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  • January 2012 Archive

      1. Prototype 2 PC release pushed back without reason
      2. Jurassic Park Xbox 360 Euro retail release shelved
      3. Dark Souls creator "masochistic", made the game for himself
      4. Bigpoint tots up 250 million players
      5. The Darkness II trailer plays slice and dice
      6. NeverDead review round up shows mixed results
      7. Sony US: Vita downloads to be cheaper than retail versions
      8. US PS Store Update, January 31 - Twisted Metal demo, Dead Island DLC, more
      9. Steam mobile app goes live for all
      10. Darksiders novel to be released in time for Darksiders II
      11. February PS Plus Update - The Simpsons Arcade, House of the Dead 3 demo, GTA IV
      12. Steam group of 29,000 protesting lack of Half-Life 3 news by playing Half-Life 2 simultaneously
      13. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai releasing March 23
      14. Paul McCartney composing music for unannounced game
      15. Dragon’s Dogma 360 gets early access RE6 demo
      16. Pre-order Risen 2: Dark Waters and get Treasure Island DLC free
      17. Valve titles appear on Impulse
      18. LittleBigPlanet franchise has over 6 million user-generated levels and games
      19. New Mass Effect 3 video shows off cast, confirms Jessica Chobot
      20. FEZ rated by ESRB for Xbox Live Arcade, still set for "early 2012"
      21. Get Vita for as little as ?80 at GameStation
      22. Radnet Edition announced for Prototype 2, contains over 55 pieces of additional content
      23. THQ threatened with NASDAQ delisting
      24. NeverDead launch trailer shows headless showering
      25. Team 6 developing three 3DS titles
      26. 360 Syndicate demo launches – 10 minutes of HD co-op
      27. Soul Calibur V launches in US, reviews go score mental
      28. Schafer on Happy Action Theater and Kinect's future
      29. Report - South Korea to block 3 hour+ online time for minors
      30. Origin offering Mass Effect, Dead Space for ?3, Bulletstorm for ?7.50
      31. Quick quotes: Wii U hardware "currently changing constantly," says Team Ninja boss
      32. New Dance Central 2 DLC includes LMFAO, CeeLo, Kelis
      33. FFXIII-2 Lightning Coliseum DLC launching in Japan next week
      34. RedLynx denies leaking Trials Evolution
      35. Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land launches for iOS devices
      36. Playfish EU GM quits for venture capitalist firm
      37. En Messe: TERA to block IPs by region due to "hacking behaviour"
      38. Inversion shots go heavy on multiplayer
      39. Sam & Max: Season 2 launches for iOS
      40. Thinking is mandatory in Mass Effect 3's Hardcore and Insanity
      41. Pearl Pink 3DS coming to US, too
      42. SSX Online Pass not required for multiplayer
      43. Ono: Online play the successor to arcade scene
      44. Madden NFL 12 tips Giants for Super Bowl victory
      45. NetherRealm wants “to do more than just make Mortal Kombat”
      46. Miyamoto backs off franchises, looking for “one big hit”
      47. Meier: Graphics improvements a "two-edged sword"
      48. SSX's Kaori performs amazing Pirouette Air Grind
      1. Turbine: Premium MMOs here to stay, but subscription-only model "probably dying"
      2. Rovio Boss: Piracy isn't always bad for business
      3. PlayStation Network scheduled maintenance on Thursday
      4. Nintendo: Wii U won’t be forced into tech race with other competitors
      5. Another studio accuses Zynga of cloning their work
      6. PSA: LEGO Universe shutters today
      7. Harmonix staffer outs Facebook, PSN, Xbox Live game
      8. Everquest to go free to play in March
      9. The Amazing Spider-Man screen takes open world quite seriously
      10. Xbox 720: E3 "premature," "nothing new in 2012"
      11. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's first ten minutes go all out
      12. Eurogamer Network hits 5.7 million unique users
      13. Morrisons goes discount heavy on hardware bundles - ?150 PS3 and 360, Wii for ?85
      14. Original Kid Icarus gets eShop launch this week
      15. Splash Damage hires Enslaved gameplay programmer
      16. Namco Bandai turns part of Shoreditch into Soul Calibur V country
      17. SSX X Games TV ad goes on global showcase
      18. Sony France boss on PS4: "We'll probably be the last to announce something"
      19. Quick shots: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita goes heavy before launch
      20. Awesome personified: 2012 is the Year of Persona 4
      21. UK charts: FIFA 12 goes six weeks clear, Resi Evil: Revelations enters sixth
      22. Konami confirms Japanese release for Silent Hill HD Collection
      23. Quick quotes: Elizabeth "the catalyst" for BioShock Infinite's civil war
      24. EA taking steps to remove "faulty" BF3 anti-punkbuster bans
      25. PlayStation executive expects Monster Hunter Vita this year
      26. Grand Slam Tennis 2 introduces the Pro AI system
      27. FIFA Street invites you to Free Your Game
      28. US PlayStation Network boss exits Sony
      29. THQ lays off staff in Australia, Japan office closure TBC
      30. Nomura teases a new Square Enix game
      31. Soul Calibur V trailer hypes for launch tomorrow
      32. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition hits Aussie retail February 23
      33. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning trailer presents "a world worth getting lost in"
      34. New project in the works at Maxis
      35. Mojang: "Kind of silly" not to put modders first
      1. 2K Marin staff working on second major project
      2. Racial slur slips into Minecraft translation project
      3. Ace Attorney 5 inbound, original trilogy going HD
      4. Microsoft takes action against Halo 4 beta scam
      5. Dragon's Dogma reveal coming January 31
      6. Requiem for a soldier: 1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg
      1. Quick Quotes: NCsoft lawsuit will not affect TERA's release, says En Masse
      2. Dark Reign Redux released through Xbox Live Indie Games
      3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 reviews hit online - all the scores
      4. Supergiant sends US airman in Afghanistan a physical copy of Bastion
      5. Quick Quotes: Paradox changing its Q&A process over Sword of the Stars 2's "big failure"
      6. GDC 2012: Audio sessions announced for Bastion, Crysis 2, others
      7. Quick Shots: Soul Calibur V DLC screens play dress up
      8. Call of Duty: Elite "100k Day" starts tomorrow, lots of prizes
      9. Rumor: AC3 set during the American Revolution
      10. King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame now available on Steam
      11. The Binding of Isaac "closing in" on 450K sold, expansion detailed as 3DS talks continue
      12. FRC up in arms over same-sex relationships in SWTOR
      13. Capcom lowers the price of Resident Evil: Revelations
      14. Faction Titans detailed for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
      15. Limited Edition huke art book comes with Black Rock Shooter figma
      16. Sony announces launch day Vita bundle, extra goodies for First Edition buyers
      17. Reckoning: 38 clarifies online pass, sorry for "buggy" demo
      1. Cinematic trailer released for Aliens: Colonial Marines
      2. Epic, Insomniac, and Blizzard hosting 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit session "Staying Around, Playing Around"
      3. Reckoning contains online pass locking House of Valor questline
      4. Blockbuster offering interesting pre-order incentives for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
      5. Quick Quotes: Paradox CEO clarifies comment regarding the future of consoles
      6. Big Huge Games didn't "set out to do something deliberately" familiar with Reckoning
      7. Champions Online: Free for All celebrating one year anniversary
      8. Rumor: Microsoft to integrate Kinect technology inside Windows-based laptops
      9. The Binding of Isaac DRM-free Unholy Edition hitting retail March 16 with Steam key
      10. Minecraft 1.2 to include tamable ocelots, new AI for skeletons
      11. Vita demos now available at all GAME and gamestation stores
      12. EA Sports: SSX will bring extreme sports "back to the forefront of gaming" - new video inside
      13. Blizzard removes Scrolls of Reforging and companion pets from Diablo III beta
      14. Quick quotes: Continued success of dance genre "took us by surprise," says Ubisoft
      15. CDP: No Witcher 3 announce made last night - details
      16. Blacklight: Retribution video focuses on heavy weapons
      17. Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer shows the multiplayer in action
      18. Square launches 'Barcode Society' Hitman community
      19. PixelJunk Eden heading to Steam
      20. Iwata: 2D Super Mario side-scroller in the works, "key 3DS title" for next year
      21. Pre-order Prototype 2 at Best Buy, get Hardened Steel bonus
      22. Lego City Stories confirmed for 2012 launch
      23. Magicka turns one
      24. Brief Darkness II video goes goretastic
      25. Sakaguchi to give BAFTA talk on The Last Story next month
      26. Silent Hill: Book of Memories aims heavy on combat
      27. Delivering console-like experience was "main objective" for Rayman Origins Vita, says Ubisoft
      28. Persona 4: The Arena to launch in Japanese arcades in March
      29. Quick Quotes: UKIE on why new digital chart can work without Steam, Origin
      30. Soul Calibur V DLC plans announced, outlined
      31. DiRT Showdown gets first in-game video
      32. DCUO planning more seasonal events, Love Day 2012 canned
      33. Binary Domain director details consequence system, cut-scene video released
      34. Atlus to release Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time in US this summer
      35. PC release for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock still on the cards
      36. The Witcher II 360 Dark Edition shown, detailed
      37. Infinity Ward to fix MW3 DLC single profile lock
      38. Sony UK's swish Vita promos excite for launch
      39. Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary Japanese boxset includes 358/2 Days, Re:Coded
