of war: Double Fine on Massive Chalice
      33. Final Fantasy 15: new character bios and art drops
      34. Xbox One: Ex-Bulletstorm dev defends Microsoft's anti-used policies
      35. Baldur's Gate 3 still possible, but dev demoralised over recent legal action
      36. Steam Trading Cards launch June 26, next summer sale hinted by Valve
      37. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: EA looking for testers, applications open now
      38. Develop 2013: ten finalists for top Indie Showcase prizes revealed
      39. PSN video update adds Cloud Atlas, The Last Stand & more
      40. Xbox One's cloud tech will make it best place to play games, says Microsoft exec
      41. DayZ Standalone release window decided but not ready to share, says Hall
      42. Monster Hunter Online gameplay trailer shows beasts, combat & locations
      43. Diablo 3: PS3 gameplay footage shows four-player co-op
      44. UK Charts: The Last of Us retains top spot
      45. Microsoft to invest $700 million in new data centre to support cloud service & Xbox Live
      46. PixelJunk team Q Games and Double Eleven enter multi-game collaboration
      47. Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter canned, crowd-funding going in-house
      48. The Last of Us: Naughty Dog discusses 'less is more' approach to sound and music
      49. Ryse: Son of Rome could spawn sequel, not meant to be a 'one-off', suggests Yerli
      50. Pinball Arcade gets PS4 gameplay video, launches Terminator 2 Kickstarter
      51. Mind-Controlled Pong created by Ph.D. student
      52. PS4 & Xbox One vs indies: the studios speak - part one
      53. "Players should decide" how to play Rust, says Newman
      54. Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima interested in Kinect, SmartGlass
      55. Elite Beat Agents dev teams with Zynga for Eden to Green
      56. Xbox One November 27 release is just a placeholder
      57. PlayStation 4 pre-orders "unlimited" at GameStop - rumour
      58. Dreamfall creator refutes Lucas's "Titanic of games" comment
      59. Kojima calls MGS5 a "real stealth simulator"
      60. Star Citizen 300 series trailer shows off gorgeous in-engine graphics
      61. Project Spark now taking beta sign-ups
      62. Dead Rising 3 Smartglass has exclusive missions, character
      63. Naughty Dog "ripped off" Ellen Page's likeness, actor says
      64. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition performing strongly at retail
      65. Sony exec teases more PS4 games at gamescom
      1. The Crew has 10,000 km of road, no player limit
      2. Smash Bros. is aimed at intermediate players, not experts
      3. Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't a linear follow-up to DA2
      4. Tekken Revolution could come to Vita
      1. Warframe developer feels it's riskier for a mid-size firm to go mobile than free-to-play
      2. Killer is Dead's Suda 51 - sexuality in games "a touchy subject," doesn't mean to offend
      3. Quantum Break - Remedy explains how the game and TV show tie into one another
      4. Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog could come to Wii U if funded
      5. Cage feels being divisive "means you’re doing something meaningful”
      6. Wolfenstein: The New Order's "I Am Death Incarnate" mode will make you "cry blood"
      7. Destiny investment "probably one of the biggest on new IP"
      8. QuickDraw and GlowTag: PS Move games at Rezzed 2013 - video
      9. Gone Home developer withdraws from PAX Prime
      10. Toki Tori 2+ on PC to release a week later than originally planned
      11. Dragon Quest 10 heading to PC in September
      12. EA suffers setback in Madden lawsuit, jury rules statute of limitations has not expired
      13. Sonic Anniversary sale knocks up to 70% off Sonic mobile titles
      14. Rooster Teeth contributor David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger found deceased in West Vancouver
      15. Bethesda issues price change on select Steam, PSN, and XBLA digital content
      16. Why Did Atari Fail in Japan?
      1. Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers trailer gets English subtitles
      2. Code of Princess producer would like to release a sequel on PS4, Xbox One
      3. Titanfall lacks single-player as only a small percentage play it
      4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Reggie gives you a tour of his in-game house
      5. Velocity Ultra will land on Vita in July
      6. Bethesda not interested in social, mobile, has nothing in development for Nintendo platforms
      7. Halo on Xbox One a legitimate entry in the series - Spencer
      8. The Chaos Engine video teases reboot of classic steampunk shooter
      9. The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup from ex-Rare devs releasing on eShop in 2014
      10. The Last Door Chapter Two: Memories now available from The Game Kitchen
      11. Hotline Miami hits PS3 and Vita next week with Russell the raging bull mask, Cross-Buy enabled
      12. Amazon lists Xbox One for November 27 release
      13. New PS3 firmware update to roll out June 27 due to 4.45 issues
      14. PS4 and Xbox One help Amazon hit 4,000% yoy increase in console pre-orders
      15. Greenlight, Genetic Flatulence and "Roguelites"
      16. DayZ Standalone videos - flythroughs and more details
      17. Crystal Dynamics' Darrell Gallagher appointed Square's head of studios in North America, Europe
      18. New PS3 models filed by Sony for certification in South Korea
      19. Company of Heroes 2 reviews land - get all the scores here
      20. Injustice: Gods Among Us General Zod trailer released, Man of Steel skin coming
      21. Whore of the Orient receives $200,000 in funding from NSW Interactive Media Fund
      22. Back on track: Final Fantasy creates head of steam at E3
      23. Company of Heroes 2 developer diary walks you through single-player campaign
      24. Burn Zombie Burn, Stranger’s Wrath HD, Kung Fu LIVE are on sale through the PS Store
      25. Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina DLC trailer shows first 5 minutes
      26. David Cage and Yu Suzuki discuss Shenmue and story-telling
      27. Wolfenstein The New Order: Bethesda didn't want to force multiplayer
      28. Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC is free-to-play on PS3 this weekend
      29. Destiny loot system designed to combat thieves, says Bungie
      30. Xbox Live gold members get free game on 1st and 16th of each month through 2013
      31. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z announced - trailer, details & screens inside
      32. Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle priced, gets new shots
      33. Miyamoto discusses the role of females in game narratives
      34. State of Decay: Xbox One release appeals to Microsoft's Spencer
      35. Ignition co-founder forms mobile studio Balloon 27, first game 'Hill Bill' due next momth
      36. Battlefield 4: DICE aiming for 64-players, 60FPS on Xbox One & PS4
      37. Watch Dogs multiplayer footage shows competitive hacking
      38. Infinity Blade 2 gets Summer Sale price drop
      39. Surgeon Simulator 2013 adds Team Fortress 2's Medic and Heavy
      40. Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay shown on Jimmy Fallon, watch it here
      41. F-Zero's future is uncertain as Miyamoto struggles to come up with good ideas
      42. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles gets first trailer & screens
      43. Outlast gets 11-minute PS4 gameplay video, scares inside
      44. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes gets new map pack DLC
      45. 'My money's on PC, mobile, tablets' - Bleszinski on Xbox One u-turn
      46. Final Fantasy X HD's struggles & Lightning Returns: FF13's 'world driven' play discussed by Square-Enix
      47. Kokuga headed to 3DS eShop soon
      48. Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers headed to Europe
      49. Iwata wants to re-establish Wii U first-party strength before targeting third-parties again
      50. Payday 2 produces second live action webisode
      51. Where's My Mickey? and Monsters University mobile games out now
      52. Game & Wario: when crazy turned random
      53. Deadpool launch trailer turns up well ahead of launch
      54. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag season pass includes Adewale
      55. Shadowrun Returns dev wants to avoid a "Han shot first" situation
      56. NBA Live 14 represents "enormous financial commitment"
      57. Final Fantasy 14 PC and PS3 beta this weekend
      58. Virgin Gaming update extends cash tournaments to new territories
      59. Paradox titles 50% off on Steam this weekend
      60. G.I.R.L. Scholarship winner announced
      61. Planetside 2 game update 11 adds more vehicle options, UI tweaks, more
      62. Sega teases extremely niche-looking Project 575
      63. Rochard stars in latest Humble Weekly Sale
      64. MechWarrior Online update adds Quickdraw mech
      65. Cities in Motion 2 adds Steam Workshop support, DLC
      66. Prime World open beta kicks off this weekend
      1. Europa Universalis 4 posts musical new trailer
      2. Activision boss: content exclusives help, but games go wherever gamers are
      3. A Chat with Location Services' Owl Cave Games
      4. Worms: Clan Wars to be revealed at Rezzed
      5. Aion 4.0 scheduled for August EU launch
      6. ZRun combines zombie survival and endless running for Vita
      7. Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey spawns launch trailer
      8. I Wish Microsoft Kept Its Awful Xbox One Policies
      9. Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Mario?
      10. Assassin's Creed 4 team "tried at the beginning," to create naval multiplayer battles
      11. Metal Gear Solid 5 will "take on the world" if Hideo Kojima has his say
      12. MLG Spring Championship runs June 28-30, includes SC2, Blops 2, LoL
      13. Fez 2 - Polytron has no plans to release it on Microsoft consoles
      14. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will contain "elements" similar to Dark Souls
      15. Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria will launch next week
      16. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Vita launch trailer released
      17. Microsoft appoints Elan Lee as chief design officer at Xbox Entertainment Studios
      18. Junction Point worked on some "Half-Life stuff" at some point
      19. Xbox Live connectivity issues fixed, services return
      20. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag E3 demo video released with commentary
