November 2023 Archive

    1. Lethal Company is video game comedy in its purest form
    2. Payday 3 free Legacy Heists update out now, includes a new skill line, and more
    3. The Boys creators forget it's supposed to be a satire of modern superhero media, announce second spinoff
    4. RH2 The Journey codes
    5. Farlight 84 codes
    6. Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 is a whopper of an update with an epilogue, two new modes, and more
    7. If you love Chainsaw Man's soundtrack, you need to check out this strange, captivating anime
    8. Tower of Fantasy codes and how to redeem
    9. Pledge your allegiance to Yorkshire Tea with these ?150 PlayStation and Xbox controllers
    10. The Best Elden Ring Faith Build: Black Flame
    11. Elden Ring Fire Giant Boss guide: How to beat the Fire Giant
    12. Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani teases huge role in Marvel Zombies animated series
    13. Resident Evil 4 Remake's VR Mode will finally let you parry chainsaws in first person next week
    14. Godzilla actor Wyatt Russell seems confident about upcoming MCU super team movie Thunderbolts
    15. Elden Ring's famous mind control streamer is now casting spells in Skyrim VR using similar tech
    16. Deathloop comes to Prime Gaming in December
    17. Everything we know about the Solo Leveling anime
    18. Downwell, one of the best mobile games of all time, heads to Apple Arcade
    19. Xbox Game Pass' December batch includes notorious GOTY Far Cry 6 and Goat Simulator 3 chaos
    20. No, it doesn’t "take courage" to axe massive tax write-offs like Batgirl
    21. Elden Ring Best Bleed Build: Stats and Weapons
    22. Taylor Swift is looking to get into your house this Christmas... with a digital Eras release
    23. Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a big free update with its Ultimate Edition
    24. Roblox Promo Codes and Free Items
    25. Game of Thrones star Lena Headey makes a triumphant return to genre TV
    26. Best Elden Ring Intelligence build: How to make a Mage or Sorcerer build
    27. Capcom makes the leap to $70 games with Dragon's Dogma 2
    28. Fallout Nuevo México gets an atmospheric new teaser, with much more coming in 2024
    29. Blizzard will talk all about Diablo 4's first limited-time event in today's livestream - watch it here
    30. Disney boss wants fewer sequels – but knows you’re going to eat up Frozen 3
    31. Honkai Star Rail takes the cake for Apple's best mobile game of the year
    32. Capcom slips in controversial Denuvo anti-tamper into Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy
    33. Things go from bad to worse for Destiny 2's controversial ‘Starter Pack’
    34. Souls-like co-op shooter Remnant 2, and its prequel, surprise release on Xbox Game Pass
    35. Rockstar's mediocre GTA: The Trilogy remaster is heading to Netflix
    36. Like A Dragon Gaiden cabaret answers
    1. Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition set for 2024 release mistakenly released on the Xbox Store
    2. Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 will feature an epilogue
    3. PlayStation Plus games for December are Sable, Lego 2K Drive, and Powerwash Simulator
    4. The state of triple-A PC ports and the obscene prices of GPUs are ruining my favourite hobby
    5. You will fall in love with Captain Pikachu when Pokemon Horizons comes to Netflix next year
    6. Dragon's Dogma 2 looks to have everything fans loved about the original, plus more
    7. Wondering what a Baldur's Gate 3/Jurassic Park crossover might look like? Check out this mod
    8. Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy: Every Delamain car location
    9. Sonic the Hedgehog 3's Shadow has some sick kicks in first look at the series' edgiest character
    10. Mexican restaurant continues national tradition by using King of Fighters characters to sell combo meals
    11. MW3 best FJX Imperium loadout
    12. Cult of the Lamb pledges to embrace its smutty community with a suitably sultry new update
    13. MW3 best Holger 556 loadout
    14. MW3 best MCPR-300 loadout
    15. After killing Hyenas, Sega is banishing Creative Assembly back to genres it already knows well
    16. Blizzard is reportedly asking Diablo 4 players if they're okay with $100 DLC
    17. MW3 best SVA 545 loadout
    18. MW3 best MTZ 556 loadout
    19. Even the tiniest Armored Core 6 enemy dwarfs Elden Ring's Tarnished
    20. No, Looney Tunes isn't leaving Max, but we are losing Space Jam's not quite sequel
    21. MW3 best Rival 9 loadout
    22. MW3 best Pulemyot 762 loadout
    23. Alien TV series adds a Mandalorian fan favourite to its cast
    24. After a turbulent year, all eyes are on Xbox and its big teases at The Game Awards
    25. Fortnite Chapter 4: Season OG - Blast Off! Trailer
    26. Ghosts or aliens? Scott Pilgrim Takes Off studio’s next adaptation asks which of them is real
    27. MW3 best AMR9 loadout
    28. MW3 best BAS B loadout
    29. Dead by Daylight codes
