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May 2008 Archive

    1. 100 WiiWare titles inbound, says NoA
    2. Graphs show Nintendo making money nine years in a row
    3. Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack hits PC next week
    4. Fracture webdoc shows new in-game footage
    5. First proper Golden Axe Beast Rider trailer released
    6. Read Edge's 8/10 MGS4 review online
    7. Gears of War redux officially announced
    8. New Resident Evil 5 trailer released - "wow"
    9. Street Fighter IV gets screenshot overload
    10. Sony confirms 80Gb Motorstorm PS3 SKU discontinued
    11. Telegraph story claiming SITE was "red-faced" after Fallout 3 al-Qaeda gaff vanishes following "legal wrangling"
    12. Rumour: Sony tested "PS3mote" earlier this year
    13. Gamespy gives Bourne 4/5 in first review
    14. Ninja Gaiden II demo "next week"
    1. Daily Mail out-idiots itself with "al-Queda" Fallout 3 art
    2. MGS4 reviewers told to not mention install size and cut-scene times, says MTV
    3. In-game XMB - videos (maybe)
    4. First Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia trailer released
    5. Baja has stupid-huge environments
    6. Get yourself in Fable 2
    7. GTA IV t**tted out of Euro charts by Age of Conan
    8. Private beta planned for 360 version of EndWar
    9. Ninja Gaiden II demo goes live in Japan
    10. Ubidays 2008: HAWX units can be voice-controlled
    11. Nintendo Channel launches in Europe and Australia
    12. Prince of Persia producer: Harrison's wrong about single-player games
    13. Alone in the Dark delayed on PS3 because "it's not performing as well"
    14. Develop scores Japanese quartet for Brighton
    15. Rumour: Firmware 2.40 to release in June
    16. Too Human co-op dev diary on Live now
    17. Rumour: Shenmue III for E3 (omglolwtf)
    18. Kojima: "Pressure makes me better"
    19. PS3 leading 360 by 10% in the UK this year
    20. Clone Wars coming to Wii and DS
    21. Eurogamer gives MGS4 8/10, IGN 9.9/10
    22. PS3 Firmware 2.40 - In-game XMB, user-music and Trophies will not work with all PS3 titles
    23. New characters and online play for console Street Fighter IV
    24. Wii Fit charts over GTA IV in Australia
    25. Ubidays 2008: Prince of Persia spin-off rumoured for Wii
    26. Second Dead Space animated comic released
    27. PSP still leading in Japan
    28. Ubidays 2008: Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be more "casual"
    29. EndWar PS3 to have gestures
    30. US PSN update, May 29
    31. Official PlayStation mag to publish LBP review next month?
    32. Steam makes it "very hard for people to pirate", says Valve
    33. Valve announces and details Steam Cloud
    34. Rockstar adds multiplayer stat tracking to Social Club
    1. Rumour: PS3 Firmware 2.4 to include in-game XMB and Trophy support
    2. Ubidays 2008: Far Cry 2 console reveal trailer says, "buy me please"
    3. Gamecock partners with cdv for European distribution
    4. New Splatterhouse shots look jumpy, messy
    5. Microsoft US claims Ninja Gaiden II review code wasn't final
    6. Hirai: "I didn't know Phil was going to Atari"
    7. Nordic Game attendance up 38% in 2008
    8. Far Cry 2 to have 16-way online, rewards, levels, etc
    9. EA releases 15-minute video of Red Alert 3 gameplay
    10. Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway has 20% more "fidelity" than Gears of War
    11. Harrison has "always recognised 360's capabilities"
    12. Wii Fit reviewed
    13. Euro PSN update, May 29
    14. Ubidays 2008: Publisher "not ready to be more specific" on Splinter Cell
    15. 360 gets 47% hardware boost in run-up to GTA IV and beyond
    16. Ubidays 2008: No co-op in new Prince of Persia, says producer
    17. Saints Row 2 pushed back to work on co-op, says analyst
    18. Harrison won't commit to Alone in the Dark PS3 Home and Trophy support
    19. Sega releases Space Siege gameplay trailer
    20. PS3 Bioshock scans from EGM posted
    21. GTA IV sales hit 1.3 million in the UK
    22. Samba gets September 19 Euro date
    23. Nintendo Channel launches in Europe and Australia tomorrow
    24. Sonic mobile game downloaded 8 million times
    25. Ubidays 2008: Far Cry 2 is 50 hours long, has no co-op
    26. Tomorrow's SingStore update contains Bucks Fizz
    27. Ubidays 2008: Ubi promises pre-release EndWar demo
    28. Bioshock PS3 for October release
    29. Saints Row 2 slips to October
    30. GameTap to lay off editorial staff
    31. Spore creature phase movie released
    32. Sega takes Japanese lead with DS baseball game
    33. Ubidays 2008: Everything you missed from last night's press conference
    34. Microsoft won't dump Silicon Knights if Too Human flops, says expert
    35. EA screws up Army of Two DLC roll-out
    36. Mass Effect PC DLC not ready for launch
    37. UK employees should play online at work, says PopCap
    38. EVE's Empyrean Age to launch on June 10
    39. Gears of War 2 to include photo mode
    40. Ubidays 2008: Videos of every game
    41. Ubidays 2008: All the screenshots in one place
    1. New Gears of War 2 characters revealed in Japanese mag scans
    2. Blizzard Invitational to feature Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain
    3. Europe world's second largest consumer of videogames
    4. Ubidays 2008: Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking announced for DS
    5. Ubidays 2008: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party for Wii and DS
    6. Ubidays 2008: Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer posted
    7. Ubidays 2008: Barrage of Ubisoft impressions and interviews hit web
    8. Ubidays 2008: Avatar for "middle of next year"
    9. Ubidays 2008: Beyond Good & Evil 2 shown in trailer form
    10. Ubidays 2008: Shaun White Snowboarding for Wii, uses Balance Board
    11. Ubidays 2008: Endwar will have "the most epic battles ever seen in videogames"
    12. Ubidays 2008: Endwar players can be supported by units from other Clancy games
    13. Ubidays 2008: Over 50 million Clancy games sold worldwide
    14. Ubidays 2008: Elika replaces sands of time as gameplay innovation in new Prince of Persia
    15. Ubidays 2008: Hang glider confirmed for Far Cry 2
    16. Ubidays 2008: "Blasting demons with plasma rifles is over," says Far Cry 2 boss
    17. Ubidays 2008: Press conference now live from Paris
    18. Ubidays 2008: First Shaun White Snowboarding video released
    19. Blitz-sponsored, Rare-organised Women in Games conference dated
    20. TGS official poster and slogan spotted
    21. First Bioshock PS3 details emerge
    22. Microsoft dates E3 conference
    23. Nintendo UK confirms and dates Wii Wario Land Shake and six others for Japan
    24. Rare on Banjo: "We're not competing with LittleBigPlanet"
    25. More Army of Two DLC "over the coming months"
    26. New Army of Two video shows free DLC
    27. New SFIV shots released
    28. GTA IV still top of Live play
    29. "Rock Band saved my marriage"
