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  • April 2015 Archive

      1. Free Dragon Age short stories fill us in on Corypheus's followers
      2. Remember that gorgeous Luminous Engine tech demo? It now utilizes DirectX 12
      3. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones sneaks onto GOG and Steam services
      4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Ascendance has arrived on PC, PlayStation consoles
      5. Latest Xbox 360 system update is live, now supports 2TB hard drives
      6. We Are Doomed PS4 Review: Minimal Twin-Stick Shooter
      7. Kickstarter for Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee launches tomorrow
      8. Console version of Mistwalker's Terra Battle is in development
      9. Prison break game The Escapists is heading to PlayStation 4 from May 29
      10. Dead Island 2 delayed into 2016 to ensure series is "taken to the next level"
      11. Project Cars: here's a list of all available cars at launch
      12. Competitive matchmaking support is coming to Team Fortress 2
      13. GTA 5 PC patch fixes garage, Job crashes - full notes here
      14. Fire Emblem If will come in White Kingdom and Black Kingdom versions with amiibo support
      15. Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess heads west with "Golden Toilet" pre-order bonus
      16. Nintendo US eShop update: Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario demo, Paper Mario, more
      17. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC port handed off to Nixxes
      18. First-ever PC Gaming Show to take place at E3 2015 in June
      19. Majora's Mask light available now on Club Nintendo for 6000 stars
      20. Unity support announced for HoloLens, will work with Windows universal apps
      21. Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, May 1
      22. Splatoon Nintendo Direct airs Thursday, May 7
      23. GTA 5 PC: clean up the streets as a member of the San Andreas PD with this new mod
      24. Indie shoot 'em up Project Root comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PSVita
      25. You can now bet on eSports online, starting with League of Legends
      26. Has Watch Dogs 2 been leaked?
      27. GTA 5's Trevor makes his Jackass debut, complete with leopard-print knickers
      28. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 season pass will cost you ?35
      29. GTA Online's cheating assholes are no match for this player's vengeance
      30. PS4 sales help Sony's games division swing to profit
      31. New patch for Dirt Rally gives co-driver's attitude a tune-up
      32. New The Witcher 3 screenshots show combat, exploration and general carousing
      33. Destiny: 14 things you might have missed during House of Wolves intel drops
      34. Scratch that cyberpunk itch with Technobabylon on May 21 - new trailer
      35. Skullgirls 2nd Encore brings exclusive new features to PS4, Vita in northern summer
      36. Danganronpa series generates "impressive" sales for Vita exclusive
      37. I have no idea what is going on in J-Stars Victory VS+ but I kind of like it
      38. Please just watch this terrific trailer for Toren
      39. Play classic MS-DOS games on your own tweets
      40. VR: Unreal Engine to add HTC Vive support
      41. WWE 2K15 PC supports modding
      42. Metal Gear: Two Anniversaries, and The Future
      43. Overkill's The Walking Dead coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016
      44. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 pre-orders net Advanced Warfare DLC
      45. Steam Game Ban system lets developers determine who to block
      1. Far Cry 4 devs matching Red Cross donations up to $100K to aid Nepal earthquake victims
      2. Tales of Zestiria retail listing notes September release date, PS4 version
      3. Official mod tools for Total War: Attila are now available
      4. How to get level 34 Ascended Raid gear in Destiny: House of Wolves
      5. Destiny: House of Wolves puts PvP back in the spotlight
      6. Destiny: Trials of Osiris - everything you need to know in one video
      7. Destiny: House of Wolves - watch a Trials of Osiris match from start to finish
      8. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - here's what your PC needs in order to run it