      21. Titanfall behind-the-scenes developer video discusses what makes it different
      22. EA Sports demos UFC fighter emotions - video
      23. Thief releasing on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, 360 simultaneously
      24. Neverwinter is live, watch the launch trailer
      25. European retailers list PS4 for unconfirmed November 13 release
      26. Xbox One DRM focus will switch to price difference between PS4 - analyst
      27. Mad Catz reveals next-gen fightstick at E3 - video
      28. Skulls of the Shogun dev details unpleasant experience working with Microsoft Studios
      29. Guild Wars novel Sea of Sorrows releases next week
      30. EA's Online Pass damaged its games and impeded the consumer, says Wilson
      31. Nvidia lowers the price of Shield by $50, out next week
      32. PlayStation Plus on PS4 video tells you "All You Need To Know"
      33. Nintendo Downloads NA: New Super Luigi U, Game and Wario, BUGS vs. TANKS!
      34. XCOM: Enemy Unknown out today on iOS, launch trailer released
      35. The world of Thief and its degrees of darkness
      36. Amazon UK: Xbox One pre-orders pass PS4 after DRM u-turn
      37. PlanetSide 2: update 11 rolling out today, patch notes inside
      38. Watch Dogs shown on Jimmy Fallon: hacking, chases & driving shown
      39. Wicked Paradise is "adult version of Heavy Rain", will cater for female gamers says developer
      40. Microsoft Restores Game Ownership and Expects Us to Smile
      41. Nintendo targeted by anti-slavery campaign, company responds
      42. FIFA 14: data capture could allow for player-specific AI in future editions, suggests Rutter
      43. Hotline Miami "probably" heading to PS Vita next week, says dev
      44. Poll: Will you buy an Xbox One since the DRM policy has been dropped?
      45. Killzone: Mercenary gets 17-minute E3 video, gameplay and discussion inside
      46. Retro City Rampage dev sheds light on Microsoft's restricted approach to indies
      47. Smash Bros Wii U: Sakurai wants to target silent, Brawl-loving community
      48. Zynga buys casino game studio Spooky Cool Labs
      49. Mind Zero gets new prologue and battle system trailers
      50. Deadfall Adventures screens show gunplay, puzzles & tombs
      51. Lost Planet 3 gameplay trailer shows big Akrid battles & mech action
      52. Xbox One's DRM u-turn: thank Sony, not the core
      53. Xbox One policy change will not impact Asian launch window
      54. Xbox One: Pachter predicts DRM retraction ahead of time, discusses Microsoft's 'poor' communication
      55. Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion DLC announced, detailed
      56. Far Cry 4, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Prince of Persia being considered at Ubisoft
      57. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1 teaser site points to June 27 reveal
      58. Company of Heroes 2 dev diary talks multiplayer strategy
      59. Bethesda Game Studios reveal has no set timeframe
      60. Mad Catz PS3 accessories incompatible with PS4, no new products confirmed
      61. Does Animal Crossing Stress Anyone Else Out?
      62. Respawn doing anything but shooters is not "the smart thing to do"
      63. Bleszinski predicts publisher closures, more DLC thanks to Xbox One policy changes
      64. EA won't resurrect Online Pass system following Xbox One policy change
      65. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition pulled, sequel and Android port on hold
      66. Final Fantasy 15 E3 gameplay shows a high level Noctis
      67. The War Z is now Infestation: Survivor Stories
      68. Titanfall offers a "new skill to master"
      69. Xbox One day one update, installs and Kinect requirement confirmed
      70. Xbox One reversal a "win/win" for consumers and businesses, says GameFly
      1. MLG drops North American StarCraft 2 World Championship Series
      2. Witcher 3 dev: too many features make for an "average, crappy game"
      3. Xbox One DRM policy reversals "great news for gamers", says GameStop
      4. Battlefield 4 spectator mode gets video preview
      5. Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers looks to be Namco Bandai's PS3 reveal
      6. Gender is Carefully Balanced in The Last of Us
      7. Mass Effect's original writer discusses alternate ending plans
      8. Xbox One DRM policy changes waited on gamers knowing "complete story"
      9. Battle Princess of Arcadias gets first images
      10. War of the Roses Guns of Burgundy update adds handgonnes
      11. Xbox One 24 hour check-in, used policies, more dropped
      12. Court of Appeals agrees Nintendo did not infringe on IA Labs’ patent
      13. The Witcher 2 mod adds tons of fixes, due very soon
      14. Battlefield 4 competition is "beneficial for everyone," says Bach
      15. Fallout 4 was not shown behind-closed-doors at E3
      16. Kabam's Fast & Furious 6 mobile title has been downloaded over 17 million times
      17. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Spider-Bot iOS game lands on App Store
      18. Xbox One's Kinect 2.0 could be affected by proposed "We Are Watching You Act”
      19. Suda 51 "always up to the idea" of returning to No More Heroes
      20. GDC Next talks from thatgamecompany, Adam Orth, Google announced
      21. Many GameStop stores "out" of Xbox One Day One allocations
      22. The Tetris Effect
      23. Transistor video shows 15 minutes of PS4 gameplay
      24. Spartacus Legends out next week on XBLA, new trailer released
      25. Company of Heroes 2 beta extended to June 23
      26. SCEE to fund Gamer Camp scholarships
      27. Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett collaborating on musical adventure game
      28. Sony shareholders' meeting to discuss splitting electronics and entertainment divisions
      29. World of Warcraft summer sale knocks 75% off core game, select expansions
      30. World of Tanks Update 8.6 now available in Europe
      31. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D tops in Japan
      32. Murdered: Soul Suspect - bucking AAA trends
      33. EU PS Store update, June 19 - Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, MotoGp 13, more
      34. Beyond Good & Evil image of Peyj during E3 "wasn't meant to be a tease," says Guillemot
      35. Assassin’s Creed 4 to release on PC "a few weeks after" console versions
      36. GameStick delayed into August due to it taking "longer than anticipated to develop the user interface"
      37. PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny to deliver keynote at Develop
      38. Ashes Cricket 2013 release moved to July
      39. PS Vita Mega Pack comes with 10 games, 8GB Memory Card for €39.99
      40. I Shall Give You Endless Earth: An Ar Tonelico Retrospective
      41. Dragon Age: Inquisition team may "throw it over to the cloud" if it can "be smart" with it
      42. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified's first DLC is Xbox 360 exclusive, 'Battle Focus' trailer inside
      43. Mirror's Edge reboot to right wrongs of first game, DICE explains reveal timing
      44. Kingdom Hearts 3 follows Dream Drop Distance, Nomura discusses combat & tech
      45. Ecco the Dolphin 3D hits 3DS in Japan next week, Galaxy Force 2 inbound
      46. The Sims 4 will be revealed at gamescom, EA confirms
      47. Joe Danger PC trailer reveals entire cast of Team Fortress 2 as playable, Minecraft stages included
      48. PS Plus: July update adds free Battlefield 3, Payday & more
      49. Suda 51 on Xbox brand: only a matter of time before it explodes in Japan
      50. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is series finale, plot and combat explained
      51. Star Wars: Battlefront will innovate, won't just re-hash old DICE ideas - Gibeau
      52. Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2 spotted in leaked Valve archive
      53. Rezzed 2013 gameplay & panel live-steams announced: full schedule inside
      54. Shadow Warrior: new screens show guns, demons & katana slaughter
      55. Rayman Legends Wii U was delayed over poor sales projections
      56. Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina DLC weapons revealed, mad fantasy names included
      57. PS4 reveal has given PS Vita interest a "shot in the arm", claims Gara
      58. Mass Effect 4 & Dragon Age 3 to share core mechanics, says BioWare
      59. Murdered: Soul Suspect gameplay footage shows cases, powers and Dusk realm
      60. Final Fantasy 15: Nomura explains switch from Versus 13, talks next-gen leap
      61. Project Eternity: latest update discusses Paladin class & abilities
      62. Nintendo: competition from Xbox One and PS4 "puts no pressure on us at all"
      63. Red alert: Xbox One's indie aversion is a serious risk
      64. Molyneux and Walking Dead writer head-to-head interview talks stories, emotion & more
      65. Steam game sharing feature appears in client code
      66. Destiny: match-making, public areas and social interaction discussed by Bungie
      67. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Full E3 Interview
      68. Pipe Trouble releases after being cleared of eco-terrorism accusations
      69. "We are to blame" for poor Wii U sales, says Nintendo CEO
      70. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate headed to PS3, Vita
      71. Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition PC requirements released
      72. Nordic Games still chasing THQ assets
      73. 38 Studios: Rhode Island budget approves bond repayment
      74. Oculus Rift venture funds used to expand staff, no new platforms planned
      75. PS3 update 4.45 makes system inoperable - Sony responds
      76. Grasshopper Manufacture "heavily relying" on Unreal Engine 4
      77. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara four pack available on Steam
      78. Mass Effect, Dragon Age staff going to San Diego Comic Con
      79. Everquest 2 EU services transfer to ProSieben this week
      80. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z isn't just Ninja Gaiden meets Dead Rising
      81. 3DS colours limited by western retail approach
      82. Youkai Watch video demonstrates battles, ghost hunting
      83. What We Liked and Didn't Like at E3
      84. Escape Goat 2 will have joined rooms, new puzzle components
      85. Deadpool also includes an appearance from Rogue
      86. PlayStation boss pushing more "immediacy" for downloaded games
      87. Star Wars: The Old Republic hosting double XP weekends
      88. Gunpoint recovered development costs in 64 seconds
      89. Pinball FX2 offers free table to Steam users
      1. Battlefield 4 PC will be optimised for AMD components
      2. Nvidia to license GPU tech to other companies
      3. Max Payne 3 arrives on Mac this week
      4. PS4 first-party games to RRP at $59.99
      5. EverQuest Next confirmed as official title of new MMORPG
      6. Space Nomads alpha demo available now
      7. AI War fifth expansion out now, four year anniversary edition available
      8. Steel Diver to be resurrected as Nintendo's first F2P release
      9. Activision has doubled its licensees list in one year
      10. Humble Bundle for Android 6 includes Stealth Bastard Deluxe
      11. Deep Down is not a sequel to Dragon's Dogma
      12. The Wonderful 101 is about 20 hours long
      13. Need for Speed: Rivals vs The Crew
      14. US PS Store update, June 18: Uncharted 3: Ancient Multiplayer DLC, Chronicles of Mystara, more
      15. Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva announced for 3DS
      16. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition now available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
      17. Dragon Age: Inquisition's open-world is "pretty ambitious," says BioWare GM
      18. EA lays-off internal analysis and reviews team
      19. Essential Famicom Games from the Pre-NES Days
      20. Soul Sacrifice Wild Wheels and Apparition DLC screens, trailers released
      21. Former Playfish boss feels next-gen consoles are "a distraction" from largest growth area
      22. Batman: Arkham Origins - "people have the right to be cynical," says WB Montreal
      23. Jak and Daxter Collection out today on Vita
      24. Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition announced for Steam
      25. Prey 2: "when we have more info on it, we’ll be happy to talk about it," - Bethesda
      26. Ken Levine writing Logan’s Run script for Warner Bros. Pictures - report