    30. Wii Wario Land Shake for Wii in Japan?
    31. Street Fighter IV confirmed for PC, PS3 and 360
    32. Capcom issues new direct feed Resident Evil 5 screens
    33. Sega launches Infinite Line site
    34. Bionic Commando: Rearmed delayed
    35. Eye of Judgement tournaments announced for Europe
    36. Guitar Hero: On Tour video explains how to lose all self-respect
    37. Ubisoft confirms Shaun White Snowboarding for PC, PS3 and 360
    38. Hands-on with Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV
    39. Pandemic's LotR Conquest detailed in interview
    40. GameStop details Gears of War re-issue
    1. European MGS4 limited edition revealed
    2. New official Far Cry 2 trailer
    3. Sega buys Unreal Engine license for unnamed game
    4. 37% of 16-49 year-olds in UK are "active gamers"
    5. Telltale: No 360 Sam & Max in production
    6. Wii Fit out of stock in every major UK online retailer
    7. PS3 Fallout 3 has no mandatory install
    8. GTA IV still top in UK, Age of Conan debuts in second
    9. Exclusive: Ubidays 2008 will be first publisher event broadcast inside Home
    10. New Home movie shows media and events spaces
    11. New Home shots show lounge and "media stage"
    12. No Afrika for Europe, world ends
    13. Army of Two Veteran Map Pack this week
    14. New Far Cry 2 footage shows... shooting
    15. New Afrika shots show... animals
    16. Win a trip to New York with Alone in the Dark
    17. Lanning confirms Oddworld title
    18. Sierra forks out "a lot" of money on European Ghostbusters ambulance - pictures
    19. New Mass Effect PC movie released
    20. Afrika "coming soon," says SCEJ
    21. First MGS4 reviews point to major hit
    22. Photos of Korean women promoting Ninja Gaiden II
    23. Interview: Phil Harrison on Alone in the Dark and life after Sony
    24. New GTA IV wallpapers help you stay alpha
    25. Yoda impressions and movie from Soul Calibur IV
    26. First look at Sega Rally 3
    27. Sega shows off new Rambo game, new screens
    28. GTA sales prop up UK economy
    1. NY Times: Miyamoto "Walt Disney of digital generation"
    2. Gamespot faces off PS3 and 360 graphics
    3. New Prince of Persia images released, video interview
    4. New StarCraft II screens released
    5. Funcom says 400,000 players have entered Age of Conan
    6. New Mafia 2 screens posted
    7. The first ten minutes of Ninja Gaiden II at 720p
    8. IGN gets pre-Ubidays hands-on with Prince of Persia
    9. Giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appears at MCM Expo in London - picture
    10. Greenberg: "Sony has a history of over-promising and under-delivering"
    11. Greenberg: Live Marketplace is Wal-Mart, PSN is Quickie Mart
    12. PSN hits 1 million accounts in Japan
    13. First Ninja Gaiden II reviews published, gets 9-ish
    14. XBLA file limit increase to 350Mb will bring "better, more immersive experiences," says Greenberg
    15. Live downloads hit 1 million per day, says Greenberg
    16. Live Far Cry 2 performance confirmed for Ubidays
    17. US and UK Bank Holidays: we're still updating
    18. This week's XBLA game announced tomorrow
    19. Postal 2: Share the Pain released for free
    20. Man plays Mario for 11 minutes, we hold breath
    21. Resident Evil is Capcom's biggest selling franchise
    1. Man too heavy to play Wii Fit
    2. "No news on Afrika," says SCEE, as Japanese release date is rumoured
    3. Gay gamer sites respond the Xbox Live bannings
    4. New Gears of War 2 scans hit web
    5. Games Up campaign launched to lobby for UK tax breaks
    6. Third part of Metal Gear Retrospective posted
    7. Tekken 6 character list gets bumped up for PS3 version
    8. Niko voice actor talks GTA development
    1. Eidos sells "Everything Pack" on Steam
    2. First Dark Void gameplay footage released
    3. Cummer banned from Xbox Live
    4. Nintendo has highest Metacritic average, says chart
    5. Sega launches MadWorld site
    6. MS Points available over the phone in Japan
    7. Itagaki slags off Devil May Cry
    8. "Gears of War with Maps" listed by GameStop
    9. Games threaten "Hollywood hegemony," says Houser
    10. Encryption chip will end games piracy, says Bushnell
    11. Miyamoto Wii "music game" this year, says Time
    12. Street Fighter IV for PC, 360 and PS3 before year-end (very maybe)
    13. Casual gaming worth $13.5bn by 2010
    14. New Sam & Max season for 2009
    15. Fragdoll interviews Far Cry 2 producer
    16. Mass of Gears of War 2 multiplayer details revealed through Brit mag
    17. July EGM issue to feature first GoW2 multiplayer footage
    18. GameStop prices Guitar Hero World Tour at $190
    19. Soul Calibur IV gameplay movie released
    20. id leaves ESA
    21. Rumour: HMV to announce Rock Band discounts today
    1. Empire: Total War dev diary shows duelling
    2. GamePro scotches 90-minute MGS4 cut-scene talk
    3. Left 4 Dead in November
    4. GRID gets Oxford Street launch event
    5. Nintendo confirms E3 conference timing
    6. Nintendo backs out of Games Convention 2008
    7. Kojima signing MGS4 London on June 2
    8. Alone in the Dark is 15 hours long
    9. Live from Alone in the Dark Harrison event in London
    10. Alone in the Dark London event kicks off at 1.30pm BST
    11. Harrison: Atari's done with one-player gaming
    12. BBFC: Our testers are better gamers than PEGI's
    13. American teen beats Guitar Hero world record score
    14. Eurogamer gives GRID 9/10
    15. MGS4 has 90-minute cut-scenes, says mag
    16. Wii sales weak in South Korea
    17. US Alone in the Dark showing brings Phil Harrison, previews, videos, music, end of days
    18. New Spore movies released
