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  • February 2012 Archive

      1. Rayman Origins demo now available on Steam
      2. Debunked - Baldur's Gate teaser video not related to Beamdog announce
      3. The Amazing Spider-Man includes playable Stan Lee
      4. Used Vita games can still produce trophies
      5. Capcom, Namco and Sega mystery project characters teased
      6. Silent Hill HD Collection US release delayed
      7. Rumour - PlayStation 4 will not use Sony's Cell Processor
      8. Virtual goods sales in 2011 hit $2.3 billion, according to study
      9. "No reason" XCOM: Enemy Unknown would be toned down for consoles
      10. Four Sony Online Entertainment titles to close down
      11. Rumour - Gilgamesh, Jihl and more coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC
      12. Meet Monster from Papo & Yo
      13. Reakktor Media looking for last minute backer to avoid closure
      14. Unit 13 video shows you the controls, how to score, provides strategies
      15. Five new images released for Kinect Rush
      16. Update 10 now live for DC Universe Online
      17. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit releasing this year
      18. End of Nations open beta "coming soon"
      19. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 hitting XBL March 20
      20. Customization trailer released for Shoot Many Robots
      21. "Major" Assassin’s Creed" announcement "days away"
      22. Blizzard announces staff reductions, 90% not related to game development
      23. Report - GameStop looking into GAME acquisition
      24. Aion free-to-play trailers shed light on Elyos and the Asmodians
      25. New “Build To Kill” video released for Starhawk
      26. Today's the last day to get early bird rates for UbiQ Paris
      27. Microsoft Flight Launches Today on PC
      28. OXM teases a "killer sequel" and "spectacular reboot" for next issue
      29. Discrepancy between US and EU PS Stores blamed on "licensing and localization"
      30. Japanese Charts - Tales of the Heroes, Harvest Moon 3DS Top the Charts
      31. GAME shares fall 15% after announcing it won't carry Mass Effect 3 at launch
      32. Rumor - More purported screens of Doom 4 emerge
      33. Windows 8 Xbox 360 integration videoed by Engadget
      34. Mass Effect 3 Vault DLC to come with Calibur11’s Collectors Edition Vault
      35. LOTRO Update 6: Shores of the Great River to contain seven new areas
      36. Rumor - Sim City 5 concept art surfaces, game hitting in 2013
      37. Gravity Rush gets June western launch - new trailers
      38. Risen 2 screenshots show monsters, muskets, voodoo
      39. PES 2012 to get free DLC update next week
      40. Bigpoint to show A Game of Thrones MMO at GDC next week
      41. Anubis calling: ZoE HD pack confirmed for autumn
      42. Castlewood is the focus of these new Game of Thrones RPG screens
      43. Johnny Minkley leaves Eurogamer to go freelance
      44. Borderlands 2 to use Steamworks on PC
      45. SWTOR launches in Asia Pacific Territories with regional servers
      46. It's EA Sports Season: FIFA Street makes pro sport personal
      47. Euro PS Store update, February 29 - AC: Revelations, SR:3, Killzone 3
      48. Confirmed: GAME to not stock Mass Effect 3 for launch
      49. The Legend of Dead Kel story DLC coming to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on March 20
      50. Nintendo setting up pre-launch Kid Icarus: Upririsng multiplayer tournament
      51. Namco Bandai to publish City Interactive titles in certain EU regions
      52. Toshihiro Nagoshi appointed Sega's new CCO
      53. Wargs detailed for latest LOTRO update
      54. Sony more open to allowing game IPs for social, mobile
      55. Neo Geo game sells for $30,000
      56. Gravity Rush to get three week DLC run from March 22
      57. 999 sequel heading to US as Zero Escape, coming to Vita
      58. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment coming to PSP this May in Japan
      59. Dragon's Dogma demo inbound, first Asura's Wrath DLC dated
      60. Level 5's Guild01 launching on May 17 in Japan
      61. Mario Party 9 trailer shows off boss encounters
      62. Zynga's latest release peaks at 33.1 million monthly users
      63. Nintendo denies The Binding of Isaac a 3DS release
      64. Nightmare Busters announced as first SNES game in over ten years
      65. Guild Wars 2 customisation extended with 13 extra attributes, 40 traits
      66. EA GDC event to include Guggenheim, Harrison speeches
      67. Sky high? How PS Vita performs on long haul
      68. R18+ inquiry returns recommendation, cites "overwhelming support"
      69. Capcom apologises for sexist Cross Assault comments
      70. US PS Store update, February 28 - Killzone 3 trial, AssCreeRev and FFXIII-2 DLC
      71. Baldur's Gate announce incoming from Beamdog
      72. First Pokémon Black and White 2 trailer is snooze worthy
      73. Pong Indie Developer Challenge offers up to $100,000
      1. Medal of Honor: Warfighter shows "family-oriented" operators
      2. Bungie founder confident in 343 Industries and Halo 4
      3. Mistwalker working on "several projects"
      4. Auditorium sequel to be Kickstarter funded
      5. Street Fighter x Tekken Korean CE includes Ono, Harada figures
      6. Age of Conan crafting to be overhauled, questing axed
      7. Gravity Bone sequel to release as Kickstarter bonus
      8. First MechWarrior Online trailer is a bit of a tease
      9. Origin's auto-catalogue add does not access your files
      10. BioWare "not pushing any particular direction" with romance choices
      11. Quick Shots - Warriors Orochi 3 screens show unaffiliated characters
      12. Ninja Gaiden 3's Regent of the Mask wants Ryu to suffer
      13. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs won't be "a nice and mellow experience", says Frictional
      14. Blacklight: Retribution enters open beta, players needn't worry about "paying to win"
      15. Recon class overview video released for Ghost Recon Online
      16. Double Fine files trademark for The Cave
      17. Skyrim update 1.4.27 released on Steam
      18. Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle announced
      19. MLB 2K12 demo released for 360 and PS3
      20. Medal of Honor producer almost quit over 2010's Taliban controversy
      21. MW3's Liberation and Piazza now available on PSN for premium Elite members
      22. Doom 4 cancellation rumor squashed, supposed leaked shots hit the net
      23. Less than 1,000 PAX East badges remain for April 7
      24. Apple confirms March 7 event, iPad 3 reveal expected
      25. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition out in US, launch trailer released
      26. Crytek attending the Durango developers summit in London
      27. Wii U controller diagrams show original design vs. E3 design
      28. ESRB rates Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition for Mac
      29. Minecraft modding support in the works at Mojang
      30. "Whenever I create a game it's still like my own child is being born," says Sakaguchi
      31. GameSpy Technology tools will be available to Vita developers in April
      32. Watch the second Max Payne 3 trailer again, this time with lovely annotations
      33. Pre-order Sniper Elite V2 and you get to kill Hitler
      34. Jet Set Radio releasing this summer on PC, PSN, and XBLA
      35. Mitrhil Edition for The Lord of the Rings Online released
      36. Twisted Metal dropping issues to be addressed this week
      37. Square confirms European release for Quantum Conumdrum
      38. New Imageepoch game to be revealed in next week's Famitsu
      39. PlayStation Vita Vaults to tour Republic of Ireland
      40. Report - Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital going into administration
      41. Original Wasteland composer on board for Wasteland 2
      42. Street Fighter X Tekken PvP hitting PS Home Wednesday
      43. Ironclad's RTS Sins of a Dark Age may be F2P, but you can't "pay to win"
      44. Boondock Saints game to be a "full-on co-op shooter" for PC, 360
      45. Vitalised: PlayStation Vita hits 1.2 million sales worldwide
      46. Diabolical Pitch captured on film from Xbox anniversary event
      47. Gotham By Gaslight animation video gets out
      48. OnLive to feature demos of IGF nominees, honourable mentions
      49. FIFA Street demo launches on XBLMP
      50. Lionhead countdown heading towards GDC end
      51. SSX launches in US, reviews less than tricky: all the scores
      52. Harada looking at several uses for Wii U controller for Tekken
      53. Playdead aiming to bring Limbo to iOS, Android, Windows 8, says listing
      54. TGS 2012 to be about spreading smiles, will have streaming video
      55. Sine Mora to cost 1200 MS points - new trailer
      56. Bravely Default trailer goes art heavy
      57. HBO Go to launch on Xbox 360 from April 1 in US
      58. Otherland trailer goes wub wub heavy with the dub dub
      59. Primal launching as PS2 classic from today
      60. False alarm: Chrono Bind trademark from Square points back to FFXIII-2