    30. Genshin Impact Cyno materials list for ascension and talents
    1. The Witcher 4 moving along as CD Projekt Red assembles massive team for its next epic
    2. Dragon's Dogma 2 release date seemingly confirmed by its Steam page
    3. It turns out all EA Sports FC 24 needed to get back to the top of UK sales was a tiny 40% discount
    4. Amazon's Fallout series looks a bit like an expensive cosplay shoot in first official images
    5. Pokemon Unite codes
    6. Skibi Defense codes
    7. Arm Wrestle Simulator codes
    8. Fancy living in the Astral Lounge? This Starfield mod lets you set up player homes almost anywhere
    9. The Super Pocket is a glorious retro handheld that doesn’t require a lottery win to own
    10. MW3 best Renetti loadout
    11. MW3 best Striker loadout
    12. Everything we know about Project L, the Riot Games fighting game
    13. Tears of Themis Redeem Codes
    14. Bee Swarm Simulator codes
    15. MW3 best MCW loadout
    16. Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Creche guide
    17. MW3 best Longbow loadout
    18. NBA 2K's publisher is being sued because you can't transfer the virtual currency you buy between games
    19. MW3 best WSP Swarm loadout
    20. Clicker Fighting Simulator codes
    21. Yes, Zelda fans, you were meant to find Tears of the Kingdom's Ganondorf irresistibly sexy
    22. Clicker Mining Simulator codes
    23. MW3 best TAQ 56 loadout
    24. State of Survival codes
    25. Yeet a Friend codes
    26. Basketball Legends codes
    27. Genvid CEO denies AI use in Silent Hill Ascension, claims all words are from their "talented team"
    28. Fire Force Online codes
    29. AFK Arena codes
    30. Battlefield 5 broke its all-time Steam player record because it's $4 right now
    31. RAID Shadow Legends codes
    32. Fruit Battlegrounds codes
    33. Baldur's Gate 3's slowdown bug is the result of all the stealing you've been doing
    34. Monster Hunter Now codes
    35. Bethesda has started trying to convince unhappy Steam reviewers that Starfield doesn't suck
    36. Anime Ball codes
    37. Clover Retribution codes
    38. Bungie confirms the Destiny 2: The Final Shape delay we've known about for weeks
    39. Death Ball codes
    40. Tower Defense X codes
    41. Anime Champions Simulator codes
    42. Edward the Man-Eating Train codes
    43. Pull a Sword codes
    44. Street Fighter Duel codes
    45. Mining Simulator 2 codes
    46. Ultimate Football codes
    47. Like A Dragon Gaiden Kokoro answers and romance guide
    48. Genshin Impact Ayato materials list for ascension and talents
    1. Monopoly Go Bows and Bandits Rewards
    2. Five years on, Red Dead Online remarkably feels like less of a dying west than RDR2
    3. Hoping for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 2? Don't place your bets on it
    4. Marvel Snap devs reassure players it will "continue to operate and flourish" in spite of any restructuring
    5. Pokemon Go Wurmple Evolution: Silcoon and Cascoon
    6. Diablo 4 players think bots could be manipulating the game's Steam reviews
    7. Games at Christmas? Nah, kids would rather have subscriptions and in-game currency
    8. Starfield’s latest must-have mod eliminates NPC dialogue snap-zooms, limiting the jumpscares
    9. All Star Tower Defense codes
    10. Monopoly Go proves 'casual' mobile games are still a massive deal
    11. Baldur's Gate 3 Rosymorn Monastery Puzzle Solution
    12. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 could have seen Miles don the symbiote suit, according to Venom himself
    13. EAFC 24 Thunderstruck Upgrade Tracker
    14. The Game Awards 2023 will begin to drop the tacky 'world premiere' cards, do something about stage crashers
    15. Untitled Boxing Game codes
    16. The Division: Heartland gets its first rating, could be set to arrive soon
    17. Rock one Fallout: London's unique outfits early with this new Fallout 4 mod
    18. Desperate for more Silent Hill 2 remake deets? You'll have to wait until Konami fancies sharing
    1. Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 story lead "won't talk about" his favourite Easter eggs until players find them
    2. Take a look at one of Left 4 Dead's earliest prototypes thanks to a Counter-Strike: CZ update mistake
    3. Who knows if you can beat Baldur's Gate 3 without long resting, but it sure seems like a pain
    4. Ahead of an impending GTA 6 reveal, Red Dead Redemption 2 is seeing its highest Steam player count ever
    5. Believe it: Naruto looks to be getting the live action treatment
    6. Eight years on, the original Life is Strange hits 20 million players
    7. For its 10th anniversary, Killer Instinct has gone free-to-play on all platforms
    8. Hideki Kamiya may end up taking the rest of his ideas for Bayonetta "to the grave"
    1. Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are both half-price at Walmart this Black Friday
    2. If you liked Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, you need to watch this Netflix anime from the same studio
