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  • April 2020 Archive

      1. Twitch Prime members can download six free games in May and grab plenty of loot
      2. Apex Legends hero Loba Andrade announced for Season 5
      3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands are both free on the Epic Games Store
      4. A Nintendo Direct presentation will not take place in June - report
      5. Adventure, Humor, and Humanity's Utter End: The Enduring Appeal of Mega Man Legends 2
      6. In Mass Effect, Shepard Never Gets to be More Than a Soldier
      7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla will let you live out "the ultimate Viking fantasy"
      8. First look at Xbox Series X games to be shown on Inside Xbox May 7, Assassin's Creed Valhalla included
      9. Assassin's Creed Valhalla takes us to Dark Ages England this holiday, features male and female protagonists
      10. Burnout Paradise Remastered gets June release date for Switch
      11. Switch system update 10.0.2 fixes an issue with the Pro Controller
      12. Fortnite: Season 2 - Location Domination Overtime Challenges
      13. Fortnite: Season 2 - Destroy Gnomes at Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet
      14. Mother 3 could be getting adapted into a book
      15. Call of Duty: Warzone update removed Bounty Contracts and players are disappointed
      16. Call of Duty Warzone: Massive pink anime truck skin found in most recent patch files
      17. Players are competing in a Fallout 76 marathon online
      18. Assassin's Creed Valhalla: watch the first trailer here
      19. EGX Rezzed 2020 is cancelled
      20. Viking-murdering monster game Darkborn, previously called Project Wight, is on ice
      21. Fans on Reddit are mass debating about Elder Scrolls d**ks
      22. PEGI rates GTA and GTA 2... for PS3
      23. World of Warcraft gets ray tracing support
      24. Xbox Live has 90 million monthly users, plus hundreds of thousands testing xCloud
      25. Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo upgraded to 8K using AI
      26. The Last of Us Part 2 will need 100GB minimum if you purchase digitally
      27. There are 15 studios working on Assassin's Creed Valhalla
      1. Star Citizen Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded update features new gameplay systems, missions, locations, more
      2. Techland resurrects Hellraid as DLC for Dying Light
      3. Geralt is never fully nude in The Witcher because ratings boards don't like you controlling a naked man
      4. Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are your May PlayStation Plus games
      5. Streets of Rage 4 reviews round up - all the scores
      6. Streets of Rage 4 review: the side-scrolling beat 'em up resurrected
      7. Two-factor authentication now required to claim free games off the Epic Games Store
      8. Ex-Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aimé announces new podcast for charity
      9. Destiny 2: All of the Patrol types explained
      10. The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor will be released a week late
      11. Streets of Rage 4 Review: Streets Ahead
      12. LEGO sets hint at new Marvel's Avengers characters
      13. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition allows you to switch between original and revised OST
      14. A New Apex Legends Teaser Has Someone Trying to Murder Revenant
      15. Nintendo to reset Switch Online free trials for those who've already tried the service
      16. Guitar Hero 3 world record beaten, 13 years on
      17. Watch Ubisoft tease the next Assassin's Creed live
      18. Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Fossils prices and full checklist
      19. Trials of Mana demo pulled after players accessed full game
      20. New Travis Scott song sounds like it samples Kingdom Hearts
      21. Fortnite: Season 2 - New Party Royale mode, Operation: Payload and Aim Assist nerf coming soon
      22. Nier Replicant is more than a remaster, features new characters, improved story and more
      23. Destiny 2: Hard Light Exotic Auto Rifle is getting nerfed in the update
      24. PUBG has added bots and players absolutely hate it
      25. Ubisoft China is teasing a reveal for 1pm UK time
      26. There are four Sephiroths in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
      27. Latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch is out now - here's all the patch notes