      40. Wildstar interview focuses on Aurin, ears, tails
      41. RAGE: Mutant Bash tv adds two new episodes, melee in 2.0 update
      42. Quantum Conundrum gets 8-minute video walkthrough
      43. Gravity Rush trailer makes February 22 seem quite distant
      44. Algol, Edge Master star in new Soul Calibur V trailer
      45. Nintendo Network: DLC push, Wii U family accounts, NFC compatible
      46. Pac-Man, Mega Man added to PS3 Street Fighter x Tekken roster
      47. 3DS is now Nintendo's fastest-selling console worldwide
      48. FFXIII-2 producer drops more hints at story DLC
      49. Insomniac: Resistance to live on, is "in capable hands"
      50. Twisted Metal demo due in next week's PSN update.
      51. CD Projekt RED: The "great majority" of Witcher 2 players will pay, not pirate
      52. Capcom "working on a solution" to Resident Evil: Revelations boxart typo
      53. Assassin's Creed: Revelations players chalk up 15 million kills
      1. Silent Hill HD likely to see individual digital releases
      2. Voodoo Extreme, Team Xbox culled, Future lays-off more
      3. Sega: Colonial Marines is not an "assembly line"
      4. Ono keen on player-created characters for Street Fighter
      5. Watch the Xbox 360-exclusive Witcher 2 opening cinematic
      6. Nintendo Downloads, January 26 - Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS demo
      7. Bethesda releases second beta patch for Skyrim on Steam
      8. Rumour - Nintendo considering renaming Wii U
      9. Ghost Recon dev compares Kinect to blow-up doll
      10. Quick Shots: The future is now in these Tropico 4: Modern Times screens
      11. Kinect Star Wars emerges from the dark side with new video
      12. Namco walks you through Armored Core V's multiplayer in latest video
      13. THQ issues round of lay-offs, internal studios unaffected
      14. Valve announces beta release of Steam app for iOS and Android
      15. CDP: The Witcher 2 to release on Xbox 360 on April 17
      16. Angry Birds lands on Facebook February 14
      17. NCsoft files lawsuit to block the release of TERA in the US
      18. California to reimburse ESA $950,000 for costs incurred during SCOTUS
      19. Rayman Origins coming to PC in March, 3DS release delayed slightly
      20. Waiting game: Ghost Recon heads on slips and creativity
      21. Impulse has D&D Anthology: The Master Collection on sale for $10
      22. Demo for King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame now available
      23. Quick Shots: Nintendo releases a cluster of Kid Icarus: Uprising screens and renders
      24. Aliens: Colonial Marines pushed into fall, says official website
      25. Gotham City Imposters public console beta goes live with new trailer
      26. Ryder White campaign trailer released for Dead Island
      27. Netflix cans its plans to offer game rentals by mail
      28. GAME launches 'Fun for a Fiver' campaign
      29. Virgin Gaming hits 1 million registered users, hands out $7M in cash and prizes
      30. Rising Star Games opens US headquarters
      31. Ono: Wii U shown at E3 “not a reflection of everything” the console has to offer
      32. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus goes heavy on action in new trailer
      33. Blue Mountain is the latest unearthly unveiling for The Secret World
      34. Cage to showcase new Quantic Dream tech at GDC
      35. Ubisoft: Next Assassin's Creed to be "biggest to date"
      36. Tomb Raider: No Wii U version, collector's edition and Mac SKU confirmed
      37. Binary Domain gets Japanese demo on February 1
      38. Insomniac: "We won't be making any more Resistances"
      39. BlizzCon’s demise may point to a 2012 Blizzard triple
      40. Nordic Games to publish Alan Wake PC at retail
      41. Nintendo to launch Wii U by Christmas for major markets
      42. Nintendo Q3: Forecasts down on ?48 billion net loss
      43. Totalbiscuit interviews Gabe Amantangelo on Star Wars: The Old Republic
      44. Concerns raised over Modern Warfare 3 Elite maps locked to profile
      45. Terraria comes of age with retail release and collectors' edition
      46. Tequila Works release Deadlight teaser and details
      47. Joe Madureira wants to tackle Legend of Zelda comic
      48. Must Have Games for Windows Phone starts Feb 1st
      49. Trion seeks Guinness World Record for virtual marriages
      50. Indy title Ibb and Obb gravitates to the PS3
      1. Hitman: Damnation to stalk book shelves this Summer
      2. Notch wants your gaming data
      3. Resident Evil 6 development team numbered over 600
      4. Mario Party 9 video shows some of the mini-game, boss fights
      5. Quick Quotes: Ohlen on the F2P vs Subscription business model for MMOs
      6. ArenaNet reveals the Jotun race of Guild Wars 2
      7. Japanese charts: Vita sales lowest since launch, Mario Kart 7 bests string of debuts
      8. Pre-order Mass Effect art book, get a download code for the Collector Assault Rifle
      9. Perfect World has been "very supportive" of Torchlight and Runic's MMO ambitions
      10. Rumor: Next Xbox contains Blu-ray, anti-used system
      11. Report: Wii U has twice Xbox 360's power, still not enough
      12. Splash Damage hires ex-FIFA director Griff Jenkins as director of production
      13. Footage of CyberTime System's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online surfaces
      14. Call of Duty mobile: Ideaworks "surprised and humbled" by success of "Zombies"
      15. Pink, white 3DS units going on sale individually next month
      16. BioWare pushes out abillity delay patch for SWTOR
      17. Euro PS Store update, January 25 - Puddle, Darkness II demo, Final Fantasy sale
      18. Carrier Command coming Q2, new shots released
      19. Blizzard pulls BlizzCon for 2012, to return in 2013
      20. LOTRO's fall update to include mounted combat, level cap increase
      21. PS3 app PlayMemories to cost €10
      22. THQ: Saints Row: The Third ships 3.8m, kids dropped
      23. Tokitowa shows off amazing anime look in first trailer
      24. Square Enix trademarks Hitman Sniper Challenge
      25. Rumour: Microsoft to keep redeemable codes following MS points phase out
      26. Kid Icarus: Uprising gets EU/US sim-ship
      27. Disconnected? Gaming and the Egyptian revolution
      28. Neo Geo Pocket resurrected in Japan
      29. Report: GameStop to close its stores in Portugal
      30. First Dragon Quest X beta testers to be notified by next week
      31. Nimblebit lashes out at Zynga over Tiny Tower clone
      32. Punch-Out!! coming to 3DS Virtual Console
      33. Paradox CEO: DRM is "terrible", "doesn't make sense"
      34. Rumour - Substantial Lightning DLC coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2
      35. Origin signs up 11 new third-parties
      36. US PS Store update, January 24 - Darkness II and UFC 3 demos, PSP dual packs, more
      37. Senior Nintendo director Nobuo Nagai passes away
      38. Eddie shows off The Worm in SSX
      39. Ten more maps, two modes for Modern Warfare 3 in 2012
      40. Tomb Raider reaches alpha state, plans for global sim-ship
      41. GameStop: NI closures "part of our plan" to exit bricks and mortar
      1. Rumour - Next Xbox has six times the power of Xbox 360
      2. Darkness II launch trailer is big on atmosphere
      3. Sony Personal 3D Viewer coming to Australia
      4. EB Games confirms $600 Wii U price tag purely speculative
      5. Apple Q1: 37 million iPhones sold, 15 million iPads
      6. FIFA Street to launch in March with Street Network
      7. GDC 2012: Sid Meier, Inafune, Riot Games talks added to schedule
      8. WoW charity auction for EU server hardware enters final stages
      9. Napoleon’s Campaigns II announced for Q3
      10. Tetris and Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike were the top sellers on PSN in 2011
      11. Jak and Daxter Collection hits US February 7, Europe February 22
      12. Insider denies Rocksteady's rumoured TMNT title
      13. Anti-Punkbuster hackers claim responsibility for banned Battlefield 3 PC users
      14. Square trademark for Sleeping Dogs leads to Kane & Lynch 3 speculation
      15. Namco: Inversion to miss February release in order to "polish several key aspects"
      16. UKIE to publish first digital PC games chart in February
      17. Tripwire teases Rising Storm expansion for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
      18. Rumor: Chip for next Xbox codenamed Oban, in production since December
      19. QuakeCon 2012 dates announced
      20. Darksiders II's Death gets eternal trailer
      21. Darksiders II: Death is coming for you
