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November 2008 Archive

    1. Lich King breaks internal records at EB Games
    2. The Witcher on consoles to look and control better than PC version, says Stilinsky
    1. Midway says secret game looks “better” than Gears 2, downplays “spiral of doom” talk
    2. Sony offering direct-to-customer 40Gb PS3 discount
    3. SCEE ships Home beta invites en masse
    4. Capcom shares hit five-year high
    1. Far Cry 2 wins on PC, says Eurogamer
    2. Rumour: "Jasper" 360s shipping now
    3. Lara does stuff in T3's offices: pictures
    4. MyPSN arrives on European
    5. Mikami: "I won't play Resi 5"
    6. Seaman-related game coming to iPhone
    7. PC gaming is still "healthy," says AMD boss
    8. The Old Republic gets new shots
    9. Rockstar talks GTA IV PC DRM
    10. 20 new Bayonetta screens posted
    11. GameStation Fable II ?20 offer confirmed
    12. Destroy All Humans PS3 release confirmed for Europe
    13. Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII on 360 not a “betrayal”
    14. Japanese hardware sales, November 17-23
    15. Rumour: GTA IV DLC sold as boxed product for $20
    16. GTA IV PC to have 32-way multiplay
    17. Get Microsoft to ask Ensemble things about Halo Wars
    18. Euro PSN update, November 27
    1. Euro SOCOM PS3 pushed to "early 2009"
    2. First Gears 2 patch attends to multiplayer waiting times
    3. Red Alert 3 demo up on Live
    4. Steam sells THQ bumper pack
    5. Live discounts "not possible" in Europe, says Nelson
    6. Rumour: GameStation to cut Fable II to ?20 next week
    7. Pachter's Assassin's Creed 2 comments just "rumour", says Ubi
    8. Gamestop has a "week's supply of Wiis," says boss
    9. Resident Evil 5 demo coming West, but later
    10. EA demands apology over German "pig" comment
    11. ?50,000 offered to aspiring PSN developers
    12. Dreamcast is 10 today
    13. Imagine cans NRevolution
    14. Professor Layton to get feature-length movie in Japan
    15. US PS Movie Store update, November 27
    16. Resident Evil 5 comes forward a week in Japan, gets CE
    17. The Dragon Age "experience" outlined by BioWare in video
    18. Fiddy 2: The diamond skull? Fiddy's idea
    19. Super Stardust Portable releasing next week
    20. Japanese software sales, November 17-24
    21. IGN and IGN UK go high on Prince of Persia review
    22. Assassin's Creed 2 set in the 1700s, says Pachter
    1. Ubi hopes Prince of Persia "can be in the 9s"
    2. "Who gives a s**t" about target renders, says Motorstorm dev
    3. Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon PS3 cancelled due to "development issues"
    4. The Agency won't be going "outright for $15 a month"
    5. Gamestation to open 250th store this week
    6. Sony shows PS3 peripheral charger
    7. CoD: WaW LE owners getting double XP this weekend
    8. Ubisoft: 'working hard' on Assassin's Creed 2, no release date
    9. Rare pitched Avatars for Xbox 360 launch
    10. Ben 10 sells 2.5 million worldwide
    11. Grey logo news "two years late," says Nintendo
    12. Report: Yakuza 3 gets Japanese date
    13. New Killzone 2 vid shows weapons
    14. Report: F.E.A.R. 2 banned in Australia (Update)
    15. Future's share price rebounds on news of growth
    16. The Last Remnant DLC to start from December 1
    17. Rockstar shows yet more from the GTA IV PC video editor
    18. Microsoft: "Credit crunch means more quality family time this Christmas"
    19. 360 at triple PS3 sales in the UK, marketing at "launch levels"
