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  • September 2013 Archive

      1. Vita 2000 commercial talks up the value of the new
      2. Watch Dogs whole map open from the start of the game
      3. Ian Livingstone to leave Eidos and Square Enix to focus on other projects
      4. Halo 3, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes coming to Xbox Games With Gold in October
      5. Rain arrives on PlayStation Store this week
      6. Xi3 Piston due in November, priced from $999
      7. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey demo produces five screenshots
      8. Microsoft streaming service codenamed Rio
      9. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning included in this week's US PS Plus update
      10. Dark Souls 2 beta produces loads of leaked footage
      11. Persona-related teaser site opened by Atlus
      12. Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 released
      13. Mighty No. 9 video shows in-engine footage, game uses Unreal Engine
      14. Making Sense of Valve’s Steam Living Room
      15. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag's new screens show shooting, sword-play and stealth
      16. Assassin's Creed 4 PS4 & Xbox One release dated, new trailer inside
      17. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag - a link to the past
      18. Killzone: Shadow Fall file size is over 50GB, Sony confirms
      19. "I want to see Half-Life 3": Pitchford wants Valve's resources to be spent on games, not hardware
      20. Killzone: Shadow Fall team at Guerrilla Games working on new IP
      21. Twitch secures $20 million in Series C investment, Take-Two among investors
      22. Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi joins Mighty No. 9 project
      23. Destiny PS4 & Xbox One box art revealed, new trailer dropping October 1
      24. Xbox One world tour starting October 1, play in a city near you soon
      25. Titanfall: people need to be broken in to its verticality, Respawn suggests
      26. Battlefield 4: AMD deal worth $5-8 million, reports suggest
      27. "Minecraft is a system seller," indies important to overall ecosystem, says ID@Xbox boss
      28. Beyond is about opening doors & showing people games aren't just about shooting, says Cage
      29. Volition's Jim Boone wants DICE to resurrect the Red Faction series
      30. PS4 vs Xbox One: the format war is a marathon, not a sprint, says Sony
      31. Heroes of the Storm trademarked by Blizzard
      32. Battlefield 4 beta available to pre-load now, starts October 1
      33. Beyond: Two Souls 'Advanced Experiments' bonus scene lasts 30 minutes, details inside
      34. Yakuza 5: no plans for localisation as Yakuza Ishin development rolls on
      35. Nintendo Downloads EU: Wind Waker HD, Final Fight & Wii Karaoke U lead the week
      36. New Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, focuses on Wii U & 3DS games coming later this year
      37. The Dead Linger hits Steam Early Access, offers procedurally-generated zombie sandboxes
      38. PS4 more popular among consumers than Xbox One, according to Reuters poll
      39. UK charts: FIFA 14 enters at top, GTA 5 slips to second
      40. Ryse: Son of Rome's 900p resolution discussed by Crytek boss - "Its for efficiency"
      41. Destiny beta coming with pre-orders, outed by website code - rumour
      42. Forza 5: the road to Xbox One - Greenawalt talks console conception
      43. Screen Australia allocates $2.6 million in funding to 21 games
      44. EA shutters North Carolina mobile studio - rumour
      45. Disgaea 4 director teams up with Idea Factory for new Vita RPG
      46. Dead Rising 3's zombies are procedurally generated, but it has a hand-crafted world
      47. FIFA 14 launch trailer packed with accolades, weird live action
      48. Armored Core: Verdict Day produces launch trailer
      49. Jane Jensen's mystery game reveal due next week
      50. Shadow of the Eternals on hold, Precursor "taking a break"
      1. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord gets first screenshots, concept art
      2. Wasteland Kings renamed Nuclear Throne
      3. Neverending Nightmares successfully funded despite backer error drama
      4. The Binding of Isaac documentary celebrates two-year anniversary
      5. Batman: Arkham Origins has extra hard I Am the Night mode with permadeath
      6. Battlefield 4: DICE aims for equal performance on both next-gen consoles - report
      7. From Zero to Hero: The Wind Waker's Strange Transformation
      8. Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Review
      1. Team Meat's Tommy Refenes demos the Steam controller, thinks it's a "great start"
      2. Shinji Mikami explains why Resident Evil series became more action-oriented
      3. Pandemic: The Board Game coming to the iPad
      4. Surgeon Simulator ARG hacked, alien surgeries unlocked
      5. Xi3 teases more information for Piston console
      6. Amnesia developer teases next game with mysterious website
      7. Mighty No. 9 asks Kickstarter backers to vote for character designs
      8. MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame announced
      9. Drop is a Kickstarter with a heartwarming story
      10. Pinball Arcades's Judgment Day is nigh - new Terminator 2 table coming
      11. Midgar Studios launches Edge of Eternity Kickstarter
      12. Call of Duty producer talks Ghosts multiplayer development process
      13. After Show Party: live now from EG Expo
      14. Deadfall Adventures cinematic trailer shows why being buried alive sucks
      15. Rockstar talks Grand Theft Auto Online, explains reasoning behind release date
      16. Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer will have dedicated servers
      17. Survival horror Kickstarter Middle of Nowhere relaunches campaign
      18. Need for Speed: Rivals EG Expo 2013 livestream - Ghost Games unveils the latest on the racer - 5pm UK
      19. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes EG Expo 2013 livestream: TT Games talk blocky superhereos at 4pm UK
      20. Resogun EG Expo 2013 livestream: Housemarque to present its PS4 launch title at 3pm UK
      21. Batman: Arkham Origins EG Expo 2013 - livestream goes in-depth on caped crusader's latest at 2pm UK
      22. Watch Dogs EG Expo 2013 - Ubisoft discusses the latest on the November release
      23. The Witcher 3 EG Expo 2013 livestream: CDP Red on stage to discuss Geralt's latest adventure
      24. Virtual Spotlight: Solomon's Key
      1. EGX: How Sony's Changing Publishing
      2. League of Legends' latest champion is the "loose cannon" Jinx
      3. Pokémon X & Y special edition 3DS XL systems now available in North American stores
      4. US PS Plus October: Kingdoms of Amalur, Shadow of the Colossus, Hotline Miami, more
      5. Day of the Tentacle remake was in the works before LucasArts was shuttered - report
      6. First Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament to be held at MLG Championships in Columbus
      7. Ice-Pick Lodge on the Making of Monsters
      8. Valve announces the Steam Controller with touch screen, haptic feedback, more
      9. EG Expo 2013: Saturday sessions include Witcher 3, Watch Dogs - watch here from noon UK
      10. Outside Xbox Live Show - EG Expo 2013 Livestream: the Outside Xbox crew takes the stage
      11. Putty Squad and The Pinball Arcade to launch alongside PS4 in November
      12. Thief 4: Master Thief Edition is a digital download option on PC and available for pre-order
      13. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 trailer borrows the Miqo'te Garb
      14. Dead Island: Riptide is free to play this weekend, 66% off to buy
      15. Mighty No.9 Kickstarter adds Vita and 3DS stretch goal
      16. Bravely Default: For The Sequel releasing by the end of 2013 in Europe
      17. Second Life gets a graphics and features overhaul
      18. PS4 Indie Showcase - EG Expo 2013 Livestream: Sony's indie main-man Shahid Ahmad shows off PS4's indie offerings
      19. Arma 3's first post-release update is live
      20. Hearthstone beta wipe approaches ahead of major update
      21. Watch Dogs on current-gen requires mandatory install, comes on two discs
      22. The Evil Within extended gameplay video released
      23. Beyond: Two Souls can be played using only a smartphone or tablet
      24. After Show Party: live here from 7pm GMT - Titanfall and more
      25. Watch Dogs compares the game's city to GTA5, says the focus is on density
      26. New Wildstar DevSpeak video looks at Ability Mechanics
      27. Xbox Fitness has you working out with famous trainers, free with Xbox Live Gold through December 2014
      28. FIFA 14 Next-Gen - EG Expo 2013 Livestream - EA talks the next generation of football games
      29. China to lift decadelong ban on the sale of video game consoles
      30. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC plans outlined: first of three packs drop next month
      31. Velocity 2X video shows pre-Alpha footage of the platforming sections
      32. Dying Light - EG Expo 2013 Livestream: Techland talks open world zombie hell
      33. Candy Crush Saga studio King filing for IPO in US, company reportedly worth $5 billion
      34. Gun Monkeys is free to play this weekend, half price to buy
      35. Nintendo UK admits people don't realise Wii U is new console, plans ambitious fight back
      36. World of Warplanes update adds new British planes
      37. Forza 5: "We're using 100% of this console" - Greenawalt on Xbox One
      38. Beyond: Two Souls - EG Expo 2013 Livestream: David Cage speaks
      39. PS4 games have suggested retail prices of ?55-60
      40. Ace Combat Infinity's free-to-play model detailed
      41. Tearaway - EG Expo 2013 Livestream: Media Molecule talks through ambitious plans for the future
      42. 38 Studios auction set for November, Kingdoms of Amalur up for grabs
      43. UK developer trade bodies UKIE and TIGA consider merging
      44. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1 opening movie is online
      45. Train Simulator 2014 launch trailer is narrated by Sean Bean
      46. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn offers Veteran Rewards to subscribers
      47. Scribblenauts Unmasked launch trailer shows off its DC Comics credentials
      48. Train Simulator 2014 is bigger than you think
      49. Eurogamer Expo 2013 - Friday highlights include David Cage, PS4 indie showcase - watch here from 12 noon UK time
      50. Planetary Annihilation beta available now
      51. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles trailers get Regal
      52. Watch the first Mighty No. 9 documentary episode
      53. UPDATED: Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter DLC announcement causes fan backlash
      54. Ford CEO Alan Mulally in frame for Microsoft CEO job - rumour
      55. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gameplay videos show the battle system in action
      56. Microsoft confirms Xbox One only has 5 minutes of recording
      57. Cut the Rope 2 due during the holiday season
      58. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX trailer reminds us that Disney is in it
      59. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions gets Forgotten War expansion
      60. GTA 5 to feature at New York Film festival
      61. EA NCAA case ready to settle, athlete's attorneys "extraordinarily pleased"
      62. Quantic Dream's new project is "very different" from Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain
      63. Snake Plissken's ESCAPE footage emerges
      64. Battlefield 4 to launch with seven multiplayer modes, ten maps
      65. PvZ 2: Popcap prefers to "start with one platform and get it right"
      66. Just Dance 2014 launches with free Katy Perry DLC
      67. New IP shows industry is healthy, "bullish" - Gamestop boss
      68. Tropico 3, Sine Mora and more in latest Humble Weekly Sale
      69. GamesAid presents ?260,000 to charities at Eurogamer Expo
      70. X Rebirth trailer introduces trading system
      71. Valhalla Knights 3 release date set for North America
      1. Soul Sacrifice Delta art dump shows off fairy tale monsters
      2. What The Hell Is Cookie Clicker?
      3. Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition now available on eShop
      4. Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ubisoft pre-orders include R.U.S.E.