      27. Endless Space expansion Disharmony out next week, new screens released
      28. Black Ops 2: Vengeance Map Pack out in July, teaser video released
      29. Miyamoto would liked to have "done more" with Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
      30. The Chosen 2 Bundle from Indie Royale is live
      31. Six more games passed through Steam Greenlight
      32. 3DS StreetPass crashes being reported after applying system update
      33. Phantasy Star Online 2 still delayed in the west
      34. Mad Max wasn't the project God of War 2 lead Cory Barlog worked on at Avalanche
      35. Teslagrad puzzler platformer announced for Wii U release
      36. Infamous: Second Son rumored to have multiplayer, dev likes working on one thing at a time
      37. The E3 2013 Prospectus
      38. Montreal chapter for Women in Games International announced
      39. Sony: allowing used games on PS4 "creates value"
      40. Warner a "believer in the Wii U," console just "off to a slow start"
      41. The Witch and the Hundred Knights heading west in 2014
      42. Saints Row 4: future tools of destruction
      43. GoG kicks off 2013 noDRM Summer Sale with Torchlight for free
      44. Fallout 4 shown behind-closed-doors at E3 - rumor
      45. Shadowrun Returns out in July on PC, tablets with editor tools
      46. Coming soon to XBL Marketplace: Chronicles of Mystara, Doodle Jimp Kinect, more
      47. Mars: War Logs update fixes English localization issue, is 33% off on Steam today
      48. GAME to open Xbox store in London on June 20
      49. Fable 3 will be free until June 30, not part of Microsoft's Games with Gold incentive
      50. Bleszinski's Attack on Used Games is Flawed Logic
      51. Call of Duty Ghosts: next-gen AI development held-up by lack of final console tech
      52. Legacy of Kain: 10 cancelled titles exposed by NeoGAF investigation - report
      53. Smash Bros. Wii U screens show Wii Fit Trainer smacking down fools
      54. Killer Instinct: Xbox One season pass confirmed, paid fight roster discussed
      55. State of Decay: survival sandbox mode & Steam version in the works
      56. Rezzed 2013: Space Hulk alpha playable on show floor, new screens inside
      57. Pikmin 3 is "ultimate version" of the original game, Miyamoto says
      58. FIFA 14: next-gen build not hitting PC as users have low-spec machines
      59. Xbox One: 10x more powerful than 360, more with cloud
      60. Watch Dogs Live app turns your phone into a weapon
      61. Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC spotted, map names revealed
      62. Titanfall: Xbox One's cloud computing helped Respawn think differently, says Zampella
      63. Thief PS4: 33-minute presentation shows raw gameplay & mechanics
      64. Microsoft's ecosystem doesn't encourage small development, says Molyneux
      65. Exploring The Bureau: XCOM Declassified's tactical side
      66. The Cave: Ron Gilbert's puzzler is heading to iOS
      67. Crimson Dragon: Panzer Dragoon creator hopes to make RPG sequel
      68. Australian development population has more than halved
      69. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters: Steam early access now open
      70. Magic the Gathering 2014 features sealed play mode
      71. Mad Max petition calls for Australian voice actor
      72. "Almost deadly": Smash Bros. director explains stress of choosing character roster
      73. Train Conductor dev among first Screen Australia Enterprise Fund recipients
      74. Crytek shows off iOS tactics game at WWDC - report
      75. Dark Souls 2 engine upgrade allows for fancy graphics tricks
      76. League of Legends All-Star tournament inspired by traditional sports
      77. Thief dev wants getting spotted to have real consequences
      78. Portable gaming market will top $12 billion in 2013 -report
      79. Dual Destinies: Capcom USA canvassing demand for physical release
      80. The Division second screen client and classless characters detailed
      81. FIFA PC players have low spec machines, EA Sports boss says
      82. State of Decay tops 500K sales, is fastest-selling original XBLA game
      83. 3DS firmware update brings new StreetPass games
      84. Xbox One Cloud Services to be "ubiquitous" and available in "all markets"
      85. PS4: auto-update, social features free to all users
      86. Oculus Rift scores $16 million in funding
      87. How I Was Made to Like Batman: Arkham Origins
      88. Gears of War: Judgment Relics DLC adds four maps and more
      1. NPD May: Deep Silver, Nintendo strong in grim month
      2. Next-Generation Graphics: It's All in the Details
      3. Super Mario 3D World headed to Wii U to explore multiplayer component
      4. Assassin's Creed 4 has connected single-player sections
      5. Alien Rage's E3 Trailer Surfaces before burying some aliens
      6. Titanfall unlikely to feature cross-platform play
      7. Justin Beiber to play Drake in Uncharted movie, according to The Last of Us
      8. Beyonce settles $100m dance game lawsuit
      9. Hitman studio face lay-offs, nearly half of the staff lose jobs
      10. Microsoft - "No point winning a show, Xbox One will win in the long run"
      11. How Final Fantasy V is Saving the World, Four Jobs at a Time
      12. "We're over-delivering value": Mattrick defends Xbox One pricing
      13. "You're all being played": Bleszinski slams Sony's lack of used game blockers as a PR tactic
      14. Call of Duty: Ghosts might not hit Wii U after all
      15. Witcher 3 dev says the game counts, not the money
      16. Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD success could pave way for more remasters
      17. Square Enix sets up new mobile studio in Indonesia
      18. Fightback trailer shows Ninja Theory's mobile brawler in action
      19. New Thief details emerge out of E3 showing
      20. Games are being traded in because they're too short, says Mad Max dev
      21. Namco Bandai announcing new PS3 game in four days
      22. "Winning is determined by a much longer time-scale": Gara on Sony's bid in the next-gen war
      23. Killer is Dead gets screen assault: shows Mondo on the moon
      24. Crackdown: Spencer wants to see series return when both time and team are right
      25. Rezzed 2013: Surgeon Simulator playable with Oculus Rift
      26. XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits iOS June 20, is expensive
      27. Battlefield 4: multiplayer save transfer between current and next gen builds being considered
      28. PS4: Gara explains new PS Plus subs, cross-game chat & more
      29. That Difficult Second Screen
      30. EA: Nintendo needs to "sell more boxes" before publisher can return to Wii U
      31. Nintendo downloads Europe: New Super Luigi U leads the week
      32. Rust: Garry's Mod creator opens alpha phase for his survival game
      33. Battlefield 4 alpha phase begins, recommended specs and details inside
      34. Pokemon X & Y DLC being explored by The Pokemon Company
      35. "Deeply flawed": research firm slams Microsoft's entertainment strategy
      36. The Division: gamers petition Ubisoft for PC release
      37. Super Smash Bros Wii U single-player won't be like Brawl's
      38. Dota 2 releasing in full this summer
      39. Killzone: Shadow Fall gets 21-minute PS4 gameplay walkthrough
      40. Microsoft will "absolutely not" block Xbox One games if your Live account is banned, says Nelson
      41. Minecraft Xbox One: Microsoft now discussing 360 save transfers with studio
      42. PS4's DRM stance has set a 'nice precedent', suggests Sony exec
      43. Animal Crossing: New Leaf reviews are go, all scores here
      44. UK Charts: The Last of Us top, Animal Crossing second
      45. Battlefield 4: bringing back the destruction (sort of)
      46. Pokemon X & Y screens and trailer show first town, gym leader & new creatures
      47. Pikmin 3 'Bingo Battle' multiplayer mode shown on Wii U, Miyamoto presents
      48. E3 poll results: VG247 readers pick this year's show winners
      49. Retro Game Challenge 3DS coming to Japan in the winter
      50. Ryse's QTE's extremely rewarding to gamers who master them - Crytek
      51. Dota 2 team receives 12 month ban for match fixing
      52. State of Decay's latest 360 patch didn't actually fix anything
      53. XCOM and Uncharted 3 now available on AU PS Plus
      54. Google launch Cube Slam to showcase tech
      55. Sunset Overdrive's Xbox One exclusivity due to "quick production cycles"
      56. World of Diving releases first gameplay trailer
      57. Wicked Paradise is the first erotic game for the Oculus Rift
      58. Total War: Rome 2 is all about politics and backstabbing
      1. CD Projekt opens new Kraków studio
      2. Randall is a new downloadable platformer for the Xbox 360 and PC
      3. Saints Row 3 mod tools are a test for Saints Row 4
      4. Battlefield 4: leaked screens show boat customisation - rumour
      5. Antichamber $10 on Steam today, ambient soundtrack released
      6. Arkham Origins - dissonance between gameplay, narrative
      1. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn beta nets 676 lovely screenshots
      2. DayZ's Dean Hall answers Reddit questions - video
      3. Nintendo more concerned with selling software than what Sony and Microsoft are up to
      4. Xbox One is basically Steam in console format, claims anonymous MS engineer - rumor
      5. The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be neither "ultra-realistic nor cartoony-realistic," says Aonuma
      6. Phantom Dust Creator Wants to Kickstart a Sequel
      7. Salem development being handed over to Seatribe as Paradox phases out involvement
      8. Wargaming accepting applications for World of Tanks Xbox 360 beta
      9. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag gameplay video is full of ship carnage
      10. Call of Duty: Ghosts and the story written by everyone
      11. Microsoft to sell its first-party Xbox One games at current $59.99 price point
      12. Visceral "working on something very exciting," Dead Space franchise "isn't cancelled"
      1. Suda51 Answers Your Questions, Likes Wreck it Ralph
      2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Fisher favors shadows over gunplay
      3. Neverwinter beta to conclude with three-phase event
      4. Rivalry between Sony and Microsoft is good for business, says EA
      5. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC pack free on Origin with E3 code
      6. Shigeru Miyamoto is Still Donkey Kong's Papa
      7. MotoGP 13 trailer shows off the Vita version of the game
      8. Super Mario 3D World's camera feature explained in video
      9. Splinter Cell: Blacklist director on terrorism, patriotism
      10. Sony's media content policy: "if you buy it, you own it"
      11. The Stylish Apocalypse of Shin Megami Tensei IV
      12. The Last of Us auto-save bug caused by server issues, has been addressed
      13. "Gritty" and "Mature" Aren't Synonyms
      14. Injustice: Gods Among Us to add General Zod as fourth DLC character
      15. Storm now available for Xbox Live, out next week on PSN
      16. Nordic Games wants to "do right by" the properties it purchased from THQ
      17. Three Assassin's Creed titles in the works, says Ubisoft boss
      18. Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie release date announced for Steam
      19. Civilization 5: Brave New World E3 trailer released
      20. Company of Heroes 2 E3 demo available through Steam
      21. Why The Last of Us is the Opposite of Uncharted
      22. Pokémon X & Y screens and trailer show off Kalos Region, and first Gym Leader
      23. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to contain DoA3's Leon and Ninja Gaiden's Rachel
      24. Three Companies, Three Philosophies
      25. Vlambeer co-founder's backpack stolen during Sony E3 mixer
      26. Batman: Arkham Origins E3 shots show Bane & Anarky in action
      27. Xbox One game libraries can be shared with non-family members, says Spencer
      28. Star Wars Old Republic's Nightmare Mode trailer is quite epic
      29. PS4: House warns that shortages may hit as Sony raises sales forecast
      30. Knack PS4 gameplay shown & discussed in new footage
      31. PS4 interactive model lets you look at the console & pad up close
      32. Minecraft Xbox One is a new product: no save transfer from 360, says Microsoft
      33. Thief: E3 screens show stealth, arrows and melee brutality
      34. Limbo PS Vita trailer shows off bleak handheld gameplay
