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  • February 2017 Archive

      1. Nier Automata on PS4 Pro has superior image quality and a slightly more consistent frame rate
      2. Check out PeeBee's loyalty mission in Mass Effect Andromeda
      3. SteamWorld Dig 2 debuts on Nintendo Switch this year
      4. We're taking a robot infested journey through Horizon: Zero Dawn - tune into the stream here
      5. Avatar, the highest-grossing film ever, is getting a new game from The Division devs
      6. Grab Nintendo Switch on launch day come midnight at Walmart Supercenters
      7. Pokemon Sun and Moon's fourth global mission has both begun and been completed
      8. Battlefield 1 - play a free trial this weekend on PC and Xbox One
      9. The blue-skinned one is back: Rogue Trooper Redux announced for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One
      10. Steamworld Dig 2, Blaster Master Zero, Runner 3, and Other Indie Titles Shine on Nintendo Direct
      11. The Division servers on Xbox One back up after Premium Currency issue causes delay
      12. Ride 2 Review
      13. Battlefield 1's upcoming expansions take the fight to Belgium, Russia and Turkey
      14. Pokemon Go: how to evolve Sunkern into SunFlora, Gloom into Bellossom using the Sun Stone
      15. Torment: Tides of Numenera: after four years of waiting, it's out today - get all the scores here
      16. Pokemon Go: how to evolve Slowpoke into SlowKing, Poliwhirl into Politoed using King's Rock
      17. Pokemon Go: how to evolve Scyther into Scizor, Onix into Steelix using Metal Coat
      18. Microsoft announces new Xbox One subscription service with access to 100 games for $10 a month
      19. Xbox Live deals: Battlefield 1, Destiny, FIFA 17, Inside, Firewatch, Titanfall 2, more
      20. This Bulletstorm: Full Clip gameplay video shows you 12 minutes of the updated shooter
      21. Overwatch - what each item on Efi Oladele's list could tell us about the identity of the next hero
      22. You can pay up to $300 for Middle-earth: Shadow of War - all the different editions and how much they cost
      23. For Honor: Elimination and Skirmish multiplayer modes now have their own separate playlists
      24. How to find the Dark Souls Easter egg in Battlefield 1's Rupture map
      25. Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC system requirements released, see them here
      26. Horizon Zero Dawn's PS4 Pro performance patch doesn't do what you thought it will, but that's not entirely a bad thing
      27. Here's how Ubisoft is going to make it up to For Honor players after last week's server outage
      28. GTA Online: New stunt update adds more races, double RP and cash, discounts on stunt vehicles
      29. The Division is down for maintenance - download patch 1.6 and Last Stand DLC now
      30. Destiny weekly reset for February 28 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed
      31. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an Xbox Play Anywhere title
      32. PlayStation Plus free games for March may have just leaked
      33. The Division: this is the exact time patch 1.6 and Last Stand DLC go live on PS4, PC and Xbox One
      34. Torment: Tides of Numenera Review
      35. Conan Exiles is profitable already, up to 7 game updates expected in the next 12 months
      36. Inside the Experimental Sound and Music of Hyper Light Drifter
      37. For Honor update restores beta guardbreak system, buffs Valkyrie, fixes Peacekeeper - full patch notes
      1. Paid mods no, but paid modders? Heck yes, says ARK Survival Evolved dev, emptying its pockets
      2. EA executive Peter Moore jumps ship for Liverpool FC, who are we going to jokingly stalk now
      3. New Overwatch hero teaser says it's "time to get to work", a sentiment we can all agree with
      4. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta performance analysis reveals plenty of drops below 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One
      5. Minecraft sales don't slow down, now past 122 million units
      6. Best Buy will have a limited stock of Nintendo Switch consoles at some stores for those who didn't pre-order
      7. Mass Effect: Andromeda's latest trailer is all about weapon types and customisation
      8. Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro is the game's next expansion, out in April
      9. Smashin' Squids: Is Nintendo Planning to Give eSports a Sporting Chance on the Switch?
      10. The Division update 1.6 patch notes revealed - here are all the changes and fixes
      11. Watch the new Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition story trailer and 4K gameplay
      12. The Division is getting a free trial on PC, PS4, Xbox One starting tomorrow
      13. Watch the first 40 minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn captured on PS4 Pro
      14. First look at Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC maps Fort de Vaux and Rupture
      15. Horizon: Zero Dawn pre-load now live, download size and unlock times revealed
      16. Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a day one patch, but BioWare not sure if it's going to make the EA Access launch
      17. The Division guide: level fast, survive the Dark Zone and get the best loot
      18. Middle-earth: Shadow of War announcement trailer confirms August release date, looks ridiculously good
      19. Assassin's Creed fans think that this screenshot might be a leak from the next title, AC Empire
      20. Twitch to begin selling video games, streamers can get a cut of sales
      21. The Division patch 1.6: new Dark Zone areas and Gear Set, leader boards, Legendary difficulty - all the changes
      22. Is Battlefield 1's Fort de Vaux DLC map on the brink of a zombie outbreak? If not, what's all the ruckus in these videos?
      23. Overwatch's goal wasn't diversity, but inclusivity, says director Jeff Kaplan, "normal things are normal"
      24. Horizon Zero Dawn gives UK cities a post-apocalyptic makeover, turns Manchester and London into a robot dinosaur playground
      25. The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta has ended - what did you think to it?
      26. Fly to Vice City from GTA 5's Los Santos in this PC mod
      27. Nintendo Switch: battery life test, reserving user ID, taking screenshots, secrets & more
      28. Pokémon Go celebrates Pokémon Day with party hat Pikachu, Pokémon Center reveals new line of figures
      29. Mass Effect Andromeda's "full nudity" ESRB rating elicits "softcore space porn" description from studio head [UPDATE]
      30. GTA Online's fastest muscle cars - fully upgraded vehicles ranked by top speed and lap times
      31. Destiny fans should keep it locked during March - but that doesn't mean we don't have an idea where these teases are going
      32. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor finally getting the sequel everyone's been asking for as retailer outs Shadow of War
      1. We're cruising around in the new Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta content - tune into the stream here