      22. Rebellion: The "market is ready" for WWII games again
      23. AVSEQ releases with "2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations"
      24. New video for Mecho Wars arrives ahead of tomorrow's release on PSN
      25. Origin adds 11 new publishers, RIFT lands on the service with extras
      26. Remedy confirms 3D, multi-screen support for Alan Wake PC
      27. Mass Effect 3 figurines to include North American exclusive DLC
      28. Coming soon to XBLM: Syndicate demo, LA Noire DLC sale, Duke Nukem Forever
      29. Saints Row: The Third available for ?12 on PC World
      30. Shank 2 gameplay footage shows stabbing and shooting on the docks
      31. Eufloria coming to iPad next month
      32. UFC Undisputed 3 demo lands on XBL and PSN
      33. Assassin's Creed: Revelations gets Mediterranean Traveler Map pack today
      34. Splash Damage to announce new titles on PC and "completely new" platforms
      35. Giant news for Skylander lovers lands with domain registrations
      36. Kristan Reed named new Pocket Gamer EIC
      37. Capcom introduces Street Fighter x Tekken online reality show
      38. Dawn Paine to leave Nintendo UK
      39. Order Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition from Capcom, get free shipping on RE6
      40. GameStop UK closes Northern Irish stores
      41. Death Rally goes free today for FreeAppDay
      42. 'Optional' CoD Elite subscription "about giving more flexibility to our hardcore" fans, says IW
      43. Rumour: Microsoft Points to be scrapped by end of 2012
      44. Asura's Wrath launch trailer is go
      45. Mass Effect 3 to be friendlier to new players
      46. Rayman Origins 3DS US release date set for March 30
      47. Gemini Rue: Collector's Edition heading to bricks and mortar
      48. Australia: Home Affairs to bring R18+ bill before first session of parliament
      49. It's EA Sports Season: Grand Slam Tennis 2 serves first
      50. Hitman: Absolution script runs over 2,000 pages
      51. XCOM: Enemy Unknown to appeal to action, RPG fans
      52. Back-up: Steam opens beta testing on Skyrim 1.4 patch
      53. Notch: Mojang less indie than before, but still indie enough
      54. New SSX bigger than all past games combined
      55. Rolston: Skyrim and Reckoning have a "lot in common" - but not combat
      56. Ono: "Timing" kept Master Chief, Marcus Fenix out of SFxT
      57. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock due in March
      58. Temple Run back on top after F2P conversion
      59. Capcom - Resident Evil: Revelations could have been RE6
      60. US Vita launch: Gravity Rush day one, Ubisoft titles to be pre-released
      61. Pachter: "Nintendo doesn't even know there's an Internet yet"
      62. Buser: Sony spent more on first-party than Microsoft and Nintendo combined
      1. RuneScape bot makers slapped with six-figure damages
      2. Mass Effect: Deception tie-in novel releases January 31
      3. Warriors Orochi 3 EU, US release date set for March
      4. The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 reveal coming this Thursday
      5. DUST 514 will support PS3 cross-play with future Sony consoles
      6. Gaikai ready to stream full games
      7. Project Titan to include product placement
      8. Capcom Digital Collection set for March release
      9. Microsoft staffing two new Kinect-focused studios
      10. Sweet Tooth Outcast MP skin coming to Starhawk
      11. XBLA House Party line-up dated, priced
      12. Visceral Games working on new IP
      13. Report: GTA V, COD to account for third of all game sales this year
      14. Sega Solihull studio named Hardlight
      15. Wii U version in the works for Project Cars
      16. Ofcom: ITV ArmA 2 gaff a "significant breach of audience trust"
      17. UKIE sells GfK Chart-Track stake, inks new five year charts deal
      18. Hacked PS3 titles running on Vita via Remote Play: video
      19. EMI looking at "unique opportunity" to include "hidden gems in our catalogue" for GTA V
      20. GTA III, Vice City rated as PS2 Classics by ESRB
      21. Rumour: Syphon Filter 4, God of War IV announced next month
      22. UK charts: FIFA holds on, Rayman Origins enters top ten
      23. Quick quotes: The Last of Us "trying to say something about human beings and how they exist"
      24. Epic: Fortnite to be more "casual" focussed, aiming for "an entirely different audience"
      25. Guild Wars 2: Spring open beta, 2012 launch confirmed
      26. Jedie? The problem with Star Wars: The Old Republic
      27. Resident Evil 4 Android port hits LG handsets in Korea
      28. Flip Flop Games to bring sick kids' ideas to life
      29. Report - US tablet owners doubled over 2011 holidays
      30. Lamagama teases PS Move exclusive Quadratum Mortis
      31. Rumour - Battlefield 3 moderator exposed as hacker
      32. Quick Quotes - Resident Evil: Revelations once set in a floating sea mansion
      33. Starbreeze: Syndicate doesn't have to compete with other shooters
      34. AT&T revises US Vita 3G data pricing
      35. Visit Hyrulecraft's 1:1 Minecraft replica of Ocarina of Time
      1. Twisted Metal to get demo, day-one patch
      2. Resident Evil: Revelations story trailer isn't much fun for Parker
      3. Analyst: Zynga loses $150 on each new customer
      4. Ninja Gaiden 3 dev diary unmasks and humanises enemies
      5. RE6 to field 70,000+ zombies, several multiplayer modes
      1. Muppets Premium Level Kit hits LittleBigPlanet 2 next week
      2. Quick Quotes: Reckoning's world is "really, really big" and "incredibly dense"
      3. Star Trek: The Original Series - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? hitting PSN and XBL next month
      4. PSN charts: Sonic CD, Final Fantasy were hits with gamers in December
      5. Theatrhythm to have paid DLC through "Nintendo Network"
      6. Bioware: “Coordinating" SWTOR was "like teaching elephants to do ballet"
      7. Square registers domain and trademark for Final Fantasy Dimensions
      8. Quick Quotes: NeverDead is not as "silly" as it appears on the surface
      9. Physics-based puzzler Puddle lands on XBLA and PSN next week
      10. Pre-orders are live for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, beta opening up "in the coming weeks"
      11. Microsoft: 360-exclusives are about "quality and impact, not number of releases in a year"
      12. Anno 2070 DRM changed to allow hardware changes
      13. SWTOR named AbleGamers’ 2011 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year
      14. Diablo III senior producer exits the firm, Blizzard posts job opening
      15. Twisted Metal goes gold, may include online pass
      16. European PSN release of Trine 2 "will be delayed a short while longer"
      17. Alan Wake hitting Steam in February, PC specs listed
      18. Demonstrably Good: The Darkness II's killer demo
      1. Quick Quotes: Rolston on how some RPGs are "slow-paced, abstract, and awkward"
      2. Quick Shots: A single screen released for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
      3. Analyst: Concerns over SWTOR sales are a bit premature
      4. Single-player footage for Mass Effect 3 shows Mars, Liara
      5. The King of Hell goes to Michigan in latest Army Corps of Hell video
      6. Cost of 3G-enable Vita materials estimated to be around $159
      7. GDC 2012: Double Fine, Gravity Rush, Rocksteady talks added to schedule
      8. Microsoft "keen" on releasing "constant updates" to Minecraft on XBLA
      9. Quick Shots: Check out Leon, Chris and the rest in Resident Evil 6
      10. PIPA vote postponed, SOPA shelved, ESA drops support
      11. The basic premise of Tomb Raider is that Lara "has to survive", says Stewart
      12. Kojima teases new anime opening cinematic for Zone of the Enders 1 HD
      13. 3DS video released for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
      14. New Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD screens don't show a race car driver called Jerry
      15. Microsoft "aware" of color output issues with dashboard update, "working on a fix"
      16. Rovio: No IPO planned for this year
      17. Bioware developer video details upcoming content for SWTOR
      18. Extra RE6 info, RE Chronicles HD trailer escape Tokyo
      19. UFC Undisputed 3 demo launching next week
      20. NIS America launching Hyperdimension Netpunia Mk2 in Europe on February 24
      21. Pokemon x Nobunga's Ambition is still a thing, gets new trailer
      22. Ubisoft digital triple pack listed for March release
      23. Harmonix launches Dance Central Dance Cam for iOS, Android, WP7