    20. Resident Evil 5 co-op demo next month (Update)
    21. Valve publishes Left 4 Dead Achievement stats
    22. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix hits Live
    23. Wii hits 7 million in Japan
    24. Future shows growth, share price hits record low
    25. GTA IV PC - New shots
    26. Sony movies now available on Netflix 360
    27. MGO v1.20 brings whopping update
    28. US PSN update, November 25
    29. Aonuma won't quit Zelda till he's beaten Ocarina
    30. Nintendo switches to grey logo
    31. Watch someone walk around Home for 15 minutes
    1. SKATE 2 trailer shows skating, looks cool
    2. Thanksgiving LBP DLC puts turkey on Sackboy's head
    3. Geometry Wars hits 1 million leaderboard entries
    4. Wii Sports presents "challenge" to Peter Moore, says Peter Moore
    5. Nintendo: You can resell Wii Speak
    6. Halo 3: Recon renamed Halo 3: ODST
    7. SKATE 2 confirmed for JANUARY
    8. HAWX delayed, says Ubi: No it isn't, says Ubi
    9. PS3 Firmware 2.53 to release tomorrow, includes full-screen Flash support
    10. Super SFII Turbo HD Remix is only delayed for PS3 in EU, out on 360 tomorrow
    11. Killzone 2 has no install
    12. Microsoft shows PoP 360 bundle
    13. SSFII Turbo HD delayed in Europe
    14. Fallout 3 Creation Kit and DLC announced for January, February and March
    15. And the reason there's no Wales in FIFA 09 is...
    16. Keyboards are still better for shooters, says Carmack
    17. 51% of Tomb Raider: Underworld sales go to PS3
    18. Dead Space demo on Live
    19. Social problems to blame for 90% of gaming "addiction"
    20. Japanese financial rag says gaming market is "melancholy"
    21. EyeToy devs question rival casual titles
    22. "No plans" for March PS3 price cut, says SCEA
    23. NXE to offer community games in new regions
    24. Fable II conjures up 1.5 million copies, people buy them
    25. SCEA: PSP piracy is "trending down"
    26. Sony launches the PlayStation credit card
    27. Tomb Raider: Underworld launch period has been "crazy," says Carroll
    1. Funcom confirms lay-offs
    2. Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3
    3. Viva Pi?ata to get jukebox for Christmas
    4. FIFA 09 doesn't include Welsh team, man is angry
    5. Home gets home on
    6. Red Alert 3 demo released
    7. Call of Duty: World at War holds number one in UK
    8. PoP gets Elika trailer
    9. New Godfather II screens have guns
    10. New Stormrise shots emerge
    11. New island confirmed for Fable II
    12. Dead Space demo releasing tomorrow
    13. "4%" EEDAR profit claim is bollocks, says EEDAR
    14. Far Cry 2 DLC to cost 800 MS Points
    15. Rumour: Reeves mails SCEE staff with NDA reminder after 2009 plan leak
    16. Ali Wood to edit PC Zone
    17. Xbox 360 surpasses original Xbox installed base
    18. MS takes Guild distribution license
    19. Jaffe sees God of War III, pops cork
    20. Australia: DS hits 1.5 million, Wii on 750,000
    21. Xbox 360 celebrates third birthday
    22. US Army dedicates $50 million to games training
    23. NXE: How to make you Avatar burp, and other stuff
    1. Blizzard celebrates WoW's fourth birthday with small bears
    2. The Punisher: No Mercy gets first footage
    3. Rumour: Funcom lays off "70%" of US staff
    4. Rumour: PS3 price-cutting planned for March, Uncharted 2 and GoW3 shown in UK
    5. Three new FFXI expansions announced, 500,000 users claimed
    1. Batman: Arkham Asylum debut trailer released
    2. Banjo XBLA and CoD content available on [Updated]
    3. First Last Remnant reviews don't bode well
    4. US PC charts - November 2-8
    5. Avatar clothing to be free, maybe not in the spring
    6. Gearbox lays-off in Hell's Highway's wake, Pitchford admits "internal strategy" shift
    7. GameTrailers video editor: "The 360 controller is a far superior gaming device than the Sony controller"
    8. Pre-order GTA IV on Steam, get Vice City free
    9. Gran Turismo for PSP is "moving forward," hasn't been "knocked off the plans"
    10. EEDAR: Only 4% of games ever make a profit
    11. Man films children playing games
    1. New Yakuza 3 trailer is massive, has fighting
    2. PC Gamer gives GTA IV PC 92%
    3. Rise of the Argonauts video explains levelling
    4. NXE causing sound loss for HDMI users
    5. Tabula Rasa shutting down on February 28
    6. Red Alert 3 demo hitting next Monday
    7. Midway served NYSE delisting notice
    8. DJ Hero to involve Tiesto, out summer 2009
    9. Burnout Paradise's Carson Extreme Hotrod has blue flames, is fast
    10. Far Cry 2 DLC to release in November
    11. Bethesda working on Fallout 3 patch
    12. Newell "extremely pleased" with L4D reception
    13. Chat to Valve's Chet Faliszek on Left 4 Dead at 5.00pm GMT
    14. US PS Movie Store update, November 21
    15. Eidos UK PR firm: We are "not in the position of telling reviewers what they can and cannot say"
    16. Over 100,000 Home beta invites sent out today
    17. UK Tomb Raider: Underworld reviews under 8/10 silenced until Monday [Update]
    18. Sugababes see in NXE: pictures
    19. Altair skin to appear in PoP
    20. Future renames GamesRadar for Lara launch, gets in muddle over review scores
    21. Rumour: GameStation to drop PES 09 to ?20, Live Starter Pack to ?50
    22. NXE: XNA community games region specific? [Updated]
    23. UFC fighter dropped after refusing to sign game agreement
    24. UK dev source: We can't check game saves to add Trophies retroactively, Jan 1 cut-off confirmed
    25. Killzone 2 is out on February 17, says Gamespot journo
    26. Japanese hardware sales, November 10-16
    27. SSF2 Turbo HD Remix pricing confirmed
    28. Ziff may ditch EGM's print version
    29. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor gets first trailer and impressions
    30. More Dawn of War II impressions, unedited gameplay movie
    31. David Jaffe’s new game probably coming in 2010, maybe sooner
    32. Xtival details and line-up confirmed
    33. Nelson shows off premium NXE themes
    34. First Lips DLC available today
    35. CoD: World ar War PC mod tools released
    36. US PSN update, November 20
    37. PS3 Trophies to be mandatory beginning January 2009
    1. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix confirmed for November 25 launch