      1. Horizon Zero Dawn: why Guerrilla tried its hand at open world RPGs - and how it pulled it off
      2. Switch battery life test: you can play Breath of the Wild just over three hours on a full charge
      3. Mass Effect: Andromeda has gone gold - the long wait will soon be over
      4. Take a break from the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta and laugh watching other people play it
      5. EA PS4 Publisher Sale ends on Feb. 28 - get discounts on Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, more
      6. Overwatch - unknown assailants wreak devastation at airport, steal gauntlet of Doomfist
      7. Horizon Zero Dawn: how Guerrilla made open world content that doesn't feel like checklists and chores
      8. USgamer Community Question: What's Your Most Memorable Console Launch?
      1. For Honor cheating will get you banned, even on the first offense - 400 hit so far
      2. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, dyes help you look stylish while exploring Hyrule
      3. This Week's Best Video Game Deals - 02/24/2017
      4. Mass Effect: Andromeda - here are the minimum and recommended PC requirements
      5. Some Nier: Automata players are crying foul over NIN64 trash item found while fishing
      6. Horizon: Zero Dawn day one update fixes performance issues, crashes, progression, more - here's the patch notes
      7. The Horizon: Zero Dawn launch trailer is totally worth three minutes of your time
      8. Horizon Zero Dawn looks and runs great, but not every part of it is on the level - report
      9. This week’s best game deals: Steam Link, Nintendo Switch, Hitman, and more
      10. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: how big is the map? Let's take a walk and find out
      11. Steam Audio is Valve's attempt at helping developers create more realistic sound in games
      12. Nioh sells over a million copies worldwide, celebrates by giving everyone free armour
      13. Resident Evil 7 will bring back Chris Redfield with Not a Hero DLC
      14. Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons connection issues are causing trouble
      15. GIVEAWAY! 2000 closed beta keys for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
      16. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for February 24, 25
      17. Paladins fans are furious over Essence and Legendary Cards, calling them "pay-to-win"
      18. Destiny sidearms getting big changes to make them less hot, Iron Banner starts next week
      19. Here's a bunch of changes Ghost Recon: Wildlands has undergone from closed to open beta
      20. The Overwatch League kicks off in Q3 2017, regular seasons promised for 2018
      21. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta crippled by ribera-1000b error and maintenance downtime
      22. Rough Entry: My First Zelda Game Was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
      1. Ghost Recon: Wildlands - we're livestreaming the open beta, come watch us kick some cartel butt
      2. Xbox 360 titles Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed Rogue, The King of Fighters 2002 now playable on Xbox One
      3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - head off to prison with the Criminal Past DLC
      4. Ghost Recon: Wildlands live-action trailer shows vicious acts committed by the Santa Blanca cartel
      5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer mode is free to play on Steam this weekend
      6. Switch day-one update brings eShop, other features online but Virtual Console is coming at a later date
      7. Mass Effect: Andromeda video shows how to create profiles, slot favorites and command your squad
      8. Nintendo Switch Won't Have the Virtual Console at Launch
      9. The latest Steam client beta makes browsing controller configurations less of a pain
      10. This Prey video shows how Mimic Matter turns the player into a turret and a coffee mug
      11. Nintendo Switch Preview: A Visual Walkthrough of Nintendo's Newest Console
      12. There's an Easter egg hidden in the Nintendo Switch UI, here's how to trigger it
      13. The many ways you can customise your Nintendo Switch avatar and Mii profile - video
      14. Take an in-depth tour of the Nintendo Switch UI, home screen, menus, and more with this video
      15. Nintendo Switch - how to create multiple user profiles
      16. Watch a Nintendo Switch unboxing worthy of the console
      17. Here's how you can take and share screenshots on the Nintendo Switch
      18. Mass Effect Andromeda's ship doctor is voiced by Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer
      19. Mass Effect Andromeda: Bioware talk role-playing, dropping Paragon and Renegade systems, and the end of meaningless quests
      20. Mass Effect Andromeda: finally, hands-on gameplay reassures us Bioware's sci-fi RPG is worth the wait
      21. Injustice 2 trailer pits Superman against Batman, Wonder Woman against Harley Quinn
      22. Over 50% of For Honor players on PC bought the game through Steam
      23. Battlefield 1 - there's a bit of Metro and Locker in the Fort de Vaux map from They Shall Not Pass DLC
      24. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta is live - watch Twitch streamers livestream the whole thing
      25. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy may not be exclusive to PS4 after all
      26. Efi Oladele will play a part in the story of the next Overwatch hero, but she's not the one
      27. Nintendo Switch downloads can only exist on one console at a time
      28. Ghost Recon: Wildlands - here’s exactly when the open beta starts and what's in it
      1. Horizon: Zero Dawn devs discuss lack of loading screens, creating high quality facial animation in new video
      2. Suda51 on The Silver Case and his Return to Subdued Visual Novels
      3. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 coming to Steam, Day One Explorer’s Edition announced for PS4, PC
      4. Titanfall 2's 6v6 Pilot only mode Live Fire releases tomorrow with double XP
      5. Dead Rising 4 releases on Steam next month - take 20% off your pre-purchase
      6. Borderlands 2, Evolve are two of your Xbox Games with Gold for March
      7. Twitch Prime subs get this exclusive and badass Ghost Recon: Wildlands skins pack
      8. Ghost Recon: Wildlands - watch the open beta livestream here
      9. Here's a Switch unboxing video officially sanctioned by Nintendo
      10. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - here's your first look at gameplay and the new Warden class
      11. Theories suggest Overwatch's new hero could be a spider tank - or not [UPDATE]
      12. These are the rare weapons and items unlocked by the Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibos
      13. The Nier: Automata PC release date revealed yesterday may not be accurate
      14. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta pre-load now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
      15. Horizon Zero Dawn expected to sell 4-6 million copies this year alone
      16. Steam game prices may increase in Australia, New Zealand, India, Switzerland, more this year
      17. Get a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Dishonored 2 for $400
      18. Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass - watch the new Soissons map, French Army, and new Behemoth tank in action