      35. E3 2014 dated as this year sees 48,000-plus in attendance
      36. Need for Speed Rivals PS4: Ferrari gameplay shown, features dicussed
      37. Zelda: Nintendo looking at ways to incorporate DLC into series
      38. PES 2014 E3 trailer is all about the fancy footwork
      39. Console Wars: you're going to buy an Xbox One
      40. Battlefield 4 multiplayer: squad unlocks, melee counters & more revealed
      41. Metal Gear Solid 5 will include Metal Gear Online multiplayer
      42. Duke Nukem Forever: Apogee suing Gearbox over withheld profits
      43. Microsoft opening stores inside 600 Best Buy outlets to promote Xbox One
      44. Lightning Returns: FF14 costume screen hints at possible DLC
      45. Battlefield: "The Bad Company series is by no means killed", says DICE
      46. "Oddworld wasn't built on selling out", Lanning explains why New 'N Tasty won't hit Xbox One & 360
      47. Monster Hunter 4 screens show enormous walking shark, nasty dragon
      48. Namco Bandai tease points to new PS3 game, Strelka Stories suspected
      49. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt screens are pretty, terrifying
      50. Super Smash Bros. unlikely to have more third-party characters
      51. DayZ more likely on PS4 than Xbox One
      52. Xbox One has "infinite" cloud grunt, power of ten Xbox 360's - Microsoft
      53. Killer Instinct reboot was Microsoft's idea, says dev
      54. Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U will not have crossplay
      1. Wind Waker's missing dungeons were recycled for later Zeldas
      2. Battlefield 4 will not have mod support
      3. Earth Defense Force 2025 E3 trailer counts down to carnage
      4. Planetary Annihilation alpha access costs more than the full game
      5. Anomaly: Warzone Earth headlines Humble Weekly Sale
      6. Nintendo's anti-used games policy: make games people don't trade
      7. Katamari creator, Journey producer team up for new project
      8. PS4 Remote Play "just happens", no dev support required
      9. Star Wars: Battlefront is not Battlefront 3
      10. Medal of Honor dev Danger Close "doesn't exist any more"
      11. 1001 Spikes is a "cruel" and challenging platformer from Nicalis hitting Vita this year
      12. Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD headed to Vita soon
      13. US Navy serviceman calls Xbox One's 24-hour online check "a sin committed against all service members"
      14. Stealth Inc to launch with Teleporter Chambers level pack
      15. Killzone: Shadow Fall to incorporate PS4 features such as PlayGo, Remote Play on Vita
      16. Killzone: Shadow Fall set to showcase PS4 tech
      17. Final Fantasy 14 developer video discusses "F.A.T.E." events
      18. Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding to resume after "noise" dies down
      19. Metal Gear Solid 5 will feature Troy Baker as Ocelot
      20. Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay up to the user, says Kojima
      21. Secret of Mana artist Hirō Isono has passed away
      22. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death in development for XBLA
      23. Fez 2 announced at Horizon Indie Game Conference
      24. Todd Howard's next game looking "awesome," don't expect news on it anytime soon
      25. Double Fine to produce two new games through Indie Fund partnership
      26. 3D Realms suing Gearbox over unpaid Duke Nukem Forever royalties
      27. World of Tanks trial to be offered to XBL Silver members
      28. Titanfall: three years of secrecy finally laid bare
      29. Xbox One: console pack art appears online
      30. Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 box art & screens escape E3
      31. Animal Crossing: New Leaf sets new record for US launch day eShop sales
      32. Bloodmasque: Square's new iOS RPG gets screens & trailer
      33. Ray’s the Dead for PS4 a "labor of love" for three-man team Ragtag Studio
      34. Gran Turismo 6 will appear on PS4 "naturally," but it won't be soon
      35. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z gameplay videos show some actual gameplay
      36. Batman: Arkham Origins video discusses the Dark Knight, takes a look at the game
      37. Amazon lists Xbox One controller for $60, Microsoft calls price speculative
      38. PS4: 500GB retail box revealed
      39. Xbox One policies presently set in stone, but the brand is always adapting to trends
      40. Miyamoto: Nintendo's game ownership policy is similar to "a toy company"
      41. Pokemon X & Y: first gym trainer & new creatures revealed
      42. Warframe has been an "idea" of Digital Extremes' since launch of current-gen
      43. Mad Max gets crazy about cars on next-gen
      44. Sonic Lost World boss is aware of comparisons to Super Mario Galaxy
      45. Online Pass is "not coming back, it's dead," says EA labels president
      46. PS4 video shows overview of the UI
      47. Master Reboot is an adventure horror title on Steam Greenlight
      48. Nintendo Downloads NA: Mighty Switch Force! 2, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Sonic the Hedgehog
      49. Forza 5 data stored in the cloud is "comparatively small," says Turn 10
      50. Rezzed 2013: full developer schedule announced
      51. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate screenshots swoop out of E3 2013
      52. Anno Online players can collect free in-game currency with a code
      53. The Evil Within video contains a gameplay demo
      54. Witcher 3 dev responds to Xbox One's DRM backlash
      55. Iwata promises even more Wii U & 3DS third-party titles
      56. Bleszinski on Xbox One used block: big budget games & pre-owned cannot co-exist
      57. Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura exploring new Disney IP for next-gen instalment
      58. Final Fantasy 15's action gameplay doesn't mean end of command-based combat, says Square
      59. Gears of War Redux: 'leaked' PS4 logo is fake, says Epic
      60. Spielberg & Lucas discuss the 'Titanic' future of gaming
      61. Metroid: Retro Studios might return to series one day, no current plans
      62. Xbox One: "We believe the digital world is better" says Microsoft
      63. Star Wars: Battlefront won't just be re-skinned Battlefield, says DICE
      64. Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer analysis: the loop closer?
      65. Star Citizen crowdfunding tally tops $10 million
      66. Valhalla Knights 3 trailer brings both slash and stab to the party
      67. Ys: Memories of Celceta E3 trailer introduces the titular forest
      68. The Order: 1886 was in limbo until PS4 dev kits were released
      69. Xbox One: online check-in justified by prominence of online multiplayer today, says Spencer
      70. The Secret World Black Weekend offers double XP, other goodies
      71. PS4 has cloud processing features, but they're not mandatory, says Yoshida
      72. Company of Heroes 2 E3 trailer gives long-awaited look at multiplayer
      73. Final Fantasy 15 will have multiple sequels
      74. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: Retro Studios explains why it opted for sequel
      75. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds hits US in November
      76. Metal Gear Solid 5: Xbox One & PS4 build will look better than E3 trailer, says Kojima
      77. Battlefield 4: military shooters aren't over-saturated, plenty left to do in that space, say DICE
      78. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z will prove that western games are "fun", says Inafune
      79. Xbox One online check-in takes kilobytes, not megabytes, Spencer says
      80. Pacific Rim director thinking about a more robust game adaptation
      81. Xbox Live Achievements changing - new Challenges, rewards and more
      82. Runner 2 has no Vita-specific bells and whistles
      83. PS4: publishers decide if free-to-play multiplayer requires PS Plus
      84. Mario Golf World Tour pushed back to 2014
      85. DayZ dev hopes survival emphasis will decrease bandits
      86. Twitch Xbox One agreement doesn't preclude integration on other consoles
      87. Rainbow Six: next game to be next-gen, Patriots title AWOL
      88. Sony and Microsoft were "like two frat houses" at E3, says Molyneux
      89. StreetPass exchanges coming to WiFi hotspots in the west
      90. Del Toro: Levine is "one of the best world creators"
      91. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can draw on your Witcher 2 save file
      92. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PS3 interface demonstrated in video
      93. The Elder Scrolls Online has a kind of new game plus feature
      94. The Division not "ruled out" for platforms other than PS4 and Xbox One
      95. Wonderbook Walking With Dinosaurs and Book of Potions trailered
      96. Crimson Dragon boss battle footage, direct from E3
      97. 7 Grand Steps has already made almost $100,000
      98. Blacklight: Retribution on PS4 shown in E3 trailer
      99. Forza 5 has improved Autovista, all three Top Gear hosts
      100. Xbox server policies make for "weak" communities, says Final Fantasy 14 developer
      101. PlanetSide 2 gets a shiny E3 trailer
      102. Sony "intends" and "needs to be" profitable over the next year
      103. Crimson Dragon Xbox 360 has "not been cancelled", says director
      1. Deadfall Adventures release date set, co-op mode announced
      2. Dragon Fantasy Book 2 E3 trailer shows off combat
      3. Killzone: Mercenary Lightning Strike mission and Inlet map detailed
      4. The Witcher 3 may conclude Geralt's story, but he could return in the future
      5. Next-gen game prices to rise thanks to add-ons, analyst warns
      6. Battlefield 4: VG247 gets its hands bloody in multiplayer
      7. Final Fantasy 15 gets five character descriptions
      8. Arma 3 will go into beta on June 25
      9. Prison Architect hits 100,000 players
      10. Titanfall PlayStation release possible, says dev, but execs demur
      11. Nintendo to launch free-to-play game not based on Pokemon or Mario IP
      12. Bastion has sold over two million copies
      13. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing sequel announced
      14. New NASCAR Games for PC and mobile in the works at Eutechnyx
      15. Lone Survivor PS3 and Vita has new content and endings
      16. Splice headed to PS3, science puzzler gets E3 trailer
      17. Miyamoto: E3 banter on long development cycles, used games
      18. Rift has gone free-to-play, new content available for all
      19. Black Desert screens escape E3 by roundabout means
      20. Hohokum E3 trailer is confusing and arousing
      21. Disney Planes due on 3DS, DS and Wii U in August
      22. Divinity: Dragon Commander delayed, now comes with Master of Magic
      23. EA believes digital basis of next-gen will be a boon to revenue
      24. Assassin's Creed 4 brings new life to a tired franchise
      25. DualShock 4 and Xbox One pad - first impressions
      26. Mirror's Edge reboot is an "open-world action adventure game"
      27. Watch Dogs multiplayer sounds interesting
      28. Xbox One-Supported Xbox Live countries listed
      29. Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash shots look festive
      30. Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC is not a priority at the moment, says Kojima
      31. 25 Years Later, The Spirit of Super Mario 2 Looms at E3
      32. Castle of Illusion E3 trailer highlights all sorts of awesome
      33. Atlus' parent company Index being investigated for doctoring the books
      34. Saints Row 4 screenshots show a battle taking place in the White House
      35. EA “formulating a policy” on used games, isn't "deaf" to consumer criticism
      36. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes E3 trailer released, game coming to PS4 and XOne
      37. PS4 pre-orders are "through the roof" since price announcement, says Blockbuster
      38. LocoCycle screenshots race out of E3
      39. Ubisoft wants Wii U to sell more units before it makes more exclusives
      40. Disney Infinity E3 trailer and shots show various characters
      41. Sony to support PS4 for 10-years, "always wanted to hit" $399 price point
      42. The Order: 1886 screens show futuristic weapons, a hansom cab
      43. EU PS Store update, June 12 - Final Fantasy 13-2, Tekken Revolution, Project Diva F demo
      44. Massive Entertainment acquires Southend Interactive
      45. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F trailer announcement trailer released