      61. Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles in US, get free artbook
      62. Soul Calibur Impact happening on March 17
      63. Next Spicy horse game to be fairy-tale based - first art
      64. DICE lending Frostbite to a Montreal EA studio
      65. I Am Alive trailer argues for strategic emphasis
      66. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Kingslayer trailer slays kings
      67. Origin auto-adds EA games purchased on Steam
      68. Devil's Third budget could almost make every Itagaki game combined
      69. PSN Maintenance scheduled for Thursday
      70. Saints Row: The Third Bloodsucker DLC doesn't include sparkles
      71. Scribblenauts Remix update add screenshot sharing
      72. Journey trophies hype for imminent release
      73. No Vita plans for Borderlands 2, 2K confirms
      74. Double Fine is still pitching games to publishers
      75. Android global tally reaches 300 million
      76. PSN Gamers' Choice Awards voting opens tomorrow
      77. Atari teasing "really special announcement" tomorrow
      78. Team Meat denies 3DS eShop filesize limit, claims misquote
      79. Three new Avalanche titles to be announced by mid-year
      80. First Drow-centric Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion due June 25
      1. Wipeout 2048 to see extensive post-launch support - DLC, new modes, more
      2. PlayStation Suite-exclusive content inbound
      3. Mass Effect 3 single-player up to 40 hours long, reviewer claims
      4. Mark of the Ninja announced by Shank developers
      5. Lionhead recruiting points to next-gen hardware
      6. Report - Facebook games finding it harder to attract users
      7. Planetside 2 won't be region-locked
      8. Guild Wars 2 beta starts March, sign ups peaked at 4,000 per minute
      9. BioWare founders: Mass Effect 3 MMO "daunting", but "interesting"
      10. Dear Esther shifts 50,000 copies in under a week
      11. Hawken wins $10 million from League of Legends backers
      12. Sounds pretty good: Théberge on Mass Effect 3′s audio
      13. CCP US boss Tinney quits for games-health startup
      14. Bethesda hiring for "unannounced" game on "future-gen" hardware
      15. Epic to preview next-gen Unreal Engine 4 at GDC
      16. EA: Mass Effect 3 pre-orders "well ahead" of ME2
      17. Thatgamecompany "exploring ways to bring our games to bigger audience"
      18. Medal of Honor: Warfighter to feature co-op support, one shot kill mode
      19. GAME to offer Ubisoft Vita launch titles from tomorrow
      20. The Last of Us will "turn the model of the hero on its ass," says actor
      21. EU PS Video Store gets free South Park episode
      22. UK charity SpecialEffect joins TIGA
      23. Pokemon Black and White 2 confirmed for UK autumn launch
      24. A week to GDC 2012: why there'll be no keynote
      25. UK charts: Vita takes one and two with Uncharted and FIFA
      26. Media Create: Vita 3G beat WiFi at Japanese launch
      27. Embracing change: EA’s Hilleman on the real next gen
      28. SSX trailers show off Siberia, Alaska, and Patagonia
      29. UMvC3 DLC hints at new Marvel announce
      30. Vita trailers: Escape Plan, Motorstorm, Shinobido, Katamari
      31. FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 kicks off in Australia - register now
      32. World of Darkness' "kick ass core team" is AAA sized
      33. CCP: Dust 514 fills a need for "intuitive, familiar, speedier" EVE Online
      34. Team Meat: WiiWare "horrible", but 3DS eShop "reasonable"
      35. Polytron debunks Xbox Live Marketplace's Fez release date
      1. Guild Wars 2 video demonstrates crafting
      2. Nintendo Zone gets Euro debut at Hyper Japan
      3. More Diablo III console hints spotted in Blizzard recruiting
      4. Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma Xbox 360 surprises inbound
      5. Mass Effect 3 Fight trailer leaks ahead of TV debut
      6. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is nearly finished
      7. Project Draco is Crimson Dragon - new screens
      8. Rumour - Website slip dates Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for July
      9. Lumines Electronic Symphony was almost Daft Punk themed
      10. Indie Face Kick and Be Mine join indie bundle scene
      11. Pokemon Black and White 2 hitting DS this June in Japan
      1. Decks in The Secret World are there to provide direction "more than anything else," says Funcom
      2. Next Bravely Default demo to include gameplay and more AR features
      3. The Assassin in Borderlands 2 loves swords, and is a mysterious fella
      4. Time Travelers hitting Japan in early summer
      5. Square's Guardian Cross trademark was for a mobile game
      6. Sonic 4: Episode 2 screens show water, snow, a roller coaster
      7. Pachter clarifies his comments regarding Nintendo being "in disarray"
      8. Games are "only form of artistic expression" allowing users to "explore and experiment", says Melissinos
      9. "I have been wanting to make a sequel to Wasteland for nearly 20 years," says Fargo
      10. Second major patch for SWTOR to contain docking tweaks, ship customization put on hold
      11. Heavy Metal map video released for Blacklight: Retribution
      12. Darkstalkers 3 rated by ESRB for Vita and PS3
      13. En Masse to hand out TERA beta keys to those encountering pre-order snafu
      14. Blow says The Witness has 440 puzzles, will last longer than previously planned
      15. Critical Mass working on a Boondock Saints game
      16. Sons of Anarchy creator in talks with a "major gaming company" on game adaption
      17. Rally the Troops with Aion on February 27
      18. Players can choose between stealth or full-blown murder with Hitman: Absolution
      19. Amazing Spider-Man concept art show a grittier, animalistic Rhino
      20. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 day one Vita DLC to be made available next week
      21. Saints Row: The Third Bloodsucker Pack DLC lands February 28
      22. Get your hands on a life-sized Portal Gun this summer
      23. Far Cry 3's open-world to maintain "sense of exploration" with more purpose
      24. Warner's Midway Arcade debut tops App Store charts
      25. Mass Effect 3 space disc lands in a tree too tall to climb
      26. SOE "working on a plan" with ProSieben to keep communities together
      27. Vita launch games in UK cost 17% more on PSN than at retail
      28. Jak and Daxter Trilogy available in-stores now, hitting PSN next week
      29. One million people sign up for Guild Wars 2 beta
      30. Medal of Honor: Warfighter scans from OXM are grainy, shiny
      31. EA issues work around for freezing in Syndicate co-op until it's fixed
      32. From Ashes screens and two videos released for Mass Effect 3
      33. Double Fine's Kickstarter game may go "old school 2D", rewards announced for contributing
      34. It's EA Sports season: SSX retains its Deadly Descents
      1. C&C: Generals 2 to have "BioWare quality"
      2. Rockstar sheds more light on Max Payne's motivations and his shaven head
      3. Amazon's hosting a rather nice sale on PC game downloads
      4. Forbes editorial says the Mass Effect 3 DLC controversy is "our own damn fault"
      5. The Commando is a "more badass" version of the Solider in Borderlands 2
      6. Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball to be streamed live on Xbox 360
      7. Guild Wars 2 public beta sign ups end today at 6pm GMT, close to 1 million sign ups
      8. PlanetSide 2 video shows the prototype Sky Lance weapon
      9. ArenaNet is taking your questions regarding WvW and more in Guild Wars 2
      10. NBA Live 13 to release this fall
      11. Sakaguchi introduces director's cut trailer for The Last Story
      12. Rumor - Xbox 360 10th Anniversary Bundle hitting Europe March 9
      13. Sakaguchi has "a lot of trust" in Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase
      14. Sony posts list of tips and tricks for Vita
      15. Masuda says a “very important announcement” will be made on Pokémon Smash this week
      16. New Max Payne 3 footage shows off the Mini-30 rifle
      17. Free Gotham City Impostors DLC lands on Xbox 360
      18. Vita Facebook app removed from store by Sony
      19. Killzone 3 multiplayer to be made available in UK, contains lots of modes and maps
      20. RE: Operation Raccoon City landing on PC May 18, Brutality trailer released
      21. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai videos take you behind-the-scenes
      22. Concept art surfaces for Visceral's canceled Jack the Ripper project
      23. Average play time for SWTOR is four hours, most prefer Sundays
      24. Enter Call of Cthulhu Competition, win a copy of Astounding Stories from 1936 featuring H.P. Lovecraft
      25. Out of Africa: Far Cry 3 and the longing for simpler times
      26. Binary Domain multiplayer modes detailed, trailer released
      27. Mythos Global open beta participants clear 1 million dungeons
      28. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition video showcases DLC