      1. Star Wars Battlefront 2's April content update will be its last
      2. Zombie Army 4, Rock of Ages 3, The Turing Test, more coming to Stadia
      3. Predator: Hunting Grounds Review: It's Okay to Miss This Chopper
      4. Xbox Games with Gold May: Overlord 2, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, more
      5. Choices | The Royal Romance Walkthrough Answers
      6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming to Stadia this year alongside other EA titles
      7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield massively reduced on PC
      8. PUBG and Octopath Traveler now available on Stadia [Update]
      9. Call of Duty: Warzone gets a new Contract called Most Wanted, MK9 Bruen LMG coming to Modern Warfare
      10. Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 - Start date, rumours, map changes and more
      11. Valorant's new anti-cheat system blocks legitimate apps
      12. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Ruta Dungeon guide
      13. Unofficial Bloodborne patch lets the game run at 60fps on base PS4
      14. Modder launches full fan-made Diablo 2 remake
      15. Deadly Premonition 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in July
      16. Project XCloud Preview rolls out to France, Germany and the Netherlands
      17. Indivisible launches on Switch with wrong cover art
      18. Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough - Reaching Zora's Domain & Boarding Vah Ruta
      19. Predator, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Fallout 76 make April a good month for accessibility
      20. Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 2 will continue as the story always has
      21. Red Dead Prevention quarantine shirt is now available online
      22. Nintendo to close 3DS and Wii U eShop in 42 countries
      23. These players are turning Red Dead Online into a virtual fashion show
      24. Phil Spencer says the change in next-gen games will be as drastic as 2D to 3D
      25. Pokemon Go Kanto Throwback Challenge is now available
      26. Woman causes huge argument between young couple by showing some ankle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
      27. Nomura says Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released in small chunks to speed up development
      28. Niantic launches Pokemon Go remote raiding during self-isolation
      1. How Fan Feedback Inspired and Helped Build Command & Conquer's Remastered Collection
      2. Cyberpunk 2077 rating leak scores it 18+ for a lot of sex, drugs and death
      3. Brothers in Arms is being adapted into a TV show
      4. Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Reacts to Leaked 18+ Rating: "You Surprised?"
      5. Bethesda donates $1 million to fight coronavirus
      6. Ghost of Tsushima gets a short delay
      7. The Witcher Netflix series will "dig deeper" into two of the show's villains next season
      8. These charming retro Final Fantasy 7 figures are now available to order
      9. The Last of Us Part 2 is now releasing in June
      10. XCOM: Chimera Squad - How to complete the Sacred Coil final encounter
      11. Dataminer reveals what could be Battlefield 5's final map and Epic soldier
      12. 2K announces weird cartoon wrestling game WWE 2K Battlegrounds
      13. Here's a mock trailer for the rumoured photography role in Red Dead Online
      14. Gears Tactics reviews round-up, all the scores
      15. Gears Tactics review: a bird's eye view brings faithfully chunky combat but no new perspective
      16. Sakura Wars Review: Anime Tropes and Romance in Abundance
      17. XCOM: Chimera Squad - How to enter Console Commands
      18. Don’t judge The Last of Us Part 2 by its leaked story details
      19. Leaked gameplay shows new LMG for Modern Warfare Season 3
      20. The next Modern Warfare update download clocks in at 15GB
      21. It sure sounds like The Initiative is working on a new Perfect Dark
      22. Massive The Last of Us Part 2 story spoilers have leaked online [Update]
      1. Sci-fi roguelike Void Bastards is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 7
      2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan covers this classic '80s tune using villagers and in-game instruments
      3. These developers are turning Wolfenstein into a board game
      4. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 and 3 could see a return on Nintendo Switch