    19. Resident Evil 5 features online co-op, says site
    20. Maxis co-founder working on new Oddworld game
    21. PSP still flying in Japan
    22. Blizzard rumourifies StarCraft II system specs
    23. Force Unleashed to be shown at Gen Con
    24. Brash co-founder quits firm
    25. First pic of Kristin Kreuk As Chun-Li?
    26. PSP is "gateway drug" to consoles, says SCEA
    27. US PSN update, May 22
    1. GameStop shows 151% profit increase in Q1
    2. Old and weak XBLA titles to be delisted
    3. Major new PoP4 character revealed – exclusive video
    4. "You will never achieve in a video game", says Olympic president
    5. Ubisoft FY 2008 profits hit €109.8 million, five new IPs for next year
    6. Ubidays to be broadcast live on next week
    7. Starcraft II system specs revealed (maybe)
    8. First Hei$t trailer released
    9. IGN review "rude", says Haze community dev
    10. UK mag cover confirms BioShock for PS3
    11. Splash Damage confirms work on Bethesda game
    12. Archlord hits 500,000 western players
    13. Darksiders: Wrath of War surfaces in developer diary
    14. Bleszinski confirms squad-ordering dropped from Gears of War 2
    15. Euro PSN update, May 22
    16. Samba de Amigo trailer features actual chimp
    17. New Infinite Undiscovery shots released
    18. Patch problems hit Haze co-op?
    19. SingStar Vol. 2 for June 19 in Australia, no date for Europe
    20. Japanese charts: Monster Hunter breaks 2 million
    21. Bleszinski: "If I had a nickel for every time I was called a fag on the internet, I could retire"
    22. Infinite Undiscovery set for September 2, new trailer released
    23. New Fable 2 screenshots released
    24. Guitar Hero PS3 gets God of War track
    25. SKATE 2 details revealed
    26. New Tears to Tiara video
    27. Kim: Final Fantasy on 360 might not be enough to win Japan
    28. BBFC launches voluntary online ratings
    29. CNET calls this generation, makes hilarious graph
    30. New Lego Batman trailer released
    31. Microsoft explains Gaywood GamerTag ban
    32. Castlevania movie gets deal
    33. First direct feed Prince of Persia shots are 100% incredible
    34. MGS4 gunmetal bundle appears on eBay for $10,000
    35. New Metal Gear screens released
    36. GTA IV most played game on Live again
    37. Riccitiello spends $1 million on EA shares
    1. Cliffy B kills Cliffy B, philosophical wormhole created
    2. New Lego Batman shots show Mr Freeze
    3. Diablo 3: Nothing to announce at this time, says Blizzard
    4. LostWinds reviewed
    5. Capcom's profits up 33% for FY
    6. Dragon Quest IV, V and VI for Euro DS
    7. PS3 Friends invites on the way?
    8. Wii's first 18 months have seen record software and hardware sales in the US
    9. Eternity's Child heads to Steam
    10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma "no good", says Itagaki
    11. Guitar Hero World Tour announced, tons of details
    12. launches online games show
    13. Bellic voice actor stiffed on GTA IV royalties
    14. Wii Fat girl appears on BBC, "mortified" mother calls for warning
    15. EA announces blue PSP Madden 09 bundle for US
    16. More than 1 million download GRID Live demo
    17. Buzz! Quiz TV out on July 4
    18. New Killzone 2 shots sneak out
    19. GAME unable to fulfil all Rock Band pre-orders
    20. I'd keep Battlefield Heroes running at no profit, says DICE producer
    21. Eurogamer launches Portuguese site, claims 2.1 million users
    22. Three new DS colours confirmed for Europe
    23. Bangai-O Spirits gets European release
    24. XNA Live closed beta opens
    25. announces week-long Haze takeover
    26. Soul Calibur IV out on August 1 in Europe
    27. Katamari Wii canned, says Wal-Mart
    28. Xbox Live gay banning spreads to absurdity
    29. First Penny Arcade episode up on XBLA
    30. First Tekken movie images released
    31. Killzone 2 development needed more time, says Reeves, conflicts with Eagle's take
    32. Capcom to developers: "Whore yourself and you'll get buried"
    33. Kim calls time on generation "winner" talk
    34. Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed for Prince of Persia movie
    35. Ton of new SOCOM shots released
    36. Igarashi talks Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    37. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword dated for Europe
    38. More Silent Hill: Homecoming shots
    39. Pachter: Console price cuts this year, growth to slow after 2008
    40. Epic acquires Chair Entertainment
    41. offers gunmetal MGS4 PS3 in the UK
    42. Middling Haze reviews flood in
    1. Guitar Hero 4: first shots
    2. SCEA management decision delayed Killzone 2
    3. New Spore movie released
    4. The first nine minutes of Haze - video
    5. Microsoft winds down Xbox 360 business in India, says report
    6. Microsoft extending XBLA file limit to 350Mb
    7. Schachter: EA likely to win Take-Two battle
    8. New Gothic 4 screens bring the lovely
    9. Ubisoft UK lifts embargo on online Haze reviews
    10. New Spore cell phase shots
    11. Battle of the Band reviews embargoed, down to ?15 pre-release
    12. Shots of Rambo arcade game surface
    13. Liv Tyler plays Brain Age 2 for DS ad
    14. Braben thrilled at response to WiiWare's LostWinds
    15. New Force Unleashed shots released
    16. Greenpeace maintains pressure on console manufacturers over toxic chemicals
    17. Yescombe reponds to IGN Haze review: "MEGAowch"
    18. Rock Band goes on sale in Europe (maybe)
    19. SCEE shows new Resistance 2 screens
    20. Bourne and Ghostbusters for MCM London Expo
    21. XNA will help Live "leapfrog" PSN and WiiWare, says Microsoft
