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  • May 2009 Archive

      1. Watchmen dev Deadline goes bust
      2. ESRB rates FFVII for PS3 and PSP
      3. E3 2009 - What it looks like today
      4. Tekken 6 E3 trailer shows people fighting
      5. Borderlands E3 trailer is super-cool
      6. Dead Rising 2 has E3 trailer, includes zombies
      7. Nikkei - New Wii Fit and Wii Mario this year
      1. Weekly MMO news round-up: Formula One MMO, SWTOR dev diary, loads of WoW stuff
      2. PSP Go - The Qore movie in direct-feed HD, news round-up
      3. PSP Go to land in stores this fall, says Koller
      4. Microsoft job posting says new studio being built from the ground up
      5. DJ Hero videos show hard and expert modes
      6. Full list of Guitar Hero 5 artists revealed
      7. Edge of Twilight video is beautiful and bit depressing
      8. Dead Space: Extraction E3 video is a bit dark and foreboding
      9. Halo ODST display is on Microsoft stage at E3 - pics prove it
      10. PSP Go - hi-res product shots
      11. Freedom Force games are dirt cheap on Steam
      12. Splinter Cell: Conviction footage shows very little
      13. Koller - New Metal Gear heading to PSP
      14. Video of PSP Go surfaces from Qore, includes LBP PSP [Update]
      15. Atari tosses Infrogames branding, goes back to just Atari
      16. DJ Hero up for pre-order on Amazon and GameStop
      17. Sony to update PSN daily with E3 trailers, game content
      18. Rumor: Pictures of PSP Go appear from Qore
      19. AssCreed and Splinter Cell titles are 50% off on Steam
      20. A Boy and His Blob videos surface, neatness factor at 1000%
      21. Section 8 screens show loads of shooting, RoboCop looking armor
      22. European release of Fatal Frame IV canceled
      23. Reminder: Final batch of BlizzCon tickets go on sale today
      24. Rumor: Epic to release horror title exclusive to PS3
      25. Watch eleven seconds of leaked Assassin's Creed 2 footage
      26. Atari provides a release window for Star Trek Online
      27. Supreme Commander 2 - a screenshot
      28. Lego Indy 2 has screens, a whip
      29. The Grinder's first video has monsters, guns
      30. Bungie will "see you on Monday"
      31. Splinter Cell: Conviction booth shots show man, gun
      32. Square Enix sword-swinger NIER gets first trailer, website
      33. Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest trailer is, in fact, family friendly
      34. US mag EGM rises from the dead
      1. Need for Speed: Shift screens are full of cars, obviously
      2. DJ Hero get's proper gameplay footage and dev demo
      3. World cosplay record beaten (again)
      4. Mad Catz signs multi-year agreement for Xbox 360 wireless controllers
      5. No multiplay for Arkham Asylum
      6. Mass Effect iPhone - details and images
      7. DJ Z-Trip to host Activision's DJ Hero unveiling at E3
      8. Nintendo to hold post-E3 UK press event
      9. Watch Crackdown in timelapse video
      10. Front Mission Evolved and NIER revealed in Square's E3 announcement
      11. XSeed at E3 - Fragile, JU-ON, Flower, Sun and Rain
      12. Sega Vintage Collection 2 arriving in June for PSN and XBL
      13. Wolfenstein 3D heading to PSN and XBL next week
      14. MotorStorm Pacific Rift third game update: Speed and Adrenaline Rush
      15. Square Enix at E3 - Final Fantasy XIII anyone?
      16. First LEGO Rock Band trailer is adorable
      17. Watch the E3 trailer for Alpha Protocol right here
      18. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle gets E3 assets galore
      19. Way of the Samurai 3 heading to North America for Xbox 360
      20. Rumor: Leaked photos of Ghostbusters Proton Pack for Wii surface
      21. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood E3 trailer shows gameplay, shootin'
      22. Bonnaroo track pack coming to Rock Band next week
      23. First look at Microsoft's E3 stage and more have landed
      24. Killzone 2 patch delayed for technical reasons
      25. Madden 10 co-op play detailed
      26. Need for Speed: Nitro gets two minutes of gameplay video
      27. Sony plans to "quickly" break even on PlayStation business
      28. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues to release this autumn
      29. Jay-Z and Eminem added as "consultants" for DJ Hero
      30. LittleBigPlanet teaser shows what could be ICO [Update]
      31. New trailer for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising shows battle
      32. CrimeCraft to be sold exclusively through Best Buy
      33. Need for Speed: Shift has 65 cars, 18 tracks
      34. US PS movie store update, May 28 - Taken, Annie Hall, Amityville II
      35. US PSN update, May 28 - Loads of add-ons, Resident Evil
      36. Lionhead to give "big presentation" in MS E3 presser
      37. The Saboteur E3 trailer has drunk Nazis, a blurred ass
      38. StarCraft II impressions and details come out of Korea
      39. Blizzard hires an additional 500 staffers for Cork support center
      40. Need for Speed: Shift trailer shows BMW M3 GT2
      41. BlizzCon 2009 - second block of tickets on sale tomorrow
      42. Mafia II screens show guns, blazing building
      43. Browser-based Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online formally announced
      44. Unlock a bonus map with Battlefield 1943 community challenge
      45. Dragon Age: Origins gets dated for October
      46. Batman: Arkham Asylum to release on August 25
      47. Eidos confirms E3 line-up
      48. The Matrix Online to be switched off on July 31
      49. Tiger Woods to be discless on PC and Mac this year
      50. Two new things: E3 and Twitter
      51. Bayonetta E3 trailer is completely amazing
      52. AlienWare "all-powerful" laptop has twin GTX 280M GPUs
      53. Ubisoft trademarks Killing Day
      54. Atlus announces Trauma Team for Wii
      55. 2K - BioShock 2 will release for PC, PS3 and 360 on October 30
      56. Cryptic working on Atari IP rehashes
      57. Champions Online for Xbox 360 in "Q3"
      58. Atari losses widen to €226.1 million
      59. Japanese hardware sales - the "end of the road" edition
      60. New Sony phone works with PS3, PlayTV
      61. Space Harrier for Wii VC Arcade this week
      62. BioShock 2 multiplayer contains story sequences as you rank up
      63. Phil Harrison becomes Atari non-executive director
      64. New Lost Planet 2 vid shows co-op gameplay
      65. Tricia Helfer to appear as Dare in Halo ODST
      66. Monster Spike pre-E3 special airs, "steals E3's thunder"
      67. E3 set-up pics show scaffolding, ropes
      68. Take-Two stock crashes 10% on notes issue announcement
      69. Microsoft developing 300,000-player online console game
      70. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - first footage
      71. New Splinter Cell Conviction trailer send emo Sam home
      72. EA to sell Tiger Woods "online for console downloads"
      73. Kojima teases more images of faces for new project
      74. Just Cause 2 video shows "corrupt island paradise"
      75. Supreme Commander 2 - first video
      76. DJ Hero - first gameplay shots
      77. Bethesda-Splash Damage game is Brink, first trailer released
      78. Sky TV confirmed for Xbox 360 in UK [Update]
      79. New Split/Second movie has airplane-dodging
      80. First DJ Hero video doesn't show much
      81. New Mass Effect 2 trailer shows Shephard, a mission
      1. Get a sneak peek of the E3 video for White Knight Chronicles
      2. Smoking Gun working with author Douglas Rushkoff on new title
      3. Midway puts the rest of its pieces up on the auction block
      4. Iron Maiden heading to Rock Band in June
      5. Wentworth Miller tweets his BioShock movie roll
      6. Natsume announces E3 line-up - Afrika, Harvest Moon on hand
      7. SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 to have four-player co-op
      8. Riccitiello paid $11.1 million in 2009 while 1,100 faced sack
      9. Pirated Sims 3 has been downloaded 180,000 times already
      10. 4mm announces Def Jam Rapstar
      11. EA's E3 booth - first shot
      12. DiRT 2 video has cars, people, racing, loud music
      13. Warner to release Lord of the Rings games across multiple genres
      14. TIGA wants to nurture UK's Indie developers and promote education
      15. Dead Space: Extraction - the entire E3 demo in video
      16. Natural Selection 2 teaser shows massive and scary beast
      17. BUZZ! HQ coming to PS Home
      18. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 specials movie is special
      19. Red Dead Redemption - new screens scream quality [Update]
      20. Next issue of Edge gets first look at FIFA 10
      21. Steve Ballmer makes impromptu Zune HD showing, people faint
      22. Prototype walkthrough shows proper gameplay
      23. Capcom to attend GameOn! London
      24. DJ Hero to feature 100 tracks, original mixes
      25. Xseed secures US rights to distribute Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
      26. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gets new movie
