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  • March 2010 Archive

      1. Jonathan Ross confirms Fable III voiceover
      2. Atomic: Six Days in Fallujah is "not complete"
      3. Bungie discusses Halo: Reach in latest Podcast
      4. Zeno Clash delayed on XBLA until April
      5. DICE doesn't "ever want to charge for maps", says producer
      6. Home update: Easter City Huntdown event, Anime-themed items
      7. Guitar Hero 5 gets Black Sabbath masters, Blur, and more in April
      8. Shinji Mikami's project site opens with Harakiri flash game
      9. SimBin announces new game in its GTR sim-racing series
      10. Japanese game market drops 0.6% - software up, hardware down
      11. Zombies invade Australia, protest lack of R18+ game rating
      12. Greenberg: Web browsing on the telly is a "poor experience"
      13. Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer is full of win
      14. Activision details Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions a bit more
      15. Blizzard teases Diablo III information with image
      16. Crysis 2 "aiming to set the graphical benchmark", says Crytek
      17. Lost Planet 2: Awesome co-op footage from desert and jungle
      18. SEGA formally announces The Conduit 2, proves it with screens
      19. Belladonna: I'm "really interested" in game porn
      20. Report - Will Wright currently at work on television series
      21. Dead Rising 2: Inafune confirms "thousands" of on-screen zombies
      22. Square shows off new character creator for FFXIV, gets trailer too
      23. GameStop: Big Three, EA, Activision make up 75% of new product purchases
      24. Just Cause 2 easter egg shows mechanical shark
      25. "Many people are afraid or scared of gaming technology", says Miyamoto
      26. GameStop estimates US console installed base at 56.8 million
      27. THQ: Saints Row 3 will be "mind-blowing"
      28. Natal: Tech based on "ground-breaking" PrimeSensor 3D design
      29. EA pumps up browser efforts with dangerously addictive Lord of Ultima
      30. Remedy "too small" to develop Alan Wake for PC
      31. FilePlanet giving away APB beta spots
      32. Job losses confirmed at Activision UK
      33. More Vanquish details spill from Famitsu
      34. Ubisoft CV points at SC: Conviction for PS3
      35. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf still being "considered"
      36. CD Projekt "thinking about" DLC for The Witcher 2
      37. Interview - The Witcher 2's senior producer, Tomasz Gop
      38. David Reeves becomes Capcom Europe COO
      39. New Mario Galaxy 2 trailer hitting ground tonight
      40. Miyamoto: 2010 "going to be really great" for Nintendo
      41. Killzone 2, inFamous, Resistance 2 joining PS3 Greatest Hits in US
      42. Alan Wake gets chased in new shots
      43. Valhalla currently only making one title, says Itagaki
      44. Bungie hints at "something big" for Halo universe this week
      45. Visceral confirms Dead Space 2 demo, admits first game's demo wasn't "super awesomest thing ever"
      46. BioWare's Bazaar originally planned as "international event," non-NA events to be announced in "coming weeks"
      1. The Grinder still FPS on Wii, says High Voltage
      2. Latest Lara Croft adventure part of new digital strategy, says Crystal Dynamics
      3. Metroid: Other M video is rather awesome
      4. Natal will "surprise you", says Greenberg
      5. French magazine scans show possible multiplayer DLC for God of War III
      6. SEGA: PC sales "performing much better than is currently reported"
      7. Report - Activision restructures senior management, forms new units
      8. First trailer for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions released
      9. The Conduit 2: More details from Nintendo Power surface
      10. APB website updated will all sorts of goodies
      11. Blacklight: Tango Down weapons, story detailed with shots
      12. Crytek had a few issues getting CryEngine 3 to work on consoles
      13. Rumour - 360 Slim revealed in unofficial shots [Update]
      14. Darksiders gets PC version for summer
      15. Modern Warfare 2 title update is now live [Update]
      16. Bad Company 2: VIP Map Pack 2 now available for PC
      17. Dragon Age player sues Gamestop for being "deceptively misleading"
      18. Music from Sonic 4 leaked onto the net
      19. THQ to reveal new fighting game during E3
      20. Guy steals Breach code from PAX, gets arrested
      21. Bungie details Halo: Reach matchmaking a bit more
      22. MW2: Stimulus Package drops onto Live, is broken [Update]
      23. Ubisoft: "Super hardcore" games stopping industry from growing
      24. Bowling: "Anyone's guess" what'll be in next MW2 DLC pack
      25. APB boss bigs up VG247 in Telegraph
      26. After Burner Climax dated for Live, PSN
      27. FirstPlay to launch next week
      28. Marks: Sony passed up Natal tech because "it didn't enable many new experiences"
      29. Bowling: MW2 online won't be threatened by other titles
      30. Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack day - win a branded Super Elite!
      31. Take Two issuing settlements over Hot Coffee
      32. Movie: Lost Planet 2 four-way co-op takes bed, s**ts in it
      33. Red Dead Redemption - yet more shots
      34. Alan Wake mo-cap expert: Heavy Rain is "visually uneven"
      35. You "shouldn't be surprised" to hear Just Cause 3 announcement, says Avalanche
      36. Interview: The man that made Alan Wake's face work
      37. Rumour - 360 Memory Sticks to cost up to $70
      38. The Conduit 2 announced in Nintendo Power
      39. PSA: Modern Warfare 2 DLC drops today, updates detailed
      40. Microsoft: No new Game Room games until "late April"
      41. 3DS announcement "clashes" with DSi XL, says analyst
      1. Miyamoto: Violent games may damage "the potential of what games can do"
      2. Report: IO drops 35 staff
      3. Sega confirms winter 2010 western date for Vanquish
      4. Enslaved - tons of new art and shots
      5. New Lost Planet 2 trailer shows off v-suit transformation
      6. Battlefield 1943 fastest to 1 million on XBLA, PC version "soon"
      7. PAX East moves to larger venue for 2011 and 2012
      8. BioWare countdown conclusion is Bazaar
      9. Ninja Theory: Heavenly Sword sales "still not enough to break even"
      10. Super rumour - Star Wars: The Old Republic hitting Xbox 360 [Update]
      11. Mass Effect 3 to use Unreal Engine 3
      12. Ex-Pandemic lot forms new studio, first game has a go at EA
      13. Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 review scores "mixed"
