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  • April 2012 Archive

      1. Dishonored screens give a better look at trailer's tallboys
      2. Rumour - Bayonetta sequel planned and cancelled
      3. Square Enix's last Cavia title is Catacombs
      4. Ex-Bioshock devs form new game studio
      5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution only $6.99 on Amazon this week
      6. New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance teaser hints at the return of Solidus
      7. Metal Gear HD Collection for Vita to hit UK in late June
      8. Angry Birds Space downloaded more than 50 million times
      9. 30 mins of the God of War: Ascension multiplay livestream
      10. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed out late 2012
      11. Ghost Recon Online trailer shows off the Specialist
      12. Video: 10 minutes of Fable Heroes in action
      13. Madden NFL 13 screen shows Jim Nantz, Phil Simms as new commentary team
      14. GoW: Ascension to feature “brutal” online multiplayer
      15. David Braben first big name confirmed for Develop 2012
      16. Nintendo confirms midnight purple 3DS for May 20 US launch
      17. Halo 4 to get live-action web series Forward Unto Dawn
      18. Sleeping Dogs: Triads, cops and the intimidation sandwich
      19. Win a 360 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta code!
      20. EVE Fanfest attendees to get first access to Dust 514 beta
      21. God of War: Ascension livestream happening this afternoon
      22. UK charts: Prototype 2 reaches top of the summit
      23. Richard Lemarchand quits Naughty Dog for USC role
      24. Mike Hayes to leave Sega this summer
      25. Time Travelers set to get summer release in Japan
      26. Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter closes on $1.8 million
      27. Quickflix coming to Australian Xbox 360 Gold subs
      28. Game of Thrones game and series similarities due to "faithful" adaptations
      29. World of Warcraft item restoration service saves lost gear
      30. The Walking Dead PC patched to correct audio issues
      31. LA - Quantum Conundrum promo wants you
      32. Castle Crashers prizes up for grabs in official fan fiction contest
      33. Sleeping Dogs video goes behind the scenes of live action promo
      34. Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary extended through May 9
      35. Rumour - unannounced Square Enix game to debut Monday
      36. Scrapped Twisted Metal endings show different fates for Dollface, Preacher
      37. Parliamentary inquiry to investigate "Australia tax"
      1. GeForce GTX 690 announced - twin Kepler GPUs, 915 MHz base clock
      2. League of Legends adds spectator mode
      3. Video: The Walking Dead - 40 mins of emotive gameplay
      4. Awesomenauts release in doubt as dtp files for insolvency
      5. Diablo III TV spot promises "Evil is Back"
      6. Video: Sniper Elite V2: Russian sniper and SMG in action
      1. Midnight Purple 3DS listed on Sam's Club website
      2. SWTOR - character transfer system hitting "in early summer," new playable species teased
      3. City of Heroes turns eight, event kicks off next week
      4. Success of Trials Evolution due to player competitiveness, track ranking bug fixed
      5. Black Cat crosses Parker's path in The Amazing Spider-Man
      6. Fable Heroes won't "shape the future direction of Lionhead", says lead designed
      7. Fire Emblem: Awakening sells through 81.63% of debut stock
      8. Video preview demonstrates in-game editor for Portal 2
      9. Sonic 4 Episode 2 hits PSN May 16, own both episodes to play as Metal Sonic
      10. Fate/EXTRA collector's edition detailed, lands in Europe May 4
      11. Street Fighter x Tekken patch to remove infinite combos in mid-May
      12. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 hits PC May 8
      13. Toy Soldiers released on Steam, two new Cold War DLC packs hit XBLM
      14. VVVVVV finally releasing in Europe May 10 through Nintendo's eShop
      15. Rumor - Project Cars slide shows first Wii U details
      16. Dragon’s Lair hits XBLA May 18
      17. 24's Annie Wersching joins The Last of Us cast
      1. Black Ops 2 pre-order cards show up at Target
      2. Tribes: Ascend has over 800,000 registered accounts
      3. Joy Ride Turbo announced, "just weeks away" from launch on XBLA
      4. CCP plans to watch EVE players wage war while economy takes possible hit
      5. Arrowhead has unannounced game in the works, wants "to move on" from Magicka
      6. New Hitman: Absolution shots once again set in Hope, South Dakota
      7. TERA head start begins today in Europe, tomorrow in US
      8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance could be heading to Vita
      9. Rumor - The Unfinished Swan set for reveal next week
      10. Quick shots - Dead or Alive 5 renders and screens
      11. Tutorial video shows you how to play Awesomenauts
      12. Mass Effect 3 N7 challenges finally hit PSN this weekend
      13. Ubisoft confirms Rayman Legends development
      14. Mortal Kombat klassic skins trailer feature female kombatants
      15. Blades of Time: Limited Edition hitting PC and Mac May 18
      16. Watch 11 minutes worth of Anarchy Reigns gameplay
      17. Witcher 2 Enhanced dev diary goes in-depth with new characters, locations, quests
      18. MLG Spring Championship attendees get a beta sneak peek of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
      19. Video: DICE talks BF3: Close Quarters, Armored Kill, more
      20. Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards part 3 out on PC
      21. Standard and deluxe digital editions of Guild Wars 2 temporarily sell-out
      22. DICE aiming for "12-18 months of value" for BF3
      23. TimeSplitters 4 is "not in development," says Crytek
      24. Future Skyrim DLC could contain Falmer-centric quests, crossbows
      25. Golden Joysticks 2012 dated for October 26
      26. Rayman Legends video shows Wii U NFC support
      27. Kingdom Hearts 3DS demo landing next week in Japan
      28. PS3 leading European hardware market in 2012
      29. Irrational's Ken Levine talks creative storytelling with Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig
      30. Dokuro set for Vita release in Japan this July
      31. Zynga: OMGPop acquisition a "rare instance"
      32. Zerg Rush invades Google
      33. Portal 2 Perpetual Testing gets humorous trailer
      34. Double Fine "humbled" by therapeutic use of Once Upon A Monster
      35. Pachter predicts pre-E3 GTA V showing, Oct 23 launch
      36. Assassin's Creed III has made "huge progress" on dynamic crowds
      37. PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale out this holiday
      38. Draw Something now available for Kindle Fire
      39. Skullgirls sales top 50,000 in ten days
      40. République coming to Mac and PC
      41. Wii U won't be priced at E3, will do day-and-date digital
      42. Anno 2070's domination mode now in beta testing
      43. EA files trademark application for SimOcean
      44. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver out now on GOG
      45. Irrational's Vita project on hold until BioShock: Infinite winds up
      46. Games on Demand delays all about "choice", says Microsoft
      1. Zynga reports $85 million quarterly loss, beats revenue expectations
      2. Forgotten Realms author to pen new Baldur's Gate content
      3. Reset's debut teaser is utterly gorgeous
      4. Disney veteran leading Rebel Entertainment's social MMO team
      5. Spector "a little scared" over potential production costs associated with future-gen
      6. GSC: Bethesda does not have the rights to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
      7. Hybrid beta to launch later this month, gameplay detailed
      8. Chapter 3 of Dragon’s Dogma digital comic released
      9. BradyGames to release Diablo III strategy guides in limited and signature editions
      10. Kickstarter for Atari 2600 Star Castle nets supporters a retro package
      11. Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative lands on Steam May 8
      12. Mileena goes live-action against Kitana in Mortal Kombat video
      13. Weapons of Max Payne 3 video shows the 1911 semi-automatic
      14. THQ eliminates SVP of European publishing position as Donnelly exits firms
      15. Dynamic battlefields in DUST 514 ensure maps will constantly change
      16. PixelJunk 4am beta live for Plus members
      17. EA shares up after rumored Nexon takeover
      18. Arkane "open" to Dishonored sequels, "other things"
      19. Battlefield 3 input lag on PS3 to be addressed with Close Quarters DLC
      20. Ubisoft registers domains for Rayman Legends
      21. Wii U rumors - Metroid URE3, VoD services, Android OS
      22. Dead or Alive 5 footage sees Christie against Bayman
      23. Quick shots - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode 3 Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
      24. Date for Skyrim DLC may be announced "next week"
      25. Video: Arkane on player experiences with Dishonored
      26. Hitman: Absolution videos introduce Benjamin Travis, Powers Boothe
      27. Nintendo downloads, April 26 – Block Factory, Super Street Fighter II
      28. GAME and Gamestation net exclusive Max Payne 3 multiplayer map
      29. Risen 2: Dark Waters lands on PC tomorrow, launch trailer released
      30. Capcom still working on US localization for Ace Attorney Investigations 2
      31. Study - Tetris can help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      32. Extremely short MechWarrior Tactics trailer shows gameplay