      27. Beatles: Rock Band will "blow your mind" says George Harrison's son
      28. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood minimum PC specs posted
      29. List of GDC Europe speakers starts to thicken up
      30. Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island video gives you a guided tour
      31. Dead Space Extraction Wii-bound in September
      32. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing - first movie
      33. 2000AD LittleBigPlanet pack lands on PSN today
      34. EEDAR - 45% of 2008's game sales came from Q4
      35. Rumor: Valve to show Left 4 Dead 2 at E3
      36. Borderlands - two new screens
      37. Japanese software sales - Mass Effect has nice debut
      38. Euro PSN update - May 28
      39. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing confirmed for early 2010
      40. Xbox 360 hits 30 million globally, 20 million "active" on Live
      41. Source: "PS3 Slim is 100% real"
      42. UFC fighter cut from game for "clipping and collision detection" issues
      43. Rumour: PS3 Slim will skip E3, is real
      44. MGS4 and GT5 Prologue added to Greatest Hits range
      45. Cursed Mountain video shows a cold and scary Himalayan mountain
      46. Firefly developing castle-based MMO Stronghold Kingdoms
      47. Take-Two borrows $100 million, issues notes, Pachter explains why
      48. Mexico's eighth annual Electronic Game Show gets dated
      49. Ubisoft to stream its own E3 conference live
      50. European PlayStation Blog is now live
      51. BioShock 2 multiplay given to "proven experts" in Digital Extremes
      52. First Gladiator A.D. video features man with no head
      53. Fight Night Round 4 demo up on Live
      54. E3 - Moore wants "strut and swagger" back
      55. G4 promises 14 hours of live E3 conference streaming
      56. GTTV and Spike streaming major E3 conferences live
      57. Wada - Square to be top 10 "player" in global entertainment
      58. Rumour: GRIN lays off 100-160 staff
      59. New Rabbids go Home trailer is suitably stupid
      60. E3 2009 - Press conference and liveblog timings
      61. Mass Effect 2 OXM feature scanned, put on internet
      62. No More Heroes 2 detailed from Famitsu
      63. The Agency has CG trailer, back-flips
      64. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine announced, trailered, awesome [Update]
      1. David Cage wants to "stop making games for kids and teenagers"
      2. Avatars - a potted history
      3. Activision dates Wolfenstein for August 4
      4. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce DLC lands tomorrow
      5. Activision at E3 - strong line-up announced
      6. EA at E3 - huge line-up confirmed
      7. First look at LotRO's Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum
      8. Scott Guthrie resigns as VP of Publishing for THQ
      9. Best selling PSN titles for April include Rag Doll Kung Fu and Worms
      10. Ass Creed 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Avatar to all have DLC
      11. Xbox Live activity for the week of May 18, Halo 3 reigns supreme
      12. Ubisoft predicts Apple will become bigger player in gaming
      13. Sony has “high hopes” for the success of inFamous
      14. Spike to show the first trailer from next Bethesda game tomorrow
      15. Ubisoft narrows down 2009 lineup, Splinter Cell: Conviction coming Q3
      16. Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage confirmed
      17. Ubisoft profits up 18% for 2008-09; plans to expand on quality
      18. Konami promises "revolutionary announcements" at E3 press event
      19. Report: PC gaming daunted but unbowed by recession
      20. MAG to be playable at E3
      21. Killzone 2 patch 1.27 to release "tomorrow morning"
      22. Riccitiello to host EA E3 presser, "upcoming initiatives" promised
      23. Blizzard soundtrack Echoes of War re-released with discount
      24. Tor to publish BioShock novel, slated for fall release
      25. 38 Studios buys Big Huge Games
      26. Tecmo Bowl Wii on hold, still coming to Xbox Live
      27. Apocalypse Now writer John Milius to pen Homefront plot
      28. Free Realms has pulled in 2 million users in a month
      29. JU-ON: The Grudge for Europe this Q4 [Update]
      30. Jumpgate Evolution delayed, no new date on horizon
      31. Scratch: The Ultimate DJ controller revealed
      32. Kelion leaves Rare for Warner
      33. Lips: Number One Hits headed to stores just in time for holidays
      34. Home downloaded 6.5 million times, revenue not a "priority"
      35. Ex-ninja Itagaki to return with new team and 360 title
      36. PS3's VidZone - tons of new screens, "hope" for E3 announce
      37. Kaos FPS Homefront set in North Korea-occupied US
      38. Guardian - No Zune HD for UK
      39. Macquarie: Wii Fit Plus and "Mario/Zelda" to be shown at E3
      40. Rumour - UK Xbox 360 TV link-up is with Sky
      41. Zeebo launches in Brazil
      42. Brutal Legend Twitter interview for June 2
      43. No More Heroes 2 - first shots
      44. Metal Gear 5 - Famitsu interview translated
      45. Afrika releasing in US this year
      46. Guitar Hero 5 dated for September 1
      47. Second new High Voltage game is The Grinder
      48. Zune HD announced for fall release, Live link-up included
      49. Big boss appears on Kojima teaser site, Raiden hits Famitsu
      1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned announced
      2. BioShock 2 teaser site gets overhaul, things to click
      3. Sly Cooper 4 reference in inFamous is a joke
      4. Capcom has "no plans" for Street Fighter IV character DLC
      5. Brutal Legend site is now live and full of goodies
      6. Play Unreal Tournament 3 Black for free through the weekend
      7. BioShock 2 concept art is destined for your desktop
      8. Take-Two: All future titles will have multiplayer or DLC
      9. Take-Two swings to loss in second quater
      10. Civilization sales hit 9 million worldwide
      11. BioShock 2 dated for US and Europe [Update]
      12. Mafia II and Red Dead Redemption both delayed [Update]
      13. US PC charts for week ending May 16 - Fallout 3 is back
      14. Second GTA IV DLC announced, named The Ballad of Gay Tony
      15. Lord of the Rings Online updates to Vol.2 Book 8 in June
      16. Sega announces E3 lineup, includes the obvious
      17. Sony to release a new PS3 SKU according to Best Buy data
      18. Reggie, Iwata and Dunaway confirmed for Nintendo E3 conference
      19. Secret Agent Clank gets screened, arrives in stores
      20. DiRT 2 intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience
      21. Ghostwire to use DSi camera functionality to its fullest
      22. Gaikai demo pulled from E3
      23. Girl reaches Mars thanks to Noby Noby Boy promotion
      24. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron headed to DS and PSP
      25. Dark Void dev diary features Inafune, shows in-game action
      26. Army of Two: 40th Day screens show war, shooting, a kid in a helmet
      27. Flip's Twisted World is a topsy-turvy puzzler for Wii
      28. Land of the Dead screens released for Warhammer Online
      29. LittleBigPlanet gets 2000AD DLC this Thursday
      30. BattleForge is now free to download
      31. Cowen - EA's "missed the current hardware cycle"
      32. In-game ads to hit $1 billion within five years - Screen Digest
      33. Star Ocean: The Last Hope CE detailed, photographed
      34. UK charts - UFC straight in on top
      35. Ubi trademarks C.O.P. The Recruit
      36. Keighley: Heavy Rain to release "next year"
      37. Rumour: Kojima's "orange box" revealed in new Famitsu [Update]
      38. FUEL: Weather is a "key player" in massive racer
      39. Jaffe: We're not taking our game to E3
      40. Aliens Vs Predator - new screens
      41. Gamestop: Tony Hawk: Ride to cost $120
      42. Where the Wild Things Are coming to "all console platforms"
      43. Gladiator A.D. revealed as New High Voltage title, another to be shown tomorrow
      1. Get Bionic Commando Rearmed at 50% off this week
      2. Radio 1 listeners crown CoD4 as "favourite game"
      3. Sweeney: Games to achieve complete graphical realism in "10-15 years"
      4. Next High Voltage game to be announced today
      5. Wii Rock Band gets Bowie, Ministry, more
      6. PixelJunk 1-4 named "Shooter"
      7. Major Nelson to play Rock Band in Iraq
      8. Call of Pripyat to provide "complete set of new locations" for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans
      9. Resi 5 has sold 5 million copies since launch, says Abe
      10. Big BioWare pre E3 show on Spike TV this Thursday
      11. Eurogamer to reveal two big titles this week
      12. No plans for Dead Space Wii DLC
      13. Sin City and Amelie were inspirations for The Saboteur claims French
      14. Loads of lovely God of War III screenshots
      15. Sony to halve component suppliers in cost cutting move
      16. "The majority of people [don't] really care that much about being number one in the world," says Bizarre