      9. Destiny: Trials of Osiris - watch the livestream reveal right here
      10. May Xbox Games with Gold: Mafia 2, CastleStorm: Definitive Edition, F1 2013
      11. May PlayStation Plus: Ether One, Guacamelee!, The Unfinished Swan, more
      12. Venture to the Land of Ooo with the Adventure Time Level Kit for LittleBigPlanet 3
      13. Capcom Pro Tour returns to EGX this year with ?2,000 prize pot up for grabs
      14. Destiny: Trials of Osiris is the new PvP end game
      15. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition is coming in May
      16. Sale: Destiny, Resident Evil, Star Wars and games under ?16 on the EU PS Store
      17. Destiny: House of Wolves gets us off the Raid treadmill
      18. Learn how to extend your PC or phone screen to your TV using the Xbox One
      19. Battlefield 4 spring patch: upcoming weapon balance changes
      20. Dementium: The Ward dev pitched the game to Konami as a Silent Hill game
      21. PS4 with Silent Hills demo P.T. installed listed for ?1000 on eBay
      22. Bloodborne camera glitch turns game into Diablo/GTA 2
      23. GTA 5 Online PC: confusion as Rockstar begins banning mods
      24. Mewtwo now available for Super Smash Bros.
      25. Get PC classic Ultima 8: Gold for free through Origin
      26. Destiny: how to farm Crota's End for level 32 armour
      27. This is the full map of Bloodborne
      28. GTA 5 mod makes characters ragdoll all the time
      29. Battlefield Hardline Community Test Environment announced, coming next month
      30. Destiny PvP: House of Wolves' new Crucible maps detailed, with screenshots
      31. Not A Hero development sounds like a magnificent mess
      32. Magicka: Wizard Wars launch trailer shows off silly PvP action
      33. Valve Pinball? Zen Studios teases possible collaboration
      34. Star Wars games up to 77% off in Steam's May 4 sale
      35. Five Nights at Freddy's fandom uncovers mysterious "87" and "nightmare" references
      36. Destiny: if your Black Hammer is being a jerk, don't worry about it
      37. This War of Mine update 1.3 adds scenario editor
      38. Xenoblade Chronicles X has 30 times the quest content of last game
      39. Battlefront fans may enjoy this awesome ATAT Arma 3 mod footage
      1. Shadowrun Chronicles is also out now, and also has a launch trailer
      2. New Counter-strike: Global Offensive league is the shooter's biggest yet
      3. Ten new features debuted in Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer
      4. WWE 2K15 out now on PC - launch trailer
      5. Golden Week sale kicks off on US PSN with Catherine, Dark Souls, Ground Zeroes, more discounted
      6. Star Wars bundles coming, Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight 2 land on GOG
      7. Kerbal Space Program has released and it's 25% off until May 1
      8. Looks like Ouya is still on the market according to new report
      9. Halo 5: Guardians cover art shows two Spartan fireteams
      10. Destiny: House of Wolves - let's talk about that Trials of Osiris teaser
      11. Tomorrow's Destiny: House of Wolves livestream focuses on Trials of Osiris
      12. Asking the Readers: What Are Your Thoughts on Early Access?
      13. The Return of a Macintosh Shareware Classic
      14. ESPN radio host says he will retire if forced to cover eSports
      15. Hatred has a release date, and its new trailer is a bit NSFW
      16. Swery confirms D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die will be released on PC
      17. Mighty No. 9 release delayed into early September, extra subtitle languages added
      18. Dota 2 balance update contains new staff as a homage to Terry Pratchett's Discworld
      19. Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition announced, Season Pass is $40
      20. Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae feedback has devs looking into the game's controls, camera
      21. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition collector's edition comes in a pizza box
      22. Win! $100 Steam Wallet credit and PC game bundles
      23. CoD: Advanced Warfare's latest patch removes exploits, balances guns, more
      24. Destiny: How to reach rank 5 in Iron Banner
      25. 3D Realms Anthology is coming to Steam in May
      26. Battlefield Hardline first patch now live, adjusts TDM spawns, balances weapons and more
      27. Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward PC benchmark tool released
      28. Mario Kart 8: 200cc mode nerfs firehopping
      29. Final Fantasy 15 to skip E3 for gamescom
      30. Destiny: Iron Banner is live and with new helmets
      31. Destiny weekly reset for April 28: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
      32. Just Cause 3 trailer is your first look at gameplay
      33. GTA 5 mod lets you fire infinite fireworks missiles from your car
      34. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to use dedicated servers, ship with FOV slider on PC
      35. EA changes refund policy in Australia after talks with consumer commission
      36. Killer Instinct welcomes Cinder this week - trailer
      37. Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae 2.0 coming next month
      38. "We're almost there": Molyneux on games as the "dominant entertainment medium"
      39. Tekken 7 introduces a new character, Gigas
      40. Super Smash Bros. DLC is not cut from core game but "authentic", says Sakurai
      41. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition out today - launch trailer
      42. How Ninja Theory is making Hellblade's cutscenes on a budget
      43. Galaga x Tekken is a real thing
      44. Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Emperor update 3.2 out today
      45. Paid mods creator received "death threats, attacks and hateful comments"
      46. Minecraft console builds get free female avatar skin
      47. The Witcher 3 Ultra settings PC footage escapes community preview event
      48. Five Night's at Freddy's 4 teased for Halloween release
      1. Paid mods pulled from Steam Workshop, purchases to be refunded
      2. Modders are developers and should have the chance to earn rewards, says Bethesda
      3. Ziggurat PS4 Review: Fashionably Roguelike FPS
      4. Broken Age Act 2 will be available to everyone today
      5. 10 Lamest Video Game Characters of All Time
      6. The Simpsons skins come to Minecraft on PlayStation this week
      7. Survarium gets massive new patch to rebalance faction system
      8. Diablo 3 player reaches max level in one minute
      9. Konami no longer trading in New York Stock Exchange
      10. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is available to pre-load on Xbox One
      11. Destiny House of Wolves: what we know about upcoming Exotic weapons and armour
      12. Halo: The Master Chief Collection connectivity issues force cancellation of official tournament
      13. There are no loading screens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
      14. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 lets you customise characters' genders, even in the campaign
      15. USgamer Community Question: What was the Last Game to Truly Amaze you?
      16. New Dirt game pops up on Steam Early Access for ?25
      17. Dying Light dev tools to add custom models, multiplayer support
      18. How to improve Battlefield 4's community jungle map
      19. Batman: Arkham Knight lets you play as Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman - trailer
      20. GTA 5 PC mods: falling whales, North Yankton unlocked and a cat rampage
      21. Manhunt is the best GTA 5 movie you'll see today
      22. Halo 5 Guardians getting limited edition Xbox One console
      23. Silent Hills is officially dead
      1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies will be "totally unique, mind-blowing"
      2. Meet the specialist classes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer
      3. Here's the PC specs for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
      4. Open beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 ahead of Nov 6 release date
      5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 brings back 4-player co-op campaign
      6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - watch the first official trailer here
      1. Dota 2 International Compendium out next week, three annual championships added
      2. Dungeons 2 is now available on PC, Mac, Linux - watch the launch trailer
      3. This Mortal Kombat X "hidden character intros" video is rather humorous
      4. Art of the Catch creator sheds more light on why he pulled the Skyrim mod off Steam
      5. Tripwire adds clause to Killing Floor 2 EULA banning paid mods
      6. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 recreated in LittleBigPlanet 3 is rather eerie
      7. Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward benchmark trailer shows off flying mounts, more
      8. Have a look at some Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay
      9. Here's a look at The Elder Scrolls Online running on Xbox One
      10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 leaks reveal Zombie progression system, four-player co-op, more
      11. Gears of War remaster in the works for Xbox One, according to testers - report
      1. A Brief History of Video Game Violence, Part 1: Death Race to Mortal Kombat