      29. Meet the Supersoldiers in Prototype 2
      30. Nexon to publish Shadow Company: The Mercenary War
      31. Iwata dismisses Nikkei report on Twitter, calls it "gossip"
      32. Starbreeze takes p**s at PC pirates, includes .nfo file with Syndicate
      33. Sony aware of Vita issue with minis, working on a resolution
      34. Fully localized Italian version of World of Warcraft in the works
      35. Fez submitted to Microsoft for certification
      36. Space gaming: Apple patents ultra-thin keyboard, "meteorite" keys possible
      37. Dutch toy store mentions April 19 launch for Diablo III
      38. I-Friqiya's Fuel Overdose gets spring release for PS3 and PC
      39. Criterion holding open day for students
      40. Mass Effect 3 shows "Kinect can be integrated into core games," says MS exec
      41. System 3 secures long-term Ferrari deal
      42. Shogun: Rise of the Renegade brings bullet hell to Android
      43. Tales of Graces F screens go English
      44. Asda offering Vita for ?97 with 3DS trade-in
      45. Kinect Star Wars dance mode flashes "awesome" on Leia's pants
      46. Skyrim gives Remedy "motivation" to continue doing story-driven games
      47. Blacklight dev working on new Frogger
      48. Dexter TV producer releases Vowel Movement for iOS
      49. Street Fighter x Tekken special edition confirmed for Europe
      50. Splinter Cell: Conviction released for Windows Phone 7
      51. FIFA Street pre-order incentives detailed
      52. Kojima, Suda 51, 5pb collaboration production to kick off soon
      53. Medal of Honor: Warfighter vs Black Ops 2: B-team bore?
      54. Killzone 3 multiplayer suite coming to PS Store next week
      55. Oklahoma "violent" games tax bill defeated
      56. Persona 4 Arena hits Japanese arcades on March 1
      57. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! iOS arriving on March 1
      58. Diablo III "expectations" post was "sarcastic": Blizzard
      59. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy sees 90% sell-through in first week
      60. Ron Gilbert posts art for Double Fine collaboration
      61. Go hands-on with Mortal Kombat at Vita Social Hill this week
      62. Alan Wake PC launch bonus extended, US retail plans shaky
      63. Twisted Metal network patch now expected on Friday
      64. Everquest free-to-play conversion set for March 16
      65. Hideo Kojima's Project Ogre will feature ogres
      66. Rovio CEO: Gamers aren't 'walking wallets'
      67. NECA to produce official Valve merch, including Portal gun
      68. Official Street Fighter X Tekken launch party March 1, Los Angeles
      69. Game of Thrones RPG pre-orders net swanky art book
      70. Xbox 360 update expected to resolve voice recognition issues
      71. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions released on iPad
      1. Gotham City Impostors tops Xbox Live Arcade charts
      2. The Amazing Spider-Man due in late June
      3. Borderlands 2 to be less picky about which weapon you use
      4. EscapeVektor coming to 3DS, Vita in 2012
      5. Serious Sam Complete Pack launched, 66% off this weekend
      6. Infinity Ward and Treyarch share CoD feedback "as a franchise as a whole"
      7. Retailer lists God of War IV for February 2013 release
      8. Yakuza creator "committed" to Sony, but feels consoles are on the way out
      9. Capcom seeking patents for Dragon's Dogma character customization tech
      10. SOE responds to player concerns over ProSiebenSat.1 and Alaplaya EU deal
      11. AT&T's Vita 3G SIMs can roam internationally
      12. GDC Play adds Facebook gardening, Game of Thrones
      13. EA to bring back NBA Live
      14. City of Heroes Player Summit 2012 hits Palo Alto in April
      15. "Not to preserve [video game] history would be a crime," says Spector
      16. Midway Arcade App now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
      17. New releases facing a tough market in the UK
      18. Rhino revealed in latest Amazing Spider-Man trailer
      19. PSN down this Thursday from 4:00pm until 7:00am GMT
      20. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and more reduced on Windows Live
      21. Shoot Many Robots to launch on March 14
      22. Analyst predicts Vita will sell 12.4 million units this year
      23. Medal of Honor: Warfighter releasing in October
      24. Fallen Earth F2P now available through Steam
      25. SEGA teases Jet Set Radio HD for PSN and XBL
      26. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier wants you to Believe in Ghosts
      27. Gameplay trailer released for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
      28. Angry Birds Space gets a second teaser, official word coming March 8
      29. Mass Effect 3 space promotion is a go, equipment used donated to Texas A&M
      30. The Lost Archive and Ottoman Edition details outed for Assassin's Creed: Revelations
      31. Alpha demo and pre-order now available for Fray
      32. Pre-order Ridge Racer Unbounded and get upgraded to limited edition
      33. Alpha Collection #1 is newest Indie Royale bundle
      34. Ex-Disney game studios boss co-founds Industrial Toys
      35. Max Payne 3 PC to feature "gloriously increased resolution": first shots
      36. Nintendo downloads, February 23 – Dillon's Rolling Western, nintendogs + cats demo
      37. Rumor - Blizzard working on a free-to-play title
      38. ARMA III gets player alpha, "extensive beta," new screens
      39. New Xbox 360 update "behind the scenes stuff" for Xbox Live
      40. Harley Quinn update released for Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
      41. Former Codemasters Online VP David Solari joins Jagex
      42. DICE releases list of confirmed fixes and tweaks coming to Battlefield 3
      43. Valve handing out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta keys through survey
      44. GAME drops Last Story, holds crunch publisher talks
      45. Sine Mora to release through Xbox Live March 21
      46. Dragon Quest X beta begins today in Japan
      47. Aion goes free-to-play in Europe on February 28
      48. FIFA 12 gets January transfer update
      49. Monkey Island Tales: Episode 1 free on App Store for limited time
      50. Guerrilla co-founder Brussee departs for Visceral Games
      51. Zone of the Enders 2 HD to feature previously EU-exclusive special ed content
      52. Sony securing "bigger size" memory cards for PlayStation Vita in UK
      53. Eurogamer Expo 2012 tickets go on sale
      54. Vita beater: Wipeout 2048 is Sony's essential launch game
      55. Persona 4: The Golden's DX pack detailed, opening scene teased
      56. Rebooted Tokyo Jungle gets new screens
      57. Monolith Soft hiring for 3DS title
      58. Report: Sony working on new console using AMD tech
      59. UFC Undisputed 3: Serious license, serious fighter
      60. GDC 2012: Three talks added to Education summit
      61. Physics based puzzler Bitter Sam due March 15, first trailer
      62. Company of Heroes: Campaign Edition on the way to OS-X
      63. Hong Kong setting sold Square Enix on Sleeping Dogs
      64. Study - World of Warcraft helps improve cognitive function among the elderly
      65. Mass Effect 3's day one DLC developed post-game
      66. Hacker blamed for missing Taco Bell Vitas
      67. Mass Effect 3: Space Edition competition detailed
      1. Blizzard nervous over Diablo III's meeting "expectations"
      2. EA lays claim to seven titles on Apple's all-time best apps lists
      3. Binary Domain trailer picks on a confused robot
      4. Mass Effect 3 features a reversible cover
      5. CCP: Small string of updates releasing for EVE Online before Inferno hits this summer
      6. The Binding of Isaac's design will inform Team Meat's next game
      7. Rumour - First Thief 4 trailer complete
      8. Just Dance: Best Of announced for March 29 release in EMEA territories
      9. Over 5,000 games use Hero Engine, MMO use surges
      10. Wargame: European Escalation launch trailer released
      11. Vita: First Edition Bundles sold out, Sony "encouraged" by 3G adoption
      12. Battlefield 3: Aftershock pulled from App Store due to quality issues
      13. Street Fighter X Tekken event ticket auction opens at midnight, benefits charity
      14. Report - California's tab for SCOTUS bill to reach in upwards of $1.8 million
      15. Japanese charts: 3DS surges, Vita stays down
      16. Second batch of NeverDead DLC releases February 29
      17. Report - GAME to close 35 stores, shut down Gameplay.co.uk
      18. Guild Wars 2 Beta public sign-up page open for 48 hours
      19. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is real, may launch by Halloween
      20. CCP revenue in 2011 hit $66 million, firm considering IPO
      21. EA Tiburon vets form PixelFoundry Games, announce BlackSpace for PC
      22. Latest teaser video for Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition delves more into the story
      23. Motorstorm RC launching in US on March 6
      24. Origin announces first dual graphics 3D gaming laptop
      25. Nintendo Direct: The Last Story hitting US, Sega, Capcom and Namco unite
      26. Lollipop Chainsaw is sunshine, rainbows and gore, features zombie basketball
      27. Homefront: Ultimate Edition to launch on March 23 in EU
      28. GAME: "We can't stock absolutely everything"
      29. Open beta for Tribes: Ascend starts February 24
      30. Spirit Camera and Crimson Butterfly to see western releases
      31. Clan Operations now available for Call of Duty Elite users
      32. Euro PS Store update, February 22 - Starhawk, SSX demo, Uncharted 3
      33. Borderlands 2 dated for September, new trailer here
      34. Report: Gamers dropping credit cards for pre-pay
      35. SCEA: "We want to bring the best experiences and best brands" to Vita
      36. Alan Wake's American Nightmare launches on XBLA
      37. 3G PlayStation Vita models can receive text messages
      38. Vita will offer "long term" piracy protection, says Sony
      39. Twisted Metal to possibly get network patch today
      40. 21st Century Walkman: Vita turns PSP's dream to reality
      41. Report - Nintendo looking at media partners for Wii U
      42. Syndicate reviews go live, show alright scores
      43. Australian Vita launch: Sydney harbours whispers of mutiny
      44. Persona 4: The Golden launching on June 14 in Japan
      45. US PS Store Update, February 21 - Vita games, SSX demo, THQ DLC sale, more
      46. Black Ops blacklisting scuffle resolved
      47. The Pokémon Company calls out "scam" counterfeit games
      48. Uncharted 3 patch addresses matchmaking, hosting issues
      49. Kojipro recruiting for next Metal Gear Solid - first art
