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April 2016 Archive

    1. Judas game trademark filed by Rockstar parent company Take-Two
    2. The Division weekly reset: Black Market M60 E6 and Tactical ARC blueprints
    3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare teaser video wants you to Know Your Enemy
    4. Dark Souls 3: banned PC players warned of stranger danger over rampant cheating
    5. Xbox Live Gold members can play Madden NFL 16 free through May 2 on Xbox One
    6. The Division: what's the best Marksman Rifle? The High End First Wave M1A
    7. Here's the first look at Space Hulk: Deathwing gameplay
    8. Final Fantasy 14 Update 3.3 Revenge of the Horde includes new dungeons, housing additions
    9. Splatoon's Squid Sisters Callie and Marie join amiibo line-up in July
    10. Elite Dangerous: Horizons heads to Xbox One in Q2
    11. Xbox One players can now channel their inner Super Hero or Villain in DC Universe Online
    12. Dark Souls 3 - All Ring Locations and Effects
    1. Final Fantasy 14 and Yo-Kai Watch collide with in-game item collaboration
    2. Street Fighter 5 video shows background character playing the invisible skin flute
    3. The Division cheaters to receive "the biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date"
    4. Battlefield 5 world premiere scheduled for May 6
    5. Total War: Warhammer DLC no longer a pre-order only bonus, to appease angry fans
    6. Romero and Carmack's Blackroom Kickstarter put on hold to make a gameplay demo
    7. Battleborn launch trailer is a medley of gun play and teen-friendly carnage
    8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered includes campaign & ten multiplayer maps - rumour
    9. Killing Floor 2 gets double XP and increased loot drops this weekend
    10. Here's how you can get Mercy's wings from Overwatch in Diablo 3
    11. Microsoft to reveal new Xbox One hardware and controller at E3 2016 - report
    12. Halo 5 Warzone Turbo returns for a few more days
    13. Destiny Xur update: should you buy Year 2 Hawkmoon?
    14. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 29, 30
    15. Hyper Light Drifter local co-op beta available now
    16. Uncharted 4: watch an unboxing of the special and Libertalia collector's editions
    17. Doom has an Easter egg only fans of the classic game will enjoy
    18. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online free this weekend
    19. King's Quest Episode 1 free on Xbox One
    20. Id Software can't beat DOOM on the toughest difficulty setting
    21. Crytek's VR climbing sim is out now - launch trailer
    22. Forza 6: Apex open beta kicks off next week
    23. Diablo 3 patch preps for Season 6 kick off today
    24. Quantum Break PC crashes waiting on Windows 10 update
    25. Fallout 4 survival mode gets full release on Steam
    26. Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza gameplay - complete run
    1. The Division digital revenues overtake Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Superdata
    2. Tomb Raider reboot to star Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander - report
    3. Destiny patch lands Tuesday, melee bug fix coming May 10
    4. The Nintendo NX: What We Know So Far
    5. Hearthstone bug gives your hero Taunt and a permanent stat boost
    6. Hitman Episode 2 PlayStation 4 Review: Murder, Italian Style
    7. King of Fighters 14 gameplay shows recently announced characters in action
    8. The IKEA VR Experience hits Steam and is listed as a survival horror
    9. After 20 years Play magazine announces its last print issue
    10. Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer shows off Jensen's flashy new augmentations
    11. PlayStation Network sales top entire revenue of Nintendo
    12. Uncharted 4 has "PlayStation's largest ever" marketing campaign
    13. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster may have been confirmed by a poop emoji