      19. This Overwatch leaker totally called the game's next hero
      20. DICE is making big changes to fix grenade spam in Battlefield 1
      21. Battlefield 1 - this is our first look at They Shall Not Pass DLC weapons in-game
      22. Overwatch: is it time for a new map?
      23. Pillars of Eternity 2 crosses $3 million in crowd-funding
      24. This Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst on eBay may double as a time machine to 1999
      25. That fantastic, huge Humble Freedom Bundle earned a lot of money for charity
      26. You can now play PlayStation VR title Here They Lie without PS VR
      27. Halo Wars 2 Review
      28. Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will let you palette-swap every character
      29. Overwatch season 3 has just ended, with season 4 opening in a week
      30. Prominent World of Tanks streamer Poshybrid dies after lengthy stream
      31. Total War: Warhammer's Bretonnia Race Pack will add more units and features for free next week
      1. Rocket League's PS4 Pro update and Hot Wheels DLC are now live
      2. Persona 5's new Velvet Room trailer is a great reminder of Persona's weird heart
      3. Civilization 6 is adding Australia: but first, grab the series in this Humble Bundle
      4. The PlayStation Critic's Choice sale discounts last year's best games
      5. A playthrough of puzzle game Rime will average ten hours - give or take
      6. Pokemon Go is back on top of the App Store thanks to the latest update
      7. Overwatch in-universe "interview" with robotics genius Efi Oladele may provide hints to next hero
      8. Halo Wars 2 1TB Xbox One S bundle with Ultimate Edition, Season Pass on sale for $50 off
      9. Nier: Automata video shows off 2B's awesome fighting skills and combos
      10. Xbox Live deals: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Don't Starve, Forza 6, GTA 5, more
      11. GTA 5: The Cold & The Dead is our new favourite Rockstar Editor movie
      12. Resident Evil 7 players on PC, Xbox One can download Banned Footage Vol. 1-2 from today
      13. Project Prelude Rune is a new Square Enix RPG from Tales series producer Hideo Baba
      14. For Honor video shows how frustrating peer-to-peer can be
      15. The Division patch 1.6: Tenebrae exotic marksman rifle review
      16. Battlefield 1: how to unlock the hidden dog tag A Beginning
      17. Metal Gear Solid movie may go the "Deadpool or Logan route," says Kong: Skull Island director
      18. Nintendo's explanation for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's DLC is one you've heard before
      19. Play around in this Ghost Recon: Wildlands interactive map, get in-game rewards
      20. Destiny weekly reset for February 21 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed
      21. For Honor PC-only hotfix coming today, fixes Easy AntiCheat and Steam Controller issues
      22. Halo Wars 2 guide: tips for upgrades, Firebase, Leader Powers, Barracks, Jackrabbit and more
      23. Halo Wars 2 PC review: the spirit of Command & Conquer trapped in a dilapidated husk
      24. Buying a Switch? Reserve your Nintendo Account ID now, before someone legs it with all the good names
      25. Someone finished Nioh in 96 mins, hats off to this new world record holder
      26. Nier Automata's Souls-like Android system detailed, PC version almost certainly delayed
      27. For Honor Review
      28. Final Fantasy 15 sidescroller originally exclusive to GameStop will be free for everyone next week
      1. Ghost Recon: Wildlands GDC teaser shows off its incredible landscapes and hints at how they were built
      2. Nioh is getting even harder next month, PvP and first DLC coming in April
      3. Watch Dogs 2's latest patch added a strange new quest players are trying to solve right now
      4. It's Nioh time again: come watch us apply lessons learned as we dive back into battle with the yokai
      5. Japanese version of Nier: Automata comes with English subtitles, just in case you can't wait
      6. Spend $100 on the PlayStation Store in North America, get $15 back
      7. Rainbow Six Siege getting new patch tomorrow, here's everything it does
      8. Man mods his Porsche 911 to play Doom using the steering wheel, shifter, and horn - or does he?
      9. It Came from the Ancient Internet: Eric Wolpaw's The Slugger
      10. For Honor claims top spot in UK Charts, the biggest new IP at No.1 since No Man's Sky
      11. Horizon Zero Dawn looks "phenomenal" on PS4 and PS4 Pro, the "best" 4K Pro title yet - report
      12. If Overwatch Heroes were Pokemon, this is what they'd look like
      13. Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch makes for "wildly unstable" frame-rates that don't hit 60fps
      14. Nintendo Switch game download sizes confirmed - you're going to need an SD card
      15. Horizon Zero Dawn day one patch adds Performance mode giving smoother framerates in 1080p and 4K
      16. Doomfist may not be the next Overwatch hero, teases game director
      17. Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood update and more details on patch 3.55a
      18. Street Fighter 5 Character Introduction series shines the spotlight on newcomer Kolin
      19. Final Fantasy 15's PS4 Pro patch is live with February update
      20. Fallout, Skyrim boss says the studio is working on titles that are "bigger than anything we've ever done"
      21. Nier: Automata won't be getting an Xbox One release, but pre-ordering the PS4 day one edition will get you a fancy t-shirt
      22. Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 and PS4 Pro gameplay comparison will dazzle your eyeballs
      23. This week’s best game deals: Xbox Elite Controller with free game, Tracer Nendoroid figure, more
      24. Horizon: Zero Dawn reviews round-up, all the scores
      25. Horizon Zero Dawn review: Sony and The Witcher 3 had a baby, and it deserves to win your heart
      26. Nintendo says early sale Switch units were stolen, and everyone involved has been fired
      27. Fallout 4 VR: "You can play it start to finish right now," says Howard
      28. Battlefield 1 video gives a look at the new Frontlines mode coming next month
      29. For Honor trailer reminds you it's pretty good, in case you've been under a rock with your fingers in your ears
      1. Pokemon Go: these new Evolution items are obtained at PokeStops - but the drop rate's all over the place
      2. Three Hearthstone expansions coming this year along with some big changes
      3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 screens show boss fights, gameplay
      4. Xbox One and Windows 10 will have "more exclusive games" in 2017 than launched in 2016
      5. Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood - Samurai job, new areas, dungeons more announced at Fan Fest
      6. Portal, Half-Life 2 co-writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve
      7. Terraria has sold 20.5 million copies since its release in 2011
      8. US PS Store Flash Sale features discounts on GTA 5, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, more
      9. USgamer Community Question: Will the New Pokemon GO Update Drive You Back out onto the Streets?
      1. Mystic, Valor, and Defending Giant Menorahs: The USG Staff Share Their Personal Favorite Pokémon GO Moments
      2. This Week's Best Video Game Deals - 02/17/2017
      3. Dirt Rally's PSVR upgrade is now available on the PlayStation Store
      4. These Horizon: Zero Dawn videos provide a visual recap of combat, exploration, more
      5. Latest video for The Surge shows 14 minutes of uncut gameplay
      6. New Mass Effect: Andromeda video goes over weapons, combat, cover system, loadouts, more
      7. Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC adds five hours of content, video takes a look at two new missions
      8. Resident Evil 7 was the best-selling game of January 2017, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, other heavy-hitters play musical chairs