    2. PS3 MGS4 bundle now cheap as chips at Wal-mart
    3. LittleBigPlanet patch 1.04 now live?
    4. PEGI traffic light ratings to go live in Europe this spring
    5. Gamestop: Music genre not as "robust" as it was
    6. Gamestop quarterly sales rise to $1.7 billion, profit down to $47
    7. Terminator Salvation - The Videogame to launch alongside movie
    8. PSP Firmware 5.02 released
    9. Euro PSN update, November 20
    10. GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets first screens
    11. Square Enix: "One-console market is over"
    12. Microsoft claims Euro victory over PS3 since 360 price cut
    13. Blizzard: We are not threatened by EA and The Old Republic
    14. GTA IV 360 DLC will have "new multiplayer modes, weapons and vehicles," says press release [Update]
    15. pushes price with PS3 packs
    16. Wrath of the Lich King sells 2.8 million in 24 hours
    17. Rosenblatt returns to EA from Ubi
    18. Italy: "Severe brain disorder" turns out to be "PlayStation addiction"
    19. Xbox 360 passes 7 million sales in Europe, in "fantastic place" against PS3
    20. Home beta invites sent out to Qore subs, v1.0 released onto test servers
    21. GTA IV DLC confirmed for February 17, titled "The Lost and Damned"
    22. NXE team working on Marketplace "issues"
    23. THQ and Activision settle Baja box art suit
    24. Japanese software sales, November 10-16
    25. Google cans Lively
    26. Dawn of War II: New footage, screens, details and interview
    27. Sony Netflix cock-block "not specific to Xbox"
    28. Gran Turismo is 10, gets played at 240fps and 3840x2160
    29. Judge throws out Dead Rising Romero case
    30. to include PSN ID sign-in next week
    31. National Geographic to publish Afrika in the US?
    32. XBLA Banjo delayed to December 3
    33. Half-Life is 10, on Steam for $1
    34. GDC Canada 2009 dates announced
    1. New Dragon Age info - history, screenshots
    2. BioShock PS3 DLC hitting tomorrow
    3. Chronicles of Spellborn gets US date
    4. Sony fined $18.5 million in PSP patent infringement case
    5. Square to publish LostWinds in Japan
    6. NXE: Bungie explains why Halo 3 loads faster from disc that hard drive
    7. NXE: Marketplace errors reported, Netflix log-in issues resolved
    8. First Lips reviews show split decision
    9. Tomb Raider: Underworld gets "OK" reviews
    10. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 announced, first shots, interview
