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  • July 2012 Archive

      1. GTA III missed PS Store update due to music licensing issues
      2. Final Fantasy XI developer's wish list includes more races, better solo content
      3. Sony working to "improve the openness" of the PlayStation platform
      4. "Cock" - listen to Take-Two bosses being trolled in Q1 call
      5. Take-Two Q1 - GTA 5 TBA, making "substantial progress"
      6. EA Q1 - Battlefield 3 Premium sold over 1.3M subscriptions
      7. Future Capcom fighters to teach basic strategies better
      8. SWTOR - F2P option in fall, subs drop below 1M
      9. GNU OS founder says Steam on Linux is "unethical" due to DRM
      10. Latest Death Rally video explains how to prepare for the onslaught
      11. US PS Store update, July 31 - The Expendables 2, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, more
      12. ArmA II mod DayZ has 937,659 unique players
      13. First developer diary for Aliens: Colonial Marines released
      14. Local Justice DLC, and pre-order items for Max Payne 3 hit PC August 9
      15. Dead or Alive 5 test footage surfaces: Fighters and balancing detailed
      16. SOCOM franchise not canned, says Yoshida
      17. GameStop CEO- faltering industry sales are normal for "end of the console cycle"
      18. Spelunky: Play it in your web browser now, get no work done
      19. Sony buying Gaikai validates cloud gaming, says OnLive
      20. MDK2 HD 20% off on Steam if you own the non-HD version
      21. First content update for The Secret World is live
      22. Amazon: Buy a PS Vita, get Gravity Rush free
      23. Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare 15% off through Rockstar Warehouse
      24. Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals: Sing and Dance lands in the UK in September
      25. War of the Roses: Ranged unit trailer and tournament footage go live
      26. The PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts tomorrow
      27. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase is ?24.99 for just 24 hours. Be quick
      28. Rapper and NBA team co-owner Jay-Z executive producing NBA 2K13
      29. 3DS XL: How to transfer data from your old 3DS - Video
      30. EA Sports announces Madden NFL 13 Ratings Reveal
      31. Reading or writing? Narrative and the purity of open worlds
      32. ArenaNet updates Guild Wars 2 beta client with 10,000 files ahead of launch
      33. Rumour: Capcom announcing Darkstalkers arcade this Sunday
      34. Ubisoft blames coding error for Uplay browser exploit
      35. Planetside 2 beta delayed for further 'polishing'
      36. Skyrim Update 1.7 available on Steam now, consoles soon
      37. EA appoints Blake Jorgensen as chief financial officer
      38. Report - Bethesda bags rights to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game
      39. Vektropolis is a retro shooter hitting PC in December, Mac in January
      40. The Secret World - remember, it's free this weekend
      41. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Xbox 360 demo live now
      42. Deadlight video: highlights from the XBLA apocalypse
      43. Assassin's Creed: first game is the 'purest,' says creator
      44. 'Sony and Microsoft aren't embracing change' - Firefall dev
      45. MW3: Leaked Elite screens show new Spec Ops missions - Report
      46. Square-Enix backs OUYA, Final Fantasy 3 is launch title
      47. Medal of Honor Warfighter: 'poor quality of first game will hurt sales' - analyst
      48. God of War Saga Collection headed to PS3 - report
      49. 3DS XL smashes Japan, 'no plans' to release UK figures
      50. FIFA Online 3 launching in Korea this year
      51. Wii U: 'Pro controller created so hardcore gamers wouldn't feel left out' - Nintendo
      52. Need For Speed: Most Wanted trailer reveals new city secrets
      53. MDK 2 HD available on Steam now
      54. 3DS: Super Mario Bros. going cheap as Month of Mario begins
      55. Hawken live action series will launch in 2013, see the trailer here
      56. Restructuring Sega returns to profit in Q2
      57. Walking Dead Episode 1 & 2 free to US PS Plus subscribers
      58. Far Cry 3's Brody is a "victim," a "babe in the woods"
      59. PES 2013, GTA 3, Expendables 2 lead US PSN store update
      60. Analyst: Call of Duty lawsuit may have cost "tens of millions"
      61. Beyond: Two Souls - Cage wants "to challenge minds, not thumbs"
      62. Vigil: Darksiders' future depends on Darksiders II sales
      63. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture to follow Dear Esther
      1. 3DS XL: Nintendo UK's super-sized handheld strategy
      2. SecureDRM: Ubisoft patches Uplay browser plug-in "flaw"
      3. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition co-op supports cross-platform play
      4. Olympic effort: watch London 2012: The Official Video Game
      5. 'Metal Gear Solid is like the Olympics' - Kojima talks development
      6. Tony Hawk's HD dev responds to "vicious" reviews, talks sequel potential
      7. GTA 5 watch: Take-Two investor call tomorrow
      8. Microsoft Surface release date confirmed
      9. E3 2013 will take place in LA, ESA confirms
      10. New Super Mario Bros. 2 reviews are golden
      11. Dragon Quest X almost had free-to-play sections for kids
      12. Final Fantasy 7 PC, Hitman and Tomb Raider to lead Square-Enix Gamescom line-up
      13. Parents in the dock: PEGI finally goes legal in UK
      14. PEGI: "Parents should take responsibility" - Livingstone
      15. Dragon's Dogma 2: Capcom reveals first details
      16. EA: Freemium is the future, 'humans like free stuff'
      17. Report: Ubisoft DRM rootkit may allow access to PC files
      18. 3DS eShop update adds Toki Tori, Theatrhythm DLC
      19. Limbo developer's Project 2 'at least two years away'
      20. Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 and PC news 'coming soon' says Bethesda
      21. London 2012 ends Batman stranglehold on UK chart
      22. Need For Speed: Most Wanted Kinect support spotted on pre-order ad
      23. PEGI becomes UK law today
      24. Dragon's Dogma sells over 1 million copies, Capcom profits up
      25. Dust to Dust: Darksiders II finds its spirit animal
      26. Quick shots - Monte Carlo is a winter wonderland in WRC 3
      27. New Bravely Default demo hits JP eShop August 1
      28. Okami, Z.O.E., Yakuza and Ratchet & Clank HD remasters spotted in Sony Japan promo
      29. FIFA 13 Kinect features video includes vindictive umpires
      30. Dead Island dev files trademark for Dead Stop mobile game
      31. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer shows off Fight Lab tutorial mode
      32. Might and Magic domain registration may relate to gamescom F2P announce
      33. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will support cross-platform co-op
      34. Pokémon Black & White 2 arrive down under October 11
      35. Notch: There's no gender in Minecraft
      36. Report - developers believe leaked Xbox 720 dev kit is authentic
      37. Rumour - September MW3 content outed by video and screengrabs
      1. Malicious: Rebirth screens show new capes and bosses
      2. Half-life 2 City 17 designer left Valve because it's too big
      3. Twisted Metal's lost Sweet Tooth ending revealed
      4. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack jumps from Vita to PC in August
      5. Nariko, Raiden, Dante and more spotted in alleged Battle Royale leak
      1. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to have over 20 characters, 90 different vehicle forms
      2. The War Z MMO "is not an an objective based game" in the traditional sense, says developer
      3. Weekly SWTOR Q&A discusses how automatic server migrations will affect characters
      4. Diana's death is a catalyst for Agent 47's actions in Hitman: Absolution
      5. Unity Awards 2012 finalists Pulse and The Mask of Qi look rather nice
      6. Far Cry 3 explores "cost of becoming a hero," says Ubisoft
      7. List of discontinued content in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn updated
      8. League of Legends early August patch preview released
      9. Super Stickman Golf 2 in the works, original currently free on App Store
      10. Theatrical trailer for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D makes the film look a bit promising
      11. Fist of the North Star Musou 2 shots show familiar faces
      12. Second End of Nations closed beta starts August 3
      13. Capcom logs another iOS hit as Snoopy's Street Fair surpasses 5 million downloads
      14. Digital allows all titles to "get their place in the sun," says Rubin
      15. Disney Princesses Costume Packs heading to LittleBigPlanet 2
      16. Universal Monsters Online enters closed beta, now accepting open beta registrations
      17. Worms Revolution dev diary offers up gameplay tips, provides a look at weapons
      18. Final Fantasy lands on the Google Play store for Android
      19. Rumor - Wii U to cost $299 according to GT sources
      20. Sing when winning: Pro Evo 13's bid to recapture the title
      21. SOE files trademark for Reign of Fear
      22. Awesomenauts arrives on Steam August 1
      23. First trailer for Hawken web series released
      24. ESA teasing E3 2013 announcement for Monday
      1. Sauropod Studio's Castle Story meets Kickstarter goal in mere hours
      2. Cyanide's latest strategy title Impire takes place in the world of Majesty
      3. Rumor - Biker Bash in development at Slightly Mad for PC, PSN, Wii U, XBLA
      4. The Sith Lords Restored Content mod is ready for your copy of KotOR II
      5. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron goes retro with the Optimus Prime G1 pre-order pack
      6. Saber Interactive's Inversion now available on Steam
      7. Phantasy Star Online 2 has 730,000 registers users
      8. The Secret World will be free to play next weekend
      9. Arka?l the orc warrior looks rather formidable in these Of Orcs and Men screeenshots
      10. Need for Speed: Most Wanted video races through the streets of Fairhaven City
      11. Watch Wei shoot at bad guys in this Sleeping Dogs trailer
      12. World records broken in this London 2012 Olympics video
      13. Shiren the Wanderer 4 Plus screens show new dungeons, Twitter support
      14. Deck13 action-RPG Blood Knights to release on PC and consoles this summer