    3. Bite the EGS bullet and play one of 2023's most interesting shooters right now, while it's on sale
    1. Somehow, the new EA Sports FC 24 update has made the Ultimate Team store even more predatory
    2. Like A Dragon Gaiden Golden Balls locations
    3. If I had ?500 I’d buy all this cool stuff on Black Friday
    4. The Simpsons: Hit and Run's most bizarre crossover mod celebrates its first birthday
    5. Where to find the Submarine in Lethal Company
    6. How to use the Teleporter in Lethal Company
    7. Lethal Company Scrap List: All scrap and its value
    8. Best EAFC 24 Wonderkids to sign in Career Mode
    9. What’s the best game that we’d give a kicking?
    10. EAFC 24 Best Midfielders to sign in Career Mode
    11. Baldur's Gate 3: Where to find the Blood of Lathander
    12. Celebrate the best (worst) Tomb Raider game turning 20 this year by grabbing it for under ?1
    13. EAFC 24 Best Strikers to sign in Career Mode
    14. EAFC 24 Best Wingers to sign in Career Mode
    15. This Baldur's Gate 3 mod lets you grab some sassy medieval hotpants for Astarion this Black Friday
    16. EAFC 24 Best centre-backs to sign in Career Mode
    17. EA Sports FC 24 cheap: Black Friday deals slice 50% off this year’s ‘FIFA’
    18. EAFC 24 Best left-backs and right-backs to sign in Career Mode
    19. Like a Dragon Gaiden Kappa location
    20. EA Sports FC 24 is getting a free Euro 2024 update, so you can simulate getting knocked out on penalties
    21. How to survive Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company
    22. Connections hints and definitions for November 24, 2023
    1. GTA 6: five things it should keep, five things it should skip
    2. Need an excuse to play one of 2023's best indies? The Pale Reach is exactly that
    3. 10 years later, the Xbox One vision everyone rejected has become a reality, and I couldn’t be happier
    4. All Lethal Company items and what they’re used for
    5. How to use a Radar Booster in Lethal Company
    6. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a great take on a classic, but I just can’t enjoy it
    7. Where to find Zevlor in Baldur’s Gate 3
    8. How to kill Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3
    9. How to disable turrets in Lethal Company
    10. Meta Quest 3 is the first VR headset that doesn’t feel like a pain in the neck
    11. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s cut ‘Lost Levels’ don't sound like much
    12. Watermelon Game, aka Suika, is even more popular on Nintendo Switch than you thought
    13. Call of Duty 2024 is a Gulf War Black Ops, and may let you play Zombies early - report
    14. How to open doors in Lethal Company
    15. Honkai Star Rail Hanya kit and Traces priority
    16. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters makes a good case for Hollywood nepotism
    17. Connections hints and definitions for November 23, 2023
    1. South Park: Snow Day gameplay trailer showcases 3D visuals, the open-world, and snowy activities
    2. Star Wars: Empire at War has been updated to 64-bit 17 years after release
    3. Forspoken for cheap in Black Friday is great, actually
    4. How to move furniture in Lethal Company
    5. How to sell scrap in Lethal Company
    6. Baldur's Gate 3 Walkthroughs, tips and guides
    7. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Gale build
    8. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Lae'zel build
    9. The Sims just got official merch and it's about as pricy as the average expansion pack
    10. 007: Road to a Million is the rare big franchise spin-off with soul
    11. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is coming out way later than we thought
    12. Activision is trying really hard to convince us the Modern Warfare 3 launch was a success
    13. A pirate's last voyage: Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew gets two DLC expansions before Mimimi sails off
    14. How many people can play Lethal Company?
    15. Someone call 2004, Fortnite's next big event looks set to feature Eminem
    16. LinkedIn may have leaked a little bit more information about The Last of Us 2's baffling roguelike mode
    17. Apple Arcade’s Sonic game looks better and better with every new reveal
    18. Oh wow, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake might not be totally dead after all
    19. MW3 double XP (and everything else) event coming today, Season 1 date set
    20. Honkai Star Rail Hanya materials list for ascension and Traces
    21. Connections hints and definitions for November 22, 2023
    1. Diablo 4 free trial now available on Steam - play the full game up to Level 20
    2. PlayStation Portal review – the PS handheld for everyone and no one
    3. Destiny 2 is getting new cosmetics inspired by The Witcher
    4. 20 years ago, Pokemon Colosseum made me the trainer I am today
    5. How to find and destroy Harvester Orbs in MW3 Zombies
    6. How to heal Operators in MW3 Zombies’ Guardian Angel
    7. Roblox game codes for all top Experiences
    8. Anime Spirits codes
    9. GTA: Vice City almost got turned into a Scottish zombie survival game
    10. Lords of the Fallen update celebrates one of the game's most esoteric characters
    11. Ocarina of Time: A game that remains the pinnacle of Zelda 25 years later
    12. How to cancel Contracts in MW3 Zombies
    13. How to get a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies
    14. How to use Redeploy Drones in MW3 Zombies
    15. Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition: Immerse yourself in the complete experience, available December 5
    16. Pet Simulator 99 release date and time
    17. Blade Ball ability tier list
    18. This Starfield mod totally revamps outpost building by imbuing it with the joys of capitalism
    19. Play Suicide Squad early by signing up to this closed alpha test
    20. How to survive Coilhead in Lethal Company
    21. How to survive Flower Man in Lethal Company
    22. Starfield's latest update gives you the ability to seamlessly chew through the galaxy's food supplies
    23. Modern Warfare 3's Groot skin will likely be fixed once it's no longer on sale, because of course
    24. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners studio is bringing back some key staff for upcoming anime revival
    25. Scott Pilgrim's creator wants you to treat the Netflix anime as its own thing: "It's just a new iteration"
    26. Steam’s latest Among Us-type viral sensation is outselling Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
    27. GPO codes for Grand Piece Online
    28. Anticipated anime, Dead Dead Demon's Dedede Destruction, casts the singing icon behind Oshi no Ko opening
    29. PS Plus Premium now lets you try out one of the best and one of the worst PS5 games
    30. Connections hints and definitions for November 21, 2023
    1. Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is Final Fantasy 7 Remake all over again