      14. Harmonix accidentally slips vocal harmonies for Rock Band 3
      15. Rare doesn't see need in returning to old franchises
      16. Major Nelson's Gamertag gets hacked
      17. Super Mario Kart hitting EU Virtual Console on Friday
      18. "Sony is running into a brick wall" with PSP, says Pachter
      19. UK charts: Just Cause 2 overthrows GoW III from top spot
      20. Penny Arcade confirms end of Adventures series
      21. Jaffe: New game "will absolutely" have DLC
      22. EA: Natal, Move could be used for FIFA mini-games
      23. FIFA World Cup shots kick off
      24. Interview: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa's Simon Humber
      25. Impressions: Will FIFA World Cup honestly be worth buying?
      26. APB gameplay is stonking hot
      27. The Passing for L4D2 will miss March, says Inside Xbox
      28. DQX, FF Versus XIII most wanted games in Japan, says Famitsu
      29. Firmware 3.21 to disable PS3's ability to run other operating systems
      1. First Scott Pilgrim screenshots rock ultimate
      2. APB gets first action-packed dev diary
      3. Rumour - Call of Duty 7 called Black Ops, gets zombie mode and dedicated servers, more
      4. Ninja Theory working on "secret project"
      5. Splinter Cell: Conviction gets leaked launch trailer
      6. Skate 3 demo hitting PSN, Xbox Live on April 15
      7. Dead Space 2 footage from PAX East is a go
      1. Atomic: Breach will land on PC after its release on XBLA
      2. Red Dead Redemption multiplayer detailed in Dutch gaming mag
      3. NVIDIA new Fermi graphics cards hitting in mid-April
      4. Netflix streaming discs for Wii start hitting mailboxes
      5. Fresh Start Studios to continue work on Stargate Resistance
      6. Red Dead Redemption previews round-up
      7. Ghost Recon screens show weapons, gadgets
      8. Apple could be running short on iPad, Best Buy may get some units
      9. First Dead Space 2 footage shown at PAX East
      10. Last-gen Assassin's Creed planned then canned by Ubisoft
      11. Watch the Dead Space 2 PAX East panel live
      12. Resistance 3 pops up in a survey from Sony
      13. DSiWare games can't be transferred between DSi and DSi XL
      14. Just Cause 2: No plans for co-op DLC, says Avalanche
      15. Crackdown 2 shots show guns, flying
      16. Molyneux: "There are regional differences" between Euro and US markets
      17. Worms Reloaded public Beta heading to Steam
      18. Analyst believes Amazon job listings point to new Steam-like service
      19. Vector Unit bringing Hydro Thunder Hurricane to XBLA
      1. Video for The Secret World is full of monsters
      2. Indie MMO Love is now available
      3. Valve intent on giving players a good scare with next Half-Life
      4. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to be unveiled at WonderCon
      5. US PS Video Store update, March 25 - Fierce Creatures, New Moon
      6. "It's really difficult to have decent storytelling" in games, says Cage
      7. GDC Canada to include Obsidian, Blizzard, Dead Rising 2 talks
      8. BioWare updates SWTOR with character bios
      9. Napoleon: Total War 10% off on Steam, get Imperial Guard DLC free
      10. US PSN update, March 25 - Section 8, Blue Toad Murder Files
      11. R.U.S.E Beta downloaded over 1M times on Steam
      12. StarCraft II Beta patch includes gameplay changes and additions
      13. Multiplayer details for Red Dead Redemption coming week of April 5
      14. Microsoft: Xbox 360 Memory Units and 120Gb HDD being phased out
      15. Square Enix hints at possible FFIX release on PSN
      16. Weapons can change the course of a race in ModNation Racers
      17. New video for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 released
      18. South Australia Attorney General John Rau supports R18+ rating
      19. New APB shots look mental
      20. Ghost Recon getting short film treatment from Oscar winners
      21. Loads of Firewalker screens hit the net for Mass Effect 2
      22. Report - Sony confirms Move support for Heavy Rain [Update]
      23. Modern Warfare 2 is UK's 2009 entertainment superstar
      24. Rare: First-parties will help "define" the Natal experience
      25. Lost Planet 2 release date changed to May 11, gets new multiplayer demo
      26. GAME retail list outs James Bond Racing, New Vegas and CoD7 for October, more
      27. USB memory support for Xbox 360 coming April 6
      28. Natal yoga game out in October, say Amazon and GAME
      29. Torchlight is ?4 on Steam
      30. Pre-order contents for Splinter Cell: Conviction revealed
      31. Miyamoto: Entertainment, not online, is "my priority"
      32. New Splatterhouse shots are gory
      33. Jimi Hendrix coming to Rock Band next week [UPDATE]
      34. Hydrophobia goes XBLA exclusive
      35. Miyamoto: Natal, Move are a "great honour"
      36. Atomic's Breach - first shots and impressions from PAX East
      37. Japanese hardware charts - PS3 overtakes PSP
      38. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gets live-action trailer
      1. Get Warhammer for free, just pay the monthly fee
      2. Ubisoft offers free content to those suffering online DRM outages
      3. Visceral left co-op out of Dante's Inferno to avoid release slip
      4. Screens - Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package
      5. Bungie: All platform options are open to the developer
      6. Visceral says that St. Lucia is not a "reskin" of Dante
      7. Visceral wants to "foster a sense of community" with Trials of St. Lucia DLC
      8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online now free to play in your browser
      9. Bungie details Player Investment system in Halo: Reach
      10. Get CoLD SToRAGE electronica and gaming music albums for ?1 each
      11. Greenberg: Natal E3 "experience" will demonstrate 360's "universal appeal"
      12. Mafia II gets cover art
      13. Microsoft to hold E3 press conference plus Natal "experience" event [Update]
      14. Ubisoft taking a more "Sands of Time approach" to new PoP game
      15. Screens - The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
      16. Infinity Ward: "Morale is high" despite Zampella/West layoffs
      17. Witcher 2 dev diary and cutscene vids are worth the watch
      18. Bowling: More DLC coming to MW2, Stimulus Pack price is "worthwhile"
      19. Blizzcon 2010 announced for October
      20. The Witcher 2 heading to consoles
      21. 250Gb 360 HDD to cost ?65 in UK
      22. Activision announces Monster Jam 2011 - includes Grave Digger
      23. Pay to play with the ladies over on GameCrush
      24. Euro PSN update, March 25 - LBP Sonic, AvP Swarm
      25. MGS: Peace Walker gets third gameplay video
      26. Avalanche: Skipping PC "because of piracy" is "just giving in"
      27. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier "Predator" cloaks explained
      28. Mafia II releasing in August
      29. Just Cause 2 DLC support confirmed
      30. Black: "We couldn't make Black 2"
      31. Red Dead Redemption trailer makes us impatient
      32. Interview: Just Cause 2's Christofer Sundberg
      33. BioWare confirms Mass Effect 3 development under way
      34. Remedy: Alan Wake spoilers are "bull"
      35. Realtime Worlds: UK tax breaks are "shrewd investment"
      36. Yakuza 4 sells 384k in week one in Japan
      37. Miyamoto: "We were not able to produce fun-enough products" for 2009
      38. Portal 2: Aperture Science's history detailed
      39. Actor who played Wallace in Half Life 2 has died
      40. PAX East Dead Space 2 panel to be streamed live
      41. Sony shoots down LittleBigPlanet 2 "confirmation" comment
      42. Bungie: Thanks to Reach, Halo movie "not a matter of if, just when"
      1. Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package gets official video
      2. Home update includes AvP, Aassassin's Creed, new luxury spaces