    14. Destiny April Update: the King’s Fall raid has never been more enjoyable
    15. Is Sony working on a wild west VR title?
    16. Special edition Iron Man Xbox One console has Arc Reactor, Stark Industries branding
    17. The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine as big as Skellige Isles combined, to release before E3
    18. Samsung is working on a standalone wireless VR headset
    19. 5v5 spaceship shooter Dreadnought closed beta to start this week
    20. You can't have this amazing The Division figure yet
    21. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 devs helped Blizzard have good aim assist in Overwatch
    22. Sony financials: 17.7 million PS4s shipped in fiscal year 2015
    23. The Division server maintenance: another Falcon Lost glitch terminated
    24. Dark Souls 3 doesn't need easy mode - it already has one
    25. Watch Shrek and friends defend their swamp in Dark Souls 3
    26. Mass Effect is getting its own theme park ride
    27. Superhot hits Xbox One next week
    28. Nintendo is selling its majority stake in Seattle Mariners baseball team
    29. Heads up: servers for Street Fighter 5 are down tomorrow
    30. King's Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb is out now
    31. Uncharted 4 comes with a 5GB day one patch
    32. You can use bitcoin on Steam now
    33. Oxenfree comes to PS4 in May
    34. Japanese metal band Babymetal is coming to Super Mario Maker
    35. Witcher publisher CD Projekt wants to follow Rockstar's model
    1. Here's an extended look at DOOM's single-player campaign
    2. Minecraft now works with Gear VR
    3. Possible production notes for a redesigned Xbox One emerge
    4. Alienation PS4 Review: Multiplayer Mayhem
    5. These Nioh screens show a dark and dangerous environment
    6. The Division: Caduceus High End assault rifle review - is it any good?
    7. Lore in No Man’s Sky ensures everything players find exists for a reason
    8. Tropico 5, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, more coming to PS Plus in May
    9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition includes Modern Warfare remaster - rumor
    10. Here's a Dark Souls 3 comparison video and it may contain spoilers
    11. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, others discounted through Golden Week PS Store Sale
    12. Dead Island Definitive Collection screens show off current-gen build
    13. Darkest Dungeon delayed on PS4 and Vita to add Town Events
    14. Nintendo gives up on 2016 to focus on mysterious NX
    15. NHL 17 announced, cover vote now live
    16. Co-op survival game The Wild Eight gets playable demo
    17. Former Respawn and Sony dev calls out The Division's network model
    18. Some Uncharted 4 copies were stolen in transit, says Sony
    19. Trials of the Blood Dragon leaked by Taiwanese rating board
    20. Watch 12 minutes of chaotic Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay
    21. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 trial lets you play full game up to ten hours
    22. Dark Souls 3 second add-on won't release until 2017
    23. Miitomo has over 10M users, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles headed to mobile
    24. No Nintendo NX at E3 2016, console won't replace Wii U & 3DS
    25. Nintendo NX hardware will launch globally March 2017
    26. Dark Souls 3 director already working on a new IP
    27. Guile joins Street Fighter 5 cast on Thursday
    28. Why you should check out Tales from the Borderlands
    29. Dragon Age producer drops intriguing tease
    30. Another DOOM classic level from John Romero
    31. Persona 5 countdown will end with a livestream
    32. Five XBLA games added to Xbox One backwards compatible list
    33. Fallout 4 battle: 20K red ghouls invade the Commonwealth
    1. 3DS, Wii U games make up Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle
    2. DOOM single-player trailer might be fake, is awesome anyway
    3. Severed PS Vita Review: A Real Hack and Slash RPG Adventure
    4. Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods out today as registered players top 50M
    5. Large Dota 2 update adds changes to Ranked All Pick, minimap Scan ability
    6. Nioh demo - check out 30 minutes of "hard as hell" gameplay
    7. Fallout 4 Creation Kit in open beta, mods coming to consoles starting in May
    8. Homefront: The Revolution video chronicles the rise of the sinister APEX corporation
    9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare listed on PS Store, set for reveal next week - rumor