    2. Honkai Star Rail Argenti kit and Traces priority
    3. Best Lethal Company Mods, and how to install them
    4. Tower of God New World codes
    5. Much like Elden Ring, Armored Core 6 is getting its own seamless co-op mod
    6. Does Xbox Game Pass need a Christmas miracle?
    7. The House TD codes
    8. Loomian Legacy Codes
    9. Weapon Fighting Simulator codes
    10. Lords of the Fallen, a Souls-like RPG, is learning the worst lessons from games as a service
    11. You can finally romance the hot French netrunner from Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty
    12. Switching to The Last of Us 2's PS5 version from PS4 may well net you an instant platinum trophy
    13. Lo and behold, Bungie’s bad choices have resulted in Destiny 2's worst player numbers – ever
    14. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach build
    15. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart build
    16. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Wyll build
    17. Best Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion build
    18. Hoping for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 and Borderlands 4? They might be in the works
    19. Is it a game? Is it a collab? PlayStation Japan is teasing… something
    20. Post a Pokemon card promo packet at Pokemon post offices popping up pan Europe
    21. Modern Warfare 3's first batch of original maps arrives with Season 1
    22. Ever wondered how Cyberpunk 2077’s V would fare in space? This Starfield mod will let you find out
    23. It looks like we are getting a Nier Automata sequel - and maybe even more - in the future
    24. As the industry suffers layoffs, the best Call of Duty studio just got bigger
    25. Connections hints and definitions for November 20, 2023
    1. "I had to solve by looking outside of the racing genre" how Bloodborne Kart pulls from Halo to get it right
    2. Dark Souls pixel art mod will have you picturing an alternate universe's 1990s
    3. PUBG publisher offers an in-depth look at its slightly uncanny take on The Sims
    4. Netflix's Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Japanese cast features a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure icon
    5. Warner Bros. clarifies whether its Wonder Woman game will be live service or not
    6. Crash and Spyro will reuinte once again next month in Crash Team Rumble
    7. PlayStation Plus Classics next batch of games could include a PS1 classic
    8. The Sims 5 might feature some Animal Crossing inspired multiplayer
    9. Uh oh, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake might be dead for real this time
    10. Connections hints and definitions for November 19, 2023
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. Redfall update 3 adds new sniper rifle, fixes performance issues, and more
    3. Diablo 4 is 40% off as part of early Black Friday deals
    4. Lego Super Mario sets are 30% off in My Nintendo Store UK's Black Friday sale
    5. Best Buy members can get a massive $100 off an Xbox Series X ahead of Black Friday
    6. Select Xbox controllers are down to $40 at Best Buy in this early Black Friday deal
    7. The Steam Autumn Sale kicks off next week on Tuesday
    8. Get a year's worth of free games for just $99 from Humble Bundle
    9. Baldur's Gate 3 hotfix addresses Gale’s romance scene, several bugs, visual issues, more
    10. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is coming to PlayStation 5 in January
    11. Like A Dragon Gaiden Kei answers and romance guide
    12. Like A Dragon Gaiden Ayu answers and romance guide
    13. Honkai Star Rail Argenti materials list for ascension and Traces
    14. Connections hints and definitions for November 18, 2023
    1. 15 years on, Left 4 Dead still rules the genre it created
    2. Valve celebrates Half-Life's 25th Anniversary with unexpected update
    3. Watch Dungeons & Dragons authors play with the character creator in Baldur's Gate 3
    4. What's the best game you can finish in one sitting?
    5. EAFC 24 Cheap 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89-rated players for SBCs
    6. Red XIII narrates this Final Fantasy 7 Remake video that recaps the saga ahead of Rebirth's release
    7. How to get Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3 Zombies
    8. How to deal toxic damage kills in MW3 Zombies
    9. Eight years on from release, Fallout 4 modding “just keeps growing” – and it shows no sign of slowing down
    10. GTA 5’s trailers were masterpieces that hyped the game up perfectly – can GTA 6 live up to the same standard?
    11. How to acquire a Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies
    12. How to find disciples in MW3 Zombies
    13. Blizzard is bringing back Diablo 4's XP/Gold boost event, and it's marginally better this time
    14. Starfield's latest must-have mod adds intense survival mechanics to your interstellar exploration
    15. Radiant Residents codes
    16. Modern Warfare 3's first playlist update has players glowing red
    17. MW3 Zombies Doghouse locations: How to pet the dog
    18. Steam’s best destruction simulator is astounding on PS5, but it's missing a crucial feature
    19. MW3 Zombies Interceptor: Where to find the Mercenary Convoy
    20. A PS5 version of The Last of Us Part 2 could be arriving very soon, according to a database update
    21. A Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase is finally coming later this month
    22. Fortnite's latest update age-restricts some cosmetics, leading 12-year-olds to petition for its reversal
    23. Honkai Star Rail Huohuo materials list for ascension and Traces
    24. Connections hints and defintions for November 17, 2023
    1. If you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you have to play these 20 essential free games
    2. Xbox Black Friday deals 2023: You won’t want to miss out on these incredible Microsoft offers
    3. Physical Baldur's Gate 3: Deluxe Edition releasing in 2024 comes with all sorts of goodies
    4. Save $60 on this refurbished Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Edition in this early Black Friday deal
    5. Ark Survival: Ascended sees another delay on Xbox Series X/S