      33. New trailer and beta stats released for Dragon Quest X
      34. Pomeranian and deer duo face many dangers in Tokyo Jungle
      35. There's a "very good chance" for a Gabriel Knight remake "in the future.”
      36. SWTOR expands into Middle East and more European countries
      37. Free-to-play Silent Hunter Online announced, beta applications being accepted
      38. BF3: Close Quarters video shows off Donya Fortress
      39. Free Radical offered Goldeneye return pre-administration, Battlefront 3 "pretty much done"
      40. School's in for Lollipop Chainsaw combat videos
      41. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets mammoth screen blowout
      42. Rumour: In-game Black Ops 2 shots show Quadrotor in action
      43. Mikami "being very hands-on" with Zwei development
      44. Nintendo reports first ever annual loss, 3DS sells 17m LTD
      45. BioWare holding "Operation Exorcist" multiplayer weekend for Mass Effect 3
      46. NBA Baller Beats coming for Kinect this autumn
      47. Ninja Gaiden heading to Mobage with Clans
      48. Rune sequel to have evolved combat, tactical options
      49. Lost Planet 3 gets new screens alongside website launch
      50. The Walking Dead is not coming to Australian consoles
      51. Wii U, 3DS link key to new Super Smash Bros.
      52. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD and a return to roots
      53. First Vita-compatible PSOne title spotted
      54. Dragon Quest X hits Wii in August, no Wii U date
      55. EA Montreal restructures with "small number" of lay-offs
      56. Draw Something dropping down top-grossing App Store charts
      57. Angry Birds Space issues free update with ten new levels
      58. Heroes of Ruin may not be GAME exclusive
      59. PAX Prime registration open next week
      60. Torchlight II $20 on Steam, includes original
      61. Metal Gear Rising trailer teases something next week
      62. Rumour - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. license sold to Bethesda
      1. Madden NFL cover star will be Calvin Johnson
      2. Star Trek Online, Champions Online accounts unlawfully accessed
      3. Star Wars: The Old Republic to host more surprise events
      4. Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC adds Ultimate Ninja difficulty - for free
      5. Crysis 3's New York setting not the easy way out for Crytek
      6. Gamefly: 75% of digital retailers don't justify publisher costs
      7. Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter tops goal with six days to spare
      8. French gaming tax breaks extended through 2017
      9. First video developer diary released for Dragon's Dogma
      10. The Walking Dead: Episode 1 to release on XBLA April 27
      11. Mighty Switch Force to be updated with enhanced 3D effects, quick retry option
      12. Meet the assassin sisters of Anarchy Reigns
      13. Persona 2 Eternal Punishment gets a new trailer
      14. THQ sells its budget and casual PC firm ValuSoft
      15. Konami to patch Silent Hill HD Collection and Downpour
      16. Pinkerton Road to create games for third-person adventure vets as well as newcomers
      17. Adam Sessler to no longer host X-Play, exiting G4
      18. Quick shots - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron screens are full of Dinobots
      19. Diablo III launch events kick off May 14
      20. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?2?development "frozen", ex-GSC devs form new studio
      21. Designer resume lists Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3, unannounced Visceral title in the works
      22. Japanese charts – Fire Emblem Awakening shows strong debut, 3DS sales up by 20,992 units
      23. Xbox 360 4GB Celebration Pack releasing in the UK May 25
      24. Final Fantasy XIV preview videos show two encounters coming with patch 1.22
      25. Tango releases first art for Zwei - get it inside
      26. Nintendo and UK retailers hosting Kid Icarus: Uprising promotions
      27. Ex-Free Radical and Rare developers form iOS studio Crash Lab
      28. "There’s a lot of people we p**sed off" with CoD Elite launch, says Activision
      29. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy locked for July 6 UK launch
      30. Skullgirls hitting PSN in Europe May 2
      31. Playdead boss, DICE veteran, ngmoco Sweden head join GDC Europe conference advisory board
      32. UK's top ten single SKUs of all time listed, Nintendo big winners
      33. Gotham City Impostors update live, includes free map, new mode, voice customization
      34. Apple confirms June 11 start for WWDC 2012
      35. Game of Thrones screens show action, pre-order on Steam to get official Prima eGuide
      36. Research firm expects tablet sales to hit 375 million by 2016, won't "cannibalize" PC market
      37. Rumour: TimeSplitters 4 "seen running" in action
      38. Report - Microsoft to preview Zune replacement during E3, codenamed Woodstock
      39. May EU PS Plus – Awesomenauts, Ricochet HD, Silent Hill, Max Payne
      40. EU PS Store update, April 25 - Dragon's Dogma demo, Walking Dead trial, God of War sale
      41. Steam to arrive on Linux "in the coming months"
      42. Starhawk trailer goes heavy on single-player
      43. Garuda spotlighted in new Anarchy Reigns video
      44. Darksiders II 360 avatar gear rolls out
      45. Microsoft to introduce TV-like adverts for Xbox Live
      46. PlayStation Home gets updated to 1.65
      47. DICE working on new IP, says LinkedIn CV - all the details
      48. FIFA’s Euro 2012 DLC amounts to a little spit and Polish
      49. A Valley Without Wind out now, demo also available
      50. Tera publisher explains European censorship, gore slider reinstated
      51. The Witcher II treasure hunt - 360 Dark Edition won!
      52. Forza 4 'Top Gear' DLC arriving in May with questionable new additions
      53. Frank West, Hsien-Ko and more added to Project X Zone roster
      54. Monster Hunter gets PSP puzzle spin-off
      55. New online retailer to return percentage of used game sales to publishers
      56. Devil Summoner remake heading to 3DS
      57. SWTOR patch 1.2.1 increases damage, fixes bugs, ends Rakghoul plague
      58. Dead Space franchise 75% off on Steam
      59. Rumour: Star Trek movie tie-in may get Wii U release
      60. Nintendo 3DS system update now available, adds folders
      61. The Walking Dead launch trailer released, available now
      62. Tango working on survival horror, codenamed Zwei
      63. ArenaNet explains Guild Wars 2 world transfer mechanics
      64. DJ Max Technika to receive western release this summer
      65. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer free to play this weekend on Steam
      66. Sony confirms Resistance trilogy collection listed on Amazon
      67. Crysis 3 on Wii U unlikely according to Crytek
      68. Pikmin 2 to finally receive Wii release in North America this June
      69. Hasbro originally denied the inclusion of Dinobots in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
      1. Fire Emblem: Awakening domain registration hints at US release
      2. "People overestimate how exposed games are compared to other forms of media," says Levine
      3. Apple Q2 financials - $39.2 billion in revenue, iPad sales up 151%
      4. US PS Plus and Store update, April 24 - The Cursed Crusade, Battlefield 3, The Walking Dead
      5. Levine, Avellone, and Gaider panel touches on issues with narrative versus interactive gameplay
      6. Bowling left Activision to follow his "passion to create new opportunities and experiences"
      7. Zynga CEO wants to "create one of these forever brands like Google"
      8. Indie horror-adventure title Home now available for pre-order
      9. Valve interested in creating open platform for "living-room and the mobile space"
      10. US International Trade Commission rules that Xbox 360 violates Motorola Mobility patents
      11. Call of Duty viral video suggests Black Ops 2 is set 10-15 years in the future
      12. Catch up on Sorcery's story, have a look at the boxart
      13. Diablo 3 beta nabbed 300,000 concurrent users over the weekend
      14. Minecraft Pocket Edition updated to Version 0.3.0
      15. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announcement at hand
      16. Pre-order incentives announced for gravity Rush
      17. Journey and Escape Plan hit LittleBigPlanet 2 this week
      18. LOTRO anniversary video takes you through five years of development
      19. May PS Plus - Awesomenauts, Pixel Junk 4am, Trine 2, more
      20. Uncharted hits 17 million sales, UC3 GOTY inbound
      21. Mortal Kombat Vita trailer shows off classic character skins
      22. Crysis 3: "The hunted becomes the hunter," says Crytek
      23. Sony files MMO patent which would offer incentives for real-world meet ups
      24. MLG - Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V competitions air April 28
      25. Mass Effect 3 dropped to $30 on all platforms today only at Amazon
      26. Heroes of Ruin to be GAME exclusive in UK
      27. Bethesda to open up Quakecon pre-registration tomorrow
      28. Starlight Inception concept art released, Arkenstone to compose soundtrack
      29. Runes of Magic gets browser version
      30. Trademark and Frito-Lay promotion discovered for Skylanders Sidekick
      31. GameStop expands PC offerings in-store, has many on sale for 75% off
      32. END Games kickstarts spiritual successor to Jumpgate
      33. Report - Ubisoft's Innergy coming out next year
      34. Dragon's Dogma video show various game scenes
      35. Skype heading to PlayStation Vita tomorrow
      36. First Crysis 3 gameplay video does the rounds – watch
      37. Alan Wake's American Nightmare pops up on Steam registry
      38. Dragon's Dogma demo comes to Xbox Live Marketplace