    22. Online Haze reviews embargoed till May 23 in UK
    23. Ubisoft refuses to comment on Splinter Cell Conviction "back to drawing board" rumours
    24. Battlefield Heroes beta sign-up open now
    25. Penny Arcade Ep 1 for XBLM this Wednesday
    26. Ubisoft on Splinter Cell Conviction delay: If it's not from an official source, it's a "punt"
    27. IGN gives Haze 4.5/10
    28. Square Enix boss talks expansion strategy again
    29. WiiWare launches in Europe and Australia
    30. Splinter Cell Conviction "on hold"
    31. Nintendo whinges about EU price-fixing fine
    32. Sega now owns IP for Platinum games
    33. New Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe art released
    34. E3 floorplan published - it's a cracker
    35. Wii Fit launches in America - pictures
    36. Gunmetal PS3 pre-order goes hilariously wrong
    1. GT5 to feature Porsche, "probably"
    2. MGS4 isn't last Metal Gear, says Payton
    3. Men use Haze to try to get multiplayer date with Fragdoll
    4. ESA paid $5 million to move E3 from LACC, says site
    5. AMD Game! Program explained
    6. Governor of Texas to keynote E3
    7. Five new Dead Space screenshots
    8. SKATE 2 teaser trailer released
    9. Jury sent home in ?700,000 PS3 theft trial
    10. Siren: Blood Curse to get full Blu-ray release in Japan
    11. New Haze gameplay footage
    12. GTA still top of UK chart
    13. FF Tactics A2 for June 27 in Europe
    14. Buy Ninja Gaiden II at HMV, get 1,000 MS Points
    15. Final E3 exhibitor list announced
    16. Golden Joysticks 2008 voting open now
    17. EA comms boss slams Activision over ESA exit
    18. Ditching Unreal Engine has been "fantastic", says Dyack
    19. Bourne demo Live on EU Marketplace
    20. EA extends Take-Two offer to June 16, Zelnick responds
    21. New Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant shots released
    22. Age of Conan sells out of 700,000 copies, collector's edition completely gone
    23. First Sonic Unleashed impressions published
    24. Rare shows "Fat Banjo" concept art
    25. Console versions of GRID still on track as DS SKU is delayed
    26. Australian PS3 outsold 360 by 45% in Q1, says Sony
    27. Nintendo most likely to crack console MMO space, says WAR dev
    28. Nelson on "leaked" Live update: "This is not the list you're looking for"
    29. EA likely to extend Take-Two offer deadline
    30. Leaving Microsoft "broke my heart," says Moore
    31. Bourne t-shirt competition result
    32. Ted Nugent confirms future Guitar hero involvement
    33. Haze not in HD, confirms Littlewood
    34. Metal Gear Retrospective on Gametrailers
    35. First Conduit footage shows teh real next-gen Wii shooting
    36. Seven new Too Human trailers to watch
    37. Mass Effect PC story trailer released
    38. Iranian site posts Mafia II screens
    39. New(ish) Prince of Persia scans
    40. First Haze reviews are mixed bag
    1. Halo Wars: new screens
    2. Amazing Red Alert 3 trailer released
    3. Prince of Persia isn't Heir Apparent, says Ubisoft
    4. New Dead Space hands-ons, trailer
    5. First Burnout Paradise Davis island screens
    1. Haze has mandatory 4Gb install
    2. LucasArts quits ESA
    3. Frank O'Connor quits Bungie for Microsoft
    4. Ken Levine to keynote PAX 08
    5. Sony's US PlayStation Day: one link to rule them all
    6. First Ghostbusters gameplay footage released
    7. E3 awards eligibility called into question after big pubs quit
    8. Video shows YouTube PS3 functionality
    1. Weekly sales watch: Wii dominates US retailer sales charts
    2. YouTube integration for PS3 games
    3. GTA compilation album announced
    4. PC Mass Effect in manufacturing stage
    5. Alpha Protocol and Valkyria Chronicles get vague release dates
    6. Fatal1ty rues lack of decent FPSs
    7. New VF5R fighters revealed
    8. New Golden Axe shots posted
    9. turns one
    10. SCEA announces line-up for rest of 2008 and early 2009
    11. April NPD: DualShock 3 sales hit $10.9 million
    12. European SingStore updated - get O Mundo A Meus Pés right now
    13. Win a Bourne Conspiracy t-shirt, impress "ladies"
    14. Pachter named top "Earnings Estimator in the Software industry"
    15. April NPD: Pachter "surprised" by low PS3 and 360 sales
    16. WAR to ship in Oz, NZ and Far East in line with US and Europe
    17. Obesity expert batters Wii Fit after child is labelled overweight
    18. April NPD: Greenberg says May will be better hardware indicator, GTA has new home
    19. GTA IV ships in India... for 360
    20. New Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise shot posted
    21. New Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts shot released
    22. Five new in-game Silent Hill 5 movies posted
    23. Konami's US 2008 showcase event: all the games, all the shots
    24. New Prince of Persia named Heir Apparent
    25. Gunmetal MGS4 PS3 on sale on May 19 in US
    26. Phil Harrison's replacement named at Sony
    27. First MadWorld trailer is very violent
    28. Konami announces three new DDR games
    29. Pachter: THQ will rebound after "miserable" FY 2008
    30. Konami income up 20% for FY08
    31. GTA IV still top of Live play
    32. April NPD: Sony aims at exploding PS3 and software sales
    33. April NPD: Microsoft focuses on 10 million US barrier, GTA IV and total spend
    34. April NPD: Nintendo stays stoical on giant sales
    35. April NPD: US market hits $1.23 billion, up 47%
    36. April NPD: Wii dominates hardware sales, 360 beats PS3
    37. April NPD: GTA IV 360 destroys PS3 SKU, both over 1 million
    38. Mario Kart up top in Japan
    1. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesias shots and details released