      5. Splinter Cell content added to Ghost Recon Online
      6. Activision "taking some of the biggest risks"; CEO responds to criticisms
      7. Sony and Microsoft may be "hostile" to new AMD tech, says Carmack
      8. "Watch this space," says Sony UK boss of Vita TV, new Vita model
      9. Xbox games demo shows streaming from cloud to PC, mobile - rumour
      10. EVE Online: Rubicon - 20th free expansion to the MMO set for release in November
      11. The Sims 4: Mixed Feelings Have Never Been so Much Fun
      12. EA will not release a NCAA Football game in 2014, "evaluating" plans for the franchise's future
      13. Forza 5 to include current configuration of Silverstone circuit
      14. Shadow Warrior's launch trailer has got the touch and the power
      15. Black Ops 2: Apocalypse released on PC and PlayStation 3
      16. Killzone: Shadow Fall: multiplayer runs at 60 fps "a lot of the time", single-player 30 fps
      17. EVE Vegas event will be held October 18-20
      18. Former Gears of War producer Rod Fergusson to head up new 2K studio
      19. Star Citizen passes $20M in funding - video shows off Hangar, ships, other shiny things
      20. The Last of Us DLC news drops tomorrow, alternate ending video released
      21. Microsoft watching what Valve does with Steam Machines, SteamOS, with "great interest"
      22. Eurogamer Expo 2013 Day One: developer session round-up
      23. Forza Motorsport 5 direct feed gameplay shows a Pagani Huayra speeding through the Bernese Alps circuit
      24. F1 2013: Codemasters' David Croft shows VG247 how to change a tire - video
      25. Divinity: Original Sin Alpha, beta and release dates announced by Larian
      26. Pokemon Origins retells the story of Pokemon Red and Blue, is stupidly nostalgic
      27. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - latest video stars some Infamous Pirates
      28. The Evil Within - EG Expo 2013 livestream: Tango Gameworks discusses its multiplatform horror title
      29. Xbox One's seven day head start over PS4 in Europe is a "moot point," says Sony
      30. PlayStation 4's "potential killer app" might well be remote play with Vita, says Sony
      31. "Proper cause to celebrate": Sony rediscovers its disruptive roots with PS4
      32. WWE 2K14 video shows The Rock laying the smackdown
      33. Guild Wars 2 - EG Expo 2013 livestream: ArenaNet talks upcoming content
      34. Battlefield 4 multiplayer map details leak online
      35. Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass detailed, will run you $19.99
      36. Lightning strikes Final Fantasy 14
      37. Killzone: Shadow Fall - EG Expo 2013: Guerrilla Games discusses game's progress
      38. Persona 4 Arena sequel is called The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold
      39. Nintendo downloads NA: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, Donkey Kong 3, Rune Factory 4, more
      40. Killzone: Shadow Fall getting two bundles, Sony confirms
      41. Velocity 2X: EG Expo livestream - FuturLab showing Velocity Ultra sequel running on PS4
      42. Forza Motorsport 5 EG Expo livestream - Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt talks series' shift to Xbox One
      43. Capcom "continuing to evaluate" bringing Monster Hunter 4 west
      44. Phil Harrison: "The cloud will keep consoles relevant"
      45. Phil Harrison details ID@Xbox, hopes all Xbox Ones will be dev kits eventually
      46. Xbox One DVR features let you record video commentary to share with game clips
      47. Kinect can understand two voices talking at one, mouths moving in the dark
      48. Xbox One is "more than 10-year journey," says Phil Harrison
      49. EVE Online winter announcement set for 9pm GMT tonight
      50. Final Fantasy 5 available now on Android, Final Fantasy 4: The After Years due this year
      51. Carmageddon: Reincarnation aiming for Steam early access in Q1 2014
      52. The Office of Fair Trading warns game industry over targeting children with in-app purchases
      53. Call of Duty: Ghosts will have larger, more open campaign levels
      54. New Rain video focuses on music and atmosphere
      55. Sega's Japanese mobile network is free to developers, already has 30 signed up
      56. Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer map goes medieval on your ass
      57. AMD's Mantle and Why Valve Might Want to Worry
      58. The Walking Dead game jam will mark the series' 10th anniversary
      59. Toon Link blows into Super Smash Bros.
      60. Call of Duty: Ghosts given a 16 rating in Europe
      61. Eurogamer Expo 2013: Xbox One cycle more than 10 years, says Harrison
      62. Eurogamer Expo 2014 takes place 25-28 September - mark your diaries
      63. Runescape adds in-game Bonds as a 'pay-through-play' currency
      64. Disgaea D2 receives crossover Nippon Ichi characters as DLC
      65. FIFA 14's Australian promo is certainly a thing
      66. Shadowrun Returns headed to tablets later today
      67. NBA 2K14 designer calls constant control changes "regrettable"
      68. Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness gets new gameplay footage, screens
      69. SteamOS developed in collaboration with Nvidia
      70. Valve's Second Announcement: Taking on PCs and Building a New Controller?
      71. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Homeland DLC out now, adds CE content
      1. Next-gen upgrades may not allow save importing
      2. Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior beta delayed to October
      3. SteamOS indicative of "move toward openness" in gaming, says Levine
      4. Rogue Legacy coming to Linux and Mac soon, will add save slots
      5. Thatgamecompany founder wants to make older players love games again
      6. Super Exploding Zoo headed to PS4, Vita from Frobisher Says dev
      7. Surgeon Simulator 2013 updated with two new space missions
      8. Humble Mobile Bundle 2 offers six games for Android
      9. Stardock announces mobile development division, first title releasing on iOS next month
      10. Steam Family Sharing beta is live, invites sent out to 1,000 participants
      11. Rayman Legends 3DS hasn't been "ruled out," says Ubisoft
      12. EA feels gamers are looking to mobile for innovation due to "demanding" console industry
      13. Worms Revolution Extreme will be released for Vita in October
      14. Pokemon X & Y: Doublade announced as evolution of Honedge
      15. Alaska Bundle from Indie Royale is live
      16. Star Wars 1313 story details and Boba Fett concept art give us a glimpse of what might have been
      17. Need for Speed movie trailer takes itself extremely serious
      18. Grand Theft Auto Online details announced by Rockstar, spending real-money is optional
      19. Two Things GTA V Does Really Well
      20. Valve: multiple SteamOS machines will release in 2014, shipping 300 to testers
      21. Injustice: Gods Among Us GotY Edition coming to PS4, Xbox One according to Brazilian classification authority
      22. South Park: The Stick of Truth to release in December, Grand Wizard Edition announced
      23. F1 2014 next-gen will boast 60FPS and improved physics
      24. iOS puzzler Furmins is marching onto Vita
      25. New Destiny artwork puts on a real gun show
      26. Nosgoth is a free-to-play Legacy of Kain game
      27. Infinite Crisis character profile video shows off Catwoman
      28. Next-gen launch titles are of a higher standard than ever before, says Ubisoft
      29. Valve to reveal Steam Box reference design this afternoon, Source 2 on Friday - rumor
      30. New EA Sports head hopes to make FIFA, NHL, Madden less 'iterative.'
      31. New The Inner World trailer spins a bonkers yarn
      32. Rockstar's Dan Houser on making another Bully: 'I know I want to.'
      33. Battlefield 4: next-gen consoles make it 'even easier' to offer updates
      34. EU PS Store update, Sept. 25 - Lone Survivor, Armored Core: Verdict Day, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, more
      35. Monster Hunter 4 retains top spot on Media Create charts, 3DS surpasses Wii lifetime sales
      36. F1 2013 fans who live in London should be on the look out for taxis wrapped in F1 2013 livery
      37. Truck Stop is a truck crashing game from former Burnout dev
      38. Batman: Arkham Origins video shows off the The Deathstroke Challenge Pack pre-order bonus
      39. Miyamoto no longer leading key Nintendo franchises, but still has 'final responsibility'
      40. Unreal Engine 4 video focuses on Character Aesthetics
      41. Mojang's Scrolls is getting a "hefty update" sometime in October
      42. PlanetSide 2: SOE releases first developer video in Operation: Make Faster Game series
      43. Thief 4 pre-orders net you the Bank Heist mission as a bonus
      44. First PlayStation Developer Open Days will be held next month, Sony announces
      45. Inside Paradox, the Strangest Company in Games
      46. GTA 5 sales pass 15 million units, may sell 25 million in first year, suggests analyst
      47. Beyond: Two Souls - David Cage talks movies, audience, accessibility
      48. Dead Rising 3 producer: fans should stop 'freaking out' about frame rates
      49. Wargaming sets a $200 billion goal for games industry revenue
      50. Grand Theft Auto Online micro-transaction details and prices revealed - report
      51. Nvidia takes steps to reconcile with Linux developers
      52. Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 'betrayal' might be a good thing
      53. Injustice: Gods Among Us probably coming to PS Vita
      54. Pokémon director hints at the future of the series
      55. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD launch trailer sets sail
      56. Warface: straight up, no bollocks gunplay for free
      57. Check out PS4's startup beep and fan noise
      58. New Killer Instinct gameplay video shows off Sadira's move set
      59. New Pokemon X and Y television spots unveil more of the Kalos region
      60. FIFA 14 full match gameplay videos pit Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Man U vs. Man City
      61. New PS4 user interface screenshots surface online
      62. Watch 30 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls demo gameplay
      63. Wonder Flick, Level-5's new RPG, gets a gameplay-heavy trailer
      64. FIFA 14 gets day-one patch, EA investigating balance issues
      65. Beyond: Two Souls panel features David Cage, discusses future of interactive drama
      66. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate launch trailer shows off Vita version
      67. Nvidia boss: "No longer possible" for consoles to have better graphics than PC
      68. Europa Universalis 4 patched, new Frenemies episode
      69. PSN promo: get $10 for every $50 spent, including pre-orders
      70. MGS 5: The Phantom Pain gets TGS gameplay video blowout
      71. Skylanders Swap Force produces three new trailers
      72. 3DS: Pure White, Clear Black models hit Japan October 10
      73. Natural Doctrine directed by Patapon series director
      74. Indies Did This: Viva la Game Jams!
      1. Plants vs Zombies 2: Apple denies paid-off Android delay
      2. Steam Universe launched in support of SteamOS, hardware and more
      3. Shadow Warrior includes Saints Row Penetrator weapon
      4. US PS Store update, September 14 - Lone Survivor, FIFA 14, Girl Fight
      5. Destiny creative director and writer leaves Bungie
      6. Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut coming to Mac and PC soon, launch trailer released
      7. Wildstar's new IP means Carbine must "earn every user"
      8. The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief: A Murder of Ravens now available through GoG, Steam
      9. Xbox 360: select US retailers have various deals underway
      10. Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers video focuses on the Hades Arc
      11. STEM System Kickstarter adds stretch goal for Android and iOS motion-tracking support
      12. Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit app update fixes connectivity issues
      13. EA: triple-A franchises on mobile will not cannibalize console counterparts
      14. Stardock and former employee drop lawsuits against one another
      15. Plants vs Zombies 2 will be released on Android in October - report
      16. EA restructuring corporate positions, Patrick S?derlund to take over as head of EA Sports
      17. Guild Wars 2 players will venture into Twilight Arbor in October via Twilight Assault update
      18. Batman: Arkham Origins PlayStation-exclusive Knightfall Pack detailed, trailered
      19. Final Fantasy XIV: One Month Later
      20. Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass detailed, new multiplayer trailer released
      21. Grand Theft Auto 5 three volume digital album now available on iTunes
      22. Thief 4 producer details how DualShock 4 will be used on PS4, how AI component and stealth are intertwined
      23. PlayStation Network downtime announced for tomorrow, to last for six hours
      24. Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War single-player and co-op content arrives on Steam today
      25. Coming soon to XBL: Might & Magic Clash of Heroes Games with Gold, 2K Deal of the Week, more
      26. WWE 2K14's full character roster revealed, get the list & pics here
      27. Battlefield 4 video discusses beta details
      28. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will help sell Wii U, says Nintendo
      29. Guild Wars 2 trial period extended, game goes on sale for a limited time
      30. Kingdom Under Fire 2 video shows off the game's Invasion Mode
      31. Guided by Voices
      32. TaxiTaxi launches on Kickstarter, run a cab company in real-world cities
      33. Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer - more for the Warzone
      34. Star Wars: Death Star trench run playable in Oculus Rift, footage inside
      35. PES 2014 patch leads to online issues, Konami flags temporary solution
      36. Pokemon X & Y to get new evolution reveal tomorrow
      37. Lone Survivor out now on PS Vita, pricing inside
      38. Rocksmith 2014 trailer focuses on Guitarcade mode, watch here
      39. Elder Scrolls Online blog discusses Orc race, Daggerfall Covenant
      40. Xbox One Gamerpics: 300 1080p pics due at launch, SmartGlass guide discussed
      41. Xbox One DVR capture is "big, big win" for indie visibility on Live, says Harrison
      42. Wii U family console bundles announced for Japan, get pricing & contents here
      43. SteamOS: who is it for exactly? - opinion
      44. Sonic: Lost World's new trailer shows off the Deadly Six, watch here
      45. Minecraft: 86,000 square miles of Great Britain recreated in a fortnight
      46. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13's opening cut-scene revealed, watch it here
      47. Microsoft announces Surface Pro 2 pricing for the UK
      48. Wolfenstein: The New Order's iron heart beats loud and hard - hands on & interview
      49. Battlefield 4 weapon customisation and adaptive camo discussed by DICE
      50. Driveclub: new PS4 trailer focuses on Mercedes-Benz gameplay
      51. Acitivision Blizzard and Vivendi file emergency appeal against sale injunction
      52. Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day trailer shows off unique gameplay
      53. Flashback arrives on PC next month
      54. Bravely Default: For the Sequel TGS 2013 trailer emerges
      55. FIFA 14 North American early access extended
      56. Drakengard 3 Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer introduces the Utautai
      57. Rayman Origins Vita free with PlayStation Plus this week
      58. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 produces 35 minutes of gameplay footage
      59. Horizon now in beta on Steam Early Access, new trailer and screens
      60. TGS 2013 breaks attendance records
      61. Etrian Odyssey Untold Review
      62. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call unlikely to spawn sequels
      63. Xbox One: ID@Xbox titles not expected till 2014
      1. Just Dance 2014 full set list includes Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Ke$ha and more
      2. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero hits Kickstarter goal
      3. Microsoft teams up with Shanghai IPTV company for streaming games service - report