      46. Tomodachi Collection: New Life still on top in Japan
      47. Team Fortress 2 community members have made $10 million
      48. Battlefield 4 has five-player squads in multiplayer because players asked for it
      49. PSN E3 sale: Arkham City, InFamous, more discounts added
      50. Watch Dogs: you're Big Brother, who will you watch?
      51. Mario Kart 8 producer discusses anti-grav features, multiplayer & Mario Kart TV
      52. Forza 5's 'Drivatar' AI marks the end of single player, says developer
      53. Final Fantasy 14 E3 shots show mogs, monsters & more
      54. The Last Guardian development "alive and kicking", says Yoshida
      55. Xbox One: public reaction will only be complete once product is on the shelf, says Spencer
      56. Candy Crush Saga adverts ditched as dev strives for uninterrupted play
      57. Shin Megami Tensei 4: E3 trailer runs down plot, combat & gameplay
      58. Oculus Rift: upgraded 1080p HD model shown at E3
      59. Poll: Who 'won' the battle of the E3 conferences this year?
      60. Diablo 3: PS3 multiplayer trailer shows co-op in action
      61. Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed for Wii U, dev keeping it 'mysterious'
      62. Take on Mars: Arma dev releases E3 trailer for its red planet romp
      63. Lords of the Fallen: new Xbox One & PS4 screens show knights, spells & combat
      64. Nintendo: talk of company's financials is "silly", says Miyamoto
      65. E3 organisers called police to shut down OUYA's booth
      66. Xbox One: Quantum Break behind-the-scenes trailer promises "a little bit of crazy"
      67. Xbox One: people are imagining negative 'always-online' outcomes, says Mattrick
      68. Smash Bros. dev video shows 3DS & Wii U gameplay, stages & characters
      69. The Elder Scrolls was always an MMO franchise
      70. PS4 vs Xbox One: the $100 canyon
      71. Command & Conquer's main enemy no longer Middle Eastern to avoid offending gamers
      72. Do You Have a Question for Suda51?
      73. Moebius E3 trailer shows quintessential Jane Jensen intrigue
      74. PS4 'Playroom' tech demo shows PlayStation Eye & DualShock at work
      75. Square Wants to Know: Do Gamers Want a Modern Turn-Based Final Fantasy?
      76. Earth Defense Force 2025 delayed to February 2014, new trailer and screens
      77. EA did not lobby for Xbox One's used game DRM
      78. Pokémon X & Y to have one-on-five wild encounters, aerial battles
      79. Sportsfriends pre-orders open, offer alpha builds
      80. "Wii U was made for Pikmin," says Miyamoto
      81. PlayStation 4 to help protect retail's "very fragile ecosystem" by allowing used games
      82. The Evil Within coming to PS4, Xbox One
      83. Diablo 3 expansion pushed back to 2014 - report
      84. No Internet? Get an Xbox 360, says Microsoft
      85. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag stars an Abstergo researcher
      86. Infamous: Second Son gameplay shows off new powers
      87. Bayonetta 2 is all about pressure and relief
      88. Sony not "defensive" or "apologetic" about paid PS4 multiplayer
      89. Battlefield 3 "looked a little bit too much" to Call of Duty
      90. New Super Smash Bros. features Wii Fit trainer
      91. ESA report: 58% of US'ers are gamers, 31% are ladies, parents taking more interest
      92. PS4: Sony dropping Online Pass system, expects others to follow suit
      93. Need for Speed: Rivals targeting next-gen console launch
      94. PS4 boss: ‘We will launch with all guns blazing’
      95. The Walking Dead: 400 Days out in July, is DLC
      1. Tekken Revolution, Armored Core: Verdict Day screens escape E3
      2. DayZ Standalone: first gameplay from E3 2013
      3. Dark Souls 2 screens and concept art are dark, some a bit scary
      4. Respawn founder left over Infinity Ward lawsuit revelations - rumour
      5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut headed to all platforms
      6. Dust 514 trailer encourages you to Fight Your Own War
      7. Final Fantasy 15 produces second E3 trailer with more gameplay
      8. Titanfall will have dedicated servers on all platforms
      9. The Elder Scrolls Online will not have cross-platform play
      10. War Never Changes
      11. The Dark Sorcerer: watch full 12 minute PS4 tech demo now
      12. US PS Store Update, June 11 - EA Online Passes retired, Tekken Revolution, more
      13. Music Unlimited Service discounted for Plus members
      14. Tearaway E3 trailer is rather adorable
      15. Call of Duty: Ghosts won't make use of always-online option
      16. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade announced for 2015
      17. Sonic Lost World trailer and screens show the blue fella on 3DS
      18. PS4 hardware shots: VG247 gets up close and personal
      19. Ghost Recon movie to be directed by Michael Bay
      20. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain extended E3 trailer released
      21. Dark Souls 2: a great communal gaming experience
      22. Beyond: Two Souls E3 gameplay detailed by David Cage
      23. E3 Press Conferences Aren't for Everyone
      24. Xbox One's Ryse: Roman conquest of emotion
      25. The Witcher 3 devs "eager to find out more" on Xbox One used policies
      26. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl out this summer on 3DS
      27. GTA 5 screens show off various activities
      28. The Last Guardian: Sony retracts "on hiatus" comment
      29. Sony reiterates any DRM on used games will be left up to the publisher
      30. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be released on Wii U
      31. Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on Xbox One
      32. Final Fantasy 15 will also be released on Xbox One
      33. Zoo Tycoon announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360
      34. Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, more playable at Best Buy
      35. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 Remaster E3 shots, trailer show a lovely upgrade
      36. Battlefield 3 DLC free during E3
      37. Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS revealed, coming 2014, features Mega Man
      38. Monolith Soft's Wii U project 'X' out 2014, inspired by Xenoblade
      39. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze confirmed for Wii U
      40. Bayonetta 2 will have "two player mode," launches 2014
      41. The Wonderful 101 hits Wii U August 23rd, E3 trailer & screens inside
      42. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD out October, bottle messaging confirmed
      43. Nintendo lists incoming third-party & indie releases for 2013
      44. Pokemon X & Y out October 12, new screens, trailer & art inside
      45. Wii Party U & Wii Fit U out winter 2013
      46. Mario Kart 8 coming to Wii U Spring 2014
      47. Super Mario 3D World out December on Wii U, screens & trailer inside
      48. Infinite Crisis gets a new map titled Coast City
      49. PS4 creators share their experience of Sony's next-gen console
      50. Command & Conquer will be entering closed beta this summer
      51. Nintendo Direct E3: Super Mario 3D out in December
      52. Our E3 2013 Hopes and Dreams
      53. Xbox Live: Microsoft explains switch from MS Points to real currency
      54. Xbox One releasing in Asia 2014, no mention of Japan yet
      55. Dragon's Crown E3 2013 trailer brings the gameplay
      56. The Last of Us launch trailer is go, lays down the plot
      57. Killzone: Mercenary's E3 2013 trailer is full of pocket gunplay
      58. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma gets PS3 roster trailer
      59. PS4 pre-orders pass Xbox One on Amazon UK - report
      60. VG247 @ E3 2013: behind-the-scenes with Sam Clay
      61. Gran Turismo 6: 50 E3 screens inside, showing new cars & tracks
      62. Game UK: Sony's E3 conference "stepped up to the plate" with PS4 showing
      63. Watch Dogs PS4 footage takes a walk in the rain
      64. PS4's social functions, video sharing and game-swapping shown in new trailer
      65. Ubisoft not decided on Xbox One pre-owned restrictions
      66. Killer Instinct reboot is free-to-play, only one character is free
      67. PS4: 'Greatness Awaits' advert dares you to defy the ordinary
      68. PS4: 500GB hard drive can be swapped-out by users
      69. inFamous: Second Son PS4 screens show smoke powers, towers, more
      70. Killzone: Mercenary E3 screens show Helghan battles, locations
      71. Beyond: new screens show Jodie at war in Somalia
      72. Mad Max: PS4 screens show ass-kicking in Avalanche's new open world
      73. E3 2013: everything you need to know, all in one place
      74. The Walking Dead: 400 Days trailer introduces five new characters
      75. PS4 will be region-free for games, Yoshida confirms
      76. Sony stays on target as E3 offers an open goal
      77. Gran Turismo 6 - new FIA GT3 cars, tracks and sim features announced
      78. PS4 specifications - 500 GB hard drive, Dual Shock 4 costs $59
      79. Analyst praises Sony's "unrivalled" indie support, plays down price difference
      80. Beyond: Two Souls E3 trailer shows Jodie in the military
      81. PS4 will cost $399 when it launches this holiday season
      82. PlayStation’s cloud gaming services will be available in 2014 beginning in the US
      83. Destiny live gameplay demo shown by Bungie
      84. PlayStation Plus required for multiplayer on PS4 games
      85. PS4 no restrictions on used games and no online connection required
      86. Avalanche shows off its Mad Max game
      87. The Elder Scrolls Online announced for PS4 and Xbox One
      88. NBA 2K14 shown running on PS4
      89. Diablo 3 on PS3, PS4 will have exclusive Sony in-game items
      90. Final Fantasy 14 will be released on PS4 in 2014
      91. Assassin's Creed 4 - Aveline playable exclusively on PlayStation
      92. Kingdom Hearts 3 announced for PS4
      93. Final Fantasy Versus 13 is now Final Fantasy 15
      94. Oddworld New 'n' Tasty, Don't Starve, more indies confirmed for PS4
      95. Supergiant Games's Transistor will debut on PS4
      96. The Dark Sorcerer announced, tech demo shown
      97. Killzone: Shadowfall, Driveclub and Knack are PS4 launch titles
      98. Infamous: Second Son trailer shown - out in Q1 2014
      99. The Order: 1886 announced for PS4 from Ready At Dawn
      100. Redbox is coming "very soon" on PS3, Vita, and PS4 and so is Flixster
      101. PS4 finally shown during E3 press conference
      102. GTA 5 bundle to be made available for PS3
      103. PS3 2013 trailer line-up includes GT6, The Last of Us, Arkham Origins
      104. Vita is just getting started, The Walking Dead: 400 Days bundle announced
      105. Welcome to USgamer
      106. Far Cry Classic, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons coming to XBL Summer of Arcade program
      107. Flying Laser Jesus and Gaming's Citizen Kane
      108. Sony E3 2013: PS4 is $399, no changes to used games
      1. Tom Clancy's The Division is Ubisoft Massive's new game
      2. Trials Fusion coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One
      3. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag E3 trailer promises "brutal" experience
      4. Rabbids Invasion coming "very soon", is interactive TV
      5. Just Dance 2014 confirmed at Ubisoft E3 presser
      6. Watch Dogs E3 presentation evokes deja vu
      7. The Crew announced at Ubisoft E3 presser
      8. South Park: The Stick of Truth coming during "a" holiday period
      9. Rayman Legends has over 120 levels
      10. Splinter Cell: Blacklist E3 trailer shows Sam in several sticky situations
      11. Rocksmith 2014 Edition introduced by Alice in Chains frontman
      12. The Ten Best PC Games
      13. Ubisoft E3 presser: The Crew, The Division hitting next-gen
      14. Mirror's Edge "reboot" announced as in the works at DICE
      15. PS4 to come in three flavours, priced up to $599 - rumour
      16. Battlefield 4's Commander Mode detailed, 64-player Siege of Shanghai multiplayer shown
      17. UFC detailed at EA E3 press event
      18. FIFA 14 discussed on stage at EA presser by Drake
      19. Madden 25 features for PS4 and Xbox One detailed
      20. NBA Live 14 coming to PS4 and Xbox One, has better dribble mechanics
      21. Dragon Age: Inquisition will have an open world, out in fall 2014
      22. Ten Great Bullet Hell Shooters
      23. Need for Speed movie clips shown, out in spring 2014
      24. Need for Speed: Rivals - All Drive detailed
      25. Star Wars: Battlefront announced as in the works at DICE
      26. Titanfall is a multiplayer game with a "single-player feel"
      27. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare coming first to Xbox One, then Xbox 360