    2. Konami announces Rock Revolution - screens and video
    3. Konami confirms Lost in Blue for Wii - shots
    4. First Soul Calibur XBLA shots released
    5. Rock Band 2 details surface in US surveys
    6. Empyerian Age trailer released for EVE Online
    7. First Bayonetta trailer released
    8. NCsoft Q1 profit up 16% YoY
    9. New RE5 trailer airs on May 30
    10. London Games Festival dated for October
    11. First direct-feed Bayonetta, Infinite Line and MadWorld images
    12. Sega press releases Platinum partnership
    13. 11 new Silent Hill V screens
    14. CBS buys Gamespot and GameFAQS
    15. Kid Icarus pops up on Australian retailer list
    16. Prince of Persia gets loose date
    17. Pokemon Platinum announced - first shots
    18. Euro PSN update, May 15
    19. Overlord PS3 demo releases today
    20. GC2008 sees "considerably more" exhibitor registration than last year
    21. European Crisis Core for June 20
    22. Beyond Good & Evil 2 in pre-production, says Ancel
    23. Sebastian: PS3 price cut now less likely this year
    24. New Banjo will shake up "stale" platform adventuring genre, says Rare
    25. New ArmA 2 screens released
    26. Microsoft explains gay gamer name ban
    27. Valve publishes Steam survey system data
    28. More PS3 "Trophies" talk emerges
    29. Microsoft wobbles over global figures announcement
    30. Kim "very happy" Microsoft never launched a handheld
    31. Nintendo ordered to pay Anascape $21 million
    32. Fracture documentary to ship with 12-rated Force Unleashed in UK
    33. PS3 firmware 2.35 released
    34. Vivendi Q1 revenue down 24%
    35. Real money trading for The Agency
    36. New Tom Clancy HAWX images released
    37. MySims Kingdom announced
    38. New 1942: Joint Strike trailer looks awesome
    39. First Strong Bad episode plot revealed
    40. Don King Presents: Prizefighter movie posted
    41. User-created Echochrome levels live today
    42. Polar bear mounts in Wrath of the Lich King?
    43. Too Human demo for Live "soon"
    44. Tell Capcom which SFIV figurines to make
    1. Two new Xbox Originals Monday: Stubbs and Gauntlet
    2. Microsoft claims 10 million US 360 sales, 12 million Live subs
    3. Dyack may step down Silicon Knights boss
    4. Funcom gets the hump about cancelled pre-orders - beta now closed
    5. NCsoft announces MMO "starter packs"
    6. Gay gamer has GamerTag banned from Live
    7. MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B brain dumps Gears 2 info in video
    8. MS Gamer's Day: Banjo hands-on
    9. MS Gamer's Day: Gears 2 will be biggest game this Christmas, says Kim
    10. Hi-res scans of Resi Evil 5 art, Capcom UK confirms "very near future" movie statement
    11. Requiem: Bloodymare open beta sign-up starts today
    12. Kojima announces MGS4 world promo tour
    13. New Resident Evil 5 trailer soon, says Famitsu
    14. Professor Layton developer announces odd football thing for DS
    15. Tales of Vesperia for PS3 (probably)
    16. GRID multiplayer shots and impressions
    17. MS Gamer's Day: All the Too Human media
    18. Sebastian: Expect Take-Two buyout news on Monday
    19. Guitar Hero IV drum kit - photo
    20. Nordic Game: Children badly served by games, says TT head
    21. Nordic Game: Lego Star Wars has sold 18 million units, says TT boss
    22. No Lego Indiana Jones demo for consoles
    23. New Resi 5 shots and art from Famitsu
    24. MS Gamer's Day: No unicorns came out of my ass for Gears 2, says Bleszinski
    25. Man compares NYC photos with GTA IV
    26. Sony financials: 10 million PS3 sales expected next year
    27. Sony financials: Lifetime PS3 sales near 13 million
    28. Sony financials: PS3 software sales boom, PSP static, PS2 drops
    29. Sony financials: PSP sales accelerate in FY 07
    30. Sony financials: 9.24 million PS3s sold in FY 07, PS2 business slows
    31. Sony financials: PlayStation division makes FY 07 loss
    32. MS Gamer's Day: Data will speak for itself in console race, says Kim
    33. Battered Sega Sammy posts FY 07 $501 million loss
    34. New Wrath of the Lich King shots released
    35. New Tomb Raider Underworld art surfaces
    36. Smash Bros. Brawl dated for Australia
    37. EA financials: Majority of revenue came from PlayStation platforms in Q4
    38. MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B refuses to confirm Gears 2 four-way co-op
    39. MS Gamer's Day: No more Ninja Gaiden, says Itagaki
    40. MS Gamer's Day: Halo Wars for Leipzig in "controlled fashion", not ready for SF (update)
    41. MS Gamer's Day: CVG gets Kim interview
    42. MS Gamer's Day: "I've never heard of motion controller," says Kim
    43. BattleForge: First shots and video interview
    44. First Battleforge trailer released
    45. New WAR screens posted
    46. Four new Left 4 Dead videos posted
    47. EA financials: Rock Band sold 1.5 million in Q4
    48. EA financials: "Ship time will give before quality," says Riccitiello
    49. EA financials: Publisher drops quarterly guidance
    50. EA financials: Casual and micro-transactions is "growth sector" for PC, says Riccitiello
    51. EA financials: Madden 09 will have a "holographic interface", says Riccitiello
    52. EA financials: 15 double platinum titles for 2008
    53. EA financials: Full year shows revenue increase but $454 million loss