      3. EA adds three more to MMA fighter roster
      4. Nomura: "Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on FF Versus XIII"
      5. Just Cause 2 gets itself LOST
      6. Spring Fever sales start this week on PSN
      7. Champions Online no longer coming to consoles, says Cryptic
      8. Ubisoft claims to have lost PoP players to God of War series
      9. Pre-order The Forgotten Sands with GameStop, get an exclusive mode
      10. Rank cap for Blur Beta increased with new mode and cars
      11. Splinter Cell: Conviction goes gold, new dev diary released
      12. Reggie says Hollywood asks "all the time" to do a Mario film
      13. Check out the last Anatomy of a Stunt video for Just Cause 2
      14. Game Room now available on Games for Windows Live
      15. Mafia II rated 18 by BBFC
      16. Molyneux: Focus testing Natal is "almost impossible"
      17. Stardock founder says GFWL lacks "commitment to quality"
      18. CD Projekt formally announces The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
      19. The Witcher: Versus announced for iPhone, iPod Touch
      20. Doom II still heading to XBLA, eventually
      21. EA: PS3 lead development console for Medal of Honor
      22. New NBA Jam shots are on fire
      23. Game Room on XBL has issues, MS says it's being addressed
      24. UK tax break news is "just fantastic," says JAW boss as industry cheers
      25. Video Games Live in Nawlins, features Halo and Mass Effect composers
      26. Champions Online goes free for 72 hours
      27. PSP turns five, sells over 17M units in the US to-date
      28. Darling announces UK games trade tax breaks
      29. Left 4 Dead 2 half-price on Steam until tomorrow
      30. CV for former SCEE staffer shows unannounced Wipeout project for PS3
      31. 120Gb 360 HDD gets price-cut in the UK, confirms Microsoft
      32. Modern Warfare 2 "Stimulus Package" gets first footage
      33. Atlus starting work on Persona 5
      34. MS: Comments on Natal room space were "misinterpreted"
      35. Epic Games opens new studio in Japan
      36. Rumour - Motorstorm 3 seen in the wild [Update]
      37. Mario Galaxy 2, Halo: Reach not "system sellers", says Pachter
      38. 3DS will be playable in June, says Nintendo
      39. Madden 11 aims at catching upgrades - first shots
      40. Standalone 360 250Gb HDD to release on April 16 in UK
      41. 3DS: Sony's 3D "focus" is on PS3, not handhelds
      42. Report - Canceled Starbreeze game is Bourne
      43. Left 4 Dead 2 "The Passing" DLC to include multiple new game modes
      44. Rumor: F3AR details coming soon
      1. XBL Activity for the week of March 15 - No surprises here
      2. Artwork - The Secret World
      3. Rocksteady reckons that a Bane game could be "really crazy"
      4. L.A. Noire script is sitting at 22K pages, says Bondi
      5. ModNation Racers to bring fun back to the couch, says UFG
      6. BioWare joins the website countdown craze
      7. Mass Effect 2 Firewalker DLC now live
      8. Microsoft announces 250Gb HDD now available for 360 [Update]
      9. Cage: Publishers should "give more importance to creativity"
      10. The Witcher II "aiming" for Q1 2011 release, says CD Projekt
      11. Just Cause 2 review embargo lifts, we round 'em up
      12. Red Steel 2 reviews are out, get rounded up
      13. Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule March 23 - April 1
      14. FreeStyleGames issues a "no comment" on DJ Hero 2 development
      15. Large patch for Aliens vs Predator released on Steam
      16. Report - First Nintendo 3DS details come out of Japan
      17. Nintendo 3DS could be "very exciting" for developers, says Blitz
      18. 3DS tech will be "mimicked" unless it has "real breakthrough in gameplay", says Pachter
      19. 30 million DS units sold in Japan, says Famitsu
      20. Dashboard advert shows stand-alone 250Gb HDD for Xbox 360
      21. New MGS: Peace Walker vid tries to teach us love, is full of J-Pop
      22. Video - The Secret World teaser from GDC
      23. Funcom debuts The Secret World at GDC, gives us a look
      24. 2K "definitely looking at" Mafia II DLC
      25. Fable III to get downloadable episodic content, says Molyneux
      26. EA-Starbreeze collaboration cancelled
      27. iPhone chews nasty hole in DS and PSP's US revenue
      28. Report: LittleBigPlanet 2 confirmed, as is Move support
      29. Rumour - GAF poster outs second GT5 demo
      30. God of War III is "fluff," says Cave Story developer
      31. Suda51: "The idea comes out when I take a dump"
      32. Red Dead Redemption gets new box-art
      33. Witcher 2 debut trailer features magic sparkly bum
      34. Portal 2 gets new character art
      35. Natal report: "You'll want to clear" 4 metres of space from the screen
      36. 3DS: What a 3D effect on DS looks like
      37. Rare: Devs' "approach" to organizing game budgets is "naive"
      38. Final Fantasy Agito XIII still in development, says Square
      39. Icahn ups Take-Two stake to 14%
      40. The Witcher 2 teased on official site
      41. Warner to open new studio in Montreal
      42. Nintendo to release 3DS by March 2011, to provide 3D gaming without glasses [Update]
      43. Diablo III's female witch doctor revealed
      44. Conviction creative director: Previous Splinter Cells too hard, made Sam into a "grandmother"
      45. EA doesn't plan to charge for "traditionally free game demos"
      1. Wada: Square Enix to "explore" an FFVII remake
      2. BioWare: We want Mass Effect 3 to exceed "high quality bar" set by ME2
      3. Reggie: Move is "Wii-too"
      4. "Overpowered Sagat" and others levelled off for SSFIV, says Ono
      5. The Settlers 7 demo released
      6. EA to put out PDLC before full releases, says Pachter
      7. Mario Galaxy 2 ditching hub world for maps
      8. Mass Effect 2: Kasumi's Lost Memory to retail for 560 MS points - new shots
      9. Visceral's Jack the Ripper title is downloadable, says Pachter
      10. Wii Vitality Sensor for new Zelda is possible, says Miyamoto
      11. Breach announced by Atomic Games
      12. Team17 shows "Project X3" images
      13. Red Steel 2: "If fans don’t want us to make a sequel, we generally won’t"
      14. Interview: Red Steel 2's Jason Vandenberghe
      15. Fable III development to be "shut off" at Thanksgiving
      16. Rumour - EA to sue South Park creators over Tiger Woods PGA Tour parody [Update]
      17. Microsoft - Natal 2 in development
      18. Imagine closes Total PC Gaming
      19. God of War Collection announced for Europe, trilogy boxset also announced
      20. UK charts: God of War III reigns supreme as number one
      21. Miyamoto has never called video games "art"
      22. PlayStation Move demoed on Engadget Show, gives us Minority Report vibes
      23. Sakaguchi: GoW III opening is too "long"
      24. FFXIII sells 1 million units in US
      25. CVG ed appears on Alan Titchmarsh in game violence debate
      26. New GT5 shots scream "please release me, let me go"
      27. ModNation Racers gets four-player splitscreen
      28. Crackdown 2 multiplay footage is balls-to-the-walls mental
      29. Australia's main mature games detractor calls it quits
      1. PoP: The Forgotten Sands dev diary focuses on Wii version
      2. Molyneux: "Gaming is being reborn on the PC"
      3. PlayStation Move demoed live on Engadget Show at 9pm GMT
      4. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise video is the same as Wii's
      5. Wada: Final Fantasy marketing strategy "differs with each game"
      6. GameStop CEO doesn't see DLC as used game deterrent
      7. PSP Digital Comics Store update, March 18 - Shaun the Sheep, Dragon Age
      8. L4D2's The Passing detailed a bit more - contains L4D1 spoilers
      9. Tretton: Buy a PS2 and an EyeToy before trying Natal
      10. MMA screens from GDC show blood, sweat, maybe some tears
      11. BFBC2 gets server update, patched, Steam deal