      17. Iwata talks life at Nintendo without Miyamoto
      18. Capcom: Mystery E3 game is "NOT" Devil May Cry 5
      19. Bowling: Modern Warfare 360 online has 13 million unique users
      20. Tekken 6 will have "ground-breaking online game modes," says Wang
      21. Radio 1 - "Gaming can be force for social good"
      22. UK to get cool looking inFamous bundle
      23. Latest issue of Old Republic: Threat of Peace web comic up
      24. Kotick sells $60m Acti shares
      25. New Champions Online trailer shows cool armour
      26. New Heavy Rain screens show pretty lady in red
      27. 360 Gears of War bundle announced for Australia
      28. Rumour: Square Enix to announce three new titles before E3
      29. Rockstar looking for 8 new staff - new game on the way?
      30. Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 to get PC release
      31. UK and US public holidays today
      32. Full DJ Hero controller spotted, grabbed
      33. Modern Warfare 2 - first hi-res screens
      34. Modern Warfare 2 site launched
      35. Full Modern Warfare 2 trailer released [Update]
      1. Blizzard drops hints for upcoming World of Warcraft patch
      2. New Bayonetta video is a pretty solid watch
      3. Oversized Final Fantasy XIII posters confirm 2010 US release
      4. Weekly MMO news round-up: EVE Lore updates, EverQuest double XP, Bounty Bay hunts
      5. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor map coming with update
      6. Wallace & Gromit out for Xbox Live next week
      7. No middle of the road for inFamous, you're either good or evil
      8. Siberia map coming to Quake Live next week
      9. Team Fortress 2 patch fixes Sniper vs. Spy update
      10. LEGO Battles gets a really, really cute trailer
      11. Retailers list Splinter Cell: Conviction for a June release
      12. Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii this summer
      13. UK SingStar update for May 28 - Queen, Depeche Mode, Korn
      14. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 info leaked from OXM
      15. Bethesda did not actively seek Bill Clinton for Fallout 3
      16. TF2 item drop system explained
      1. PS3 leaderboards for Bionic Commando are now live
      2. NecroVisioN gets classification in Australia after some changes
      3. America's Army 3 Beta keys up for grabs on FilePlanet
      4. Feel is now called JU-ON: The Grudge, hits US near Halloween
      5. Resident Evil: Directors Cut PSone coming to PSN May 28
      6. US PS movie store update, May 22 - Corsican Bros, Uninvited, Outlander
      7. X-Blades demo now on Xbox Live
      8. New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shots show more snow
      9. John McEnroe is excited to be in Grand Slam Tennis
      10. Gears of War 2 videos show All Fronts DLC in action
      11. Rumor: Kojima's new game is Lords of Shadow, then again maybe not
      12. Diablo III screens and video show the Fallen Ones
      13. Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age fans to have "minds blown" at E3
      14. Next Week on Rock Band: Cranberries, Ministry, Zombies
      15. WiiWare turns one, celebrates with Crystal Defenders R2
      16. BioShock 2 to have biggest marketing budget in 2K history
      17. Stardock emails 50% off coupons to current Demigod users
      18. Empire: Total War getting Russian Grenadier and other updates
      19. GameStop exec says Assassin's Creed 2 will release in November
      20. Mike Gallagher: "E3 has never been a consumer show"
      21. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shows loads of destruction
      22. Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island trailer confirms June 11 release
      23. It may be 20-30 years before we start "smelling" games
      24. Ruffian expands staff, "itching" to reveal current project
      25. Former President Bill Clinton turned down Fallout 3 role
      26. Rock Band Project 9 gets rated by OFLC - it's probably The Beatles
      27. PS3 Tomb Raider: Underworld getting Trophies this month
      28. Watchmen PS3 to release as Blu-ray "game and film hybrid"
      29. Iwata: We'll release new hardware when "we find a very interesting idea"
      30. "Big" Criterion news today at 4pm BST [Update]
      31. PS3 and Wii price cuts in the third quarter, says Gamestop
      32. FUEL is officially the "biggest console game of all time"
      33. FUEL delayed to June 5
      34. Tomb Raider: Underworld is now Classic and Platinum
      35. Cage: Heavy Rain is "difficult to understand"
      36. Heavy Rain - tons of in-game footage
      37. Japanese hardware sales - the "abandon all hope" edition
      38. "No plan" for No More Heroes on other consoles
      39. New Big Daddy revealed on Game Pro cover
      40. Sony at E3 - JAW timer points to E3 presser
      41. Modern Warfare 2 - new in-game footage
      42. New Heavy Rain shots are probably in-game
      43. Kojima teaser site reveals another countdown
      44. Shots for Demon's Souls show loads of scary things
      45. Capcom to release more than ten iPhone games by 2010
      46. US PSN update, May 21 - inFamous and Monster Hunter demos
      1. GameTrailers TV to drop pre-E3 bombs on May 28
      2. Radical hands out more shots for Prototype
      3. Damnation gets ready for release with new assets
      4. F.E.A.R. 2 Armored Front map pack now on PSN and XBL
      5. Iwata talks Nintendo price cuts and upcoming titles
      6. DC Universe Online gets The Flash treatment
      7. Poison Ivy stars in Batman: Arkham Asylum video
      8. David Cage says there's not going to be an Indigo Prophecy 2
      9. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood video is the Wild West at its best