    54. MS Gamer's Day: Fable 2 previews
    55. MS Gamer's Day: Cliffy B's Gears of War 2 demo reports
    56. MS Gamer's Day: Too Human impressions
    57. EA financials: Full earnings call transcript online now
    1. MS Gamer's Day: Banjo Nuts & Bolts story revealed
    2. MS Gamers Day: Banjo cast list revealed on top secret site
    3. MS Gamer's Day: Three brand new Banjo shots
    4. MS Gamer's Day: New Banjo trailer appears
    5. MS Gamers Day: Banjo - "We've got the full complement of Star Wars vehicles, all working"
    6. MS Gamer's Day: Actions have consequences in Fable 2
    7. MS Gamer's Day: Fable 2 script penned by Hollywood writers
    8. MS Gamer's Day: Too Human co-op scaled back to two-player, new screens
    9. MS Gamer's Day: New Halo Wars shots released
    10. MS Gamer's Day: More Fable 2 shots and art
    11. MS Gamer's Day: Inside Xbox Rare video interview
    12. MS Gamer's Day: One new Banjo shot
    13. MS Gamer's Day: Ninja Gaiden II launch trailer released
    14. MS Gamer's Day: Gears 2 is biggest 360 game of 2008, says Kim
    15. MS Gamer's Day: New Fable 2 movie released
    16. MS Gamer's Day: First Too Human co-op trailer released
    17. MS Gamer's Day: Ton of new Fable 2 shots
    18. MS Gamer's Day: Video overview, first Viva 2 footage
    19. MS Gamer's Day: New Banjo art released
    20. MS Gamer's Day: Complete Banjo in "20-30 hours," says Rare
    21. MS Gamer's Day: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise video interview
    22. MS Gamer's Day: New Penny Arcade screens released, ep one on May 21
    23. MS Gamer's Day: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts video interview
    24. MS Gamer's Day: Fable 2 moved to "holiday"
    25. MS Gamer's Day: Too Human for August 29 release
    26. MS Gamer's Day: New Gears of War 2 images released
    27. MS Gamer's Day: Microsoft announces MGS line-up for SF event
    28. MS Gamer's Day: First Banjo trailer released!
    29. MS Gamer's Day: No Wake at SF event or in '08
    30. MS Gamer's Day: First Banjo construction interface images hit web
    31. GTA IV: PS3 beats 360 in Germany and Spain
    32. Lego Indiana Jones PC demo released
    33. Blizzard to keynote Paris GDC
    34. Wii passes 6 million mark in Japan
    35. MS Gamer's Day: Banjo Kazooie 3 - first level in one of six gaming worlds described
    36. More new SOCOM Confrontation shots
    37. MS Gamer's Day: Banjo Kazooie 3 multiplayer details revealed
    38. European WiiWare line-up confirmed
    39. MS Gamer's Day: Cluck Norriss one of over 100 creatures in Viva Pinata 2
    40. MS Gamer's Day: Viva Pinata 2 contains option to skip all tutorials
    41. Five new MGS4 trailers emerge from Japan wrap party
    42. MS Gamer's Day: Viva Pinata 2 offline co-op confirmed
    43. Age of Conan beta hits 1 million, game slips three days in Europe
    44. EA Games shouts about big summer line-up
    45. GameStop: GTA IV 360 outselling PS3 version 2:1
    46. MGS4 branding announced - motorbike, alarm clock, more
    47. LostWinds sequel confirmed
    48. First LostWinds review posted
    49. MS Gamer's Day: Viva Pinata 2 details leaked, uses camera and cards
    50. Guitar Hero IV to include song creation, multiple instruments
    51. Bay gets legal on Boll's ass over boxing taunts
    52. Gametrailers: GRID video blunder was a "mistake"
    53. Guide to how much space WiiWare games use
    54. MS Gamer's Day: New Banjo is called Nuts & Bolts
    55. MS Gamer's Day: Too Human screens leaked
    56. Killer Instinct 3 image from Rare barn?
    57. MS Gamer's Day: Three new Fable games planned
    58. MS Gamer's Day: Fable 2 screens emerge, new details
    1. New firmware to fix GTA IV PS3 freezing?
    2. Watch ridiculous Rock Band drumming video
    3. Age of Conan feat calculator launched
    4. Bogart live for Burnout Paradise 360
    5. Tons of new LostWinds shots
    6. GRID PC demo released
    7. Tabletop heritage will affect 40K MMO, says Vigil
    8. GTA IV stays on top in the UK
    9. Eurogamer launching in Portugal next week
    10. MGO Beta finished
    11. launches Network
    12. Activision announces new Pitfall game for Wii
    13. Actual, proper, real hands-on with Alone in the Dark
    14. Blizzcon 2008 announced
    15. WiiWare now live in the US
    16. Riccitiello is "real deal," says Houser
    17. Ninja Gaiden II monster art attack
    18. Qantm open day for May 25
    19. EA buying Rupture, says report
    20. EA announces SKATE 2
    21. Pachter: PS3 outsold 360 in April in the US
    22. LostWinds out today in the US
    23. First MGS4 review published - it's a 10
    24. Sega signs Platinum trio
    25. Rare on Banjo: "Crown jewel gameplay mechanic" to be shown in US tomorrow
    26. Pachter: GTA IV sold more on 360 than PS3 in the US last month
    27. Pachter: 360 outsold PS3 in the US last month
    28. Sony Australia claims GTA IV victory
    29. UK MGS4 limited edition and pre-order campaign detailed
    30. Sony confirms November for Home open beta
    31. Kojima - Earlier PS3 comments misunderstood
    32. Nintendo Channel movies listed
    33. Microsoft claims 40% GTA IV attach rate for new consoles
    34. MS Gamer's Day - First Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise shots leaked
    35. MS Gamer's Day: New titles unearthed ahead of SF event