      12. Alone in the Dark creator teases project in the works
      13. F1 2010 head tracking support is for PC only
      14. R.U.S.E. developer diary provides you with deception tips
      15. Elvis spotted in new Team Fortress 2 update
      16. US PS Store update, March 18 - Dragon Age, LBP, AvP, Gaga
      17. Cage: Next Quantic Dream game already "written"
      18. Final Fantasy VII is PSP's most popular digital game of 2010
      19. Hydrophobia countdown points to PAX East
      20. Tretton "saving the batter" for E3, "promises" Killzone 3
      21. Rumor: Starhawk could include some MMO elements
      22. Players must save their C&C 4 game if they get a disconnection message
      23. GameStop: PS3, Wii shortages won't end "for months"
      24. Reggie on lack of Wii MotionPlus games: "We don't force developers to stick to a particular control scheme"
      25. Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 is "well under way"
      1. Shigeru Miyamoto's BAFTA acceptance speech
      2. BAFTA Winners: Uncharted 2 takes four awards, Batman gets Best Game
      3. US PS Video Store update, March 18 - Ninja Assassin, Goldmember
      4. David Cage wants to try the online space in the near future
      5. Mass Effect 2 apperance pack announced as DLC for March 23
      6. First Double XP Weekend for Modern Warfare 2 dated
      7. Season One tester brings Tribbles to Star Trek Online
      8. SWTOR: "We don't know how big it could get", says producer
      9. Analyst: Lack of Twilight games have cost "millions" in lost revenue
      10. Swiss pass violent videogame ban
      11. Check out Eggman and Splash Hill Zone for Sonic 4
      12. FFXIII becomes fastest selling title in series in UK
      13. BioWare: Dragon Age could produce "infinite" expansions
      14. ELSPA changes name to UK Interactive Entertainment Association
      15. BioWare has "tricks up its sleeve" for Mass Effect 3
      16. Firewalker DLC for Mass Effect 2 hitting March 23
      17. God of War III hits UK - the first 15 minutes in video
      18. PSA: Gaming BAFTAs take place tonight
      19. Kane & Lynch 2: "Believable isn't always about texture resolution", says IO
      20. F1 2010 has 12 player, objective-based online multiplayer
      21. New Lara Croft is "not a Tomb Raider game", says producer
      22. Xbox Live Activity for week of March 1 - Modern Warfare 2
      23. Splinter Cell: Conviction PC slips two weeks
      24. Heavy Rain Chronicles: The Taxidermist available on April 1
      25. Sony explains why it chose to call its controller Move
      26. Ubisoft games withdrawl from Steam "nothing to do" with DRM
      27. Molyneux "worried" about first 30-minutes of Fable III
      28. Sony and Jaffe prevail in God of War lawsuit
      29. Houser: Red Dead Redemption development has been "challenging"
      30. BioWare would "love" to work on new IPs
      31. Report - Steam drops Ubisoft DRM titles from line-up
      32. BioWare: Cerberus meant to build a "good relationship" with consumers
      33. PixelJunk Monsters getting UMD release in April for US
      34. Dante St Lucia DLC movie shows user-creation features and co-op
      35. Cage "not sure" if Wii Fit crowd would play Heavy Rain
      36. Xbox Game Room has 56 achievements to unlock
      37. Interview - Star Wars: The Old Republic producer Jake Neri
      38. Japanese hardware charts - That PSP, eh?
      39. Sega wants to do Bayonetta 2
      40. Secret God of War website pops up - what's it for?
      41. First MAG DLC is free, coming next week
      42. Toriyama would like to remake FFVII
      43. StarCraft II friends invites get posterised
      1. Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart talks about the studio's history, his start
      2. GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City sees slight delay on PC and PS3
      3. University of Indiana professor switches out grades for XP
      4. Steam releases Swarm Map Pack for AvP
      5. News for Battlefield 1943 PC port coming "shortly", says EA
      6. Jane McGonigal feels gaming can save the world
      7. Sony's make.believe video is very inspirational
      8. Ex-Ensemble staffer roasts Bettner on closure reasoning
      9. BioWare: DLC is not "lunch meat"
      10. Alan Wake gets UK 15
      11. Bungie reveals Halo: Reach social and matchmaking details
      12. Bizarre Creations working on two unannounced games
      13. Home update includes beach house, Twisted Metal, inFamous costumes
      14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 video shows online team mode
      15. Toy Story 3, Brunswick Pro Bowling added to Move lineup
      16. Codemasters announces International Cricket 2010 for summer
      17. Mistwalker reveals extra goodies on the towns in The Last Story
      18. Lego Harry Potter opening is as cute as you'd expect
      19. Report: 360 getting USB storage support in spring firmware update
      20. Rumor: Private equity group looking to buy GameStop
      21. Spotify "wants" to appear on 360
      22. Shanghai "big loser" in Kane & Lynch 2
      23. Snowblind announces Lord of the Rings: War in the North
      24. Muzyka: The Old Republic pricing plan will have "some twists"
      25. Steam on Mac one of the "biggest events" in its history, says Valve
      26. EU PS store update, March 18 - DAO, NFS: Shift, Rock Band
      27. Jamie Foxx to star in Kane & Lynch movie adaptation
      28. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sells 2.3 million units in US, Europe
      29. Metro 2033 - First 15 minutes of the 360 version in video
      30. Second MGS: Peace Walker gameplay video gets out
      31. Supreme Commander 2 gets PC patch
      32. Guerrilla "haven't hit the limit" with PS3
      33. Analyst: EA aiming to get 2 million subs for The Old Republic
      34. US getting new Uncharted 2 multiplayer skins in April
      35. Command & Conquer 4 requires internet to play
      36. Register for Kane and Lynch 2 website, get free online play tracking
      37. Splinter Cell: Conviction demo sneaks onto Live
      38. F1 2010 gets new shots
      39. Brink has two campaigns, open progression options
      40. Website counts down to possible Mikami project reveal
      41. Nomura hints at Dissidia II: Final Fantasy
      42. Sega to reveal Natal project at E3, more in development
      43. Nomura: Versus XIII will have world map, airships
      44. Rohde: Move has "big advantage" over Wii
      45. New MMA vid features fighting, men
      1. Study: Young boys don't progress as quickly in school if gamers
      2. Tales of Monkey Island DVD docking at retail this spring
      3. Cage: Describing Heavy Rain for two years has "been my nightmare"
      4. Steam deal has EverQuest on sale for $2.50
      5. DICE talks DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      6. Vanquish being built on PS3 first to avoid a dodgy port
      7. BioWare likes the idea of downloadable "romance packs"
      8. Ubisoft: No PC demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction
      9. Pre-order Conviction through D2D, get original Splinter Cell free
      10. SEGA says it needs to do a better job with PS3 and 360
      11. Watch Kevin Butler's Move video from the future
      12. Earthworm Jim remake heading to DSiWare
      13. PixelJunk Racers expansion slated for April
      14. Just Cause 2 demo downloaded over 2 million times
      15. Microsoft patent for streamlined Xbox 360 DLC purchasing approved
      16. EA says Medal of Honor will have cool toys, a demo
      17. Japanese software charts, March 8-14: Pokemon Ranger tops
      18. Rebellion closes Derby studio, lays-off folks in Oxford
      19. PC specs for Splinter Cell: Conviction revealed
      20. Red Dead Redemption video shows Life in the West
      21. Army of Two: The 40th Day gets patched, early DLC
      22. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days out in August, new trailer released