      10. Japanese 7-Eleven claims Kojima's teaser is a new Metal Gear
      11. Experience sensory overload with new Overlord II videos, screens
      12. Euro PSN update, May 21 - inFamous, MvC2, and Red Faction demos
      13. Watch Jack Black vomit in first Brütal Legend promo
      14. The Queen gets a golden Wii courtesy of THQ
      15. CrimeCraft closed beta launches, game to be released August 25
      16. GameStop reports record sales of $1.9 billion for Q1
      17. Spaceballs and Jackass: The Movie were an inspiration for No More Heroes
      18. Mills: I'd appear in game where Sun journos were shocked at the "privates"
      19. Japanese software sales - Bleach: Heat the Soul 6 is tops
      20. Warner Bros makes $33 million bid for Midway
      21. Sonic the Hedgehog lands on iPhone with little fanfare
      22. Assault on Dark Athena premium multiplayer Map Pack goes live
      23. PC version of Red Faction: Guerrilla pushed into August
      24. Paul McCartney's ex demanded "six-figure sum" to appear in Bionic Commando [Update]
      25. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo now on XBL and PSN
      26. Square latest Japanese firm gripped by swine panic
      27. Call Of Duty: World At War Map Pack 2 shots released
      28. Killzone 2 - Flash and Thunder pack gets trailered
      29. Red Faction: Guerrilla MP demo now live for 360 and PS3
      30. Microsoft to announce TV-related 360 partnership on May 28
      31. Digital Foundry blog merges into Eurogamer
      32. Watchmen games heading to disc retail
      33. Rockstar founders form 4mm Games
      34. ESRB listing reveals new portable Star Wars Battlefront games
      35. FUEL is "arguably the most open-world game there is"
      36. Pokemon RPGs - now with more action?
      37. Sony considering game rentals and music downloads for PSP
      38. Batman: Arkham Asylum - tons of story footage
      39. Grandia Online - actual, real video
      40. Warner Bros. making Lord of the Rings kids game
      41. Kojima sticking to "bigger projects," under "pressure" for more MGS
      42. NPD: More Americans play games than go to the movies
      43. Web-based level-sharing portal coming to LBP
      44. Plants Vs Zombies is best-selling PopCap game ever
      45. Koei next Japanese pub to contract swine flu fear
      46. Team Fortress 2 free this weekend
      47. ESA: 2009 does not mark "return to the old E3"
      48. ESRB rates PSone MGS and RE for PSN
      49. New Splinter Cell Conviction trailer points to US
      1. Bethesda trademarks "Brink" with USPTO
      2. Darksiders: Wrath of War video shows angry demons
      3. SCEE launches campaign to boost popularity with 8-15 year olds
      4. Romulan ships featured on Star Trek Online site
      5. Need for Speed: Nitro Wii and DS screens released
      6. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires gets a pretty trailer
      7. Capcom to release titles on Steam same day as retail, considering more RE5 DLC
      8. Atlus secures North American rights to Demon's Souls
      9. EA: Vision for Wii is "long-term", ready to make "new games and take risks"
      10. More Saint's Row 2 DLC coming May 28, promises info on Dex
      11. Capcom says Dead Rising 2 will skip E3 due to swine flu concerns
      12. Deadpool trailer surfaces, has loads of action
      13. OnLive will not be exhibiting at E3 this year
      14. Ubisoft announces Academy of Champions featuring Pelé
      15. Evolved issues recall of Terminator: Salvation PC version
      16. Resistance 2 gets its own Home space with promo code
      17. Halo 3 and Halo Wars sell between 57,000 and 74,000 units in April
      18. Killzone 2 to get Flash and Thunder Map Pack
      19. Blur's debut video is a bit of a tease
      20. Gazillion hires former Microsoft exec Stuart Moulder as new VP
      21. Jambo! Safari announced for Wii and DS
      22. Tony Hawk: Ride multi-plat in UK, admits Acti after botched announcement
      23. Aliens Vs Predator - first trailer
      24. AvP fully detailed, features three-way multiplay, first shots [Update]
      25. Terminator Salvation has install issues with PC version
      26. Ratchet & Clank content confirmed for LittleBigPlanet
      27. Zeno Clash 2 announced, loosely detailed
      28. Monkey Island: Special Edition listed on USK site
      29. New Splinter Cell Conviction media expected today
      30. Tony Hawk Ride is 360 exclusive in the UK [Update]
      31. Spielberg - Console platforms to go "the way of the Dodo bird"
      32. Take-Two Q2 results for May 26
      33. Indie devs are more creative, says Starbreeze
      34. Leaked Trico footage is real, talk casts doubt on E3 reveal
      35. DJ Hero - details, partial playlist
      36. Deadpool revealed for Ultimate Alliance 2
      37. Rumour: First Trico video leaked [Update]
      1. Gears of War No. 7 comic tells Tai's backstory
      2. DJ Hero controller details and scans from the latest Game Informer
      3. Old Republic concept art and video feature the Mandalorian Blockade
      4. Rumor: Media Molecule possibly working on Ratchet & Clank content for LBP
      5. Fuel gets another multiplayer video, looks racey
      6. Avalanche lays off 20 staffers, Just Cause 2 unaffected
      7. Lost Planet 2 interview details new features
      8. US PC charts for week ending May 9 - musical chairs at best
      9. Need for Speed: Nitro video proves why muscle cars are awesome
      10. World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.2 is live, complete with Equipment Manager
      11. Killzone 2 moved an additional 58,000 units in April
      12. Legendary Pictures to internally develop videogames
      13. Next Tomb Raider movie to be based on a younger Lara
      14. Dynasty Warriors 6 gets a date with the US
      15. inFamous - Euro versions to get English language patch
      16. Spore: Galactic Adventures to have Robot Chicken DLC
      17. David Cage talks Heavy Rain's setting, why France didn't make the cut
      18. Sim 3 video shows different aspects of life and gameplay
      19. Blur - first proper shots [Update]
      20. Videogame film tie-in sales declined this year, says NPD
      21. Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack now on Live
      22. All Fallout 3 DLC to be published on PS3, two more episodes confirmed for PS3, 360 and PC
      23. Zoe Mode opens US office with former Sony staff
      24. Blur to make racing "fun" again, says Chudley, game detailed
      25. Rumour: Lips Uno on the way
      26. Want fanboy action? Be watching at 3.00pm BST today
      27. English language left off major inFamous Euro builds
      28. E3 2009 floorplans published
      29. Peter Moore confirmed for Edinburgh keynote
      30. Ass Creed 2 team sizes up to 450
      31. Capcom Japan undecided on E3 attendance
      32. Grasshopper Manufacture working with Square Enix
      33. APB gets new screen, date with E3
      34. Sony sued again over controller rumble
      35. Echochrome gets PS Eye, Cloud support
      36. Slim PS3 firm goes cease-desist mental over leaked shots
      37. TF2 Spy Achievements posted, Valve wins corporate fail award
      38. Wii Rock Band gets 25 tracks today
      1. 3D Realms "has not closed and is not closing"
      2. Dead to Rights: Retribution gets new shots and video
      3. UK video games market at lowest weekly value since 2007
      4. Get Chains of Olympus free with a PSP from Gamestop
      5. More Modern Warfare 2 footage this week
      6. Wal-Mart trialling “Video Game Buyback” kiosks
      7. GTTV - US journos talk E3
      8. Madden 10 shines in new screens
      9. Rock Band PSP gets Euro date
      10. Super Stardust HD composer to work Trine soundtrack
      11. Fight Night Round 4 will be more accessible, says EA
      12. Sega confirms Virtua Tennis 2009 release date
      13. GTA: Chinatown Wars sells 74k in second month in US
      14. US VC gets Majora's Mask
      15. Prima's Forza 3: Official Guide listed on Amazon.de
      16. Tony Hawk: RIDE is massive step forward for games industry, says Acti
      17. DJ Shadow: DJ Hero mixing options for licensed music "will raise eyebrows"
      18. David Braben to talk at Games Eden
      19. Ubisoft reiterates Hollywood CGI plans
      20. New Fight Night Round 4 screens get us ready to rumble
      21. Mario Kart Wii being used in US school road safety classes
      22. Get S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Cheronbyl, Psychonauts for free
      23. SouthPeak posts Q3 revenue growth
      24. Wii Fit UK's number 1 for seventh week running
      25. Dynasty Warriors 6 gets Euro date
      26. Conduit creators to unveil new IP at E3
      27. Capcom restricts Inafune's Nordic Game appearance due to Swine Flu
      28. Quake Live to get one new map a week for six weeks
      29. Microsoft labels ZuneX a "rumour"
      30. Cheaters' Gamercards will be tagged
      31. Take-Two shares jump after increase in Icahn cash
      32. Allard signs off on 360 Magic Wand patent
      33. Bethesda to target mature Wii audience with "really big announcement"
      34. Alienware plans major E3 announcement? [Update]
      35. Rumour: Battlefield Heroes heading to high def consoles [Update]
      36. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - system requirements and screens
      37. New York Punch Out!! launch pics show people playing and smiling
      38. Modern Warfare 2 gets scanned
      39. Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats now on Steam
      40. Wii Sports Resort gets golf, table tennis
      41. Dragon Quest Wars announced for DSiWare
      42. Kojima site updated with "5"
      1. TF2 Spy video features mother porn
      1. Funcom reports $7 million in revenue for Q1 2009
      2. First batch of BlizzCon tickets sold out, no shocker really
      3. First bit of artwork surfaces for Earth No More
      4. 101 free games to play over the weekend
      5. Champions Online release pushed back, needs more time
      6. Weekly MMO news round-up: Fallen Earth gets screened, CrimeCraft enters beta, Ultima needs testers
      7. Rumor: Bionic Commando sequel revealed through Morse Code
      8. Rabbids Go Home video shows development, voice-overs
      9. Pre-purchase Damnation through Steam, get Second Sight free
      10. Reminder: BlizzCon 09 tickets go on sale today
      11. New Director of Public Relations hired at ECA
      12. Tripwire issues a patch for Killing Floor, should solve server issues