      15. Retro/Grade releases as PS3 exclusive on August 21
      16. Resident Evil 6 marks the return of zombies due to fan feedback and popularity
      17. Atlus looking into Persona 4 Arena lag issues reported by 360 users in Japan
      18. Quick shots - New Super Mario Bros. 2 screens show lots of coins
      19. Borderlands 2 has 200-300 enemy types, and much smarter this time out
      20. Dead or Alive 5 sexy costume trailer shows women in bunny ears
      21. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD moves close to 120,000 its first week on XBL
      22. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to be shown on 360 at gamescom
      23. Daniel Craig, Michael Lonsdale, Richard Kiel, more lend voices to 007 Legends
      24. THQ announces Live mode for WWE 13
      25. OnLive to be available day one on Ouya console
      26. EA recouped 440% revenue on Battlefield 3 Facebook ads
      27. Farming Simulator 2013 announced for consoles, out on PC in October
      28. Orcs Must Die! 2 demo now available on Steam
      29. Witcher dev: "too early" to discuss multiplayer hire
      30. Blizzard jumps on Windows 8 "catastrophe" bandwagon
      31. End of Nations releasing September 20
      32. Video: Dishonored gets four UK pre-order packs
      33. Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 Classic PSN out July 31
      34. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta codes spotted
      35. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo out July 31
      36. WRC3: first gameplay footage shows Spanish track
      37. New Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game on the way
      38. Impire is the latest strategy effort from Game of Thrones developer
      39. Guardians of Middle-Earth bends Lord of the Rings canon
      40. Zynga insider stock sales raise Wall Street eyebrows
      41. Gran Turismo lead talks Vita, GT6 and mods
      42. Red Dead Redemption triple XP event graces PSN tomorrow
      43. Fugitive Assassin's Creed III trailer details multiplayer mode
      44. GameStop "interested" in digital on-sell possibilities
      45. Dawnguard "not announced" for PC, PlayStation 3
      46. Planetside 2 beta expected to kick off next week
      1. Mojang's cancelled collaboration was a shooter
      2. Lay-offs confirmed at Warner Bros. Seattle studios
      3. Microsoft to open new London development studio
      4. EA debunks Riccitiello replacement rumours
      5. PSA: The Walking Dead out now on iDevice
      6. Darksiders III likely to be smaller in scope than DSII
      7. Dark Souls price jumps by $30
      8. Apple patents gaming controller, iPhone as universal remote
      9. Dota 2 update adds three new heroes, forced cooldown on finding matches
      10. Quick shots - Get a load of Griffin goodness with Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
      11. GDC Online: Smedley to keynote, SWTOR receives six award nominations
      12. Aftermath: EA details December Battlefield 3 expansion
      13. Vigil looking to hire a senior programmer with FPS experience
      14. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition releases on Mac, iOS, PC September 18
      15. BBC Sports App beta now in high definition with new features on PS3
      16. Avalanche isn't too fond of "forced" multiplayer or "crap" DLC
      17. Borderlands 2 Steam pre-purchase nets you an upgrade
      18. Report - WB Games Seattle hit with a round of lay-offs
      19. Samurai Warriors 4 to release in time for 10th Anniversary in February 2014
      20. FIFA's UI usability "is something we need to look at quite hard," says Rutter
      21. CD Projekt Red looking for an "experienced multiplayer programmer"
      22. F1 2012 contains plenty of fresh material, upgraded vrooms
      23. 2012 Xbox Live Update public beta now available
      24. Total War: Shogun 2 Saints and Heroes DLC now available
      25. Crysis 3 not "ruled out" on Wii U just yet, says Crytek
      26. Slender Source mod will allow you to play with friends
      27. Final Fantasy XIV video shows A Realm Reborn
      28. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Planet Crashers, more land on US eShop
      29. Warface confirmed for US and Europe
      30. Corvo escapes Boyle Mansion in Dishonored video
      31. Crytek releases Crysis 3 single-player interactive demo
      32. UK pre-orders of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron net some nifty bonuses
      33. Skylander Giants to release in October
      34. Bubble Witch Saga lands on iOS devices
      35. Okami HD video is full of gorgeous
      36. Divnich: Nintendo learned "expensive lessons" with 3DS
      37. Ubisoft helping under-privileged teenagers with Commercial Break
      38. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 pushed back to next January
      39. Halo 4 special edition 360 hardware went through "dozens of iterations" - new shots
      40. Eurogamer Expo 2012 sells 20,000 tickets
      41. Beyond t-shirts: Assassin's Creed's transmedia movement
      42. Raymond calls for better integration of non-traditional controls
      43. Darksiders originally planned as four player co-op
      44. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time launch trailer lands ahead of Tuesday release
      45. Mass Effect 3's Operation Overwatch focuses on new DLC
      46. Planetside 2 trailer rules Death is no Excuse
      47. The Banner Saga dev blog shows first combat field
      48. Microsoft shutters two projects, issues lay-offs at Vancouver studio
      49. Report - 38 Studios spent $133 million on the way to bankruptcy
      50. Dishonored dev not interested in shooters that "play themselves"
      1. Stardock to skip retail launches following SoaSE: Rebellion's success
      2. Austin: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament this weekend
      3. Zynga Q2 fails to impress, investors dump stock
      4. More hints at id's "future generation" console game
      5. Puzzle Quest developer is once again independent
      6. Natsume puts various titles on sale, offers free E3 tote bag with purchase
      7. Infinity Ward CV suggests next CoD will release on both current and next-gen systems
      8. LOTRO - Turbine provides a history lesson on the steeds of Rohan
      9. SCEE partners with Gamer Camp, offers PlayStation Academic Scholarships
      10. Windows 8 "catastrophe for everyone in PC space": Newell
      11. THQ registers web domains for Saints Row 4, and mysterious 1666 project
      12. Notch reiterates why Minecraft isn't available through Steam
      13. Pitchford would like to see more new IP despite aging console market
      14. Just Cause 2 save file unlocks clothing boost set for Sleeping Dogs
      15. Mercy Hospital DLC for Payday: The Heist now available on Steam
      16. Baldur's Gate website counting down to something Enhanced Edition related
      17. PlayStation Access community can get a 20% discount on EG Expo tricket
      18. CDP, 11-bit Studios, Paradox announce gamescom line-up
      19. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - take a closer look at the Elite Soldier Pack pre-order bonus
      20. Ubisoft announces gamecom line-up, press conference
      21. Kirby’s Dream Collection tops Japanese charts
      22. Zombies run amok in this L4D2 Cold Stream gameplay video
      23. Steam hardware survey denotes increase in lower-end PC use
      24. Activision goes screenshot mental with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
      25. Anomaly: Warzone Earth to release on PSN "before the end of the summer"
      26. Tribes: Ascend video shows off Twinfusor update
      27. Worms Collection announced for PS3 and Xbox 360
      28. Pachter: 3DS XL "not all that compelling," Vita "too expensive"
      29. First all-gameplay trailer, PC specs released for Darksiders II
      30. Heroes of Ruin patches and DLC a possibility thanks to eShop
      31. Shadowrun Online Kickstarter adds pay-to-own revenue model, releases first gameplay footage
      32. Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct announced for July 30
      33. EU PS Store update, July 25 - LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes, PES 2013 demo
      34. PES 2013: facing off against Italy one Balotelli at a time
      35. Wreckateer is live on XBLM
      36. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria out September 25
      37. Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition to release in the fall
      38. Mastertronic to publish Gaea Mission in Europe, confirmed for gamescom
      39. Applying latest 3DS update may render it unplayable if you modify the hardware
      40. PES 2013 demo out now on PC and 360, PS3 version later
      41. FIFA 13 video shows new Man City home kit
      42. 3DS hits 19 million life-to-date, DS software nears 1 billion
      43. New Super Mario Bros. 2 trailer brings the happy
      44. Dead Space 3: the doctor will see you now, Mr Clarke
      45. Nintendo Q1: loss narrowed, 3DS sales double to 1.86m
      46. Avellone "very tempted" by D&D-free Planescape Kickstarter
      47. Nintendo to offer downloadable game codes through online retailers
      48. Path of Exile to host open beta this weekend
      49. Quick shots - Madden NFL has that late summer feeling
      50. PlayStation Network maintenance scheduled for Thursday night
      51. Rumour - ToeJam & Earl headed to PlayStation 3
      52. MLG boss cops to "not very exciting" Korean domination of StarCraft events
      53. Gamers Against Bigotry pledge site hacked with 1,500 signatures lost
      54. Ultima Forever set 21 years after Ultima IV
      55. Far Cry 3 to blur the lines between hero and villain
      56. Serious Sam 3: BFE headed to Steam Ubuntu
      57. Big Fish launches streaming buffet service
      58. More next-generation hardware hints at Microsoft
      59. Japanese government agency to investigate overheating Vitas
      60. PSA: Prototype 2 out now on PC
      1. Capcom hints at imminent Monster Hunter announce
      2. Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC hits Mac, PC; 360 delayed
      3. Aussie mobile devs Firemint, Iron Monkey merged
      4. Pre-order Resident Evil 6, get an Umbrella umbrella
      5. MercurySteam reiterates intent to pass the Castlevania torch after Lords of Shadow 2