      23. Turtle Rock Studios back in business
      24. Production on Metro 2033 DLC has started, multiplayer not possible
      25. GoW III producer: "Don't do anything just to be controversial"
      26. Telltale announces pre-order incentives for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
      27. PS3 named the heaviest console ever released
      28. Skate 3 hitting UK retail on May 14
      29. AvP patch coming to Xbox 360 and PS3
      30. First F1 2010 footage is go, go, go!
      31. Reggie: No one would want Move when they have Wii
      32. Shinji Mikami to form new studio
      33. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets summer release in Europe
      34. UFC Undisputed 2010 gets new trailer
      35. Rumour - 360 Slim on the way
      36. Perfect Dark comes into Marketplace light
      37. Heavy Rain patch on the way
      38. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC update drops SecuROM DRM
      39. EA welcomes Tiger Woods return
      40. IGN suffering layoffs in all divisions, TXB founder also let go
      41. Battlefield Bad Company 2 grenade spam PSA looks a bit familiar
      42. Molyneux: Heavy Rain will "show the way forward to a new form of entertainment"
      43. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions revealed, probably involves swinging
      1. DAO: Awakening - The Spirit of Justice video
      2. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY gets May release in the US
      3. Screens - Explore the frontier of New Austin in Red Dead Redemption
      4. Tretton: Move is not meant to replace current controllers
      5. Screens - Dead to Rights: Retribution
      6. Bleszinski finds new motion controls "very interesting"
      7. Capcom releases new video for MotoGP 09/10
      8. BioWare throws Kasumi into the Mass Effect 2 mix
      9. Tales of Phantasia X releasing this year, teaser site goes live
      10. Wii-exclusive Samurai Warriors 3 heading to North America
      11. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep formally announced for US summer release
      12. Sony: Lots of SCE and third-parties working on 3D games
      13. Kane & Lynch 2 to get release date and new gameplay video tomorrow
      14. Rumour - Killzone 3 due in April 2011
      15. MGS: Peace Walker gets Limited Edition bundle, June release
      16. Avalanche: "We're going to have some fun" with Just Cause 2 DLC
      17. Rein on Gears 3: "You're kidding, right?"
      18. Report: PS3 shortages could hinder God of War III sales
      19. OnLive subscription service will draw customers to Gaikai, says Perry
      20. Need for Speed World Online Beta testing begins
      21. Reggie: Nintendo not good at creating "core" titles like BioShock 2
      22. No More Heroes 3 will happen if fans want it, says Suda-51
      23. GoW III launch trailer makes us do a little wee
      24. Need for Speed World will have "biggest NFS arena ever", says producer
      25. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening now available on Marketplace
      26. Rumour - Gears of War 3 to release in April 2011
      27. Rockstar going for a "different approach" with LA Noire
      28. GDC: The Old Republic gets previewed, get rounded up
      29. High Voltage hints at The Conduit 2 during GDC
      30. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC patch to drop today
      31. nVidia to take PC 3D games to TVs
      32. Metro 2033 launch trailer is go
      33. SCE: Missing out on Demon's Souls was "a mistake"
      34. New Wake shots feature man, torch, other men
      35. Greenberg: Leaving Blu-ray key to 360 outselling PS3
      36. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite 3 announced by Capcom
      37. No Epic games this year, says Rein
      38. Harmonix: Rock Band 3 is a "big step forward" for the series
      39. Reggie has "not played" new Zelda
      40. Over 18,000 attend GDC
      41. Yakuza 5 revealed in Japan
      42. ModNation Racers gets release date, Kratos, Ratchet, Nathan Drake as pre-order bonuses
      1. Splinter Cell Conviction demo dated for March 18
      2. Pardo: Blizzard may licence out Battle.net
      3. Bodycount's crates are "f**king operas," says Black - new shots
      4. "More than one" Alan Wake episode this year
      5. GAME heading to PS Home
      6. THQ: Metro 2033 doing things on 360 never "done before"
      7. Red Dead Redemption shots show men, OAPs
      8. THQ on Metro 2033 DLC: "Wait and see"
      9. Codemasters: PSP is a "bollocking useless waste of space"
      10. Hunted: Demon's Forge to be published by Bethesda
      11. Rumour - Halo: Reach to get September 14 worldwide release
      12. NBA Jam gets debut trailer
      13. Crackdown 2 dated for July 9 in UK
      14. "Too early" to start thinking DLC for Splinter Cell: Conviction, says Ubisoft
      15. Cut GoW III ending may return as free DLC, says Sony Santa Monica
      16. 700 player choices brought over to Mass Effect 2 from ME1
      17. Modern Warfare 2 becomes second best-selling game ever in UK
      18. Will Wright springs surprise GDC talk
      19. SCEE: GT5 date remains unannounced
      20. Fired Infinity Ward bosses sign with Hollywood talent agency
      21. Bungie files for new Marathon trademark
      22. The Old Republic gets new planet, web comic
      23. Versus XIII, Agito XIII pushing for story-driven gameplay, says Toriyama
      24. Study: US spent $3.8 billion on MMOs last year
      25. THQ working on downloadable core brand titles
      26. Blizzard aiming for Starcraft II Mac beta by April
      27. Moto GP 09/10 gets new shots
      28. UK charts: PS3 beats 360 in battle of FFXIII
      29. Carmack will "try" to have Rage on iPad and iPhone
      30. Kojima: Peace Walker is a "true MGS game"
      31. Metro 2033 now available for pre-load on Steam
      32. Molyneux: Fable II episodes release was "successful"
      33. Flower boss: "We're not going to have a game by 2011"
      34. Rein: Epic "owns" Gears IP, "can do what we want with it"
      35. Test Drive Unlimited 2 takes place on Ibiza, more details dropped
      36. Is PS Move a system-driver? "Absolutely," says Denny
      37. Report - Sony rep drops October release for GT5 at GDC
      38. Epic "impressed" with some of the games created with Unreal 3
      39. Rumour: Game Informer lists Red Dead Redemption for PC
      40. Japanese hardware charts - PSP keeps going like Duracell bunny
      41. Ensemble: "We were simply too expensive"
      42. UMD "alive and well," says Sony
      43. Rein: "It's too early to say" if Epic will develop games with motion control
      44. Crytek UK registers "Self Defense"
      45. MW2 Stimulus map pack to cost 1200 MS points, features five maps
      46. Naughty Dog: "It would be a shame" if there was no Jak and Daxter PS3
      1. GT5, Split/Second revealed as Move compatible [Update]
      1. Rumour - Activision holding back Infinity Ward royalties to keep staff
      2. Rumour - New DS set to be announced at E3, due for release later this year
      3. Move precise enough to play Starcraft, says Sony
      4. Splash Damage: No platform "superior or inferior" in Brink
      5. Kitase, Toriyama would like to do FFXIII-2
      6. Nine minutes of APB gameplay overlaid with Jones chatter
      7. More Reggie on Move: "I'm blushing I'm so flattered"
      8. MoH Tier 1 trailer is "expert in the application of violence"
      9. Rumor: No more PS3-exclusivity for Insomniac Games
      10. Microsoft says February was the "biggest in Xbox 360 history"
      11. Pachter: Wii supply constraints far from the only thing Nintendo has to worry about
      12. OnLive Game Portal announced, won't require subscription fees
      13. Nintendo would "happily" bring Kid Icarus to the Wii if it "makes sense"
      14. SCEE: GT5 date announcement is coming "soon"
      1. Reggie: Competitors' race to motion is "embarrassing"
      2. Chaos Rising - Last Stand footage, launch trailer, top review scores
      3. OnLive pricing could stunt growth, says analyst
      4. Rein "blown away" by OnLive
      5. Gene Simmons to be the "voice" of Guitar Hero 6
