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July 2016 Archive

    1. 2014 in Preview: The Sky is the Limit for Mario Kart 8
    2. JPgamer: The Fine Art of the Earworm
    3. Mario Kart 8 Wii U Review: Where We're Going, We Don't Need Gravity
    4. Our Favorite (and Least Favorite) Mario Kart Tracks of All Time
    5. May 2014 Editor's Choice Award: Artificial Intelligence (and Nazis)
    6. Bob & Kat on Living Their Lives a Quarter Mile at a Time through Mario Kart 8
    7. The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Local Multiplayer
    8. Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC Review: Loss of Control
    9. The Lost Art of the Jump Scare
    10. Sea of Thieves Interview with Rare's Gregg Mayles
    11. From Us to You! Dives Deeper Into Zelda and the Rest of E3 2016
    12. Pokémon X & Y Versions Review
    13. Pokémon Experts Discuss What X and Y's Changes Mean for Competitive, Pro-Level Play
    14. More Starter Pokemon, Less Starting Pokemon: We Can Make Pokémon X & Y's Wonder Trade Better!
    15. Watch Where You're Pokemon Go-ing
    16. Pokemon Go Review: Broken App, Amazing Community
    17. Pokemon Go: The Unfortunate Intersection of Game and Life
    18. Zero Escape Fans Band Together for "Operation Bluebird"
    19. Farewell to Ultima
    20. Walking Further: Delving Into Visual Novels
    21. Clash! The Story Behind an All-Time Classic
    22. JPgamer: In Search of Door Number 9
    23. Gallery: Up Close With Nintendo's Amiibos
    24. Next Gen Graphics, Part 2: PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and More
    1. Holy cow, the use of shaders on class items returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron
    2. Those who pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Legion can start playing the Demon Hunter class August 9
    3. No Man’s Sky leaked footage prompts creator to ask that you not spoil it for yourself
    4. Your time on the Bioware forums is coming to an end unless you're a SWTOR player
    5. The Division Weekly Vendor reset: Military G36 and Custom M44
    6. Xbox One summer update starts rolling out to everyone today
    7. Pokemon Go update seems to have made adjustments to more Pokemon than just Vaporeon
    8. Sony reiterates you don't need Neo to use PSVR but you do need 61-square feet of clear space
    9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has gone gold - start counting the days
    10. Little King’s Story is coming to PC next month with a lovely HD upgrade
    1. Pokemon Go boss "not a fan" of Pokemon trackers and apps which show spawn locations
    2. Ark: Survival Evolved update adds fishing, two free add-ons, new critters and a free weekend
    3. Diablo’s Auriel will be playable on Heroes of the Storm PTR starting next week
    4. USgamer's RPG Podcast Reviews I Am Setsuna with Kotaku's Jason Schreier
    5. USgamer's RPG Podcast Ponders Pokémon Go's Impact on the Series
    6. USstreamer: Nadia Hits Lightspeed in Hyper Light Drifter at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET [Archived on YouTube!]