      9. Dawn of War 3 gets suitably epic story trailer, confirms Spear of Khaine is involved
      10. Capcom still filing for Deep Down trademarks, but does it actually still exist?
      11. Ghost Recon: Wildlands TV spot is all CG, still not using Eric Clapton's Cocaine
      12. Nintendo eShop purchases will be tied to your Nintendo Account on Nintendo Switch
      13. Watch Tekken's Katsuhiro Harada nerd out over For Honor's combat mechanics
      14. Horizon: Zero Dawn day one patch is only 250MB
      15. Bethesda E3 2017 press conference will also take place on Sunday
      16. For Honor getting big guard break counter changes, Valkyrie buff, more
      17. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for February 17, 18
      18. Feast your eyes on this Switch unboxing video, courtesy of the same early shipping mistake as before
      19. Pokemon Go's big update is rolling out now, so you can get your hands on over 80 new Gen 2 'mon
      1. Payday 3 development has kicked off, but don't hold your breath for it: "you simply don't rush" Starbreeze's most important brand
      2. Furi, The Saboteur added to Origin Access Vault, Madden 17 coming to EA Access Vault
      3. Someone got a Switch two weeks early so let's watch its startup sequence and critique the OS UI
      4. Latest Conan Exiles patch contains some nice fixes, but it broke waterskins
      5. We're livestreaming For Honor - join us for some brutal, bloody action
      6. Ark: Survival Evolved has sold over 1 million copies on PS4, Tek Tier Phase One hits consoles today
      7. Ghost Recon: Wildlands - give the minimum and recommended PC specs a quick read
      8. A new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer lands tomorrow and the focus is on weapons and skills
      9. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta kicks off next weekend, pre-load it on February 20
      10. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remastered collection hits PS4 in June
      11. PS4 owners in US without PS Plus can play online multiplayer free for a week
      12. Cities: Skylines heads to Xbox One and Windows 10 this spring - check out the trailer
      13. This For Honor-inspired track from Italian rapper MadMan was created in partnership with Ubisoft
      14. Play Rocket League, NBA 2K17 free and get online without an XBL Gold sub all weekend
      15. Original DayZ creator Dean Hall will reveal his next project at EGX Rezzed 2017 in March
      16. Ultra Street Fighter 2's Nintendo Switch first-person mode looks worse than you think
      17. The Sniper Elite 4 Honest Trailer understands how most people play stealth games
      18. Overwatch's Tracer is getting her own, adorable Nendoroid
      19. Starting a new character in Nioh could overwrite your old save
      20. Overwatch Competitive Play Season 3 ends next week, here are your rewards
      21. This For Honor video proves you can take on multiple opponents by yourself, and win
      22. Halo Wars 2 reviews round-up, all the scores
      1. FIFA 18 featured prominently in Japanese Switch ad, but it may look different when released
      2. Homefront: The Revolution's third DLC hits next month with PS4 Pro support
      3. Prey's GLOO Cannon looks like a handy weapon to have around
      4. Injustice 2 mobile soft launch produces gameplay trailer featuring Cyborg and Scarecrow
      5. Everything about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -- Wii U vs Switch, Special Editions, and Analyses
      6. Microsoft dates E3 2017 press event for Sunday, June 11 - expect plenty of Scorpio news
      7. PlayStation Now service on PS3, Vita, various TVs will be discontinued in August
      8. Horizon: Zero Dawn - this is the commercial you'll be seeing in theaters and on TV
      9. Final Fantasy 15 parody trailer featuring Noctis in a Cup Noodle Hat is actually becoming DLC
      10. Pokemon Sun and Moon missing Mega Stones distribution starts later this month with Mawilite and Beedrillite
      11. Prey - check out the first 30 minutes of gameplay
      12. Blizzard is making big changes to combat Overwatch hacking in Korea
      13. McFarlane Toys is making these cool Destiny Guardian action figures, and they're not expensive
      14. Big Pokemon Go update coming this week, brings 80+ Pokemon from Gold & Silver, more
      15. Certain "childish" Valve members are to blame for Half-Life 3 teasers and rumours
      16. Less surreal, more cyberpunk - but Prey's first hour will get inside your head
      17. Despite what you may feel, Blizzard says Overwatch loot box drop rates haven't changed
      18. Nioh - use this strategy for an always-charged Living Weapon
      19. The ability to transfer GTA Online characters from old-gen to PS4 and Xbox One ends next month
      20. Players are not able to redeem their For Honor deluxe and gold edition bonus content
      21. For Honor reviews round-up - critics are in love with the game's multiplayer
      22. For Honor players hit with network errors as matchmaking servers struggle
      23. This upcoming Hearthstone patch will tweak the ranking system and nerf two overused cards
      24. EA is offering a seven day free trial of Origin Access
      25. These new Japanese Switch TV spots show a lot of 1-2 Switch, and a little Zelda
      26. Nioh has been patched to 1.03, fixing up a few broken sub-missions
      27. Sony has franchise ambitions for Horizon: Zero Dawn
      28. Proceeds from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster's next DLC will go to military veterans
      29. Audio medic Lucio is now available in Heroes of the Storm
      30. Snake Pass, Sumo Digital's first original title, is due March 29
      31. A new 2D Zelda game on Switch is "definitely a possibility"
      1. Konami's profits are way up after shifting focus
      2. League of Legends' practice tool is now live
      3. Action-RPG Vikings: Wolves of Midgard launches on March 28
      4. The Apocalypse Now game moves from Kickstarter to its own dedicated fundraising site
      5. The latest Watch Dogs 2 patch extends the ending, and may be hinting at a sequel
      6. Pokemon Sun and Moon's fourth Global Mission will take place at the Battle Tree
      7. Destiny update containing changes to shotguns and rifles is live - here's the patch notes
      8. Rocket League update to support 4K on PS4 Pro, 1080p and 60fps on PS4 coming this month
      9. Let it Die has been download over 2 million times since December
      10. For Honor betas drew over 6M players, PC version largest in Ubisoft’s history with 1.8M participants
      11. Hitman: Absolution now available on Xbox One as a backwards compatible title
      12. Digital Gems: A Guide to Dating Girls, Boys, and even Pigeons
      13. Stand-alone product Elite Dangerous: Arena has been removed from Steam and the Xbox Store
      14. These new Mass Effect: Andromeda screenshots are quite lovely
      15. If you’re playing Nioh like Dark Souls, you’re doing it wrong
      16. Injustice 2 trailer shows Cheetah, Catwoman, first look at Poison Ivy gameplay
      17. Xbox Live deals: Final Fantasy 15, Mafia 3, GTA 5, Overwatch, Rocket League, more
      18. Forza Horizon 3 sold 2.5 million copies, franchise exceeds $1 billion in retail sales
      19. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting a day one season pass
      20. Just Cause 3 frame-rate greatly improved on PS4 Pro in to Boost Mode, but drops below 30fps are still common
      21. Microsoft investigating frame-pacing issues for GTA 4 on Xbox One
      22. GOG.com Wishlists With Love sale offers up to 90% off classic PC games
      23. Battlefield 1 Winter Update full patch notes revealed, include gas and suppression nerf, slight Martini Henry buff, more