      50. Uncompromised: PlayStation Vita launches in the UK
      51. Cancelled third-person Call of Duty was Devil's Brigade
      52. Guild Wars 2 lets you play while you queue
      53. Sony: US Vita pre-orders indicate "very, very positive" sales
      54. Buy one, get one free on GOG's Dungeons and Dragons titles
      55. Sony Santa Monica, others working on The Last Guardian
      56. Newell: Valve may have been doing "something stupid" with bans
      57. Nintendo Direct presentations scheduled for February 22
      58. Waveform release trailer celebrates March launch
      1. Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC confirmed as special edition bonus
      2. Lambda Mall shown off in new Otherland dev diary
      3. Sony: Low demand, cheap pricing shelved international UMD Passport
      4. Persona 4 Arena coming to consoles in northern summer
      5. "Why wouldn't you" go indie, ex-BioWare dev asks
      6. Aion goes free-to-play in North America this spring
      7. Free-to-play The Simpsons: Tapped Out to release on iOS and Android
      8. MechWarrior Tactics revealed as free-to-play, turn-based strategy
      9. Rumor: Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die to release in North Amercia
      10. Rockstar went to S?o Paulo to do a bit of research for Max Payne 3
      11. Pre-order Mass Effect 3 through PSN, get a rifle and PS3 theme
      12. Microsoft celebrating Xbox's 10th Anniversary in Japan
      13. Hitman: Absolution videos dig into Agent 47's "handler" Diana Burnwood
      14. Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention breaks the 10 million played hours mark
      15. GTA TV and Rockstar TV trademarks surface
      16. Ironclad announces team-based RTS Sins of a Dark Age, beta this summer
      17. PS Vita Store live in EU: games, Twitter, Facebook out now
      18. Sony patent suggests an updated PS Eye may be in the cards
      19. Public multiplayer beta for Starhawk starts tomorrow
      20. Street Fighter x Tekken Vita contains 12 additional characters, will release in the fall
      21. GAME cancels The Last Story Limited Edition pre-orders, switches customers over to standard
      22. Report - GRIN was working on a Strider reboot and Streets of Rage remake before shuttering
      23. Funcom confirms June 19 release for The Secret World
      24. Asura's Wrath launch trailer and DLC screens show an enraged hero
      25. Rayman Origins Vita launch trailer goes platform-mental
      26. Rift to launch in southeast Asia
      27. Unit 13 Trophy list and Vita functionality video released
      28. Teaser video for The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition released for Xbox 360
      29. GAME will not stock Ubisoft Vita launch titles in UK
      30. GSC Game World titles coming to GOG starting with Cossacks Analogy
      31. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Vita created with Unreal Engine 3
      32. Assassin's Creed coming to Gree
      33. Studio Liverpool: Pushing Vita's limits with Wipeout 2048
      34. Coming Soon to XBLM: American Nightmare, AC: Revelations DLC, Fable III sale
      35. Report: Borderlands 2 to launch on Tegra 3-powered Android devices
      36. MW3's Overwatch map now available for Elite Premium Members on Xbox 360
      37. Mass Effect 3 gets extended Take Back Earth trailer
      38. The Witcher 2 moved over 1.1 million units in 2011
      39. Sony confirms full PS Store line-up, prices for Vita launch
      40. Spec Ops: The Line to release on June 26, new video
      41. Naughty Dog: "We're not working on anything for PS Vita"
      42. Wii Japanese video streaming service to shut down
      43. F1 2011 trailer comes for Vita launch party, stays for the drink
      44. SSX demo - video of tutorial and first mountain run
      45. Tokyo Jungle dated for June 7 in Japan
      46. Uncharted 3 to get Shade Survival co-op mode next month
      47. LA Noire PC gets DirectX 11 update
      48. A jaunt through Tyria: hands on with the Guild Wars 2 beta
      49. Yoshida on PS Vita 3G: "It's a burden having 3G because it's not cheap"
      50. Vita firmware updated, OS-X Content Manager Assistant released
      51. Skyrim already patched more often than either Oblivion or Fallout 3
      52. Yoshida: Vita "3G is our investment in the future"
      53. EA and Crytek teaming up for another game
      54. Nikkei report heralds Seaman for 3DS
      55. A-Men dev praises Sony's improved development support
      56. Tokyo Game Show 2012 detailed
      1. Free official Skyrim map app available now
      2. Rumour - Final Fantasy XIII-2 to have Mass Effect DLC
      3. Motorstorm RC DLC spotted in trophy list
      4. Skyrim patch 1.4.26 available as a Steam beta
      5. Pokémon director teases upcoming announcement
      6. London Riots PSP thief will serve jail time
      7. Alan Wake was built on an open-world engine
      8. Reign of Thunder is Day 1 Studios' new mech action title
      9. Retro City Rampage heading to PS3, Vita
      10. Black Ops 2: "Activision doesn't blacklist journalists"
      11. Remedied: Alan Wake PC breaks even within 48 hours
      12. Gale force: Evolution's Rustchynsky on Motorstorm RC
      13. Newell: If Valve has to "sell hardware, we will"
      14. Double Fine Kickstarter project hits $2 million
      15. Bobby Kotick joins Coca-Cola board of directors
      16. New Ready at Dawn project set for "next-generation" console
      17. UK charts: UFC roundhouses Amalur from top spot
      18. Ninja Gaiden 3 to have Japanese language option in western edition
      19. 3DS fastest ever console to hit 5 million sales in Japan
      20. Getting off on the wrong foot: Reckoning's dire opening
      21. Microsoft trademarks Avatar Famestar
      22. Xenoblade Chronicles trailer pumps up US release
      23. Mass Effect 3 trailer inspires us to Take Earth Back
      24. New SSX trailer show Rockies, Antarctica, more
      25. Diablo III's rune system now in final form
      26. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception nets WGA Award
      27. Edge lists Monster Hunter 3G for western launch
      28. Twisted Metal network issue patch expected this week
      1. Humble Mojam earns $450,000 - there's still time to ruin Notch's beard
      2. Research - Impaired vision assisted by shooters
      3. Fix available for Gotham City Impostors data wipe glitch
      4. Ex-SWTOR developers reveal The Banner Saga
      5. New Xbox 360 dashboard update returns indies to the limelight
      6. GameStop offering three-for-two on Vita games
      7. EVE Online Awakening trailer invites you in for Crucible 1.2
      8. Rumour: Amnesia, Dear Esther devs to collaborate on A Machine for Pigs
      9. Attack of the clones: How copycats are killing innovation
      1. PS3 has "a lot of legs left" and it shouldn't be "dismissed", says Evolution
      2. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier video details animations, cover, mo-capping with Navy Seals
      3. Vita midnight launch events being held at Sony Stores in the US
      4. GTA IV released on PSN, Chinatown Wars and GTA III $0.99 on iOS this weekend
      5. Us and the Game Industry is the latest documentary about indies
      6. EA ends free Battlefield 3 offer with ME3 Origin pre-order early
      7. Humble Bundle Mojam has raised over $240,000 in last 24-hours
      8. Gangstas in Space releases for Saints Row: The Third next week
      9. Far Cry 3 gameplay shows hallucinations, shooting
      10. Patents detail possibility of 3D, HD display for Wii U Controller
      11. Rumor - AC: Revelations DLC called Lost Archive, will release February 28
      12. Report - Call of Duty coming to Vita "in autumn"
      1. Weapons in DUST 514 include an autocannon, plasma rifle, and a cool knife
      2. Mass Effect 3 on Origin doesn't contain "an intrusive DRM scheme", says Bioware
      3. Howard: Skyrim DLC will feel like expansion packs, smaller bits to release in between
      4. Bethesda to release Oblivion and Fallout 3 Double Pack on April 3
      5. Rovio announces Angry Birds Space for March 22 release
      6. Rumor: Amazon France and resume mention Black Ops 2
      7. Schafer: Console makers need a more open platform or risk losing indies
      8. CD Projekt working on next-gen game engine, has at least five titles in the works
      9. Alan Wake: American Nightmare launch trailer released
      10. Starbreeze cuts staff following completion of Syndicate
      11. Prototype 2 monsters get the screenshot treatment, new video released
      12. GAME, gamestation holding Vita midnight launches
      13. JAW talking to "two or three" publishers for Stranger's Wrath XBLA
      14. GameTrailers posts mysterious teaser trailer for... something
      15. Linden Lab buys LittleTextPeople
      16. Toy Fair image suggests Activision and Nickelodeon are working on TMNT game
      17. Legends of Pegasus gets teaser trailer, new website
      18. Lord of Apocalypse to get extended second trailer
      19. Sleeping Dogs gets first footage, impressions
      20. Harmonix to introduce new Dance Central 2 crew if Facebook app hits 10,000 users
      21. Thatgamecompany's next project to take online "a step further"
      22. Asura's Wrath gets Ryu cameo
      23. EEDAR poaches NPD product development director
      24. Gearbox held Heat licence, has "probably expired"
      25. Sega signs distribution deal with Atlus for Japan
      26. Roadtripping: Sony San Diego on ModNation Racers Vita
      27. Final Gears 3 DLC, Forces of Nature, announced for March
      28. Sydney: OzHadou Nationals this weekend
      29. Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 download only in the US
      30. Sony boss would be "very distracted" by PS4 announce
      31. Dynasty Warriors boss: Copying the west hasn't worked for Japan
      32. Wheels of Destruction coming to PSN
      33. SSX demo due in next week's console update
      34. Atlus tease suggests western release for Persona 4 fighter
      35. Monolith investigating Gotham City Impostors data wipe glitch
      36. The Amazing Spider-Man trailer offers rapid fire webslinging
      37. Twisted Metal multiplayer to go offline briefly today
      38. Report - Japanese developers losing money, reliant on external tech
      1. Day 1 Studios teases a 'return to its roots'
      2. Cheap thrills available at Green Man Gaming
      3. Cyclops playable in Marvel Heroes
      4. Digital Devil Saga I and II coming to European PSN
      5. Mass Effect 3 is going to space
      6. Multiple Vita PSN purchases shareable with PS3
      7. Vita stock arrives in Australia ahead of next week's launch