    11. Wheelman out on February 20 in US and Europe
    12. Computer runs Crysis at 60fps, costs $8,000
    13. Games consoles cost US $1 billion a year in wasted power
    14. The Last Remnant launches tomorrow
    15. No big Fable news this week, says Lionhead
    16. NXE: When good themes turn bad
    17. GameStation announces half-price Christmas deals
    18. THQ facing UK staff cuts
    19. Imagine readies to launch
    20. See GTA IV's PC movie editor in action
    21. SCEE - LBP would have been number one outside the Holiday season
    22. Reggie: Third-parties don't "get" Wii
    23. Sugababes launching NXE in the UK tomorrow
    24. GTi Club+ to hit PSN on December 4
    25. NXE: First Avatar game, A Kingdom for Keflings, now available
    26. NXE: Nelson's top 10 things to do with your New Xbox Experience
    27. NXE: Rare makes special VG247 Avatar - pics!
    28. NXE: Avatar theme packs confirmed for next six months
    29. The New Xbox Experience goes live
    30. New Xbox Experience set for 10.00 GMT: World braces for impact
    31. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for November 26 launch
    32. Make PS3 birthday LBP level, win Sackboy crown
    33. EA closes Blueprint
    34. Gears of War 2 tops Live play charts
    35. PSP v5.02 Firmware imminent
    36. Tomb Raider: Underworld ships
    37. Sackboy to have television on head this Thursday
    38. NXE Netflix streaming loses Sony's Columbia Pictures movies
    39. Ex-Midway guys: Unreal Engine 3 tinkering put Midway in “spiral of doom”
    40. GTA IV PC launching on December 3, not December 2
    41. Rumour: NXE to launch at 5am EST
    1. Rumour: Home v1.0 to enter closed beta on November 20
    2. Good Old Games gets Epic stuff
    3. Epic working with MS to speed up Gears 2 matchmaking
    4. Kim: NXE will tranform Live into "social and entertainment network"
    5. Koei and Tecmo merger agreed for April, worth $207 million
    6. Mines of Moria expansion launches for LotRO
    7. web-based marketplace almost launched, Avatars spotted
    8. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - new movie
    9. Castlevania Judgment: seven movies
    10. New Lips demo trailer leaves us without words
    11. Import a DSi for less through Renchi
    12. Brash sued by developers for non-payment
    13. Crytek opens Korean office
    14. CoD: World at War is UK's third fastest selling game ever
    15. PS3 controller keypad gets UK date and price
    16. Microsoft heralds NXE's imminent "new era of entertainment"
    17. New Spore patch available now
    18. LotRO likely to be second truly successful western MMO in Asia, says Steefel
    19. New Deus Ex 3 concept art posted
    20. Microsoft opens NXE to all who signed up for preview
    21. Lips TV ad is a bit odd
    22. Smash Bros. Brawl is America's biggest selling game this year
    23. OutRun Online Arcade listed on OFLC site
    24. Sonic Unleashed a little bit delayed in North America
    25. Yet more from Halo Wars preview events
    26. Sony claims 14 million active PSN accounts
    27. US PS3 is two today
    28. PS3 TV ads feature people staring into space
    29. Valve releases Steam version of Left 4 Dead
    1. New Eight Days footage released
    2. inFamous length "to be determined," says Sony
    3. Square Enix to open LA studio to work on new IP for 360
    4. NXE launch vid shows imaginary world with floaty things
    5. Cryptic to port Champions Online and Star Trek Online to PS3?
    6. Our future projects "will surprise people," says Rare
    7. CoD: World at War goes top in the UK, LBP vanishes, Banjo fails to reach top 40
    8. No plans to change WoW pricing in the US, says Morhaime
    9. Swedish boy faints after 24-hour WotLK session
    10. All WotLK raid content defeated
    11. NPD anal-ised, Matt Mathews takes his graphs elsewhere
    12. Re-designed PS Blog published
    13. Halo Wars: Hands ons, new screens, interviews, disbelief at Ensemble closure
    14. Live is completely, absolutely, properly fixed, says Nelson
    15. Watchmen: First shots
    16. Halo MMO was pre-Covenant and fully green-lit, says Ensemble boss
    17. Fallout 3 tops US PC chart for October
    18. Infogrames revenues climb 45% in fiscal first half
    19. New Gears 2 maps shown in shots?
    20. US Wii hardware sales top 360 by nearly 2 million
    21. Metal Gear Online MEME expansion to launch on November 25
    22. More photos from the UK Wrath of the Lich King launch
    23. Halo 3: Recon in open-world, has flashbacks
    24. "Significant" DLC planned for Prince of Persia
    25. Left 4 Dead had no Co-op mode originally
    26. New pictures of Lara model show single expression
    27. KOTOR MMO is "overwhelming," says Lucas boss, but the opportunity is "huge"
    28. More detail on GTA Chinawars rumoured
    29. Miyamoto celebrates 56th birthday
    30. Live officially down for maintenance this morning
    31. New MadWorld shots posted
    32. City of Heroes community manager resigns
    33. Xbox boss – Don't bash Nintendo
    1. Rare mentions new games in Banjo, is almost certainly "a joke"
    2. LBP level gets axed for no discernible reason
    3. Live connection issue resolved, says Nelson [Updated]
    4. NFS Undercover: The first 10 minutes
    5. Epic wins US tech award