      13. Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools now in beta, ready for download
      14. Miller: We never saw T2's $12 million
      15. Ninja Gaiden to continue on multiple formats
      1. Batman walkthrough shows "free flow" demonstration
      2. New Worms 2 Armageddon trailers show the return of fire, electromagnet
      3. Assault on Dark Athena sold 100,000 in April
      4. EA officially announces NHL 10, the ability to trade punches
      5. Watch eight minutes of CoD: World at War Map Pack 2
      6. Uncharted 2 single-player trailer resurfaces with extra goodness
      7. Street Fighter IV PC minimum and recommended specs released
      8. Arkane and Valve's FPS 'The Crossing' shelved
      9. Trophies listed for Burnout Paradise's premium DLC Big Surf Island
      10. Rock Band Unplugged track list revealed
      11. Call of Duty: World at War 50% off on Steam this weekend
      12. Over one million users flock to Free Realms in 17 days
      13. Fight Night Round 4 demo now available to those who pre-ordered
      14. Limited Edition Dissida Final Fantasy PSP bundle is a GameStop exclusive
      15. Check out the Mabari War Dogs in Dragon Age: Origins
      16. DJ Shadow was consultant on DJ Hero, contributed music
      17. Mass Effect 2 "Prelude to E3" trailer is live
      18. Microsoft: No announcement regarding Crackdown 2 "at this time"
      19. United Front working on Hong Kong action game for Activision
      20. Radio 1 getting Big Gaming Weekend
      21. Guitar Hero 5 details surface: Johnny Cash, new competitive mode
      22. Mass Effect 2 trailer to be released sometime today
      23. Heavy Rain producer says game would be "too difficult" for Xbox 360 to handle
      24. Tripwire's Killing Floor now available on Steam
      25. Hawk Ride controller "responds like a real skateboard," detects grabs
      26. Rumor: Criterion working on Need for Speed title due in 2010
      27. Red Faction: Guerrilla multiplayer demo dated for May 21
      28. EU proposals could mean refunds for buggy games
      29. Wolfenstein XBLA confirmed
      30. New Telltale series for E3 reveal
      31. Need for Speed: Shift has new shots
      32. Telltale turns 5, drops 50% from Sam & Max and Strong Bad
      33. Resonance of Fate gets "spring" 2010 Euro release date
      34. Overlord Wii passes Nintendo cert
      35. Game Informer promises two "huge exclusives" today
      36. April NPD: Nintendo hardware responsible for 56% of US sales
      37. April NPD: 360 hardware up 28% this year, says Microsoft
      38. April NPD: Sony ignores PS3 figures in reaction
      39. Resonance of Fate coming west next year
      40. TF2 sniper gets a shield
      41. Japanese hardware sales - DSi pips PSP
      42. Take-Two sues Apogee over Nukem delays
      43. GTA IV DLC episode two details "soon"
      44. Splinter Cell Conviction gets first, maudlin trailer
      45. Tony Hawk Ride, plastic skateboard, revealed
      1. April NPD: DS breaks 1 million, PS2 outsells PS3
      2. April NPD - US sales 17% down for second month running
      3. April NPD: Wii Fit sells 471K units for clear software win
      4. April NPD - All the figures
      5. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes debut trailer and loads of screens
      6. Terminator Salvation 'Rail Sequences' trailer is the best one yet
      7. Premium Crackdown theme coming to Live tomorrow
      8. Analyst: Sony could cut PS3 price by $100 as early as late summer
      9. Microsoft adds eight new titles to Platinum Hits collection
      10. US PSN update, May 14 - Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is free
      11. Alice Cooper heading to Rock Band next week
      12. Konami reports record fiscal year thanks to MGS, Pro Evolution Soccer
      13. Mario & Luigi RPG 3 screens show what it's like inside Bowser
      14. Han Solo slips into wormhole, lands in Indy's Staff of Kings
      15. Croteam still working on Serious Sam 3, publishing deal close
      16. Euro PSN update, May 14 - Bejeweled 2, BUZZ! Junior, Zen Pinball Zen
      17. Crazy splicers shown in new BioShock 2 screens
      18. Runes of Magic pulls in one million users during first two months
      19. Armored Front map pack coming May 21 for F.E.A.R. 2
      20. Aaron Greenberg says E3 reports are "completely uninformed"
      21. April NPDs 20 Best Selling PC Games: Lich King back on top
      22. First video for Uncharted 2 single-player mode released
      23. Kojima Productions teaser site goes live
      24. Get double XP this weekend playing Gears of War 2
      25. Spielberg: Selling Dreamworks to EA was "the smartest and dumbest thing I ever did"
      26. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will not be shown at E3 this year
      27. Boom Blox: Spielberg drops mention of "next iteration beyond Bash Party"
      28. Factor 5's US studio closes doors
      29. Battlefield 1943 Iwo Jima video is full of explosions
      30. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes officially announced
      31. Overlord Dark Legend gets new trailer, looks cool
      32. Rumour: APB heading for the MS E3 conference
      33. Rockstar not showing anything at E3
      34. Potter confirmed for June 30
      35. Jamie MacDonald to leave Sony
      36. Bionic Commando Rearmed now cheap for PS3
      37. Yet another Mass Effect 2 wallpaper
      38. Madden 10 animation footage shows in-game 360/PS3 action
      39. Atari becomes US-only brand
      40. Monster Hunter 3 (~tri) gets new footage
      41. Worms 2 Armageddon footage - 3 videos
      42. PS3 sales to hit 13 million in FY09, says Sony
      43. Rumour - Slim PS3 revealed through Chinese factory shots [Update]
      44. PlayStation sales drop 18% for fiscal year
      45. Sony hardware - PS3 sales up for full-year as PS2 business collapses
      46. Sony software - PS3 game sales explode in FY08
      47. PS3 Firmware 2.76 now live
      48. Sega Sammy trims full-year losses
      49. Japanese software sales - Pokemon on top
      1. Treyarch says game market isn't saturated with zombies
      2. GoldenEye designer would love to see the game on Virtual Console
      3. BioShock 2 video shows you how to become a Big Daddy
      4. Hideki Kamiya talks all things Bayonetta
      5. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift DLC heading to PSN May 14
      6. Survey asks gamers what they would pay for LOTRO on Xbox 360
      7. Splinter Cell: Conviction website offers up a big tease
      8. SCEE Home promises to catch up to other regions
      9. DICE plans to do a better job with Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      10. Ghostbusters multiplayer video shows loads of colorful rays
      11. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes coming to DS in August
      12. Loose Cannon Studios founded by former Sucker Punchers
      13. US PC chart for week ending May 2 - WoW rules the world
      14. Radical seeking designer and programmer for Wii port
      15. Capcom offering gaming soundtracks through iTunes
      16. Microsoft shoots down PS3 Lost and Damned rumors
      17. Rumor: Buzz Monkey, Crystal Dynamics working on next Tomb Raider
      18. Sony shoots down slimmer PS3 rumors
      19. Animator outs Call of Duty 7 development through online resume
      20. Brutal Legend: We didn't think we'd get Jack Black, says Schafer
      21. Staff of Kings has loads of whip use, headbutting
      22. Castle Crashers hits 900,000 players
      23. Bandicoot creators form casual studio
      24. Houser: Red Dead Redemption multiplay to include "charging around on horses"
      25. Star Trek DAC now Live
      26. Fallout 3 DLC has been "hugely successful," more may come, says Bethesda
      27. Kojima reveal for May 18
      28. We're in the next-gen sweet spot, says Fight Night dev
      29. Nintendo - Hardcore loves to be unfulfilled
      30. inFamous is 15 hours long, up to 25 hours if you do everything
      31. New Avatar shoes released
      32. Dawn of War II gets monster update
      33. Blizzard: Creating next MMO is an "overwhelming process"
      34. Pachter: MotionPlus could sell 10 million in 2009
      35. FFVII: Advent Children Complete dated for US
      36. 360 motion-sensing on the way, says Wall Street Journal
      1. Midway Creditors sue Redstones, Mark Thomas over leaving Midway "insolvent"
      2. Watch the introductory teaser-trailer for City of Heroes: Going Rogue
      3. White Knight Chronicles trailer is full of RPG goodness
      4. Greg Canessa signs on with Blizzard for unannounced online game
      5. inFamous 'Prison Break' video shows lethal force
      6. Critter Crunch lets you eat bugs and vomit rainbows
      7. Sniper update for Team Fortress 2 coming soon
      8. Get your very own minion when you pre-order Overlord II
      9. Damnation video details storyline, villains, super soldiers
      10. First look at Uncharted 2 single-player airs Thursday on GTTV
      11. Rumor: Possible Kojima project to be announced in three days
      12. Final Fantasy XIII on 360 may be in English only
      13. Xbox Live Activity for the week of May 4, Halo 3 tops once more
      14. McCartney's H?fner bass guitar included in premium Beatles: Rock Band
      15. Modern Warfare 2 scans look good and snowy
      16. Modern Warfare 2 details leak out of next Game Informer issue [Update]
      17. Atari will not be exhibiting at E3 this year
      18. Cyanide to adapt "A Song of Ice and Fire" into multiplatform game
      19. BlizzCon pet is the WoW exclusive Grunty the Murloc Marine
      20. Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar bundle is a European exclusive
      21. Remedy grabs mo-cap help for Alan Wake
      22. NCsoft officially announces Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes
      23. Rock Band getting Country Pack on July 21
      24. id Software says games come first, licensing Tech 5 engine second
      25. MotorStorm Pacific Rift update ready for download
      26. Dante has no "lead platform," says Visceral
      27. One in four UK households owns a console
      28. Next Killzone 2 DLC will be "best looking thing we have ever made"
      29. Q trademarks Guardian Hearts
      30. Bruckheimer Game Studio signs Cohen and Veevaert
      31. Wii makes it on to Debenhams wedding list top 20
      32. Microsoft: "June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers... hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre"
      33. Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena announced for Wii and DS [Update]