      24. Green Man Gaming offering 25% off for pre-orders
      25. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita screens do the hacky slashy business
      26. Uncharted: Golden Abyss BTS video features canoe mocap, banter
      27. Sine Mora trailer details Insane difficulty setting
      28. MLG 2012 Pro Circuit kicks off January 31 with Starcraft II
      29. EA stock drops 3% after analyst expresses doubts on SWTOR
      30. No Hawk-Eye in Grand Slam Tennis 2
      31. FIFA Street Football Club details drop next week, ups daily XP limit
      32. EVE Online spawns third dev team, CCP details next patch
      1. Mojang teases Minecraft jungle biome
      2. Ghostlight to launch Fate/Extra in Europe
      3. Watch 30 seconds of DUST 514 footage
      4. Aion Free-to-Play preparations underway
      5. Microsoft Q2: Xbox platform revenue up 9%
      6. Latest Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning dev diary delves into the RPG's art and lore
      7. SOPA blackout protests yield results
      8. 750,000 bakeries to shutter in Baking Life closure
      9. Bethesda releases preliminary patch notes for Skyrim Update 1.4
      10. A Game of Dwarves coming to PC, PlayStation Network
      11. Resident Evil 6 set in China and US, out November 20
      12. Bioware patches SWTOR PvP exploit, warns those who used it
      13. House: "Still some significant barriers to streaming solutions"
      14. Diablo III director: "No one will remember if the game is late"
      15. Classic Prince of Persia now available on 3DS, Wii
      16. House: 3DS proves there's "a lot of demand for a gaming primary, portable device."
      17. Ubisoft: "Vast majority" of users don't have problems with Anno's DRM
      18. Paradox boss: Next console gen will "probably be the last"
      19. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold over 700,000 copies
      20. Story, gameplay details revealed for Kid Icarus: Uprising
      21. Mortal Kombat Vita has exclusive Challenge Tower, touchscreen fatalities
      22. Rumour: Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield to lead RE6
      23. Ghost Recon Online dev diary introduces the three main classes
      24. Latest Inside Xbox video shows Trials Evolution gameplay footage
      25. Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition gets a trailer
      26. Quick Quotes: Vita designer on screen size and working with engineers
      27. Sega to release Sonic 4: Episode 1, Sonic CD, Sonic Generations DLC onto PC today
      28. Trion Worlds raises $85 million in latest round of funding
      29. Resident Evil: Revelations, Cooking Mama 4 demos now on 3DS eShop
      30. DDO's first expansion since going F2P delves into the Underdark
      31. TIGA: 41% of laid off UK developers move overseas
      32. Magicka moves 1.3 million units, new expansion on the way
      33. Bethesda still planning to release Skyrim's Creation Kit "this month"
      34. Shank 2 to launch on February 8
      35. Irrational announces, details BioShock Infinite's 1999 mode
      36. My Little Pony Skyrim mod replaces dragons
      37. Bayonetta's main programmer confirmed as Metal Gear Rising's director
      38. Windows NT vet moves to Xbox team for future projects
      39. MLB 12: The Show online features detailed
      40. Flickr app launches for Vita in Japan
      41. Super Stardust Delta demo launches in Japan
      42. Infinity Ward job listing mentions “next-generation”
      43. Resident Evil HD remasters to get bundled with RE5
      44. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance gets March 29 release in Japan
      45. How Chocolate Castle shames triple-A accessibility
      46. LotR Online 'pay to win' items to "create solutions" for newbs
      47. Resident Evil: Retribution gets first trailer, goes heavy on Sony product placement
      48. Another World coming to Android
      49. 343 warns against Halo 4 beta scam
      50. PSN maintenance scheduled for tomorrow
      51. Hirshberg: Activision "leaned into" Modern Warfare 3 leak
      1. Twisted Metal teaser video shows real Sweet Tooth truck
      2. Zynga snaps up World of Goo iOS port developer
      3. Counter-strike: Global Offensive files yield Half-life jokes
      4. Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer shows off Historia Crux system
      5. Red 5 drops out of E3 2012 to form anti-SOPA movement
      6. Namco Bandai exec: "Free-to-play games can't be high quality"
      7. Darksiders II's Death will "pretty much use any weapon"
      8. Quick Shots - There's a zombie on my PS Vita
      9. Nippon Ichi releases new screenshots for The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers
      10. Better AI a top priority for Hitman: Absolution
      11. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time hitting PSP this summer in the US
      12. Japan's oldest games magazine to end in March
      13. Nintendo has "no plans" to fix Maka Wuhu track bypass in Mario Kart 7
      14. Scarygirl now available through Xbox Live
      15. Bioware: Rise of the Rakghouls will "show everyone how serious we are" about SWTOR
      16. Dreadnought DLC releasing for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine next week
      17. Nexon's Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre to release on XBL later this year
      18. Mass Effect 3 demo: Minimum and recommended PC specs released
      19. Mario Party 9 lands on Wii March 2 in Europe
      20. DOOM now available worldwide through XBL Marketplace
      21. Zumba Fitness series moves 6 million worldwide, Majecsco revenue up 65%
      22. I Am Alive video demonstrates how to survive human encounters in the Dust
      23. Japanese charts: Vita sales fall 57% over last week
      24. Latest Max Payne 3 developer video focuses on targeting and weapons
      25. SEGA announces pre-order bonuses for Yakuza: Dead Souls
      26. No Hope Left: Potential RE6 unveil teased for tonight
      27. Tequila Works' first title Deadlight slated for XBLA this summer
      28. THQ resume points to two unannounced Wii U titles in the works
      29. Analysts: GTA V to be out by March 2013
      30. Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop is about the size of Xbox 360
      31. Mac, iOS versions of Q.U.B.E. being "prototype," OnLive also looked at
      32. WoW update 4.3 last major content drop before Pandaria
      33. Euro PS Store and Plus update January 18 - Starhawk beta, GT5 DLC, Reckoning demo
      34. New SSX video details online connectivity
      35. 3DS EU demo drops begin tomorrow with Resident Evil: Revelations
      36. Nintendo to launch Last Story special edition in Europe
      37. Report - Videogameplus.ca hacked, user details posted online
      38. SOPA blackout: JAW, Oddworld, RPS, Gama, SavyGamer protest
      39. ESRB rates Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for PC
      40. Namco and Imagepoch's Tokitowa announced in Famitsu
      41. Don't fear the future: Metro 2033 and Darksiders revisited
      42. Katy Perry gets own Sims 3 Showtime CE
      43. Borderlands 2: Guardian Angel to return, Lilith model chosen
      44. Kojima: Metal Gear Rising to be first playable at E3 2012
      45. New ME3 trailer confirms February 14 demo launch
      46. Final Fantasy Versus XIII nearly ready for real-time demo
      47. Game of Thrones RPG classified for Australia
      48. Dear Esther trailer is ridiculously beautiful
      49. Warriors Orochi 3 to see western release
      50. US PS Store Update, January 17 - Starhawk beta, 12 for '12, Team Ico HD, more
      51. Xbox 360 entertainment app use up 50%
      52. Lexis Numérique dismisses AMY critics
      53. UFC Undisputed shows off bumper roster
      54. Get the 1993 version of Syndicate from GOG this week
      55. PSA: Star Trek Online free to play today
      56. EVE Online CSM minutes outline new security, engineering teams
      57. House: "Ugly" hacker threats "ironically" spurred by IP protection
      1. Marvel Heroes to use Unreal Engine 3
      2. First NCAA Football Fellowship begins January 17
      3. Sega announces London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games
      4. Glitch to overhaul housing system
      5. Snipers expected in February
      6. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 releasing for Mac February 16
      7. Gakai coming to Facebook soon, WoW shown running through the social site
      8. Ubisoft shutters Pure Futbol studio in Vancouver
      9. N-Space releases a nifty video for Heroes of Ruin
      10. Radical and Dark Horse announce Prototype 2 comic series