      39. Rockstar: Max Payne 3 360 to come in two discs
      40. PES 2013 returns to its roots this autumn: first media
      41. UEFA Euro 2012 launches on XBL, PSN
      42. Prototype 2 launches worldwide, first scores go live
      43. Frozenbyte teases first Trine 2 expansion
      44. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: down the rabbit hole
      45. Square Enix holding Vita discount in Japan next week
      46. Nintendo launches UK-based customer service centre
      47. Street Fighter x Tekken update adds replay analyser and new gems
      48. BioWare: SWTOR server mergers a possibility, concurrent users during peak time down
      49. EA "actively looking into" further acqusitions
      50. Bejeweled 3 heading to PSN today
      51. Sniper Elite V2 PC demo lands on Steam
      52. Persona 4: The Golden videos show darker, lighter sides
      53. Serious Sam 3 now available on Mac
      54. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown trailer includes Fuudo endorsement
      55. Might & Magic Duel of Champions in the works at Ubisoft Quebec
      56. Diablo III’s Witch Doctor given the trailer treatment
      57. Facebook sued over minors' in-game spending habits
      58. Assassin's Creed III UK special editions exclusive to GAME, Gamestop
      59. Avengers social game "just the tip of the iceberg" for tie-ins
      60. Guild Wars 2 content planned out "for years to come"
      61. Tribes: Ascend Raid & Pillage update drops tomorrow
      62. Dead Space dev retracts Gears of War criticism
      63. Shadowrun Returns to have branching story, may one day be multiplayer
      64. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker showing for one night only
      65. Super Collapse 3 yanked from PSN over exploit fears
      66. Street Fighter x Tekken PC pre-orders now open
      67. Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds Robotoki
      68. Activision trademarks, nabs domain for The Blast Furnace
      1. Anno 2070 Deep Ocean announced for autumn 2012 release
      2. New 360 Chrome Controllers to ship with Dragon's Dogma DLC in Japan
      3. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour pre-order incentives detailed
      4. New SSX trailer shows off Mt. Eddie and Tricky
      5. NPD Report - 40% of freemium players are payers
      6. New Mortal Kombat trailer reveals Vita exclusive Kostumes
      7. Resistance: Burning Skies survival mode detailed
      8. Max Payne 3 PC requirements announced
      9. Video: 10 minutes of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's beta
      10. Rumour: Marketing survey outs Rayman Origins sequel
      11. Uncharted gets converted into movies through fan creation
      12. The Walking Dead stumbles to PSN, Mac beginning tomorrow
      13. Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year edition out September 7, Harley Quinn DLC confirmed
      14. VG247 launches free iOS app: download it now
      15. Cryptic Gabe points to mix of "twists" for HL3 hold-up
      16. Dragon's Dogma's Itsuno: asynchronicity and the Pawn
      17. Jaffe to look into claims of unplayable Twisted Metal online in SCEE regions
      18. Minecraft XBLA to get card-based retail release
      19. Namco Bandai unites European and US arms under one operation
      20. CV: Heavenly Sword 2 was in the works, now canned
      21. Heroes of Ruin's multiplayer shown in new video
      22. UK charts: The Witcher II 360 successful in top spot grab
      23. ZX Spectrum turns 30, BBC reunites two of its main faces
      24. The Secret World: New shots kick down Funcom's anti-fun door
      25. Sydney - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launch party May 17
      26. Rumour - Sony lay-offs to pass over gaming section
      27. May 1 Call of Duty premiere points to Black Ops 2
      28. Canada - Pre-order Diablo III, score a sweet steelbook case
      29. Operation Rainfall pushing Pandora's Tower with publishers
      1. Square Enix domain registration hints at FFXIV relaunch
      2. Ghost Recon Online is free-to-play "research" for Ubisoft
      3. Fez soundtrack out now, riddled with hidden content
      1. The Witcher 2 Experience: Sam solves a king's murder
      2. Valve's Handbook for New Employees is full of awesome
      3. Sony files domain registration for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
      4. Incomplete version of Sonic 4: Episode 2 accidentally released, then pulled from Steam
      5. Over 1,000 people have applied to 22 Cans, says Molyneux
      6. NVIDIA estimates mobile GPU performance will surpass Xbox 360 by 2014
      7. Starbreeze CEO: "I don't think we could've ever lived up to some people's expectations for Syndicate"
      8. Analyst - PS3 doesn't "need a price drop"
      9. Elastic shuts down Police Warfare Kickstarter
      10. Konami social titles boast 20 million registered users
      11. Power of Illusion combines Epic Mickey and Castle of Illusion gameplay mechanics
      12. Newell doesn't think EA's "doing anything super-well yet" with Origin
      13. "Huge, new PS3 exclusive" with first in-game footage to air on GTTV next week
      14. TV spot for Max Payne 3, new action shots released
      15. Kickstarter for The Banner Saga ends with $723,886 pledged
      16. Splash Damage - Brink sold over 2.5 million units worldwide
      17. Etrian Odyssey 4 debut trailer shows plenty of gameplay
      18. First Project X Zone video debuts during Nintendo Direct
      19. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance lands in Europe July 20
      20. 3DS apps for Pokemon Black & White 2 announced, new trailer released
      21. Kirby 20th anniversary collection heading to Wii
      22. Next 3DS firmware will patch Mario Kart 7, adds folders
      23. Nintendo Direct - Rune Factory 4, Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Tennis Open, more
      24. New Super Mario Bros 2 coming to 3DS this August
      1. Runic releases opening cinematic for Torchlight II
      2. Square announces Final Fantasy XIV Legacy and Welcome Back campaigns
      3. Turbine delves into the Forgotten Realms with DDO dev diary
      4. Prototype 2 to launch in the UK with "world's first over-18 live advert"
      5. Wayside Kickstarter launched for Fallout: Nuka Break Season 2
      6. The Binding of Isaac DLC releasing in late May
      7. Nomura teases more The World Ends With You
      8. Dutch firm Gambitious to launch Kickstarter alternative at E3
      9. Castlevania: The Adventure rated by Australian Classifications Board
      10. Cinderella DLC arrives for Rock Band 3 next week
      11. "Unexpected" Capcom reveal planned for next issue of Famitsu
      12. RedLynx: 100,000 players flood Trials Evolution servers, posts highest grossing XBLA day-one sales
      13. Enter the Dungeon Defenders map contest and you could win some cool prizes
      14. CS:GO SDK to be released within three months of game's launch
      15. Dota 2 to contain community rewards based on mentoring others
      16. Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars out now, watch the launch trailer
      17. EA "very focused" on transforming all its brands into "online universes"
      18. Rocksteady teases Batman: Arkham City DLC with a shot of Harley's boots
      19. Console version of Risen 2: Dark Waters delayed to summer
      20. Marvel vs Capcom 2 lands on App Store April 25
      21. Angry Birds Space now available at UK retail
      22. SOE games and websites to be offline for 24 Hours April 23 due to maintenance
      23. Agent 47 dons law enforcement garb in new Hitman: Absolution screenshot
      24. PixelJunk 4am launching on May 15
      25. GameStop US slashes $50 off PS3 price to $199
      26. Sony wants you to design loot for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
      27. A hyena and chimpanzee play nice in this Tokyo Jungle panel video
      28. Halo 4 shots and art show Cortana, Master Chief, weapons
      29. Ultima 8: Gold Edition now on GOG
      30. Sony Santa Monica hiring for unannounced new IP, looking for experience with first/third-person shooters
      31. BloodForge developer diary outlines the creation of Crom
      32. English localization of Dragon's Dogma was inspired by works of George R.R. Martin
      33. Hawken live-action shorts in the works, directed by Jerry O'Flaherty
      34. Microsoft looking to fill software engineer position for "Skype Xbox Engineering Team"
      35. MotorStorm and Hot Shots Tennis available once again on the PS Store
      36. Soul Sacrifice teaser shows monsters, warriors, a sorcerer
      37. Spec Ops: The Line video shows the Damned vs. the Exiles multiplayer
      38. Move-based Datura out May 8
      39. Maxis: SimCity a "relaunch of the franchise", not SimCity 5
      40. PES 2013 teased with Ronaldo video, full trailer coming next week
      41. GT Academy 2012 demo dropping on May 2
      42. Amanita to offer free goodies for Botanicula pre-orders as apology
      43. Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land to launch next month
      44. "Stay tuned" on possible RAD Soldiers PC, says Splash Damage
      45. Next Nintendo Direct event happening tomorrow
      46. Activision, Bethesda, Ubisoft take home several prizes at MCV Awards 2012
      47. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment shots don't feature punishment
      48. Crysis 3 gets teaser, first gameplay due next week
      49. Diablo III beta goes open for all this weekend only
      50. Future Mass Effect 3 multiplayer events to be fortnightly
      51. Obsidian aims to bring new talents together through Kickstarter
      52. Guild Wars 2 beta event detailed - no NDA, Lion's Arch open
      53. Mortal Kombat Mileena tease teases Mileena
      54. Dragon's Crown to be published by Atlus, $30 a "logistical impossibility"