      5. Valorant seeks out long-term solutions against in-game harassment after female dev reveals her first-hand experience
      1. The Catch: Carp and Coarse will feature five lovely fishing spots
      2. USG Play Together Week: Every Story From Our Week of Celebrating Multiplayer
      3. Apex Legends Battle Armor event will feature only one armor type during matches
      4. Annual PC Gaming Show to be livestreamed on June 6
      5. WWE says WWE 2K21 isn't in the works, news on the franchise's future coming Monday
      6. Google will host a Stadia Connect next week on April 28
      1. What's Your Hangout Game of Choice?
      2. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, April 24-27
      3. Grab Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
      4. Dreams is now on sale for just $25
      5. XCOM 2 is free to play for the next few days on Steam and Xbox One
      6. Red XIII is playable in Final Fantasy 7 Remake using a save editor
      7. Total War: Shogun 2 is free to keep next week on Steam
      8. There's a Poster Hidden in Doom Eternal's Soundtrack Frequencies
      9. The obsessive hunt for Animal Crossing’s most notorious item - the ironwood kitchenette
      10. GTA Online: How to start the 6 new Gerald Contact Missions
      11. Travis Scott's live concert in Fortnite attracted over 12.3 million players
      12. Gray Zone, LudoNarraCon 2020 and more of our favourite indie news this week
      13. Elijah Wood visits an Animal Crossing player's island to sell turnips
      14. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to feature co-op, "gigantic" world - report
      15. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Rudania Dungeon guide
      16. Nintendo says unauthorized account access has affected around 160,000 customers
      17. Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get the Lily of the Valley
      18. Omen is Valorant's teleporting hero
      19. Destiny 2 will now ban you for getting boosted by a cheater, even if you didn't cheat yourself
      20. Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough - Boarding Vah Rudania
      21. Fallout 76 is getting pets
      22. Microsoft knows you want to see Xbox Series X games, and it'll soon deliver
      1. Call of Duty: Warzone players can try five Modern Warfare multiplayer maps for free this weekend
      2. Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels event kicks off today, update adds Mayhem 2.0
      3. Pokemon Journeys: The Series coming to Netflix and POP
      4. For the King is free on the Epic Games Store, Amnesia: The Dark Descent free next week
      5. You can build and customize forts in Torchlight 3
      6. Battlefield 5 getting one last content update in June
      7. Fortnite: Season 2 - Search different golden pipe wrenches
      8. Fortnite: Season 2 - Visit The Agency, Hayman and Greasy Graves in a single match
      9. XCOM: Chimera Squad reviews round up - all the scores
      10. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass for console in May
      11. XCOM: Chimera Squad review - brilliant strategy gets a budget price point and waves goodbye to permadeath
      12. Team Fortress 2 dev calls colleague a "knob" in leaked source code
      13. Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Death Mountain, Goron City, Fire Resistance and the Abandoned Mine
      14. Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO source code leaks are nothing to worry about, says Valve
      15. The Division 2 gets free trial on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
      16. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon guide
      17. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Rito Village, Warm Clothes and Boarding Vah Medoh
      18. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will bring controller support for the first time
      19. Watch Dogs Legion to release alongside PS5 and Xbox Series X - report
      20. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nature Day event begins today
      21. I was stabbed to death by Hitler while roleplaying as a mechanic in GTA Online's 300-player modded server
      1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold 5 million digitally - SuperData
      2. Microsoft Flight Simulator minimum, recommended, and ideal system specs outlined
      3. Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Change Nook Phone Case
      4. Trials of Mana Review: A Sort of Homecoming
      5. Tomorrow's Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update adds Arch-tempered Namielle
      6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake ending explained: far more than a remake
      7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 2 should be as bold as it can be
      8. Animal Crossing New Horizons: Can You Change Your Name?
      9. Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Change the Camera Angle
      10. Survival horror game Monstrum is coming to consoles in May
      11. Baldur's Gate 3 development slowed by COVID-19, but still on track for Early Access this year
      12. Fortnite: Where to find Travis Scott's stage near Sweaty Sands
      13. Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Break Rocks
      14. Far Cry 3's Vaas actor teases a return to the character
      15. Fortnite: Where to find the giant Astro heads
      16. How can the trophies system evolve for the PlayStation 5?
      17. Xbox Series X logo revealed
      18. Fallout 76 NPCs are stealing players' weapons
      19. Vikendi returns to PUBG alongside the new Mosin-Nagant
      20. Epic Games yields and releases Fortnite on Android's Google Play Store
      21. Destiny 2: Guardian Games - How to complete the Class Act Triumph and get the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun
      22. Call of Duty: Warzone suspected cheaters are being matched together in hell lobbies
      23. Doom Eternal's bungled soundtrack highlights the mistreatment of video game music
      1. Valve's Dota 2 card game Artifact is getting a single-player campaign
      2. Nintendo investigating reports of unauthorized account access
      3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake shipments and digital sales surpass 3.5 million worldwide
      4. Call of Duty 2020 setting is the Vietnam War, part of the Black Ops series - rumor
      5. How a Fallout 4 Mod Is Helping the Fight Against Coronavirus
      6. Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 coming April 23
      7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Academy and Feng Shui guide- how to get an S rank
      8. Codemasters, Klei, Xbox Games Studios, Warner removing games from Nvidia's GeForce Now
      9. Cyberpunk 2077 is $49.94 today on Amazon
      10. NPD March 2020: Animal Crossing: New Horizons tops software, hardware sales up
      11. Is The Last of Us Part 2 really about a Christian cult? We re-analyse the trailers
      12. Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Bamboo Pieces and Young Spring Bamboo
      13. Animal Crossing: New Horizons update brings Redd’s Treasure Trawler, garden shop, museum art gallery and more
      14. Microsoft could host a May event with information on Xbox Series S Lockhart, new games - rumor
      15. Super Mario 3D World Switch listing pops up on Best Buy
      16. Death Stranding on PC delayed to July
      17. Nintendo ramping up Switch production to cope with demand - report
      18. Fortnite: Travis Scott leaked skins and Astronomical challenges
      19. Crysis Remastered details seemingly coming soon
      20. Call of Duty: Warzone player has a great solution to the cheating problem: snitching
      21. How GTA Online Went From a Straightforward Crime Sandbox to Land of the Impossible
      22. Destiny 2: Guardian Games spring event starts today
      23. Sony won't be attending this year's Brazil Game Show
      24. Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC adds NPCs, but it still remains Bethesda's quietest, most lonesome RPG
      1. Facebook sets its sights on Twitch with the launch of a new game streaming app
      2. Doom Eternal's composer won't work with id Software again after soundtrack was mixed without him
      3. What Was the First Co-Op Game? Depends on How You Define It
      4. It's Unlikely Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Flick and C.J. Are Strictly Business Partners
      5. The Premier League goes virtual amid COVID-19 lockdown with a week-long FIFA tournament
      6. Travis Scott partners with Fortnite to host a virtual concert this week
      7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons dataminer discovers a heap of unreleased content
      8. Here's where you can get that Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox controller
      9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook's Cranny Upgrade - how to expand the shop
      10. Steelseries reveals a new Cyberpunk 2077-themed wireless headset fit for a futuristic Keanu
      11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Money Tree - How to grow Bell Trees
      12. Call of Duty: Warzone players will do anything to skip the gas mask animation
      13. Some of the reveals initially planned for E3 2020 will now take place much earlier - report
      14. Fallout 76: Wastelanders - How to farm Gold Bullion and Treasury Notes
      15. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get gold nuggets and craft Golden tools
      16. Infinity Ward is working on Fortnite-style events for Call of Duty: Warzone
      17. Death Stranding jacket is $1,900, already sold out
      18. Disco Elysium: How to Find All Four Pieces of the Fairweather T-500 Ceramic Armor
      1. Call of Duty: Warzone console players are opting out of crossplay because of PC cheaters
      2. Doom Eternal devs are left stunned by speedrunner's 27 minute playthrough
      3. System Shock 3 is still in development, as Otherside devs continue to work from home amid lockdown
      4. The design director of Kirby wants to make a non-action spin-off
      5. Paul Haddad, the voice behind Resident Evil 2's original Leon Kennedy, has passed away
      6. These indie devs are pitching a Seinfeld point-and-click adventure game
      1. PUBG Global Series will be replaced by online events
      2. Riot offering a bounty to players who can find exploits in Valorant's anti-cheat software
      3. Destiny 2 Guardian Games will reveal which class reigns supreme
      4. San Diego Comic-Con will not take place this year
      5. Nier Reincarnation trailer shows off the lovely mobile game
      6. Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced is free to play for the next 5 days on Steam
      7. Overcooked 2 DLC Surf 'n' Turf and Too Many Cooks Pack are free on Steam
      8. The Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox One X can be yours in June
      9. Pokemon Go Raids: remote raid from home, current raids and counters for the Kanto Throwback Challenge
      1. Without Tours to Go On, Some Musicians Are Taking to Minecraft
      2. What's a Memory That You Will Always Associate With Game Music?
      3. Final Shadow Arena closed beta available now through April 20
      4. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory, April 17-20
      5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rusted Parts - What do they do?
      6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Star Fragments - How to make Celeste's Star Wand
      7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Birthdays List - When are your villagers' birthdays?