      2. GameStop promo outs Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for November, pre-order for access to beta
      3. Mortal Kombat X D'Vorah Tips - Brutalities, Fatalities and Variants
      4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Double XP and Elite Bonus weekend has kicked off
      5. Atlus makes "minor edits" to Dungeon Travelers 2 in order to avoid AO rating
      6. Battlefield Hardline is 40% off through Origin this weekend
      7. Submerged is an exploration-adventure game coming to multiple platforms
      8. Assassin's Creed Chronicles China PS4 Review: Mark of the Other Stealthy Killer
      9. These screenshots for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt show superb attention to detail
      10. Namco kicks off Humble Store partnership with Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
      11. World of Tanks: 2,000 Bonus codes to give away
      12. Mad Max contains Top Dog camps with boss fights
      13. Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer reveal coming next week
      14. First paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has been pulled
      15. Resident Evil HD Remaster has sold over one million copies worldwide
      16. The Crew: the Raid Car Pack and Raid Live Update now available for download
      17. Geralt is very professional in the latest Witcher 3: Wild Hunt TV spot
      18. Steam roguelike sale is live, offers deep discounts on a stellar collection of titles
      19. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 finally gets online co-op in Raid Mode on Xbox One
      20. A section in Killing Floor 2's EULA about cyberbullying is riling up some fans
      21. World of Tanks: 2,000 free tanks and in-game cash to giveaway
      22. Marvel announces partnership with Telltale, first game due in 2017
      23. Destiny: Bungie is not saying no to a player trading system
      24. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 24, 25 - MIDA Multi-Tool edition
      25. Warcraft movie delayed yet again
      26. Destiny: Iron Banner returns on April 28
      27. Deus Ex devs take the p**s out of Black Ops 3
      28. Bungie weekly update: Commendations begone
      1. Westerado: Double Barreled PC Review: Red Dead Low-Resolution
      2. This GTA 5 trainer lets you play as almost anything and it's the best thing ever
      3. EA Sports moves Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR release date to July
      4. Jason Voorhees joins Mortal Kombat X in May, Kombat Pack owners get first dibs
      5. The Witcher 3: Nvidia heads to Poland for a behind-the-scenes look - video
      6. Microsoft notes decline in Xbox unit sales for Q3 FY15 to 1.6 million
      7. Powerplay is a new feature included in the Elite: Dangerous May update
      8. Facebook says it's "too early" to discuss large-scale shipments of Oculus Rift
      9. Battlefield Hardline’s first patch and rental server program hits next week
      10. Mortal Kombat X Goro Tips - Brutalities, Fatalities and Variants
      11. Modders can now earn money through Steam Workshop starting today with Skyrim
      12. Play Skyrim for free this weekend on Steam and take 75% off while you're at it
      13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 "Ember" teaser video released ahead of full reveal
      14. Dragon Age Keep update includes more customizability and control
      15. Here's a look at some Conker community creations in Project Spark
      16. Rainbow Six: Siege video shines spotlight on the British Counter Terrorist Unit
      17. Mario Kart 8 DLC and Mewtwo for Super Smash Bros. headline eShop update in North America
      18. Square Enix host E3 2015 conference this year on June 16
      19. Final Fantasy 4: The After Years 3D remake releasing on Steam next month
      20. This Project Cars video shows off the racer's multiplayer
      21. Looks like Logitech is getting out of OEM mouse production business [Clarification]
      22. Win! We have 1,000 Heroes of the Storm beta keys to give away
      23. Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct airs tomorrow, April 24
      24. Blizzard will have 500 game stations set up at gamescom 2015
      25. PS4 price cut to ?299 in UK
      26. Mad Max: first ever gameplay footage revealed
      27. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil has four-player co-op like we figured
      28. Update now available for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X and Y
      29. Side-scrolling cover shooter Not a Hero gets a demo
      30. You have until April 30 to export your Green Day: Rock Band tracks to Rock Band 3
      31. Batman: Arkham Knight minimum, recommended, and ultra PC specs revealed
      32. Bloodborne patch 1.03 is live, reduces loading times, fixes suspend/resume bugs, more
      33. Battlefield 4: first look at Community Map in action
      34. Microsoft apologises for uploading misleading Witcher 3: Wild Hunt footage
      35. Assassin's Creed creator's new game is Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
      36. Bloodborne: Cathedral Ward closed door mystery solved
      37. Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Desilets is revealing his next game now [UPDATE: ended]
      38. Destiny House of Wolves: everything you need to know about gear upgrades & The Reef
      1. Mod-friendly Galactic Civilizations 3 will leave Steam Early Access in May
      2. What Faction Should I Choose in Pillars of Eternity?
      3. Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim is out next week on PC - here's the pre-order trailer
      4. Destiny: House of Wolves - full gear set up to level 34 in PvP and PvE, upgrades, more
      5. What are the Best Mac Games on Steam?
      6. Hisashi Nogami Interview: "Splatoon allows for adaptive playstyles"
      7. Destiny: House of Wolves - watch the livestream right here
      8. FIFA Ultimate Team: week of April 22 team includes Barcelona, Chelsea players
      9. Sony's Spring Fever Sale winds down with Shovel Knight and Call of Duty discounts
      10. What Are the Best Uses of Time Travel in Video Games?
      11. Drivers for Xbox controllers, voice messages, more features available in Xbox One preview
      12. Total War: Warhammer has been announced for PC, Mac, SteamOS
      13. This video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a quest from the prologue
      14. Limited public beta for The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off tomorrow on consoles
      15. Dying Light debuts in second place on Media Create charts
      16. Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven will release in the west this June
      17. This Overlord video teases four new faces of evil
      18. GTA movie will star Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar's Sam Houser, the BBC confirms
      19. Take a look at Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold's Classic Mode
      20. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows to come with new challenge mode
      21. Nvidia releases complete graphical guide for GTA 5
      22. Cthulhu voodoo: why Bloodborne is the best Lovecraftian game
      23. WWE 2K15 is coming to PC this year
      24. GTA 5 PC: new mod adds snow to GTA Online
      25. Deals with Gold: Call of Duty edition
      26. Mortal Kombat X: PSN sign in problems fixed in new patch
      27. GTA 5 PC: new patch fixes Windows Media Player issue, getting stuck in the clouds
      28. Halo 3: ODST and Relic remake come to The Master Chief Collection in May
      29. Rockstar says Social Club wasn't hacked, account details leaked from other websites
      30. Inside Shovel Knight: A Look at a First-Time Developer's Big Week
      1. That Destiny: House of Wolves teaser is packed with new intel, Reef reveal at 11.00am PST today
      2. Star Wars Battlefront content not shaped by DLC plans, says producer
      3. We'll finally get a look at Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 at E3 in June
      4. Ultima 7 Complete, Wing Commander 3, others added to Humble Origin Bundle 2
      5. Don't Starve Together has been updated to inlcude Reign of Giants expansion
      6. Xbox Live Gold Members can play NBA 2K15 for free this weekend
      7. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power hits Steam Early Access and is 10% off
      8. You can now grab Killing Floor 2 through Steam Early Access
      9. Destiny: House of Wolves livestream will reveal The Reef social space tomorrow
      10. Former Lionhead boss now "overseeing internal development" for HoloLens, Xbox "experiences"
      11. Battlefield 4 is getting a new weapon and its a Mare's Leg lever-action rifle
      12. Journey soundtrack to be made available on vinyl, pre-orders start this week
      13. Finn and Jake investigate things in new Adventure Time game
      14. Metal Gear Online supports up to 16 players on PC and current-gen consoles
      15. PlayStation Store survey outs possible customer incentives when pre-ordering titles
      16. Game of Thrones' Tywin Lannister talks about his role in The Witcher 3
      17. Guitar Hero Live dev diary shows you how the live-action elements were created
      18. Here's the first King’s Quest developer diary
      19. Mortal Kombat X contains a hidden battle which can be unlocked
      20. The Evil Within: The Consequence has been released along with a launch trailer
      21. Happy Wars launch trailer arrives ahead of Friday release