      28. Microsoft pre-E3 show put Xbox One fears to bed, says analysts
      29. EA @ E3 2013: Mirror's Edge 2, Star Wars: Battlefront
      30. Poll: Will you pay $499 / ?429 for Xbox One at launch?
      31. Titanfall from Respawn will release on Xbox One spring 2014
      32. Xbox One will cost you $499 this November
      33. 343 Industries reveals Halo FPS for Xbox One
      34. Black Tusk game shown running on Xbox One
      35. Below announced for Xbox One
      36. Battlefield 4: Second Assault will be released first on Xbox One
      37. The Witcher 3 confirmed for Xbox One with SmartGlass integration, Kinect voice commands
      38. Dead Rising 3 announced as Xbox One exclusive by Capcom
      39. Crimson Dragon announced for Xbox One
      40. Xbox One will allow you to use real money - no more points
      41. Next-generation SmartGlass, Twitch, Upload Studio a natively built into Xbox One
      42. Project Spark has cross-play between Windows 8, Xbox One, and Xbox 360
      43. D4 is an episodic murder mystery game for Xbox One
      44. Remedy shows off its Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break
      45. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition announced for console launch window
      46. Forza 5 to include "Driveatar" which will learn how players race
      47. Sunset Overdrive announced for Xbox One by Insomniac
      48. Killer Instinct will be released on Xbox One
      49. Ryse: Son of Rome confirmed for Xbox One at launch
      50. Dark Souls 2 will release on Xbox 360 in March 2014
      51. World of Tanks coming to Xbox 360
      52. Xbox 360 being updated based on Xbox One design, new XBL with free games
      53. Metal Gear Solid 5 and its open world releasing on Xbox One
      54. Xbox One releasing in November - per Rare
      55. Kinect Sports Rivals announced for Xbox One, launching 'Holiday 2013'
      56. The Quest for Shadow of the Colossus' Last Big Secret
      57. Destiny of Spirits in the works for Vita at Japan Studio
      58. Battling to Stay Online
      59. Take-Two files domains for 2K Golf Links
      60. Freemium Makes Good Games Suffer
      61. PlayStation Plus: E3 2013 Sale: Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 3, more
      62. MotoGP 13 video shows off the Le Mans track
      63. One Dev's Jump to Sony's Indie-Loving Handheld
      64. Dead Space costume out this week for your Sackboys and girls
      65. Skylanders: Swap Force limited edition toy being handed out at E3
      66. Savage Starlight comic and movie poster show up in The Last of Us
      67. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 E3 gameplay video demo released
      68. MadCatz debuting its Android mini-console Project M.O.J.O. at E3
      69. Disney Infinity video shows Zurg getting hit with a frying pan
      70. Fable 3 is currently free on XBL Marketplace
      71. Nintendo downloads Europe: Animal Crossing & Sega Game Gear classics lead the week
      72. The Witness: Blow confirms game currently uses 5GB of PS4 RAM
      73. Final Fantasy PS4 listed by Amazon France
      74. Xbox One ahead of PS4 in Amazon UK pre-order charts
      75. "All in one. Input one": Microsoft banner reveals Xbox One slogan
      76. Contra: Run and Gun trademarked by Konami
      77. EA Sports' pre-E3 2013 teaser trailer shows sports, more sports & sports
      78. Plants Vs Zombies E3 2013 teaser trailer is quite creepy
      79. UK Charts: GRID 2 remains on top, Remember Me in at third
      80. Battle For Graxia closing, Petroglyph issues statement
      81. SimCity update 5.0 live now, full patch notes here
      82. Twitch launching video creation dev tools with Company of Heroes 2
      83. Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 hits Japan in July
      84. CDC to investigate gaming's role in US gun violence
      85. Poll: which pre-E3 2013 conference are you most looking forward to?
      86. Class of Heroes 2 Interview
      87. Xbox One out November at $499, E3 2013 line-up here
      88. Deadfall Adventures has over 30 weapons, links to Haggard novels
      89. Just Dance 2014 appears on Xbox Live Marketplace
      90. HomeTown Story E3 trailer shows typical Wada whimsy
      91. Lightning Returns poster suggests PC release
      92. Microsoft to show 20 games at E3 conference
      93. Contra: Shattered Soldier coming to US PS Store this week
      94. EA Partners label still alive and well, says Gibeau
      95. LittleBigPlanet 3 spotted on animator's résumé
      96. Six Lies Take-Two Told Investors
      97. Forgotten Memories also coming to Vita
      98. Mew-genics introduces Baby Jack and "pathological collecting"
      99. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath headed to mobiles
      100. Redbox asks users for thoughts on Xbox One licensing
      101. 7 Grand Steps available now
      102. Molyjam Deux set for July 5-7
      103. Tekken Revolution E3 trailer shows off free-to-play fighter
      104. Miiverse photo attachment in testing phase
      105. Blacklight Retribution E3 trailer shows off PS4 build
      106. UFC teaser trailer hypes for E3 reveal
      107. SOCOM "spiritual successor" takes to Kickstarter
      1. Dragon Age confirmed for EA's E3 conference
      2. Nintendo "making a big move" for indies, says Capybara
      3. Who Spilled Hot Coffee?
      4. Curtains for You: The History of Bullet Hell
      5. Lucid Games racer revealed as iOS title
      6. The Most Essential MSX Games of All Time
      7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One reveal expected
      8. What I Want from The Last of Us
      9. Beyond Good & Evil 2 hint appears on Ubisoft Facebook
      10. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag multiplayer images leaked
      11. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare promos spotted at E3
      12. Forza 5 teaser preempts full length E3 trailer
      13. Battlefield 4 alpha images show five-man squads and more - rumour
      14. Watch Dogs E3 2013 exposes Aiden's world
      15. Call of Duty: Ghosts - scuba diving and dog gameplay
      1. Call of Duty: Ghosts All-Access - watch it here
      2. RuneScape 3: colour your world
      3. Désilets suing Ubisoft, wants 1666: Amsterdam rights
      4. Bushnell a little "nervous about" always-online emphasis
      5. Tekken Revolution lands on PSN next week
      6. E3 2013: VG247 Video Diary - Part One: an idiot abroad
      7. Arclight Bundle from Indie Royale is live
      8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt information escapes from July issue of Edge
      9. Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition steelbook packaging is quite nice
      10. The Walking Dead – Wyatt teased as fifth character
      11. God Eater 2 demo releasing on Vita and PSP this summer with data transfer
      12. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z video features Hayashi and Inafune discussing development
      13. Shin Megami Tensei 4 DLC will be free for early buyers
      14. DARK E3 trailer shows protagonist sneaking around to some thumping music
      15. State of Decay sold over 250,000 copies through XBLA within 48 hours of release
      16. Destiny of Spirits trademarked by Sony
      17. GameFly has some great deals on PC games, and a 20% off coupon
      1. Trendy Entertainment exposé claims studio is a harsh, mismanaged, sexist, work envorinment
      2. Xbox One pre-owned: analysts, publishers, indie retailers weigh-in
      3. Killer is Dead videos show gameplay, how to woo the ladies
      4. Sony to release PS4 below $400 at retail - analyst
      5. Skylanders Swap Force coming to PS4, Xbox One, current-gen versions dated
      6. WildStar studio hopes to "fill the void" for people wanting a deep, hardcore MMO
      7. Tales of Xillia E3 trailer is lovely
      8. Malicious Rebirth releasing later this year on Vita
      9. Injustice: Gods Among Us video is all about Scorpion
      10. Another Retro Studios staff member joins Armature Studio
      11. Humble Bundle helps Dear Esther surpass 750,000 units
      12. SEGA announces E3 2013 line-up
      13. Lords of the Fallen - main character revealed
      14. LocoCycle will be an Xbox One launch title
      15. PS Plus: Uncharted 3, LBP Karting, XCOM: Enemy Unknown join the service next week
      16. Nintendo issues friendly reminder for Nintendo Direct E3, Reggie says hi
      17. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 shots show Snow, in-game battles
      18. First D.I.C.E. Europe Summit to be held in London September 24-25
      19. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance releasing digitally on PC "soon"
      20. Arma 3 screenshots show content from upcoming Beta, full game
      21. Activision bringing Skylanders SWAP Force to E3 alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny
      22. Thief E3 trailer is all about Garret the Master Thief
      23. The Walking Dead - Shel teased as fourth character
      24. US and UK PlayStation Charts: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon tops for May
      25. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet details plans for world vs world play
      26. Deus Ex: The Fall is 6 hours long, has in-app purchases, new trailer & screens inside
      27. Resident Evil: Revelations' Rachael Ooze & Lady Hunk DLC get trailers
      28. Dragon's Crown opening movie revealed, watch it here
      29. World of Tanks passes 60 million registered users
      30. Daylight: Unreal Engine 4 game confirmed for PS4, E3 trailer released
      31. Nosgoth in active development, not 'traditional' Legacy of Kain game
      32. Rezzed 2013 hosts Creative Assembly game jam, Chris Avellone to judge
      33. Dying Light trailer blends parkour and zombies
      34. Skyrim: Legendary Edition hits Europe, details inside
      35. Xbox One: Microsoft promises more exclusives at gamescom, Xbox 360 E3 'surprise'
      36. GTA 5: new screen found inside Red Dead Redemption GOTY box
      37. New research finds games make for moral and ethically-minded kids
      38. 300 Heroes: MOBA featuring Naruto, Angry Birds & Wall-E seems to break many copyrights
      39. Chronoblade confirmed for OUYA, browsers & smartphones, new trailers inside
      40. Zelda Wii U to bring 'unexpected elements', says Aonuma
      41. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z's live-action trailer brings the rap
      42. Walking Dead writer: 'TellTale very invested in story'
      43. Poll: tell us which next-gen console you will buy at launch
      44. Xbox One: the record is broken, long live the record
      45. Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC appears on Steam Registry