    10. These Gears of War 4 hi-res shots of the campaign are super nice
    11. May’s Xbox Games with Gold include GRID 2, Peggle, more
    12. Uncharted 4 copies hit eBay as retailers break street date
    13. Hitman GO VR exclusive to Oculus and Gear VR, out in May
    14. What we want from Borderlands 3
    15. Doom - see how easy it is to create levels in SnapMap
    16. Destiny’s Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Keksis the Betrayed
    17. Destiny’s Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Wretched Knight
    18. FREE GIVEAWAY! 1,000 keys for Epic MOBA Paragon on PS4 and PC
    19. Battleborn's three-part motion comic sets up the story
    20. Square Enix's I Am Setsuna western release date set
    21. Dark Souls 3 update 1.04 fixes multiple crashes, NPC quests
    22. The King of Fighters 14 release date set for August
    23. Watch some of the crazy modes you could create with Doom's SnapMap
    24. The Division - this week's blueprints refresh, Tactical ACR & Super 90
    25. Rocket League Hoops DLC out now, get all the patch notes
    26. Destiny weekly reset for April 26 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed
    27. Amazingly 90's Tomb Raider 3 promo film unearthed
    28. The Dark Sword is Dark Souls 3's best weapon - here's how to get it
    29. Ubisoft returns 1666: Amsterdam rights to Assassin's Creed creator
    30. Epic's free-to-play MOBA Paragon gets $60 retail version on PS4
    31. Driveclub VR trademark appears, despite Evolution closure
    32. The Witcher 3 dev tools overhauled for Cyberpunk 2077
    33. Paragon PS4 open beta dates revealed
    34. The Division weekly reset: assignments for April 25 - May 1
    35. When does the Gears of War 4 beta end?
    36. Nioh PS4 demo available now, lets you pick between better visuals & smooth frame-rate
    37. It's okay to be scared of Dark Souls 3's Darkwraiths [SPOILERS]
    38. When Mirror's Edge Catalyst is stripped back it becomes a great racing game
    39. Borderlands movie gets screenwriter, may actually happen
    40. ESO Dark Brotherhood DLC releasing on PC next month, consoles in June
    41. Quantum Break patch inbound, may drop this week
    42. Hitman: Sapienza DLC missions include new Sarajevo Six target - trailer
    43. Dark Souls comic sells out on day one, second printing coming soon
    44. The Walking Dead Season 3 features Clementine, will tie in with comics
    45. GTA Online down for maintenance Wednesday morning
    46. Download the Gears of War 4 open beta now
    1. Now on the PC, Corpse Party Remains a Must-Play for Horror Fans
    2. Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Catarina Armor Set - Find Patches, Siegward
    3. The Division maintenance changes to Thursdays but weekly assignments won't be affected
    4. Romero and Carmack reunite for Kickstarter project Blackroom
    5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End final gameplay trailer will give you goosebumps
    6. Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition will let you start playing 4 days before the release date
    7. Battlefield 5: five features we want to see
    8. Hitman: here's what time episode 2 goes live in your region
    9. Battlefield 5 has got Battalion 1944 producer "beyond excited"
    10. Esports league bans YouPorn-sponsored team
    11. Ratchet & Clank knocks Dark Souls 3 from top of the UK charts with the series' first No.1
    12. Nier: Automata screens show off desolate new environments
    13. The Division: 8 ways to improve Massive's loot shooter
    14. Killer Instinct's DLC character Mira debuts in her new trailer
    15. Overwatch's Soldier: 76 cosplay driver crashes his monster truck into another car at PAX East
    16. New Five Nights at Freddy's game teased
    17. The Division's latest problems make Fox News. Kind of
    18. Fallout 4's unofficial patch will "fix every bug" in the game. Eventually
    19. Jason Voorhees always wins at hide and seek in the new Friday the 13th: The Game trailer
    20. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Local Multiplayer Game?
    1. DC Suicide Squad's Blitz Trailer has been remade in Fallout 4
    2. First Outlast 2 gameplay footage features chase scene in creepy cornfield
    3. Tales of Berseria heads west in early 2017 for PC, PS4
    4. Star Fox Zero reviews round up - get all the scores here
    5. Mojang releases free, causal strategy game Crown and Council on Steam
    6. The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is now a strategy title called Champions of Anteria
    7. Free weapon pack for Arma 3 hits Steam Workshop alongside price reduction
    8. Call of Duty, Tomb Raider other titles discounted through US PS Store Flash Sale
    9. Rainbow Six Siege's next content drop Operation Dust Line coming in May
    10. Borderlands 3 development to start after Battleborn and its DLC wrap up
    1. P.O.L.L.E.N PC Review: Close Encounters
    2. Doom PC has a comprehensive set of advanced game and rendering options
    3. Have a look at Escape from Tarkov's UI in these new screens
    4. Disney Crossy Road Demonstrates How the Arcade Experience is Being Re-Invented for Mobile
    5. GTA Online: enjoy the High Life with two new Inch by Inch maps, double earnings
    6. Tekken x Street Fighter development "on hold"
    7. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - more info promised in May, new screens
    8. Xbox One sales up year-over-year despite decline in hardware revenue
    9. Battleborn players launched over 922 billion Fury Potatoes in the beta
    10. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Plunder multiplayer mode makes a return