    36. MS Gamer's Day - Banjo image leak turns to flood
    1. Rare - Viva Pinata DS done
    2. Skies of Arcadia 2 announced this year?
    3. Awesome Mirror's Edge art released
    4. First Banjo shots leaked
    5. Spore ditches 10-day authetication system
    6. WiiWare launches in the US tomorrow, first titles confirmed
    7. New Facebreaker movies show "fighting" as opposed to "boxing"
    8. Zune reaches 2 million sales
    9. First Gothic 4 shots released
    1. Weekly sales watch: GTA IV 360 outsells PS3 at major US and Euro retailers
    2. Gametrailers gets fried over "fake" GRID comparison
    3. First PC Burnout Paradise movie released
    4. Gamecock boss takes full p**s out of ESA and E3
    5. More San Andreas references pop up in GTA IV
    6. PSP still doing it for the Japanese kids
    7. GTA IV leading across Europe
    8. BioWare backs down on heavy Mass Effect PC anti-piracy regs
    9. Moore: "I absolutely love the PlayStation."
    10. EA shores up $1 billion in credit for T2 takeover
    11. EA to Skate It on Wii
    12. First Gears of War 2 gameplay footage released - definitely more badass
    1. Tons of new SOCOM: Confrontation shots
    2. New Max Payne movie shots released
    3. Gears of War 2 footage on Xbox Live tomorrow
    4. PAL PSN Bourne demo May 22
    5. Pre-order Bourne at GAME, get a free 360 demo disc
    6. New Timeshift 360 DLC - free today
    7. Playr TV show announced for Bravo
    8. Activision shares leap on results news
    9. Gigantic amount of Wrath of the Lich King footage released
    10. New Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway shots released
    11. Pre-order Ninja Gaiden II, get a Ryu costume
    12. Reeves admits PSP's lacking games
    13. Greenberg savages Sony over delays and promises
    14. Battlefield: Bad Company demo for June 5
    15. Burnout Paradise confirmed for PC
    16. Five years of content factored into Warhammer Online
    17. Network to debut at Nordic Game
    18. Confirmed: Banjo assets due May 13, 5pm BST
    19. "Finishers" will appear in new Mortal Kombat
    20. Gran Turismo shipments hit 50 million globally
    21. Rumour: Niko's off to San Andreas
    22. Kid Icarus concept art revealed (maybe)
    23. Codemasters grabs F1 license, new game next year
    24. Daily Mail gives GTA IV top marks
    25. Activision financials: No more Bizarre racing until fiscal 2010
    26. Atari delisted from Nasdaq, trading suspended
    27. Skype PSP headset launches in the US
    28. Microsoft to show Banjo and 360 motion controller next week
    29. Gore Verbinski to direct Bioshock movie
    30. Mario Kart up top in Japan
    31. Activision financials: Conference call audio online now
    32. Activision financials: We're now the biggest in the US, says firm
    33. Activision financials: Guitar Hero IV to "provide significant leap forward in innovation"
    34. Activision financials: DS bundle for Guitar Hero: On Tour
    35. Activision financials: Hawk takes break till fiscal 2010
    36. Activision financials: New Bond game uses CoD4 engine
    37. Activision financials: "New theater" for six-format CoD5
    38. Activision financials: Revenues hit $2.9 billion for FY 08
    1. Surfer Girl quits - we am cry
    2. US PSN update contains Bourne demo
    3. Haze demo - impressions
    4. LBP open beta isn't happening
    5. How to look like Niko Bellic
    6. Mirror's Edge PS3-exclusive? Nope, says EA
    7. Rockstar releases full online guide for GTA IV
    8. Gamecock goes digital download
    9. US online game subs exceed $1 billion PA
    10. No more PGR4 DLC, says Bizarre
    11. Kid Icarus is coming to Wii says Matt IGN (again)
    12. PAL PSN update - No Bourne included
    13. Home was too ambitious, says Reeves
    14. Lord of the Rings: Conquest press release and first shots
    15. Euro PSN update brings the PS Day massive
    16. Lord of the Rings: Conquest: good and evil campaigns, four-player co-op, play as Sauron, much more
    17. PES 2008 price cut on 360 and PS2
    18. Fallout 3 dev talks story-telling in open games
    19. Top clans to fight Konami at MGO
    20. Leadbetter GTA IV comparison feature goes live
    21. Sierra announces The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
    22. Dutch games industry nears €1 billion
    23. Ninja Gaiden II: six new direct feed movies
    24. Pandemic reveals Lord of the Rings: Conquest
    25. GRID demo now on Live
    26. New Lost Winds footage released
    27. Massive Ninja Gaiden 2 screen update
    28. Gates: Japanese 360 breakthrough will be online
    29. Global shortage delays GTA IV in India
    30. Activision launches Bond game site
    31. More Ninja Gaiden II footage shows werewolves
    32. Ex-Nintendo chairman is Japan's richest man
    33. EA making Wii fitness game
    34. EA's Moore on Home: "Let's go already"
    35. More than 2.3 million played GTA IV on Live in week one
    36. First Gears of War 2 gameplay footage tomorrow
    37. GameStop ceases Wii Fit pre-orders in the US
    38. First next-gen Prince of Persia video is a bit... rubbish
    39. Hirai: We will be in leadership position at the end of cycle
    40. Analyst reveals giant mark-up on 360 hard drive
    41. Another off-screen Killzone 2 video
    42. "Big-ish" Fable 2 news next week
    43. 360 Jasper chip to launch in August?