      22. Rock Band 4 will be co-published at retail worldwide by Mad Catz
      23. Wii U Special Edition Splatoon Deluxe Set is a Best Buy exclusive in North America
      24. The Indie Megabooth is coming to EGX 2015
      25. Driveclub update adds free car, free tour, multiplayer replays
      26. PC version of Rainbow Six Siege standard edition to be digital-only in the UK
      27. Gears of War cinematics director leaves Epic to join Black Tusk
      28. Destruction in Star Wars: Battlefront will be less than it was in Battlefield
      29. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China: how to unlock Ezio Auditore outfit
      30. Destiny weekly reset for April 21: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
      31. PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.51 now live
      32. Xbox Avatars return on Windows 10
      33. Mortal Kombat X could be getting a story DLC pack
      34. Is Sony working on the PlayStation Vita 3000? [UPDATE]
      35. Destiny: 20 things you must do before House of Wolves
      36. PSN maintenance scheduled for April 22
      37. Not sure about Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China? Check out some gameplay
      38. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China reviews sneak in
      39. NBA 2K15 tips Warriors for Playoffs win
      40. Serious talent working on next Fairy Fencer F game
      41. Alan Wake 2 still on the cards at Remedy
      42. Kerbal Space Program gets release date, new trailer
      43. Gran Turismo 6's GT Academy kicks off today
      44. Shovel Knight has been certified for Xbox One - due next week
      45. Windows 10 release window may have slipped out of AMD earnings call
      46. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide hits Steam Early Access next month - new trailer
      47. Resistance, Sunset Overdrive dev Insomniac Games releases first PC game
      1. New Triad Wars trailer takes us back to the Hong Kong of Sleeping Dogs
      2. Mad Max screenshots show a gorgeous, deadly desert world
      3. Watch the first developer diary for Star Wars: Battlefront
      4. WoW Tokens will go live tomorrow in Europe
      5. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition screens show the new playable characters
      6. OlliOlli 2 soundtrack now available on iTunes and Spotify
      7. Hillary Clinton the gamer - pictorial proof
      8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Interview: "Normal Life Where Something Unimaginable is Happening"
      9. Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles China launch trailer is filled with style and stealth
      10. Watch the original Firefly cast members reprise their roles in Firefly Online
      11. Watch Dota 2 played from third-person perspective
      12. Mortal Kombat X 1.02 patch improves netcode, adds free Sub-Zero costume and more
      13. What is Destiny's Trials of Osiris event? Here's everything you need to know
      14. New Halo 5: Guardians trailer shows Spartan Locke in action
      15. Microsoft to reveal a new exclusive IP at E3 2015
      16. Heroes of the Storm gets a release date
      17. Disney Infinity 3.0 spotted, Disney attempts to quell chatter
      18. 22 Cans' Godus co-creator leaves to work on Indie project
      19. The Order: 1886 character models can now be viewed in all of their naked glory
      20. New high-res Star Ocean 5 screenshots are all splendid all the time
      21. With new Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, is Activision ushering back a golden era of games?
      22. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 Return to Spira trailer features giant whale, shiny visuals
      23. Xbox One May update now in beta, multitasking and voice messaging incoming
      24. How do GTA 5 PC's normal settings stack up to ultra? Like this
      25. Star Wars Battlefront is 60 FPS, splitscreen not available for all modes
      26. This is what time The Witcher 3 will go live globally
      27. Star Wars Battlefront playable solo with bots
      28. Free Helldivers update coming soon
      29. Borderlands creator farewells Gearbox
      30. Sony Pictures has been working to secure the Smash Bros. rights - report
      31. Life is Strange Episode 3 coming next month
      1. Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness - details on story and setting emerge
      2. This homebrew app turns your 3DS into a remote desktop - shown running World of Warcraft
      3. Release dates for three Hyperdimension Neptunia games announced
      4. Mass Effect 4 survey contains info on crafting, exploration, a Horde Mode more - RUMOR
      5. GTA 5 PC: modders poking around the files find Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT textures
      6. Sony leaks: Uncharted movie similar to National Treasure but more "intense" and not as "silly"
      7. Star Wars: Battlefront isn't just a "big-budget Battlefield mod," says DICE
      8. New Steam policy restricts accounts to protect users from phishing scams and spam
      9. Latest Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store discounts action games and movies
      1. USgamer Community Question: Which defunct video game character would you like to see rebooted?
      2. Lakeview Cabin Collection Mixes Friday the 13th and Maniac Mansion in a Scary, Silly Sandbox
      3. Crossovers Are Magical: Recent and Upcoming Games That Blend Universes
      4. A new expansion for Postal 2 called Paradise Lost was released today
      5. GTA 5 patch 1.01 is now available for PC, fixes launcher and framerate issues
      6. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will arrive on the PS Store for PS4 in May
      7. Upcoming Dark Souls 2 patch to fix weapon degradation glitch
      8. Star Wars: Battlefront is now available for pre-order on Origin, Amazon, others
      9. Star Wars: Battlefront - watch the lovely reveal trailer here
      10. Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player battles, play as Darth Vader and Boba Fett
      11. Microsoft confirms departure of Xbox Europe VP Phil Harrison
      12. Battlefield Hardline Rent-a-Server option coming to both last and current-gen consoles
      13. Chip's Challenge and unreleased sequel Chip's Challenge 2 arrive on Steam next month
      14. Pillars of Eternity patch betas hitting Steam, update 1.05 to drop in May
      15. Goat Simulator comes to Xbox platforms
      16. Alienation: first co-op footage revealed
      17. ReShade SweetFX supports GTA 5, user-made presets begin popping up
      18. Project Cars goes gold, full track list revealed
      19. Dragon Quest Heroes has a stupid subtitle in the West
      20. Minecraft vulnerability allows users to crash servers remotely [UPDATE]
      21. Official Bloodborne merchandise now available, including a limited edition statue
      22. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 17, 18 - The Last Word edition
      23. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt discounted for Gold members, pre-load now live
      24. GTA 5 files accessed by modders, reveal horses, zombies, more
      25. Bethesda's E3 invite features Dishonored, Doom, Wolfenstein… but no Fallout
      26. Here's Crytek's VR demo, because dinosaurs
      27. StreetPass update adds birthday collecting, VIP Miis and more
      28. Massive Uplay sale offers cheap games in time for the weekend
      29. Fix for GTA 5 PC Windows install bug releasing today
      30. Prey 2 dev's new mobile horror Lost Within out now on iOS and Fire
      31. Let's take a look at Blood Bowl 2's Chaos faction
      32. "Second-person" shooter Screencheat coming to PS4 and Xbox One
      33. World of Warcraft Timewalking will make old dungeons fun again
      34. Bloodborne and Dark Souls messaging - in real life
      35. Mass Effect fans, get a load of this My Talking Elcor plushie
      36. Homeworld Remastered Collection headed to retail
      37. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt download size lower than predicted
      38. Bloodborne, beaten with a Guitar Hero controller
      39. Vendors? New social space? Your House of Wolves questions will be answered
      40. GTA 5 playable with Virtuix Omni VR treadmill
      41. Mortal Kombat X: play as Rain and other locked characters on PC
      42. Madden 16 release date set for August, of course
      43. Star Wars Battlefront won't have Battlelog support
      1. Battlefield Hardline beats Bloodborne to top March NPD chart
      2. Destiny: House of Wolves gear upgrade paths will be revealed next week
      3. Don't forget: the Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend kicks off tomorrow
      4. Tale of Tales announces May release for Kickstarter success Sunset
      5. Take 50% off select racing titles through the Codemasters online store
      6. Mortal Kombat X - Ferra/Torr's Combos, Fatality and Brutalities
      7. Spy_Watch coming to Apple Watch from Surgeon Simulator devs
      8. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power hits Steam Early Access next week
      9. Journey, Flower, flOw trilogy to be released this summer on PS4 in 1080p at 60fps
      10. Here's a few screenshots of PS4-exclusive Alienation from Housemarque
      11. Story of Seasons' Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto Sheds Light on His Laid-Back Farming Sim: "You can think of it as enjoying bonsai."