      46. Neverwinter get enormous update with major rebalance
      47. World of Warcraft Flexible Raid system coming in next content update
      48. NPD: digital brings Q1 2013 spend on par with 2012
      49. Man of Steel mobile game inbound from Warner Bros.
      50. CCP fans buying PS3s for DUST 514, developer claims
      51. Killer is Dead trailer notes that everyone else is dead, too
      52. Lightning Returns gets Japanese box art, limited edition controller
      53. NBA 2K14 headed to current and next-gen, but not Wii U
      54. Shadow of Mordor trademarks, domains suggest new Lord of the Rings game inbound
      55. Massive Chalice backers requested same-sex relationships
      56. Scurvy Scallywags out now on iOS
      57. Atlus teases "scary" announce tonight
      58. Nintendo E3 teaser promises "lots of action"
      1. Serious Sam 4 inbound, to be funded by Humble Bundle proceeds
      2. Crysis 3: The Lost Island launch trailer heralds new maps
      3. Freespace IP now with Interplay
      4. Xbox One must go online every day, will play used games
      5. Towdie makes a bid to return via Kickstarter
      6. Civilization 5 is free to play this weekend – and on sale
      7. SimCity Mac release delayed into August, PC update inbound
      8. Saints Row 4 Steam pre-orders open, includes bonus goodies at 10% off
      9. EVE-VR going to E3, may release in the future
      10. Portal 2 PlayStation Move co-op DLC out now, free
      11. Youkai Watch out on 3DS in Japan July 11
      12. Super Crate Box headed to Ouya, Luftrausers nearly done
      13. Might & Magic 10: Legacy Open Development phase seeks player input
      14. CryEngine 3 PlayStation 4 support confirmed
      15. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream hits PSN this month
      16. Watch Dogs vs GTA not even a thing, says Ubisoft
      17. Unreal Engine 4 Integrated Partners Program announced
      18. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition pre-order trailer is cute
      19. Dragon's Prophet video shows Puretia starter zone and its zombie menace
      20. Perfect World announces formation of Cryptic North in Seattle
      21. Sky has "no plans to sell Xbox hardware," as part of a Sky subscription
      22. NBA Live 14 will release exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One
      23. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes screens show a battle taking place in Asgard
      24. 505 Games bringing Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, PayDay 2, more to E3
      25. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F demo out next week in US, Europe
      26. Konami E3: MGS 5 stars Kiefer Sutherland as Snake
      27. Nintendo Downloads NA: Trine 2 Director's Cut on sale, Spelunker, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
      28. Vita "sinking," don't expect news on Xbox One or PS4 pricing, used game policies at E3 - analyst
      29. Disney Infinity shots and a trailer show off the Lone Ranger playset
      30. EA E3 line-up confirms the premiere of Battlefield 4 multiplayer
      31. DriveClub video diary discusses PS4 development
      32. Super Luigi U renders and artwork released
      33. Square Enix announces E3 line-up
      34. Capcom confirms E3 line-up, releases quite a few screenshots
      35. Puppeteer shots are adorable, and many
      36. Neverwinter releasing in two weeks, screens show Gauntlgrym end-game content
      37. Wolfenstein: The New Order - E3 trailer released
      38. Xbox One controller detailed, 200 prototypes created before final design decided
      39. Titanfall from Respawn coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360
      40. Total War: Rome 2 trailer highlights the story of Cleopatra
      41. Saints Row 4 E3 trailer delves into the war on humanity
      42. Diablo 3 out in September on PS3 and Xbox 360
      43. Smash Bros. Wii U trailer to be shown during Nintendo Direct E3
      44. Say no to corridors: Rebellion on Sniper Elite 3's sandbox
      45. Blood Bowl 2 announced for PC, teaser trailer inside
      46. The Deleted Scenes of Doom
      47. Sid Meier's Cultural Victory
      48. Plastic Soul: One Man's Quest to Build an AI that Can Create Games
      49. Inside Japan's Indie Scene
      50. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Ultimate Box edition revealed, pack-art inside
      51. Dragon's Dogma Quest: lush new art shows Pawn types, beasts & more
      52. Journey: Collector's Edition hits Blu-Ray across Europe tomorrow
      53. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 hits Europe February 2014, new trailer inside
      54. Amazon US launches dedicated PC & Mac indie store, sale now on
      55. Rezzed 2013 line-up adds playable Splinter Cell Blacklist, Mighty Quest For Epic Loot & more
      56. Zelda director Eiji Aonuma wants to work on something else before retirement
      57. Xbox One to enter set-top box deal with Sky - report
      58. GRID 2 Aston Martin trailer shows expensive cars at play
      59. EA retires Mass Effect 3: Datapad app
      60. GTA 5 sales won't be dented by PS4 & Xbox One release, says Zelnick
      61. FIFA 14: new gameplay trailer is all about precision
      62. NHL 14 trailer shows Enforcer Engine fights
      63. Hellraid E3 gameplay trailer shows beasts, battles & magic
      64. FIFA 14: more power, more precision
      65. FIFA 14 screens show off new skills and footwork
      66. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX E3 2013 trailer escapes
      67. Shaq Fu trademarks also registered by O'Neal's licensing company
      68. State of Decay Australian release waiting on Classification Board
      69. Ducktales Remastered footage shows off Amazon, Transylvania levels
      70. Assassin's Creed 3 senior producer takes leading role at Ubisoft Quebec
      71. Dota 2 documentary near complete, showing at private sessions
      72. Black Ops 2, Minecraft still reign supreme on XBL activity charts
      73. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion first DLC now available
      74. Killzone: Mercenary beta, PS3 themes up for grabs at PS Home E3 booth
      75. Shroud of the Avatar introduces instalment payments for reward tiers
      76. Charlie Murder releasing soon, launch trailer available right now
      77. Forza Motorsport 5 will be 60FPS and run at 1080p
      78. Phantasy Star Online 2 has 500,000 players on Vita
      79. Mobile, freemium segment most popular in the US - report
      80. Dota 2 update beings usual slew of rebalancing
      81. The Walking Dead: Episode One free on Xbox Live
      82. Microsoft notifying Xbox Live complainants when action is taken
      83. The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile coming to PC, other Ska ports likely
      84. Warframe trailer celebrates PlayStation 4 launch
      85. You Don't Know Jack developer now known as Jackbox Games
      1. World of Darkness probably won't have daytime
      2. Sony’s pre-E3 teaser trailer promises new games, interviews & more
      3. The Walking Dead teasing continues with third character
      4. Prey 2 scuttled by Bethesda buy-out attempt - rumour
      5. Baldur's Gate recreated in Neverwinter Nights 2 engine by modding group
      6. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sales line Rhode Island's pockets
      7. Pokémon 2013 European Championship winners off to Vancouver
      8. Diablo 3 - Blizzard appoints Josh Mosqueira as game director
      9. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara's Thief gets her very own trailer
      10. South Park: The Stick of Truth E3 trailer is utterly awesome
      11. Battlefield 1943 servers fixed after a month of network errors
      12. Wii U Basic will continue to be available at retail, says Nintendo of America
      13. Square Enix to discuss the "future of Final Fantasy" on June 11
      14. Nintendo should release its IP on all platforms - Livingstone
      15. Soul Sacrifice - more free DLC lands next week
      16. Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer modes and maps detailed
      17. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episodes 1 & 2, Sonic CD to release on Ouya
      18. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs release delayed into late summer
      19. Tiny Brains co-op puzzler heading to PS4
      20. Spelunky HD arrives on PC this summer alongside PS3 and Vita versions
      21. DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 Coming to PS4
      22. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will feature Snow Villiers
      23. Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny "one-to-one remake" of 1992 original set for June release
      24. Metro: Last Light Mobius trailer released
      25. Arma 3 Alpha gets Sniper Package added
      26. Puppeteer pre-orders net Theatrical Pack, final two powers revealed with E3 trailer
      27. Twitch to livestream E3 demonstrations next week, full schedule inside
      28. Deus Ex: The Fall announced for mobile, tablets - out this summer
      29. PayDay 2 live-action web series episode one released
      30. InFamous: Second Son video goes behind-the-scenes with mo-cap sessions
      31. The Last of Us reviews are go, all the scores inside
      32. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition heading to PC in August
      33. The Last of Us: something to fight for
      34. EU PS Store and Plus update, June 5 - Rayman Origins, Limbo, Crysis 3 multiplayer
      35. Tomodachi Collection: New Life back on top of Media Create charts
      36. Saints Row 4: Collector’s Edition - Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition announced for North America
      37. Nintendo: O2 deal to bring 7,000 Nintendo Zone wi-fi spots to UK
      38. PSN E3 sale discounts inFamous, Call of Duty & Killzone franchises
      39. Xbox One: producer underlines appetite for interactive TV experiences
      40. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning heading to Europe thanks to publisher Marvelous
      41. Tomb Raider now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand
      42. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets detailed PlayArts figure, photos inside
      43. Animal Crossing: New Leaf launch trailer is full of whimsy
      44. PSN offering huge PSP sale: many games now just ?3.19
      45. GameCube controllers compatible with Wii U thanks to new adapter
      46. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Shadows trailer focuses on Donatello
      47. Japanese console market expanded by 1.2% in 2012, publishers down but not out
      48. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 12 won't launch in June, confirms dev
      49. PES 2014 won't release on Wii U due to lack of demand, says community manager
      50. Walking Dead: TellTale teases another new character
      51. Battlefield 4: GameStop pre-order bonuses offer BF3 air vehicle boosters
      52. Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC out now, prices inside
      53. Former OMGPOP dev "Not surprised at all" by Zynga lay-offs
      54. Humble Bundle 8 breaks $2 million in sales
      55. NBA 2K14 teaser trailer drops ahead of full June 6 reveal
      56. Wolfenstein: The New Order - a blast from the past
      57. Microsoft’s pre-E3 trailer shows Gears of War, Dark Souls 2 & Xbox One titles
      58. The Last of Us live-action trailer shows descent into decay
      59. Nintendo Leans the Wrong Way with Tomodachi Collection's Gay Bug
      60. Injustice patch preps for Scorpion, fixes Batgirl's camera issues
      61. Dragon's Dogma quest is a 2D Vita exclusive
      62. DC announces choose-you-own-adventure style comic tech
      63. Europa Universalis 4 pre-purchase now open at 10% off
      64. Xbox1.com domain next on Microsoft's list