    6. KOTOR MMO gets now concept art
    1. Huxley delayed until 2009
    2. MS giving away muchos Live points in competition
    3. Microsoft investigating mass Live disconnections
    4. PlayStation Blog gets redesign
    5. PoP movie shown on location in EW interview
    6. US Club Nintendo rewards "weighted more toward physical goods"
    7. Moria movie makes claims at "biggest, grandest dungeon space ever"
    8. SouthPeak sales drop 54% year-on-year
    9. SOE "challenges" other firms to stump up game dev scholarships for women
    10. SCEA plans moves on Latin America
    1. Football Manager authentication issues fixed
    2. Everton FC signs SI Games' FM database
    3. Aion: The Tower of Eternity breaks beta test record in Korea
    4. Guitar Hero World Tour to get Killers on release day
    5. Blue Mars gets release dates
    6. October NPD: Wii Music to be "evergreen title," says Dunaway
    7. NXE installation shown in video
    8. Burnout Paradise to get Toy Cars Pack
    9. Sega apologises for FM09 activation issues
    10. PS3 keypad delayed to December
    11. Valve releases Complete Pack
    12. Street Fighter IV dates confirmed for US and Europe
    13. New PoP story trailer released
    14. US PS Movie Store update, November 14
    15. Massive Age of Conan update goes live
    16. New Fiddy trailer is awesome
    17. WAR to launch in Korea
    18. FIFA 09 hits 1 million in five weeks
    19. Call of Duty: World at War releases, reviews say thumbs up
    20. Codemasters acquires second Swordfish studio
    21. Resident Evil 5 gets 15 new screens
    22. Lich King sees first level 80 in 27 hours
    23. Report: Brash shutting down
    24. October NPD - Everything in one place
    25. Japanese hardware sales - November 3-9
    26. Company bosses eye cautious growth in 2009
    27. October NPD - Microsoft sticks boot into PS3 in post-figures release
    28. October NPD - Nintendo statement focuses on hardware sales
    29. October NPD - PS3 sales up 56% YoY, says Sony
    30. Nintendo: Don't expect a new console any time soon
    31. LBP again rumoured for PSP
    32. NXE preview enters third and final stage
    33. US PSN content update for November 14
    34. October NPD - Wii Music sells 81K, GHWT hits 534K
    1. October NPD - US games market grows 18% year-on-year
    2. October NPD software data - Fable II sells 790,000 for top spot
    3. October NPD hardware data - Wii sales soar, 360 flattens PS3
    4. Massive to work on Ubi MMOs
    5. Battlefield Heroes delayed into 2009
    6. Microsoft looks to 100 million consoles with 360, NPD to show 2:1 ratio to PS3 for October
    7. Euro PSN update, November 13
    8. GTA: Chinatown Wars delayed, GTA IV DLC gets rough January date
    9. Wrath of the Lich King launch: More from NYC, stuff from Sydney and Paris
    10. Best Buy buggered as credit crunch smashes US retail
    11. World of Goo has 90% piracy rate, says 2D Boy
    12. Penny Arcade Episode 2 releases digitally
    13. TedTheDog gets serious about Home open beta timing shiznit, yo
    14. NXE trailer likely to have competitors a bit worried
    15. This is how not to get LBP levels deleted, says SCEE
    16. Microsoft planning to launch Steam rival?
    17. Halo 3: Recon is 5-6 hours long, "Not a $60 title"
    18. COD: World At War ?27 at Asda
    19. Japanese market drops by more than 20% simce 2007
    20. WoW character customisation charges are a "deterrent," says Blizzard
    21. Gamers react badly to anti-MadWorld remarks
    22. Shots from the Wrath of the Lich King San Fran and NYC launches posted
    23. Sonic Unleashed can win back the fans, says Sega
    24. US PC sales charts, October 26 - November 1
    25. Japanese software sales, November 3-9
    26. Lich King claims prize for biggest launch event in UK
    27. Halo 3 Recon detailed in next issue of Game Informer
    28. Wrath of the Lich King UK launch - photo gallery
    29. Wrath of the Lich King gets launch shots
    30. inFamous will be "about quality", not length, says creative director
    31. EA Sports Active announced, targeted at mid-30s women
    32. Wrath of the Lich King launches in London
    1. ESRB adds ratings summaries to its site
    2. Monumental buys Fiddy developer Swordfish Studios
    3. Age of Conan to release in Korea
    4. Blizzard COO: We're not milking StarCraft 2
    5. Xbox is a "top Microsoft moment," says Time
    6. Blizzard COO: Growth still important to WoW, still seeing "meaningful" subs increases
    7. Blizzard COO: Our new MMO is "cool, new, different, next generation"
    8. Halo 3 multiplayer is "Quake 3 from 1999," says Wedgwood
    9. Ubi to spend ?4 million on Christmas Wii and DS ads
    10. Supreme Commander 2 confirmed, Square to publish
    11. The Last Remnant gets 38/40 in Famitsu
    12. World of Goo coming to WiiWare in Europe
    13. Imagine games mags get new EIC
    14. Capcom shows all time sales for million-beating games
    15. Mirror's Edge reviews are middling to good
    16. Gears 2 sells 2 million copies in launch weekend
    17. Blizzard COO Paul Sams to attend Lich King London event tonight
    18. Champions Onlines "is really very far along," says Roper
    19. Gamestop heralding Lich Kinch launch with hundreds of midnight openings