      12. Star Wars: Battlefront website notes November 17 release, teaser video and first image hit
      13. Thursday Stream: HEX: Shards of Fate at 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET
      14. Mortal Kombat X is the fastest selling entry in the series to date
      15. Shadow of the Beast reboot resurfaces with some new screenshots
      16. Halo: Spartan Strike arrives on Windows 8, iOS and Steam today
      17. Final Fantasy 15 video shows highlights from the Episdoe Duscae demo
      18. Bloodborne has sold over 155,000 digital units since release - SuperData
      19. Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, April 17
      20. Nintendo US eShop update: Mega May returns, Super Smash Bros. update, Mii Fighter costumes
      21. Here's your first look at Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida in Super Time Force Ultra
      22. The wait is almost over - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has gone gold
      23. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a "couple weeks out from beta," new trailer
      24. GTA 5 on PC looks incredible, but I can't recommend it to console players
      25. The Forest engine updated to Unity 5, major graphical and gameplay improvements made
      26. Star Wars: Battlefront banner leaks from Star Wars Convention
      27. Get GTA 5 working with Oculus Rift using this tool
      28. FIFA Ultimate Team: week of April 15 team revealed
      29. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will let you stealth all encounters, including bosses
      30. Project Cars PC specs and supported wheels announced
      31. GTA 5 gets custom FOV mod on PC
      32. Win! GTA 5 on PC!
      33. GTA 5 topples Skyrim's record for highest concurrent players on Steam
      34. Mortal Kombat X: what does a modern fighting game look like?
      35. J-Stars Victory VS+ coming west in June - new trailer
      36. Codemasters F1 license good through 2016
      37. Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Guide - Unlock Shinnok
      38. Project Cars has pretty deep graphics options on consoles
      39. Super Smash Bros. patch nerfs Diddy Kong - report
      40. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel developer shuttered
      41. Samorost 3 trailer shows Amanita still in fine form
      42. Amnesia dev's new project SOMA now in beta
      43. Steam Guard mobile authenticator now in beta testing
      44. Godzilla battles Mothra in new trailer
      45. Tales of Zestiria to launch this year - new trailer
      46. USgamer Answers: How Much Game Violence Is Too Much?
      47. Project Cars release date locked down, new trailer released
      48. Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains trailer shows combat, online multiplayer
      49. Bloodborne stamina recovery rate affected by equip weight
      1. Street Fighter's Ryu, Fire Emblem's Roy spotted in Super Smash Bros. patch - rumour
      2. Suikoden 3 PEGI rating suggests PS2 Classic re-release
      3. Reproduction Cartridges and Elegant Piracy
      4. Star Wars Battlefront gameplay reveal to be streamed live, new Instagram tease
      5. GameStop to launch retro game and console trade-in experiment
      6. Battlefield Hardline's first patch addresses five priority issues requested by the community
      7. GTA 5 user videos: Franklin's exploits, a traffic jam tickle our funny bone
      8. Invisible Inc. is coming to PS4 and has left Steam Early Access
      9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC dated for PC and PlayStation
      10. GameStop Will (Tentatively) Offer Classic Consoles and Games Again
      11. Killing Floor 2 PC specs and Digital Deluxe Edition contents announced by Tripwire
      12. Content in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood tips its hat to Return to Castle Wolfenstein
      13. Bloodborne is the latest to receive the Honest Game Trailers treatment
      14. Battlefield Heroes, FIFA World, other free-to-play EA titles to lose support in 90 days
      15. Virtual Spotlight: Life Force, NES's High-Quality Lo-Fi Shooter
      16. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin debut tops Media Create charts in Japan
      17. Dying Light is your PS Store Deal of the Week, Warner titles discounted
      18. Destiny's House of Wolves: Bungie was right to delay the raid
      19. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One bundles announced for Europe
      20. Titan Souls PC Review: The Quick and The Dead
      21. Mario Party 10 Wii U Review: An Expert Opinion
      22. Rockstar Editor: how to find your videos without booting up GTA 5 on PC
      23. Battlefield 4 news update: classic maps, community map, new weapons, more
      24. Project Reality team's Squad gets greenlit on Steam
      25. GTA 5 PC: first mod is here giving you infinite ammo and invincibility
      26. One talented prop maker is making Destiny hand cannons
      27. Watch the reveal trailer for Guitar Hero Live
      28. Batman: Arkham Knight villain's origin to be revealed in a comic - but there's a catch
      29. Fans are so excited about Star Wars Battlefront, they're making collector's edition mock-ups
      30. Microsoft's Phil Spencer loves a bit of Bloodborne
      31. Wildstar pulled from retail shelves ahead of F2P transition - rumour
      32. Destiny: where in the heck are the Blades of Crota?
      33. Mario Kart 8 DLC trailer confirms Baby Park track
      34. Pillars of Eternity speedrun clocks in at under 40 minutes
      35. Star Ocean 5 gets a trailer and website
      36. Child of Light projects in the works at Ubisoft
      37. Project Cars runs at 60 fps on both consoles, supports up to 12K on PC
      38. Destiny: House of Wolves contents datamined from latest patch - rumour, spoilers
      39. Star Wars Battlefront teaser image now twice as exciting
      40. Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo DLC codes rolling out now