      6. Apple Q3 financials: 26 million iPhones and 17 million iPads sold
      7. Shiren the Wanderer 4 PSP port hits Japan in October
      8. The Walking Dead releases on iOS devices July 26
      9. Gamigo breach results in leak of 8 million usernames, e-mail addresses, and passwords
      10. Two DLC packs for Quantum Conundrum announced, first hits next week
      11. Haunting Ground rated for PSN by ESRB
      12. Kratos will be more likable in God of War: Ascension
      13. US PS Store update, July 24 - Malicious, Puddle, Dyad demo, more
      14. Mrs. Chu is out for revenge in this Sleeping Dogs walkthough video
      15. EA and Linkin Park tease collaboration on Medal of Honor: Warfighter
      16. Full panel schedule announced for QuakeCon 2012
      17. The Expendables 2 available for pre-order on PSN
      18. Tank warfare: Armored Kill lead details new classes in BF3
      19. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron multiplayer and character customization video released
      20. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission recipient of teaser and new shots
      21. Farm 51 releases shots for PC, 360 title Project Adventurer
      22. Planet Crashers, Kirby’s Pinball Land arrive on eShop July 26 in Europe
      23. Rumor - iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to release in September
      24. Weather system in CoH2 will freeze your troops to death
      25. Extensive ArmA 2 patch 1.62 improves DayZ server stability, multiplayer optimization, more
      26. Luffy and Shanks star in One Piece Romance Dawn: Adventure at Daybreak video
      27. EA pulling Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded from the App Store July 31
      28. Famitsu feature hints at Dragon's Dogma sequel, an open world Warriors title
      29. Zynga likely to report user decline in Q2 report, says analyst
      30. Indie Royale July Jubilee Bundle is live
      31. MMOMG - Guild Wars players log near 1.2 billion hours
      32. Warner to announce new games at gamescom, one a "major release"
      33. God Eater 2 still coming to PSP this year, visuals get revamped
      34. Need for Speed World turns two, celebrate with some free goodies
      35. Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta gameplay video released by Falcom
      36. LoL champion Zyra gets full reveal in latest spotlight video
      37. Spector and Wolfman discuss storytelling techniques in Epic Mickey 2 developer diary
      38. Sony to attend Brazil Game Show in October
      39. Nintendo announces August as the Month of Mario
      40. XBLM - Wreckateer, Deadlight, date for Nike+ Kinect Training
      41. Two lovely WRC3 shots show a Ford and Citroen
      42. MechWarrior Online video shows the lifeless valley of CMO 26
      43. Worms Revolution available in Europe October 10
      44. Green Man Gaming now selling boxed products
      45. Outernauts - Insomniac's first Facebook game launches
      46. Diablo III Barbarian gets god-ish exploit
      47. Latest PES 2013 trailer shows "the Player ID experience"
      48. THQ holds on to NASDAQ listing
      49. PES studio to be founded in UK
      50. Sony: PS3 aiming at the family this Christmas
      51. Sins of a Dark Age trailer shows men poking each other
      52. Persona 4 Arena screens show Story, Lesson, Challenge and Network modes
      53. Ouya "about the size of a Rubik's Cube"
      54. FIFA 13 gets shots of Messi, Skill Games, more
      55. Square RPG Star Burial Dragnir released for iOS in Japan
      56. New nVidia tech demo revisits Dawn the fairy
      57. Sir, You Are Being Hunted - new shots
      58. Diablo III invincible Wizard exploit hotfixed
      59. Sleeping Dogs footage gives almost a whole hour of action
      60. DayZ could be standalone "before Christmas," base-building and more on cards
      61. Free DLC for Penny Arcade Adventures 3 due during PAX
      62. Once upon a wasteland – the never ending story of DayZ
      63. Quick shots - Crysis 3 lighting artist shares new shots
      64. GAME UK offers ?80 3DS XL trade-in
      65. FIFA team "very respectful" of Pro Evolution Soccer
      66. Nintendo "on track" to bow out of hardware, says EA veteran
      67. Guild Wars 2 character name reservations open till July 31
      68. WipEout dev points to connectivity as next-gen touchstone
      69. Ilomilo developer working on new game for Deep Silver
      70. Best Buy Summer Blow Out slashes prices
      71. Square boss: Final Fantasy Versus XIII still in production
      72. Red, silver and white PS3 Slim models available in the UK
      73. Pitchford "astonished" that Borderlands hasn't been cloned
      74. Kojipro's Fox Engine to be revealed on August 30
      75. Awesomenauts console patch released, adds two characters
      76. Report - Ubisoft doesn't have a "huge investment" in the Wii U
      77. Yoshida: Sony aiming for "family-friendly" holiday sales
      78. Diablo III comes under fire from German consumer advocacy group
      79. Skyrim beta patch 1.7 now available via Steam
      80. Schilling: Take-Two was keen on Reckoning 2, Copernicus "wasn't fun"
      1. PS3-4000 skips gamescom, 16Gb Flash SKU goes cheap
      2. Critical Path documentary speaks to gaming greats
      3. Silent Hill studio placed "under review"
      4. Dance Central 3 out October 16 US, October 19 EU
      5. Moravek joins THQ as production boss
      6. Diablo III exploit makes Wizards invincible
      7. Dave Cook joins VG247 as UK News Editor
      8. LEGO Batman 2 tops UK chart for fifth week
      9. FIFA 13: Career mode to include internationals, much more
      10. FIFA 13 Kinect voice commands revealed in video
      11. Industry "penalised" by extended console cycle: Guillemot
      12. Love at first sight: new IP shunning the franchise pack
      13. Steam flash sales discount Skyrim, SR3, The Walking Dead, more
      14. Rumour - Assassin's Creed III to spawn extensive DLC, "season pass"
      15. MLG: LoL NA online qualifier to be broadcast today
      16. Worms Revolution dev diary shows off stripped-back classic mode
      17. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown tutorials get into nitty gritties
      1. Awesomenauts tease hints at new DLC character
      2. MLG: Taeja takes home $10,000 in StarCraft II Summer Arena
      3. Anonymous NASA engineer sends Portal 2 reference to spaaaaaaaace
      4. Steam Summer Sale enters final hours; last chance to grab a bargain
      1. EA settles Madden monopoly lawsuit
      2. Street Fighter x Tekken DLC out on GFWL, delayed on Steam
      3. Uniloc files patent infringement suit against Mojang
      4. Steam Summer Sale day 10 - Torchlight, Arkham City, ArmA II, more
      5. Fortnite designed with all types of players in mind, says Epic
      6. Torchlight II has 4X the assets and playtime of Torchlight 1
      7. US Club Nintendo members get 100 coins when buying New Super Mario Bros. 2 from eShop
      8. Visceral - motivators in Dead Space 3 promote exploration or tailored experiences
      9. End of Nations closed beta weekend is underway
      10. PLEX purchase with PayPal available again in EVE Online
      11. inXile releases first screenshot of Wasteland 2
      1. Microsoft supports Polytron's decision to re-issue "broken" Fez patch
      2. "I think Desmond needs to end, at some point," says Assassin's Creed III lead
      3. Japanese customers get Donkey Kong free with Demon Training, New Super Mario Bros. 2
      4. "No big changes," between Japanese and western version of Xillia, says Baba
      5. Black Ops Zombies update 1.3 adds Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut, sans celebrities
      6. Four more titles lose online support from Sony
      7. Doobic Game Studios to handle tablet and PC versions of Devil's Third
      8. Due to Fortnite's dynamic nature, "the only platform that made sense was PC," says Jessen
      9. Steam Summer Sale day nine – FEAR 3, Deus Ex, Crysis 2, more discounted
      10. Fur Fighters to release on other platforms if iPad version does well
      11. Wreckateer is the first game to include MS's new Avatar Famestars feature
      12. Capcom releases new screens and videos for EX Troopers
      13. Jet Set Radio to release on iOS and Android this summer
      14. Get your Beck on with Sound Shapes
      15. Fake Dishonored movie trailer is rather good, game's director thinks so too
      16. EA Update hits the Battlefield with Armored Kill, MOH: Warfighter
      17. Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps expansion trailer shows new units, North African campaign
      18. Tracks from The Strokes, Foster the People hit Rock Band 3 next week
      19. Splinter Cell Blacklist developer video answers your most basic questions
      20. GTA 5 will not be shown at gamescom, say organizers
      21. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission beta shifts from P&C to pre-order
      22. Quick shots - South Park: The Stick of Truth
      23. Co-op added to Dead Space 3 so you don't have to be scared alone
      24. Minecraft 360 sells 3 million, generates $60 million in sales
      25. Street Fighter X Tekken Vita lands in Europe October 19
      26. Gaikai and Sony deal "opens a lot of doors that weren't before," says Perry
      27. Iwata: Wii U being first next-gen release "not important"
      28. EA: next-gen consoles out "probably starting next year"
      29. Kingdom Hearts 3D out today for 3DS, launch trailer posted
      30. WRC3 out October 12, Vita version included
      31. Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII canned after six years dev
      32. 3DS XL: making Nintendo make sense again
      33. Tokitowa shines in first gameplay footage
      34. Final Fantasy XIII announcements expected September 1
      35. Video - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's first 2.5 mins
      36. Darksiders II social app could net you a trip to the Yucatan
      37. Volition still working on Saints Row: The Third PC performance issues
      38. God of War dev team has "pulled back" from violence against women
      39. Deadpool game penned by regular writer
      40. Firefall patch preview takes in Engineer tweaks
      41. Borderlands 2 on-disc content complete, off to certification
      42. THQ to close Arizona QA office, move some staff to Montreal
      43. Total War: Shogun 2 patch corrects multiplayer campaign desync issue