      55. Total War Battles: Shogun trailer shows off iOS warfare
      56. Report - Over $10 million pledged to gaming Kickstarters since March 1
      57. Marvelous AQL opens UK office
      58. Valve quashes Tim Cook visit rumour
      59. Rumour: Prey 2 development stymied by contract issues
      60. Plants vs. Zombies iOS updates announced
      61. Secret War back online following unexpected demand
      1. Street Fighter X Tekken producer "disappointed" over DLC characters being hacked
      2. Effects Bar in next EVE Online patch shows who is attacking you
      3. London 2012: The Official Videogame of the Olympic Games releases in June
      4. Microsoft Q3 - Xbox 360 division declines 16% due to "soft market"
      5. Halo film axed due to Microsoft's "unwillingness" to understand Hollywood's "rules"
      6. Sleeping Dogs to release in North America on August 14, pre-order incentives outlined
      7. Call of Duty tactical prototype posted by ex-Vicarious Visions staffer
      8. Ex-THQ developers form indie studio Three Phase Interactive
      9. Starbreeze: Overkill to "continue its plans for the Payday IP"
      10. Killing Floor Gold Edition announced
      11. Super Monkey Ball Vita includes "adult map" of swimsuit model
      12. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 now available on PS3
      13. Nintendo downloads, April 19 – Kid Icarus, I Must Run, Dinosaur Office
      14. Humble Botanicula Bundle includes three Amanita Design titles, Kooky, and Vectorpark's Windosill
      15. Chapter 2 of Dragon's Dogma digital comic released
      16. Dear Esther soundtrack now available through Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes
      17. Teaser for Notch's 0x10c space sim released
      18. Sony working with BioWare to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3
      19. Bohemia Interactive releases Arma 3 Stratis showcase video and screens
      20. Analyst - SWTOR could lose 450K subs by end of fiscal year
      21. Grimlock's the focus of this Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video
      22. Bethesda: Prey 2 not canned, but it won't make 2012
      23. Exclusive: Lollipop Chainsaw trailer kicks zombie d**k
      24. Rising Star Games announces 2012 North American 3DS and DS line-up
      25. Hitman: Absolution - Agent 47 slips unnoticed into Hope, South Dakota
      26. Eidos going the Deus Ex route with Thief 4, treating it like a "new IP"
      27. Runic has "great Torchlight MMO ideas,” but can't commit just yet
      28. Sony files patent for Move steering wheel peripheral
      29. DiRT Showdown launches Codemasters Racing
      30. DiRT Showdown launching May 25: exclusive gameplay
      31. Datura video shows game locations, someone trapped in ice
      32. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 launching on August 21
      33. Total War: Battles Shogun launches on App Store today
      34. Splash Damage unveils strategy-based RAD Soldiers
      35. Capcom hunting for fan art, music for Street Fighter 25th anniversary
      36. New Wildstar shots go rogue
      37. Starbreeze acquires Payday dev Overkill Software
      38. Battlefield Heroes gets lunar-based update
      39. PlayStation Suite goes into open beta
      40. Nintendo to launch 3DS in South Korea on April 28
      41. Sony announces God of War: Ascension - first info, video
      42. Toejam and Earl creator working on unique Sony game
      43. MacGuffin's Curse launch trailer drops ahead of tomorrow's release
      44. Age of Reckoning players get 50% gold, XP bonus in Wrath of Heroes
      45. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D to open on Halowe'en
      46. Gotham City Impostors gets free content update
      47. Amazon notes Kinect features for 007 Legends
      48. LittleBigPlanet Karting offers Kevin Butler pre-order bonus
      49. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Kinect update lets you turn sideways
      1. Study suggests idle consoles used $1.24 billion in power in 2010
      2. Trials Evolution Arcade NEXT All Stars live stream kicks off shortly
      3. Dark Souls may not use Games for Windows Live
      4. Draw Something adds Facebook and Twitter sharing
      5. Beamdog boss expresses disappointment in WiiWare, doubts Wii U's success
      6. DUST 514's microtransactions inspired by League of Legends
      7. Digital will change games development when dependence on retail fades, says EA's Segerstrale
      8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive heat maps show where 6.5 million bullets were fired
      9. King.com surpasses EA with 10 million daily Facebook users
      10. Resistance: Burning Skies developer interview touches on multiplayer
      11. Bethesda wins multiple Game Marketing Awards for Skyrim, RAGE
      12. Rumor - Black Ops 2 reveal coming in two weeks
      13. GOG: Pricing games too cheaply tell gamers “this game I made isn’t worth very much”
      14. Nippon Ichi celebrating 20th anniversary with logo, artwork tease
      15. First beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 dated for April 27
      16. BBC announces limited retail release of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on PS3
      17. Screenshots show first look at Acquire's New Class of Heroes: Chrono Academy
      18. Skylanders Giants in development for 3DS by Vicarious Visions
      19. TERA open beta starts this weekend
      20. Indie Royale Spring Bundle now available
      21. Halo 4 shown on Conan O'Brien, Conan and Richter confirmed as voice actors
      22. Funcom launches The Secret War browser-based social experience
      23. Japanese charts – Super Robot Wars Z still tops, Vita decline continues
      24. Orion: Dino Beatdown releasing this Friday, gets new video doc
      25. Aeria Games receives undisclosed round of funding from Sony subsidiary
      26. Grimlock takes the stage in latest Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video
      27. Zynga expects more OMGPop-like acquisitions in the next three to five years
      28. Android version of Temple Run downloaded over 10 million times
      29. Shares in THQ jump after reporting better than expected Q4 estimates
      30. GameFly adds 2K titles to Unlimited PC Play catalog
      31. Mercenary Ops releasing exclusively on PC this summer
      32. Tim Schafer tells you how to become a Kickstarter legend
      33. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has moved 410,000 units in the US
      34. Famistu teases Soul Sacrifice for Vita
      35. Witcher 2 Enhanced 15% off on Steam, same price on GOG
      36. Heller can summon, control Brawlers in Prototype 2
      37. Thundercats heading to DS in December
      38. Darksiders II delayed from June to August – details
      39. EU PS Plus and PS Store update, April 18 - House of the Dead 4, MW3, Renegade Ops
      40. Microsoft seeing "good growth" in UK for Xbox Live
      41. Ubisoft announces launch of The Settlers Online: Castle Empire
      42. Snow and Valfodr Coliseum content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 hits May 15
      43. BT Games lists Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2
      44. Celebrate 50 years of Bond this fall with 007 Legends
      45. Diablo III beta gets downtime after opening up
      46. Guild01 features Time Travelers demo
      47. THQ Q4 to "exceed expectations", SR: The Third ships 4 million
      48. Trials Evolution releases: 10 minute video shows buy
      49. Microsoft to open up 360 entertainment apps for all Live members this weekend
      50. Sesame Street TV, Kinect Nat Geo TV coming to Xbox 360 this autumn
      51. FIFA Interactive World Cup finals taking place in Dubai
      52. Modern Warfare 3 leads Xbox Live activity charts
      53. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet now out on PC
      54. South African retailer taking pre-orders for Dead Space 3
      55. Super Monkey Ball Vita demo dropping in Japan tomorrow
      56. Author suing Ubisoft for copyright infringement with Assassin's Creed
      57. Persona 4 Arena console confirmed for August 2 release in Japan
      58. Moving on: why I'm pumped for Assassin's Creed III
      59. CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 2 is for grown-ups
      60. Sniper Elite V2 PC will have competitive multiplayer
      61. PSA: Super Monday Night Combat out now
      62. Flying Hamster dev announces SunFlowers for Vita
      63. Journey soundtrack topped iTunes charts globally
      64. Everquest II Skyshrine update trailered, screened, out now
      65. Fallout fanart site threatened with lawsuit
      66. Microsoft shuts down another Halo 4 beta scam site
      67. Titan Quest developers hope to Kickstart Grim Dawn
      68. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer encourages you to switch
      69. Digital Extremes' Star Trek won't be run-and-gun
      70. SWTOR character transfers now available to Asia Pacific servers
      71. Parents sue Apple over kids' microtransaction gaming bills
      72. US PS Store update, April 17 - Uncharted 3 DLC bundle, Ghost Recon beta, more
      73. Arcade NEXT titles to be livestreamed on launch day
      1. Nintendo secures handheld emulation patent
      2. Everquest celebrates free-to-play success
      3. Family Guy Online open beta kicks off, character creation tool yanked
      4. EVE Online's PLEX for Cards scheme immediately sold out
      5. Pachter concerned at lack of third-party support for Wii U
      6. Major League Gaming signs up with Gamespot parent CBS Interactive
      7. Sony releasing home entertainment hub for PS3 and Vita in Japan
      8. To the Moon releasing on Steam "within the next month or two"
      9. Prince of Persia Apple II source code released
      10. Rockin’ Android to publish Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils on PC, consoles