      65. EVE Online players receive 50K skill points over DDoS downtime
      66. PlayStation 4 launch title inbound from Bloober Team
      67. Humble Bundle 8, Indie Royale add extra goodies
      68. Warframe coming to PlayStation 4
      69. DICE boss teases E3 "surprises"
      1. Wii U Basic being pulled from GameStop - rumour
      2. SpyParty opens early access beta registration for $15
      3. Wikipad hits US retail next week
      4. Destiny gameplay to be shown at Sony's E3 conference
      5. Killer is Dead DLC includes vampires and unicorns
      6. Xbox One: Ballmer visits Hollywood to talk content deals - rumour
      7. Firefall's final weekend test throws the doors open to all
      8. Blood Bowl: Star Coach beta available on Steam
      9. Triple-A focus could kill the industry, warns former DICE producer turned mobile dev
      10. Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter "temporarily" cancelled
      11. Mighty Switch Force! 2 trailer is loud and rather fun
      12. US PS Store and Plus update, June 4 - Remember Me, Limbo, Crysis 3 multiplayer
      13. World of Warships gets a cinematic trailer ahead of E3
      14. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition hits retail in the US
      15. EVE Online: Odyssey launches today, two new trailers released
      16. DuckTales: Remastered to be released through various digital outlets on PC
      17. StarCraft 2 - spawning is back, will be published across the globe by the end of the day
      18. Fieldrunners 2 releasing this summer on Vita
      19. The Last of Us multiplayer video available again
      20. Rugby Challenge 2 - exclusive gameplay videos inside
      21. Mirror’s Edge 2 domains updated by EA
      22. Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-E3 All-Access broadcast will be held this Sunday
      23. South Park: The Stick of Truth previews start landing, new shots released
      24. Rocksmith series has sold 1.4 million copies, new study confirms shredding benefits
      25. Class of Heroes 2 now available on the PS Store for PSP and Vita
      26. Stick it to the Man heading to Vita, PS3 - dialogue written by Adventure Time writer
      27. Atomic Indie Bundle includes Section 8, Tropico Trilogy, Dino D-Day, more for $5
      28. PES 2014 will not be released on PS4, Xbox One, 3DS or Vita, says Konami
      29. Stronghold Crusader 2 to be revealed at E3 next week
      30. Remember Me launch trailer hails Friday's release
      31. Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer shows detective work beyond the grave
      32. Guacamelee! costume DLC pack comes with new trophies
      33. Minecraft Expo taking place during Insomnia 49 event
      34. Company of Heroes 2 will go into open beta later today
      35. Skyrim Legendary Edition is now available in North America
      36. Final Fantasy 4 now available for Android through Google Play Store
      37. Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash festival starts next week
      38. Coming soon to Xbox Live: Sleeping Dogs deal of the week, Zeno Clash 2, State of Decay
      39. Fable Anniversary - Fable 1 HD remake out this holiday
      40. Harmonix announces Fantasia: Music Evolved for Kinect on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
      41. Winning entries for the 2013 Into the Pixel collection announced
      42. Halo: Spartan Assault trailer is go, watch it here
      43. Halo: Spartan Assault images show the UNSC's best at play
      44. Halo: Spartan Assault - debut gameplay, 343 interview inside
      45. Halo Spartan Assault: pocket rocket
      46. Sony hosting bi-weekly indie sale on PlayStation Store
      47. Xbox One pre-orders open at Zavvi
      48. PES 2014: FOX Engine features promise a radical overhaul
      49. Razer Blade: gaming tablet pre-orders now open, costs $1,799 and up
      50. Massive Chalice: Double Fine hits Kickstarter funding goal
      51. The E3 2013 press conferences: when and what
      52. Blizzard updates Battle.Net desktop client page, new images surface
      53. Sonic: third game in Nintendo deal coming 2014 - rumour
      54. Disney's Planes trailer shows high-flying Wii U gameplay
      55. AMD 'Be Invincible' trailer gives a taste of Xbox One & PS4 tech
      56. "Wii U could be relegated to first-party only" - Pachter
      57. Link's Shadow: Zelda fan film is full of sword-fighting action
      58. Deus Ex: The Fall teaser trailer drops ahead of June 5 reveal
      59. Draw Something creators OMGPOP shuttered amid Zynga lay-offs
      60. Kickstarter headlines Game Invest 2013
      61. The Last of Us multiplayer footage leaks, watch it here
      62. EVE Online: 96% of players are male, CCP fine with that
      63. Fable 1 HD remake teased by Lionhead, trailer inside
      64. Ride to Hell: Retribution Steam pre-orders begin, Cook's Mad Recipe DLC bundled
      65. India rising: games going up on the sub-continent
      66. Banjo Kazooie 4, Mirror's Edge 2 top Xbox One E3 list - rumour
      67. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition screens show neat HD port
      68. Halo 4 update buffs multiple weapons
      69. Path of Exile patch adds loads of new features
      70. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate introduces flagship foe
      71. The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC out now
      72. Wargaming hopes to chuck pay-to-win rep for eSports
      1. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag novel, art book and strategy guide announced
      2. EVE Online Odyssey ship rebalancing detailed
      3. Toro's Frend Network, Paint Park Plus headed to Vita
      4. Mass Effect 3 N7 HQ now available in mobile form
      5. Deus Ex, Saints Row 3 and more headed to PS Plus in June
      6. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate free version headed west
      7. The Walking Dead: TellTale tease suggests new content soon
      8. State of Decay marches into Xbox Live on June 5
      9. Harmonix to announce new game tomorrow
      10. Zynga shutters four studios, more than 500 employees lose jobs
      11. The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief gets interactive-prologue-graphic-novel
      12. More details emerge about Ubisoft Reflections' The Crew
      13. Agni's Philosophy pre-order listing spotted on Amazon UK & FR
      14. Murdered: Soul Suspect tease points to Tuesday reveal, new art inside
      15. Lionhead launches new Fable forum, announcement incoming
      16. Capcom launches 30th anniversary countdown site
      17. Halo 4 dev hiring multiplayer designer for 'revolutionary new multiplayer experiences' in new Halo game
      18. The Last of Us: ‘Factions’ multiplayer previews and screens appear
      19. Arma Tactics THD out now on Android devices
      20. EU video store update live, four new releases announced
      21. Final Fantasy IV remake out for Android
      22. Microsoft preparing for device and service-led restructure - rumour
      23. ARAIG virtual reality suit takes the Kickstarter route
      24. Nintendo Downloads Europe: Spelunker & Tetris lead the week
      25. Skyward Collapse: a brain-bending battle against yourself
      26. Deus Ex: The Fall teased by Eidos Montreal
      27. GRID 2 Indycar gameplay: 10 mins of rough driving action
      28. Xbox One to cost $399, PS4 for $349 says Pachter
      29. Injustice: Mortal Kombat's Scorpion is next DLC character, trailer inside
      30. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time dated, is free-to-play
      31. Red Dead Redemption fan film out this month, trailer is full of grindhouse glory
      32. Batman Arkham Origins: Deathstroke DLC may not hit Wii U
      33. EVE Online & DUST 514 back online after DDOS attacks
      34. Need for Speed: Rivals screens show Ferrari F12 in action
      35. Battlefield: Bad Company series not in active development, says DICE
      36. PS4: 'no DRM' Twitter campaign set for final push this week, also targets Xbox One
      37. Beyond: Two Souls dated for UK release
      38. Xbox One pre-orders now open at ASDA
      39. Dark Souls 2: leaked concept art shows castles, spiders & more - rumour
      40. Bayonetta 2 will be shown during E3 Nintendo Direct stream
      41. Amazon no longer stocking Final Fantasy 13 Versus, suggests re-brand - rumour
      42. Watch Dogs gets single new, gun-toting screen
      43. GRID 2 cockpit view enabled by modders, gameplay video inside
      44. The Last Guardian appears on official E3 2013 site, new trailer mentioned
      45. GTA 5: Los Santos map pieced together by fans
      46. Exploring the magnetic appeal of typing games
      47. UK Charts: GRID 2 tears into first place, Fuse debuts at 37
      48. Warcraft movie starts filming early 2014, possible 2015 launch window
      49. Halo 4: new wave of action figures announced, skin DLC codes inside
      50. Remember Me reviews are go, get all the scores here
      51. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate free version headed to JP PSN
      52. Soul Sacrifice patch adds new story content
      53. The Grave Digger trailer shows off two-man indie horror effort
      54. The Last of Us multiplayer details found in demo - rumour
      55. Kixeye raises $50,000 for US veterans
      56. Tetris creator brings new puzzle game to iOS - Marbly
      57. SWTOR offers free server transfers for homeless APAC players from June 4
      58. Mamorukun Curse! confirmed for NA PSN release
      59. Conker's Bad Fur Day developers offer commentary
      60. Killer is Dead produces another batch of hypercolour screens
      61. Wasteland 2 inventory preview shows grid, list and image systems
      1. Double Fine says "suits around a table" don't always know best
      2. Mad Catz, Turtle Beach announce support for Xbox One
      3. Xbox One E3 conference won't be about TV
      4. PS4 to be "a great platform for MMOs", says DCUO producer
      5. Robotoki police raid results in face off with Call of Duty statue
      6. Dark Souls 2 E3 banner outs release window
      1. PS4 won't require always online connection and won't block used- Yoshida
      2. Valve - indies shouldn't "split royalties with a publisher" and expect "automatic yes on Greenlight"
      3. ESA Canada - games industry contributed $2.3 billion to GDP in 2012
      4. Rooster Teeth personality David Dreger still missing - search continues
      5. Xbox E3 2013 media briefing - how to watch
      6. Super Luigi U video gives you an overview of the game
      7. Next-gen systems as entertainment devices is "a perilous idea," - Spector
      8. Garry’s Mod moved over to SteamPipe next week
      9. SWTOR website updated with full page devoted to Operation Nightmare
      10. StarCraft 2: WCS America Season 1 Regional Finals going on now
      11. EVE Online: Odyssey trailer shows some of the expansion's features
      12. Remember Me shots are solemn, yet lovely
      13. Doodle Jump for Kinect releasing on XBLA at the end of June
      14. Nintendo launches its website for E3 2013
      15. Prey 2 "was a full game, fun," claims ex-Human Head staffer
      16. Halo: Spartan Assault domains registered by Microsoft
      17. Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 now available through Steam
      18. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles announced for PS3, heading west in 2014
      19. GamePop Android console out this year, will run you $129
      20. The Last of Us demo videoed, screens show various scenes
      21. GoG has Sierra adventure games on sale for 50% off until June 3
      22. Oculus Rift co-founder Andrew Scott Reisse struck and killed in crosswalk during police chase
      23. "Sony's done a nice job" in digital space - Spencer
      24. Guacamelee DLC in the works, sequel being considered