    6. Modern Warfare 3’s Open Combat Missions deserve to die, but one level should be saved
    7. You need to try these hilarious pranks Baldur’s Gate 3 players are playing on Mizora
    8. How to get a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies
    9. The force is strong with this early Black Friday deal on a 2TB Lightsaber edition FireCuda Gen 4 SSD
    10. Free Assassin’s Creed Mirage update to include new game plus and permadeath modes
    11. Suicide Squad looks like the same game everyone dunked on, even in newest trailer
    12. Desperate for changes to EA Sports FC 24? EA is looking for volunteers to provide feedback on it
    13. Modern Warfare 3 gets its first big update, but it's not the one you want
    14. This $10 Steam game is going massively viral, and it’s easy to see why
    15. Following Hyenas purge, Sega is accused of moving to let temporary staff go
    16. Connections hints and defintions for November 16, 2023
    1. Xbox Series X/S release date for Baldur's Gate 3 will be announced at The Game Awards
    2. The Witcher 3 is getting a mod editor in 2024
    3. PlayStation Plus catalog for November includes Teardown, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Superliminal, more
    4. The incredible LG C3 4K OLED TV is now $300 off thanks to this early Black Friday Amazon deal
    5. Sony has slashed the price of their Inzone H3 wired gaming headset to just $58
    6. This early Best Buy Black Friday deal lets you get an Asus TUF gaming laptop with an RX7600S GPU for just $750
    7. MW3 Zombies Schematics crafting guide
    8. “We got there in the end” – the creator of Fallout 4’s best Enclave quest mod reveals how it came to be
    9. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was the best-selling game of October 2023 in the US
    10. Honkai Star Rail Huohuo kit and traces priority
    11. Warner Bros.' Coyote vs Acme situation even has a US congressman calling for change
    12. It took a lot longer for Escape from Tarkov to add vaulting than PUBG, but it's coming
    13. Samsung's spacious 4TB 990 Pro SSD is just $250 in this early Amazon Black Friday deal
    14. 18 years later Shadow the Hedgehog remains the series' guiltiest pleasure
    15. How to repair a tire in MW3 Zombies
    16. Sony's live action Spider-Verse continues to not feature Spider-Man in Madame Web's first trailer
    17. 10 years on from the PS4, I'm lamenting the PlayStation that could have been
    18. This season's cosiest anime is perfect for Final Fantasy 14 fans
    19. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is great, but I wish Insomniac would bring back Sunset Overdrive
    20. The Dark Souls wiki has a hidden face bandit who's casually been defacing bosses
    21. Super Mario RPG review: a classic reborn
    22. You can currently watch Paprika – the anime film Inception ripped off – completely for free
    23. The latest exotic alien unearthed by Starfield players will literally take your breath away
    24. Sand Land, Akira Toriyama's latest anime, makes its way to Disney+ next year
    25. Owner of Payday 2 and Control publisher announces layoff plans, will focus on established games going forwards
    26. Netflix's stop motion Pokemon show gets a release date and a city pop icon
    27. Free Hatchers codes
    28. Like A Dragon Gaiden Fukupi location
    29. Like A Dragon Gaiden Flying Takoyaki location
    30. Connections hints and definitions for November 15, 2023
    1. The Game Awards 2023: Alan Wake 2 and Baldur's Gate 3 lead the pack with eight nominations each
    2. Five things Alan Wake 2 does better than every other horror game
    3. Coral Island, Persona 5 Tactica, and more close out November on Game Pass
    4. Sonic’s greatest spin-off is 30 years old today – and it’s time for another one
    5. How to cook in Spirittea
    6. How to dig and find spirit tomes in Spirittea
    7. How to clean the bathhouse in Spirittea
    8. How to upgrade the bathhouse in Spirittea
    9. Baldur's Gate 3's director is already teasing that Larian's next game will aim to "push boundaries"
    10. Modern Warfare 3 brought back classic spawns, and now half my matches end in spawn traps
    11. Cyberpunk 2077 players have found a way to explore New York during one of Phantom Liberty's missions
    12. Alan Wake 2 dev changes course on its free-to-play title, will now be a premium release
    13. One of the many skins that ruined MW2 is now ruining Modern Warfare 3
    14. As Nintendo Switch 2 rumors swirl, it looks like Nintendo just boosted its studio roster
    15. Fallout: London modders celebrate Fallout 4's birthday with a fresh look at the mod's unique factions
    16. Even Starfield fans don’t think Starfield deserved a Game Awards GOTY nomination
    17. The Game Awards: Destiny 2 nominated for “best community support” days after community/social media layoffs
    18. Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch locations and use
    19. Connections hints and definitions for November 14, 2023
    1. Rick and Morty’s Season 7 recast is the least of its problems
    2. “There’s a lot of nostalgia there” – How Bloodborne Kart’s devs have laser-targeted PS1 lovers
    3. MW3 best sniper loadouts
    4. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth definitely features a character being "impaled" by a sword, per the ESRB rating
    5. Like a Dragon Gaiden Locker Keys guide
    6. Celebrate Christmas in style with this horrid viral PS4 theme from some game nobody remembers
    7. Takt Op Symphony codes
    8. Slayers Unleashed codes
    9. Modern Warfare 3's Steam launch nowhere near the heights of MW2
    10. Fallout 76's fifth birthday bash is such a big deal that Sheogorath himself will be in attendance
    11. MW3 has the worst review scores in Call of Duty history
    12. Reverse 1999 codes and how to redeem
    13. Spirittea review: A beautiful blend of Stardew Valley and Spirited Away that is hard to put down
    14. Cyberpunk 2077 taught CD Projekt to be less subtle with player choices in Phantom Liberty
    15. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's not-quite-open world was inspired by one of the PS4's best RPGs