      11. Binary Domain PC hits digital and retail April 27
      12. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will not feature paid DLC characters
      13. Star Command Kickstarter - $10,000 spent on tiered reward system
      14. Axel releasing for Twisted Metal tomorrow, watch Sweet Tooth invade Starhawk
      15. Namco Gamer's Day media - One Piece, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Inversion, ToGF, Madagascar 3
      16. Ni no Kuni Sequel possible if successful overseas
      17. Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club releasing free on PS Vita
      18. Max Payne 3 comics series produced by Marvel coming "in the next few weeks"
      19. Diablo III's Monk featured in latest spotlight video, beta ends May 1
      20. Analyst - Prototype 2 will "struggle to reach 500,000 units" its first year in the US
      21. Xbox Live free this weekend for various apps trial
      22. Sonic 4 Episode II video shows collaborative play between Sonic and Tails
      23. Die another day: going masochist with Dark Souls on PC
      24. "Linking issue" blamed for Hitler and Aryan rock band videos showing up on COD Elite
      25. Meet the monsters of DDO's Menace of the Underdark
      26. 3 Blokes Studios closed down by RockYou
      27. Dishonored gets first proper trailer - watch inside now
      28. Coming Soon to XBL – Teeth of Naros, Trials Evolution, Bloodforge
      29. Namco on Witcher II 360 release: “this is not a port”
      30. SimCity scenario video shows off water system
      31. UK-based Commando Kiwi chosen as Make Something Unreal winner during Gadget Show Live
      32. Star Trek teaser shows Kirk and Spock running, jumping, shooting
      33. Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition not coming to Wii U, says Beamdog boss
      34. Namco Bandai held the largest market share in Japan during March
      35. World of Warcraft patch 4.3.4 contains customer support changes
      36. Dragon's Dogma gameplay video features an irritable cockatrice
      37. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter ends with $3 million raised
      38. Square to fix FFXIV server slowdown in next update
      39. Report: Rovio turned down $2 billion takeover from Zynga
      40. Ex-Halfbrick vet sets up Total ArKade Software
      41. CCP teasing Vita controls for Dust 514
      42. Eurogamer unveils PC-centric show Rezzed, takes place in July
      43. The Oslo Massacre and the danger of damning a medium
      44. New Jetpack Joyride update introduces 15 new gadgets
      45. Barry Sanders to grace NCAA Football 13 cover
      46. Sound Shapes-Deadmau5 collaboration shown off
      47. Nintendo confirms Pikmin 3 unveil for E3
      48. Start the fight: MS confirms November 6 date for Halo 4
      49. Vigil dropped 20% of designed content from Darksiders II
      50. Assassin's Creed dev feels "it's time for our medium to grow up"
      51. DmC combat animations are all hand-built
      52. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost teaser gives a closer look at upcoming anime
      53. Sword and Sworcery EP now available on Steam
      54. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition to raise level cap, enforce party limit
      55. LittleBigPlanet 2 update adds new community features
      56. Soul Calibur iOS updated with Bluetooth multiplayer
      57. Lollipop Chainsaw Gamestop bonus correction
      58. Rumour - major PlayStation 3 announce on May 2
      59. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer is wearing its action pants
      60. SSX DLC to add whole new mountain, seven classic characters
      61. Tony Hawk: Everything but FPS is "kind of struggling"
      62. Trials Evolution soundtrack penned by God of War composer
      63. Jane Jensen's next project is Moebius
      1. Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai trailer shows off artillery battle
      2. EA expects total staff to increase by year's end
      3. Dragon's Dogma demo releasing on April 24
      4. New Sorcery trailer explores its story
      5. Rumour - 2012 launch planned for new Apple game console
      6. Microsoft goes first: E3 press conference date announced
      7. Bethesda announce coming tomorrow, signs point to Skyrim DLC
      8. Sony E3 press conference confirmed for June 4
      9. LOTRO turning five next week, Turbine shows off celebration rewards
      10. GT Academy 2012 to start on May 1
      11. Battlelog app launched for iOS
      12. Shigeru Miyamoto to present Mario Wii U at E3
      13. Maximum torque: Crysis 3 locked for spring 2013 release
      14. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gets new music from FFXII, FFX, more
      15. Kinect Rush video shows 3D art for London exhibition
      16. GAME situation "hurt" Syndicate sales, says Starbreeze CEO
      17. GAME Iberian arm saved by OpCapita-backed venture
      18. Grasshopper: Retail games won't "die out", looking at Steam expansion
      19. Legends of Grimrock development costs covered "many times over"
      20. UK charts: FIFA Street reigns the pile, Pandora's Tower barely makes top 40
      21. Spark Unlimited hiring for "bold new take" on "established" console series
      22. 12-gauge: can Modern Warfare 4 save CoD's decline?
      23. Stand down: EA denies reports of imminent lay-offs
      24. First art for potential Rune sequel posted online
      25. New Cave strategy game called Gun Blood Days
      26. 3DS and Wii U to receive remake of Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes
      27. Sword & Sworcery EP PC to feature get free soundtrack and "audiovisual experiment"
      28. Sega ships 1 million units of Project Diva series
      29. Australia and New Zealand to receive Sleeping Dogs early, extra content
      30. Hori to release official Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown PS3 sticks in the US
      31. Facebook for PlayStation Vita gets updated, adds photo uploads
      32. Police Warfare to become a reality, Kickstarter launched by industry veterans
      33. SWTOR Legacy Promotion expanded, 30 free days now available to more players
      34. Modern Warfare 3 sales begin to lag, fall behind Black Ops
      35. Diablo III developer diary discusses pre-alpha crunch
      36. Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter hits $1.1 million, new rewards offered
      37. Farmville 2 looks to be on the cards
      38. League of Legend domain registrations point to Supremacy mode
      39. Wasteland 2 greenlight party to be livestreamed; new concept art
      40. Dragon's Dogma encourages you to grab
      41. SWTOR: Surprise Rakghoul Plague live event in progress
      42. Space Quest creators team up for new Spaceventure
      1. Human Head considering sequel to Rune
      2. Origin ban policy update allows for single-player gaming
      3. PlayStation Network down for 13 hours tomorrow
      4. Resurgence of errors: Mass Effect 3's unfortunate DLC
      1. Rumor - Microsoft has plans "to further monetize" Xbox Live for holiday 2012
      2. Take a tour of Musée du Louvre with Nintendo 3DS
      3. Analysts: Sony could defray costs by stripping down PSN's free services, employ more "freemium" content
      4. Lightbox opens up on Starhawk single-player, says you'll "get your 60 bucks worth"
      5. Polytron "aware" of certain issues with FEZ, working on a fix
      6. Mass Effect 3 - Resurgence video highlights strategy
      7. Playr2 survey - 64% of parents don't check age restrictions before allowing their children to play
      8. Quick quotes - The "incentives" of retail are "becoming increasingly limited," says Molyneux
      9. Pokémon Black and White 2 debut trailer shows in-game footage
      10. CryEngine 3 SDK updated to version 3.4, see it in action
      11. Fez: 15 minutes of dimension-bending gameplay
      12. EA titles back in stock on GAME's website
      13. Valve researching "wearable computing" for "everywhere, all the time"
      1. Make Something Unreal mentors discuss how to get started, gaming's future
      2. EA: "Accidental exposure of concept art," blamed for similarities between C&C tank and Warhammer 40K
      3. Report - EA shopping Need for Speed film pitch around Hollywood
      4. Fatal Frame 2 remake and Spirit Camera land in Europe June 29
      5. Report - Apple CEO Tim Cook pays Valve a visit, the Internet salivates
      6. Rumour – GAME to stock EA titles again from next week
      7. Red PS3 landing in the UK starting May 4
      8. Comic-styled video tells the story of Dragon's Dogma
      9. Mass Effect 3 moved 1.3 million units in March
      10. SWTOR servers offline for emergency maintenance until later this evening
      11. Runic reveals the final pet for Torchlight II - the "fearsome" Papillon
      12. Blazing Souls Accelate hits PSN April 27 in North America
      13. Heller goes live-action in latest Prototype 2 video
      14. PSM3 lists GTA V for March 2013 release, Hitman: Absolution for December
      15. Have a look at Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros in action
      16. Tesco breaks Witcher II 360 street date, Namco "contacting" stores to remove stock
      17. Geralt goes for launch in The Witcher 2 Enhanced trailer
      18. 8-bit wonder: why you should care about Fez
      19. Video: Alienware shows us their latest gaming rigs
      20. P!nk track pack releasing for Rock Band 3 next week
      21. Video: Madcatz reveal exclusive Ghost Recon Future Soldier range
      22. TERA race video series shines spotlight on the High Elves
      23. Sleeping Dogs confirmed for August 17 release - details
      24. Assassin's Creed III shots do the snowy business
      25. EA briefs you on its offerings in latest issue of PWND and EA Update
      26. F1 2011 Vita price reduced on PS Store for this weekend
      27. Beachhead working on customized tablet application for CoD: Elite