      11. SWTOR Update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls to release tomorrow
      12. The House of Crom: Funcom launches Age of Conan: Unchained update
      13. Pre-orders for Max Payne 3 Special Edition extended to April 2
      14. Hudson Soft to be absorbed into Konami Digital Entertainment in March
      15. Bleszinski and Schatz to host GDC and IGF award shows, respectively
      16. Official Ong-Bak game announced for 2012 from Studio HIVE
      17. Analyst: EA has invested close to $500 million in SWTOR
      18. Uncharted 3 DLC lands on PSN, more packs on the way
      19. Street Fighter X Tekken videos and shots reveal six new characters
      20. Second phase of UFO Online – Fight for Earth beta to be announced as phase one closes
      21. Trion Worlds' David Reid joins CCP as chief marketing officer
      22. StarHawk public beta starts today for PS Plus members
      23. 15 mins from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 360 demo
      24. A World of Keflings DLC to be chosen by fans
      25. Fenix Rising map pack, new experience system launches for Gears of War 3
      26. Syndicate co-op demo to release at "the end of January"
      27. PvP, multiplayer modes detailed for Jagged Alliance Online
      28. TERA confirmed for May European launch
      29. The Darkness II 360 demo - 15 minutes of crazy action
      30. Half-Life communication group hits 10,000 members
      31. European publishers hunting down pirates via torrent sites
      32. Rockstar pushes Max Payne 3 into May – dates confirmed
      33. Warner confirms Mortal Kombat Vita for spring
      34. Rockstar staying mum on next-gen job listing
      35. The Darkness II demo goes live on Xbox Live Marketplace
      36. Test Drive Ferrari's first trailer is proper knockout
      37. Rumour: THQ/Disney tie-in still in development, involves upcoming Pixar flick
      38. CVs: Thief 4 to use Unreal 3, feature online functions
      39. Iron Brigade gets debut Rise of the Martian Bear trailer
      40. Q.U.B.E hits 12,000 sales in first four days
      41. Bargain hunting: PC game shopping beyond Steam
      42. Harada considering Vita version of Tekken x Street Fighter
      43. The Last Story gets European-focussed trailer
      44. SSX trailer goes uber serious with Zoe
      45. LittleBigPlanet notches up 6 million custom levels
      46. Report - Ubisoft DRM limits installations to specific hardware
      47. World of Darkness inspired by PC classic Bloodlines
      48. ArenaNet plotting Guild Wars 2's open beta
      49. PES 2012 Xperia Play promoted with mutilated couch, Kristen Schaal
      50. Report - XCOM delayed into 2013
      51. Next SWTOR update to be "much bigger", content planned through 2013
      1. Deus Ex: HR tops Amazon's digital chart for 2011
      2. Kertz exits Battlefield 3 team for unrevealed project
      3. Ex-Ars Technica editor joins Penny Arcade
      4. Fall of the Samurai Shogun 2 expansion has pre-order incentives, new trailer
      5. Report - ESA dropped up to $190,000 on PIPA lobbying
      6. TF2 heads appear in Saints Row: The Third Steam version
      7. Sony's 12 for '12 sale graces US PSN tomorrow
      8. 20 million people sign up for Minecraft, 4.65 million copies sold
      9. Kasabian headlines OST for Alan Wake's American Nightmare
      10. Vita lifestyle shots go hipster
      11. Claims of GAME website hacked are "entirely false"
      12. “Ryder White” story DLC announced for Dead Island
      13. Avseq out in a "couple of weeks," new video shows hardest stage
      14. Rumour: Apple preparing March launch for iPad 3
      15. Capcom Vancouver working on new IP
      16. Catherine European release to come with special art booklet, soundtrack CD
      17. Remedy developing "groundbreaking" AAA console project
      18. 3DS, Mario Kart 7 top 2011 Japanese charts
      19. Test Drive: Ferrari gets first shots, Slightly Mad apparently confirmed as dev
      20. UK charts: FIFA 12 top for fourth week
      21. THQ remains in need of its hit, but it's not dead yet
      22. Quick quotes: Remedy on Max Payne 3 representing Rockstar's "seal of quality"
      23. Namco Fight Club video goes big on community
      24. SOPA senate vote delayed until "consensus" is found
      25. PlayStation Vita gets updated to Firmware 1.52
      26. Capcom Super Ultimate Showcase hits Sydney February 1
      27. Unofficial Australian Vita launch line up surfaces
      28. Grand Slam Tennis 2 visits the Australian Open
      29. Razer CEO: "The PC giants have stopped innovating"
      30. Dynasty Warriors VS has four multiplayer modes
      1. First super-slim details of next .hack game escape
      2. The Secret World's Illuminati "all about the acquisition of power"
      3. Limbo for Mac out now on Steam
      4. Soul Calibur coming to iPhone January 19
      5. THQ denies mass shelving rumour, highlights Q4 sales
      1. Shepard to be a "deeper" character in Mass Effect 3, says lead writer
      2. SWTOR: Future Legacy updates to unlock perks and points
      3. The Edgar Winter Group, Korn hitting Rock Band 3 next week
      4. US PS Video Unlimited update: Paranormal Activity: The Chronology, more
      5. Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland heads west in May, gets prologue video
      6. Former Codemasters Guildford staffer claims "unlawful" treatment of employees, wages
      7. Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen video reveals story, weapons, Glider Suit
      8. Physical and digital forms of Mass Effect 3 PC to require Origin
      9. Day 1 Studios concept art surfaces for cancelled Gotham by Gaslight title
      10. Former Witcher 2 producer working on action-RPG "Project Human"
      11. The Last Story Limited Edition to be released in Europe
      12. SSFIV Arcade Edition PC receiving 2012 update next month
      13. White House "will not support" SOPA as it stands
      14. Quick shots: Prototype 2 artwork and screens released for Heller, Guerra, Dana
      15. Illicit XBL access via Xbox.com "industry-wide issue"
      16. SOPA: DNS blocking pulled; PIPA needs "more study"
      17. Blue Toad Murder Files exceeds 500,000 premium units
      1. Free update for Under Siege: Enhanced Edition now available on PSN
      2. Quick quotes: Reckoning's action-RPG "message" was difficult to convey to the public
      3. VentureBeat acquires Bitmob, Dan "Shoe" Hsu named GamesBeat editor-in-chief
      4. Masaya Matsuura's Haunt to release for Kinect next week via XBLA
      5. Korean Game Rating Board gives Diablo III a rating, can be released in South Korea
      6. Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Crysis 2, Tom Clancy titles hitting PSN next week
      7. Tropico 4: Modern Times Expansion coming to PC and 360 in March
      8. CheapyD DLC drops next week for Saints Row: The Third
      9. StarHawk public beta starts next week
      10. Ubisoft: Just Dance franchise has sold 25 million units worldwide
      11. SOPA: Firefall, Runic, Destructoid, Minecraft, Bungie decry bill
      12. Unauthorized XBL account access may be coming from Xbox.com
      13. Wii U panoramic view demo shown at CES
      14. Mojang has three new games in the works, two may release first half of 2012
      15. Taito releases arcade shooter Rayforce on iPhone and iPod Touch
      16. Modern Warfare 3 UK sales down year-over-year compared to Black Ops
      17. Nintendo re-releases 50 WiiWare demos
      18. Uncharted 3, Portal 2 lead Interactive Achievement Awards nods
      19. Revelations: How PC gaming allowed me to be born again
      20. 5th Cell's Run, Roo, Run out now on iOS
      21. Dead Space 1, 2 gets price reduced on Steam
      22. EA hit $1 billion in digital revenue in 2011, shuffles division
      23. Sony not worried with Japanese Vita sales, satisfaction rate "really high"
      24. EA Interactive boss Cottle heads to Zynga
      25. Alan Wake's American Nightmare videos come running from CES
      26. Age of Booty headed to iOS, Android
      27. New video illustrates Mass Effect 3-Reckoning demo crossover
      28. 11 RIFT servers marked for upcoming trials
      29. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action in North America, February 14th
      30. Kid Icarus: Uprising prompts development of 3DS hands-free stand
      31. No head-to-head online multiplayer for ModNation Racers on Vita
      32. Microsoft defends Kinect for Windows price hike, gamers find way around it
      33. Gameloft not guilty of health and safety breaches
      34. Quick Quotes: Notch's opinions on piracy
      35. NPD December: Industry sales decline 21%; MW3, 360 tops