    16. Baldur's Gate 3 bear sex speedruns are finally here and already under an hour
    17. LetMeSoloThem, Elden Ring royalty, has hit a remarkable landmark and become a true Elden Lord
    18. Tekken 8's final base character Reina might fill that Heihachi-shaped hole in your heart
    19. Connections hints and definitions for November 13, 2023
    1. Netflix might have put out the most important anime of the year, so please don’t skip it
    2. Marvel's Spider-Man 2's cube glitch cannot be contained, as it returns to claim another costume
    3. PlayStation Plus' Classics Catalogue is getting the truly memorable... Pixar's Up for PSP?
    4. Super Mario RPG remake was made by a long-time Dragon Quest support dev
    5. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's titular voice actor "would love" to play the princess in live-action film
    6. Unity is "likely" to lay off staff in the coming months
    7. Arcane season two gets a release window, but you'll have to wait a while longer
    8. Konami continues to beat dead horse, is hiring for "large-scale" Silent Hill projects
    9. Netflix is getting one of the best roguelites around and more next year
    10. Connections hints and definitions for November 12, 2023
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. Warner offers two free fatalities in response to Mortal Kombat 1 Halloween backlash
    3. Miyamoto's 10-year pursuit of a live-action Legend of Zelda movie faces "an extremely high hurdle" with fans
    4. Geralt rises again: Doug Cockle lends his voice to our favorite Witcher in Netflix's upcoming animated film
    5. Connections hints and definitions for November 11, 2023
    1. Pokemon Horizons: The Series will launch exclusively on BBC in the UK this December
    2. Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox Series S issues being ironed out, getting "very close now"
    3. Invincible season 2 has an Omni-Man shaped hole - for good and bad.
    4. Genshin Impact Hydro Tulpa location and Hydro Tulpa tips
    5. MW3's terrible and dumb Armory Unlocks system, explained
    6. What is Tactical Stance in MW3, and should you use it?
    7. Halo Infinite Forge mod makes a really good case for a turn-based Halo
    8. The best game set in London isn’t what you think
    9. MW3 Best Guns: Meta Loadouts for every top weapon
    10. Warzone will now make sure cheaters plummet to their deaths as comeuppance for their crimes
    11. Xbox Game Pass new addition asks: What if Superman and James Bond had a baby?
    12. The Super Mario Bros Movie is coming to US Netflix in time for Christmas, Pratt lovers rejoice
    13. Shocking no one, Modern Warfare 3's campaign was a terribly rushed development - report
    14. Warframe publisher Digital Extremes confirms layoffs, plans to give up control of Wayfinder
    15. Honkai: Star Rail shoots past one million PS5 players
    16. Modern Warfare III's mundane recreation of London's south bank makes me want an entire game of that
    17. Connections hints and definitions for November 10, 2023
    1. Baldur's Gate 3 hotfix stops Shadowheart from being distracted, dwarf barbarian shoes lose the blueberry look
    2. How is Loki so good when almost everything else Marvel at the moment is... bad?
    3. Valve introduces Steam Deck OLED for a more immersive gaming experience
    4. PS5 passes 46.5M sales milestone, Spider-Man 2 slings 5M units
    5. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer tips for elder millennials and geriatrics
    6. The new RoboCop game rules, now do Judge Dredd
    7. How to play MW3 multiplayer early on all platforms
    8. GTA 6 may be coming soon, but a GTA movie seems unlikely to quickly follow unless Take-Two changes its mind
    9. Save $50 on the Xbox Series X from Dell and get a $75 gift card in this early Black Friday deal
    10. Starfield's protagonist could have had Adam Jensen's gravelly voice if Bethesda hadn't changed its mind
    11. GTA 6 will be "the biggest game launch of all time" - Industry analysts speak on Rockstar mega sequel
    12. People are hating on MW3, so does that mean XDefiant actually has a chance?
    13. Good news Steam weirdos, Valve may soon let you hide your dodgy games from friends
    14. Toilet Tower Defense codes
    15. PlayStation delays several planned live service games to make sure people will actually like them
    16. Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations and Lakelight Lily farming tips
    17. Walmart Black Friday deals 2023: best early offers
    18. Connections hints and definitions for November 9, 2023
    1. I love Mass Effect, but I’m impossibly bored of the yearly N7 Day teases
    2. Embracer may close Timesplitters studio Free Radical Design - report
    3. Check out some Alone in the Dark extended gameplay footage
    4. Chucky wants to play with you in Dead by Daylight
    5. Save $20 on the PS5 DualSense controller in antonline's early Black Friday sale
    6. Mean Girls, the movie based on the musical based on the movie, gets its first trailer
    7. The best Zelda movie has already been made
    8. EA Sports WRC review: Fast, flowing rally fun
    9. Mortal Kombat 1 continues to illustrate that gross microtransactions work
    10. EA Sports FC 24 Title Update 5 stops players from accidentally stumbling into possession like powerful idiots
    11. Netflix's live action Avatar: The Last Airbender trailer lands tomorrow, five years after series announcement
    12. Bioware teases next Mass Effect with a short video for N7 Day 2023
    13. Modern Warfare 3 pre-load and unlock times
    14. GTA 5 players refused to get their hopes up for a GTA 6 reveal... until today
    15. Rockstar confirms GTA 6 trailer is coming early December
    16. Will GTA 5's Michael return in GTA 6? His voice actor is keeping things mysterious
    17. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer launch is close, and people are worried about cheaters
    18. How one email got the Scott Pilgrim anime the original movie cast
    19. Nicolas Cage stars in a better FNAF movie than the Five Nights at Freddy's movie
    20. Crunchyroll follows in Netflix footsteps, offering games on top of anime
    21. Suika Game: there’s a reason this weird watermelon game is one of Nintendo Switch’s best-selling titles