    20. Major Nelson: We ban modded 360s from Live for the "health of the video game business"
    21. NCsoft profits plummet 50% in last quarter
    22. Blizzard bans 350,000 cheaters from Battle.Net
    23. Valve details filmic effects used in Left 4 Dead
    24. Sins of a Solar Empire expansion delayed
    25. Banjo launches in the US
    26. Shapiro takes job as Oddworld president
    27. Battlestations: Pacific movies show Japanese and US campaigns
    1. Apple: PSP and DS are in the past
    2. Prince of Persia PC specs aren't horrendous
    3. Next Destroy All Humans gets December release date
    4. Left 4 Dead demo out now for PC
    5. Richard Garriott lost in space, quits NCsoft
    6. Monster CoD: World at War PC patch released
    7. Far Cry 2 sells over 1 million units
    8. Big Fable II news announced next week, says Lionhead
    9. Left 4 Dead demo hits Live
    10. Square updates Q1 line-up
    11. PS3 has "radical functionality," says Maguire
    12. Wii Speak to retail for ?25
    13. Mirror's Edge PC, DLC, launching in January
    14. Retail braces for blockbusting release week
    15. Epic Games China launches Titan Studios
    16. Codemasters launches "drive" for Russia
    17. Man creates NXE Avatar in video
    18. Prince of Persia PC slips by a week
    19. Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 shown off
    20. Japanese White Knight Chronicles ad shows waterfall
    21. Valve switches off Left 4 Demo split-screen, plans to include it in final game
    22. GameStation drops online delivery fees
    23. EA still tight-lipped on Mirror’s Edge PC release date
    24. NPD: More smartphone owners play games on mobiles than use business apps
    25. WoW under siege from Lich King forces as expansion nears launch
    26. Left 4 Dead 'Dead Air' campaign mode detailed
    27. Sonic Unleashed delayed until 2009 in Japan, still on track in West
    28. Fallout 3 censored in Japan
    29. G4TV posts 15 minutes of Left 4 Dead footage
    30. 360 gets Australian price cut
    31. Capcom PSN Store releasing on Thursday
    32. GameTrailers gets medieval on ESRB's ass over Fallout trailers
    33. Midway Q3 losses more than double
    34. Gears 2 not influenced by Predator 2
    35. New LotRO dev diary talks classes
    36. All European Wrath of the Lich King midnight openings detailed
    1. Ubisoft gets Massive
    2. Stardock to release a new game every Q1, every year for the next 5 years
    3. Circuit City files for bankruptcy
    4. Current gen consoles "a giant leap backwards," says ClickZ
    5. Jumpgate Evolution beta gets 150,000 sign-ups
    6. Maguire claims competitors are waning, best is to come from PS3
    7. No Left 4 Dead PS3... ever
    8. 360 rules PS3, Wii up to 775,000 in October, says Pachter
    9. Gears of War 2 tops UK chart, LBP only manages fourth
    10. Lara escapes sinking ship in new Underworld trailer
    11. Tomb Raider: Underworld trailer talks environments
    12. US Wii sales to show 45% year-on-year increase in October, says EEDAR
    13. Morhaime and Pearce to attend NYC Lich King launch on Wednesday
    14. UK market set to deliver "unprecedented" Christmas sales
    15. Madden is biggest global seller in third quarter
    16. Activision buys Budcat
    17. LotRO boss: We're not worried by Lich King
    18. Rare apologises over Banjo SD text issue
    19. Need for Speed Undercover gets lengthy map video
    20. UK retail mag In Stock folds (update)
    21. First Deus Ex shots posted
    22. Dead Space DLC packs detailed and dated
    23. BioWare boss: The Old Republic melee combat will be "choreographed"
    24. Tomb Raider: Underworld gets "experiential website"
    25. Geomerics to light up EVE's Walking on Stations expansion
    26. Eurogamer launches Italian site
    27. inFamous man interviewed Live on EG this week
    28. CCP shows FPS in Iceland, admits "console strategy"
    29. Atari to sell EVE boxed copy
    30. Capps: "We really need to make strides against the secondhand market"
    31. Houser "not sure" if GTA IV DLC will make this year
    32. Dell offering Arcade 360 and Rock Band 2 for $199
    33. Dragon Quest V lifts Square profit by 14%
    34. EA sued over SecuROM
    35. Newell: Meeting Miyamoto was "cool"
    1. Hickey predicts 5 million Lich King sales in month one
    2. Rare to fix Banjo text size for SD TVs
    3. Don Mattrick: I invented Avatars
    4. CoD: World at War - The first amazingly violent five minutes
    5. LittleBigPlanet levels deleted over copyright issues
    6. Star Wars: The Old Republic - new shots
    1. Sacred 2 to have legal game-sharing
    2. Video shows Avatars in A Kingdom for Keflings
    3. Gears 2 golden lancer problem supposedly fixed
    4. Wii sold 10.8 million European units in 2008
    5. NXE Parties and photo-sharing detailed
    6. Burnout Paradise to include Back to the Future car
    7. First Watchmen shots in new EGM
    8. Left 4 Dead demo tweaks allow zombie play
    9. Killzone 2 beta footage inevitably posted
    10. Infinity Ward's Bowling explodes at CoD5 producer's claims: "You're completely f**king wrong"
    11. Motorstorm dev boss: "Everybody makes such a big f**king deal" out of target renders
    1. Gear 2 London launch pics posted
    2. Hands-on with EVE's Walking in Stations
    3. Shots posted from the LA Gears 2 launch