      36. Research uncovers new details on XCOM: Enemy Unknown
      1. NPD 2011: Total US spend between $16.3b and $16.6b
      2. Mod Alert: Red Orchestra 2 now includes SDK
      3. SSX trailer shows gameplay modes, announces GeoTags
      4. Ohlen: Saying SWTOR lacks innovation is an "unfair characterization"
      5. Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition detailed
      6. Quick shots: Max Payne 3 screens show our hero's changing looks
      7. Acquire's Sumioni: Demon Arts to release in North America
      8. Amazon putting select EA titles on sale next week
      9. Quick quotes: Sony still has a bit of a PS2 "hangover" says SCE UK boss
      10. Silent Hill March: Downpour, HD, Book of Memories
      11. Touch My Katamari prologue video shows a bit of the game's story
      12. CD Projekt cease "identifying, contacting" Witcher II pirates
      13. Armored Core V dated for March 20 in NA, March 23 in Europe
      14. SWTOR Update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls lands next week
      15. Closed beta sign-ups for TERA are live
      16. Complete list of Versus Modes released for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
      17. Bioware relieved SWTOR players have yet to finish "all end-game content"
      18. MCV: Median games industry pay is ?33,123
      19. Sony: 3DS sales “confounding the naysayers” over space for dedicated gaming handheld
      20. Nintendo Downloads, January 12 - Zen Pinball 3D, Hip Hop King, Carmen Sandiego
      21. New Secret World teaser goes big with Illuminati
      22. Lollipop Chainsaw screens and vignette introduce the villain Swan
      23. EA Play4Free range hits 25 million registered players
      24. Video shows Project Fiona running Skyrim at "ultra high"
      25. 2K announces return of MLB 2K12 $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge
      26. DICE introduces new anti-cheating measures for Battlefield 3
      27. SCE believes PS Move "could and should" do better at UK retail
      28. Call of Duty dethroned as UK's biggest entertainment property by Adele
      29. GAME mentions new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed
      30. Edge gets The Last of Us cover for next issue
      31. Mega Man 25th anniversary logo spotted in MMX iOS
      32. Naruto hits 10 million units shipped worldwide
      33. Cave Story DSiWare delayed in Europe
      34. All change: James Binns quits Future, Richard Keith returns
      35. Triple-A aversion therapy: what not to miss in 2012
      36. Quick quotes: Beyond Good and Evil "should not have been updated," says JAW boss
      37. Zipper's Unit 13 launching on March 6
      38. Don't panic: GSC continuing work on S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
      39. Ruin renamed to Warrior's Lair
      40. SWTOR to offer rewards for neutral players
      41. Street Fighter IV HD coming to Android in May
      42. Quick shots - XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets up close and personal
      43. Vita Table Football demo'd at CES
      44. UK developed Brink, Arkham City among WGA Awards nominees
      45. DeathSmiles dev puts core games on hold to focus on social
      46. Ninja Gaiden 3 trailer shows off bloody multiplayer
      1. The Darkness II demo descends next week
      2. Minecraft 1.1 update may drop tomorrow
      3. Quick Quotes - Gaikai predicts hardware casualties before next-gen
      4. DmC mocap filmed at Avatar studio
      5. Quick Shots - Resident Evil: Revelations Street Pass swaps detailed
      6. Anomaly: Warzone earth tops Qi's 2011 iPhone games list
      7. Tim Ellis exits HMV games division as organizational changes are implemented
      8. Radical: Chance to kill Prototype hero "too exciting to pass up"
      9. DCUO celebrates first anniversary with fun facts, a swanky cape
      10. UK retailers keen to strike pre-owned revenue share deal
      11. Killzone port heading to PSN on January 24
      12. SWTOR: Medium texture setting "a bug", never intended as option
      13. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 and The Masters Collector's Edition announced for March
      14. AC:Revelations director exits Ubisoft for marketing firm
      15. GDC 2012: Blizzard, Moriarty and postmortem Summits added to schedule
      16. Double Fine Happy Action Theater to release on XBLA next month
      17. Street Fighter celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year
      18. OnLive to be integrated into all Google TV devices
      19. Kirby’s Dream Land, Majora's Mask, Dr Mario now available through Club Nintendo US
      20. Report: Microsoft TV on hold as content negotiations hit pricey snag
      21. Gran Turismo 5 update and new DLC drops next week
      22. Japanese charts: 3DS remains on top, Monster Hunter 3G passes 1 million sold mark
      23. Age of Empires Online's Skirmish Hall Booster pack shown in latest video
      24. Crystal Dynamics announces Geocaching collaboration for Tomb Raider
      25. PlayStation Store gets major discounts on NFS Hot Pursuit, Dead Space 2, Crysis, more
      26. Hitman: Absolution sends 47 on stealth-action flip-flop
      27. Purchase a Taco Bell $5 Buck Box and you might win a Vita
      28. Nexuiz looks pretty in new screens
      29. Binary Domain gets shunted back a week
      30. Square's Gunslinger Stratos announced as a shooter for Japanese arcades
      31. Cross-demo promotion announced for Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      32. Kid Icarus: Uprising to support left-handers with Circle Pad Pro, says Sakurai
      33. Reggie: Wii U information coming throughout 2012
      34. DC Universe Online updated with new R&D system
      35. Shock: Modern Warfare 3 is 2011's best selling game in UK
      36. Euro PS Store update, January 11 - AMY, FF XIII-2 and Asura’s Wrath demos
      37. Namco Bandai teases Tokitowa, more details dropping next week
      38. EA opens new customer service centre in Austin
      39. Next Saints Row: The Third DLC goes Genki mad
      40. Government to axe current ICT program for "open source" curriculum from September
      41. A question of relevance: PlayStation Vita's the answer
      42. Hirai: PlayStation to lead Sony back into profitability
      43. Rumour: Namco, From Software planning Dark Souls DLC
      44. FFXIII-2 CES trailer goes cut-scene, action heavy
      45. Sony's Hirai debunks PS4 E3 reveal rumours - details
      46. LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD offers $21,000 prize pool
      47. US PS Store Update, January 10 - Choplifter HD, FFXIII-2 demo, more
      48. Razer's Project Fiona revealed as new PC gaming tablet
      49. FIFA Street producer: Past games "left a bad taste" in players' mouths
      50. Quick Shots - Game of Thrones screens could use some lamps
      51. Two more Warhammer Online servers retired
      52. Dear Esther leads 2012 IGF Awards nominees
      53. Rockstar reveals Max Payne 3's real world inspirations
      1. Battlefield Play4Free update causes rage eruption
      2. The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers hits Japan in late June
      3. Levine: If the narrative doesn't fit gaming, get a new narrative
      4. Sumioni's ending depends on your skill
      5. Jaffe: Twisted Metal's "heart and soul" is multiplayer
      6. Video for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demonstrates hero hobbies
      7. Australia: JB HiFi won't stock Vita 3G
      8. Devil Survivor 2 teaser challenges you to survive or die
      9. Bioware: Most SWTOR performance issues can be blamed on low-end PCs
      10. New sex scene responsible for The Darkness II classification surprise
      11. Dead Space 2 difficulty toned down after playtesting
      12. Marvel: Avengers Alliance coming to Facebook
      13. Cross-realm raids coming to WoW with Patch 4.3.2
      14. First 18-minutes of AMY videoed
      15. Gaikai partners with LG to bring cloud gaming to Smart TVs
      16. Bethesda confirms round of lay-offs at id Software
      17. Ubisoft: Estimated sales for Q3 FY12 at €650 million, 8% yoy increase
      18. Quick shots: MW3 screens provide a look at multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza
      19. World of Goo downloaded 1 million times via the App Store
      20. Todd Howard to provide opening keynote at 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit
      21. XBLA House Party returns next month with Alan Wake's American Nightmare
      22. Modern Warfare 3 to get 20 DLC drops over next 9 months
      23. The Settlers Online surpasses 1.5 million players as European beta launches