      28. Gravity Rush demo dropping on May 30
      29. Lolipop Chainsaw gets bats**t crazy gameplay trailer
      30. GOG holding Interplay sale, buy Fallout 1+2 for $3 each
      31. Blizzard developer diary examines the state of Diablo III development
      32. Skyrim Kinect coming in next two weeks, says Bethesda
      33. Witcher II 360 reviews go live, scores point to buy, buy, buy
      34. Motorstorm RC sees 19 copies bought every two minutes
      35. Nintendo makes GAME return with Pandora's Tower
      36. Fez launches on Xbox Live Arcade
      37. Patrick Bach takes charge of DICE as temporary CEO
      38. Anarchy Reigns gets three new gameplay videos
      39. Namco Bandai "extremely" confident in 2012 RPG lineup
      40. Hybrid gets five minute walkthrough
      41. Shadowrun creator may turn to Crimson Skies next
      42. Valve developing "input, output, and platform hardware"
      43. Joy Ride Turbo turns up in Australian classification
      44. Miyamoto still keen on A Link to the Past revival, not sure about F-Zero
      45. Retake Mass Effect campaigners stand behind charitable donations
      46. Firefall cinematic shows the Melding's beginning
      47. Inafune: Games need more than "just Japanese power" to succeed
      48. Darksiders II won't release "before it's done"
      49. Report - EA pushing Need for Speed film adaptation
      1. SWTOR goodies: Tauntaun Ram pet, 30 free days, and free veteran week
      2. Icewind Dale on the cards if Baldur's Gate re-release succeeds
      3. Vita firmware update 1.67 out now, adds stability fixes
      4. Super Mario 4 domain in Nintendo's hands
      5. NPD March: Mass Effect 3 tops despite overall sink in sales
      6. Latest ArenaNet blog update takes you inside the Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition
      7. Command & Conquer tank designs accused of looking similar to those in Warhammer 40K
      8. World of Tanks celebrates its first anniversary with some amazing statistics
      9. Quick quotes - CD Projekt level artist wants to see "real-life animations" in next-gen
      10. Free content update released for Infinity Blade 2
      11. SWTOR Update 1.2 – Legacy is live, Explosive Conflict trailered
      12. Industry vet Richard Browne: The "real cost" of used games sales is loss of variety, single-player
      13. Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer detailed, trailered
      14. Trials Evolution video shows off the map editor
      15. Max Payne 3 video details the design and technology behind Bullet Time
      16. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer trailer and screens
      17. Transformers Universe team revealing new details on the MMO during BotCon
      18. The Sims Social heads to China
      19. Risen 2: Dark Waters dev video illustrates the art of fighting and dirty tricks
      20. Just Add Water teases Oddworld: Hand of Odd
      21. Confirmed - Nintendo to fully skip gamescom 2012
      22. Quick shots - Sorcery screens are full of magic, a cat
      23. Bethesda to add Kinect support to Skyrim this month
      24. Nintendo downloads, April 12 - Ketzal's Corridors, Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection
      25. Skullgirls launch trailer goes punch heavy
      26. Max Payne Mobile now available through the App Store
      27. Tribes: Ascend now available for download
      28. New MoH: Warfighter trailer goes big on gunplay
      29. Sniper Elite V2: gameplay demo and dev chat in HD
      30. Miyamoto praises Angry Birds, feels like "a traditional videogame"
      31. Burnout Crash now available to get for iOS
      32. BioWare "aware" of Mass Effect 3 crashes following update
      33. Platinum producer Inaba plays Tokyo Jungle - video proof inside
      34. UK games industry takes big hit in March thanks to GAME situation
      35. PlayStation Facebook page teasing something for next Thursday
      36. Enough: we must all try to kick sexism out of gaming
      37. Ni No Kuni gets stunning English debut trailer
      38. MGS HD Collection Vita screens show item selection
      39. Pokémon Black and White 2 introduces new characters, hometown
      40. Sony doubles down on games, confirms 10,000 lay-offs
      41. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition to use GFWL
      42. Resident Evil 6 pre-order bonus maps detailed
      43. Xenoblade Chronicles available through Gamefly
      44. AMY patched, checkpoint bugs addressed
      45. Quick shots - first look at Notch's 0x10c
      46. Halo 4 composer "daunted" by O'Donnell's legacy
      47. Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter will add Linux port at $1 million
      48. SWTOR update 1.2 live tomorrow, won't add Ranked Warzones
      1. Capcom's Better Business Bureau rating downgraded by three ranks
      2. Mass Effect 3 Resurgence event this weekend
      3. Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm multiplayer updates - Shredder and Replicant axed
      4. Check out Uncharted 3's unused level concepts
      5. Dragon Ball Z headed to Kinect in October
      6. Demon's Souls US servers shutting down May 31
      7. GOG: Publishers should resist the urge to "slap a mechanical fix onto a game" with DRM
      8. Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut to provide "a sense of personalization with the endings"
      9. Turbine goes beyond the web in latest Dungeons and Dragons Online video
      10. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 out September, has large roster
      11. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch moved to Q1 2013 in North America
      12. One Piece: Pirate Warriors heading to North America in November
      13. Next Nintendo Direct conference being held on April 14
      14. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition lands on PC August 24
      15. Legend of Grimrock?now available, launch trailer released
      16. Quick shots - Project X Zone renders and screens
      17. ZeniMax files multiple trademarks for Skyrim's “Fus Ro Dah”
      18. The Legend of Dragoon hitting PSN May 1
      19. Japanese charts - Super Robot Wars Z outsells all, Vita moves 8,931 units
      20. Massive Attack producer to score Halo 4
      21. Heller goes for broke in Prototype 2 weapons trailer
      22. StarDrone Extreme now available on Vita with Cross Play
      23. The Witcher 2 Enhanced now available for pre-load on PC
      24. Better Business Bureau says it's possible Mass Effect 3's ending was "false advertising"
      25. Gaikai launches Facebook app with free, high profile game trials
      26. Aksys to exclusively distribute Rising Star Games' 2012 line-up in the US
      27. Bethesda to re-release Quake 4
      28. Mortal Kombat Vita launches in the US May 1, UK May 4 - Kitana goes live
      29. Pandora's Tower launch trailer released for the UK
      30. Rumour: PlayStation 4 to run with Native OpenGL
      31. SWTOR Update 1.2 - Legacy deploys on April 12
      32. Quick shots - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Teeth of Naros DLC
      33. Square unveils Hitman Absolution Professional Edition
      34. EU PS Plus and PS Store update, April 11 - Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, SR3
      35. Noel sports Ezio's outfit in FFXIII-2 DLC video
      36. Skullgirls launches today: watch three matches in HD
      37. MadCatz talks new product line-up at Gadget Show 2012
      38. Halo 4 screens, art appear online
      39. EA teases SSX Tricky DLC for SSX
      40. Origin leaks Crysis 3 listings, possible announce next week
      41. Koch Media to publish Game of Thrones RPG for UK, Ireland this summer
      42. Molyneux hoping to talk first 22 Cans effort "within a few months"
      43. Captivate 2012 brings Rome to a screaming halt with Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6
      44. Halo 4 to have co-operative, episodic multiplayer
      45. Resident Evil 6 to be around 30 hours long
      46. Lost Planet 3 is coming to PC alongside console versions
      47. In exile no more: Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2
      48. Japan to get $1,300 Resident Evil 6 limited edition
      49. Quick shots - loads of FFXIII-2 DLC goodies
      50. Trials HD riddle solution revealed
      51. Soul Calibur V Impact Finals livestreamed at 4:00AM GMT
      52. Quick shots - Gungnir's first English screens
      53. Capcom, Namco and Sega team up for Project X Zone
      54. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier walkthrough goes all out stealth
      55. South Park creators independentally contracted Obsidian
      1. Diablo III's Barbarian featured in latest trailer
      2. Dungeonbowl announced as successor to Blood Bowl
      3. PSA - Don't buy the Mass Effect 3 XBLA DLC
      4. Dragon Age PAX panel hints at Orlesian setting for DA III
      5. First images of Spicy Horse's Akaneiro surface
      6. TERA dungeon finder, beta, and head start information updated
      7. US PS Plus and PS Store update, April 10 - Mass Effect 3, SR3, Uncharted 3
      8. Qore is no more, April issue is its last hurrah
      9. Watch Facebook-exclusive Starhawk video, get a voucher for a multiplayer skin
      10. Gameplay video released for Guns of Icarus: Online, beta starts in "two weeks or so"
      11. California: GameStop now required to inform customers if a used game requires DLC fee
      12. Avatar Motocross Madness trademark filed by Microsoft
      13. Blockbuster to exclusively carry Prototype 2 Limited Edition in UK
      14. Most anticipated games for 2012 aren't new IP, says Nielsen research
      15. PSN Charts: March was a good month for Journey, subscriptions
      16. Pre-order The Walking Dead and you may end up in the game
      17. Why Sony's ?4 billion loss isn't the disaster it seems