      4. Company of Heroes 2 gets two new free maps this week
      5. Divine Gate detailed at TGS 2013
      6. GTA Online includes in-game currency microtransactions - rumour
      7. The Last of Us DLC news coming this week
      8. God of War creator's new studio is The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
      9. Valve announces SteamOS, is Linux-based, free & coming soon
      10. Ironclad Tactics Review
      11. FIFA 14: watch us introduce you to Ultimate Team in this video
      12. Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 2, will launch with Windows 8.1 on October 22
      13. YouGov poll suggests 61% of Brits feel games cause real world violence
      14. Free-to-play is not a magic bullet, says Wildstar producer
      15. Hellraid: Techland's latest trailer is an interactive adventure game, play here
      16. Call of Duty Ghosts: first 500 people to play at Eurogamer Expo get free Prestige Edition
      17. Xbox One: there's room in the market for both physical and digital games, says Microsoft
      18. Xbox One can run four apps simultaneously, allows sign-in for six users at one time, more
      19. FIFA 14 reviews are go, get all the scores here
      20. Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C sell over 9 million units
      21. Renegade Kid's Treasurenauts rated by ESRB
      22. Alien Rage launch trailer brings, guns, boom & metal
      23. Beyond: Two Souls cost $27 million to develop, report suggests
      24. TGS: Secrets of the New Final Fantasy Sound
      25. GTA 5 vanishing car glitch fix incoming, Rockstar advises against garage use
      26. FIFA 14: all licensed clubs and leagues revealed, full list here
      27. David Cage: focus on feedback and "you become a marketing person"
      28. Vanquish Revisited
      29. PES 2014's day-one patch adds multiplayer, second patch detailed
      30. New Microsoft gift cards appear on Amazon, display real currency
      31. FIFA 14 3DS has no new features over last year's build, still costs ?39.99
      32. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox 360 achievements appear, full list here
      33. Xbox One video capture shareable over Xbox Live only at launch, YouTube & Facebook by 2014
      34. Final Fantasy 14's first updates detailed, over a million unique log-ins since launch
      35. Sony would like to stream PlayStation games to PC, TVs, tablets & more, states Yoshida
      36. Nintendo downloads EU: FIFA 14, Zelda 2 & Soul Hackers lead the week
      37. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes screens show Snake in action
      38. GTA Online player count bumped to 32, old game modes returning, report suggests
      39. Call of Duty Ghosts: smaller studios having trouble filling the triple-a market, suggests Rubin
      40. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets Aeris costume footage
      41. UK charts: GTA 5 enters at one, PES 2014 in at two
      42. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Xbox 360 achievements appear, full list here
      43. Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 achievements appear, full list inside
      44. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag's modern day setting ushers in a new age
      45. Knack screens and art show local co-op character
      46. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 2 headed to Vita
      47. Warcraft movie may star Colin Farrell, Paula Patton - rumour
      48. Pokémon X & Y gets two new fossil Pokémon
      1. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets extended TGS 2013 trailer
      2. GTA 5 crashing older Xbox 360 consoles - report
      3. Maia arrives on Steam Early Access in December
      4. Emerald takes to Kickstarter
      5. Disney Infinity gets five new Toy Boxes, including Tron Highway
      6. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 trailer shows Yuna costume
      7. Earthbound-esque indie game Citizens of Earth launches Kickstarter
      8. Namco claims they'll port Soul Calibur II HD to Wii U if enough people ask nicely
      9. One Oculus VR game jam winner makes web browsing fun again
      10. Three books about Minecraft coming before the end of the year
      11. New Trails in the Flash trailer shows tank
      12. Minecraft PC texture packs may come to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
      13. Beta patch 3 up for Rome 2: Total War
      14. Kojima totally dodges question about replacing Hayter as Snake
      1. Final Fantasy XV will have more dynamic playable action, fewer flashy cutscenes
      2. The Secret World's Whispering Tide Tokyo event is underway
      3. This is eight minutes of someone playing Final Fantasy Agito
      4. Golden Jubilee game bundle live at Indie Royale
      5. New Microsoft OS boss wants to create unified app interface across all devices
      6. In-development game Aer introduced with soothing concept trailer
      7. Trailer introduces Sadira to Killer Instinct roster
      8. Final Fantasy XIV getting player housing in update 2.1
      9. Microsoft: 40 percent of people who use Xbox Live in some capacity are women
      10. Call of Duty dev: "games are becoming harder to make and more expensive to make"
      11. This is what Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay looks like during the day
      12. PS4 exclusive Deep Down will be free-to-play
      13. That Dragon, Cancer dev defends Ouya
      14. The Chinese Room dev: "Mechanics will probably never be our core focus"
      15. What is Valve announcing next week?
      16. TGS: Mighty No. 9, the "First McDonald's in Japan" of Games
      17. TGS: Defender Has Its Tempest 2000 Equivalent, and It's Called Resogun
      18. TGS: An Exclusive First Look at La Mulana 2
      19. Oooops. I Just Erased My Great, Great, Great Grandchild From Existence
      20. When Infocom Meets Media's Favorite Man-Eating Shark
      1. Spartacus Legends tournaments are coming this fall to the free-to-play game
      2. BioShock Triple Pack is a great deal through Amazon
      3. La-Mulana 2 announced for 2014 release on PC
      4. Assassin's Creed 4 and Batman: Arkham Origins Achievements have appeared online
      5. Retro Studios high on list of candidates to develop a new Metroid game, says Miyamoto
      6. Battlefield 4 blog update discusses Battlelog, in-game integration, Geo Leaderboards, more
      7. The Mark of Kri releasing on PS3 through the PlayStation Store next week
      8. South Australian Attorney General feels some mature games are falling through the R18+ cracks
      9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 get Double XP this weekend, a free Uprising trial on XBL
      10. Crimson Dragon was re-worked for Xbox One in order to add traditional controls, says Futatsugi
      11. TGS: An Audience with Shuhei Yoshida
      12. Swords & Darkness is a retro-styled action-RPG from Arc System Works hitting Japan this winter
      13. Valve to make first Steam announcement today at 6pm UK, 7pm EU
      14. TGS: Xbox One Pays Fealty to Our New Smartphone Overlords
      15. Chaos Reborn Multiplayer Demo Coming "Soon"
      16. Grand Theft Auto 5 reaches worldwide retail sales of more than $1 billion in three days
      17. PS4 launching later in Japan due to lack of Japanese-oriented software line-up
      18. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death releases on Xbox Live and PC
      19. Takedown: Red Sabre out today on Steam, watch the launch trailer here
      20. PlanetSide 2 World Domination Series has commenced
      21. D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die screenshots escape TGS 2013
      22. GTA 5: misogyny, teeth-pulling and subjectivity
      23. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag has a new multiplayer video
      24. WWE 2K14 to include the Universe Era featuring Wrestlemania 25-29 matches
      25. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be published by Spike Chunsoft in Japan
      26. The James Pond Kickstarter is live with ?100,000 needed for development
      27. Metal Gear Solid 5, Ground Zeroes team shooting for 60 fps on next-gen, 30 fps on current-gen
      28. Inside Polyphony's House of Cars
      29. Dead Rising 3 & Crimson Dragon gameplay footage and screens escape TGS, watch here
      30. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets second community map pack, out now
      31. Panzer Dragoon creator: "Microsoft has been great to us", keen to work with Nintendo again
      32. Lionhead retaining its identity, is at opposite end of the scale to Microsoft, says creative director
      33. Ex-Telltale & Klei devs form indie studio Campo Santo, Olly Moss involved
      34. PS Vita TV western interest stronger than expected, admits Sony
      35. GTA 5 reviewed by 'Clueless Gamer' Conan O'Brien, watch here
      36. Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version gets new trailer, shows four player battles, watch it here
      37. Xbox One's D4 designed for Kinect, says Swery65, but can be played with controller
      38. NIS America announce Hyperdimension Neptunia V western release, new titles promised "soon"
      39. Xbox One: stand it vertically "at your own risk", warns Microsoft
      40. World of Warplanes delayed to add further polish
      41. Yakuza: Ishin's "Another Life" mode detailed, cross-play & more confirmed
      42. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata offers statement following Yamauchi's death
      43. PS4: Kinect-style gesture navigation will feature via PlayStation Eye, confirms Ito
      44. Atlus CEO issues statement explaining Sega acquisition, read it here
      45. PS4 indies versus triple-a: "I don't see a divide", says Sony's indie man
      46. PS4 hardware loss will be recovered at launch via PS Plus subs & launch titles, Sony hopes
      47. Xbox One won't get a lot of "stuff" 360 has for "for a while", admits Penello
      48. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing getting Thaumaturge class DLC, trailer inside
      49. The Showdown Effect goes free this weekend on Steam
      50. Metal Gear Solid 5's torture scene is not playable, stresses Kojima
      51. The running dead: the flight or fight mentality of Dying Light
      52. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 1 TGS trailer compares PS Vita edition to PS3 original
      53. Injustice: Gods Among Us patch due in October, patch notes next week
      54. Ghost Recon movie to be scripted by Zorro reboot, Y: The Last Man writers
      55. Unreal-based action RPG Reborn headed to PS3, PS4 from
      56. DualShock 4 symmetrical thumbsticks approved by FPS players, devs
      57. Metro: Last Light DLC adds fan-designed Multi-barreled Bicycle Shotgun
      58. Arma 3 community guide talks combined arms warfare
      59. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! gets four new screens
      60. Egosoft's X series stars in this week's Humble Weekly Sale
      61. Dota 2 The First Blood update adds LAN play, new armoury system, and more
      62. Broken Age Part 1 now in internal alpha
      63. Forza 5 promo straps camera to McLaren P1 for old-school animation
      64. End of an Age: The Unfortunate Side Effect of Online Games
      65. 42% of Xbox live subscribers watch 30 hours of video content each month
      66. Pathologic dev's new horror effort, Knock-Knock, gets a bit meta
      67. Clang on back burner until investors chip in
      68. State of Decay comes to Steam Early Access tomorrow
      69. Europa Universalis 4 spawns web series, Frenemies
      70. World of Tanks adds Japanese tech tree, 14 new tanks
      71. Knack is a PS4 launch title for "the rest of the family", says Cerny
      1. River City Ransom: Underground engine going open source
      2. Tropico 4 The Academy DLC now available
      3. Soul Sacrifice Delta gets TGS 2013 trailer
      4. South Park creators learning from working with Obsidian
      5. Pokémon: director says "the best way" is series status quo
      6. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends TGS 2013 trailer released
      7. Tekken Revolution downloaded over 2M times, Tekken franchise sells 42.5M copies worldwide
      8. Rockstar doesn't see another Grand Theft Auto taking place in London, is interested in next-gen tech
      9. Blade Fantasia is a RPG from Capcom releasing on iOS in Japan
      10. Skylanders SWAP Force video takes you behind-the-scenes, shows new characters
      11. Atelier Rorona: The Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland TGS 2013 trailer released
      12. Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky landing in Europe early next year
      13. Awesomenauts: Starstorm Kickstarter a success with over $400K pledged
      14. Campo Santo is a new studio formed by Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja developers
      15. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments confirmed for release on PS4
      16. Sony shows you how to upgrade select PS3 games to PS4 version
      17. Atomic Ninjas landing on PS3, Vita with Cross-Buy in October
      18. Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove
      19. TGS: Yasumi Matsuno's New World
      20. Gran Turismo documentary "KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide" trailered
      21. PS4 could be in short supply for up to four months post launch - report
      22. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot's first dev diary discusses the challenges of continuous content creation
      23. SimCity: Cities of the Future expansion due in November
      24. Amazon UK lists current to next-gen trade deal for Need for Speed:Rivals, extra incentives for BF4, FIFA 14
      25. WWE 2K14 to contain the Ruthless Aggression Era
      26. TGS: Inside the DualShock 4
      27. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter gameplay details, screenshots released
      28. Uplay 4.0 to release for PC in October, Uplay on next-gen systems detailed
      29. Deep Down TGS 2013 gameplay walkthrough surfaces online
      30. Nintendo North American downloads, Sept. 19 - The Wind Waker HD, Super Mario Bros., Scribblenauts Unmasked, more
      31. EA isn't giving up until Battlefield "is number one," says Soderlund
      32. Pokémon X & Y - Aurorus' moves detailed, Pokémon will gain XP
      33. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PS3 to PS4 transfer will be free, but will result in loss of PS3 login rights
      34. Sony Online Entertainment poised to ban players for trolling outside of its games
      35. Shadow Warrior "Choose Your Weapon" trailer goes insane on the gunplay
      36. Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay footage escapes the beta, watch here
      37. Gaikai to stream PS3 games to PS4 in 2014, Yoshida confirms
      38. Ace Combat: Infinity TGS trailer shows Earth ravaged by asteroids
      39. Dark Souls 2 TGS details reveal new Covenant, spells & Humanity system
      40. FIFA 14 stadium list revealed in full, see it here
      41. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, FFX & X-2 get TGS trailers, watch here
      42. Vagrant Story creator working on two new strategy titles for mobile
      43. Dynasty Warriors 8 PS4 screens escape TGS, show battles & cut-scenes
      44. Tales of Xillia 2, Ridge Racer: Driftopia One Piece and more in Namco Bandai TGS 2013 screen dump
      45. Final Fantasy 4: The After Years being remade for iOS & Android this winter
      46. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime movie releasing November, trailer here
      47. Nintendo's former president Hiroshi Yamauchi has died at 85, the company confirms
      48. Tekken Revolution could come to Xbox One, Harada suggests
      49. Kingdoms of Amalur IP to be auctioned this month
      50. GTA 5 PS3 install problems: Sony offers another potential fix
      51. Suda 51 wants to create stronger emotion bond between players online in next-gen
      52. Puyo Puyo Tetris gets trailer, see the mad mash-up here
      53. Ouya re-works controversial Free the Games Fund as Gridiron Thunder pulls out
      54. Metal Gear Solid 5 gets 12 minute gameplay demonstration at TGS 2013
      55. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z coming west in early 2014
      56. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords TGS trailer shows Siegfried, Mitsurugi & Sophitia in battle