      24. We have over 250 free PC games to giveaway from GOG.com!
      25. GTA Online: It's Valentine's Day so get discount on the Penetrator, new double RP and cash modes
      26. For Honor: in-game microtransactions store now open, currency packs go as high as $100
      27. Resident Evil 7's second DLC pack is out now on PS4 - here's what you get
      28. Destiny weekly reset for February 14 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed
      29. These are the changes made to For Honor from open beta to launch
      30. Battlefield 1 servers going offline before the release of the Winter Update, here's when
      31. YouTuber PewDiePie axed by Disney after anti-semitic videos
      32. Switch exclusive Ultra Street Fighter 2 has a first-person mode
      1. Yakuza 1-4 have been reprinted, and we can probably thank a chicken
      2. Don't mind the $30 price tag - this is the best Humble Bundle in years
      3. Battlefield 1 Winter Update: gas grenade nerf, ribbons, map voting and more rental server features coming today
      4. The Nintendo Switch may not have any pack-in games, but at least you'll get to play a free Splatoon 2 demo
      5. We journey further into the world of Nioh, now that ball-and-chain guy is down
      6. Horizon: Zero Dawn - new direct-feed footage shows human settlements, exploration, plenty of combat
      7. Watch the Battlefield 1 Winter Update livestream here
      8. Nioh debuts at No.2 in UK charts, but it made the most money
      9. Swamp Thing confirmed for Injustice 2, watch the first gameplay footage
      10. Nintendo Switch hardware specs possibly leaked in developer documents - rumour
      11. Skate 3 quietly joins EA Access on Xbox One
      12. Halo Wars 2 retail PC version is now coming only to Europe
      13. Nier: Automata video shows off 25 glorious minutes of gameplay
      14. GTA 4 may have a better frame-rate on Xbox One, but you're probably better off playing on Xbox 360
      15. Judge Dredd and more 2000AD licenses to open up to other developers, says Rebellion
      16. PS4 price drops to $250 for a limited time
      17. DICE will officially detail the Battlefield 1 February update later today
      18. Take on Mars lands on the Steam Store after three years in Early Access
      19. Nier Automata: "That really crass, really odd, weird s**t you expect is still there"
      20. Sniper Elite 4 reviews round-up – all the scores
      21. Hollow Knight gets a gorgeous new trailer ahead of next week's release
      22. FTL dev's new game pits giant mechs against gargantuan monsters in Into the Breach
      23. This week’s best game deals: Deus Ex, Catherine, gaming mice, and more
      24. Overwatch: what can be done to balance the 13 rarely picked heroes?
      25. PS4 Pro Boost Mode takes on Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, and Batman: Arkham Knight
      26. Obsidian hands Armored Warfare development off to My.Com, content plans unchanged
      27. "F**king bananas": Wolfenstein dev's new game either over the top or some sort of fruit love sim
      28. The Legend of Zelda is getting a fancy art book this month, and here's a trailer for that
      29. GTA grandaddy Leslie Benzies opens a third studio in Budapest, former Crytek Hungary to lend a hand on Everywhere
      30. For Honor beta players, did you see this Mortal Kombat Easter Egg with your own eyes?
      1. Become better acquainted with Nier: Automata's androids by watching this video
      2. Activision studios Infinity Ward, Beenox, others hit with layoffs
      3. Splatoon 2 features Private Battle Spectator View and LAN Play, new map detailed
      4. For Honor - if you aren't one of the 3M playing the beta, enjoy the launch trailer instead
      5. Rocket League players are getting Hot Wheels content later this month
      6. Overwatch - more Doomfist hints have popped up on the PTR
      7. Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr founders can now jump into the action-RPG's alpha
      8. Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer provides a first look at the film's antagonist Glenn Arias