      6. Ubi confirms Silent Hunter 5 CE Germany recall
      7. Shovelware for Move is "obviously a concern", says SCEA
      8. Square Enix hiring staff for next-gen engine
      9. 2K: BioShock 2 DLC already on the disc to keep audience together
      10. Ubisoft confirms Splinter Cell: Conviction demo
      11. Heavy Rain restocked in the UK
      12. GDC: Sid Meier keynote at 10:30am PST - liveblog here [Update]
      13. Naughty Dog: Uncharted PSP would be "fantastic"
      14. Greenberg on Move: "Only Natal makes you the controller"
      15. Report: Silent Hunter 5 recalled in Germany over swastika use
      16. GT5 gets another stunning trailer
      17. Metal Gear Solid: Rising will bring in "new users", says Kojima
      18. New Brink trailer shows mad fighting, dying
      19. Mafia II has two driving modes, updated combat system
      20. Steamworks to be integrated into Unreal Engine 3
      21. Mafia II shouldn't get another delay, says producer
      22. More Project Mercury details spilled at GDC
      23. BioWare: More DLC in development for Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age
      24. "Serious effort" made to get Torchlight onto consoles
      25. Newell on PC DRM: "avoid" pitfalls because they're "negative"
      26. PS Store update, March 11 - RE5, Dissidia, DAO
      27. It looks like BioShock 2's DLC is already on the disc
      28. Latest Edge gives Bad Company 8, AvP and FFXIII 5
      29. Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse announced for PS3, Mac, PC
      30. First online Metro 2033 score is 9/10
      31. DiRT 3 in development, confirms Codemasters
      32. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light not the next Tomb Raider, says CD
      33. Final big feature for Fable III to be announced at E3, says Molyneux
      34. PSN is "an integrated part" of distributing games for Move, says SCEA
      35. Molyneux: PS Move "not as big a step as Natal"
      36. Denny: Move GDC reveal "felt right," more to come at E3
      37. "Plans for end game" in place for The Old Republic, says Bioware
      38. Jones: APB will need a "redesign" before coming to consoles
      39. Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex 3 not trying to be "super-photorealistic"
      40. Molyneux says "platforms" in relation to Fable III, job listing says PC
      41. No multiplayer for Deus Ex 3, confirms Eidos Montreal
      42. PS Move takes only "1-2Mb" of system memory to run
      43. Stig: GoW III engine only running at "50%"
      44. Fable III gameplay video: "Fable I and II were DOS; Fable III is Windows"
      45. Crytek shows off Crysis 2 for first time at GDC
      46. Newell: Portal 2 will take the concept "big"
      47. Uncharted 2 wins five awards at GDC awards
      48. Deus Ex 3 becomes a Human Revolution with new trailer
      49. Co-op's the name of the game in the new Lara Croft
      50. NPD February 2010: Nintendo DS dominates, Xbox 360 outsells Wii and PS3
      51. NPD February 2010: BioShock 2 rockets to first, Heavy Rain starts off strong
      52. BioWare: ME2 will have enough DLC to satisfy players
      1. Mass Effect 2: Kasumi's Stolen Memory DLC releases on April 6
      2. BioWare drops potential February 1, 2011 date for Dragon Age 2
      3. Ex-C&C devs for Supergiant, show first game
      4. Molyneux: Fable III needs to move 5 million units
      5. Molyneux confirms Twitter support for Fable III
      6. New Fable III shots top off GDC delight
      7. Natal for Fable III is "wonderfully additive", says Molyneux
      8. John Cleese to voice Fable III butler
      9. Alpha Protocol delay has allowed "under-the-hood" work
      10. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 mode update hits March 30 - wuh-oh
      11. Kitase hints at more games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series
      12. Concept art of The Last Story gets out
      13. Next Red Faction due in March 2011, says THQ
      14. GamesMaster staging comeback, TV series possible
      15. Green Day: Rock Band gets June 8 worldwide release
      16. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets nine-minute video
      17. Medal of Honor not compatible with Move, says EALA
      18. Final Fantasy XIV gets new CG shots, art
      19. GDC: Medal of Honor impressions bring in the big guns
      20. New Medal of Honor shots are action-packed
      21. Toriyama: Next story-driven Final Fantasy will be more open than FFXIII
      22. Yoshida: SCE "looked at many different technologies" before deciding on Move
      23. PS Move - Every single hardware and software impressions feature and movie on the internet
      24. PlayStation Move gets screened
      25. PlayStation Move is finally real - everything in one place
      26. God of War games to get Move support only if it's not "hokey"
      27. God of War III DLC and more Kratos a "possibility" says Sony
      28. PS Move: B-roll movie and shots goes live, more titles announced
      29. Tretton: 20 first-party Move titles coming this fiscal year, 36 third-party publishers on board
      30. Sony announces Move sub-controller, demos it with SOCOM 4
      31. PS Move: LBP, EyePet and sports titles demoed live
      32. Move, PlayStation Eye bundle to cost $100
      33. PlayStation Move confirmed as PS3 Motion Controller name
      1. GDC Sony press conference liveblog and streaming video - live!
      2. EA "disappointed" with Activision over Infinity Ward situation
      3. Source: Sony to name Motion Controller at GDC press event
      4. Next Lara to launch on XBL, PSN and PC for $15 this summer
      5. GDC: Sony to stream tonight's PS3 press conference live
      6. MW2 "Stimulus Package" DLC confirmed for March 30
      7. Sony trademarks PlayStation Move in Europe
      8. OnLive to launch on June 17 in US at $15 per month [Update]
      9. Sony Santa Monica working on two new projects
      10. Retailer: PS3 to drop 200g in hardware revision
      11. DJ Hero getting Jay-Z vs Eminem DLC on March 25
      12. Sony launching Home 1.35 tomorrow
      13. PC software sees $13.1 billion revenue in '09
      14. Screens and details - Transformers: The War for Cybertron
      15. Last SSFIV fighter revealed as Hakan
      16. Wada: Microsoft "asked us" to do FFXIII for 360
      17. F1 2010 out in September for PS3, 360, PC
      18. Fils-Aime on Wii 2: "We're not there yet"
      19. GDC: Mafia II rocks the boat in San Fran
      20. GDC: Civilization V impressions conquer SF
      21. New Jace Hall Show teases top secret Warner shooter
      22. FFXIII ships 5 million units worldwide
      23. R.U.S.E. dated for June 3 [Updated]
      24. GDC: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 gets first shots
      25. Mafia II lasts 15 hours, says 2K
      26. Quantic Dream job listing could reveal online for next game
      27. "Mature" True Crime has no DLC planned, says producer
      28. True Crime reputation system gives you a little "face" time
      29. First details, screens, gameplay video - True Crime goes to Hong Kong
      30. EA announces Active 2.0 at GDC, heart rate monitor included
      31. EA: Lack of Tiger Woods 11 Natal support down to "timing"
      32. Will Wright: The Wii is great and all, but it belongs in the "toy market"
      33. First dev diary for PS Motion Controller is live
      34. Rumour - 3D Firmware for PS3 coming on June 10
      35. Infinity Ward drops March 30 date for MW2 DLC
      36. Deus Ex 3 "surprise" coming on Thursday
      1. US GoW III TV ad is very ignorant
      2. "Big news" coming for OnLive this week
      3. Seybold: PSMC to be pushed with an "aggressive approach"
      4. More downtime scheduled for Bad Company 2 tomorrow
      5. Rock Band 3 out this holiday, will "revolutionize" genre
      6. Sony signs all six major movie studios for PSN HD films
      7. Tiger Woods 11 out June 8, supports PS3 Motion Controller
      8. Mass Effect 2 gets free Arc Projector weapon DLC
      9. PS3 FFXIII features FFXIV items, chance at beta access
      10. NfS Shift to get "Exotic Racing Series" pack
      11. Battlestar Galactica MMO announce opens GDC