      34. VG247 Reader Survey - help us help you and win a copy of FUEL!
      35. Fable II DLC, See the Future, goes live
      36. New Punch-Out!! promo is actually funny
      37. Going Rogue expansion (sort of) announced for City of Heroes
      38. Contra ReBirth gets first footage
      39. Rumour: White DS3s arrrive in the US
      40. New Dragon Age screens show blinding detail
      41. Halo Wars patch notes ready for today's title update
      42. Fight Night Round 4 demo linked to pre-orders in UK, new video released
      43. inFamous - Good and evil is "not just a binary choice"
      44. iPhone Peggle priced at $5
      45. Pearl Jam working on live Rock Band project
      1. Far Cry 2 gets large title update, corruption risk reduced
      2. New Hawk revealed this week
      3. Modern Warfare 2 on next Game Informer cover
      4. MotionPlus-only Red Steel 2 is "huge risk," says Ubi
      5. "Accept you're a thief" if you're still playing pirated Demigod, says Wardell
      6. Duran Duran, Locksley, more, for Rock Band Wii this week
      7. Partial The Beatles: Rock Band tracklist to be announced at E3
      8. Cooking Mama beats 4 million sales
      9. Fable II sees the future in new shots
      10. Gunstar Heroes, Altered Beast and more confirmed for XBLA, PSN
      11. NCsoft numbers up on Aion success
      12. EEDAR estimates lesser win for 360 over PS3 in April
      13. Over 20% of Japanese population owns a DS
      14. Thief 4 confirmed, logoed
      15. 360 demolished PS3 in April, US trade down 17% - Pachter
      16. "Noob" could be the millionth English word
      17. UK charts - Wii Fit still top, etc
      18. Blizzard tops Develop 100 2009
      19. Nearly 9,000 games trade staff made redundant in last year
      20. Capcom working on PS3 exclusive?
      21. Sims 3 - new screens, has probably gone gold
      22. GT5 to have "rain and night," damage "soon"
      23. Japanese hardware sales - PSP holds lead
      24. Bethesda Splash Damage project is FPS, "genre-breaker," "killer app"
      25. Livingstone: Next Tomb Raider will contain "remarkable things"
      26. There'll "possibly" be another Tomb Raider movie, says Big Ian
      27. Prince of Persia movie - first footage
      28. Old Republic gets Trooper class, new comic
      29. Pokémon Gold and Silver remake - first movie
      30. First Modern Warfare 2 gameplay footage released
      31. Weekly MMO news round-up: Fallen Earth is elf-free, Star Wars details the Trooper class, EVE storyline updates
      1. PSN to spread to other Sony hardware, says Stringer
      2. Rumour: DNF footage leaked
      3. Ensemble death spews out yet another studio
      1. Codemasters puts out more screens and a video for Fuel
      2. Rumor: The Lost and Damned heading to PS3 in August
      3. Concept Art from Brutal Legend looks a lot like Lemmy
      4. Clover makes it through Xbox Live peer review process
      5. More details on upcoming patch for Dawn of War II
      6. PopCap adds achievements to Plants vs. Zombies on Steam
      7. Street Fighter IV bundle for PC includes Mad Catz FightPad
      8. Universe At War: Earth Assault is $5 on Steam this weekend
      9. Gearbox hiring summer interns to work on current projects
      10. Ashes Cricket 2009 headed to consoles and PC this summer
      11. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes announced, trailered
      12. Dragon Age: Origins trailer shows "war torn world filled with blood and lust"
      13. Playboy casual MMO announced, hankies not included
      14. Qore starts handing out beta vouchers for Uncharted 2
      15. Mass Effect on PC is 80% off this weekend only
      16. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 includes EA Sports Live Tournaments mode
      17. Swords and Soldiers RTS heading to WiiWare next week
      1. WMP doesn't give you a competitive advatange in multiplayer
      2. Ian Livingstone talks Batman delay, Hitman, Kane and Lynch 2
      3. French site posts possible footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2
      4. Rumor: David Jaffe's next project involves cars
      5. Court again orders 7 Studios to hand over source code to Scratch
      6. Dig Dug Remix for iPhone now on the App Store
      7. Q-games give walk-thru of PixelJunk 1-4
      8. Chamber apartment is free on Home next week
      9. Have a look at the peripheral for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ
      10. New screens and video released for Need for Speed: Shift
      11. Play Bionic Commando multiplayer demo with Capcom
      12. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand sells 1/12 of Bulletproof
      13. US PS movie store update, May 8
      14. Watch the full intro to Prototype right here
      15. Mythic announces closed beta sign-ups for Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss
      16. PC Gamer UK gets first full reboot since 1993
      17. Duke Nukem Forever artist releases never-before-seen shots of game
      18. Gears screenwriter says he pictured "The Rock" when writing lead role
      19. inFamous demo includes Sly Cooper 4 reference
      20. Assassin's Creed II trailer to hit UK television this weekend
      21. Codemasters claim F1 2010 is "best F1 game ever"
      22. Resident Evil is Capcom's best-selling series of all time
      23. BioShock 2 multiplayer to show Rapture "before the fall"
      24. SBK '09 Superbike World Championship demo now on Xbox Live
      25. Rock Band gets Disturbed, adds Elvis Costello and others
      26. Acti Blizz CEO: "Blur to do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters"
      27. Real Money Trading included in Champions Online beta
      28. Nintendo reveals million sellers for Wii and DS
      29. Kotick: No new consoles "any time soon"
      30. Ballmer: "Pay attention to the stuff we're announcing in the next month on Xbox"
      31. Resident Evil 5 breaks 4 million, SFIV 2 million
      32. Capcom full-year figures show 10.6% sales increase
      33. Guitar Hero hits $2 billion in sales
      34. Two new Battleforge maps today
      35. Dante's Inferno is "squarely in this action adventure fighting genre"
      36. WiiWare Contra has screens
      37. US PSN update, May 7 - Qore episode 12
      38. Visceral boss "confident" of success with Dead Space: Extraction
      39. View global Steam stats right now
      40. NIS America shows 2009 RPGs for PS3, PS2, PSP Wii and DS
      41. Acti Blizz Q1 earnings call - everything in one place
      42. Acti Blizz Q1 earnings call - the full transcript
      43. Acti Blizz - We own 55% of all music games in US and Europe
      44. New Hawk to give "thrill of skateboarding like never before", E3 reveal planned
      45. Watch someone play the entire inFamous demo from beginning to end
      46. Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes confirmed
      47. Reuters: "Hero", WoW and Call of Duty movies in discussion
      1. GameTap adding Fable, Ages, and other Microsoft PC titles to service
      2. WoW may be taken offline for Chinese transition, says Morhaime
      3. StarCraft II "external beta testing" this "summer"
      4. Acti Blizz: 34 million Guitar Hero tracks downloaded
      5. Acti Blizz adds "Call of Duty" to Modern Warfare 2, original ships 13 million
      6. DJ Hero can have added guitar for play
      7. Acti Blizz - Console sales will rise 53 million units this year
      8. Nielsen Media says Second Life is second most played PC title
      9. Activision Blizzard posts $981 million revenue for Q1
      10. Activison: Guitar Hero World Tour was #1 best-selling third-party title in the U.S
      11. BigPark acquired by Microsoft for game studios division
      12. Closed beta sign ups start for Huxley: The Dystopia
      13. Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition on Wii for your kids