    22. Modern Warfare 3 campaign: the meal you cobble together from leftovers when you’re broke
    23. Alan Wake 2’s boldest moment doesn't even involve a single button press
    24. Brilliant sequel to 2022 smash hit is now on Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade, and Netflix
    25. GTA 6 trailer set for December, following announcement in days, claims report
    26. The Zelda movie is real and I need someone to wake me up from this nightmare
    27. Genshin Impact Beryl Conch locations and Beryl Conch farming tips
    28. Connections hints and definitions for November 8, 2023
    1. At 20 years old, Mario Kart: Double Dash remains one of Mario’s racing best - and it needs to come to Switch
    2. Lords of the Fallen gets packed content roadmap for rest of 2023
    3. Genshin Impact Furina materials for ascension and talents
    4. Best EAFC 24 Centurions Striker Evolution players
    5. Best EAFC 24 Centurions Centre Back Evolution players
    6. Gacha game dev changes update roadmap after fan truck protest
    7. Gears of War 2, which turns 15 today, is peak absurdity that would be near impossible to reboot
    8. Best EAFC 24 Centurions Sharpshooter Evolution players
    9. Switch 2, what Switch 2? Nintendo won't comment on a successor as Switch hits huge sales number
    10. Best EAFC 24 Centurions Box-to-box midfielder Evolution players
    11. Enshrouded, the most-played Steam Next Fest demo, enters Early Access in January
    12. Silent Hill: The Short Message plot details emerge thanks to the Australian ratings board
    13. 200 years later, Dungeon Hunter 6 still knows how to scratch that ARPG itch
    14. Netflix adds the original Scott Pilgrim movie just in time for the upcoming anime
    15. Starfield's community patch modders find fixing bugs without support or comms from Bethesda frustrating
    16. MW3: Precious Cargo weapon and item locations
    17. Somehow, Lower Decks is the best Star Trek show since Deep Space Nine
    18. Assassin's Creed Mirage's latest update finally lets you switch off its annoying chromatic aberration
    19. Cities: Skylines 2 won’t be getting any paid DLC until its performance issues have been fixed
    20. Lightning McQueen is coming to Rocket League, marking the game's first alive car
    21. Tears of the Kingdom's latest numbers show it and BoTW are gaining on the rest of the Zelda series' sales
    22. Baldur's Gate 3 sex% runners rejoice as Larian quietly re-enables rapid Lae'zel romancing
    23. PlayStation is losing Twitter integration next week
    24. Epic Games Store still hasn't managed to turn a profit since its launch
    25. Genshin Impact Charlotte materials for ascension and talents
    26. Connections hints and definitions for November 7, 2023
    1. Project L is playable this month... If you're in Korea
    2. Miles or Peter? Insomniac has pinned down who its lead Spider-Man will be going forwards
    3. World of Warcraft is "pretty well positioned" to come to consoles
    4. This total revamp of Fallout 4's best Enclave-themed quest mod offers an all-new ending to the base game
    5. Like A Dragon Gaiden review: The shortest Yakuza game is also one of the best
    6. Diablo 4's Malignant Powers return as rings in this week's 1.2.2 patch
    7. Pirate's Destiny codes
    8. Azure Lock codes
    9. Grimace Race codes
    10. Roblox is introducing Takeshi’s Castle to a whole new generation
    11. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Tetsuya Nomura doesn't get why you're so thirsty for Sephiroth
    12. Brace yourself, Baldur's Gate 3 might be getting a new difficulty mode even tougher than tactician
    13. One of the most highly-anticipated Disney+ arrivals of 2023 is a waste of everyone’s time
    14. Even Alan Wake 2's directors had to rely on fan wikis to keep track of some details
    15. PS5 Slim teardowns confirm what we've all suspected, we've got another pretty chunky boy on our hands
    16. Fortnite hits a new concurrent player record by going back to the basics
    1. Twenty years on, a cancelled Daredevil PS2 game is now playable
    2. Sega exec boldly says he wants Sonic to "surpass Mario"
    3. Alan Wake 2's best moment almost didn't make it in, and boy am I glad it did
    4. Like a Dragon Gaiden took a surprisingly short six months to make
    5. Silent Hill 2 remake listing mentions the return of Pyramid Head alongside a "special origin story"
    6. Vampire Survivors is getting a free story mode with "deep lore lmao"
    7. Zenless Zone Zero beta sign-ups are live now, but you're not guaranteed entry
    8. Lords of the Fallen patch says you were having it too easy, makes bosses harder
    1. We're going to learn about "the future of Diablo 4" in this BlizzCon Campfire Chat - watch it here
    2. Diablo is getting a tabletop role-playing game adaptation and a board game
    3. BlizzCon 2023 Day 2 - WoW, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 sessions, and more
    4. From Alan Wake to Miles Prower: what are the best pun names in gaming?
    1. World of Warcraft's The Worldsoul Saga encompasses three expansions starting with The War Within
    2. World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic revealed at Blizzcon 2023
    3. Diablo 4's first expansion is Vessel of Hatred and it's coming in late-2024
    4. Hearthstone reveals Showdown in the Badlands expansion, catch-up packs, and Battleground Duos!
    5. Overwatch 2 gets its first Samoan character with Mauga
    6. FNAF Pizza Party codes
    7. Payday 3's oft-delayed first patch is out to to make your heisting a smoother experience
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    13. This Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Kart 8 and Mario Wonder is under $400
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    15. How to make a Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock
    16. How to have pets in My Time at Sandrock
    17. How to have a baby in My Time at Sandrock
    18. How to romance Fang in My Time at Sandrock
    19. Baldur's Gate 3's avian enthusiasts may have found evidence that Larian doesn't know what a Blue Jay is
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    22. Spider-Man 2 guide: Tips & tricks for beginners
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    27. Does Spider-Man 2 have New Game Plus?