      12. EA announces 38 Studios publishing deal
      13. Blizzard confirms day one patch for Starcraft II
      14. Marvel vs Capcom 2 best-selling game for PSN in February
      15. Interview: StarCraft II's Dustin Browder on the beta, GDC, and finally going home
      16. Games industry will "benefit" movie business, says MW director
      17. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier info drops from OPM
      18. Bodycount designer: Black 2 was in development, "bit the dust" soon after
      19. Square hosting European FFXIII launch party in London tonight
      20. Sega announces new DLC for AvP to launch next week
      21. DICE "investigating" Bad Company 2 for Mac
      22. Alan Wake trailer shows man fight combine harvester with torch
      23. Video replays to be added for future Crackdown 2 DLC, says Ruffian
      24. First shots from GDC showfloor show t-shirts, coffee flasks
      25. GDC 2011 dates detailed
      26. New Lost Planet 2 trailer features trains and cannons
      27. Rumour: IMDB casting points out Robin for Arkham Asylum 2
      28. Blizzard talks about bringing WoW to consoles "all the time"
      29. Bodycount to "to rip apart the FPS" - first screens
      30. L4D, L4D2 to feature cross-platform play between PC and Mac
      31. Bodycount coming to PS3, 360 in Q1 2011
      32. SCEA: PS3 facing US shortages, situation to last "a bit longer"
      33. Final Fantasy XIII goes west today
      34. Dead Space 2 contest winner's idea, likeness to be featured in game
      35. Modern Warfare Two-fer: MW2 boasts 25 million unique players, DLC news coming this week
      1. PS3 only console up in Feb NPD, says Pachter and EEDAR
      2. Ubisoft DRM servers "under attack again"
      3. MS: Full Natal line-up to be shown at E3
      4. Steam and Valve games coming to Mac in April
      5. Sony Santa Monica: GoW III cost $44 million to make
      6. First PoP: The Forgotten Sands gameplay video arrives
      7. "In the end, there will be only chaos" - God of War III reviews go live
      8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 becomes fastest selling game of 2010 in UK
      9. Playboy centrefolds to feature in Mafia II
      10. SCEA: 2010 will be one of PS3's "best years ever"
      11. Sonic 4 Ep II casting to "please" fans
      12. Arc date and partners expected to be announced tomorrow
      13. Ubi PC DRM downtime due to "server attack" [Update]
      14. R.U.S.E. open beta available to pre-load on Steam now
      15. First Fallout: New Vegas shots out in the open
      16. UK charts: Bad Company 2 becomes number one
      17. Rumour: "LBP2" is out this year
      18. Rumour: Nunchuk to be included with Arc
      19. Codemasters' secret shooter is Bodycount
      20. G4 streaming Sony's off-site GDC presser on Wednesday
      21. Developer of Little King's Story, Hotel Dusk declares bankruptcy
      22. PSA: God of War III reviews go live at 5pm GMT
      23. Ubisoft DRM servers take a tumble, render Assassin's Creed II unplayable
      1. Scribblenauts 2 announced for fall release
      2. Halo: Reach multiplay trailer stripped bare by hardcore fan
      3. Portal 2 GI feature gets scanned, is internetalised, looks awesome
      4. GT5 gets new off-screen trailer
      1. Timeline shows off high points in PS2's life on the market
      2. ESRB gets superfreaky with LIPS: I (Heart) the 80s
      3. GoW III producer says "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
      4. Rumor: Lucasarts to announce Monkey Island 2 revamp next week
      5. Zen Bound 2 will be one of the first games to hit iPad
      6. Check out the Hammerhead from the ME2 Firewalker pack
      7. Australia: R18+ discussion paper nets over 55,000 submissions
      8. Sony: 9 million players have signed up for Free Realms
      9. Ballmer hints around about future forms of Xbox 360, talks cloud
      10. Bizzare: No DLC at launch for Blur, but it's coming
      11. Picture - Is this concept art for Altered Beast or fan art?
      12. New PoP: The Sands of Time trailer released
      13. BFBC2 servers back up, more PC players than each console
      14. Xbox 360 Elite bundle with Forza 3 and ODST goes on sale next week
      15. PSP Digital Comics Store update, March 4 - Weekly World News
      16. God of War III team has "no idea" what it's doing next
      17. First Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light details will shock you - no, really!
      1. Star Trek Online video shows The Infected
      2. Molyneux talks Natal, says it's been updated since X10
      3. GameStop announces Red Dead Redemption pre-order winner
      4. Microsoft plans to maintain "core" focus alongside Natal release
      5. BioShock 2's first DLC pack dated for March 11
      6. Jaffe says Sony should send a "stern letter" to Microsoft
      7. GameStop listing has Portal 2 down as a co-op and for $49.99
      8. More White Stripes heading to Rock Band
      9. No multiplayer for Vanquish, says Mikami
      10. Valve confirms PC, 360 release for Portal 2
      11. Final Fantasy XIII reviews go live, get rounded-up
      12. Portal 2 revealed as cover of next Game Informer [Update]
      13. Star Trek Online fans upset over new user deals, free trial removed
      14. US PS Video Store update, March 4 - 2012, Where the Wild Things Are
      15. QuakeCon 2010 dates announced
      16. iPad to launch in the US on April 3, everywhere else gets it "late April"
      17. Pachter: West, Zampella "unlikely" to win Modern Warfare IP rights
      18. SOCOM 4 director provides info on the debut trailer
      19. US PSN update, March 4 - Dante, RE5, MLB add-ons
      20. Microsoft updates XBL code of conduct, gay and lesbian tags now ok
      21. Play GoW III at GDC next week
      22. Metro 2033: "It's not a horror game," says THQ
      23. GT5 gets new NASCAR footage
      24. Ubi slips PC version of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
      25. Edge gives FFXIII a 5
      26. Japanese hardware charts - PSP still on a roll
      27. Fist of the North Star releasing in Europe
      28. AvP demo hits over 4 million downloads
      29. Brink gets fantastic-looking art and dev diary
      30. New Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer details co-op modes, gears
      31. Metro 2033 gets supernatural in new trailer
      32. Sony patent shows degradable demos
      33. Full Infinity Ward suit document released
      34. Analyst: GTA V announcement coming before E3
      35. New Chaos Rising trailer points to heavy upgrade
      36. Square releases one last batch of FFXIII screens
      37. Mafia II trailer is full of mafioso
      38. Debut SOCOM 4 trailer is a go
      39. Rumour - First shots of Modern Warfare 2 DLC revealed
      40. Ubisoft thought about re-branding Red Steel 2
      41. "Loyal" Halo 2 players to gain free access to Halo: Reach beta, other free perks
      42. Digital Foundry: 360 FFXIII is "a lot worse than it should have been"
      1. PS3 lead platform for Vanquish, confirms Sega
      2. Massive rumor - Killzone 3 out at Christmas with 3D capabilities
      3. Uncharted 2 update is live on PSN
      4. SOCOM 4 out this fall, says Zipper
      5. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening video shows The Disciples
      6. Home Office report on 'Sexualization of Young People' released
      7. Internal Activision memo suggests talks between IW and EA
      8. Sony announces SOCOM 4
      9. English FFXIII shots bring a taster to tonight's reviews buster
      10. Activision dismisses Infinity Ward suit as "meritless"
      11. Ubisoft reveals new Shaun White Skateboarding and Pure Futbol
      12. Ex-Infinity Ward bosses seek "at least $36 million" from Acti suit
      13. SPOILER: First 10 minutes of GoW III leaked
      14. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition announced for Europe
      15. First English FFXIII review from GamesRadar goes with 10
      16. Report: Sony developing smart phone capable of playing PlayStation games
      17. "Surprise Sony sequel" isn't Eat, Sleep, Play title, says Jaffe