    11. Gears of War 4 multiplayer gameplay video lands ahead of open beta
    12. Hitman update adds re-connection option ahead of Sapienza release
    13. Halo 5 Forge file browser finally added to Waypoint
    14. The Division - the benefits of the Striker's Battlegear set
    15. Fallout Shelter update adds 3D Touch support, scrapping, more
    16. Final Fantasy 15's next Active Time Report event to take place during E3 2016
    17. Amazon lists FIFA 16, GTA 5, Assassin's Creed, more as "exclusive to Prime members"
    18. Destiny: Why Zen Meteor is truly dynamite
    19. Win an Alienware Alpha gaming PC worth $699!
    20. Play Rocket League for free this weekend on Steam
    21. Destiny Xur update: should you buy Year 2 Monte Carlo?
    22. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 22, 23
    23. The Division - watch someone analyse the game's netcode
    24. Square producing more Final Fantasy 15 collector's editions, but may not make launch
    25. Steam to start accepting Bitcoin - report
    26. Dark Souls 3 summon troll gets their comeuppance
    27. EVE Online: Citadel expansion drops next week - cinematic trailer
    28. Jurassic Park, Strong Bad added to Telltale Humble Bundle
    29. Overwatch team "failed horrifically" on cancelled MMO, says designer
    30. Hearthstone: get 10 free Whispers of the Old Gods packs through launch quest
    31. EVE Online's Project Legion replaced with Project Nova
    32. Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Irithyll Straight Sword
    33. PS4 NEO, Nintendo NX and Xbox upgrade AMD rumours looking hotter than ever
    34. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition hits PC next week
    35. You won't see Shadow of the Beast's true ending in easy mode
    36. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC gets PS4, Xbox One release date
    37. Quantum Break, Alan Wake dev's new project at least 9 months old
    1. Xbox Live monthly active users up 26% year-over-year to 46 million
    2. Destiny: next week's Iron Banner will drop more gear after every match
    3. Watch the Star Fox Zero – The Battle Begins animated short right here
    4. ARK: Survival of the Fittest lands on PlayStation 4 in July
    5. The Division: hotfix kills Competent glitch, should resolve server instability
    6. Closed beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends kicks off today
    7. Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been delayed to June
    8. Horizon: Zero Dawn delayed into 2017 - rumor
    9. You can now watch Game of Thrones on your Xbox One with HBO Now
    10. The Division: lag reports pile up after latest hotfix
    11. LawBreakers Alpha sign-ups live, new video shows off gameplay
    12. EVE: Valkyrie to support cross-play between PlayStation VR, Rift and Vive
    13. Axiom Verge Review: Play it Again, Sam [Updated for Vita]
    14. Hitman - Episode Two trailer takes you to Sapienza, introduces next hit
    15. Overwatch is a brilliant class-based shooter, but who is it for?
    16. Doom beta: a mostly stable 60fps thanks to aggressive resolution scaling - report
    17. GTA Online: 70 biker crews unite to pressure Rockstar for motorcycle DLC
    18. The Division files datamined to reveal loot drop rates and more
    19. New Doom single-player footage and SnapMap details coming next week
    20. Rocket League passes 14 million players
    21. Black Ops 3 1.09 update out today on Xbox One, all the details
    22. Xbox 360 discontinued: what were your favourite games?
    23. The Division server down for maintenance, Falcon Lost fixes incoming
    24. Awesome, free Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub coming to Steam next week
    25. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 headlines PSN Spring Sale
    26. Dark Souls 3: How to Farm Souls and Embers
    27. First look at The Dark Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls Online
    28. Everyone's having a big old cry over Hearthstone Druid nerfs today
    29. John Romero's new shooter will be revealed on Monday
    1. Bretonnia announced for Total War: Warhammer custom battles
    2. Two-factor authentication coming to PlayStation Network
    3. Bioshock: Medical Pavilion recreated in Unreal Engine 4 is just lovely
    4. Shadow Complex Remastered arrives on PS4 in May
    5. Uncharted 4 GameStop pre-order exclusives shown in new video
    6. The Hoops DLC for Rocket League is out next week
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 closed Alpha kicks off for PC mod tools
    8. Fallout 4's revamped Survival Mode update now in beta on Steam
    9. Production of Xbox 360 has ceased after 10 years on the market
    10. The Division: unlimited credits glitch joins the list of game-breaking exploits
    11. Antarctic Base from Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a map in Umbrella Corps
    12. Counter-Strike comes to Android in an unofficial capacity
    13. Mafia 3 pre-orders include Family Kick-Back pack, two editions contain Season Pass
    14. The Division Competent glitch downs enemies with a handful of bullets
    15. Rainbow Six Siege's next DLC to be revealed this Friday
    16. Hellblade dev diary explores new combat system