    7. Metal Gear Solid series has sold over 49 million copies worldwide - Konami Q1 2016
    8. This Xbox One 1TB bundle contains four games, a $50 Best Buy gift card and more for $300
    9. DriveClub VR will launch alongside PlayStation VR in Japan October 13
    10. Steam VR sale discounts many big Vive and Rift titles
    11. WW2 tactical shooter Day of Infamy hits Steam Early Access
    12. New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer asks the biggest question
    13. I Am Setsuna charms & satisfies but falls just short of its classic JRPG inspirations
    14. New Battlefield UI is coming to Battlefield 4 first, this summer
    15. Destiny Xur update: should you buy Year 2 The 4th Horseman?
    16. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for July 29, 30
    17. Capcom is teasing Project Palm, fans think it's Dragon's Dogma-related [Update]
    18. Marvel Ultimate Alliance re-releases: Marvel Games creative director says he's heard player concerns
    19. You can play on maps from Doom's first multiplayer DLC even if you don't own it
    20. PS4 games are still making money for Sony thanks in part to 3.5M consoles shipped during Q1
    21. Get two cards when you try new Hearthstone adventure for free
    22. Justice League trailer recreated in Fallout 4 is one of the best ones yet
    23. New Pokemon Sun & Moon screenshots pop up ahead of Monday's reveal
    24. New World of Warcraft: Legion short catches up with Khadgar and Medivh
    25. Destiny might get a weird Challenge of the Elders next week
    1. Yooka-Laylee Toybox codes sent to Kickstarter backers - here's a complete playthrough of it
    2. Dishonored 2 players will find Emily and Corvo have very different powers
    3. Looks like Pokemon Go critters thought to be region-exclusive can be hatched from eggs
    4. Destiny hotfix deployed to reduce Beaver errors related to latest patch
    5. DOOM's free Update 2 out tomorrow, Unto the Evil DLC dated, earn double XP this weekend
    6. Cassandra the Voodoo Queen is out for revenge in Mafia 3
    7. Oculus Rift support coming to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta in the next few weeks
    8. A dangerous fairy has joined the Paragon ranks bringing the wrath of nature with her
    9. You can watch the Dota 2: The International 2016 action unfold at home using a VR headset
    10. LawBreakers' Assassin class is the coolest of the bunch - video
    11. North Carolina city officials want Pokemon Go off city property
    12. Destiny: The Collection listed on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox One
    13. You can now pay for Pokemon Go cheat apps - but those caught will be punished
    14. New Hellblade video outlines game's "real-time cinematography" technique
    15. Xbox Summer Spotlight returns - spend $40 to earn 4,000 reward points
    16. Titanfall 2 video explains how the game's dedicated servers are going to work
    17. Your EA Origin client is about to look a whole lot better
    18. Today's The Division patch makes Underground loot more interesting
    19. Rainbow Six Siege free to play this weekend on PC and Xbox One
    20. "What's it all about?" Stop focusing on Inside's story
    21. Pokemon Go's Team Leaders, as seen through the lens of Tumblr fandom
    22. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition has a silly name but some great upgrades
    23. Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Edition spotted, probably packs in Ground Zeroes and DLC
    24. Another four weeks of cheap PS4 games and DLC in EU PlayStation Store sale
    25. Pokemon Go player becomes the world's first level 40 trainer - but of course they had to cheat
    26. Diablo 3 is getting more difficult in the next patch, because apparently y'all are masochists
    27. Here's a side-scrolling PvP shooter about space pirates not developed by the Life is Strange team
    1. Shiren the Wanderer Vita Review: Rogue Leader
    2. Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's Conspiracy out next year, stars Layton's daughter
    3. Pokemon Go Plus wearable tech delayed to September in Europe and the US
    4. Prey should be considered a re-imagining of the IP as it has no ties to the original game
    5. Dead Rising 4 video takes you back to Willamette and features all new gameplay footage
    6. HELP: The Game is a collection of titles on Steam with proceeds benefiting War Child charity
    7. Legendary Digital Studios is turning Life is Strange into a live-action series
    8. Rebel Galaxy, Yakuza 5 and more coming to PlayStation Plus in August
    9. Yakuza 0 has a western release date set for January 2017 on PlayStation 4
    10. Final video in No Man's Sky gameplay series focuses on surviving hostile environments
    11. Nintendo Q1 FY16: company posts $232 million loss - the largest quarterly loss in five years
    12. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide will be made available on PS4 and Xbox One in October
    13. Street Fighter 5: Juri moves list
    14. The Binding of Isaac creator teases new platformer
    15. Oculus Rift update paves the way for Vive-like room-scale VR
    16. Titanfall 2 will use Multiplay dedicated servers for their "minimal latency"
    17. Former Burnout devs begin work on new driving game
    18. Here's what one of those $80 custom-made Xbox One controllers looks like
    19. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 have to be the worst PC ports of 2016
    20. Catch a glimpse of the new Rainbow Six Siege Brazil map
    21. You get Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition when you pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider on PSN