      1. Kingdom Hearts 3 may get a smartphone spin-off
      2. Devil Survivor 2 and two Etrian games coming to Europe this year
      3. Retronauts Episode 37 Keeps the Memory of Also-rans Alive
      4. Tuesday Stream: Titan Souls at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET
      5. USgamer Answers: Are There Too Many Video Game Remasters?
      6. Here's a Destiny video showing you what's new in update 1.1.2
      7. Dungeon Travelers 2 arrives in North America this summer on Vita
      8. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition available for pre-download, pre-purchase
      9. Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 2 3D remasters releasing on eShop this summer
      10. Here's the Destiny Audio Easter Egg included in update 1.1.2 - video
      11. You can build ships in the next World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor update
      12. Humble Origin Bundle 2 contains Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2, more
      13. Hearthstone is now available for your smartphone
      14. Elixirs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will ravage Geralt's handsome face
      15. Destiny update 1.1.2 has been deployed - and it's rather large
      16. GTA film: Bill Paxton to play Take-Two nemesis Jack Thompson in BBC project
      17. Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo now available for pre-order in the UK
      18. Bloodborne update 1.03 will be released before the end of the month
      19. Win! Mortal Kombat X and a console to play it on
      20. Catch Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
      21. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate surpasses one million units shipped in Europe and North America
      22. Mortal Kombat X PlayStation 4 Review: Fatality Attraction
      23. Bloodborne has sold-through one million units since launch
      24. Nipples and wee-wees culled from The Order: 1886 in Japan
      25. Cities: Skylines has sold 1 million copies, over 33,000 mods created
      26. Guitar Hero Live: getting the band back together
      27. New Guitar Hero costs $99, isn't backwards compatible
      28. Dying Light developer tools are now available for your insane mod ideas
      29. Mortal Kombat X crashing on PC for plenty of users, Steam's new download system to blame
      30. GTA 5 PC launch day blowout! All the videos, news, fixes & customisation options here
      31. Star Ocean 5 revealed in Famitsu, in development for PS3 and PS4
      32. GTA 5 Online: how to transfer your console character to PC
      33. GTA 5 PC guide: how to use the Rockstar Editor & Director Mode
      34. New Guitar Hero has redesigned controller, first-person perspective - report
      35. The Order: 1886 gets Photo Mode with massive new addition
      36. Here's how you can watch Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere free on Xbox
      37. GTA 5 PC: watch the first 20 minutes on very high settings in 60fps
      38. Deals with Gold: 50% off The Evil Within, 40% off Metro Redux, more
      39. Destiny weekly reset for April 14: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
      40. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser contains hidden coordinates to real-world locations
      41. GTA 5 PC: launch day issues and how to fix them
      42. This is how GTA 5 PC looks with Ultra settings
      43. Star Wars Battlefront will be playable "first on Xbox One"
      44. GTA 5 PC is already the second most popular game on Steam
      45. Mortal Kombat X DLC makes performing fatalities easier
      46. GTA 5 PC: how to enable custom radio stations
      47. Okay, maybe Star Ocean isn't happening
      48. Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus remake in the works
      49. Lara Croft: Relic Run endless runner soft-launched in the Netherlands
      50. GTA 5 AMD driver update available now, too
      51. Star Wars Battlefront teases hint at Internet-breaking gameplay footage
      52. Watch every Mortal Kombat X fatality in HD - video
      53. Bloodborne tops PSN download charts for March
      54. Tower of Guns PS4 Review: Random Fun
      55. Destiny: here's what to expect from House of Wolves over the next few weeks
      1. Jade Empire: The Game That Bioware Forgot
      2. Here's the first movie made in GTA 5 PC's video editor
      3. Destiny update 1.1.2 launching today
      4. Mortal Kombat X reviews are in, lots of love for Netherrealm's latest
      5. Destiny: House of Wolves will not have a Raid, but expect one this year
      6. Mortal Kombat X - Jacqui Briggs' Combos, Fatality and Brutalities
      7. Destiny: House of Wolves trailer break-down and analysis
      8. PewDiePie's video game is officially Legend of the Brofist
      9. Destiny: House of Wolves is out May 19 - watch the official trailer here
      10. GTA 5 PC: Rockstar Editor comes with built-in mods - watch
      11. GTA 5 PC: Nvidia Game Ready drivers released
      12. Monster Hunter Stories is a new RPG for 3DS
      13. Titan Souls reviews go live - get the scores here
      14. Taking another look at the Rainbow Six Siege alpha
      15. Activision teases new game with guitars, drum kits...
      16. Xbox One price drops to ?299 in UK
      17. GTA 5, Mortal Kombat X, Titan Souls: new releases for the week of April 13
      18. New Daredevil costume added to Marvel Heroes
      19. Let's talk about how great Borderlands is
      20. Halo Online is looking pretty good
      21. Hyped for GTA 5 on PC? Get a load of these new screens
      22. Star Ocean revival looking more and more likely
      23. Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul coming west this year
      24. "We were always going to bring GTA 5 to PC," says Rockstar
      25. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 releasing in autumn - new trailer
      26. How weapons and traps work in Fortnite
      27. Street Fighter 5 will be "something that nobody is expecting"
      28. MLG celebrates 253% YoY viewership growth in Q1
      29. Project X Zone 2 brings multi-publisher mish-mash back to 3DS
      1. Pillars of Eternity Side Quest Guide - Act II: Copperlane, Defiance Bay, and First Fires
      2. Path of Exile's expansion The Awakening goes into closed beta this month
      3. Original GTA developers don't appear to have much confidence in BBC's upcoming drama
      4. BioShock creator Ken Levine's next game has characters with "passions, wants and needs"
      5. Phantom Dust reboot pulled from devs over inability to meet Microsoft's expectations - report
      6. Thimbleweed Park's Ron Gilbert feels modern adventure games "get too lost in story"
      7. DeNA lays off large number of employees at San Francisco and Vancouver offices
      8. Farming Simulator 15 console teaser video shows sexy tractors and timberjacks
      9. Game of Thrones - Episode 1: Iron From Ice free for a limited time on Android through Amazon
      10. Here's the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward - potential spoilers
      11. Alone in the Dark: Illumination multiplayer closed beta runs through Monday
      12. Rockstar titles Bully, GTA Complete Pack, more on sale for 80% off through Humble Store
      1. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Sega Genesis Game?
      2. Killer Instinct S2 Dev: "No One at Iron Galaxy Cares About Lore, We Just Want to Make Cool Characters"
      3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided team explains how it created Jensen's "dark and mysterious" world
      4. Kratos will be hard to find in Shovel Knight, new video shows him in action
      5. The Technomancer is a new RPG in the works from Bound by Flame developers
      6. Resident Evil Revelations 2 Vita port scheduled for digital release this summer
      7. Watch nine minutes of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power gameplay
      8. Open beta for Total War Battles: Kingdom now available through Steam
      9. This is what time GTA 5 on PC will go live in Europe and North America
      10. Xbox Spring Sale continues with weekend bonus deals
      11. Apple Watch's Runeblade is "the first fantasy adventure title" designed for smartwatches
      12. Today's the last day to get the Fast & Furious expansion for Forza Horizon 2 free
      13. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has shipped over 1 million copies worldwide
      14. Team Ninja-developed Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game may come to PS4
      15. Many, many Battlefield Hardline players have been killed by random furniture
      16. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer is a comprehensive guide to the game