      1. Harada: It's "easier" to make core-friendly fighters, but they don't sell
      2. EA, Zynga and Microsoft part of anti-DOMA coalition
      3. Arc System Works prepping Girl of the Old School Building for 3DS eShop
      4. Star Trek Online: Talk to Worf, get a haircut
      5. Sleeping Dogs animations tweaked by UFC champion
      6. Microsoft financials: 1.1M 360s shipped, XBL membership up 15%
      7. Zombie survival MMO The War Z announced
      8. Ghostlight in discussions to bring console JRPGs to PC
      9. Human Element prequel confirmed for Ouya console
      10. All 107 characters in Heroes of Newerth are free starting tomorrow
      11. Report - Vivendi considering Brazilian GVT sale instead of Activision
      12. SEGA releases trailer for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition
      13. Gravediggers - Journey Collector's Edition minigame sounds like fun
      14. Ubisoft reports 27% increase in Q1 earnings thanks to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
      15. Guild Wars 2 intro videos for Charr, Norn, Human, and Asura released
      16. Steam Summer Sale day eight - Alan Wake, FO:NV, Witcher 2, Amnesia, more for cheap
      17. Runic still shooting for a summer release of Torchlight II
      18. Ni no Kuni limited edition to gain more goodies as it's pre-ordered
      19. Final Darksiders II: Behind the Mask video details skill trees, magic, loot
      20. Wargaming announces second annual International Ural Steel Championships
      21. Video - Ellen Page and David Cage discuss Beyond: Two Souls
      22. Tina and Jann Lee return to Dead or Alive 5 for some Tag Team action
      23. Tottenham Hotspur partners with EA Sports for FIFA 13
      24. Resident Evil 6 gameplay videos take on the Ustanak, subway
      25. RuneScape has 200 million registered users
      26. DDO: Menace of the Underdark screens show the Yugo and Graveyard Dungeons
      27. Seamus Blackley to keynote Edinburgh Interactive Festival
      28. Zombies and fairies step into The Sims 3 Supernatural spotlight
      29. Epic hasn't ruled out always-on DRM for Fortnite
      30. 17-BIT "shooting for a day one release," for Skulls of Shogun with Windows 8
      31. LBP Karting beta for European PS Plus members re-opened for 24 hours
      32. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill video shows vehicular warfare
      33. Mario's Picross, Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters land on Nintendo's eShop
      34. Halo 4 Forge mode environmental details dropped by 343
      35. "Online-only best long-term decision" for D3: Morhaime
      36. Cliffhanger takes to Kickstarter with Shadowrun Online
      37. Select Rabbids and Motoheroz iOS games free for the next 48 hours
      38. PES 2013 demo out July 25 in Europe - new trailer
      39. SCEE gamescom press conference on August 14
      40. Splinter Cell: Blacklist E3 trailer re-released with new intel
      41. Uncharted 3 getting 50 new Trophies on August 14
      42. Ear Force Tango: you can spend $300 on a Black Ops II headset, assuming you're insane
      43. Borderlands 2 has a 58-hour campaign, says Gearbox
      44. Sequelitis: top franchise picks from the 2012 crush
      45. Medal of Honor: Warfighter LAN match gets Freddified
      46. ANZ - Hitman: Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition confirmed for local release
      47. Reisberger brothers exit Bigpoint
      48. MechWarrior Online introduces the Centurion
      49. Fez patch back online, fix would cost "a ton of money"
      50. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Collection headed to US, Thundercats coming in September
      51. Dear Esther tops 250,000 sales
      52. Fight Night team to develop EA's UFC game
      1. Quick shots - Assassin's Creed III's Connor checks out Boston
      2. World of Warcraft recruit-a-friend scheme turns you into a Nightwing
      3. Capcom Vancouver issues lay-offs, still hiring
      4. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation developed by Abstergo
      5. Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise includes new stealth gameplay
      6. The Last of Us to emphasises consequences in gameplay, not just story
      7. Windows 8 will release on October 26
      8. Riccitiello - MMO subscription model in a free-to-play market is "challenging"
      9. Laugh Factory App hits PS3 in the US September 1
      10. One Piece: Pirate Warriors releases on PSN in the US September 25
      11. Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken - novel tells the story of AC3's Connor
      12. "Too many sequels, and too many established IPs," rule the market, says Dishonored's Antonov
      13. Double Dragon Neon lands on PSN, XBLA in September
      14. Server list announced for final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend
      15. Microsoft outlines Live security, urges PW changes
      16. Blops 2 video goes behind-the-scenes with Trent Reznor
      17. Steam Summer Sale day seven - Total War, Thief, LA Noire, more discounted
      18. Report - Vivendi working with Goldman Sachs and Barclays on selling Activision shares
      19. Cryptic recaps E3 2012 with Neverwinter video diary
      20. Ouya console Kickstarter passes $5 million
      21. Insomniac reveals a few gameplay details for Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force
      22. Pachter - Pro Controller CoD threat comments were "an educated guess"
      23. Launch trailer released for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD
      24. SOE - 70% of DCUO players are on PS3, proving MMOs work on console
      25. Dishonored playable at QuakeCon 2012
      26. Rock Band Blitz to release in August on PSN and XBL
      27. Time Travelers debuts strong on Japanese charts, hardware comes in flat
      28. Iron Man, Hulk, and Wolverine take out baddies in these Marvel Heros shots
      29. LOTRO takes you on the Road to Rohan with mounted combat
      30. EU PS Store update, July 18 - Resident Evil, Brave, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
      31. Hero Academy’s Team Fortress 2 team details revealed
      32. BitMonster Games announces URE3 game Lili for iOS
      33. NetherRealm plans to improve how DLC is handled with Injustice: Gods Among Us
      34. Sony puts Nasne DVR release "on hold" in Japan
      35. BF4: beta access without MoH, no "abandoning" BF3
      36. Video: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD out now, faceplants rule
      37. Video: see what's new in MW3's version of Terminal
      38. New Super Mario Bros 2 gets 36/40 in Famitsu
      39. Talking bollocks: Wednesday, July 18 - the finally sunny edition
      40. Skyrim patch removes Dawnguard nudity
      41. Sega to sponsor GMA's Games Writer of the Year award
      42. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Vita listing is an "error," EA confirms
      43. Persona 4 The Golden tops half-year Japanese Vita sales
      44. Lone wolf begone: three-for-all with Ghost Recon Online
      45. Sam Raimi exits World of Warcraft film
      46. Activision "really getting behind" Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
      47. Torchlight II delayed for extensive balancing
      48. Origin, Battlefield downtime scheduled for tomorrow
      49. Perry and ex-Shiny team keen on new Earthworm Jim
      50. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 media turns up the heat
      51. American McGee's Crazy Fairies: One World now available
      52. Uncharted 3 patch inbound, celebrate with sweet OST remixes
      53. Free to play Battlefield GM resigns
      54. Deadpool announces Deadpool
      55. Australia: StarCraft World Championship Series finals run August 11-12
      56. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC out now
      57. Report - Taiwanese youth dies after gaming marathon
      58. Assassin's Creed III Freedom Edition unboxing is droolworthy
      1. World War Z game trademarks filed
      2. Final Fantasy III PSP has import-friendly language options
      3. Yakuza HD remakes outed by Famitsu leaks
      4. THQ threatened with class-action lawsuit over uDraw failure
      5. Torchlight dev wants alleged asset-copycat off the App Store
      6. Persona 4 Arena trailer includes portentous anime scenes
      7. Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC heralded by stirring launch trailer
      8. Watch a condensed version of The Last of Us Comic-Con panel
      9. Players will choose between right and wrong in Splinter Cell: Blacklist
      10. Battleblock Theater passes MS certification
      11. Open nature of PC is best for MMOs, says Zenimax
      12. SEGA teasing Yakuza announcement this week
      13. Fans vote yes on Portal 2 LEGO set
      14. Age Of Empires co-creator forms new mobile start up
      15. US PS Plus and Store update, July 17 - Dyad, Mass Effect 3: Earth, Arctic Strike
      16. Update 16 and Tides of War summer event are live for DCUO
      17. Teaser trailer teases upcoming PlanetSide 2 trailer Death is No Excuse
      18. Steam Summer Sale day six - Grand Theft Auto Franchise is 75% off
      19. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Comic Con panel released
      20. US and Europe to share servers in Phantasy Star Online 2
      21. SWTOR executive producer resigns, more lay-offs hit BioWare Austin
      22. Tom Hanks releases Electric City: Revolt mobile game based on his web series
      23. Lucy Liu, Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson, more cast in Sleeping Dogs
      24. Consoles aren't "opened enough for the players to express their creativity," says ShootMania dev
      25. The Unfinished Swan Comic Con video shows concept art, discusses inspiration
      26. Game limits to be reinstated in Diablo III
      27. Resident Evil 6 Comic Con video is full of hungry zombies
      28. Ouya developers deny seeking venture capitalist funding alongside Kickstarter campaign
      29. 343 Industries hiring for current and next-gen Halo
      30. Valve isn't too keen on platform exclusivity, says Holtman
      31. Developers can "get into a lot of trouble," worrying what the audience thinks, says Gilbert
      32. Metro: Last Light - sensational 12-minute gameplay video
      33. Video: Black Ops 2 dev on LA attack, pacing, more
      34. Puddle to release on Vita "soon," says Neko Entertainment