    17. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada launch trailer brings Imperium justice to the Gothic sector
    18. Destiny: the best locations for Gunsmith Field Tests
    19. Dark Souls 3 PvP video proves you should never give up
    20. Overwatch vs Battleborn vs Paragon: the battle of the betas
    21. Total War: Warhammer video shows off Bloodpine Woods battlefield
    22. Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC - everything we know
    23. Pyre is the new game from Bastion and Transistor dev Supergiant
    24. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Cleansing the Land and The Way Life Should Be
    25. Star Fox Zero Wii U Review: Open the Wings
    26. Armor of Thorns is tearing up Dark Souls 3 PvP - here's how to get it
    27. Titan Souls, Not A Hero, Dropsy in new Humble Devolver Bundle
    28. Another massive GTA sale on the PSN
    29. Dark Souls board game Kickstarter funded in minutes, now over 520%
    1. Tuesday Stream: Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta [Done]
    2. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition's multiplayer has gone missing
    3. Whispers of the Old Gods: Designing C'Thun, the State of the Hunter, and Lessons Learned From The Grand Tournament
    4. Microsoft's "testing a variety" of new Xbox One prototypes - report
    5. The Division: how to get the best Gear Score
    6. Mirror's Edge Catalyst - here's your minimum and recommenced PC specs
    7. Hearthstone expansion Whispers of the Old Gods out next week
    8. 6 Things You Need Know about Guild Wars 2's Massive Spring Update
    9. Latest Warcraft movie trailer goes heavy on the action
    10. Conclusion to The Walking Dead: Michonne arrives next week
    11. Here's the Star Fox Zero launch trailer
    12. RuneScape kicks Java to the curb, relaunches with new game engine
    13. The Technomancer - gameplay, customization options on display in new video
    14. Dark Souls 3: how to turn into a dragon
    15. New costume pack for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will set you back $93
    16. This may be the release date for Destiny's next expansion
    17. Mafia 3 gets new story trailer, October release date
    18. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Best Left Forgotten
    19. Doom and Quake co-creator teasing new FPS project
    20. Destiny: Dreg's Promise Year 2 review - a worthy upgrade?
    21. The Division handing out 100s of Phoenix Credits in compensation to players
    22. Rocket League patch adjusts hitboxes, lowers ESRB rating, more
    23. Destiny weekly reset for April 19 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed
    24. The Division: no game changes during latest maintenance
    25. Destiny's Sterling Treasure: how to get it and what it contains
    26. FIFA 16 is now part of EA and Origin Access
    27. The Division weekly reset: assignments for April 18-24
    28. New For Honor information to be revealed at E3 and gamescom 2016
    29. The Division's Falcon Lost exploit overshadows the evolution of Incursions
    30. Dark Souls 3 player invades games looking like Patches, trolls hosts
    31. Destiny's Chroma shaders: how to get them and how they work
    32. Batman: Return to Arkham rated by PEGI
    33. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Where You Belong
    34. Destiny's Velumbra sparrow: how to get it
    35. Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Walk in the Park
    36. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC side quests
    37. Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Far From Home
    38. The Division weekly reset: check out the First Wave Vector 45 ACP blueprints
    39. Gears of War beta maps detailed in new dev video
    40. Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Red Eye Orb for PvP
    41. Destiny patch notes - collect your missing Sterling Treasures right now
    42. The Division: Warlord weapon review - is it any good?
    43. "PS4.5" codenamed NEO, boasts upgraded CPU and RAM - report
    44. Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Seditious Mind
    45. Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Val Aru'un
    46. Destiny: how to get the Taken armour and Dreadfang sword
    1. Destiny's April update: everything you need to know
    2. Star Fox's History of Innovation, For Better or Worse
    3. Overwatch beta going offline next week
    4. GTA 5: fan-made tilt shift video shows a miniature Los Santos
    5. Batman Arkham HD Collection details and release date leak - report
    6. Battlezone 98 Redux is out now, more remasters on the way
    7. World of Warcraft Legion expansion release date set
    8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - watch the Eclipse DLC launch trailer here
    9. New Mafia 3 trailer coming tomorrow
    10. PlayStation Network down for maintenance on April 19
    11. GameStop starts new publishing label, signs Ready at Dawn, Insomniac, more
    12. Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins animated short premieres on April 20
    13. Guile comes to Street Fighter 5 this month [Update]
    14. Dark Souls 3 becomes Namco's fastest-selling title ever
    15. Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked map appears to be genuine