      18. Spec Ops mode releases today for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
      19. Dante takes on big, ugly enemies in latest Devil May Cry shots
      20. Latest Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles screens pulled from Resident Evil: Chronicles HD
      21. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor video is heavy on co-op
      22. Street Fighter x Tekken to feature PS3/Vita cross-plat play
      23. Dragons' Dogma videos show a fight with an Ogre, the undead
      24. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes enters open beta
      25. Complete list of Achievements and Trophies released for Max Payne 3, new screens
      26. World Gone Sour lands on PlayStation Network
      27. King's Landing screened and detailed for Game of Thrones RPG
      28. Camouflaj kicks off Kickstarter for Republique
      29. Sniper Elite V2 demo now available through XBLM and PSN
      30. ESRB president believes AO ratings are "good for the system"
      31. Guitar Apprentice suing Ubisoft for patent infringement over Rocksmith tech
      32. Resident Evil 6 gets new October 2 date in latest video
      33. Lost Planet 3 out early 2013, Spark Unlimited developing
      34. Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, Claudia Black to voice TERA
      35. Quick quotes: Tales series made with "Japanese players in mind," says series producer
      36. Botanicula launching on PC, Mac for April 19
      37. Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers 2013 launching this summer
      38. PES 2012 sells 1 million in Latin America
      39. Max Payne Mobile dropping on Wednesday for iOS, Android version dropping April 26
      40. Future Kinect may sense voice tone, body stance, says Tsunoda
      41. UK charts: Kinect Star Wars is new number one
      42. Sony to post ?520 billion loss due to tax expenses
      43. John Romero planning "MMO-ish" PC shooter
      44. Ubisoft debuts Horde-like Guerrilla Mode for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at PAX East
      45. Trion to launch MMO shooter Defiance on consoles, PC
      46. Activision sued over virtual worlds related to WoW, Call of Duty
      47. Kingdoms of Amalur dev diary explains world building
      48. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase program now live
      49. "No plans" for Max Payne 3 demo, confirms Rockstar
      50. Unity hits 1 million developers
      51. Lollipop Chainsaw trailer promotes Zom-B-Gone laundry aid
      52. DmC trailer: Dante cast as “terrorist” and “sexual deviant’
      53. CoD Elite 360 gets two new MW3 maps today
      54. Kojima tweets mysterious Shinkawa-drawn art
      55. Eidos boss: New IP unnecessary as games become "more sophisticated"
      56. Wasteland 2 gets first concept art as Kickstarter end approaches
      57. Torchlight II to "ideally" launch a month after Diablo III release, says Runic CEO
      58. Football Manager Handheld hits Android this week
      59. Zen Pinball 2 to launch this spring for PSN and Vita, free upgrade for ZP1, Marvel owners
      60. Persona 3 FES becoming PS2 Classic tomorrow
      61. Commodore founder Jack Tramiel passes away aged 83
      62. Mortal Kombat developer hiring for next gen projects
      63. Remedy boss describes Max Payne 3 as "f**king brilliant"
      64. Infinity Ward legal struggle to go to trial May 29
      65. Rumour - Wii U to retail at $300, component cost closer to $180
      66. Mass Effect 3 face import bug patched this week
      67. Pachter predicts March NPD declines, hardware cuts ahead
      68. Bulletstorm sequel plans shelved, People Can Fly on new project
      69. Pac-Man Smash trademarked by Namco Bandai
      70. Quick Shots - Assassin's Creed III screens sneak out of PAX East
      71. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 video shows off animations
      72. Epic working on PC exclusive, Gears of War: Exile cancelled
      1. Report - GTA V listed for October release
      2. Bleszinski: On-disc DLC is an "unfortunate reality" of games business
      3. Report - Sony to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide
      4. Borderlands 2 Mechromancer class to be added via DLC
      5. VG247 Easter Staff Meeting: minutes with annotations
      1. Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine
      2. Skullgirls: giant, exclusive video goes cartoon fighting
      1. Vox Games becomes Polygon, Gera and Kollar become new staff members
      2. Sleeping Dogs: new gameplay footage from Hong Kong
      1. Mass Effect 3 added to Gaikai, demo now available
      2. Take-Two CEO: "THQ won't be around in six months"
      3. Nintendo downloads, April 4 – TNT Racers, Penguin Patrol
      4. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter surpasses $2 million
      5. CD Projekt announces loads of Witcher-related goodness at Spring Conference
      6. Tomasz Gop provides a few details on Project RPG
      7. War of the Roses developer video shows a character get stabbed in the eye
      8. Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition graphics comparison video released
      9. Project CARS updated with added dynamic lighting effects
      10. Original Fallout is free on Good Old Games for 48 hours
      11. Nintendo dishes on Mario Tennis Open 3DS details
      12. Rabbids: Invasion launches on Facebook, Rabbids Go Phone Again and Rabbids Go HD now for iOS
      13. Sol Trigger video introduces you to Emma
      14. Halo 4 to grace the cover of Game Informer's April issue
      15. Latest Max Payne 3 trailer is full of shotguns
      16. Witcher 2 Enhanced will be available at GAME, Gamestation, pre-orders honored
      17. Slayer tracks releasing for Rock Band 3 next week
      18. Latest Starhawk video takes you on a ride
      19. First Neverwinter MMO teaser trailer released
      20. Ghost Recon: Future Solider console multiplayer beta starts April 19
      21. Skylanders Cloud Patrol released for iOS
      22. Lionhead and Random House to release Fable novels and digital shorts
      23. Amazon Spring Sale has many PC titles on sale for less than $10
      24. Mortal Kombat Vita goes live-action with Kitana teaser
      25. Deadlight gets new trailer
      26. "You have no right to petition artists to change their art," says Colonial Marines' Newman
      27. Civilization V: Gods & Kings lands on PC in June
      28. Skyrim 1.5 now available on 360, hits later today on PS3
      29. Four new Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps land next week
      30. Two Worlds 2 adds defense mode per community request
      31. Square Enix, Bigpoint team up for unannounced project
      32. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance gets US dates
      33. Ubisoft on digi-distribution, companion gaming and DRM
      34. Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut "clarifies ending," out summer
      35. Enter the Prototype 2 Epic Giveaway and you could win a Camaro 1SS
      36. Shady things happening within Dubai in new Spec Ops: The Line trailer
      37. Epic Mickey 2 gets ten minute gameplay footage
      38. Hirai to spearhead new Sony strategy announcement next week
      39. UK games industry generated ?12.3 million last week
      40. Closed GAME stores could see UK games market lose ?158 million
      41. Gameplay experiences "more important" than graphical output, says Nintendo
      42. Journey's online play inspired Hunicke to investigate MMO space
      43. Brazillian visitor takes Australian leg of FIFA Interactive World Cup
      44. Battle.net World Championship detailed, 28 countries involved
      45. Harvest Moon creator believes Farmville has helped Harvest Moon
      46. 250,000 Mists of Pandaria beta invites for Annual Pass holders
      47. Jane Jensen launches new, crowd-funded developer
      48. Microsoft Flight takes off on Steam
      49. MLB 12 The Show celebrates opening match Cardinals vs Marlins
      50. Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play this weekend
      51. Report - Gamestop trialling Skylanders toy trade-ins
      52. Takedown dev: Kickstarter won't ever produce a "Madden killer"
      53. Sonic creator signs on with Nintendo of America
      1. FemShep voice actor doesn't want to "let go" of Shepard
      2. Halo Infinity domains snapped up by Microsoft registrant
      3. Colonial Marines to clear up Alien 3's "inconsistencies"
      4. Tenorman's Revenge the most downloaded XBLA games last week
      5. Prime World screens and trailer show a colourful MOBA
      6. Quick Quotes - WWII, feudal Japan and Egypt considered too "boring" for Assassin's Creed
      7. Entropia Universe player drops $2.5 million on land lot deeds
      8. Draw Something surpasses 50 million downloads in 50 days
      9. Shadowrun Returns is latest project to pop up on Kickstarter
      10. New server opens for Aion as NCsoft preps for F2P conversion
      11. Confrontation out tomorrow, launch trailer released
      12. Japanese charts – Kingdom Hearts 3D and 3DS big winners
      13. Rumor - Wii U to release on November 18 in North America
      14. Have a bit of a fright with some Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay footage
      15. Report - IGN sources detail, confirm Sony's rumored PS4 specs
      16. Double Dragon: Neon goes all out 80s on PSN and XBL in July
      17. Namco, SEGA and Capcom's teaser site is counting down to something
      18. Ghost Recon Commander shoots up Facebook this spring
      19. Quick Shots - Lovely Tokitowa screenshots show frilly girls
      20. Latest SWTOR video show UI customization in update 1.2
      21. Defense Grid, others announced for Indie Royale April Fools Bundle
      22. Boulder Dash-XL 3D announced for July release
      23. Far Cry 3: brand new HD video, why multiplay's a beach