      35. PS Move Essentials Bundle comes with Just Dance 3 voucher
      36. Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege is live
      37. Milo's tech is present in Fable: The Journey, says Lionhead
      38. First 15 minutes of Sleeping Dogs videoed
      39. DICE isn't finished with Battlefield 3 just yet, says the firm
      40. Pitchford gushes on "crazy awesome physics simulations" in Borderlands 2 PC
      41. Valve - if Steam promotions “cannibalized” sales, the firm "wouldn’t do it"
      42. Pro Evolution 2013 video goes for the pitch
      43. BF3, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 3, indie talks added to GDC Europe
      44. Battlefield 4 confirmed by EA, beta coming "fall 2013"
      45. EU PS Plus update, July 17 - Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light, Saints Row 2
      46. Talking bollocks: Tuesday, July 17 - blather on about whatever you like
      47. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light out today on Android, time-exclusive to Xperia
      48. CDPR: "over-exploiting" gamers will punish publishers
      49. My Xbox Live app update allows 360 control via iPad
      50. Video: HK-51 assassination drone coming to SWTOR
      51. NASA releases free Mars Kinect game
      52. New Pokémon Black & White 2 trailer shows Mei against Cheren
      53. McGee's F2P games making more profit than Alice: Madness Returns "ever did"
      54. New games journalism awards launch
      55. Xbox Europe watching $99 Xbox 360 "with interest"
      56. Guardians of Middle-Earth profiles highlight Gollum, Gandalf
      57. Adventure Time available as snazzy collector's edition
      58. Marvel Heroes Comic Con trailer shows off Iron Man, Black Panther, more
      59. Origin update makes it easier to view library, ignore friends
      60. EA wants Medal of Honor and Battlefield to be different
      61. MLB 12 The Show drops in price on both systems
      62. Penny Arcade considering third PAX in Austin
      63. Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter rewards shipping now
      64. Borderlands 2's Ellie opposes female gaming stereotype
      65. Steam for Ubuntu confirmed, L4D2 is Valve's first Linux game
      66. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Planet Earth fronts Comic Con screens, trailer
      67. Lionhead devvoed by early response to Fable: The Journey
      68. Retailers suggest Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney headed west
      69. WWE 13 Austin 3:16 Edition to include ATV entrance
      70. Dark Knight Rises, Justice League mobile games inbound
      71. DeMartini: EA's actions always generate "a certain amount of reaction"
      1. Apple on the warpath over in-app purchase hack
      2. Ratchet & Clank Collection hit US August 28 with bonus goodies
      3. Rise of the Guardians out on Wii U November 23, says D3
      4. Awesomenauts confirmed for PC, releasing "very soon"
      5. Limbo PS3 exclusivity deal unraveled over Sony wanting rights
      6. Metal Gear Solid 5 Comic-Con rumour debunked by Konami
      7. "ShagaGamer" site lets "gamers and geeks meet up for no-strings attached sex"
      8. Acti forced Nintendo to create Wii U Pro Controller with CoD threat: Pachter
      9. Need for Speed: Most Wanted pre-order incentives detailed
      10. Medal of Honor: Warfighter contains heat vision wall-hack
      11. Steam's Android app hints at non-gaming software delivery
      12. Video: the crying crowds of Evo 2012
      13. Machinarium listed for Vita by ESRB
      14. We got our 3DS XL: tell us what you want to know
      15. Gears of War: Judgment to launch March 19
      16. Lego Batman 2 UK number one for fourth week
      17. New Darksiders II footage shows concept growth, "huge sense of scale"
      18. Nobody does it better: why I'm psyched for Borderlands 2
      19. Assassin's Creed III Comic Con panel provides fresh look at Boston
      20. Even BioWare struggles with Mass Effect 3's new multiplayer difficulty
      21. Adidas miCoach arrives on consoles today
      22. Namco Bandai dusts Klonoa off for digital comic series
      23. PlayStation 3 apps add anime, Korean drama to entertainment line up
      24. Silent Hill coming to Universal Halloween Horror Nights
      25. Dude plays Skyrim on Vita RemotePlay, Internet asks why isn't this a thing yet?
      26. Quick shots - New Little King's Story visits a giant cake
      27. Worms Revolution developer diary introduces class system
      28. La Mulana now available through Playism
      29. Mega Man, Pac-Man never coming to SFxT Xbox 360
      30. Adventure Time trailer gives off a pleasant Zelda vibe
      31. Ubisoft apologises for Uplay downtime
      32. First trailer shows Spartacus Legends in gladiatorial action
      33. Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 SKU confirmed
      34. No user data compromised in Minecraft authentication hiccup
      35. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. due at the end of August
      1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Comic Con trailer is light on gameplay
      2. First Deadpool trailer released, due 2013
      3. PlayStation All-Stars adds Jak, Daxter and Cole
      1. Sonic Adventure 2 to release on PSN and XBL this fall
      2. Amazon, GoG, Impulse, more are holding some nice digital sales
      3. Capcom 100% behind new DmC, original style may return in future
      4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to contain over 100 swimsuit options as DLC
      5. Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 announced
      6. Watch 40 minutes of Sleeping Dogs gameplay
      7. Steam Summer Sale day 3: Skyrim, Two Worlds II, Borderlands, more
      8. Nielsen games survey results show gamers enjoy sequels
      9. Unreal Engine 4 is "supremely scalable," games could be ported to Wii U
      10. Go Gold this weekend with free Xbox Live in the US
      11. Deadpool game in the works at High Moon and Activision
      12. Crystal Dynamics - reimagining Tomb Raider akin to redoing "James Bond or Batman"
      13. Voice and mocap actors revealed for Resident Evil 6
      14. Quick shots - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Comic Con screens
      15. Resident Evil: Damnation film trailer debuts at Comic Con
      16. Gears of War: Judgment video shows Overrun in action
      17. Mass Effect 3 - Operation Broadside has commenced
      18. The Last of Us - Bill's safe house cinematic escapes Comic Con
      19. First purported images of new PS3 4000-model surface
      20. MoH: Warfighter listing outs Battlefield 4 on Origin
      1. Mobile and social games have a larger investment pool, says Jaffe
      2. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist live-action series announced by Capcom
      3. Report - Vivendi may sell Acti-Blizz shares on open market
      4. DOTA 2 patch welcomes the Templar Assassin, better bots
      5. Arkane provides a look at Dishonored's UI options
      6. Spellbound back from insolvency as Black Forest Games
      7. Quick quotes - Wii U is "definitely more powerful than 360 and PS3," says 5th Cell
      8. ZombiU videos show zombies being shot, obviously
      9. American muscle cars and trucks highlighted in latest NFS: Most Wanted shots
      10. Steam Summer Sale Day 2 has Tomb Raider, Space Marine, more for cheap
      11. Mirror's Edge 2 is "on the list," says EA labels boss
      12. Warner to produce Hawken web-based series
      13. Total War on consoles is a question of "power," not controls says Creative Assembly
      14. It wasn't wise of THQ to take on CoD with Homefront, says Pitchford
      15. Assassin's Creed III screens show Wolf Pack multiplayer mode
      16. Quick shots - July Modern Warfare 3 content drop gets screened
      17. Get a 30% trade bonus at GameStop when you fund your Steam Wallet
      18. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations has shipped over 1 million units
      19. QuakeCon 2012 Tournament Lineup announced
      20. Zone of the Enders HD Collection hovers into view
      21. WoW server blade auction raises $330,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
      22. Ellen Page discusses her role in Beyond: Two Souls during Comic Con panel
      23. Quick shots - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is dark and moody
      24. Borderlands DLC has "highest attach rate of anything this generation," says Pitchford
      25. EA says it would "love" to be the publishing partner for a Reckoning sequel
      26. Tim Schafer on Kickstarter, freemium and well-off fans
      27. Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition pops up on SEGA release schedule
      28. BF3 and Bad Company 2 lead designer exits DICE
      29. Gears of War: Judgment to release in March 2013
      30. Assault changes coming to Firefall later this summer
      31. World of Tanks session, and Diamond Dash postmortem added to GDC Europe
      32. Fruit Ninja digital comics blossoming soon
      33. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 arrives in the US spring 2013
      34. BOOM! Borderlands 2 reveals world's deadliest 13-yr-old
      35. Assassin's Creed III Wolf Pack co-op multiplayer revealed
      36. Street Fighter Anniversary Set adds more PS3 content
      37. Injustice targeting "elaborate story" and strategic stages
      38. Video: Assassin's Creed 3 narrated Boston gameplay
      39. Codemasters Racing announces F1 Race Stars
      40. Halo 4 limited edition Xbox incoming
      41. Quick shots - Injustice: Gods Among Us, Nightwing and Cyborg
      42. Orcs Must Die! 2 bonus content is a remixed classic mode
      43. Quick shots - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron shows off multiplayer
      44. Marvel Heroes adds playable Human Torch
      45. Quick shots - LEGO The Lord of the Rings brings the cute
      46. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost trailer is certainly a thing
      47. Ono drops Darkstalkers hints at Comic Con
      48. Theatrhythm DLC brings Final Fantasy Versus XIII tracks
      49. Amazon climbs on board free-to-play, MMO bandwagon with Game Connect
      50. Diablo III auction house now allows gold trading
      51. Capcom-sanctioned live action Street Fighter series due 2013
      52. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer escapes Comic Con
      53. AU, NZ: Darksiders II PC pre-orders nab first game for free today only