      9. The Battlefield 1 February update is coming next week
      10. Latest Horizon: Zero Dawn videos introduce you to the Behemoth and Stormbird
      11. This For Honor video takes a look at the various customization and progression features
      12. USgamer Community Question: Will E3 Benefit from Going Public?
      13. Essential Weekend Reading: The Overwatch Keyboard Controversy, Nioh's High Difficulty
      1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew delayed, but will include bridge from original U.S.S. Enterprise
      2. Watch us take on the massive Onryoki in our Nioh livestream
      3. Valve to replace Steam Greenlight this spring with new Steam Direct service
      4. Hitman players will travel to Bangkok in order to eliminate latest Elusive Target
      5. This Week's Best Video Game Deals - 02/10/2017
      6. Sniper Elite 4 launch trailer released along with Season Pass details
      7. Conan Exiles sold 320,000 copies its first week, servers coming back, mod tools go live
      8. There's a lot of Stranger Things in indie horror title Stories Untold
      9. Makers of The Technomancer and Bound by Flame announce GreedFall
      10. Rime hands-on: 4 years on, this platform-puzzler has found its focus
      11. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Link's surname is also Link, you know, same as Mario
      12. Valve could move Dota 2's The International out of the US if Trump's visa restrictions become too much of an issue
      13. Roadhog and Winston get new balance changes in Overwatch PTR update
      14. The Sloth Talisman in Nioh is so broken, it makes boss fights a joke
      15. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for February 10, 11
      16. Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta to include a new province
      17. Sounds like Mass Effect: Andromeda's side content takes inspiration from The Witcher 3 rather than Dragon Age: Inquisition
      18. Resident Evil 7 shifts another 500K units in 2 weeks, latest movie brings franchise gross to $1B
      19. Here's how to download the For Honor open beta so you can hack and slash your way to glory this weekend
      20. Ni No Kuni 2 gameplay gives us a glimpse of the mysterious other world at two scales, shows off combat and Higgledies
      21. Destiny 2: Activision call clues point to PC release, focus on "great cinematic story" sounds promising
      22. Overwatch's Lucio detailed for Heroes of the Storm, and he sounds mega helpful
      23. Watch Dogs 2 sales have improved since "soft" release period thanks to word of mouth, says Ubisoft
      24. Destiny rapper returns with a tongue-twisting rundown of every single Exotic armour piece
      25. PS4 tops January NPD, but Xbox One had a record month and was the only new console to show growth
      26. We're streaming Nioh again: come watch us juggle swords, debate the merits of magic and generally kick butt
      1. Meet two of Horizon: Zero Dawn's deadly robot dinosaurs, the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw
      2. Rainbow Six Siege's cheap but grindy $15 PC Starter Edition is back, for good this time
      3. Call of Duty Goes "Back To Its Roots" As Infinite Warfare "Didn't Resonate" With Fans
      4. Halo Wars 2 live action shorts pit General Atriox against Captain Cutter for airline armrests, second hand cars
      5. Destiny 2 on track for 2017, Overwatch hands Blizzard record revenues, Call of Duty 2017 going "back to its roots"
      6. South Park: The Fractured But Whole needs more time before it's ready to drop
      7. Nioh's post-launch update 1.02 is live, Digital Deluxe Edition season pass problem fixed
      8. GTA 4 and all of its DLC are now backwards compatible on Xbox One
      9. Fallout 4's PS4 Pro patch is live with the latest update 1.9 on consoles
      10. Minecraft: New snapshot gives us a glimpse of incoming changes in update 1.12
      11. Street Fighter 5 Kolin reveal trailer shows the "Phantasm of Snow and Ice" in action
      12. Nioh is selling out everywhere as launch stock dries up, not even Amazon can help you now
      13. The For Honor open beta has begun: time to start smashing some skulls
      14. Destiny 2 rumour: November 2017 release window, Bungie made a new engine from the ground up
      15. Thanks to Steam's Discovery Updates, more games are being purchased, and played, than ever before
      16. This is the Nioh version of that hilarious Bloodborne sneak attack video
      17. Project Cars 2 officially unveiled, promises over 170 cars and 60 tracks, even more realistic physics
      18. BioWare explains why Mass Effect: Andromeda won't bring back the Paragon and Renegade dialogue system
      19. Bethesda doesn't know if Fallout Shelter will come to PS4
      20. There's more gameplay in this Little Nightmares trailer than in any other video
      21. PS4 Pro Boost Mode is a game-changer for some games, but it won't solve all performance issues
      22. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 wins EVO 2017 popular vote as fans funnel $150K to Make-A-Wish
      23. Rocket League dev Psyonix is fronting $1 million for prize pools this year, and that's just the start of its eSports plans
      24. Street Fighter 5 character reveal coming tomorrow, along with a new Lupe Fiasco track for some reason
      25. Castlevania Netflix series announced, probably the "super violent", "dark satirical" series coming from Adventure Time studio Frederator
      26. Fire Emblem Heroes has already brought in over $5M, so no wonder Nintendo says it's "gaining confidence" in mobile
      27. Three gorgeous little Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild videos suggest playing with the music off might be the best way
      28. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.08 delivers over 170 new loot items - full patch notes
      1. Nioh dev one-ups Dark Souls by saying unlimited co-op is "too easy"
      2. Castlevania Headed To Netflix in 2017, From Warren Ellis and Adi Shankar
      3. We're streaming Nioh - come watch us battle Yokai, probably get our butt kicked at least once
      4. Hitman's February content schedule announced, another game update incoming
      5. Syberia 3 gets an April release date
      6. Next week's Destiny update will nerf shotguns and subclasses
      7. For Honor: Here's exactly when the open beta goes live in your time zone
      8. Dark Souls 3: Take a peek at four minutes of The Ringed City gameplay
      9. Pokémon Go Valentine's Day event showers players with Candy and a ton of pink pokémon
      10. The Division: SMG Critical Hit Chance is back in PTS 4
      11. Nioh Digital Deluxe Edition owners run into problems on the PS Store, season pass still priced at ?20
      12. E3 2017 will be open to the public, tickets priced $149 - $249
      13. Fire Emblem Heroes: self-procaimed whale spends $1,000 on Orbs, still hasn't unlocked Hector
      14. Overwatch: Bastion's road to badassery has begun as a new patch rolls out in the PTR
      15. Fallout Shelter is now an Xbox Play Anywhere title, available on Xbox One and Windows 10
      16. Nintendo Switch video shows the many things the console can do, somehow avoids mentioning any specs
      17. Is it OK to punch a Nazi werewolf?
      18. You can complete Dontnod's Vampyr without killing anyone, but it's a tough challenge
      19. 6 reasons to get excited for hardcore shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm
      20. Resident Evil 7's latest PC patch should make it run on older CPUs
      21. Learn the story of the real-life figure Nioh's protagonist is based on with this video
      22. For a limited time, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will get you deluxe edition content for free
      23. Forza Horizon devs are making a non-racing, open-world game
      24. Overwatch - Is this 3D model change teasing the arrival of Doomfist?
      25. Take-Two says Red Dead Redemption 2 Online won't compete with GTA Online, avoids talk of sales forecast
      26. The final version of Nioh made a small, but crucial tweak to how co-op works, and people are not having it
      27. Here are some of the buffs and nerfs a few For Honor heroes are getting in the open beta
      28. 1-2-Switch contains 28 minigames - check out this new footage
      29. In Payday 2's John Wick heists, the Baba Yaga himself is back in action
      30. This Japanese ad contains a few scant seconds of new Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage
      31. Gears of War 4 just received two new maps and is getting a Valentine's Day event
      32. Learn more about Hollow Knight's amazing soundtrack, available this week
      33. Nintendo believes that the Switch will have much better third-party support than the Wii U
      34. League of Legends champion Faker broke a record on his first ever Twitch stream
      35. Overwatch's 'capture the flag' mode will live on beyond the Year of the Rooster event
      36. The Golf Club 2 swings into view in its first look trailer
      1. You can now become a homeowner in The Elder Scrolls Online
      2. Come watch us defy death as we stream Nioh for the first time
      3. The unstoppable GTA 5 sold more copies in 2016 than in 2015
      4. Get ready for the challenges ahead with the Nioh launch trailer
      5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 sees the return of the M16 assault rifle as new items drop for the Black Market
      6. The force is strong in this Star Wars Humble Bundle
      7. Bethesda's Pete Hines says Fallout 4 is the most successful game in the company's history
      8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.08 brings new weapon kits and customisation items
      9. Final Fantasy 15 broke even on launch day after shipping 5 million units
      10. Final Fantasy 14's interface gets an AR overhaul with this HoloLens mock-up
      11. YouTubers fined over 200k in FUT gambling scandal, Judge says pair "turned a blind eye" to kids using the site
      12. Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ops 3 and The Crew get up to 50% off in this week's Deals With Gold
      13. Hideo Kojima on why he won't be making any horror games right now, "I get scared very easily...so it ends up giving me bad dreams"
      14. Fallout 4 gets enhanced PS4 Pro support later this week with update 1.9
      15. Destiny weekly reset for February 7 – Nightfall, Crucible, raid challenge changes detailed
      16. Assassin's Creed: Da Vinci's Workshop is a student VR project but there's no plans for a commercial release
      17. PSN went down for a good few hours last night
      18. Nioh reviews round-up, all the scores
      19. You can now grind for Overwatch loot boxes in World of Warcraft, sort of
      20. This Gwent trailer for the new Nilfgaard faction makes it all seem a lot more dramatic than we remember
      21. Portal HoloLens AR demo probably too wonderful for we wretched human beasts ever to own
      22. Conan Exiles aims for "the line between Skyrim and Minecraft", genital slider about "equality and all that"
      1. The Dark Souls 3 video scene is alive and thriving as Friendship Chest creator continues Ungrateful Jack series
      2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally gone gold, only five years too late to save the Wii U
      3. Fallout 4's 58GB high-resolution texture pack is now free on Steam, if you have the drive space
      4. Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Velvet Shell trailer provides one last opportunity to get across everything in this week's update
      5. Missing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta? Perhaps this trailer for the live action movie will comfort you
      6. French gaming trade group stands up for Steam amid European Commission investigation
      7. Here are all the big changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege with tomorrow's Velvet Shell update
      8. We're streaming Layers of Fear, come help us navigate this definitely haunted house
      9. FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch will be "custom built"
      10. Watch the emotional and explosive Halo Wars 2 launch trailer
      11. Denuvo website leaks emails from clients, potential upcoming games that use the DRM, more
      12. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a Pro HUD mode for the purists among you
      13. Nintendo Switch pre-orders cancelled by GameStop and Target due to stock shortages
      14. For Honor open beta now available to pre-load
      15. People liked the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl ad, says analytics company
      16. YouTuber NepentheZ pleads guilty to FUT gambling charges, faces potential prison time and thousands in fines
      17. Psychonauts 2 signs Payday 2 publisher, new early gameplay revealed
      18. Death Stranding won't be a PS5 title, release date has already been decided, says Kojima
      19. Uncharted 4 Survival gets Hardcore mode, multiplayer Classic mode back in beta
      20. Nioh pre-load is now live across both PlayStation Store regions
      21. Resident Evil 7 sticks it out at UK No.1 bringing it one week closer to the series' record for longest run at the top spot
      22. GIVEAWAY! 2,000 closed beta keys for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on PC and Xbox One
      23. Rainbow Six Siege is all about new operators and maps, not new game modes
      24. Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un'Goro could be the next expansion coming later this year
      25. Military first-person shooters have lost their balls
      26. Terry Crews teases Overwatch fans with a mock audition for Doomfist and it's perfect
      27. Why are new Overwatch heroes so slow to arrive?
      28. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will reset player progress ahead of open beta
      29. Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta 4K screenshots will blow your eyeballs' socks off
      30. Battlecrew: Space Pirates, the game not made by the Life is Strange team, is now in Early Access
      31. Why this TimeSplitters: Rewind teaser has people excited, even though it's just a logo
      32. Everyone's drooling over this gorgeous trailer for super-stylish indie Katana Zero
      33. Someone's made a whole new Pokemon game inside Minecraft - without any third-party mods
      34. Rainbow Six Siege: Velvet Shell packages "red hot bootprints" and "nicely-framed murder holes" into a two-story party palace