      8. Resident Evil Resistance adds Nicholai Ginovaef as a Mastermind in May
      9. Fallout 76 Faction Rewards - Who to pick for the Chinese Stealth Armor and Gauss Minigun
      10. Call of Duty: Warzone Tracker is an essential stats engine you should be using
      11. Receiver 2, Signs of the Sojourner and more of our favourite indie gems
      12. Streets of Rage 4 has a release date and will include a PvP Battle Mode
      13. Insider testing for Halo 2 PC kicks off today
      14. Brimstone is Valorant's most straightforward hero
      15. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - How to complete The Wrath of Thunder Descends and farm decorations
      16. Unlock the Hipster Archvile in Doom Eternal's new Series 2 Battle Pass
      17. Total War: Warhammer 2 is free to play all weekend
      18. Gamescom 2020 going all-digital, Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live to return
      19. PS4 firmware update 7.50 causing problems for some
      20. Infinity Ward trolls Call of Duty: Warzone players with Duos in Plunder, but not Battle Royale
      1. Pokemon Go Abra Community Day rescheduled for April 25
      2. Nintendo Counselors Secretly Used a Forbidden Map to Help Super Metroid Players
      3. Observer: System Redux announced for next-gen consoles, out holiday 2020
      4. GTA Online players can earn bonuses on all Contact Missions, Weed Business Sales, and Keep the Pace
      5. Looks like a Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox One X console will be revealed soon
      6. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer coming to PS4 and Switch on May 12
      7. Borderlands 3 is now only $15
      8. Just Cause 4 free alongside Wheels of Aurelia on Epic Games Store
      9. The VG247 reader survey 2020
      10. Digital Dragons Steam Indie Celebration to be livestreamed in May
      11. Fortnite: Season 2 - Carry a giant pink teddy bear found in Risky Reels 100 meters
      12. Fortnite: Season 2 - Where to find the golden llama head
      13. Fallout 76: How to Get the Bow and Arrow
      14. Here's when you can download the Minecraft RTX beta
      15. Minecraft is perfect for showing the impact of ray tracing - here's the gameplay video to prove it
      16. The Indie Megabooth is ceasing operations until the pandemic is over
      17. PS4 firmware update 7.50 is here
      18. Fallout 76 Rusty Pick Location - Where to find the Purveyor
      19. Crysis Remastered coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch [Update]
      20. WB Montreal's Batman game is a soft reboot, coming this year - report
      21. Limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One controller doesn't look all that cyberpunk
      22. Fallout 76: Team-Only Interiors Explained in the Wastelanders Update
      23. Fallout 76: Wastelanders - How to romance your allies
      24. Number of PS5 units will be limited in the first year - report
      25. Next GTA early in development, to be smaller in scale compared to previous Rockstar games - report
      26. Bloodborne, Days Gone and all the other PC listings of PS4 exclusives are not accurate, says Sony
      27. Modern Warfare cheapens its campaign by resurrecting a dead hero to sell a battle pass for Season 3
      28. Call of Duty: Warzone gets Trios back today
      1. This Marvel's Avengers video at look at customization
      2. The Pandemic Could Be the End of Your Favorite Arcade
      3. F1 2020 out in July, lets you create your own Formula One team
      4. BTS World Cheats & Hacks | Walkthrough answers, Card Crafting, Gems
      5. World War Z coming to Switch, Game of the Year Edition announced
      6. Gamescom 2020 will be digital as German government bans public events through August 31 [Update]
      7. Pokemon Go adds Remote Raid Pass so you can play from home
      8. Fallout 76: How to Beat the Hunter for Hire Quest and Get Rid of the Wayward Bandits
      9. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What to Do With the Moogle Mortar?
      10. The Long Dark, Deliver Us the Moon, more coming soon to Xbox Game Pass
      11. Pokemon Rumble Rush will be taken offline one year after its release
      12. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Kids On Patrol Locations
      13. Fallout 76: How to Open the Gauley Mine Key Code Lock
      14. XCOM: Chimera Squad brings back mod support, Ironman mode
      15. PlayStation Plus members get this free Fortnite skin
      16. Fallout 76: Wastelanders - How to recruit Beckett and Sofia
      17. Valorant dev explains why the game's anti-cheat has to be active even when you're not playing
      18. Destiny 2 streamer gets caught cheating in PvP
      19. The community who spend millions on Animal Crossing villager trading
      20. Old Man is a new single-player scenario free to Arma 3: Apex owners
      21. Trucks are gone from Call of Duty: Warzone Solos
      1. Firaxis Reveals More XCOM: Chimera Squad Details: "Neither a Sequel nor an Expansion"
      2. Hunt: Showdown's 1.3 update adds new variants, weapons, and a playable redneck
      3. Red Dead Online handing out bonuses in Free Roam events this week
      4. Sony offering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection as a free download, Germany and China will get Knack 2 instead
      5. Fallout 76: Where to find the Jangles lost at the fair
      6. Fallout 76: Strength in Numbers Guide - Assaultron showroom door code
      7. Journey is coming to Steam this June
      8. Cosplay Central is a newly launched website for all your cosplay needs
      9. Fallout 76: Wastelanders - Hunter for Hire guide
      10. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second entry in the anthology - check out the reveal trailer
      11. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should You Choose Heads or Tails?