      17. Watch a rabbit-man sell you on his mayoral campaign in Not a Hero trailer
      18. FIFA Ultimate Team: week of April 8 team revealed
      19. Watch the trailer for classic horror film Psychomania recreated in GTA 5
      20. In CoD We Trust: eSports as American as hotdogs and dead presidents
      21. This is how you can play Resident Evil 5 in splitscreen on PC
      22. Can we expect something as great as Bad Company 2's Laguna Presa in Battlefield 4?
      23. GTA 5's Director Mode is everything you wanted GTA 4's editor to be
      24. Sony wants feedback and requests on PS4 features
      25. Destiny: Should you buy SUROS Regime?
      26. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 10, 11 - SUROS Regime edition
      27. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes around 25 hours to speedrun
      28. Zombies mode confirmed for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
      29. Bloodborne Saw Cleaver prop would look great on my wall
      30. What is Square Enix Japan teasing?
      31. Project CARS looks almost unbelievably shiny in new Renault Sport Trailer
      32. NHL 15 added to EA Access Vault
      33. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Xbox One Review: Return of the King
      34. Destiny update 1.1.2: changes to Crucible ammo drops detailed
      35. Guild Wars 2 publisher lays off customer service team, outsources to third party
      36. Dragon Age voice actor has seen "all that stuff - and some of it's quite sexy"
      37. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Nintendo 3DS Review: Big Adventure, Tiny Screen
      1. Tony Hawk 5 is probably the name of new console Pro Skater game [Update]
      2. Destiny update will let you wear helmets in the tower
      3. Free-to-play Magicka: Wizard Wars will be released on April 28
      4. I Am Bread arrives on Steam at 25% off along with content update
      5. USgamer Answers: What's Up With Nintendo's Amiibo Situation?
      6. Ori and the Blind Forest turned a profit within a week's time, says Moon Studios boss
      7. The Marksmen DLC for Arma 3 has been released
      8. League of Legends 2015 World Championship venues, dates announced
      9. Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, April 10
      10. Thursday Stream: The Gateway Guide to Super Robot Wars at 5pm PT/8pm ET
      11. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 announced, worldwide reveal on April 26
      12. LEGO Dimensions Is Your New Amiibo or Skylanders-Style Fix
      13. ?12.99 Elder Scrolls Online console migration deal offered to PC and Mac users
      14. Don't boycott MGS5: The Phantom Pain because Komani "fired a genius", says voice actor
      15. GTA 5: should you transfer your GTA Online character over to the PC version?
      16. Xbox 360 system update adds 2TB hard drive support for Preview Program members
      17. This video for The Division highlights the importance of player bases
      18. New Evolve community challenge could net you a Goliath Voodoo Skin
      19. Nintendo US eShop update: Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS, Pokemon Rumble World, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, more
      20. Guild Wars 2 public beta for new Stronghold PvP mode will run for 24 hours
      21. Battlefield 4 Forgotten Weapons video series kicks off with the QBB-95-1 light machine gun
      22. LEGO Dimensions out this fall, starter pack contains Gandalf, Batman, more
      23. CoD: Advanced Warfare patch fixes Goliath godmode glitch
      24. Destiny: seven months later, seven changes that transformed Bungie's shooter
      25. This is the hardware you'll need to run GTA 5 at 4K
      26. Bethesda is teasing Nazi zombies for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
      27. WoW Tokens already lost over 25% of their value
      28. Mass Effect 4 and Mirror's Edge 2 to release before the end of March 2016, says Pachter
      29. Latest Capcom Pro Tourney accidentally used wrong version of Street Fighter
      30. YouTube to launch subscription service this year, may cost $10 per month - report
      31. Bloodborne journal, part 2: Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!
      32. GTA 5 PC: new impressive screens to drool over
      33. Mario Kart 8's new 200cc class looks insane
      34. How to Find and Recruit All 8 Companions in Pillars of Eternity
      35. GTA: BBC looking to secure Harry Potter star for upcoming drama - report
      36. Pillars of Eternity Side Quest Guide - Act III: Elm’s Reach, Oldsong, and Hearthsong
      1. Postal barred from Google Play for "gratuitous violence"
      2. GTA 5 PC supports a robust array of graphics options
      3. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. update is live and speeds things up a bit
      4. Looks like GTA 5 will span seven discs on PC if these images are legit
      5. Former Xbox boss Don Mattrick steps down as Zynga CEO
      6. Battle.net accounts suspended in Crimea due to US sanctions
      7. Need for Speed 2 film in the works with EA, Chinese production company
      8. Conker’s Big Reunion video for Project Spark is as silly as you'd expect
      9. Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #4: Kirby's Curse
      10. Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #3: No, BJ! No!
      11. GTA 5: Rockstar plans to "deliver updates to PC and consoles simultaneously"
      12. Mortal Kombat X is now available for your Apple mobile device
      13. Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space executive proudcer Steve Papoutsis exits EA
      14. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One - here's the reveal trailer
      15. The Elder Scrolls Online is welcoming beta players back with a free weekend
      16. GTA 5 PC mods which have a "negative impact" on GTA Online will be squashed
      17. Team Doubles added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, April update in final testing
      18. Xbox One preview members can now use an over-the-air tuner in the US and Canada
      19. Rainbow Six Siege Alpha: here's a look at all the playable classes
      20. Two new StreetPass games to launch alongside Nintendo's International StreetPass Week
      21. Get Destiny for ?15 right now
      22. GTA 5: everything new to the PC version
      23. Cassie Cage has a selfie fatality in Mortal Kombat X
      24. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to be officially revealed today
      25. Avengers: Age of Ultron pinball table announced for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2
      26. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition had splitscreen code "ripped out" when switching to Steam
      27. CoD: Advanced Warfare gets new Gold Edition, includes Havoc DLC
      28. Xbox spring sale is offering cheap season passes
      29. Speeding up Xbox One UI is high on Microsoft's priority list
      30. GTA 5 pre-load is live on Steam and Rockstar Warehouse
      31. Mortal Kombat X being sold early, day one patch is 1.8GB
      32. Rainbow Six Siege: hands-on with closed alpha gameplay
      33. Diablo 3 patch 2.2.0 out now, adds Treasure Goblins and more
      34. Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC refunds issued to Australian gamers - report