      54. Assassin's Creed III PC to arrive before Christmas
      55. Death Rally trailer hypes for August 3 Steam launch
      1. No Tanookis harmed in New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer
      2. EA "investing quite a bit" in SimCity's always-on requirement
      3. NPD June - Lego Batman 2 tops, hardware plummets
      4. Willem Dafoe not starring in Beyond: Two Souls, says Cage
      5. Dishonored owes its existence to years of pre-production, says Arkane
      6. Zombie HQ downloaded 1 million times in 10 days
      7. 3DS has sold 5 million units in the US
      8. Selling Shiny Entertainment to Atari was "the worst mistake I ever made," says Perry
      9. Strike Suit Zero - first developer diary released
      10. Iwata says not to expect CoD-like games from Nintendo
      11. Ouya release game survey as Kickstarter nears $4.2 million in funding
      12. Coco Nebulon stars in latest batch of Awesomenauts screens
      13. Indie Game: The Movie on sale for 50% off
      14. Next set of MW3 content drops arrive on Xbox 360 July 17
      15. Earth Defense Force 4 announced via teaser site
      16. Anomaly Warzone Earth coming this summer to a PSN account near you
      17. Mutant Mudds: Grannie Edition coming soon to PC, says Renegade Kid
      18. Third developer diary released for Deadlight
      19. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.7.3 lands tomorrow
      20. Fortnite is PC exclusive, first to utilize Unreal Engine 4
      21. FIFA 13 video shows off Arsenal's new away kit
      22. Steam Summer Sale is finally live, go spend some money
      23. Valve launches Steam Badges on the service
      24. Perry would prefer Sony "focus on gaming" with its consoles
      25. Infinity Blade was "a rehash of an idea," Chair Entertainment had for Kinect, says Epic
      26. Sesame Street TV to be released in a "multitude of different ways," says Microsoft
      27. The Hip Hop Dance Experience announced for Kinect and Wii
      28. Full opening intro released for Persona 4 Arena
      29. ShootMania Storm trailer shows off pre-order incentives
      30. Agent 47 takes out the Cougars in this Hitman demo
      31. UKIE ups its game for start-ups and established businesses
      32. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed releases November 16
      33. Amazing - Rockstar releases two GTA V screenshots
      34. A magician gets ball-gagged in this live-action Magicka video
      35. Rhianna Pratchett is lead writer for Tomb Raider reboot
      36. Sweden's Consolidate eSports event adds more prizes, MW3 to slate
      37. Opening movie to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is very Disney-like
      38. Carmageddon dev: "Humour is the key selling point"
      39. Nintendo Downloads - Johnny Kung Fu, Kirby's Pinball Land, Frogger HAE
      40. Metal Slug 3 lands on iOS & Android
      41. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier patched on PC
      42. UK games retail falters in June, units sold down 40% YOY
      43. Full install support coming to budget version of MGS4
      44. Video: Borderlands 2 trailer is foot-tapping "Wimoweh"
      45. Brotherly love: The Walking Dead FPS trailer
      46. Iwata: "smartphones and tablets have changed the environment that we operate in"
      47. Assassin's Creed: The Fall digital comic out now for iPad
      48. BioWare reveals cross-platform F2P RPG Ultima Forever
      49. OnLive to be built into second-gen Google TV sets
      50. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs slips to 2013
      51. Video: Tomb Raider boss shows us Lara Croft’s first kill
      52. Only human: Tomb Raider charts the rise of an icon
      53. "Incoming": Worms to hit Facebook
      54. Clint Hocking joins Valve
      55. Blizzard taking applications for World of Warcraft Guild Mentors
      56. Injustice: Gods Among Us adds Nightwing, Cyborg
      57. Awesomenauts update due soon, adds two characters
      58. Hard Reset Extended Edition, Exile DLC finally available on Steam
      59. More evidence of Rare's next-generation game uncovered
      60. The God and Fate Revolution Paradox, Project D, Project Arcadia confirmed
      1. Lionhead: Project Milo never really a game, but Fable: The Journey is
      2. Report - Need for Speed film due February 2014
      3. Hitman: Absolution TV spot revisits 2011 trailer
      4. Spartacus Legends due on PS3, Xbox 360 in early 2013
      5. First Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms trailer rides in
      6. Streaming isn't in Valve's "short-term plans," says the firm
      7. War of the Roses goes live action with new video series
      8. Activision to announce new Marvel game at Comic Con
      9. Zuma’s Revenge, Quantum Conundrum, Babel Rising DLC land on XBL Marketplace
      10. More Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 features come to light
      11. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD confirmed for summer PC release
      12. Xfire users have spent over 1.3 billion hours in League of Legends
      13. The Last Story lands in the US on August 14
      14. Wii U processing speed "a little bit" low compared to 360 and PS3, says Harada
      15. Rumor - Moore to replace Riccitiello as EA CEO
      16. Report - Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn cost between $5 and $10 million to make
      17. Pre-order incentives and Limited Collector's Edition detailed for Forza Horizon
      18. Alvion's Malicious arrives on PSN July 24
      19. Pokemon Black & White 2 dominates Japanese charts, hardware slips
      20. Latest Okami HD screenshots are lovely
      21. Steam Big Picture Mode "coming soon," says Valve
      22. Ouya Android console Kickstarter surpasses $3 million
      23. Amazon announces leaderboards, achievements via GameCircle for Kindle Fire
      24. Arctic Strike Map Pack for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be available on July 17
      25. BioWare announces contents of Mass Effect 3: Earth multiplayer DLC
      26. Extended trailer released for Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
      27. Quick quotes - Molyneux says Fable is in "incredibly capable hands"
      28. The Witcher series has sold 4 million copies worldwide
      29. SFxT Vita releases in October, new shots and videos released
      30. Quick shots - Angry Birds Trilogy shots show close ups of Rio monkeys
      31. Cryptic Points converting to Perfect World’s ZEN currency tomorrow
      32. Battlefield 3 - Matches feature is live
      33. Valve says Steam sales do not cheapen IPs, data proves otherwise
      34. EyeToy Kama Sutra once pitched to Sony
      35. Halo 2 Anniversary rumor swashed
      36. Tiny Wings 2 is a free update for the original game
      37. Rezzed: Molyneux explains his "Curiosity" Cube Experiment
      38. Silent Hill HD Collection gets PS3 patch
      39. Meet the dangerous Warbands of LotRO: Riders of Rohan
      40. BioWare Mythic to announce new F2P online title tomorrow, says GM
      41. 007 Legends trailer: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
      42. PSN Charts: Magic 2013, The Walking Dead tops for June
      43. Rumour: Microsoft in frame to buy Activision majority share
      44. Rumor - next Batman from Rocksteady set in Silver Age of DC Comics
      45. BioWare Mythic: community migration key to next-gen success
      46. EU PS Store update, July 11 - Quantum Conundrum, Rainbow Moon, more
      47. Microsoft patent app points to scalable console platform
      48. ArmA II mod Day Z hits 500,000 players
      49. Konami bringing the big guns to EG Expo
      50. Tomorrow Corp's Little Inferno offering paid beta access
      51. Oculus Rift VR headset aims to be Kickstarter funded
      52. Final frontier: Strike Suit Zero wows with Rezzed gameplay
      53. Street Fighter x Tekken extra characters expected on PC in September
      54. Metal Gear Solid 4 to be patched with trophy support
      55. Report - Saw creators chosen to rewrite God of War movie
      56. Kid Icarus: Uprising developer shuttered
      57. Rumour - Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC contents leaked
      58. Persona 4 Arena pre-orders net soundtrack CD
      59. Max Payne 3 cheater's pool now live
      60. Source Filmmaker now available to all takers
      61. Diablo III patch adds commodity trading to Auction House
      62. Funcom CEO resignation won't impact The Secret World
      63. Crazy Fairies: One World enters closed beta next week, release this year
      1. Penny Arcade seeks crowdfunding to go ad free
      2. Halo 4 will "work with" Microsoft's Surface
      3. New Britannia is Lord British's mobile RPG
      4. One Piece Romance Dawn announced for PSP
      5. Pachter - next Xbox will cost $99, will be your television, internet
      6. Funcom outlines what's next for The Secret World, monthly updates coming
      7. Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat sequel lands on Kickstarter
      8. Super Smash Bros Wii U is a big priority, says Tekken's Harada
      9. US PS Store update, July 10 - Rainbow Moon, Quantum Conundrum, Frogger
      10. The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is Nippon Ichi’s 20th anniversary PS3 game
      11. Next progress update on Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 coming mid- August
      12. Funcom adds new server dimension to The Secret World to meet player demand
      13. Medal of Honor: Warfighter video debuts multiplayer
      14. Black Ops II trailer introduces the villain Raul Menendez
      15. Actor confirms Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3
      16. SWTOR free trial goes live with patch 1.3.2
      17. Amazing Alex launches on iOS, Android on July 12
      18. PSN PLAY summer returns with Papo & Yo, CS:GO, more
      19. The Expendables 2 debut trailer features crazy-as-hell Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren
      20. Team Fortress 2 inspired Steam Greenlight, says Valve
      21. Patch 1.7.2 causing equipment loss for some DayZ players
      22. PEGI to be the sole UK game rating system starting July 30
      23. Planetside 2 beta should start soon, providing "all goes ok" with tech test
      24. Angry Birds Trilogy to release on PS3, 360, 3DS around the holidays
      25. Escape Plan Vita demo returns to PS Store