      57. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle coming west in 2014
      58. Dragon's Crown patched, random match join added
      59. Chivarly: Deadliest Warrior's new trailer focuses on Vikings
      60. Knack TGS trailer is heavy on cut-scenes and battles
      61. PS4 will allow video capture via HDMI
      62. Battle.net Authenticator may reset with iOS 7 update
      63. Bravely Default sequels inbound, trademarks suggest
      64. Gravity Rush sequel teased at TGS 2013, watch the clip here
      65. Yakuza Ishin trailers, screens emerge from TGS
      66. Diablo 3: no plans to take PC version offline
      67. Grimm, Humans Must Answer and World of Diving among latest Greenlight approvals
      68. Monster Hunter Frontier G coming to Vita
      69. Activision Blizzard Vivendi buy out halted by court
      70. Dark Souls 2 Tokyo Game Show invites you to rest your Aching Bones
      71. Sony aims for 5 million PS4 sales in FY2013 - TGS keynote
      72. Dark Souls 2 PS3, Xbox 360 release date set, PC to follow; special editions detailed
      73. Crimson Dragon trailer introduces the alien world of Draco
      74. Battle Princess of Arcadias produces huge new screens and art dump
      75. More DC games on the way, Time Warner boss hints
      1. What Did I Do To Deserve This getting free-to-play Vita spin-off
      2. Scrolls ESL Cup sign-ups open, Mojang donates top prizes
      3. Pokémon X & Y Japanese trailers show off online features
      4. NBA Live 14 gets first gameplay trailer
      5. TGS: Agito, Type 0, Fan Support, and the Intimacy of Portables
      6. Foul Play is a side-scrolling co-op brawler from Medatonic available on Steam, XBLA
      7. Major League Gaming announces board appointment of Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey
      8. GTA V. Love the Game. The Characters? Not so Much.
      9. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be taken offline in December
      10. Humble Bundle 9 adds Bastion, Hardboiled Chicken, Limbo, A Virus Named TOM
      11. AMD believes it will have a "performance advantage" on PC due to its PS4, Xbox One partnerships
      12. Hyper Light Drifter meets PS4 and Vita stretch goal on Kickstarter
      13. Disney Infinity Toy Box iPad app is free on App Store until October 5
      14. The Merc Files hitting iOS later this week, ties into Riddick film
      15. GTA 5 first day sales hit $800 million, according to Take Two's internal estimates
      16. Valhalla Knights 3 releases on Vita in North America during October
      17. Grand Theft Auto 5 now holds the record for biggest UK games launch
      18. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Review
      19. Will Wright announces formation of Syntertainment startup, John Riccitiello among investors
      20. GTA 5: Rockstar working on Social Club, iFruit issues - Sony addresses PSN installation issues
      21. Ghost 'n Goblins Online pulled from Steam Greenlight after being posted in error, says Capcom
      22. JPgamer: Record of Hatsune Miku War
      23. Star Citizen $21 million stretch goal adds salvage mechanic to the game
      24. DuckTales: Remastered to see disc release in North America on PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360
      25. Tokyo Game Show 2013: what to tune into during Japan's off-year
      26. Monster Hunter 4 tops Media Create charts with 1,715,060 units moved
      27. WWE 2K14 to include the Attitude Era featuring Wrestlemania 14-17 matches
      28. Tada! The 20-Year Crusade to Solve Checkers
      29. EU PS Store update, September 18 - GTA 5, PES 2014, Metro: Last Light, Saints Row 4, more
      30. Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus kicked from Free the Games initiative by Ouya, developer responds
      31. XCOM: Enemy Within: Firaxis introduces us to cyborgs, mechs and other deadly things - video
      32. Extraction closed beta registration now open, testing starts in October
      33. Sonic Lost World TGS 2013 trailer shows over three minutes of character and off-TV gameplay
      34. GTA 5 gets free 100-page manual app on iOS
      35. GTA 5 could destroy reputation of Scottish border town, says councillor
      36. Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer: Splash Damage responds to "bolt on" fears
      37. Wii Fit U free to North America gamers for a month, starting November 1
      38. Wii Sports Club announced, 24 hour play passes revealed
      39. PES 2014 reviews begin, get all the scores here
      40. Mega Man, Shin Megami Tensei & Goemon sequels coming to Virtual Console 3DS, Wii U
      41. "GTA Made Me Do It" t-shirts appear on Teespring, target almost met
      42. Dragon's Dogma Quest x Puzzle & Dragons to be unveiled at TGS this week
      43. PSN sale discounts war games, Guitar Hero & DJ Hero series, get the savings here
      44. Evil Dead remake director in the frame for Dante's Inferno screen adaptation
      45. Xbox TV division has "literally hundreds of ideas" for TV content says Spencer
      46. Gran Turismo 6 to receive significant day-one patch, Yamauchi confirms
      47. Batman Arkham Bundle spotted on GameStop, compiles first two games & DLC
      48. Sony Japan & Asia press conference: all the details and announcements here
      49. "Console games can be a lower risk" in many cases, says Retro City Rampage creator
      50. Battlefield 4 Kinect head-tracking and SmartGlass support confirmed, discussed by DICE
      51. Arma Tactics releasing on PC October 1, Steam early access now open
      52. Infinity Blade 3 out now on iTunes as reviews start to drop, round up here
      53. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD reviews begin, get the scores here
      54. Dead Rising 3: new screens show co-op madness, new biker boss, friendly characters
      55. GTA 5's slice of Americana makes for an involving open world
      56. Monster Hunter 4 sales top 1.8 million in two days
      57. Attack on Titan 3DS stars playable Eren, Mikasa and Armin
      58. Deep Down: PS4 exclusive produces three new screens
      59. Mighty No. 9 developer contributing to both new Shantae games
      60. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 lets you make monsters extinct
      61. Sega confirms Atlus acquisition for ?14 billion, deal set for Nov 1
      62. MechWarrior Online launches, celebrates with special events
      63. Capcom Cup Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition global qualifiers dated
      64. World of Tanks tournament will donate cash, hardware to veteran's charities
      65. LA Game Space Kickstarter bundle now available for general purchase
      66. Trails in the Sky: XSEED "looking into" PS3 release
      67. Brenda, John Romero to oversee new UC Santa Cruz master's degree
      68. Xbox One Japanese launch confirmed for 2014
      1. "Quality innovation at the core game level" must be EA's first priority - Wilson
      2. Microsoft boss: Japan is "a very kind of soulful place" for games
      3. Godus rollback issued, new server error fix released
      4. GTA 5 install issues: Xbox 360 workaround, PS3 digital fix, more
      5. Gears of War Xbox One: Spencer asks fans to query Epic
      6. Insomniac Games forum breached, password change advised
      7. US PS Store Update, September 17 - GTA 5, Ico for PS Plus, NFS: Rivals pre-order
      8. EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson named as EA's new Chief Executive Officer
      9. Nexon subsidiary acquires all outstanding shares FIFA Online 1 & 2 developer Thingsoft
      10. Soul Calibur 2 HD Online shots show Spawn fighting Ivy, others
      11. Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut releases on PS3, Vita in Europe next week
      12. SimCity Red Cross Disaster Relief DLC available, proceeds to benefit the humanitarian organization
      13. Grand Theft Auto has evolved, it's "not just about shooting anymore," says Houser
      14. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies releasing in October in NA and Europe through eShop
      15. Diablo 3 auction houses will be culled from the game come March 2014
      16. MLG Championship in Columbus to feature Dota 2, $50K prize pool
      17. Steam continues to show growth despite steady "year-over-year unit declines in PC sales," says Newell
      18. GTA 5 gameplay: watch us drive from Franklin's house to Mount Chiliad & more
      19. Indies Did This: SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.
      20. Grand Theft Auto 5 actors pose together for a picture
      21. The Fall exceeds initial Kickstarter goal, next stretch goal is upgraded audio
      22. Criterion voluntarily sent staff over to Ghost Games, EA didn't "ask" the studio to do it
      23. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side Review
      24. Ghost 'n Goblins Online is a free-to-play action RPG on Steam Greenlight
      25. The Long Dark from Hinterland lands on Kickstarter
      26. Battlefield 4 - early beta access starts October 1, open beta October 4
      27. WWE 2K14 roster expanded, screenshots show aerial acrobatics, mullets, plenty of hair gel
      28. The Evil Within Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer released
      29. Namco Bandai confirms line-up for this week's Tokyo Game Show
      30. Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising gets new screens, competition inside
      31. Pokémon X & Y North American commercial released, discusses dreaming of Pokémon
      32. Skylanders franchise has generated more than $1.5 billion worldwide life-to-date
      33. The Evil Within isn't targeting the Call of Duty market, says Mikami
      34. GTA 5 could be highest Metacritic game of all time, just behind GTA 4
      35. Child of Light features player choice & multiple endings, says Ubisoft
      36. Total War: Rome 2's second patch is live, over 100 changes listed
      37. Gran Turismo 6 audio enhancements may not be ready in time for launch, says Yamauchi
      38. GTA 5 midnight launch video: see the big event here
      39. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords gets Siegfried & Mitsurugi shots, colour-based attacks revealed
      40. Xbox One's delayed Japanese launch makes sense, says Inafune
      41. Civ 5 Designer Returns with a Fresh Approach to 4X
      42. GTA 5 collector's edition unboxing video reveals contents, Sam's bedroom
      43. Ryse: Son of Rome runs at 900p, Greenberg clarifies
      44. PS Plus EU gets free Far Cry 3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Dragon's Dogma in October
      45. Agarest: Generations of War pre-purchase now open on Steam at 20% off, bonuses inside
      46. TGS: Final Fantasy Agito "Will Definitely be Localized"
      47. Dota 2: each update accounts for 3% of Earth's total internet use
      48. Final Fantasy: Agito "will definitely be localised", says Square
      49. Saints Row 4 "GATV" and "Wild West" DLC out now on Steam, trailer inside
      50. Silent Hunter Online beta open now, new screens and details inside
      51. GTA 5: 2013's most anticipated launch is a tall poppy
      52. Battlefield 4 multiplayer gets explosive new trailer
      53. Iron Soul available now, check out the new trailer here
      54. Hawken: Ascension Update out now, full patch notes, details & new screens here
      55. Terraria 1.2 update trailered
      56. Mighty No. 9 headed to PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360, new boss detailed
      57. Grand Theft Auto 5 PSN delay disappoints East Coast players
      58. Killzone: Shadow Fall Assault Class detailed
      59. Agarest: Generations of War PC release date set for early next month
      60. Team Fortress 2 update corrects Windows XP issues
      61. Youkai Watch follow-up announced
      62. Gamefly Digital site launched with celebratory 2K sale
      63. Monster Hunter 4 shipments reach 2 million
      64. Double Fine "probably would do a sequel", has ideas
      65. Counter-strike: Global Offensive Championship offers $250,000 crowdfunded prize pool
      66. Rise of the Triad update adds new maps, "hundreds" of fixes and improvements
      67. Deadly Premonition, Killer is Dead added to Xbox Games on Demand
      68. Call of Duty: Ghosts next-gen upgrade options include "disc-less dual license"
      69. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl demo out now
      1. Total War: Rome 2 patch aims to correct AI wait issues
      2. Red 5 lay-offs hit 10% of staff, development unaffected
      3. GTA 5 YouTube policy outlined: machinima okay, spoilers not
      4. Uncharted developer takes possession of 120 PS4 dev kits
      5. Disney Infinity's "strong" launch sales leave publisher "very pleased"
      6. Final Fantasy 14 digital sales resume following early server issues
      7. Hitman developer working on "unannounced AAA game project"
      8. NBA Live 14 release date locked in, first screen released
      9. GTA Liberty City Stories and Ico headline US PS Plus update
      10. Valve hardware news "rolling out" next week, Newell promises Linuxcon
      11. Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All promotion returning to the US
      12. GTA 5 sales to top $1 billion in first month, analyst predicts
      13. Singstar: Sony discussing free-to-play reboot at F2P Summit next month
      14. XCOM: Enemy Within dev blog introduces you to The Seeker
      15. id Software is hiring for its "next big thing"