    22. Everyone wants to make a new Destroy All Humans game so let's just do that already
    23. Get four more bangs for your buck in expanded Humble 2K Bundle offer
    24. Overwatch's newest hero has an amazing super power: trolling
    25. Minecraft: Story Mode add-on series continues this week with Episode 7: Access Denied
    26. What you need to know about Sea of Thieves, Rare's new open world pirate sandbox
    27. Dota 2: The International $18.4M prize pool breaks its own record for largest pot in eSports history
    28. The Division movie taps Interstellar, The Martian actor Jessica Chastain - report
    29. Overwatch patch buffs Ana, nerfs McCree again after the buff on his last nerf
    30. Lifeless Planet PS4 Review: Quirky Sci-Fi Action Adventure
    31. Meet the hackers of Watch Dogs 2 in new DedSec introduction
    1. Tricky Towers PS4 Review: Competitive Tower Building with Tetrads
    2. Nintendo NX: Does the World Want Another Dedicated Portable?
    3. The last scheduled patch for Destiny on PS3 and Xbox 360 has been deployed
    4. PlayStation 4 VP of third-party relations Adam Boyes joins Killer Instinct studio as new CEO
    5. Get your hands on the first public demo of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game at gamescom 2016
    6. We Happy Few enters early access on GOG, Steam and Xbox One
    7. Pokemon Go has reached an estimated 75 million downloads worldwide
    8. Fallout 4: you can now build and oversee your very own vault with the Vault-Tec Workshop
    9. Nintendo NX is portable with detachable controllers and uses Nvidia Tegra tech - report
    10. Pokemon Go: Tips on powering up Pokemon, evolution, stardust and candies
    11. Xbox One S Halo Collection and Madden 17 bundles up for pre-order, out next month
    12. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - All Gold Gnome Locations
    13. PS4 firmware update 4.0 is coming, here's how you can get early access
    14. Fallout 4: All Islander's Almanac Magazine Locations
    15. BlizzCon 2016 virtual ticket now available, here's what it gets you
    16. PES 2017 gets exclusive rights for FC Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium
    17. Quake Champions - id explains the four different classes and their abilities
    18. Street Fighter 5's Juri delayed for some on the EU PS Store
    19. Destiny weekly reset for July 26 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed
    20. Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC free for a limited time on PC, PS4, Xbox One
    21. No Man's Sky news, gameplay and more: a universe of info on 2016's hottest space sim
    22. August Xbox Games with Gold: WWE 2K16, Spelunky, more
    23. Epic boss thinks Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse" with new Windows 10 updates [Update]
    24. Loads of free stuff is coming to Total War: Warhammer with this week's DLC
    25. Pokemon Go tips: 25 things every serious player should know
    26. Destiny's super-mysterious Update 2.3.1 rolls out tomorrow
    27. Starting with Batman, some Telltale games will have an optional "multiplayer" mode
    28. No Man's Sky website suggests the PC build will be a few days late
    1. Pokemon Go: here are some of the zany ways people have tried to catch Ditto
    2. July Community Poll: What Games Are You Enjoying Most Right Now?
    3. Dual Universe first gameplay footage looks impressive
    4. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain takes the action to Brazil
    5. Resident Evil Revelations 2 Xbox One Review: When Paint-by-Numbers Isn't so Bad
    6. 10 Years Ago, Resident Evil 4 Saved a Series from Itself
    7. Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Reveals a Series Struggling to Reinvent Itself
    8. Retronauts Creeps Through Resident Evil's Roots
    9. Watch the full SDCC Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare panel
    10. A remaster of the original Darksiders is in development - report
    11. Blizzard considering adding more Overwatch characters to Heroes of the Storm
    12. See the first screenshots from the Dead Rising remasters
    13. Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive gets a new trailer and release date
    14. You now have to sign into Xbox Live every five years, or risk losing your Gamertag
    15. No Man's Sky devs meeting with Dutch company to discuss patent claims
    16. Pokemon Go Server Status: how to easily tell if there's a problem
    17. No Man's Sky: PlayStation Plus membership not a requirement for online play
    18. The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod makes combat as devilishly difficult as Dark Souls
    19. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Summer Gaming Project?