      8. Chillingo to publish Twiitch's Coco Loco
      9. OS-X Mountain Lion to block non-App Store games
      10. Guild Wars 2 World vs. World battles can contain up to 300 people on one map
      11. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Premium Edition limited to 200 copies
      12. Mini-games shown off in latest trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls
      13. Street Fighter x Tekken Cross Assault show begins February 22
      14. RIFT sets Guinness World Record for most in-game marriages in 24 Hours
      15. Voodoo priestess Chani revealed for Risen 2: Dark Waters
      16. inXile looking to launch Kickstarter campaign for a new Wasteland next month
      17. Ninja Gaiden 3 pre-orders higher than normal in Japan
      18. Radical: Fans thought Mercer was a bit of "a d**k" in Prototype
      19. Into the Abyss: Bend on delivering Uncharted to Vita
      20. Bioware writer Drew Karpyshyn to retire from games industry
      21. Mortal Kombat Vita video shows brawling in the palm of your hand
      22. New Vita pre-order discount emails being sent after website error
      23. Nintendo downloads, February 16 – MGS Snake Eater demo, Strider
      24. Xbox 360 update fixes video color issues
      25. Assassin’s?Creed Recollection free on iPad for a "very limited" time
      26. Far Cry 3 screenshots show explosions, crazy locals
      27. Max caught in "web of intrigue" in latest Max Payne 3 video
      28. Bioware and Razer announce Mass Effect 3 branded peripherals and gear
      29. Sony Ericsson now known as Sony Mobile Communications
      30. Concept art for canned Silent Scope revamp surfaces
      31. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and SAGA releasing on Wii and 3DS March 16
      32. Hulu Plus now available for Wii owners
      33. TERA’s first closed beta phase begins this weekend
      34. Journey confirmed for March 13 US, March 14 EU
      35. Lego Minecraft Micro World releasing this summer
      36. Jagged Alliance Online goes into open beta
      37. Report: Mind Candy IPO considered for within "next few years'
      38. Civilization V: Gods & Kings Expansion Pack coming late spring
      39. Crossing the Line: Hands-on with Street Fighter X Tekken
      40. Axed multiplayer mode, DLC for Enslaved, says Ninja Theory
      41. MW3 PC to get free multiplayer weekend from today
      42. Virgin Media to sponsor Eurogamer Expo 2012
      43. Valve confirms LAN, mod support for DOTA 2
      44. Developers cancelling Vita games for 3DS report "largely exaggerated," says Sony
      45. Waking Up: Remedy's Hakkinen on Alan Wake
      46. BAFTA 2012: Arkham City, LA Noire, UC3 lead nominations
      47. No Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC due to being "outside area of expertise," says High Moon
      48. Final Alan Wake's American Nightmare dev diary features Mr Scratch
      49. Quick Shots - Dragon's Dogma DLC equipment varies in style
      50. Binary Domain slum kids trailer is less sappy than expected
      51. Vita WiFi models sold out at GAME Australia
      52. EA to livestream GDC event on March 6, features Maxis announcement
      53. PlayStation 3 firmware 4.11 inbound
      54. Sony Australia confirms Vita restricted to specialist chains at launch
      55. First art, details of ShootMania Storm
      56. Rumour - Next Xbox codenamed Durango
      57. Second Max Payne 3 trailer coming at 5pm today
      58. Notch: Psychonauts 2 budget "three times higher" than expected
      59. Minecraft dev to livestream 60-hour game jam, proceeds to charity
      60. Double Fine Adventure to have voice acting, multiple languages
      61. MLG to introduce pay-per-view with Winter Arena
      1. Ravaged gameplay footage may cause outbreaks of lust
      2. Australian Coalition requests inquiry on R18+ bill
      3. Deep Black: Reloaded demo out now
      4. The Secret World's Witch Hunter, Warlord and Thaumaturgist Decks detailed
      5. The Battle for Earth begins "soon" in DCUO
      6. Moore: "Give us 18 months to two years" to perfect Origin
      7. Dynamic Mutators featured in latest video for Nexuiz
      8. Syndicate launch trailer features music from Nero
      9. Hayashi muses over a DoA vs Virutal Fighter crossover, new DoA 5 screens released
      10. Japanese charts - Suikoden and Gravity Daze tops for Sony portables
      11. Modern Warfare 3 video shows clips of Overwatch map
      12. Ubisoft: 13 million dance titles shipped, revenues up 8.8% to €652 million
      13. Howard: It's a "common misconception" Skyrim's PS3 issues are tied to save data
      14. Assassin's Creed III confirmed for October 30 release
      15. NCsoft still "looking at various options" for a Guild Wars 2 release on consoles
      16. Report - Upcoming DLC for AC: Revelations is single-player
      17. Dear Esther profitable in less than 6 hours of availability on Steam
      18. January 2012 PSN Top Sellers - NFL Blitz, Back to Karkand, FFVII, Corpse Party
      19. THQ Japan shutting down February 29
      20. Prince of Persia creator remaking his Apple II classic Karateka
      21. PAX East stays in Boston until 2023 under new deal
      22. Nintendo confirms acquisition of Paris-based video codec firm MobiClip
      23. Prototype 2 gets Blackwatch Collector's Edition
      24. Pandora's Tower shots and artwork show gameplay, monsters, symbols
      25. 2K to launch NBA 2K12 GOTY Edition for US in March
      26. Sony shuttering comics service in September
      27. Web series debuts for The Walking Dead, new shots released
      28. Namco pushes Ni No Kuni into Q1 2013 in Europe
      29. FFXIII-2 Sazh DLC launching in Japan on February 28
      30. Euro PS Store update, February 15 - Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Binary Domain, Far Cry 2
      31. Far Cry 3 cinematic trailer confirms September 6 release
      32. No gamepad support for Mass Effect 3 PC, says BioWare
      33. Darkstalkers trademark registered by Capcom Japan
      34. Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013, moving while shooting confirmed
      35. Mojang "really bored" of Minecraft clones, but won't sue makers
      36. Rumour: HTC to introduce first non-Sony PlayStation Certified Android handsets
      37. Shadow warrior: playing with light in The Darkness II
      38. Journey confirmed for March 15 Japanese launch
      39. Street Fighter x Tekken gets final four characters, PC date announced
      40. US PS Store Update, February 14 - Vita, Grand Theft Auto IV, more
      41. Mass Effect 3 Origin pre-orders net free BF3
      42. MechWarrior Tactics due for reveal February 21
      43. Dead or Alive 5's women to be more "realistic", "high class"
      44. Australian R18+ legislation introduced to parliament
      45. Report - Twisted Metal film sealed with multi-million dollar deal
      46. Angry Birds now playable on Facebook
      47. Notch can pony up $13 million for Psychonauts 2, he assures
      1. FIFA Street venues "more than just window dressing"
      2. Minecraft Pocket survival update out now
      3. Thank Everquest II for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      4. Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back trailer teased
      5. Star Wars: The Old Republic Pacific launch set for March 1
      6. Zynga Q4 and FY 2012: Paying users up, but losses all round
      7. It's Doomsday in latest Armored Core V video
      8. GDC 2012: Games for Change summit talks from Livingstone, others announced
      9. First set of screens released for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
      10. Twisted Metal launches in US, reviews rounded-up
      11. Killing Floor moves 1 million, players log 45 million hours
      12. Dead Island dev releasing Mad Riders this spring
      13. Darksiders II dated for US and UK, pre-order for exclusive content
      14. Sneak peek beta videos show TERA's Lancer and Sorcerer in action
      15. Anno 2070 DLC Eden Project now availabe
      16. Far Cry 3 full of crazies, has linear missions, open-world
      17. Crusader Kings II released with launch trailer
      18. Hazama tells the story of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy in latest Iwata Asks
      19. The House of the Dead 3 now available on PSN
      20. Special video for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance released
      21. 2 million Skyrim mods downloaded since Creation Kit launch
      22. WoW Monopoly and StarCraft RISK games hitting stores later this year
      23. Kung Fu Factory's Girl Fight to "lick the competition" this spring on PSN and XBL
      24. The party ends: Metal Gear Online 2.00 to finish in June
      25. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack all set for Vita launch at $7.99
      26. Pandora's Tower lands in the UK April 13
      27. Pay what you want for the Be Mine Indie Bundle
      28. Sega launches Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai dev diary
      29. Sony unveils 'World In Play' PS Vita EU ad campaign
      30. Back to the Future gets first episode free for iPad, later eps on sale
      31. Can Psychonauts 2 exist? Maybe, but not as you hope
      32. Mass Effect 3 demo goes live on 360 - first 15 mins in HD
      33. Steam Workshop gets search functionality
      34. Namco pushes Ridge Racer Unbounded to end of March
      35. Worshipping The Darkness II: "Let's not f**k it up"
      36. Australian classification listing suggests Crimson Dragon as Project Draco's full name
      37. GT5 gets update 2.05 this week
      38. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion looks pretty shiny
      39. Final Fantasy XIV server merge put on hold
      40. Quick Shots - Max Payne 3's signature dual wield
      41. Indie Games Challenge winners announced
      42. SSX trailers present both real and fictional snowboarders
      43. Report - Full Ubisoft 2012 schedule released
      44. The Last Story trailer offers a toast
      45. GDC 2012: Skylanders, Deus Ex, Frozen Synapse added to schedule
      46. Super Stardust Delta and DLC free with Vita 3G activation
      47. Resistance: Burning Skies due at the end of May
      1. Unreal Engine Samaritan demo requires power of ten 360s
      2. Schafer: Publishers aren't bad, but indies must look elsewhere
      3. GameSpy kicks off 101 Free Games of 2012
      4. Hirshberg: Fewer, bigger games is a "big opportunity"
      5. Yoshida: Vita launch software better suited to US market
      6. Free DS and 3DS content at Mcdonald's Japan
      7. Mojang: No plans for Vita Minecraft port, Scrolls possible
      8. Rockstar not ruling out new L.A. Noire, GTA V news in next "few months"
      9. Second dev diary for 360 Witcher 2 released