      24. Sony closes Little Deviants studio, Cambridge division downsized
      25. Kuma Reality developer Amir Hekmati sentenced to death in Iran
      26. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier pushed into May, PS3 and 360 multiplayer beta coming in April
      27. BioWare: Mass Effect 3 to feature story, multiplayer DLC
      28. Asura's Wrath gets 360 demo: 10 bats**t minutes at 720p
      29. Sony isn't "contemplating" talk on PS4 "at this point"
      30. 5th Cell unveils iOS platformer Run, Roo, Run
      31. Coming Soon to XBL: Gears 3, GTA IV discounts, Asura's Wrath and Reckoning demos
      32. Metal Gear Solid 3DS: Snake Eater to launch in Europe on March 8
      33. EverQuest II log-ins up 40% since going F2P, says SOE
      34. Bethesda reconfirms PS3 issues in Skyrim will be addressed with Update 1.4
      35. Nintendo: EU Wii sales hit 30 million
      36. AMY release delayed on PSN due to new price point
      37. Jagex's majority stake sold to US venture firm
      38. MotoGP developer Monumental Games goes into administration
      39. Ubisoft launching ACR Mediterranean Traveller map pack on January 24
      40. NextBox CES no-show: perspective on rumours
      41. THQ lists Homefront: Ultimate Edition for spring release
      42. Quick quotes: BioWare would "do over" experience of launching new MMO
      43. Get Civilization V for ?13 at Amazon right now
      44. Starhawk to get mix of free, premium DLC
      45. OnLive introduces cloud-based Microsoft clients with OnLive Desktop
      46. GAME holiday sales hit 15 percent low
      47. Call of Duty Elite app hits iOS Tuesday, Android next week
      48. Origin sale offers up to 40% off plus $20 voucher
      49. Silent Hill: Downpour has separate combat and puzzle difficulties
      50. GDC 2012: Kasavin, Molyneux, Bleszinski and more added to line-up
      51. The Secret World celebrates the Illuminati
      52. Microsoft at CES 2012: Ballmer's Metrosexual circus
      53. CES 2012: 500,000 Vitas sold, two new PS Suite phones
      54. XCOM: Enemy Unknown features both real time and turn based elements
      1. Black Ops 2 domain back in Activision's grasp
      2. Silent Hill HD Collection delayed into March
      3. Shoot Many Robots trailer invites you to Render This
      4. Legal wasteland: Bethesda secures Fallout MMO rights
      5. Call of Duty takes top three spots on 2011 Xbox Live activity charts
      6. AT&T details prepaid 3G data plans for US Vita launch
      7. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition announced, dated
      8. New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City trailer released
      9. Twisted Metal UK release date confirmed
      10. Quick quotes: Remedy's Hakkinen on "phenomenal" Max Payne 3
      11. Ruffian hiring for "CryEngine 3" experience
      12. Apple-tite for disruption: are consoles under threat?
      13. SCE UK planning "biggest campaign we’ve ever executed" for Vita launch
      14. Aliens: Colonial Marines collector's edition appears
      15. UK charts: FIFA 12 becomes 2012's first number one
      16. Next Xbox could have tablet component, says Gamespot
      17. Amalur: Reckoning minimum, recommended PC specs
      18. Netflix rolls out in UK and Ireland, sub prices confirmed
      19. The year's events: 2012's Killer Line-up, part three
      20. Study finds excessive gamers more depressed
      21. Project Zomboid update to add windows, clever NPCs, more
      1. Quick Quotes - Dishwasher dev's new game explores skin melting
      2. Binary Domain producer: Shooters have "biggest window of entry"
      3. Tiny Tower clocks up 10 million daily play sessions
      4. SSX trailer enlists pro rider Travis Rice
      5. Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival update due February
      6. Blizzard denies Diablo III February dating
      7. PAX East passes selling out two months in advance
      8. PlayStation Network trophy bug squashed
      9. Dark Souls PC port petition nears 40,000 signatures
      10. PlayMemories Studios PS3 video editor spotted at CES
      1. Victim of Xbox Live phishing scam gets refund, account restored
      2. Join the Battlefield 3 Metal vs Hip Hop Challenge this weekend
      3. Sony details PlayStation Vita Room event in Manchester
      4. SWTOR Update 1.1 is live on the Public Test Server
      5. US retailer lists Monster Hunter Portable 3, FFX, Lord of Apocalypse for Vita
      6. 38 Studios, MLG, others clarify stance on SOPA
      7. Silicon Knights boss "looking forward" to airing Epic's "misconduct" in court
      8. God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta starts in tomorrow for PS Plus members
      9. Undead Labs releases video tour of studio, open-world zombie shooter "Class 3"
      10. Lexis Numérique to let gamers decide the final price of AMY on PSN
      11. Character renders for Factor 5's cancelled title come to light
      12. Blizzard announces price drop on WoW expansions in Europe
      13. Team Ninja says it's "steadily making progress" on Ni-Oh
      14. Black Ops, Age of Empires Online, others top Xbox Live activity charts for 2011
      1. Sony Video Unlimited adds Contagion, Shark Night, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
      2. Media Molecule spends ?4.1 million on R&D to squelch dependence on LBP
      3. Shank 2 looks violently fun in latest gameplay video
      4. Avenger creators donate $10,000 to Child's Play
      5. Pick up the Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition January 17
      6. Sony dismisses report claiming Hirai is replacing Stringer
      7. Analyst believes Sony needs to build "consumer excitement" around PlayStation brand in 2012
      8. Netflix starts appearing on UK and Irish PS3s - all the details
      9. Steam posts seventh year of over 100% sales growth
      10. Latest Journey video takes you on a musical excursion
      11. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to release February 22 in US and Europe
      12. Square to release action-platformer based on graphic novel Scarygirl
      13. Miyamoto working on 'undisclosed original' project
      14. The Darkness II now available for pre-purchase on Steam
      15. New cases of Xbox Live account hacking come to light
      16. Pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop, get "Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker Ability"
      17. Vita Rooms Birmingham event cancelled
      18. Ninja Gaiden 3's first half-hour goes online
      19. Asura's Wrath gets 10 minutes of new footage
      20. FFXIII-2 demo coming to PS3, 360 next week
      21. WiiWare dev pulls sales numbers at Nintendo's demand
      22. EA holding Xbox Live sale
      23. Rumour: Next Xbox, PlayStation 4 to get E3 unveils
      24. Ninja Theory received death threats over DMC
      25. And The Rest: 2012's Killer Line-Up, Part Two
      26. Final Fantasy XIII-2 among promised PSN demos
      27. IndieRoyale's New Year's Bundle includes Super Crossfire
      28. Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS may get Euro release
      29. Capcom keen on 2D games but nervous of "tricky" development
      30. EA's sally against SSX.com owner rebutted
      31. Report - Japanese games market dropped 8% in 2011
      1. SWTOR nabs Guinness World Record for dialogue
      2. Tales of Innocence R trailers show off Vita remake
      3. Multiverse platform saved, Firefly MMO still possible
      4. Resident Evil: Revelations demo inbound
      5. UKIE: UK games market fell 13% during 2011
      6. Quick shots: Alex Mercer enters the spotlight in latest Prototype 2 screens
      7. Zynga stock drops again
      8. Rumor: 7Sixty to publish HurricaneX2 on Xbox 360
      9. Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer is enthusiastic about Moogles
      10. Platinum Games hopes to make a 2012 anounce
      11. Latest Silent Hill HD Collection screens are full of creepy nostalgia
      12. The Binding of Isaac expansion to be called The Wrath of The Lamb
      13. Batman: Arkham City was Gamefly's "most-wanted" game of 2011
      14. Noby Noby Boy players help GIRL reach the planet Uranus
      15. European pricing and date announced for AMY
      16. Zynga launches Hidden Chronicles, first new title since going public
      17. Nintendo Downloads: Zombii Attack, Samurai Sword Destiny, 3 Heroes - Crystal Soul
      18. Gotham City Imposters release moved to February
      19. Skyrim, Portal 2, Bastion receive five GDC Awards nods
      20. Diablo 15th Anniversary website goes live, firm "almost done" with Diablo III
      21. Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas double packs hitting in March