    20. Destiny meets NASA in this fan-made mash up
    21. Interactive Pokémon Go map now allows you to hide Pokémon you don't want to see
    22. Team Fortress 2 scraps abandon penalties in casual, doubles down in competitive
    23. Pokémon Go: Nintendo shares nosedive after investors realise it didn't create the app
    24. The PC version of Gears of War 4 sounds pretty special
    25. Pokemon Sun & Moon: you don't have to be the strongest trainer to win Battle Royal mode
    26. Marvel is bringing the Ultimate Alliance games back on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this week
    27. See things from Geralt's perspective in The Witcher 3 first-person mod
    28. You can see how much the Cosmodrome has changed in Destiny: Rise of Iron side-by-side comparison footage
    29. Kojima's Death Stranding tease was a washout, but here's some info on Kojipro mascot Ludens
    30. Pokemon Go's team leaders will interact with you, and other new features teased this weekend
    31. Xbox One now $249 after third price cut in two months
    1. CDP keeping fingers crossed Rocket League paves the way for Gwent cross-platform play
    2. Destiny: Rise of Iron armor sets were teased in that Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow video
    3. Pokemon Go may have set an App Store record, but US users and downloads have peaked
    4. Death Stranding: Kojima "might have something new to show" during his SDCC talk later today
    5. Pokemon Go's success benefits The Pokemon Company more than Nintendo, says the firm
    6. Berserk characters Serpico and Schierke detailed with new screenshots
    7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole was once subtitled The Butthole of Time
    8. Sonic Mania is a new 2D platformer coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One in spring 2017
    9. Project Sonic out holiday 2017 for PC, NX, PS4, Xbox One - watch the reveal trailer here
    10. The Division Weekly Vendor reset: Classic M1A and First Wave X-45
    11. Pokemon Go Lure events hosted by GameStop take place this weekend
    12. Dead Rising 1 and 2 listed for September release on Xbox Store alongside triple pack
    13. USgamer's RPG Podcast Looks at this Fall's Upcoming Releases
    1. Begun, the Clone Wars Have: SEGA Fires Back at Classic Mini NES With a Mini Genesis
    2. Wonder Woman reminds Gorilla Grodd she's an Amazon in this new Injustice 2 trailer
    3. Halo Wars 2 devs goes over storyline, returning characters in latest video
    4. From Us to You! Discusses the No Man's Sky Delay, Mega Man's Strange Revival, and Hitman's Struggles to Be Noticed
    5. Ace the Trials of the Blood Dragon demo on PC, get the game for free
    6. Niantic has stopped taking Pokemon Go gym and Pokestop requests
    7. This Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare video provides a tour of your home base - the UNSA Retribution
    8. Third No Man's Sky trailer takes a look at Trading, collecting resources
    9. Battleborn players can soon choose cold-blooded killer Pendles as their go-to guy
    10. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X arrives in Europe next month, demo out August 9
    11. New Nioh screens show improved lighting, despicable monsters
    12. The Turing Test brings first-person puzzles, asks questions about humanity's nature this August
    13. Go hands-on with PlayStation VR at EGX 2016
    14. Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps has a demo, for some reason