      26. NCAA Football 13 screens and trailer celebrate US launch
      27. Square Enix: "This generation has been way too long"
      28. SWTOR is proof subscription MMOs have peaked, says Pachter
      29. Trent Reznor composing theme music for Black Ops II
      30. Gamers wanted Euro 2012 to be digital-only, says Wilson
      31. Ouya - Android console Kickstarter exceeds $2m
      32. Wasteland 2 to include 1980's prequel
      33. Here's some lovely Tales of Xillia shots to grace your screen
      34. CBS Films signs on to produce Deus Ex: Human Revolution film
      35. XBLM - ME3: Earth multiplayer expansion hits 360 July 17, Oblivion and Fallout 3 sale starts today
      36. Party Wave iOS arrival imminent
      37. LucasArts developing FPS title according to recruitment listings
      38. Kickstarter to allow UK projects starting in the fall
      39. Quick quotes - games can be as rewarding as doing Shakespeare, says Willow actor
      40. Quick shots - Ni no Kuni features giant horned lady
      41. Skullgirls update fleshes out feature list
      42. Behind the scenes with The Final Hours of Tomb Raider
      43. GDC Europe 2012 to dissect Love and The Witcher 2
      44. Harada reiterates stance on charging for DLC
      45. Guild Wars 2 final beta event adds Asura and Sylvari
      46. Prison Architect to tackle complex social issues
      47. The Secret World adds 'Chronicle' stat-tracker
      48. Legend of Grimrock on sale at half price
      49. Spy vs Spy hits iOS during northern summer
      50. "Console guys are running scared", says Will Wright
      51. Gamescom organisers shoot-down GTA V rumour
      52. Final Fantasy VII's Character Booster won't cost anything
      53. €1 million games collection sold on eBay
      54. Twitter parody helped inspire Molyneux's indie move
      55. Starbreeze boss "never going to do free-to-play"
      56. Uncanny valley "will always be a problem", says Square tech boss
      57. Leaked Project Copernicus trailer gives a look at shelved Amalur MMO
      58. Tekken producer feels Wii U Game Pad is "distracting"
      59. Tekken x Street Fighter targeting current gen consoles
      60. Pachter predicts 34% YOY decline in NPD's June sales report
      61. Fan request impacts Namco Bandai's localisation decisions
      62. Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team trailered
      63. The Walking Dead's zombies can hear and smell you
      64. Resident Evil 6 has at least 255 minutes of cutscene
      65. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 still happening, but not in 2012
      1. Rockstar Vancouver merged into Toronto team
      2. Steam Greenlight to allow community to vote on indie games
      3. Activision Leeds working on remake of 1982 classic Pitfall
      4. Dyad releasing on July 17 in US on PSN
      5. Green Man Gaming and Playfire join forces
      6. Windows 8 set to release in late October
      7. New Serious Sam 3: BFE DLC pack announced for October release
      8. The day after DayZ: Dean 'Rocket' Hall talks survival
      9. Splinter Cell: Blacklist set for March 2013 release
      10. Fassbender takes lead role in Assassin's Creed film
      11. Rumour: Steam Sale list surfaces
      12. Phantasy Star Online 2 heading west "early 2013"
      13. EG Expo announces GAME as retail sponsor
      14. UK chart: LEGO Batman 2 still number one
      15. NiGHTS joins Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed line-up
      16. Guild Wars 2 gets four-disc soundtrack from Jeremy Soule
      17. EVO 2012: grand finals video round-up
      18. EVO 2012: SSFIVAE goes to Infiltration, UMvC3 to Filipino Champ
      19. Injustice footage shows Superman beating up the Flash
      20. First Medium screen found in the wild
      21. Persona 4 Arena EU publisher aiming for minimal launch delay
      22. CLANG hits Kickstarter funding goal ahead of deadline
      23. Halo 4 forge mode detailed, in the works at Crimson Alliance dev
      1. Worms Revolution video highlights water, physics and 3D graphics
      2. Edmund McMillen Basement Bundle due on Steam in August
      3. Destiny shirt available ahead of Bungie's new IP reveal
      4. Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer inbound
      1. No Borderlands 2 SDK in the works, modding still encouraged
      2. Imageepoch CEO hints at western release for Tokitowa
      3. Possibilities for Metroid using Wii U's GamePad "could be really fantastic," says Miyamoto
      4. Total War: Rome II will contain "a darker vision of war," says lead designer
      5. Capcom "continuing to prepare new play elements," for Dragon's Dogma
      6. Fate/stay night Realta Nua releasing for Vita in Japan
      7. Analysts say even if GTA V releases in 2012, it won't curb industry decline
      8. Watch the opening movie to Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta
      9. ArmA 2 mod DayZ has over 420,000 players
      10. Borderlands 2 - Gearbox's "renewed commitment" to PC
      11. High Moon working on game adaption of Marvel's Hit Monkey
      12. Amazon, GameFly, GoG, others holding digital sales
      13. Watch this adorable Tiny Wings 2 teaser video
      14. Paul McCartney composing music with Bungie
      15. Street Fighter x Tekken on-disc character DLC hits consoles July 31
      16. ATLUS clarifies its decision to region-lock Persona 4 Arena
      17. Borderlands save file unlocks exclusive heads and skins in Borderlands 2
      18. Toro Inoue, Tekken's Heihachi Mishima added to PlayStation All-Stars roster
      19. Second Survarium developer diary, artwork released
      1. Season Two of The Walking Dead planned, says Telltale
      2. Title update for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier released for 360
      3. League of Legends teases its 101st champion, Zyra
      4. Rumor - 343 working on Halo 2: Anniversary Edition
      5. Max Payne mobile updated with iCloud saves, control tweak
      6. Unified eShop account system to be implemented between Wii U and 3DS
      7. MMO players don't mind paying a sub for a "growing, living world," says Funcom
      8. LittleBigPlanet Karting beta starts July 10
      9. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video shows Alex, Tiger, P-Jack, Forrest
      10. Sign ups for War of the Roses beta live
      11. Quick shots - Orcs Must Die 2 screens show Endless Game Mode
      12. The Walking Dead action-FPS in the works from Activision
      13. 343 and MLG players discuss Halo 4 in E3 2012 video
      14. MLG 2012 fall schedule released, starts September 15
      15. Molyneux's Curiosity will release on iOS, Android and PC August 22
      16. PS All-Stars Battle Royale releases October 23 in US, October 25 in Europe
      17. Xbox Live services restored after black-out
      18. Code of Princess will release in Europe, says Agatsuma
      19. Of Orcs and Men trailer delves into the story, universe
      20. Gearbox too busy for Borderlands 2 Vita, but would love to see it on the handheld
      21. Kaos basically forced to use North Korea as antagonist in Homefront, says former employee
      22. Retail "commitment" for next generation is important, says Sony UK boss
      23. Tales of Xillia releasing in US, Europe in 2013
      24. Devil's Third to release on "wide range" of devices digitally
      25. Killing Floor Summer Sideshow is back, runs until July 26
      26. Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition released on XBLA
      27. Crafting and other commodity trading coming to Diablo III's real-money auction house
      28. Arc System Works are teasing something
      29. Activision Leeds to develop "handheld games" in the Call of Duty franchise
      30. Rambo to be shown at gamescom, "coming soon"
      31. The Secret World: a newb's guide to the apocalypse
      32. Human Element players earn resources from location check-ins
      33. GAME Australia to cease trading this Sunday
      34. Valve staffer confirms Steam summer sale plans
      35. Cerulean Blue, Shimmer Pink 3DS coming to Hong Kong and Taiwan
      36. Nintendo Japan to lower price tag on official 3DS AC adapter
      37. Walking Dead: Episode 3 due in August
      38. Yakuza 5 taxi missions involve comforting drunks
      39. Dragon Ball Z Kinect due in October, Budokai HD Collection announced
      40. Check out Yoshitaka Amano's gorgeous UnchainBlades EXXIV design
      41. Journey, SOE, publishing trends talks added to GDC Europe
      42. THQ Australia to honour Darksiders 2 GAME pre-order offer
      43. Final Fantasy XIV website updated ahead of Version 2.0 release
      44. New Super Mario Bros 2 pre-orders nab gold-ish accessories
      45. Persona 4 Arena to be region-locked, but have global servers
      1. EVO 2012 partners to broadcast sidestreams
      2. Divine Divinity is back in action on Steam
      3. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 delayed into October
      4. Dead State Kickstarter ends with 200% funding
      5. Earth Defence Force Portable trailer shows Palewing return
      6. Games industry must innovate or "die", says Cage
      7. Blizzard marks anniversary with 20 year timeline
      8. Anarchy Reigns videos show off competitive modes
      9. Red Dead Redemption is free from Amazon when you buy Max Payne 3
      10. Rockstar wants your likeness for Max Payne 3 multiplayer
      11. The Pinball Arcade getting two more expansions this summer
      12. Gamesplanet launches Kickstarter alternative, first project is Magrunner: Dark Pulse
      13. Lovely Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta shots land on the net
      14. No need for malaria pills or rustoleum in Far Cry 3
      15. Skin pack releasing alongside 1.7.3 title update for Minecraft 360
      16. Get a Gannifari pet when you transfer to a qualifying server in SWTOR
      17. Matches feature coming to Battlefield 3
      18. Terminal hits MW3 July 17 for Elite, July 18 for non-Elite
      19. One Piece: Pirate Warriors hits Europe on September 21
      20. Bravely Default has only one save file due to wireless feature
      21. Tales of Xillia 2 video shows Ludger and Elle on a train
      22. Wargame: European Escalation gets free Conquest DLC, Steam sale
      23. NiGHTS into dreams HD remake releasing digitally this fall
      24. DICE - modern setting getting stale, FPS needs innovating
      25. George St-Pierre stars in latest Sleeping Dogs featurette