      18. "Huge" Rock Band news coming later today [Update]
      19. Rumour - "Surprise Sony sequel" to be revealed at 8:00pm GMT tonight
      20. NOA's Cammie Dunaway not expecting a YoY increase in Wii sales
      21. Funcom talks locations, monsters in The Secret World
      22. Deus Ex: Human Revolution seen in the wild
      23. Epic to host APB demo using Unreal Engine 3 at GDC
      24. R18+ discussion scheduled for April in Australia
      25. Movie - Alpha Protocol throws toys out of pram
      26. Epic to reveal new Unreal Engine 3 features at GDC
      27. New ModNation Racers trailer is sweet
      28. EU PS store update, March 4 - JC2, RE5, Dante's Inferno
      29. PSA: Final Fantasy XIII reviews embargo ends tonight
      30. PlayStation 2 turns 10 today
      31. Just Cause 2 demo live on Xbox Live Marketplace
      32. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light announced, digi download this year [Update]
      33. Ubi claims cracked PC DRM reports are "false"
      34. Suda-51 "will make" new IPs for Natal, Arc
      35. Microsoft Japan teases new 360 title
      36. Ubi updates PC DRM to start play from "exact" point of connection-loss
      37. Deus Ex 3 gets a picture of a lighter
      38. Red Dead Redemption delayed to add more "polish", says Rockstar
      39. Rumour: IGN gives GoW III 10/10 in leaked score
      40. Vanquish gets in-game shots, first proper details
      41. "Surprise Sony sequel" not Resistance 3, says Insomniac
      42. COD-GATE - West and Zampella go legal over money, power
      43. Rumor: Ubisoft DRM already cracked
      44. Valve updates Portal again, adds new ending
      1. Insomniac working on "more than one game"
      2. Take Two: Borderlands sells 2 million, "continuing to sell well"
      3. Agent still in development, says Take Two
      4. More Borderlands DLC on the ways, says Take Two
      5. Take-Two: LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Civ V out in Q4, Mafia II delayed
      6. Take-Two Q1 2010 financials - Red Dead Redemption delayed into May
      7. GTA IV sells 15 million, 3 million BioShock 2 units sold
      8. Take-Two Q1 2010 finacials - revenue up, losses narrowed
      9. Valve confirms Mac is in its future with pics
      10. Oghren the dwarf is back in DAO: Awakening
      11. EA lays off a "small number" of Boom Blox employees
      12. DSi's Hidden 3D Image: There It Is! game looks neat
      13. L.A. Noire uses MotionScan instead of traditional motion capture
      14. Aion getting patch 1.9 soon, details and screens released
      15. Desperate Escape now available for Resident Evil 5 on XBL
      16. Male Wizard gets animated over on Diablo III website
      17. R.U.S.E. open beta to kick off next week for PC
      18. Xbox Live activity for the week of Feb 22 - MW2 still tops
      19. Screens - Dark Forest DLC for Dante's Inferno
      20. Report - Blur to allow XBL Silver users to use online free
      21. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening live chat this Friday on X-fire
      22. GameSpot to stream GDC awards live
      23. God of War III soundtrack now available for $1.99
      24. Molyneux mentions something about "super secret project"
      25. Limbo coming to Xbox Live Arcade this summer
      26. FFXIII gets 360-exclusive UK TV ad
      27. Activision: WoW could end up "obsolete"
      28. Itagaki announces Valhalla Game Studios in Famitsu interview
      29. First Develop Brighton keynotes announced
      30. Upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC details
      31. Crysis 2 gets monster-sized images
      32. Bad Company 2 - the launch trailer
      33. TT takes Lego license till 2016
      34. GAME reviewing staff working hours
      35. Report - Six Days in Fallujah is finished, still being released
      36. Halo: Reach multiplayer gets jetpacks, new modes in monster trailer
      37. Mikami confirms Vanquish for winter, is a PS360 title
      38. Test Drive Unlimited 2 announced for 360, PC, PS3
      39. Rumour - Portal 2 to get GDC reveal next week
      40. Eurogamer Expo 2010 to be held in Earl's Court
      41. Something "major" happening at GAME and GameStation stores this morning
      42. Lead actor for LA Noire skips cut-scenes in games
      43. Call of Duty's DAY OF DEATH - everything you need to know
      1. Sledgehammer CoD is action-adventure, not title coming in 2011
      2. Hefty Tropico 3 expansion announced with screens
      3. Report - Infinity Ward "central" to future of CoD series
      4. Just Cause 2 on PC ships with Steamworks
      5. Activision confirms Jason West and Vince Zampella departures
      6. Confirmed - Sledgehammer developing new Call of Duty for 2011 [Update]
      7. Nintendo releases new Metroid: Other M trailer
      8. American McGee shopping around Little Red Riding Hood
      9. "Surprise Sony sequel" to debut on GTTV this week
      10. Report - Kotick scheduled to meet with Infinity Ward today
      11. MotoGP 09/10 demo hits this week
      12. DAO: Awakening video introduces us to Mhairi
      13. Wii Classic Controller Pro hits US in April
      14. Fallout 3 hits Games on Demand
      15. Blur dated for May 28 in UK
      16. Pachter: Industry will grow 6.2% per year through 2013
      17. NPD: Online gaming hours have grown 10% since 2009
      18. Sony buys Media Molecule
      19. Report - Zampella LinkedIn says Infinity Ward is in the "past"
      20. Microsoft announces Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 bundle
      21. Rumour - Infinity Ward not paid royalties for Modern Warfare 2
      22. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 reviews go live, get rounded up
      23. Rumour - Portal 2 gets first art
      24. Sony registers Arc trademark in Japan
      25. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gets new moody shots
      26. Splinter Cell on PS3? Maybe, says Ubisoft
      27. Blacklight: Tango Down for PSN, XBLA this summer - first movie
      28. Rare announces "new studio facility" in Birmingham
      29. Bungie prepping Halo: Reach "MP bomb"
      30. Heavy Rain glitch shows nudity with Madison
      31. Mirror's Edge in development for seven years, says ex-DICE chief
      32. DICE: Difference between PC and console audiences "not that big any more"
      33. EA looking at digital distribution for upcoming titles, says Moore
      34. Sony Santa Monica: Making new GoW games every 2-3 years would make the series "irrelevant"
      35. Rumour - Security shows up at Infinity Ward, studio bosses not seen [Update]
      36. Mysterious Portal update is mysterious
      37. Take a breath: The APOCALYPS3 is over (Updated)
      1. God of War III impressions and interviews go thermo
      2. September 7 Brink date is "speculative," says Bethesda
      3. E3 will be "really exciting", says Epic Games
      4. Sony warns not to connect to PSN with "any consumer units"
      5. Sony details "fat" PS3 bug, aiming for fix "within the next 24 hours"
      6. Heavy Rain suffering shortages, new stock coming next week
      7. Ubisoft promising "big news" for R.U.S.E. this week
      8. Uncharted 2 is bookies favourite for BAFTA GOTY
      9. 10 million Wiis sold in Japan
      10. The APOCALYPS3 - everything so far
      11. Alan Wake gets new shots
      12. Black Rock: Split/Second is the "Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2" of racing games
      13. Scavio: GDC is "not about announcing things"
      14. Blur beta kicks off next week
      15. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 TV ad shows stuff blowing up
      16. Limbs go flying in new Splatterhouse shots
      17. UK charts: Heavy Rain reaches number 1
      18. No MS, Sony or Nintendo keynote at GDC this year
      19. Three new expansions announced for FFXI
      20. Naughty Dog co-founder: Natal might "revolutionise more than gaming"
      21. God of War III TV ad is three kinds of awesome
      22. Jonathan Blow and co. launch website, art for "The Witness"
      23. Final Fantasy XIV beta kicks-off on March 11
      24. PSN experiences total blackout, causes some offline games to stop working [Update 2]