    16. Ubisoft's 1666 reappears via new trademark
    17. Hitman Episode 2 'Sapienza' screenshots will make you wish you were there
    18. Dark Souls 3 tops UK retail charts
    19. Destiny April Update review: Bungie's new approach brings the fun back
    20. USgamer Community Question: Who's Your Favorite Gaming Sidekick?
    21. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's asymmetrical gameplay is a stroke of genius
    22. Guy with balls of steel solos The Division's Falcon Lost on hard
    23. Dark Souls 3 patch 1.04 makes changes to Greatswords today - full notes here
    24. Doom open beta extended and PC frame rate unlocked
    25. The Division's daily missions haven't updated... again
    26. Ubisoft is "looking into" punishing players that used the Falcon Lost exploit
    27. Dark Souls 3: you are weak and feeble, but you can try again
    28. Overwatch's Tracer to debut in Heroes of the Storm this week
    29. Doom open beta gets hellish reviews on Steam
    30. Dark Souls 3 Mimics are seriously OP [SPOILERS]
    31. Destiny April Update: Sterling Treasure patch coming today
    1. Ark: Survival Evolved studio settles Trendy Entertainment lawsuit
    2. DayZ creator's VR title Out of Ammo hits Steam Early Access
    3. Take a closer look at the Final Fantasy 15 digital pre-order bonuses
    4. Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight beta extended until Tuesday
    5. Nier: Automata videos take a look at characters, gameplay
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Deadpool, other Activision games on sale through Steam
    7. Escape from Tarkov screens show current Alpha state
    8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided site wants you to be Aug Aware, put "purity first"
    9. What is DC Comics Rebirth? Everything You Need to Know
    1. These are the Gears of War 4 beta rewards you'll earn at level 20
    2. The Division hotfix addresses missing characters, Falcon Lost exploit
    3. GTA Online: celebrate Sabre Week with Property Discounts, RP Bonuses, new ride
    4. Raiders of the Broken Planet is MercurySteam's new multiplayer online game
    5. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst locks abilities behind XP upgrades
    6. Destiny April update: a guide to hitting light level 335
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Zetsubou No Shima looks rather intense
    8. New Ghostbusters game coming in July, stars rookie foursome
    9. Your name will be shot into the Stratosphere when you pre-order Stellaris
    10. The King of Fighters 14 trailer introduces newcomer Banderas Hattori, the return of Mai
    11. Killing Floor 2 to have playable PS4 demo at PAX East 2016
    12. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug come to PC, PS4 & Xbox One next week
    13. First Dark Souls 3 DLC to arrive this fall
    14. Doom 3 BFG and Monaco: What's Yours is Mine now backwards compatible on Xbox One
    15. Trine dev's Shadwen gets release date, gloomy new trailer
    16. Minecraft reportedly sells 10,000 units per day
    17. The Division: how to get the Rainbow Six Siege outfit for free
    18. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets double XP weekend
    19. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 15, 16
    20. Here's when you'll be getting your Gears of War 4 beta key [Update]
    21. Black Desert Online: Life after the Mediah expansion
    22. Doom trailer shows hundreds of customisation options
    23. Destiny post-April update issues detailed, fall update teased
    24. The Division, Far Cry: Primal were best-selling games in the US during March
    1. The Division Incursion: here's a quick look at the high end assault rifle Warlord
    2. This Skyrim cities overhaul mod took over three years to make
    3. Here's a look at the Knockout map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Eclipse
    4. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture now available for PC on Steam
    5. Neko Atsume - How to Get Peaches
    6. Play Rainbow Six Siege free on Steam this weekend
    7. Ubisoft confirms date and time for its E3 2016 press conference
    8. Mirror's Edge Catalyst: here's a look at what beta participants will be playing
    9. Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta starts next week
    10. Fallout 4's Chryslus Rocket '69 available from today for Forza 6
    11. SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Splatfest kicks off next weekend
    12. New Paragon duo Iggy & Scorch will soon set the arena on fire
    13. Total War: Warhammer video welcomes you to the Old World
    14. The Division: Assassin's Creed outfit may be fake but we hope it's not
    15. Final Fantasy 9 has arrived on Steam
    16. Gears of War 4: esports, dodgeball and gore
    17. Save up to 75% on Ubisoft titles through the Uplay Spring Sale
    18. Halo 5: watch over 30 minutes of Warzone Firefight gameplay ahead of today's beta
    19. Here's the cover art for The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion
    20. Take a look at Alienation's three classes
    21. You can now download the 80s, VHS-style cover art for Dark Souls 3