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    29. World Zero codes
    30. Fallout: London looks set to deliver a very British apocalypse, and I’m thoroughly intrigued
    31. This Starfield mod finally lets you flirt with an alternate universe version of yourself, because why not?
    32. Genshin Impact 4.2 and Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 details revealed in HoYoverse double-bill livestream
    33. Is this what we should expect now that Xbox owns Call of Duty?
    34. WarioWare: Move It review – an enjoyable, if flawed, waggle frenzy to make the Wii proud
    35. Boss Baby and Shrek 'use' trolls in trailer for Dreamworks kart racer
    36. Where to find the steel mill secret area in RoboCop: Rogue City
    37. Where to find the arcade secret area in RoboCop: Rogue City
    38. Honkai Star Rail version 1.5 livestream recap
    39. Halo Infinite MTX just got more expensive – but also a bit better
    40. Even by Call of Duty standards, Modern Warfare 3's campaign is very short
    41. Bungie attempts to pacify the Destiny 2 community following huge wave of layoffs
    42. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trophy list: Every trophy you'll need to earn the Platinum
    43. Baldur's Gate 3 speedrunners mourn the 'death' of sex% runs after sneaky tweak ruins their favourite strat
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    48. My Time at Sandrock Spinel locations and uses
    49. My Time at Sandrock rutabaga locations and uses
    1. How to interrogate Soot in Robocop: Rogue City
    2. RoboCop: Rogue City - Stolen Vehicle quest guide
    3. RoboCop: Rogue City - The Discount Dealer quest guide
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    15. Robocop: Rogue City Review - finally, a worthy sequel to the classic film
    16. Collect All Pets codes
    17. EAFC 24 turned FIFA into an "interactive platform for the future of football fandom”, whatever that means
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    19. Legend of Immortals codes
    20. Slither IO codes: Cosmetics, Skins and more
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    26. The Sims 4 For Rent will make you a landlord in a Southeast Asian inspired city… overrun with zombies?
    27. My Time at Sandrock multiplayer co-op guide
    28. Destiny 2 just lost a piece of its soul – and one of the things that kept me coming back every year
    29. Pixel Piece codes
    30. Dead by Daylight Mobile codes
    31. All working Brookhaven music codes
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    33. A little bit of Ocean’s 12 is coming to Tekken 8 via its new French fighter
    34. Unable to stop licking dead spiders? Baldur's Gate 3's latest patch might make you regret doing so
    35. Project Mugetsu codes
    36. Evade codes
    37. Rampant Blade Battlegrounds codes
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    39. How to get married and divorced in My Time at Sandrock
    40. My Time at Sandrock romance options: How to romance all bachelors and bachelorettes
    41. Black Grimoire Odyssey codes
    42. Village Defense Tycoon codes
    43. Heroes Awakening codes
    44. Super Mario RPG remake is gloriously faithful to an all-time great – hands-on preview
    45. Sonic? Yakuza? Persona? Sega wants to release a ‘super game’ in 2026
    46. Waiting for news on the Elder Scrolls 6? This spooky new Skyblivion showcase could scratch your itch
    47. The best-looking Sonic game since Sonic Mania will start life as an Apple Arcade exclusive
    48. Starfield PC players are finally getting a very highly-demanded feature next week
    49. ARK Survival Ascended console commands: Full cheats list
    50. All Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities and how to do them
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    52. My Time at Sandrock Fightin' 'Round the World and Bogan Jack locations
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    54. My Time at Sandrock aluminum scraps locations
    1. Aliens Fireteam Elite, Mafia 2: Definitive Edition, coming to PlayStation Plus in November
    2. PS5 Slim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle on the way per advertisement
    3. Walmart Black Friday tech deals: Two sales for twice the savings
    4. Lies of P gets November patch, DLC, and sequel plans
    5. Diablo 4’s Season of Blood is great, but only because the launch game was lacking
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    7. How to get tin ore in My Time at Sandrock
    8. How to get Coarse Leather in My Time at Sandrock
    9. My Time at Sandrock’s best mods, and how to use them
    10. How to earn EXP quickly in My Time at Sandrock
    11. How to earn more Gols in My Time at Sandrock
    12. How to get Marble in My Time at Sandrock
    13. How to upgrade the Worktable in My Time at Sandrock
    14. Got high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077's sequel? CD Projekt wants it to put the games on a Witcher-esque trajectory
    15. If you've got a Netflix account, you've got to try this under-rated gaming gem
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    39. Destiny 2 has reportedly suffered a “sharp drop” in popularity following the launch of Lightfall
    40. The 15 best VR games to play in 2023
    41. Ex-Riot devs’ new MMORPG could be a serious rival to New World, World of Warcraft, and FF14
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