    4. PSW gives CoD5 10/10, "Treyarch has toppled Infinity Ward"
    5. Golden lancer code not working in Gears 2?
    6. RPS posts monster Left 4 Dead gallery
    7. US PS movie store update, November 7
    8. Fallout 3: All formats compared in shots and video
    9. EndWar out today
    10. SCEE released third and final LBP TV ad
    11. New Last Remant gameplay videos show battles
    12. New Mines of Moria screens and movie released
    13. Blue Castle to make Dead Rising 2
    14. Game launches ?200, 60Gb Gears 2 bundle with two controllers
    15. Acti-Blizz made most money from Wii in Q3
    16. First NXE Avatar game revealed
    17. Gears of War 2 launches worldwide
    18. Ghostbusters officially goes to Atari
    19. Brash cuts 20 thanks to "tough economic landscape"
    20. OFLC to make canned 18 rating discussion paper public
    21. US PSN update, November 6
    22. Gears 2 Flashback maps compared to first game in video
    23. Quartermann: Bleszinski's next game is survival horror
    24. Game addiction clinic opens in Canada
    25. Dennis Hopper did Mario movie to buy his kid shoes
    26. Miyamoto: "Wii Music development was relatively easy"
    27. 360 is console with highest attach rate, says Gamasutra
    28. New Company of Heroes expansion to have three "mini-campaigns"
    1. More Gears 2 screens and art posted
    2. MGS4 sells over 4 million, Konami shows big profit for first fiscal half
    3. Bleszinski: "This would be a great job if I wanted to sleep with 15 year-old boys"
    4. Not being able to rip a Locusts arm off and beat him to death with it is Cliffy's greatest regret
    5. Lara model caught out on archaeology questions by Danish paper
    6. Ubi loses rights to publish Heroes game
    7. Halo Wars to hit in February, CE to include Mythic map pack
    8. R4 SD cards wont work on DSi
    9. Geraldine Laybourne joins EA board of directors
    10. Sega reveals Mega Drive collection for PS3 and 360
    11. Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? gets US date
    12. Edit and proofread in-game text for Square Enix
    13. EVE's Premium graphics only "half done"
    14. Euro PSN update, November 6
    15. Sonic Unleashed video hits the beach
    16. MGS4 demo released in Europe
    17. Mirror's Edge goes gold
    18. LBP servers down for maintenance tonight
    19. EA to close Casual label
    20. Japanese hardware sales: DSi flies off shelves, PS3 sales shoot up
    21. Listen to Cliff Bleszinski live on the internet tonight
    22. Second LBP UK TV ad shows the heavy metal, yes
    23. Home Beta invites will be sent out on the basis of "loyalty"
    24. Turbine will announce console MMO projects "early next year"
    25. EuroClash to publish Currys games mag
    26. 4.7 million copies of Fallout 3 shipped in launch week
    27. Ellie Gibson tells Red Alert Gemma to put plasters on her nipples
    28. MGS4 demo hits Japanese PSN
    29. BioWare boss details sample "rescue Leia" mission from The Old Republic
    30. Punters don't take game worlds "very seriously," says Bleszinski
    31. Mirror's Edge is 12 hours long
    32. Home open beta to go live "weeks" after next Qore issue
    33. Schafer posts original Grim Fandango design doc
    34. Resident Evil 5 will sell 3.2 million copies, says Capcom
    35. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - Everything in one place
    36. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - Guitar Hero is biggest selling franchise in US this year
    37. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - More than 70 Acti SKUs to release next year
    38. GTA IV goes top in Japan
    39. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - People want Guitar Hero instrument upgrades, say execs
    40. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - We dropped VUG games because they weren't exploitable enough, says Kotick
    41. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - We can't cope with GHWT demand, says Kotick
    42. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - Full earnings call transcript published
    43. MTV to give Harmonix a further $150 million
    44. Yoko Ono is "hip," "excited" about Beatles game
    45. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - High percentage of those leaving WoW return, says Morhaime
    46. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - PS3 will grow faster than 360 this year, says Griffith
    47. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - We may charge for GHWT user-content, says Kotick
    48. Left 4 Dead demo releasing this morning
    49. Acti-Blizz Q3 financials - Sequel-centric strategy has "worked very well," says Kotick
    50. THQ delays Red Faction: Guerilla and Darksiders
    51. Banjo’s text too tiny for SDTVs, but Rare refuses to fix it
    1. Saints Row 2 ships more than 2 million units
    2. THQ losses plunge in Q2, 250 staff to be cut
    3. Activision blames Blizzard for $108 million Q3 loss
    4. Banjo reviews get brighter - round-up
    5. Netflix streaming trial cards to be bundled in 360 games
    6. PS3 sells 1 million in France
    7. Far Cry 2 patched
    8. Banjo goes for 7 on Eurogamer
    9. Left 4 Dead's Versus mode savaged by RPS
    10. 14-minute White Knights Chronicles movie showing battles, making-of