    22. Developer gets Oculus Rift exclusives running on Valve's Vive
    23. Nioh will have dismemberment in the western version
    24. See how stellar The Division looks running at 1440p/60fps
    25. Street Fighter 5 to get new update in April to address rage quitting problem
    26. PlayStation 4 bundle includes Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4, and Battlefront for $390
    27. The Division Incursion: Falcon Lost Challenge mode guide
    28. Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Pilot Servitor
    29. Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat Sylok the Defiled
    30. Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat the Overmind Minotaur
    1. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness battle system shown in new video
    2. Fable Legends is now permanently offline
    3. Diablo 3, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines dev joins Obsidian Entertainment
    4. Far Cry Primal Survival Mode and 4K texture pack are ready for download
    5. Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin expansion hits in June with Lando Calrissian
    6. The Division: missing character fix in the works, issue caused by server error
    7. Homefront: The Revolution - here's how you'll take back Philadelphia
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    10. Pre-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan and net some skins
    11. NBA 2K17 announced, Kobe Bryant on the cover of Legend Edition
    12. Total conversion mod brings the moon to ARK: Survival Evolved
    13. Quantum Break developer Remedy responds to Windows 10 port issues
    14. The Division - daily Challenge Mode to return tomorrow
    15. Atlus to publish The King of Fighters 14 in the Americas
    16. Rockstar calls Benzies' claims "without merit", "downright bizarre"
    17. EA reveals early details of its E3 2016 Play event
    18. Black Desert Online gets two new classes next week
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    23. FREE! SMITE god and skin packs for new hero Jing Wei on PC
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    25. Overwatch beta: play Blizzard's shooter this weekend
    26. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and more in Telltale's Humble Bundle
    27. Dark Souls 3 launch trailer is excellent, but full of spoilers
    28. Tuesday Stream: Mike Fixes the Galaxy with Ratchet & Clank [Done!]
    1. Former Rockstar North boss files $150M suit over "numerous deceptions," unpaid royalties
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    4. Destiny: The Taken King's April update is live - go nuts
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    6. FCC filings suggest a new Xbox One or Slim model may be in the works
    7. Total War: Warhammer Free DLC content plans detailed
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    10. These Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Eclipse videos show Zombies, the Spire and Rift maps
    11. PS4 exclusive Let it Die is back from the dead, on track for 2016 release
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    21. Doom open multiplayer beta - everything you need to know
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    23. Microsoft confirms date and time for its E3 2016 press conference
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    25. Dark Souls 3 beats non-Valve games at Steam's concurrent user numbers
    1. Here's how big the Destiny April update is
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    3. Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC exact release times revealed
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    6. Destiny April update overview trailer reminds you of all the new additions
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    9. Final Fantasy 15 director has a "more technically developed" version in mind for PC
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    11. Death Road to Canada trailer is the best one you'll see all week
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    23. Driveclub studio Evolution goes multiplatform for new owner Codemasters
    24. Quantum Break is "biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation"
    25. Dark Souls 3 release times on Steam
    26. Texas custom gun manufacturer creates a 'Nintendo Glock'
    27. Dark Souls 3 PC vs PS4 frame-rate and graphics comparison
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    29. Watch the first trailer for Gears of War 4
    30. A Newly Revealed Easter Egg Showcases the Surprising Depth of Punch-Out!!
    1. The Walking Dead recreated in Fallout 4 is the best thing we've seen in ages
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    1. Alan Wake's DLC is free on Xbox One and Xbox 360
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    13. Don't Starve Together leaving Steam Early Access April 21
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    20. Final Fantasy 7 Remake to span multiple full games
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    24. "Big" Dark Souls news today - could it be a PS4 and Xbox One remaster?