      14. Ubisoft to announce Holiday line-up at E3
      15. New Blood Bowl shots show star players
      16. Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC restored for PC
      17. Next week's SingStore update celebrates Eurovision 2009 final
      18. LittleBigPlanet getting Judge Dredd and a discount on GoGamer
      19. Rock Legends Quiz Pack for BUZZ! hits PSN today
      20. Euro PSN update, May 7 - Savage Moon demo, LocoRoco, LBP
      21. Zoo Publishing snatches up rights to Empire Interactive IPs
      22. Astro Boy: The Video Game releasing with movie in October
      23. Google VP Jeff Huber joins EA's board of directors
      24. Need for Speed Undercover patched for PC
      25. E3 still on despite California's swine flu concerns
      26. Xbox live UK getting Pathé movies
      27. Ghosbuster devs don't want customers confused over distribution changes
      28. Guitar Hero: Van Halen confirmed, will have other bands
      29. Wacky trailer, screens for Rabbids Go Home
      30. Develop 2009 speakers confirmed
      31. Mythos MMO rises from the dead, official site confirms dev status
      32. US Prototype pre-order goodies detailed
      33. DiRT2 gets studio tour video
      34. Rolando 2 trailer has rolling stuff
      35. Arkanoid XBLA wants extra money to finish game
      36. Bizarre racer Blur gets first screens
      37. Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero and Band Hero confirmed for autumn launch, detailed
      38. Nintendo is world's sixth most reputable company, says Forbes
      39. Op Flash pulled back to "balance player experience"
      40. DJ Hero controller - first pics
      41. New King of Fighters XII screens show colours, fighting
      42. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising slips to "autumn", new trailer
      43. Report: New Yakuza game in the works [Update]
      44. THQ - 800k units break-even on core games "days are over"
      45. "Softness" emerging in Wii market, says Farrell
      46. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is for a "wider age group of people"
      47. Eurogamer Expo dates confirmed for London and Leeds, Sony, Nintendo and MS on board
      48. VG247 confirmed as media partner for EG Expo 2009
      49. Loman - EG Expo 09 would be "great place" for announcements
      50. THQ full-years earnings call - the full transcript
      51. THQ full-year results - everything in one place
      52. FFXIII isn't a JRPG, says Kitase
      53. Nintendo full-year results - everything in one place
      54. Nintendo - 26 million Wii, 30 million DS to be sold in FY10
      55. Nintendo predicts 11.8 percent drop in profit for FY10
      56. Mario Kart Wii sales beat 15 million, Will million-sellers reach 54
      57. Nintendo sales up 10%, profit up 14% for FY09
      58. 3DRealms closes, Take-Two keeps hold of Nukem
      1. Virtua Tennis 2009 pushed into June
      2. Obscure: The Aftermath heading to PSP in September:
      3. Namco trademarks gaming title God Eater
      4. US Eagles DLC headed to Tom Clancy's HAWX on May 7
      5. PS3 price cut expected "later in the year," says THQ boss
      6. Multiplayer demo confirmed for Red Faction: Guerrilla
      7. THQ plans to return to profitability in 2010
      8. Saints Row and Dawn of War sequels to ship for "many years to come"
      9. Activision releases full list of tracks for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
      10. Company of Heroes Online to launch before March 2010
      11. Saints Row 2 ships more than 2.8 million units
      12. THQ posts $431 million loss for fiscal year
      13. inFamous Special Edition contents revealed for UK
      14. Wolfenstein particle cannon trailer is awesome
      15. Capcom reveals entire E3 line-up
      16. Sadness developer Nibris may appear at E3
      17. Qore subs to get Uncharted 2 beta access on June 3
      18. City of Heroes cheaters to have rewards revoked
      19. Microsoft cuts 75% of staff at its Massive in-game ad division
      20. Lionhead says public disclosure of development "backfired" during Fable I
      21. Blizzard opens StarCraft II beta sign-ups
      22. Rumor: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's turntable controller has Mp3 functionality
      23. CD Projekt again blames Widescreen for The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf suspension
      24. Red Dead Redemption trailer here, now, hothothot
      25. 3DV motion-sensing playtested - heading to 360 at E3?
      26. Brutal Legend Gamestop pre-orders to get Tenacious D in-game guitar
      27. BioShock 3 could take place in Rapture, says 2K
      28. EVE turns six, hits 300,000 subs
      29. Gears of War 2 sells over 5 million units worldwide
      30. Epic announces All Fronts Collection for Gears of War 2
      31. Atari confirms multiplatform Ghostbusters release for US
      32. Epic brands Nano.Strike patent talk as "rumor"
      33. Superstars V8 Racing screens look rather nice and race-like
      34. Execs wanted Brutal Legend to be "country" or "hip-hop" title
      35. Garriott was sacked while in "quarantine from his space flight"
      36. Prototype's slip to 2009 made its vision a reality, says Radical
      37. New MGO content coming this month
      38. Red Dead Redemption - new screens ahead of tomorrow's trailer
      39. Disney Q2 losses static as revenue drops
      40. New Dawn of War II maps get screens
      41. Sony press releases Ghostbusters capture
      42. Screenwriter: Gears of War movie is looking "incredibly good"
      43. Ghostbusters - 360, Wii and DS SKUs to release later this year
      44. VidZone confirmed for PS3 launch this summer
      45. Sony to issue Ghostbusters press release today
      46. Report: Sony to publish Ghostbusters, uncertainty surrounds 360 version
      47. Garriott suing NCsoft for $24 million
      48. EA: Two new online subs services this year
      49. EA full-year earnings call - the full transcript
      50. EA full-year financials - everything in one place
      51. EA released more PC games than anything else last year
      52. EA: Mobile revenues rose 24% last year
      53. EA: The PC is "rapidly becoming the largest gaming platform in the world"
      1. Ubisoft responds to leaked Red Steel 2 trailer - sort of
      2. EA's Wii revenue nearly doubles to 14% compared to last year
      3. MvC2 revamp doesn't mean you're going to get MvC3, says Capcom
      4. Riccitiello: Current hardware cycle to be "very extended"
      5. BlizzCon tickets go on sale May 16, will be streamed live
      6. Riccitiello - Negative comps to continue until June
      7. Warhammer Online ended March with 300,000 subs
      8. EA to release 30 games on iPhone this year
      9. Spore sells 2 million copies
      10. FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09, Need for Speed Undercover each sell 5 million copies
      11. EA loses over $1 billion in fiscal 2009, cuts Q4 loss
      12. Marvel reports $80 million in licensing deals, games and royalties helped
      13. Civilization IV: The Complete Edition hitting stores May 12
      14. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix hits PSN this week
      15. Online gaming in China expected to reach $8.9 Billion by 2013
      16. Killzone 2 sells more than 1.5 million copies worldwide
      17. CoD: World at War Map Pack 1 sells two million worldwide
      18. Rumor: Konami working on exclusive "new title" for Xbox 360
      19. Empire enters administration
      20. Ghostbusters on Blu-ray will not have a game demo
      21. Alternate costumes now available for Street Fighter IV on XBL
      22. New Red Faction: Guerrilla trailer shows bombs, stealth
      23. Crytek assigns Free Radical projects it "always dreamed to do"