      16. Mutant League Football successor takes to Kickstarter
      17. Beyond: Two Souls TV spot shows Jodie over the years, watch it here
      18. GTA 5: game development is not about how much money they make, stresses Houser
      19. GTA 5 for PS4 and PC outed by Xbox 360 source code - report
      20. Rockstar advises owners of GTA V on Xbox 360 not to install the "play" disc
      21. GTA 5 gameplay footage goes through Los Santos by land and air
      22. GTA 5 cheats appear online, disable achievements when used
      23. GTA 5: now I'm playing it, am I bothered yet?
      24. GTA 5 gets huge screen dump, showing heists, gunplay & much more
      25. GTA 5 reviews go live, get all the scores here
      26. GTA 5 iFruit app out now: lets you trick out cars and train Chop the dog
      27. PS4 and Xbox One to shift 3.1 million units in the UK this Christmas
      28. How GTAIV Changed the Way We Look at Games
      29. Saints Row 4 getting "GATV" DLC this week, leaked image inside
      30. GTA 5 PC petition hits over 350,000 signatures
      31. Forza 5 is unlike other launch titles, isn't just a graphics showcase, insists Greenawalt
      32. F1 2013 Xbox 360 achievements appear, get the full list here
      33. WWE 2K14 Xbox 360 achievements emerge online, full list inside
      34. National StreetPass Day announced, full of 3DS events
      35. Man Vs Snake gaming documentary funded on Kickstarter
      36. Capcom Fighting Evolution: PS2 brawler coming to PS3 this week
      37. Square Enix Amazon bundle offers Hitman, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs & more for $15
      38. Nintendo downloads Europe: Harvest Moon & Mega Man X lead the week
      39. GTA's creators discuss first game and how it almost wasn't made
      40. Turok 2: concept art, screens & trailer of cancelled shooter leaked
      41. UK charts: Saints Row 4 still at top, Kingdom Hearts enters at two
      42. League of Legends minion XP bug being fixed by Riot Games today
      43. Rainbow Six: Vegas free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers now
      44. Payday 2 update increases difficulty & enhances cop AI, full patch notes here
      45. GTA 5: early copies sold by Amazon, Rockstar now investigating
      46. Infinity Blade 3 opening cinematic shows battles, recaps plot so far
      47. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is a crash course in time management
      48. Nintendo boss has made digital games awareness his "personal mission"
      49. Evo 2014 announced for July, Xbox 360 as main platform
      50. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl trailer introduces Raquna
      1. Wii Karaoke U coming to European eShop next month
      2. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Review
      3. This Attack on Titan Tribute Is Monstrously Fun
      4. AMY publisher seeks to Kickstart Taxi Journey
      5. Xbox One retail models rolling off production line
      6. River City Ransom: Underground adds PS4, Vita port stretch goal
      7. Infinity Blade 3 cost only "a little more" than original
      8. Adult Swim Brings "Marketing Muscle" to Great Indie Games
      1. Naughty Dog feels triple-A developers could learn a thing or two from indies
      2. Cage: next-gen hardware is "a better tool" which offers devs "more subtlety, more nuances"
      3. The Sims 4 character interactions carry over into group conversations via Smart Sim technology
      4. PayPal looking into overhauling it policies pertaining to crowdfunding
      5. Battlefield 4 - DICE provides you with the "Ultimate Guide to Vehicles" in latest developer blog
      6. Capybara Games feels uncertainty keeps developers thinking creatively
      7. Firefall PvP suspended while Red 5 Studios "completely rethinks" it
      8. Pokémon "special announcement" coming Monday
      9. FIFA 14 next-gen upgrade incentives listed for North America
      10. Borderlands 2 fans shouldn't expect future DLC to be a second “season” of content, says Pitchford
      11. Sony and EA's relationship is solid despite exclusivity deals signed with Xbox One, says Ryan
      12. Oculus Rift VR Jam finalists announced
      13. Final Fantasy Agito European trademark suggests western release at some point
      14. PayDay 2 may get a versus mode in next iteration, says director
      15. Godus now available through Steam Early Access
      16. Gearbox Software Community Day 2013 has started - watch livestream here
      17. Deep Down's self-generating dungeons, gameplay, online and more explained by Ono in Famitsu interview
      18. Project Spark video shows off castle interiors, Kinect performance capture, controls, more
      19. Contra 3 rated for Nintendo eShop by OFLC
      20. Criterion Games staff reduced to 17 as 60-65 people move over to Ghost Games
      21. Battlefield 4 open beta on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 starts October 1, PS4 and Xbox One versions dated
      22. Checking out the BioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia board game
      1. Peter Molydeux Wants To Make a Game Design School?
      2. Video Games Live: Level 3 funding ends on Kickstarter with $285,081 pledged
      3. Battlefield 4 upgrades from PS3: next-gen version will make use of code in retail box
      4. GT Academy 2013 has a winner: Miguel Faisca from Lisbon, Portugal
      5. Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots show lovely vistas, vehicles, motorcycle shootout - Blaine County video is quite amusing
      6. 3D Realms drops its Duke Nukem Forever suit against Gearbox, issues apology
      7. Fable: Legends is "big and ambitious," with a 5-10 year lifespan planned
      8. F1 2013 video interview - classics gameplay and plenty of details
      9. Grand Theft Auto and the Fine Art of Hyperbole
      10. Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 to be released September 26
      11. Humble Bundle weekly sale: Retro Shooters - Serious Sam, Hard Reset, System Shock 2, more
      12. King of Fighters 13 now available through Steam
      13. Nintendo prevails in patent case brought against it by Creative Kingdoms
      14. DriveClub direct feed video shows dynamic shift in the time of day
      15. Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-load option on European PSN delayed until September 15
      16. Football Manager 2014 will be released in October, video blog talks you through new tech features
      17. Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer stats show 46,578,514 lives have been "terminated"
      18. Ubisoft’s Digital Day: the good, the bad and the beautiful
      19. Pokémon X & Y trailer shows evolved forms of starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie
      20. F1 2013 to feature 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 - video
      21. NPD August 2013: 3DS tops hardware again, Madden 25 clear software winner
      22. PS4 memory and ALU are considerably faster than Xbox One, developers claim [UPDATE]
      23. The Elder Scrolls Anthology out now in Europe, pricing inside
      24. Warframe update 10 "Shadows of the Dead" gets trailer, full details inside
      25. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call gets first screens, show airship stage
      26. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 screens show Noel, Caius & Yuel
      27. Geometry Wars Xbox One: "conversations have been had", says Spencer
      28. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 features over 80 outfits, this trailer shows many
      29. PS Vita TV is for Japan just now: "stay tuned" says Yoshida
      30. Star Trek game disappointed J.J. Abrams: "emotionally it hurt"
      31. Batman: Arkham Origins gets Nvidia PhysX comparison footage
      32. Halo 4 developer working on other unannounced projects
      33. PS4 to hit 36 million sales, Xbox One to hit 30 million sales by 2018, say analysts
      34. Eurogamer Expo dev sessions include Phil Harrison keynote, Watch Dogs, Killzone & Witcher 3
      35. Elite: Dangerous trailer shows space combat concepts
      36. Dishonored dev hiring for next-gen project
      37. Fable Anniversary delayed to 2014
      38. Saints Row 4 publisher discusses "inherent challenges" of convincing people it was more than an expansion
      39. Microsoft's Cortana app will rival iPhone's Siri on Windows Phone - report
      40. Tribes: Ascend CEO takes to Reddit to address "misinformed conclusions" of the company and Smite's future
      41. Ouya game Gridiron Thunder dated for release after recent controversy
      42. Payday 2: 1.58 million copies sold since launch, 80% were digital
      43. Groupees launches charity PC game bundle, 20 codes to give away today
      44. GTA 5: all the big headlines, all the trailers & screens, everything here
      45. Pokemon X and Y each get their own Mewtwo Mega-Evolution
      46. "The new console war will reinvigorate the industry" says Playstation America CEO Jack Tretton
      47. Democracy 3 enters beta
      48. Terraria is now on Android, costs $5
      49. New James Pond to launch via Kickstarter in a week
      50. Former Zynga general manager admits to stealing Zynga trade secrets
      51. Star Wars Pinball 3D comes to the 3DS next week, 4 months late
      52. Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion now free to subscribers, $20 normally
      53. $250 The Last Of Us museum grade prints introduced by Naughty Dog
      54. Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter launches with incredible pixel art and Disasterpiece music
      55. Razer Hydra successor the STEM System launches on Kickstarter, hits funding goal in mere hours
      56. Virtual Spotlight: Zelda II
      57. LEAK: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls test client datamined, reveals Adventure Mode, Clan/Ladder System and 100+ new quests
      58. Card Hunter Review
      1. Zelda producer wants you to know he laughed at Majora's Mask remake question
      2. Gran Turismo 7 probably out in a year or two for the PlayStation 4 says producer Yamauchi
      3. Metro: Last Light's Developer Pack DLC lands September 17, allows you to create custom AI battles
      4. Rune Factory 4 releasing October 1st in the US
      5. Dead Rising 3 rated R18+ in Australia due to nudity, sex and high impact violence
      6. RUMOUR: PlayStation 4 gameplay footage might be encrypted with HDCP - Yoshida promises update soon
      7. Awesome Mom Makes Awesome Chocobo Costume, Is Generally Awesome
      8. Deep Down gets new screens via Sony Japan's website
      9. PS Vita TV will see wider Asian release in China, South Korea - no western plans says Andrew House
      10. Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film to be made, game to follow
      11. BlizzCon Virtual Ticket now available for purchase
      12. Mario Kart 8 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo
      13. Valve and Independent Games Festival renew agreement to bring 2014 finalists to Steam
      14. The Crew's in-game New York City comparable to GTA's Liberty City in size
      15. The Crew is the biggest open world racer ever - video
      16. Microsoft working to fix "technical glitch" causing games to vanish from Xbox Live Marketplace
      17. The Lord of the Rings Online - Helm's Deep expansion goes live in November
      18. Titanfall video explores concept behind the Titans, some gameplay elements
      19. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag video delves into the technical side of next-gen open world creation
      20. Ghost Recon Online partnership between ESL and Ubisoft announced
      21. Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition announced for October release
      22. GameStick to be released globally in October
      23. Nintendo downloads North America - The Wonderful 101, Toki Tori 2+, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