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    7. The Division: crafting changes include guaranteed High-End drop from named NPCs
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    9. It's possible work on Fable Legends may continue, say Lionhead sources
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    12. Today's Destiny maintenance period expected to last around five hours
    13. Attack on Titan heads to Europe and North America this summer
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    21. Rocket League retail version release date announced, includes four new cars
    22. The Division: more gear sets coming after update 1.1
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    25. Blizzcon 2016 dates revealed, tickets go sale April 20 and 23
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    1. Destiny: Crucible, Iron Banner, ammo, Exotic changes coming next week
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    6. Quantum Break DARRRRRM slapping eye patches on players
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    8. Gears of Wars 4 will be released in October
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    10. Survarium 0.41 update improves low-end GPU support, adds daily challenges, more
    11. Overwatch's Tracer butt pose replaced with cheesecake pin-up stance
    12. Hitman PC gets promised patch to reduce load times, add Vampire Magician pack
    13. Gears of War 4 to have split-screen in all modes, upcoming beta "not a fake demo"
    14. PS4 firmware update 3.50 out now
    15. Overwatch gets Competitive Play, Blizzard explains how it works
    16. Total War: Warhammer videos show Vampire Counts' monsters Vargheists and Terrorgheist
    17. Hideo Kojima to host keynote with Mark Cerny at Develop Brighton in July
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    23. Valve's trailer for SteamVR and HTC Vive is just delightful
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    1. Tuesday Stream: Enter the Gungeon [Done!]
    2. Black Desert Online sold 400,000 copies its first month in the west
    3. More Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard info drops ahead of release
    4. This Halo 5 Forge creation features a massive, player controlled boss
    5. Devil May Cry HD Collection, other Capcom titles added to PS Now service
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    7. Here's another look at changes coming to The Division next week
    8. Bethesda hosting E3 2016 Showcase on June 12 with expanded festivities
    9. FIFA 16 enters The Vault on EA Access and Origin Access later this month
    10. EVE: Valkyrie will release for HTC Vive this year
    11. SteamVR launches alongside HTC Vive with plenty of games and demos
    12. The Division players can expect Level 31 and 32 Blueprints with April update
    13. Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop DLC hits next week
    14. The Division team to start permanently banning cheaters
    15. The Last of Us movie has "kind of entered development hell," Uncharted film slow going
    16. Overwatch devs talk netcode, and "favouring the shooter"
    17. PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.50 out tomorrow - full details
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    24. Smite 60fps option coming to PS4 & Xbox One with next patch
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    5. The Division's high-end backpack bug to be fixed in the April update
    6. Life is Strange fans want a sequel so much they made a Kickstarter campaign
    7. The Division servers to go down for three hours tomorrow
    8. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness western release set for June
    9. Players will argue about Uncharted 4's ending, says co-director
    10. Modder turns Aliens: Colonial Marines into what it should have been
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    1. Destiny: the best LFG sites
    1. The Chinese Room's next project has a lighter tone, but is "no less weird"
    2. SEGA's acquisition of Atlus USA finalized, will publish all titles in North America
    3. Microsoft's not interested in "Xbox One and a half"
    4. Leaked prototype footage for Mass Effect: Andromeda appears - rumor
    5. Oculus Rift shipping fee waived after component shortage causes delay
    6. Platinum Demo is a Poor Entry into the World of Final Fantasy XV
    1. Miitomo iOS Review: That Tiny Tomodachi Life
    2. Dark Souls 3 film to "raise a whole lotta hell" on VHS April 12
    3. Dota 2 The International 2016 dated for August 8-13, tickets on sale April 7
    4. Here's a new story trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
    5. GTA Online Tornado Week: new Sumo Maps, Tornado Custom, Double RP
    6. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 coming to PC, PS4 in July
    7. Escape from Tarkov videos showcase weapon modding and Alpha gameplay
    8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has been confirmed for PC
    9. New "DLC" for The Witcher 3 will star Geralt's horse Roach
    10. Bioshock: The Collection rated for PC, PS4 & Xbox One by the ESRB
    11. Final Fantasy 15 needs to sell ten million units to be successful [UPDATE]
    12. Ryo Sakazaki and Geese shown off in new King of Fighters 14 trailer
    13. Halo 5 Ghosts of Meridian update releases next week, adds two new maps, more
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    15. Halo 5 gets new, limited-time Warzone Turbo mode
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    24. Destiny's new reward packages won't end up as more useless Legendary Marks
    25. Second Overwatch short stars Widowmaker, arrives early next week
    26. Dark Souls 3 speedrun record already below 2 hours