      10. Binary Domain demo arriving on February 15
      11. DICE working on various Battlefield 3 fixes, PC update due tomorrow
      12. Uncharted: Golden Abyss gets launch trailer
      13. Shepard's last stand: hands-on with Mass Effect 3's demo
      14. Vita reviews hit ahead of next week's launch - get them all
      15. Report: Sony funding $50 million US marketing campaign for Vita
      16. Vita downloads priced low in UK, MotorStorm to cost ?4.79
      17. Metal Gear Solid 3DS demo launches on Thursday
      18. Twice as slice: The Darkness II gives 2012 a bloody start
      19. Donlan, Parkin, Porter, Stuart launch Hookshot Inc
      20. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning takes UK top spot
      21. GTA IV graphics mod gets bumped to V2.00
      22. Little King Story Vita dated for Japan
      23. Deep sleep: why we need to talk about Catherine
      24. Square Enix trademarks Drakerider, Blood of Chaos
      25. Japanese analysts expect FY2014 launch for MGS5
      26. Mass Effect 3 goes Gold, confirms BioWare
      27. Sony executives offer crash course on Vita
      28. Hirshberg: Call of Duty Elite launch was "painful"
      29. Guinness gives Greatest Video Game Ending record to CoD: Black Ops
      30. Legend of Grimrock opens beta to all comers
      31. Binary Domain multiplayer trailer shows off human opponents
      32. Chris Avellone, David Jaffe keen on crowdfunding
      33. Premium DLC expected for Gravity Rush, dev hoping for sequel
      34. Frobisher Says and t@g the first of Vita's Discovery Apps
      1. March release touted for Journey, no DLC expected
      2. Toy Fair hints at Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sequel
      3. FIFA team checking out FIFA Street features
      4. Mass Effect 3 demo available through Facebook app
      5. Sins of a Solar Empire developer teasing new game
      6. Power outage knocks Steam out for an hour
      7. Cashing in: Grand Slam Tennis 2 aces Sydney
      1. GDC 2012: Super Mario 3D Land and RE: Revelations postmortem talks added
      2. Tales of Graces F pre-orders through GameStop net you Tales of Destiny costumes
      3. Demo for Driftmoon now available
      4. Radiant Historia reprints hitting stores in late March
      5. SWTOR weekly Q&A details Legacy changes, future content
      6. Salem players can face permadeath even when offline
      7. KGRB posts rating application for Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
      8. Eufloria HD now available on iPad
      9. Japanese social games firm GREE sets up shop in San Francisco
      10. Bethesda concept artist Adam Adamowicz passes away after battle with cancer
      11. Bethesda list two steps PS3 users should follow when applying patch 1.4 to Skyrim
      12. Mass Effect 3 demo videos show the first and second missions
      13. Spec Ops: The Line given an "M" rating by ESRB for obvious reasons
      14. Yoshida: "We definitely dropped the ball" from a publishing standpoint with Demon's Souls
      15. Diablo 3 devs explain why you'll probably die a lot
      1. DICE 2012: Analyst panel discusses whether current publishing model is broken or agreeable
      2. "Xbox 360 has never seen a game" like Witcher II, says CDP
      3. American Nightmare inspired by pulp, sci-fi, B-movies
      4. Namco to release Star Trek movie tie-in during Q1 2013
      5. Valve releases update on last year's Steam database intrusion
      6. Indie Royale Valentine’s Bundle includes PC debut for Soulcaster series
      7. Gold Star My Heart pack lands next week for Rock Band 3
      8. EA looks to Hollywood for Syndicate's voice cast
      9. ME3: Femshep trailer goes into action fit
      10. DICE 2012: Unreal Engine 4 to be revealed "later this year," says Epic
      11. Pearce: We had no "idea what we were getting ourselves into" with WoW
      12. Rocksteady looked at Arkham City multiplay "early on"
      13. Toki Tori added to Humble Bundle for Android
      14. Frictional Games teases next Amnesia, may be set in China
      15. Juliet and Nick's relationship gets tested in latest Lollipop Chainsaw video
      16. LittleBigPlanet Karting confirmed by Sony
      17. Yoshida: The Last Guardian making "slow progress"
      18. UK games sales down 30% in January to ?59.2 million
      19. Warner looking into Gotham City Impostors PS3 lockout
      20. Max looks a bit younger in these Max Payne 3 screenshots
      21. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: a Vita system-seller
      22. Minecraft: Pocket Edition update delayed due to bugs
      23. Nexuiz video focusses on super weapons
      24. Ridge Racer Vita to come with DLC gold pass
      25. Shocker: Modern Warfare 3 tops XBL activity list
      26. UKIE report aiming to make crowd funding legal in UK
      27. Project Draco gets public playable debut in Japan later this month
      28. Namco Bandai Studio formed in Japan
      29. Remedy not finished with Alan Wake following American Nightmare
      30. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim picks up five awards at IAAs
      31. Blizzard appeals Valve's right to DOTA 2 trademark
      32. Super Meat Boy touch won't be a straight port
      33. Vitua Fighter developer wants you to feel pain
      34. "Too many platforms," says Epic boss
      35. Alan Wake PC digital, retail and collector's editions detailed
      36. Mass Effect 3 FemShep trailer due tomorrow
      37. Subpar Dead or Alive 2 release drove Itagaki to independence
      38. NPD January: 34% YOY decrease; MW3, Xbox 360 top
      1. Skyrim wins Game of the Year at Danish Game Awards
      2. EA: 20% of gamers prefer single-player games
      3. Jaffe: Cinematic narrative focus is a "bad idea, waste of resources"
      4. Double Fine Adventure nets $1 million, shatters Kickstarter records
      5. Twisted Metal promo lets you shoot up a truck
      6. Firefall players to push content expansion
      7. ActiBlizz: Diablo 3 to launch Q2, new CoD "this year"
      8. 2K "looking into" FOV controls patch for Darkness II PC
      9. Bioware relaunches Mass Effect 3 site with loads of videos, goodies
      10. DiRT 3: Complete Edition races into stores March 9
      11. Double Fine's Kickstarter provides a Radiohead moment
      12. Toki Tori 2 could possibly "incorporate a level editor" if released on Wii U, say Two Tribes
      13. Warhorse signs CryEngine 3 licensing deal for its unannounced RPG
      14. Rocksteady: UK "talent drain" to overseas studios a "real shame"
      15. Closed beta for Ghost Recon Online starts March 5
      16. Square's Rebellion Overdrive is a new episode for GREE's Knights of the Crystals
      17. Masthead to shut down Earthrise servers today
      18. 7sixty to release Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise on Xbox 360
      19. Twisted Metal video provides you with a bit of weapons training
      20. Velocity releasing in March, soundtrack created by Killzone composer
      21. Screenshots released to celebrate launch of Guild Wars' Winds of Change: Part Three
      22. Bohemia announces Take On Helicopters: Hinds
      23. Trion to release RIFT in China
      24. Nintendo downloads, February 9 - BurgerTime World Tour, Maru’s Mission, more
      25. Report: iPad 3 to be announced in March
      26. Touch My Katamari DLC lands in Japan February 23
      27. Final Fantasy XIV to merge eight servers from March
      28. Skyrim patch 1.4 live for 360 now, expected later today for PS3
      29. Battleship gets a teaser trailer
      30. No rest for the wicked: Ted Price on Insomniac's future
      31. English version of Cannon Fodder 3 launches on Gamersgate
      32. Spec Ops: The Line dev wary of "gore porn" direction
      33. 2K to launch NBA/MLB 2K12 double-pack in US
      34. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav trailer is "looking" at you
      35. Asura's Wrath UK release pushed into March
      36. More world types coming to Minecraft, says Mojang
      37. Mad Catz Q3: profit and revenue well down
      38. Jaffe on developing casual games: "One day I may want to make them"
      39. Leydon: High console prices fuelling free-to-play
      40. BAFTA GAME Audience Award shortlist announced
      41. Rebellion Overdrive trademarked by Square Enix
      42. Big news teased for Retro City Rampage
      43. Indie Games Music Bundle 2 goes live
      44. US PS Vita Store goes live
      45. Vodafone Australia offers prepaid, contract Vita 3G pre-orders
      46. Howard: "Millions" of Skyrim PC players average 75 hours
      47. Double Fine Kickstarter project beats $400,000 in eight hours
      48. Skyrim patch 1.4 due on Xbox 360 tomorrow
      49. False alarm - Diablo III will have chat channels
      50. DC Universe Online's next update takes out Brainiac
      51. Jetpack Joyride downloaded 13 millions times since going F2P
      52. New Gaikai demos - The Darkness II, Anno 2070, more
      53. Halo: Reach added to MLG Winter Championships
      1. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online to be fully voiced
      2. City of Heroes adds new missions to Spring Fling line-up
      3. Portal 2 Skyrim mod may be more than meets the eye
      4. SSX trailer highlights the Himalayas
      5. Lineage II's concurrent player-base has increased 800% since going F2P
      6. The Last of Us setting inspired by "ruin porn"
      7. Mythic announces the return of Night of Murder event in Warhammer Online
      8. GDC 2012: Classic Game Postmortems return with Harvest Moon, Fallout, more
      9. Eric Brown resigns as EA CFO
      10. The Last of Us screens show human enemies, evironments
      11. Machinima video shows over 1,000 Skyrim warriors doing battle
      12. Battleship videogame in the works at Activision
      13. RE: Revelations bests Soul Calibur V debut on Japanese charts
      14. SWTOR players reporting issues with PvP since update 1.1.2
      15. Valentine Massacre Event nets you punky-pink guns in APB
      16. Rising Star USA to take over for Marvelous USA publishing
      17. Battlefield 3: Aftershock released for free on iPhone
      18. Warner: Full-year '11 revenue up 9% thanks to Arkham City, Mortal Kombat
      19. Ubisoft working on Anno and Driver connection issues after server hosting switch
      20. Epic secures iOS rights to Fighting Fantasy games
      21. Paradox to announce three titles at GDC next month
      22. Skyrim mod goes all Macho Man
      23. "There is still some magic left at Rare," says ex-MGS head Fries
      24. Vodafone 3G Vita comes with free WipEout 2048 in UK
      25. Funcom introduces deck system for The Secret World
      26. Sleeping Dogs gets live action trailer
      27. True Crime is Sleeping Dogs: first info, shots, live movie