      24. More The Beatles: Rock Band instruments revealed
      25. BattleForge now $29.99 and no subscription fee
      26. Bethesda: Games for Windows DRM breaking PC Broken Steel, new Achievements bagging 360 version
      27. Dragon Age to get pen and paper RPG
      28. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 slated for June 29 on PSN and XBL
      29. Apple snaps up game industry vet Bob Drebin
      30. Apple-EA buyout rumour beyond "idiotic," says Pachter
      31. Xbox Live activity for week of April 27, Halo 3 and the usual suspects
      32. Plants vs. Zombies ships for PC and Mac
      33. Zipper Interactive to public beta test MAG
      34. Prototype boss - "Developing any open-world game starts at a difficulty level of ‘hard’"
      35. Live's 1 Vs 100 going into Canadian beta
      36. Whoops: Broken Steel PC is broken [Update]
      37. Brutal Legend DLC is "something awesome," says Schafer
      38. Fallout 3: Broken Steel goes live
      39. Bobby Kotick gets a new boss, Levy to chair Acti-Blizz
      40. Metal Gear Solid Touch demo out now
      41. Frenchman wins FIFA World Cup
      42. UK charts - Wii Fit squats off Wolverine
      43. Raven: "We’d love for there to be more Singularity games"
      44. Section 8 beta registration opened
      45. Dead Space sells 1.4 million
      46. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat hits Wii on June 5
      47. Star Trek: DAC movie has proper movie bits in it
      48. The Warriors XBLA has screens, can probably dig it
      49. New Mistwalker RPG to be announced "sometime this year"
      50. Teversham quits Microsoft for Apple
      51. Kitase: FFXIII to hit Europe within 12 months of Japanese release
      52. Report: Apple eyeing EA buyout
      53. Dragon Age: Origins to eschew DRM
      54. Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad confirmed
      55. Buy Battlestations: Pacific, get Midway free
      56. Red Steel 2 gets first trailer
      57. Capcom to release between 20 and 40 older games to PSN in "next several months"
      58. Canada sees first sales decline in 7 years
      59. Play Killzone devs at Steel and Titanium today
      60. Maxis staffing for "fast-paced multiplayer action game"
      61. Trine's still pretty, screens prove it
      62. EA Redwood Shores becomes Visceral Games, confirms two new projects
      1. Arkanoid, Space Invaders and Zombie Wranglers on XBLA this week
      2. Demigod multiplayer fixed this week, says Stardock
      3. Styx and REO Speedwagon for Wii Rock Band
      4. EA loss expected for March quarter results, full-year figures tomorrow
      5. Tiger 10 and Grand Slam Tennis brought forward a week
      6. Wheelman gets DLC right now
      7. Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer released
      8. TMNT remake - first video
      9. Monster Hunter 3 (tri~) listed for US launch
      10. The9 launches World of Fight after losing Chinese WoW license
      11. New TMNT game shown in New York
      12. Rumour - Pokémon Silver and Gold to get remakes
      13. Deadpool included in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
      14. Perfect Dark XBLA - more rumours
      15. New Fuel shots released
      16. Sacred 2 - more screens
      17. Housers head up to Time 100
      18. Eidos Montreal heading for May 11 announcement
      19. Quake Live to get big content update in May
      20. New Saboteur footage shows Will to Fight mechanic
      21. Bank Holiday in the UK today
      1. Wolverine boss keen on Deadpool game
      2. Fat Princess screens show fat, princesses
      3. Weekly MMO news round-up: Shadowbane gets a reprieve, AoC goes lvl 50, Twitter comes to PlayXpert
      1. Pachter: Next-gen consoles not before 2013, if at all
      2. GameStop controls 21% of US game market
      3. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years may be hitting WiiWare June 1
      4. CoD4 cheater patch now live on Xbox 360
      5. Atomic hopes Six Days in Fallujah will have the "opportunity to change expectations"
      6. Commander Shepard could still be alive in Mass Effect 2
      7. Protesters angry over US Army using FPS to recruit into armed forces
      8. High Voltage to show two Wii exclusives at E3
      9. E3 2009: The list of attendees - so far
      10. Sony PS3 outsells Nintendo Wii for second month in Japan
      11. Rumor: Call of Duty 7 set in Cuba, Vietnam
      12. Red Steel 2 details surface, lacks multiplayer
      13. First video for Feel is a creepy thing indeed
      14. Epic files patent for Nano.Strike game title and console faceplate
      15. Survey asks if gamers would like a "karma system" in next GTA
      16. Resident Evil 5 on PC uses NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision technology
      17. Over 144 voice actors lent their talent to Dragon Age: Origins
      18. New RUSE trailer shows real-time, strategy
      19. Left 4 Dead free-play extended
      20. Latest Old Republic movie discusses world creation - watch this
      21. Rumour: Full-body motion-sensing 360 shot leaked
      1. May update for Lips has John Denver, New Edition, Blink 182
      2. Bethesda has "no announced plans" for fourth Fallout 3 DLC
      3. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection demo up on XBL
      4. Rock Band reaches "metal milestone" with 666 tracks
      5. Batman: Arkham Asylum pushed to the "end of summer 2009"
      6. Dawn of War II patch coming this month
      7. See the Wii-no-Ma video service in action
      8. US PS movie store update, May 1
      9. Assassin's Creed 2 screens are quite a sight
      10. Molyneux says new Lionhead project was inspired by a game image
      11. Overlord II video proves having minions is a good thing
      12. EA Japan announces DS game with ninjas and dungeons
      13. Mass Effect for iPhone is not a prequel but a "side-story"
      14. 2009 Golden Joystick Awards now taking your votes
      15. Patapon producer says there is a "good chance" the franchise will continue
      16. Res Evil 5, Bionic Commando confirmed for PC, SFIV for July in the West
      17. Allman Bros, Franz Ferdinand, Luscious Jackson heading to Rock Band
      18. Moore: Nintendo has "no reason" to drop Wii's price
      19. Wii-no-Ma video service outside of Japan is "under planning"
      20. Moore: "No inkling" of next gen consoles, current cycle sales could be "biggest ever"
      21. Peter Moore Vs VG247 - round two
      22. Namco puts Splatterhouse staff back to work on title
      23. Hatton and PacMan "rumble" in Fight Night Round 4 vid
      24. Codies offers LotRO for ?5 in UK
      25. Rumour: Gunstar Heroes XBLA gets leaked shots
      26. Spore hits 100 million creations
      27. David Reeves prefers PES to FIFA
      28. Nintendo EU fine reduced by ?30 million
      29. Japanese hardware sales - PS3 drops back after FFXIII demo mega-rush
      30. Street Fighter IV PC for June 2 in Japan
      31. Eidos UK: No change to Batman date
      32. Wolverine PR photos must be seen to be believed
      33. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat gets first screens [Update]
      34. Champions Online 360: No "huge" wait over PC version, says Roper
      35. 360 already has "memorable" MMO "experiences," says MS
      36. Velvet Assassin isn't that great, say first reviews
      37. Left 4 Dead gets 40% off this weekend
      38. Man plans Gizmondo movie
      39. inFamous demo launching on May 21
      40. Brutal Legend story trailer shows gameplay
      41. Sims 3 could move 4 million this year, says analyst
      42. Media Molecule offers Sackboys for all
      43. Square teases mystery E3 game
      44. Variety: PS3 motion controller for E3
      45. Prototype video shows pilotable helicopters
      46. Rumor: Guitar Hero Van Halen achievements list surfaces