      22. Infinity Blade franchise soars past $30 million in sales
      23. EA closes Guildford studio Bright Light
      24. Firaxis's XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced - info
      25. New Planetside 2 video details new engine, factions, shows gameplay
      26. House of the Dead 3 releasing on PSN February 7, HoTD4 coming this spring
      27. New SSX trailer goes tricky
      28. Heady daze for Vita: why you’ll be buying Gravity Rush
      29. More stops on The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Tour announced
      30. Epic says it does not "support the current version of SOPA"
      31. Bioware to release patches for SWTOR "almost every week"
      32. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes announced by Warner
      33. Capcom "squarely competing" against Bayonetta with DMC
      34. Japanese charts: Vita decline continues, Mario Kart 7 tops software
      35. Razer likely to reunveil Switchblade at CES next week
      36. Soul Calibur V intro goes sword heavy
      37. Respawn further teases new game with mo-cap shot
      38. Report: Monster Hunter Vita to arrive in Japan by second-half 2012
      39. Devil Survivor 2 gets teaser before US launch
      40. Hi-Rez: Tribes Universe on hold, priority for now is Ascend
      41. RedLynx: Trials Evolution date announcement "in the near future"
      42. EVO games line-up locked down - SFxT, UMvC3, SCV, more
      43. Near Future: 2012's Killer Line-up, Part One
      44. Choplifter HD hits the US in next console network update
      45. Star Wars: The Old Republic available in Aussie retailers
      46. Multiple Pokémon Gray and 3DS hints turn up
      47. Empire leads Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP, update promised
      48. Cthulhu Saves the World anniversary price cut, coming to more devices
      49. Amazon erroneously advises Vita 3G cancelled in US
      50. Mass Effect: Homeworlds comics star James Vega
      51. Analysts agree 3DS now on track for success
      52. Microsoft, Datel settle memory card grievance out of court
      53. Child's Play raised over $3.5 million in 2011
      54. Katawa Shoujo out now
      1. Skyrim tops Japanese developers' 2011 favourites list
      2. Star Trek Online to sport near-weekly updates from February
      3. Dream.Build.Play 2009 winner Dust: An Elysian Tail slated for release this year
      4. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 delayed into second quarter
      5. XBLIG policy changes allow for larger, less expensive titles
      6. Hellgate Global boasts 40% female characters
      7. Quick quotes: Activision wants to "experiment with" a variety of Modern Warfare 3 content
      8. Yu Suzuki still holding out for Shenmue 3
      9. Quick quotes: Akria missing from Silent Hill: Downpour's soundtrack due to "Japanese business politics"
      10. Microsoft Studios forms partnership with social and casual games developer Arkadium
      11. Small SWTOR patch deployed, doesn't fix dance exploit
      12. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus screens show off Ryu's moves
      13. Gaikai adds BestBuy, YouTube to customer base, hires ex-Sony pictures exec as COO
      14. Silent Hill: Downpour developers discuss going back to the series' psychological-horror roots
      15. Quick shots: Latest Max Payne 3 screens focus on the multiplayer
      16. Levine: Focus on BioShock's Elizabeth "as a person" rather than her appearance
      17. Soul Calibur V goes gold, three new movies and 60 shots released
      18. Microsoft Flight to release as free download in the spring
      19. Report: Diablo III Korean release in jeopardy
      20. Pandemic co-founder sets up social games developer Seismic Games
      21. Rovio: 6.5 million people downloaded Angry Birds on Christmas Day
      22. Mass Effect 3 videos show off pre-order bonuses, new screens
      23. USPTO patent points to DVR function in next Xbox
      24. Intent's Dinsey becomes GamesAid chairman
      25. Euro PS Plus and PS Store Update, January 4 – Batman, Back to the Future
      26. Joystiq group, Crecente to form VOX Games - details
      27. Steam hits 5 million concurrent users
      28. Xbox Live Avatar Marketplaces gets tattoos
      29. ESRB: Soul Calibur V lets you “augment” breast sizes, shows “buttocks”
      30. Mario Party 9 to feature boss fights, time-saving mini-game modes
      31. Xbox UFC app crashes under tech issues, Microsoft promises "improvement"
      32. Analyst: SWTOR to sell 3 million, current player count peaking at 350,000
      33. 2012 New Year's Resolutions: Try Something New
      34. Sony Tablet S RRP drops to $500
      35. Green Man Games January sale offers up to 75% off
      36. Battlefield 3 tweaks inbound thanks to player feedback
      37. Kazuma Kujo working on new downloadable title
      38. McNamara: L.A. Noire is "probably too big"
      39. 3DS sells close to 500,000 Japanese units in record week
      40. Firefly, Buffy MMO developer shuttered
      1. Skyward Sword continuity may be abandoned
      2. US PS Store Update, January 3 - Darksiders, Resistance 3 DLC
      3. Report - Bethesda and Interplay reach settlement in Fallout Online suit
      4. Harmonix shareholders awarded $383 million
      5. Atari declares war on iOS arcade lookalikes
      6. Starbreeze releases Deep Dive coop trailer for Syndicate
      7. GTA III mobile works with PC mods
      8. VVVVVV creator has eight games in the works
      9. PS Plus members get Back to the Future free, other discounts in January
      10. More South Park: The Game screens and art pop up online
      11. Quick quotes: McNamara on the "long, painful process” of closing Team Bondi
      12. Retrode 2 adapter provides PC support for SNES and Genesis games
      13. Pre-order King Arthur II, start playing prologue chapter Dead Legions now
      14. Game Informer says "old school gamers will freak out" over feature in next issue
      15. Lineage II artist Juno Jeong back with NCsoft, working on unnamed MMO
      16. ESA re-affirms SOPA support, mindful of "concerns"
      17. Brian Crecente quits Kotaku
      18. Closed beta registrations for DUST 514 are live, exclusive to EVE Online players
      19. Bioware Ireland provided Austin studio with "multiple dimensions of support" with SWTOR
      20. Composer CV lists ”God of War IV”
      21. Trio of DICE developers quit studio for Ngmoco Sweden
      22. Quick shots: Darksiders 2 does the screens dance
      23. Skyrim, Arkham City, Minecraft, others chosen as developers' favorite games of 2011
      24. Full OPM Kojima interview goes online
      25. Nintendo systems moved 12 million units in the US during 2011
      26. Rumour: Apple to launch iTV in Q3 2012
      27. Crystal Dynamics to unveil new IP this year
      28. EA: 1 million subs for SWTOR since before Christmas, 60 million hours played since launch
      29. Super Meat Boy hits 1 million sales
      30. The Binding of Isaac could come to 3DS, says McMillen
      31. CoD4 PS3 apparently suffering from boot freezing hack
      32. UK charts: FIFA 12 dominates final two weeks of 2011
      33. Rumour: Wii U to get own app store
      34. Empire: 007 Skyfall to get game tie-in
      35. Holiday Retrospective - What happened in December 2011
      36. Back in the saddle: the rest of the Christmas '11 news
      37. Enterbrain: 3DS hits 4.1 million units sold in Japan
      38. Rumour - Nintendo prepping eReader subscription service for 3DS, Wii U
      39. IndieRoyale New Year's Bundle up for pre-order
      40. Street Fighter x Tekken screen outs new characters
      41. Research - Cheating in games is infectious and unpopular
      42. Rumour - Disney Epic Mickey 2 going co-op, multi-platform
      43. Veteran calls out "crass," "hideous" MW3 advertising
      44. Analyst - GTA V will outsell the next Call of Duty
      1. Shenmue City shuttered
      2. Report - Crysis 2 tops 2011 piracy chart at 4m downloads
      3. Anonymous targets Sony again, hopes to avoid consumer consequence
      4. Bastion tops 500,000 sales
      5. Star Wars: The Old Republic in the running for Mac port
      6. First Sonic 4 Episode 2 trailer confirms Metal Sonic, Tails
      7. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in November 2011
      1. Rumour: God of War IV to feature online co-op
      2. Square Enix Europe trademarks "Hitman: Profession"
      3. Atlus: "That title you’ve been waiting for" could be announced in 2012
      4. Kitase: Final Fantasy X for PS3 and Vita a "remake," still early in development
      5. Holiday Retrospective: What happened in October 2011