      24. Warface's next closed beta phase starts tomorrow
      25. Activision being sued by another shareholder over stock buyback deal
      26. Need For Speed: Rivals video explains Speed Points, weapons & more
      27. Bound By Flame receives PS4 trailer, watch it here
      28. Xbox One: Unity support won't be widely available until 2014
      29. Yakuza Ishin gets new screens, more cast revealed
      30. Gone Home has sold over 50,000 copies so far
      31. Valiant Hearts may use Kinect dog mechanics, suggests Ubisoft
      32. Terraria 1.2 dated for October, big changes incoming
      33. Disgaea 4 Return hits PS Vita in Japan from January
      34. Blitz lays off over 150 staff, ceases trading as two senior developers form new Leamington Spa studio
      35. World of Warcraft revenue drops 54% in seven month stretch - report
      36. BOOM! Tanks: Codemasters releases free-to-play iOS game, trailer inside
      37. Microsoft buys 'Xbone.com' domain, Major Nelson deems it disrespectful
      38. ArmA 3 out now, new launch trailer inside
      39. PS4 stock being held back to combat shortages, Sony confirms
      40. Xbox One dev Black Tusk pairing with Microsoft Research on unannounced project
      41. GTA 5 Lifeinvader site goes live, reveals new Legendary Motorsport vehicle images
      42. MapleStory is coming to 3DS, courtesy of Sega
      43. Tomb Raider, Dishonored & Warren Spector to lead BAF Game 2013
      44. Someone is Vine-ing the hell out of GTA 5 gameplay - spoilers
      45. Video Games Live: Level 3 album funded on Kickstarter
      46. Monster Hunter 4: "simply adding new monsters had its limits", Capcom discusses new gameplay features
      47. Super Smash Bros Wii U: Princess Peach confirmed, first image here
      48. PS4: indie titles will fill gaps between huge releases, says Yoshida
      49. Pokemon X & Y: new creature Pyroar leaks in gameplay images
      50. GameCity 8 detailed, Mike Bithell to showcase Volume live & more
      51. The Garrett enigma: why mystery is crucial to Thief's success
      52. Vita 2000 designer discusses cute speaker holes and broader colour based appeal
      53. First Puyo Puyo Tetris versus mode screenshots emerge
      54. Over My Dead Body 2 for the Vita looks surprisingly good, won't come to the west
      55. Major Nelson bringing the Xbox One to Massachusetts, Edmonton and Florida before launch
      56. Final Fantasy Agito gets short gameplay trailer, details
      57. Blood Alloy is a Kickstarter Metroidvania cross of Dark Souls/Hotline Miami/Vanquish
      58. PAX Australia 2014 not going to be in July, looking for a bigger venue - Yug
      59. Diablo 3: Storm of Light novel coming in 2014
      60. Conker creator shows first footage of his new game Rusty Pup on Vine
      61. Phantasy Star Nova is being made by more than 70 people, controls based on PSO2.
      62. PATAPON-Seige of WOW! is an audacious, copyright infringing and kinda impressive looking Patapon clone for iOS
      1. Aonuma says Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess might get HD remakes if some other studio does it
      2. Photo comparison of OLED Vita screen and the new LCD emerges
      3. Nexon CFO argues against intrusive monetisation in free to play games
      4. Persona 3 play will alternate male and female protagonists with each performance
      5. Trials Frontier to use an energy based system to limit how long you can play
      6. RIFT's Beyond Infinity update adds two 20-player raids, more hairstyles
      7. Miiverse now allows you to post 200 word messages to friends and followers
      8. Shadow Complex developer wants sequel "more than anyone"
      9. Lemmings Touch announced for the PS Vita courtesy of PlayStation Mobile devs d3t
      10. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl trailer shows off Classic Mode
      11. Kojima has no plans to license the FOX Engine to schools, smaller developers at this time
      12. Command & Conquer factions and campaign detailed by Victory Games
      13. Planetary Annihilation will go into beta later this month
      14. Major League Gaming schedule this week includes Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Black Ops 2, Planetside 2 and Infinite Crisis
      15. Infinity Blade 3 gameplay detailed, trailer released
      16. Final Fantasy Agito detailed in latest issue of Famitsu
      17. Humble Bundle 9 goes live with Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Brütal Legend, more
      18. AquaPazza will arrive in North American stores and on PSN in November
      19. Former Epic president Mike Capps joins Remedy board of directors
      20. Elder Scrolls Online faction PvP will be fair and balanced, says Zenimax Online
      21. Steam Family Sharing announced by Valve, goes into beta next week
      22. Sanctum 2 is now available in North America on PlayStation Network
      23. Vancouver based developer Over The Moon puts Asimov-inspired sci-fi game The Fall on Kickstarter
      24. SEC investigating $75-million loan handed to 38 Studios
      25. Twitch-Based: Exploring the Salty Bet Phenomenon
      26. Watch Dogs will contain seamless multiplayer according to senior producer - video
      27. Rose and Time dev pulls game from Ouya marketplace over company's response to Free the Games Fund controversy
      28. Uta no Prince-sama: Music 2 bests other high profile debuts on Media Create charts
      29. Project Phoenix Kickstarter ends with $1,014,60 in funding, more donated through PayPal
      30. EU PS Store update, September 11 - Puppeteer, Kickbeat, demos for PES 2014, FIFA 14, Diablo 3
      31. Meet Sony's indie man, Shahid Ahmad
      32. Mirror's Edge producer Owen O'Brien joins CCP to work on EVE: Valkyrie development
      33. GTA Online detailed, has over 500 missions, ideas for it in the works since GTA 3
      34. US PS Store and Plus update, September 10 - Diablo 3 demo, Puppeteer, NHL 14, Killzone: Mercenary
      35. Watch Dogs: DedSec Edition unboxing video reveals contents, watch here
      36. Microsoft in 'genuinely enviable position' despite Xbox One reversals, says Lewis
      37. Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't open world, is "multi-region" says BioWare
      38. Child of Light is ten hours long, worth 60 dollars, says Ubisoft
      39. Alien Rage Steam pre-orders open, new screens drop
      40. Pokemon X&Y gets seven new creatures, extra Mega Evolutions revealed
      41. King of Fighters Online is beat-em-up MOBA, Thai client available now
      42. Dead Rising 3's co-op character & first Psycho revealed
      43. Rayman Legends engine could be used in Beyond Good & Evil 2, says Ancel
      44. FIFA 14 gets new cover after Bale transfer, see it here
      45. Crytek offers 'no comment' on Ryse: Knights of England sequel rumours
      46. TimeSplitters Rewind hits Steam Greenlight, fan feedback being accepted now
      47. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer shows making of live-action "Defy" film
      48. Dead Rising 3's world map revealed, bigger than previous games combined
      49. PS Vita 2000 is currently for Japan only says Sony, no word on Western release yet
      50. Game of Thrones turned into free 8-bit platformer, trailer inside
      51. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX reviews begin, get the scores here
      52. PES 2014 demo out now on PSN, Xbox 360 tomorrow
      53. "Call of Duty still plays in the realm of plausibility" after space-fuelled Ghosts trailer, says Activision
      54. Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer progression ditches XP: Honors, shields & more detailed
      55. The Sims 4: your own personal soap opera
      56. Ridge Racer Driftopia now available on Steam Early Access, is free to play
      57. DICE's Bionic Fighter Faction, was actually Battlefield 4, recieves MA15+ rating in Australia
      58. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is free to play and coming to the PlayStation 3
      59. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX launch trailer released
      60. Final Fantasy Agito/Type-0 coming to iOS and Android
      61. El Chavo Kart is like Mario Kart if it was based on a 70s Mexican sitcom
      62. PlayStation 4 retailing in Argentina for $6,499 AR, or approximately $1,137 USD
      63. Ouya CEO defends Free The Games fund in face of criticism and shady Kickstarters
      64. To the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C: 'Meh', I say.
      65. Metro: Last Light comes to Mac via Steam Play
      66. Texas Film Commission to offer more financial incentives for games
      67. Microtransactions drive Gameloft's sales up 15%, games downloaded 800 million times
      1. NHL 14's launch trailer looks more like a beat'em up than hockey
      2. Ubisoft Uses Digital-Only to Explore New Horizons
      3. Puppeteer launch trailer contains more scissors related puns than you can believe
      4. First Natural Doctrine screenshots and story details released
      5. Gamers for Good creating fan art book to help Blizzard artist fight cancer
      6. Incognita alpha launched by Klei, comes with $17 pre-order, two copies of the game
      7. Killzone: Mercenary receives stability patch, launch trailer
      8. The NPD finds console and PC gaming still king among kids, but for how long?
      9. Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will have a few years wait in between
      10. Grand Theft Auto 5 map released after initial image leaks from Brady Games guide - report
      11. Perfect World to develop and publish "core" mobile titles, aiming for 20% success ratio at the start
      12. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call announced for 3DS, releasing in Japan in spring 2014
      13. World of Tanks update 8.8 hits this week with new tanks, tech trees
      14. Wonderful 101 Review
      15. Infinity Ward sees "a lot of potential" pertaining to Kinect controls in future Call of Duty titles
      16. Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force coming to PSN this fall
      17. PayPal and Attack on Cataclysm devs resolve issue surrounding release of Indiegogo funding
      18. Virtual Spotlight: Recca Summer Carnival '92
      19. Apple announces iPhone 5C and 5S, Infinity Blade 3 announced - out September 20
      20. Brasil Game Show 2013 - Sony, Activision and Warner attendance confirmed
      21. FIFA 14 video shows you how to perform in-game celebrations
      22. G4 staying as is for time being, Style Network to get Esquire rebranding instead - report
      23. Indie Royale Back To School 2 Bundle is live and includes six titles
      24. US and UK PlayStation Charts: DuckTales Remastered a winner on both sides of the pond
      25. Call of Duty: Ghosts video shows single-player campaign, will be next cover of Game Informer
      26. Beyond: Two Souls previews land, screenshots chronicle various events in Jodie's life
      27. The Elder Scrolls Anthology out today on PC in North America
      28. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure gets a second trailer
      29. Vin Diesel reassembling Tigon Studios to create third Riddick game
      30. Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising update gets dated along with new details & screens
      31. Assassin's Creed 4: bridging the next-gen divide
      32. StarCraft 2 and the Curious Case of Benjamin Baker
      33. World of Warcraft 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar video highlights today's update
      34. Dragon Quest X expansion pack announced for release in Japan
      35. Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign trailer gets teaser, watch here
      36. Capcom 2013 financials see $940m in revenue, several console titles fall below sales target
      37. Halo 4 designer joins Visceral Games as design director
      38. Microsoft reveals TGS Line-up: Titanfall, Strider, Fable & more to appear
      39. Ubisoft confirms Uplay service for PS4 and Xbox One
      40. Pokemon The Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened airing in the UK October 19
      41. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn companion app on iOS now, hits Android soon
      42. Trials Frontier heading to mobile formats, first trailer here
      43. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is next game from Rayman Legends team, trailer inside
      44. PES 2014: full game mode list revealed
      45. GTA movie has been offered to Rockstar many times, money not worth risk, says Houser
      46. EA appoints Matthew Bromberg as new head of BioWare
      47. Rayman Fiesta Run coming to mobile formats, screens & trailer here
      48. Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online is free browser game, beta sign-ups open now
      49. Deep Down: Ono stresses that it's a PS4 exclusive
      50. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag dev diary explores the anarchy of the pirate lifestyle
      51. Child of Light is Ubisoft's tribute to JRPGs, screens & trailer inside
      52. Kickstarter Canada now accepting project submissions
      53. Assassin's Creed: Pirates is standalone naval game for mobile and tablets
      54. Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
      55. Nintendo trying to change its "locked gate" image, reach out to indies
      56. FIFA 14 demo now available on PC & Xbox 360 today, PS3 tomorrow
      57. Dark Souls 2: a lesson in painfully balanced gameplay
      58. River City Ransom: Underground's Kickstarter finally launches
      59. Activision employs lobbyists to manage anti-violent games bill in the Senate
      60. Origin Mass Effect Trilogy $12, Torchlight and Slender for $2, Awesomenauts $3.74
      61. Etrian Odyssey Untold demo coming to the American eShop on the 16th of September
      62. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero now bound for "Vita and Vita TV"
      63. Stardock promotes former Civilisation IV modder Derek Paxton to Vice President
      64. The Stanley Parable will release on Steam next month
      65. Eldritch is a first person roguelike to the tune of HP Lovecraft
      66. PrioVR is a full body VR Kit on Kickstarter that works alongside the Oculus Rift, "8x faster than Kinect"
      67. AMD to drop GPU prices in Australia, include Saints Row 4 with high end cards
      1. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Genders. Who Cares?
