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Clickbait And Traffic Laundering: How Ad Tech Is Destroying The Web

June 2, 2016
Established publishers are trashing their websites with low-quality content recommendations. Bad guys gaming ad tech rules. The Web is turning into a clickbait jungle. Smartphone manufacturers and software publishers, worried about worsening browsing experience, are uniting to fight online ads. Unless ad tech starts to pay attention to the consumer, its days are numbered.

A Real Life Example of Google's Implication in Ad Fraud and Traffic Laundering

May 11, 2016
Google is enabling traffic laundering, where websites with pirated content redirect visitors to shell websites displaying AdSense ads. These ads finance piracy, and Google is taking a cut in the process. Google clients have no clue of the reputational risk they run by using AdSense.

Google : End Of The Online Advertising Bubble

April 19, 2016
Google's clients have no clue their ads are being displayed on worsening quality websites. A growing proportion of the ads are not being seen at all. Once they become aware of the fraud and embezzlement, Alphabet's growth story is over.

Animal Rights And The Egg Industry

April 13, 2016
Cal-Maine Foods has been using the United States Humane Society's PR to its own advantage for years, to sell overpriced, feel-good specialty eggs. They reached a PR breakthrough in 2015, and Cal-Maine Foods' margins are about to explode.

Cable Companies : Trouble Brewing

April 11, 2016
Cable's monopoly on broadband and content is dying. Consumers are switching to cheaper alternatives, and new competitors are gaining traction, on both content and internet access. Disney, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Chartered will all suffer.

Online Lending : The Boom To Come

March 25, 2016
LendingClub and OnDeck Capital have grown big enough to access Wall Street funding, and growing consumer awareness will help them attract new customers. Their revenues and margins are about to shoot up.

Cashless Society & Credit Cards

March 12, 2016
The war on physical cash started by governments and central banks will eliminate the main competitor to credit cards: paper money. Visa and MasterCard will become natural monopolies. Their margins will go parabolic in the next 3-5 years.

IBM's Watson: A Disaster In The Making

March 2, 2016
IBM's management is squandering the company's resources on acquisitions to make it look like the Watson Group is growing. The rest of the company will revolt, and IBM will have to take huge write-downs.

The Debt Dollar: The New Face Of The US Dollar Hegemony

February 20, 2016
The Fed has enticed foreign institutions to borrow in dollars. This has created a $9 trillion debt bubble, and a perpetual demand for US dollars to pay coupons. The Fed has taken on a new mandate: maintaining the world's reserve currency status of the USD.

Facebook’s Unsuspected Growth Driver: Virtual Reality

February 2, 2016
Over the last two years, Facebook has set the stage for Oculus Rift to become the go-to VR headset for gamers. They are about to take a sizeable bite out of the video games market, and to gain a stepping stone for future growth.
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