      28. EU PS Store update, February 8 - Shank 2, The Simpsons Arcade, Gotham City Impostors, Catherine
      29. Square holding Xbox Live Marketplace sale
      30. Killzone 1 remake "delayed indefinitely" for PS3
      31. SSX tracklist confirmed, features DJ Shadow and Skrillex
      32. Katana Land out now, is "Ninja Gaiden meets Super Mario"
      33. UMVC3 boss: 'Console fighters should have handheld versions'
      34. Jaffe to found new core studio, looking at next-gen and browser
      35. Future Shop hints at God of War IV announce for Destination PlayStation
      36. Xbox visionary: THQ didn't have a digital strategy
      37. NeverDead gets first DLC "expansion" on February 21
      38. Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle pre-orders open, blind faith required
      39. Ridge Racer: Unbounded behind the scenes video goes drifting
      40. LitleBigPlanet Karting is "real," first promo image emerges
      41. PS Vita gets 1.60 Firmware update, Mac support added
      42. Quick quotes: Vita doesn't "compromise" traditional gaming experiences, says Levine
      43. US PS Store Update, February 8 - Jak, Uncharted and Catherine
      44. EVE Online gets new site, pilot orientation video
      45. Report: Square's Sleeping Dogs coming out in August
      46. Lollipop Chainsaw coming out in May in Japan
      47. McFarlane: "Word of mouth" buzz needed for Amalur sequel
      48. Person buys 'From Dust' Mass Effect 3 DLC before launch
      49. US gamer numbers have doubled since 2008
      50. Vita games appear on US PS Store
      51. Maintaining Mass Effect: 90 minutes with ME3 single-play
      52. PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.10 rolling out
      53. Nielsen: More than 50% of US households have a console
      54. Valve's Skyrim mod adds a bit of Portal 2
      55. Solitaire Blitz joins PopCap's Facebook line-up in March
      56. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 to include career-spanning Legacy mode
      57. Tropico 4 Quick-Dry Cement DLC available now
      58. PlayStation Network downloads and transactions back online
      1. Xbox Live boss defends Microsoft's security measures
      2. Natural Selection 2 trailer shows off near-release polish
      3. Unity and LG team up to bring more games to smart TVs
      4. IGF 2012 Audience Award voting open now
      5. Alex Seropian heads for Disney exit door
      6. Alienware: Elite PC gamers "not really the target audience" for X51
      7. Discs missed: no UMD Passport for US Vita owners
      8. Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Datapad coming to iOS, tie-in to Mass Effect 3
      9. Malicious arrives in this week's PSN update
      10. Twisted Metal demo live until February 13
      11. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will have four player co-op
      12. D3Publisher takes over development for THQ on DreamWorks titles
      13. Torchlight II gets new site, no date
      14. Army Corps of Hell allows you to steal friends' goblins
      15. BioShock Infinite to be 3D-compatible on PS3
      16. Report: LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing and Move steering wheel peripheral announced
      17. Inversion gets three new multiplayer movies
      18. Shoot Many Robots trailer features shooting, robots
      19. En Masse working on distributing TERA beta codes after retail issues with Collector's Edition
      20. I Am Alive trailer fears the future
      21. MW3's Overwatch releasing on Xbox 360 February 21, Clan Operations preview
      22. Eutechnyx partners with Brain in a Jar for new racer
      23. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning House of Valor day one DLC outlined
      24. More Battlefront 3 development rumors surface thanks to Spark Unlimited job listing and resumes
      25. Short video released for Family Guy Online
      26. Skyrim 33% off on Steam, Creation Kit, Hi-Res pack out
      27. CD Projekt: Possibility of an Xbox anti-used game system is "a bad thing"
      28. Uncharted 3 DLC and Jak & Daxter HD land on PSN
      29. Resident Evil: Revelations launches in the US with trailer
      30. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning & Amodar DLC now available on Xbox 360
      31. Kinect Star Wars to release on April 3 in the UK, features "Galactic Dance Off mode"
      32. Report: First games for Windows 8 Consumer Preview include Ms Splosion Man, Angry Birds
      33. PALGN staff resign following internal dispute
      34. Quick Quotes: Microsoft will "have no choice" but to make a TV, says Perry
      35. Activision announces Skylanders Giants
      36. Former Bizarre and Splash Damage devs launch online gaming service Fireteam
      37. Quick quotes: Levine on holding back large chunks of BioShock Infinite's story from rest of dev team
      38. Quick Shots: The Witcher II Enhanced and Dark Editions
      39. Tiny Tower hits 10 million downloads
      40. Pre-orders of Starhawk upgraded to Limited Edition, includes code for Warhawk
      41. Notch to Schafer: "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen"
      42. Coming soon to XBLM: Arkham City DLC sale, Forza 4, Gotham City Imposters, Shank 2
      43. Rather nice review scores go live for KoA: Reckoning
      44. Jaffe quits ESP, "casual" future claim is "exaggerated"
      45. First Darkness II scores looking good as reviews hit
      46. GAME drops 46 jobs from UK HQ
      47. Kojima confirms touch pad support for MGS HD Vita
      48. G4 Darksiders II interview shows off new gameplay footage
      49. More ME3 CEs "cannot be made in time for launch," says BioWare
      50. Dragon Age: Redemption coming to DVD next week
      51. Quick quotes: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is "a world of ifs"
      52. Capcom "not focusing on any previous" titles for RE6's inspiration
      53. Nostalgia sells: MGS continues HD collection boom
      54. Schafer: I've pitched Psychonauts 2 "several times"
      55. Dust 514 to support keyboard and mouse
      56. Medal of Honor press event happening on March 6
      57. Lollypop Chainsaw to get uncut limited edition in Japan
      58. Capcom offers replacement covers for Resident Evil "Revelaitons"
      59. SSX trailer highlights Elise's Uber Signature
      60. Volition staffer champions anti-used game systems
      61. Sega Australia redundancies cut staff in half
      62. Spec Ops: The Line fronts spectacular screens, gameplay footage
      63. BioWare: Shooter and RPG elements balanced in Mass Effect 3
      64. Hawken to launch as free-to-play on December 12
      65. BioWare to correct Mass Effect: Deception errors
      66. TIGA: 67% of UK devs working in digital sphere
      67. Uncharted 3 patch 1.04 out now, required for new DLC
      68. Twisted Metal due March 7, will support custom skins
      1. PSN error not expected to last through PS Store update
      2. Microsoft Flight dated, first DLC carries hefty price tag
      3. The Darkness II executions trailer plays organ bingo
      4. Journey development complete, release date TBC
      5. Sanctum 2 development underway, due next year
      6. XCOM: Enemy Unknown developers have all finished X-COM
      7. Quick Quotes - Kid Icarus dev dismisses narrative in games
      8. Apple removes several clone apps from App Store
      9. Battlefield 3 Patch 1.03 released for PS3, fixes VoIP issues
      10. Rockstar San Diego hiring for new open-world game
      11. PSM3 teases mystery shooter sequel announcement
      12. Risen 2 Collector's Edition revealed
      13. GI.biz to relaunch in UK and US, drop forced registration
      14. Dungeon Defenders sees 1 million paid downloads
      15. LinkedIn CV shows new Kinect title from Ubisoft Reflections
      16. Under pressure: is FFXIII-2 a step back from the brink?
      17. New Battlefield 3 console update coming today
      18. 3DS software topped Japanese sales in January, says Enterbrain
      19. Shank 2's survival mode gets trailered, comes with a twist
      20. New Arma III shots go spy plane, heavy tank
      21. Kojima teases MGS HD Collection for Vita
      22. Naughty Dog "extensively" explored new Jak & Daxter before The Last of Us
      23. UK charts: FFXIII-2 overthrows FIFA 12, MGS HD storms in
      24. Final Fantasy X not a remake, but a "remaster," says Square Enix
      25. Last of Us details spill from GI: story info, online confirmed
      26. How Kingdoms of Amalur aims to create a new genre
      27. First Witcher II 360 dev diary details new content, engine, more
      28. SSX online trailer goes nuts on global events, GeoTags
      29. PlayStation Vita updates to Firmware 1.60 on Wednesday
      30. Microsoft: "We won" 2011 in Australia, not Sony
      31. Sakaguchi: HD graphics in games are "over the top"
      32. Summer of Sonic, Sonic Boom 2012 dates
      33. Final Fantasy XIII-2's ending doesn't refer to a sequel
      34. Grand Slam Tennis 2 drops by the US Open
      35. Gran Turismo 5 patch due February 7
      36. Four favourite maps brushed up for Uncharted 3 Flashback pack
      37. The Darkness II trailer checks out brutal executions
      38. NPD: Australian retail dropped 12% in 2011
      39. Downloads, transaction lists unavailable after Euro PSN maintenance
      1. Three quarters of Half-life protesters failed to turn up
      2. Inaugural NYGCC Awards gives two nods to Portal 2
      3. PS3 dominated Australian retail in 2011
      4. Devil Survivor 2 trailer confirms February 28 release date
      5. Skullgirls trailer introduces suitably mad story
      6. Street Fighter X Tekken leak outs Akuma, Jin, Ogre
      7. Krater teaser promises dungeon delving beta soon
      8. Vita games already available at US retail
      1. Quick Quotes: Some monsters in Reckoning are playable races in Copernicus MMO
      2. Sony patent depicts what appears to be a controller similar to Wii U
      3. Bush hitting Rock Band 3 next week
      4. Preview video for Celts expansion released for Age of Empires Online
      5. CCP: "No shortage of commitment" to making World of Darkness "awesome"
      6. Bioware to release video guides and weekly blogs for Star Wars: The Old Republic
      7. Ranger and Mage class videos released for Dragon's Dogma
      8. Konami posts profit in mobile and social, decline in consumer games sector
      9. Square music portal offers up soundtracks and sheet music for The Piano Opera: Final Fantasy I/II/III
      10. PSN accounts changing to Sony Entertainment Network
      11. Blizzard hands out 100,000 Diablo III beta invites in the US
      12. Early reviews for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning surface