      2. Mighty No. 9 adds PS4 and Xbox One stretch goals at $3.3 million, online co-op
      3. You're Going to Need A Bigger Boat
      4. 3D Mark comes to iOS and Android to settle all your petty arguements
      5. Wonderful 101 and a World Without Genres
      6. Pavilion is a "Fourth Person Experience" for the Playstation 4 and Vita
      7. Indies Did This: Pretty Pixel Art is Pretty
      8. Making Big Bucks in Dota 2
      9. Cool, Quirky Ludum Dare Games for the Weekend
      10. Battlefield 4 PC System requirements released by DICE, recommends Windows 8
      11. Covenant of Humanity, Part 2: Those Who Never Left Dark Souls
      12. Yoshida says there will be "No Surprises" at TGS from Sony: The Last Guardian is skipping again
      13. Square releases 13 minutes of new Drakengard 3 footage, details voice cast
      14. Questing for Heroism in MMOs
      15. A new Earth Defense Force announced for Playstation 4
      16. Titanfall won't match Call of Duty sales, says Zampella
      17. Sony releases a new trailer showing PlayStation hardware line-up
      18. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review
      19. Living in Los Santos
      20. Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order to net you discount on latest Eminem album
      21. Call of Duty: Ghosts "on track to be the most pre-ordered title of the year," says GameStop
      22. PS Plus US members get Galaga Legions DX free, Call of Duty sale & more from tomorrow
      23. Ex-Relic, Bioware, Riot & Volition devs form Hinterland Studio, debut title The Long Dark coming to Kickstarter
      24. Call of Duty Ghosts: quick-scoping may be gone completely, says Rubin
      25. Titanfall playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013
      26. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX PS3 trophies appear, full list here
      27. The smoke and mirrors of inFamous: Second Son
      28. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs reviews begin, get the scores here
      29. GTA 5: poster campaign reveals new characters, photo inside
      30. Dead Trigger 2 release date to be revealed at TGS next week, game details & screens here
      31. Watch Sony's Japanese press conference in full here
      32. GTA 5 most expensive game in history, cost ?170 million to make & market
      33. Fable: Legends game director doesn't know if it's always-online yet
      34. Video Games Live: Level 3 album Kickstarter adds five new games to track-list
      35. GTA 5 character research was "eye-openingly depressing", says Houser
      36. Wind Waker HD: Remaking a Classic
      37. PS4 Japanese game line-up shown in new showcase trailer
      38. PS4 vs Xbox One clash good for the industry, Microsoft feeling good about it, says Mehdi
      39. Nintendo stock drops over 8%, company absent from Nikkei 225
      40. How Project Phoenix hopes to disrupt the JRPG genre - Interview
      41. Nintendo Downloads EU: Dungeons & Dragons, Super Mario Bros lead the week
      42. Natural Doctrine announced for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, trailer inside
      43. PS4 PlayRoom gets new trailer at Sony press event, watch here
      44. Rockstar development in the realm of "excitement and misery", claims Houser
      45. Phantom Breaker Overdrive revealed for PS4
      46. Steam charts: Total War: Rome 2 holds top for second week
      47. The Evil Within gets new trailer out of Sony's Japan conference
      48. UK Charts: Saints Row 4 holds top for third week, Rome 2 in at second
      49. PS Vita TV announced: offers PS4 remote play, Vita games on your TV, trailer here
      50. Deep Down detailed for PS4 in Japan: set in 2094, has procedural content
      51. Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- confirmed for PS4 & PS3, trailer inside
      52. Dynasty Warriors 8 announced and dated for PS4
      53. Lily Bergamo is Grasshopper Manufacture's first PS4 game, trailer here
      54. Yakuza Restoration revealed for PS4, PS3 & Vita first trailer inside
      55. Gran Turismo 6 PS3 console bundle revealed for Japan, new trailer inside
      56. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta is day-one download in Japan
      57. Project Phoenix passes $800,000, limited figurine added to rewards
      58. Playstation 4 to launch in Japan on February 22nd 2014: games, details here
      59. Limited Edition Final Fantasy Vita 2000 to launch in Japan alongside FFX and X-2 HD
      60. Phantasy Star Nova announced by Sega for PS Vita
      61. Inafune announces Soul Sacrifice Delta, solicits feedback for a 2015 sequel
      62. Sony announces lighter Vita model with a LCD screen and longer battery life
      63. Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma headlines Arc System Works' TGS 2013 lineup
      64. Xbox Music releases today on the iOS, Android and the web
      65. Neuroracer keeps elderly people's brains sharp, trains them to multitask again
      66. Sony Japan hosting "Indie Stream" at TGS with Playism with "Exciting Announcements"
      67. Kickstarter Starcraft fan MMO releases new gameplay footage to hit $80,000 target with two days to go
      68. Crytek invite you to name one of Ryse's Quick Time Event finishers
      69. Puppeteer advertises with embarrassing improv
      70. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sells 1 million, could be getting physical release
      71. General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos Kickstarter launches to a lukewarm reception
      1. Persona videos being taken off Youtube by Russian sketch actress
      2. Monster Hunter 4 allows players to dress up as Link, play alongside Mario Bros
      3. Rune Factory 4 coming to Europe courtesy of publisher Zen United
      4. Xbox One's dashboard leaks online in video
      1. Guild Wars 2: World vs World Season One starts in October, will run for seven weeks
      2. StreetPass Relay idea came from NYC business trip, users in North America report issues with service
      3. Unity support for Xbox One coming later this year
      4. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - boss progressions are similar to Mega Man
      5. Inazuma Eleven 3 English trailer preps you for its European release later this month
      6. GOG doesn't "plan on introducing Linux support in the foreseeable future"
      7. Nintendo is in a "very difficult position," could be "on the path to irrelevance" - Bushnell
      8. NHL 14 Ultimate Team Online Seasons, Player Item Tiers more being added
      9. Assault Android Cactus to release on Wii U with Wii Remote, Nunchuk and off-TV support
      10. PS3 500GB bundle includes GTA 5, The Last of Us for ?199.99
      11. DayZ zombie AI getting reworked, won't affect Alpha's release
      12. Starpoint Gemini 2 now available through early access on Steam
      13. Gearbox video shows you what you'll miss by not attending its Community Day event
      14. League of Legends gets a new skin - it's Forecast Janna
      15. Halo 4 Global Champion crowned at PAX, Aaron "ACE" Elam walks off with $200,000 grand prize
      16. Elite: Dangerous space stations designed around "procedural algorithms," plans for construction through Event System
      17. The Witch and the Hundred Knight has shipped over 90,000 units
      18. Remembering Nintendo Power, the Pravda of Video Games
      19. Microsoft awarded $14 million in damages over Motorola suit, mobility firm to appeal decision
      20. Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller concludes later this month, full game hitting Steam, GOG
      21. The Elder Scrolls Online - Sony helped facilitate console release
      22. Star Citizen hits $18 million funding goal, $20 million will bring combat to select planets
      23. XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its DLC can be picked up on the cheap through Amazon US
      24. State of Decay early access hitting Steam in "a couple weeks"
      25. BattleForge free-to-play RTS from shuttered EA Phenomic closing down on October 31
      26. Mods and The PC Gaming Master Race
      1. Epic, Ouya, and GameStop agree: "the future of gaming is changing, and the future is here"
      2. EVE Online lead designer joins Riot Games to work on League of Legends
      3. Xbox One allows you to "play the way you want to," according to infographic
      4. World of Tanks 360 gamescom: gameplay video shows lovely tank action, some bad driving
      5. Battlefield 4 to contain "deepest and most personal weapon customization ever"
      6. Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida: PVP Creates a “Real, Living Economy”
      7. Bugbear’s Next Car Game now on Steam Greenlight
      8. Shadow Warrior video shows off bloody katanas, gratuitous sex between rabbits
      9. Total War: Rome 2 - Patch 1 is out today
      10. Grand Theft Auto 5 "feels next-gen" to Rockstar, says firm
      11. World of Tanks 8.9 update will include seven German tank destroyers
      12. Xbox One SmartGlass performance improved, can support up to 16 devices simultaneously
      13. Miiverse coming to 3DS "soon" along with smartphone apps for network
      14. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, Assassin's Creed: Pirates logos pop up online - rumor
      15. Grand Theft Auto 5 shots show off more of the game, video shows commercials
      16. F1 2013 hotlap video shows Fernando Alonso at Monza
      17. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC to release on Steam, PSN
      18. Dark Souls 2 bosses can be defeated early "if you're good enough, paying attention," says Miyazoe
      19. Madden 25 year-over-year decline reflects transition year, says analyst
      20. Gadget Show Live - 86% of attendees will choose between PS4 and Xbox One after hands-on at show
      21. Blizzard's Redemption?
      22. Sony to announce PS4 launch date in Japan during live streamed press conference on September 9
      23. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 out this year on PC, possibly next-gen
      24. RuneScape players accumulate one million years worth of gameplay, other stats
      25. Nintendo lowers US price of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      26. Total War: Rome 2 trailer explains projectile weapons via Brian Blessed's iconic pipes
      27. Metal Gear Solid 5: Quiet's design not gratuitous, will make sense in time - says Kojima, designer
      28. Metal Gear Solid 5 dev diary shows actor Stefanie Joosten mo-capping Quiet
      29. Xbox One stock will be available on day one, Microsoft's Spencer assures
      30. Chrome packaged apps now available in offline mode, Spelunky released
      31. Dead Rising 3 may have up to ten endings, Overtime Mode goes beyond plot
      32. EA takes risks, has 6-8 new IP in the works, claims Soderlund
      33. Diablo 3 PC won't get offline play, Blizzard wants players to feel part of the online community
      34. Forza 5 & Ryse: "I don't see anything better on a competing platform", says Penello
      35. Halo 4 designer calls out Kojima's recent 'sexy character' quotes, brands them "disgusting"
      36. FIFA 14 TV ad drops, stars Messi and Bale, watch here
      37. Minecraft Xbox 360 could get PC texture packs, Microsoft's lawyers investigating
      38. Monster Hunter 4 is focus of next week's Nintendo Direct
      39. Metal Gear Solid 5: a stealthy Grand Theft Auto
      40. Kojima Productions LA now open, photos, details and Hideo quotes inside
      41. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn gets PS4 dev diary, watch here
      42. StarCraft pro Day9 making mystery browser game
      43. Final Fantasy 6 gets the live-action fan film treatment, group seeks Square's blessing
      44. PS4 VR headset will be shown behind closed doors at TGS, sources claim
      45. Sony announces HMZ-T3 personal viewer headset, will cost ?1,300
      46. Batman: Arkham Origins peels back the cowl and gets personal - gameplay & interview
      47. Puppeteer PS3 reviews begin, get all the scores here
      48. Kojima says his "erotic characters" tweet was mistranslated; meant "sexy"
      49. Kojima opened LA studio to explore possibility of interacting with film industry
      50. Metal Gear Solid 5 will feature one long camera shot, fewer cutscenes
      51. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare trailer introduces four classes
      52. Inafune: "Capcom should be doing things with the Mega Man franchise"
      53. Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse gets first trailer
      54. Call of Duty: Strike Team is "not some sort of lazy port"
      55. Can an Inquisition Save Dragon Age?
      56. XSEED tease looks like The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
      57. Xbox One's first TV commercial focuses on NFL
      58. Rayman Legends Challenges removed from Wii U eShop
      59. DriveClub: four gamescom demo videos showcase real-time lighting
      60. EVE Online Second Decade CE ship date confirmed
      61. Monster Hunter 4 pre-orders top 1 million - rumour
      62. Madden NFL 25 shifts 1 million sales in first week
      63. AI War, Shattered Haven and more in latest Humble Weekly Sale
      1. Game Informer PC editor to join Stardock
      2. ID@Xbox: "Hundred and hundreds" of indies signed up in first three hours
      3. Dreamcast, Neo Geo title headed to 3DS and Wii U via Indiegogo
      4. The Banner Saga: Factions earning "a lunch every other week"
      5. Build Your Own Miniature Asteroids Arcade Cabinet
      6. Cross Plane game pad controller takes to Kickstarter
      7. Stronghold Crusader 2 re-introduces the Caliph, who will burn you
      8. Xbox One - Microsoft will either break even or make a profit at launch, says Mehdi
      9. Runic Games has "no plans" to bring Torchlight 2 to current or next-gen consoles
      10. Rebellion teasing something to do with going back to Berlin
      11. Xbox One always-online backlash "surprised" Microsoft, says Penello
      12. Wii U's TVii application now allows users to doodle all over live TV moments
      13. Dead Nation sequel teased by Housemarque in latest video
      14. US Q2 2013 digital sales grew 61%, software sales fell 3% year-over-year to $2.88 billion - NPD
      15. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag gamescom demo shows open-world gameplay
      16. Irrational Games has laid off a small number of staff members
      17. Final Fantasy 14 PSN refund offer unrelated to game's server issues, says Square
      18. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number may rework sexual assault scene included in game's current demo
      19. Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination
      20. Disney Infinity DLC adds BioShock Infinite, Tron, Jungle Cruise and other levels
      21. Beyond: Two Souls demo will be available in October, fourth video diary released
      22. Infinite Crisis behind-the-scenes video discusses importance of DC Multiverse to its design
      23. Activision to continue supporting Wii U, if it can add to its appeal it "absolutely will" - Hirshberg
      24. Is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt maxing out next-gen consoles already?
      25. Nintendo Downloads NA, September 5: Summer Carnival ‘92 RECCA, Giana Sisters, Chronicles of Mystara
      26. Xbox One and some of its exclusives playable at Eurogamer Expo
      27. Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Kickstarter misses Wii U stretch goal, may still release on the console anyway