    15. Reporter gets called out for playing Pokemon Go during US State Dept briefing
    16. Build your own Sega Genesis/Mega Drive classics bundle at BundleStars for very low prices
    17. Destiny Xur update: should you buy Year 2 Dragon's Breath?
    18. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for July 22, 23
    19. Man arrested for threatening to show up at Blizzard with an AK-47
    20. Take a look at the Mass Effect-style home ship in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    21. It looks like GTA Online will finally get biker DLC
    22. Crusader Kings 2 DLC lets you get sick and die of plague as the Black Death spreads across Europe
    23. Gears of War 4 beta was at "a very early stage of the project"
    24. Pokemon Go has been released in Japan on Android and iOS
    25. Evolve has only been free for two weeks, but here's an enormous update anyway
    26. Pokemon Go: 12 Pokestop locations that will open your heart to the wonder of the world
    27. First World of Warcraft: Legion short is out - turns out Gul'dan is even creepier than we thought
    28. Lock your wallet up before watching this nostalgic NES Classic Edition trailer
    29. Today's new additions mean 227 Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility
    30. Take a look at some new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay, pre-order for the Terminal map
    31. Even without PC sales, Overwatch was the best-selling game of June 2016 in the US
    32. You can try Metroid Prime: Federation Force's Blast Ball multiplayer free right now
    33. Destiny players say this week's Iron Banner isn't giving them what they deserve, and Bungie is listening [UPDATE]
    1. Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC releasing next week - trailer, screens, details
    2. From Us to You! Explores the Twisted Stories of Rimworld, Overwatch's Ana, and I Am Setsuna
    3. The Walking Dead: Season Three screens escape San Diego Comic-Con
    4. A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 debut trailer takes a look at the pre-order bonus game
    5. Mafia 3 live-action trailer features a man being dressed for a very important event
    6. Escape from Tarkov screenshots show a detailed look at the game's first location
    7. Pokémon Ranger Arrives on Virtual Console to Remind Us That Not Every Spin-off is Pokémon Go
    8. Black Desert Online trailer teases free naval expansion coming later this year
    9. The Division glitch allows players to stack headshot damage indefinitely - being fixed tomorrow
    10. Pokemon Go player in the US has caught all available 142 Pokemon
    11. Here's the final Suicide Squad trailer remade in Fallout 4 using mods
    12. Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop lets you perform experiments on dwellers as Overseer
    13. The future of Star Wars Battlefront: Bespin, Death Star, Rogue One and beyond
    14. New Gears of War 4 multiplayer map revealed
    15. This interactive Pokemon Go map shows location of Pokemon anywhere, in real time
    16. Indie stunner Cuphead continues to look amazing in new gameplay video
    17. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 expands trademark chaos, out this year
    18. One Pokemon-related item sold every 12 seconds on eBay since Pokemon Go's release
    19. Overwatch game director talks Ana, Zenyatta & D.Va buff, more
    20. Star Wars Battlefront update brings new offline-play Skirmish mode
    21. The Division servers down for maintenance to fix a couple of bugs
    22. ARK: Survival of the Fittest dev puts PS4 version on hold to finish main game
    23. If Sony says yes, Rocket League PS4 Xbox One cross play could begin in "a few hours"
    24. Take a look at the remaster of Suda51's lost classic The Silver Case
    25. Every US state's most wanted Pokemon Go captures
    26. Dutch company claims patent on No Man's Sky generation formula
    27. Uncharted 4 multiplayer sale lasts four weeks - get yourself something nice
    28. The Legend of Zelda producer takes responsibility for Breath of the Wild delay
    29. That leaked McDonald's email is responsible for Pokemon Go's delayed Japanese launch - report
    30. This Dark Souls 3 mod replaces everything with crab
    31. 23 Counter-strike: Global Offensive gambling sites hit with Valve's cease-and-desist notices
    32. Check out Destiny: Rise of Iron Light 355 Vanguard, faction, foundry and Siva gear
    33. Well, Hollywood got its Pokemon movie deal: Legendary signs Detective Pikachu
    1. Why Animal Crossing Succeeded Where Social Games Failed
    2. A Life Less Ordinary: Living a Virtual Life
    3. Shorting the Turnips Market
    4. 2013 in Review: How I Built a Life Worth Returning to in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    5. The Quiet Revolution: How Animal Crossing has Embraced the Future
    6. Metatext: Separating the Player from the Character
    7. Why Does Everyone Keep Playing Animal Crossing?
    8. Why Play Animal Crossing, Anyway? (A Primer)
    9. Local Color: An Animal Crossing New Leaf Interview
    10. Time, and a Word About Animal Crossing
    11. System Shock reboot is coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2018
    12. New discounts added to EU PS Store digital sale, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is Deal of the Week