      13. Vita demos now available at over 3,300 GameStop locations in the US
      14. Pre-purchase Jagged Alliance: Back in Action through Steam, get TF2 goodies
      15. STO Episode 4: The 2800 launches February 11
      16. Scandimania: Adventures in Finnish games, part two
      1. Skyrim Creation Kit "on track for release" February 7
      2. SEGA financials: Sonic Generations moves 1.6 million, Mario & Sonic 2012 1.4 million
      3. EA confirms "small number" of layoffs in Vancouver offices
      4. RE: Revelations sold through 75% of its debut shipment, says ASCII Media Works
      5. Square reports revenue and profit growth due to Deus Ex, social, and FFXIII-2
      6. Quick Shots: Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens show a gorgeous game
      7. THQ to publish digital titles from Seamus Blackley's new firm Innovative Leisure
      8. Microsoft's Xbox Live policy and enforcement director Stephen Toulouse resigns
      9. Quick Quotes: Hirai on tackling Sony's hardware woes
      10. NPD reaches agreement with Walmart to include the chain's sales data
      11. Darkness II devs discuss how Vendettas co-op intertwines with the single-player campaign
      12. Quick Shots: Launch screens released for Soul Calibur V
      13. Pitchford: Colonial Marines experience leans closer to "gritty realism" than action
      14. Witcher 2 Xbox 360 video diary delves into console development, added extras
      15. Aliens: Colonial Marines video shows clips of gameplay amidst suspenseful effects
      16. A few gameplay details dropped for The Last of Us
      17. SSFIV AE Ver 2012 update out February 21, SFxTK goes gold
      18. Warren Spector to get GDC Lifetime Achievement Award
      19. Sony: Vita had a very "good start" in Japan
      20. Out now: FFXIII-2, Soul Calibur V first big drops of 2012
      21. First Mortal Kombat Vita footage is gory and thensome
      22. 15 minute SFxT video features Daigo trying it out for first time
      23. Scribblenauts Remix downloaded 1 million times
      24. General Kuma introduces Persona 4: The Ultimate's opening
      25. Cannon Fodder 3 looks like this
      26. Star Trek Online turns two years old
      27. Scandimania: Adventures in Finnish games, part one
      28. Persona 4 The Golden shots feature mopeds
      29. PlayStation business aiming to be number one, says Hirai
      30. New FFXIII-2 update introduces Facebook support
      31. Blacklight Retribution video details Deadlock
      32. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem out on February 14
      33. Epic to celebrate 20th birthday at D.I.C.E. Summit
      34. Quick Shots - Crimson Shroud gives off slight Vagrant Story vibe
      35. Battlefield 3 DLC announce expected next week
      36. "Something brand new" for Team Fortress 2 this year
      37. Rumour - EA Partners site suggests new Populous, Insomniac and Respawn games in FY2013
      38. Mass Effect 3 Facebook app grants bonuses for Xbox 360 players
      39. Rumour - iPhone 5 to launch in June
      40. Rage PC patched just in time for Mac release
      41. Nintendo Downloads, February 02 - Sakura Samurai, Crystal Method
      42. Quick Shots - I Am Alive screens are high contrast
      43. Mass Effect 3 ending may hurt - but keep your saves
      44. Retail edition of Back to the Future: The Game hitting Europe in Q1 2012
      1. Harvest Moon creator founds ToyBox Inc
      2. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection now available on Steam 15% off until February 9
      3. Closed beta testing starts this weekend for TERA and runs through April 15
      4. Quick Quotes: KISS in talks with Sony, KISS Angry Birds incoming
      5. First in-game screenshots released for The Last of Us
      6. THQ Q3: Six new core games, partner sought for DMO
      7. Take-Two posts losses, Spec Ops delayed, no GTA V date
      8. Indie Game: The Movie selected as "Festival Favorite" for this year's SXSW
      9. A Game of Thrones video and screens introduce you to the township of Riverspring
      10. Twisted Metal release delayed in Europe, possibly due in March
      11. SoulCalibur V launch: Namco on the genre fighting back
      12. GAME brokers new deal with lenders to continue retail operations
      13. Mass Effect 3 demo on 360 comes with temporary access to XBL Gold
      14. Max packs a massive weapon in latest Max Payne 3 video and screens
      15. Modern Warfare 3 maps land on PS3 February 28 for premium Elite members
      16. Screens, art, trailer for UMvC3 show Vita's Gold Herald color options, fighting
      17. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier video released, collector's edition hitting AU and NZ
      18. FFXIII-2 February DLC features Lightning Coliseum, more on the way
      19. The Last of Us gets GI cover, first in-game shots today
      20. Pre-order goodies for Lollipop Chainsaw detailed, screened
      21. Capcom posts financial decline in online while mobile profits soar
      22. Alan Wake PC launching on February 16, gets priced
      23. Motorstorm RC video shows off competitive online play
      24. Funds from proposed game tax in Oklahoma would benefit children's programs
      25. Remedy signs with Origin, brings Alan Wake as welcome gift
      26. Latest Risen 2: Dark Waters "making-of" video concentrates on animations
      27. EA "concerned with the financial condition" of "major" European retail partner
      28. Death watch: GAME unlikely to survive current problems
      29. Trials Evolution trailer goes boom, boom and more boom
      30. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City finally gets dated for Japan
      31. Report - Xbox Live EU boss Burrowes heads to Apple
      32. GAME in "dialogue" to secure lending, may sell-off overseas business
      33. Ubisoft warns of server hosting switch, some games affected
      34. PixelJunk Eden landing on Steam tonight
      35. Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai opens an easy door to RTS
      36. Konami US appoints Tomoyuki Tsuboi as new president
      37. The Simpsons Arcade Game coming to XBLA tomorrow
      38. New Wildstar interview focuses on humans, guns
      39. Skylanders gets new characters, Empire of Ice pack
      40. Square hints at downloadable story "volumes" for FFXIII-2
      41. Sony Q3: PS3 price cut biting deep, software up 13%
      42. Crytek's online games platform GFACE in closed beta
      43. EA: Syndicate has no online pass because co-op is half the game
      44. Nintendo Network-compatible Dynasty Warriors VS delayed
      45. Mass Effect 3 mobile to be revealed soon
      46. Lumines Electronic Symphony's 33 licensed tracks detailed
      47. Disney acquires majority stake in Ignition
      48. Thursday's PSN maintenance window to affect US, PAL territories
      49. Epic: Next hardware generation must have "dramatic leap" in quality
      50. Zynga generated 12% of Facebook's 2011 revenue
      51. ESRB rates two Game Gear titles for 3DS
      1. The Simpsons Arcade EU PSN release delayed
      2. Syndicate trailer focuses on hacking abilities
      3. THQ confirms 240 job cuts, CEO salary halved
      4. The Last Story trailer shows off English localisation
      5. Firaxis: 2K is a "creatively brave" publisher
      6. Zynga boss dismisses Tiny Tower copycat claims
      7. EA Q3: SWTOR moves 2 million units, 1.7M active users
      8. GDC 2012: SWTOR postmortem and Notch Q&A announced
      9. RE: Operation Raccoon City takes a closer look at Spec Ops and U.S.S. characters
      10. Activision promoted Humam Sakhnini to chief strategy and talent officer
      11. SWTOR Guild Summit announced for March 4-6 in Austin, Texas
      12. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD remake hitting March 21
      13. Monster Hunter card battle game hitting Japanese smart phones February 21
      14. Japanese charts: Vita rebounds, Armored Core and Resident Evil blitz charts
      15. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning prepares for launch with new trailer
      16. Syndicate multiplayer: getting some perspective
      17. Skyrim Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop previewed in video
      18. The Last of Us actors suit up for "making-of" video
      19. Gotham City Impostors releases next week in the US and Europe
      20. 99Seconds available on eShop and DSiware
      21. America Le Mans Series Pack details dropped for Forza 4
      22. Double Fine Happy Action Theater, Rhythm Party, more arrive on XBLM
      23. Ghost Trick getting iOS launch tomorrow
      24. Microsoft launches Kinect for Windows commercial license program
      25. Finnish mag mentions Xbox Spring Showcase for end of month, Halo 4 in attendance
      26. RIFT Lite launches, play first 20 levels without restrictions
      27. Euro PS Store Update, February 1 - Gotham City Imposters and Twisted Metal betas, sales
      28. GAME: New releases "being processed" for Friday launch
      29. Rumour: THQ set to lay off 170 staff, UK hit to be "significant"
      30. Shinji Hirano becomes Konami's European head
      31. 3DS to get free Wi-Fi throughout 5,000 hotspots in Europe
      32. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gameplay features Nemesis
      33. MLB 2K12's first trailer welcomes you to the majors
      34. Japanese Assassin's Creed art exhibit raises over ?33,000 for tsunami relief
      35. Buy FFXIII-2 at Amazon, get $20 gift card
      36. Dragon Age animated film to detail Cassandra's adventures
      37. Crackle, CinemaNow available now on Xbox Live
      38. Kaz Hirai becomes president, CEO of Sony Corp - details
      39. 343 Industries takes over Halo from Bungie on March 31
      40. Resident Evil 6: Where's the "survival horror" bit?
      41. No Dungeon Defenders PC DLC for console versions, move is "unfeasible"
      42. EA UK forums "defaced" in hack, no personal data compromised
      43. Soul Calibur 5 has "a lot more story"
      44. Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer is all about the intensity
      45. GDC 2012: Indie Game: The Movie session announced
      46. 5th Cell locks down Hybrid for summer release
      47. Dragon's Dogma gets new story trailer, class details, more
      48. Bastion reduced to 600 MS points
      49. Thief Gold sneaks its way onto GOG
      50. February brings Radio Wave People into Augmented Reality for 3DS
      51. Naoki Yoshida provides detail on the latest Final Fantasy XIV patch
      52. Tasty new screenshots for Hard Reset: Extended Edition
      53. Beat-up news article is a beat-up
      54. Final Fantasy XIII-2 launch trailer tugs the heartstrings
      55. Android Humble Bundle offers World of Goo, Edge, more