    44. Killzone 2 shaky cam vids posted
    45. 1 million packs of gum offered to sop Boll
    1. Chun-Li was main reason to write SF movie script, says author
    2. My SingStar Online to hit net this year
    3. EA E3 press conference timing confirmed
    4. PS3 GTA IV patch released
    5. Mike Tyson to appear in Fight Night Round 4
    6. Inon Zur doing Fallout 3 soundtrack
    7. DOOM 4 confirmed
    8. We hope LBP sales are higher than GT5: Prologue, says SCEE boss
    9. BBFC gives Alone in the Dark '15', details plot
    10. Haze demo live in the UK, US tomorrow
    11. Nintendo Channel launches in the US
    12. Up to 100,000 MGS4 bundles for Japan
    13. New Far Cry 2 dev trailer looks shockingly good
    14. "You probably will see" PS3 GTA IV DLC, says SCEE boss
    15. New StarCraft II interview movie
    16. Consumers prefer GTA IV on 360, says Microsoft
    17. PAL MGS4 limited edition box set confirmed
    18. GTA IV achieves sales of $500 million in first week
    19. GTA IV PS3 patch today, says site
    20. Proto-shock as GTA IV goes top in UK chart
    21. No other PS3 hard drive configurations planned for Europe, says SCEE president
    22. European DualShock 3 launch is "imminent", says SCEE president
    23. Passing Xbox 360 is important because we've been mistreated, says SCEE president
    24. Difference between PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii is "so little", says SCEE president
    25. Mass Effect PC will have bullet-proof anti-piracy measures
    26. Zelnick claims GTA IV is glitch-free
    27. Ubi announces Prot?thea for WiiWare
    28. EA: Take-Two deal now "50/50 at best"
    29. SCEE PlayStation Day: Last sets of screens from the asset disc
    30. SCEE PlayStation Day: Home hands-on
    31. EA Sports Freestyle announced, Facebreaker releasing in September
    32. SCEE PlayStation Day: Hands-on with Killzone 2
    33. Episodic Siren Blood Curse for summer release in Europe
    34. GTA IV: 926,000 copies sold in first five days
    35. THQ confirms new UFC brand for next year
    36. THQ announces new WWE brand for coming year
    37. THQ financials: full conference call transcript
    38. THQ posts $35.3 million loss for '08
    1. SCEE PlayStation Day: Media wrap-up
    2. SCEE PlayStation Day: Kaz Hirai interview
    3. Hirai: "GTA has always been associated with the PlayStation platform first and foremost"
    4. SCEE PlayStation Day press conference - full audio
    5. SCEE PlayStation Day: Everything else from the press conference, audio uploading now
    6. SCEE PlayStation Day: Live blogging now!
    7. SCEE PlayStation Day: Line-up revealed
    8. GTA IV knocks CoD4 off Live top spot
    9. SCEE PlayStation Day: It's so on, seats taken at 3.30pm BST
    10. Fumito Ueda confirmed for Nordic Game
    11. User-content planned for Echochrome
    12. Xbox 360 HD DVD drives selling for €9.99 in Ireland
    13. Siren New Translation renamed Blood Curse
    14. Wired gives Boom Blox an eight
    15. Codemasters to bring MMO dev in-house
    16. The Bourne Conspiracy demo: impressions
    17. SCEE PlayStation Day kicks of at 4pm BST - all the news here
    18. Take-Two sues Chicago Transit Authority over pulled GTA IV ads
    19. Siren New Translation: gameplay videos
    20. Lego Batman: Two Face movie and screens
    21. Midway shows $34 million Q1 loss
    22. already sold out of Wii Fit
    23. Ensemble would "love" to include user-mods in Halo Wars
    24. New SOCOM Confrontation screens deploy
    25. Secret Agent Clank dated in the US
    26. New World in Conflict: Soviet Assault trailer released
    1. Zune XNA games beta for mid-May, eight-way Wifi play supported
    2. Prototype pushed into 2009
    3. Prostitution options cut from Oz GTA IV
    4. THQ sells through $1 beellion in Nickelodeon games
    5. OFLC warns on supplying GTA IV to NZ youngsters
    6. Wii and PS2 get Rock Band Track Pack
    7. Activision expected to post strong financials, gets upgraded
    8. Rein strikes red line through "40 million UTIII pirates" story
    9. Rockstar had to stock Amazon with 40% of soundtrack before GTA IV's launch
    10. New Motorstorm 2 screens and confirmation of Home presence
    11. Bourne Conspiracy demo goes Live in the US
    12. New Trauma Center 2 screens show... Trauma Center 2
    13. Champions Online dev diary details "Mentalists"
    14. EA city state approach is "great environment" for development, says BioWare's Muzyka
    15. New Ninja Gaiden II video unearthed
    16. EA top brass "laughed" at Kotick soul-sucker remark
    17. We're updating all through today's Bank Holiday
    18. Over 2 million GTA IV Achievements unlocked in first 24 hours
    19. Edge Prince of Persia Prodigy reveal scanned in entirety
    20. GRID demo this week
    21. New Aliens: Colonial Marines detailed released
    22. Angry men create YouTube page dedicated to freezes
    23. Sims 2 Ikea update confirmed
    1. Ricky Gervais's GTA IV comedy routine - video
    2. European releases - week ending Friday, May 9
    3. New Resistance 2 shots and info this month
    4. id boss: Everyone's wrong over E3 plans
    5. Jeremy Clarkson: GTA didn't make me want to "chop off a prostitute's head"
    6. "Roughly" 1 million played GTA IV on Live on day one, says Microsoft
    7. Demo to feature opening level, says Haze creative lead
    1. "Hot Coughing" mission found in GTA IV, say internets
    2. 40 million pirate attempts to access UTIII servers says Rein
    3. New set of StarCraft II screens released
    4. Chinese online gaming market up 71% YoY
    5. Lego Universe will use bricks as in-game currency, may come to console
    6. Motorstorm 2 titled Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
    7. New Dead Space dev diary released
    8. DualShock celebrates ten years in control
    9. Dust settles on publisher E3 attendance confusion
    1. Amazon worldwide charts - Week Ending May 1
    2. Bourne PSN demo now May 8?
    3. Rock Band hits 10 million tracks downloaded
    4. Singstar gets another big update
    5. IGN clarifies how it got the exclusive GTA IV review
    6. Haze demo on PSN next week as part of PlayStation Day
    7. Activision and Vivendi depart ESA
    8. "F**k casual gaming," says Rockstar chief
    9. Super-speed GTA gamer explains completion time
    10. Muse to do another Guitar Hero III pack
    11. GTA2 countdown is nine years old
    12. UK Marketplace gets Michael Jackson videos
    13. Pre-order GRID at GameStation, maybe win a BMW
    14. Gamer completes GTA IV 360 in 17 mins 15 secs?
    15. Gamecock signs up to amBX
    16. Best anti-GTA rant ever - must-see
    17. PSP outsells DS 2:1 in Japan in April
    18. More UK GTA IV stock "in time for the weekend," says HMV and Toys R Us
    19. New playable characters shown in Lost Planet Colonies Edition - shots
    20. Capcom releases beautiful SFIV boss art
    21. PAL Virtual Console gets price hike?
    22. Another MGS4 bundle announced for Japan
    23. GTA IV drove PS3 hardware sales, says Sony, Microsoft bites back
    24. Sony reports 238,000 PS3 sales in Australia
    25. Activision backs out of E3, little alarm bells ring
    26. BBFC details Ninja Gaiden II plot, gives 18
    27. Boll claims Bay will fight, Bay PR man finds Boll "creepy"
    28. New Guitar Hero Aerosmith trailer doesn't give us goosebumps
    29. New Lego Indiana Jones trailer gives us goosebumps
    30. New Project Origin videos and screens released
    31. Valve releases SteamWorks SDK
    32. Guita Hero creators make Time 100
    33. PSP comfortably leading Japanese hardware sales
    34. Take-Two issues 12-step remedy to GTA IV freezes
    35. MCV's Iwata interview wasn't with MCV
    36. US PSN update: Echochrome launch was no lie
    37. How to run GTA IV at 1080p on a PS3
    38. Edge gives GTA IV 10
    39. Single new StarCraft II shot released
    1. Bioware Sonic Chronicles dev footage released
    2. First proper Splatterhouse shots posted
    3. EA announces Tiger Woods 09 for summer release
    4. Obama: Videogames are raising our kids
    5. Zelnick "vindicated" on EA stance by GTA IV performance
    6. Valve hints at Wii game for kids
    7. Longevity of MMOs is key attraction for NASA game
    8. New Fable 2 shots released
    9. Rockstar counting down to GTA2 on XBLA and PSN?
    10. Everyone with GTA IV will play on Live, says Microsoft
    11. Iwata on price-cutting, mergers, more
    12. VG247 Thursdays - The extreme dental pain edition
    13. GTA IV: sold out, but more expected tomorrow
    14. Original Okami team not credited in Wii port
    15. Liberty City Google-mapped
    16. GAME chairman sells millions in stock
    17. Gamer TV closes down
    18. Euro PSN update isn't amazingly good
    19. Lego Indiana Jones site launches
    20. Stargate Worlds beta sign-up open now
    21. Intent launches casual gaming trade site
    22. FFXI 2008 Edition will release this month
    23. Kaz Hirai confirmed for London SCEE event next week
    24. Kung Fu Panda demo up on Live
    25. Worldwide releases: Friday, May 2
    26. New Valkyria Chronicles shots and movie
    27. PC Gamer launches sign-up for massive UK LAN event
    28. Economic downturn may force console price drops, says Kotick
    29. Infogrames buys Atari
    30. Blizzard buys
    31. GTA IV may have cost $100 million to make
    32. Turbine takes another $40 million in VC
    33. Mario Kart still leading in Japan
    34. UK kids benefit from social gaming, says study
    35. Echochrome released today in the US
    36. IGN pulls GTA hooker video saying, "We crossed a line"
    37. Closed beta for LittleBigPlanet this summer