      26. id Software hasn't "forgotten about" RAGE, says Willits
      27. Rumor - Resident Evil 6 demo files reveal Ada Wong
      28. Marvel vs Capcom: Origins arrives on PSN and XBL in September
      29. Square teases more content for FFXIII-2
      30. Meet Polyphemus the Titan cyclops in God of War: Ascension
      31. Nintendo releases free Mario and Sonic app in Europe
      32. Minecraft 1.3 to release on August 1
      33. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 trailer shows the Masked Man
      34. Women in Games appoints former Eidos boss Gina Jackson as CEO
      35. K2 Network and APB Reloaded publisher merge into Reloaded Games
      36. Nintendo Downloads - Heroes of Ruin demo, The Legend of Zelda, more
      37. EU PS Store and Plus update, July 4 - The Walking Dead, Rainbow Moon, LEGO Batman 2 demo
      38. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron release moved up
      39. Meet Vivica Fox, the leader of The Saints in Hitman: Absolution
      40. SimCity Social now available for your city-building needs
      41. Rumor - Apple working on smaller iPad
      42. August 29 release date for Joe Danger 2: The Movie an error, says Hello Games
      43. Mojang's Scrolls going alpha today, code delivery imminent
      44. Final Fantasy VII re-releasing for PC "this year"
      45. EVO 2012 livestreaming schedule announced
      46. Super Slim - FCC filing points to 4000 Series PS3
      47. The Secret World's first hours: on mystery and thrills
      48. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle announced
      49. Epic Mickey 3 could be a "full-blown interactive musical game"
      50. Game of Thrones not a "good environment" for classic RPGs, says social dev
      51. Quick shots - Monster Hunter 4 concept art gives a glimpse at RPG sequel
      52. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer shows off Metroplex
      53. League of Legends 100th champion detailed
      54. Crystal White Vita drives JP sales spike
      1. Codies co-founder predicts extinction for "dinosaur" physical media
      2. Slender beta now available for the courageous
      3. Rumour - GRID 2 in active development
      4. EDGE now available in app form
      5. Endless Space trailer gets melodramatic
      6. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 sell 2 million in 2 weeks
      7. Lack of females in Colonial Marines leads to petition
      8. Mists of Pandaria collector's edition mount and pet revealed
      9. Nintendo looking for non-game business opportunities
      10. Second Dust 514 beta test starts today
      11. Gabe Newell re-confirms Steam support for Linux
      12. Chances of Kickstarter success for former Ghost Recon dev look slim
      13. New ArmA III videos showcase awesome visuals and British weather
      14. Nintendo concerned about possible "smear campaigns" against its products by Miiverse users
      15. Ron Gilbert doesn't think there will be a Monkey Island 3
      16. Blizzard admits there's a lack of end game content in Diablo III
      17. Scout wants "Just One More Hat" in latest Source Filmmaker Masterpiece
      18. THQ gives Devil's Third rights back to Itagaki
      19. 3DS sales "currently weak" in Europe and NA - Nintendo president
      20. Tales of Xillia 2 will feature returning characters from first game
      21. Final Fantasy VII PC re-release confirmed - first video
      22. Star Wars: Battlefront III gameplay vid lasts an hour
      23. Hitman: Deluxe Professional Edition announced, detailed
      24. Assassin's Creed III: live-action Independence Day trailer
      25. Halo 4 limited edition Halo 4 spotted in US store
      26. Halo 4 video: Spartan Ops set six months after campaign
      27. Warren Spector "would never make" a game like Heavy Rain
      28. Beneath a Steel Sky creators working together again
      29. Monster Hunter 4 allows grabs, eschews water sections
      30. Kingdom Hearts 3D is "a hint to the future" of franchise
      31. Dungeon Fighter LIVE due on XBLA next week
      32. Atlus sale offers hefty PS Store discounts
      33. Tokyo Jungle hits 200,000 shipped
      34. Sony may bring Gaikai to non-gaming products
      35. Wii U "effectively a 360" in terms of graphics, says Microsoft exec
      36. Sega tease excites NiGHTS fans
      37. End of Nations beta signups open ahead of July 20 test
      38. Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin to debut at Comic Con
      39. Minecraft Xbox 360 DLC to offer 40 skins
      40. US PS Store Update, July 3 - New Instant Collection games and heavy discounts
      41. Platform holders "will have to facilitate" selling on game licenses, says GMG
      42. Forza 4 July Car Pack adds ten shiny sets of wheels
      43. Home to allow player-designed housing
      44. Spector: Good design is "not about how clever and creative" the dev is
      1. Xbox, Kindle, OLPC veterans behind new $99 Android console
      2. Massive Call of Duty DLC sale to benefit charity
      3. Nintendo: 3DS accounts for 55% of Japanese hardware sales, Wii U not a "parasite"
      4. UK "lagging behind" on free-to-play, says Natural Motion CEO
      5. Blizzard: Diablo III users not being banned for using Linux
      6. Quantum Conundrum demo out now on Steam
      7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC plans outlined
      8. Quick shots - new Scribblenauts Unlimited screens are awesome
      9. Blacklight Retribution now available on Steam
      10. New NHL 13 trailer focuses on true performance skating system
      11. EU court rules gamers are free to resell digital games
      12. The horror: Resident Evil 6 demo hits Xbox Live
      13. State of MMO's nation: WoW's cloying ten-year legacy
      14. The Secret World launches today - release trailer here
      15. Call of Duty Online confirmed - vid shows MW2, CoD4 maps
      16. CoD Elite TV trailers Noobtube, shows "butt cannon"
      17. Domain drain: Microsoft secures "Xbox 8" rights
      18. Halo 4 requires 8Gb of free storage for multiplayer
      19. Xbox Music to offer subs-based streaming, iTunes-style sales
      20. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer shows off multiplayer
      21. Sony goes Comic-Con crazy, brings The Last of Us, Beyond
      22. Downloadable PS2 games coming to Japanese PS3 on July 25
      23. Vita firmware 1.8 to add PS Classics support
      24. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier servers down this morning
      25. New Forza Horizon in-game footage shows night racing
      26. Diablo III: refusing to succumb to the late-game grind
      27. EA executive dismisses "totally irrelevant" NPD reports
      28. Wii U hands-on videos show Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, more
      29. Lexis Numérique announces interactive fiction effort Alt-Minds
      30. Project Zero 2: Wii Edition launch trailer brings the scares
      31. Pokémon World Championship winners to appear in Black & White 2
      32. New Baldur's Gate edition to have significant premium DLC
      33. Legend of Grimrock level editor looks simple and sweet
      34. Grasshopper collecting Lollipop Chainsaw feedback
      35. Namco Bandai teaser promises an "all star battle" in two days
      36. Little King's Story developer founds Onion Games
      37. Yerli: "We'll figure out" how to make free-to-play AAA work
      38. Project CARS screens show your dollars put to good use
      39. Pachter: No "readily apparent buyers" for Activision Blizzard
      40. NPD: Non-traditional spend over half of Q1 2012 total
      41. Next World of Tanks update to add two new tank types
      42. Civilization V patch fixes more than a dozen bugs and crashes
      43. Harvest Moon developer inspired by violent games
      44. THQ doesn't have "a lot of room to run", CEO warns
      45. "Nothing is officially off the table" for DC Universe Online
      46. Super Smash Bros. roster has "hit the limit of what's feasible"
      47. THQ UK signs with Gem Distribution
      48. Carribbean comes courtesy of Mount & Blade expansion team
      49. Renegade Ops among new free PS Plus games
      50. Ex-Visceral team announces first mobile release, Catch the Ark
      51. Game of Thrones MMO to be called Seven Kingdoms
      52. Report - Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas resigns
      53. Mighty Switch Force expected to be Wii U launch title
      1. Bloodrayne 2 to join PS2 Classics this week
      2. "Inevitable" that EA become an "100% digital company", says Gibeau
      3. Microsoft: Cloud tech has been part of Xbox strategy "for many years"
      4. Disgaea 5 on the cards
      5. Transformers dev to announce new Marvel game at SDCC
      6. Amazon July Game Sale has Spec Ops: The Line for $25 and other amazing deals
      7. Club Nintendo July deals are now live
      8. Limited boxed edition of Limbo out now
      9. Sony working on PlayStation 4 since August 2010, says CV
      10. Former Capcom man Seth Killian joins Sony Santa Monica
      11. Gaikai deal a "strategic move" to sell more TVs by Sony, feels Pachter
      12. Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection trailer shows what not to do in a zombie apocalypse
      13. Kirby's Dream Collection to release on September 16 in US
      14. Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition announced for North America
      15. THQ consolidates stock in NASDAQ delisting dodge
      16. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection spotted for PC, out July 17
      17. Assassin's Creed III: new trailer proclaims independence
      18. Total War: Rome II to release next year - first shots and vid
      19. Watch Athene beat every Diablo III boss on Inferno... with his eyes closed
      20. Darksiders 2's Last Sermon short gets extended cut
      21. Project X Zone gets 10-minute trailer
      22. Clouded vision: what Sony will do with Gaikai
      23. Battlefield 3 switched to double XP action this week
      24. Lego Batman 2 tops UK chart, Spec Ops comes third
      25. Mass Effect 3: BioWare confirms key Red Ending detail
      26. Prototype 2 releasing on PC despite lay-offs
      27. Resident Evil 6: new gameplay footage has torches, guns
      28. Foxtel hits 360s Australia-wide
      29. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live-action teaser hits YouTube
      30. Cloud nine: Sony buys Gaikai for $380 million