      28. Ambrov X lands on Kickstarter, former BioWare writer to participate if stretch goal is met
      29. Grid 2′s Demolition Derby mode looks like car smashing fun
      30. Call of Duty: Strike Team out now on iOS
      31. FIFA 14 career mode trailer details new Global Transfer Network options
      32. Mirror's Edge gets the live-action parkour treatment, is awesome
      33. Titanfall beta scams begin as Respawn issues warning
      34. Outlast reviews drop, get all the scores here
      35. Dead Rising 3 is the hardest series entry yet, claims Capcom Vancouver
      36. Activision has "appetite for risk", is more than yearly Call of Duty says CEO
      37. Monster Hunter 4 just misses perfect score in Famitsu, Farming Simulator rated
      38. Xbox One cloud could be used to replicate Gaikai streaming on PS4, suggests Penello
      39. Lucid Games racer 2K Drive is out now on iOS
      40. Nintendo bringing Pokemon X & Y, Bayonetta 2 & more to Eurogamer Expo 2013
      41. FIFA 14 Xbox 360 achievements appear online, full list here
      42. ID@Xbox is contacting successful applicants this week
      43. Tales of Zestiria trademark filed in Europe
      44. Dark Souls 2 beta sign-ups open now on PS3 Europe
      45. Can Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer keep up with the dynamic age?
      46. Blood-soaked Camdrome stand spooks revellers at PAX, Team Meat assisting project
      47. Killer Instinct's latest trailer looks at alternate Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf and Thunder colours
      48. Street Fighter gun Daigo takes out 2013 Evo champ in straight sets
      49. Nintendo eShop remote buy, discoverability improvements inbound
      50. Project Phoenix confirmed for PlayStation 4, Vita
      51. Fairy Fencer F opening cinematic taunts western fans
      52. Forza 5's latest revealed track is Bathurst, Xbox One team to compete
      53. Paranautical Activity ends Kickstarter with Oculus Rift support unlocked
      54. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate arcade version has an extra character
      55. MechWarrior Online adds new pre-order tier, Protector mech
      56. Epic Mickey outro animator takes gold at AU awards
      57. Sony settles with unpaid intern who worked as QA
      58. Disney Infinity trailer, screens highlight destruction
      59. Destiny community thank you trailer offers new footage
      60. Project Eternity update details stronghold benefits and bonuses
      61. The Empty World is latest project from Tale of Tales
      1. Xbox One FIFA 14 pre-order offer valid in Australia
      2. Grand Theft Auto 5 won't dispatch till September 16, says GAME
      3. Sony VR headset due in autumn 2014, uses PlayStation Eye - rumour
      4. MGS5 designer refutes Inafune's Japanese industry criticisms
      5. Outlast launch trailer is a good reminder to keep spare jocks handy
      6. Steam introduces Trade Offers to facilitate card collecting
      7. Diablo III Review
      8. Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun Remix Pack DLC allows you to "style your Wub Wub"
      9. Transistor hands-on details gameplay, "dynamic narration," aesthetic elements
      10. Xbox One Family Sharing and ability to trade, loan digital games to be "revisited" in the future
      11. Forza 5 being offered by various UK retailers as Xbox One Day One Edition pre-order incentive
      12. Mighty No. 9 stretch goals switch around to focus on documentary, console releases
      13. Rayman Legends Vita will receive free DLC update containing missing levels included in other versions
      14. Microsoft lists qualifying Xbox 360 games which can be upgraded to Xbox One counterpart for $10
      15. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter launched by WayForward
      16. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD screenshots show gameplay, Miiverse
      17. Black Ops 2: Apocalypse will be released for PC and PlayStation 3 later this month
      18. XCOM: Enemy Within gameplay video from PAX now includes narration from lead designer
      19. Watch Dogs video shows 15 minutes of gameplay
      20. Battlefield 4: Paracel Storm, Obliteration Mode, massive gamescom destruction - gameplay video
      21. Battlefield 4 to contain a vehicular “test range”, more details on Commander Mode, Levolution
      22. UFC will feature playable female fighters
      23. Ni no Kuni has sold approximately 1.4 million units worldwide, confirms Namco
      24. Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising update and looking for group tool coming September 17
      25. Total War: Rome 2 update based on metrics and player feedback will land on September 6
      26. EU PS Store update, September 4 - Castle of Illusion, Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, Metro: Last Light, more
      27. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PSN refunds being offered for digital standard, collectors editions
      28. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure bests Final Fantasy 14 on Media Create charts
      29. 2DS: hands-on with Nintendo’s new plastic fantastic
      30. Destiny class, weapon and character customizations outlined
      31. Seoul Caliber: Inside Korea's Gaming Culture
      32. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! gets new screens
      33. Pokemon X & Y getting two new 3DS console designs September 29
      34. Pokemon X & Y players can also choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle at start, Mega Evolutions confirmed
      35. Pokemon X & Y: Poke Transfer, new consoles & starter Pokemon revealed
      36. Monster Hunter 4 devs explain why they wanted to add more action, slicker controls
      37. Farming Simulator launch trailer has no dubstep, game out now
      38. Xbox 360 to last three more years, over 100 new games inbound, says Microsoft
      39. Frostbite Go engine to make "real" games possible in the mobile sector, says EA
      40. Xbox One will release on November 22 in 13 territories including the US and Europe
      41. Microsoft defends Xbox One pricing, says Kinect and entertainment are key differentiators
      42. Square Enix: TGS line-up includes Thief, The Evil Within and more
      43. Disney Castle of Illusion reviews are live, score round-up here
      44. Zelda: Wind Waker HD compared to GameCube build in new video
      45. Super Castlevania 4 and Zelda 2 hitting Wii U Japan next week
      46. Metal Gear Solid 5 character Quiet to be detailed this week
      47. Team Fortress 2 update improves chemistry set use, other fixes inside
      48. Tekken Revolution getting Kuma and Miguel in today's update
      49. Killzone: Mercenary reviews drop - get all the scores
      50. Killzone: Mercenary wants you to get rich or die tryin'
      51. Killzone: Mercenary day one patch is almost 1.2 GB - report
      52. Home Town Story dev working on Tokyo Majin Gakuen spin-off for PS3, Vita
      53. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate adds playable avatar of chaos
      54. Heavy Rain: Microsoft knocked back Quantic Dream's bestseller over scandal worries
      55. Shin Gundam Musou coming to PlayStation 3, Vita
      56. Grid 2 Demolition Derby mode coming as free DLC
      57. GTA 5 vocal cast includes real gang members
      58. PlayStation 4 supports 4 controllers
      59. Covenant of Humanity: Those Who Never Left Dark Souls
      60. DC Universe Online Sons of Trigon DLC out today
      61. Mighty No. 9 looks like Mega Man because that's Inafune's "style"
      62. Killzone: Shadow Fall's Black Hand enemy detailed
      63. Disney Infinity: Frozen playset, new discs pop up on retail sites
      64. EverQuest Next timelapse, parkour videos escape PAX Prime
      65. Android reaches 1 billion activations
      66. US PS Store update, September 3 - Castle of Illusion, Rayman Legends, DoA 5, Diablo 3
      67. Xbox One CPU boosted, console now in full production
      1. Total War: Rome 2 concurrent players peak at three times that of Shogun 2
      2. Sanctum 2 Ruins of Brightholme DLC hits Friday
      3. Xbox "way more progressive and open" than PlayStation, says Raptr boss
      4. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hits this week, free version takes to PSN
      5. Rime's lovely gamescom trailer has been released
      6. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is multiplayer only, will run you $39.99 on Xbox One
      7. Microsoft sees "a genuine concurrent and healthy existence," for both 360 and Xbox One
      8. Ryse: Son of Rome - Crytek developed three prototypes before deciding on final version
      9. Extraction was going to be self-published by Splash Damage before Nexon America signed on
      10. Xbox One - Kinect will overcome its "perception problem," says Microsoft's Penello
      11. Inafune feels the Japanese games industry has "gotten worse" since his 2009 comments
      12. Xbox One - Microsoft will not require third-party digital games to have demos
      13. Metro: Last Light - Tower Pack DLC out now, core game 60% off on Steam
      14. Apple sends out invitations to its September 10 event
      15. Grand Theft Auto 5: new shots, previews appear online -GAME details midnight launches
      16. Castle of Illusion now available for PSN, out tomorrow on PC, Xbox Live
      17. Fantasia: Music Evolved video demos the Haven area of the game
      18. Terraria to be released at retail due to "lack of digital uptake" in certain markets
      19. Xbox One Day One Edition stock limited or sold out in the UK state various retailers
      20. KickBeat delayed a week in Europe, now launching September 11
      21. Xbox One getting ESPN, NFL - Xbox 360 gets NFL Fantasy Football today
      22. Oculus Rift: anti-motion sickness tech "improving"
      23. Grand Theft Auto 5's 2013 Bravado Banshee can be won through GameStop PowerUp Rewards contest
      24. Is This the End for FFXIV's Error 1017?
      25. Borderlands 2 players can now download the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2
      26. Sony has "no firm plans at this stage" to bundle PS4 and Vita together
      27. Pokemon X & Y Nintendo Direct session scheduled for September 4
      28. Sony plans to release its own VR headset for PlayStation 4 in 2014 - report
      29. Team Dakota shows VG247 how to make a game in Project Spark
      30. Microsoft's Nokia buyout poses "little risk" to Android, could be used to help "leverage the success of Xbox" - analyst
      31. Diablo 3 now available at retail for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
      32. Guild Wars 2 goes Back to School with new SAB content, gameplay stream inside
      33. Competition: Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box play-set up for grabs
      34. Mighty No. 9 hits $1.2 million stretch goal, will launch with two additional levels
      35. The Play's the Thing
      36. Timesplitters Rewind in development for PS4
      37. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara dated for Wii U
      38. The Division: Ubisoft wants gameplay to be "potentially limitless", endgame discussed
      39. Sony showing 50 games at TGS, including Capcom's Deep Down
      40. Space Hulk: Deathwing FPS gets teaser trailer, watch it here
      41. Rayman Legends Vita missing 28 levels from other builds
      42. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn free trials extended after launch server issues
      43. Titanfall Xbox 360 developed by external studio hand-picked by Respawn
      44. Future axes 55 jobs amid restructure, CEO issues internal memo
      45. Xbox One development was not rushed, insists Major Nelson
      46. Deadman's Cross: Square announces zombie card battle RPG for mobile
      47. Killzone: Mercenary PS Vita trophies appear online, get the list here
      48. GAME stores announce ?40 next-gen trade-in deal
      49. Nintendo and Mojang have "continuing relationship", says Nintendo
      50. Dragon Age: Inquisition next-gen build to offer "huge" visual leap over current-gen editions
      51. Xbox One reputation system is clean slate for most players, doesn't carry over from 360
      52. The Evil Within prologue leaked in shaky cam footage, watch here
      53. Steam weekly charts: Total War: Rome 2 at top, Payday 2 in at two
      54. PS4 to launch at "a level we've never seen before": Sony's Gara
      55. inFamous for PS Vita potentially let slip during interview - rumour
      56. Gaikai's PS4 launch window uncertain in Europe due to broadband concerns
      57. Xbox One supports eight controllers at once, 30ft wireless range
      58. Microsoft buys out Nokia's smartphone business
      59. Killer Instinct: 60FPS a "pillar of the project"
      60. Deadly Premonition gets PC release date
      61. Rayman Legends Review
      62. Payday 2 live action series produces fifth episode
      63. "No plans" for a Wii U ambassador program
      1. Nintendo has "to do what Sony and Microsoft have been doing" with new consoles - Bethesda boss
      2. Minecraft sales reach 12 million
      3. Gearbox working on two new next-gen IPs, Borderlands 2 DLC tomorrow
      4. Bravely Default: For the Sequel getting an "overseas edition"
      5. Mighty No. 9 next-gen ports possible if demand is high enough
      6. Devil Survivor 2 hits pre-order goal, securing European release
      7. XCOM: Enemy Within - Firaxis "couldn't simply just patch it in" on consoles
      8. The Hidden Depths of Otaku Games
      9. Killzone: Shadow Fall Mutiplayer detailed
      10. New Dead Rising 3 gameplay footage released
      11. PS4 interface & gamescom demonstration discussed by Sony's Yoshida
      12. Wolfenstein: The New Order gameplay footage and video interview inside
      13. Mighty No. 9 hits $900k funding goal with 29 days left
      14. Xbox One was almost called Xbox Infinity, Penello confirms
      15. Urban Trial Freestyle dated for Steam, pre-orders open now at 20% off
      16. Xbox One: external storage won't be supported at launch
      17. Driveclub dev clarifies some free edition contents, no split-screen for either version
      18. Ace Combat: Infinity gets new gameplay screens & trailer
      19. Forza 5 stream shows Auto Vista mode, car models, races & more
      20. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call trademarked in North America
      21. Xbox One's free FIFA 14 for 'Day One Edition' consoles only
      22. Total War: Rome 2 reviews are go, all the scores here
      23. Dragon Age: Inquisition learns the lessons of its past
      24. Reinventing the Genre Molyneux Created
      25. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets new location trailers, watch here
      26. Farming Simulator PS3 trophies appear online, full list here
      27. Lionhead dev predicts that 50% of gaming workforce will be female in ten years
      28. Kamiya interested in Bayonetta & Okami 3DS spin-offs
      29. Nintendo downloads Europe: Etrian Odyssey 4 & Breath of Fire 2 lead the week
      30. The Settlers 20th anniversary trailer charts series' history
      31. Project Phoenix aiming for 50-60 hours of gameplay, combat missions detailed
      32. Jack Black joins Double Fine's Broken Age cast, video here
      33. Nvidia offering ?50 of MMO currency with selected GeForce-powered PCs
      34. Warframe launching as timed PS4 exclusive at console's launch, Nexus app adds second-screen play
      35. Xbox One: Microsoft needs to "cough up" the release date, says EA's Moore
      36. Mighty No. 9's star is an important character to creator Keiji Inafune
      37. Witcher 3 behind-closed doors gameplay footage escapes gamescom
      38. FIFA 14: Bale to remain on cover despite Real Madrid sale
      39. PS4 voice recognition confirmed via PlayStation Camera, presentation footage here
      40. Minecraft Xbox 360 receiving Mass Effect mash-up DLC in September
      41. GTA 5 original score lasts over 20 hours, Rockstar posts radio samplers on SoundCloud
      42. Xbox One Illumiroom projector too expensive for home use, now just for research says Penello
      43. Mighty Switch Force 2 Wii U release pegged for October
      44. Mad Max: an open world destruction derby of pain - interview
      45. UK Charts: Saints Row 4 holds top, Lost Planet 3 and Killer is Dead place low
      46. NBA 2K14 gets signature skills trailer, watch here
      47. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn YouTube video ban lifted
      48. Vlambeer releases free game & Wasteland Kings prototype to celebrate birthday
      49. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 samurai costume DLC gets trailers
      50. Whore of the Orient title sparks potential Human Rights Commission complaint
      51. Homeworld: Gearbox to fund Blackbird's successor turned sequel
      52. Bleszinski posts new teaser image for upcoming IP
      53. SimCity Mac installation issues apparently resolved
      54. ID@Xbox supports free-to-play, microtransactions
      55. Keiji Inafune: "My Artistic Style is What It Is"
      1. Halo 5 logo spotted in new upload of Xbox One trailer
      2. Dragon Age: Inquisition has playable Qunari, tactical view
      3. Mega Man creator takes to Kickstarter for spiritual successor