    13. No Man’s Sky video takes a look at space and ground combat
    14. Distracted Pokemon Go player crashes his vehicle into parked Baltimore police car
    15. Would Pokémon GO Naysayers Play "Game of Thrones GO?"
    16. Take a closer look at the Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Xbox One S bundle
    17. Destiny: Rise of Iron pre-orders net you the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow
    18. Pokemon Go has earned $35 million thanks to its 30M users
    19. Destiny: Rise of Iron - watch today's livestream here
    20. PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 kicks off with Headlander, Abz?, more
    21. Gears of War 4 gameplay video shows what SDCC attendees will be demoing
    22. Razer is launching a Pokemon Go chat app which lets you coordinate with team members
    23. Nintendo Changes Its Mind, Will Update Animal Crossing: New Leaf for amiibo Support
    24. Life is Strange: Episode One to be made available free from tomorrow
    25. LawBreakers videos introduce the Enforcer role
    26. Forza Horizon 3's first 150 cars revealed
    27. Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter account hacked by same group behind Pokemon Go DDoS
    28. Dark Souls 3's latest patch has a single fix
    29. See some of the new Warlock gear in Destiny Rise of Iron
    30. Microsoft re-imagines Halo, Forza, and Crackdown as Pokemon Go clones
    31. Titanfall 2 dev diary series kicks off, teases multiplayer servers and matchmaking changes
    32. Watch over 20 minutes of gameplay from new Rise of the Tomb Raider co-op survival mode
    33. The King of Fighters 14 PS4 demo is available now worldwide
    34. Injustice 2: who are these mysterious new fighter reveals?
    35. Hearthstone: an "unforgettable adventure" will be revealed next week
    36. Here's how DOOM's multiplayer weapons changed in the mysterious new update
    37. Get PC games cheap in Green Man Gaming's Summer sale - up to 80% off
    38. Are you one of Final Fantasy 14's 6M life-to-date players? Check back in for free
    39. See how the Beastmen play in new Total War: Warhammer campaign walkthrough
    40. Professional skier Matilda Rapaport dies while filming for Ubisoft's extreme sports game, Steep
    41. Check Out the First 30 Minutes of Chrono Trigger Successor I am Setsuna in Action
    42. Dark VR drama The Assembly is not what we expected from PlayStation Home developer nDreams
    43. You'll have to wait until late August to play Myst spiritual successor Obduction
    44. Rock Band 4's first expansion includes a playable rockumentary
    45. Eleven Reasons to be Excited About Forza Horizon 3
    46. Get Battleborn, Mafia 2, Civ 5 and more in huge Humble Bundle from 2K
    1. Mafia 3 trailer: who is Lincoln Clay, and why is he fighting?
    2. The Persona 5 opening kind of gives us a Cowboy Bebop vibe
    3. Two years later, there's a new episode of Kentucky Route Zero
    4. Gravity Rush 2 has a release date and an awesome new trailer
    5. Xbox Live hits 49M users, console sales decline 33% - Microsoft Q4, full year 2016
    6. Overwatch's Ana update is live on PC with promised changes to D.Va, Mercy, Zenyatta
    7. Hitman's Summer Bonus Episode is now available with two new missions
    8. A second demo for Nioh will arrive on PS4 in late August
    9. I Am Setsuna released for PC, PS4 - here's a reviews round up
    10. Cover Story: Teaching Creative Thought and Expression Through Video Games
    11. Global Link update with Friendly Competitions coming with Pokemon Sun and Moon release
    12. Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One out August 2, here's the debut trailer