      35. Overwatch director wants gamers to demand Sony and Microsoft ban mouse and keyboard play on consoles
      1. We've nearly finished Resident Evil 7, but it's getting really tense - come watch us
      2. This week’s best game deals: cheap PC downloads, Contra action figures, Madden 17, and more
      1. Skyblivion team has made tons of progress over the last couple of months
      2. Horizon: Zero Dawn developer diaries provide insight on designing the quests, story, and Aloy
      3. Co-op survival game The Wild Eight goes into early access next week on Steam
      4. Here's a look at what Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 beta testers are playing this weekend
      5. Official Conan Exiles servers temporarily shuttered while Funcom searches for service with "ideal hardware"
      6. Overwatch's Lucio is coming to Heroes of the Storm as a support character
      7. Nintendo mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has already earned $2.9 million
      8. Set aside a couple of minutes and watch the Nioh opening cinematic
      9. USgamer Community Question: Are You Happy With Nintendo's Mobile Games So Far?
      10. Essential Weekend Reading: Feeling Better About Nintendo Switch
      1. Let It Die PS4 Review: Haters Gonna Hate
      2. This Week's Best Video Game Deals - 02/03/2017
      3. Fallout Shelter hits Xbox One and Windows 10 next week as a play anywhere title
      4. Stardew Valley Collector's Edition announced for retail release in April
      5. Sniper Elite 4 will support PlayStation 4 Pro and DirectX 12 upon release
      6. Dark Souls' From Software Has Worked With Expanse Co-Creator
      7. Nintendo Switch hands on events will take place in three UK cities starting next weekend
      8. This Witcher 3 fan film features official Geralt cosplay model engaging in swordplay
      9. Conan O'Brien, Tom Brady and Dwight Freeney play For Honor in latest Clueless Gamer segment - Super Bowl 51 edition
      10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on sale for 70% off on Steam, entire franchise also discounted
      11. PS4 firmware update 4.50 brings external HDD support, Boost Mode to improve frame rates [Update 2]
      12. New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer shows pre-order bonuses, brief look at multiplayer gameplay
      13. Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian was at one point working on an Xbox One RPG
      14. Nier Automata has gone gold
      15. PS4 Pro sales "are stronger than that of PS4 Slim," says Sony CFO
      16. Dark Souls 3 is getting a patch next week - here's what it fixes
      17. Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta key giveaway for PC, PS4 or Xbox One
      18. Mafia 3 is getting three story expansions this year
      19. Destiny: Xur location and inventory for February 3, 4
      20. Banned Footage Vol 1 tackles two of Resident Evil 7's main criticisms
      21. Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta start time and everything else you need to know
      22. The Switch launch lineup is deliberately weak for reasons, actually, says a Nintendo we're paraphrasing freely
      23. Death Stranding was the best idea Kojima's team had "for the market", as well as the one they liked the most
      24. Injustice 2 beta updated with Blue Beetle and resets progress, more invites rolling out now
      25. The European Commission is looking into Steam's geoblocking, which could result in PC game price changes for some EU territories
      26. Switch-ing On Indie Support For Nintendo's New Platform
      27. "I never tried to hide or wipe any evidence", expert witness testimony "ridiculous": John Carmack responds to Zenimax
      28. The Last Guardian has had a permanent price cut, just eight weeks after launch
      29. Double Dragon IV PS4 Review: Retro - to a Fault
      30. Overwatch: Blizzard hands out 22,865 bans, promises to address the problem directly
      31. Nioh may be the first game where the PS4 Pro version "really comes out on top" - resolution and FPS analysis
      32. Get to know your Mass Effect: Andromeda squaddies - new profiles and BTS chat with Peebee's voice actor
      1. Both Banner Saga 3 and Sunless Skies have been funded by Kickstarter backers
      2. Injustice 2 trailer introduces Black Canary as playable character
      3. Titanfall 2 gameplay video gives you a look at upcoming Live Fire content drop
      4. For Honor Season Pass detailed, adds early access to six new Heroes, more
      5. Design in Action | The Last Guardian: How to be Trained by Your Dragon
      6. Final Fantasy 15 February update adds PS4 Pro 60fps support, Episodes Gladiolus and Prompto teased
      7. The For Honor beta delivered stable frame-rates on both PS4 & PS4 Pro, but the latter has the edge in image quality
      8. The Wii U's Project Giant Robot has been cancelled
      9. Nintendo Switch is getting Jackbox Party Pack 3, and Snake Pass
      10. Sony shipped 9.7 million PS4s in the last quarter, as Game & Network division continues to grow
      11. Nioh - watch some new gameplay with impressions of the retail version
      12. If you still haven't received your Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta invite, don't fret, they're being sent in waves
      13. From now on, the free games you get when buying Nvidia GPUs will only be redeemable by you
      14. Nioh PlayStation 4 Review: A Worthy Heir
      15. New Final Fantasy titles are in the works, but Square is still working on that one opening scene of Final Fantasy 7 Remake
      16. Long awaited "independent AAA" Hellblade is definitely coming out this year, no, for real this time
      17. Total War: Warhammer is getting a Battle Map Editor this month and for some reason its name is Terry
      18. Nintendo is looking at VR for Switch, but wants to solve a major problem before adding support
      19. Zenimax may seek an injunction to halt Oculus Rift sales in wake of broken NDA verdict, details evidence of Oculus's alleged theft
      20. Batman-like save the date tease from Warner Bros. reminds us of that Damian Wayne game rumour
      21. Slick new Steam client interface datamined from latest beta update, shows TV and comics tabs
      22. Rainbow Six Siege teaser introduces us to second new Operation Velvet Shell operator, Mira
      1. Super Mario Run update adds Easy Mode and kicks off Golden Goomba Event
      2. Final Fantasy 15 director wants to try developing it on PC, "pursue exclusive features" like mods
      3. Come watch our Resident Evil 7 stream as we continue our murderous rampage slash terrified quivering
      4. Back When Screenshots Really Were Screen Shots
      5. ZeniMax awarded $500 million judgment in Oculus lawsuit
      6. Nintendo Switch Online Service will run between $17.50 and $26.50 a year in Japan
      7. LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not A Hero head PlayStation Plus February line-up
      8. Madden 17 predicts another Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots
      9. Nintendo Switch videos land, one for the Super Bowl, another showing the dev menu by mistake
      10. Two PlayStation VR bundles hit North American retail this month
      11. Pre-order Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 on PC or PS4 and get the Season Pass free
      12. Sniper Elite 4 trailer explains all the things you can do that don't involve shooting people in the nuts
      13. WB Games Teases a New Batman Arkham Title
      14. Capcom planning "aggressive" sales campaign for Resident Evil 7 after profits decline, more focus on VR
      15. Resident Evil 7 guide: How to beat the Nightmare Banned Footage Vol 1 DLC
      16. "Our Anti-Tamper solution is hard to crack, not uncrackable," says Denuvo in the wake of Resident Evil 7's quick PC crack release
      17. Destiny 2 plot details potentially leaked from Mega Bloks sets, mentions Cabal fighting in the Tower
      18. We didn't get any Kingdom Hearts 3 news recently, so here's a screenshot
      19. Titanfall 2 sales were below expectations, but EA doesn't see it as underperformance
      20. EA expects Mass Effect: Andromeda to sell around 3 million units in the first week
      21. The Wii U has sold through 13.5 million units, making it officially Nintendo's worst-selling console
      22. Project Cars, Tales of Zestiria and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West are just the start of Bandai Namco's second Humble Bundle
      23. Here's a more serious Hitman on disc launch trailer in case yesterday's was too lighthearted for you
      24. Here's the exact time you can preload the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta today
      25. No seriously, Nintendo Switch has no pack-in games - not even a demo
      26. Horizon: Zero Dawn has gone gold, clear your schedule and hold all your calls
      27. Pokemon Go becomes the fastest app to reach $1B in global revenue, up $500M in a single month
      28. GTA Online: double cash and RP bonuses, property and vehicle sales and last chance to upgrade to PS4 or Xbox One
      29. You can beat Resident Evil 7 in 93 minutes - or at least this guy can, but he's pretty good at it
      30. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be all that and a bag of chips, says EA: bigger, better and with a proper story campaign
      31. Fallout 4 high resolution texture patch now in beta on Steam, but you need 58GB for all that shiny
      32. The Day I Melted An Asteroids Machine
      33. New Need for Speed game also coming before the end of March 2018
      34. Skate 4 isn't happening, burn Twitter to the ground