    11. Killzone 2 public beta gets underway
    12. BioShock PS3 DLC gets trailered
    13. New Godfather II trailer released
    14. SCEE shows 160Gb PSN PS3 bundle (update)
    15. Eurogamer goes with 9 for Resistance 2
    16. Square Enix online store opens in Europe
    17. Gaming expected to be UK's biggest form of entertainment this year
    18. IGN batters Wii version of Quantum of Solace
    19. Capcom profits and sales rise for second quarter
    20. UK Capom dates aren't true, says Capcom UK
    21. First Banjo review published - IGN goes with 8.3
    22. LittleBigPlanet launches in Europe, new TV ad released
    23. Social gaming has "not had much of an impact in Japan," says Sony
    24. Riccitiello drops $1 million on EA stock
    25. Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online beta sign-ups open now
    26. Metacritic to disallow voting on games pre-launch
    27. Resistance 2 launches in the US
    28. Lego Batman demo up on Live
    29. Playing betas is like saying, "Yeah, I f**ked her," says Bleszinski
    30. Public CoD: WaW 360 multiplayer beta now live
    31. PS3 Firmware 2.52 released
    32. Valkyria Chronicles DLC confirmed for western release
    33. Over 70,000 attend EA London Games Festival Event
    1. Hellgate still facing Western shutdown -- despite upcoming expansion
    2. Stardock announces Elemental: War of Magic
    3. Nintendo president hates price drops for consumers' sakes
    4. EndWar gets Bluetooth headset bundle, first reviews
    5. Inferno details possibly leaked through developer's CV
    6. RPS goes to Valve for monster L4D hands-on
    7. Shoot! film shorts to launch on PSN
    8. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 21 new shots
    9. CoD5 is favourite for Christmas number one
    10. Sega pulls Samba de Amigo chimp ads after PETA pipes up
    11. Six new Killzone 2 screens released
    12. Street Fighter IV and Bionic Commando dated for the UK
    13. Red Alert 3 PS3 before Christmas, to support 1080p
    14. Fallout 3 PC patch expected today
    15. Fallout 3 to get Trophies, says Hines
    16. "Half the things" intended for NXE were cut out, says MS
    17. Fallout 3's Hines interviewed live at 4.00pm GMT
    18. LittleBigWorkshop goes live
    19. PSN gets scheduled maintenance today
    20. Wrath of the Lich King beta complete, Blizzard prepares for lift off
    21. Damnation moves to 2009
    22. New Hellgate expansion in development
    23. New Mirror's Edge story trailer released
    24. Far Cry 2 tops US PC charts
    25. Juice Games to lose 30 staff
    26. Metal Gear Online has 1 million "members", says Konami
    27. Nikkei to release educational financial thing for DS
    28. Itagaki-less Team Ninja in love with PS3, looking into Wii
    29. Sony: Devs will lead on PS3, remove functionality for weaker processors
    30. Epic: Microsoft "winning" online battle with "cool stuff"
    31. Street Fighter II HD Remix goes into submission
    32. Angelina Jolie: My kids play videogames
    33. DSi has 256Mb of internal memory
    34. New Halo Wars trailer shows proper gameplay
    35. Gamespot gives Gears of War 2 9/10
    36. Confirmed: THQ shuts fives studios, makes lay-offs at two more
    1. Steam Cloud to launch this week
    2. Atari announces Alone in the Dark: Inferno PS3 date
    3. THQ announces Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
    4. THQ to shut between four and five publishing studios, Paradigm confirmed dissolved
    5. Fallout 3 goes top in the UK
    6. Rise of the Argonauts slips back from November
    7. Develop 2009 dated
    8. Tabula Rasa to get FPS view
    9. Epic find Gears 2 reviews "humbling"
    10. BioShock PS3 DLC detailed and priced
    11. Sony: Activision lost Beatles deal because "it was presented as if they were doing the music business a favor"
    12. Gears of War 2 review embargo lifted - round-up
    13. Resistance 2 TV spot shows people being stupid
    14. Pachter drops price targets on THQ and Acti-Blizz
    15. Hellgate's Bill Roper lands at Cryptic Studios
    16. Universal and Sony unveil PS3 game vending machine
    17. NXE isn't finished yet, says Microsoft
    18. MTV trials ads in pirated movie content: 'We've been doing it games for years,' says IGA
    19. Nintendo UK: Where people don't play games, we have work to do
    20. Universal takes movie rights to EA's Inferno
    21. EA refuses to confirm or deny LMNO lay-offs
    22. Time says Spore in 20th best invention of 2008
    1. Heavy Rain - Entire E3 demo filmed off-screen
    2. Gears of War 2 - 50 high-res screens
    3. World of Goo released for Mac
    1. DSi launches in Japan, very few people queue to get one
    2. EA: Forum banning does not ban you from all EA games
    3. No UK 360 price cut for "many, many years in the future"
    4. Robbie Bach personally kicked ass over Live mess on Christmas Day 2007
    5. Saboteur release date slips to fiscal '10
    6. Gears review embargo lifting on Monday
    7. Skate 2 coming in January
    8. New Xbox Experience leaked onto net
    9. More than 20,000 retailers to open at midnight for Gears 2
    10. Belgians not "banning" games rentals, says Belgian
    11. NXE torn apart - detailed load time differences, HD movies, kitchen sink