    13. Overwatch players on PS4 continue to report lost progression, skins, rank
    14. Rocket League now has 19 million players
    15. Street Fighter 5 comes out of EVO better than ever, but Capcom's DLC plan still stinks
    16. FREE! 10,000 Steam keys for Car Mechanic Simulator 2014
    17. Pokemon Sun and Moon: new Hyper Training function, six additional Pokemon announced
    18. Tuesday Stream: Far Cry Primal Takes Mike Back in the Day [Done!]
    19. Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Review
    20. Pokemon Go launches in Japan tomorrow alongside McDonald's sponsorship - report
    21. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration PS4 comes with extra content, PSVR support
    22. Microsoft explains why Crackdown 3 had to skip 2016
    23. Pokemon Go fan creates the sleekest phone battery pack in the form of a Pokedex
    24. Battlefield 4 expansion Naval Strike goes free on PC, PS4, Xbox One
    25. GTA 5 update adds 3 new vehicles, 6 new Cunning Stunts races
    26. Some Pokemon Go players are flipping their accounts on eBay for hundreds of dollars
    27. Two free trial periods for Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC are coming up
    28. Destiny weekly reset for July 19 – Court of Oryx, Nightfall, Prison of Elders changes detailed
    29. Pokemon Go's three-step glitch is making it hard to track Pokemon, but there's a possible fix
    30. Dead Rising 1 and 2 confirmed for PS4/Xbox One
    31. Team Mystic is the most popular Pokemon Go team on social media - report
    32. The 7 stages of Pokemon Go addiction
    33. Overwatch Competitive's percentile-based skill rating was a "mistake", says director
    34. Pokemon Go: GameStop is minting it on Pokemon merchandise at stores with Pokestops and Gyms
    35. Metro developer 4A Games is alive and well, partying on boats, working on two secret projects
    1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 PS4 re-release incoming?
    2. Gary Busey is the next Hitman Elusive Target
    3. GameStop CEO may have just mentioned PS4 Neo's release window
    4. Fallout 4 patch 1.6 is out now, adds more names for Codsworth to say
    5. Bandai Namco will reveal a new IP at gamescom 2016
    6. New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay shows off one of the early hubs
    7. Server capacity concerns is why Pokemon Go has yet to release in Japan
    8. Pokémon Go fever helps Nintendo break Tokyo trading records
    9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vehicle breakdown and weapon design
    10. Even after background music support is released, Spotify won't be coming to Xbox One
    11. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 release date spotted
    12. Hackers claim responsibility for Pokémon Go DDoS attack
    13. Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition release date confirmed