      35. Torchlight 2, La-Mulana, Outlast featured in latest Humble Bundle
      36. NBA 2K14 servers come back up, 2K online support periods to be extended
      37. Five Nights at Freddy's movie in the works at Warner Bros.
      38. Yo-Kai Watch 3 and two spin-offs announced for Japan
      1. Call of Duty Snapchat posting Black Ops-like teasers
      2. Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3DS Review: Terror From the Deep
      3. RBI Baseball 15 Xbox One Review: Arcade Throwback
      4. Dead Island 2 release skips spring for fall 2015 - report
      5. Nordic has re-released four House of Tales titles on Steam
      6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided announced in May issue of Game Informer
      7. USstreamer: Bob Instructs Jaz in the Ways of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Today at 3:00pm PT/6:00pm ET
      8. Box Boy 3DS Review: It's Hip to be Square
      9. Rainbow Six Siege Alpha: have a look at the entire first match - video
      10. Harmonix puts Rock Band 3 DLC packs for Ozzy, The Black Keys, more on sale
      11. Teslagrad heading to PlayStation consoles in North America later this month
      12. Two expansions for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will add 30-plus hours to the game
      13. The world map for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a rather large one
      14. MLB 15: The Show PlayStation 4 Review: On the Road Again
      15. Free-to-play shooter Ghost in the Shell Online is heading west later this year
      16. You can now pre-order Splatoon Bundles and amiibo through Nintendo's UK store
      17. Bastion arrives on PS4 today in North America, tomorrow in Europe [Update]
      18. Killing Floor 2 hits Steam Early Access later this month
      19. Payday 2 Heist DLC created in collaboration with DJ Alesso announced
      20. Forza Horizon 2 Furious 7 Car Pack includes eight cars and is ready for download
      21. 20,000 tickets to EGX 2015 already sold, variety of day and full event passes still available
      22. Crime pays: GTA Online now handing out $1.6m per month for daily players
      23. Star Wars digital HD collection to launch through Xbox Video on April 10
      24. Yo-Kai Watch finally confirmed for a western release on 3DS
      25. Battlefield 4: 144Hz netcode explained
      26. Driveclub gets "major" server update, online play not available for eight hours
      27. Bloodborne director's favourite boss fight is from Demon's Souls
      28. Destiny weekly reset for April 7: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed
      29. How Bloodborne was beaten: the race to earn the Platinum
      30. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin reviews round-up, all the scores
      31. Forza Horizon 2 and its season pass discounted through Deals with Gold
      32. You can pre-load GTA 5 on PC starting today
      33. Earthbound mysteriously "sold out" on Club Nintendo
      34. Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod team working on full game
      35. WoW Tokens launch tomorrow
      36. New Bloodborne subreddits offer co-op LFG service
      37. BioShock CryEngine homage is utterly beautiful
      38. Uncharted 3 among latest PlayStation Now additions
      39. GTA 5 is the fifth most expensive entertainment product ever
      40. What do Bloodborne enemies do when you're not around?
      41. Halo Online modders vow to continue leaking game despite copyright take downs
      42. Black Ops 3? Call of Duty update adds mysterious Snapchat link
      1. Battlefield 4: help DICE choose the best layout for the Community Map
      2. Amazon signed licensing deal with Crytek for a lot of money - report
      3. Retronauts Micro Goes from Myth to Laughter with a Look at Parodius
      4. Tomb Raider sells 8.5M, becomes best-selling entry in franchise history
      5. Watch the first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
      6. NBA 2K14 servers go offline, take users' career progress with them
      7. Xbox One April update is here, but without voice messages
      8. Bloodborne: if you leave your PS4 on for 12 hours, all bosses become easy
      9. Destiny: is the Queen's Wrath event set to return in House of Wolves?
      10. Halo 5: Guardians - the investigation of Master Chief's life continues
      11. Mortal Kombat X: watch Goro tear people apart in new gameplay
      12. Bloodborne soundtrack coming April 21
      13. The top five best moments from the final day of Call of Duty Championship 2015
      14. PS Vita class action settlement now offering cash, PSN vouchers, and free games
      15. Mortal Kombat X launch trailer is a dramatic, violent reminder of the release date
      16. Square Enix is revealing a new game today [live now]
      17. GTA 5: Rockstar fixes Duke O' Death glitch by blowing exploiters up
      18. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Super Nintendo Game?
      1. Pillars of Eternity Side Quest Guide - Act I: Gilded Vale, Raedric's Hold and Magran's Fork
      2. Pillars of Eternity Review: Obsidian's Best RPG to Date
      1. Pillars of Eternity patch 1.03 notes released, includes retroactive stat fixes
      2. Galactic Battles fan-film is a Halo, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Star Wars mashup
      3. I Am Bread pops out of the Early Access toaster next week
      4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free April DLC pack is ready for download
      5. Mortal Kombat X videos show Kenshi's Fatality, all characters select screen and more
      6. Nintendo's All-Time Greats: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Best NES Games
      7. Star Wars Battlefront playtests being held at two EA studios next week
      8. Rodea the Sky Soldier takes a flight west this September
      9. Here's what Diablo 3 looks like in third-person perspective
      10. This Bloodborne player has beat the game without levelling up once
      11. H1Z1 gets a "big damn patch," adds new weapons, more
      12. Indie game Crawl adds Gabe Newell as in-game boss
      13. Destiny: a recap of upcoming PvE changes in patch 1.1.2
      14. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 3, 4 - Dragon's Breath edition
      15. Game streaming service OnLive shuts down, Sony acquires assets
      16. Destiny: House of Wolves release date this month, harder strikes made easier, more
      17. Watch this GTA Online Heists TV spot trailer, captured on PC
      1. "It's Kind of a Renaissance for Strategy Games." Five Insights into Mobile Strategy Games from Big Huge Games' Tim Train
      2. Warface updated with new versus and co-op modes
      3. What Are the Best New Game Plusses?
      4. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster video invites you to return to Spira
      5. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield 4, others on sale through Origin
      6. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you can sail or swim to various islands
      7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been delayed to summer 2016
      8. Battlepacks and Shortcut Kits for Battlefield 4 are on sale for 50% off
      9. North American retailers list amiibo exclusives, pre-orders start from today
      10. Thursday Stream: Two Scrubs Team Up in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void's Archon Mode
      11. PS4 users experiencing PSN connectivity issues [Update]
      12. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will release on New 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One
      13. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin framerate is better on PS4, says Digital Foundry
      14. Stealth GTA 5 patch fixes "graphical issues"
      15. FIFA Ultimate Team is currently down for maintenance
      16. Nintendo eShop US update: Super Mario 64, Story of Seasons, BOXBOY
      17. Retro City Rampage DX to see limited region-free retail release on Vita
      18. Redeem your old STALKER keys for DRM-free experience on GOG
      19. You can now purchase Elite: Dangerous on Steam
      20. Quantum Break has been delayed into 2016
      21. GTA 5 PC: watch the new 60fps trailer right here
      22. This is what Dying Light did for April Fool's Day
      23. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin launch trailer brings back memories
      24. Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies Infection DLC has exploding burgers Easter egg
      25. Hideo Kojima's name is back on some Metal Gear Solid games
      26. The new Mortal Kombat X trailer features Jax and Jacqueline Briggs
      27. We're not "scared" of GTA Heists or Battlefield Hardline, says Payday producer
      1. Amiibo Cards, woolly Amiibo, new Animal Crossing and more from today's Nintendo Direct
      2. Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo DLC and patch this month, new Amiibo
      3. April Fools Round-Up 2015: Tears of a Clown
      4. DiRT 3 now available on Steam with "100% less Games for Windows Live"
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