      24. Wii lead platform on Epic Mickey 2 due to Junction Point "driving the creative on all three platforms"
      25. Killer is Dead concept art released
      26. Amazon UK's entire stock of Witcher 2 Enhanced on 360 signed by the developers
      27. Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits Mac on April 26
      28. Way of the Samurai 4 to release in North America on PS3
      29. Multiplayer details for Aliens: Colonial Marines escape Texas
      30. Men in Black: Alien Crisis to release in May
      31. Concept art and screenshots released for Aliens: Colonial Marines
      32. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion screens, extra information released
      33. John de Lancie lends voice to Professor Fitz Quadwrangle in Quantum Conundrum
      34. EU PS Store update, April 4 - I Am Alive, SFxT Swaps, Asura’s Wrath DLC
      35. Pokémon Conquest for DS releases June 18
      36. Teeth of Naros DLC announced for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      37. Borderlands 2: giant video, how aesthetics and play fuse
      38. New Star Wars: Battlefront III alpha footage hits YouTube
      39. Fable: The Journey gets box art
      40. Sniper Elite V2 gets live Twitter Q&A, event competition
      41. Vita firmware 1.66 out now
      42. Once upon a time: how Journey nearly became an MMO
      43. The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats coming in June
      44. XSEED teases new reveal with terrible poetry
      45. Silent Hill: Downpour producer urges horror to move past "shoddy gameplay"
      46. New Grasshopper title Killer is Dead due 2013
      47. George R.R. Martin "largely happy" with Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG
      48. SWTOR Friends Trial expanded to 25 mates per player
      49. Sony's rumoured brawler may be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
      50. US PS Store Update, April 3 - I Am Alive, free Plus games, Canabalt
      51. Ghost Recon Facebook game inbound from Brenda Brathwaite
      1. Rock Band Blitz announced: Downloadable, uses RB DLC
      2. Pain snowboarding spin-off shelved
      3. Mojang's new subscription space game is 0x10c
      4. Report - Canned Justice League game assets surface
      5. Etrian Odyssey IV accessory set includes QR code for special download quest
      6. Microsoft picks 11 startups to build apps for Kinect in Microsoft's Kinect Accelerator program
      7. DICE jumps on the next-gen hiring train
      8. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor video tutors you on Kinect controls
      9. Quick Quotes - Wii U "could be first real console" to run a MMO "without compromise", says Funcom
      10. Anomaly Warzone Earth video details Xbox 360-exclusive content
      11. Study - 64% of China's 180 million gamers pay to play each month
      12. SFxT Swap Costumes and color packs now available, more updates hit April 10
      13. Report - Heroes of Ruin releasing for 3DS June 26
      14. Pre-orders for Max Payne 3 Special Edition extended until launch
      15. Devil May Cry HD launch trailer released
      16. Amazon Instant Video added to PSN
      17. "You're going to experience more Desmond than ever before," in AC3 says Ubisoft
      18. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releasing on PC June 15
      19. Multiplayer details for Resistance: Burning Skies pop up online
      20. UK teachers claim pupils are addicted to gaming's violent "fantasy worlds"
      21. Annual Game Developer Magazine US salary survey shows average of $81,192
      22. Blacklight Retribution gets a launch trailer
      23. Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC videoed, screened for PS3 and 360
      24. Indie Royale April Fools Bundle now available for pre-order
      25. Battlefield 3 video shows how to Rent a Server for consoles
      26. Battlefield 3 shortcut bundle lands on Xbox Live Marketplace
      27. The Gameological Society founded, involves Eurogamer vet John Teti
      28. Just Cause would be "perfect" for next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles
      29. Fargo has been working "since the beginning" on getting Obsidian involved on Wasteland 2
      30. Coming Soon to XBL - Diabolical Pitch, Call of Duty sale, more
      31. Witcher 2 animation video catches you up on the story since Witcher 1
      32. Become versed in strategy and tactics with latest Naval War: Arctic Circle dev video
      33. Confirmed - Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery heading to PC and Mac
      34. Alien Fear announced for PSN and XBLA
      35. Codemasters to expand Warwickshire, Birmingham offices with 125 new positions
      36. The Secret World available for pre-order, includes access to beta weekends
      37. Harley Quinn DLC could be heading to Batman Arkham City
      38. Players won't be forced to interact with musical numbers in Epic Mickey 2
      39. Developers discuss what they want out of next-gen systems
      40. Risen 2 screens contain giant frickin' pirates
      41. Xbox 360 special edition chrome series controllers coming to Europe "soon"
      42. GAME Group shares delisted from LSE
      43. Chen: "It's our games that make us assholes"
      44. Survey: 8-18 year-olds spend about an hour per day on games
      45. Vita firmware 1.65 made available, removed over "technical fault"
      46. Tim Schafer shows Kinect prototype Specs in New York
      47. PAX East nearly sold out
      48. Molyjam drums up nearly 300 games: play them all
      49. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion trailer shows space, fighting, story
      50. UEFA Euro 2012 gets first trailer
      51. MOBA publisher to offer women discounts
      52. Mists of Pandaria's plot has "lighter tone" to Cataclysm
      53. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event promotes 350,000 characters
      54. Post-Portal: Kim Swift and her Quantum Conundrum
      55. Ubisoft aiming to be "number one third-party on Wii U" for launch
      56. Tesco selling ME3 and SSX for ?25, Saints Row for ?22
      57. El Shaddai tease is for social spin-off
      58. Kinect Star Wars launches today, reviews go live
      59. Valve seeking out Linux developers
      60. Nintendo bringing 3DS line-up, Kid Icarus stuff to PAX East
      61. Harmonix to announce new game tonight on X-Play
      62. South Australia to pursue Rau's MA15+ rebadging scheme
      63. Vita firmware 1.65 coming soon
      64. Diablo III Demon Hunter trailered, Inferno detailed
      65. Zeboyd behind Penny Arcade Adventures 3
      66. Max Payne 3 on show at PAX East
      67. Lords of Shadow producer teases Castlevania news
      68. Report - Wii U "not up to the same level" as PS3, Xbox 360
      69. TIGA warns GAME to embrace digital - fast
      70. Kinect Star Wars is "not a game for core gamers"
      71. Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 patch due within a few hours
      72. RuneScape to introduce limited microtransaction system
      1. Rumour - Japanese retailer marks Wii U for November 19 US release
      2. WRC 3 announced for October 2012 release
      3. Angry Birds mobile animation series confirmed by Rovio
      4. Xbox 360 special edition chrome series controllers announced
      5. Stock Market delisting requested by Game
      6. Leisure Suit Larry remake is latest high profile Kickstarter project
      7. CD Projekt Red to giveaway "legendary RPG" on GOG.com on April 5
      8. Warren Spector: "Next-gen consoles 'aren't the answer"
      9. Xbox 360 Triple Play kicks off, gives chance to grab 300 MSP for free
      10. Sony confirms Warrior's Lair still in development, sans Idol Minds
      11. THQ announce 'WWE 12 Wrestlemania Edition
      12. Rumour: Apple working on physical controller for iOS
      13. Escape Plan to get free prequel DLC pack, patch next week
      14. Square Enix launch 774 Deaths for iOS
      15. Capcom responds to fan Better Business Bureau complaint about on-disc DLC
      16. PlayStation 4: Sony "confident" of pre-Xbox 720 release
      17. Robot Entertainment announces, trailers Orcs Must Die! 2
      18. Sony spends ?1.5m on Vita ads for Easter
      19. Rumour: Monolith on The Hobbit movie tie-in
      20. Worms creator Andy Davidson returns to Team 17
      21. Rumour: Star Wars Battlefront 3 files found on Operation Raccoon City disc
      22. Xbox 720: Blu-ray inside, always-on netcon required
      23. Puzzler SpeedThru, Kirby cartoon head up this week's Nintendo Downloads
      24. GAME names new CEO after administration exit
      25. UK Charts: FIFA Street, EA top of the table yet again
      26. Assassin's Creed III confirmed for Japan
      27. Kinect Star Wars worked on by 10 teams, 200+ people
      28. Saints Row: The Third gets cloned - 20 minutes of video
      29. The Last Story's US release to be a limited print run
      30. 12 tips for improving your Mass Effect multiplayer game
      31. FIFA Interactive World Cup Australian final this Wednesday
      32. Final Fantasy Versus XIII lives in new Theatrhythm DLC
      33. Avellone won't rewrite Wasteland 2, InXile is "running the show"
      34. Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn tallied 50,000 downloads in 24 hours
      35. Takedown successfully funded
      36. "The numbers clearly show" that Rift's unlimited trials work
      37. Skullgirls dated for April Xbox Live launch, PSN still TBC
      38. Soul Calibur V story modes just one quarter of intended content
      39. Bungie.net Halo services closed after 235K years of play
      1. Infinity Blade on sale for 99 cents
      2. Heroes of Ruin developer finds working with Square Enix "nerve-wracking"
      3. Razer to produce left-handed Naga
      4. Rock of Ages headed for PSN, Steam version updated with cubes
      5. Sword & Sworcery EP may be coming to Steam
      6. Super Meat Boy: The Game announced for touch devices