      12. Remnant: From the Ashes expansion Swamps of Corsus is on the way
      13. XCOM: Chimera Squad is a new standalone game coming next week
      14. PEGI ratings will also say if games have loot boxes
      15. Nintendo Labo kits are now just $20 for today only
      16. Someone made a 3D model of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City
      17. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where to Find Kyrie as Part of the Tomboy Bandit Quest
      18. The Minecraft RTX beta kicks off this week
      19. Nintendo Switch firmware adds SD card transfer, the ability to remap controls
      20. Field hospitals, medics, and loo roll hoarders - the strange ways Fallout 76 players are reacting to COVID-19
      21. Resident Evil Resistance is great, but even government-sanctioned lockdown can’t get people playing it
      22. 70,000 Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters have now been banned as reports increase
      23. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players create marketplace to sell/trade items
      24. I got grassed up by an Animal Crossing villager for being a fruit thief
      25. Superman concept art pops up on ex-WB Montreal artist's portfolio
      26. Call of Duty: Warzone gets new mode, double XP this week
      27. Fallout 76: Wastelanders - Launch times across all regions
      28. Femboys are the new video game hero
      1. The Steam Game Festival 2020 will kick off on June 9, the same day E3 was meant to begin
      2. Terraria's final major update comes to PC next month
      3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review: A Flawed Beauty
      4. The official Crysis Twitter account tweets for the first time after years of silence
      5. ESRB ratings will begin warning players of loot boxes in games
      6. Resident Evil 3 Remake with facial animations cranked up 500% is exactly what we need to get us through 2020
      7. Resident Evil 4 remake team larger than 2 and 3, carefully considering fan feedback - report
      8. You could end up fighting your allies in Ghost of Tsushima if you disagree too much [Update]
      9. Half-Life: Alyx mod lets you play the full game outside VR
      10. Resident Evil 3 shipments and digital sales reach 2 million copies
      11. Call of Duty: Warzone exceeds 50 million players
      12. PSN facing problems worldwide [Update]
      13. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is banned in China after Hong Kong protesters use it to create political content
      1. Sony Asia is refunding players who received the wrong version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake
      2. Assassin's Creed 2 is free on PC this week
      3. The Last of Us: Part 2 is rumored to be a story of revenge against a "homophobic Christian cult"
      4. Resident Evil 4 remake is currently in the works from Capcom
      5. ESRB and PEGI will keep rating games remotely throughout coronavirus lockdown
      6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake makes big changes that worry fans, but that's okay
      1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Disposal: key card locations and what to dispose of
      1. Who's Your Favorite Final Fantasy Character?
      2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ending Discussion: spoiler-filled story analysis from two FF nerds
      3. Kunai, Dwarfheim and more of our favourite indie gems this week
      4. 26% of CD Projekt's staff are women, 21% foreigners
      5. See Valorant's Cypher in action
      6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer seemingly confirms PC version
      7. Cyberpunk 2077 to get as much DLC as Witcher 3, details coming ahead of launch
      8. Call of Duty: Warzone gets Trios back
      1. Blizzard says it's "too early to know" whether BlizzCon 2020 will be feasible
      2. Echo will join the Overwatch roster next week
      3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments free on Epic Games Store, Just Cause 4 next week
      4. Fallout 76's Wastelanders update is out next week so check out the launch trailer
      5. Pokemon Go Battle League is getting a leaderboard and Marill event
      6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Score 30,000 in Whack a Box
      7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Open the Locked Gate in Sector 5 Steel Mountain
      8. GTA Online offering triple rewards in aerial combat modes
      9. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Get Back to the Sewers
      10. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Romance Guide: Can You Romance Characters?
      11. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Use Fast Travel
      12. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Length: How Many Chapters Are There?
      13. Pokemon Sword and Shield Mythical Zarude has a healing signature move
      14. Fortnite: Season 2 - Search Skye’s Sword in a Stone found in high places
      15. Fortnite: Season 2 - Where to find Kingsman umbrellas
      16. Nintendo aware Switch is selling out, says more on the way
      17. Borderlands 3 Science Arcade Rewards
      18. Call of Duty: Warzone player ingeniously traps opponents in their hidey-hole to win the game
      19. Here’s why it’s very unlikely Sony will release The Last of Us Part 2 digitally on May 29
      20. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season three patch solves your green unlock indicator problem once and for all
      21. Fallout 76 Tips - Stash Increase and Free Weekend Detailed
      22. The Witcher 3 sold about as well last year as it did at launch
      23. PlayStation Plus subscribers get this cool skin pack in Warzone
      24. Call of Duty: Warzone official site briefly confirms Duos for Season three
      25. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake easter egg doubles down on the idea it is a sequel to FF10
      26. Call of Duty's Verdansk is a telling collage of the places we consider warzones
      1. PokeNecromancer: How An Artist Is Resurrecting "Lost" Pokemon With Amazing Illustrations
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