    14. Twitch streamer alleged to own CSGO gambling site accused of manipulating odds
    15. USgamer Community Question: Which Game do You Wish You'd Designed?
    16. King of Fighters 14 PS4 demo is out tomorrow
    17. Total War: Warhammer - Call of the Beastmen video introduces Minotaur units
    18. Evo Japan announced. More details later this year
    19. Dead Rising Remaster may be coming to PS4
    20. Visceral's Star Wars game will have the "swashbuckling charm" of Uncharted
    21. World of Warcraft Legion pre-expansion patch drops this week
    22. Canada can now get involved in the Pokemon Go phenomenon
    23. Fallout 2 mod takes the series back to its roots
    24. Star Wars: The Old Republic's next expansion is Knights of the Eternal Throne
    25. Berserk is releasing in the west sooner than we anticipated
    26. Bob is back in Tekken 7 - but who is the mysterious Master Raven?
    27. Star Wars: you can wield a lightsaber in VR in free Trials on Tatooine today
    28. Street Fighter 5's Juri DLC expected before the end of July
    29. Pokemon Go: here are the silliest things that happened this weekend
    1. Pokemon Go Comic-Con panel moved to larger hall due to app's popularity
    1. Dark Souls 3's final boss the Soul of Cinder beaten using a Dance Pad
    2. The Division's latest PvE supply drop for Season Pass holders has landed
    3. Star Wars Battlefront's final expansion Rogue One: Scarif out this holiday
    4. Pokemon Go servers still suffering outage [UPDATE]
    5. Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star expansion starring Chewie and Bossk slated for fall
    6. The Division Weekly Vendor reset: Military MK46 and Military L86 LSW
    7. Monster Hunter Generations released - here's the launch trailer and a reviews round-up
    8. Pokemon Go: another 26 countries can now partake in the mobile sensation
    1. Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, more on sale through EU PS Store this weekend
    2. Street Fighter 5: Capcom Pro Tour-themed content now available to players
    3. Rick and Morty VR game lets you get schwifty with zany items in Rick's garage
    4. Batman: The Telltale Series debuts next month with disc version coming in September
    5. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater pachi-slot machine has some rather boss cutscenes
    6. ReCore's low price point due to being a new franchise despite Inafune's name attached
    7. Hitman's new Elusive Target will make you think before you act
    8. Win DOOM Collector's Edition for PC
    9. Here's how to watch fighting game tournament EVO 2016
    10. Steam has its first VR-only best-seller
    11. Turkey’s union of imams calls for Pokemon Go ban in the country
    12. Modder says Fallout 4 DLC quest resembles his New Vegas mod, Bethesda says it's a "coincidence"
    13. Pokemon Go is not a game changer - it’s something better
    14. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for July 15, 16
    15. Pokemon Go user retention rates more than double industry average
    16. Pokémon Go: requesting Pokéstops, changing usernames, and the fine print
    17. PS4 Neo leaked internal documents confirm specs, reveal dev guidelines, more - rumour
    18. "Nearly" all PlayStation VR games can be played with a DualShock controller, says dithering Sony
    19. WWE 2K17 NXT Edition includes a bit of ring canvas, which is a new one on us
    20. Presented without comment, Star Citizen: The Ballad of Big Benny's
    21. Six games later, the Civilization team is really pleased with this art brainwave
    22. You are the last human in Headlander - well, you're the last human head
    23. Wanna play EA games but hate Origin? Three new DRM-free titles now on GOG
    24. You can sign up right now for Mobius Final Fantasy's western launch
    25. If you only get a ticket while playing Pokemon Go in a car, you're probably getting off lightly
    26. Destiny hosts yet another Iron Banner next week
    27. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - double weapon XP on offer this weekend
    28. Destiny: tune in next week for a Rise of Iron reveal stream
    1. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Review: Pro-level Speed and Lighting in a Single Package
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    5. Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S bundle up for pre-order
    6. Video revisits Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered's Crew Expendable mission
    7. Star Wars Battlefront gets offline mode next week, Death Star expansion in September
    8. Stream: Kat Makes Her Ninja Gaiden Run at 4pm PT/7pm ET.
    9. Pokemon Go players walk shelter dogs, save abandoned pets, enjoy wildlife sightings
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    18. Pokemon Go reviews - all the scores
    19. The original Splinter Cell is now free on PC
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    23. Pokemon Go is officially out in the UK
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    1. Nintendo is packing its suitcase and heading to San Diego Comic-Con next week
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    1. Overwatch Competitive Mode update will do away with hero stacking
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    3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Descent out on PS4, here's the multiplayer trailer
    4. Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop release date set for last week in July
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    11. FREE! 5,000 guest passes for Black Desert Online
    12. Mirror's Edge Catalyst "definitely meeting our expectations," says EA
    13. Need for Speed and Unravel are now part of your EA/Origin Access subscription
    14. Pokemon Go has already made over $14 million - report
    15. EA on why FIFA is the only sports series on PC - "Madden used to be a good business"
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    24. A Chinese chicken company is buying up games companies, including Splash Damage
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    7. The European Cosplay Gathering preliminaries are returning to EGX 2016
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    9. Grand Theft Auto 5 Redux mod is insanely beautiful
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    21. The Witcher 3 will get a Game of the Year edition
    22. Alex Donaldson joins VG247 editorial team full-time
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    29. FIFA 17 cover player to be decided by the fans
    30. With Endless Space in hand, Sega is becoming a real power on PC
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    32. Women prove too hard for Ubisoft once again in awkward survey goof
    33. You know what else just hit mobile? The Iron Maiden RPG
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    12. Street Fighter 5 update is live through two separate downloads totaling 16GB
    13. New batch of DLC coming to Rock Band 4 this month
    14. Pokemon Sun and Moon bios released on those seven Pokemon, two others revealed
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    27. Sony may release a PS4 Slim as well as the PS4 Neo, analyst says
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